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What's magic?

A sort of energy given by the stars. It can't be absorbed by everyone. It can't be sealed through the 'books' by everyone but it can be learned to use with the books.

Where are we?

Panalu islands. Surrounded by Pesteshore ocean. Fishing is the common job here.

Who is it ruled by?

Balauran Empire. There are rumors that main members of the empire, who are only seen directly by trusted generals and servants, are not humans but demons who can absorb the magical power. But that's a forbidden story, anyone telling this rumor shall be executed. The reason is...

Demons are under control, forced to cooperate with magic users. They absorb the magic for them and let the magic writers seal them in papers.

How do they do that?

Each demon wanting to be a legal citizen of the Panalu islands has to carry a crystal necklace, wristband,ring...[that's optional] with him/herself all the time. On weekends they go to the main 'library' and give their crystals which have absorbed the nature magic. Their citizen ID card shall be confirmed each weekend when they give their crystals and get new ones. If not, they'll be treated like 'lowers'.


The demons who denied to cooperate. Demons aren't able to use magic but release it like blasts. So a skilled magic user might be able to defeat a demon. The rebel demons would be captured and held in prisons, their absorbed magic taken forcefully everyday.

Library?Book writers?! Confused!

The book consists of paper seals. The paper seals are written officially by the Book writers who are chosen by the empire. These paper seals have the demon's magic within, given changes?Changes? Well, a demon's magic is only a pure energy that's the genius Book writer who decided it to be fire blast magic, healing magic, flying magic, etc...The book writers are only allowed to seal magic in the main Library, Else they'll be executed.
And they're only allowed to write legal spells.

Legal?What are the illegals?

The illegals are announced by the empire. Till now they've been:
Demonic blast [A stimulator of demon's power but stronger and uncontrollable]
Soul summoning [Chaining your foe's soul to yours so that your foe shall obey you forever]
Dead summoning[That's clear, no zombies!]

Each volunteer to learn magic shall attend academy it's free of charge so everyone's welcomed.
The rookies [mostly kids] will receive a seal paper to use at the end of each year.They'll stick these papers together to make a book for themselves. After four years they'd have a thin book consisting 16 spells/papers.
The rest of education is on you. It means during battles, races, volunteer activities and such you can receive more skilled spells from the government.Or Even…Stealing~But try not to be caught by the 'white force'.

White force?

Panalu island cops.They wear white uniform, known for their emotionless behavior. Emotionless? That's because they might be forced to do an mission. Even killing their children for the sake of the empire. Well, each magic user trusted to become a white force will receive a seal that blocks his/her emotions.They're strict and heartless, loyal to the empire. They've got one of the thickest books in the island, which mostly holds battling seals.

How to use magic?

You SHOULD have the book with yourself all the time. The masters have memorized the page number of each seal so they're faster in using magic but others have to find the seal page first then use it.


Each arc will be announced first we need characters!Because I involove the characters in the plots!

By any chance, wanting to join?

This skelly,…fill it, please.
Race:Demon/Magic user
Well, from now on this skelly splits into two:

If Demon~

Situation: Lower/legal

If magic user~

Rank:Rookie/developing/White force/master/Seal writer
Your favorite seal which you've memorized its page number :

PM your skellies~

[p Masters]

Name: Macaria Massacre
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Your favorite seal which you've memorized its page number : Divine Healing Seal

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