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Daniel ensured they'd have clean clothes waiting for them, and they hobbled back to the room. The elevator ride was uneventful, and almost before he knew it, they were back in the privacy of their own room. Bell sighed out, already regretting his decision. He knew it was the right choice, but even so, he couldn't help but want to stay here all day in the warmth and comfort of the nice hotel room.

"Bathroom," he voted, then limped into the little white room. There was a tub, thank everything. Standing for a whole shower would only be unnecessary pain. A bath, though... just the thought of letting that hot water sink into his injured muscled felt good. It was a big bath, too, enough room to fit both of them and a third person, if they'd so desired. He ran the tap until it ran warm, then plugged up the tub and waited for it to fill. Before long, it was high enough to sink into, so he did just that.

The warmth soaked into his body just the way he'd imagined it would. He leaned his head back against the back of the tub, drowsy, and gestured for Daniel to join him. Right into his arms. No wait, that was a bad idea with his hips being achy. Whatever. He didn't care. He just wanted to hold Daniel for a bit.

This time, Daniel was the bloody one while he was fine. Not fine, really. Bruised to hell. But no blood. He touched Daniel gently, mindful of any sensitive bits. He'd seemed to be in pain earlier, and Bell wasn't really sure if it was the hangover making him sensitive or the gut wound, but either way, he didn't want to hurt Daniel. "Glad you're here," he muttered, eyes half-closed. He was drifting off, and there wasn't much he could do to stop it. Not much he wanted to do, either. He'd gotten food, he was comfy and warm, floating in this perfect world where nothing hurt, and so all he wanted to do was nap. Not the best idea, and he knew it. He couldn't even recount the number of times they'd almost drowned drifting off in the bath, him or Daniel or both. But he couldn't help it.
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Cogs. If he wasn't so paranoid about hearing them, Daniel would almost admit hearing them turning in Bell-boy's head as the man ran through their options. Of course, there wasn't much choice they had, so Bell-boy ended at the only sane option they had: move. Even if they had to take a detour to avoid running into any more hunters, getting some distance between them and the kill-site could only be beneficial.
"Yeah," Daniel agreed. "Shower would be good," he said softly, sipping from his coffee. The bitter brew wasn't enough to clear the fog in his head or take the weariness from his bones. In the end, Daniel abandoned the idea of drinking the entire cup. His stomach would only be more upset for drinking it.

"Should be more clothes in the car," Daniel offered up when Bell-boy nodded at the stains on his clothes. At least some jeans. Or they'd have to send out Cat and Sam. Either or. Cat would stand out the least and she sort of knew their sizes. Unless she decided to spend the money elsewhere and steal clothes again.
At this point, it wouldn't really make much of a difference anyhow.

Daniel followed after Bell-boy, pretending to be the man's living crutch as best he could.
"Would you do us a favour and get some clothes from the van?" he asked Cat, then gave her the keys. By now, it should be painstakingly clear that the women needed their protection, the path they'd chosen, so Daniel didn't expect Cat to run off with their stolen van.
Her goat would stop her. Daniel was pretty sure of that.
"If there's no clothes, just find us some," Daniel instructed and put down some petty cash. It'd be enough to get some second-hand clothes, but not enough for anything substantial, like a runaway plan.

Bell-boy reached out for his support and Daniel willingly let the man. It meant going back up to the privacy of their bedroom for one. A nice long shower and another quick nap to help digest food would be perfect.
Or just anything that didn't involve dealing with other people and noisy surroundings would be good. Daniel opened the room's door to let them both in and then paused.
"Bed or bathroom?" he muttered. "Bathroom?"
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Bell sighed. Daniel was right: they had to make a decision. And he knew which was the better choice. They should go. Move on. The hotel was too expensive. They were too close to where they'd killed the hunters. It wasn't safe to stay here, with him injured.

But was it safe to go on? The further they got, the closer they got to the main base, and the greater the likelihood they'd run into more hunters, with more hybrids in the mix. If he was injured, he wouldn't be able to hold his own the way he should, and Cat and Sam couldn't fight either.

It felt like an excuse. And really, it wasn't safe to choose either, was it? From now on out, they weren't going to be safe. Staying here would be comfort, but the longer they stayed, the more likely the hunters would find them, and if they were found and attacked, they'd only be put back. But neither he nor Daniel could drive right now. Ugh! He didn't know.

He sighed out loud. "I think we should move on," he said. "It's too dangerous to stay here. The hunters will catch up with us. We'll have to get Sam and Cat to drive, though. And we should definitely head back upstairs and shower before we leave--so we don't stand out too much." He nodded at Daniel's gut, where his coat only just hid the bloodstains. Did they have any more clothes in the car? If not, they'd have to stop by a second-hand shop.

Bell finished off his food, then slowly climbed to his feet. Daniel looked done too, so it was time to move on. The girls had chosen to sit close to where the elevator was, so he passed by them on the way out, then stopped and put a hand on Cat's shoulder. She jumped, and Sam did too; he rolled his eyes, then spoke. "We're gonna move on out today," he said. "We're heading up to grab our stuff and get ready to go."

Sam blinked, then nodded and started to rise. "Okay," she said.

"Well--eat, first," Bell said. "We aren't leaving just now. Get some food, take your time, but we aren't going to stay the whole day here."

"Awww," Cat whined. Bell ignored her.

With one last nod, he reached out for Daniel's support and started limping back to the elevator.
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Suits. Daniel was reminded of a different sort of life; the kind of life where everything had come ridiculously easy, with his sole worry being when and if Lenny took over at the wrong time, preparing for that to happen. Sometimes waiting for that to happen.
"I wouldn't worry about that," Daniel muttered sourly. At the very least people shut up in their presence, keeping their gossip and judgemental sneers to mere whispers.

The gravely suits in the elevator couldn't be a sharper contrast to the breakfast buffet, which was a chaos of noise, people and chatter. Daniel winced at the sudden influx of sensory input, though Bell-boy wasn't that sensitive. With food awaiting to be taken, Bell-boy dragged them both into the thick of things and let go to pile on heaps of food onto one plate.

He was slower about choosing things, eyes narrow to prevent too much light and glitter from bugging the daylights out of his sensitive brain, though ended up with a few pastries, some savoury breakfast items, amongst which were eggs and coffee. Daniel added plenty of salt and pepper to his dish before slowly starting in on it.
His body needed the fuel, though his stomach was less enticed by the offerings.

Despite seeming healed, his gut still reacted poorly to any offerings of food. Daniel waited after a few bites, giving his body the chance to get accustomed to having a filled stomach before continuing.
Bell-boy's injuries wouldn't heal overnight, would they? He cringed sympathetically when he caught the man's pained expression. Daniel let out a wide yawn before trying a few more bites, but was woken from his self-inflicted agony to catch sight of the girls at Bell-boy's nudging. He put a hand to Bell-boy's to prevent him from aggravating any tender spots and watched.

They hadn't seen them yet. Daniel wasn't sure whether he wanted to. At least Bell-boy wasn't forcing any conversation at the moment and Daniel kind of needed that. Sam would just be awkward, Cat would just be...well, Cat.
She'd try and pilfer another day's stay out of them if she could. Anything to keep off the streets. Daniel sighed. They needed to make some decisions today regardless of how he felt. Stay or go, for example. With Bell-boy the way he was though, neither sounded like favourable options.

Daniel forced a few more bites and then decided he'd had enough for now.
"Can't avoid them all day," he muttered softly, casting Bell a look. "We staying or going?"
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Daniel had a good point about them both being dirty and bloodied up, but Bell's stomach told him he didn't care, and Daniel seemed to agree. He slid his arm over Daniel's shoulder when it was offered and limped down the hallway towards the elevator. "We'll get a shower after we eat," he promised.

The elevator was mostly full of people in business suits, who gave him and Daniel a wide berth. Bell ignored them, more interested in breakfast and food than what a bunch of suits thought of them. At the bottom, they piled out with the suits and quickly fell behind, Daniel slowed down by his limping. "They better not eat all our food," Bell groused.

This hotel was the kind that came with a complimentary breakfast buffet, and Bell immediately gravitated towards it, all but dragging Daniel after him. Heaps of eggs were piled up besides plates of sausage, fresh fruit, and breakfast pastries. Bell let go of Daniel so they'd both be able to grab their own plates, then joined the back of the line. He heaped his plate with piles of eggs and sausage, added a bowl of fresh fruit, balanced a few pastries on the edge of his plate, tucked a glass of milk in the nook of his arm, and limped over to the seating area to join Daniel. With a vague nod, he set into the food like he hadn't seen anything in weeks.

The eggs were bland and the sausage was overcooked, but it tasted heavenly to Bell. Even the almost flavorless fresh fruit was the best fruit he'd ever had in his life. Bell washed the whole mess down with milk, then sat back. Was it just his imagination, or did everything hurt less?

He reached for his cup with his left hand, and immediately concluded that it was just his imagination. He sighed out. Well, it only made sense. It'd take some time for the goat to fix him up.

The girls appeared then, chatting as they walked down from the elevator. Bell nudged Daniel and nodded at them. Looked like the girls hadn't seen them yet. Honestly, he was fine like that. Too much noise this early in the morning.
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Continental breakfast? Wait, did that mean they'd be moving downstairs? Or to the breakfast area or whatever? Moving didn't strike Daniel as the most favourable thing he wanted to do right now, but the bruises he had were growing stiff and sore, so he could only imagine what Bell-boy had to feel. Bruised ribs did not improve with moving around though. Been there, done that.
Daniel gave Bell-boy an unimpressed look, but his stomach betrayed him. After expelling all what they'd eaten for dinner this morning, he was running on empty now, with loads still waiting to be healed. How the goatling didn't tire of the task was beyond Daniel.

"You sure that's what we need to do first?" Daniel muttered. His shirt and sweater were mottled with blood-stains. Some more impressive than others and not everything his -he hoped. He could sort of hide it underneath his coat, but that didn't take away that they also smelled the part.
And apparently they hadn't even taken the time to get undressed before falling asleep either. No two ways about it: they looked and smelled like something scraped off of the surface of some asphalt after being run over.

Daniel felt himself over and found the credit-card. As long as that one still remained active, he could probably get away with it. Americans were more keenly aware of what credit-card did what than they'd been back home.
That, and he was just really hungry.

He waved his own protest away.
"Okay, let's have a look-see." Didn't seem like Bell-boy was going to back down either, so he might as well try to help the guy rather than let him putter around on his own while in that state. At least if they encountered more hunters, he could defend Bell-boy.
Or do something anyway.
They'd been chased so long and far, so often, the thought of there being hunters could hardly spruce up some adrenalin.

His gut complained standing, but the protest was easily ignored.
At this point, his foot bothered him more. Whatever he'd done, too much, too fast for that one. Regardless, Daniel offered his shoulder up to Bell-boy, because the man's hip didn't seem like it'd favour a very long walk. Best find an elevator.

The hotel was fancy. Their hotel-room ought to have given it away, but Daniel was impressed with their choice -Sam. Had to be Sam's choice. It made them stand out even more however. Discretion was the better part of valour; Daniel hoped it was a sentiment the hotel staff shared.
Fortunately it was early. Not early enough for the light to stab at his retinas, but being hungover at least was a familiar sort of ache he was well equipped to deal with.
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Felt tender? That was good. Better than being in pain. Goatling was putting much more work into healing Daniel's gut than he was healing his foot. At least it was fixing the really vital bits, Bell supposed. That was what really mattered.

Back now. He was. And it was nice. He sighed out in a kind of relief at Daniel's acknowledgement and put his arm around the man when Daniel snuggled closer. This was nice, too. Better now that Daniel was with it, and going to remember it.

His stomach grumbled, and he shifted, then grimaced. Yeah, moving wasn't great right now. But he was hungry. He looked up at the nightstand, where Sam had left water. She'd left food, too. Energy bars, though. He didn't want energy bars for breakfast. They tasted like shit. "Think this place has a continental breakfast?" he asked, yawning. Man, wouldn't that be nice. He'd kill for some eggs and waffles and sausage... a nice hearty breakfast sounded good. And this place seemed pretty nice.

Slowly, he pushed himself up. He wouldn't get anywhere staying in bed all day. They had to get food, and... probably move on, before the hunters found them. Couldn't just stay here all day. "Let's go take a look," he said, about breakfast. Give himself a goal to help motivate him.

It'd be better to keep moving anyways. His joints would lock up if he just laid in bed all day. And food would help. The sooner he got food, the sooner he could be okay again, the less pain he'd feel. He had to go get food.

His hips almost sunk through when he stood, again. He clenched his teeth and tried not to show it, then managed a smile at Daniel. "You're hungry too, right?" He had to figure, with the goatling and all. Ate through energy like nothing. "Let's go get food."

They had to be okay. If three hybrids could take them out this badly, how would they ever take down the facility? And Sam and Cat hadn't really added to their power. Their goats would help, but the monsters were a kind of one-shot usage kind of thing. They couldn't rely on them. He and Daniel had to be good enough that something like this wouldn't even bother them. This much pain was nothing. It had to be nothing.
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Told Bell-boy he was pretty? Daniel contemplated that and shrugged; in the end, that wasn’t so bad. It wasn’t a lie at least.
“Still am,” he muttered in complaint. Even with all of his clothes still on, with the exception of his shoes, Daniel still felt chilled.
Bell-boy’s story made sense, even if some of the worrying points were passed by with a little too much thoughtlessness. ‘Kind of hurting’, like he was kind of hurting now?
Daniel decided not to make too much of it -didn’t want to start an argument. He wasn’t up for that yet.

A hand reached out for the scar on his stomach and Daniel followed with his eyes, just making sure Bell didn’t get too close to any sensitive areas. The man was careful about it though.
“Feels tender ’s all,” Daniel whispered in earnest. Tender in the way freshly healed injuries usually felt tender, so he was technically all good. For a moment there was just silence. After their little conversation, it felt calming. Daniel closed his eyes and sighed out, suppressing a shiver that threatened to crawl up his spine.

“Nice, adorable,” Daniel complained under his breath.
Glad Bell-boy had enjoyed his little high as much as he apparently had. Scary? How could him not feeling pain be scary? Maybe if he’d have been suicidal, but he hadn’t been for the longest while. Not ever since he’d been cured.

And sorry too.
What was Bell-boy sorry for?
“‘m back now,” he soothed Bell-boy, though left the man’s apology unattended. Daniel wasn’t sure whether Bell-boy was apologising for making fun of how adorably he’d found a Daniel that was high, out of it, cuddly and unable to feel pain or about the conversation they’d had earlier about him being neither Landon nor Daniel.

The ‘I love you’ that followed seemed to suggest the latter.
Daniel wasn’t sure whether that was because he wasn’t hallucinating delusional or otherwise mentally absent or because his personality was close enough to being Daniel or Landon to love. It hurt his head just trying to wrap his head around, so Daniel didn’t bother. He made an affirmative sound to let Bell-boy know said love was reciprocated and burrowed a little closer for warmth and comfort.

He was actually kind of hungry now that everything was said and done. Hungry, thirsty, but also tired in a way that betrayed he’d already slept too much and drained at the same time. They weren’t ready to face what the facility was capable of throwing at them.
Not by a long shot.
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Bell turned the television on, then immediately muted it and turned the closed-captions on. Didn't want to make too much noise for Daniel. And Sam had been a pain in the ass yesterday, prodding around and poking her nose in everything. It'd be nice to have a little time to themselves.

Bell snorted. Anything embarrassing? If he wasn't feeling so shitty, he'd be all over Daniel, acting all cute like that, face buried in his pillow. As it was, he grinned and pushed Daniel's hair back gently, then spoke, quietly. "Nothing too bad. Just told me I was pretty a whole bunch. My eyes in particular, you really liked them. And cuddled. I think you were cold, or something." Which was nice, since he'd been missing it in general.

He breathed out, then nodded. "Yeah. All dead. I think... you pretty much just missed the end of it. I got tackled into a building, and kicked and shit, but we beat them up good. Even the gunman. He was a human--the rest were all hybrids. But we got out of there before the police showed up, so it was probably okay. And then we headed here--Cat drove us, Cat and Sam, I was kinda hurting. Got us a couple of rooms. And that's about it."

Bell watched Daniel for a bit, eyes slipping down to the scar. A scar. He'd been hurt badly enough the goatling had left a scar? And he hadn't even felt the pain. That was terrifying in its own right. "How's your stomach feel?" he asked, reaching out to touch the scar. It didn't still hurt, did it? Or at least, it felt healed, he hoped.

For a little while his attention drifted, back to the television, where a stupid game show was playing. But it couldn't keep his attention; his eyes drifted back to Daniel. "It was cute, when you were out of it. I couldn't get over how adorable you were. But scary. You didn't feel any pain. I had to keep an eye on you so you didn't hurt yourself more." Not that Daniel had been able to move much, but it'd still worried him. "I'm glad you're back. I was worried you wouldn't get over it. It was dumb, but..." He couldn't help but worry. How many times had he watched Daniel and Landon go delusional? And then right after their discussion earlier, he'd gone and gotten gassed up, and it'd been... not like being delusional at all, but at the same time, terrifying in the same way. "Sorry. I love you." .
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There was nothing he could do to help; Bell-boy’s careful motions made Daniel wince. Someone had really done him over. Most likely, the person was already dead, but Daniel couldn’t be sure. Once Bell-boy was settled, Daniel carefully laid down next to man, almost afraid of doing so on account of harming Bell. Once he did though, Daniel sighed out. His body wasn’t ready to face another day yet.

How much did he miss?
Daniel snorted softly. That’s what he wanted to know. Sleepy eyes drifted over to Bell-boy’s.
The woman? “Remembered a woman,” he muttered softly, almost surprised by the loudness of his voice despite of being cautious. That morning’s vomiting session made his voice sound hoarse.
Jumping goat?
Yeah, he recalled a hybrid jumping away from them, and the big- oh. The big guy had to have done Bell-boy over like this.
“Don’t remember anything after the woman,” Daniel sighed out, “and waking up feeling sick.” He winced at the memory, then fingered the scar on his stomach. It’d been worse then, so the goatling had to have healed that much while he slept. Soft tissue healed easily.

Daniel groaned.
“Great, that’ll make things awkward,” he mumbled, shifting to rest away from the light. His eyes were sensitive and so were his ears. Everything was, to some extent. He still felt a little feverish too.
Bruised. Not anything close to what Bell-boy had to suffer through though.

Daniel cracked open his eyes, glanced back over his shoulder at his nightstand, reached blindly and finally handed Bell-boy the remote.
“Just keep the noise down, would you?” he pleaded with Bell. “My head’s still a mess.” It was the best way Daniel could express the way he felt. Down, because of a high he didn’t even remember. And apparently he’d been ‘cuddly’. Sam knowing about their being gay was the worst of it, he hoped.

“Did I…do anything embarrassing?” It was the Landon in him that wanted to know, because the Daniel part couldn’t give two shits about what was embarrassing and what wasn’t. He pulled a pillow close to his chest and buried his face into the soft fabric.

“Wait…did we actually kill them?” It’d be nice if they had, because otherwise the lush bed he was intent on living in all day wasn’t a safe place.
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Daniel appeared suddenly in the bathroom door, silhouetted by the light pouring in through the windows of the room beyond. Bell moved over to him, and Daniel moved to him. Cold fingers pushed his shirt up, which he didn't like, but Daniel took some of his weight, which was nice. Together, they limped back to the bed.

He sat on the bed when they arrived and went through the slow process of settling gingerly on the mattress, his body tensed in expectation of pain. Pain came anyways, regardless of how delicate he tried to be about settling down. He grimaced the whole way down, but at least once he was done, there was little he had to do that could hurt him.

The goat hadn't healed him overnight. Too much damage, he figured. Too many injured bones. It'd made progress; his left side was blotchy now instead of one giant bruise. But even with the progress, he still felt seriously shitty.

He gestured for Daniel to lie down, then grimaced as the man did and jostled the bed, shifting his delicate ribs in turn. Still, it was nice to have Daniel there, nice and close. Like a human sized hot water bottle.

"How much did you miss?" he asked quietly, remembering a not-really-a-conversation from last night. "How much can't you remember? Do you remember the woman? The jumping-goat?" It'd take his mind off of things some to recount it to Daniel, though most of it was probably pretty much getting the hotel and settling down. He grabbed the water bottles Sam had brought and took another short swig. Which reminded him, he should tell Daniel.

"Oh yeah... you were real cuddly yesterday when you were high," Bell said. It'd been nice. Given him some of what he'd secretly wanted badly. "Sam figured us out. Didn't seem too broken up about it, though." He shrugged, then immediately regretted the gesture. It hurt so bad every time he moved. Broken ribs were the shittiest thing ever.

"Where's the remote?" he asked. Could use with a little entertainment while he was bed-bound, even if early-morning television was likely to be complete garbage. Anything to take his mind off of things.
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Shifting woke him. The movement resonated with his gut and ignited a fierce ache, though it was nowhere near as bad as it had been earlier that evening or morning. It was only when Bell had a close encounter with the wall that Daniel cracked open a careful eye to see what was going on. The light assaulted his eyes, making him flinch and groan. Everything was sore, as if he'd been running a marathon, but he was more concerned with Bell-boy. After resting a considerable time, the man wasn't actually better, huh?
That and Bell had straight up admitted he'd been bad.
Daniel was pleased to find some events did stick to his memory. He listened for what Bell was up to: toilet, apparently. Then silence.
The silence was nice, but it lasted a bit long. After a moment's inaction, Daniel shifted on the bed to get a good look, but there was nothing. Just the open door to the bathroom. With a heavy sigh, Daniel pushed up and wiped at his eyes to clear up what was an overly bright new day -it didn't work.

He still felt hungover, but it wasn't as bad as it'd been last night. Not by far. The post-drug haze still lingered though, making even the sunniest of days seem like a sour continuation of life. Daniel put his feet down and pushed up to stand, surprised his legs gave little protest. There was a nice new scar where his stomach hurt though. All healed up. On the outside anyway. Daniel didn't want to know what the goatling had done to make everything work on the inside.

He paused at the bathroom door to take in Bell-boy; the man was obviously in pain. Daniel could tell by the way the man carried himself. Without hesitation, Daniel approached Bell and stepped close enough to support Bell-boy if need be. He also started to inch the man's shirt up. Bruises.
Deep, blotchy stains on otherwise pale skin.
Bell-boy's ribs looked broken, the damage quite extensive. Why hadn't Bell-goat healed it a little more? There was little they could do to alleviate the pain from broken ribs though. Daniel sighed, then offered Bell a shoulder to help him back to bed. They wouldn't be going anywhere today, not fast anyway and frankly, Daniel was grateful, because he didn't exactly feel the greatest himself.
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Nothing [i had] happened, though. Just them getting a hotel room. Or... how much had Daniel forgotten, for him to be so unimpressed with that answer? He considered for a second, then decided figuring that out was too much effort.

Bell shook his head at Daniel offering to go get ice. Nice as it'd be, he was more worried if Daniel left and he couldn't see the man. Daniel accepted the painkillers, then laid down next to him. Bell grimaced as the bed jostled, but Daniel's warmth was a welcome distraction regardless. Slowly, the painkillers started to take effect. He listened to Daniel while he dozed, the man's steady breathing relaxing. Daniel was here, and he was sleeping, and whatever had happened to him had worn off. It was going to be okay. It was all going to be okay.

Bell wasn't aware of falling asleep, but the next thing he knew, light was filtering in through the curtains. He shifted and breathed out hard, then reached up to scratch his hair. His hand stopped short, pain shooting up his shoulder, and he put his arm back down and scratched his head with his other hand. Okay. So no moving his left side. Left side was bad.

Daniel was there though. Bell reached out and touched his hair gently, not enough to wake him up. That was nice. Nice that he was here.

He gave up on trying to move and just plopped back down on the pillows. He was too tired to worry about getting up yet. But he really had to pee. He looked at Daniel one last time, mentally asking the man if he really had to get up, then slowly pushed himself up. This morning, his body had really had time to go stiff. His hip nearly buckled when he put weight on it; he reached out and managed to grab onto the wall for support before he sank all the way to the floor. Only his shoulder jostled when he hit the wall, sending pain racheting through the joint and all the way down to his ribs. Bell hissed in a sharp breath and just stood there for a second, mentally preparing himself to keep going.

Okay. So a little bit at a time, and he'd be okay. Ever so slowly, reaching out with his right hand to support himself, he limped into the bathroom and relieved himself. When he was done, Bell flushed, then just leaned against the wall and stared back the way he'd came. Time to make the trek all the way back. That'd be... that'd be an absolute joy. But Daniel was back there. Taking a deep breath, he started the marathon back.
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Just a 'yep'. No down-playing his ailments, no denial, just a blunt confirmation. Daniel let the implications of the blatant fact sink in, but there was nothing he could actively do with the information the way he was now. Kept losing time?
"Nothing?" he raised an eyebrow, unimpressed with that answer, especially considering their current states weren't exactly what he'd describe as 'nothing'. Daniel didn't press for details however. It'd be a pointless endeavour.

Bell-boy moved slowly and Daniel watched as the man tried to get comfortable on the bed. He still wasn't sure whether lying down was what he wanted to do. His stomach still felt unruly and fragile, limbs shaky and head stuffed. Fever caused a shiver to shoot up his back and his eyes felt heavy and moist.

The way Bell was nursing one side, Daniel suspected there to be bruises.
He glanced about their hotel-room and discovered no stray ice, then shrugged. "C'n try and find you an ice-machine?" he offered softly. Most American hotels had one, strangely enough. The hot weather seemed to cater to the machines' existence.

Bell-boy had something better than ice though: painkillers. Daniel carefully sat on the bed and pondered whether his stomach would even accept such offering. In the end, he pulled the trash can closer and to the side of the bed, just so he wouldn't have to make another mad dash for the bathroom next time his stomach decide to forfeit. Painkillers sounded like a brilliant idea in every other respect.
Daniel reached for the water and tried a few small sips to soothe his stomach before washing down the pills. Daniel sluggishly messed with the laces of his shoes and kicked off the footwear. It'd be more comfortable that way.
At least Bell-boy had the courtesy of speaking softly.

After a precarious second, Daniel decided he'd probably be fine keeping this much down and shifted to rest on the bed next to Bell. Which was stupid, because they had two beds and everything. It never even occurred to Daniel that they'd be sleeping apart though. Not even with the potential hurt they'd cause the other when shifting.
He was out of breath lying down, until his body started to relax and the shivers gradually faded into heat. Daniel found it hard to keep his eyes open, so he didn't resist temptation. He could find out what happened in the morning.
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Daniel didn't respond, but he looked more with it than he had last night, clarity and pain in his eyes. Weight was put in his offered hand. Bell grimaced as Daniel started to pull himself up, caught his breath on the few-second respite, then grimaced again as Daniel pulled himself the rest of the way up, left side trying to compensate for the extra weight on the right side of his body and mostly failing, muscles stiff and achy, bones tender.

Then there was another break, Daniel leaning up against him. Bell patted the man's head and sighed out, tired as hell. Were they headed back to bed yet?

"Yep," he said shortly. No point trying to fake like he wasn't this time; half his body was purple, it felt.

Daniel didn't remember. Not a surprise, that one. He sighed and followed the man back towards the bed, moving slowly. His hip twinged when he took big steps, and heavy steps rattled his ribcage in an equally unpleasant way. "I know," he said at last, realizing he hadn't replied. "Last night, you kept...losing time. Nothing happened, though. It's okay."

He sat slowly down in the bed, then, still moving slowly, got himself positioned so he'd be able to try and sleep. It might not be possible, though. Everything hurt so bad.

"I'd kill for an ice bag," he muttered. Did this hotel have an ice machine? He didn't know. He'd been a bit preoccupied on the way in. Daniel seemed pretty intent on sleeping, though, so Bell sighed out for the last time and closed his eyes in an attempt to get some sleep. The way everything was hurting, though, it'd be a miracle if it worked.

Oh, wait--painkillers. He groped on the bed until he found his jacket, and was rewarded moments later with the rattle of a pill bottle. He tipped a few out, then grabbed one of the water bottles Sam had oh-so-conveniently left for them and washed them down. "Want some?" he offered Daniel at a whisper. Maybe not a great idea to offer them to the addict, but whatever. He probably needed them as much as Bell did.
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