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Gotham, the city that never sleeps. Gotham has always being crawling with the wicked, the shadows, the insane. And it's about to get much, much worse.

Batman has a lot more on his hands when a massive breakout in Arkham asylum, caused by the clown prince of crime himself, frees half of the most dangerous villains of Gotham... and a secret hidden within the Asylum. One of the escapees, never being outside of the place before, follows Joker and Harley out and ends up getting "adopted" by Harley Quinn. Not only does Batman have to deal with a huge uprising in Gotham, but Joker has a new unstable, incredibly dangerous force on his side.

Original characters and Canon characters needed and allowed!!! Follow the basic rules of ES.

This roleplay is a no arches attached, so the comic plots vanish and the blank canvas of this is Gotham, there is Batman, and character backstories remains.

Please, be semi-literate to literate when posted. No one liners, try to make everything as clear as you can, and no chatspeak. Pm me the title "Gotham Gone Mad" with the character(s) you want or/and your OC profile. You can be up to three character if you would like.

Character Profile for OC:

Hero or villain:

Current Characters:
Harley Quinn- Upt0wngurl
Cassandra Cain (Batgirl)-PuellaMagica
Bruce Wayne (Batman)-thelastman

Username: AidoChild
Name: Jack Ace
Age: Nineteen
hero or villain: Villain (mostly)
powers/abilities/weapons: Jack is very strong and quick. He is also agile. He uses his bare hands as weapons.
backstory: Jack Ace was born in Arkham Asylum, child of a ward experimented on in secret in the depths of the horrid place. When she died in childbirth, they kept the child hidden away to see how the experience affected him. 19 years, growing up in dim lighting and poking and prodding... and around insanity did a number on him.
He lacks any socialization skills because of this. Somehow, when he was set loose, he became attached to Harley Quinn. He really doesn't get that she often treats him more puppy-like than anything else. In fact, at some point in Arkham, he got into the nervous habit of sharpening his teeth.
personality: Strange and not good with people, Jack has no concept of right and wrong. Whatever Joker or Harley tells him to do, he usually does it. Hurting and killing does not strike him as wrong, only as something that pleases the company he is with. So, he does so.

Username: Sinner
Name: Device
Age: 22
Hero or villain: Villain
Powers/abilities/weapons: He carries around an array of weapons pending on what is available at the time. Mostly, dynamite, gasoline, and bullets...lots of bullets.
Backstory: Modelling himself to imitate the Joker, his idol, he got into crime because one fateful night his father, drunkard, was killed in the crossfire and reports said that it was the Joker. Not knowing if it was true, touched where his right eye use to be and placed a patch over it. Keeping his taste simple he managed to become unstoppable in a smaller portion of Gotham.
Quirks/personality: Device, thinks he is an instrument of destruction, an agent of chaos. He talks to voices in his head, his left eye twitches, and doesn't feel remorse for his actions.

Username: Mio-Loper
Name: Mage Silber
Age: 20
Hero or villain: Hero
Powers/abilities/weapons: She has the ability to tune into details that a lot of people couldn't catch, whether it be a sound, or a sight due to an experimental "medication", as she calls it. Also gives her a two second future vision, which comes only at random; it can't be controlled.
Backstory: Mage always tried to be at her best. Of course, she wasn't the best fighter at some one time classes she took, but she definitely wasn't the worst, either. She could fight well enough for it to be useful when she needed it, but that was never enough. She wanted to be like the heroes she saw on the news, protecting the city all the time. If only she were a bit stronger, or even had the ability.. It wasn't hard for the girl to find someone who specialized in that kind of stuff; She does live in Gotham, you know. Finding someone who was all right in the head, that was another story. She paid for this medicine that was supposed to give her something more, and it worked. She was tuning into details she didn't know were humanly possible, she avoided being crushed by a split second, all because of a split-second warning. There was a side effect, though. Random crushing headaches were an often occurrence, especially if any of the new-found skills were overused, but was It was her turn to help, and so she did. The outfit was easy enough to make, the wig was cheap, too. And then, here came Pastel.
Quirks/personality: She likes to make bad puns at any time she can, especially if it's in the middle of a fight. She's pretty much a pastel "Girly girl" type, hence her alias, and she loves candy as most like her would. If someone makes a snarky remark, she'll probably just be rude right back, but otherwise laughs it off. Sudden killer migraines happen to her more often than they probably should, and sometimes it makes her a bit over emotional.

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Harley pursed her lips as the boy spoke. Obviously Mr. J wasn't there. He was already half-way to Timbuktu by now. She smiled at the boy's question. [B Different? I suppose that would be one way to describe him. He is a lot more...] She searched for a word again. The Joker was not like any of the other inmates held up in Arkham. When she had been employed by the asylum, the inmates and their typical issues bored her. But the moment she met the Joker it was as if some thing inside her awoke.

Harley shook her head, remembering the situation at hand. [B Let's jet, kid] She turned to head back the way she came when a loud voice. She turned back and looked at the guards room. The voice crackled a bit, but it was distinguishable him. Harley hurried through the broken down door and over to the slumped over body of what had once been a guard. On his belt was a walkie talkie a bit saturated in blood. She grabbed it quickly and spoke, her voice different than it had previously. [B Mr. J? Is that you?] Her voice had a twang that sounded ditzy in Harley's head. But it was how Mr. J liked her...dumb and blonde.
  Harley Quinn / upt0wngurl / 4y 248d 22h 19m 37s
Mage brushed herself off, eyes scanning the premise again. Okay, so the hole in the wall was probably on the other side of the asylum, and she was going to have to be super careful not to be caught. It wasn't going to be easy, but she could probably at least trail Harley for a while... If she could find her, that was. She wasn't exactly sure how she would go about if she were seen, but the best way to avoid that; not being seen. She sighed as she trudged quietly on for awhile.

She could see the opening, but right as she had found a place to hide until she saw the two-- bam. Migraine. She gritted her teeth, hands going to her head as the girl leaned against the wall. Another one? Was her body [i trying] to get her killed? As long as she stayed completely silent, she assured herself, she would be okay. She could wait it out like all the others.
  Pastel / Mio-Loper / 4y 249d 21h 29m 21s
The Joker waited till he was far enough away, still ducking through alleys, till he could no longer here the sirens wailing. He could hear some maniac shooting, and for a moment he was tempted to investigate it., but at the moment he had larger fish to fry. If Harley was recaptured, that would end up being a problem in the long run, and he would most certainly be caught if he tried to break her out. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out the walkie-talkie then activated it as he carefully said, “Harley dear, if you happen to hear this do you mind picking up?”.
  The~Clown~Prince~of~Crime / LyraK / 4y 250d 1h 56m 34s
Continuing to walk down the street shooting up random cars that pass by he laughed even louder. "Ohhhh the humanity!!!" He yelled among the gunfire.
  Device / Sinner / 4y 251d 2h 27m 34s
Jack listened to her talk. "A... friend?"
He wasn't quite sure what that was, so he gave her a curious look. As she peeked around the corner, he moved beside her and copied the action.
"Your... friend does not seem to be here..." He looked at her. "Is he like you? Different from the people of this place?"
  Jack Ace / AidoChild / 4y 251d 21h 43m 19s
Harley glanced back at the boy as she stopped before a corner. On the other side was the guard station. If Mr. J had indeed been caught, they would most likely have him there. She knew all this from her time as an employee at Arkham. Those days were long gone, thanks to Mr. J. She liked this life better she supposed.

"I'm looking for..." Harley searched for a word to describe the Joker. [b Boyfriend? Definitely not...Partner? More like she was his butt-boy.] She sighed, "...a friend." And she used the word loosely. They were not exactly what she would consider friends. But Mr. J was the closest thing she had to that.

Harley peaked around the corner. The booth that usually had a few guards in it was empty. Well, empty except for a body that looked like it used to be a guard. Some inmates must have gotten to him. An exasperated sigh escaped her lips. [b Where could he be?] She turned to look back at the boy behind her. [b Could it be possible that Mr. J ditched me...] Yes. That could be very possible.
  Harley Quinn / upt0wngurl / 4y 254d 36m 53s
The footsteps continued, and soon an Arkham guard that had escaped the blast appeared. He probably was looking for any prisoners that had escaped that were still in the area. Unfortunately for him, he ran into the Joker first. With a whoop he whirled around the corner and began whacking the poor man repeatedly with the plank, not caring where the nails landed as they stuck him. Soon the guard was on the ground dead, bleeding from several places, including the eyes, and the Joker began scavenging for a radio, and hopefully a gun.

He managed to successfully find the first, but apparently the fool had wandered out without a gun. The clown glared at the fact before kicking the body and moving on. Hopefully if Harley was thinking, she would be heading to the guard station next. He however was going to continue putting distance between him and the asylum.
  The~Clown~Prince~of~Crime / LyraK / 4y 258d 22h 19m 54s
Five of the computers out of 11 in that room were down. They were all filled with security footage, and it was obvious one was put on a set loop. Make that six out of 11. It took a few seconds to figure out the controls, and she was lucky she didn't set off an alarm or something. Strike that. An alarm had probably already gone off, but she'd say someone probably cut it. After flipping through cameras, she finally found something. "Harley Quinn? That's not surprising... but who is that other one?" Mage was muttering again, trying to figure out what they were saying. Something about a wall? Block B.. Wait! She began to flip the cameras on another computer, seeing a mass explosion had occurred. "Well, at least I wasn't wrong."

But that meant she was behind. She felt she was finally being productive, and she was [i falling behind]. She started to think, [i 'They must be on the first floor, whereas I'm probably on the second or third. How am I going to be able to catch up?'] Her gaze went back to the window, then her hands. It was obvious she couldn't jump from that height, and her hands already hurt, but she would never catch up to them if she went through the asylum. She may be able to find things, but not even she could navigate this huge place without a map or some form of knowledge. To the window, it was, then.
  Pastel / Mio-Loper / 4y 258d 23h 14m 25s
In his house he was laughing "what's that mother dearest? No I've been a bad boy rather than a good boy, and you know what? AH HA HA HA HA, it felt great." He laughed looking at his mother and fathers portrait. "Oh don't worry, father's rotting in the utmost hell!!"

Device started to shake violently, and laugh, why couldn't the laughter stop? He needed to find his Savior, he needed to know how to make the voices stop. So he grabbed a machete and strapped it to his back then grabbed a sawed off shotgun and started to walk into the streets. "I have to find Arkham, that's where they keep...AH HA HA HA HA, the psych- AH HA HA HA HA....psychos." He laughed running the barrel of the gun against his chin as people honked at him while he walked in the middle of the streets.
  Device / Sinner / 4y 259d 2h 40m 4s
Jack gave a small twitch of a smile when she allowed him to come with her. He followed along behind the woman as she rushed through the asylum. Jack wasn't sure where she was going or who she was looking for. The noise of the alarm seemed louder in this area.

"... Who do you... need to find?" he asked, right behind her.
  Jack Ace / AidoChild / 4y 259d 2h 52m 31s
She turned back to look at him with an exasperated look. She needed to hurry and find Mr. J before the cops showed up and got Arkham back under control. [b Come with me?] Harley thought to herself. [b No, he would just slow me down and Mr. J would not be happy.]

However, something about his tone and the look in his eyes made Harley give in. "Fine, but keep up. I'm not gonna slow down for you. I gotta find someone and get outta here quick." Turning she began to move quickly down the D block towards where the guard station was. If Mr. J had been captured during the explosion that is where they would have taken him.
  Harley Quinn / upt0wngurl / 4y 259d 4h 12m 52s
As the woman moved past him, he watched her. She didn't talk to him like the others in this place. Was that because she didn't look like them?

[i Block B... C...] He wasn't sure what those were. He had mainly been in two rooms his whole life, his and the medical room, and those were right in this area.

As she continued to move away from him, Jack stiffened with a strange fear. He didn't want this new person to leave him, not in this old place with these old people. He barely knew her, but she hadn't hurt him so far and didn't look at him with the same terrified or spiteful eyes like the doctors.

"W-wait," he croaked out, standing up from all fours and moving slowly after her. "I.... Can I.... stay with you..." It was weird... talking like this to someone else and not a wall.
  Jack Ace / AidoChild / 4y 259d 7h 35m 23s
The boy turned on her with his teeth showing reminding Harley of an agitated dog. She cocked an eyebrow watching the boy as he studied her. She glanced over her shoulder once more as he puzzled over her words.

Harley looked back at him. "Yeah, kid, scram, get lost. If you wanna have a chance of making it outta here you need to hurry."

She began to slowly make her way past him, keeping a weary eye on him. "The wall is blown open over at the end of cell block B near C."
  Harley Quinn / upt0wngurl / 4y 259d 19h 10m 8s
Finding the place the cops hadn't been watching was way too easy. They weren't exactly the best at their job, but it made it a bit easier for Mage to get into places. She wasn't able to get the fancy things, like grabbing hooks or weapons, but that didn't concern her. Maybe she'd be able too one day, but she felt she could do things just fine without them. The heroine scanned the grounds of Arkham, and felt like she had gotten a bit lucky. Most people who were lucky enough to escape were probably still in the process of getting the hell out, and an explosion was most likely to ensue at any time. She looked up. There was a broken window. It would hurt if she slipped, either on the way up, or down. "All I gotta do is not fall.. How hard could it be?"

She took a breath in, scaling the wall. That was a little harder. But a small girl on freaky steroids could go a long way. She reached the window with a grimace. After this, she was definitely going to exercise a lot more than she did. Her hand reached up, and landed on a piece of glass. Mage yelped softly, but held on. Hopefully the glove would protect her hand a little from being cut. The girl pulled herself in, looking around. It was a security room. Maybe she could track her target with the cameras! Before anything she examined her hand. There wasn't much blood, luckily, but she was going to need new gloves... Shaking it off, she went to the computers. "Now where are you, you ass?"
  Pastel / Mio-Loper / 4y 260d 23h 26m 31s
Jack spun around in his crouched position, baring fangs a little at the unfamiliar voice. When his eyes fell on her, however, he dropped the snarling look and looked at her with curious eyes. She was strange, from her colored hair to her boots; Jack was so used to the bland colors of doctor and ward, and nothing quite like this.

Jack tilted his head to one side as she spoke to him roughly.
"Scram?" he questioned out loud, watching her from his stance on all fours. He tilted his head to the other side, trying to figure out what she wanted from him. "Authorities?"

He straightened his head and lowered it a little, almost like a cautious dog, as he debated if he should approach her. Was she going to hurt him? She didn't look like those men and women with their poking and prodding? She didn't look like an inmate either. She was something entirely nee and Jack was unsure of how to deal with her. He gave a small frown and kept watching her.
  Jack Ace / AidoChild / 4y 261d 2h 16m 29s

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