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The sudden message from Naomi forced Fukitsu to divide her attention and send out several wood clones to deal with the sudden influx of problems. Once they were out of the building they dispersed through the ground at high speed while maintaining contact with Naomi who could coordinate the rest of the village forces.

[h3 [center Fukitsu #1]]
The first Fukitsu arrived outside of the village just as a squad of masked men started treating the wounded young boy that arrived moments earlier. "Once he is stable move him to the hospital, and find out what he wants," Fukitsu said as she poked her head above ground. "I am guessing he got lost on his way to the Light, but we can hope the Leaf finally got over their petty grudge against me."

When she spotted Yisei she double checked with Naomi before speaking to him. "You do not have an appointment scheduled with my village and as you can see we are all rather busy at the moment," Fukitsu said. "So feel free to call Naomi and schedule an appointment, or you can try again sometime next week."

Her response to his presence given she turned back to the young boy and observed as her ANBU continued treatment. The boy with the Leaf headband was rather young and considering his injuries it was unlikely that he was a prodigy sent to take her head. Especially considering the whole spat between her and the Leaf started over her killing one of their prodigies in an attempt to kill the Daimyo. Assuming his intended destination was the Shadow it was more likely that they wanted to have a word about her participating in a mission to benefit the Land of Fire considering the joint team with the Light. Of course it could be that the Leaf realized that allying with the strongest was a smart idea, and all the possibilities made Fukitsu very interested to learn the reason the boy came to her village.

[h3 [center Fukitsu #2]]
The second Fukitsu arrived in the street to find the area abandoned save for a single individual sitting on a park bench. It seemed like the woman was talking to someone despite being alone, but Fukitsu was well aware that she could be using an outdated communication device. Fukitsu kept her distance as she continued observing with Naomi providing additional information from the deployed ANBU squads.

Once she was sure that the woman did not have any allies that she was communicating with outside she spoke up. "Excuse me, but I do hope that you realize that you are in a village of shinobi right now. This is not a place to casually wander into to have a strange conversation young lady, and so I have to ask, what is your purpose in entering my village?" Fukitsu asked. "I would understand if you are seeking asylum as we are known for taking in people who have had difficult histories, and if that is the case I can see to it that you are given a chance. However if you intend to harm one of my villagers I will be forced to stop you, and I have a lot to do so if malevolence is your intention please do us both a favor and just leave peacefully."

[h3 [center Shindou]]
Shindou let out a sigh as Fukitsu had warned him that this new teammate from the Light could be a dangerous immature little brat. It did not help matters that he knew he was the youngest of the four of them, but for the only one of them who had not just been promoted to be so immature was a bother. Of course being leader he knew he would have to deal with a few clashes, and so he quickly jumped down to get it over with.

"You shouldn't insult an ally or a teammate so readily Kinari. It's really bad form to insult them in front of your team leader," Shindou said. "And you were right that I am the leader of this experimental team. My name is Shindou Himura and it is nice to finally meet you after having heard so much about you."

"I am already aware of the details as the Yamikage informed me of them earlier, and if you are going to read it for the rest of the group it would be best to wait for Daiashi. We weren't supposed to meet this early, and so he still has time," Shindou said. "Do your best not to insult him when he gets here. I don't want you getting off on the wrong foot with him as well."

"It is my pleasure to formally meet you as well Yamaki, but I saw you in the exams several days ago," Shindou said with a smile. "Your performance was spectacular, and I'm very glad to have you as part of the team."
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Yamaki smiled as he took a stick and happily pulled out another nibbling on it slowly as she answered him back. "Oh no it's fine. I just didn't think anyone else would be up and out here that this time in the morning." She set her pack down on the ground and sat upon it and began to draw sealing signs in the dirt with her finger as they waited for the others to show.

Her head popped up quick as she heard Kinari speak to someone and started to look among the tree near by. She saw a slight shadow of someone standing on one of the branches but couldn't tell anything more than that. Her attentions turned back to Kinari as he waved the envelope in front of him trying to get the other member of their team to join them wondering what was written inside of it for the mission.

She then began to draw in the dirt again as he slipped in back into his robe. As he spoke to her again she turned her head to face him and replied. "It's ok Kinari but we should at least give them a chance you know. I am a bit nervous but going on my first mission and I believe the more the merrier. It should help make the mission go smoother if we have more members and work together." She then smiled softly titling her head to the side as she did.
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He dangled his feet back and forth on the tree banch, the gentle breeze blew across his face in a particular angle that felt good. He inxhaled deeply and smiled, it had been a while since he had been at peace. Unfortunatley it only lasted about... 3 seconds before reality crashed into him, quite literally. He felt as though a large body smashed into him. He fell from the branch, made a back flip and landed swiftly on his feet.

"Who the hell?!" He yelled before seeing the small body of a child, well not exactly a child probably 13 or 14 years old, with brown hair on the ground he sighed and walked up to her. She seemed to be unconscious but as he poked her the child lashed up and threw a kunai at him which he dodged.

"Get away from me!" She yelled at him getting into a defensive stance.

"I just poked you." He told her "I haven't done anything to 'Disrespect' your honor. But either way you were the one that crashed into me, not the other way around." He said with a sigh.

The girl looked puzzled "Sorry, well I must be on my way." She almost jumped but it seemed like an invisible force was keeping her at place.

"Not so fast, I'm trying to make a guess." He said walking closer to her, he circled her, studying her. Trying to figure out what she was, she was obviously a shinobi. "You're from the village hidden in the shadows, correct?" The girl nodded "Probably a chunin or genin?"

"I'm a chunin." She said nervously.

"Well, that makes things easier. It won't be hard on my conscience if I kill you."

"Wha..." She didn't get to finish as something cut her body into two, then four, then eight, whatever it was it just kept slashing and slashing until, he counted, there wer 256 pieces of flesh lying around a pool of blood.

"God how I hate shinobi." He said to himself as he sat in the same branch and jawned.
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The sun peeked over the horizon to the east, turning the sky a deep orange colour and the sound of bird song filled the air. Akane sat in a cave hidden by some brush near the path to the village hidden in shadow, she had been rudely awoken a half hour earlier by hysterical screaming, nobody ever took death well, especially their own, it was the same old sung and dance "It's not my time!" and "I'm not ready!" and then they'd as her to do some mundane task like deliver their last words or get revenge, she couldn't help them of-course, it could take year's for most spirits to even realize they were dead. Light had started to pour into the cave and day had well and truly come before Akane moved from her spot at the back of the cave and venture out.

The path was long and worn, but relatively deserted bar the odd merchant that past her and a whinny old hermit that wouldn't leave her alone until she for-filled his last wishes [b "If you don't shut up I will kill you again!"] she suddenly blurted [b "Yes! It is fully within my power to kill somebody twice... No! I'm not going to kill them twice, it's been eighty year's their properly already dead, move on! Or go haunt your cave, I really don't care!"] It was then she noticed the weird looks she was getting from the group of farmers that had been walking behind her for the better part of an hour, with a grunt, she trust he nose into the air and marched on. Finally arriving at the village gate she noticed a commotion around what looked like an unconscious boy, she hoped he survived, she had only just shaken off the hermit. With all eye's on the boy, Akane found it easy to get past the guards into the village proper, her eye's still stood out so she tried to look as concerned but busy as she could.

Much to her relief the villagers seemed far less put off by the ghostly glow of her eye's, granted it wasn't as visible during the day but that had never stopped people before. It wasn't long before Akane had found an empty bench, the street's weren't very busy at this time in the morning, making it as good a time as any to gather information and so she sat, talking to an empty bench, what other's didn't see were the two old women sitting besides her. She kept her head and voice low, her mouth hidden by her collar, this was more to avoid getting weird looks then hiding her conversation, had the two women been alive, they would surely welcome anybody else in on the conversion, they were so friendly, Akane almost didn't want to have to break the news to them.
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Ruruki cackled as she continued to spin her "web" of chakra into the bottomless pit, watching the events unfold through her "crystal ball" made of the very same shadows that she had been feeding. "It looks like things are going smoothly... Except for him.." The ball turning towards the Rogue Ninja, Jai Soyn, "A rather cocky individual..." she closed her eyes and sent her shadows outwards, disrupting the time space fold of the planet, causing warnings from the future to appear inscribed in the middle of the Light and Shadow villages as well as the Leaf and Sound.

"Don't worry about that my dearies, let them squabble over it's meaning..." she began to hum, knowing that the shinobi of this day and age wouldn't be able to decipher the tablets all that easily, all wording of her having to be in the ancient tongue of her time, something they didn't have knowledge of unless she'd scanned over something and completely missed it which she didn't do often... Admittedly, Jai wasn't something she'd planned on, that particular ninja being quite bothersome in the past, but even that could be overlooked with the position she was in. "Don't worry one bit..." She cooed, the shadows around her flooding the area violently until hearing her words, causing them to slowly dissipate once more.

Things were going exactly how she had planned, even with these new chain of events there was no way the world would be ready for her, for not even the tablets entailed of what she was about to create. "Just a little bit longer... Shhh sh my deary" she looked downwards as she spoke, gazing down into the giant black hole in the midst of the darkness. "I assure you everything is going as it should..." Creating a shadowy vision of herself to appear in front of Jai, a small smile on her visions face as it changed to her mothers and then back to hers, knowing it would trigger unwanted emotions and halt the ninja in his tracks.

Another Vision showed and then another where each currently sealed gemmed beast was sealed to forwarn of her presence as well, actually aiding the world in it's future plight against her. Even though she'd been gone for thousands of years, there was still talk of the Queen of the Underworld. The Goddess of Darkness... And her vision enough would send the villages which were lucky enough to see such a vision, scrambling around like a bunch of ants... Poor pathetic ants, no way would they be able to figure out the inscriptions that told of her coming and as frantic as the Kage would be in the next few weeks they'd be even more disoriented and less capable of solving things... However her visions didn't last long and most who'd seen them were kids, though a few from the Shadow and Leaf were able to spot for a mere second, her vision before it faded out of existence once more.

All that was left was for the woman to sit there and wait as she continued to spin as she always did, gazing at the orb with which allowed her worldly sight. Patient as always, without error and never straying from her cause... Even the side effects of sending her shadow to the young man benefited her cause for it would halt the progression of the ninja world as all their efforts would be focused on the tablets, allowing her far easier control... Though her song enough would put millions of Shinobi and Samurai under.
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"I am sorry to hear that" Kinari responded before realizing he still had his mask on which was probably askew from him sleeping. After realizing such he slowly removed it, showing a small grin as he reached his hand out. "I will however take the pocky..." he hesitated before pulling one out and popping it into his mouth, allowing it to sit there for a moment before biting it. After that it was mere seconds before it was gone. "Thank you..." he answered then, nodding at the girl. "And sorry I stole your spotlight" he teased.

He hated this, just sitting here doing nothing but he figured he'd give a show of kindness to his new team, even if they didn't survive he at least owed them that but as for pretending, that's as far as it would go. He wasn't going to become friends with any of them, they wouldn't be around long enough anyways and if they did make it back they wouldn't want to continue being in the same team as him.

He went to go on further but paused for a moment before looking skyward. "I know you're here" Kinari stated, speaking towards the boy in the tree. "I suspect your the other one, because you're too quiet to be that annoying pipsqueak Daishi..." He sighed before pulling out a sealed envelope, knowing that even if it wasn't his teammate that this alone would be enough to convince whoever was in hiding to come forward. "And that makes you the leader I suppose... Meaning I guess I should read the details of the mission to you?" he jested.

Not only was he sour about this mission but having to team up with the Shadow village was a joke, absolutely absurd. First a boy who's afraid of his own shadow and now a spy? Kinari had just about had enough of it but instead of taking further action decided to simply wave the envelope in the air before putting it back within his robes before crossing his arms, taking a deep breath in order to center himself... After all he had to set an example for those ranked lower than he was, especially those from the same village as himself which is what lead him to his next step, "Sorry about that Yamaki, I just don't like intruders and I certainly don't like spies" he shook his head. "And honestly... I think this whole idea is dumb, just let me go it alone with a medical ninja and I'd do just fine on my own..." Of course he was confident, of course he was cocky, he had every right to be on top of the fear that haunted him...

[i This isn't you, if you would just let go of the past and move on. Learn to control your Kekkai Genkai...] the voice of his younger self spoke to him as he continued to sit there in wait of the fourth member of the team as well as the reactions of Yamaki and mystery boy up in the trees. [i If only] he replied back to himself mentally, almost fighting with himself. [i You know damn good and well that I've tried so how about you shut the fuck up and leave me alone...] he closed his eyes again for a few seconds before blinking them a few times.

[i As you wish...] his younger self answered back, a small light shining dimly in the back of his mind before receding back into the far corners, outside of his reach and even alluding his sight. [i Come find me when you're ready to grow up child... You think you have it rough, just wait and see.]
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At the border of the land of shadow a young boy named taka is jumping from tree to tree swiftly towards the village near bye. He is not going at full speed just casually jumping from branch to branch" man what a bore...they say this is a B class mission yet they gave separate missions to my team...this is way to easy" he says but quickly doges a paper bomb on a tree" or not" he says spotting four rouge ninja jump from there hiding spot surrounding taka from his branch" all right hand us all your valuables and you wont get hurt kid" the first rouge says pulling out his katana and the others pull out there own weapons ready for a fight. Taka just sighs-water clone jutsu!-take shouts out as three more appear and split up and the rouges just like taka predicted split up as well going after each of them. The first one goes down by a simple paper bomb the second is knocked out by a kick from above and killed quickly after. The third was beat the water clone and the fourth with the katana chased the kid towards a lake and taka waits for him there" nice plan kid taking me to a better position but your doomed cause I am a johnie ninja and my best is water jutsu! Water style water blade!"he says making some hand signs letting the lake water onto his sword rapidly going around making it sharper and longer and charges at taka swinging. Taka jumps out of the way but gets cut in the chest and the wound starts bleeding. Taka looks at the rouge" damn well...looks like your better then I thought...i want to finish this fast so I will show you full power...sharingan!" He says as his eyes turn red and his pulled turn from one to three...the third rouge manages to track down his leader to the lake and when he gets there he sees his boss floating in the water dead and blooded and taka fitting his new katana onto his back...and taka looks towards the rouge strait in the eyes" you can run if you want...i got to hurry I wasted to much time so I will let you beat it before I kill you to!"he says letting the rouge run away scared as takas eyes go back to normal and holds his wounds which they are bleeding a lot and not stopping"I cant waste any more time..."and with that he goes full speed to the village of the shadows before fainting at the front gate from lack of blood.
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Yisei closed his eyes as he received information from his number one, Eavan. "Very well thank you" the man looked up towards the ceiling. Things seemed to be falling in place, the two Shinobi from the Light having received their "upgrades" as Fukitsu would call it, Yisei not liking the term but not having another that better suited what had transpired only hours prior... "It seems we've almost completely caught up with the shadow now..." he stood from his spot and moved towards the window, looking out towards the gates.

He hoped that there wouldn't be a war, neither side as was stated during one of his earlier conversations with Eavan, neither side could really afford it despite their power. Even though the Shadows initial military strength was greater due to sheer numbers the Lights Shinobi were, at least at this moment, individually stronger... Especially after creating and perfecting the Holy Mark, something he made sure that not even Fukitsu knew about... And his friend that had decided to reside within Yisei's own personal dimension giving him an upper hand on the old woman as well. Of course he knew she's continue to experiment and become stronger which pushed him to become greater as well... Much like with Naruto and Sasuke or Jiraiya and Orochimaru from old, the stories he'd heard of those pairs of shinobi. Yes, it was most definitely fitting, especially seeing as how she held within her Orochimaru's cells.

"But even so" he added as he continued to talk to his first, "We must move to the next phase immediately, we have to be ready by the time of choosing and the end of the fourth mission. Whether or not we succeed here is critical to our plans, understood?"

"Yes sir..." Eavan sighed as well then, "Though honestly you've run me ragged these last few weeks, any chance I can score a break?" he laughed half jokingly.

"Perhaps..." Yisei replied. "But let's move on to the next phase first, if it's secured within a reasonable time then I see no reason why you shouldn't be able to take a small break, take too long however and we'll have to postpone your 'vacation' once more" he added before turning away from the village. "Sorry to sound so cruel but these are hard times... And I must start acting more like a Kage and less like a wannabe if I'm ever going to hope to keep up with that old hag."

"But sir we're already caught up and almost surpassing the shadow even... Certainly you're not that afraid of..." though Eavan was cut off before he could finish.

"No, it's not that I'm afraid of that woman or her village but what she has in plan for not only the shadow but the light as well as those under us... We're one of the two strongest villages in all of the great nations... And you know how she hates competition, I'm not sure what her problem is or why she tends to try and outdo me at every turn but she's... Stubborn and I know that she will pass us up again soon if we don't continue how we are. Especially with my life running short..."

"Agreed I suppose... Though I still stand with my earlier decision, if you're in such a bad condition then why not just stand down?"

"Because my job isn't finished yet, Eavan... Soon you will be the next Kage of this village, I'm sure... And before that happens I must make sure you are ready and not just you but the entire village... Plus I can't allow myself to retire until I know what she's up to... You can tell of her arrogance just by her silly demands alone. I mean there are several in the Light that are much more qualified to lead such a team, Kinari I doubt will listen to anything the Shadow has to say and has experience leading... Though his uncontrollable power holds him back and even then Yamaki is sure to be the best bet as a leader. A medical ninja with excellent strategical abilities and a variety of sealing jutsu as well as offensive and defensive Ninjutsu and an amazing style of the Gentle Fist that is hers alone.... It just pisses me off how things have changed course, and I believe it's something I must fix"

Yisei then sent out a clone in order to meet with the Shadow Kage, his clone arriving at the gates to the village in minimal time, knowing the other Kage would sense it's presence relatively quickly. Even though he didn't approve her choice of a leader or the way she was going about what she was doing, hell he didn't approve of her being kage and in control of an entire village but he knew he had to work with her. He'd already sent her detail of the first mission which would consist of delivering a package to the land of wind, a mission that was recently bumped from a C class all the way to an A Class mission and even most A ranked ninja refused such a mission. Yisei wanted to find out why and what exactly had happened, also securing an alliance with the Wind and the Hidden Sand Village which is something they vitally needed...

"Alright Fukitsu, anytime now" Yisei spoke to himself as he watched from the eyes of his clone, able to picture already how the meeting would go. He figured it would be as it were the last time when she'd turned him away during his last visit but there was a slight chance it would be a bit different, after all they needed to detail the second mission "Their" "Special" Team would take, even though the missions were from separate villages, both Kage needed to be aware of said mission... In his anticipation and excitement for what was to come next as well as the dread he felt as he waited for that woman, he'd completely forgotten Eavan was there, Yisei's first taking the opportunity to leave so that he may begin preperations


"Yisei may be frightened by that woman or simply hold distaste for her but still, it's ridiculous to think we need to go this far, I mean we know almost everything Orochimaru knew before he was devoured unless she's found something new... something powerful, I mean it could be a possibility however unlikely..." Eavan spoke to himself as he made his way to the back of the village, using a hidden entrance within the Mountains before the Giant Ravine to sneak out unnoticed. It may be of the Kage's orders but if the village knew that he was acting in much the same manner as the Shadow Kage then there would be a riot which wasn't needed. "Alright Lord First... Either way, I'll make sure you're not disappointed, that way you'll be forced to give me that vacation"

Yes it was a bit silly and though motivated more than most, it seemed a vacation was all that was on the mans mind at the moment. He didn't want but needed to get away from all this madness... Light, Dark... Win or Lose it didn't matter to him, he was loyal to his friend. The only person he knew since before the war and had promised to serve until the time came for Yisei to retire the position of Kage... And he'd serve the man well but this really was ridiculous as he'd stated on multiple occasions, there was no way that woman would be brave enough to start a war... Even if the Shadow was slightly stronger, her village simply couldn't survive, they lacked the means... Especially with the Light holding one of the Tailed Beasts and Three of the Gemmed Beasts, two of which were sealed within Jinchuriki....

It also didn't help that before the war, the three of them had once actually been friends until Yisei had found the truth of Fukitsu and her basically absorbing Orochimaru and all of his memories, jutsu and knowledge... Which just helped to further prove that he needed a break. Still considering her a friend though he sided against her.
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It was still dark out when Shindou woke up and got started on his morning rituals. Today was his first mission as a chuunin, first mission where he was a team leader, and first time he would be leaving the village without the support of his sensei. He had prepared everything he would need for the mission the day before, but he made sure that he was up early enough to double check it after getting cleaned up.

Before he got dressed after his shower he paused in front of the mirror to look at the odd formation on his back. According to Fukitsu when it finished receding his modification would be complete, and it had shrunk from taking up most of his back to smaller than the average bill. He could tell that it was working though as his chakra reserves were noticeably larger than they were during the chuunin exam, he just hoped that it would be enough to lead his new team.

After his rituals were complete and everything was laid out so that he had ready access to it he went outside. His sensei having agreed to treat him to breakfast before his first mission as a team leader, and so he raced through the streets towards the restaurant. Unlike the Hidden Light the Hidden Shadow was well spaced and simply designed, as it relied on less apparent security methods to protect itself. Most of the valuables were kept in buildings designed as mazes instead, and as they had hosted foreign dignitaries before the accessible parts of the village were kept modest.

"Good morning Rika-sensei," Shindou said unsurprised to see that his sensei had arrived even earlier.

"Good morning Shindou, I trust your prepared for today," Rika said as he motioned for Shindou to sit down.

"Well as ready as I can be, I haven't been a chuunin for even a week yet, and everyone else on the team is older than me," Shindou said. "It just seems a bit odd that I was assigned as the team leader, but I guess this whole teaming up with the Hidden Light thing is a little weird in the first place."

"It is an unusual occurrence I agree with you there, however you should know Fukitsu is not the only person who would have appointed you as leader of such a team. I think everyone that sits on our council would do the same thing if they were in that position, and I can guarantee you that I would have," Rika said. "So have a bit more faith in yourself Shindou, and do your best to make a good first impression on the older kids. They may not see you as worthy of leading them at first, but once they understand your capabilities that should change quickly."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence," Shindou said with a small smile. "I'll do my best."

"That is all anyone can ask of you," Rika said as their food arrived. "Now let's eat."

The meal passed by simply as Rika continued to offer advice to Shindou, but most of it he had already learned by observing him in action. Strategy was something best learned through experience, and although Shindou had little experience as a leader he had spent a year under one of the must cunning shinobi in the Hidden Shadow. He had learned more from the experience than he originally thought, as their conversation made him realize.

After they said their goodbyes Shindou made his way home and grabbed everything that he was going to need. The most important piece being his special cloak, as he had lined it with seals holding all varieties of ninja tools that he would be expected to carry. Including his sword, an abundance of kunai, a large number of shuriken, and even plenty of soldier pills in case they were kept away from supplies for an extended period of time.

With his black cloak on he made his way to the assigned meeting place fifteen minutes early, but stayed in the trees to avoid interrupting the conversation. Rika had taught him that the leader of a team should always be early, but never so early that they seem overly eager. Something to do with being a diligent worker, as arriving too early could be considered a waste of time.

[h3 [center Fukitsu Hayashi]]"Are you sure that she will be capable of learning the summoning technique?" Fukitsu asked as she watched Sousuke work.

"Theoretically she is capable of learning to use any technique in existence if she develops her skills enough. Right now the primary factor limiting her is that she does not believe such a thing to be possible, but given her ability to control the wavelengths of chakra I have no doubt that her potential is far greater than she realizes," Sousuke replied. "If she developed her finesse enough she could theoretically replicate any given technique by adjusting how her chakra manifests. Admittedly the difficulty for most techniques would render it effectively impossible for her as she does not seem to possess intellect on our level, but something as simple as the summoning technique should be more than possible for her."

Fukitsu mulled the explanation over as she watched Sousuke maneuver around his laboratory to get everything ready in time. The sudden acquisition of the necessary materials for Project Kagami, the need to bolster Shindou Himura, and the acquisition of a new shinobi with an interesting new kekkei genkai left him very busy as the head of research and development. However she was happy to see him handling it in stride, even if he was forced to make use of his unusual extra appendages to do so.

"So you agree with Naomi that recruiting her was the right decision then?" Fukitsu asked.

"She is quite possibly the only person in the world with that kekkei genkai, and even if her previous modifications came from amateurs she has proven more than capable. If she accepts my offers to refine her genetic structure and modify her physique she will prove to be an asset worth the hassle," Sousuke said. "I understand that we had to give some more leeway to the infantile leader of the Hidden Light to acquire her, however if my initial research is accurate her genetics and abilities will prove to be exceptionally useful to us. Even if her particular abilities are not useful for your purposes they are quite useful for mine, and you know the old saying about such things."

"I am aware that we need to spread our resources out into further developments for the overall strength of the village Sousuke. Shindou's modifications should prove that I am still motivated towards those goals, but we both know that our overall strength is not the problem right now," Fukitsu said. "Thanks to our unique developments our military strength surpasses even the villages that have the strongest of chakra beasts, however all that power will not do us much good if something beyond anything else arrives. We have more cards than any other village right now, and that is why I am motivated towards guaranteeing that our strongest card is the strongest card."

"Speaking as one of the leaders of this village, if something stronger than you arrived it would warrant a combined response from all of the great villages. The idea that it would target us specifically is quite ridiculous given our capabilities," Sousuke said. "When you are the strongest in the world you do not waste your time on number two, as that fight could leave you wounded enough for number three to take your head. You should know this quite well considering you are known as the Goddess of Shinobi."

"Good to know you have such faith in my abilities Sousuke, unfortunately I am well aware that I am not as powerful as I need to be," Fukitsu sighed. "Well I should go now if I am going to get everything prepared before the village meeting today."

"Just remember that your side project will be ready tomorrow, and that your new power should be plenty for some time," Sousuke said as Fukitsu left.
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Yamaki jumped out of bed and quickly made some breakfast excited and nervous at the same time for the first mission. She tried to calm herself as she finished eating, tidied the house, then grabbed her things heading out the door. As she walked through the village to make her way to the front gate Yamaki stopped at her favorite snack vendor and bought box of pocky. Opening it she pulled out one stick and placed it in her mouth and dashed off towards the gate again as she chewed n it thinking the whole time. [i 'I hope I am the first arrive.']

Yamaki noticed a figure sitting against the gate as she approached it. Upon getting closer she noticed than it was Kinari as he yawned stretching his arms out as he did. Then he spoke to her his voice still sounding sleepy as he yawned again and began to rub his eyes. Yamaki blushed as she watched him and then stared at the ground as she replied. "I thought that I was going to be the first to show up here but I guess you kind of beat me to it." She softly kicked the dirt under her feet and began to fidget with her box of pocky before pulling out another stick and placing it in her mouth. She shyly looked up from the ground at Kinari and held the box out towards him. "Pocky?"
  Yamaki / SayuriKyuubi / 4y 347d 20h 8m 11s
Yumizuke smiled as everything was put in place and she as well as her friends were housed in the small home in the country in which the Kage had offered her though declining the other... She didn't want to just hide away and instead insisted she go on missions, accepting immediately after hearing of the Anbu in the village, sealing the deal upon agreeing to use her wavelength abilities in order to help the crops and the rest of the land of the shadow on top of her job as an Anbu while not on a mission.

She loved fighting, but hated seeing her friends in danger and that's where the original problem came in though she did miss when they weren't around and was overly grateful when they helped her out in critical conditions such as what happened with the Anbu of the other villages... Also one of her more selfish reasons for insisting she become an Anbu, knowing she'd get the chance at revenge at one point or another and sooner than if she hadn't been part of it...

She closed her eyes and sighed as she thought back to the rest of the meeting. "But can I really learn to use the summoning jutsu...?" she asked herself, it being the only way to make sure her friends weren't harmed and allow for animal company. After all she did have the cells of a few animals implanted in her when she was younger but her special "ability" made her unable to use jutsu of any other sort which of course would make her skeptical. "Guess today's the day I find out... And if I succeed then I"ll be gone for at least a year..." she looked to several of her friends then, mainly feline and reptilian that had followed her inside the small house. "Of course" she smiled, a half hearted laugh escaping her lips as they looked at her with such serious expressions. "The Kage said she'd make sure you were well looked after and unharmed!" she seemed to lighten loads as they intervened with her thought process. "Just wish me luck on the summoning, okay?"
  Yumizuke Inaziki / TsukikoKyuubi / 4y 349d 14h 9m 11s
Kinari sighed as the fourth day rolled around, wiping his brow as midnight rolled around, standing from the hitting post in which he'd perched after several days of nonstop training. "Today's the day..." he spoke to himself in a rather low tone as he took forward towards the front of the village... It was almost as big as most villages at this point but having a maze like structure it was harder to navigate and generally took longer to get around but after what seemed like several hours Kinari arrived at the village gate...

Seeing that no one else was there allowed him a small grin before leaning against the gate which would eventually lead to sliding and then sitting and inevitably, sleeping. Of course he would be tired but it seemed that he was even more so than he'd thought, having been training non stop for weeks, even before the exams began without sleep the poor boy was drained though he would never admit it. He was gloomy and had no friends and despite that he kept his head held high and a proud look permanently etched onto his face which was otherwise lined with sadness. Some would think to say regret but that wasn't true, no matter what happened the boy refused to regret anything, and if this worked out... If he actually had a team worth while... A team that he could actually work with then maybe all his past failures wouldn't have been for nothing... And these thoughts along with the faint glimmer of hope that shown with is what enabled him to sleep, subconsciously sliding the mask over his face.

[i Kinari spun in the air laughing as Tekumi hurled a Chidori stream at him which spread wings and spun so that he couldn't escape. Petals appearing out of almost nowhere, hardening at the last second to protect the boy from the initial impact... The tree behind him breaking under his weight though despite his efforts. "Damn... You're still too much for me" Kinari grinned at the ripe age of nine, his best friend grinning just as wide, laughing as he gloated. "[b Yeah well... What can you expect? The last Uzamaki literally taught my old man so of course I'm gonna know a few tricks!]]

[i Kinari shook his head and laughed a bit more before turning serious suddenly. "Yeah well... Next time I'm going to win for sure!" throwing his fist in the air as he walked away from his friend. Tekumi... Was the reason for everything. Kinari's awakening, the reason for his Kekkai Genkai's activation, the fear he'd lived for so long due to the occurrence of dragon... Everything.]

Kinari yawned, stretching as a figure approached him [i 'I hate you Tekumi...'] He thought after such a vivid dream though his outward appearance showed nothing but kindness as he removed his mask. "Yamaki, you're early... I didn't expect the rest of the team for at least another hour or two.." another yawn escaping his lips as he rubbed at his eyes to get rid of the embarrassing sleepys, glad she wasn't close enough to see it... Generally he wouldn't care how others perceived him due to his history and all but if this team was all that Yisei had been boasting it to be then maybe things would be alright and on that slight occasion he decided he'd at least try to care, though he couldn't guarantee anything, not even to himself.

[size17 [b While Kinari Slept]]

"Prepare the final steps for transference"
"Yes sir." Replied a young robed figure, seconds before appearing in front of a sleeping boy with a mask over his face. Temporarily removing the mask, which was easy due to the deep sleep the boy had induced upon himself, he placed a a glowing white golden symbol that would disappear into the boys flesh. "Link established sir" the figure would stand after slowly slipping the mask back onto the boys face... Silence following shortly after his words causing the hooded figure to ask then. "What's next..?"
"Steps 2 through 4 can begin... It will take some time so I want you to monitor the boy while I work and make sure no harm comes to him... Especially his eyes, they're.... Important". Being the only way it could be explained that would make sense to the man who would look up at the night sky upon removing his hood. His entire head was encased in a sort of mask with small holes where the mouth slit would normally be and only one eye hole... Where the other hole would normally be was a mark like what a kunai would cause which went straight through the tri-layered formula that sat there in the form of a circle with many rings, tiny markings etched in between each individual ring. "Also... I want no serious harm to come to the team, if anything unusual or unexpected happens that they can't handle... You must intervene, for everyone's sake"
"Yes sir" replied the once hooded masked man. "Fully understood... sir" the man added only mere seconds before the mental link in which they spoke was broken.

"Is it done?" the voice that had spoke to the masked man asked, a female this time.
"Indeed..." replied the voice of a young female as she stood over the sleeping Yamaki. "Everything is in place..." a formula spreading out from the girls holy mark which had been implanted upon her when she first joined the Hidden Light and received the Tenseigan.
"Good... Give her the injection then"
"But sir... Are you sure?" the woman asked concerned.
"Yes... It's the only way she can withstand the chakra of those three in accordance with her own... Also she is to receive the mark of closing if there are no side effects within the first three weeks... You will report everything to him" the voice spoke inside her head.
"Y.. Yes sir" she answered slightly confused, and overly concerned for the girls well being.
"Don't worry... Everything will be delayed back to me in due time... But until you receive your next orders do not try contact with me... I will be... Busy" the voice spoke again. "Very busy..."
"Yes understood" she spoke once more before the mental link was cut from her as well.
  Kinari / TsukikoKyuubi / 4y 349d 14h 17m 57s
Fukitsu just sipped at her milk as she let the girl give her a proper response, as she knew that her speech was probably a bit long based on Yumizuke's facial expressions. However she seemed to be at least willing to accept some aid, and that was all that Fukitsu wanted from the encounter at this point.

"You can handle yourself pretty well from what I saw of your fight, but if they keep up like this the story will not end well for you. That is not something I want to happen to you after our conversations today, and so I want to do what I can to prevent that bad ending," Fukitsu replied. "It sounds like you just want your friends out there to be safe from harm, and I can make that happen without you becoming a shinobi of the Hidden Shadow. Honestly you do not seem all that interested in the idea, and I have no need for a shinobi who does not want to be a shinobi. Especially not one that has no interest in taking orders, as that is what the life of a shinobi entails for those who are not in leadership positions."

Fukitsu was lucky in that regard as she formed the village herself, and her daimyo was comfortable with her running things how she saw fit. So long as the Hidden Shadow maintained its position as one of the strongest hidden villages he would continue to throw money their way, and that relationship had served the two of them well for years.

"I could set you up with a small home in the country, as there is an area that is not popular as a living space where you might do well. The civilians avoid it because of the number of predatory animals that live there, and other shinobi avoid it because there is nothing of value there," Fukitsu said. "Just a bit of work and no one would ever track you there. You could live out the rest of your life with your animal friends away from battle, and away from all of the people who want to abuse you and your abilities for their own purposes."

"Does that sound more appealing to you?" Fukitsu asked before finishing off her milk.
  Fukitsu / Tesla / 5y 6d 11h 28m 25s
Yumi just sat there as the Kage talked, digging into her food and asking for seconds a few moments later. Speaking up only after it seemed like the woman had stopped talking, finally. Yumi didn't much like humans at all anymore, even those who tried helping her, not being able to help the fact that this woman was trying to use her despite her offer... However she was grateful for the food and thus offered to help the village. "I've been hunted my entire life" she responded as she looked up momentarily to meet the womans eyes. "I can more than handle it on my own, with the help of my friends but if you keep them safe I will become a ninja of your village as well as be able to help it grow..." she sighed then before continuing. "And even if I wanted the help it's not like it would help, all I can do is increase my physical characteristics for this "ability" keeps me from using other jutsu, period. I've tried everything and to be honest... I'm kind of glad that I can't, my Zekra-ah'um as they call it is a blessing in itself." her sigh being followed by a yawn.

..."Though if I work as a ninja I'd prefer to do it alone... Maybe with one other but I'm not taking orders from anyone else" knowing she could haggle with the woman, she seemed almost eager to get Yumi on the Shadows side and the girl would use that as much as she could, it was her only chance to get even a fraction of what she'd missed her entire life. The price of her unique ability, an ability that the rest of her clan didn't even have. "Also, I've had enhancements before so if you plan on trying to help me in that way... I don't want anything taken away... Including both the cheetah and the snake" revealing one of her biggest secrets to the woman but she knew that she'd find out sooner or later just due to who she was.

To be honest she used to hate her abilities but the way they worked with her wavelengths and enhanced her capabilities she couldn't help but be grateful, even if the people who'd given her such abilities had abused her by every meaning of the word. "Oh" she blushed some, not believing she'd forgotten her main request. "And I'd like to be able to live with my friends if... If not then I'm not sure I can stay in the village though I could still help you..."
  Yumizuke Inaziki / TsukikoKyuubi / 5y 12d 18h 19m 45s
Shindou continued practicing until he was almost out of chakra. His reserves low enough that he had to deactivate his doujutsu, and sit down to catch his breath. He looked over his shoulder for just a moment, before shaking his head and spreading out in the grass.

It was already starting to get dark when he decided to pick himself and his bag up to head home. "I wonder if Rika would have some time to help me after whatever is going to happen to me tomorrow," Shindou mused to himself as he walked back home.

Since he only had a few days left before leading such an important team he wanted to get as much training in as he could without hurting himself. So once he got home he left a few messages for his old team, his old sensei, and a few of the shinobi he used to practice with in the academy. Practice makes perfect, and even if a few days can make a world of difference when you make proper use of them.

[h3 [center Fukitsu's Wood Clone #2]]
"I trust in your abilities to handle the transition Daiashi, but I am available to help if you are comfortable making the request," Fukitsu's clone said refusing to get drawn in by his pleading. "You are a shinobi of the Hidden Shadow, and you still have a long way to go to reach your potential. I have no intention of letting you throw that potential away, as a shinobi of my village you are far too important."

"When you are ready my office is open to you Daiashi, and I hope that you will trust me enough to come by soon," Fukitsu's clone added before departing from the house through the ceiling.

The clone made sure to maintain a slow pace in case Daiashi had a sudden change of heart while she was on her way back to the office. It was an unlikely event, but an eventuality that she wanted to be prepared for nonetheless.
  Shindou / Tesla / 5y 12d 18h 38m 37s

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