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Daniel caught the water bottle and cracked it open for a sip, then undressed in the middle of the road. Bell just stared for a moment. They were outside! But damn, Daniel was hot. But--outside! What if someone saw?

Yeah,like who? No one around but them. After a self-conscious glance around, Bell followed his lead; no point in wet shorts, after all. He took a good sip of the water before he splashed it down his body, scrubbing what he could. Daniel had found soap--oh, right, his soap! Bell waited, then stole it from Daniel when he was done to wash up and finish cleaning off. His bottle was empty by the time he finished. He borrowed the same shirt Daniel had to dry off, figuring there was no point in getting two things dirty, then pulled his shorts back on. His shirt was still clean enough; he'd just put that back on when he got upstairs.

The next thing he knew, his back was smarting like mad. He shot Daniel a dirty look. Had he really needed to use so much force to apply the cream? The slap seemed completely unnecessary.

Ha, bed time story? Tuck him in? What on earth was Daniel going on about? "I was thinking more like, we'd go upstairs and spoon until we fall asleep, and then we wake up and fuck all over again tomorrow morning," he said, unable to stifle his yawn. He reached around to his back to finish rubbing in the sun lotion, not sure Daniel had put it on too well. That was his plan, anyways, though he didn't expect it to come to fruition. But it was a nice plan.

He stripped back into the house and looked around. Where'd Cat gotten to? Shouldn't she be done shitting by now? "Hey, Cat," he called, mildly worried. "Didn't fall in or anything, did you?"

"No, I'm fine," she called, poking her head around the corner of a room. She met his eyes and blushed furiously, then looked away. At a mumble, she continued, "...just peachy."

Bell had the decency to blush as well. So she'd heard, had she? His plan suddenly evaporated; he'd be way too embarrassed to do anything if she could hear so clearly. A little sheepish, he started up the stairs.
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"Sure," Daniel agreed, stifling a yawn. All the tension had left his body, though come morning he'd most definitely be sore. Bell-boy stuck his feet into shoes and finally their little progression got a move on. When Bell-boy glanced back at him, Daniel just shot the man a lazy smile. Everything was alright for once, even if that precarious balance would be short-lived.
Poor Spot. He'd have liked to join, no. If he hadn't just been fucked, Daniel could get into that all over again. Two Bellwethers writhing up against him, lavishing themselves on his body, hands everywhere and then some...

Bell-boy's offered hand snapped Daniel out of a very good mental image. Daniel took it and climbed the window with ease. A water-bottle got tossed at him. Without waiting, Daniel cracked the lid and took a long swig from the water, then splashed small amounts on his face and dressed down for the rest. He really didn't care whether or not anyone could see him naked. As long as his shorts didn't stick to his ass.

"Yeah, wasn't that Lenny though?" Daniel commented.
The factory, huh?
He remembered Bell-boy being so scared he had to be coaxed from underneath the foot-space of a desk and the ratty old couch they'd abused. Lenny had been pretty confused back then too, but stable at least.

He reached for another bottle and their special little soap -see? Useful after all. After a more thorough wash, Daniel rinsed down with the last of the water and drained what was stuck in the bottle by drinking it. All better, nice and clean.
Daniel dried using his old shirt and reached into the truck for the new ones he'd caught Bell-boy buying.

Another yawn threatened to leave his lips. Felt good being clean, better. Daniel rooted around for the cream and brought another bottle of water for Cat. Whatever she was doing to the toilet, it'd be better if she didn't dehydrate herself.

"Time for bed," Daniel muttered as he shook off the yawn.
"You going to tuck me in?" he grinned at Bell. "Bed-time story?" Before Bell-boy could get dressed any further, Daniel slapped some of the cream on the other man's back.
"You're going to be nice and tanned," Daniel promised.
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Daniel took his weight back slowly, but then stood on his own; Bell reluctantly moved away to let him pass. Water and cream. Yeah, right, he'd completely forgotten about that--the sunburn. Maybe that was why his body had felt so hot earlier. "Hmm, yeah," he agreed, still a little dazed. He pushed his hair back and sighed, leaning against the wall, then pushed away and grabbed his shorts. Back to the real world.

"Yeah," he said, but before he could sort the keys out, Daniel found them. He didn't feel comfortable with letting Daniel go on his own; there was a broken hood on their car to remind him why that was a bad idea. But luckily, he didn't have to make it awkward and suggest it himself. Sure thing, a moonlight stroll sounded great. "Why not?"

Oh yeah, and the whole washing-up-outside thing. Right. Didn't want to dump water on an unfinished floor. He gave the wall a guilty look, mentally apologizing to the buyers of the house--though they'd probably notice Cat's christening of their toilet first.

"Ugh, can we do that after?" Bell asked, when Daniel mentioned Cat. He was still feeling good, floating in a happy place where everything was alright. The last way he wanted to be brought back down from that was by the sight and smell of whatever unholy thing Cat had done to the toilet.

Daniel slung a shirt around his shoulders, but Bell didn't bother with any more clothes, aside from shoving his feet into shoes. No point wasting his time with any more effort if they were just going to go wash up, and it wasn't as though there was anyone outside to notice their state of undress. He led the way down the stairs, glancing back up just to make sure Daniel was doing fine. Spot gave him a grim glare from the foot of the stairs that he'd learned to recognize as jealousy, and he stuck his tongue out at the dog. So he'd heard, huh? But a dog's ears were pretty good. Maybe Cat hadn't heard.

Not wanting to interrupt whatever Cat was doing, he moved as quietly as possible to the window and climbed out, then offered Daniel a hand through. After ransacking the truck earlier, he had a pretty good idea of where things were, and pulled out a pair of water bottles, tossing one to Daniel. "Feels familiar," he commented, grinning as he snapped open the lid to the bottle. "Didn't we do this the first time?" Way, way back, when they'd slept in that factory in England.
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If it wasn't for Bell-boy keeping him propped up against the wall, Daniel was pretty sure he'd have slid down to a seat. Or wouldn't be able to enjoy the afterglow of what they'd just done as thoroughly. Daniel shivered when Bell-boy pulled out, the sensation foreign and sensitive. His kisses were slow and lazy now, sated. Like drinking after you'd already had your fill. Excessive, but nice.

"Love you too, Bell-boy," Daniel muttered softly, stroking the man's hair back with a loving smirk. He took some of his weight off of Bell-boy, taking in a deep breath. No water in the house. Sleeping a sticky mess didn't sound good either so one of them was going to have to make a run for water. Cat would be grateful to have some water to drink too. So would Spot, most likely. It'd been a long day.

Not this second though. Not quite yet.
And the cream. Bell-boy's skin was still hot to the touch.

"Should get some water from the truck -and the cream," Daniel offered. He pulled away from the wall, stole a kiss from Bell-boy's cheek. His ass was sore. To be expected.
Daniel reached down and got his shorts, then snatched a shirt from the floor -not quite sure whether it was his or Bell-boy's. Didn't really matter at this point.

"You got the keys?" he suggested he go get some things from the truck. The alcohol was gone now already anyway, so there was no threat there. That aside, the truck was in sight.
He hadn't exactly won any awards in trust, but this much at least should be fine. Before Bell-boy could offer up the keys, Daniel found the man's pants and parted the keys from it.

"Want to come along for a midnight stroll?" Daniel smirked. They could make it a romantic thing, stare at what was visible of the moon and all that cheesy stuff.
"We can wash up outside, less of a mess inside that way," he shrugged. For decorum, Daniel slung the shirt across his shoulders, hoping he wouldn't fall prey to too many bugs. No windows kind of got crappy quickly when it came to mosquitoes.

"Might as well check on Cat after we got some water -see if she's not tried flushing herself yet," he muttered demurely. Wasn't looking forward to smell what shit-storm she'd conjured up in whatever lavatory that wasn't working yet. It'd be a waste to use what water they had to try and flush it too.
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He didn't know how much longer he could keep this up. He was so close, but dammit, Daniel was going to beg if he had to go all night. He could hold back. Just a little more. Just enough to make Daniel really go crazy. Just another few seconds.

Daniel freed his lips, looked him in the eye. There it was. He'd been waiting. Relief and lust flooded through him all at once; rather than waste his time speaking, with everything so on edge, so close, he pushed deeper, finding that place in Daniel at last. Daniel clawed at him, trying to find a grip, but Bell was rapidly losing his grip as well. He felt Daniel reach that climax, then tipped over it himself with one last deep thrust as the man's body clenched down on him, tighter and hotter than ever. He shuddered, holding Daniel tight, pressing him against the wall, half-afraid he'd drop the man as the full intensity of it hit him; the room faded out, then back in, electric and heat rushing through him, sparking in his legs, his stomach, his loins, all over. It faded slowly, but the sensation lingered in his body, shivering through him all over again whenever he thought it was gone.

"Shit," he muttered, in sync with Daniel's "Fuck." He kept Daniel propped against the wall for a long moment, not sure he trusted his arms enough to carry him; then the moment passed, and he shifted, wrapping an arm around Daniel's waist to support him as he pulled out. Damn. And to think he'd almost passed up on it. That would've been pretty stupid of him.

Reality filtered back in slowly. It was comfortable now, but they were naked in a half-built house, and soon they'd be sticky, too. There probably wasn't running water yet, or at least, he hadn't heard Cat flush. Which reminded him; Cat had probably heard all of that. He kind of felt bad for her, but he couldn't feel bad right now. Not really. He felt too good for that.

He kissed Daniel, unable to keep a dopey grin off his face. And he'd gotten Daniel to beg for it. That'd been good enough reward right there. "Love you," he said, then kissed him again. He didn't want to get dressed or anything, just sleep naked with Daniel right here on the floor and fuck again when dawn woke them. He knew it wasn't realistic, but he wished it was.
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Finally Bell-boy sped up, reached the speed at which Daniel wanted to go and shit, it felt good. He kissed Bell-boy, if only to stifle the noises so desperate to escape his lungs. Daniel smirked into the kiss, there it was; the most wonderful sound he'd longed to hear for a while now. Having noticed, Daniel felt himself being pushed into the wall, angling deeper. The fucking tease. Just shy. Each and every single time, it was just shy of where he wanted to feel Bell-boy.
And still it felt good.

Tension rose, pulled tight like a rubber band, stretching further and further.
Every time Bell-boy pushed and came shy, it was gifted some space, but still grew tighter with the next stroke. It felt so good. Daniel's breathing came in short gasps. He felt high, on a lack of oxygen, on lust, on life, on whatever was going on and there was nothing else but Bellwether shifting underneath his touch.
Bell-boy wanted it just as badly as he did. Daniel could feel the man's legs tremble with the effort it took to restrain himself.

So close.
Daniel wanted to shout, but managed to stifle the desire to cry out and retained it in a needy grunt. Their lips never left one another. He was out of breath when their lips parted, his eyes boring into Bell-boy's baby blues. So pretty.

The onset was slow.
Ever so slow Daniel lost grip. The rubber band had reached its limit.
"Are you- are you going to finish it?" he huffed, distracting himself. Buying time. Daniel's unattended need twitched between them, weeping. If Bell-boy kept it up, there'd be no holding back regardless. It'd happen either way. His defences were low. It'd been a weird day. Hands clawed at Bell-boy's skin.
So close.
He was teetering on the edge so closely. And then everything spilled over.

"Bell-" Daniel didn't manage anything else. Muscles contracted involuntarily and Daniel held his breath, making no sound. White. Everything in his head felt white and empty. As if a giant hand was wiping everything clean, leaving sparks which slowly became reality, touch, smell, sight and sound.
Daniel let out the breath he was holding, unable to stifle the moan that escaped.
"Fuck..." he muttered, glad the wall had his back.
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At first, Daniel seemed hesitant, but in no time at all, the man was pushing into his hand, sucking his fingers deeper. Exactly where Bell wanted him. He moved on, retracting fingers to replace them with something better; Daniel's needy little whine told him everything he needed to know. He pushed inside, slowly, wary of the time Daniel had been without; it'd been a long time since he'd topped. And shit-- it felt good. He'd almost forgotten how good it felt, to be enveloped into that tight heat, pressed down upon from all sides. He bit his lip, trying to focus and suddenly taking it slow for his own sake, as well. If he went too fast, he was afraid it wouldn't last.

Daniel's expression shifted from pain to pleasure as he adjusted to it, and then he was writhing against Bell, shifting his weight as much as he could in some mad effort to urge Bell on--like he needed to be urged on. Bell kissed him and started to move, slow at first. Slow at first, but how could he stay slow? It felt so good. He sped up, pushing deeper into Daniel. Daniel gripped at him, kisses and nips driving him on; his whole body felt hot with lust. It couldn't last. Hmm. It wasn't going to last. It felt so good, it just couldn't last. He nudged at Daniel, angling for a kiss on the lips, not this nibbling stuff. He wanted more, dammit. More, more, more, until it felt like he was going insane. A low moan filled the air, full of longing and lust, and it took him a moment to realize it was coming from him.

Shifting his hands, he pushed Daniel up harder against the wall, going for a steeper angle so he could go deeper yet. To where he'd really make Daniel feel good. Rather than charge right in, he took a note from Landon's book and played tease, stopping just short every time. Little grunts of frustration escaped his throat, bit short, because he, too, wanted to go deeper, wanted to feel all of Daniel--but not yet, not yet. A little longer and it'd feel better. A little longer. Just a little more, to make Daniel beg for it. He kissed Daniel again, legs trembling with barely-constrained lust. He wanted it, but he'd make Daniel beg first.
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Oh, he could grin all he wanted now. Soon, the roles would be reversed. Daniel would make sure Bell-boy couldn't stay quiet, even if he desperately fought for control in doing so. Bell-boy's little moans made him hard. Not that he needed to be any further along the road to go for a walk. Daniel waited for Bell-boy, watched the man's muscles play with the light, watched the little show he was getting. Downstairs was quiet enough.
Either Cat had fallen in a miserable kind of sleep, or she might still be listening with bated breath. Daniel failed to care which was the case. Perhaps she was using the toilet still, though there was obviously no water. That'd be a sure nuisance, that one.

Bell-boy came back, distracted him from his thoughts. Daniel found himself pressed up against the wall, hand slick with lube, fingers venturing around the backside, exploring as they went. It felt strange, new, when Bell-boy's fingers slid inside.
It always did.
Soon enough though, lust took over. Daniel was beyond caring at that point.

When Daniel felt he was ready, he writhed up against Bell-boy, moving against the other's fingers to see whether he could go deeper already. He shared lazy kisses, neglected need pulling his loins tight.
Shit, he was more than ready, so when Bell-boy liked up, Daniel just made a needy little noise, urging the other on. Slow at first -it hurt. Daniel clenched his teeth. It'd been a while. Been a while since Bell-boy topped last, but then his body started to relax, for as much as that was possible while standing.

It started to feel good. Whatever pain was there turned to a scorching pleasure. Soon Daniel had trouble finding a proper position, because he wanted to take more control, speed things up. He needed Bell-boy's support however and so Daniel had no choice but to play at Bell-boy's speed. That just meant his strategy for control was going to be different.
Daniel tugged at Bell-boy's earlobe, nipped gently at his neck, hands clawing into the muscles of Bell's back.

He was already so close, yet so far at the same time.
All the sensations flowed together into one, big ball of pressure, a heavy weight, waiting to be released. Daniel kept hovering on that edge, biting back his moans of pleasure. It felt like torture. Sweet, lust-filled torture.
  Landon Turner / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 21d 13h 33m 6s
In no time at all, the situation had reversed, and it was Daniel who had to bite back his voice. Bell's smirk grew wider, pleased with himself for having backed him into this corner. He felt the other man twitch with pleasure, so close to that edge. A part of him contemplated ending it like this, just for the self-satisfied, perverse pleasure of watching Daniel tip over the edge on his own. Kisses distracted him, and then a hand clutched at his. Not like this? He nipped Daniel's ear, gave him one last rub and let go, a devious grin on his face.

Daniel undressed himself, and it was something like unwrapping a present. Bell slid his hands over the other man's ass as Daniel pushed his pants off as well. So eager. A man could get used to this, feeling wanted. No--needed. Like if Daniel didn't have Bell here, he might just go mad with lust.

He kissed Daniel again, pushing into him. Hands ran through his hair, and he tossed his head. Felt good. But--hmm. So little between them. It needed to be gone already. Daniel agreed; a few nudges, and they were both bare, skin on skin. A breeze he hadn't even felt while clothed blew past, warm with the heat of the day. He rubbed up against Daniel, letting out little moans just loud enough for him to hear. Wanted more already. But they needed the lube.

He pulled away just far enough to find his coat and dug through it, coming up with the little bottle. His bare feet slapped against bare wood. Couldn't do this on the floor; they'd get splinters. Well, that was just fine with Bell. He took in Daniel for a second, all backlit by the streetlights, then crossed back to him, pressed him up against the wall. One hand warmed the lube, while he hitched Daniel's leg up with the other for better access, then slid his free arm around Daniel, making sure the man was properly supported. His fingers quested between Daniel's legs, pressing gently for entry, stretching him open. He kissed Daniel to distract him as another finger sought its way inside. So warm. He wanted to be inside Daniel already, twitching with desire. But he had to be good. Make Daniel feel good. But he wanted to move on.

It had to be enough. Daniel felt ready. He retracted his fingers and met Daniel's eyes, lining up, questioning with his eyes. Ready? Was he ready?
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Didn't take much to convince Bell-boy. Not much at all. Daniel was already way over the edge, wanting so badly. Bell-boy's hand dipped into his pants and Daniel hissed, biting his lip to stifle the sound threatening to escape his throat. Shit, felt good. Real good.
"Shit," he whispered into Bell's ear. He twitched in Bell-boy's hand, cramped, sweaty and needy. The sensation reminded him of lazy mornings, of rubbing up against one another and just giving in to temptation, dirty or no.

Daniel managed to salvage and inkling of self-control and watched Bell-boy, melted into the man's kisses, not once trying to pull his pinned down arm free. Hell, the hand that was free could only clutch feebly at Bell-boy's neck, making sure the man's lips were never out of reach.

Bell knew how to tease him though, knew every single sensitive spot and Daniel felt his knees grow warm and pliable. Good thing there was a wall. Daniel stifled another grunt, breaths now coming in short, lust-filled gasps. He'd needed this, badly.
"Shit -Bell," Daniel managed, hand clutching at the hand dipping into his pants.
"Not like this," he whispered. No, tonight he wanted to enjoy Bell-boy more thoroughly than that.

With all that pent-up frustration, Daniel was looking forward to getting properly fucked.
Eager hands undid the belt and fly properly, pants falling to the floor. Daniel didn't waste any time making sure Bell-boy was on the same level he was. This way, the man was easier to reach. They could do it standing, Daniel didn't care. He could lean against the sill, they could look outside and people could see whatever they were doing and Daniel didn't give a shit.

He just wanted -needed. Like an addict with a craving searching in the wrong corner for a fix that wouldn't come. Cat could go take a hike. Daniel wanted to hear Bell-boy lose control. She'd know what their love meant then.
He'd love to see that conversation at dinner.
'So Cat, how're you feeling this morning, get some good sleep?'
And then a blush. A nice, furious blush marring her cheeks, stealing away her innocence.

Daniel kissed Bell, hard, ran his hands through the other's hair and pressed them together. By then, Daniel was annoyed with what little fabric remained to separate them. Just a few nudges had him feeling the fresh summer air on his bare skin.
  Landon Turner / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 21d 21h 31m 39s
Daniel's fingers felt cold against his skin, but maybe that was because his skin was still red from the sunburn yesterday. And they didn't stop, either, not when Bell paused, but instead got more devious, Daniel kissing and nipping as well, distracting him fully. "Well, um," he mumbled. "Well, it's embarrassing, isn't it?" Not that Daniel had ever cared about that. Man was a borderline exhibitionist.

Oh right. Cream. They'd left it in the truck, though. Well, could always take a break and go get it. He petted Daniel's hair back and kissed his temple. "Who's getting tortured, now?" he asked. Better not be him. He stripped out of his shirt, stretched, then leaned in and nipped at Daniel's neck, fingers sliding over Daniel's body to find all the little places he liked to be touched. It wasn't going to be a one-way game.

Keep quiet, huh? He wasn't too good at that, and Daniel knew that better than anyone. Daniel kept playing with his nipples, which was just embarrassing, but felt good, too, and his hands were everywhere, bringing cool relief on top of sensation. He leaned down and licked Daniel's nipples as retribution for the attack, though Daniel already had one up on him. A little whine escaped him before he could stop himself as Daniel found just the right place. He bit Daniel's shoulder playfully, partly to shut himself up, partly to reprimand him. He shouldn't make Bell feel so good, it wasn't fair. They kissed, again and again, grinding together against the wall. Bell rode his leg up between Daniel's before the other could take that initiative and teased him gently, kissing him yet again.

He knew what Daniel wanted, did he? Fingers plied his belt open, in case he wasn't sure. He smirked and pushed his hips out, grinding into Daniel. Fuck it. If Cat didn't want to hear, she could go outside. "I'm not in the mood for blue balls, either," he whispered back, nibbling Daniel's earlobe before he pulled away, a coy grin on his face that mirrored the sly look on Daniel's. He reached out and undid Daniel's fly, sneaking a hand inside. It was a cramped space, but he put it to work, teasing Daniel on just the way he liked. He leaned in for kisses at the same time, free hand pinning one of Daniel's wrists to the wall so the man couldn't get him back. He wanted to get Daniel so worked up he couldn't even think of alcohol.
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They'd figure it out, but they never really did. Not the hunters, or how to deal with that acid-encased goat, how to deal with Lenny and him being one and still different -they'd dealt with that to a certain extent at least. Not entirely. Where was Lenny when you needed him anyway? Bell-boy pulled back and they kissed. Long and lazy, enough to drown out the thoughts just as Daniel liked it. For all he'd started their silly little game, his shirt was gone first.
Daniel felt his back meet the wall, pushed against the steady construction by Bell-boy and Daniel took the time to ride up Bell-boy's shirt while they kissed. Hot, sun-touched skin met his cool fingers.
Shit, they should apply the cream again, shouldn't they?

A noise started Bell-boy into inaction and Daniel slowly continued, nipping at Bell's neck and collarbone.
"So what?" Daniel muttered unperturbed, too engrossed in lavishing himself on Bell-boy's heated skin. It felt nice, strangely enough. "You need cream," he offered after a beat.
"Do you want to wait? I'm all up for a little tease 'n torture if you are?" Daniel grinned in the twilight of the unfinished room. Blue balls, yeah, but it was worth it if they got another chance tomorrow or soon.

"Maybe we'll just have to be quiet," he teased, paying close attention to Bell-boy's nipples. Daniel made it a game to seek out Bell-boy's go-to spots, making sure the man wouldn't be able to keep his voice down under such onslaught. He wasn't abrasive about it either; slow torture. The way Lenny liked it so much.

A kiss here, a touch there. Fingers running down Bell-boy's spine and slow, steaming hot kisses shared between them. Daniel pressed Bell-boy closer so their hips connected in a slightly chafing but gratifying way.

"Your call, Bell-boy, you know what I want," he whispered slyly. And for now, it wasn't alcohol either. He had something better in his grasp.
It dawned on Daniel, the realization sharp and heavy. Bell-boy was better than alcohol.
Time to take this abstinence serious, wasn't it? Before he lost the most precious person in his life to something as lonely as an empty bottle. Daniel's fingers toyed with Bell-boy's belt, slowly and carefully undoing the clasp.
  Landon Turner / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 22d 1h 32m 58s
Daniel pulled at him, drawing him in closer, closer. He was almost worried he might hurt Daniel, pushing so hard against him, but Daniel wanted him that close, and he was happy to oblige. Stubble clashed as Daniel nuzzled his cheek, reminding him that yeah, he probably should shave, which he promptly forgot as Daniel went on to kiss his neck. He peeled his coat off at Daniel's urging, too hot for it anyways, and nibbled at the other man's earlobe, about all he could reach from this angle. His hands pried at Daniel's jacket, pulling it down and away. There. Better.

Then Daniel paused, just holding onto him for a moment. There was something desperate in the way he did it that gave Bell pause, and he held Daniel back, just holding him. "We'll figure this out," he whispered, as much to himself as Daniel. They had to. They had to, or they'd fall apart.

He pulled back a little after a long moment, just enough to look Daniel in the eyes, then leaned back in to kiss him, long and sweet. He wasn't going anywhere. Not without Daniel. Hands slid around Daniel's waist and snaked up his back, pushing his shirt up and off, freeing skin to the warm night air. Bell rested his forehead against Daniel's for a second and breathed, just breathed, taking in his scent, then leaned in and kissed him again, pushing him up against the wall. Luckily the walls had been built, here. Would've been harder if they only had the stud frame to work with.

Something rattled downstairs, and he broke for a second, listening, but it was only Spot, shaking his collar. Wait--sound carried that well? He glanced at Daniel. "What if Cat hears?" he hissed. Not that he cared about her in particular, but it'd be embarrassing to have someone listening in, never mind that he was the more vocal of the two of them. Wait, what if she saw? The rooms weren't exactly fully built. If she stood at the foot of the stairs, she'd probably see them whether she wanted to or, as he suspected, not. Then again, she was shitting her guts out at the moment. Maybe she'd be too preoccupied to notice. He kissed Daniel again, indecisive. Who cared about Cat, right? She already knew. But it'd be super embarrassing.
  Bellwether / kaitoXi / 22d 2h 42m 1s
Defacing the toilets, was it? Daniel grew a little worried about that, but honestly? He'd expected Cat to over-eat sooner. The way she'd been going at meals. Her stomach wasn't used to handling large amounts in such short intervals and her intestines would start playing up. Cramps, he suspected.
"Probably just indigestion," Daniel said, waving a hand at the air from where he was still stood, back against the sill. His hands were at his sides. For a moment there was nothing but silent communication going on between the two of them.
'Please, do you want to?' 'Do you?', followed shortly by a, 'You don't deserve it.' And finally a 'whatever', when Bell-boy caved to his desires.

"Yeah, I know," because Bell-boy was still there despite everything and still offering to help, even though there wasn't much to suggest. "I know that too," he followed up. It was frustrating for the both of them.
Daniel knew he ought to heed Bell-boy's words more. Even if he didn't stop drinking because he had to, maybe he should abide Bell-boy's wishes out of love for the other man instead? If he stopped for Bell-boy, Daniel figured he might be able to work up a stronger resolve.

Fingers traced his cheek soon followed by lips kissing his. Daniel made an involuntary noise of approval, of longing and need. Hands reached out for Bell-boy, pulling the man closer still, until their hips touched and Daniel's ass was pressed into the sill.
Daniel's fingers were still curled into Bell-boy's clothes, but he slowly let go when it became clear Bell-boy wasn't pulling away, wasn't disgusted by him.

Bell-boy forgot easy, didn't he? But at least Daniel was still human for the better part.
Daniel nuzzled Bell-boy's cheek with his, relishing the gruff feel of stubble against his skin before lavishing himself on the man's exposed beck. Prying fingers nudged back Bell-boy's coat, further and further down, until Daniel could properly reach everything he wanted and then some.

The empty rooms carried an echo. Who cared Cat could probably hear, what with there being so little inside the house? Who cared they could be seen?
Daniel put his arms around Bell and for a few breaths held the man tight. Daniel needed this. It needed to be Lenny right now.
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No support groups. He wasn't up for that, was he? He didn't know what to think about that. The only other option cost money, which Daniel didn't seem to understand wasn't something he had anymore. He climbed up the stairs slowly, trying to think of something, anything they could do. It was a short list, and not particularly promising at that. He didn't know. They had to do something, though. Something.

Daniel looked up at him from where he'd sat on the floor, and Bell looked back. What were they supposed to do with this? With each other?

"She's fine," he said, then shrugged. "Well, I think she's defacing the hell out of one of the house's brand new toilets, but she'll live. Was my driving really that bad?" He grimaced. Couldn't be that bad, right? "I don't think she's sick. Probably just has a stomachache or something."

Daniel gave him a look that Bell recognized. He didn't know how to respond, whether to give in or pretend he hadn't noticed. On one hand, he didn't want to reward Daniel after his terrible behavior today. On the other hand, though, they finally had some alone time that wasn't in a public bathroom, and Daniel had admitted to still having the alcohol and finally tried to address the problem.

In the spillover light that poured in through the windows from the streetlamps outside, Daniel's face was half lit, orange light lining his cheekbones. It made him look different; ethereal, almost. Untouchable. Bell moved closer before he knew what he was doing, animal desires overwriting his more rational mind. And maybe he'd been a little harsh on Daniel. They were drifting apart. Hard not to, the way things had been lately. "You know I love you," he sighed, touching Daniel's cheek, tracing the line of his jaw. "It's just so frustrating."

He leaned in and kissed Daniel at last. He couldn't shake the sense that he shouldn't do this, that this was a bad idea, but he couldn't stop himself either. Now that they finally had some time alone... he couldn't help it.
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