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[center Sirens sound in the distance. Horns blare. Stoplights flicker, dim in the coming dark. People rush by on the sidewalks while cars cruise by, rumbling over dry pavement. The world is at peace.]

[center And yet it is not. A dark power crushes close, insinuating itself among humankind secretly. Velveteen claws are curled into places of security and power, sheathed only until they can strike once and decisively. Every institution has been infiltrated. The intruders are everywhere, hidden in plain sight. Until the claws are unsheathed and the trap snapped shut, even the infiltrators do not know what they are. Human in appearance, human in nature, in every way, from memory to appearance, a perfect replica of those whom they have replaced. ]

[center There is no secret organization to oppose them. There is no resistance to be had against that which does not exist. Those who discover the truth cast their eyes aside and claim they did not see, for to admit to have seen such horror is to admit insanity. ]

[center Their patience is boundless. They have waited for generations, for millennia, watched humanity claw its way towards the unknowable beyond, but now their waiting is almost done. The coil bends, the pressure plate dips, the spring is compressed. And when the trap is sprung, nothing will be left of this Earth but ash.]

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[center [b -details-]]
The black goat's thousand young are among us, perfectly disguised, preparing their final assault upon the Earth. When the thousandth child arrives, then will their disguises be cast aside and Earth's dominion shall be transferred to those beyond human understanding.

We play a pair of humans who have been upset from their homes by imposters who are, impossibly, identical to themselves in every way, down to the very memories. My character has been displaced for some time, while yours has only just been replaced. In this time of confusion, your character finds themselves drawn to mine, and mine offers yours guidance, hope, and a way to fight. So long as all thousand are not on earth, the trap remains unshut. And we two are the only two who know, the only two who can oppose them.

I want this roleplay to be dark and mature-themed. The black goat's young cannot be told from ordinary mortal humans until after a vital blow has been struck. There will be paranoia, fear, uncertainty, and surest of all, death. This is a long, hard battle with no certain outcome, where anyone and anything might turn against us at any moment. This roleplay is strongly influenced by Lovecraft, as you might have guessed from the title. The black goat's young are beings that defy human understanding, but they can be killed, or at least sent back to the dark realm from which they come. Romance is not necessary, but I would prefer a heterosexual or mxm relationship, if you desire it. I am very much open to any suggestions you might have as to where the plot might go.

Feel free to ask questions. Please pm me the skeleton below once you are ready to apply. This is not first come, first serve.

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A piss? Maybe. Bell-boy put deed to word, going back out through the large doors. Daniel figured he might as well use this opportunity to also see about business, before he'd gotten comfortable in the car. The first step he took was awkward and forced, as if it took him physical effort to take back control. After that however, he slowly started to feel more himself, including the need to pee. He found some sorry-looking plants and bestowed his nocturnal gift upon them before following Bell-boy back inside.
Bell-boy's jump was cute.
"Just a cat," he muttered. Not the first time it'd started Bell-boy, was it?

Inside the car was cold still. Daniel waited for Bell to settle and claimed his spot next to the man. By the time he was comfortable, Bell-boy's breathing was already sagging into that of sleep. He wasn't far behind. His body was tired after moving about all day and using the goatling hadn't exactly helped. Never mind that they hadn't had a full night's sleep yesterday either.

Darkness was all that greeted him as he slipped off. A putrid darkness in which the goatling lazily shifted. Upon noticing the minute flicker of consciousness from its shell, the goatling reached out and rummaged through some of his memories. Daniel let it. There was no protecting those memories and so long as he didn't have to see them again, it was fine. When it tried to touch upon the parts Daniel had distinctly marked as being Lenny's however, he felt the goatling met resistance.

It also didn't take long for the goatling to force its way in instead.
Daniel snapped awake, a headache beating behind his eyes with a dull throb. Darkness met him. Shit, really? Again?
He turned over and sighed out. Another broken night.
Daniel reached up for his temples and rubbed them in a poor attempt at making the headache go away. It'd be nice if they had aspirin or whatever. He snorted at himself. Bell-boy would accuse him of being an addict again.
The thought caused Daniel to pause. Was that why Bell-boy had seemed almost relieved last night? Did he really think he was so hell-bent on going to a bar to get drunk that he wouldn't let reason decide his actions? Now would be a good time to go, actually. Bell-boy wouldn't be appreciative though, so he stayed put for now.
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The car wasn't any less cold than the rest of the building, their comforter icy cold after having sat in the cold all day. Bell kicked off his shoes and climbed under it anyways, squirming a bit to warm it up some, spread his body heat around. The backseat still smelled faintly of them and last night's exercises, a quiet reminder that Daniel was still there for him, didn't hate him or reject him for being who he was, even if he felt weak every now and again.

Though right now, Daniel was off somewhere, taking a piss or something. Bell peered out the window of the car, but his eyes hadn't yet adjusted to the pitch black of the factory. What little he could see were general shapes and thin threads of light, but not much else. He could hear Daniel better than see him, the clop of tennis shoes in the wide open expanse echoing nice and loud, a rather convenient security system for them. "Remember, we've got a whole garden for pissing in!" he called out. No need to make the factory smell like piss. They weren't animals, marking their territory.

Actually, now that he'd mentioned it, he kind of had to pee. Bell shifted, then grunted and hauled himself up, out of the car. For all that the comforter felt cold, it felt colder without it. He trooped over to the courtyard and found a quiet corner, took care of business, then started back to the car.

Halfway back, something darted across his path, quick as could be. He jumped, again, but it was just a cat, the same one he'd seen earlier at a guess, her gray tabby coat blending her in with the shadows. "Stupid animal," he grumbled aloud, and clomped back into the car.

Even if it was cold inside the car, all the blankets frigid, it was soft and comfortable, and he'd had a long day of hard work. Before long, he felt himself drifting off. In the distance, the cat started yowling, the sound somehow comforting. He listened to it as he slipped off to sleep. Who was the cat calling for? Did she have a pretty lover out there, somewhere in the night? She sounded lonely.
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Coming, sure, but Daniel could tell Bell-boy was still bothered by the headache he'd been suffering. A confused, slightly surprised look crossed Bell-boy's face for a flash, but as soon as Daniel was about to ask what that was about, Bell's expression returned to normal. Weak. Daniel wished it was as easy as telling Bell-boy that the man wasn't weak, that it'd been circumstances working against them, butt Bell would never take to such consolations.

More people had emerged from whatever hide-out they hid themselves in during the day. Seedier too. Daniel returned some of the suspicious glares, unwilling to back down, even if it'd get him into trouble. Maybe a fight was what he wanted, what he knew would take away Bell-boy's doubts and worries.
No one took the bait and maybe that was for the best. Daniel looked over his shoulder as he pushed himself through the gate. Quiet. Their earlier tending to the garden was now a boon, as moving about the garden was a hundred times easier.

Daniel followed Bell-boy towards the car, but he didn't trust the large doors to be opened, so he took the time to haul it down and close it up. Now, if someone wanted to get inside -if they weren't already- they'd easily hear it.
He paused and looked into the factory. It'd be easy to slip inside now. Sure, a person would have to know, but hey, people moved about in this city. And they moved about a whole lot more than just themselves. Daniel watched Bell-boy get comfortable with the car and decided he'd take a precautionary lap around the building, just in case they had a trespasser.

It was dark inside the building though, especially now that the door was shut.
Daniel looked around and heaved a sigh, then focussed on the goatling instead. He didn't need eyes to see. Reality was all one mesh of matter. A human -life- would stand out more than anything, just as the garden had.

It took a few seconds for the goatling to respond, but when it did, the effects were astonishing. Energy flowed and swirled, colours the likes of which he didn't even know existed blended together and collided in explosions. Amid it all, Bell-boy was black. A black figure, about the size and shape of a human, that refused to participate. The garden was like before; a stream. Even through the door. The building however contained nothing of the likes.

For a second, Daniel stared at his hand. Dark. It too was dark. But his other hand wasn't. It was participating in the flow, just like the rest of life. And just like that reality snapped back to normal.
Dark. And cold.
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Daniel's question took him by surprise, so much so that he stopped dead with a fry lifted halfway to his mouth. Who did he feel like? What kind of a question was that?

The kind of question someone with multiple personalities would ask. Bell shook his head; he didn't mean to give Daniel the wrong idea. He still felt like himself in [i that] sense. There was only one Bell in his head, and thank goodness for that. "I didn't mean anything like that. Just--I feel like me, but weak, you know?" He shrugged. Like he wasn't quite in control yet, and wouldn't be until he'd finally made his next kill and reclaimed his identity for himself. When he was living as the hunter, and not just telling himself he was the hunter--that was when he'd feel like himself again.

Just as he was licking the last of the salt off his fingers, Daniel stood for the exit. "Yep, coming," Bell called, jumping up from his seat. His headache snapped back into place with a vengeance the second he moved, forcing him to stop and wince until the worst of the pain stopped. Shit, that was annoying. Hopefully it'd go away by morning.

"Yep, gotta keep an eye on if the kid goes to school," he agreed, yawning. He was pretty tired anyways, so he had no problem with going straight back. Wait, did this mean Daniel had willingly passed up the dive bar? He raised his eyebrows, but didn't make a comment. Maybe he really was recovering from that alcoholic shit!

He sighed out. "I know." He did know, but it didn't make it any easier to have to sit around and wait. Once he was back in the grind, he'd embrace these days of preparation, but for now, it just felt like he was wasting time.

The sun had set, giving way to a chilly night. Bell yanked his jacket shut and put this hands deep in his pockets for warmth. Shit, he wanted to be south already. It was so damn chilly up here!

Surprisingly, as the temperature dropped, more people appeared on the streets; more people, but seedier-looking. A gaggle of girls passed them, giggling loudly and already slightly tipsy, while a man with his shoulders slumped casually scanned the cars parked by the side of the road. Bell felt suddenly glad that they'd parked their car in the factory, out of sight of anyone who might be interested in hubcaps or whole wheels.

The factory came up before long. He led the way in around the bent-in back gate, squeezing through the gap Daniel had bent into the bars; still pretty amazing to think Daniel was capable of that much. The path they'd clipped through the courtyard earlier made navigating back much easier, and he beelined it for the car. Time to sleep already.
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Apparently there really was nothing like food to cheer Bell-boy up. The man was absolutely destroying his food. Daniel didn't stop to watch either, but unlike Bell-boy, he took his time savouring the burgers, which were surprisingly well done. He was chipping away at his fries when Bell-boy spoke up. Feeling like himself again?

"Then who do you feel like right now?" Daniel posed. It was a weird thought to have, to consider Bell-boy might be someone else. And quite possible too, because he'd seen the monstrous shells Bell-goat kept around: all of them melded together to form one giant clump of human history. Bell-boy was just a single part of that and apparently not even a really stable one, because Becky won out on occasion.
It was weird though, how it was Becky and not one of the other dozen or so more people.

Daniel watched Bell-boy stretch and noted the blood on the man's fingers. Already healed, he knew that. It still alarmed him to some extent.
He shrugged and finished his fries. Daniel grabbed a napkin to wipe off the grease and salt from his fingers. It was useless to tell Bell-boy to be patient at this point, so why bother? The man would always be impatient, no matter what. Especially now, maybe.

Some more people came into the snackbar and Daniel pushed up to get rid of their trash. Once that was taken care of he signalled Bell-boy, "let's go." He didn't want to overstay their welcome and this seemed like a place where that might happen sooner, rather than later. All things considered, he was done as well. They'd walked all day, chopped at the garden all evening and had a late dinner.

"Need to get up early tomorrow," he excused. Both to do chores and to hopefully catch the kid -might even be going to school today. Who knew? It'd be worth a shot.
"You'll get your chance soon enough," Daniel soothed Bell.
It was still nice out, but with the sun at a much lower angle, the temperature was quickly going down. Rather than nice and warm, it was now cold and frigid out. Clear nights made cold nights. It made him appreciate their factory more.
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"Luckily I'm not a fancy lady," Bell replied jokingly, unable to stop himself from making the joke despite his generally shitty mood. Maybe that was all he needed, some good food to fix his mood. It all came back to him making the mistake with the kid, which was a dumb thing to get hung up over in the first place, but there it was. Maybe the food would take his mind off of things.

The snackbar looked decent, for a snackbar. Shitty, but the smell of food was enticing, and it wasn't particularly dirty, either. Decently full, too, for a little place. He followed Daniel in and browsed the menu. Burgers, hot dogs, chicken... "Yeah, a burger, a hot dog, and some fries," he ordered for himself. Back to the table, where he leaned on his fist and watched people walk by outside and Daniel watched the television. It felt comfortable just sitting here. The quiet. the comfort just sitting here with Daniel and not needing to say anything. He liked talking as much as anyone, but when he was in a mood... it was good to just be able to sit here, too.

"Yeah, laundry," he said. They did need to do laundry soon. Daniel got up abruptly, startling Bell, but in the end, it was just to grab their food from the counter. He looked up as Daniel came back to the table, then stole his food off the tray.

"Thanks," he muttered. He picked at his food, then started eating in earnest, scarfing down the burger, then the hot dog. At the fries, he slowed down a bit, but honestly, they were so tasty he couldn't stop. This place might not be the cleanest, fanciest establishment, but it made some decent food.

He looked at Daniel, then shook his head. "I just wanna take care of the goat already, you know? Feel like [i me] again. I dunno. It's stupid." And worrying about Daniel's impending doom was bothering him too, but that was a conversation they'd already had, and one that had no solution yet. No point in rehashing the same old conversation all over again.

At least the food was making him feel better. He stretched and scratched the back of his head, carefully. His fingers came away with the smallest amount of blood, but that was all. Bell looked at them. He really wasn't human anymore, was he?
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"Sure, it's nothing fancy though," Daniel apologized prematurely. He shrugged and tugged at his shirt, then sniffed the fabric. They definitely needed to do a laundry-run some time soon. Bell-boy seemed a bit pinched and Daniel suspected the man could use an aspirin against the headache, but hopefully food would solve Bell's predicament. Bell-goat did tend to heal better with some food in him.
Daniel popped back into the factory to change out his shirt for a cleaner one and grabbed his coat on the way.

"Let's go," he hinted. Daniel guided them back through the gate, down the street to a cheap and mostly abandoned little snackbar. Some people were sat inside, hunched over their fries and the tables were relatively clean -unused. Daniel had no doubt it was just a front, but hoped the guy behind the grill might take some personal satisfaction from producing reasonably well-made food.

"Hmm, let's have two burgers and some fries," Daniel ordered. He was hungry and the burgers on the pictures looked too small already. Once Bell-boy put in his order, Daniel put out some cash and paid for their food. A small television was hung from the ceiling, displaying the news. It caught Daniel's attention, so he positioned himself so he could see the screen and watch. He didn't expect Bell-boy to be too engaging, what with the man's mood being sour lately.
Daniel appreciated Bell-boy apologizing, but it hadn't changed much about the man's demeanour in general. Frustrated didn't even come close, huh? Daniel had to wonder what Bell-boy felt he needed to prove.

"Made a path to the facilities," Daniel started half-heartedly, tearing his eyes away from the news. It was the same everywhere: accidents, wars, suffering. Humanity didn't need goats to fuck it all up, they did perfectly fine on their own. Made him wonder whether the goats had seen other nations rise and fall in the time they'd been here. Whether there were other advanced civilizations, that were just as successful as they were a million years ago and then screwed it all over.
"Probably want to do a laundry-run soon too," he muttered. His order was called out and Daniel moved to grab it. Food. Glorious, delicious food. He was hungry for once.
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The headache got worse the more he moved, like it was sloshing about in his head and leaving great swathes of pain behind it. Bell gritted his teeth and pushed on, ignoring the pain. It wasn't anything. Just a dumb headache. And his own damn fault for pulling the whole tool rack down on himself.

At least he'd learned his lesson about patience, for now. He took his time on cutting the vines, going after one, then another. The mind-numbing task was exactly what he needed; a chance to exert himself, put his muscles to work and push past the frustration and anger inside him. Most of the growth gave up after one slash, thin vines and baby trees cutting like paper, but a few were thicker, forcing him to come back and cut again, again, again, score deeper and deeper cuts with the shears until he could finally cut them through to the heart and topple the older, stronger plants. There was nothing worth keeping. Just brambles and thorn trees.

Every now and again, something flew off or scurried deeper into the undergrowth, animal life fleeing the destruction he was putting forth into the world. He didn't care. It felt good to destroy. To tear something down. Made him feel strong. He even forgot the headache for a moment, though the second he stood up and caught sight of the sun, it all came rushing back. Shit. Felt like he was hungover, almost. Should've been more fucking patient!

He kept clipping after he heard Daniel's question, then sighed and tossed the shears down. "Holding up fine. Yeah, let's go eat," he replied to both at once. "I didn't see the burger place, so you'll have to lead the way."

So saying, he looked at Daniel and waited for him to start off. Couldn't be far; they'd only walked so far today, after all. He was too hungry to go far. If he had to, he'd just eat at home. Not that they had anything but fruit, but still. He sighed out. Why was everything so annoying? Why did he have to be patient? He just wanted things to work out right now, was that too much to ask?
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A headache was no surprise, but at least Bell-boy was able to make out the number of fingers he held. Daniel decided he'd keep an eye on Bell, make sure he'd not get worse or anything like that. Concussions were fickle things. At least Bell-boy was steady enough on his feet and felt well enough to actually go about what he'd set out to do: create a few paths in the jungle that was their newly acquired garden. A kiss and apology were his reward, but they only served to confuse him.
"Okay," he muttered, then looked down at the foray of tools now at his disposal. For a second he watched Bell-boy, then decided there was no point in being precise. The biggest, baddest cutters were likely the only one to get them a quick result, so he chose those.

It felt like being out on the field, only cooler -which wasn't a bad thing. Daniel relinquished to the mind-numbing chore, exerting very little cognitive energy into where he was cutting. His general plan was to free up a path to the facilities, so that they could at least easily make their way to a toilet if either of them needed to do a number two. For a while, that'd be fine. They could flush with the water they had -or try to anyway. Might put a bucket out to catch rain-water and use that instead. Less costly, more efficient.

Only once he'd freed the door, did he pause. Sweat was soaking his shirt. He'd discarded his coat a while ago. Walking around so much had already worn him down and frankly, he was ready for a nap. Food first though.
Daniel put the shears into one of the sinks for safe-keeping and ambled back to the building for some water.

"How you holding up?" he asked Bell, breaking open one of the bottles. Clean, fresh water was delicious when you were thirsty like he was. It went down about as smooth as liquor, which made Daniel contemplate that dive-bar. They might find out some interesting things from the rumour-mill, but he knew Bell-boy didn't trust him to remain sober. It'd been Bell-boy to get utterly smashed at the Greek restaurant though, not him. As long as the guy didn't try to match him drink for drink, they'd both just get away with a happy buzz.
"You hungry?" Daniel offered.
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Through the haze of pain, he saw Daniel come over to his side. A hand was put to his shoulder. He looked up at Daniel, squinting to try and meet his eyes. "How bad is it?" he asked. It felt like shit.

Then there was a familiar crawling sensation as the pain built up to a white-hot boil. He cringed and tensed as his head ached, face straining into a grimace as he felt things that shouldn't shift move back into place, skin and muscle conspiring to rejoin--and then it was over, the pain little more than a memory and a bad headache.

"Got a headache," he mumbled, rubbing his face to try and massage it out of his temples. It didn't work. What pain had set in was here to stay. Fingers? He squinted at Daniel, eyes surprisingly hard to focus. Things were a little blurry, especially where the two overlapped in the middle. "Uh... three," he concluded at last. "Mmm, sorry." Hadn't meant to scare Daniel. Honestly, he'd rather have just skipped that whole experience.

Daniel released his shoulder and stood, then reached down to help him up. Bell gratefully took it and hauled himself to his feet. The whole world a bit wobbly, but he was fine. He'd be fine.

At Daniel's mutter, he looked around, then snorted. Yeah, the tools were all real easy to get now, but at one hell of a cost. His head throbbed as though to remind him exactly how much, and he winced. "Should've been a little more patient," he acknowledged. Name of the game right now, him needing to be patient.

"Well, we've got the shears, now, you see anything that strikes your fancy?" Bell said, nodding at the general mess of metal on the floor. There were hand shovels, smaller shears, some of the big clippers with huge long handles... if they weren't all rusty, he'd be tempted to bring some of them along with him. "I'mma go get clipping." He snipped the shears at the air, then paused and kissed Daniel. His mood had been shitty for a while and Daniel had been putting up with it, so he should really reward the guy. "Sorry for being in a shit mood," he explained, then walked outside.

The sunlight and pollen didn't help his aching head, but at least the clipping gave him a distraction, something to do. The shears, for all their rust, still clipped the worst of the plant life away from their little factory love nest.
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Nothing like food to lighten Bell-boy's mood. Daniel chucked some more scrap out when he caught Bell-boy's bad plan. "Are you su-", was all he managed to splutter out, before the shed retaliated and rained down garden-equipment down on Bell.
Daniel tried to grab hold of some of the bigger items to prevent Bell from being crushed underneath them, but there was just no way he could reach all the way to where Bell-boy was stood. The man stepped back, tumbled and hit his head.

For a second, Daniel just cringed, then slowly let go of what he was holding. Once he was sure it was secure, he dashed over to Bell's side. The man was already curling in on himself though, awakening from the heart-stopping daze he'd been in. Daniel breathed out a sigh in relief, but winced when he saw blood on the floor where Bell's head connected to the concrete.

He put a hand to Bell-boy's shoulder, steadying the man out, but before he could even explore the injury at the back of Bell's head, black shimmered just under the surface of Bell's skin. A couple of the man's hairs turned black as well, and then it all retreated. Neatly folded back into the pocket of reality beholden to goats.

"It's already sealed the cut. Does it still hurt?" Daniel pitched. "How many fingers?" he queried, holding up three. Hopefully Bell-boy hadn't caused himself a concussion. At least they had some shears now.
Daniel kept hovering, but released his tight grip on Bell's shoulder.
"Scared me to death for a second there," he muttered with a sigh. He had vivid memories of mucking about Bell-boy's guts in an attempt at healing the guy there. Daniel had no ambition to do the same with Bell's cranium.
"You good?" Daniel asked, already getting back up. He extended a hand for Bell to take, just in case he still felt dizzy from the blow. Concussion was still a risk, even if the goat sealed the injury and any potential crack. Daniel felt inclined to say Bell-boy had a thick skull, but doubted the joke would be appreciated.

He looked around at the chaos. Whatever tools they'd been searching for, most of them were now readily accessible. "Thatt's one way to go about it..." he muttered.
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Oh, Daniel also wanted to clear out the yard? He raised an eyebrow, then shrugged. Sure, why not? He could use the help. And there was enough plant life around that he was pretty sure he'd be able to vent all his frustration on it and not make a dent, so there was no reason to turn him down.

It was dim inside the shed, a perpetual semi-twilight filled with dust. "I don't know how much we can do in the first place," Bell countered, going for a pair of handles by the wall. With a clatter, the device came free from amongst its fellows, and he was left staring at not a shovel as he'd hoped, but some odd hole-boring device whose exact application wasn't clear at a glance. He shrugged at it, then tossed it outside with the rest of the junk Daniel was finding.

"Yeah," Bell agreed to Daniel's plans. Catch him at the skate park, and this time, be a little more careful in following him home. With a little luck, he'd wander somewhere dumb on his own and they'd easily catch him, but luck did not seem to be the name of the game this time around. Not even when it came to finding tools. He found a shovel head detached from its handle and threw it into the courtyard; useless. Was there anything decent in here?

What, burgers? He could go for a good, greasy burger. "Sure, why not?" he asked. Nothing like a little meat to make him feel alive.

He grabbed a handle and pulled, but this time, the tool didn't come. He frowned and tried again, harder. It still wouldn't give. Bell snarled and yanked as hard as he could. Why didn't anything obey him today?

The tool came off its hook, but so did half of the rest of the tools. Half-rotten shafts and rusted metal rained down on him, smacking heavily onto his shoulders, head, chest, everywhere. "Shit! Fuck!" he snapped as he ducked and jumped away, raising his hands to defend himself. His heel landed on a handle; the wood rolled out from under his foot, and he went down hard on his ass, then rolled back, unable to catch himself, and hit his head, hard enough he heard it crack against the concrete. For a second, he saw stars and laid there, dazed; then the pain hit. He rolled up into a little ball of pain and hugged his head, spitting a constant stream of curses. Oh fuck, it hurt, it hurt so bad. Shiiiit. Why.

At least he found the shears he'd been looking for. He still had a grip on them, even after everything. It wasn't worth it, though. Nothing was with it.
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When Bell-boy offered to carry some of the water, Daniel knew the man's initial rage and or frustration had died down to a tolerable level. He happily relinquished Bell-boy's portion of the water to carry and ambled on to the factory without stirring Bell-boy up any further. Bell glanced at him and lead the way back into the factory. Daniel squeezed through the gate's contorted beams, reminded of the goatling's powers unintentionally. Right. He'd messed that one up a little, huh?

Didn't seem to give pause for thought in Bell-boy's case. As soon as they were back inside, Bell started for one of the storage sheds.
"My thoughts exactly, how did you guess?" Daniel agreed with a grin and gave the man a nod. Might as well work on that together. Unless he felt inclined to watch Bell-boy do all the work. That could be enticing too.

He followed the man outside, but couldn't match Bell-boy's sudden dash of speed into the door. The door yielded under the pressure of Bell-goat's powers and Daniel peered inside after Bell. It was dark inside, despite the sun still trying its hardest to produce akin a premature spring. No wonder why either: the plants were blocking out all the light from going through the windows. Several of the windows were even shattered by plants trying to wheedle their way through.
He was no gardener, but that was excessive.

"We may not want to do too much," Daniel started, trying to pry what looked like a rake from underneath a mountain of wooden boards. Half a rake. It was just the handle. The rest of it was still on the floor. Rot had set in on the tool. Not that he thought a rake to be the most effective tool in this shed.
Actually. Maybe he could use the goatling's powers. He'd 'seen' life in these plants. Altering it...would be no different than what he'd done to force the metal gate.

Daniel started to haul some of the beams out, tossing them into the yard to clear some space. Maybe they'd find a shovel or something like it. To be fair, a large knife would probably be more useful at this stage. He picked up a screw-driver and turned the instrument in his hand.
"So...tomorrow we catch the kid at the skate-park, right?" Daniel offered, kicking some more wood out of the way.

"I thought we might get burgers for dinner tonight. Saw a place not too far from here," he suggested casually. Anything to break the lingering silence. To undo some of the tension.
  Landon Turner / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 2d 16h 41m 2s
"Do whatever" apparently translated to "stop by a convenience store for water." It was a surprisingly mature choice for Daniel, who could be so startlingly immature that it all but snapped Bell out of his thoughts. He loitered by the entrance, looking at the cheap, yet overpriced snacks the little place had to offer, while Daniel grabbed water and handled the transactions that came along with buying it. Nothing in particular touched his fancy, so he watched Daniel instead.

And then they were headed back to the factory. Bell opened his mouth to protest, but quickly realized that Daniel had the right idea. They'd made a scene earlier, so now they'd be suspicious. They had to give the city a little cooling-off time before they could go back out and follow the boy around. Daniel knew what he was doing, so he should stop trying to find faults in everything and just... calm down. He didn't even know why he was so wound up. It'd been such a tiny mistake, and a recoverable one at that. There was no need to get so worked up.

At least they had the walk back to the factory. The longer he moved, the more he felt like he was stupid for ever getting so worked up. Sure, he had problems, but they all had problems, and it wasn't like any of the problems had just suddenly jumped up. He should just... calm down. It'd been a little mistake. Just a dumb mistake. It'd keep him from killing the boy for one day more, not invalidate everything he'd done so far.

Bell took a deep breath and sighed out. It was a lovely day out, too. He should just enjoy it. Enjoy these moments he had with Daniel, for as long as they lasted. "Here, let me carry one of those," he offered, taking one of the water bottles from Daniel. No need for him to be the only one burdened.

The factory loomed up. Bell breathed out, more relaxed now than he'd been when they'd started the walk. Right, so. What next? There was still some daylight left, and they hadn't grabbed dinner yet. He glanced at Daniel, then led the way around the back and in through the gate--they'd chained the door closed on the inside, so they couldn't get back in, like idiots. Forging through the courtyard felt good, though, crashing through the brambles and smashing them apart. Actually, that gave him an idea. There'd been yard equipment around here somewhere, hadn't there?

He got to the factory and set his water bottle down, then started for one of the storage sheds. "I'm gonna see if they have some clippers or something," Bell announced. "Clear out this courtyard a bit."

The door came into view. Bell put on a sudden burst of speed and slammed himself into it. The rusty door screeched, then gave all at once, and he stumbled into the darkness. Alright, then... gardening tools, where were they? He felt like he'd seen something through the window earlier...
  Bellwether / kaitoXi / 2d 17h 46m 0s
Tense didn't even come close to help describe Bell-boy's sour mood. He grinned when the man snapped no at his suggestion of going to a dive-bar, the first thing Bell-boy managed that wasn't directed inwardly. Whatever was going on inside the man's brain, it really seemed like Bell was eating himself up over such a little mistake.
He shrugged. Whatever. If Bell-boy wanted to be a toddler, so be it. He had some experience with toddlers, so that was fine.
But he'd said whatever. So was that an encapsulated yes? An 'I'm disappointed, with myself and now you as well, so fuck off'?

Daniel narrowed his eyes at Bell-boy and tried to decide whether going was going to improve matters or not. The alcohol would loosen Bell-boy up and help him forget his silly worries, but on the other hand, there'd be more regret the next day. That was the next day however.

Rather than slip into a supermarket, Daniel stepped into one of the convenience stores lined up in the street. It had drinks, for sure. A small row of cooled beverages stood against the back of the shop, all manner of small snacks at the front and cigarettes behind the counter. It smelled like tobacco and smoke.
Daniel casually wandered towards the coolers and searched it for a large bottle of water. Only a little more expensive than the big chains they usually visited, but this water was cold, so he expected a premium on that regardless. He took out two large bottles to make up their morning shower and padded to the counter.

They got the eye, but nothing much more.
Daniel paid for the bottles and realized it'd be better to have cash at hand for transactions like these. Didn't want to flash a renowned credit-card too much. It might lead to ideas and rumours.
"Give me some cash back, please," he asked the clerk, who then changed his stink-eye for a world-weary one. An accompanying sigh didn't deter Daniel in the least, who kept up a pleasant, if not fake smile. He walked away with water and some cash.

It'd be useless going after the boy now, so Daniel started on their trek back to the factory. Hopefully the walk would calm Bell-boy right down. That or they could have another fuck. Daniel chuckled at himself. Yeah, that'd go down so well right now.
  Landon Turner / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 3d 6h 1m 33s

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