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[h3 [center Wood Clone #1]]
"Before we go any further tell your lapdog to stop eavesdropping on us, or do you consider my right to privacy to be something you can trample over at your leisure?" Fukitsu's clone questioned. "There is a very good reason I came in here without him, and it is because a meeting like this should be private."

Fukitsu's clone went silent as it discussed things mentally with the real Fukitsu. Yisei's arrogance was undeniable given his thinking of them as equal, and his willingness to trample on her rights by letting his lapdog listen in, but they had managed to work together in spite of his ego in the past. However he was making an unhealthy number of demands considering what she was having to put up with, and she was only just capable of keeping herself calm enough to remain civil. That went out the window after he brought up Kinari's history in the way he did.

"Did you just fucking smirk at me while discussing the fact that your little pet project has killed his teammates before? While implying that he would do the same thing to any of my villagers that I am willing to assign to this team of yours?" Fukitsu's clone asked her voice sharp. "You are right that my demands are improper, as they are clearly not enough given how willing you are to let people from your own village die at the hands of one of your own. I cannot possibly imagine how willing you are to sacrifice my own villagers for the sake of your treasured Kinari."

It took everything she had to keep her killing intent under control, as she did not want Yisei to realize how badly she wanted him dead after he revealed his repulsive behavior. Many shinobi smiled at the idea of all of the enemies they had killed, but to smile at the idea of your own student killing your allies was too abhorrent for words.

"You are the one who needs our alliance to continue, and if you do not do as I request then I guarantee the Hidden Light will not last much longer. One, we are even on the ninja I took in. Two, those three ANBU will serve a minimum of two weeks in my village, and they will serve longer than that if they slack off. Three, I choose the leader, end of story. Four, we alternate the missions between villages. Five, if something happens to one of my villagers because you cannot control one damn child from your own you will owe me more than appropriate reparations. Six, you will not disrespect me or my villagers like that ever again. Seven, and in return for me not biting your head off already you will owe me a very large favor to be determined in the future," Fukitsu's clone stated plainly.

"You want me to show you respect when you do not even respect the lives of those who serve under you? I show you more than the respect you deserve considering how casually you tolerate one of your own slaughtering the people assigned to his team," Fukitsu's clone explained. "So I will tell you that the deal that is on the table is the best offer you are going to get from me, and if you refuse it to start a war I will show you the power of the supposedly broken down Hidden Shadow. Trust me when I say that you have only seen the tip of the iceberg, and when the rest of it falls on your head you will wish you took my all too kind offer."
  Fukitsu / Tesla / 5y 35d 7h 43m 20s
Yisei simply laughed at the clone. "Surely you don't really think you're the strongest Shinobi, Fukitsu?" he asked wryly "I remember us coming to a draw on several occasions and you have yet to witness even one of my kekkai genkai so please don't get ahead of yourself there... If anything we're more equal than anything." He seemed to ponder over the rest of what she said for a moment. "Quite the demands when our villages are suppose to be working together and just letting the rogue ninja go alone is more than enough, though I will have those three do hard labor in your village for exactly one week. No longer... And as for the leader of the team, you know that Kinari won't listen, he's like the uzumaki's in that sense... Though I have a proposition on that part that I'm sure you can agree on. I'll let you choose the leader for the first few missions so that Kinari can learn and if the team survives..." he sighs at that before raising from his seat and walking to face in front of the clone of the yamikage, being able to tell almost instantly.

"If they survive after the fourth mission then as the teams will be alternating missions from each of the respected villages, so shall the leader of the team.... And that's a big if, I'm sure you know by now that every team Kinari's ever been a part of hasn't just died by pure incident alone..." he smirked. "Those are what few demands I have for you in order for this aliance to continue working and I know full well that even you are not ready to stand on your own. Even being one of the strongest villages in the shinobi world I've seen the Shadow with my own eyes... It's as broken down as the light." He then walked past her and locked the door to his office. "So what say you to this... Clone?" he asked, letting her know full well that he's seen past her little trick. "And you worn me to be hesitant before disrespecting you.... How am I to possibly do such a thing when you won't warrant the same respect that is owed back in return?" he left it at that as he stood by the door.


Eavan listened in as the kage talked in case Lady Fukitsu's Clone decided to try something rash, as was ordered by the Kage of the Light, alert and aware of the circumstances at hand. The events unfolding in the Kage's offices were... Unstable at first, which of course was to be expected with the alliance as it were. It was a half assed attempt at peace with neither side wanting to give in to the others demands without more and more demands. He was surprised that this treaty had lasted as long as it had, though he knew also that what Yisei spoke was the truth. Neither village could afford to break the treaty at this present time.

Eavan knew this even more so than the Kage, having a huge role to play in the last war and was severely wounded. Not so much physically as mentally, his pride virtually non existent these days, which is how he ended up being the Kage's assistant. He was more than capable even before the war but back then he would have never agreed, always wanting to go out on missions to prove himself but he didn't feel the need anymore. Serving the Kage was what he was best suited for now, and though he would see some action it was a rare thing. The Kage knew this as well, and had decided it best... Even though it took away from what little pride Eavan had left he knew it would eventually return that pride back to him, being called on to be the Kage's right hand man...
  *Yisei~ / TsukikoKyuubi / 5y 36d 1m 55s
"Sorry about the restrictive seal, but if the others think that you are free they will most likely not respond well," Fukitsu said. "If you would prefer the biggest I could give you is the mouth of one of my larger snakes, as they will have no room to complain in that case."

"I have no problem seeing to it that you are well fed before our conversation," Fukitsu said with a small laugh. "There may not seem to be many details to you, but any evidence I can gather to prove that you were not the cause of the incidents will be useful."

Fukitsu's attention was drawn away momentarily by one of the ANBU making a sudden movement. Her attention only pulled back by Yumi attempting to escape again. It drew the darkest response from her thus far.

"You need to relax, if not for my sake then for your own, as if you break free I will not be able to guarantee your safety. I want to give you a chance at something more than being a rogue on the run, but I can only do that if you are willing to work with me," Fukitsu said the softness having left her voice. "When I say that we will be in the village I intend us to meet in a safe place, as there is no place safer than the Hidden Shadow. There is no one there who would harm you, and anyone who would seek to harm you would be discovered before they are able to breach the wall."

When her wood clones sent back new information Fukitsu's facial expression softened back to a neutral level. However she kept the information secret from the potential villager in front of her, and the actual villager behind her. Choosing to send another wood clone through the roots into the Hidden Shadow since the other one ended up sidetracked.

When Daiashi fell on his way over Fukitsu just cocked an eyebrow in his direction, as she knew he was prone to odd outbursts. This time he at least had the awareness to apologize for the odd event, but she had to wonder why Yisei was interested in placing him on this new team. There were less eccentric ninja in the Hidden Shadow, but considering his strange attachment to Kinari she decided to shrug the thoughts off.

"Offering your leader candy?" Fukitsu asked, as the tension from before seemed to vanish.

[h3 [center Wood Clone #1]]
"You should not speak of the strongest shinobi so disrespectfully Yisei," Fukitsu's clone said as she poked her head in through the ceiling of Yisei's office via the Hiding in Surface technique. "Especially not when you are intending to ask several favors of her."

"I will tell you that I am thinking that you are asking me to go against the systems in my village to promote Daiashi to chuunin in spite of his poor performance this year. Even when you know that decision is up to the Hidden Shadow council and myself alone," Fukitsu's clone said. "Now it is especially interesting as you are requesting this promotion for the sake of having him join a team that will also consist of Kinari and Yamaki from your village. You are even requesting that I not just promote Daiashi, that I not just add him to a team made up of Hidden Light shinobi, but that I also figure out a fourth member for that team from the Hidden Shadow."

Fukitsu's clone let out a strange laugh that seemed to echo excessively in the office. Only stopping when she thought that Yisei was going to interrupt her performance.

"You are requesting a lot from me, and so you will be paying a lot in tribute to make up for this. First off, I owe reparations in return for taking in the rogue ninja that was discovered recently, and so those reparations will consist of promoting Daiashi to chuunin per your request," Fukitsu's clone said with a wicked grin. "Second, you want him assigned to a team with Hidden Light shinobi, and in return for that I want you to assign three specific members of your ANBU to perform hard labor in my village for at least one week. I can point them out by their chakra signatures, you see they disrespected me during our earlier encounter, and both of us benefit from them realizing that their position does not give them the right to negotiate with me in such a fashion."

"Third, you are requesting that I find a suitable fourth member for this team that has been haphazardly assembled, and in return for that you are going to allow me to choose the leader of the team. I know you have a soft spot for Kinari, but I also know that he does not have the necessary traits to lead such a unique team," Fukitsu's clone said. "Fourth, since I think that Kinari will be a poor influence on my young villagers you are also going to owe me a favor to be determined in the future. Additionally since the first mission they are to be assigned is from your village the second mission will be from mine, and the team will alternate in that fashion in the future for the sake of simplicity."

"If you can agree to all of my demands then we have a deal right now, but if not I do not expect this idea of yours to come to fruition," Fukitsu's clone said finally giving Yisei an opening to respond.
  Fukitsu / Tesla / 5y 36d 8h 47m 0s
Batting at the blue haired boys hands as he tried to search Daiashi for candy he whispered to him just as children would to each other while the adults talk. Suddenly noticing the Kage wave him over he slapped the blue haired boy and pushed him away as he turned to walk towards the Kage. It would have looked like he merely swung at the air and pushed the same spot of air afterwards before walking away from it. As he made it a few feet away from the Kage he fell forward as the blue haired boy jumped on his back yelling for a piggy-back ride but fell off and landed in the grass asleep while Daiashi looked up at the Kage and smiled. "Sorry about that, didn't see it coming." He said as he pushed himself to his feet and closed the gap rubbing the back of his head nervously. Noticing the girl the Kage talked to he looked her over quickly then reached into his pouch of tools and pulled out two suckers holding them out to the two females. "Candy? I got it today just before the last of the tournament." He stated with a smile as he moved his free hand from the back of his head and pulled out a third sucker and unwrapped it with one hand before putting it in his mouth grinning around it.
  Daiashi Sato / sloganist / 5y 36d 9h 18s
Yisei nodded towards the young shinobi that stood in front of him. "I actually have a mission for you Yamaki but it's something you can't do alone. If the Yamikage will have it, I'm going to split the team between the villages, sending you and Kinari with Daishi in hopes that Daishi will improve... Also I don't believe any other Chunin at this present time could handle such a team..... As for the fourth member of the team, that is unknown even to me" he smiled as he spoke softly, the other kage's having to strain their ears in order to hear his words to her. "Either way I assume that the fourth member of your team will compliment the rest of your abilities well... Just do me a favor and please try to be more confident", he turned towards the other kage and began to speak quietly among them.

He couldn't believe that only four ninja had made chunin this year, two more than the previous but still a rather harsh turnout. "Maybe we've been too hard on them" he suggested, "The tests keep increasing in difficulty each year and most just can't keep up... We should consult with the other kage who weren't able to make it this year and decide the route we'll be taking for the next exam" he dismissed himself afterwards. The Yamikage and Kazekage as well as the RaiKage not having made it to the exams this year due to something or another, the Yami having no real excuse and he knew that. "What is that old bat thinking...?" he mumbled to himself before appearing in his seat at the kage's office.
  *Yisei~ / TsukikoKyuubi / 5y 37d 16h 39m 58s
Yamaki quickly finished help healing the others that were injured in the chunin exams as she heard her name being called off as one of the new chunins. She swiftly ran through the arena to the sitting area for the Kage and stopped right outside the entrance to catch her breath before walking in to greet him. "Hello Kage Yisei." Her cheeks turned a rosy color as she looked up at him. " I am truly excited that I was chosen to be a chunin for our village. I am ready and willing for whatever you want me to do." She blushed more and looked again at the Kage before quickly looking at her feet waiting for her next task from him.
  Yamaki / sayurikyuubi / 5y 38d 10m 43s
Yumi laughed a bit at the kage's comment though she didn't outright disrespect her due to fact that Yumi could sense that the kage could take her without a sweart. "Fear?" she asked "I don't fear them, after all it took at least fourty of them to contain me. I just hate tight places is all" she smiled a bit. "But.... well" she shut up when promised a meal, food sounding so good right now. It had been weeks before she'd had anything proper. "Alright, I suppose as long as I get to eat first?" she asked with a small laugh, her stomach grumbling at the prospect of a full belly. "Thought theirs really not much to tell, I was simply acting in self defense and gathering what supplies I could."

Yumi tapped her finger on her leg nervously as she waited for the kage's response, flashbacks of her past and everyone trying to use her for some sort of personal gain easy their way into her mind causing her to lash out mid tap. The back of her palm hitting the prison that she was sealed in before moving her arm up in a quick fluid jerking motion before reversing and shooting a hole through the top. She then jumped up in an attempt to escape before the seal closed back up on her causing her to land on solid ground on her backside. "Son of a..." she looked around then before looking back up to the shadow kage. "Does it have to be in the village?" she asked "Isn't there any other place you could question me?"
  Yumizuke Inaziki / TsukikoKyuubi / 5y 38d 20h 55m 53s
Fukitsu just rolled her eyes as the arrogant ANBU droned on and on about how how this girl was dangerous and how unhappy the Hidden Light was about her. She hated people like him the most, as she could never stand the ninjas who were better suited for middle management than actually being a shinobi.

"Calm down young one, you have nothing to fear from them anymore so long as you do not do anything unnecessary," Fukitsu said as she flashed Yumizuke a soft smile. "The fact that the barrier is now so loose should be proof of that, but given the adrenaline I will let that action slide this time."

She brought out two wood clones as the ANBU from the Hidden Light got ready to leave, one to follow them, and one to head to the Hidden Shadow. Both disappearing from sight just as the ANBU from the Hidden Light. Once they were gone she made a motion with her right hand for Daiashi to come closer, as she was less worried about the ANBU from the other villages. The weaker alliances between her and the other village saw to it that she tended to be more feared in those villages.

"Now you have committed crimes young woman and you will most likely need to face a trial for them, but first I just want to have a simple discussion with you in the Hidden Shadow. You are in my custody right now so you do not exactly have a choice, but for what it is worth if you come with me I can promise you a good meal and your safety," Fukitsu said, glancing at all of the other ANBU who seemed hesitant to leave. "I would like to hear your side of events, and from there we can figure out what comes next. Are you willing to come with me peacefully and hear me out back in the village?"

[h3 [center Hidden Shadow Wood Clone]]
Fukitsu's clone arrived back at her office to find Eavan waiting for her. "Let me guess, Yisei had something important to say to me, and sent you to say it for him?" Fukitsu's clone asked, but continued speaking without giving Eavan a chance to answer. "Well tell me about it on the way to his office, as I have some very important matters to discuss with him as well."
  Fukitsu / Tesla / 5y 38d 15h 49m 25s
Watching the events unfold as well as the snakes moving towards him he became still while he received instruction though his eyes drifted to what would seem like an empty space next to the seal around the girl. "N-no, the Kage said she wants her, you can't have her... I don't care, the Kage called dibbs first." He said to the space and began waving towards himself as if motioning for a person to come closer to him. Suddenly realizing what the others appeared to be looking at him like he moved his hand to the back of his head and laughed nervously. "Uhhhh... Yes Kage, I'll be sure to do just that..." He said as his hand by his side continued waving as though to signal someone to get behind him.

[Daiashi's point of view] 'I wonder what kind of candy the light village carries around... Maybe it's uber sweet... Wait are those snakes?' Looking to his best friend as he walked past the snakes un noticed by anyone the blue haired boy walked up to the seal and leaned over it sniffing at the girl. "I want some of her candy... I bet it tastes amazing." As the blue haired boy reached for the girl he stopped as Daiashi spoke then pushed out his lower lip pouting. "But, it smells so good though." He said then sighed and began walking over to Daiashi dragging his feet. "Stupid Kage of yours is such a meanie head... not only that but hers tastes like burned sugar left alone too long..." As the blue haired boy made it back behind Daiashi he plopped down onto the ground crossing his arms and legs pouting more.
  Daiashi Sato / sloganist / 5y 41d 25m 45s
The lead anbu scowled under his breath, sending a hand signal to the others. "Very well" he complied, having imbedded a fluid inside her at the last second before the kage had arrived. "Master Yisei will be informed of this incident so you'd better do your part by discussing with him, as well as keeping a tight leash on that girl. You know he won't be pleased that you are taking her in. She's a rogue ninja and has slaughtered too many to count!"

Yumi stuck her tongue out at the Anbu. "You heard the old lady, let me go!" kicking at the barrier as she demanded she be let free. Getting irritated as they continued without her and pretending she didn't exist. "I told you to let me go!" her golden eyes opened wide then as the curse mark on her shoulder started to expand, her fist flying out and cracking even the kage's version of this jutsu before she stopped, realizing something had changed. The anbu stepping back to allow the kage to do as she willed, knowing that she wouldn't be contained much longer even with the kage's overriding jutsu.

"But seeing as how I don't have the authority to say no to another Kage... I will hand her over, but again" he repeated himself "Be assured that Yisei will hear about this, given you don't make an appearance with him in the next twenty four hours..." The lead Anbu then vanished from sight as well as the only other two ninja from the light.
  Yumizuke Inaziki / TsukikoKyuubi / 5y 41d 1h 19m 48s
The girl took the first opportunity that presented itself, but proved Fukitsu's comments on overkill right by getting trapped again. Fukitsu made sure the girl knew what she thought by leveling a strong glare from outside of the trap. She got herself into that situation due to her lack of tactical awareness, and hideous lack of knowledge since she ignored Fukitsu.

The first idea to come from the ANBU was one of bargaining, and it was clear from her face that she was happy with the response. If you take someone licking their lips as a hungry grin spreads as a sign of happiness. She made sure to keep silent as the unmasked man made his speech, and kept up his charade of being in the superior position.

Fukitsu turned to the ground as she made a sound to assure the man that she was pondering the idea, but instead she entered sage mode just long enough to send her chakra to the seal through the roots in the ground. Her Mokuton and thick chakra proving to be quite useful as she overwrote the seal with a stronger version that was under her control. Once she was certain the girl was safe she tilted her head back up with an ear to ear smile.

"Now you no longer have the life of this young woman as a bargaining chip, but I admit I have no interest in killing any of you at this point in time. Unless you decide to speak so arrogantly to me again that is, as if you think yourself capable enough to speak to me that way my hand just might slip and take your head off," Fukitsu said with a cheery tone before turning grim once again. "So the deal on the table is that I am taking this young woman into my custody, all of you are going to go home knowing that she is in capable hands, and secure in the knowledge that I will discuss the damages with Yisei later. You also have the option of dying a pointless death, as none of your villages would support a war against me after I explain the details of the situation to them."

Her speech ended just as she heard the voice of one of her villages less enthusiastic members behind her. Although Fukitsu was aware of Daiashi's talent she was also aware of how unmotivated the boy was, and realized moments too late that this was close to his napping spot.

"Daiashi, be good, stay there, and stay down. If these people decide that fighting is an appropriate option I do not want you in the crossfire," Fukitsu explained as her earlier summoned snakes slithered over to him and around his feet. "I do not believe we will have any trouble, but if we do crawl inside one of them and let me know when you have. That way I can make sure that you make it home safely."
  Fukitsu / Tesla / 5y 41d 9h 33m 10s
Ruruki smiled wickedly as she hummed, spinning her chakra into the shadows. A ball made of the same inky shadows, holding a vision of the chunin exams. "In due time my dearies... In due time" she laughed creepily as the shadows around her stirred, depictions of mouths and teeths and numerous arms and claws reaching above the surface of the shadows. They were getting hungry, restless as she spun her chakra.... This time directing it in a pit that lay but a few fifteen feet away from her, the shaodws unable to reach. "Ah ah ah" she shook the pointy finger of her left hand at the shadows as she continued to spin her chakra like a thread with the right one. "In due time... When the Beast wakens the shadows will rise... In due time... The earth shall fall in wake of anew... In due time... The end will be nigh." Speaking in a cryptic sense before turning back to her humming.
  Ruruki Neneshio / TsukikoKyuubi / 5y 41d 14h 28m 12s
Kinari yawned as he finally arrived, closing his eyes for a mere moment before being dropped on a hard surface. His eyes jerked open then as the Kage of his village stood before him. "We've decided who will make chunin and just as importantly, we believe we found two others that would work well with you in a team. We still have to wait to hear word back from the old lady of the shadows to gather a fourth but..."

Kinari shook his head, interrupting the man. "No no no no no no no, they're not strong enough! You know what will happen..." Glad that his mask was kept on so that no one could see his face as the skin had started to tear away, as well as being able to hide his true voice while behind the mask. He knew still that he could kill most of the shinobi here but the mask gave him a sense of calm, made him feel less afraid and further away from the others. Even without the mask though he wouldn't have to worry here, no matter how powerful he'd trained to become he still couldn't take a single kage though he could probably get close to taking on the weakest of them which was still a very hard feat.

"You'll do as I say" the kage demanded, "And I say that this decision is to be final!" even though his voice was so low it held a venomous touch, Kinari knowing this chose to back down and simply nod, mumbling. "Fine, but if they die... It's not my fault" before rolling back on his feet and jumping away, one of the other kage already telling their anbu to seize him... Thankfully the Kage of the Light stepped in and told them to stand down, knowing somewhat of what the boy was going through. He knew the boy wasn't completely human and that he was a danger to most but still, as a ninja he had to contribute to the village and anything below a C rank would be a waste of his skill... Honestly even a C ranked mission would be beneath him on the right team.

"I shouldn't have even showed" Kinari mumbled after realizing the anbu had stopped chasing him, glad he didn't have to keep running though he could have easily slipped past them. Each kage only having three anbu with them while the others were spread out over and past the village in case of a threat. "I had a feeling that this would happen but I just couldn't help myself!" He punched the nearest tree with all his force, sending chakra spiking upwards to the top, splitting it in half before taking a step back. He hadn't realized that his kekkai genkai had activated "Shit" he closed his eyes and took a deep breath, calming himself once more before opening them. His skin slowly coming back under his mask. Again thankful that no one saw. "It must have been due to what the Yisei said..." referring to the old man by his real name instead of Kage for once. He was too upset to care, almost letting himself slip. He could have easily killed someone if he hadn't noticed as soon as he had.
  Kinari / TsukikoKyuubi / 5y 41d 16h 39m 19s
Yamaki took stance, activating her byakugan as soon as the fight started. Her opponent was a sand user from the hidden sand village, and he was a strong adversary with tons of chakra but even so he'd be no match for her. Yamaki used her thumb to knock loose the cork in the bag she held, a giant wave of water acting like a waterfall as it went towards the sand ninja. He barely reacted quickly enough to make a sand barrier which started to fall apart due to the added weight of the water. The water making it harder for the sand ninja to use his tool of trade, knowing this Yamaki started to rapidly make hand signs before shouting "Water Prison!"

The sand ninja was suddenly engulfed in a sphere of water that was tightening around him and suffocating him.... At the last moment however, the sand shinobi summoned two earthen spikes. One to break the prison and the other to plummet from the ground and pierce through Yamaki and kill. However though, this did not work due to one of Yamaki's many special traits. Her body literally becoming water and splitting into two before splitting again. The ability making easier to make water clones as well.... She with one of the two clones stood in the middle and unleashed her water dragon jutsu as the other her and it's clone on the outside used two water sharks to hit from both angles. Another Yamaki slipping from behind the original to make another Water Prison and prevent the sand shinobi from escaping. Those five jutsu at once was too much and the Sand Ninja fell unconscious, Yamaki unable to kill her opponent due to her kind and gentle nature however and even went so far as to heal the sand ninja after the match was called.

She left shortly after to tend to the wounded as the kage's started to judge who from the final round would make it to chunin. She was confident she had the ability but she didn't doubt there were others who deserved it more. Who wanted it more. She already did what she loved most, though being able to be on the battle field to help heal first hand would be a great experience for her, which she welcomed the chance to test what she was worth. "Yuskue of the Leaf, Narji of the Shadow and Maska of the Sand are all taken care of. I'm going to move to the less injured now".
Yamaki was actually one of the three shinobi in charge of the medical core now, as the name was changed to due to a shortage and her extreme talent even though she was only genin. Then again she'd never really tried until now, always questioning her abilities and making sure to take extra time to hone all that she'd learnt so that she could use it in the field and she was finally confident that she could be called a Chunin. "Kelfis, Rena, Sujar! Help me tend to the wounded, Ninael keep in eye on Maska... His condition is really bad, I have him stable now but that doesn't mean something can't change at any given moment. Even the slightest movement can set him off!"
  Yamaki / SayuriKyuubi / 5y 41d 16h 5m 46s
During the finals of the chunin: "Wh-what do ya mean I gotta fight him!? He looks too scary!" He shouted to one of the members of the shadow village that stood next to him only to earn a shove over the railing. Landing head first on the ground he stared up at the face of the one that pushed him for a few moments before sighing and pushing off the ground with his shoulders to land on his feet with a spin. As he stopped spinning he smiled at the opponent he waved excitedly. "Hey so you're my opponent, you look very scary." He said as he walked closer letting the opponent speak. "Yeah, and you look like an idiot, and once they start us off I'm going to rip that stupid smile off your face." The man said flexing his polished claws as the headband he wore showed him to be one of the leaf villages people. Once the proctor yelled for it to begin the large man lunged at Daiashi with the claws aimed for his face but stopped as Daiashi moved his arms to cover his face while lifting his knee towards his chest leaving him on one leg. "I GIVE UP!" Daiashi yelled even as he suddenly appeared slimmer than before from compacting his muscle into armor in case the opponent followed through with the first strike.

Having had the match called and he was free to go Daiashi moved as quickly as he could to his usual spot in an open field he had found outside the villages and laid down in the tall grass placing the mask he had bought at the last festival over his face to block the sun. "Shhh... I'm trying to take a nap..." He said as a fight went on followed by talking only ten feet away from himself while he soaked in the warmth of the sun. Suddenly one of the voices registered in his head as the Kage's voice and he sat up pulling the mask from his head as he looked over at the group of people that hadn't noticed him until he spoke causing some of the anbu to look at him and take a defensive stance. "K-k-kage... D-d-d-d-DEMONS!!!" He yelled as he quickly pushed off the ground and landed on his feet while his right hand rose and pointed towards one of the men in masks before bouncing to the others.

Even as he clearly was counting the ones standing he moved the mask from the top of his head to the side of it while his headband hung loosely from his belt. "Uhhh... Kage, if you don't mind me asking... Why are you playing hostage situation with the guys that look like demons? There's one of you and from my count at least forty of them... It's not really fair to them." He said as his hand dropped to his side while he remained relaxed watching the anbu keeping an eye on him.
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