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For a moment, they cuddled, holding onto each other and trading kisses. Bell couldn't quite read Daniel's intentions, if he wanted to go further or not. He was willing, but sleepy. And maybe that was it; both willing but tired, and no one quite able to find the desire to kick things off.

Okay? He looked at Daniel. He was fine, he didn't have a goat in his body, trying to bust out. But Daniel hadn't meant that, had he? "Mmm, I had a weird dream," he admitted. "Felt like it wasn't my dream. I dunno." Just... it'd felt weird. It hadn't been an outright nightmare, hadn't involved her or... that, or Daniel dying, or anything like that, it'd been weird--and honestly, a tame weird at that. "It was a snow globe, but it wasn't," he tried to explain, then shrugged. Yeah, weird. What else could he say?

"You been awake the whole time?" Bell asked, nuzzling closer. Sometimes Daniel just didn't sleep. At least his breath didn't smell like alcohol this time, so whatever he'd done while awake, he hadn't been drinking. Bell slid his legs under the sheets, too, interlacing them with Daniel's; and he'd done it naked. So he probably hadn't left the room.

Daniel pulled him closer, almost protectively. Bell nuzzled him again and kissed him some more, tilting his head to try to read his face in the dim light, figure out what he was thinking. "Penny for your thoughts?" he asked. When they were like this, close and naked and exposed to each other, he felt like they could be more honest, just talk a bit. He slid his leg up over Daniel's hip, getting really close and comfortable. Gave him an invitation, too, if he wanted to take it.

Now that he was awake, he couldn't quite manage to go back to sleep. He yawned and settled down, but he was awake. Still awake, in this dark room in the middle of the night, lying naked with his lover in a small bed. He'd never thought he'd end up here, not when he'd been out on the streets, slaving away. Being this happy... it had seemed impossible. Like the world would snatch his happiness away every time he reached out to grab it. But he had it now, his happiness. And he wasn't going to let him go.
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With a jolt Bell-boy woke back up and Daniel grinned. Play-time after all then? Bell-boy however went through business as regular and Daniel watched the man putter about, semi-dozing on the bed.
"Late," he replied, "not too late," Daniel chased down, voice low with sleep. He hummed to clear it up a little, but didn't bother saying anything else. He guessed it was about two, three in the morning?
Might even be earlier. It was hard to tell in the dark.

Daniel watched Bell-boy stare out the window, the man's outlines framed by the colourful lights down below. After a while, Bell-boy moved back and Daniel willingly wrapped his arms around the man. A nightmare then, maybe?
Or the beginnings of one?
They kissed. Daniel leaned in, but didn't find the same rush he had a few hours ago. Bell-boy would have to exert some more effort to get him riled up again, but it was very much possible. He kind of wanted to, but his body was more tired than he'd thought, even if sleep proved fleeting. It hadn't been that long ago he'd been goat-sick, after all.

Daniel traced lazy lines down Bell-boy's back, kissed the man again and then just looked at the man, trying to find something and at the same time not even looking.
"You okay?" he pondered softly. There'd hardly been a night where Bell-boy wasn't plagued by nightmares, so he wouldn't be surprised if he'd woken the man from a dream or nightmare-to-be.

He yawned widely and burrowed to be a little more comfortable, forcing his legs under the thin sheets to prevent them from getting too cold. He'd slept too much during the day to really sleep through the night. Daniel figured he'd be able to sleep when the sun rose, but hoped he could let go sooner. All that exercise they'd done had to count for something, right?

A sigh left his lips. Sometimes he was just too strung up to actually sleep, even though his body felt boneless and tired after what they'd been up to. Daniel was comfortably drifting, basking in the warmth that was Bell.
Soon. Soon they'd change things back to the way they were. He'd be seeing a lot more of Bell-goat again. Daniel pulled Bell a little closer.
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Bell woke up with a jolt and shivered. Someone was touching him, and it felt good, but weird. Like being traced with the very tip of a dangling piece of cloth, just enough he could feel it, but not enough to really know what it was. He rolled over and found Daniel there, watching him, touching him. "Hmm," he muttered, then closed his eyes again. It was only Daniel. Everything was okay.

This time, though, he couldn't quite pass out again. The sense of discomfort in his bladder only built, and the more he tried to ignore it, the worse it got. At last, he pushed up with a groan and stumbled over to the bathroom. Rather than stand, he just plopped down on the toilet. It'd go everywhere after what they'd done, so might as well not get the toilet soaked.

Business complete, he gave himself a desultory wipe-up, not quite able to find the will to clean up all the way, then headed back out into the room. Outside, music was still blaring, the festival still carrying on. People were still cheering as loudly as ever. "What time's it," he mumbled, half a complaint, half an actual question. What time [i was] it? Was the damn festival going to go all night? Daniel was still awake, but the guy was an insomniac, so that meant nothing. Or had that been cured along with everything else?

Unknowingly copying Daniel earlier, he moved over to the window and gazed out. Down below, the festival had dispersed some, but the bulk of it was still in full swing. He must've only been out for an hour or so, if that long. He watched it for a minute, all those little human ants down below, ignorant to the true threat, the goats--then turned and looked at Daniel. The bed was enticing, even as dirty as they'd gotten it. Just the memory of getting so riled up made him blush a little, embarrassed. Honestly, what was that? He wasn't usually like that.

He moved back to the bed and snuggled in next to Daniel, cozying right up into his arms. Comfy and warm. It was perfect. Bell looked into Daniel's eyes and kissed him slowly. This moment was perfect. If only it could last forever.
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Daniel laughed. He'd fucked Bell's brains out, hadn't he? "Sorry," he mumbled softly, then pressed a sloppy kiss to Bell-boy's temple. The other man was already halfway to sleep, and Daniel rested there for a while, simply waiting for his heartbeat to simmer down to its normal pace.
"-love you too," Daniel told the sleeping Bellwether, then snorted.
The man had really been on edge today. A gentle hand stroked back some stray hairs from Bell's face, but eventually Daniel rose from the bed. Daniel took care not to disturb Bell-boy's sleep too much. Bell still needed to recover from having his lung stabbed and all that.

He needed to take a piss. Once that chore was taken care of, he ambled towards the window and stared out. The night air was humid and slightly cloying, but nice against his overheated skin.
A quick shower and they could still join the crowd. Daniel doubted they'd find a goat this time around. Somehow, he figured Bell-goat realized Bell wasn't quite ready for it yet after their last disastrous encounter.

He rested his arms on the sill and stood there for a while, before the scenery and noise turned boring and his attention came to rest on the sleeping man on the bed. How long would it be before Bell-boy was ready for another round anyway?
Maybe if he tried?

Daniel laid next to Bell and simply watched. Waking the man up would almost be cruel. He traced the man's skin with careful motions, mesmerized by the fact that Bellwether was alive and at the same time not. Just a carefully wrought construct, a copy of someone who had long since lived an unsatisfying life.
And yet here he was: perfect in every single way, responding in character to everything he did. A man without a soul, a creature without a soul: a perfect human being. Death then, could only be a dark abyss after the body had surrendered its main purpose.

It was both comforting to know death would be complete and utter darkness and worrying as well. Daunting. Maybe that was why Bell-boy was against him surrendering to the goatling -even though it would only mean postponing the inevitable.
  Landon Turner / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 6d 5h 48m 30s
At first it was slow, almost excruciatingly so, but it didn't take long before Daniel read giving it his all. He hadn't realized how much Daniel had been holding back. Bell clung on for dear life, unable to stop from crying out as Daniel took him for a ride. Felt so good, damnit! He couldn't hold on, he couldn't. He was grappled for kisses; he gave in and melted into them, and let go, too distracted, feeling far too good to hold on. His body twitched as pleasure burst through him for a second time that night, a slightly different, deeper sort of pleasure, stretched out for a few seconds as Daniel kept going until he gave in as well.

If he'd felt sensitive before, it was nothing compared to how he felt now. His whole body felt twitchy and weak, every last touch almost an overload. When Daniel pulled out, he shuddered and grimaced, somewhere between hating it and feeling good. "Argh, shit," he muttered, trying and failing to suppress a second round of shivers. Everything just felt--too much, right now.

"Because we're dumb," Bell sighed, sprawling out half on Daniel and half on dirty bedsheets. His skin was crawling with leftover sensation, an odd but pleasant feeling, if a bit overwhelming. He felt exhausted.

He closed his eyes and went limp, totally spent. "Hmm, love you," he mumbled as he slid off to sleep. Even the rumbling bass of the club and the ruckus of the crowd and the music festival pouring in through their window wasn't enough to keep him awake; he passed right out without another thought and was gone.

For a while, there was nothing. And then there were dreams. Slow, crawling dreams that crept over him like spiders with soft feet, sinking into his brain without quite taking shape. There was a tiny shape, a shapeless shape full of light, brighter than he'd ever seen and full of a thousand tiny specks of light. They shimmered and shifted, forever in motion. He reached out to touch it, but as soon as he did, it became a snow globe, shimmering from the glitter inside. He frowned. This wasn't what he'd been reaching for. This wasn't what he'd wanted.
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Hold on? Yeah, little devil indeed. Daniel sighed out heavily, especially when Bell sped up a little and his body jolted at the extra sensations coursing through him. He clenched his jaw, biting back a low growl of frustration and lust. It felt good. Everything about them being together felt good.
Bell-boy was merely using him, it felt like. Daniel watched the spectacle -the only thing he could do unrestricted- and tried to counter Bell's slow movement with thrusts of his own. He couldn't help but respond. His body had a will of its own. Trying to stay still was difficult.

"What?" Daniel breathed as Bell-boy slowed down, almost stopping entirely.
He was so close, so on the edge. Even now that they'd stopped, it felt good. He was twitching inside of Bell.
Lips crashed into his, leading him on a sultry journey. Daniel wrapped his arms around Bell, leaning into the kiss and giving himself a break. And then Bell pulled away, eyes dark with lust and desire.

Bring it home? Shit. That's what he'd been waiting for, but now Daniel wasn't sure he wanted to give in to Bellwether's teasing. He didn't want it fast, wanted to draw it out, ride the edge a little longer and at the same time his body was single-mindedly trying to steer him to the only rightful conclusion to their coupling.

Daniel started up slow, but soon there was no stopping himself. His body set its own tempo, going deep and harder than before, until the gratifying sensation of being this close turned into a shuddering desire. He could feel Bell-boy was close too, despite being on and off due to his previous play.
He pulled Bellwether down for more kisses, held the man tightly and was surprised by the sudden rush of ecstasy. Like a wave, pleasure rippled across his skin, set his loins aflame and left him a quaking, meek mess afterwards. Daniel clung to Bell, but grew sensitive enough to stop after a few moments. He tried to catch his breath, then chuckled. Fuck, it felt so good.

"Hmm, tell me why we don't do this more often?" he groused lazily, pushing Bell's hair back before carefully pulling back out. He felt perfectly tired and lazy now, content to close his eyes and drift on the high of the aftermath.
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This was great. Bell shuddered in place, grinning as he watched Daniel's face. He was in control now, and Daniel was helpless against him. Hands gripped at his legs and ass and back, leaving hot tracks of sensation behind, highlighting how this was his show now. "Hmm, hold on, hold on," he hummed when he felt Daniel shift under him. Daniel wanted to, but he couldn't. Not yet. His turn now.

He started nice and slow. Daniel grabbed him in for kisses, and he leaned down, wanting to be just as close as Daniel did. Nice and slow. Enough to get his second wind back, for his body to take notice again. Every sensation was magnified, and somehow distant, at the same time, kisses and the grind where their bodies met both. It was a weird place to be in; somewhere where he knew he wasn't going to last long, and yet the conclusion seemed impossibly far away.

He grinned widely at Daniel and his narrowed eyes. "'S me," he replied. "Your little devil."

Bell sped up a little. It wasn't enough, not really. He couldn't get deep enough, strong enough to really hit home the way he wanted to. He sped up more, getting close to his spot, but not quite there. It might be enough to push him over the edge anyways, but it wasn't what he wanted.

And even so, he could feel sensation already starting to build. It came and went, all over the place, his body shivering with sensation one moment, then gone the next, but all it'd take was a good thrust to line up with him feeling good and it'd be over again. It wouldn't be much longer. If he let Daniel take it away, he'd go... but if he didn't, he didn't want to finish like this. Even if he probably had another round in him, the way he was feeling. Bell squirmed thoughtfully, then grinned again and slowed down, crawling to almost a halt. He kissed Daniel, slow and deep, then pulled away just a hair. "Daniel," he breathed into the other man's ear. "Bring it home."

Just one good thrust, and it'd all be over. And then he'd let Daniel ride him out until he couldn't do it anymore.
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Bell-boy's eagerness was gratifying in a way Daniel couldn't explain. There was a moment where it felt like he'd hit a switch though -a moment where curses and complaints turned to short gasps and breaths. And then the hand that'd been hot on Bell's stiff pride shuddered along on the tail-coat of Bell's climax. A sigh, then a shiver. Daniel returned Bell's gaze, but found himself distracted by the man's obvious sensitivity. An opportunity Bell-boy was eager to grasp.

Before he knew it, Bell-boy was on top. Daniel blinked up at the man in a slight daze, but his body betrayed him. A kiss, a reach, arms, and then perfection. Daniel shivered as Bell-boy wrapped himself tightly around him with a triumphant laugh.

That first entry always felt so divine, called forth so many memories of times where they'd brought their coupling to a shattering success.
Daniel groaned, unable to bite back the sound and grabbed hold of Bell. His hands dug into the man's legs, his ass, ran up his back. No. He couldn't give in to it all; Bell-boy had to set the tempo this time. Otherwise he'd never get Bell-boy to enjoy a second run tonight. Or a third for that matter.

"Fuck, it feels so good," he managed to huff out, letting Bell-boy know he was playing with fire. He breathed in deep, tried to control himself, then moved his hips ever so slightly in a poor attempt at feeling more. At going deeper. At being closer and regaining control he knew was already long lost.

"Fuck," Daniel stressed again. Hands reached up to pull Bell-boy down towards him. Closer. He wanted to kiss the other man, feel him, feel the heat between them. It didn't have to be fast, no. No, not at all. He just wanted the moment to last forever and then some.
Daniel shivered. He couldn't hold back much longer, but he wasn't in control while he was on his back. If Bell-boy chose to set a different pace, he wouldn't have much choice but to go with that flow.

Slowly, he got used to the overflow of sensation. Daniel let out a shuddering breath and paced himself.
"You little devil," he accused Bell and narrowed his eyes.
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Argh, Daniel just wasn't going to give it to him, was he? Bell squirmed against Daniel's fingers, frustrated. He wanted more than just fingers, and Daniel knew it. He'd seen that grin. The man had decided to play with him instead of take it home.

"You ass," he accused Daniel playfully, then twitched as the fingers inside him brushed close to that place. Shit. He really couldn't hold on much longer. Even the little touches felt amazing. Ugh. Bell scrunched up his face and squirmed in place, trying to hold on somehow. Other things. Math. a squared plus b squared... something something. History class. Henry the VIII had... some wives... shit. It wasn't working. He couldn't think of anything. Couldn't focus on anything but right here, right now.

He glared at Daniel. "Just give me your dick already," he complained, short of breath from lust. He was relaxed and ready. What else could Daniel want? "I want it, c'mon."

No dice. 'To take it slow,' was apparently what else Daniel could want. Dammit. He pulled Daniel down for a kiss, body squirming under the man's hand, hips moving on their own to angle himself so it felt best, even as he tried to fight the urge to let go. He wanted Daniel inside him. But it felt so good.

Daniel whispered in his ear and moved just as the music swelled, and Bell's heart gave in; that was it. There was nothing he could do. "Shit!" he hissed as he felt himself tense, then let go. His body shuddered, sensation rushing up and down his legs, through his spine, clenching emptily on nothing.

Bell sighed and fell back on the bed. He felt super sensitive, now, flickery all over like all his nerves were set alight. For a long moment, he watched Daniel hovering above him; then he grinned deviously and leaned up to kiss him. The second Daniel was distracted, he rolled the other man onto his back. "Ha, now it's mine," he declared, kissing Daniel again. He sat up onto his knees, then reached back and guided himself down, onto Daniel. Ha-ha! Couldn't stop him now.

"Heheh," he laughed triumphantly, giving Daniel's chest a regal pat, a little high off the emotions and sensations rolling through his body. Felt good just having Daniel inside him, when he was all sensitive like this.
  Bellwether / kaitoXi / 7d 5h 27m 39s
Hurry? Daniel's hand brushed by Bell-boy's rigid need, then grinned. No, no he wasn't going to hurry and hit home. Instead, Daniel made sure his fingers were well-lubricated and made it a personal challenge to get Bell-boy to come first. They could wait and mess around afterwards and go for seconds. Bell was young and quite capable of regenerating his stamina if they gave the man a little time.

"Hmm, feel that good, does it?" Daniel teased Bell, fingers brushing against Bell's skin. The other fingers were buried deep inside the other man, interested to see just how far he could get Bellwether without actually trying. Far, apparently. Maybe they hadn't touched in too long, maybe Bell-boy's defences were still a bit low after healing. Daniel didn't care.

His own need could wait until Bell-boy's was seen to at least once. Maybe twice, if he was feeling particularly devious.
Bell was already so turned on, so close to that edge they wanted to leap over together.
"Maybe I should just take things slow then," he forewarned Bell-boy. Bell was already so relaxed, it wouldn't take much time at all for him to get the man just where he wanted him. Daniel didn't feel like it. Instead, he kissed Bell, let his fingers slide and instead spent more of his focus on the very prominent issue between Bell's legs.

He could go at this all night. All the nervous energy otherwise spent worrying about the potential disastrous consequences enforced upon him by the goatling melted at the sight of controlling Bell-boy's pleasure.
Sure, he didn't have the stamina of a twenty-one year old, never mind one that never grew any older, but he did have patience to spare.

"Maybe I want you to go early," Daniel whispered in Bell's ear. He pushed the two of them together. The music outside swelled into cheers as the drunken crowd egged on the musicians to play 'one more song' before the next band came on. Daniel forgot himself in the throng of lust and the excitement outside.
There was nowhere he'd rather be than here, right now, all eyes focussed on Bellwether and their combined pleasure.
  Landon Turner / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 7d 5h 56m 4s
He watched Daniel's face, enjoying the interplay of emotions, the frustration and the relaxation and everything in between. He'd tease him a little longer, drag it out some more. This was actually pretty fun, honestly; he could get into this. Even if he was getting a little frustrated himself.

A kiss distracted him into dropping the soap. Bell just clung on tight, losing himself in the kiss. This was nice. This was really nice. When they broke, he returned Daniel's grin in a dazed sort of way, not able to think above holding on to Daniel. Shit, it felt too good. He wasn't going to be able to tease much longer.

The water cut off. "Huh?" he managed, and then Daniel scooped him up and carried him away. The bed rose up to meet his back, even as Daniel dipped down his front, kissing and caressing him all the way down. He knitted his fingers in Daniel's hair. So cute. So cute, just for him. Hot breath brushed against his lust; Bell shuddered. Shit, no. He wasn't going to be able to hold on. "Daniel--" he said, and then Daniel took him in.

Shit--shit--he'd spent too long teasing, he wouldn't-- Daniel pulled away with a kiss. Bell laid there, stretched out, and tried to catch his breath. This wasn't good. Shit. He wasn't going to last.

"Yeah," he agreed, shifting a bit on the bed, lifting his legs to try and hide a bit. It was embarrassing how turned on he was. Like a damn virgin, getting all hot and bothered over this much. He wouldn't have been able to take the lead if he tried, it'd end in ten seconds.

The bed dipped as Daniel came back. Bell looked up at him, then leaned up and kissed him. Fingers darted over his skin--Bell shifted, trying not to feel too good. If Daniel kept this up, he'd go off on his own without anything.

"Hurry," he muttered, pulling Daniel's hand down between his raised legs. He was so ready. So hard. He met Daniel's eyes, a little nervous. He didn't want Daniel to think he was pathetic, but... "Uhm--if I... go off early, just... keep going?" he requested. He couldn't help that he was really horny for whatever reason, but he didn't want Daniel to just stop, either. He'd get his second wind. It'd be fine.
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A relaxed grin was stretched across Bell-boy's face, which eased Daniel's mind about the dirty thoughts he had about Bell-boy's ass. And then the man asked for the soap. Daniel snorted, but relinquished the bar and found himself trapped by Bell's proximity. His hands were splayed out across the man's stomach, one hand already tempting Bell to get even closer. Bell was ready, wasn't he? So ready.

Still, it felt nice to have his back massaged. Daniel shivered as some of the tension in his back was released under the pressure of Bell-boy's massage. It was hard to keep focussed though, with the way Bell-boy's hips ground into his. He caught Bell's lips and passionately kissed the man.

Screw the shower. No, screw Bell, actually. Daniel grinned, then shut off the shower. Fuck it. He was done getting clean. He'd been cleaned plenty already for now.
Daniel snatched up Bellwether, then proceeded to carry the man outside the stall. Water be damned, he wanted the other man already. There was only so much he could take. He lowered Bell-boy on the bed, taking the time to explore more of the man's body. Lying down, it was easier to get to the man's nipples, to hover over the man's pecks and defined stomach. Daniel left a trace of fevered kisses, all the way down.

Even though Bell-boy was the expert, he'd learned a thing or two about how Bell-boy liked it over the months they'd been together already.
He spent a while just riling Bell-boy up, making sure the man was nice and ready, before releasing him to the cold of the summer night. The music drowned out the noise they made, which was just as well. Daniel didn't want to know what the couples in the rooms beside theirs were doing either.

He left Bell after a parting kiss and ambled towards the man's coat with confidence.
"Bottom?" he offered Bell. The man's lungs would likely make it a bit more strenuous to be on top and guide the mess they'd make of the bed. That, and he had a feeling Bell-boy might feel up to it regardless.

"I'll make you feel really good, promise," Daniel cooed as he returned to the bed. Fingers darted across Bell-boy's hot skin, tracing the lines of his toned muscles. They really didn't take the time for this often enough.
  Landon Turner / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 7d 6h 11m 13s
He felt himself lifted, the weight coming off his feet. Bell clutched around Daniel's shoulders, a little surprised but glad he was so wanted. Close like this was good. Perfect. If they stayed like this all night, kissing and cuddling, he'd be okay with that.

Then Daniel let go. He stumbled back against the wall, a bit surprised to take his full weight back. Huh? What was going on? Oh... oh right, the back-washing. It would've been okay without that. But it felt good, actually. He turned around to let Daniel really get into the knots and lumps, all the hard parts in his back that hurt for his having abused it with their sleeping arrangements lately. "Right there," he told Daniel, wiggling his back a bit to move a knot under Daniel's fingers. Felt good. Felt really good. Daniel really knew how to get at all the nasty points in his back.

But it'd feel better if Daniel touched a little somewhere else. He knew prolonging it would make it feel better, but he was ready already. Daniel's hands started exploring his front; he turned around to face him, a grin already stretching across his face. "Here, give me the soap, I'll do your back," he offered, moving closer until he and Daniel were all but pressed together, Daniel's hands between them. He'd get Daniel all cleaned up, and Daniel could get the party started for the both of them. He cocked his eyebrow at Daniel suggestively, then got to work on Daniel's back.

The man was older than him, so it didn't come as a surprise that he'd have a knotted back after the way they'd been sleeping lately. Bell got started, using the strength he had to dig deep into Daniel's back and really get at those knots and lumps. Slowly, he worked them out, all while leaning into Daniel a little, rubbing up against him with his hips. It felt so good. He just wanted to be with Daniel. Just wanted them to be together already. But it'd feel better if they waited a little. Just a little. Long enough to wind themselves up so it really felt good when they let go.
  Bellwether / kaitoXi / 8d 30m 53s
Please was it? Had the stabbing nicked some politeness into the man? Daniel snorted at that thought and instead savoured the long, deep kiss. His hand was taken and together they stumbled into the plain shower-stall. Daniel didn't care for how simple or plain it was either; he was too distracted with Bellwether.
The man seemed pretty into it, kisses reaching his lips, hands wandering his body. Daniel pulled Bell-boy even closer still, hands kneading the knots in Bell's back, taking care not to be too rough with the site of his recent injury.

The scar was a reminder which made Daniel cling even harder to Bell. Could've died again -sure, Bell-goat would've saved his ass, but honestly? Just watching Bell-boy suffer like that felt like failure. Like he'd failed to live up to an unspoken promise to protect Bell from death. He had, but only barely and at what cost?

Daniel hadn't even noticed the water. He was too busy just losing himself in Bell and all the man had to offer. Daniel leaned down, demanded more kisses. One hand was lost in Bell's hair, the other pulling the man closer, until it felt like every inch of their bodies touched. Daniel didn't care whether or not he had to take on Bell's weight to do that. He'd happily do that and more.

At long last reminded of what he'd promised just a minute ago, Daniel let go and created a little more space. Enough for him to grab and unwrap the soap and lather it up. Slow. He could do slow. Did he want to, was the question?
Maybe if they'd had a beer or two, but no. He had to abstain and so he was wide awake and eager to get started. Daniel also had the self-control and sanity of mind to pace himself better. More frustration lead to a better release. With that promise in mind, Daniel started to wash up Bell's back. His fingers dug into the skin and flesh of Bellwether's shoulders, trying to undo some of the knots tied up in there -sleeping in the car or on a metal plate was all nice in theory, but in the end, beds were far more comfortable.

His fingers mapped the skin on Bell's back meticulously, then slowly started to work his way towards the front. Lazy strokes were followed by zoned out eyes. Until at last his hands reached a particular point of interest to the both of them and Daniel's hazel eyes flicked up. Maybe he ought to give Bell-boy a small preview of what was to come.
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The slow transition from confusion to smile made Bell's heart beat a little faster. So cute! He couldn't bear it. He yanked off his shirt at Daniel's urging and stepped on the heels of his boots to start the process of kicking out of them, reluctant to bend down and do it properly when a half-naked Daniel was right there in front of him. Daniel, at least, had the sense to step away to take his shoes off, and without the distraction, Bell got his off in seconds.

The nice part about the summer was that it was so much easier to strip down, and it didn't feel so icy when they did. For a second, Bell yawned and stretched, one eye to the festival outside; then the rattle of water attracted his attention. He followed Daniel back to the shower and met the man half-way, sliding his hands under the other man's pants to feel his ass as Daniel toyed with the button on his. Then he was naked, bare to the world as he stepped out of his pants, body giving away that he was a little more excited by Daniel's proximity than he really ought to be. He pushed Daniel's pants down in return, so that they were both bare, then kissed him slow and deep.

"Please," he said, then grabbed Daniel's hand and led him back to the shower. He wanted to take this slow and do it all night, if need be, get it all right this time. And yet, at the same time, he was impatient. He wanted to be with Daniel already.

The hot water had warmed up the bathroom so that the mirror was already steaming up, the air warm and damp. There wasn't much to the shower stall; it was simple, a small white box half-obscured by a white curtain with a cheap bar of soap sitting on the shelf. Bell drew Daniel under the spray and kissed him some more while his hands wandered, taking in the man's back, his shoulders, his pretty blonde hair all wet from the shower, all the lumps and scars he'd picked up along the way little knots under his fingertips. Bell pressed closer, nuzzling Daniel's neck. He wanted to be so close. As close as possible. Wanted to touch Daniel all over and know every part of him.
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