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Yamaki finished packing what she could from home and set out towards to Medical Corps Office to inform them of her leaving for the mission in a few days and collect a few supplies. She than walked through the village looking through the shops for any more medical supplies or other things she thought could be used to help during the mission. She wanted to make sure she had everything they would need just in case something were to happen in any type of situation.

Returning home she packed the rest of the supplies she gathered and pulled out her books of sealing jutsus and read up on them writing some down to practice for this evening and the next few day. "Hopefully I will not have to use any of this but it never hurts to be prepared." she said as she kept reading through the books.

As evening hit Yamaki heading off to the training grounds her sensei use to teach her at and began going over the sealing techniques one by one till she felt she had a handle on it. She than moved on to refamiliarize herself with her Byakugan, Protecting Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms, Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven, and Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists. Continuing to do all this for the next couples of days and studying her medical jutsus at night before she would head to bed.
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Kinari awoke with a start as a loud noise was heard from a way off. "Shit... I slept a bit too long" he growled as he noticed the sun had started to sink in the sky, signalling the passing of at least five hours. "I can't believe I was so careless..." he sprung up from the ground then and started training, first with fitness and then on to flexibility and eventually speed before his pre combat training, trying his hardest to perfect the technique he'd come up with which was effective even beforehand, the first time he'd tried it... Of course it took an enormous amount of chakra which was something that not many shinobi had in comparison to himself which he was overly thankful for.

He continued to train like that, switching between different forms of training. Stretching his limbs so that he could pull off unique attacks, constantly keeping his muscles burning with physical exercise and then deploying a combination of his limited style of taijutsu and ninjutsu... The latter of the which was already perfected, only he hadn't much experience executing it out on the field with as little missions as he'd went on though even without being very proficient he always completed his missions and brought the rest of his team back... Even if they weren't always alive, few had lived due to the sheer force and power of his ninjutsu as well as his chakra infused taijutsu which he wasn't particularly great out... And those who did avoided him at all cost.... Like he was some sort of demon, the only person to not really avoid him being the Kage as of late. No instead, much to Kinari's dismay, he payed extra attention to him. It was as if the old man was pushing him to succeed. 'If only he'd just get off my back' Kinari thought, shaking his head as he caused another tree to explode with his fist as his kekkai genkai activated once more without his intent though this time he was quickly able to control and contain it. It's like it was living almost, as ridiculous as that was... There was only him and that... That monster, he'd only seen twice, both times in his dream which made him that more scared of himself... Knowing that that beast would be in control of his life when his kekkai genkai activated it's second stage.

"Secret Dance - Lotus Transformation!" his arms slowly rotating around him as petals flowed upward from the ground, spinning around him before eventually covering his entire body and hardening like a shell. "Now! Sakura explosion!" He pointed forward as a stream of super sharp sakura petals flew out from behind him after raising from the ground at a speed too fast for the eye to follow before being followed by numerous explosions. "Now, secret art, blooming lotus!" he activated his genjutsu on numerous animals in the area before smirking "and end game..." knowing the effects of this combination would be too much for any enemy they could encounter on a C Rank mission and even do some damage to those ranked B... Of course this was just theory, seeing how his jutsu worked separate and the damage they caused in actual missions....

"Let's just hope they listen... Especially this so called leader that the Shadow has in store... I hope for both our villages he heeds my warning... The kage wouldn't put a team together like this unless it was a big mission. At least B ranked... Which is higher than any of us have been before... And without an instructor... It's like he wants us to all die out there" he shook his head as he spoke, of course he was in a gloomy mood due to his past but that couldn't be helped now. All he could do was to have faith in the team that the kage had put together and that faith wasn't very well put seeing as how the kage was more rash and spontaneous than most.... Hell he probably hadn't even thought the entire plan out before making the team... "Yeah... That would be just like him..."
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Yisei closed his eyes after Fukitsu's clone left. "I believe it's about time then, isn't it old friend?" he asked out in the open. A piercing sound reverberating through the entire village as a response to his question, "yes yes... I know, it's still far too early for that". he opened his eyes again as he turned to open a book, glad that the shadow kage hadn't asked about his Holy Mark. The book in front of it showing every possible outcome and something very special that could surpass any of the curse marks.

"Eavan" he spoke as his assistant entered the room, making sure no one could hear him. "It looks like that woman has started to move on with her plans, whatever happens next if I am to die you are to be the next Kage... The Rinnegan will be implanted inside of Kinari as well as the Emperors Mark... Also the gemmed beast sealed away within my eyes will be passed to you if the time comes for me to die before I'm able to make a pact with said beast... Times are changing and we have to be prepared. Also I want Yamaki to be given the chakra of the six paths... To enhance her Tensaigan and give her the power of the ultimate eye on top of that... These preperations have be made immediately before the next attack on our village is made... We know it will be happening soon, it's the only reason that woman would ask for that certain material... And with our forces so thin spread, it would be foolish for us to not be further prepared..."

"As for the Mark of the Holy Sage, that will go to Yamaki as another child of light... This new generation of ninja is our only hope of salvation, and with our resources... We cannot afford to fail." It was indeed far too soon as his friend had put it but there was no other way, Shukaku was willing to work along side him for now and Yisei had even managed to befriend the beast but even so, Shukaku alone wouldn't be enough. "It's time we put our own project into motion..."
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Hearing a voice outside his room door he sighed and moved to roll over onto his side but stopped and sat upright. "What!? N-n-no! I can't be promoted they scare me and it's sooooo much work if I'm promoted to chunin! And have you even seen the looks people give the chunin on the missions given to them even without them leaving the village!? Nope, no way, too scary for me!" He shouted at the door as he pulled his mask up and stared at the open doorway. Moving quickly to his feet and across the room he dropped to his knees and clasped his hands together over his head. "Please reconsider it, I'll even accept all the D-Rank missions you assign me without complaint, that includes that horrible mission with the terrifying cat that keeps getting away!" He begged as he lowered his head further.

Suddenly understanding that she explained that he had already been assigned to a team he paused and looked up from the floor. "Wait... Crap..." He said as he let his hands fall to his sides as he softly sighed and slipped his mask off and tossed it onto his bed letting his shoulders slump in defeat. "As you wish Kage..." He said as he stood up and walked to his bed already having had his gear packed for a long time and stuffed in his closet in case he ever got set on a mission heading out of the village even though he did his best to avoid it. Moving back to his bed he fell down on it face first figuring he would do his usual routine until he had to go meet the others.
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[center [h3 Fukitsu Hayashi]]
After a quick trip on the back of one of Fukitsu's colossal serpents they arrived at a restaurant on the outskirts of a nearby town. It was a restaurant very used to dealing with strange requests from the shinobi that lived nearby, and so they had a number of troughs filled with food for a variety of animals placed outside. Once inside the two were shown to a table with several empty dishes surrounding a platter of assorted foods with a large bowl of rice in the center. Along with a pitcher of water, two empty glasses, and one large glass of milk that Fukitsu grabbed as she sat down before motioning for Yumizuke to do the same.

The restaurant had a very open design, and was empty given their location and the Chuunin Exams. Their table was close to the door, and next to a window to make sure that Yumizuke felt comfortable there. Something Fukitsu had seen to by secretly contacting her personal assistant Naomi before their arrival.

"You said you wanted to eat before we talked, and so I had them prepare an appropriate starter," Fukitsu said as she dished up a bowl of meat and rice. "So feel free to focus on the food for now, and do not hesitate to order what you want beyond this. I do not know your preferences, but if you need something special I am certain that they can accommodate you."

"Right now I just want to explain everything from my side. According to what Naomi has told me the two of us are quite similar in our unusual origin, but I admit that I was blessed to be born surrounded by people who could appreciate me," Fukitsu said. "I was created to be the next vessel of a ruthless criminal known as Fusao, fortunately when he attempted to take control of my body I was able to seal him away inside myself. After taking out the boss I offered every innocent that he had involved in his schemes the options to take what was theirs and leave, or to continue with a better life under my leadership. Even though I was not even twenty yet all of them stood by me."

"I understand that you were not so lucky in your situation, and I am sorry that you have had to go through such hardships. The Himura clan in my village were also hunted for their kekkei genkai as you were, and when they came to me for help I provided them a safe haven," Fukitsu said. "Not everyone who has gifts like yours wants to be a ninja, and so some have just relocated into the Land of Darkness that I created with the financial assistance of the nobles. Because of this they give me a wide berth when it comes to my decisions, and so I can do a lot to help people when I feel like it."

Fukitsu stopped her speech to eat some now that the food had cooled. It also helped to give Yumizuke some time to process what she had said, as she wanted the young woman to be able to make an informed decision.

"The point of all this is that I am in a position to help you whether you want to become a ninja, a civilian, or if you just want a safe place to call home. I have seen how the other villages responded to you and I can be honest that if you become a ninja of my village they will still want to harm you, however I would promise to see to it that you are even better equipped to deal with them if that is the path you want to take," Fukitsu explained. "Now if you would rather let your combat skills rust I am certain that I can get you a less violent job, as talents like yours could be used for a number of civilian purposes like farming. If you think you would rather have somewhere peaceful to go away from humanity I can provide that as well."

"Naomi has informed me of several of the reports on your activities, and between that and seeing your behavior with my own eyes I believe your story of self defense. You may have started some of the fights given your lack of control, but I have little doubt that it was accidental rather than intentional," Fukitsu said with a soft smile. "So I would like to help you if you are willing to accept my aid. All I need to know now is, what type of aid would you like to receive?"

[h3 [center Wood Clone #1]]
After Fukitsu's clone had explained that all she wanted was some genetic material that they possessed Yisei seemed happy to agree to get her out of his office. Once the clone had it in hand she swiftly made her way into the Hidden Shadow to deliver it to the laboratory.

Fukitsu's clone let out a sigh as she walked down the halls of the lab, as its design prevented intrusion. The walls were capable of preventing even her from slipping through them, and there were more unique barriers to prevent incidents with users of space-time techniques. It made traveling the large facility a bit of a bother, but all of the important materials hidden within needed the extra protection.

"Sousuke prepare our collection of genetics, as we have quite the work to do before tomorrow. It turns out that the material we had been searching for these past few months had been under our noses the entire time," Fukitsu's clone said. "Yisei's latest experiment of a new team made up of shinobi from both of our villages allowed it to fall into my hands, and with it we should be able to finish Project Kagami months ahead of schedule. I will let you keep the increase in funding though, but only if you can help me with a quick side project."

[h3 [center Wood Clone #2]]
Fukitsu's clone slipped through Daiashi's house with minimal effort using her hiding in surface technique, but stopped in the ceiling just outside the doorway to his room. She could sense his chakra inside easily enough, and so she knocked loudly several times before beginning to speak.

"Daiashi you left before I was able to inform you of the news, and so I suggest you listen closely to what I am about to say. After having a discussion about it we have decided to promote you to the rank of Chuunin after your performance this year, as we know that you are actively hiding your strength," Fukitsu's clone said. "I do not know why you feel the need to hide your strength, but there is no reason for you to forsake a promotion to continue the charade. You are a shinobi of the Hidden Shadow and so you should be proud of your unique talents."

"Along with this promotion you have been assigned to a unique team made up of shinobi from the Hidden Light and the Hidden Shadow. Yisei and I decided that our Shindou Himura would be the leader of the team, and given that you are the other representative from my village I hoped that you would be a good role model in working with him for the shinobi from the Hidden Light," Fukitsu's clone said. "Your team is scheduled to have its first mission four days from now, and will gather just outside of the gate of the Hidden Light. All your new supplies from your promotion are available at headquarters, and if you have any questions or concerns you can speak to the shinobi there."

"Of course if any questions or concerns spring immediately to mind I would be glad to discuss them with you now, as I am here to help. I am helping to prepare Shindou for the mission over the next few days, and if you feel you need extra preparation I would be glad to help you as well," Fukitsu's clone explained. "Honestly the creation of this team is important for the sake of our alliance with the Hidden Light, but I promise to do everything in my power to guarantee that it is a good experience for you children. If there is something I can do now to help see to that I would like you to inform me of it."

"Also, thank you for behaving so well out there with that young woman from earlier, as I believe that your actions helped more than you might realize," Fukitsu's clone said.
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"I have no problem with snakes" she smiled lightly as she extended her arm, a multitude of snakes coming from the forest. "All animals are my friends... Though I'm not sure some of them would want to ride in the mouth of something that big, perhaps on top of your giant snake?" she suggested as she walked up to the Kage.

"Well I guess if we're going to go we may as well get it over with..." she laughed a bit as her stomach started to rumble again, scratching the back of her head as she talked, the other arm over said stomach. Chuckling a bit more at one of the comments that the tiger made as it made it's way to her. Placing the hand that was previously on her stomach on the creature's head and scratching it. "Yeah, I know you guys are hungry too... And no you can't eat Rascal or Seva..." looking over at the two bunnies. "They're my friends as well, just wait... This" she looked up again at the Kage once more. "This woman says she can help us... And she hasn't tried to kill us yet so I think we can trust her..." her stomach growled again. "I mean we kind of have to in our situation... haha" she took in a breath, noticing that she was rambling and cut herself off. "Anyway... Can we pleeease leave before my stomach falls off?"


Yisei closed his eyes and nodded. "And that request would be...?" he opened his eyes again as he studied the clone, wondering exactly what it was that she had in mind.

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After the chunin exams were finally over Jai quickly made his exit after having been disappointed yet noticed he had a few Anbu following him from each village. Being followed made him glad he was wearing his usual black robes with the black hood up to cover his red hair and his face was covered by wraps leaving him to use the stolen eyes to see where he was going. 'That's right, follow me, just try to keep up little ones...' He thought as he kept moving just fast enough to stay ahead of them as he began using a multitude of handsigns. As he made it to an open field from the forest he finished the handsigns and exicuted the jutsu causing a massive black cloud to form within one hundred feet of where he landed. As the Anbu were too fast to stop in time they entered the cloud only to release screams of agony with every sing of blades. Inside the cloud he used two of the stolen kekkai genkai to see them and slice at each one while he juggled the swords he had been carrying under his robe.

With the spray of blood and the screams of agony in the pitch black cloud the blood was absorbed by the cloud. As sudden as the cloud appeared it vanished leaving a massive plethera of bodyparts pouring out blood over the grass with his blades back into hiding and his robes barely able to move under the weight of the blood that soaked them. 'Awe, I broke them all... I was hoping at least one of them would have been durable enough for the game.' He thought to himself as he looked around for any others he might have missed but saw none while his body began hurting from the strain he placed on it and he ran away making sure to take several paths to his hidden spring before stopping and looking back to see if he was followed then slipped out of his disguise before slipping into the waters and relaxing to float on the water.
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Yamaki left the Kage and walked out her favorite spot and laid among the wild flowers watching as the clouds passed over head. She smiled softly sat up and began to make a flower crown with some of the smaller flowers before place it on her head. Hearing something she stood and saw Eavan, the Kage assistant walking slowly towards her. "Good afternoon Eavan-san." She tilted her head slightly to the side at she softly smiled. "What brings you out here?" She asked. Eavan stopped a few feet in front of her and began to explain to her that her and Kinari are to meet up in 4 days times at the front gates of the city for their first mission. Her eyes glistened with excitement as he spoke. When he finished she lightly nodded to him and calmly watched as he headed back towards the village waiting till he was out of site before jumping and dancing around and giggling like a little school girl. She was so happy to finally be able to go out on mission with others and not be stuck all day at the medical corps main building. Though she did love her job that it could be a bit boring at time and she was really to be around others who more than like were different than she was and used different jutsu than her She ran off towards home to start getting her things ready. "Oh I have no idea what all I need to take with me." Yamaki grinned wide as she kept running.
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[h3 [center Fukitsu Hayashi]]
"I have no problem accommodating your animal friends," Fukitsu said as she pondered placing Yumizuke in the village just outside of the Hidden Shadow. She might feel more comfortable in a less confined area, and the farms there would give her an option outside of being a ninja to make a living.

Fukitsu just laughed as the girl took a fighting stance after the seal broke apart. "Relax young one, if I was the one that wanted you dead you would be dead," Fukitsu said.

When the girl turned into a whirlwind after eating one piece of candy Fukitsu wondered if Daiashi was carrying something beyond just sugar. However he used his speed manipulation to rush off before she could say anything more to him, an improper manner of leaving her presence, but considering her deal with Yisei she would have to visit him later anyway.

With all of the ANBU gone Fukitsu used her sensing ability to guarantee none of them were lurking on her preferred path back to the village. "Normally I would take you back by summoning one of my larger snakes, stepping inside the mouth, and then unsummoning it to get back home," Fukitsu explained. "However I do not think that all of your friends would agree to that, and so we will have to travel by foot. Unless you trust your animal friends to follow my snakes back to the village."

[h3 [center Wood Clone #1]]
The wood clone passed all the details to Fukitsu, but the two of them agreed that continuing the banter as they had would no longer get them anywhere. Whether it was a charade as she saw it, or whether he actually believed himself so powerful was unimportant as he had already agreed to the deal.

"Now about that favor," Fukitsu's clone said with a soft smile.

[h3 [center Wood Clone #2]]
Shindou was alone in the training ground as electricity spread all over his body and he sprinted all around the clearing filling targets with numerous kunai and shuriken as he ran by them. It was basic training under normal circumstances, but using the Flicker Form, Lightning Cloak, and Tendou in tandem forced his chakra control to the very edge. Combined with numerous targets in unusual places and he was forced to keep control of all of his chakra, keep track of all of the targets, and launch his weapons at just the right time to hit the bullseye.

After his tenth lap he spotted an unusual chakra and let his Lightning Cloak dissipate before coming to a stop. "Yamikage-sama, what are you doing all the way out here?" Shindou asked. Although he knew from the lacking chakra supply that this was only a clone he always made sure to be polite considering her frightening power.

"I came all this way to tell you that you will be leading a team a few days from now Shindou. Yisei asked me to provide a fourth member to a team that will include Daiashi, Kinari, and Yamaki, I decided that you would make an ideal leader for such a team," Fukitsu's clone said as she stepped out a nearby tree. "Right now your position as leader is temporary, but if the team decides they like you then the leadership position will remain yours. So I need you to meet me at Sousuke's laboratory tomorrow, as we have a lot of preparation to get you ready."

"So we will discuss it more then?" Shindou asked hoping that would mean he would have the rest of the day to prepare for the preparation.

"Do not worry about a thing Shindou, as I promise that I would not have chosen you if I had thought you incapable. Additionally as part of the deal I will be acquiring something quite useful to us both, and so we will discuss this further tomorrow," Fukitsu's clone said before merging all but her head with the tree. "I would suggest you relax as normal for the rest of the night, and make sure to get plenty of sleep. We meet just after dawn."

Shindou nodded as Fukitsu's clone vanished through the root network. "I better practice a bit more," Shindou whispered to himself.
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Kinari simply nodded, Eavan's words barely reaching his ears. "So I'm to arrive at the village gates in four days... And I will be debriefed from there?" Nodding as he got word back from the man standing in front of him, he was annoying but necessary. Kinari knew that just as he knew the man could easily overpower him but still, he had an immense distaste for the Kage's right hand man.... "Very well, I will see to it that Yamaki is there as well... But just in case I forget"

Eavan shook his head. "Fine fine, I figured it would be too much for you, I'll go tell her myself" he spoke before vanishing, silently cursing Kinari. That boy was trouble, even without the Opal he was trouble... "Why does the kage keep him around?" he mumbled as he made his way to Yamaki".

Kinari closed his eyes after the man vanished and threw his fist out, shattering a tree from twenty yards away after activating his kekkai genkai again, by accident. The splintered tree that stood next to him slowly cracking more before both halves fell on their sides. "He just has to do everything on his own... I told the kage multiple times... I can't be trusted to be part of a team. Everyone dies around mee..." he shook his head before falling backward, arms outstretched when he landed, looking up at the azure blue sky. "Guess there's nothing I can do... Just please know what you're doing this time old man..." he closed his eyes from the beautiful sight in front of him, thinking himself unworthy to see such a thing. "Because this is the last time... I will ever join a team, even if you try forcing me..." his kekkai genkai slowly reverting and dying down before he concealed his face once more behind his mask.

Kinari let himself go then, drifting off to a peaceful place as he slept, allowing himself just a few moments of rest before resuming his training, for if what Eavan told him then his training would be cut short. Going on a mission with a girl from his own village he'd only seen in passing and two shinobi he'd never even heard of before... 'Just a few minutes...' he told himself as he drifted off into the land of dreams.
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Looking between the two people he slowly began lowering one of the candies as the kage questioned his offer, but jumped once the other ended up eating the candy with the wrapper nearly taking his fingers off. As she mentioned more he opened his mouth while moving his hand up to show off the candy in his other hand yet was cut off before he could do more than make a noise as he became ignored by the spastic one. slipping the candy back into the bag he pulled it out of he listened to the spastic one looking around before stepping back slightly as the girl pointed at him requesting he come along.

Looking between the two he suddenly began forming handsigns not bothering to hide them from the others sight. Keeping it clear to his mind he made sure to do them in the order that came to mind. The order of the signs being: Horse, hare, serpent, dog, dragon, ox, tiger, ram, bird, monkey, boar, rat, bird, monkey, serpent, ox. Though he used the handsigns he knew they were more of a distraction while he angled the reflective plates on his gloves to allow himself to speed himself up only being able to tell by how slow they appeared to be going. Once they appeared to be going in slow motion he used his fastest speed he could run while normally he moved fast enough to become a blur the speed up due to his kekkai genkai caused it to appear he teleported from his spot as he took off running into the forest around the village. As he made his way between the trees he made sure to head straight to his house and into his bathroom looking at himself in the mirror in order to slow himself back down to his usual speed then walked into his bedroom and fell backwards onto his bed with a soft sigh.

Sliding his festival mask over his face he rolled his eyes at the blue haired boy and tucked his hands behind his head while crossing his ankles. "Oh sush, it's not like deception isn't part of being a ninja, besides if they knew what I could do then who knows what would happen..." He said through the mask and yawned before slowly drifting off for his nap while the sunlight shined through his window and poured over his body keeping him warm.
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"Fine..." Yami hung her head, closing her eyes as she tried to retain the curse mark, barely succeeding. "But I won't stay long, you should know I hate villages. I don't care whether it's safe or not and if I do decide to stay then you'll have to make room for my friends" she whistled then as tons of deer, foxes, rabbits and many other animals including snakes and tigers came from out of the forest. "Their safety is more important than mine..." she glared at the woman in front of her, knowing she didn't have a choice but to go with her, though she could at least try to help the only friends she'd ever known.

After hearing her agree the other Anbu dispersed, not wanting to be in her presence any longer than absolutely necessary and glad in fact that they wouldn't have to deal with her. Their leaving making Yumi more comfortable and able to relax. "Now can you please... Let me out of here?" she asked before the seal broke apart, slowly crumbling due to her earlier attacks. "Or that could happen..." she took stance in case the kage decided to attack. "Sooo does that earlier part about not guaranteeing my safety stil apply ooorr?" Not sure how to respond to the kage, showing just how inexperienced she was as well though even without the experience she figured she'd be able to get away if worse came to worse after all her animal friends ran to her rescue. "I mean I'd rather us not fight..." her tummy grumbling ferociously then. "Haha not like I could afford to if we di..."

Not able to finish the last word as she sees the boy handing out candy to here which she takes hastily and swallows it whole. Wrapper and all. "you boy" she got right up in his face then, her attitude completely changing and her curse mark receding completely. "You got any more?" her eyes lighting with color as she asks him. "This is literally the tastiest thing I've ever had, gimme more yes?!" licking her lips. "No?" she tilted her hand as she noticed the boy hadn't answered immediately before turning her attention to the Kage. "We can go to the village now? I'm sooo hungry, and this boy" she points to Daishi, "We can bring him along yes?" The sudden change in how she acted would be able to throw even Fukitsu off, her wavelengths changing instantly and causing her entire personality to flip before changing back. The wavelengths fixing themselves almost as suddenly as they'd changed and gone awry. "I mean I'm really really hungry... I think this is the first thing I've had in weeks" she pulled the wrapper from her throat, choking a bit as she did after backing away from the boy.
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"Yes but not many Shinobi have even tried to capture, detain or even defeat a tailed beast in combat... You just happen to be crazy is all and as for my rinnegan. It was not activated in an act of fear but more of a display as of to even the playing field. I know full well what you're capable of and even the fact that everything your clone hears is instantly transferred to you..." he blinked, the rinnegan gone for the time being. "As for Kinari, he is simply afraid of his own power and his life. As you know his kekkai genkai kills it's host in just the second stage which requires him to have a secondary life force sealed within him to act as the primary source of life while in the stage... We've never seen a stage even beyond that if there is and that alone would instill fear in any young boy... Added to that, the power of the gemmed beast inside him, its' no wonder he has no control... If a strong team were to work with him who could survive that power, it would bolstere his confidence and maybe allow him to progress. His Jutsu are already flawless with as much time as he spends training... Now he just needs to learn to execute and control his chakra.... And it's not because I coddle him as you so bluntly put it."

"Again I don't see you as anything more than equal, at least for the time being until you absorb even more nasty jutsu... And it doesn't matter who was harmed. What matters is that both Kinari and Yumi harmed those they did without intent... Though I admit such a smirk may have taken it too far and could easily be misinterpreted but again, you can easily see my position here. After all as you said you have more experience so even though I consider us as equals you're the one with more experience in this field as you have been Kage longer than I."
"I'm not sure why you think my idea so strange as you've taken two of my best shinobi in the past to form some half ass team before as an experiment as you called it so this is simply a return favor, though I have to admit I suppose that Daishi is a strange request... But it will help to even out the team... And you know he has potential, I mean you saw his performance. He didn't take a single match seriously and yet he somehow made it to the finals before giving up even before the first blow was landed". He then continued with, "And as for putting your villagers at risk, I don't really think so. Even though I may not have as much experience as you, this is the best course. Though my village is strong which I'm sure even you can admit, I simply don't have the right shinobi to handle that boy, he is simply too troublesome and his reputation... Well it's gotten out of hand here, so even if I did have the right Shinobi most wouldn't even dare to go near him. Hell I don't even know what possessed Yamaki to agree to such a team when she doesn't even know who the fourth member is going to be."

"The Anbu will serve longer than two weeks if I see they are slouching as well as proper punishment when they return. Hard labor from yours and mental labor from mine to add to the seriousness and hopefully to better instill respect. I can agree in a meeting with the team in order to determine it's future fate though Kinari is still a bit of a wild card at least for the time being.. As for request number seven, I can comply to that as well... Also as a token of good will" he moved to his desk and rummaged around before pulling out a bag of pure blood crystals. "I believe this will cover it, and seeing as how you find these crystals to be extra useful for whatever reason... Oh and if we can continue to work together there is far more where they came from but before I hand them over to you let me repeat myself as well... My actions are not out of fear. This is not an act. This is simply who am I... You've no idea of the truths I've learnt while being Kage here... The old Yisei you used to work with is gone, this is what's left... Just so you don't get the wrong idea."

He linked then with Eavan and sent a message directly into his mind, commanding him to find and tell Kinari and Yamaki to meet up at the front gate in four days. "I'm sure you will comply, Fukitsu... Four days is more than enough..." he threw in a smaller bag of crystals as well. "This is to ensure your two meet at the village gate in such time as Yamaki and Kinari have already recieved said orders" he placed both bags in one hand while extending his other hand, his strange white mark on the back of his arm right above his wrist slightly reveling itself. This mark was no secret though so he didn't really care if she saw it either, as long as his second Kekkai Genkai and the fact that he was a Jinchuriki remained secret for now, that would be enough. This mark being of his own creation, the Holy Mark which was created solely to counter act that of the curse mark and to give an equal but opposite boost. "Despite your heritage I am putting a lot of faith in you and with these crystals being more than generous. Here's to hoping you repay my generousity in showing me that I can indeed trust you..."
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[h3 [center Wood Clone #1]]
Fukitsu's clone remained silent as Yisei responded to her demands, and as quickly as he spoke it was relayed back to the true Fukitsu who was helping the clone decide the response. When Yisei revealed that he possessed the Rinnegan it caused both Fukitsu and her clone to pause as they went over all of the available options. Once they had decided on a plan of action the clone did a quick check to be sure Eavan was still out of listening range of their conversation before speaking.

"You should remember that you are speaking to the only shinobi alive or dead to have defeated a Jeweled Beast in single combat, and it would serve you well to remember that fact beyond this conversation. Please do not try to bluff me in such a way Yisei, as you already admitted that the Light does not lurk in the same fashion as the Shadow," Fukitsu's clone explained with a sigh. "A better retort would have been that even as broken down as the Light is that in destroying you the Shadow would leave itself open to an attack from another great village, an attack that would undoubtedly start the next world war. Something that you already know I would like to avoid for as long as it is possible to avoid, as even though I am the strongest shinobi I do not want to risk the lives of my villagers."

"I know that the boy is a jinchuriki of a powerful Jeweled Beast, but he has demonstrated less control of that power than any of the other jinchuriki I have seen. Whether that is because his own willpower is lacking in that regard, or because you have coddled him for some time I do not know," Fukitsu's clone said its voice back to a level tone. "What I do know is that comparing him to the ninja I took in is not an accurate comparison, as it was not her allies that she was harming with her power. Additionally, you should know that smiling after discussing his lack of control is not an appropriate thing to do, but at least now you realize that it sends the worst possible message."

"You are right that if this plan of yours works my village will become even more renowned, but considering what happens if it does not work, and the fact that even if it works you will gain the use of a powerful jinchuriki I would consider it to be a deal that is already in your favor. We both know that Kinari has potential given his circumstances, but you have proven incapable of helping him tame that power, and to gain this renown I will have to make sure that my villagers can succeed where yours have failed," Fukitsu's clone explained. "I will remind you once again that you are speaking to the only shinobi alive or dead to have defeated a Jeweled Beast in single combat, and as such you should not think yourself so capable of ending my life. Do not be so quick to die Yisei, life is a precious thing."

"Do you think my listening to this strange idea of yours is not proof of my willingness to yield Yisei?" Fukitsu's clone asked. "I will only push you as much as is necessary to get an appropriate agreement for my village, as I will not allow myself or my village to be taken advantage of young man."

"You asked me to promote one of my villagers to be assigned to this team in spite of their poor performance in the most recent exam. You asked me to assign another of my villagers to this team that has been designed to primarily benefit your village," Fukitsu's clone retorted. "You asked me to succeed where you have failed in finding a team that can survive an extended period of time next to your favored child Kinari. Which means you asked me to risk the lives of those villagers that will be assigned to this team, and then you act as though you are not asking much of me."

"I know that you do not have even half of the experience at these discussions that I do, but I would suggest you learn that when you are the one who feels fear that you should not try to act tough. You should have realized that when you revealed your Rinnegan in an attempt to even the field, that you were afraid despite the fact that you already knew that it was a single wood clone negotiating with you," Fukitsu's clone explained. "Please feel free to drop the act as we are alone now, and you will not lose any face being honest about your capabilities in front of me. There is no shame in being afraid of me young man, as I have been a feared shinobi for longer than you have been alive."

"One, you will show me and my village proper respect if this project is going to work out, and that means no insults or threats to anyone in my village. Two, we are even on the ninja that I took in, as you seem to agree that people deserve a second chance," Fukitsu's clone said maintaining a calm tone. "Three, those ANBU will serve at least the two weeks, as we both want them to learn proper respect for our alliance. Especially considering what the first part of our agreement consists of, and the fact that even you feel the need to protect yourself from a single wood clone of mine."

"Four, the leader will be the one I choose for the first four missions as you suggested earlier, and after that we will have a meeting with the team to discuss the future. If they agree with me about the leader then that person will remain the leader of the team, and if not we will listen to their requests for new leadership," Fukitsu's clone said. "Five, we both agree that alternating the missions is the simplest way of guaranteeing mutually appropriate benefit regarding income, and so that is the system that we will use. Six, you will pay my desired reparations for the potential loss ahead of time per your kind offer."

"Now if you can agree to all of that, and do so while keeping part one of this deal in mind. I will see to it that number seven is a very small favor in comparison to the rest of my demands," Fukitsu's clone said. "Do we have a deal?"
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"Eavan is simply making sure that you don't act rash and try an attempt on my life, after all.... You have the same look that Orochimaru did... I can't just ignore something like that but if you insist" he waved away Eavan, his subordinate jumping back to where he was just out of range of their conversation. "Happy now?" he asked.

"And as for your demands, that's completely ridiculous. I wasn't smirking at the fact that Kinari has killed many a team he's been on. He simply can't control his own power and we haven't the means to contain him, after all a gemmed beast resides within him" he let it slip on purpose to her. "I'm sure you know exactly what that takes, yes?" he asked, closing his eyes.

"As for your threats however... I assure you that the Light can hold it's own, talking of icebergs... You haven't even begin to see the tip. You're too arrogant, with all the power you hold you believe you're invincible... And that will eventually be your downfall" He paused for a moment before continuing. "My Anbu don't slack, so it will be exactly two weeks..."

He sighed then "Also please try to understand my reasoning on Kinari... It's not like it was on purpose or anything" he shrugged "So I suppose I should just kill that rogue ninja you want so badly?" he opened his eyes then. "Because... Kinari is in the same boat, he has no control over the beast and his jutsu has never been aimed at an ally... It's simply so powerful that there's a lot of backfire and it takes a very powerful and skilled team in order to handle that kind of power which brings me to my next point... Wouldn't it benefit your village to help me? After all being able to survive this, your village would get tons of credit and recognition which means more missions and villagers even.... So in light of this and the fact that I could end your life just as easily as you could mine... Which you should very well know, you should be owing me a favor..."

"Now onto another point of yours, your leader won't be able to command the light willingly without some sort of payment. Light and Shadow are very well opposites yet this has worked because of give and take... And if your unwilling to yield then what would that say?" he asked, knowing he had her cornered, though as a precautionary measure he closed his eyes once more though this time when he opened them he revealed to her for the first time one of his two kekkai genkai: The Rinnegan; just in case she decided to lash out, hoping that this for sure would keep her at bay.

"And lastly, I've agreed to your demands so far but do not push me... I ask for a few simple things, that is all. Agree to them and you will have your reparations in advance.... As for the favor as long as it's not too big I suppose I could agree seeing as how I don't need the shadow... It's just appropriate, as is customary with our villages..." A memory peaking it's head at the perfect moment. "Oh and weren't you the one to ask for my shinobi last?" he asked "If I remember right I've lent to you more than my fair share of Light"
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