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[size10 [b B R E A K I N G - N E W S]
[I "Another teen as been labeled as missing in the recently infamous Pixel Woods. Ashley Halwen was reported missing earlier this morning after the other girls in her cabin noticed at the was missing when they woke up. Ashley Halwen was staying at the popular "Pixel Science" summer camping program held annual in the northern part of the great forest. Three search parties when out into the forest shortly after several camp counselors couldn't find the female teen around the camping grounds this morning. They came back four hours later after they were scared out of the deeper part of the forest by what they claimed to be a "hideous wolf-like beast." Two K9 search parties were then sent out while being armed. So far no word has been heard from the two search parties. This makes the seventh teen that has gone missing in Pixel Forest this month and locals are growing worried. Four of which of the cases results with the horrid discovery of the teen's mauled bodies with their necks being the most...torn area. Further investigation will be done to ensure the teen's safe arrival back home and some are even thinking about shutting down the summer camp to prevent any more missing teens..."]

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[size10 [right [b U P D A T E D]]
It has been four weeks since the sudden news of yet another missing teen the area. A week after that report, a male teenager went missing despite not even living near the area. He was last spotted by an elderly couple who owned a cabin near a lake in the now dammed woods. Authorities forced all summer camps being held in the area to be shut down until next year in order to prevent teens and children in them from going missing. As search parties continued to look for all the missing teens whose bodies weren't yet found, more and more of them reported seeing a "black beast larger than boulder." Unfortunately while searching for Ashley and the male, a body of a female was found dead like the other teens that were found. Like the rest she had a slash marks on her throat, but authorities reported her body to have been tampered with after being mauled. Her head, fingers, feet, and even teeth were missing which caused the body to be unidentifiable. Police nicknamed the corpse "Nameless" which would spark news of the recent Pixel Woods' deaths greatly across the nation and the attentions of a group of very special teenagers.

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[center [b T O D A Y]]
Summer is at it's peak in mid-July. Parents have become extremely protective over their children, young or old, and have made the wise decision of keeping them inside locked doors. The forest has been on a major watch by authorities with extra Game Warden, police patrols, K9 searches and everyone eye out for younger teens and children in the forest without an adults aid. The near by town has hosted several searches, but not for the missing teens. They're after the beast that has been reported multiple times since the disappearances.

However, little do the people know that a heroic team is slowly being formed. Each member of this team possess skills in certain areas that mere mortals do not. Like the beast, they too are that of supernatural origins. Except they're planning on saving lives rather than taking them.

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