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[h3 [b [I [center Chapter Two - Saiapentes Gladius]]]]

Johnathan arrived at the address that Vlagan had given him. It was a giant building that had no front entrance. He looked puzzled and nearly had a heart attack when a man grabbed him from behind and chloroformed him. Johnathan was knocked out cold.

"Let's go." Kravic said.

The man nodded and carried Johnathans unconscious body to the back of the building and tapped a platinum card on a concealed security pad on the wall. The wall opened up and they carried Johnathan inside the building towards the lobby and set him down in the middle of the room.

Vlagan was holding a glass of champagne. "Ah, he came! And here I was thinking he would never show." He set down the champagne and walked towards Johnathan and slapped him awake.

"[b FLYING ATTACKING PANDA!]" Johnathan sprang up on his feet as 5 people pulled out their guns at him.

"Woah! Put the fucking guns down!" Kravic said.

The men lowered their weapons and Vlagan chuckled. "Maybe slapping you awake wasn't such a good idea. Now chill out guys, I'm not the fucking president...Nice ring to it though...President Kriser." He handed Johnathan a gun and pointed at the people who previously pulled the guns on him. "I want you to shoot each of these people in the head."

"What the fuck?!" Johnathan put the gun down and backed away. "I am not going to murder someone."

Vlagan looked down at the gun. "It's a dog eat dog world out there Johnathan. It's either kill or be killed...You made mistake #1."

"And what's that?" Johnathan asked.

Vlagan kicked the gun up that Johnathan had laid on the ground near him. He caught the gun in his hand with great precision and pointed it right at Johnathan himself. "You unarmed yourself. Fists vs guns. Who will win?" He pressed the trigger and Johnathan flinched. "The gun wasn't even fucking loaded. Before you go out and kill someone you always check the ammo. If you had just shot at my men without even thinking then you would be a cold hearted killer. Not that it's bad or anything, but doesn't it feel good to be a tiny bit human?"

Johnathan nodded. "So...Does this mean I fail?"

Vlagan shook his head. "You're just learning. That's what mistakes are for...They are our keys to success. Now you know not to do that, that path is closed off now. It narrows down the right path to success." He handed Johnathan the gun again. This time with real bullets. He walked closer to Johnathan and whispered in his ear. "How does it feel to have all that power in your hands?...One press from your index finger and you can make a whole family grieve. One life is one million lives Johnathan. Are you prepared to join our cause?"

Johnathan focused on the gun and breathed hard. He pointed it at Vlagan.

Vlagan put his hand up as to signal his men not to fire. "That's it Johnathan... One press and I vanish from this world forever."

Johnathans' palms began to sweat. His hands were shaking. He kept his focus on Vlagan as he kept the gun pointed at him. "What is this job exactly?"

"You don't need to hold me at gunpoint to as that! Lower the weapon and we will talk." Vlagan told Johnathan.

He lowered the gun and sighed. "Okay talk."

"Welcome to Saiapentes Gladius. This is a assassin group. We only kill who we're told to kill. Good or bad. Kids and pets are off limits. Kravic gives you a list on who to kill. Doesn't have to be clean, just make sure no prints or any DNA related to you is found at the scene of the assassination. And just for you Johnathan..." Kravic handed Vlagan a briefcase and he opened it up and pulled out two files. "One is a man called Antonio Deluca, and Leonardo Rivderchi...You have the power Johnathan...All it takes is a press." Vlagan said.

"But murder won't bring them back." Johnathan said.

"Them being alive allows them to continue these killings. They are better off sleeping with the fishes." Kravic said. He crossed his arms.

Johnathan looked down at the gun for a bit. He took the files from Vlagan and studied them closely. "Will I be anonymous?"

Vlagan chuckled. "Don't worry. As long as you know how to use a sniper rifle...And know how to be discreet."

Johnathan nodded. "I served the military for a bit. Just training though."

Vlagan nodded as well. He handed Johnathan a long briefcase. "Contact me on this cellphone once you do the job. Break it in half and then dispose of it after that."

Johnathan nodded. He felt nervous. He took the briefcase and gulped a bit.

"I think you will fit right in." A girl said. She had rose colored hair. "My name is Rose." Rose said.

"Thank you Rose..." Johnathan said.

"I think you'll like Rose, she has a few tricks up her sleeve that leave many members in shock." Kravic said.

"If you complete this Johnathan then you are a member of Saiapentes Gladius...Or SG for short...If you do not complete this mission...We never met." Vlagan said. He motioned for Kravic and his men to follow behind him so they could give Johnathan and Rose some alone time.

Johnathan nodded. He stared at the files and Rose grabbed his hand. "My first was hard too...We were always given personal missions for our initiation. I had to kill my step dad." She said.

Johnathan stared at her. "Why?...Did your step dad do something to you?"

Rose lifted up her shirt a bit to reveal cuts and bruises and the words carved onto her right side that spelt out '[b WHORE]' "Scary thing is...I laughed as I killed him. I just stabbed and stabbed and stabbed until his eyeball was a soup like consistency. They believed it to be the mafia who killed my dad because he owed them money."

"Damn...Must have been rough." Johnathan told her.

"It was rough but he deserved it. He was a deranged evil man who needed to be punished...Why are you going to kill those two men?" She asked.

"They killed my wife and daughter... I know it was an accident and they got caught in the middle of a gang war but who else is going to pay?"

Rose nodded. "I support you..." She said. She handed Johnathan a necklace that had one Serif wing. "Clench that in your hands whenever you feel you are in trouble. I believe in you Johnathan."

"Thank you Rose...I better get going now." He said.

"It was nice meeting you Johnathan. I hope we meet again...If not, always look to the shadows for help...They are always listening..." Rose said.

Johnathan nodded and walked to the front of the lobby and a man pressed a button and the front wall that had no entrance opened up revealing the streets of New York. He walked out with the briefcase that held the rifle. He had his gun holstered and had the files in his bag that he brings with him. The wall closed behind him and he continued on towards the address of Antonio.

"Trust no one..." A voice said from a shadowed corner of a building across from SG.

Johnathan heard the voice and pinpointed it. He felt through the shadows and felt nothing. He shrugged it off and walked to his car and got in driving off.

A man in a black tattered cloak emerged from the shadows and looked towards Johnathans direction. "Not even yourself..."
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[h3 [b [i [center Chapter One - Call me Johnathan]]]]

It had been years after the accident...

[b After that call.]

Johnathan sat in the police station and just shook his head. He looked over to the window right by him and looked outside.

"Mr Robinson." Chief Mike said. He was a bit of a chubbier old man in his 60's. He wore round glasses and wore a black suit. He was the chief of the NYPD.

"Yes?" Johnathan asked. He stood up and stretched and yawned. "You the chief,?"

Mike nodded. "You applied here yes? Did you do your MECP?"

Johnathan nodded. "Yes...I also did my Character Investigation, my Written Psychological, my Oral Psychological."

"What about the Job Standard Test?" Mike asked.

Johnathan chuckled. "T-test?"

"Yes, it's at the Police Acadamy on 235 East 20th Street, take the test. Give me the paperwork of all your exams you did and come back." Mike said.

"What's the test?" Johnathan asked

"A psychical." Mike answered.

"Gotcha. Is it still open?"

A man with medium length dirty blond hair chuckled and sipped on his coffee.

"What's so funny?" Johnathan asked.

"We have to hire you first. Then we send you to the academy!" The man said. He laughed a bit.

Mike nodded. "So get ready for the interview...Mrs. Madison?"

Langley Madison walked to Johnathan and smiled. "I'm the one that's going to interview you! So let's go."

Johmathan nodded and walked away with her to the interview room.

"So...Why do you want to be a police officer?" Langley asked.

Johnathan looked down. "My wife and kid was murdered during a mafia shootout between the DeLucas and the Rivderchis. I honestly want to see them behind bars..."

Langley nodded and wrote on her notepad. "If you witnessed your training officer steal something what would you do?"

"Taze...them?" He replied

Langley raised an eyebrow and nodded. She wrote on her notepad. "If you stopped a close relative for drunk driving what would you do?"

"I don't know...I guess I would take their keys and take them to the precinct. They can sober in jail for a day and I can take em back home."

Langley nodded and wrote that down. "You seem like an honest man Johnathan...I'll put in a good word to the chief. Also, I'll be your partner if you do get hired."

Johnathan nodded. He got up and shook her hand. He left the room and left the building. He got in his black sedan and drove down towards Central Park. He parked his car in the parking lot and got out.

[h3 [b [I [center Central Park]]]]

Johnathan looked around and noticed a lot of people were here today...Kids on the playground, people walking their dogs and people riding their bikes. He pulled out his lunch which was in a bag. It was a ham sandwich with gouda cheese and honey mustard. He also had a soda and a bag of chips. He munched down on the sandwich.

Meanwhile on the other side of the park...

Two men stood side by side smoking on a cigar. One had grey hair and the other was bald.

"Kravic, you said he's here right?" Vlagan asked. He slicked his grey hair back.

Kravic nodded. He pointed to the man eating his lunch on a bench across of them.

"Alright. Stay here." Vlagan said. He walked over towards to where Johnathan was and sat right by him. "Hello there." He said.

Johnathan looked at him. "Hello?" He asked.

"Are you Johnathan Robinson?" Vlagan asked him. His right hand man Kravic watching them closely.

Johnathan nodded. "Yes I am. Why?"

Vlagan pulled out his business card which was gold. "The police wont help you that much on your revenge...But we can." He handed Johnathan the card.

Johnathan looked at it. "Saiapentes Gladius?" He asked.

"Shh...Go to that address...Tonight." Vlagan said. He stood up and waved to Kravic. "Come alone." He walked away and left with Kravic in a black limo.

Johnathan stared at the address. "1658 Tetra Square." He whispered to himself. He stood up and got in his car and left home.

[h3 [b [I [center Johnathans House]]]]

He went inside and opened up the cabinets. "Ramen...Or macaroni? Ramen and macaroni?" He pulled out a beef ramen and closed the cabinet. "Okay...Here we go." Johnathan put a pot under the sink and turned it on. Once the pot was full he put it on the stove to boil the water. The phone began to ring.

Johnathan went to the living room and answered the phone. "Hello?" He asked.

"Hey, it's me Bridget. I heard you were going to join the NYPD." She said.

Johnathan nodded. "Yeah...I just did my interview...Once I get hired I gotta go to the Police Academy."

Bridget nodded. "Yep, well I gotta go! My son is hungry and I'm cooking dinner..."

"Me too...Ramen" He said.

"Macaroni and cheese." She replied.

He chuckled. "Alright, well...I'll call you tomorrow!"

Bridget nodded. "Good night."

"Good night." He said. He hung up and checked on the now boiling water. He opened up the ramen package and pulled out the sauce and veggies. He put the ramen brick in the pot and got a spoon and timed his oven timer to 3 minutes.

He stirred the ramen around a bit for 30 seconds and let it sit for another 30 seconds.

He repeated this pattern until the 3 minutes were up. He turned off the timer and the stove and poured out most of the excess water from the pot and poured the noodles and some water in a bowl. He added the sauce and veggies snd stirred it and took a bite and sipped on the broth. "Oh yeah." He said and walked to the living room to watch TV.
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