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Bell-boy was on the bed before he could even get properly dry and Daniel decided not to follow suit -for fear of utterly fading out of reality again- though it was tempting to do so. Daniel kicked the soiled comforter out of the way a little and sat down until a knock to the door signalled dinner was served. Considering Bell-boy was trying to suffocate in a pillow, Daniel took it upon himself to greet the delivery guy. As a last-second gesture, Daniel managed to pilfer his wallet for some smaller bills to tip the guy.

"Hawaiian and meat?" the guy said, looking as if he'd barely manage a facial expression. Daniel simply nodded. They exchanged goods and Daniel closed the door behind. Privacy again. Which was good.
He pattered back to the bed and set down the pizzas, then found the remote and flicked on the television. Nothing like some post-coital pizza and television to bond over. Daniel sat down, legs folded underneath himself and positioned the cardboard box in front of him. With a simple gesture, the smell of pizza wafted up at him.

Hunger he'd forgotten made him ravenous for the food inside the box, though after the first few slices, Daniel slowed down. His foot didn't like his position of choice either, so Daniel shifted to stretch out the leg and foot.

"Why don't we do this more often?" Daniel said, leaning back against the headboard to savour his slice of pizza even more. Even though he'd turned on the television, Daniel only now realized it was running some over-used commercial about skin-products for women. Great.

"Wonder what the girls are doing," he muttered.
Slumber-party, much? Spot had gone with the two as well. Smart pooch. A yawn threatened to cut short his dinner, but Daniel was persistent. Eating more now meant less pain later. More healing, even if it was just pizza. He wasn't that much of a fan of cold pizza either.

Done for now, Daniel folded the pizza-box and put it on the nightstand. He was still too warm, but the hotel-room wasn't cold by any means and the sheets were nice. It'd be safer to fall asleep on an actual bed than it was in a blasted tub.
He still couldn't get over how Bell-boy had all but bathed him completely while he'd been asleep.
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Daniel startled awake at last. He'd really been out hard. Bell watched as Daniel struggled to wake up, half-rising with his hair still sudsy, and started to grab him to keep him from dripping soap across the room--but Daniel figured it out first and rinsed off. Bell pulled away a bit to let him reorganize his thoughts and nodded. "Yeah, you were sleeping hard, so I figured might as well get you cleaned up before the water went cold."

Despite his explanation, Daniel still seemed a little bit out of it. Seemed like he'd been pretty seriously asleep there. The phone ringing didn't help much either, and Daniel seemed to agree, because he left Bell in the tub alone to go fetch it. Bell yawned. Now he was sleepy. Not that it mattered. He could eat and then nap all he wanted.

He reached out with his toes and drained the tub, resting his head on his hands against the outward edge of it and staring blankly into the bathroom. Weirdly enough, he felt a little floaty after the bath. Probably had gone and overheated himself a little.

Daniel came back. It was cute, the way he scrubbed his hair dry like that while letting everything hang out. Bell waved drowsily, not particularly worried about thanks or whatever. Wasn't the first time, wouldn't be the last. And he liked it, anyways. Taking complete control over someone like that.

"It's fine," he insisted. Barely hurt at all. He yawned again, then stretched. The water had mostly drained, and his overheatedness was fading. Slowly, he climbed out of the water and grabbed a towel, then found his clothes. Should really be decent for when they brought food. Didn't want to scandalize some poor schmuck running room service with having to deliver pizza to a couple of naked men.

With a few quick motions, he yanked his clothes on, then stumbled into the bedroom. His usual plop down on the bed was paused at the mess he'd be plopping into, but all it took was a quick yank-down of the comforter and he could plop away. "Fod," he moaned, face down into the mattress. Felt like it was taking forever to arrive.
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Drifting. Felt like he was drifting on the ocean. Above, endless blue, glistening in the endless darkness stretching out to all sides. It felt safe, floating like that. Until something disturbed the equilibrium and he threatened to sink. Daniel started to fight floating then, started back into wakefulness and nearly knocked into Bell.
"What-?" So close.
Bell-boy's arms were to the side, soap in hand. A tub. Water. Suds?
Daniel caught his breath and blinked up at Bell-boy.

"Phone's ringing," he muttered, still dazed. Pizza. Right, they'd ordered pizza. The dream's serenity clashed with reality, causing it to come crashing back full-force. He couldn't exactly get up with Bell-boy still between his legs though. Daniel wiped the water from his face and pulled up to extract himself from Bell-boy, then realized his hair was still a soapy mess.
When had that happened?

"Did you-? What the hell..." Daniel muttered. How had Bell managed to get all of that done without him realizing? He let himself slip under for a second, rinsing out the worst of the suds, then pushed himself up on the edge of the tub. Daniel put his ass on the edge and swivelled about to step into the room with a few brisk steps.
His foot ached as he did so, but he was just in time to catch the phone before it stopped ringing.

Room-service. Whether they'd ordered pizza up to their room.
"Yeah, yeah we did," Daniel muttered.
They'd bring it up.
For a second Daniel stood there, then hung back up. Clothes.
Or a towel. He was dripping on the carpet. Daniel returned to the bathroom at a slower pace, then snatched up one of the towels they'd used just a while a go. "Thanks for, you know. I don't know," he sighed out and briskly scrubbed at his wet hair with the towel.

Daniel's eyes landed on Bell-boy's stomach.
"Should we wrap that?" Maybe patch it. Just the bigger cuts, to prevent dirt from getting into them. It meant having to go out and fetch the supplies they'd gotten before though and Daniel didn't feel much for going out.
"They're bringing food up," he mentioned, then slipped into his clothes. They were a bit abused from wearing them for too long at a time, but soon after they warmed up, felt good as old. He'd gotten used to wearing dirty clothes. Daniel wondered how Sam would go about it. Bell and him had long since given up on regular visits to laundromats.
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Bell made a little more room for Daniel as the other man stepped in, sitting upright and proper for a moment. Daniel sat back against the wall, and he scooted up into the space between Daniel's legs, leaning back into his arms to enjoy being the little spoon. For a while, he just sat there, the hot water making him sleepy, until he caught himself dozing off and sat up, blinking back asleep. "Almost fell asleep," he said, laughing at himself. That would've had his goat pissed for sure! Flu Mt and drowning in the tub. It'd be so angry..

Daniel didn't reply. Bell waited, then, suspicious, peeked over his shoulder. Daniel had gone and passed the fuck out without him! "Honestly," he muttered, then sighed. Should've known it'd be like this.

Oh well, no point wasting the bath. He grabbed the soap and started to wash off, making the water turn shiny with soap. The whole time, he kept Daniel in the corner of his eye, making sure Daniel didn't slip under and drown himself.

He finally scrubbed his hair and dunked his head under, getting the soap and oils all out. Then there was only Daniel left. Moving gently so he wouldn't wake him, Bell started on washing Daniel, since he knew the man wouldn't do it himself. He let Daniel sleep through as much of it as he could, but eventually he got up to Daniel's hair.

Bell bit his lip, considering. Maybe...if he was careful...yes, it should work. Slowly, he eased Daniel off the edge and towards him, supporting his neck so his head didn't flop back. Like that, he could dunk just the back of Daniel's head in. The golden strands floated on the surface of the water until he eased them in, running his free hand along the crown of Daniel's head until they all soaked into the water. Then he slid Daniel back to the edge and propped him up there to work soap through his hair. Once everything was soapy, he just had to repeat his earlier actions to wash Daniel off.

The phone started to ring just as he finished. Bell looked up. Was that pizza? He gave Daniel a little shake. "Hey, wake up, I think pizza's here," he urged Daniel. He couldn't leave Daniel in the bath and go answer the phone! He'd drown for sure!
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Fresh blood. Spots of it on the bandages and gauze. Daniel watched Bell-boy unwrap his torso through heavily lidded eyes, following the man's fingers as they worked. Seemed like the bandages growing into the injury had been preventing Bell-boy from healing up nicely and with them gone, Bell-goat made short work of the cuts.
Good as new? Daniel raised an eyebrow in disbelief. Sure, good as new.
He sighed out in defeat, though when given the opportunity, Daniel was sure to fall asleep before pizza.
"Thanks," he muttered. At least he got his pineapple. Could use the sugar.

Daniel stood when Bell-boy stepped into the tub and submerged himself. "Is it?" he said with a small smile, hinting at the fact that there was barely any room for anyone if Bell-boy was going at it like that. Now that he was up out of the water again, there was a little more room though and Daniel stepped in behind Bell-boy, wary of the man's still-healing injuries.

Sure, they looked like they'd gotten along fairly well, but Daniel wasn't sure. There was still blood and everything. Crusted over though.
He leaned back, creating space between his legs for Bell-boy to sit. The warm water almost spilled over like this, but Daniel didn't care. Between the fever, driving all afternoon, the warm water and the sex they had a second ago he was spent.

Daniel tipped his head back on the tub's edge and closed his eyes. Sleep. He could do a nap right here, right now. Bell-boy's sitting in front of him ought to prevent him from slipping down the tub and into the water.
Nice and warm, for once. A perfect warmth. Felt almost like being cradled by a goat, like he had in his dreams on occasion. There'd been very little dreams and whenever they did happen, usually revolved around goats, the cogs or their hive, or whatever it was his puny brain couldn't quite grasp.
He numbly wondered whether it was the same for Sam.
Probably not.

Daniel's breathing sagged to a steady, calm rhythm, secure in knowing Bell-boy would wake him up if he started drowning.
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Bell looked at him, brows furrowed. "Do we have more in the car? I know we jacked a good amount of clothes from the hunters..." Maybe not underwear so much, though. He didn't know. Clean clothes would be nice, though. They always seemed to be in short supply. Not like it was a surprise, living on the streets.

"Maybe," he muttered, unwrapping the bandages in earnest. It'd probably not healed through the first time because of the bandages being stuck in his skin, right? So it should've healed through now. Not to mention that the cut was a lot more shallow the second time they dealt with it.

The wrappings were mostly clean, peeling away easier. Even the lower levels were okay for the most part, though spotted in places with fresh blood. Looked like their little session had broke something open... well, that was no surprise. Still, the wrappings came away easy enough. "Mmm-mmm," he replied distractedly, shaking his head. He was fine. It didn't hurt too bad. And there wasn't too much blood.

The gauze was spotted, too, but when he unwrapped it, the cuts underneath were small and looked shallow. Creepily enough, they were shaped like fingers, if the hand was to be laid flat and jabbed directly into him; he could see exactly the outline of every finger that the hybrid had jabbed into his gut, all four of them circled neatly on his stomach and even a rapidly-fading scar from where the thumb had punctured him. Some of the cuts had broken open, but they were already closing back up, crusty secondary scabs layering on top of the ones already in place.

"Good as new," Bell declared, patting his belly lightly. Still hurt when he touched it, a little. Not bad, though.

Sleep, sleep, sleep. He could always do with a nap after sex, but honestly, he'd already napped half the day away. He was mostly good now. "After pizza," he promised. He walked over and patted Daniel's head, then played with his hair some. "After pizza we can sleep alllll night. I even got you pineapples."

The bathtub looked nice and full, so he stepped past Daniel into the warm water. Sighing out, he sunk down into the water and dipped all the way under. Felt so nice to finally soak his whole body up! He broke the surface with a little gasp and looked at Daniel, grinning. "Water's fine!" he said, pleased. Nice and cozy.
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Bell-boy's laughter broke his daze. His pause was amusing to Bell, was it?
"Wish I had clean ones," Daniel muttered as he followed Bell towards the bathroom. Washing up, then nap and if it so happened to be delivered, pizza. Seemed like a sound plan. The sound of water draining got Daniel distracted, but not for long. Bell-boy was more interesting, as usual.
"You good to take those off?" he asked.
They'd have to fetch clean bandages if Bell-boy wanted to take those off and he'd left Bell-boy bleeding that afternoon. Wouldn't be a surprise if some of it wasn't healed yet, even if it was Bell-goat. Bell had healed from worse though.
Daniel sat down on the edge of the tub to get the weight off his foot and stared ahead until the sound of the drain stopped entirely. He nudged the stopper back in place and started to run them a second bath to augment the first. Maybe they'd actually be clean after all this.

Daniel ran some of the water down the palm of his hand, cupping the fluids to take a few sips. Tasted like chloride. The water in America usually did, especially in the cities.
He leaned against the tiled wall, tired and chilled now that his body was slowing down. Should've probably gone with nap first, but he'd rather be clean. Have a comfortable night's sleep and wake up feeling human, rather than a dried up blood stain on the bedsheets.

"Need any help with those?" Daniel offered. If need be, he'd simply go out to the van and make a supply run -get some fresh clothes and bandages.
After disinfecting the cuts, undoing the wrappings so soon after wasn't Daniel's first instinct though. Bell-boy would probably know best. If Bell-goat had healed him, it'd be good.
Daniel closed his eyes for a second, the rising steam from the tub making his eyelids heavier than they already were. He played a little mind-game with himself; to only open his eyes when he thought the tub was done filling.
The noise was a meagre clue.

In the end Daniel opened his eyes too early. Lost the game.
"I really could do with more sleep," Daniel muttered, watching the water fill. When it was enough, Daniel reached for the taps. Unlike previous times, this time the tub was filled enough to submerge them.
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"No kidding," Bell said, chuckling a little. He felt so nice and refreshed now. He rolled over to grab Daniel for cuddles, but Daniel was already sitting up. Pouting a bit to himself, Bell rolled back on his back and stretched. Should probably get washed before anything else.

Or order pizza. "Guess so," he said, and reached for the phone, glancing through the pamphlet to see what the phone numbers were. He dialed, then waited. Someone picked up on the other end at last, and before they could get too deep into their speel, he cleared his throat and interrupted. "Large meat lover's and a large Hawaiian," he ordered. He'd get Daniel his stupid pineapples, but only because he'd fucked him so well. Large because he'd eat the leftovers for breakfast or lunch tomorrow, and leftover pizza was the best.

He had to get up to fetch Daniel's card, but luckily the man's pants weren't too far from the bed. Groaning, he climbed to his feet, stomach and ass both displeased with his course of action. At least it was just a step or two, and it was done. All the details settled, he hung up, then looked at Daniel. Who was standing there like an idiot, stark naked with his underwear in one hand.

Bell just stared for a second, then laughed aloud, unable to stop himself . It looked like he was trying to figure out the meaning of life, or maybe the meaning of underwear. "I'm gonna go wash up before pizza gets here," he offered, still chuckling. "You can join if you want. Or stand there and contemplate your panties some more, whatever."

He patted Daniel's ass on the way past and stepped into the bathroom. The water from the first time was still clogging up the tub, nasty and lukewarm. He pulled the drain with his toes, then leaned against the sink to watch it drain. One hand picked idly at the bandage around his stomach. Would it be okay to take off? It felt fine, mostly. Well, a little sore now, but that was expected. Be nice if he could take a proper bath. He pulled at it, deciding. He was going to take the damn thing off and see if he was okay enough for a bath, dammit. He wanted his whole body to feel clean, not just his lower half.
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A hand toyed with his hair. Daniel could barely catch his breath and laughed. Fuck, he'd no resilience, no stamina to last, but then again, Bell-boy being in the state he was wouldn't have been able to last long either. As it was, Daniel didn't care. He'd experienced a shuddering climax and by the looks of things, Bell-boy was well sated. Daniel responded lazily to Bell-boy's kisses, then stretched out on the bed.
Any food sounded good right about now.
"Yeah, yeah, food sounds good," he started, trying to stifle a yawn. Bell-boy's was catching. Hazel eyes drifted to regard Bell-boy. Needed a hair-cut. Other than that, Bell's sated face was adorable to look at.
"Love you too," Daniel muttered.

He finally caught his breath, then gave Bell a goofy smile.
"...that was long overdue," Daniel put out there. Honestly, the longer he thought about it, the more important it became they travel to Pennsylvania and deal with the hunters once and for all. Though even then they'd had their troubles, at least none included a lack of privacy -well, aside for that stint in Robert's little prison.

"You ordering?" he asked. Now that he'd recovered a little, Daniel sat up, pressed a kiss to Bell-boy's chest and then fidgeted with the wrappings around his foot. They'd gotten dirty from being on there for so long and if it weren't for the bath earlier, smelled pretty grody. The bandages came off cleanly enough.
Underneath there were impressive blotches. Bruises that'd fallen apart, sinking down his foot due to gravity. Daniel experimentally moved his foot. The skin on the sole was fresh; pink and soft still. Healed up though.
Still hurt. The bones had probably already healed and set, but Daniel wasn't sure. No telling without an x-ray whether everything had healed up properly. He tossed the soiled bandages in a bin and picked of the pamphlet for the telephone number, then handed it over to Bell. It was cold, despite everything, so he searched for his shorts, then reconsidered. Should've brought clean clothes. Maybe a hotel like this would have robes or whatever. That'd be nice.
And they were due another bath, or at least a shower.
Or a nap. Torn between his choices, Daniel stood in the middle of the room with his shorts in hand.
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Daniel pulled his hand away and lifted Bell's hips. Bell licked his lips, watching as Daniel lined up. His hands clenched at the sheets, and he shuddered, wanting so badly, waiting, tension growing in the small space between them. Then Daniel drove it home. Bell cried out, hands clenching deeper into the sheets, back arching, a mixture of pain and pleasure shuddering through him. Daniel moaned aloud, and Bell swallowed back his own, gasping for air and some kind of control where there was no control to be found. Kisses distracted him. He responded, kissing Daniel back desperately, glad for the distraction, but it didn't last long.

Daniel moved before he was ready. Bell whined and gripped at him trying to get him to hold back. Not like this. It'd been too long, he wasn't going to last. "Daniel--" he gasped in some sort of reply, but Daniel was already going faster. Surprise washed over his face, then pleasure. Bell bit his lip in an attempt to hold on, hold back, but it was useless, because Daniel had found that spot. He let out a little moan, body tensing, shifting to try and make Daniel hit it again. Daniel was relentless, chasing him down again and again, hitting exactly where he liked it with no respite. Bell could already feel it building, and held on hopelessly, trying not to let go too pathetically early.

But it was no use. He couldn't control it; his body has a mind of its own. He trembled, then jolted, stomach aching as his body clenched down, then released. Then there was nothing but pleasure, washing over him in warm waves, and Daniel, shivering and gasping in the throes of it.

Bell sighed out and laid back, resting against the bed. His stomach felt achy and tender, but the rest of him felt good, so it was fine. He reached up and toyed with Daniel's hair, nuzzling him for lazy kisses. "Love you," he sighed, then yawned. Could use a nap. "Pizza?" he suggested lazily. If he hadn't been convinced earlier, he was now: whatever they were having for dinner, it'd better not make him move too far from this bed.
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All thought of going slow fled out the window once Bell-boy trapped him with his legs, laughing and whispering he wanted it. How could he refuse? The jelly managed to find his hands, but before Daniel could take off the lid, Bell took it back and started to work on himself. Daniel chuckled at the sight, then licked his lips. It was kind of nice to watch. Bell-boy's teasing. Did he really think he'd be the one in control?

Daniel grinned devilishly.
Rather than give in to Bell-boy's goading, Daniel made sure his fingers were nice and slick before he chased Bell-boy's down. Had to make sure the man was nice and ready, begging, rather than coaxing. Only when he was sure Bell-boy was ready, did he pull the other man's hand away and took over.

Slow. Shit.
The buffet before him was meant to be ravaged, not carefully considered. Still Daniel's intentions held up for now. He supported Bell-boy's hips, pulled him closer to line up, hopefully making the strain on Bell-boy's injury as light as possible.

The first contact left Daniel shivering with pleasure.
So warm. So tight.
It felt so perfect he could cry. Daniel moaned out instead, then slowly started to move, taking a leaf out of Lenny's book. He almost lost control, right then and there. Bell felt so good and he really didn't have a defence against any of it. Good thing they didn't have to be quiet this time. They had all the privacy they could possibly desire.

Daniel gripped the sheets, hovering over Bell, one hand still on the man's lower back for support. Kisses. His lips demanded kisses, distraction, anything. Until finally, Daniel couldn't control himself any longer. It was too much. It'd been too long and Bell-boy felt so fucking good inside.
He started to move faster.

"Bell, fuck, why do you feel so good?" Daniel muttered, going deeper, deeper still until he found the spot that made Bell squirm. He brushed by it, again and again, intent on making Bell feel just as good as he was. Only when his words failed to come out as anything other than grunts, did Daniel let go completely.
It didn't last long either. It felt so good.
He was a sticky, hot mess when his body brought it home, shivering and gasping involuntarily as his skin rippled with static.
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Daniel led the way to the bed. Bell followed, if only because it meant that Daniel was pulling away from him to do so. He kicked his coat in passing, then caught it with his toes and pulled it up onto their bed with them. Jelly, that'd be important.

Soft sheets gave way before them, and he squirmed, sighing at the feel of cotton against his everything. It was a nice cool contrast after the bath, after the heat of Daniel's skin. Skin that was still brushing against his, insistently pushing into him. He arced his back and pushed back, raised his legs and locked them around Daniel's hips. Wanted more. He wanted more.

He laughed. Perfect. Him? Never. But it felt nice to hear it. "You too," he said, hooking his arms around Daniel's neck, sliding his hands down the warm parts of Daniel's back. He was perfect. Perfect for him.

Bell leaned up and nibbled Daniel's earlobe, pulling at it. "Daniel, Daniel, want you," he whispered. He laid back against the bed and grabbed his coat, pulling it up to reach. Inquisitive fingers found his jelly, and he pressed it into Daniel's hands. He wanted to be fucked this time. Because last time it hadn't been Daniel, so he wanted to have Daniel inside him. Maybe it was stupid, but it was what he wanted.

He kissed Daniel and squirmed up into him, rubbing them together. It did make his stomach hurt a little, this pose, but he was well past caring. If Daniel went inside of him, he'd just completely forget about it. And it didn't hurt so bad. Felt way more good than it felt bad.

Impatient, he let go of Daniel with his legs and found the jelly, then undid the lid. Biting his lip, he stole some out and started to work himself open, spreading his legs nice and wide for Daniel. If Daniel wasn't going to do it, then he would. Felt weird, mostly, but he didn't mind. It'd feel good soon enough. He didn't feel shy right now. Not with Daniel wanting just as badly as he did. "C'mon, c'mon, you wanna?" he asked, sticking his tongue out a little. With the lubed-up hand, he teased Daniel, raising his eyebrows. Daniel wanted it, didn't he?
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Two could play that game, apparently. Daniel realized too late he had near to no defence against Bell-boy's teasing, if the man chose to go at it a hundred percent. Between the kisses and Bell's hold, Daniel was soon just as out of breath as Bell-boy was. Light-headed too, in a nice way. The way Bell only just managed to say they ought to move to the bed was endearing. It was nice, being able to have such an influence on a person. On the person he loved. And then Bell-boy was pulling away, leaving him cold and alone. Daniel did the only viable thing: follow.

He was careful about stepping out of the tub, taking his time. Didn't want to slip or pass out or whatever. That'd ruin the mood for sure. Arms wrapped around him once he stood before Bell, kisses peppered across his skin like hot pokers leaving scorching marks in their wake. His lips caught what kisses they could without him running out of breath. Only when it became a bother to stand, the heat of Bell-boy's proximity intoxicating, did Daniel dare to put some air between them.

He took the Bellwether's hand and slowly stepped towards the bathroom door. The room was colder, but the plush carpet was nice against his one bare foot -ought to really get rid of the now-soaked bandages.
Daniel ferried them both towards the bed, pondering for a second whether Bell-boy would want to lead this dance and decided they could figure it out later. For now, Daniel thought it more important more touching happened.

The space that had come between them was closed with a few pulls and nudges. For once, the sheets felt starched and nice, not like the abused cloth they usually slept in but crisp and clean. That'd soon change.
Daniel felt consumed by need. Like nothing else mattered. It didn't matter his foot might hurt, that Bell-boy's injury needed careful consideration and that he was still shaking the fever from being infested by extraterrestrial material. All that mattered was the difference in temperature between them and the room. Their proximity, how their bodies seemed to collide and become one presence.

"You're perfect, you know that?" Daniel complimented. Fingers pushed through Bell-boy's thick hair, brushing the now too-long strands back. His hips ground into Bell's.
Top or bottom? His dilated pupils belied the patience he exerted.
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Daniel massaged him in return, strong hands running down his back, making him shiver. He grinned and squirmed a bit more when Daniel squeezed his ass, very much in agreement with how Daniel as the man pressed him close, making sure there was nothing between them, not an inch of space. Those hands slid up his thighs, kneading deeply; it felt so good, the tension all flying away between the heat and the massage. Flying away, to gather in a very particular place. Kisses felt like fire pressed to his collarbone, along the line of his neck, and he nuzzled Daniel back, tilting his head down to entice Daniel to place those kisses on his lips instead.

"I do," Bell sighed. He stretched up and ran his hands through Daniel's hair, watching the golden strands shine and darken with water. Daniel's hands slid closer to what wanted the most attention; he twitched, wanting to be touched already. Then Daniel found it, and Bell stiffened, an unconscious shiver of pleasure running through him at Daniel's touch. Felt so good. He slid his hands up over Daniel's shoulders and down his front. Two could play at that game. He kissed Daniel as he took hold, and teased him, giving him just enough attention to get him going, but not enough to provide satisfaction. His own breathing was growing deeper, pleasure simmering up inside him. Between the heat of the bath and Daniel's hands, he felt like putty, malleable and warm. Just...good.

He kissed Daniel again, then pulled away a little. "We should...bed," he managed, thoroughly distracted. Bell stood slowly, legs a little shaky from pure lust, then stepped out and waited for Daniel. Waited because he wanted a kiss, which he demanded as soon as Daniel had joined him in standing. But it felt so good that he just wrapped his arms around Daniel and held on, kissing him over and over. Maybe they wouldn't make it to the bed. His jelly was over there, though, and it'd be no good without it. Still, he didn't want to be parted from Daniel for a second.
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It didn't take Bell-boy long to decide. Soon enough the man was in his lap, nice and warm. Daniel was too distracted by the whole picture to consider their earlier discussion any longer. Hands ran down his legs thoughtfully and Daniel watched Bell's expression closely, without disturbing the man. It wasn't often Bell-boy gave much thought to anything. Or maybe the man was just tired after travelling all day.
Daniel knew he was.

And then Bell snapped out of it and squirmed, turning around to face him. Straddled like this, who would even consider cleaning?
A delighted huff was the most intelligible thing Daniel managed to produce, which, alongside his grin, didn't say much at all and everything at the same time. Apparently Bell-boy didn't need much direction, because soon Bellwether's hands massaged their way down his back. He shivered as tension fled his body and leaned in to Bell's kiss.
This was good.

This was really good.
Daniel hummed into the kiss, unable to keep his hands still. They roved the warm expanse of Bell-boy's back, down to his ass, giving the cheeks a squeeze and making sure there was as little space between their skin as possible. Part of him wanted this so badly, while another part was already half asleep. It was actually a rather lustful position to be in as well. Letting go was easy, just let his body take over and do whatever it pleased.

As it was, his hands ended up kneading the muscle in Bell-boy's leg, lips begging for more attention. When they didn't get it fast enough, Daniel decided to instead press those kisses to Bell-boy's chest, along the line of his collarbone, nipping gently at the skin of Bell's neck. Slow. There'd been something about making sure they didn't go too fast.
Daniel would've easily forgotten if it wasn't for the bandages wrapped around Bell-boy's torso.

"Don't forget the hair, you like the hair," Daniel muttered, almost entirely preoccupied with everything else about Bell. His hands teased around Bell's loins, soon enough finding exactly where he figured Bell-boy needed attention, soap or no.
Where was the jelly anyway?
Not that the tub would be any good for what he wanted to do.
  Landon Turner / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 23d 12h 52m 22s

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