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[center Sirens sound in the distance. Horns blare. Stoplights flicker, dim in the coming dark. People rush by on the sidewalks while cars cruise by, rumbling over dry pavement. The world is at peace.]

[center And yet it is not. A dark power crushes close, insinuating itself among humankind secretly. Velveteen claws are curled into places of security and power, sheathed only until they can strike once and decisively. Every institution has been infiltrated. The intruders are everywhere, hidden in plain sight. Until the claws are unsheathed and the trap snapped shut, even the infiltrators do not know what they are. Human in appearance, human in nature, in every way, from memory to appearance, a perfect replica of those whom they have replaced. ]

[center There is no secret organization to oppose them. There is no resistance to be had against that which does not exist. Those who discover the truth cast their eyes aside and claim they did not see, for to admit to have seen such horror is to admit insanity. ]

[center Their patience is boundless. They have waited for generations, for millennia, watched humanity claw its way towards the unknowable beyond, but now their waiting is almost done. The coil bends, the pressure plate dips, the spring is compressed. And when the trap is sprung, nothing will be left of this Earth but ash.]

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[center [b -details-]]
The black goat's thousand young are among us, perfectly disguised, preparing their final assault upon the Earth. When the thousandth child arrives, then will their disguises be cast aside and Earth's dominion shall be transferred to those beyond human understanding.

We play a pair of humans who have been upset from their homes by imposters who are, impossibly, identical to themselves in every way, down to the very memories. My character has been displaced for some time, while yours has only just been replaced. In this time of confusion, your character finds themselves drawn to mine, and mine offers yours guidance, hope, and a way to fight. So long as all thousand are not on earth, the trap remains unshut. And we two are the only two who know, the only two who can oppose them.

I want this roleplay to be dark and mature-themed. The black goat's young cannot be told from ordinary mortal humans until after a vital blow has been struck. There will be paranoia, fear, uncertainty, and surest of all, death. This is a long, hard battle with no certain outcome, where anyone and anything might turn against us at any moment. This roleplay is strongly influenced by Lovecraft, as you might have guessed from the title. The black goat's young are beings that defy human understanding, but they can be killed, or at least sent back to the dark realm from which they come. Romance is not necessary, but I would prefer a heterosexual or mxm relationship, if you desire it. I am very much open to any suggestions you might have as to where the plot might go.

Feel free to ask questions. Please pm me the skeleton below once you are ready to apply. This is not first come, first serve.

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A sigh of relief. Had Becky been a real pain in the ass? He wouldn't be surprised if she had. It was her kind of thing to do. Probably thought she was being cute, too.

Bell glanced at Daniel. "Who, the medicine men? They my sort of people?" Daniel had sounded a bit sarcastic, but it was hard to tell in what direction the sarcasm was aimed without any context.

He followed Daniel out, a smirk stretching over his face at the awkward scene unfolding in the kitchen. The tension was palpable, and not clearly good or bad either. Just... there. That was what made it so awkward, he supposed.

Tomorrow. The smirk was wiped off his face. All the air left him, like he'd been punched in the gut. He'd known it'd be soon, but so soon? Tomorrow? No. Surely not. Shit. He didn't want to put Daniel under, after all. Didn't want to put him in the tube. Maybe the goatling could just--but no. No, there was no other option. He had to be brave, for Daniel's sake.

The girls fled. Bell watched them go, using the time to compose himself so he could smile at Daniel. "Who doesn't know, Alphie?" he asked, but his heart wasn't in it. They were going to take his Daniel away. It wasn't fair. They couldn't.

He glanced down. "You know," he muttered sheepishly. "Just... the whole pod thing. You maybe dying. It scares me. And then I guess she can come out, because... I don't want this to be real. You being in danger like this, where I can't even protect you."

All the other times Daniel had been in danger, there'd always been something he could do. Fight, or patch him up, or something. But this time? This time there was nothing. He just had to trust the girls and hope they figured it all out, hope the goatling did what it had promised to do.

"Yeah, we can go out. Wherever you want to go, I'm up for it," he offered. Goldy came over and looked up at him, sensing something was wrong, or maybe just thirsty; either way, he distracted himself by running his hands through the long scruff of fur at her neck. It'd all turn out okay. He had to believe that.
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Daniel blinked. Bell-boy? He decided Alphie and Sarah's awkwardness in the kitchen were less interesting than Bell-boy's return.
"Hey..." Daniel sighed out in relief. "Welcome back," he managed at last. "Miss? Not really. Got the medicine we needed, so we're all set." He guessed Alphie would be starting on creating the vile concoction he was meant to be floating in or whatever.

Daniel watched Bell-boy change his clothes, resting his shoulders against the doorpost. This was much more fun to watch than Becky.
"You'll have fun with those guys," he predicted, snorted and then pushed off. Now was not the time to pour all over Bell-boy. Foremost reason were his ribs, but he wouldn't want to risk being walked in on again either. Hopefully they'd have a couple of nights left together before he'd dive in.

He walked in on Alphie and Sarah, who were stood at the counter.

"Okay, so you'll need this to prepare, and then the equation is..." Alphie started. Sarah nodded, stood at a respectable distance.
Daniel took a deep breath. Oh yeah, this was awkward.

Alphie looked up when he entered the room and promptly shut up. A glare was all he got before the woman turned on her heel, reconsidered and then looked at him.
"If you have a bucketlist, you best tick off some items now. I'm preparing the installation, so we can prepare you tomorrow," she said curtly.

"Right," Daniel said. So soon.
But he'd been waiting for it at the same time.

Sarah looked down at her hands. "No breakfast tomorrow," she said softly, grabbed her things and started for the front door.

Daniel splayed his hands. Even his presence got the room cleared.
"Yeah, so turns out Alphie isn't gay for Sarah," he told Bell. "She just doesn't know it yet." Maybe he'd have to pull her out of the closet, but this was fun to watch too. The stolen glances, the blushed, the weird touches.
At least he'd have something interesting to look forward to while in the tube.

"So what happened, Bell-boy? Why Becky?" he pitched. "I was going to see what was up for dinner," Daniel offered. If they only had the night left, they might as well spend it at leisure. "Want to eat out?"
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He woke up disoriented. He felt... weird. Weirdly constricted. Where was he? He looked around, trying to latch on up something familiar, but the white walls and bare carpet gave no clues. A yawn made him shift and stretch, and as he did, a book slid out of his lap. His eyes snapped to the motion. That... that book? Daniel had gotten it for... he didn't remember...

Skirt. Why was he wearing a skirt? He scratched his chest and found a weird material there, something softer than he was used to. Bell blinked, then rubbed his eyes and yawned again. This all meant something, but he couldn't quite put it together.

Sarah's voice sounded from nearby, and as if that was the trigger, it all clicked into place. Right. Right, he was... and they were... Becky had come out. That must've been what happened.

This room was still unfamiliar, but now that he was a little more awake, everything was falling into place. Must be one of the extra bedrooms they weren't using or something. He yanked Becky's shirt off and waited for Sarah to walk away before he stood and wandered into the bedroom. "Hey," he greeted Daniel, as he passed the man on his way out. The man looked a little rough, but nothing too bad. No serious injuries, anyways. "I miss anything?"

Deeper in the room, he stripped down and changed back into his usual clothes. Felt so liberating, compared to the tight shit Becky wore. Not that he minded some tight shit, if it was sexy, but Becky's clothes were anything but.

Looked like midday. He last remembered it being afternoon, so there'd been at least some passage of time. At least one day, maybe more. Hopefully not much more. Well, at the very least, Daniel was still out, so he hadn't missed anything huge, thank goodness. He would've never forgiven himself if he'd missed saying goodbye.

There was a weird tension between the girls now. Bell quirked an eyebrow. Were they more aware of each other? Was romance going to blossom after all? Not that he gave a fuck, as long as they kept it off his bed.
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Noise about the house woke him. Daniel stretched, winced, but raised a couple of surprised eyebrows. Better. His chest felt much better. There was a dull headache still droning just behind his eyes, but all things considered, he felt alright. Slept ridiculously hard though. If the light was anything to go by, it was already somewhere later afternoon. Sarah's voice. He rested there for a while longer, giving himself some time to wake up and then stiffly sat up. Time to face the music and actually do something.

Before he could do so, Sarah's face popped through the door-opening.
Daniel opened his mouth to say something and then just smiled apologetically.
"Sorry?" he said, though Sarah just gave him an unimpressed stare in reply. Sincerity was not something easily faked and Daniel wasn't even trying. It was all too obvious.

"My contact called last night," she started.

Daniel scratched the back of his head and pulled his boots close.

Sarah observed. He didn't seem worse for wear. She shouldn't have worried in the first place -or was that the goatling's doing?

"What did they say?"

"You're welcome to come again," she said, crossing her arms and watching as Daniel laced his boots.

"Won't be doing that, will I? Next time will be Bell-boy and he won't be as nice," Daniel started. It wasn't even a threat. They both knew Bell-boy wouldn't excuse something like that. The violent nature inherent to the man's personality would blossom under the stress of a fight and those people wouldn't likely survive that kind of anger.

Sarah looked down and sighed. Next time she'd have to go get the items herself.
"Did you store the things in the refrigerator as I instructed?" Sarah started, avoiding the topic entirely. She didn't like the implications of what Daniel said.

"Yeah," he added, raising his head.

Sarah left before Daniel could get to his feet and exit the bedroom. He followed at a slower pace, still trying to kick his brain into gear. Alphie was there, in the kitchen, already inspecting the things Sarah had asked after.
Maybe he'd take Becky out for a fancy meal. Might as well enjoy one last splurge before surrendering his life to these two women. The tension between the two of them was palpable, just as Becky described it. Still, Daniel didn't think it was a bad thing for these two to be more aware of one another.
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"Yeah, but it's mean," she said. That should be for the girls to choose when and if they told each other. It wasn't fair to just decide for them. "If Bell told you he liked you earlier, it would've ruined everything, wouldn't it?"

Becky pouted at Daniel. Alphie wasn't emotionally barren. Why was he being so mean about the girls? They'd been much nicer to her than he'd ever been, so far. Just because Alphie was awkward didn't mean she couldn't ever fall in love. It wasn't fair to force the girls into a bad situation, then call them names when it didn't work out. "You're so mean," she said. "No wonder you and Bell go together."

She stuck her tongue out at him. He deserved the lectures, and he wasn't telling her anything anyways, so it didn't change anything in the end. At least this way she got to let out her frustrations on him.

Daniel fled into the bedroom. Becky sat down, for lack of anything else to do. What was she going to do with the day? Daniel was sleeping and hurt, so there was no way she could pester him into taking her somewhere. There was no television in the house, either, and out the window she could only see trees; they were out in the middle of nowhere. And she didn't exactly have good memories associated with wandering the forest, hah. What was a girl supposed to do?

After a few moments, she stood and wandered the house. Someone had put some books on the countertop; she sighed and picked them up. These boys, really. Wait, actually... weren't these... they were that series, weren't they? The one she'd never finished back when Bell had kidnapped her! She picked it up with a smile and cracked it open, then sunk into the kitchen chair to read. It was just as good as she remembered it being; it whisked her right back into the same fantasy world she remembered from the innocent days of high school, with the war-unicorns and wild gargoyle barbarians. Here was something she could do while she was waiting for someone to show up and pay attention to her.
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"Next day, I think," Daniel surmised. It'd explain why Alphie was around this early, for one. Not hurt, just distracted. Since when was distracted enough to get Becky out? Daniel made himself coffee to go with the aspirin he'd have before lying down, before Rebecca called him out on Alphie and Sarah's status.
He shrugged.

"I was just playing," he snorted. "It's not as if their knowing will change anything in the long-run if they decide not to act upon their feelings, but at least it'll get them out of the impasse," Daniel offered up. Not that he expected Becky to know the finer graces of love and suffering -she simply hadn't had the luxury of experiencing such divine torture. At least now Sarah could look beyond just Alphie and Alphie's reality turned back to normal. A reality in which no one befriended her without good reason.

"Actually, I would've been surprised if they had; Alphie doesn't seem the type for any emotional connections. It's what I'm abusing to make her stay. She puts her curiosity above her emotion, but if what you said really happened, then that just proves Alphie is emotionally barren."
More security for him.
Alphie wouldn't run away over some minor altercation and if Sarah did end up leaving while he was inside of the tube, she'd try her hardest to find someone to aid in the continuation of the experiment that wasn't Sarah.

"You think giving me two lectures in a row makes me willing to give you answers? People aren't that simple," he tossed her words back at her.
"Or maybe they are," Daniel mused with a smirk into his cup of coffee. He took it towards the bedroom and found the strip of aspirin he'd taken a pill from last night and popped another. Some hot coffee washed the aspirin down and Daniel carefully sat on the bed, kicking his shoes off.
Unlike last night, there was no inquisitive Rebecca asking for a sleeping place. Daniel put the rest of the coffee down and laid back. His ribs protested for a bit, but died down pretty quickly as sleepiness took over.

Monday. Two days. Bell-boy would be back by then. That was fine. He'd be healed up by then. If not Alphie, it'd be guilt pinning Sarah down.
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"It's super gross!" Becky insisted, stomping her foot. Honestly! Men! Weren't they raised in a house? Didn't they know how to keep their own floors clean? Ugh! And he just thought this was perfectly acceptable, huh? Perfectly acceptable, to have such dirty floors, and dirty plates piled up in the sink? Yuck. She wasn't going to come out again if they were going to keep living like this! Though she felt like that kind of threat might have the opposite effect.

Daniel dished up food for her. She snatched it up and hurried away to the table to set in. For all her misgivings about the man, Daniel sure knew how to cook. The eggs were perfect, and the bacon was nice and crispy. Delicious.

Construction? She glanced up, swinging her feet under the table. That wasn't going to fly. Well, but Monday. "When's Monday, tomorrow? Next day?" she asked. "He'll probably be back out by then. It's not like he's hurt or something, just distracted." Just distracted enough for her to worm her way to the surface, which was pretty distracted, but then again, they were going to put Daniel in a tube, or something, which seemed pretty horrible to her. She'd sure be distracted if someone she cared about was going to be shoved into a tiny tube like that.

"Oh yeah, it went real bad," she informed Daniel, waving her fork at him. "You know how you told the girls about Sarah loving Alphie? Yeah, that backfired. Now they hate each other." If Sarah was right, anyways. Point was, things were awkward between the girls now. She suspected that hadn't been Daniel's goal. "What did you think, they'd jump into each others' arms as long as you told them about it? People aren't [i that] simple."

Then she tilted her head. "What got you beat up last night? What happened?" He'd refused to really answer last night, aside from in vague-isms, and she wanted to know. It wasn't hunters or goats, so who'd he piss off? Where'd he go, to get someone that angry with him that they beat him up for no apparent reason?
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What started as an innocent enough question quickly sprouted into a whole enthusiastic six-course menu. Daniel chuckled, winced and sighed. Okay. He'd add that to the 'don't do unless better'-list and listened to Becky's advice. Completely not demanding. Daniel snorted and started with the bacon, watching the meat sizzle away in the oil. He preferred his nice and crispy, but he wasn't sure on Becky.

"How can you not?" he said with a yawn. Filth was filth; had she seen where the house was situated? Dirt would happen more often than it wouldn't, so there really was no point in keeping everything spotless. Sure, maybe cleaning gave Rebecca some satisfaction, but he'd been preoccupied. Daniel tried to picture Bell-boy cleaning and chuckled. Yeah, that was never going to happen.
Though the man seemed to enjoy cleaning him underneath the shower well enough.

"Didn't even know we had one," Daniel said on the dishwasher. It wasn't that common to have one back in England. Sometimes it was easy to forget he was in America.
Honestly? Becky ought to be happy they had a roof over their heads to begin with. She sounded a lot like his mother, the way she was going. He dished the bacon and started on the eggs, slowly cooking them to just where he wanted them to be. Daniel regretted having to cook for Becky first, as the lining of his stomach was contracting viciously in suspense of being fed.

"Here, yours," he started, dishing the eggs with the bacon. He put the plate on the table and with less care, saw to his own breakfast. The food barely touched the plate. He was mulling over Becky's wishlist. They could eat out to get some of that, but he could buy steak and prepare it himself. If Alphie hadn't finished with the installation by then. Either way -shit.

"Uhm, so... Bell's got a job lined up for Monday," he pitched, scraping the last of the egg from the bottom of the skillet. "Don't know if you feel like construction-work?" That one would be a bust then, huh? Shit. Oh well.
Not as if Bell really had to work to get by.
"Not that it's needed," Daniel muttered softly. He'd finished the eggs way too fast and still he was left unsatisfied.
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Becky glanced up from where she'd been sweeping after Alphie, the jerk, who'd just tracked dirt all over the entryway. "Uh, yeah, eggs," she said. Eggs, at least. She didn't really know what else. Last night, she'd wanted an omelette, so she'd been pretty delighted to find eggs and hadn't bothered to look for much else.

Anything she wanted to eat? Becky's eyes sparkled, and the broom slipped down in her grasp, forgotten. "Lasagna," she started. "Chicken parmesan. Lobster, or no wait, maybe crab. A nice juicy steak. French fries. A big cold soda, and then some ice cream, oooh, or an ice cream float."

She realized the broom was about to fall seconds before it did and caught it, snatching it up. "You gonna make me some fried eggs?" she asked, peering into the pan. And bacon? Should've looked harder last night! Bacon was the best! "Ooh, cook the bacon first, then cook the eggs in the fat," she said, bouncing at the thought of it.

The laundry machine buzzed. Becky set the broom against the wall and went to transfer the clothes around. "You boys are such slobs," she complained, shifting the wet clothes into the dryer. "I mean, honestly. How can you live in this filth?" Maybe they'd been homeless because neither of them could keep a home up. It was kind of pathetic, really. "The sink was so gross, seriously. Like, just put the stuff in the dishwasher! It's not even that hard."

The dryer started with a buzz, and Becky sat back on her heels, letting out a huff. There. Phew. At least someone kept the house clean, even if she wasn't out much. It felt like a waste of her time, but at the same time, it'd been years since she'd cleaned anything. Somehow, it kind of made her feel in control. Like she was an ordinary person, just living her life, instead of ... what she really was. A shadow of a monster.

She looked at the dryer, then back at Daniel. "Hey, at least you can cook," she said, peering over his shoulder. "Smells good." Smelled really good. Meaty and eggy, nice and perfect.
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Bed's open? Daniel blinked owlishly at Becky, until he realized she was done sleeping, so the bed was now unoccupied. As if shaken from his daze, Daniel concluded he was still sat at the table, doing fuck all and feeling pretty miserable for himself. At least he wasn't as ravenous as he'd been a few hours ago, though more breakfast might be nice. Without a word, Rebecca started to clean their kitchen. Daniel watched her for a while, curious as to why she would do something like that for no good reason, then shrugged. If she wanted to do shit like that, who was he to question her?

The door opening had him tense again.
Alphie. Daniel relaxed, breathing out slowly. His ribs didn't like him doing that. The way she told off Alphie made him snort, then sigh. Okay, he needed food and more sleep. Then, hopefully, he'd feel better come tomorrow.

"There food?" Daniel pitched. They were going to get some before they decided to split up the party and Bell-boy traded places with Becky. He'd seen Becky make food before, but she hadn't had breakfast yet, had she?
Daniel pushed up, taking his time to move slow and deliberate. He didn't want to over-extend anything. He pulled open the fridge and inspected the contents. They had eggs at least. Some leftover bacon. That'd make breakfast well enough.

"Anything you want to eat tonight?" he offered up.
Cinema visits were one thing, but steak was another. Or a nice juicy burger. He remembered how Becky enjoyed real life food on the rare occasions they had the luxury to go out for a meal.
She'd cleaned. Daniel paused for exactly a second before taking out the frying pan. He could eat out of that as he made the meal. He was just hungry, not picky or patient.
"Your friend going to visit today?" Daniel asked conversationally. It'd be nice if Sarah was on board, but she seemed less involved than Alphie was.

Daniel stared at the empty skillet, questioning his motives when his eyes caught sight of the eggs. Breakfast. He was doing breakfast. Right. Obviously. He shook himself and sighed out, then fired up the stove and sprayed the skillet.
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Motion in the corner of her eye startled Becky. She jumped back, whirling, only to find Daniel sitting at the table, half asleep. Jeez! That was a hell of a place to sleep. Wasn't he going to sleep in the car? Wouldn't it be more comfortable? Guilt panged through her; she hadn't meant to make him sleep in such an uncomfortable place.

"Um, the bed's open," she offered quietly. Daniel should probably go rest in it, if he thought the table was a good place to sleep.

There was a pile of dishes in the sink, and the floor was abysmal. Typical men. They could live in this filth without batting an eye, but Becky wasn't about to live like that. She started with the dishes. A quick search for gloves confirmed the gross idiots hadn't bought any, so with a sigh, she picked up the sponge barehanded. Alright. Well, at least she wouldn't have to smell the stink anymore once it was all cleaned up.

It wasn't even hard. She was very, very disappointed in the men and their cleanliness when she had all the dishes put away in the dishwasher a few minutes later. Honestly? Couldn't even do that much? They were pathetic.

The broom was pretty hidden, but she found it in the end. Still in its original packaging, huh? Yep, that was about what she'd expected. At least it was fun to tear the cardboard up. There was something satisfying about watching the dirt collect into a little pile, then disappear into the trash can. She broomed around the kitchen, then into the other room, shifting chairs and the table as she went. It wasn't a perfect job, but at least when she was done, she didn't feel grit under her bare feet anymore.

The door opened. She looked up to find Alphie standing there, expression turning bemused at the sight of Becky cleaning. "They make you their maid?" she asked, giving the broom a dirty look.

"Someone had to," Becky explained, "and I don't see you doing it."

Alphie shrugged. "Fair enough," she said, and wandered past.

"Hey! Shoes off, or go in through the back door!" Becky called after her.
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After a small struggle, Daniel managed to recline the passenger's seat enough to actually lie down. The comforter was damaged, but still covered him fine. Daniel rested back and closed his eyes. Fortunately it wasn't cold out. Sleep wouldn't readily come, despite his weariness. What'd made it easy for Becky to just crawl out of the woodworks like that?

He woke ever so slightly by Alphie's car. The headlights slipped by the window, then back onto the road. The roar of her engine died out as distance increased. Daniel shifted, winced and sighed out. Fuck.
Cars were not comfortable. Neither would a bed be.
His ribs were sensitive, throbbing in time with his heartbeat and he felt hungry. It was the gnawing hunger that forced him to get up, despite the lack of daylight. He stiffly manoeuvred out of the car, into the house. Everything was still dark inside, quiet. Becky was asleep, he assumed. It felt lonely without Bell-boy there. He'd gotten so used to sleeping next to the guy that he felt lost.
Undoubtedly, Bell-boy would have to suffer quite the same when he finally did get into the tube.

Cereal was the first thing Daniel found he had the energy to make.
Numbly, he cleared the bowl, going through the motions with the attitude of a brainless zombie. After the bowl emptied out however, he couldn't find the will to move back to the car. The chair and table were comfortable plenty. It wasn't long before dawn regardless. Maybe he ought to get some more groceries.
Make sure there was money in the house for Bell-boy to find. Just in case. He wiped his face and sighed out, flipping through the newspapers they'd gotten.

This was boring. He could go out there, get something to drink, raised a glass to what might be his final moments on this world as he was now. In the end his body decided for him. The table looked inviting. Daniel put his elbow on and propped up his head. Slowly but surely, the morning sun crept in, luring his eyes closed. He wasn't asleep, not quite. But he wasn't awake either. Just somewhere in between.

Not even Goldy bothered with him. He lazily shifted when he heard the patter of feet on the floor. Bell?
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Daniel shook his head. He was okay with her being out? She gave him a suspicious look, but nodded in the end. If he said so, then who was she to question it?

For once, someone was fine with her being out. It made her feel happy inside, even if it was Daniel making her feel that way. He didn't seem happy to see her out, but at least he didn't hate her for it.

"Oh... are you sure?" she asked, glancing at the bed. It was his bed, not hers. She could sleep in the car. And the sheets had... roses on them. Who chose that, Sarah? But who gave the girls the ability to choose Bell and Daniel's sheets? Weird. It was really weird.

She nodded. She didn't feel like fighting Daniel when he was giving her stuff, she'd just accept it. Might as well sleep in the mattress as long as he was offering. "See you in the morning," she said.

With a glance at the curtainless window, she grabbed one of the boys' shirts as a nightshirt, then ducked into the bathroom to change into it. The dog followed her into the bathroom and sniffed around her as she got dressed, curious. Once it was pleased, it wandered over to lay down on the bed. She smiled. Too cute. Where'd they gotten this dog? It was the cutest!

The bed smelled like man. Like Bell in particular. She wrinkled her nose at the smell, then sighed out. Shouldn't complain about Daniel's charity, when her other option was to sleep in the car, which Daniel was already doing for her.

At first, it took a little while to fall asleep, but when sleep met her, it was absolute. Even more absolute than being in the goat's nothingness. The next thing she knew was the sound of birds singing outside of the window and the bright light of morning. A little surprised to still be the one out, she blinked around the room. Well. Alright. Looked like it was still her. Not that she was complaining.

Becky got dressed quickly in her own clothes, then gathered up all the scattered clothes across the floor and stuffed them in the washing machine. She'd at least be helpful while she was here. Besides, the clothes she'd worn before were dirty, and she [i knew] the boys wouldn't wash them. The dog followed her around, giving her doe-eyes until she fed it at last. Jeez, the boys never took care of anything!
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Help? Daniel watched as the water swirling down the drained turned pink with his blood. Maybe he ought to apply some antiseptic, bandage the wounds up, but honestly? The goatling was likely to heal up those trivial injuries before the break of dawn.
"Nah, I think I'll be fine," Daniel said.
Nothing he wanted to put Becky through anyway.
Gross, was it?
"He wore clean clothes this morning," he countered. Everything about Bell had to feel gross to Becky though, considering she hated the man with every inch of her soul. To share a body with the person you hated so had to be torture. Being out for only hours at a time even more so. He was quite possibly one of the few people who understood what that felt like.

Good. At least she got to do something fun. Daniel turned off the tap and rested for a second, looking at Becky. He wanted Bell-boy to be out and at the same time, not. If his injuries were healed up a little better, maybe then.
He shook his head ever so minutely. Something had to be up with Bell-boy for Becky to be out and Daniel felt worried, or at least a little guilty, but Becky being out wasn't the end of the world it'd felt like first time he met her.
It was temporary.

He snorted.
"It's not a good time,'s fine," Daniel sighed out.
How long was it going to last anyway? A day or two, at best? "Better make the most of it, huh?"
She left after that. Daniel snatched up a towel and dabbed at his hands, then his face, taking care to wipe around the injuries and bruises. He tentatively sat down on the mattress and started to take his shoes off. After all that, Daniel decided he deserved some sleep.
He was half-way down his laces when Becky's voice interrupted his sluggish gestures.

Daniel looked back at the bed, then sighed.
"It's the only thing," he nodded at the bed. "You can have it. I can sleep in the car. Probably be better anyway," Daniel mumbled, then stopped unlacing his boots. He'd want them to be on if he had to make his way over to the car. Rather than get up, Daniel sat there for a moment, resting, eyes closed. His head hurt, but the aspirin was slowly taking the edge off.
There was the half-shredded comforter in the car still, so he wouldn't exactly get cold. Daniel shook himself and stood, cradling his side.
"See you in the morning?" he ventured, then scratched Goldy behind her ears.
  Landon Turner / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 3d 36m 32s
She watched his face closely, not sure if he was angry or not. He wasn't happy, anyways, not that she'd been expecting that one. "I came out on my own," she said honestly. Bell was just worried, uncomfortable, and tired, which was enough for her to worm her way to the surface.

"Do you... need any help?" she offered, not really sure what she'd do to help, but somehow obligated to offer anyways.

At the mention of clothes, she glanced down at herself. Oh. Oh yeah. Right. Boot...? Trunk. Right, in the trunk. "Sarah lent me these. I'll give them back," she explained. "Bell's felt gross."

She followed at a distance, though stopped when he headed into the bathroom. "Sarah took me to the movies," she said, somehow feeling guilty about it. Not that she cared about Daniel, but it still felt wrong to be having fun while he was out there, getting hurt. "It was fun, though. We got ice cream and popcorn and stuff."

Honestly, she'd had more fun with Sarah than she'd ever had with Daniel. If there wasn't the whole Bell-Daniel thing, she'd just go run off with Sarah. But she couldn't just abandon Daniel. Then it'd be really bad for her.

"Um," she asked, glancing at Daniel, "should I... let Bell back out? Is it a bad time?" It was never a good time in Daniel's opinion, she knew that, but hopefully she'd get a meaningful answer. She didn't really care, but she'd had a good time, and if Daniel was in trouble, she didn't want to be there. Better for Bell to deal with that trouble.

Not wanting to be in the way, she scooted out as soon as she got her answer and headed out to the car to get her clothes. It took a minute to figure out how to pop the trunk, but when she did, she was rewarded with her cute normal clothes. She grabbed them out and headed back in. At the very least, she could get Sarah's clothes washed for her before she gave them back.

"Do you have a couch, or a cot or something?" she asked as the door shut behind her. A big, friendly dog came up to her and wagged her tail for pets. Becky bent down with a smile, scratching behind the dog's ears. So far she'd only seen a table and chairs, and the mattress on the floor--what a man thing, honestly. It was pretty obvious there was no female touch in this house, despite Alphie and Sarah coming around.
  Bellwether / kaitoXi / 3d 2h 28m 10s

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