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Yamaki looked at Kinari and blushed a bit as he looked over her body at the scrapes she had gotten and looked down right away. "I..I'm sorry Kinari. I was just worried that if you took off by yourself and you got hurt who would be there to tend to your wounds and heal you." She blushed even more as he took a hold of her arm and lifted it. "D..Don't worry I am okay I just tripped over a rock when running down the path." She hid her face behind her hair so he won't see how red her cheeks were and pulled her medical pouch out in front of her and began to dig through it as he spoke to her about the team and the Light village and the next second she blanked out closing her eyes as she did.

[i [#43BFC7 Oh my dear Yamaki you really do need to be more careful with yourself.]] [i [#FF4D79 Sorry Shinjuko I guess I got a little clumsy when I was in a hurry to find Kinari.]] [i [#43BFC7 Sighs I understand how you feel for this boy but you need to be more careful when doing things. How can you be of help to him if you are all bruised and beaten.]] [i [#FF4D79 Yes Shinjuko. I promise I will be more careful.]] [i [#43BFC7 That's good to hear dear Yamaki. Now lets get you all healed up.]] [i [#FF4D79 OK!!]]

Yamaki smiles while her eyes were still shut and brought her hands to her chest folding them together and sat quietly as Shinjuko worked it's healing abilities on her. Her eyes slightly opening and looking down at her knees as a softly pale blue light emanated from each of her wounds. She giggles softly as the feeling of it always seemed to tickle a bit to her. And than it was over. [i [#FF4D79 Thank you Shinjuko.]] [i [#43BFC7 Of course dear.]] She fully opened her eyes and stared up at Kinari. "All better!"
  Yamaki / SayuriKyuubi / 4y 328d 20h 32m 3s
[h3 [center Fukitsu #1]]
The hospital room lacked any pleasant decorations, and seemed to have less accessible tools than would be expected. It was a room designed for outsiders allowing them proper care without risking any sensitive or valuable materials. However the plain design combined with the bars on the window, and various warding seals left it feeling more like a prison to some of the individuals that had stayed there in the past.

Fukitsu cocked an eyebrow at the strange first remark of the boy, but let it drop as she had no intention of prying into his nightmare. The possibility of him being an invader was slim, and even if he was here on a mission, he was in no condition to hurt anyone after whatever he had been through. "Do not struggle too much just yet, your body is unused to our healing methods and I do not want to have to fix you up again," Fukitsu said from her chair in the corner of the room.

"My name is Fukitsu Hayashi, I am the leader of the Hidden Shadow the village that you are in," Fukitsu said. "Now, do you remember your name, and more importantly, do you remember why you came here in the first place?"

[h3 [center Shindou]]
Shindou had managed to catch up early on, but kept his distance as he observed Kinari starting a fight with an Uchiha. He was close enough that if things went wrong he would be able to intervene, but he knew to keep enough distance that the two would not be aware of his presence. Using his eyes he kept a close watch on their lips, as the powers of the Tendou would allow him to keep a close enough eye to read what they were saying.

The Uchiha introduced himself as a mercenary named Aiko, and seemed to have a similar difficulty with Kinari's bratty behavior. Shindou would almost certainly be able to get along with the man if not for the fact that mercenary tended to mean missing-nin or terrorist. All his words just served to make Shindou more certain of his decision to observe the scene from a distance, as he knew despite Kinari's bratty behavior the boy could handle himself.

It was what Kinari said that struck him more, as it seemed the Light considered their alliance to be tenuous. The fact that Kinari at least wanted to prevent a war between the two villages was a good sign, even if his overall attitude was worse than a rabid animal. If Shindou could find a way to discuss these worries with Kinari he felt they might be able to work together, but he kept his distance as observation was more important for the moment.
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Kinari's eyes started to flicker as he heard the shinobi speak, claiming to be a mercenary, not having time for the mans insolence as Kinari was called a brat but the moment his eyes started to actually glow they dimmed just as suddenly after hearing his name being yelled from behind by one of his teammates... Looking back at the Shinobi then he nodded. "Kinari, but if you'll excuse me" a bit baffled and not sure what to say to the strange man anyways he turned and left the man hanging, arm outstretched as he rushed towards where he heard Yamaki from, stopping almost immediately after seeing her.

"What in the hell happened?" he asked, showing concern for someone other than himself for once as he looked the girl over. Taking her arm and lifting it, examining her over. Of course he wasn't a medical ninja like her and knew she could take care of herself but if it were an attack he'd be able to tell, though thankfully it seemed as if she'd only tripped and fallen... And from what he guessed she was rushing after him. "Look..." he took a deep breath, "Sorry for earlier but please be more careful" he then wiped the smeared blood from her face before standing and turning back towards the strange male ninja. "So if you're really not an enemy then could you at least keep watch without charge while I take care of something?" he asked, then adding to satisfy the man. "I mean you should be more than capable... Taking that attack so easily, most would be in pieces after that..."

Of course he didn't really trust the man to look after him let alone his teammate and only real friend but he wasn't going to let that become public knowledge. He wasn't really a genius tactician but even he could tell that they needed him, at least until Yamaki had healed. "Now what do you say? Let's heal you up and move on towards the Sand... I know you trust them, our so called team but... Well, it's better honestly. If they die because of me it'll be on the Light and our alliance isn't all too smooth the way things stand. Trust me... I've talked with Old Man Kage more than enough to know where things stand.... Plus, I'd rather just not kill anyone this time... Y'know?" glad he could actually talk to her unlike everyone else. Making sure one else was around as he spoke that could possibly be listening in other than the Mercenary, figuring he was too busy to try and spy on them anyways... And after his display of power, he doubted the man would want a fight which brought another thought... Kinari looking over his shoulder and yelling out. "Not that it matters or that we'll see each other again but... What's your name?"
  Kinari / TsukikoKyuubi / 4y 329d 15h 33m 48s
"Leaf shinobi?" He repeatead the unknown mans voice, he tilted his head as the ninja spoke not listening to any word of it. Who was he? He asked himself trying to deduce, probable Chunin: 98%, strength: Jounin or higher. Rank: Unknown. Jinchuriki: 70% chance. A freaking Brat: 100%. "Hey man." He started "I ain't no leaf shinobi, or an imp-" He didn't get to finish as the weird ninja sent him a gift, freaking petals. But when the first one scratched his cheek he knew he was in trouble. He jumped, rolled, sidejumped trying to evade the petals, some of them scratched them but three actually impaled themselves on him. One on his shoulder, another on his cheat and the last on his knee. He looked up at him and yelled "The hell!" He barked at him "Can't a freaking mercenary train in this woods, I am not a rogue ninja, or an impostor. Besides you are a brat, I wouldn't want to interrupt anything you guys are working on, unless someone pays me to stop you." He added under his breath.

He looked up and a second figure appearead, he got to his knees and sighed "You got me good kid." He said laughing as he took out the petals as a weapon "Using petals as freaking weapons, that is something I haven't seen. I'm immpressed." He walked in front of him and streched his hand, which was coverred in blood from his wound "I'm Aiko, nice to meet you."
  Aiko Uchiha / kirito / 4y 330d 18h 12m 10s
Yamaki continued to run along the dirt path through the woods looking for Kinari calling out his name as she did. [i Ugh....Why do you always do this? Don't get worked up. I am sure he is fine.] She keeps running and stares up into the trees again as she trips over a rock along the path and tumbles forward scraping up both her knees and the palms of her hands and her left elbow as she rolls across the ground. "Dang it. Good job Yamaki. Gosh I am so clumsy. Oh well I don't have time to heal these right now. I need to catch up to Kinari." She stood up and straightened her clothes and took off again leaving little drops of blood here and there as she ran along the path again.

Yamaki stopped and leaned over to catch her breath as she saw a whirlwind of Sakura petals a little ways ahead. [i Kinari!!] She placed her hands around her mouth and yelled out to him. "Kinari. Hey I found you." As she lowered her hands she left a few small smudges of blood on her cheeks.
  Yamaki / SayuriKyuubi / 4y 330d 20h 29m 7s
Kinari smirked as he saw a figure fly past him, not recognizing the chakra signature and even more so after the kunai was thrown, causing him to speed up even more reaching the shinobi in a matter of seconds. "A leaf ninja out this far... And without word, training from the looks of it, very peculiar..." his eyes were closed the entire time with his mask over his face. The opening of his eyes let out a bright teal glow from behind the mask. "Or is it that you're an imposter or a rogue ninja hire to stop us?" he asked as Sakura petals started moving in a flurry, quickly surrounding him.

However he didn't give the boy enough time to talk or react, he knew his duty as a shinobi and the only thing other than old man Yisei and Yamaki he knew was fighting. The petals went forward in a flurry, sharper than swords, each one that would be deflected or avoided blowing up in very close proximity to the boy.... And even if the opposing shinobi could withstand this attack, Kinari knew he had significantly more chakra which would come to overwhelm the other in no time. "So what is it?" he asked, repeating his question, this time waiting a moment to allow the boy to answer in case he truly was a ninja from the leaf. Even though he didn't have a headband the leaf was still the only known village for the Uchiha Clan and he could easily have it hidden and despite his answer if he didn't have proof then Kinari would be forced to react as trained in situations similar to the one at hand.
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"Immature?" Yisei laughed at the woman then and turned away. "Very well, I will stay out of your village but the next time you enter mine without permission or a meeting being set up prior then I will treat it as an invasion and will reply accordingly since you refuse to work with me..." the clone started to walk away then, knowing that it would have went about like this. "Though I could have had that child saved in only a minute or two if given the time, and this alliance won't work out to start with due to you not me" he retorted as he continued to walk away, her attitude and always looking down on him effecting the relationship between the villages more than she may realize and he wouldn't stand for it.

Her reaction to everything up to this point making him think that she didn't care for the alliance and that some sort of attack, no matter the scale, was almost unavoidable at this point though he still refused to attack first due to his nature an the way of the light.
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In a dark chamber somewhere unknown there is a giant pool of water making up most of the room. Taka straes down into the deep black water untill he sees some bubbles. And then he sees movement somthing big coming! And its about to reach the surface when taka wakes up panting and sweating"huff huff...damn why wont you go away?
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[h3 [center Fukitsu #1]]
"If you are going to be so immature as to read an insult into everything I say to you then this alliance will not work out to start with," Fukitsu said with a roll of her eyes. "Excuse me for thinking you busy enough that you would not want to wait while I deal with the far more important task of a bleeding child. So feel free to come back when you are willing to have an adult conversation, and until then do us both a favor and stay in your own village."

With that she turned away from him to avoid him reading an insult into how she looked at him, or how her hair covered her face. His insecurities were not a priority when there was an unidentified bleeding child in front of her gates. Even with her ANBU dealing with the injury there were still far too many rubberneckers for her comfort, and so she wanted to quickly get the child away from the casual observers.

"Let us get the boy to the hospital and away from prying eyes," Fukitsu said as the four ANBU prepared a stretcher for safe transport. "I shall accompany you, as I want to be there when the boy finally regains consciousness."

[h3 [center Fukitsu #2]]
"Your skills of deduction are clearly lacking, as it seems you do not know who I am, nor do you understand how easy it is for some people to hide their chakra," Fukitsu whispered as she rose from the ground behind Akane. "Let me inform you that I am not someone you walk away from so casually, and that if you do so again things will not go smoothly for you. You do not drunkenly stumble into a village of shinobi without expecting a response. So here is the response, and I will you ask again, why are you here?"

Fukitsu kept herself prepared to move in an instant in case the woman decided to pick a foolish fight. The people that had gathered were dispersing just as quickly as they gathered now that ANBU arrived to decipher the text, and per Fukitsu's mental conversation with Naomi to keep an eye on pudding girl. If she was looking for an easy target for trespassing she chose as poorly as humanly possible, and when she walked away from her first chance to explain herself it only served to make matters worse. Should she try to make a move now she was surrounded by over a dozen elite shinobi, and one of the most capable shinobi alive.

[h3 [center Shindou]]
Shindou caught the envelope that was not so casually thrown at him as he listened to the older boy continue with his aggressive tone. He had been warned that Kinari was difficult by Fukitsu, but to see his behavior upfront was to realize that he was truly an appalling individual. When he ran off Shindou almost wanted to breathe a sigh of relief, but Yamaki's sudden interjection before running off as well kept him from the relief.

Shindou let out an exasperated sigh as he quickly wrote up a simple note for Daiashi on where to meet up with them, and made sure to write it in a way that would be difficult for anyone outside the Shadow to understand. He was not going to let the two run off on their own and get hurt after all of the work that went into making the team. So with a deep breath he triggered his flicker form and sprinted off to catch up with them. With his speed he was sure that he could make up the time lost by the momentary pause to leave Daiashi a note, and with his Tendou he could keep them in sight as he made his way through the forest.
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Yumi looked back towards her friends one more time before turning from the small home she'd just settled into to after days of work, eating and negotiations... It had taken awhile to find a home suitable for all of her animal friends as well as herself but it seemed as if it wasn't nearly as much trouble as she'd thought it to be, a shame that she had to leave so soon though but with ninja after her head still what else could she really do?

The girl started her way towards the Shadow Village which only took around a half hour at most, at least according to her watch but then she may have been off having gotten lost in her thoughts once more, not knowing what to expect seeing as how the whole world had suddenly changed around her. It was all so new and unexpected, there was no way she'd be able to completely just accept the changes and cope with it.... But things could always be worse. "I'm here to see the Kage... Ummm Fukitsu I think?" she asked, giving her name when asked, assuming she was right after she was let inside. Yumi then smiled before making her way into the building and up the stairs to the Kage's office, taking a seat outside as she waited in case the woman was busy... After all what else was she suppose to do? Not like she could just demand to be seen with all she's been given and having given nothing back yet herself. "Hopefully that changes soon..." she smiled lightly as she waited, kicking her feet as if she were a child, bored with no one to play with.
  Yumizuke Inaziki / TsukikoKyuubi / 4y 334d 19h 33m 7s
Akanes eyes snapped towards as it approached the street, she slowly turned her attention back to the empty seats next to her and and lead the conversation into backing as the clone drew closer. With the clone upon her she mostly listened at this point, only speaking to repeat the ingredients, to an outside observer it would appear as if she were reciting a recipe to herself rather then having a hushed conversion, however they would have to be fairly close to make out her words. Akane eyes slowed gazed back at the clone as it spoke up, a look of boredem on her face [b "Your skills of deduction astound me."] She replied with a hint of sarcasm. [b "Had you any level of scenery abilities you would notice a lack of chakra on my part, so why don't you tell me about this hideous undead army I'm going to lead upon you while reciting a pudding recipe."] She gave a fake smile before standing and walking off towards the village center [b "Good day"] she called back to the two old women before exiting the street.

Expecting the clone to follow her, Akane repeated the recipe over and over again as the streets became more and more crowded, once she was sure she was out of sight, Akane used body flicker, vanashing from amid the crowd and appearing again on the next empty street. She had noticed the crowd had been heading for the Village center, in fact a great deal of people was heading in that direction and of course it would be suspicious if she didn't follow. Akane causally made her way along the empty street back towards the crowds, she stood at the back and feigned interest in whatever they had gathered to see. It was the murmuring of the spirits that got Akane's attention, something about old text appearing, forcing her way to the front, she got to see the text for herself, she had seen this kind of writing before, she studied it carefully, she couldn't read it all too well, but she could copy it at a later date for somebody who could.
  Akane / ripkay / 4y 335d 14h 15m 51s
He was running, running on a grassy empty field, someone running behind him. They both were laughing, the strange figure had the shape of a small girl, but unfortunatley she didn't have a face. But for some reason Aiko was having fun, so anything else didn't matter.

"You're too fast." The girl yelled at him "Slow down."

"What's the point." He yelled back at her "You'll have to train harder if you want to catch up to me."

The girl stopped and got to her knees "You are too good, I'll never be able to catch up." She sobbed.

Aiko stopped and walk towards her with a smile across his face, for some reason he loved this mysterious figure, he knelt down beside her and patted her head. "Now, what Kind of attitude is that?" He asked her "Just because now I am stronger than you it doesn't mean you'll be able to catch up."

"B-But... Y-You have an wasy t-time with training." She said "I don't"

"You kidding, I got tree walking a lot slower than you" He assured her "Hell, I had a hard time producing a fireball jutsu."

"You promise." The girl asked him

"Cross my heart."

Aiko woke up, he hated those dreams. He hated the fact that they still lingered in his mind, causing him pain... suffering. He sighed and looked up, it had gotten preety late and he was extremele bored, that kill didn't had any fun... he needed something bigger.

Just like that a figure shot past him, leaving a trail of leaves.

'Obviously a shinobi.' he thought to himself 'Probably Chunin or higher, hopefully... I might have fun after all.' He started to chase him

He used his vectors to speed himself up so much the trees started to blur. For some reason he lost sight of the shinobi but then realized that he probably had gotten past him. He stopped, leaving a trail of dirt behind him... 16 trails to be exact. He took out 6 kunais and placed 1 in his left hand and waited, he flared up his sharingan and looked at the incoming chakara signature. He smiled and threw the kunai in his left hand with the intention that it missed but not before the mysterious figure caught site of it. Then he threw one more towards a tree, hopefully they would think he was training.
  Aiko Uchiha / kirito / 4y 335d 15h 11m 59s
Yamaki listened as the two young men argued with each other and brought her hands up to her chest clasping them together frowning a bit as she watched Kinari. She looked at him as he turned and talked to her after watching him throw the envelop at the other team member and yelled out at him as he took off. "No please you are not a bother to me She turned to Shindou and bow slightly. "I am sorry for Kinari's behavior and I am glad to meet you. I am Yamaki Hyuga. I am the medic of the team. But if you will please excuse me I must go after Kinari. I don't wish to leave him alone in case something bad were to happen and he would need my help and healing. She quickly turned on her heels and darted off towards the direction Kinari took off in and looked fanatically in the trees as she searched for him. "Dang it Kinari please don't do anything dumb and get into a fight before I can show. Please stop running off on your own. All I want to do is help you and the team and to be your friend."
  Yamaki / SayuriKyuubi / 4y 335d 21h 31m 32s
"Seeing as how your village is so uncooperative I was given extra details that were apparently left out, as insurance to make sure she sees to the Lord Second... Though since the offer has been thrown out there I suppose I will keep it until the boy arrives" he stated before finally looking towards the teams "leader"... "And as such I insist you take a look" he took the envelope back out and threw it at the boy.

"As for your lectures I could do without, I don't give a damn about you or your village..." he turned towards Yamaki again then and lowered his head. "I'm sorry, I know I must be a bother to you... And I'm sorry to disappoint but I'm not going to let the past repeat itself..." he turned and jumped up into a tree then before leaping off onto another tree and then another on his way to their destination. [i "for what it's worth I think you performed amazingly... Better than other shinobi"] he added inwardly, knowing she wouldn't be able to hear him though feeling that she already knew what he thought.

[i "You never listen due you, you idiot!"] he yelled at himself mentally, blinking so as to not shed a tear.... Of course he didn't like nor did he trust the shadow village due to the way Fukitsu acted but that wasn't his only reason, as much as he didn't like working with them he liked the idea of accidentally killing one of them even worse and so the safest bet would be to go the mission alone in case he did have to use his powers. "I'm sorry Tekumi..." he spoke once he was sure he was out of the range of hearing of the others, not expecting them to follow and not wanting them to though he was sure Yamaki would....

[size17 Flashback] - [size12 [i 5 years]].

"Don't worry, I don't expect you to say anything" spoke the eighteen year old boy, covered in blood as the girl tried to heal him. A small smile lighting his lips as the girl spoke her name to him, barely hearing the words, Yamaki. "I guess I was wrong..." he inched away from her healing touch though instead of allowing her to continue. "But you shouldn't worry about me... This isn't my blood" he then spoke about his childhood with her and the activation of his Kekkai Genkai. That it's activation is what killed his first and really only friend after having a monster shoved inside him... It's not like the village hated him but he was kept away from public eyes, meant to be used as a weapon.

He paused after telling his tale to the stranger before rising from dirt that he'd fallen back into before the medical corps arrived, darting back to the village without saying another word as silence fell. Knowing he'd spoken to much, but then who wouldn't be shocked into silence? He was a monster after all and all those missions afterwards just went further to prove that point... The only good he's done being saving her weeks later when she was sent out to heal a nearby comrade from a rogue ninja and even then he almost killed more of the light in the process.
  Kinari / TsukikoKyuubi / 4y 339d 12h 38m 52s
Yisei's clone shook his head at Fukitsu's. "Tsk tsk tsk..." he muttered as he watched. "And here I was certain that even as a clone my medical jutsu would prove very worthwhile, and to think you'd be passing on an attempt to learn more about a rivaling kage but I guess you aren't quite the woman you're talked up to be" he turned as well and shook his head once more. "And I believe I don't need an appointment seeing as how you send your clones barging into my office all the time. If this treaty between us is to work then you will not continue to treat me as inferior, are we clear?" there was obvious venom in his tone and he didn't do anything to hide it due to what he already thought about the woman and suspected from her village. "And one other thing... The last I checked on the fourth day when the team assembled we were to meet to discuss the second mission as you insisted from me for the first... However if it's more than you can handle then you should simply just say so"

The real Yisei simply grinned as he leaned back in his chair as he watched before going deep within his mind to talk with Shukaku. "Are you sure you're okay with these latest turn of events...?" he asked the beast, glad to hear a positive reply rather shortly, given his life expectancy he didn't have room for error... He didn't have the time. "Good, now we can move to our next project, fortifying the village to work as a defense for any possible attack given my absence at any and every time... And then the plans for my 'Revival'" he stated, the plans only taking a few minutes to go over though it felt like hours inside the mans mind as he spoke with the tailed beast.

"Great..." he opened his eyes once more and turned towards the window as a dove covered in gold paint from what it seemed arrived. "Ah just in time, and due to the looks of things the Sand did rather well considering..."
  *Yisei~ / TsukikoKyuubi / 4y 339d 13h 20m 6s

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