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[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/Aq6bJwD.jpg]]

[h3 [center [Font "central gothic" The Anthro Adoption Center Welcomes You]]]

[Font "central gothic" Whether you are a anthro in search of a warm home or simply a lonely human wanting to adopt a new furry friend, the Anthro Adoption Center is open to all. Often called the AAC for short, any anthro under the legal age of eight teen years old who does not have a home or a loving family is brought in and cared for here. With plenty of rooms, warm meals, outside land, and workers, the AAC can easily provide any anthro a safe and kind home until they are either adopted by a human or reach the age in which they can fend for themselves. So come on in and have fun!]

[h3 [center [Font "central gothic" Locations ]]]

[Font "central gothic" There are multiple important places in the AAC building and keeping up with them mentally can be hard for newbies. Here is a list containing all major places:]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/cDrYIYr.jpg]]
[Font "central gothic" [center ••●| Head Owner's Office|●••]
[Font "central gothic" This is where everything is ordered and organized at. From the time schedules all the way to the bills that need to be paid. Any thing important is brought here to be filled out as well as the files of the anthros that live here. This is where the Head Owner spends a majority of her time. All unregistered anthros and humans wanting to adopt [i must] come here to fill out the needed forms.]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/zMsv5MQ.jpg]]
[Font "central gothic" [center ••●| Education Room |●••]
[Font "central gothic" Since human schools rarely accept anthros into their hallways, the AAC as set up a homeschooling program for all anthros to get their needed education. Completed with dozen of filled bookshelves, new desks with cushioned, rolling chairs, and a promethean board, the AAC assures that all anthros will receive a great education during their stay! Teachers are also wanted to help expand learning opportunities even more!]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/jRGNJSB.jpg]]
[Font "central gothic" [center ••●| Music Room |●••]
[Font "central gothic" Everyone likes music and some people even have great musical talents! Knowing this, the Head Owner created a music room for all of her guest to use. Thanks to the kind donations of local music shops, the music room is loaded with different instruments from guitars all the way to cellos. ]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/mtBajMq.jpg]]
[Font "central gothic" [center ••●| Cafeteria |●••]
[Font "central gothic" Ah yes, the cafeteria. We all know what this place is, so a description is not needed. While the cafeteria serves only three meals -- breakfast, lunch, and dinner-- there is a smaller kitchen that is open 24/7! Just be sure to go into the room with the sign "[I ALL ACCESS]" on the door and not the main kitchen that makes the cafeteria meals!~ ]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/mJJ6ovJ.jpg?1]]
[Font "central gothic" [center ••●| Nurse's Office |●••]
[Font "central gothic" We all have accidents. No one can denied it and say that they never have had a minor fall or cut. That is why the AAC has placed a small nurse's office on the main floor where anthros and human guest may get fixed up if they get hurt. But do remember that some injuries do require higher services to be fixed! So always keep 911 in mind!]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/myFoVjV.jpg]]
[Font "central gothic" [center ••●| Bed Rooms |●••]
[Font "central gothic" Our anthros just can't sleep outside! That would be terrible! With eleven floors crowded with rooms, the AAC is sure to have enough room for any anthros wanting a home. There are two kinds of rooms: Solo and Duo. Solo are made to hold only one person while duo can hold two. All rooms come with a basic setting of a single bed per person, a desk, two night stands with drawers, a TV with DVD player, and a closest. Guest are free to decorate their room with anything appropriate and even paint the room a different colour if wanted.]

[Font "central gothic" [center ••●| Other Locations |●••]
[Font "central gothic" There are several different locations in the AAC. Such are the multiple pools located both indoors and outdoors, the roof that does have a chained fence around it for safety reasons, and staff only rooms. It should also be known that several bathrooms are located on each floor. However as for bathing, there are larger bathrooms on every other floor in the guest floors. In them are multiple showers, tubs, and products for each gender There is one for each gender and unlike most places, there is even a gender neutral bathroom for those who identify themselves from male or female.

[h3 [center [Font "central gothic" Workers]]]

[Font "central gothic" We currently need the following:
[b Maids:] 3
[b Teachers:] 3
[b Nurse:] 1
[b Volunteers:] Unlimited!~

[h3 [center [Font "central gothic" Ownerless Anthros]]]

[font "central gothic"

[pic http://i.imgur.com/lWXne6S.jpg]
[b Username:] SatanSenpai
[b Character Name:] Joops
[b Age:] Fifteen-years-old
[b Race:] "Space Master"/Cosmic Creature - A race that acts as the care takers of space itself.
[b Total Time:] Three years
[b Extra Facts:] Joops isn't her real name. She woke up on earth with no memory other than having the need to go to a large gas planet. Her horns are space and the stars, gas, and dust move around as she walks. Never take her mask off.

[pic http://i.imgur.com/ASwFFWP.png]
[b Username:] Arcarius
[b Character Name:] Arcarius Rilio
[b Age:] Fourteen-years-old
[b Race:] Fox
[b Total Time:] Two-years
[b Extra Facts:] ---

[pic http://rs896.pbsrc.com/albums/ac164/thomasyijr/Mobile%20Uploads/3c7d97b8a710d07d49918f308b9be21326e175323eb5764e063a81c25d5147b1_1_zpsennv6i5m_edit_1427167479924_zpsyijpl3gz.jpg~320x480]
[b Username:] Askredsamurai
[b Character Name:] Zachary Alexander "Zak" White
[b Age:] 16 & 1/2
[b Race:] Wolf
[b Total Time:] One-year
[b Extra Facts:] Photographer, amateur paranormal investigator, paranormal enthusiast

[h3 [center [Font "central gothic" Applications]]]

[Font "central gothic"
[b Username:]
[b Character Name:]
[b Age:]
[b Race:] Anything, even an anthro god for this
[b Role:] Worker or ownerless. Humans who want to adopt do not need to make a skelly.
[b Total Time:] How long have you lived/worked at the AAC?
[b Extra Facts:]
[b Appearance:]

[h3 [center [Font "central gothic" Rules of the AAC]]]

[font "central gothic"
1.) All ownerless must remain on AAC property unless a worker or volunteer goes with at least two anthros.
2.) Humans that are visiting in hopes of adopting are allowed to come and ago at any time between 8:00 am and 10:00pm. Human volunteers may arrive earlier in the morning or stay later if they are asked to do so due to work tasks.
3.) All anthros must get a least six hours of physical work each week due to government policy for health. This can be done by spending a hour outside each day, swimming, and so on. Logs must be turned in each Sunday and those who do well get treats in return.
4.) All ownerless must be in their assigned rooms by 10:30pm. Those who leave their rooms for reasons besides needing to go to the restroom or emergencies will be punished if caught. Anthros may leave their rooms without reason once it is 7:00am.
5.) Workers, volunteers, and human visitors who are caught abusing others will be asked to leave the AAC for good.
6.) Human adopters must fill out the necessary forms and the anthros they are adopting must approve as well.

[h3 [center [Font "central gothic" Rules of the Thread]]]

[font "central gothic"
1.) Please have decent grammar and spelling. One liners, text talk , or flat out incomprehensible posts will not be tolerated.
2.) All ES rules apply. This means that sex cannot be written out and MUST be time-skipped.
3.) Violence, touchy topics like suicide, and dark themes may occur. Some of the ownerless can come from abusive humans, but please for the love of all that is somewhat good in this world, do not make every single character have a depressing life.
4.) PM all applications to me. Do not post until I approved you.
5.) Rules are set to change if needed.

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

The second the clock struck seven in the morning a small, white figure was slipping out of her room. She hated the restriction, she woke up much earlier than seven every morning, but she dealt with it. The first thing she did was slip into the music room and slide onto the piano bench. She started almost every morning the same way; she played [i A Few of my Favorite Things]. The soft tune she played sounded like it belonged flowing from a music box with the way it twinkled like an audible star. The song coming to an end, the little anthro stood up and looked around. What should she sneak into her room today? She would need something to occupy her in the early morning hours as she always did. She had been here longer than any other anthro she knew, but she also knew that she could possibly end up having to stay at the adoption center after her eighteenth birthday because of her curse.

The little anthro walked out of the music room with the resolution that she would pick out an instrument to take to her room later that day. She looked at the stairs. Her room was all the way at the eleventh floor as per her own request from several years earlier. She did not feel like walking up all those flights again just yet.

Instead Icelia headed outside, feeling the sun hit her... Well she still didn't know if it was skin or not. She looked like a cross between a dolphin anthro and a Pokémon in her eyes, and she was sensitive whenever the subject was brought up. She ran her hand over her opposite arm, her purplish eyes sad for a moment as she felt an arm that was smooth like skin, but it could also be a coat of very thin fur. It always confused her. She looked around to see the little anthros armed with water balloons. Her eyes widened.

[b "Icelia! You never play with us, so will you please join our water balloon fight?"] one of them, who looked to be ten years old, asked her. She bit her lip, pushing her glasses up a bit. She hated saying no to the little ones, but she just didn't play like they did, and she didn't want to explain to anybody about her curse.

[+blue "Um... "] she didn't get to finish. One of the more hyper little ones had aimed a balloon at the one who was talking to her, and when the boy moved, it came flying towards Icelia. The next thing she knew, she was soaked. She blinked for a moment, the world a blur of colors because her glasses had gotten wet too. She gingerly removed the spectacles, waving a small hand. The water on her glasses collected in mid air, turning into a miniature water spout only an inch high and wide. Slipping her now cleared glasses onto her wet face, Icelia smiled as she did the same thing with the rest of the water that had gotten on her from the balloon. Soon there were a multitude of the inch-high waterspouts floating in front of her. She smiled at the amazed faces of the little anthros, and waved her hand one more time, making each one pop in a beautiful flurry of water, like a small firework, until each waterspout was gone. She laughed softly at their accompanying praise, scratching the back of her head shyly. She was a bit of a reclusive anthro, and didn't show off her abilities like this often. [+blue "Thank you all,"] she whispered happily. [+blue "I haven't had that much fun in a long time, but now I think I will rest in the sun. Have fun with your game!"] she said, moving into a sunny spot of grass and lying down.
  Icelia / catthhay / 5y 10d 2h 14m 5s
ak lazily sleeped on his bed, his back against the wall, he had on a black cross t shirt before slowly grtting up. He let out a loud yawn before getting up looking over to his posters. He had quite a few ranging from a Paranormal meetup festival to a few movie posters, ones featuring Paul Walker being laminated and framed, to a Ghost Adventures poster showing the team in front of what looked like an old hotel.

After a quick shower, a slight dry of his hair, brushing of his teeth and a shirt change to a shirt saying "Trust me I'm a photographer." before buttoning up his red flannel, putting on a pair of black chino shorts grabbing his camera and walking out the 6 story door. He made his down the steps onto the fifth then third and finally the first and main floor heading out the door, onto the front lawn taking his lens cap off trying to find a good area for a sunrise shot.

[B "Alright okay so the sun should be out the most or something so I gotta time this shot just right."] He said to himself before getting pushing down on the button, a few shutter clicks with different filters on them. After reviewing them he decided to just save them up to his cloud for checking them later. He walked around camera in hand before seeing a few of the others, waving em down.
  Zak White / Askredsamurai / 5y 12d 4h 50m 13s
All was quiet in a duo room on the tenth floor, the sun peaked you the curtains of the window of the room as the male fox laid asleep. Not even the sound of the room door opening seemed to wake him that was until he felt a small tug on the blankets.

"Arc... Arcy... Wake up and come play with us" said a small male panther child.

Slowly the male's pinkish eyes opened to look as him and a smile slowly formed on his face before he slowly sat and motion for something on his dresser, with a nod the child ran over and grabbed a small notepad and pen from the dresser and brought it back to the fox who then gently took both and began writing something down before showing the child.

It read: Ok, just give me a few minutes to wake up.

The panther's light blue eyes lit up and he yelled happily "YAAA!, OK we will be outside at the back porch waiting" then ran out of the room closing the door behind him. Arcarius couldn't help but smile as he got up and look to the empty bed across from him, his smiled quickly faded as he remembered his roommate and closest friend he had here getting adopted just a few days earlier.

Reaching over he took a photo from his nightstand and looked at it with a light smile on his face, the picture was of him and his roommate who was a kangaroo by the name of Eby. Placing the photo back down the male walked over to the dresser and took out a pair of light blue jeans and a blue and white checked button up shirt and put them on then he grabbed the notepad and pen and stepped out his room but not before brushing his teeth and fixing his hair.

It didn't take him long to navigate though the halls and staircases to get to the back porch where he covered his eyes for a moment as he stepped out into the sun.
  Arcarius Rilio / Arcarius / 5y 12d 16h 39m 7s
[size10 The warm rays of sunlight dappled all over the slender figure of a creature of mystery as the early morning sun began to rise once more over the horizon. It was early, yes, but the creature had little to do with a earthling thing called "Sleep." Her eyes never shut nor did her brain shut down to rest. Well that is if she even had a brain in that head of hers.

Quietly she hushed the last of the stars to disappear into the night that hadn't been touched by daytime yet while the stars that twinkled around her flickered on despite the harshness of the creator of this solar system, the Sun. Unlike regular stars that would instantly burn planets to dust in second, the ones that stuck by the odd creatures side proved to be quite harmless to Earth as well as life on the planet. Same goes with her horns and the space inside them. It was like her horns were cloated with a glossy covering of smooth glass when touched by flesh.

Soon the other creatures that dwelled within the center she called home began to rise up from their slumber. A few of the youngsters even bursted out from the back patio door and ran around the back yard with gleeful giggles and yelps coming out of them. If she had a mouth, Joops would have smiled at the cheerful sight below her. Even though she lacked a mouth, she could still speak with the aid of telephathy.

[b "Hey Joops! Wanna play with us?"]

The creature's ears twitched at the sudden voice. One of the little boys, a cat to be exact, called up to Joops who was sitting peacefully on the slightly slanted roof aboved the room that had both the pool and the exit to the fenced in backyard. He even had the classic kid way of saying "play" as "pway" instead and "with" as "wiff."

[b "We got some water balloons from a human who visited us yesterday. But we need help filling them up and tying them.."]

Joops stood up and quickly leaped over to the kid, [#FF75A3 "Fret not dear child. I shall help you with pleasure."]

Her voice was weird. True it was femine rather than a death metal scream, but it had a sort of distorted drag to it. It was like a female version of Vel'Koz's voice. She also spoke with formal words to everyone.

The child handed her the ballons and the cosmic creature was able to manipulate them to be filled with H20 fairly quickly. Tying them was tricky since her hands were different from one another, but she managed and gave them to the child who had a bright smile on his furry face.

[b "Thanks! Oh, maybe we should wait until one of the older dogs wake up! It would be fun with another giant."]
  [SPACE MASTER] / SatanSenpai / 5y 13d 21h 8m 19s

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