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A zoo? Better yet, Mardi Gras. "Did Daniel tell you we can't drink?" Landon said sourly. Of course the idiot hadn't; why else would he have woken up hungover that day? Leave it to him to deal with the aftermath of it all. 'Free'. Sure. Yup, that was them. Free as a bird. Except for where they weren't. Landon sighed. He was in a bad mood and his headache wasn't helping things.
At least Bell wasn't seriously injured.
"Yeah? Why is the guy with the head injury driving then?" Landon posed, narrowing his eyes at Bellwether. Anywhere he wanted to go?
It was pointless to think or change their itinerary now, after they'd already decided.
"I don't care," he muttered. "You've already decided, no point in changing that," Landon shrugged and regretted the motion as it tugged at places he didn't expect to hurt like that. He shifted and tried to get comfortable again, staring down the road.

"I suppose so," Landon said.
"No... actually," he took a deep breath. "You saved my life from them and I- I watched as 'it' slotted perfectly into my life. I was replacable, easily replaced. Any one person could be one of them, except you. That's what I thought back then. That's what you thought." Landon swallowed and took in a deep breath.
"By the time we found out, we'd already started to become more than just... people cast into a shitty situation with a shitty secret to keep," he muttered.

Landon glanced over at Bell when the man piped up again. This time with an even harder question.
"Does it matter?" he said, evasive. Landon glanced over and regarded Bellwether. He wasn't the same person, had even become pissed at being compared with someone he didn't recall.
"You care for me," Landon said at last. It was true. Maybe there was an edge of something else in there occasionally, something sadistic, but Bell truly cared. Enough to die for him.
"It doesn't matter," Landon replied his own question. "You don't remember, so those are feelings I shouldn't expect you to still have. It's fine. I understand. I won't force it. You like Daniel, don't you? It's fine. You don't need my permission to do anything."
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Landon sounded so lost that it broke his heart. At the same time, a shiver of excitement ran through him. Scared and lost, only able to depend on Bell. So weak. So easy to control. His heart shuddered, caught been the two.

"Not particularly. We were thinking maybe... you know. A zoo. Mardi Gras. Just have a good time and relax a little." He shrugged. Landon probably wouldn't want that. He didn't like fun. "We're free for a little bit, so... we can just go wherever." No point dragging Landon to something he didn't want to do. Not it he wouldn't enjoy it anyways.

He shook his head. "Just scratches. You're the one with the head injury." They'd both come out relatively fine from the goat hunt, compared to what something with that strength could do to a man.

"So, uh, anywhere you want to go?" he asked, changing the subject. He didn't want Landon to pity him or care about his injuries. It felt too much like looking down on him.

Another shrug. Did it matter? Daniel would be back soon enough. "Or we can just keep on the way to the zoo or whatever."

He yawned and settled back down. That'd been a scary moment there, the two of them swapping. Maybe he shouldn't let him drive. It'd be dangerous if the conditions weren't as simple as they were this time. But he didn't want to drive either. Driving sounded like effort.

But he should probably try. Try to get to know Landon rather than just rejecting him outright. "So, uh, what... what led you out here with me?" he asked conversationally. Daniel made sense. He was the wild child. But Landon liked normalcy, didn't he? "Was your life just that shitty?"

He didn't know much about either of them, but he particularly didn't know about Landon. Daniel, he felt, was simpler, in some ways. A being of instinct and action. Landon was there quiet one, the one where you never quite knew what he was thinking. Or, at least, he didn't. Landon was a mystery to him.

"What do you like about me, anyways?" He had to know. He didn't really understand about about the two of them, or how it had worked. Maybe it was something he couldn't ask, but he was going to try anyways.
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"Yeah, Landon," he confirmed, still a bit dazed by being thrust into reality. It felt as if he'd been in a deep sleep and was struggling to wake up. His chest hurt, but it wasn't as fierce as his headache was. Okay? Was he okay? Landon blinked at Bell and felt the car tremble as other cars sped by.
"You tell me..." he said, voice lost. Landon swallowed and steeled himself. No. Okay. He could do this. No panic. At least Daniel had seen fit to take his medication.

"No I'm... I'm okay, I can drive," he stammered, glancing over at Bellwether. If he was hurt and Daniel had volunteered to drive, he could bet his money on Bell being injured too. He glanced at the familiar arrangement of the car, then the road and started the car back up. They'd fought a goat, probably.

No. They'd fought a goat, period. That's why Bell wanted them to move and not sit still. He took a deep breath and merged back into traffic, hounding the car to get back to the same speed the other cars were going at.

"Are we going anywhere?" Landon asked and glanced over at Bellwether. He'd recovered, mostly. It was still hard to believe he was finally back on the road with Bellwether. Back to hunting goats. No more stupid treatments, no more despair. Only he'd messed up with the Bellwether that didn't remember things and now their relationship was on dodgy base. Bell liked Daniel, not him. It felt sour to be on that end of the scale.
His jealousy of back then felt misplaced and cruel.

He wouldn't be surprised if Sinewy-goat orchestrated this. Oh, how ironic would it be to have him experience a Bellwether that could only barely stand him? It felt like he was being played. Landon glanced over at Bell and sighed, resolved to just focussing on whatever goal they had ahead of them. It was evidently Daniel's time to shine, so who was he to stop that? She had been like that too.
Sure, she'd 'liked' him, but she'd loved Daniel.
Maybe that's why their engagement had lasted for as long as it had.

"Are you hurt?" he posed, concern in his voice even though he tried to remain neutral. It didn't feel right to not care, because he did.
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He gave Daniel a look. Hadn't he just been giving Bell a lecture about how he couldn't ever miss the meds? Or maybe that was Landon. How bad could one day be, anyways? If they could just have a single day to enjoy themselves and get drunk... he sighed. It wasn't going to happen, was it?

They could try. Might as well, right? Bell perked up a little at that, but he'd already deflated himself enough to not get excited over it. Who even knew if it'd be Daniel, after all.

Rather than explain, he waved his hand. No point reiterating that argument. He'd already promised to be good for Landon, what else was there to say? "Just thinking."

"Being funny how?" he asked, concerned. Daniel didn't respond. Something about him was limp, almost sleepy. Bell put his legs down and sat up, ready to intervene if he needed to. His heart was racing. Was this done kind of seizure? A fit of some sort? Should they go to the hospital? They were headed for the edge of the road, but also slowing down. The car came to a slow stop.

"Are you okay?" He leaned in as Daniel sagged down, and almost bumped his nose on the back of the man's head when he startled awake again. He leaned back some, watching nervously as the man explored the bandages and looked around. Daniel looked fine, for whatever fit he'd had. "Daniel? No... Landon?"

Was this what it looked like when they swapped? No wonder Daniel had been surprised he couldn't tell. A lingering disappointment set in, but he smiled back instead. He was going to be nice to Landon. That was his bargain with Daniel.

"Um, are you okay? I can drive," he offered, ready to swap seats at a moment's notice. "We should probably keep moving, right?"

Cars zipped by the driver's side door, shaking the car whenever they passed too close. They stood out like this, the one thing they didn't want to do. It wasn't as though bunny's murder would be traced to them immediately, but it was better to fly under the radar so they wouldn't get suspected. "Let's go," he said, smiling reassuringly. Had to be good.
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“Or I could skip the medication for a day?” Daniel offered up with a mischievous smirk. Not drinking sounded lame to him, especially on a party like Mardi Gras. He could already picture Bell-boy’s clumsy dance-moves and he wanted to enjoy them just as inebriated and then the days after maybe recover on a nice beach, with clear oceans and clean sand.
Make up for it? Daniel cocked his head. Bell-boy didn’t have anything to make up for. He knew what he was getting himself into well before they started their relationship.
“I don’t like normal though, Bell-boy. It’s more Lenny’s thing,” he started. Chances were Lenny would take over the second shit started to get boring.

“Well, we can try,” Daniel shrugged. No harm in trying, right? If Bell-boy was feeling romantically inclined, then why the hell not? As he’d said before; they were free men, free to do whatever they pleased. Even if those activities involved the brutal murder of several human beings.
Bell-boy grew silent after that and Daniel raised his eyebrows.
“Penny for your thoughts, Bell-boy? You know I’m good for it,” he chuckled. Daniel ran his hand down his face and yawned. Shit. Today was really not his day. He felt sluggish and his head hurt. Should’ve taken a couple of aspirin from the first aid kit.

The road was doing a wobbly sort of shift that Daniel tried to control and failed to. It was a funny sight, honestly. Made it feel as if he was drunk while he wasn’t.
“Road’s being funny, Bell-boy,” Daniel started, but his voice felt a bit distant. He’d had this before while driving. Sluggishly, as if wading through gelatine, he moved his hands to steer them off their part of the road to the side and slowed down. It’d be fine after a second. Or maybe Lenny would take over and things would be fine then. Daniel stopped the car and rested his head on the wheel. He went limp and started, almost at the same time.

Landon sucked in air as if it was the first and last time he’d breathe. He snapped up and winced, a sharp headache throbbing at his temple. An exploring hand came across bandages. The side of the road. They were on the side of the road and Bell- Bell was there. Landon smiled, relieved, at the sight of the man.
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The beach over a zoo. He shrugged. Couldn't say he was against the idea. Beaches were nice, and usually warm, both things that he considered a positive in the beach's favor. "Yeah, probably better to avoid the alcohol," he agreed, tipping his head to watch the snow roll by. Couldn't do much about that. He grinned, glancing back at Daniel. "Maybe we could get some virgin mixed-drinks for ya."

"Nope," he said, shaking his head. Not a dancer. The girl, the snow-bunny, she'd tried, but he was pretty sure she'd have been disappointed with his skills if she'd been any less drunk. He could [i not] dance. Never had that rhythm. "But there's parades and food and stuff." He shrugged. It'd be less fun without drinking, but they could still go.

He turned his whole attention toward Daniel at the man's next statement. Daniel wanted to go to a zoo? The way he'd said it earlier had convinced Bell it was out of the question. But maybe not. "Can always make up for it now," he offered. It was kind of what he'd wanted, honestly. Just... to go on a date, and for it to feel normal. Maybe he'd been the one dragging Daniel from normalcy before, but now he didn't mind it so much.

Oh. So it wasn't a possibility anyways? If they really didn't have any down time, then... "We don't have to," he muttered, kicking at the edge of the seat. If they didn't have time for it, they didn't have time for it, and that was all there was. He wanted to, though. "It's just one day, right? We have time for one day." Maybe not even one day. Maybe even just a few hours. It couldn't hurt, could it? Go on a normal date and pretend like everything was okay for just a little while.

Then again, it'd probably be Landon soon anyways. Landon wouldn't want to go on a date. Bell sighed and looked out the window. It was so hard making plans when he didn't even know what person he was making plans with. Harder, because one of them did not like him at all. And to be fair, he felt like it'd be a waste to go on a date with Landon, too. He could be civil around the man, but he certainly wasn't going to make plans to spend a whole day doing nothing but wandering around in each other's company.
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"Yeah, with pretty brown spots," Daniel said without hesitation. He glanced over at Bell-boy to catch the man staring at his hands and snorted. Not bad, but bleeding. Daniel sighed out. When they found a place to crash, he might just undo the wrappings and see for himself. "The zoo?" Why a zoo of all places? Because they'd been talking animals? Daniel shrugged. It didn't really matter to him. It'd be more like a date than anything else. They hadn't exactly done any of that after they'd met.
Not even a trip to the movies or whatever.

"Hah, it'd probably pick a bird," Daniel offered up. "It likes flying," he added, almost proud.
"I mean, they'd probably be nice, but if I had a choice, I'd pick a beach any day. Just lounge around, enjoy the sun and the sea," he mused, glaring at the snow.
"I'll not start on the mix-drinks with umbrellas in them," he chuckled. The other Bell-boy had hated him for bringing it up and he didn't want to make it a thing for this one. Bell-boy got comfortable in the seat and Daniel couldn't blame him. American roads were easy-going and wide. They didn't require that much attention, to be fair.

"Yeah, Mardi Gras sounds good. Except for the whole... part where I can't really drink," Daniel offered. Just that little bit he'd had the other day was already enough to send him into a memory-loss mess. He'd rather not. Or maybe he would.
"Wouldn't mind it. You're not a dancer though, are you?" he teased. Maybe he could lay off the pills for a day and just enjoy the festivities. Daniel yawned for good measure and gently shook his head. It didn't help the headache, but at least the road came back into focus again.

"I'd like to go to a zoo, make it a date. Watch some fish, that'd be nice too," Daniel reasoned. "We never really went on a lot of dates. What we do doesn't really allow for much down-time." He cast a sideway glance. Maybe they'd given up somewhere, to be a normal couple, but not this Bell-boy. This one seemed a little less jaded, though Daniel was sure it wouldn't last long. And then there was the question of Bell-goat.
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Oh. It could teleport, huh? He nodded, trying not to look too surprised. Daniel has delivered that one a little too casually for him. Was that normal? Teleporting around and shape shifting and whatever? Goatling was an impressive little thing, wasn't it?

"I did?" he asked. This time, he couldn't hide his surprise. What had he needed to be a dog for? Why? How? He looked at his hands and flexed them. Weird. Really weird.

He glanced over. Maybe he'd gone a little too thick on the bandages, but in his defense, there'd been a ton of blood. "It didn't look really bad, it was just bleeding a ton," he explained. Probably just a head injury doing its thing.

They could do anything. With the whole world stretched out before him, Bell found he had no idea what he wanted to do. They could go to an amusement park. Go wander nature. Go to the beach, or a swamp, or whatever. It all sounded good, but none of it stuck out in his head as particularly good.

"I wanna go somewhere warm," he decided. "That's what I want to do. Maybe we could go to the zoo or something. The aquarium. Show the goatling all kinds of animals." It'd be kind of interesting to see what it would shift into, faced with every possible choice. Or if it would at all. Maybe it'd be picky about captive animals.

"Anything you want to do?" he asked, tipping his head at Daniel. "Go get lost in a swamp, or something? There's probably less mosquitos this time of year, honestly." If Daniel had a burning desire to go mucking around in a swamp, they'd be better off doing it in winter, all in all. Unless the mosquitos were half the charm, or something.

He lifted his legs up onto the chair and curled up a bit. It was warming up, but it wasn't warm yet. "Or, uh, Mardi Gras is coming up. We could head to New Orleans and party our hearts out." Though, since Daniel couldn't drink, it wouldn't be much fun for him. "Or... never mind." He waved his hand. There was no point in dragging Daniel to a party just to force him to watch from the sidelines.
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At Bell-boy’s request, Daniel put the heat up and sped up a little once the wheels came clear of the snow. After a second’s thought he grabbed some sunglasses from the glove-compartment to ward off the early-morning glare.
“It’ll get warmer soon,” he chuckled. The car’s engine was cold, so it wasn’t a surprise that it’d take a while to actually be hot enough to warm the interior.

The goatling?
“Don’t be worried about that little thing, it’ll follow,” Daniel offered. And if not, he could always keep an eye on where it was.
“Also, it can teleport, so it’s no problem,” he muttered. It’d be there if they needed it to be.

Of course, being a shapeshifter appealed to Bell-boy. He glanced over at the man, questioning Bell-boy’s ability to come back from being a dog or something of the likes. Daniel shrugged at himself.
“Not quite like that, but you shifted into a dog once,” he pointed out. No lies there, just half a story. “I don’t think it’ll be as easy for you as the goatling does it though,” Daniel said with a chuckle. “It’s going through this rebellious phase.” Not really, but the goatling had always been a little different. It somewhat comprehended emotion, was curious about the dynamics of motion and the limitation of living things as well as matter. Daniel didn’t claim to understand all of it. Sometimes he felt like a genuine parent.

Daniel yawned and sank down his chair a little. Now that they were on the big road, driving was no longer a precarious dance to evade ice and snow. It got boring pretty quickly and the only thing keeping him focussed was the grating pain where claw-goat had struck.
“You did these bandages, Bell-boy? It bad?” he started, trying to look in the rear-view mirror. They seemed impressive, but head-injuries tended to bleed a lot, so he wouldn’t be surprised if the man used a few more wrappings than usual.

Another yawn threatened. Daniel stifled it and sat up a little straighter, minding the road. It was quiet, but the weather looked good enough. He switched channels on the radio.
“So, there anything you’d like to do?” Daniel offered. “You know, we’re free to go wherever we like. Perks of the trade and shit,” he chuckled.
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Snow crunched underfoot. The light was blinding, early-morning brightness reflecting off pure white snow and jabbing straight into his eyes like guided lasers. He blinked repeatedly, gave up and just squinted. At least Daniel didn't seem to be as bothered. Half-blind, he followed the man to the car.

Their car. It was still odd to think of it that way. Him. Being with Daniel. Them being together, a unit, a "them" instead of two people. He slid into the passenger seat and stiffened, lifting his limbs off the icy-cold seat. Nothing for it; he'd just have to warm it up. He gave one last shiver, then tossed his coat in the back with his good arm. The motion forced him to brush against the seat again. Every touch felt like the car stealing more of his body heat. It was awful.

"Crank the heat," he grumbled, rubbing his hands together in an attempt to warm them. So damn cold!

The car wandered slowly from the parking lot. Settling down, Bell shivered and jiggled in his seat, trying to warm himself. They'd get out of here soon. For certain, they'd be out in just a second. And the car would heat up, and it would all be fine.

"Shoulder's fine, I'm just freezing to death," he complained. Goodbye to the snow, and the cold, and everything else! He was done.

"Will the goatling follow us?" he asked. It had followed them this far, but now it was a wolf, not a bird. Or would it change shapes again to give chase? It did seem fairly fluid about its shape, unlike most of the goats they'd seen so far. He certainly didn't remember anyone in Haven suddenly taking the form of a bird, for example.

"You think I could do that?" he asked. "Like, turn into a wolf. I'm one of them, right? So... right?" It seemed reasonable enough. If one could, why not the rest of them? It'd be fun to fly away as a bird, but he had no idea how he'd do it. Flap his arms really hard? He snorted at himself. Sure, yeah, and if that worked he'd be a fish every time he took a bath. Maybe it was a goatling thing, or a just-that-one thing.
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Bell-boy’s voice pulled him away from whatever reality his brains had vacated to. Daniel blinked and returned to himself with a slight start, taking in his current position. When he realized what was going on, Daniel wiped down his face and gave Bell-boy a nod. “Yeah, sure, let’s get out of here,” he agreed.
He followed Bell-boy back to their room almost mindlessly, the rhythm of his footsteps sliding into something mechanical that also, surprisingly perhaps, kept the pain at bay. Bell-boy went for his coat and Daniel figured he’d so the same, gathering the items they’d left behind on account of blood and or gashes.

“Yeah, think so,” Daniel sighed out and folded his coat in a way that the blood wasn’t visible. First-aid kit. Clever. Not that Bell-boy would need it. Daniel snorted and took the kit from Bell.
“I’m ready,” he joined Bell-boy at the door and pushed out.

Back into the cold. It was biting more without a coat on. The bandages around his head made sure his head wouldn’t freeze at least. Shivers exacerbated the pain he felt, but they also served to wake him up more so than the coffee had. Daniel looked their car over. He wouldn’t be surprised if the bloody thing wouldn’t start in this cold. Maybe they ought to heat up the engine before trying.

Daniel stuffed his coat into the back and carefully sank behind the wheel. As he expected, the seat was actually more comfortable than most of the things he’d sat and laid on in the hotel. Just as he was about to turn the key, Daniel spotted the boy-friend. He hadn’t noticed them yet. The man was walking straight to some buildings, barely an eye for anyone around him. Hungover, was he? Daniel snorted.
It was a little sad. Just a little.

“Right,” he started and fired up the car. It took several attempts, but finally the engine spluttered to something that resembled life. Daniel slowly pulled out, wary of the snow and ice underneath all the white glitter.
Time to chase the sun again. In that regard, nothing had changed.
“Your shoulder holding up alright, Bell-boy?” Daniel started. He needed conversation to stay with things. He flicked on the radio. Usually he’d talk to himself in the car to keep himself focussed. “Say goodbye to the snow,” he grinned.
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"Acceptable," he mumbled around a full mouth. Actually, the oatmeal was pretty delicious, now that he'd gotten to it. It was creamy and smooth in a way oatmeal wasn't usually, and with all the sugar he'd poured in, it tasted heavenly, too.

He narrowed his eyes at Daniel. What was that supposed to mean? "I'm just keeping an eye out," he muttered. Someone had to, right? What if boyfriend came looking? He didn't want to end up in a fight he didn't have to be in.

His spoon scraped the bottom of his bowl. Bell plied at the leftovers for a bit, scraping at them idly, then gave up with a sigh. The only way to avoid that fight was to leave, wasn't it? Boyfriend would chase them all across the ski slopes otherwise. Tilting his head, he looked at Daniel. "Should we go?" he suggested. He was full for now, and Daniel wasn't eating anymore, so it looked like time to go to him. Wherever they were going.

Swamps were an odd destination, but there were plenty if Daniel wanted to go. Beaches, too. Deserts. He sighed out and stood, leading the way back up to their room to fetch their coats. It'd be nice if he didn't need his coat anymore, though that was a fat chance in the middle of winter like this. Even the beaches would be cold, unless they went really far south.

He pushed open the door to their room. His coat was sitting on the bed where he'd left it; he picked it up and looked it over. It was really a shame about the shoulder. Maybe he could sew it back together, though. He had a needle and a thread somewhere, right? He'd grab that and get to work in the car, and his jacket would be good as new. Better than throwing out the coat for a few slashes in the shoulder, after all.

"You got everything?" Bell asked. He poked around the room to make sure, snatched the leftover bottles of free soap and shampoo, considered stealing a towel while he was at it. Instead, he found the first-aid kit. "Can't forget this," he muttered.

"Alright, I'm ready. Let's go." He was ready for some heat, some sun, to get out of here before boyfriend saw him, any and all of the above. Stuffing bottles in his pockets, he moved to the door and waited for Daniel to join him.
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"Yeah, a big bad one," Daniel teased Bell-boy with a smile. Swamps had their charms and they sure didn't have many where he was from. Maybe Bell-boy would remember a little more if he was in familiar territory. It was a stretch. And he still hadn't decided whether he wanted this Bell-boy to remember everything yet. That was possibly the only reason he hadn't asked the goatling to restore it all. Yeah, it was sad that some of the good memories they shared were gone from Bell-boy, but they could make new ones, no sweat.

"That might be over-doing things, Bell-boy," he snorted. A desert might be worse than the cold. At least you could dress against the cold.
Daniel took a plate and chose a few items, but he wasn't feeling the hunger Bell-boy was. Part of him wished he did. It'd only take a day or two for the goatling to heal his injuries, but he'd take a week or two instead on his own. In that time they'd have found their new target easily. He joined Bell-boy at the table and started to pile some sugar into his coffee. If he was to combat the medication today, he'd need all the sugar and more.

"How's yours, Bell-boy?" Daniel started.
Bell-boy was vigilant. After last night, he wouldn't be surprised. Then again, 'boyfriend' had no reason to suspect them of anything. He'd offered to help search and everything too. Daniel tore bits off his food and slowly ate. His headache was stifling his appetite a little. More than a little. Actually, it might be the ribs and the uncomfortable chairs they were sat in. The car seats would be better, hopefully.

"Relax," he advised.
"You look like a squirrel stole your crown jewels," Daniel teased light-hearted. It wasn't nothing, to have killed a person, to learn within a week that you were a monster, killing worse. Maybe they ought to slow things down. Fat chance, of course. Daniel abandoned his food in favour of the coffee and water he'd picked up for himself. He was done eating.
Rather than burn holes, he casually glanced around at the people walking to and from the morning buffet with impressive spreads of food packed on their plates. It was interesting to see them all interact and move.
  Landon Turner / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 49d 23h 41m 14s
He glanced up at Daniel's comment and found the man staring. Was it really that fun to watch a guy pull on his pants? He'd have thought it was more interesting the other way around. Bell shook his head at Daniel.

A part of him didn't want to leave his coat, but when he moved to it and gave it another look, it was pretty clear he'd have to. The thing was ripped to shreds. If he wore that downstairs, they'd definitely get the kind of attention they were trying to avoid. "Alright, fair enough," he said.

The halls were full of noise and people jostling about. Bell kept an eye on Daniel, wary of him tipping over or falling after his head injury from last night, but he did fine. Seemed he'd slept the worst of it off.

Someone slammed into his bad shoulder, too busy talking with their friends to notice. Bell flinched back and grabbed his arm. A fresh wave of sharp pain rolled through it, biting down to the bone. [i Jerk.] He glared after them, not that they noticed.

"A swamp? What are you, an ogre?" he joked. Swamp didn't sound pretty. More like bugs and mud. The breakfast bar loomed, luring him in with delicious hot scents. Bell grabbed a plate and started loading it up. As Daniel had suggested, he didn't hold back, but grabbed a little of everything. "Let's go somewhere warm. Smooth sand and clear skies. Hell, I'd take the desert for a little warmth right now."

He grabbed a cup of orange juice and wandered away to a nearby table to wait for Daniel to join him. The food was passable; about what he'd expect from a free breakfast buffet, honestly. The eggs were chalky and a mysteriously even yellow, the pancakes were a little too dry, but the sausage was delicious and there was fresh fruit of all varieties to add a little sugar to his diet. None of it stopped him from stuffing his face. Free food was good food, that was his motto.

Despite himself, he couldn't help scanning for the boyfriend every now and again. It was unlikely he'd find them, or remember they were connected to the bunny's disappearance, but just in case, he kept his head on a swivel in between stuffing his face.
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"It's not your fault, Bell-boy," he called back into the bathroom. "Goat makes you find them," Daniel pointed out. He went about searching for some clothes and caught sight of a very under-dressed Bell-boy. Nice view.
He smiled languidly, taking it all in.
"Missed this," Daniel said with a grin. He'd missed being with Bell-boy period. These kinds of things were just the cherry on top, the icing on the cake and shit like that. Daniel stepped into his shoes when Bell-boy was too dressed to thoroughly enjoy ogling the man's reverse strip-tease.

"Yup, we should," Daniel offered and checked his coat. There was some blood on the inside of his collar, but other than that it was relatively clean. He couldn't say the same about Bell-boy's coat though. The blood might not have completely made it to the surface, there were still some big gashes that'd torn clear through the fabric. There'd be no explaining those.
"Might want to leave your coat here for the time being," he offered. They could get the later, bundle them up and carry them to the car instead.
No one would have to know.

His watch's alarm beeped and Daniel diligently took his medicine before they left the room. As always, there was a buzz of people outside their room. The hallways were packed with people getting ready for a day in the snow. It was as if Bunny-girl had never existed. No one seemed to care of even be aware. No body, no murder. In many ways, their murder was a perfect one. Even if they were suspected of having done anything.

Hunger made his stomach gurgle, or perhaps it wasn't too fond of its current offering. Either way Daniel stretched out and started for the elevators, keen to have some breakfast. In a way, it was nice to always leave shit like this behind. Before people could become too friendly, though he did like the hubbub. Socializing was more his thing, after all. Shame he couldn't really drink while on the medication he was on.

"So what are you feeling next, Bell-boy? White beaches and clean oceans?" he offered up his two cents. "Or maybe some nice swamp? I hear those can be pretty too," Daniel chattered. Walking became easier the more he moved to get rid of the stiffness, but it still wasn't a pleasant experience. At least he wasn't dizzy no more.
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