Into The Terrible Future (1x1 Needs Male)

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This human world is not what you would imagine, there are hidden doors and portals to other universes and times that you would never think of. When _____ sees a big transport truck turned over on the side of the street on the way to his house, he goes to investigate and finds a strange mirror on the side with glowing carvings. Curiosity takes over and he goes to touch one of the glowing symbols only to be blinded by a bright flash of white light and waking up in another world where he meets Atalanie who then insists she is his protector and explains that his own world is not lost to him, there are certain ways to get back.

This new world is strange, dangerous and is one thousand years into the future. There are these strange gems that can give you a power, But it depends on the person, everyone has their own gem and although others may hold onto it, only the owner can unleash the power sealed inside. There is one gem though, one that goes against these rules. Anyone can use it and it will grant the owner the power to control any other gems. Keenan is a great military leader out to get this gem and take others with it to gain power. It has been said that a man from the past would come and stop him, but that is only if Atalanie can earn his trust and protect him until the time comes to challenge Keenan.


~This is a future roleplay, use guns and any other futuristic weapons you can think of.
~Be imaginative please, do not make me start all the events and such.
~Swearing is fine, just do not overdo it.
~Romance and fighting is needed.
~Do not join then just quit after, please try to communicate if you are having a problem instead of just leaving. If my post does not satisfy you then let me know and I will do my beat to revise it. Also, be able to post at least one long paragraph or two shorter ones. I need something to go off of.
~Let me know if you are going to be away for longer than two days please.
~You can choose the power of your gem when you get it.

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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