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Once he'd finished with Daniel's hair, he stepped out of the cold water. He'd sobered up from the sauna's heat, so he was ready to get going. Out of the sauna and back into the hotel. He felt absolutely worn to death. If the injury hadn't been enough, if their running around the slopes hadn't been enough, certainly all that combined with messing around in the heat had been enough. If all they did tonight was go home and take a nap, he'd be perfectly happy.

A little dazed, he followed Daniel docilely through the halls. Daniel seemed to know what he was doing. He deftly navigated the halls, led them back to the main halls, and beelined it to the hotel's restaurant. In the lazy daze he was in, it seemed magical that Daniel could figure it out. He yawned widely and blinked. Right. Yep. Maybe some food would make him feel less floaty and tired.

He stared at the restaurant while Daniel stared at him. He was aware of the other man's gaze, but too out of it to react or really register it. He half turned and gave Daniel a dopey grin.

The waitress arrived. He grinned back at Daniel and nodded. He'd see how much he wanted. Right now, he wanted a nap more than anything.

They were led to a table by the window. Snow drifted down outside. A winter wonderland. He let out a tired sigh and picked up the menu to leaf through it. The hotel had mostly default food, chicken and potatoes, side salad, very generic Americana type fare. "I'm thinking chicken and mashed potatoes, and maybe a hamburger too," Bell said. He propped his head up with one hand and yawned again. Couldn't nap. No matter how much he wanted to.

"Some soda," he yawned. Sugar would help wake him up for sure. If not the sugar, then the spritzy bubbles.

The waitress came back. Bell sat up to recite his order, then leaned against his hand again. He'd fooled around with Daniel. Self-consciously, he shifted his feet against one another. It felt weird. Not weird, but weird for how not weird it felt. He glanced at Daniel, then back at the table. So he was gay. Hadn't felt anything like that with Lilah. Hadn't had any troubles with getting it up with Daniel. No point thinking about it too much, he figured; that was that. Now he knew.
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"Story of our lives," Daniel said with a grin. Backwards was just how things ended up with them. He'd tried to wine and dine Bell-boy first and going down all the familiar routes, but it didn't work for them, somehow. that, and he should've laid off the alcohol. Daniel shivered as the cold water bounced off of Bell-boy and onto him. Chicken it was. Bell-boy snagged him closer and Daniel inhaled sharply at the cold spray robbing his breath. At the same time it felt good.

Bell-boy's fingers scrubbed at his hair and Daniel closed his eyes, surrendering to the treatment. He looked up at the man when he complimented his hair. Oh? So Bell-boy was actually looking at him too? Daniel snorted.
"Thanks," he accepted the compliment easily enough.
Once his hair was clean, Daniel scrubbed at his skin for a bit to get rid of the sweat and stepped from under the cold spray. It was one thing to linger underneath a hot spray, but a tepid one really took the fun out of that one.

He grabbed a towel and started to dry off. Time to get back into some warm clothes and face the remainder of their day. And find some chicken, apparently.

Daniel felt the strain of the exercise they'd done that day when he walked out of the sauna. He stretched and waited for Bell-boy to catch up before wandering off to the hotel's restaurant. All he had to do was follow the crowd. More people had the exact same idea they had. Maybe they'd even run into Bunny-goat in there, not that it'd be a good time to abduct her right then and there. Where would they even go?

It was crowded, but the hotel staff was used to it. Or so it felt anyway. Daniel watched them go through the motions like a well-oiled machine.
He sneaked a glance at Bell-boy, lost in thought staring. One of the female staff snapped him out of it effectively.
"Table for two, sir?"

"Uhm, yes, yes. Two is fine," Daniel caught himself.
He felt a bit out of it. Like Lenny might take over soon. It wasn't any good and he hoped not, but there was little he could do against it. Daniel brushed a hand across his face, ran his hair back and took a deep breath. He grinned at Bell-boy.
"Just order however much you feel like," Daniel offered.
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Daniel caught him when he fell, released him when he was ready to stand. He felt known, unspeakably known. Without even saying anything, he got the feeling that Daniel had understood exactly what was happening and compensated for it. This was love. It was unlike anything he'd experienced yet.

The other man hovered as he made his slow way over to the showers, not bothering to fight Bell leaning up against him. The trip to the showers was uneventful in comparison; once he was up, it wasn't so hard to stay up. His vision didn't threaten darkness or anything. The cool air outside of the sauna was some help, too.

He yelped at the blast of cold water against his skin and instinctively jumped back into Daniel's arms. His head went light at the sudden movement, but the cold water blasted him right back to the present before he could get too wobbly. "Ah, shit, that's cold," he complained, stepping under the water. His skin shivered at the touch, in a very different way than it had shivered under Daniel's. He splashed the water on his face. Time to rinse off all that sweat.

For some reason, Daniel turned on a second stream. His heart sank--was Daniel going to abandon him now?--but in the end, Daniel just let the water pour. Bell shrugged to himself. Whatever made the guy happy.

Bell ducked his head under the water and scrubbed his hair, then blinked back at Daniel. Steak? Chicken? Oh right, dinner. "We did it backwards," he laughed. "Usually it's dinner first, then messing around."

Oh? Was that a promise from Daniel not to drink? He grinned a little, hopeful. They were trying to hunt a goat, after all. They couldn't get any of that done if Daniel was a boneless lump of flesh. "Yeah, yeah. I'm feeling chicken. Or maybe steak? No, chicken... hmm." He tipped his head thoughtfully. Without realizing what he was doing, he reached out and snagged Daniel closer, moved him under the spray so that he could scrub Daniel's hair, too. Had to get all clean. Daniel's fair strands were soft in his hands, fine as cornsilk and just as shiny. He could play with it forever. "Your hair's so pretty," he complimented Daniel.
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"Yeah, I'm sure," Daniel said languidly. Bell-boy took his hand, but Daniel hadn't expected the stumble. Or maybe he had. After all, Bell-boy hadn't eaten anything after healing what'd looked like a pretty serious spinal injury.
"Wow, easy, Bell-boy," he soothed. "I got you."
Daniel broadened his stance and held Bell-boy tight, making sure he would be ready if the man's weight just collapsed. After a moment's wait, Bell-boy seemed to be taking on a little more of his own weight and Daniel hovered, making sure Bell didn't face-plant himself into any sharp corners or whatever.

"Yeah, cold," he agreed with a chuckle. Daniel followed Bell-boy's lead, pacing himself to walk at the man's tempo and felt glad to be out of the sauna. Fresh air -which he assumed was still pretty damp actually- greeted them. It was cold outside of the sauna, but it felt good. He remained close to Bell-boy all the way to the showers and hit a button to start the cold spray. It was quiet out. Just some people out in the dressing rooms, coming in or going out.

"Feeling better?" Daniel offered and slowly let go. He punched another spray on, just so he could dodge out if someone came in. Apparently being gay was still the devil's doing according to the majority of ill-educated people and Daniel didn't want to have to deal with that right now.
It felt good to rinse off all the sweat and whatever else was on their skin after their little fun. Daniel drank some of the water from the spray and looked at Bell-boy. He truly loved this man. Today just consolidated that fact. It'd wiped away all the doubts he'd had so far.

Who cared that he might be forgotten?
For now, right in this moment, they were together. Bell-goat would remember him, hopefully.

"How about some steak? Or maybe some nice chicken?" Daniel started. "We can eat at this hotel, the restaurant won't care so long as we pay," he offered up. Whatever need he'd had was doused by the cold water. It'd be back at the most in-opportune time, but for now he was fine, if not somewhat uncomfortable.
"Besides, Bunny-goat is bound to try and make you drink, it'd be weird if we both refused," he winked.
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Moreso than their play, he felt the way the man loved him in the way Daniel adjusted the towel back into place. A little gesture, but unnecessary. They'd already had their fun, but Daniel was still looking after him. It was a kindness he hadn't expected. Lilah never had time for that kind of thing. And neither had he. Duty, duty, duty. No time for love. No time for taking care. Afterwards, he'd leave, and she'd leave, and they'd shower separately and go about their business.

It occurred to him suddenly that he hadn't been Lilah's beloved any more than she had been his. Had she, too, felt empty? No--of course she had. He hadn't cared for her any more than she'd cared for him. It was a crime that cut both ways, this thing Elsie was doing. He bit his lip and cast his eyes aside. He should end it. End everything Haven was. Just running away wasn't enough.

Bell opened his mouth to say something about Haven. At that moment, Daniel pushed Bell's hair back, pressed a kiss to his temple. So casual, so gentle. And like that, the moment had passed. How could he bring up Lilah now?

"Are you sure?" he said. He didn't want to leave Daniel hanging. He liked Daniel, too.

Bell regarded Daniel's hand, then, with a groan, pushed himself to a sit, grabbed the hand, stood. The world swayed dramatically around him. Color drained from his vision, then light. His head went light as a feather. [i Shit.] He stumbled against Daniel and held on tight. It would pass. He just had to wait.

So maybe Daniel was right about the sauna and not eating after injuring himself. And maybe sending his blood in the opposite direction from his brain hadn't been a great idea, either. His knees sagged, and for a moment, Bell thought he was going to end up on the floor.

Sluggishly, his body caught up to him. His knees went steady. His vision came back. "[i Cold] shower," Bell emphasized, agreeing. Any more heat and he'd pass out for real. He leaned on Daniel all the way out of the sauna out of necessity, though it wasn't exactly painful, either.
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It felt like Bell-boy hadn't been properly tended to in a long, long while, the way the man all but crumpled into a trembling climax. Not even the exploring finger could keep any tension. Daniel's dark eyes searched Bell-boy's face, but alongside a face wiped void of expression was a hint of confusion and satisfaction. Hah, Bell-boy hadn't expected their coupling to ever feel this good, huh?
He leaned back a little, then slowly and meticulously covered Bell-boy up with the towel he'd pushed away moments ago. The taste on his lips felt familiar, human and diluted with sweat. Thirst made the heat even more unbearable. Daniel felt like having an ice-cold beer, if only they weren't on a mission to kill some goat.

Sorry, was he now?
Daniel snorted and stood, adjusted his towel and sat down next to Bell-boy. At Bell-boy's limp gesture, Daniel merely brushed Bell's hair back.
"It's okay, just leave it," he breathed and sagged back. He was used to it now. All those times he'd dreamt about Bell-boy and never having the satisfaction of having the man. What was one more wait in the shadow of that past?

Daniel pressed a kiss against Bell-boy's temple and leaned back, docilely staring into the sauna's fog. It'd feel wrong anyway. Like he was forcing Bell-boy to cheat on Lenny. It was all messed up again. Had they ever reached an agreement regarding their misshapen triangle? Because it didn't feel like it right now.
And Bell-boy disliked Lenny. It felt like nothing Lenny did sat right with Bell-boy. It was sad, in a way. Daniel dismissed the thoughts and blinked back to the here and now.

"We should wash off and get something to eat. Need to be ready to deal with Bunny-goat," Daniel said with a smile. He felt satisfied for having convinced Bell-boy that at least physically, they were a match. After another moment's rest, Daniel got up and extended a hand to Bell-boy.
"Let's grab a cold shower," he invited Bell-boy to stop indulging and get back to work. It'd feel better once they were back at it. Daniel was certain that Bell-boy would start remembering more once they'd fought a goat. At the very least he hoped Bell would remember how it felt to use the goat's powers.
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Daniel's whispers sent chills down his spine. [i Does he know how seductive he's being?] he wondered. It wasn't fair. Bell groaned and bit his lip, trying to hold back anyways. He wasn't going to make that pathetic of a showing on his first time with Daniel. He'd hold on a little longer. He couldn't. He couldn't, it didn't matter what he wanted, he was going to--

A second before it all spun out of control, Daniel let go. Bell gasped, catching the breath he hadn't noticed he'd been holding. What? They kissed, his confusion compounding as lips crashed. Why--why'd Daniel let go? He'd been feeling so good.

All his attention was on the other man as Daniel wandered down his body. [i Oh,] he realized, and a smirk played over his lips. Daniel paused at the nipples. Involuntarily, Bell twitched. Ah, shit. It felt too good. Down his stomach. He tensed in anticipation. Every place Daniel touched set on fire, all the nerves lighting up with pleasure. One hand coiled in Daniel's hair, stroking it back out of his face. They were a sweaty mess, the two of them. He loved the lust in Daniel's eyes. Loved the way the man moved, the twitch of his muscles, the shift of his skin.

Daniel was such a tease. He shifted, trying to hint at Daniel where to go, what to show his attention to. Not that there was any point. Daniel knew damn well what he was doing. When he finally took Bell in, it was a relief. He was all but bursting. Lost in the throes of pleasure, he helplessly responded as Daniel sought out every place that made him feel good, played him like a fiddle. His legs twitched, hips shifted, needy, wanting. He tensed a bit as a finger slid backwards, but only for a moment before he relaxed again. It was fine. Everything had felt so good so far. Daniel knew what he was doing.

He felt it draw thin, all his sensation pushed to the snapping point. He grabbed onto Daniel's head as his body tensed, hips twitched, a wave of pleasure exploding through him. It echoed through his body, pleasure vibrating from his toes to his fingertips and back again. Unbearable heat was followed by unbearable pleasure, and for a moment, his vision went white. Slowly, he relaxed. He sagged back on the bench and sighed out. Damn. How could it feel so good?

His eyes slid to Daniel. Still wanting. "Um, sorry," he managed. He hadn't meant to go first. It felt so good, though. He felt boneless. It was as if he was floating on a cloud, where nothing bad could touch him. He gestured limply for Daniel to move closer so he could finish the man off.
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Bell-boy started at first and Daniel just grinned at the sound of his name dying on Bell-boy's lips. He relished in the weak protest, the grip Bell-boy had on his wrist that did exactly nothing to stop him from pleasuring the man. And then Bell reciprocated. Daniel bit back a grunt. Just that first touch alone made him sigh out in delight, breath heavy with lust. Sweat mingled with sweat as they got closer to one another. Lazy kisses were exchanged and he loved the way Bell-boy moaned out his name, the way he begged for him to stop. Because what?
Daniel grinned.
"Shh," he soothed.
"Just give in," Daniel beckoned, promising there'd be more, a lot more, for a young man like Bell-boy if he just did what was good for him. "It feels like the first time, doesn't it? Don't worry, just give in to what feels good," he whispered and tugged Bell-boy's earlobe. He grinned at the new idea that sparked. Bell-boy was feeling pretty good, huh? It'd only take another jerk or two to tip the man over to a point of no return.

But his lips would be a much more gentler guide. Daniel savoured Bell-boy's touch a second or two longer before he let go and kissed the other man. Soon those lips were venturing further south. They teased Bell-boy's nipples and Daniel took his time to prolong Bell-boy's pleasure. He went even further down, kneeled and lavished himself on the hot, sweaty skin of Bell-boy's stomach. The towel was in the way.
Daniel pulled it down, pushed it open so Bell could cover himself quickly if need be. Not that he planned to move. He darted around the issue for a few long-drawn seconds before going down on Bell. At first he skirted around all the good bits, making sure to drive Bell-boy crazy, but they didn't have a lot of time. Soon Daniel was pulling out card after card with knowledge he knew would drive Bell-boy careening over that edge.

One naughty finger searched out the back-door at the height of Bell-boy's pleasure, just to test the waters and see how 'ready' Bell-boy actually was. The sweat on his skin made it easier. He didn't force anything though, didn't have to. Bell-boy was close.
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His heart sank at Daniel's 'probably shouldn't,' but whatever uncertainties Daniel held about being in a sauna, it seemed like his body didn't share those. Kisses traced down his neck. Bell nuzzled back, nibbling at Daniel's ear. Sweat slicked up wherever their bodies met. He no longer cared if he got sweat on him, because he was sweaty too, both of them dying in this heat but unable to stop from touching one another.

"If you--Daniel!" he exclaimed, startled more than anything. His hands clasped at Daniel's wrist, but weakly. It was a reaction from the touch being unexpected more than an actual protest. Were they going back to their room, or not? Though, then again, it'd be an awkward waddle home at this point. For both of them.

He released Daniel's wrist. His eyes found the other man's towel, and his hand slid underneath. This, too, was familiar. There were no longer any doubts to be had. He knew everything about Daniel. Every inch of his body. There was no other possibility, no other way to know so much.

Bell leaned into the touch, subconsciously shifting to make it feel more, better. Attentively, one hand continued working with Daniel while the other found a hold on Daniel's shoulders, fingernails biting deep. He kissed Daniel, slow and sweet, pressing his whole body against Daniel's. The heat multiplied between them. Before he'd felt hot. Now it felt like his skin was on fire. He wanted more. More already.

He couldn't manage words back, just a low grunt, caught up in their little game. Between the heat and their actions, he was breathless. His heart raced, excitement and lust all mixed together. "Daniel," he moaned. Was it supposed to feel this good? Was he supposed to want it this much? They weren't even going all the way, and already--

"Ah--stop, stop, I'm, I'mma," he breathed, pulling away. Were they going to do anything else? He didn't want to screw up after so long. It felt so good, though. Daniel knew exactly where to touch. It was dangerous, seriously dangerous.
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He wouldn’t, huh? He was ready. Sure he was. Bell-boy twitched satisfactory, but didn’t get his whisper. It was just as well. Daniel didn’t think the Bell as he was currently could console or take away the feelings of doubt at his own mortality in the face of something so eternal. Or maybe this Bell-boy would, knowing or feeling these goats were gods. So what did that make them? God-slayers?
Hands explored, distracting his thoughts elsewhere. Bell-boy’s touch was ever so familiar, so much so it almost hurt. It felt good though. He couldn’t deny that this is what he’d wanted for so incredibly long.

A hand stroked his hair back and Daniel looked at Bell-boy. The lust that was ignited in him was reflected in those eyes. Daniel decided that yeah, Bell-boy was ready, but a sauna wasn’t very practical. That said, it was a small sauna, meant for a small party of four, maybe six at best. No one was going to disturb them once they noticed it was occupied. At the same time, there was no way this whole thing was going to be comfortable without something to lubricate them.

“Probably shouldn’t,” Daniel mumbled into Bell’s neck. The man’s skin was hot, slick with sweat. Kisses traced the lines of Bell’s neck and collarbone, dipped further behind the man’s ear and Daniel nuzzled Bell-boy’s slick hair. It smelled like Bell.
He’d dreamt about this, day after day. Each night Bell had been just out of reach. Daniel knew Lenny dreamt it too. Holding Bell, fucking him, doing all those things to the man that they’d wanted to do for so long.

Daniel’s hands were leagues ahead of him.
He reached for Bell, under the man’s towel and explored just how much Bell-boy was rediscovering his sexual orientation.
“It’ll be more comfortable in bed,” he offered slyly. His hand had other plans. Once he’d found what he was looking for and deemed it worthy of his attention, he didn’t neglect to tighten his grip.

They could do other fun things, right here, right now. Sex wasn’t only about penetration and the Bell-boy that didn’t remember might be ready, but was he really ready to be dominated or to dominate? Daniel decided this might be better. Lenny might have better control. Or not. He’d been emotional lately. Especially lately.
“Fuck, it’s been too long, Bell-boy,” Daniel whispered heavily.
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In the space of a moment, all his fears vanished. Daniel responded, the unexpected tongue startling for a moment before it just felt good. A hand in his hair. He relaxed instinctively, and their bodies touched. It was like fire, heat reflecting heat. He didn't know if it was the sauna or his own body that felt so incredibly hot.

Another kiss. He was melting. When Daniel broke, he caught his breath, sliding back an inch to sit. He couldn't resist the urge to glance over at what Daniel would need that bigger towel for. A shiver ran down his spine. Oh, he liked it, alright. There was his confirmation: he liked men.

He gave Daniel a smirk. "I won't," he assured him. He inched closer, felt Daniel's eyes on his body and curled his spine a little to give him a better view. He was ready. It was time to give it a try already. A tongue on his neck. He twitched in surprise.

Daniel said something, but he didn't catch what. "Huh?" he asked. The next thing he caught loud and clear. Rather than answer, he kissed Daniel again. This time, he let his hands explore, wandering the muscles of the other man's back. So unlike Lilah, but in such an interesting way. Interesting, and familiar. He knew what he was going to find before he found it, every blemish and scar right where he expected them. He wanted to be with Daniel. It wasn't out of a sense of duty or guilt, just plain old lust and desire.

"I'm ready," he said, grinning when he pulled away. He stroked Daniel's hair back, massing the damp threads into a slicked-back style. The way the light caught Daniel's face, the tiny slit in the door lighting one eye and nothing else, made him look wild, almost feral. So handsome. So pretty. And right here in front of him. No one was going to know. No one was going to get angry with him.

His body was responding as well. Like last night, there was no need for pills anymore. "Right here?" he asked, breathless. No one was here, but it probably wasn't a great idea. They were technically in public, after all. Maybe he should've made his move in their room. But it hadn't felt right.
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"Try?" Shit, when had Bell-boy come in this close anyway?
"Try what?" Daniel continued, relaxing a hair. It was only Bell-boy and it was just the two of them, after all. Not as if the man was intimidating when it was like this. Bell-boy leaned close then and Daniel's hazel eyes followed the man's motions, zoned in on his lips and lazily travelled back up. It was too hot to really be hasty or quick. Sweat pearled on his skin.

Yeah, so they were. All alone. Not for long, he suspected.
He wasn't drunk this time and Bell-boy was sober too. Daniel didn't resist Bell's kiss. Unlike Bell-boy, he didn't mind the extra heat, but he moved through it slower. One hand was raised up, burrowed itself in the soggy strands of Bell-boy's hair. His tongue flicked out to play with Bell-boy's, turning the kiss deep and sensual.

Bell's eyes searched his face, looking for approval and Daniel just kissed the man again.
"Shit," he breathed out.
He hadn't had any since he abandoned Bell-boy in Haven. Nothing but his own touch. His body was already responding. "Uhm...I'm going to need a bigger towel," Daniel chuckled leisurely, indicating that he was going to have an embarrassing little problem if anyone came looking inside.

Not that he cared. Not really.
Daniel had always been pretty confident about his body, scars, wrinkles and all. He cocked his head at Bell-boy, looking over the man's body with sin in his eyes.
"Don't push it further than you're willing to go, Bell-boy," he said softly. It had to be evident he lusted after the man. Daniel hadn't ever told Bell otherwise. Even Lenny would want it, though he was arguably the least stable of the two of them.

He leaned up and licked the sweat off of Bell-boy's neck. Salty-sweet sweat stuck to his tongue, hot skin underneath. Of course, Bell-boy had healed up perfectly, unlike him. How long would he be able to keep up?
A decade? Just a few more years?
"Will you forget all about me then too?" he breathed, so soft, Daniel doubted Bell-boy had heard. He let go, hand dropping to his side, a lazy grin on his face.
"You sure you're ready?" he whispered at Bell. Because he was. So ready.
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The heat was stifling. He panted his way over to a seat and plopped down, sprawling out. So damn hot! It felt good, though, at the same time. Felt like all his muscles were relaxing from the heat. The persistent ache in his back and head quieted down in favor of feeling the heat. Bell stretched and yawned, then sank down again.

He glanced over at Daniel. "Yeah, I'm fine," he reported. "Roasting away just fine. Flip me in an hour and I'll be done." He sighed out and fanned himself, realized was the futility of such an action and slid down in his seat instead.

Bell's eyes flicked to Daniel. He scooted closer. No reaction. It was like Daniel was a million miles away, so far from him he couldn't reach. Quietly, he scanned Daniel's body, taking in all the wrinkles and scars, all the tiny imperfections. So many memories that he'd never know. So much time he'd lost that he could never get back. "What you said... does it also apply to you?" he asked. Was making out a little, falling in bed together, all he needed to do to fall in love with Daniel, too?

Daniel sighed. He tilted his head, uncertain how to take that. "Can always try," he muttered to himself. He was more willing to try with Daniel. It wasn't that the man didn't have faults, it was just that he was less of an asshole about them. Mostly.

He leaned out from the seat, looking at Daniel. He drank in Daniel's eyes, reflecting the barest light from the coal, found his eyes flicking to the man's lips. Bell shifted closer, putting a hand on Daniel's thigh. "We're all alone in the dark," he said. Looked up at him. Was Daniel up for it? Did he want to? Bell wanted to. There'd almost been something last night, hadn't there? Or was that only due to the alcohol?

It was a risk, but he decided to go for it anyways. Bell leaned in, moving a little closer. It was too hot to carelessly touch, so he ended up contorted trying to only kiss and not touch. His eyes flicked to Daniel. Was he interested? Should he retreat, or press on?
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"Nah, we haven't," Daniel said, emphasising the 'we'-part. "Just wondering if you had," he pointed out. The next question made Daniel pause in his tracks. How undressed did they get? Good question. A devilish grin played about his lips. He shook his head, "they've got towels," Daniel offered up. No need for sticky underwear when they could just be wearing a nice towel around their hips and let everything breathe. Maybe not here though. Daniel surmised that usually, people would keep their swimming-gear on. For lack thereof, Daniel dressed down to just his boxers and left it at that.

He raised an eyebrow at Bell-boy's statement.
"Yeah, I'd expect it to be," Daniel offered up to the darkness. It seemed to have shaken Bell-boy a deal more than it should have though. He shrugged and followed Bell-boy in. It was dank and humid inside, hot, with coal in the middle the only source of light in the room. For a second Daniel couldn't see too much, but soon he could make out the benches, the wood and the way the rest of the room was decorated.

It was hard to breathe for a second, the humidity cloying. He prodded himself experimentally. Bruises, from falling earlier. Lenny and his stupidity got them hurt again. Wouldn't be the first time the little fucker care less than little about their life. Could've died out there. Responsible his ass.
The same could be said for their stunt this afternoon.

Daniel took a deep breath and sat down, then leaned back. It was too hot to do much more strenuous.
"You okay, Bell-boy?" he offered up casually. He wouldn't be surprised if Bell-boy's need for food would get to him. No more goat-healings for him. Would've been nice. Daniel fingered the scar on his stomach. There'd be more where that came from until Bell-goat offered up its blood again some day.

That, and he'd die.
Bell-boy wouldn't grow old, but he would and he'd die. Would it be okay to become a goat then, huh? Who was to say the goatling would allow it then? It might be more inclined to play poetry. Daniel rested back and closed his eyes, sought out the connect and through the wolf's eye admired the snowy landscape. It was close, actually. Far closer than Daniel thought it'd be. The buildings were in view. The half-eaten carcass of a rabbit lay spread out on a patch of bark.

He blinked back to the sauna with a sigh.
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The pool and sauna were relatively quiet at this hour; most likely everyone was already out on the slopes, or getting food, or anything but taking a break to warm up. He followed where Daniel indicated they go and found himself in a clean space, pristine white tile lining the walls. Wooden doors led to a dark room; the sauna.

Bell hung his coat beside Daniel's. "We've been to a sauna before?" he asked. He didn't remember that at all. Daniel seemed lost in his own thoughts. Bell shrugged to himself and sucked down the last of his hot chocolate. Didn't matter, really.

"How undressed do we get?" Bell asked. He shucked off all his shirts but his undershirt in one go. "All the way naked?" That'd be a bit rough. "Underwear?" Far preferable, in his opinion, but who knew? Maybe it was some kind of terrible sauna sin.

He got down to his underwear and paused there, looking around. The sauna wouldn't be a good place to attack, despite the room itself being dark. Too much risk of someone walking by. Not that he was really here for that. More like he wanted to check out the sauna, and Daniel hadn't bothered to stop him.

Curious, he poked his head into the room just to look around. It was dark and dank. Reminded him of the Room of Sin, whatever they'd called that shitty place they'd brought him at first. Images followed up the first, chaotic and unorganized: pressing darkness, nothing but black, the earth all around them and small lights the only way to see; a dark room, black as night, metal echoing in the expanse as it shifted, a black shape barely visible for a moment before it became a part of the darkness. A dark room, a warm body pressed up against his, lazy shifting, a face. For a split second, it was Lilah, but then it became Daniel and Landon's, the expression soft in a way he hadn't yet seen in reality.

He pulled his head back. "It's dark in there," he reported. "Should we take a closer look?" Without waiting for Daniel's go-ahead, he stepped boldly inside the sauna.
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