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So if Bell-boy was right in front of him- Spot. It was just Spot.
Nice and cosy.
That was, until Bell-boy started to shift in his sleep. Daniel lazily watched the man's fingers twitch, expression turning troubled. A nightmare? "Hey...?" he muttered softly, reaching out for Bell-boy's forehead. He gently brushed the fine lines bunching up, trying to smooth them out.
Just a nightmare.

Spot stirred behind him, bleary blue eyes following the interaction between him and Bell. Daniel ignored the man's presence for now, carefully stroking back Bell-boy's hair. He didn't want to be choked today, but chances were he'd be in for it.
That was fine too.
He shouldn't have given Spot permission. Should've just fucked Spot instead, or have the mutt wait turns.

Too late now.
Shreds of last night filtered through slowly, even as he was docilely stroking Bell-boy's hair. Coming to a sleazy motel after a day spent on the fair, watching Bell-boy and Cat fall asleep, then waking the man back up to 'play'.
If it hadn't been so good, Daniel felt it might have been embarrassing.

An arm wrapped around his waist, pulling him in. Daniel turned, lazily, facing Spot.
"What're you doing?" he muttered softly.

Spot had the decency to flush a nice pink, but the man shrugged it off. Daniel wasn't too fussed about who touched what. They were all huddled together on a small bed, after all. There wasn't a single part of someone not touching the other.

Daniel ruffled Spot's hair lightly and nearly dozed back off when he heard someone scrambling for the toilet, soon followed by retching. Hah! Cat couldn't hold her liquor. Just two beers and a greasy hot-dog had sent her over the edge, huh? Maybe the combination wasn't good on someone still recovering from being starved all the time.

Daniel chuckled, though his stomach cringed sympathetically.
"She can't handle it," he muttered, putting a steadying hand out to Bell-boy before giving the man a firm shake.
The troubled expression on Bell's face hadn't let up an inch.
"'s a nightmare, c'mon, wakey, wakey," Daniel coaxed gently.
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Bell had passed out, and so had Daniel, which left Spot the only conscious one. He sighed and looked down at the both of them, then pulled out, watching as Bell's face contorted and twitched, the man's subconsciousness trying to make sense of the sensation. "Shh, it's okay," Spot whispered in an attempt to preempt any bad dreams, and to his surprise, it worked. Bell quieted down and laid still again, cuddled up close with Daniel.

Looking down at them, Spot didn't know what to think. He felt slightly ashamed, embarrassed at having fucked Bell; it was a sensation somewhere between incest and public masturbation, now that he was done and no longer unable to think straight for his lust. It'd felt good too, was the worst thing, and he blushed just remembering it, ashamed. Shit. It was too damn embarrassing. But Daniel had liked it. And he'd said he loved Spot, for the first time. Even if he was drunk when he said it and it probably didn't mean anything.

He shoved his hair back and sighed. Ugh. He could think about that stuff later. First things first, he needed to get the both of these idiots into bed. He picked up Bell first, since he was on top, and put him down in the bed, then picked up Daniel and set him down beside Bell. He leaned in and hesitated, hovering over Daniel, then went for it, kissing him on the lips while he slept. "I love you," he whispered. Not like Daniel would hear it.

Spot headed over towards the shower when rustling in the other bed reminded him that Cat was there. Dropping low, he grabbed his shorts and snuck into the shower to wash off. When he emerged, he pulled his shorts on, figuring he'd save Cat that much trauma. Daniel and Bell could stay naked. They were dirty, anyways.

He retrieved the sheet from where Daniel had yanked it to the floor and pulled it over the both of them, then climbed in beside them. He couldn't just let this go. Not now that Daniel had said he loved him. Even if it'd traumatize Cat for life.


Bell twitched in his sleep as Daniel woke up beside him. Something was wrong. He didn't feel right. Something bad had happened. Half-awake, the scene played out behind his eyelids; he'd been with Daniel, when all of a sudden a strange man had--he tensed, fighting against the memory. Wrong, wrong, something was wrong. His head hurt. His ass hurt. Everything was wrong. In his dream, the strange man pushed him down and made it hurt, and he was powerless to stop them, Daniel was powerless, everyone was--and the gravel bit into his forearms as he struggled to fight back, even as his body went weak and betrayed him.
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It was gorgeous to see them both; one with a goofy, distracted grin, the other slightly confused and then consumed by sensation -then pleasure. The little moan coming from Bell-boy's lips brought him that much closer to the edge. Bell-boy pushed deep in response to being fucked by Spot and Daniel shifted, squirming in Bell's hold. And then there was nothing but sparkling electricity shimmering across his skin everywhere.
The onset of his climax was slow, then fast, when Bell-boy brought it home. Watching both their faces in the throws of lust was a precious image to commit to memory.

"Ah, shit," he breathed, then was helplessly finishing underneath Bell.
The man collapsed on top of him not long after, even as Daniel tried to catch his breath. Spot was slower, held steady because he was sober and Daniel gave him a satisfied smile.

Everything felt nice and relaxed then, drowsiness washing over him like a rising ocean. There was a sheet somewhere, the one he'd pulled to get Bell-boy down, but Daniel wasn't even sure where he was, so trying to cover themselves seemed like a useless venture.
"Hmm." No words came to mind.
They ought to do stuff.
Daniel nuzzled Bell-boy, felt how Spot hovered close, but his eyes were already sliding closed. He slept deeply for the longest time, until he became too warm and started struggling. No, not too warm, perfectly warm.

Even as he became aware of the darkness, Daniel felt the hands of Bell-goat surround and hold him. The goatling was there too, as if Bell-goat was addressing only the little guy, rather than him. Daniel imagined that as incubator for goat-spawn, his existence was far more insignificant than a young goat's. That was fine.
He was fine watching on the sidelines.

Daniel wasn't even sure what he became aware of first. Cloth? Being in a bed. Somehow. His head was aching, his stomach upset. A hangover? Yeah, that sounded about right. Nothing new under the sun.
Opening his eyes didn't register the attic though. He was watching a stained ceiling instead. Bell-boy was right there. Good. That was good at least. And he really needed to take a piss.
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Bell smirked. He could do faster. Pleased at being begged, he sped up, letting Daniel have what he wanted for now. He couldn't go as hard as he usually liked to with only one foot, but he could make Daniel feel good regardless, and that was what really mattered.

Then he frowned. Be gentle? Wasn't he already being-- Daniel pulled him down and kissed him, distracting his thoughts, and then he felt something press into him from behind. Bell tensed, confused. What was happening? Who was--? Daniel clenched, and he forgot for a moment, got lost in Daniel instead, in the sensations passing between them, in their kiss, until he barely felt fingers pushing inside him. When Daniel broke free, he glanced over his shoulder in time to see Spot lining up. His back arced as Spot pushed in, fingers gripping at Daniel's shoulders as he thoughtlessly thrust deep into Daniel. He gasped for air as his stomach muscles tensed, then relaxed, body shuddering as he adapted, not sure if it felt good or bad, not sure of anything. Why was Spot--?

"I'll be gentle. I'll make you feel good," Spot promised, kissing the back of Bell's neck. He knew better than anyone what to do, right?

"Love you too," Bell said, catching his breath. Loved them both? Jealousy flashed through him, but it was only fair. He'd loved Daniel and Landon. Daniel could love him and Spot.

"Me too," Spot replied. Bell felt Spot grow bigger inside him at being told Daniel loved him, and glared at the man. Now [i that] was uncalled for. Spot just gave him a goofy grin and started to move. Rather than let Spot call the shots, Bell started moving as well, slow at first, but growing faster. The double-sensation pushed him closer to the edge faster, warmth rising from both sides of him, pleasure building in ways he'd never thought possible. Spot shoved deeper, finding Bell's good spot as Bell pushed deep into Daniel, and Bell gasped, a little moan escaping his throat at the surprise of it; he bit Daniel's shoulder to cut himself off. They had to be quiet. Had to be quiet.

He felt it almost come to a head and slowed, clenching down on Spot to get him to stop; it had the opposite effect of what he'd wanted, as Spot only sped up. A little cry of desperation escaped Bell's throat, and he sped up for Daniel as well, pushing deeper, deeper, trying to hit the prostate before Spot pushed him over the edge.

Spot caved first, thrusting deep into Bell as he finished; like dominoes toppling, it pushed Bell over the edge as well, and he shoved into Daniel faster, a few more times before he clenched helplessly on Spot, his body tensing with the force of the climax that burst through him, world fading away to white, limbs trembling as electric pleasure surged through them. He collapsed on top of Daniel and rested his head on the man's shoulder, too spent to even pull out. "Love you," he sighed to Daniel. "Love you most." More than Spot. Better.
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"You can do me any day," Daniel snorted. He let himself be positioned, putty in Bell-boy's and Spot's hands. He sighed out in relief when Bell-boy finally focussed on the parts that mattered, squirming and pressing up into the other's hand, hoping to get some more attention. Not that there was much more to be gotten.
Spot slinked away from his position at his back, but Daniel had other things on his mind. Most prominently his attention was on Bell-boy. He was instinctively and helplessly moving so the other would go deeper, so that he'd feel more.
Bell-boy was taking it far too slow.
It was torture. Sweet, sweet torture.

"Hmm, Bell..." Daniel moaned, clawing at Bell-boy to go faster.
He met Spot's eyes and grinned. That desire, four eyes focussed on him, sharing the same desire. It was weirdly sensual.

"Do it," he mouthed at Spot.
He wanted to see. He wanted to see both sides of Bell-boy all at once.
"I want it...I want...faster," Daniel huffed. His body was all over the place. Too much sensation, too little. Over the edge and back.

"You be fucking gentle," he chided Spot. He didn't want to see pain on Bell-boy's face. Rather than ask whether Bell was alright with being the meat in this particular sandwich, Daniel reached out and pulled Bell-boy down into a kiss, clenching down.
He wanted it to ache.

Daniel had to let go to gasp for air. Everything felt so overwhelmingly good. The only steady constant was his foot's throbbing ache, though even that felt distant. The carpet felt distant, Bell-boy's touch however felt like fire.
Fire without a source, just floating above it all.

Trying to be quiet slowly evaporated from the forefront of his mind. Who cared?
"Bell...Bell, love you," he muttered drunkenly. "Love you both," Daniel smiled, a goofy grin. He loved Spot too, but it was different. It was the same sensation, because Spot was the same as Bell-boy, yet different. Like an older Bell. A deviated one.
"Plenty to go 'round," he muttered.

Cat shifted in her sleep and Daniel stilled for a second, though said stillness was only a mere pause where he didn't really froze, but more so relaxed. When nothing happened, Daniel caught on to what they were doing again and smiled lazily.
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Do the honors? The phrasing made Bell giggle again. "I'm not gonna do the honors, I'm gonna do you," he told Daniel. He climbed off Daniel and grabbed the jelly, then nodded at Spot. Spot lifted Daniel up into his lap, then spread Daniel's legs, positioning him so he was nice and exposed. Bell licked his lips at the sight and moved closer, one hand touching Daniel's pride, the other probing further back, slowly seeking entry. Daniel looked so hot like this, all sexy and flushed. A part of him knew the flush was from alcohol, not embarrassment, but the rest of him didn't care. It was still hot. "Mhm, quiet," Bell agreed. He'd be quiet. He was good at quiet.

"Not bad," he told Daniel, but accepted Daniel's offer to kiss it better. His fingers didn't meet with much resistance; Daniel was nice and relaxed already. Probably because of the alcohol. He didn't waste much more time. Once Daniel was ready, he pushed inside, taking Daniel's weight back from Spot as he bore the man to the ground. So warm, so nice and tight! Every time it got him, how good Daniel felt inside.

Bell nipped at Daniel's neck, distracting himself while he adjusted, then started slowly, taking his time, careful not to put too much weight on his bad foot. Then it became a game to see how slow he could take it, pushing all the way in before he drew slowly back, almost all the way back out. It felt good, but nothing was building. He could do this forever. "How do you want it? Tell me, tell me," he whispered to Daniel.

While Bell was distracted, Spot moved around Daniel, sitting behind Bell instead. He met Daniel's eyes and reached for the jelly. If he couldn't take Daniel, then he'd take Bell. But was Daniel okay with that? He wouldn't go ahead unless Daniel was fine with him taking Bell, too, since Bell was Daniel's, after all.

Bell would be okay, he was sure of that without asking. The man was a little slut most of the time--until he'd met Daniel, really. Or well, it'd been Landon. But he'd be okay. Spot would be, anyways.
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Stupid? Maybe. Daniel chuckled, catching Bell-boy as he tumbled down the bed, right on top of him.
"I don' know," he murmured. What were they doing on the floor? Well, Bell-boy was nice and naked. He could think up one or two things to do on the floor with that kind of incentive.
Bell-boy pushed his hair back and Daniel smirked. Soon enough that hand wandered elsewhere though and Daniel groaned. Felt good.

"Hey, don't stop," he complained gently when Bell-boy straddled him instead. Oh, this was good too. The kisses made Daniel lose base with reality even more. Felt like he was floating in nothingness, grounded by Bell-boy's weight on his lap.

And then there were more hands than should be.
For a second Daniel was surprised, but he soon realized it was Spot. Only a second Bell-boy would know so perfectly to find all the good places to touch.
Daniel wasn't sure where to reach, where to focus. Bell's lips were against his, tongues twisting together, but Spot's hands and lips were distracting. He hadn't been certain whether he could get it up, drunk as he was, but his body managed to clue on just fine.

"So...which one of you wants the honours?" Daniel said slowly, trying to talk around his thick tongue. Even if he was no good, at least he wanted to get fucked tonight. How weird would it be if Bell fucked Spot or the other way around?
The idea was kind of a turn-on.

"Got to be quiet though," he slurred, pressing a finger to his lips. Cat was still there, asleep just a bed's length from where they were getting their game on.
Daniel tipped his head back to watch Spot. Exactly the same. He looked exactly the same as the Bell-boy in front of him, except for the leg.

"Doesn't it hurt?" Daniel asked, putting a hand to Bell-boy's cheek. "Kiss it better?" He let a hand slither up, toying with Spot's hair. It was nice and thick, just like Bell-boy's. Spot was an opportunist, if nothing else. Whoever got picked, Daniel needed to be prepared.

He was already nice and relaxed though. Didn't need much preparation done at all.
Why hadn't they gotten drunk sooner? This was nice, wasn't it?
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Daniel could barely even sit up straight enough to pull his shirt off, much less coordinate his movements. Had he gotten more drunk? Guess those extra beers hadn't gone to waste, huh? Bell held onto Daniel as the man fell on top of him, mildly worried that he'd fall off the bed. Still, Daniel didn't relent, squirming in all the right places, and Bell let out a groan, gripping Daniel with his legs. Stupid drunk. He'd better not start something he couldn't finish.

Kisses ventured south. Bell squirmed a bit, more ticklish than usual with Daniel being so sloppy. What little he wore was nudged down, and he kicked it off, glad to be free of his shorts. Felt nice and liberating. And then it just felt nice. He clenched at Daniel's head with his thighs, squirming in place, a little more lost in sensation than usual what with the alcohol to warm him up. He didn't even notice Daniel was falling off the bed until the man hit the floor with a thump.

Bell giggled. "Stupid drunk," he said, stretching out on the now-empty bed. The sheets started moving, sliding out from under him, and the next thing he knew, he was rolling from the bed too. He landed on Daniel, letting out an "oof" as the hard parts of Daniel knocked the air out of him, then rolled over to face him. "What're you doing on the floor?" he asked, pushing Daniel's hair back. His other hand slid between them, stroking at Daniel. Was he too drunk to get it up? Bell sure wasn't.

With a longing sigh, Bell relinquished his grip, then climbed to his knees and straddled Daniel. The alcohol numbed some of the pain, but his missing foot still ached when it touched the floor. He shifted his stance a bit, inadvertently grinding into Daniel, then leaned down and kissed him more.

And then Spot was there, the human version. He'd stripped off his clothes somewhere along the way so that he was bare, a perfect replica of Bell except for the foot he wasn't missing. He kissed Daniel too, then picked him up, lifting him half up under Bell and supporting him there, hitting all his good points with kisses and touches. Bell jealously monopolized Daniel's lips, kissing him deeper and longer the more Spot made Daniel feel good. He thrusted shallowly at Daniel, wanting more but knowing he had to hold back so Daniel would feel good. Spot materialized the jelly and set it down between them, ready to go.
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A wheely thing? Dreams? Daniel didn't really care. Bell-boy wasn't wearing anything, which made this a particular enticing endeavour. Daniel followed the curves of Bell-boy's body until eager hands started to tug at his clothes.
So he was up for playing? Good.
Cool hands slipped underneath his shirt and Daniel shivered at the difference in heat. He slipped a leg between Bell-boy's and kissed the man, sloppy and lazy, more drunk than he cared to admit. At least they were already lying down.

"Wanna make it a three-s'me?" Daniel asked Spot, grinning at the thought. He reached out for the back of his shirt with one hand, still propped up with the other, but his balance was off and Daniel landed on top of Bell before he could get the shirt off. Daniel shifted and wiggled until he got the shirt, then rested up for a moment, the world spinning in a good way.

Too much beer all at once. A hiccup threatened to escape his throat, but Daniel stifled it back.
He tossed the shirt off the bed and shifted to pull Bell-boy on top instead. He got distracted before he could do so.
Bell-boy wore remarkably little. His hands explored underneath the single article of clothing still sticking to Bell-boy's body.

Soon enough he was trailing kisses down Bell-boy's stomach, further down. He wanted to get fucked, was already pretty wasted, honestly, but Daniel wanted it to hurt so his foot wouldn't be his main focus. Or maybe he just wanted it to feel good. Either way his hands pushed Bell-boy's shorts out of the way and his kisses ventured even further south.
There wasn't exactly that much space on the bed, so one leg slipped off, until Daniel settled half-on, half-off the bed.
None of that managed to pull his focus away from torturing Bell-boy into giving it him all.

After a while Daniel got too sloppy and tried to get back on the bed, but fell off instead. He laughed when he did, though his foot didn't much like his fall.
One hand hooked around the sheets to try and tug them and Bell-boy down with him. They could fuck on the floor. He didn't really care.
And Spot could join in too.
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Bell woke up a bit when Daniel pulled away, but only enough to ascertain, through the doze, that Daniel wasn't going anywhere; then his eyes slid shut again.

He was back at the fair, riding the Ferris Wheel, only the world was spinning gently too; he turned in both directions, both up and down as well as left and right. It felt as though he were caught on the place where two perpendicular gears connected, only instead of getting chewed up between them, he rode their crests and spun twice over. The world spun out before him; the world as he'd seen it from the Ferris Wheel, and then Europe, and other countries, a great expanse of ocean opening up between them, blue unto the horizon. The spinning sensation grew stronger, less comfortable. It felt less like a Ferris Wheel and more like a teacups ride, his body jostled from side to side and from up to down as the two gears sped up. The world passed by quicker than before, and then he started to see--things he couldn't possibly be seeing. Buildings were torn apart before his eyes, unbuilt. People moved backwards, reversing their actions. He clung to his seat and his hands closed around nothing, and he was flung from the machine--

He startled awake at Daniel's touch, eyes fluttering open. Huh? "What happened to the...wheely thing?" he asked hazily, momentarily lost before it sunk in that it was only just a dream.

Come and play? Bell grinned at that, still not fully awake but aware of what Daniel wanted. He shifted clumsily and grabbed Daniel, holding him close, then tighter as he stretched. There were kisses; still not quite awake, he responded clumsily. Daniel's hair was right there, so he leaned down and kissed the crown of his head, fingers plying at Daniel's clothes. "Got yer clothes on, though," he complained softly, yanking at them. "C'mon, c'mon, off with it."

Spot whined from where he sat on the floor. Bell chose to ignore him in favor of nuzzling Daniel for kisses, sliding his hands up under Daniel's clothes. Didn't Daniel feel how warm it was? Surely he was overheated, all dressed up like that.
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He listened as Bell-boy's breathing tapered off, reassured by the man's soothing presence until the other man fell asleep entirely. Haircuts, huh? Daniel pulled a strand of blond in front of his eyes and figured he could do with a cut. Cat was probably fine just growing it out, to be fair.
A jolt caused a surge of adrenalin through his body. Hunters?
Daniel's eyes searched the room, but Bell-boy's drowsy voice calmed him back down. Bad dreams then?
"Love you too, Bell-boy," he murmured.

"Saps," Cat sighed from her corner of the room. She'd found a bed, but was dazedly staring at the ceiling rather than make good use of it.
Daniel watched as she slowly but surely fell asleep, then shifted to give Bell-boy a little more breathing-space. His foot throbbed. Been walking on it too much. Or the goatling was trying to mend it.

Whatever was going on, it ached. Not like before though.
Not the kind of throbbing that was deep and extensive, not the kind that signalled infection. It was kind of sad how he was able to tell the difference. Daniel closed his eyes, trying to let sleep come, but it wouldn't. Too early. Too much pain.

There was still beer though and it'd be kind of clever if at least someone stayed vigilant while the others slept, right? What with the possibility of hunters and all.
Daniel sat up slowly, cautiously shifting his weight, trying not to disturb anyone's sleep. The only one who looked up immediately was Spot.

Actually, they had aspirin or whatever, didn't they? Might be nice to have a few of those. Daniel reached for some of the last cans of beer and stroked Spot, who was curious after what he was doing. He hadn't brought the first aid kit inside. Should have, but he felt too lethargic to go and fetch it.
"'s fine, Spot," Daniel soothed the mutt.
He wasn't having any hallucinations or delusions. Probably not even insomnia, but his healing foot was enough to prevent him from falling asleep as easily. Two beers down that issue became less and less of a problem.

"...Bell?" he whispered, watching the man sleep.
Cat was asleep too. They could have a little private time.
Daniel pushed Bell's hair back, became mesmerized by the other's exposed neck and nuzzled close for a kiss.
"Hmm, Bell-boy, c'mon, c'me play," Daniel tried softly.
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Daniel sat up too, which startled him, and he opened his eyes and sat back up. What? Were they going somewhere...? No, okay. No. Just taking shoes off. He looked at his peg again and considered, then sighed and undid the straps. He hadn't even realized he'd been aching until the straps were undone and blood circulated freely into his foot again, freed from the tight bindings he'd made for himself. Bell sighed out and flopped back down, the peg knocking against the floor as it rolled off into some unseen corner.

Daniel rolled over into his arms. Bell put an arm around him and stared at the ceiling, his chest suddenly heavier by the weight of a head. Forget spinny rides, just lying here gave him a kind of floaty feeling. The longer he stared, the more the ceiling seemed to spin, until he blinked lazily and banished the illusion.

"Hmm, I'm right here," he said, petting Daniel's hair. He yawned widely and wiggled a bit, getting comfortable on the bed. He could get used to this. Still a bit warm though. Daniel's head wasn't helping, either. And his hair kind of tickled Bell's stomach when he moved.

"You need a haircut," he informed Daniel, half-awake. "'N me, I do too. 'N Cat too. Spot. Everyone... haircuts." He waved vaguely at the room, and then his eyes shut again. The darkness beyond his eyelids beckoned, and then he was falling. Falling into pitch black, faster than he could control--he jolted awake, eyes flying open. Dream, it was just a dream. A dream, right. He sighed out and shut his eyes again. Hadn't had many dreams lately. It was good, that was good. No dreams was good.

"I love you, y'know that, right, Daniel," he breathed. "Love you a whole bunch. So much." Bell's voice petered off to nothing but a sigh, then quiet breathing. His hand slowed in Daniel's hair, then slowly drifted off to rest against his stomach instead. It'd been a long day. In a good way, but a long day all the same. Been up and walking on his foot too much. Daniel too. They needed to sleep.
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The mattress dipped when Bell-boy joined him on the bed and Daniel instinctively put an arm out, pulling Bell closer. Nice and toasty. The man was always nice and warm. Bare skin too. Daniel opened his eyes, lazily watching Bell-boy. He was used to this; the haze of alcohol drowning out his thoughts, mellowing him out. Daniel was used to falling asleep like that. Sometimes with Spot there, but never with Bell-boy.
No, Bell-boy had been in the egg.

Cat's complaint made Daniel snort. Bell-boy's giggles were adorable. He reached out to toy with the man's hair, but Bell pulled away, reaching down. The boots really did have to come off. Daniel groaned and finally extracted himself from the nice warmth Bell-boy provided to sit up and undo his laces.
After some fiddling, he finally managed to pull one off, but the painful foot needed some more care than that. It felt like it'd taken ages before Daniel finally managed to get the boot off. He wasn't sure what was better; the boot on or off. Without it, there was nothing to support the bones from misaligning.

"More beer," Daniel muttered, shrugging out of his coat. He reached for the cans that threatened to roll away when he tossed the coat onto the floor and opened a can. The satisfying crack of the can yielding in his grasp was soon followed by a refreshing splash of nice, bitter-sweet beer slithering down his throat.

"It depends, guess it'd be more fun to go into the swirly rides now," Daniel chuckled. He grimaced and repositioned his foot, but there wasn't really a proper position to start with. The dark bruise had grown darker, the deep purple injury flowering down his foot and up his leg as his body tried shifting the foul blood away from the injury.

At least the cut on the sole of his foot had healed up nicely. Only the break was left, honestly. Should probably have it set, get a cast or whatever.
Daniel polished off the beer and crumpled the tin, throwing it away into a corner before turning on Bell-boy.

"Bell-boy, my foot's being a nuisance," he complained. "Distract me?"
Daniel didn't really make it far. He just about slung an arm around Bell-boy and proceeded to use the man as a pillow. Just because he could. Because the man was right there.
"...nice of you to be here," Daniel muttered against Bell's bare chest.
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Daniel already had everything ready to go, water bottles and everything all at the ready, which was good. Made things easier. Wobbling a little more than earlier, he followed Daniel over to the room, a little surprised when Daniel drew his key card and opened the door. When has he gotten that? Hadn't he had that, not Daniel? But it wasn't in Bell's hands anymore, so it was better off in Daniel's than on the floor or elsewhere.

"Cat, over here," he called. The girl was kind of out of it, staring off into the distance at the road. She gave him a dazed look, then obeyed, hurrying to his side and coincidentally bringing Spot with her. Bell held the door open for her, then stepped inside, already yanking his shirt back off. Now that he was in his own little room, there was nothing to hold him back from stripping at long last. It felt so good, finally baring his skin and cooling off.

Even as the door thudded shut behind them, Daniel thumped down on the bed. Kicking his boot, then his pants off, finally comfortable without all his constricting clothes, Bell joined him. "Daniel," he mumbled, snuggling up close. He wanted to make out some, now that they were finally alone. But it looked like Daniel just wanted to sleep. He nuzzled closer, then sighed out and shut his eyes. He'd go to sleep too. He was pretty tired, after all. They could make out in the morning, when Cat was asleep.

"Being drunk is boring," Cat complained, and Bell giggled back. She was kind of right, this time, anyways. Not that he was drunk. Just a little buzzed. There was a difference.

"It doesn't have to be," he mumbled back. But Daniel had gone right and passed out, so what was he supposed to do? Aside from go back to sleep. Back? No. Go to sleep in the first part. He should... probably take off the peg, though. He pried his eyes open, then reached down to take care of that, but it seemed like too much effort, so he just closed his eyes again instead. It'd be fine. This way he'd be able to walk in the morning, too.
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Bell-boy was going to get them a room? With what cash? The money he won? But why was he taking his coat along then? Daniel stared at Bell's ass, the one that had landed on the floor just seconds before and snorted. He finished his beer and started on a new one.

Cat crawled out first, Spot hopping after her. The only sober animal in their party. The thought made Daniel chuckle, but then survey their truck. Was there anything he wanted to bring inside? Probably some water. Water would be good for the morning after.

Daniel reconsidered his boot over the brace, but decided he'd be fine to walk such a short distance without. Before he could decide on how to get out -changing his boot for the brace- Bell-boy was already back, grinning victoriously over having gotten them a room.
Good. Rooms were good.
"Aren't you the responsible one for a change?" Daniel smiled at Bell-boy and carefully stepped out of the truck. Despite the alcohol in his body, his foot still hurt whenever he put it down wrong. He took the card from Bell-boy's hold and reached for some water bottles.

Cat was just floundering, not entirely sure where she needed to go without guidance from the other two. Spot wasn't helping, bouncing around her in hopes they'd play.

Without waiting for what Bell-boy and Cat would do, Daniel closed up the truck and went on ahead to see what their room would be like.
His limp was only a little more pronounced compared to his sober self, not that it mattered much. Daniel fiddled with the card and the lock until the door beeped and granted them passage.
"Open says-a-me," he mumbled.

The room wasn't anything amazing. Thin curtains on the wall, stains on the ceiling from where there might've once been some leaks, stains on the carpet from whatever had gone down on it and relatively okay sheets on the bed. Daniel didn't want to know what the mattress looked like underneath, but if the people at the motel were any type of smart, it'd be plastic.
He didn't care.
Daniel laid back on the bed and sighed out. It'd be more comfortable to take his boot off, but between the alcohol and the day they'd had, he was just melting into the lumpy mattress.
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