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Bell shook his head. "Oh right, my bad, my bad." Daniel wouldn't have anything perishable, of course not. That kind of food was too nutritious for Daniel. "Can you cook? I can handle the basics, but..." Boiling pasta was about the limit. Boiling pasta and cooking eggs. Gun to his head, he could probably manage to throw some meat or potatoes in the oven as well. He had a few recipes specific to cooking outdoors saved somewhere in his head, but that kind of thing didn't always translate well to indoor cooking.

It didn't take long for the pasta to cook once it was in the water. Bell sorted through the cabinets again to find a colander, and in a few moments, steaming hot noodles were waiting for them. He considered the sauce, considered the microwave, then shrugged and dumped it on his portion cold. [i Warming it up is too much effort.]

It was another search to find forks, and finally he could sit down beside Daniel at the little table with its crappy plastic chairs. He passed Daniel his share, sauce on the side so Daniel could warm it if he wanted. He gulped down his share. Half the time, he barely chewed the noodles on the way down. Bell glanced at Daniel and grinned. "Not too shabby, huh?"

Everything was so perfect it felt unreal. Here he was, with Daniel, eating a tasty hot meal, on his way to go out and hunt some idiots. Everything was right with the world. It felt impossible. Things never worked out this well for him. But maybe they had. Maybe, for once in his life, things had gone his way.

Bell finished first and watched Daniel eat, eager to get his hair cut and be on his way. Today he'd probably just stalk the men, get a feel for where they hung out, what their territory was, the lay of the land, so to speak. But soon, very soon... his grin grew deeper. There would be a reckoning in the shape of his pipe in their heads.

"You done? Cut my hair," he demanded. "Please." He went and grabbed the trash can and dragged it over. There'd be plenty of hair to throw out when Daniel was done.
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A pussy about it? "Oh, no, don't get me wrong, I'd love to mess up your hair, Bell-boy," Daniel said as he dried his own hair a little more. Unlike Bell-boy, he'd had regular visits to a barbershop down town. Part of the gig he had meant he had to keep up appearances. At least the first half of the evening.
Hair-gel? Small?
Daniel squinted at Bell-boy as if he saw water burn, but then shrugged. Sure. In Bell-boy's world, two decades ago, a jar of hair gel might've been small and easy to steal. He smiled at Bell-boy without bother to correct the man. He felt a little too spent to actually enter a mine-field like that again.

"I usually eat out," he said regarding Bell-boy's comment of him being a stereotype. "Or at work. They've got a pretty decent kitchen and I don't have to share my supplies." This kitchen didn't exactly improve anyone's standings with their neighbours, though he knew some of them really tried.

While Bell-boy scurried out of the kitchen to find his metal murdering tool, Daniel sifted through his shelf of items and procured a bottle of pasta-sauce. He kept around a little something to fall back on, just in case he felt too shitty to go out on a non-work day and too hungry to not eat. That didn't happen very often.
Daniel checked the label on the jar and concluded it was still in date.
He put it down just as Bell-boy was complaining about cheese and butter.
"None of that. They're perishable," Daniel pointed out. Fresh certainly hadn't been on the menu in this shit-hole. The restaurant made decent sandwiches though, not always the freshest ingredients they reserved for customers, but day-old still tasted just as good.

Worry about a shitty old car? It wasn't exactly his place to worry about that, was it now? Daniel sat down on one of the plastic chairs and propped his feet up, watching Bell-boy scurry about. The man seemed happy somehow.
The kind of happy that came with the promise of killing something in a gratifying way soon. He was almost jealous. Bell-boy got to have all the good fun while he catered to man's alcohol addiction.
"I'll see if I can pick up some more food before work," Daniel offered at long last. Might as well.
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Bell shook his head. "It's not that hard! You just, buzz down this side..." he moved his hand through his hair, "... then down this side..." the other side, "...and you're done! Easy peasy. I'll do it myself if you're gonna be a pussy about it."

Bell shrugged. He'd figure it out. "Hair gel is pretty easy to steal, y'know? It's so small." He gestured the shape of the little tube. "Kinda like stealing lube, except some places get smart to that and start locking it down." But they never locked down their petroleum jelly. He grinned at that one, a little joke to himself.

He gazed at the cabinet. "Man, I know beggars shouldn't be choosers and all, but that is a lot of carbs." Bread, cereal, pasta... where was the protein? He'd have had canned tuna or something at least. A can of beans. Soup. This was just pathetic. He grabbed the pasta and poked through the cabinets to find someone's pot. "You got any sauce or are we doing this dry? Bachelor-man. You're such a stereotype."

Actually... Bell paused. [i Didn't Daniel have actual lube?] Actual lube and a pantry full of sadness. He'd gone out of his way to get a decent lotion, but couldn't bother to feed himself worth shit. He snorted. [i If that isn't a character portrait of Daniel, I don't know what is.]

"Delivery food'll get you fat," Bell declared, as if their usual diet wasn't entirely restaurant food. Not that getting fat was such a bad thing on the streets, but somehow, that kernel of wisdom had stuck with him all the way from his mother. [i Ben's mother. Whatever.]

He got water started on the range and sighed out. His eyes flicked to Daniel, who was watching him. Before he could comment on that, Daniel spoke.

"What? No, I've got it. It's right..." he patted down his pockets, turned around, then scurried back to Daniel's room. "...right here," he finished, holding up the still-wet leather jacket he'd bought. "Thanks for the reminder, though." It didn't look bloody anymore, just slightly bedraggled. "And don't worry about the car, it was a pile of shit anyways. Mostly just used it for living in, you know?" He grinned at Daniel.

The water started to boil. Bell hurried over and dumped the pasta in. The rest of the box seemed like a good amount. "So... sauces? I'll even take cheese or butter, if that's all you've got," he said.
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Maybe he'd help, after the first few. Goats were clever creatures. None of them would stand to be killed unless it had no other choice and they learned fast.
Daniel rinsed off and stepped out. The towel had survived the spray's wetness and Daniel half-heartedly dried off. He still felt drained from helping Bell-boy heal the other night, but it wasn't anything too bad. Some clothes and he was ready to go, towel still slung across his shoulders.
"What do you take me for? A hair-dresser?" he snorted. Yeah, he could do a shave, maybe even a not-so-short shave, but a mohawk? Well, if it failed he could always give Bell-boy a buzz-cut after all.

"You realize how much gel that takes to stick up there?" Daniel said conversationally as they moved towards the kitchen. Most of the cabinets were occupied by other tenants. Daniel opened his appointed cabinet, which was surprisingly empty. There was some stale bread that'd do okay in a toaster or some cereal, not that he'd have milk. Water would do him most of the time.
There was enough to make a quick pasta though.
Daniel snorted.

"Pasta?" he offered. It was a bit weird as a breakfast item, but hey, fuck it. They were both hungry, right?
"Whatever's in this cabinet, honestly," he waved at the sore collection of food-items.
"We can have something delivered? That's what I usually do." Not for breakfast, but screw it. He could make an exception or whatever. They could also go out, but he'd have to let work know he'd be back next shift before they went.
Otherwise it'd seem suspicious.

It was a small world, after all.

Daniel leaned against the kitchen counter and watched Bell-boy move.
"Did they take your pipe along with the car?" he asked suspiciously. If Bell-boy couldn't get the jump on these immortal-blokes, he'd have a problem, huh? They'd looked strong. Even if they weren't goats, a fight with those men was going to be difficult.

He wiped some droplets of hair from his face and pondered what would be best. Finding a new balance to their lives was going to be tricky, huh? His living space was tiny. Fine for one person, but cramped for two. Not as if their car hadn't been cramped, but they'd never had to talk out the shit they'd gone through back then either.
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That was true. It was his fault they'd split, not Daniel's. His decision. He shouldn't have been so stupid. The softness in Daniel's eyes, though, the gentleness in his smile, told him that this was the truth. At least for now. There would be awkwardness. There would be bumps in the road. But they were back again. That was all that mattered.

He sighed and nodded. A hand raised to press against Daniel's, and he quietly leaned into the touch. "That's the plan." One by one. He couldn't take them all at once, but they hadn't seemed like special goats. They might even be easy to take down at first, if they thought they were immortal. Might not fight back as hard. At least not until they picked up on the fact that they weren't so immortal, after all.

"I'll try not to," he said. He smiled back. He'd really rather not end up like that again. Probably not drinking so much would help a lot, like Daniel had pointed out. And seeking them out one by one, as opposed to getting jumped by the whole lot all at once.

He made a face at Daniel for messing with his hair, though he really didn't mind that much. Any kind of touch was okay right now. Just so long as he could make contact. "Okay."

Bell dried off as he wandered back to Daniel's room. He pulled out a random set of clothes and got dressed. Water spotted his shirt, and he pulled it out and frowned. [i My hair's too long.]

"Hey, you got time to cut my hair after we eat?" he asked. He'd be able to better get the jump on the gang if he didn't look like the same gross old homeless guy they'd beat up. "Got an electric razor? You can shave it off if you like, give me a mohawk or something." He grinned and held his hair up. It was long enough to actually look cool as a mohawk. "Actually, give me a mohawk. I wanna look cool."

Dressed, he poked around the kitchen in the search of something to eat. There were clusters of different kinds of food. [i Probably each tenant has their own stuff.] "What's your food? What can I eat?" Bell asked, pulling at a box of cereal.
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"You blind now too, Bell-boy?" Daniel called Bell out on his shit. 'Glad you're enjoying it', his ass. And then Bell-boy stepped into his arms and hugged him. Daniel waited a breath, but returned the man's affection. Never stopped loving you, huh? Sure.
[i 'You sure you didn't forget?' ]
The thought didn't make it into the world. It wasn't necessary to spew such gal at this moment. They'd both done shit that the other needed to forgive and if they didn't ever think they were even, they were nowhere. Trust truly was the foundation of any relationship.
Uncertainty shimmered in Bell-boy's eyes and Daniel smiled, a genuine smile now, softer maybe than it'd been before. To say nothing had changed would be naive.

"What? No dating?" he joked, but then nodded. "Yeah, yeah... I never wanted to leave you in the first place," Daniel said softly, more vulnerable than he'd been up until then. He pressed the palm of his hand against Bell-boy's cheek and thumbed away some of the water. Despite their misgivings, they belonged together. Daniel was convinced that was the case from the get-go. Ever since he'd seen Bell-boy's ressurection.
Now more than ever, they were connected. Through the goatling, through the goat.

"Are you going to hunt them down one by one?" Daniel suggested. To say he wasn't worried would be pushing it. No, he didn't like it when Bell-boy got hurt. Anger still simmered at the periphery of his thoughts at the memory of them laying waste to Bell-boy. He'd stopped watching after a while. It hadn't been his place to care.
And now it was again, apparently.

"Fuck, you better not get into trouble like that again, Bell-boy," he warned. It'd be a pain to combine a mad dash to go out and help Bell-boy with the job he did. He'd get fired in no time and that was fine, wasn't it? His card would be in sooner rather than later and he'd saved up some money from working. Enough to get around for a while.
Daniel reached up and messed with Bell-boy's hair.
"Let's get cleaned up and eat something," he suggested. He'd need to recoup some of his energy if he was going back to work next shift.
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Bell raised his eyebrows at Daniel's confession. [i He was watching me, and did nothing?] A pang went through his chest at that. [i So he hated me that much.] Then why had he taken Bell back so easily? Uncomfortable, Bell turned into the shower's spray. Something felt wrong. Something was terribly wrong about this whole thing. Why heal him if he was willing to let Bell get hurt in the first place? Why not just let him die? And this affection, how much of it was real? Did Daniel really care about him? Or was it just an act?

[i But why?] Daniel had the money. There was no reason for Daniel to fake interest in him. He didn't do anything for Daniel, except--well, wasn't that it, then? He didn't do anything for Daniel. Daniel had no obligation to help him. Even now, Daniel didn't want to help him on this hunt. And that was fine. That was fine, but... He scratched the back of his head. [i How long is this going to last?] It felt tenuous, suddenly, this reunion. It was a miracle that Daniel had taken him back. How long until the spider's thread snapped and he fell back into hell?

Daniel was still talking. He clued back into it and managed a smile much like Daniel's. "Glad you're enjoying it," he said. That was Daniel's world, wasn't it? Civilized. Human. He had no part in it.

Eat. Daniel was trying to help. He was just--he was drawing the lines in the sand. Defining their relationship. Things wouldn't go back to how they were, would they? Bell took a deep breath. But he should expect that. He'd been the one to refuse Daniel. This was all his fault, in the end.

"We're okay," he said. He stepped into Daniel's arms and hugged the man, waited to feel Daniel hug him back. He needed that right now. The simple confirmation that Daniel still cared. "It does. I never stopped loving you. Are you--will you take me back?" He glanced up, uncertain. [i When I leave, will you stay here? Will you regret this? Do you want to stay here, live a normal life?] He couldn't bring himself to ask. For now, he had Daniel. That would have to be enough.
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"Not all the time, I wouldn't have a life," Daniel waved away Bell-boy's surprise. "It shows me stuff sometimes it finds interesting. Apparently you getting beat up piqued its curiosity. It wanted me to help you," he said, realizing he might've said too much, because he hadn't ended up helping Bell-boy, how had he? Afterwards, maybe. The risk of getting beat up himself hadn't been worth it and the goatling hadn't done anything in the end either. Daniel's eyes glanced down and found the scar there. Or maybe he'd needed to see that Bell-boy was still strong, even without him. While everything else had changed, that desire to be protected by something stronger than him hadn't. Now that he was sane, that protection would no longer be a need, but rather a desire instead.

As he suspected, Bell-boy was aware of it.
He wouldn't die. A promise? Hah. Not that it mattered.

"Heh, nah, nothing quite that fancy," Daniel said. Suits were definitely no longer his thing. They hadn't ever really been, but a part of him, a greater part of Lenny, had found security in jobs like that for sure.
"I'm a bartender at this club. Mix drinks and shit, get stuff ready for the night and entertain our guests," Daniel said with a fake smile. "It's a shit job, but my colleagues are alright and it pays reasonably," he shrugged. Especially when he received tips and his looks definitely made it easier.

He pushed a hand to Bell's shoulder and absent-mindedly toyed with the suds there. So distracting. Fuck. After that morning, he was rearing to go again, to be honest.
"You should eat something before you go," Daniel suggested. "Heal up proper." He pulled his eyes back up, looking at Bell-boy's face rather than everything else and get distracted again.
"Are we okay, Bell-boy?" Daniel prodded gently.
"Does this mean you're taking me back?"
He wondered whether Bell-boy remembered everything now or only half of it. What if some bad memories upset the whole house of cards again? Daniel wouldn't be surprised, honestly. He'd tried killing Bell-boy once or twice, after all. Shit like that usually didn't sit well with people.
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He frowned. How did Daniel know-- wait. The goatling? They'd been connected. And hadn't Daniel mentioned something about seeing through its eyes before? "You were watching me? The whole time?" He didn't know how that made him feel. Nervous? Disgusted? Happy? It was complicated.

Bell sighed. "I'll be okay. Probably." He didn't know for sure. How could he? They were a gang of goats, and he was only one man. He'd lose for sure if he faced them head on. [i I'll probably have to hunt them down, get them alone.] It'd be a lot like taking on the hunters, except less organized and perhaps even more prone to violence.

He looked at Daniel. Even his hands stilled for a moment. "I don't know, that sounds pretty solid to me." Pit Haven against this crazy gang? Why not? Then again... what if they joined forces?

Haven's prudes and a street gang? Bell snorted. Yeah, right. No way they'd be able to work together.

"Hmm, that's okay," Bell agreed. The goatling wouldn't help unless it had to. Or unless it wanted to fuck him. Make poetry. Same thing, really. [i Did Daniel see that, too?] He watched the man's face. [i Probably not.] There was nothing to be worried about, but he'd rather Daniel not know about the goatling's farcical copy.

Their eyes met. Warmth rolled through Bell at Daniel's words, a nice fuzzy feeling that told him he'd made the right choice. "No, I'll be good. I won't die," he promised. He leaned in for a kiss, then released Daniel. He had to wash himself at some point.

"So you're going back to your day job? What is it, anyways? You a fancy businessman in a nice suit again?" Bell asked as he applied soap to his own body. Touching the wound stung a bit, so he washed around it rather than over it.

He had kind of sabotaged Daniel's attempt to call in late, but not maliciously. Just to play with the guy, really. If Daniel wanted to work for a living, Bell wasn't going to get in the way. Someone had to be the responsible one and keep them fed and clothed, after all, and it wasn't him. He didn't have a responsible bone in his body.
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Daniel glanced over his shoulder, catching Bell-boy's presence lingering just behind him. The man's warmth was a familiar one, though he'd gotten somewhat used to showering alone. He'd gotten used to doing everything alone. Daniel got why Bell-boy lingered so close: it didn't feel real yet. None of it did. Were they just back together? Just like that? No questions asked, only apologies and barely managed expectations of what was to come?
Daniel gestured at the soap with a limp hand.
Hands soaped him up, a bare excuse to just reconnect. Daniel leaned into it, not a stranger to receiving affection and too damned eager to forego on it because of stubborn pride or something equally ridiculous.

"Are you going to be okay against that lot?" he asked casually. It was obvious from Bell-boy's bloodied appearance that the first time he hadn't actually been okay. That said, they'd gotten the one-up on Bell-boy, hadn't they?
"Maybe less drinking next time, hmm?" Daniel suggested.
The goatling was a keen spy, after all. Daniel didn't mind Bell-boy knowing. "They seem to be aware of what they are, if they call themselves the immortals. Actually, I had a bit of a funny idea," he said softly, barely reaching above the shower's pitter-patter.

"They're a big group. If we pitch them against Haven, then... It's a stupid idea," Daniel waved away. Even if they got the 'immortals' to cooperate, who would say Haven would fight them? They might actually make the Haven-group stronger.
"I think I'm still running a fever," he dismissed his temporary lapse of insanity.
"I don't think I should join you just yet, but the goatling is close by," Daniel suggested. He ought to rest up and get his shit together. Work, until he got the bank-card and supply them with a stable inflow of money to feed themselves and shit like that. Mundane shit he wanted to escape more than anything else, but the Lenny in him refused to abandon what stability they had in favour of life on the road again.

Daniel turned around in Bell-boy's arms and looked at the man.
"Are you going to get yourself killed?" He gave Bell-boy a level stare. "'cause I'll drag you back from Hell if I need to."
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"Third base?" Bell asked, puzzled. "I thought that was oral. You know, kissing is first, then handjob, that's second, oral's third, then all the way?" Was there a bases system for relationship landmarks as well? Bell sighed. This whole thing was too complicated.

[i Just stay.] A slow smile spread over his face, soft and honest. He'd been waiting to hear Daniel say that. It felt so good to have him confirm it.

A moment later, Bell smirked at Daniel's warning. "That's on you." He'd be quiet, as long as Daniel didn't give him reason to be loud. And he didn't much mind if Daniel [i did] give him reason.

"Might get my old car out of it," he grumbled. Daniel was right, though. Why not class up the ride when he had the chance?

Daniel stepped into the shower. Bell watched him vanish, then hurried to follow. He came up behind Daniel and cozied up behind him, close enough to touch. "I'm gonna go after them, though. For sure." He slid his hands down Daniel's thighs, using the motion to press up against him from behind. He just wanted to touch Daniel all over right now. It still didn't feel quite real. But every brush of warm skin, every time he felt the blemishes and marks in Daniel's skin, told him that it really was real. That it was all happening for real. They were back together again.

He nuzzled Daniel's neck and nipped at it. "Where's the soap?" he hummed softly. He didn't know that he wanted to go any further, but he did want to touch Daniel right now. Wash him and make him clean, as if he could wash away the last few weeks of being apart with a little soap and some hot water. He found the soap and picked it up, then went back to caressing Daniel, this time with the thinnest veneer of propriety in the shape of a bar of soap.

"You gonna come with?" he asked. He could keep going at it alone, if Daniel wanted to take a break. Someone had to pay the rent, after all. He wouldn't complain. He'd done enough bad lately that he deserved a little punishment. A little time on his own.
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Bell-boy. He was still there. Daniel sighed in relief, blood rushing from his head back to his heart and beyond. He let himself fall back onto the pillow, willing his thundering heart to slow down already. Still there. Was it real? But then Bell-boy wished him good morning, which Daniel wasn't sure was the case yet and came to deliver a kiss.
He still felt a little under the weather, but nothing that wouldn't be solved by a good meal or whatever. A shower.
"Yeah, sure," Daniel said and stretched some more. Second time around, he took his time sitting up, rather than bolting out of bed.

"Third base so quick?" he joked.
"I've only ever seen the guy once," Daniel admitted with a shrug. Before it could become a problem, they ought to already be out of there anyway. Unless Bell-boy wanted to use the pad as a base of operations on taking down whatever gang had hurt the man before. Daniel sighed. There were too many foes to reckon with these days. Haven. This gang. Hunters. It seemed like the world was out to get them.

Daniel grabbed a towel and some clothes from the closet.
"It's fine, just stay," he said. He'd feel more comfortable having the man around anyway. Leaving Bell-boy to fend for himself while the injury on his belly hadn't even properly faded seemed wrong somehow.
"Just don't make too much noise at night," Daniel waved away any concerns. People tended to hate noise more than another someone's presence. Most of the people kept to themselves, aside from the occasional birthday party or celebration.

Daniel padded ahead towards the showers and put his clothes some place dry before turning one on.
"So what's the plan, Bell-boy?" he said, just to make conversation.
"Are you going to get back at those... goats? Might get a new car out of it," Daniel figured with a sly grin. The goatling was still around as well. So was the child, not that he was expecting a lot from that goat. Daniel's face fell. And then there was Haven. Lilah was dead, but that still left the cluster-fuck of goats they'd left behind. What would they become without an obvious leader?
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He watched Daniel fall asleep, a lazy smile on his face. So sweet. Bell raised a hand to the one on his face, but by the time he reached it, Daniel was already asleep. He pressed a kiss to the man's palm anyways. Everything was right with the world. He felt at peace, if only for a brief moment. [i If only we could stay like this forever.]

Bell yawned. He shifted closer and let his eyes shut as well. It didn't take long before Daniel's steady breathing lured him to sleep as well.

He jolted awake, half a nightmare clinging to his mind. Bell shuddered and ran a hand over the back of his neck, then looked down at Daniel. His hands clenched, desperate to close around heat and stifle his pulse, but he refused to reach out. [i It's Daniel. He's safe. I'm safe.] Another shiver. His body ached, as if in protest.

Bell stood. [i Just keep moving. It'll be alright.] Something dripped down his leg; he pulled a face and looked around. There had to be a towel, at least. [i I'll feel better once I'm clean.] He wasn't used to this, anymore. Being spoiled and treated kindly. It didn't feel right.

He picked up a lump of clothes and peered underneath. [i Where the hell does Daniel keep his damn clean towels?] This place was a disgrace of a bachelor pad, honestly. Maybe over there? He waddled over, awkwardly.

Daniel sat up abruptly and shouted his name just as his hand closed around a towel. Bell jumped, towel in hand, feeling caught. "I didn't wipe my ass with your towel, I swear," he blurted. "I mean--uh, good morning."

He gestured vaguely with his newly-found towel. "You uh, wanna hit up the showers? Shouldn't be anyone in there, this time of day." It'd been forever since they'd shared the showers, it seemed. It had been so normal, once. And now--now, maybe, it could be normal again.

Bell picked his way over to the bed and gave Daniel a good-morning kiss. "C'mon, I got all icky," he murmured.

"Is your landlord gonna be pissed if I move in? Should we make this a visitation thing?" Bell asked, heading out Daniel's door. He hadn't bothered to grab clothes and honestly didn't care. So what if Daniel's roommates saw him naked? Worst case, if everything went south, maybe he'd have drummed up a patron or two.
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Hands grappled at him and they kissed, long and intense. Bell-boy's legs locked around his back, and they connected on a physical level as well as emotional. It was as if their bodies forced their minds to lock in place. Daniel took his time, savoured the moment and made sure to pay the right amount of attention to detail. Made sure he catered to Bell-boy's needs first. A gasp was his reward and it egged him on to go a little faster, a little deeper, get a little nastier with how he teased and drove Bell-boy to the edge and over. Muscles bucked and contorted to hold Bell-boy in place, pleasure rising and falling with each move until it all built up to the inevitable.

Bell-boy was getting close. He could feel it in the way the man twitched, the way he breathed and moaned, the way his name tumbled from Bell's lips, dripping with need and desire. Soon Daniel felt Bell-boy clench down on him, felt how Bell grew rigid, how the hot liquid spilled between them both and it was hot. It made him feel good, so good, to be right there with Bell-boy and he couldn't help but thrust harder.

Just a few moments later Daniel was right up there with Bell-boy, riding that high. Daniel breathed hard, half his weight resting on Bell-boy, the other held up by a trembling arm, trying to prevent him from hurting Bell's freshly healing injuries.

Daniel collapsed next to Bell-boy, arm still slung over the man's chest. He was tired now, drained but content. The goat-sickness made him sweaty and over-heated. Hungry to boot. Hadn't had breakfast yet, except for the few bites when he'd gotten Bell-boy something. Daniel watched Bell, reached out for the man's face and stroked his face, slipped the tips of his fingers down the stubble.
His hand stilled there. Daniel's eyes closed as if commanded to do so by someone else and his breathing deepened until he was peacefully asleep.

Darkness awaited him there. It felt like only a second before he came back around. Sluggishly, Daniel rolled over and stretched. Thirst beckoned, as well as the need to take a piss and eat something.
"Bell?" Fear woke him up with a snap and he sat up faster than he should've done. Had the man left him again?
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A sweet kiss distracted him for long enough for Daniel to flip him over. Bell gazed up at Daniel, panting lightly, excited. It was Daniel's turn to tease. Little touches all over, familiar places lit up with the other man's warmth. Little touches, and nothing more. Bell bit his lip, frustrated. He shifted under Daniel, pressed up against him. [i Pay attention here, not there. Touch me like you mean it.]

Somehow, he didn't mind being driven mad. It felt good, having Daniel take his time. Going slow, instead of quick. When Daniel finally took the hints and started to work him, he sighed out in relief. He wanted it so bad.

It didn't take long before fingers weren't enough. He spread his legs and looked up at Daniel, a silent invitation. An invitation that Daniel wasted no time in taking up. He stiffened at the sudden insertion, surprised. His back arched and his body went rigid, but only for a moment before he melted into Daniel. "C'mon," he panted, breathless. It felt right. At last, everything was right again. He was where he ought to be: in Daniel's arms.

He moved with Daniel, shoved up against him and urged him to do more, go further. It felt too good. Impossibly good. It was hard to believe they'd ever parted, ever been stupid enough to think this wasn't what they needed. Bell reached up and grappled Daniel down for a kiss, locked his legs around the man's back and held on tight. Everything was perfect. If the world ended in this moment, it would all be fine.

Neither one of them was needy or desperate. A small twinge of pain went through him at that, but he shoved it down. [i Don't get angry when you did it too.] In the next second, it was forgotten as Daniel wrenched a gasp from him. No one had known him this well. No one had made him feel like this.

He felt it coming, but was helpless to stop or slow down. "Daniel," he breathed. Another stroke. One last--

Pleasure rolled through him, more powerful than he'd thought it could be. He clamped down on Daniel unconsciously. His whole body went tight. Then it was over, and Daniel was still there, their scents mingling in a familiar way. Bell relaxed back on the bed and watched Daniel, just watched him. "I'm back," he whispered, just to himself. He was back, and he'd never leave this again.
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