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He breathed out and looked away, back at the jellyfish. It would've been better if he hadn't said anything. He would've been happier. It felt like he'd been thinking over it for nothing, the way Daniel reacted. Was this all a game to him? A way to pass the time, torturing Bell emotionally? He'd known there was no right answer before he started. Should've said nothing. Daniel didn't want [i him], same as Landon. He was just a little better at pretending he did.

"No," he mumbled to himself. It wouldn't be easy. Less so because Daniel and Landon had to get over him to fall in love with him, and how the hell was that supposed to happen? Maybe he should give up. It was hard to see a future where they liked him, and not the old him.

Daniel moved on. He followed silently. Fish stared back, big dead eyes gazing through him. In the bigger tanks, sharks swum by. They looked the deadest of all of them. Their eyes were flat, skin grey. One mouthed at the water distantly, not hungry, just moving its jaws at the water. He closed his eyes. It'd be so much simpler to be a shark. Flop around in the water and be useless. No worries about love or anything else. Just eating and swimming around.

"Lots of fish," he commented vaguely. "Makes me kinda hungry." They hadn't had any fish for a while. Seafood was too expensive, and he usually wanted steak when they were being fancy. Now that he was surrounded by fish, though, it made him want seafood. When they went to the beach--if they made it to the beach, he'd have to get some.

Bell nodded at Daniel. "Is there anywhere else you want to go?" he asked. The mood had been thoroughly killed for him. He was ready to go home. Or, well, as close as anywhere counted as home for the two of them. Maybe he should have left, like he was thinking of doing right at the start. Given Daniel a little time to get used to the idea of the new him. Now he was too scared that they'd kill themselves to do anything that drastic. Someone had to look after the two of them.
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A hand reached for his, gentle. Daniel felt like tearing it away, or grabbing it tighter. He couldn't stand the fucked up gentleness. He wasn't fragile like that. In fact, he actually felt very little at all. Other than his body responding, Daniel had no clue on what was going on emotionally. Lenny would know. Sappy old little Lenny.
He almost missed it; a shy whisper, three little words. Hazel eyes redirected their attention from brainless jelly-fish to something Daniel wasn't even sure could be described as human. Could they even attributed these feelings to Bell-boy? Wasn't in unfair to demand something like that from a hollow shell? It was, so why did he still want it so badly? Because he'd always wanted, his mind supplied without missing a beat.

In the memories he'd seen of Bell-boy's life, he'd played a fairly big part at the end of it. Bell-boy let go and Daniel swallowed down whatever scathing comment rested on his tongue. Despite the words, Bell seemed contemplative still, hesitant perhaps to admit his true feelings. Time. Pushing Bell-boy might not be the right strategy. It'd taken Bell some time to realize his feelings for them and allow for it to happen.
So why would this time be different.

Daniel smiled at Bell-boy.
"It's okay," he dismissed. "I know, I know you are," Daniel acknowledged the sacrifices Bell-boy made on his behalf regarding Lenny. "It won't be easy, will it?" Dealing with their split personality wouldn't be easy in a normal setting, let alone one where they travelled the world and killed goats for a 'living'.

Daniel slowly averted his gaze, not even sure what emotion caused him to lose his momentum. Nostalgia? Sorrow? With Bell-boy right there, there had been no time to grieve what was lost and with the goats or 'branches' still out there, he wasn't even sure whether he had to. Either way it left them suspended between being together and not.

He smirked at the jelly-fish and moved on to view what was in the other tanks. Sharks swam calmly in one, lurking around the other fish without making a move. Manta-rays glided through the water with ease and Daniel wasn't even sure what half the fish in the tank were, if it wasn't for the little descriptions underneath the tanks' windows.
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If he couldn't be with Daniel. He didn't want that. He didn't want to be alone. Daniel made life better, no question. Even when he was being nuts.

He [i could] be with Daniel. Wanted to, even. Wasn't he with Daniel now? He glanced away, then looked back. It wasn't as complicated as he was making it out to be. It didn't have to be messy. All he had to do was want to be with Daniel. And if that was the case, then it was very simple after all.

Bell reached out and took Daniel's hand, gently, so he could escape if he wanted to. He'd been all tied up in knots, but now he knew the answer. "I love you," he said. It came out quiet, almost a whisper. "I don't know if I love you the way you love me, or the way I used to love you. But I do love you. I want to be with you. If you'll let me."

He let go of Daniel's hand. It probably wasn't what Daniel wanted to hear, but it was all he could offer. It was as close to the truth as he could think to say. What he felt was more than like and less than Daniel's passion. It was only a pale imitation of what it had been, if Daniel was any indication. He felt as if calling what he felt love cheapened it, compared to what Daniel called love. But maybe this was all the love he had to offer anymore.

[i Hell, it's more than what I felt for Lilah, and I thought I loved her,] he thought to himself. If that counted as love, then this was definitely love, no question. He was only waffling over it because of the gulf between him and Daniel's devotion, the difference in the strength of emotion. But if he closed his eyes to that and turned them inward instead, the answer was clear.

"I'm even being nice to Landon for you, y'know?" he said, shaking his head. Wasn't that proof enough? He'd put up with Daniel's asshole half for Daniel's sake. Honestly, he felt like he deserved some kind of medal for it. Sleeping with Landon was a long way off, if it was ever going to happen. Daniel had the totally wrong idea there. Landon wasn't his type by a mile. He still had a hard time believing that he'd fallen in love with Landon first.
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"Well, they just don't think about it," he motioned at the creatures with a dead-pan expression. Bell-boy's grin fell and Daniel wondered whether he'd pushed things too far with his question. Normal. A normal thing. What was normal in their world nowadays anyway? Did Bell-boy even have a grip on what was normal to begin with? Maybe more so than him. Daniel rubbed the back of his head and sighed out. Surely he couldn't lecture Bell-boy on what was actually normal. He'd no clue himself.
A date. When you loved someone. Did that imply-?

Daniel almost physically shuddered at the word, but he cringed inside. Like. Sure, Bell-boy liked him. Time.
"Sure, time..." he said softly. Time was the one thing Bell-boy had tons of and he had none. Soon his life would be over. Far sooner than Bell-boy's and only the goat would maybe faintly remember who he was. Perhaps the goatling would. Maybe it'd offer to recreate him as its shell when he neared death. Daniel smirked at that and then listened to the rest of Bell-boy's doubt.

"What that means for me? Means I don't have to hold back showing you my affections," Daniel pointed out. It wasn't what Bell-boy meant. Of course it wasn't.
"You know? Bell-goat showed me all your memories, nah, no he showed Lenny, but good ol' Lenny doesn't have quite the same memory for things like I do." Daniel licked his lips and looked at Bell, stared into those baby-blue eyes and felt the flutter of butterflies in his stomach the same way they always did and had done when it was Bell-boy.

"I don't know. I just know that I loved the other version of you with such a passion that I will stand by your side no matter what," he pointed out. "And you're not that different. Your personality, your reactions, your voice, your scent, all that hasn't gone anywhere. But you never loved me. You loved Lenny. And you loved the sane version of us." He'd made Bell-boy say it. Forced it out of him. Maybe it'd been true in the end, he'd never know now, but that was the crux of it.

"I think that if I can't be with you, you should let me know. Instead of... asking for more time," Daniel surmised. His gaze drifted back to the jelly-fish. It had a better life, surely, for not being aware.
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Like a blanket, the heat and humidity of the aquarium folded itself around Bell. He sighed out, a tension he hadn't noticed accumulating released in the heat. Daniel was right to stick to the indoor stuff. Honestly, it was too cold for this outside.

"Yeah, it is," he agreed. He felt much more comfortable in here than he had outside.

Fishes swam by, big round eyes staring at them as they flickered in and out of the depths of their tanks. A clownfish mouthed at then from an anemone. To the left, a flock of silver fish swam in concerted motion, glittering synchronously like a metal wind chime in the water.

Daniel made a bee-line for the jellyfish. "You can tell they don't have brains," Bell snorted, watching the thing flop around. How did jellyfish come to be? In the aggressive jungle of the ocean, how had evolution selected a brainless blob that couldn't so much as move in a particular direction? It was pretty, though. All frills and no substance. Hollow and useless. His grin drooped. Just like him.

He stiffened. He'd been having such a good time that he hadn't even thought about anything like that. "I," he started, then stopped. What was he supposed to say? No matter what, it wouldn't end well. "I think.... I think it's a normal thing, to go on a date to find out if you love someone," he said. He glanced at Daniel. This was a trap and they all knew it, but he wasn't clever enough to figure out how to defuse it. "I like you. I have feelings for you. Is that love? I don't know. Give me a little more time."

If he had to say love or hate, it was love. Still, his feelings paled in the face of Daniel's devotion. Would he stick around if Daniel forgot everything? Wait while he was in therapy, or whatever? Daniel would, but he didn't know if he was willing to make that kind of commitment yet. It was wrong and lopsided, but--he didn't know. It was complicated. So complicated.

"I want to say I love you, but I don't know what that means to you," he confessed. He looked Daniel in the eye. "When you say you love me, do you really mean me? Or is there another version that you're really saying it to, and I'm just the stand in for him?" They hadn't spent long enough around each other for Daniel to know him, he felt. Unless he really was that much like his old self.
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"Nah, it's fickle like that," Daniel hinted. Bell-goat could be straight-forward sometimes, but most of the time it appeared to over-estimate the human mental capacity to comprehend and stitch together a hoard of memories and images. Bell-boy's memories had done him in that day. Maybe he'd have remembered more if it hadn't dumped all that on him. Daniel sighed out and scratched his head.
It felt like he knew Bell-boy on a while different level. Something Lenny would never have and at the same time, they'd lost that Bellwether in favour of a more stream-lined one. It felt as if Bell-goat had simply returned something it'd deemed was 'his' and not 'theirs'.

Daniel gave Bell-boy a grin, "yeah, let's go inside." He felt tired still, but as time wore on, the medicine started to taper down to something that left him somewhat awake and not as clouded. With a sideways glance at their supposed target, Daniel started for the indoor enclosures. It seemed to be following them, which was new. Was there going to be a mass fight for who would be the dominant personality? Was it waiting for an opportunity to just unfold from the depths of reality and pop out to confront them?

His thoughts were derailed by the humid heat of the building he'd casually walked in to. The lights were dim, but that only served to emphasise the fluorescent lights in the huge tanks. There were large fish swimming by without a car, gracefully gliding in the water. Smaller fish skitted about amongst the beautifully arranged rocks. Exotic plants bobbed and weaved in the gentle currents throughout most of the tanks. Daniel felt calmer when he was inside. That and it was nice and warm.

"It's nice in here," he said conversationally. Daniel sauntered down the aisles, taking in all the small little details inside each of the tanks. Each contained different fish, one even more colourful than the other. One even had his jelly-fish in it. Daniel grinned.
"Look at how silly they are," Daniel pointed out, pressing a finger to a jelly-fish that was pushing itself against the glass.
It looked to be upside-down, pulsing against the surface of the glass. Daniel cocked his head, then smirked and looked at Bell-boy. "This feels weird, don't you think? A date?" he surmised.
"I told you we were in a relationship and that I love you, but do you even love me back?"
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Daniel was making him think about all kinds of things he didn't want to think about. Because when it came down to it, he had to admit that Daniel was right. He'd enjoyed it. When it came to his body and what it thought of all this, it was definitely giving the green light, two thumbs up. It was everything else that made him hesitate, hold back.

Daniel was an unstable mental patient. Putting that aside, there was still a delicate balance to strike between Daniel and Landon, whether either of them was willing to admit it. Even assuming that Landon was no longer attracted to him and they'd never so much as kiss in their lives, it was still awkward. Then it felt like he was almost... taking advantage of him, sleeping with Daniel.

From the outside, wouldn't he look like a predator, waiting until Daniel and his lower inhibitions showed up to jump in and make a move? But on the other hand, it was ridiculous to expect to get permission from both of them every time. Even Landon acknowledged that. It was complicated and he didn't understand it, so he didn't want to think about it.

Watching the penguins bumble about, he was able to forget it all for just a moment. They were so fancy, in their little tuxedos. Just like the man from earlier. He caught a glimpse of the man's reflection in the aquarium glass, but before he could so much as reach for his weapon, the man turned away. No threat. Not yet.

"I don't know," Bell said slowly. He frowned. "The goat didn't leave any instructions for what I'm supposed to do, did it? No clues on how to identify one of the other mes, or how to absorb them...?" The man didn't look like him, but maybe they didn't have to. Hadn't Landon mentioned something like that?

Daniel looked a little uncomfortable. Something about his expression and the knit of his brows. "You want to go look at the jellyfish now, indoors?" he offered. They could think up what to do next in the warm, instead of out here. He glanced back at the man, who was still absorbed in his exhibit. He seemed to be following them, for better or for worse.
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That embarrassment was why he did it. It was a delight to see Bell-boy's flushed cheeks, those eyes burning with an emotion Bell-boy didn't care for to be named. A mutter came in reply. Daniel grinned and snorted, "you don't know? Lenny will be delighted to hear that one," he said with a teasing tone to his voice. It didn't take long for Bell to recover either. Daniel watched the man and glanced over.
"Not always," he shrugged and looked ahead. "Lenny's just gentler overall," Daniel admitted. "But when you want fiery passion, you can come to me. And hey, I was nice enough the other night, wasn't I? Didn't seem like you had any complaints anyway," he teased.

Bell-boy darted towards the penguins just to escape their conversation and Daniel followed with a languid smile plastered across his face. He loved toying with Bell-boy, loved the way the man reacted. That much hadn't changed or barely at least.

A grin appeared on Bell-boy's face at watching the flightless birds skip about the water and bump into one another. Daniel preferred watching Bell-boy. After a moment though, he turned. Didn't want to make Bell-boy too uncomfortable. Playing was all well and good, but he still had to tread carefully. Didn't want Bell-boy to run off on his own and get into trouble after all.

A yawn threatened. Daniel rested against the railing and watched the animals putter about on their little island. There was a lot to look at. The small animals were busy, some diving to get a better view of what was in the water. Daniel surmised they would be fed soon too. He caught sight of the man with the hat in the corner of his eye. Rather than face the dead on, he seemed to be moving to another enclosure. Just as well. They'd undoubtedly run into one another at some point. Daniel stood straight and stretched a little. His ribs were starting to complain.
It seemed worse than when he'd just hurt them. Daniel experimentally flexed his fingers to feel how the cut was doing.

"What if it's someone you're meant to 'consume'? He looks... not from this era," Daniel put out. He huffed, closing his eyes with a sense of resignation. Stupid. The man likely wasn't from this era at all. Bell-goat was older than life.
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Bell glanced at Daniel. He'd picked up on it, too? But no, of course he would. He'd been hunting for longer than Bell, in terms of who remembered what. "Yeah, a little," he offered, scratching the back of his head. A little weird. Like he wasn't quite right, or something; it was hard to put words to it.

They came up on the elephants. The huge creatures were all huddled together, ears tucked close to their bodies. They'd come so far to shiver in the cold. Did they like it here? Or did they miss the dead heat of the savanna?

Daniel's voice startled him back to reality. "Penguins!" he agreed. They had to be loving the cold, he'd bet money on it if he had any. He nodded. It was pretty chilly out, he'd appreciate the chance to warm up.

Their shoulders touched. He glanced over at Daniel and was met with a wicked grin. "Daniel!" he hissed, looking around them. There was no one nearby, though; they were as safe as they could be. "I don't know," he muttered. How was he supposed to know? He and Landon had only just started getting along, were they really supposed to jump to screwing that fast? And even then, he still kind of felt like sleeping with Daniel had been a mistake in the first place. Everything was so complicated. And embarrassing. He hadn't needed that information about their love life, either.

After a moment, he'd recovered from his embarrassment, as much as he could, anyways. "Is that how this works? You give and he receives?" Bell asked. They split it between the personalities? It made as much sense as anything else did. Besides, it wasn't like he'd wanted to only take it for the rest of his life. Though, still, he wasn't sure about sleeping with Landon. Landon didn't seem interested in him sexually, and honestly, he still saw the guy as a friend.

"Oh, penguins," he said, pulling ahead a little too escape the weird conversation they'd fallen into. They were dawdling around, piling up rocks and bothering one another. As he watched, one leaped into the water with a splash and zoomed along, nibbling at random leftover bits of food. He grinned. So cute.
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It was small only compared to the adult giraffes. Daniel followed the young trotting about and allowed himself a smile. Six feet tall. Small his ass. He watched Bell-boy feed the giraffes the second head of lettuce and took a moment to glance over at the other gentleman. Unlike them, the other man was asking some polite questions about the curious giraffes that'd gathered for a feeding.

Once the lettuce was gone, so was their time. Daniel smiled at the lady, "thanks for the opportunity," he told her before leaving. He caught Bell-boy's slight unease, but waited until they were properly out of earshot.
"That guy seem funny to you?" Daniel pitched casually. He put his hands behind his head and sauntered down the lanes, caught sight of an elephant and followed the trail to the huge enclosure of the majestic creatures. They were huddled together in a corner, probably to ward off the cold, but other than that they didn't seem too bothered by it. Thick skin and all. Some seemed to loiter by the entrance to the inside enclosure though.

Daniel watched them, appreciating their strength. One of their prey had been like that. Mindy-goat had been powerful like that. Unpredictable. A truly worthy adversary. He zoned out a little watching the elephants putter around and then gently forced himself to snap back to reality again.

"Penguins?" he asked Bell-boy. He wasn't going to let some top-hat wearing fellow ruin their little fun. If the guy turned out to be a goat, they'd undoubtedly bump into the guy again. Daniel suspected maybe on their way out or perhaps at some of the other exhibits.
"And then jelly-fish to warm up?" Daniel suggested. Might as well go for some of the indoor events. The cold was getting to him quicker than he liked, what with his body spending ample amount of energy on healing up.

He walked a little closer to Bell-boy, so that their shoulders touched, but no more than that. Didn't want to make it overly obvious they were there on a date, though what else could they possibly be doing at a zoo in broad day-light?
"So you going to fuck Lenny too now that you two get along?" Daniel piped up with a grin. "He's usually 'catching', or are you nervous about taking that position?" he offered with a wiggle of his eyebrows.
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The giraffes were mobbing Daniel. Bell laughed as Daniel barely dodged a hungry giraffe going for his hair. "Someone's popular," he joked. His giraffe used the moment of his distraction to snatch the entire lettuce out of his hand and retreat, tail flicking in amusement as it danced away. Another giraffe pushed against his body, searching for more lettuce. Bell held out his empty hands. "No more," he told the creature. It didn't seem convinced.

He was ignoring the strange man. For now, he was going to pretend nothing was wrong and enjoy their date a little longer. He could do that much, right?

"Where?" he asked, 'accidentally' leaning up against Daniel. Oh, there! The little one, hiding behind its mother. "He looks so small!" he exclaimed. It was adorable. Like a little long-necked horse.

"They're born at six feet tall," the zookeeper spoke up, business-like. "He's a few months old, so he's taller than most pro basketball players." She handed Bell another lettuce head. He nodded his thanks. This time, he peeled off the leaves like Daniel had done and fed them slowly, so they'd spend a little more time with him.

"Isn't it," he said. The animals were so handsome. He'd never been this close to them before. And he and Daniel were here together, just having a good time and relaxing. It was more than he could've dreamed this trip being.

The baby giraffe zoomed around the little enclosure, weaving around the adults and reaching for the unreachable lettuce. [i Looks like he wants a friend,] Bell thought. Too bad for him, none of the other giraffes looked pregnant. He'd be alone for a while.

"Alright, thank you guys for coming up here! That's enough lettuce for now, they'll get fat if we give them too much," the zookeeper said, shuttling them away. Bell went quietly, following Daniel. He kept his eyes on the man, but aside from a weird sensation, he hadn't done anything suspicious yet. Maybe he was just on edge after Daniel had suggested they'd find something.

"Where do you wanna go next?" he asked, looking at Daniel.
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A cheery voice greeted them, offering them to feed the animals. Daniel grinned at that. "Yeah," he replied without missing a beat. Feeding animals like that? Hell yeah. Not every day you got the opportunity to feed a giraffe, after all. A gate was opened and Daniel went inside. Another man joined them too. It was a surly man, dressed formally. He gave the man a look, then glanced at Bell-boy. It was probably nothing.

"Yeah, it's great seeing all these exotic animals," Daniel replied to the woman and took the head of lettuce she offered. He peeled a leaf off and held it up to one of the animals, which gingerly, but with more force than he expected, plucked it from his hand. It was interested in more and scuffled closer, so Daniel peeled off another leaf and fed that too. Their little dance and routine provoked the attention of the rest of the herd and soon Daniel was feeding a second one of the majestic beasts.

He caught Bell-boy's movement, but saw a birds-eye view of the whole deal through the goatling's eyes. So something was up? With this guy? He did seem suspicious.
"Hey, hey, one at a time," Daniel admonished the eager giraffes, earning himself a chuckle from their handler. One was even trying to grab onto his hair and he was just in time to shift away.

Soon enough the lettuce was all gone.
"Eager, aren't they?" Daniel made small-talk to the woman. She smiled. "Yeah, they need a lot of food every day," she explained. He'd never been this close to some of these animals before. Daniel stepped a little closer to Bell.

"Hey, look," he pointed at the small giraffe hidden behind what he assumed would be the mother. It was kind of nice, having a date like this, even if they were likely on the trail of some goat again. They didn't have to. Why was Bell-boy hesitant? Because he was still hurt? It was just a cut and some bruises, nothing serious. Well. Except where Lenny might've died if Bell-boy hadn't stopped the bleeding.
Fucking selfish, if you asked him.

He waited for Bell-boy to feed another of the giraffes and then reached out, touching the animal's fur coat. It felt different than anything he'd petted before. More bristly than he'd expected, but soft at the same time too.
"This is precious," Daniel said. He wished he'd have been a bit less clouded in his head, but it was all good.
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Bell frowned obstinately. "'S not pretty," he muttered, but he chased down Daniel's kiss with one of his own before the man pulled away. He sighed out. Daniel was right, he supposed. They didn't have to do anything immediately. They'd have a break to collect themselves, find the right moment, heal a little. Maybe the goat was just a patron or an employee, not an animal.

Giraffes? He looked up, then followed after Daniel towards the creatures. They towered above, effeminate eyelashes like lampshades over big, watery eyes. What would it take to kill a giraffe? [i There's plenty of throat to cut,] he thought, eyeing the animal up and down, [i but the legs are a problem. And who knows how thick that hide is?] Humans were so pathetic, compared to most animals. He looked at his hands. So pink and weak. Any animal here could kill him without blinking.

"Hey! You guys here to watch the feeding?" a cheery voice greeted them. Bell looked up, startled from his thoughts. Up, and up, to the top of a wooden platform that bridged the gap between them and the giraffe's enclosure. A young woman stood there, holding a bag full of vegetables. "Want to come up here and help out?"

Bell glanced at Daniel, then nodded. Sounded like fun. The woman opened a gate between the two of them and stepped aside to let them join her on the platform.

"Can I, as well?" another man asked. He was dressed formally, in a suit and hat, as if he was on his way to a business meeting. Bell shot him a suspicious look. What was a guy like that doing at the zoo at midday?

"Sure!" the woman said, gesturing him up to join them. "You all enjoying your day at the zoo?"

"Oh, absolutely, absolutely," the man said, nodding. Bell nodded as well. He looked over at Daniel, hoping he was enjoying himself enough to nod along.

The woman handed out heads of lettuce, one to each of them. "Go ahead and feed that to the giraffes, one leaf at a time, or you can just give them the whole thing if you want!"

Slowly, the giraffes moved toward them, eyes locked on the vegetables. Bell held his out, enticing the nearest one over. The closer the giraffes got, the bigger they looked. Their heads were huge, nearly the size of his torso. Soft lips stole a bite of lettuce. Bell reached out and stroked the animal's head. Its fur was short and prickly, like a short-haired dog's, but rougher.

He felt eyes on him and turned to find the man watching him. When their eyes met, the man looked away. He furrowed his brows. Weird. It wasn't the traditional goat-recognition, but... it felt weird.
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He raised an eyebrow and laughed. "Of course they have goats," Daniel snorted, then caught on to Bell-boy's frown and sobered a little. No, neither of them would want to fight a tiger. Hell, he wasn't even sure whether they'd recognize a goat if it was an animal. Not as if they did the whole recognition-thing. Or maybe they did. Daniel shrugged.
He walked with Bell-boy to look at the crocodiles, taking in the details of their large and pointy scales, the calm and predatory demeanour that oozed self-confidence. There wasn't much these ones would have to defend themselves from.

Back into the cold? Daniel looked at Bell-boy and sighed, then pushed off from the railing. The heat was making him sluggish.
"Yeah, let's go," Daniel started and followed Bell-boy back out the door. He hadn't even bothered zipping his coat back up. Didn't care about it. He was warm plenty for now. Daniel wandered down the street and past the exhibits, looking at all the wild animals behind the safety of some bars and fences. Bell-boy was silent, apprehensive. Daniel looked at the man and gave him a questioning look.

"What's gotten into that pretty little head of yours, hmm?" Daniel eased and slung an arm across Bell-boy's shoulders. He abused what little height he had on the man -they didn't differ that much- and leaned in for another kiss. If anyone saw, they'd just have to suck it up. Their bodily smells certainly told people to fuck off, so their attitude could be one to match easily enough.

"Just enjoy," he stressed. "Even if we find one, we don't have to act immediately. We usually don't," Daniel pointed out and let Bell go.
"Usually we wait for a good opportunity to strike, you know? Find a nice quiet spot, or break in," he shrugged. "Giraffes," Daniel pointed out, distracted. Not with the ferocity or energy he would've when Lenny or him forgot the medication though. He found he missed that energy sometimes. Most times, actually. Everything was so dull with the fucked up pills.

Even hunting was dull sometimes.
What if it was an animal? Daniel looked at the tall, majestic creatures, thinking they were smaller than he thought. How would they go about killing something like that?
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"Not misunderstood when they're biting you," he muttered. There was a note of a joke to it, though. He wasn't taking it seriously.

Daniel's lips brushed against his cheek. He glanced over, grinning a bit. He squeezed Daniel's hand back. They were like an ordinary couple for now. It wouldn't last for long, but he was happy that they could have these moments. They rested against each other. It felt like Daniel was relying on him like this. He soaked in the heat of Daniel's presence and quietly relaxed.

"Crocodiles are alright," he said. Crocodiles didn't do anything. They sat there like big fat logs. Still, they were no threat to him, and he didn't mind staying in the warmth a little longer.

He looked at Daniel. "You think there's a goat here?" he asked, then realized how dumb that question was in a zoo. Of course there were goats in a zoo. But not the way Daniel meant. He frowned. What if it was one of the animals? "I don't want to fight a tiger," he muttered to himself. But fighting a penguin wouldn't be very hard. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad after all.

Ahead of them, the crocodiles lounged around the edge of a small lagoon. They weren't doing much, just sitting around, dark eyes staring into unknowable depths. Bell leaned against the railing and stared down at them. How would he even know if an animal was a goat? Would it come up to him? Randomly attack? Or was it supposed to be another visitor?

He turned around, turning his back to the crocodiles. "You wanna head out into the cold again?" he asked. It was warm enough in here that he was actually starting to sweat a little. "We can find another indoor area when we get cold again." He started for the door, but waited for Daniel to zip his coat up and get ready before he opened it. Didn't want to freeze him out.

Out into the cold. There wasn't any guarantee there was a goat here, was there? Daniel could just be nervy. They'd just killed one the other day, surely they didn't come that quick on the tail of one another? Daniel wasn't even healed yet! He bit his lip. If they did find one, they'd be in trouble, wouldn't they? With Daniel this injured.
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