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[center [pic]]

[size10 [center [#4f0c13 See this picture? This place looks really calm doesn't it. No? Aww ... C'mon, It doesn't? Well, if not, you're right. Everywhere in this little city, there are things ... death lingering all around the streets. They don't think ... they just [b eat]. And [#FF0000 [b kill.]] But after they kill, somehow, those who were eaten come back to life. One by one, they pop up and eat whatever isn't them .... And slowly, the world is coming to an end.]]]

[center [pic]]

[size11 [center [#740f9f These photos are the streets of a little city called Talanta, which is on an off-of-the-radar island, where nothing really goes on at all. No excitement, everyone pretty much knows their neighbors and vice versa. It rarely rains. In summer, there is beautiful, peaceful scenery with a mainly warm temperature. In the winter, snow falls all around and it is absolutely stunning. It's cold, but not too cold, unless severe weather occurs. An absolutely beautiful place to live. Until this morning ...]]]

[size11 [center [#740f9f Somehow, People have been dying and coming back to life, decomposing as they walk. They become blind, only able to react to loud sounds. And they eat [b human flesh]. This town has become a living hell, and only a few have been surviving. But once you're bitten, there is no saving you.]]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b RULES]]
[size11 [i .:No Godmodding. If You Die, You Die. No Killing Other People's Characters. No Cybering, TimeSkip Or Take It Outside Of ES]]
[size11 [i .:Profanity Is Allowed. Violence, Of Course. Romance Allowed/No Insta.]]
[size11 [i .:This Is Semi-Literate. I Expect At Least A Good Two Paragraphs In Each Post. No Text Talk.]]
[size11 [i .:Anime Or Drawn Pictures.Nothing Too Big, Nothing Too Small. I Will Resize If Needed. No Ecchi/Overly Sexual Pictures.]]
[size12 [i .:No Posting Order/Char.Limit. Just Don't Turn This Into A OnexOne. Give Everyone A Chance To Post. And [b POST MORE THAN ENOUGH FOR SOMEONE TO REPLY WITH.] If You Know It's Not Worth Replying To, Don't Post It.]]
[size11 [i .:PM All Skeletons To Me Titled, "End Of The World"]]
[size12 [i .:Post At Least Every Three Days. I Won't Put A Limit On This, But if You're Leaving, Please Message Me So I Can Kill You're Character Off. Gone Too Long, And You Will Die. Feel Free To Reapply Though.]]
[size11 [i .:Don't Travel Alone. You Have To Have Found At Least Two To Three People To Fight With.]]
[size12 [i .:This Is The [ OOC].]]
[size11 [i .:Have Fun! :D]]

[center [pic]]


[size11 [center [#740f9f Picture:]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Picture Link:]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Name:][i First And Last/Middle Optional]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Age:][i 15+]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Gender:][i M/F]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Sexuality:][i Straight,Gay,Lesbian,Bi,Pan,Etc ...]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Crush/Lover:][i PM Me If You Have A Crush Throughout The Roleplay So I Can Update This On Your Character.]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Occupation:][i Where Do You Work?/Student?]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Race:][i Hispanic/Black/Asian/Etc.]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Weapon:][i Nothing Too Extravagant. If It's A Gun Or Sword, Describe What It Looks Like Or Link A Picture.You Can Change You Weapon As The Roleplay Progresses]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Specialty:][i Do You Specialize In Healing? Guns? Driving? Etc.]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Financial Background:][i Rich,Middle Class,Poor]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Likes:][i At Least Three.]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Dislikes:][i At Least Three.]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Short Bio:][i Doesn't Have To Be Long At All, But I Would Prefer At Least A Paragraph.Feel Free To Add Your Character's Personality In This Aswell.]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Extra Information:][i Optional]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Username:]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Link To Profile:]]]


[size16 [center [#FF0000 Ziitron Black]]]
[center [pic]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Age:][b 21]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Gender:][b M]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Sexuality:][b Bi-Sexual]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Crush/Lover:][b No One At The Moment<3]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Occupation:][b Model For ExoticFace Fashion Magazine/Artist]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Race:][b Blasian ]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Weapon:][b A Thick, Wooden Cosplay Sword , a set of kitchen knives.]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Specialty:][b Specializes In Swords, But Has Yet To Find A Good One/Is Good At Close Range Combat.]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Financial Background:][b Slightly Above Middle Class.]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Likes:][b Ziitron is a fan of yuri manga and swords. He likes anything cute, Especially girls, candy and poetry.Some say Ziitron has an 'eye for beauty' and he loves the luxury life. He is humble, but secretly craves attention.]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Dislikes:][b Ziitron can't stand arrogant people and losing. He doesn't like any type of pie, anything ugly, bullies and snobby people. He absolutely hates being around foolish people who are too immature. Also, He hates people seeing him cry.]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Short Bio:][b When Ziitron was born, his mother died during some problems with the birth of his twin sister. If anything, he was a bit of a cry baby when he was younger. His father was the total opposite and always tried to tell Ziitron to stop his crying. No matter what, his son wouldn't stop crying and he hated the fact that his son may be bullied once he makes it into highschool, and that could lead to even bigger problems as an adult. However, after a few months of attempts to change Ziitron's attitude, his father finally talked to him when he was about 8. He told Ziitron how wonderful his mother was and that she died with his twin sister during birth, and his father started crying in front of him. Ever since, Ziitron promised himself to stop being so emotional. He wasn't sure why seeing his father cry made him stop, but he just couldn't cry anymore. His father and him started bonding more before Ziitron reached around 15, where he started modeling. They still tried to bond, but they eventually moved away from each other, Ziitron wanting to live closer to where he works. He soon found out that he was great at painting, and saved money from his modeling job to buy a somewhat large house and make his own art studio within it.]]]

[size11 [center [b Ziitron is the type of guy who will be an ass at one moment, then try and make you smile because he feels bad. He can be a bit indecisive, but once he puts his mind to something, he won't stop. Him being a helpless romantic and believing in loyalty helps him to be a good friend and interesting to be around. He tries his best to stay levelheaded, cause when he's mad, he can get a little careless ....]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Extra Information:][b Ziitron has a black and red tattoo of some kind of exotic flowers on the right side of his body, stretching from his elbow to his waist. He also smokes and is a bit of a nerd when it comes to anime. Ziitron's face is also pretty well-known in areas with a lot of people, especially in the city. He has done just a few commercials, and has been in many magazines, making him a target for women between 16 and 25 years old. Also, He is currently watching over a [ little girl named Alohani or "Al"], who's parents have died in this disaster.]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Username:][ [b YommiNoms]]]]

[size11 [center --------------------------------]]

[size16 [center [#FF0000 Gretel Remedy]]]
[center [pic]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Age:][b 20]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Gender:][b F]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Sexuality:][b Pan-sexual]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Crush/Lover:][b Currently, no. Later, probably. c;]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Occupation:][b Part-time waitress and voice actress ]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Race:][b White with German ethnicity]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Weapon:][b Currently a serving tray and kitchen knives ]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Specialty:][b Aim, memory, voice manipulation, and general manipulation.]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Financial Background:][b Poor]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Likes:][b Fairytales, villains , making people happy, candy, hugs, and attractive people]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Dislikes:][b Being the center of attention, being lost, friends being hurt, and flying bugs]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Short Bio:][b A very giving and kind young girl, though all the same, not the most trusting of others. Giving the benefit of the doubt may be a habit, but Gretel has her wits about her, being able to perceive a person's heart through their eyes and actions alone. She's fairly easily amused, though don't allow her sweet face to fool you. People watching is quite the hobby of hers, and as such, she's fairly intelligent when it comes to the actions and works of the human mind. This girl can be as calculating as the next person, when need be. Avoid angering her too much though, or she may become quite reckless.]]]

[size11 [center [b Gretel was always one for fairytales. They entertained and lightened the world around her, adding just enough fantasy to make everything seem less dark. Although this was true, even the lightest of tales had a darkness within them. A darkness that this girl refused to believe was only painted black.]]]

[size11 [center [b Whilst her father told her of princesses, princes, knights, and gallantry, her mind focused on those that were described as witches, warlocks, and above all else, the villain. No, she didn't fancy these sort. Rather, her curious mind questioned just what they had to reason their actions. Why did the witch trap the girl, sentencing her to an eternal sleep? Why did the king hate the outsiders so much? Just what was it that made these villains dangerous? Why did they feel the need to be that way?]]]

[size11 [center [b As her childhood passed, Gretel was left with only her brother, Hansel. Their mother had been intoxicated with the fantasies just as much as herself, though Gretel didn't like the idea of being whisked away to some witch's candy house, just to be eaten. Unfortunately, that woman had died when Gretel was born after her brother. Unlike the stories, they had no abandonment besides that and the death of their father later on by the time she was 14. Her brother was 16 though, so he was able to at least offer them a bit of support for a while, living with their grandmother. By 16, Gretel had also gotten work at a small bakery. It didn't pay much, but it would mean that she wouldn't be relying on her brother or grandmother. By this point, the two had moved into a small apartment together, he being of the legal age to do so. Neither of them had become romantic in all of these years, nor had either of them made too many friends. Not any close ones at the least.]]]

[size11 [center [b Being in this world now, left with only her brother..he was her only happiness as she was forced to see what darkness lied in the world, her unable to do anything about. That was what she hated most. That inability to understand the pitch black around her. Always, her brother protected her. Always, he would step in if that darkness got too close. Once he turned 20 though, something bad happened. Gretel assumed it would never occur, but her brother was taken away. There was no third death. No, her grandmother had been ill, and so he was left to care for her. This left Gretel alone though, 17 going on 18 and in an empty apartment that she was already fearful of at night. The loud neighbors always left her worried for just what may happen whilst she slept. Living like this wasn't going to be easy for her, though all the same, Gretel had no choice but to make her own path without the help of her brother Hansel. Little did she know it wouldn't be such a mundane pattern of pebbles.]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Extra Information:][b Will always find the better in people. She also is very shy towards most people and normally only acts close with those that seem dark in some way .]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Username: [ Akiho]]]]

[size11 [center --------------------------------]]

[size16 [center [#FF0000 Kanya Kongsangchai]]]
[center [pic]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Age:][b 22]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Gender:][b F]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Sexuality:][b Pansexual]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Crush/Lover:][b No one currently, but perhaps, one day.]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Occupation:][b Muay Thai Instructor]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Race:][b German and Thai-Chinese]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Weapon:][b An aluminum baseball bat from her neighbor's lawn.]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Specialty:][b Powerfully heightened senses and quick dispatch of enemies.]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Financial Background:][b While wealthy, she is very modest in manner and appearance, preferring, much like her late father, to be judged by action and not by coin.]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Likes:][b Fighting, eating, soft/squishy things, honesty, being clean, fashion (secretly), and animals.]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Dislikes:][b Dirt/dirtiness, liars, excessive profanity, high-pitched sounds, defeat, and thunder.]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Short Bio:][b With a rough start, Kanya had, at first, been the biggest disappointment of her father's life and career. She was born to her father's foreign mistress and left in his care as an act of spite, and was accepted by his wife despite her circumstances. Anuman Kongsangchai had never wanted a daughter, and had once prided himself in his five sons and their involvement in the family business/training. With the arrival of a girl, however, he became distraught, and eventually found himself begging his wife to give the child up, to which she refused. His sons, all at least eight years the infant's senior, hated Muay Thai; Their father's only true love in life. By the time his wife and his youngest son were killed by an ailment of the lungs, all of the boys had left home, leaving only a very diligent, very inspired Kanya behind. Defeated and alone, Anuman tried to train her, and found that she was disturbingly weak and that her motor skills were much too far behind. She had been frail from the start, and had shown signs of illness multiple times.]]]

[size11 [center [b Her father was determined now, though, and continued trying to train the only child who looked up to him. By the time she was fourteen, she had sustained nearly 100 major injuries, ranging from internal bruising to broken bones, but was successfully competing with women of all age groups at a national level, and began to help her father instruct his classes. At eighteen, she won her first international co-ed martial arts tournament, and was hired full-time by her father. ]]]

[size11 [center [b For her nineteenth birthday, the only birthday she ever truly got to celebrate, her father announced that he wanted to move his lessons to another country, a move for which she was ecstatic. Sadly, a year later, her father passed away, leaving her alone with their business. Up until the outbreak, Kanya lived and worked alone, selling their house on the mountain and getting herself an apartment closer to the studio. She is still not accustomed to life around large groups of people, or rather, life without her father's judgement and opinion. She prefers to instruct children, and has an easier time handling them overall.]]]

[size11 [center [b Since her father's passing, she has found fit to indulge in the purchase of clothing she had long since thought too showy to wear herself; She found herself a new hobby, though it's slow going... Kanya is becoming a regular in Talanta clothing stores.]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Extra Information:][b Kanya is extremely predictable outside of combat, and is a very focused, honest and hardworking girl. She isn't fully accustomed to English, and has a bit of trouble trying to articulate certain sounds despite her vocabulary being decent. She's typically poker-faced, and is far from high-strung; She isn't prone to large displays of emotion or exaggerated facial expressions regardless of the situation, most likely a lingering affect of her father's tough love.]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Username: [ Peachy]]]]

[size11 [center --------------------------------]]

[size16 [center [#FF0000 Akeley S. Karklins]]]
[center [pic]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Age:][b 26]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Gender:][b M]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Sexuality:][b Straight]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Crush/Lover:][b N/A]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Occupation:][b --]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Race:][b Caucasian -Scandinavian -Slavic]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Weapon:][b Hunting knife and Husqvarna m/07 sidearm. ]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Specialty:][b Average military training, plus excellent piloting abilities.]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Financial Background:][b Middle class]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Likes:][b Rain, singing, autobiographies, and flying.]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Dislikes:][b The ocean, personal questions, crowds, and loud noises.]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Short Bio:][b Support pilot in the Latvian Army (SZS), Karklins is very adept at the controls of vehicles, especially aircraft. An austere and reserved person, not talking much and avoiding conversation entirely if possible. Displays signs of possible trauma-derived mental deterioration; having been known to hallucinate several times in recent years.]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Extra Information:][b Wears a wedding band and is extremely paranoid regarding biochemical weapons.]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Username: [ Enigmelody]]]]

[size11 [center --------------------------------]]

[size16 [center [#FF0000 " Rebellion "]]]
[center [pic]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Age:][b 22]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Gender:][b Male]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Sexuality][b Straight]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Crush/Lover:][b None]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Occupation:][b Security Detail for the local resort.]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Race:][b Caucasian]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Weapon:][b Browning M1911 .45 ACP handgun]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Specialty:][b Hand-to-hand Combat and handguns.]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Financial Background:][b Poor]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Likes:][b Firearms, making a statement and strong-willed people.]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Dislikes:][b Government entities, selfish wealthy people and lazy people.]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Short Bio:][b Rebellion doesn't have a name, rather he shirked it after joining an underground network of " Freedom Fighters " whom hold a high level of disgust for the lazy, selfish and rich people who run the island. He's been part of the resistance since he was thirteen years old, and went from being a poor child living in poverty to an adult making a good enough living to live comfortably. His current job isn't just to make money however, but to figure a way to break into the wealth of the family who runs the resort and to effectively steal every cent he and his comrades can get a hold of. A very proficient individual in both hand-to-hand combat and firefight situations involving a handgun, Rebellion is not afraid of causing harm if it is necessary. Even though he comes off as a very serious individual whom doesn't give much away, he holds honor and loyalty very high in his moral complex. The irony of it all being that he's a thief stealing from the rich to give to the poor.]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Username: [ WolfShot]]]]

[size11 [center --------------------------------]]

[size16 [center [#FF0000 Clodagh Cuchulainn]]]
[center [pic]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Age:][b 19]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Gender:][b F]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Sexuality:][b Homosexual]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Crush/Lover:][b None]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Occupation:][b None]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Race:][b Irish Caucasian]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Weapon:][b Frag Grenades and a [ Snub Revolver], all hidden in her rabbit.]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Specialty:][b Explosions. Need something blown up? Clo's fragmented mind is not squeamish when it comes to explosives.]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Financial Background:][b Rich]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Likes:][b Explosions, Shiny Objects, Rabbits, sadism and domination]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Dislikes:][b Dogs, being pestered, dominant types]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Short Bio:][b Clodagh has spent the past 8 years in a Mental Institute on Talanta. When she was 10 years old, witnessing a very traumatic murder with a strange setting turned the usually happy and energetic girl into a psychotic, broken shell of her former self. Eventually, she lost it and ended up murdering her whole family as they slept. When asked why she did it, she said "They looked so peaceful. I didn't want anything to break their peace," then laughed quite hysterically as despairing tears fell down her cheeks. It was then that those who took care of her incarceration realized that - even in all that hysterical insanity - the little girl who she once was is still in there.]]]

[size11 [center [b The zombie outbreak resulted in the power to the asylum she was in being cut off, and she escaped. While she has managed to recover some reason, it is fragmented and she is likely to be an unpredictable timebomb.]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Extra Information:][b She keeps her stuffed rabbit, Mister Floffington the Third, with her wherever she goes.]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Username: [ MisterMeisterMan]]]]

[size11 [center --------------------------------]]

[size16 [center [#FF0000 Daniel "Skitz" Hendrickson]]]
[center [pic]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Age:][b 26]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Gender:][b Male]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Sexuality:][b Straight]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Crush/Lover:][b None]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Occupation:][b Anarchist Hacker]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Race:][b Caucasian]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Weapon:][b •Negev NG7
-Semi/full auto firing modes
-magazine and belt fed
-folding butt stock
-holographic sight w/ 3x scope
•FNX tactical .45
-holographic sight
•folding karambit]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Specialty:][b Hacking, anything considered illegal, paramilitary training.]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Financial Background:][b Rich though ill gotten]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Likes:][b Computers, the voices, marijuana]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Dislikes:][b Authority, medications given to him, large groups]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Short Bio:][b Being diagnosed with schizophrenia and placed in an institution caused a serious hatred towards authority. Since getting out he decided to fuck the system every chance he could. Considered too violent for most activist groups. Using his ill gotten gains paid for paramilitary training and the supplies he uses.]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Extra Information:][b Kinder to women than men]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Username: [ everlongknight666]]]]

[size11 [center --------------------------------]]

[size16 [center [#FF0000 Unknown, Goes by "CAPTAIN CRISMA"]]]
[center [pic]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Age:][b Unknown, Acts 21]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Gender:][b Male]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Sexuality:][b Straight]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Crush/Lover:][b Lady Love]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Occupation:][b Commander in chief of the Rogue military group called, CRISMA Clan]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Race:][b White]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Weapon:][b Custom sword designed to slash through Depleted uranium armor looks like a kitana, but darker and sharper then steel, [ dual Experimental Energy guns], Claw knuckles built in his gauntlets, [ MK9 Assault rifle shotgun combination primary weapon.]]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Specialty:][b Military]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Financial Background:][b Rich]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Likes:][b Halo, Military and the USA]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Dislikes:][b COD, Enemies, Bullies]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Short Bio:][b CAPTAIN CRISMA is a secretive soldier that has only one mission, protect his home country from any threats. When CRISMA first revealed himself was back in 2005, He built a weapon system for the US Military that saved more citizen lives. This in turned helped him build his secret army, weapons, armor and technology. If we had to compare the world's strongest army, CRISMA Clan would be the strongest.]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Extra Information:][b CRISMA always has an armed escort with him, [ 2 Hound Drones] and [ 2 Dragon Drones].]]]
[size11 [center [#740f9f Username: [ X-000]]]]

[size11 [center --------------------------------]]


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Roleplay Responses

Shifting to one knee, Akeley looked down and pushed himself up again, having been startled into a seated position by the seemingly crazed girl. He stood with a mild grunt and found himself alone. The seasoned pilot panicked for the umpteenth time that day whipping his pistol out in a practiced motion, pivoting sharply to either side, utterly confounded by the young woman's apparent non-existence.

[+green [i Ach, don't start hallucinating on me now...]]
The masked man shivered once and returned his pack to his shoulders and glanced around once more, bamboozled. Perhaps she was just fast. There were indeed many places nearby that someone like her, dressed in black and small in stature, could easily hide away in. With that thought, Akeley kept the long pistol in his gloved hand, ready lest the phantom reappear.

Several minutes later, he was inside the odd-angled structure and noted what appeared to be a reception desk of sorts, and the pilot approached it; discovering to his surprise that the castle-like building was a mental institution. He shivered again, picturing the bloodstained female and her queer, emptily burning eyes.

Then, to his further supply and coupled with horror, he discovered the desk's occupant, a middle-aged woman who was curled up under her workspace, her head and shoulder mangled badly. He judged from the deep red spray radii that the woman had been shot from behind three times through the desk, and he wondered how the bullet holes had escaped his notice. Her head was sufficiently damaged that Akeley did not fear her rising again and he tipped her on her side gingerly so that she rested in a slightly more peaceful-looking posture.

Wasting no more time, he quickly located a stairwell that would grant him access to the roof. Akeley did his best to ignore the plethora of dead bodies that littered the building; all dead by different means, though all equally terrible. Rounding a corner to enter the stairwell, he barely avoided stepping in a cruel looking bear trap, positioned with obvious malice towards anyone entering. With an extremely gentle tap, his boot toe scooted it to the side and he moved forward again, heading up the stairs With a renewed caution.

Arriving safely at the top without incident, Akeley stepped out onto the flat part of the roof after unlocking the door from the inside, the oddness of the hardware's setup not dawning on him. Surveying the area as he pulled out his radio, the spy spotted a single figure exiting the compound via the hole he'd cut in the fence. So scary girl was indeed real. Was she doctor or patient?

His thoughts where interrupted by a wash of static in his ear. Making several tweaks to the knobs on the radio, the humming quit suddenly and a voice came in. Akeley listened before answering in Latvian, explaining his situation. He paused several moments as the other voice spoke, before signing off and another voice came on, greeted in Russian by Akeley. The new voice, a loud one, asked several questions quickly, Akeley answering sharply, saying only "da" or "nyet".

Suddenly, the discussion turned to English.
"[+green What do you mean you know?]"
"[+green Then why the hell am I here!?]"
"[+green Ne, am not seriously injured-]"
"[+green You must kid me…]"
"[+green Ne, ne... I understand sir. But truly... NATO?]"
"[+green Yas sir. Is just perplexing, is all. When will I expect their arr-]"
"[+green But how? Has only been-]"
"[+green Yas, open place, I get it. Yas sir. But-]"

The communication was suddenly cut short by the device once again emitting only static.

Akeley looked around again instantly noticing what could only be one of those accursed things, crawling under the fence through his hole. Quickly jamming his radio into his rucksack, Akeley drew his pistol again and started towards the stairs, grimly determined to get the hell out of this compound before the open graveyard that the asylum was got turned.

But to the pilot's horror, the door had shut behind him and locked, his luck clearly having vanished for the time being. Knowing time was of the essence, he took several steps back and then rushed the door, his shoulder leading. Akeley wasn't a large man, and it would have probably taken him several attempts like that to get through. But with the aid of his heavy back, the old wood door crack and splintered down the middle. A well-placed kick dislodged enough of the paneling for gallery to squirm through and begin his rapid descent to the ground. He went as fast as he dared, skipping steps, hoping upon hope that the massacre below was still immobile.

Just as he raced down the last flight of steps, a body stumbled and fell into the stairwell and landed squarely on the bear trap, which compressed in the blink of an eye, carving a half-circle out of the body's torso violently, spraying Akeley with bodily fluids that obscured his vision. This made him misplace a foot and he crashed headlong down the remaining five steps to the bottom. He landed on the twice dead corpse and struck the side of his head on the wall.

After several stunned moments, he quickly rose, hearing the groans of undead getting closet. Akeley didn't know how long he was out. Long enough for the zombies to turn, but not long enough for him to have been bit. He hoped.

He retrieve the pistol he'd dropped in the fall and stepped into the hallway only to be confronted by almost a dozen accursed beings. Reflexively, Akeley shot three of them before conning to his senses to save ammunition. He was cornered at the hall's end, faced by abomination and grief. Akeley's heart raced, the zombies shuffling towards him, vile fluid and flesh trailing behind them.

He was scared nearly to the point of fainting when the window behind him was shattered, seemingly deafening in the quiet panic of the soldier's heart.
Two undead had broken it and now clawed pointlessly at the air, unable to enter; as on that side, the first floor was several feet above ground level.
Akeley gave no more thought and dashed at the newly made opening, leaping out and balling up,covering his face with his arms.

One accursed was knocked down by Akeley's foot as it glanced off of it's head, the other managing to grab the foot before it hit him too. The pilot hit the asphalt with a grunt, rolling away from the zombies and gaining his feet. Moving so that a dumpster was between him and them, he turned and ran, rounding the building's front. He tripped on something and was filled with disgust to see what used to be the top half of a woman wearing a uniform, crawling towards him. Akeley kicked her face repeatedly as she persisted, finally slaying the creature with a lucky blow that took the front part of her forehead and brain right off, smearing them on the pavement.

But Akeley did not even see her body collapse as he was already running again, headed for the hole in the fence. He slid under then pulled his bag through before collapsing on the open golf course green, panting heavily for air and sanity as he stared at the sky. The fog had broken in a few places and he could see small pockets of stars as they rose.
[i [+green Akdieves... I could use angel right now... ]]
  Akeley Karklins / Enigmelody / 4y 346d 2h 21m 31s
[Center [+Tan 7:11 hours ago]]
[Center [+Tan 13 miles off the coast of Hawaii, 130 miles down.]]
[Center [+Tan Under Water Recon base 23, Population;
[Center [+Tan 13,000 Civilians, 130,000 Active personal, 650,000 reserve Personal...]]

The base was under alert as they detected an unknown Strain of virus on an Island used as a trade post by Japan and US Governments. They have already scanned and cleared most ships heading to US Ports from the Island, and destroyed the ones that had a single strain. One of the commanding officers of this base was marching to the conference room to give a full detail to command what is going on. Once the doors open, the holograms were projected.

He stopped in mid motion as he spotted the not only his Commander, Japan Myth Fan, but the rest of the top 5 and the Commander himself. Captain Crisma, he wore his dress blues. A black trench coat with a black class A uniform underneath, silver lining and buttons. His face was hidden under a human skull mask with a crown engraved into it. On the collar was a grey circle with a golden skull and crown. The glowing ghostly blue eyes stared at the commander of the recon base. [+Blue "Son you better have a reason why you have us all in this room."] The Captain asked politely as he waved his hand like holding a dinning tray. [+Red "Uhhh Yes! Yes sir I do, at 19:26 an unknown strain was identified by Radar installation 4 over Japan. As of now we have initiated protocol "Left 4 Dead" on the Island and any type of trading to the US. We have already started scanning all boats and any places in the States for this strain. The Pack Division will receive all information on the locations of these strains to make the right type of arrests."] The man says as The man with the wolf skull looks at Captain. [+Grey "Crisma what do you think?"] Asks wolf as Japan, Wearing an oni skull giggles. [+Purple "I say we assassinate them all~"] Japan says gayly, clapping like a gitty school girl. A man wearing a hood over his fox skull sighs. [+Gold "Crisma we should help the Island after securing our borders."] Says Shadow in a concern voice. Another man wearing a Metal harden skull sighs as he leans back. [+Orange "Honestly I think we should rod it off the face of the earth."] Says Juggernaut, while a man with a dragon skull leans forward. [+Brown "I bet you right now that Japan plans to do the same thing..."] Devil says as he looks at Juggernaut before turning towards Crisma. Crisma sat there chuckling then starts laughing. [+Blue "No, Nato will beg us to deploy an "Armed" recon force to the Island to "Analyze" the situation."] Wolf tilted his head looking at crisma as Juggernaut sighs. [+orange "So they will rather have us send in an entire division to wipe out everything there, right?"] Crisma chuckles nodding. [+Blue "Yes they would, and honestly. I find it kinda fun. For now we will stay on stand by call... Understood?"] They all nod then vanish. Crisma looks at the Commander and waves him away before vanishing from sight as well.
  Aldrich Family Seal / X-000 / 4y 350d 4h 10m 46s
Rebellion simply nodded and waited for Skitz to get himself ready to move out, until a ping got his attention as his comrade pulled his cellphone out and looked at it for no more than a few moments as in the distance an incoming vehicle could be heard by the dull growling of an engine. Rebellion moved to the opposite side of the road from Skitz so they'd have a two-pronged ambush if the need arose, only as the vehicle rolled up and past them both to a slow stop, it was evident to him that going all out would've been a waste of ammo. Skitz had reached the vehicle first, and showed no hesitation as he put two rounds into two different bodies; one long dead and the other undead. As the man pulled them out and moved to the back, Rebellion crouched down around the newly undead corpse outside of the SWAT van and examined it closely. He was no scientist, or viral know-this-or-that of honestly any kind; he really knew little more than the average joe and jane did about viruses. By the time his interest in examining the corpse faded he turned to see Skitz plunging a knife into a Zed that had grabbed him and drop it to the ground, and he got back to his feet and approached the back of the van as Skitz had opened up the back doors.

Roughly ten minutes later after pulling all the corpses out and examining the leftovers of gear and munitions, Rebellion nodded slightly to both himself, and to Skitz as his comrade mentioned the need to hit the pharmacy and his dealer's house. The man tried not to notice it, but the smell of death was starting to literally take over the island. It was a disgusting and unnerving in so many more ways than one, and as a result he pulled his red bandanna back over half of his face to try and shield his senses of the assault of foul odors that were trying to take over. He didn't toss his dufflebag into the back of the van like he normally would, rather he kept it slung across his back as he returned to the front of the van, sliding into the driver's seat and turning the key that was still within the ignition. The engine first started to choke to life, but quickly died out, and Rebellion chuckled to himself darkly due to the sudden struck of irony that he found to be most amusing. He turned the key a few more times to no avail before exiting the driver's seat and looking back at Skitz.

[b " Van's out of gas, Skitz. Unless you got some gasoline on you were gonna be stuck hoofing it until we find wheels that actually run. I really don't think we need all of that gear in the back, either, would only slow us down, man. But yeah, lets hit those two places and see about finding a map of the entire island so we can get to it on planning our Evac. Hell, we might even find the others. "]
  Rebellion / WolfShot / 4y 350d 4h 32m 11s
[size10 [center [b 12:55 PM, Midtown August 6th]]]
[size10 [center [b Main Street/Neighborhoods]]]
[size10 [center [b Light Fog, Warm Temp., Smell of Death Everywhere]]]
[hr ]

[center [pic]]
[size12 [center [b It was kind of a bumpy ride.] Ziitron left all the windows up and on lock so the horrible stench from the dead carcasses they rode on top every few feet had no way to get inside the car. They were going to have to get out eventually, but he'd rather fight one battle at a time. On top of that, they'd have been riding through roads of houses and apartments, searching for any form of life that could maybe give them a hand or tell them exactly what the hell was going on.]]

[size12 [center [b Still trying to get through and not run over too many zombies, the dark and fog give Ziitron the chills, and he was sure that Al in the back felt the same way.] He kept glancing back at her but she just quietly looked out the window. He shrugged every time and looked back forward. [b "You okay back there?"] He asked her. She nodded and hummed a slightly cheerful 'Mmhmm'. He looked back at her and smiled at her. [b "That's good."] She smiled back before pointing towards the windshield. [b "Look! Look! Monsters!"] Ziitron jumped back, his attention back on the road. He stopped hard on the brakes, making both of them jolt forward in their seats. [b "Shit .Wait ... What the fuck...?"] He mumbled as he noticed an abnormal amount of zombies walking towards one house. the first thing he thought was to get the fuck away from there, but before he decided to turn around, another thought struck him. [i Life ... Someone must be attracting them over there.....!]]]

[size12 [center [b "Okay, sorry hun about the stop but we gotta make a really short ..... reaaaally short stop."] He said before pressing on the gas and running over the soft, decaying bodies. Blood and guts covered the front of the car, some specks and pieces getting on the windshield. Ziitron winced at the sight. [i Well .... so much for a clean, smooth ride.] Stopping in front of the house, what he saw was a bit disturbing.]]

[size12 [center [b A girl.] She was bloody, but it didn't look like hers.Or at least it didn't from what Ziitron saw. A tray in her hand and a zombie facing her, he realized that she had to be human. There was a few other zombies hanging over something .... like a dead body .... Maybe her friend? Ziitron winced again. [b "S-scuse me sir ... More monsters are coming ...."] Ziitron glanced back through his car's back window to see a few more coming towards the car. Turning back, he noticed more coming from the front. [i Oh ..... SHIT. THE CAR.] Al guessed he finally realized it how urgent the situation was becoming. Those things tend to throw and smash ... and the car windows could be gone in an instant.]]

[size12 [center [b Rolling down his window after unlocking it just enough for him to yell out of it, he motioned for the woman to come to the car and get in.] He wasn't going to unlock it until she came over. He yelled out the window, figuring more noise wouldn't really add to the situation their already in. [b "HEY! GET INSIDE! HURRY! C'MON HURRY!"] He said, waving his hand towards the car. Once again, Ziitron was questioning his actions. [i I really hope this doesn't turn on me .... fuck.]]]
  YommiNoms / 4y 356d 10h 14m 48s
Skitz shook his head when asked if he seen or heard from others from the resistance. Rebellion was likely the only one that would work with him at all. "Your right. We do need to move." About that time a ping was heard. Pulling his phone from his back pocket he noticed a vehicle with LoJack was coming down the road they were on. Double tapping the screen Skitz found it to be a SWAT van.

Climbing back over the fence Skitz unfolded the stock of his Negev and shouldered it. The fog made it hard to see the van. When it passed by Skitz he was about to fire on the cab of the van before noticing the window was splattered with blood. It eventually rolled to a stop over thirty feet away. Running to the drivers door Skitz pulled his FNX and aimed it where the SWAT officer should be sitting. Opening the door Skitz found the driver dead with wounds to the neck. Dead or not Skitz took aim and fired into the officers head. Another figure sat up on the other side of the permanently dead officer. Its mouth was dripping with blood as jagged teeth chewed on flesh. Shooting once more Skitz pulled both bodies into the street and releavied them of their gear.

Moving to the rear doors Skitz knocked and waited for a noise. That's when he noticed a figure walking towards him. Skitz didn't bother lifting his weapon. If you watched him closely you'd notice his lips moving but no sound followed. It wasn't until the figure was in arms reach and grabbed hold of Skitz by the jacket. This snapped him out of his trance. Pulling his karambit from his jacket sleeve he stabbed the walking corpse in the temple. When the corpse fell to the ground Skitz folded his knife and returned it to his sleeve. Looking around he held his head as his eyes darted to the darkest corners of the street. Being diagnosed with schizophrenia in the zombie apocalypse was probably a bad thing. The marijuana helped but it only made episodes less frequent. Pulling a joint from his jacket pocket he lit it and took an unsteady draw.

When Skitz finnaly calmed down from his episode he opened the back door of the SWAT van and six corpses lay dead inside. Pulling them out he set to work on stripping them of gear. Altogether there were two MP5SDs, two Mossberg 590s, a bolt action rifle, four M4 rifles, and each had a Glock chambered in .45 ACP. Besides that there were stinger, flash bang, and teargas grenades. It was a good haul but Skitz wanted a cornerstone in the post apocalyptic market. "Let's hit the pharmacy on the way. We also need to hit my dealers house before we get out though. And stay away from supermarkets rioting will start there."
  Skitz / Everlongknight666 / 4y 356d 17h 30m 44s
[size12 She kept her eyes tightly closed, awaiting the smell to go away. Dead carcases really had a distinct scent to them, didn't they? A part of her was actually scared..But even more of her was as she heard a whimper from behind her. [i Oh no..] Quickly, she pivoted on her heel and looked behind her. The zombie was already past them, but as Warren had made that small sound, he came back. [i No no no..No!] She saw him coming back to them. Reaching out, she grabbed onto Warren. "Come on! We can't stay here!" He had his feet planted to the ground. He really was scared. A trembling feeling went over her.]

[size12 "Please, come on! We have to move! Warren!" She cried out to him, but he didn't want to move. "This isn't the time to be frozen, come on.." He was nearly to them. "W-Warren, please, come on." Her voice stuttered as she watched the creature raise his arms. "N-No.." Gretel whimpered before taking in a shaky breath and moving between Warren and the zombie. "Warren, please, move." She cried as she took out her serving tray. Her hands shook, holding it in front of her. She heard movement behind her, and a relieved sigh escaped her. "Warren, thank-" Just as she was to look behind her, a scream was heard. She gasped, seeing Warren having only moved a bit before being attacked by another zombie. "Warren!" She screamed, though it was too late. He had already been bitten.]

[size12 Blue eyes trembled at the sight, a man that looked like her own brother being devoured. "W-Warren!" She screamed louder before feeling a hand behind her. It slapped down onto her shoulder, and she whimpered. Without a second thought, she moved her arms to hit whatever was behind her. The zombie from before had gotten ahold of her, and now, she had her try break off his nose. He let go as she stepped away. Raising her arms, she was vulnerable for a moment. He reached out for her, but she slammed her tray down onto his arms. They didn't break, but they pulled him down enough for her to start to hit at his skull with the tray. She beat at it. Hitting and hitting and hitting. She just kept on until the bottom of her tray was splattered red and she panted for breath.]

[size12 [i The one with Warren!] Turning around as this one was finished, she didn't want to see Warren's corpse. In a way, she was thankful the zombie had eaten most of him instead of just turning him. Still, her stomach turned at the sight. [i Don't freak out, don't freak out.] She raised her tray again, running over and past the zombie, the tray slamming into his face as she did. It knocked him off his feet and back onto the ground. Turning about around, Gretel went to her knees at the head of the zombie. He looked up, trying to reach for her as he was on her back, but she hit his hands away with her tray and began attacking his head with the already beaten tray. Every hit crunched a disgusting sound. Her skirt gained new red patterns from the blood. She could smell the faint scent of gasoline nearby. And was that an engine she heard? Still, she had to finish this one, and the other was beginning to move.]

[size12 Frantic, she pulled out one of her knifes and tried to slice off his head. What's worse is that it didn't. In a panic, she closed her eyes tightly and pushed the tray down on it, pushing her weight onto the tray to push the knife through.]

[size12 She looked up, and the other was there, a dent in his head and blood dripping from every orifice. Gretel held the tray above her, ready for any attack he may give. [i Warren..I'm sorry that I couldn't protect you..] She whimpered in her head, seeing the remains near her.]
  Gretel Remedy / Akiho / 4y 356d 21h 20m 5s
Rebellion had nearly cleared the golf course and made it to the parking lot when his eyes picked up a figure aiming a weapon in his direction, and instinctively he slowed and raised his Spas-12. However, the tense moment would be short-lived when he heard an unmistakable voice that brought relief to him; it was Skitz. Skitz was one of the members of the Resistance movement that Rebellion was part of, and this man infront of him was about the most radical of the entire group. The man wasn't necessarily crazy, but he had no reservations about resorting to extremely violent methods to carry out the missions, and as such he was an interesting asset to have. And seeing how things were going in the past few hours, men like Skitz were exactly the kind of ally someone would want to have.

[b " Nice to see a familiar face, Skitz. As for the shotgun and hotel, nah man. I work there, but not anymore since it probably won't be there later on today after this Zombie apocalypse is over. These are some things I grabbed before getting out of there, and I am working on a plan to get out of here. You see or hear from Lydia and Ashton yet? "]

By now Rebellion had closed the distance and now stood within 3 feet of Skitz, his eyes constantly scanning the surrounding. He didn't feel comfortable being so out in the open as they were; they were prime targets for both the living and the dead. The wind was starting to pick up more also, and with the wind the moans of the growing undead horde only became louder. There wasn't a doubt in his mind that the horde was growing, but shit; hadn't anyone learned anything from all the zombie movies and magazines and books that had been put out in all these years? Perhaps not, in a way, since almost nobody every really thought that such an absurd thing could ever become a reality.

[b " We can't stay here, Skitz. We gotta get moving man, and either link up with the others or get out of here with just our own hides. Things are gonna get worse and they're gonna get worse fast. "]
  Rebellion / WolfShot / 4y 356d 23h 24m 16s
[size10 [center [b 12:15 PM, Midtown August 6th]]]
[size10 [center [b Ziitron's House/Street]]]
[size10 [center [b Light Fog, Warm Temp., Smell of Death Everywhere]]]
[hr ]

[center [pic]]
[size12 [center [b "Okay hun, I need you to sit right here and wait for me to get some stuff okay? I just need to get a few things, and we can go a look for your parents and some other survivors."] The little girl nodded slowly. [b "If you see one of those monsters come in, hide under the sink and sit there as quietly as you can until I come down. Got it?"] She nodded once more and sat on the ground, hugging her knees as she looked up at Ziitron. [i Damn I hope I'm not making a mistake....] He thought and nodded to her as he quickly walked away from the kitchen and made his way back upstairs.]]

[size12 [center [b Grabbing a somewhat small duffle bag, he threw in a first aid kit, some rubbing alcohol, a few t-shirts and shorts, some toiletries, and anything he saw that deemed useful in this certain situation.] He grabbed a pillow, a large sheet, and his car keys and looked over his loved room one last time before deciding to make his way back downstairs.]]

[size12 [center [b The little girl stood as she saw Ziitron make his way back downstairs.] He smiled at her and grabbed several kitchen knives before raiding his own cabinets and pantry for non-perishable foods and an empty water jug. Once he filled it up with water and picked up his sword from off of his marble counter, he zipped up the duffle bag, the water jug in one hand, and the bag and wooden sword in the other. [b "Alright. Follow me...Oh and what's your name by the way, love?"] He asked her as he advanced towards the garage door. The girl looked up at him as she followed behind. [b "It's ... Alohani."] Her voice was as gently as ever. [b "That's beautiful. Mind if I call you Al?"] He glanced back at her before opening the black-painted door. She nodded no and smiled softly. [b "Alright. As soon as I open the door, get inside. The doors should be unlocked."] She nodded at his instructions and he opened the door quietly.]]

[size12 [center [b Ready for something to jump out at the two, he wasn't all that surprised when he found nothing roaming about in the garage.] A quiet sigh escaping his lips, he opened the door wider and let Al walk through first before following and closing the door behind them. He threw the duffle bag in on the backseat floor. Al sat in the back, awaiting for the car to start. [i Is that really a good idea ....?] Zii thought about it for a second then shrugged, thinking it wouldn't be all that bad. It might be worse for her to sit in the front. He looked around on last time to make sure nothing was forgotten, and kissed his precious motorcycle goodbye until they meet once more.]]

[size12 [center [b Finally cranking the car up, Zii pressed the garage door button and backed up a little, waiting for the monsters to storm in at any time.] Especially from all of the noise the garage was making. There were many, but they didn't move as fast as he thought they would. He inhaled deeply then exhaled and glanced at Al, smiling. [b "Make sure your seat-belt is on tight."] Once she nodded, he nodded back and quickly reversed the car, hitting a few half-dead people in the making. Shifting in gear, he turned the car wildly, and sped off towards the main roads of Talanta.]]
  YommiNoms / 4y 360d 3h 44m 55s
Skitz stood against a black van parked outside the towns police station. The word went viral in minutes that the undead were roaming the streets. Taking a green knapsack he hoisted it over his shoulder and walked into the station. It was crowded and every officer was busy. Walking to the front desk Skitz set the knapsack down on the floor and said, "Excuse me sir? A dude just tried to mug me."

"Have a seat son, an officer will be with you shortly." The officer said without looking up. Turning around, Skitz walked out the door and pulled a detonator from his pocket. Pressing the little red button the police station went up in flames. The bag was filled with a low grade explosive. The police were stretched thin, in cases like this all it needs to topple is a gentle push to fall into chaos. Opening the sliding door of the van Skitz pulled a light machine gun off the wall of the van. Sitting in the door of the van he waited for people to come running out. When no one did he climbed in the van and drove off.

Finding a parking garage Skitz got out and grabbed a single strap bag and slung it across his chest. It held two 150 round pouches of 7.62 AP rounds along with six 15 round magazines for his FNX. Finding a detonator under the seat he walked out of the parking garage and blew up the van. Walking down the road he noticed he was near a golf course. Walking to the fence and jumping it he pulled out a sack and rolled a joint. Lighting it he started looking at the sky.

"So whas next?" He asked to himself, "Hospital? No that's a hot bed you dumbass, every zombie movie tells you that. Fire departments? Why? Look at the city most of it is on fire." About halfway through the joint he started noticing movement. Lifting his Negev he aimed where he though the movement was. Then he noticed a familiar face, "Rebellion, sup fool." Lowering his machine gun he smiled and took one last toke from his joint before flicking away the roach. "Shit fucker! What's up with the shotguns man? You run into some of those deadites or were you having fun at that hotel over there?"
  Skitz / Everlongknight666 / 4y 360d 19h 49m 31s
Several attempts to contact Gerald O'Donnell yielded no success, and Rebellion chucked the phone in an increasing frustration and watched the cameras of the front lobby. Everyone was still huddled down behind the large front desk, but he knew that such a tactic wouldn't save their lives forever; something had to be done. But what? If there really was a zombie pandemic going on then it was only bound to spread and easily result in the deaths of over ninety percent of the inhabitants of Talanta. The thought caused Rebellion to stop cold in his train of thought as the considered the implications that his new idea had; evacuation. Without a doubt Talanta would soon be lost to undead hordes, so the only logical solution to survive would be to evacuate the island.

A Spas-12 shotgun found his right hand as Rebellion moved almost automatically on pure instinct. He quickly loaded it before setting it on the desk and grabbing all the boxes of shells, opening them and turning them over and effectively dumping them all into the dufflebag that he had opened only slightly earlier. After he had done that, he grabbed another Spas-12 and dropped it into the bag, and did the same with his own backpack; emptying some spare .45 ACP magazines into the bag. The rest he put onto his gun-belt which he was still wearing, paying special attention to reload the magazine which he had emptied earlier in the lobby. To complete his " Evac " bag for the meantime he dumped in several energy bars and bottles of water, eating a few bars and drinking a few bottles of water so that he wouldn't bug out of the building and suddenly be hungry or thirsty. He would need to try to stay ontop of his health if he was to get out alive, and his thoughts immediately adjusted to solely on himself as he looked back at the lobby monitors and saw on the CCTV that more zombies had just entered the lobby, shambling over towards the front desk where the others were huddled and trying to stay out of sight.

He didn't bother to go save them; they were already dead. Instead, he exited the office and quickly made his way down the stairs to the emergency exit that extended a ways out under the resort and spilled him out onto the resort's golf course once he made it outside. He didn't need a map to know where he was; he had done trained evacuation exercises during his job training and had learned the area's layout in his spare time. He started to reach for his flashlight, but thought better of it and started making his way across the golf course, with the dufflebag zipped tightly shut and slung around his body tightly and hugging the Spas-12 tightly to himself as he moved low and quietly. The fog only made the night seem more chilling and unnerving than normal other than the usual quietness that beheld the night, and it was putting Rebellion on high-alert. In the distance however, he could hear screaming and the gently blowing wind was carrying the moans of the growing undead threat. To Rebellion, Hell itself had definitely opened up tonight to engulf everyone within its terrible maw.
  Rebellion / WolfShot / 4y 361d 23h 54m 43s
No sound came from within the dead looking house in response to Akeley's knocking, and he lowered his hand with an empty sigh. The survivor turned and took the two steps down off the deck patio, and as he did so, the glass panel of the sliding door exploded without warning in a jagged mist of crystalline debris, spraying his back harmlessly.

Slightly less harmlessly, a single slug nicked the tip Akeley's right ear, making the man dive down into the grass, rolling behind a barbeque grill.
Two more shots sounded out, sailing wide above him.
"[+green Stop! I'm human! Stop shooting dammit!]"
He shouted in a whisper at the gaping hole in the door. Then a frightened, middle-age, feminine voice answered.
"[+coral Go! Go away! Please! Please leave me alone...]"
The voice was followed by a sobbing sound, and Akeley slowly rose and began to take a step closer, speaking calmly and reassuringly.
"[+green You're going to be okay Miss... I'm a friend, I can help y-]"
The weapon, a revolver he guessed by the sound, loudly cracked again, sending a fourth round out the opening, also wildly off, leading him to believe the first one was simply a luck shot.

But Akeley got the hint and retreated, taking cover behind a quant wooden bench swing.
"[+green Alright, alright, I will leave you. Good luck and Godspeed.]"
He mumbled a brief, and out-of-practice prayer over the house and its occupant, fearing the woman wasn't keen to last long in this disaster.
Then on a sudden afterthought, he crouched, and made his way to the deck again silently. She continued to sob, and as quietly as he could, he left a bottle of water, a couple painkillers, and several power bars in the debris, figuring it was all he could do, before backing away and ducking between a gap in her backyard fence.

Akeley, now in an only slightly better mood, found himself on Talanta's golf course, a sand trap with a lone undead walker a few yards to his right. Normally he'd have left it, not wanting to risk a confrontation, but with the woman, who was burning through her munitions, so close by, he decided to dispatch the zombie. Which was a good idea, because in the time he took to think, the loathsome creature had noticed him and now was scrabbling to escape the trap and assault the pilot.

Not wanting undo attention by using the m/07, he found a hefty stone and tossed it in his hand once. If the landlady was any kind of reference, the rock would be more than sufficient. So adjusting his grip on it, he threw the stone hard, like a pitcher throwing a baseball. His aim was alright, but the reborn monster slipped at the same moment and it missed.
Akeley cursed, the cursed again upon find that there were no other rocks of decent size nearby.

Annoyed, Akeley looked around quickly, and seeing no life or re-life in sight, he opened his jacket and drew the Husqvarna. Sheepishly, he squeezed the trigger and put a half-dollar size hole in the ex-maintenance man's face; instantaneously peppering the white sand with greys, pinks, and crimson spray. The lethal shot forcing it to collapse and slide down into the pit, just out of sight.

Akeley, displeased with his last two decisions, took a moment to consider his next move. He desperately needed to get to either the harbor, the airport, or someplace he could get a signal on his radio. His superiors needed to know about the undead. But the curse, outbreak, disease, whatever this was needed to stay here.

Finally, he opted to find a comm point if possible, knowing that his higher-ups could get relief, evac, and containment protocols to Talanta. But this fog was killing his reception, and he doubted even the specially-designed satellite radio he had been given would work at his position. Looking around again, he noticed for the first time the castle-like structure on a nearby hill, overlooking the sea.
"[+green [i That must be the country clubhouse... And it's above this fog screen...]]"

Adjusting his somewhat large backpack, he scanned the fairways and greens one more time, satisfied that he was alone, at least for the moment, and the bloodied man started jogging towards the structure.

For some reason, the regal building made him uneasy, but he attributed the feeling to the unreal recent events and kept moving. He didn't believe in ghosts, and that was the end of it. But then again, he hadn't believed in zombies before this afternoon.

After a short time, he reached a road that lead up to the clubhouse and was startled to find a tall chain-link fence between it and him, barbed wire running the top.
"[+green That's... odd. For a golf course anyway.]"
He decided the building was in fact [i not] a country club, but nonetheless, he removed his pack and found his heavy wire cutters. They weren't quite bolt cutters, but they'd get at least this job done.

Akeley worked quickly, the realization dawning on him suddenly that if the cursed managed to escape the island, it could easily escalate to the end of the humanity. Once there was a gap large enough to enter, he replaced the cutters to his pack and pushed it through, following after it. He rose and put his pack back on with a grunt, also noticing that the mild bleeding on his ear had ceased for the most part.

Honestly terrified by whatever was causing the re-life, he knelt to bandage the graze, an open wound in a possibly airborne pandemic being absolutely unacceptable in his opinion. He couldn't help anybody if he became one of those things. He shuddered at the thought, and pushed it from his fragile mind.

As he applied antibiotic, he surveyed the area. Down the hill and road, a security gate sat, marking the entrance to the facility, whatever it was. From here, he could see back the way he came. The suburb inland from the golf course, and what he guessed was a resort and hotel at the far distant end. The course was probably part of the resort. He could only barely see it through the haze thanks to its bright lights.
The building to his right, which looked far larger up close, was eerie and looked like the sort of mansion that would be haunted in a movie. The place gave off a queer, disinfected scent, like a clinic, and Akeley wondered if the facility was an older hospital, being replaced by the newer one he'd visited a few weeks ago on the more urban end of the island.

But it made no difference what it was. One of those tower-like parapets would probably provide excellent reception and enable him to report in with the brass.
Akeley finished the small dressing and fixed his goggles and mask around his ear, then put the antibiotic and bandages in an easily accessed pouch then looked up to stand. The harrowed pilot nearly shouted and sat back as he found himself faced with a young woman standing over him, smiling in a most disturbing manner. How had he, a trained soldier, not noticed the female's advance?

Everything about the girl made Akeley nervous. As he struggled to catch his breath, he assessed the other figure. She was dressed oddly and had hair of length so long he only could believe she'd never cut it before. Besides smiling at a time like this, she was sprayed in blood. So much blood. But what he liked the least was her eyes. They weren't normal, they just were... indescribable.

But then again, he remembered that he was too, just like anybody still alive probably was. Akeley could not help but wonder if she was human or monster, unable to decide. But she held a stuffed animal daintily, something which he didn't think the undead creatures had the fine motor skills for.

"[+green Tu... tu pārsteidza mani ... ir-]"
Akeley cut himself short and reddened, realizing the girl had scared him into his native tongue and thanked the mask for the the second time that day.
"[+green ...I'm sorry about that. You just, startled me somewhat... But, what are you doing here? What is this place? Who- ...Pardon me. Are you, alright?]" His last words were especially questioning, as he doubted her health more than a little bit. Akeley started to stand up, annoyed that the girl was putting him in such a perturbed state.
  Akeley Karklins / Enigmelody / 4y 363d 11h 32m 40s
As they moved their way out the door, Gretel noticed a foul stench in the air around them. There were corpses not only littered, but roaming around in this town, so it was no wonder. At least, that's what she hoped they were. Well, hoping being a more relative term to the fact that she would rather be dealing with zombies than something with a working mind. What if they did have working minds? They would definitely be harder to get away from. Then again, that one did use a weapon to attack her. Even Warren seemed surprised by that. Maybe they did have some kind of mind, but only a subconscious that barely spoke to them? [i I'm thinking to hard about this.] She shook her head before holding her kitchen knife close to her. "Alright.." She glanced to both sides of the road. "We'll have to stay on foot..if I have my facts right about zombie knowledge, they're attracted to strong scents. So try not smoking when you see one, or snuffing it out, okay?" Finger pointed as a matter-of-a-fact way, she looked up to him.

With the two on foot, she knew it could be a while before they found anyone. After all, any houses they chose could very well hold one of the creepy crawlies, or walkers in this case. What if there were crawlers too though? Gretel shivered at the thought. She was more interested than scared in most things, but a crawling creature was one of the few things she was still terrified of.

[i I don't know what I would do if one started crawling towards me like an ankle-biter...they're way too fast to be crawling.] She held her knife tighter, stepping over towards Warren. The girl felt comfort in his presence, firstly because she didn't like being alone, and secondly because he did remind her of her brother, even if he did smoke and say a few odd things. [i I'm glad he isn't here though...what if he became one of these things? What would I do..?] Blue eyes watched the ground below her as they walked. They followed her shadow, which helped her to pick up the pace in walking. That is until they came across a more active, walking zombie. She suddenly halted and held her knife close.

"Warren," she whispered. "Whatever you do...don't scream." Wasn't it normally the male saying that? Then again, the girl did have a habit of projecting her feelings of fear on others. Or to be better put, to keep from being scared, she imagined they were more scared than she was. Gretel didn't like heroes, but even the bad guys protected something. Just knowing that she was helping and protecting someone was all she needed to stop the quivering in her knees as the moaning baddy got closer, not quite noticing them as he began to move as if going past them. [i Please keep going. Please keep going. Don't look at us...] She tried her best not to turn her head to watch him. It wasn't as if he could only sense movement, but maybe it helped. Oh the disgusting smell that fumed off the creature. The fog didn't assist as it created a ghastly visible breath coming from his moans. The jaw was barely holding up, only one side holding it up with skin slowly detaching. With his reaction before, she was afraid Warren might just puke. Hell, she was afraid she might. Closing her eyes tightly, she waiting. [i Please keep going. Please, please keep going until you pass us..]
  Akiho / 5y 16h 43m 14s
[size10 [center [b 11:45 PM Midtown August 5th]]]
[size10 [center [b Ziitron's House]]]
[size10 [center [b Dense Fog in some areas, Warm Temp.]]]
[hr ]

[center [pic]]
[size12 [center [b Shit was getting deeper in Talanta.] After taking a moment to catch his breath, Ziitron got up and quickly went to the restroom to wash his face and hands. OH GOD OH GOD I TOUCHED IT OH MY LORD .... The very thought of that woman's face .... made him want to jump off of a fifteen story building from the roof headfirst just so he wouldn't have to live with the disgust anymore. But sadly, he knew better than to just waste away like that. His shower was persuasively calling him to hop in for a quick moment, but Ziitron's mind said otherwise. He knew that whatever that lady had .... someone else had to give it to her. There was no point in washing if he was possibly gonna get dirtier than before. After he was done, he took some more deep breaths to try and settle his stomach and clear his mind. Walking over to his bedroom's desk, he grabbed his pack of cigarettes and lit one, sticking between his lips as he gazed out of his window. "What the hell man ...." He almost laughed as he blew the smoke out, it spreading all across the window's surface. What he was seeing was unbelievable. Half-dead looking people roamed the streets in front of his very own home, looking almost like something out of a movie.]]

[size12 [center [b "This CAN'T be happening ...."] He muttered to himself. A moment into his thoughts, they were interrupted by the sound of glass breaking downstairs. He looked away from the window and out of his open room door, cigarette lazily hanging out of his mouth. He squinted and backed up towards his closet door slowly,as if trying not to make any noise.[i One of those fuckers are in my house?! Shit! ....] He thought to himself, opening the door as quietly as he can. He stared at his room's door for a quick moment then looked away, scanning his roomy walk-in closet for a weapon. There were cosplay costumes, suits, jeans, t-shirt, shoes but no weapons. [b "SHIT I should've bought that shotgun when I had the fucking chance!"] He mumbled to himself before remembering something. He looked above his costumes to see a long sleek, black box above it. Grabbing and opening it, Ziitron almost dropped down and thanked the gods for his hard blue wooden SAO sword he kept from his last photo shoot. Their bodies were really soft, so this should easily cut through.]]

[size12 [center [b Sword in hand, Ziitron took a deep breath before creeping out of his room and peering over the stairwell.] There was nothing in sight but ... Another crash. [i There better not be a fucking vase out of place ....] He thought, putting his cigarette out and sticking it in his pocket. [b "It's about to go down ..."] He whispered to himself, hoping it would lighten this situation but failed. The man crept down his sleek, black wooden steps, taking on silent step after another. Before his feet reached the bottom of the steps, he noticed his door halfway opened. He squinted again as if trying to remember something. [i SHIT. I FORGOT TO LOCK THE DOOR! .... If I kill it first ... I might make noise .... That might attract others . I think I'll close it first ... yea] His thoughts were once more interrupted by yet another crash. Feet shuffled towards the half-opened door as the sickly moans started getting louder. Ziitron was getting pissed now. Even though he had a steady flow of income, this well-spent money was now going in the trash all because of the stupid zombie throwing his plates on the fucking ground.]]

[size12 [center [b Feeling pretty confident in his plan, Ziitron jumped down the last two steps and ran across the floor to close the door and locked it as quickly as possible.] Once closed, he looked in his kitchen to see a little girl in a white and baby blue gown with blood stains and tears running down her face, reaching up into his cabinet. He paused, and the his faced turned angry. [b "WHO THE FUCK-- WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE?!"] Startled, the little girl jumped and almost fell back off of his counter. A bit surprised himself, Ziitron raced over and jumped on the floor to break her fall. [b "Owww ... Hey! Are You okay?!"] He asked her in a somewhat angry voice. She looked down at him and nodded, sniffling. He sighed and got up from under her. [b "Good ... Now, tell me, WHY ARE YOU BREAKING MY PLATES!!?!"] Startled again, the girl started to cry once more. Not knowing what to do, Ziitron looked at her then shook his head. [b "Hey Hey Hey stop that! I won't yell anymore okay?! Just tell me why you're here?"] He asked her. The water slowly stopped flowing down her cheeks as she wiped her face, still sniffling. He figured that she might have been trying to get food and didn't know that he was in the house. Maybe her parents were killed by those things outside.]]

[size11 [center [b "Well ... I-I tried saving my puppy ... but someone ...s-someone ate him. And I couldn't find mommy ... sh-she wasn't home...."] Her innocent voice made Ziitron want to cry with her. [b "Well what about your dad? Did you see him?"] She shook her head no. [b "I don't know where daddy is.... But I'm scared.... I just wanted some food, I'm s-sorry...."] She looked away, a bit of guilt spread on her face. [b "No, no it's okay love."] There was a bang on the front door, followed by a loud moan. [b "Well look, we need to get to safety. Right now, there are people-eating monsters outside .... So I'll try and help you find your mommy okay? But you have to stick with me ...."] He said, knowing that her mom is probably dead. But he couldn't just leave her here to die too. It'd be on his conscious for eternity if he didn't do anything.]]

[size11 [center [b There was a Black 2012 Avalanche in the garage the two could ride in.] Hopefully, the zombies didn't get into there too. All they needed was a few items and maybe some clothes, and they needed to act fact.]]
  YommiNoms / 5y 2d 2h 48m 33s
"Little Mouse, how shall I catch you? Bait? Cornering? Ooooooh, I know!"

A loud metallic crunching noise came from the otherside of a dark corridor, and a man's scream followed instantly after.

"A mouse trap..." a wide, mouthy grin crossed Clodagh's face as she walked towards her prey with an unstable gait. Her cheeks blushed as she thought about how much fun she would have with her new toy. She brought a hand up to her warm cheek as she smiled with a sick, flirtatious flare.

"Oh, the joy of a new play mate. It makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside. Don't you, Mister Floffington?" A pause. "Oh, yes. That is an astute statement! I quite agree-hee-hee!" Clodaugh let out a deep giggle that shook insanity and her smile changed from flirty to menacing.

After a few slow moments, Clodagh reached her new "toy" - a man, more specifically, one of the staff who worked at this hellish excuse for a mental institute. His face was pale and his glasses lay askew, barely on his face. His graying hair was disheveled and messy from the fall when he got stuck in the bear trap. He wasn't sure how this crazy girl managed to build such a vile trap when there wasn't much lying around [i anywhere].

"Now, now, my Pet." Clo cooed as she put a gag in the man's mouth. "No need to squirm. You should be happy. Happy! You get to play with me! Oh, I can only envy the exquisite excitement you must be feeling!"

Clo began to drag the poor man to a supply room, where everything she needed was stored. With each pull on the man's mangled leg, Clodagh let out a giggle in sync with the man's muffled screams, which eventually stopped as he fainted from the pain.

"Tch." Clo clicked her teeth in disappointment and looked irritated as she spoke with a bored voice. "I figured he would have wanted to keep playing with me the whole trip."

Eventually, the supply room was in sight, and Clodagh grew impatiently eager to continue with her fun game. She increased her speed, dragging the man quickly and sloppily, as his head started banging against the ground with the sudden force.

Without removing the improvised bear trap from his leg, Clodagh set the man on a steel, hardback chair, and tied him up with a strong rope and dexterous hand. For all the years of being locked up, Clodagh was still strong and agile, having plenty of practice with her fellow inmates before she was sent to isolated existence, or what she liked to call "Endless Torture".

It wasn't her fault that twenty of her new friends stopped playing with her, or anyone for that matter, forever. Sure, they lost a few limbs here and there, and maaaaybe Clo had taken games like, "Who can hold their breath the longest?" and, "How many of your fingers am I holding up?" too far once or twice, but they all had fun, right? So what did it matter? Even though she was transferred to different, more intensive wings with each incident, complete isolation was the only true preventative to her rather.... fatal tendencies.

"Wakey wakey!" Clodagh slapped her new "toy" in the face to wake him up, and as she expected, he started trying to wriggle free from his bindings to no avail.

"No no no no! That just won't do! We must be patient and wait our turn!"

The bound man watched as Clodagh moved to a darker corner of the room, and heard a wet squishing, slurping sound as she pulled on something. When she turned around and started moving towards him again, the man could see a wet, bloody knife in her hands, and the dead body of one of his co-workers slumped forward in a chair similar to his own.

He could see several more chairs with more bodies in similar slumping postures, and he felt sick. It seemed they all had traps stuck to their legs, just like him. It seemed like this young woman had effectively rounded up all the stragglers who had stayed behind even after the power went out all over the facility, and had "fun" with them.

Clodagh gently grabbed the gag in the man's mouth. "Squeal with joy, my love, for it is time for a wonderful game called, "Mister Knife says hello!"

After spitting air for a few moments, the man spoke - his voice shaking. "You monster! Why are you doing this? What the hell is wrong with you?"

"Hmm?" Clodagh's voice deepened with irritation as she looked down at the man, a look devoid of anything but cold cruelty. "What's wrong with [i me]? Absolutely nothing! Oh, but you! You and your buddy buddy friends - there's definitely something wrong with you!" Clodagh absentmindedly began digging the point of the knife's blade into the man's cheek and slowly traced a heart.

"What kind of people take those who have lost their sense of reason - their sense of humanity, if you will - and shove drug after drug down their throats? What kind of person does it take to experiment on a little girl?" Satisfied with her bloody doodle, Clo began stabbing the knife to the hilt into the man's stomach - each stab resonating in increased tone and intensity in her words. "PRODDING, POKING, GRINDING AND BLEEDING! Leaving her alone at night-"


"only when she has become less than she already was!"


"What kind of man advances himself upon a little girl who is so dead inside, she can't even resist him? The sick amalgamations of a mind like that fail to register in my head. All that swirling, buzzing madness. I can't stand it!"

Grabbing a handful of the man's hair, Clodagh pulled his head back, forcing him to look at her in the eye. He saw in her face, not a look of a monster, but of a broken girl with a shattered mind and darkness in her eyes.

"Me? A monster?" Clodagh shook her head. "No, my dear. Not I. It is you who are the [i true] abomination! You, and your filthy, dirty, evil, invasive cohorts, who, I might add, were LOVELY company!"

Clodagh dropped her knife, and brought her bloody hands to her chest, holding them over her heart. "I am but the beautiful result of man's darkest instincts. A thorned rose amongst weeds and refuse."

Looking back at the man, Clodagh smiled as he slumped forward, and she leaned down to kiss his rapidly cooling forehead.

"Thank you for the lovely game.... Monster." She turned to leave, and smiled her fiendish smile. "I believe that's all the fun to be had here!"

She clapped her hands. "Time to leave! Anyone with me?"


"No? Suit yourself!" Laughing as she left, Clodagh skipped and hopped with renewed zeal. She was eager to experience the delectable mayhem of the outside world that she had so dearly missed for eight years.

As she reached the facility's entrance, she took one last look behind her. She felt disappointed.

"I thought that the last look behind was meant to be one of happy reminiscence. All I feel is..... Freedom!"

As she stepped out the doors, ecstatic, maniacal laughter bubbled up in her chest, and Clo could hardly contain herself.


All that could be heard around the Institute, once full of despair and hopelessness, was the laughter of the last surviving subject in a terrible line of experimentation.

Unbeknownst to Clodagh, there was a survivor of her bloody vengeance. The legless woman had dragged herself out of the dark building when she was thought to be dead, and propped herself up against a crumbled wall, though, even with this freedom, it would not last long. The blood kept spilling from her open wounds, and she felt the coldness of death creep ever closer.

As she watched Clodagh laugh and skip away, taking in the sights, the woman breathed her last, uttered words.

"By all that is good in this world, what have we done?" And with that, another life was extinguished forever.
  Clodagh Cuchulainn / MisterMeisterMan / 5y 4d 5h 44m 24s
[size12 She knew she was going to pass out right there. As it had done on the many occasions of Gretel panicking, her heart froze for a millisecond before suddenly speeding up. Eyes screwed shut, she held her arms close together. A curdling sensation enveloped her as she kept against the door. [#daa520 [i Not now..this isn't the time for that..]] Peach lips parted, she panted for breath, trying to calm her arrhythmia. That was when the door suddenly opened, causing her to be startled. Worry swept over her as she looked up with furrowed eyebrows, blue eyes wide. As much as she hoped not to find a crazed creature like the grotesque ones before, it spooked her even more when she saw his face. [#daa520 [i H-Hansel?]] A part of her broke, only causing her arrhythmia to startle again. She had to settle it though as he lifted her off of the porch. Legs still weak, she took a seat on the couch and lifted her legs to curl them in front of her, tucking her skirt between her calf and thighs. The girl still had her uniform on, apron in the bag that she clung to. It held the knives and was her only way of protecting herself if anything happened.]

[size12 The knife in her hand was clean, but she knew that just holding this meant she realized what she may have to do. Still trying to calm down her breathing, she dropped the sharp blade. A clatter sounded as it hit the table, her hands shaky before gripping the strap of her bag again. Glancing up, she saw the horrified boy pacing back and forth. He kept asking questions again and again, not stopping for a single breath it seemed. [#daa520 [i He really is a lot like least, he definitely looks like him..He could easily be more related to him than I am with that face. But it can't be him..Hansel didn't say things like "man" or even curse a lot around me. He did ask plenty of questions though.]]]

[size12 [#daa520 "W-Well.."] A small voice spoke up with an audible stutter. [#daa520 "I'm really not sure what happened out there..but I'm okay. And no, I didn't."] Worried eyes cast their sights on the knife on the table, as well as the one he carried now. [#daa520 "I don't know who that was..but I know they weren't normal."] She looked up to him, allowing her legs to lean to the side, uncovering her face. [#daa520 "He's not the only one either..I've seen a few, but I've managed to keep out of their sight. At least, I think that's how they find people...Really, I'm not sure police could do anything.."]]

[size12 She glanced around the room, noticing the slightly messy home she was in. Still, it was nicer than her apartment. Since Hansel left to care for their grandmother, she hadn't touched his room besides dusting. She cleaned and cleaned and cleaned, but she didn't move anything out of place unless she had to. After all, the girl didn't want to confuse her brother when he returned home. It had been over two years, but that didn't change her determination to keep things the same. This place was, well, inhabited looking. This guy must spend plenty of time here, not that it was necessarily cluttered. A name tag on the table caught her attention.]

[size12 [#daa520 [i I he's a housekeeper..or at least, a cleaner. No wonder nothing looks expensive here. He must be for hire rather than working for a specific family. For a person to succeed at that, they should at the very least enlist their services to a rich family. Still though, it's a kind business.]] Her nose twitched as it took in the scent of burning nicotine. [#daa520 [i Definitely not Hansel..]] She sniffed again before looking closer at the table's contents. An ash tray full was the good sign of a nervous smoker. [#daa520 [i Whose home did I come to? I guess beggars can't be least, not the kind running from deformed human carcasses roaming about.]]]

[size12 [#daa520 "Warren?"] She sat up before letting her legs down, out from beneath her. [#daa520 "..I-I'm Gretel Remedy, and it's were scared."] She gave a small smile. Her head shook, blonde hair falling over her shoulders. [#daa520 "I don't smoke, and I really don't want to be any trouble to already trusted me enough to bring me in after seeing what you did. I know you thought I was some kind of killer, but you still wanted to help."] Needing to hold something, she moved her bag onto her lap and clasped her hands tightly onto it. [#daa520 "Although, if you had something like coffee..? I'm afraid water would only make me feel weighed down, and if those things get in, juice might hurt a running stomach after a while."] She hated to think of those things returning to them, but it was far too possible. [#daa520 "And by the way, that lock might not do much if you can't cover the windows..really, a place this low down probably isn't safe at all if they can carry things like a trash bin.."] She looked down, remembering the first she encountered. Shuddering, she gripped her bag tighter.]

[size12 [#daa520 "I think you mean Nightmare on Elm Street?"] She lifted her head, hearing what could have been a reference. As she saw his expression, she knew she was wrong. Nervous, she looked away. [#daa520 "S-Sorry..but it is really foggy outside..and it might as well be some kind of nightmare."] She stood up from the couch, holding her bag open to place the knife from before inside with the others. She couldn't stay here. Not only did she not know this person, but the front door was right there, there were windows, and these creatures didn't care about a little vandalism. If anything, they needed to move. [#daa520 "I-I'm sorry, but I need to go. It will only be safe here for so long, and if I'm right, I give it an hour at the most. That window will be bashed in by something heavy and there will be no way out."] She fixed her hair back into its previous ponytail and patted her cheeks to try and keep her eyes from watering and from tiring. [#daa520 "You can come with me if you want, but if you think this place is safer, that's up to you."]]
  Gretel Remedy / Akiho / 5y 8d 5h 7m 28s

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