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"Thicker pants, too," Bell grumbled. He took the keys from Daniel, ignoring the other man's hesitation, and started the car. The engine turned over with a roar, and air started blowing through the vents. Cold, for now, but it would warm up soon enough.

The crow was back. It'd blown in with Daniel and was now settled on the backseat, happily preening itself. Bell gave it a look. "It only hangs around when you're out," he commented, even as Daniel cut to the quick of the matter.

He blushed furiously and looked away. If Daniel couldn't figure it out, Bell wasn't going to spell it out for him. It was too damn embarrassing to have offered himself, been misunderstood, and then deflected. "I don't know," he muttered.

Topic change. Good. He shrugged. "Nah, but we're here and it's supposed to be super good here, right?" So why not check it out while they were here? It wasn't like he had a job. Or any objective. Not even Haven's chores. Just... whatever they wanted to do.

He glanced at Daniel, then away. It took more attention than usual to drive the car right now, with all the ice and snow on the ground. It didn't look like Daniel was excited about skiing. "Is there something you'd rather do? Ice skating? Snowboarding? Hockey game?"

Hockey had always sounded like his kind of sport. He'd never played it, that he knew, but the idea of beating each other black and blue with sticks in hand had always appealed to him.

"Or uh. Weed is legal nearby," he commented vaguely. There'd been some at Haven, part of the rituals, all of it legally obtained, too. Well, as far as he knew, anyways. The high had always felt more like fear and hunger-nausea to him, but maybe it'd be better for Daniel.

For now, he kept the wheels pointed towards the mountains. They seemed to grow taller the further they went, bare rock faces jutting into the sky, snow clinging to the peaks. Gorgeous, untamed wilderness. It was beautiful in a careless sort of way, in a way that didn't ask permission or try to be anything; it just was. And for whatever reason, Bell wanted to be there.
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"Because you want answers," Daniel said matter-of-factly. Wasn't that true? It felt like a role-reversal for a second. Had Landon been like this, when Bell-boy had introduced Lenny to the concept of goats and hunting? A bit innocent, eager and insecure? Less eager, Daniel surmised. More scared. Lenny had been so sure Bell-boy wasn't a goat, that he'd thought the man was the only secure thing in the world. The only safe haven.

At least Bell-boy agreed to driving.
"I'll drive some in the afternoon," Daniel promised. Frost had taken to the streets overnight. He breathed in deeply, savouring the fresh, crisp air. Little puffs of vapour poured from his lungs in return. Daniel smiled broadly at seeing Bell-boy dart towards the car at significant speed. See? The man didn't like the cold as much as he'd thought after all.

Daniel shivered at the memory of falling into the water and being rescued by Benjamin of all people.
He tossed the duffel into the back, waited for the goatling to flutter on in to shield itself from the cold as well and then slipped into the passenger's seat. After a second's hesitation, Daniel handed over the keys.

"Guess we'll need some thicker coats if we're going further North," Daniel murmured softly. He cranked up the heat in the car once Bell-boy had the engine going. They were lucky it wasn't the old beaten cars he'd driven before this one.

"So... if you didn't mean the date, what did you mean to do in order to feel useful?" Daniel asked slyly. He sat back and watched Bell-boy with a smile. He didn't quite feel what he was supposed to feel, but Daniel remembered what ought to be.
"Not that dates make one useful, I suppose," he breathed. Soon the car was blasting warm air into the cabin and the heat made him relax a little.

Skiing. God. It was ages since he last went on a business trip and went into the mountains. He was shit at it too. Probably still was, though being with Bell-boy had very evidently shaped him up.
"Did you ever go skiing?" Daniel asked, curious suddenly.
Why that? Of all the things they could be doing, why that? Just because it was near?
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It was hard not to worry about money when he knew nothing about what was going on with theirs, how much Daniel had, anything. Maybe that was Daniel's way of telling him not to worry, but it was counter-productive.

Then again, he couldn't exactly complain when Daniel was doing whatever he wanted with his own money. It was his money, after all. Not Bell's.

He made a sour face. It'd make everything so much easier if Daniel just did, though, didn't he know that? Annoying. Though he couldn't get angry at Daniel for dealing with him however he wanted after he hurt the man. It was ridiculous.

The date? Oh, he'd remembered. Bell started to correct him, then mentally shrugged. Same thing, really.

"Because... why else am I here?" he asked, sighing out. If he wasn't useful, there was no reason for him to be here at all. Might as well just be Daniel instead.

"I can drive," he agreed. Especially with Daniel hurt, it seemed wrong to force the man to do everything. And besides, he'd be useful that way. He took the bag and headed outside.

A blast of icy cold wind tore through his clothes as soon as he stepped outside. Only the leather jacket provided any protection against the chill. The wind blew right through his pants and left his legs feeling dry and numb, surface layer frozen solid. It was enough of a shock to jar him from his mood, at least temporarily. He pulled his coat shut against the wind. "Shit, it's cold," Bell announced, as though this was a surprise. No wonder he chased the sun.

He ran over to the car and jiggled in place while he waited for Daniel to unlock it. As soon as the lock clicked open, he jumped inside. The car itself was frozen too, though. Cold upholstery leeched the warmth right out of his flesh. Bell shivered madly, trying to keep his warmth. "Ok, pass me the keys, let me get this car started." He reached out his hand for Daniel's keys.

At least they'd waited until noon, when the sun was bright overhead. If they'd been any earlier, it would've been even colder. Maybe skiing wasn't such a great idea after all.
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Debt? Daniel raised a surprised eyebrow, then reminded himself that Bell-boy had no clue on how much money he still had. Given, even the old Bell hadn’t known at some point. Things had changed a lot since his departure from his home-country and some accounts had been discovered and disbanded.
“Don’t worry about money, that’s me and Lenny’s thing, being accountants and stuff,” he soothed Bell-boy’s worries. “Before this whole business anyway,” Daniel added as an after-thought.

“You always asked me back then too, to just punch you in the face or kick you in the nuts, but I don’t want to,” Daniel said with a shrug and a wayward grin. He didn’t take pleasure out of hurting Bell-boy, not the same way as it felt satisfying to kick some hunter’s or hybrid’s face in instead.

Guilt seemed to hover around Bell-boy as the man followed him around. Daniel cocked his head and stopped when Bell mentioned they could do ‘you know’. You know? Maybe it was the drug, but it made his mind sluggish. He didn’t quite get the clue or refused to.
“Oh, that date-?”

“Why would you have to be useful?” Daniel asked instead. He’d forgotten about the date for a bit. Maybe he needed more than a watch now to keep track of everything. Like an agenda. Then again, a lot of the shit Lenny tended to keep track of was no longer relevant. No more group sessions and shit like that anyway.

Daniel pushed the last of their things into the duffel Bell-boy had dragged from his house and handed the bag over.
“You drive if you want to be useful,” he snickered with a wink. “But don’t worry about it.” Daniel stretched out and groaned. His gut no longer hurt, but it didn’t exactly feel pleasant either. Sore, more like. They could interchange driving though, so he wouldn’t have to do it all alone. Nice and easy like that. Teaching Bell-boy how to drive had been the best investment ever. Daniel yawned for good measure and started for the hotel-door.

“Consider this a vacation, okay? No need to do difficult chores or whatever. Just enjoy the moment,” Daniel eased Bell’s conscience. No need to stress out like that. Maybe it was Bell-boy’s insecurity playing up or whatever, but it felt senseless.
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It was nice that his reaction was so easy to deal with, but it was worrisome at the same time. Did Daniel like being choked or something? Had he regularly attacked the guy? At least Lilah had found ways to keep him away, but Daniel didn't seem to care. It worried him. Didn't make him feel any less guilty, either. If anything, it just made things worse.

Oh. Yeah. Well, he did prefer the sun, but it seemed like a waste not to ski while they were here. Even in Haven he'd thought so. He shrugged. "We can go south afterwards," he offered. "Or, um... is it too much money?" He didn't want to put Daniel in dept for a stupid whim of a trip.

He shook his head. No way would he be comfortable taking someone's money without offering anything in return. It felt wrong. Like a trick, and he wasn't sure he was the one doing the tricking.

"Please do," Bell assured Daniel. He'd rather be fought off than snap to only to find out he'd strangled the man again. A few punches were nothing compared to the hideous guilt that sunk into his gut. He could take a hit. Daniel shouldn't have to.

He bit his lip as he followed Daniel around the room, chewing over the problem. He felt like he should do something to make it up to Daniel, but what?

No, he knew what. But was he ready? Did he have the resolve to see it through?

Halfway through putting his shoes on, he stopped. Now or never. He had to say it. "Do you wanna... you know. Later." He shrugged vaguely. It wasn't like he'd contributed anything to their situation lately. It was the least he could do. He still didn't know if he was into it, but there was only one way to find out. And at the very least, he'd be able to pay Daniel back for his charity so far. At least a little bit. More than that, he didn't know what to do. But he'd figure it out.

"Since I'm not useful otherwise," he muttered quietly to himself. Maybe he should just leave and stop dragging Daniel down. No, he should've just taken the goatling's offer and become useful again. Too late for that now.
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Bell lunged. Daniel wasn't quick enough to respond, even if he wanted to. The drugs made his response times ridiculously slow. Fingers prepared to wrap around his neck, but pressure. Daniel blinked and watched Bell-boy's face ripple with confusion. He didn't remember, did he? Bell-boy didn't remember this part or the parts that made him react this way. Bell-boy scuttled back as if scorched by him and Daniel just watched.
After a moment some sense kicked in.
"It's okay, don't be sorry," Daniel soothed softly.
"I know you sometimes wake up like this. I choose not to care," he said simply and got up. When he looked back, Bell-boy exposed his skin. Daniel had half a mind to kiss and suck at every single mark and bruise, but before he could act out said desire, the man seemed to deflate and give up.
Shame, really.

Still want to- Shit yes he did.
No. Not what Bell-boy meant.

"Yeah. Yeah, yeah, that's. We can still go. We'll need some warmer clothes, but yeah, we can go there. You're usually one to chase the summer down though," Daniel pointed out. "You know? To stop from freezing to death out on the streets and shit," he said. "We've been forced to stay out on the streets every now and again, not for lack of money, just... you're not comfortable with using my money. You still aren't, are you?"

Daniel stretched and grabbed his shoes to get ready. He talked more than he needed to after taking the drugs sometimes. He didn't want to, but it happened.
The bag was still in the corner. Seemed like Bell-boy had already packed most of their things away. Daniel rummaged through it, put some of the bottled water from the hotel in there with their stash and pulled a sweater over his head. Nice and warm.

"Don't worry about trying to attack me, Bell-boy. I'm strong enough to fight you off if I want to," Daniel said with a cheeky grin. Usually he didn't want to though. It felt kind of nice, actually. Sometimes he got high off of the lack of oxygen, and then again on waking up. Nothing quite as intoxicating as passing out after being choked.
It felt like anything might turn him on, so Daniel diverted his attention to gathering their things instead.
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"You remember," she whispered in his ear. "You just don't want to admit it."

Bell shouted at her, tried to rebuke her, but the words wouldn't come out.

Someoned his shoulder. Bell jolted awake. They were here too, everywhere. The girl's laughter taunted him, distant now but still there. A man was looming over him. Fear coursed through him, and he lunged, going straight for the man's neck. Not this time. Never again. He wouldn't make the same mistake as--

As when? What? Confused, he slackened his grip. His eyes searched the man's face for clues. Why... What was he afraid of? Why did he have to attack?

Daniel. It was Daniel.

Bell let go and scrambled back, away from his crime. He hadn't tipped Daniel over, just reached up, so he ended up doing an awkward scuttle backwards until his back hit the headboard. "Shit, I'm sorry," he breathed, looking over Daniel. He hadn't hurt the man too badly, had he? Was this new behavior of his since Haven, was that why Daniel never seemed prepared for it? He winced and ducked his head. Shit. And Daniel was being so kind to him. "I always--when I wake up, sometimes, it's dangerous."

No, he didn't need to make excuses, he needed to make amends. He lifted up his shirt, offering his stomach to Daniel. There were still some bruises and scars there from Haven, from the other members purifying themselves through him. "Here, hit me, it'll make you feel better."

It wasn't a big deal. He could take it. He was better at taking the pain than most of them. Especially Lilah. Sometimes he'd had to protect her, she was so delicate. A pang of guilt shot through him. Hopefully she was doing alright.

"Um. Do you still want to--where do you want to go?" he asked, letting his shirt fall. Maybe they could focus on the good and keep going from there. "The mountains are nearby, right? If you want to." No reason to do it if he didn't want to. He felt guilty enough without also dictating their day schedule to Daniel. But he'd like it if they went skiing. Hopefully Daniel would too.
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“Suit yourself,” Daniel murmured. He was sleeping regardless of whatever Bell-boy was doing, because fuck the medication and fuck the rules. Eventually though, Daniel felt the bed dip with the weight of Bell settling next to him. A huff told him Bell-boy had given in to his laziness and soon he was listening to the steady breathing of Bell’s sleeping self. Just for a few seconds, Daniel curled around Bell-boy and leaned in to the man’s warmth. Shit. He hadn’t felt this in so long.
Hadn’t smelled Bellwether’s scent in ages. Hadn’t been this close to a human being that’d forgotten to care. The bitter-sweet sadness of the thought broke down what joy had been threatening to build a party downstairs and Daniel sighed out. He rolled away to his side of the bed and closed his eyes. Within minutes, the drugs dragged him under like an unwilling prisoner.

He woke a few hours later to twitching.
The daze he’d hoped to shake was there, but at least he was no longer drowsy. He’d driven his car around feeling worse, so it’d be fine. Sluggishly, Daniel sat up and found the root of his early awakening: Bell-boy appeared to be dreaming. It didn’t look like a good dream either. From his earlier experiment, Daniel knew Bell-boy still had all his instincts and the initial gut-response to tackle and throttle whatever came close.

The few times Bell-boy had woken up confused and crying hadn’t quite weighed up to that for Lenny, but Daniel just watched Bell sleep for a little while longer to try and tell the difference.
When no more clues came, Daniel sighed out and shook the man’s shoulder.
“Hey, when I told you to wake me, I meant for you to wake up first,” Daniel chuckled. He waited for Bell-boy’s eyes to open, trying to see whether he should deploy a different tactic altogether.

In all honesty, he’d missed it. If Bell-boy lunged now and tried to choke him, he might actually go nostalgic, but he’d most certainly enjoy it. It’d be the first intimate touch between them instigated by Bell-boy, rather than him. It was pathetic, a little sad, but Daniel wasn’t one to lie to himself.
“C’mon, Bell-boy, wakey-wakey,” he sing-sang. “Time to go see the snow, apparently,” Daniel mused.
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Well, if they were both up for skiing, then why not? He couldn't remember if he'd ever gone before, but it sounded like a good time. And how hard could it be to slide down a mountain? Gravity was doing most of the work.

He didn't answer Daniel's question. If the man didn't remember, he didn't want to bring it up. It'd just make him look clingy and stupid.

The dirtied clothes he balled up together at the bottom of the bag with a sigh. Couldn't set fires in a hotel room. That'd attract more attention than it was worth.

What, Daniel was going back to sleep? Bell shook his head. They'd never get anywhere like this. There was no time to dispute it, though. The man was already snuggled into the blankets before he could say anything.

"I'm not that tired," he argued. It fell on deaf ears. Daniel was busy falling sleep, and he had no time for Bell's silly arguments.

He wasn't that tired, but he wasn't not tired, either. He laid down beside Daniel with a huff. A few more hours. It'd be a nice little nap. Naps were good. He closed his eyes and curled up. Maybe he'd let himself pass out for a little while. Just until he felt a little more rested.

More than darkness awaited him. At first, he couldn't tell what was going on. The shapes were formless, vague at best. There was violence of some sort, two people fighting. A man in a long, ragged coat. No. Him. That was him. He watched as he swung his pipe and his opponent toppled over, body dissolving to black goo.

Then another and another. The same process repeated, over and over. Death after death. The bodies piled up, ankle-height, knee-height, and still the piles grew taller. [i How many?] he wondered bleakly. How many had he killed?

"So many you can't even count them," a soft voice whispered in his ear. He spun, but there was nothing there. A girl laughed in the distance. "You can't forget me," she whispered, sounding close enough to touch, even though he could see morning, nothing there at all. "Couldn't if you tried."

Bell reached out blindly, trying to catch the voice. He could almost see the outline of her shape--and then it was gone again.
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"Mountains? Hey, I'm up for skiing," he said with a grin. If Bell-boy thought they'd find goats in the mountains, hell, why not? The après-ski however, that one didn't bode very well. He'd been sober since the second he'd stepped into the local psychiatric facility and though he'd tried, alcohol wasn't the best substance to combine with what he was on already. One or two drinks and Bell-boy could carry him home already. That said, it'd be more difficult getting the prescription drugs that he needed up there than it was to arrange something in a bigger city.
Unless? Daniel raised an eyebrow.

"Unless what?" he pitched and sipped from his coffee. He'd taken the breakfast at a more moderate pace than Bell-boy had and was still slowly enjoying the fruit that'd gone with the pancakes. "Right," Daniel agreed to hitting the road with a yawn. Breakfast helped the pills settle down nicer, but they still gave him a kicker.

"I liked those pants," he sighed demurely, but nodded. "Yeah, they need to go."
Glad to know some of the finer survival skills of Bell's weren't missing at all. They were still there, along with some common sense. It hadn't been like that last time, where Bell-boy had been all innocent.
The man had killed already, for God's sake. And he'd enjoyed it too.
Maybe a little too much, but hey. He wasn't about to go complaining.

Daniel stretched out and drained the last of the coffee, then slowly stood. More sleep seemed in order. "If we wait a couple of hours, I can drive," he suggested. They didn't have to check out immediately, did they? They had at least until eleven AM or whatever. He checked the watch. That'd give him maybe two hours -perfect.
Daniel didn't even feel like arguing about it and just laid back on the bed.
"Didn't you say you were tired too? Could take a quick nap? Catch up?" he suggested with a gentle smile and a pat on the bed next to him. One bed. He only then caught on. Bell-boy had only gotten them one bed.
For someone who didn't think they were together, it was rather forward of the man to choose this type of arrangement. Daniel decided not to waste many words on it. He felt too spaced out from the pills and blood-loss.
"Just wake me in a few hours," he mumbled softly.
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Better a life on the run than a stationary life of happiness. He smirked. He'd certainly found someone unusual to invite along with him, hadn't he? Few people would give that kind of answer. He wondered what drove Daniel to that line of thought; something in his past, the way he'd been raised, some kind of trauma? [i I wonder if I knew.] A bit bitterly, he sighed out. If only he'd known what the goatling was offering, he'd have taken the little monster up on it. Next time. There'd always be a next time.

He settled in opposite Daniel to eat. The little hotel table was cluttered with their breakfast, and it wasn't a large meal, either. Just a little bit of food before they hit the road again.

It was decent, for hotel food. The beeping of Daniel's watch momentarily paused his face-stuffing, but it was only a moment before he was back at it again, inhaling the food as fast as he could bring it to his face. At Haven, they'd made fun of him for eating so quickly all the time, but now that he was on the road again, he understood why he'd been driven to eat quickly: anything could happen. Nothing was guaranteed. If he didn't eat now, he might not get to eat.

Bell wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and sat back to sip his juice. Only crumbs were left of the sandwich. "Where are we headed to? Up into the mountains? There's some nice ski resorts roundabouts, but I guess that's not our mission, or whatever." He let out a bench and sighed. At least he was full and warm. Mostly uninjured, too.

"Unless... nevermind." Daniel had already forgotten about the date, if it'd been anything but a joke in the first place. Should've known better than getting his hopes up. He stood and stretched. "We should hit the road."

Most of their stuff was still packed in the bag he'd hurriedly filled last night. He packed back up what he could, though Daniel's shirt and pants were in no way fit to bring with them. "Guess we should burn these or something?" he asked, holding them up for Daniel's opinion. No way would he want to keep them, right?
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"Life on the run is better than a stationary life doing shit," Daniel said from his comfortable spot on the pillows. Impressions, not words. Guess he had always had a better connection to the goats than Bell-boy had. It surprised him. For some reason, Daniel had assumed Bell-boy was better or equally as good at comprehending their way of communicating. Guess he'd been wrong.

He took back the card and furrowed his brow. Had the goatling offered to replace him? Hadn't felt that way. More like, it'd tried to let Bell-boy get to know what he'd been like back before his memories had been erased, to show him what he'd be choosing. Of course, if they'd communicated that poorly, Daniel was pretty sure Bell hadn't got that out of the 'conversation'.

"Yeah, well, chose this didn't I? Could've just as easily walked away. Still can," Daniel pointed out. Life on the run for him could end at any given moment and sure, there were places he'd better avoid from now on, but it'd still have been worth it. Could always just play ball at some paradise island and pretend the rest of the world didn't exist.
At least killing goats gave him some sense of purpose.

"Forget what?" Daniel asked, but he didn't get a reply.
Bell-boy had forgotten so many things, Daniel wasn't sure which thing in particular Bell-boy had meant. Not that it mattered.
Bell-boy pounced on it and retrieved the tray of food. Daniel got up slowly, waiting for his body to catch up and then joined Bell-boy, took the top of the tray and nodded at the table.

"Let's eat," he invited with a grin. "I'm hungry." As he should be after throwing up most of his dinner last night.
As if on cue, his watch started beeping. Time for his medication as well then. Daniel approached the bag, rummaged through and found the pills. He'd made sure to have a proper supply, but it wouldn't be infinite and he needed some of them to be.
He could ditch the one that made it easier for him to sleep easily, but he needed to keep the one suppressing the episodes.
Now more than ever, he needed to be on top of his game.

He took the pills without hesitation and washed them away with juice. It was sad that he needed the drugs, but he couldn't go without.
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"I thought it was offering to replace me," Bell explained, having the card over. He sat down on the bed beside Daniel and sighed out. "I dunno. I feel like I couldn't understand anything it said, anyways. It's like... you know, like a splotchy radio signal? I get maybe one word out of five... but they aren't words, or something? Just impressions? But... I dunno. I had no idea what it wanted."

Had he remembered anything? He shrugged casually. "Random bits about the hunters," he said. And a desire to take down anything that came near Daniel. He didn't know if that was instinct or memory or what, but it was there where it hadn't been before.

He wasn't bothered by the idea of having killed that man, either. He got the sense the guy had deserved it, which had to be a memory, right? Either way, he sure didn't feel particularly choked up about it. If anything, he felt better. Felt more alive now than he had before.

[i Is this what they were trying to cleanse out of me?] he wondered. If it was, he suddenly understood why. He was kind of a horrible person, wasn't he?

Sandwiches and coffee. It was such an ordinary morning he wanted to laugh. Went out and raided an office building, then sandwiches for breakfast. It was ridiculous. Was this what his life had been like? At least it had been exciting. Much more exciting than Haven.

"Oh, well, that's convenient," he remarked. "What about you, though? You have to live on the run. Because of me," he added, almost as an afterthought. He couldn't remember if Daniel had said so or not, but now he was sure that he'd been the one to recruit the man, not the other way around. It was obvious--but now he knew. "Rude of me to just forget, huh?"

Someone knocked on the door. Breakfast. Bell popped to his feet and jogged over to retrieve it. As he approached the door, he tensed and reached for his pipe, then stopped himself. It was just breakfast. He shouldn't be so ridiculous.

The lady holding their tray looked like no threat, either. She handed it over with a smile. Bell smiled back and retreated into the room to Daniel. "Food's here," he announced.
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Daniel put the phone away and found himself a bottle of water. He was lounging on the bed, nursing the water, staring at something on the television when Bell-boy came out of the bathroom. The man looked good, especially in the new clothes. Daniel took the man in and drank another sip of water. Shame they couldn't just get it on. It'd been ages since last someone other than himself paid the little guy any attention.

"I guess," Daniel agreed. He nodded. Business as usual. Same old, same old.
"I ord-..."
Bell-boy jumped up, pointed and called for him to wait. His credit card was pilfered from some discarded pants and Daniel watched Bell.
"Yeah, wondered how you paid for this," he chuckled and held his hand out. Until he ate, he really didn't want to waste too much energy on bouncing around like Bell-boy did. "It's fine, I told you to go to a place like this and it does need paying," Daniel said.

"Why were you hesitant last night? They're your memories. You could've asked it questios, asked it what you were like at least," Daniel pointed out. "It's alright like that, the little goat. Unlike some, it doesn't care for a masterful mind-fuck most of the time," he soothed.
"Well, it doesn't matter. It can wait until you're ready. Remember anything new after last night's raid then?" He was curious to see what part Bell-boy recovered of himself. There'd evidently been something there. If Bell said there wasn't, Daniel knew the man would be straight-up lying to his face.
There was no way that mad glint had been there before yesterday. Not in innocent little Haven-Bell.

He stretched out and rested against the pillows.
"Ordered us some breakfast; just some sandwiches and coffee," Daniel mumbled, cracking a yawn. Almost bleeding to death really took it out of him. He was thirsty more than anything though. Daniel put the bottle of water against his lips again and drank some more.
"I mean, once we run far enough, you can start back up doing whatever. Good thing about that goat of yours is that ordinary people won't ever match your DNA to anything human," Daniel eased Bell-boy's mind.
"You're the perfect murderer. Of course, it helps that the hunters already signed their soul away and everything," he muttered as an after-thought.
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He yawned and put his clothes messily on the countertop, then leaned over to inspect his face. A little bit of stubble. Nothing horrible. Well, stubble. More like wisps. His stupid face never grew a beard, and it was a pain in his ass.

Slowly, he stripped down, dropping his clothes to the floor. Now he had confirmation: definitely attracted to Daniel. The things he wanted to do about that were probably best left unsaid, except maybe to Daniel, who seemed like he'd be receptive to his interest. [i Seemed like]. He sighed at himself. Trying to phrase it like that was stupid. Daniel had already proclaimed he was attracted to Bell, so there was no point in waffling about, worrying about things.

The shower room was warm and damp, which was nice when he was cold and naked. The water was already heated up, too. Bell paused to undo the bandage around his leg, figuring it'd get soaked anyways. The cut underneath it was already scabbed over and small; looked like it hadn't been as deep as he'd thought. He stepped under the spray and tipped his head back, staring up into the water. It felt so nice drumming against his skin. Nice and hot. He wanted... something, though. It felt like he was missing something. Bell opened his eyes and looked out, into the hotel. Daniel. He wanted...

He finished showering quickly and got dressed. No time to think about those things. Or rather, he really shouldn't be. They were on the run from the cops and the hunters and fuck knew what else. Had to keep moving.

Bell headed out into the room, awkwardly tugging at one of his sleeves. "So we're on the run now, I guess?" he asked, glancing over at Daniel. They were outlaws. Or well, he supposed they'd always been, he'd just temporarily forgotten.

"Business as usual for you, right?" He shook his head. It was going to take a little adjusting-to to figure this whole thing out all over again.

He jumped and pointed at Daniel. "Right, wait one second." Bell ran over to his discarded pants and pulled out a credit card. "Sorry. I used this last night... you were out, so I couldn't ask. I don't have any money, so I couldn't..." he shrugged. Daniel got the gist.
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