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[h3 [center Fukitsu #1]]
Fukitsu listened carefully as she led Yisei to a more secure location within the Hidden Shadow. Yisei's speech was for the most part predictable as he tended to doubt the capabilities of their village, and was far more accepting of the new beasts since he lacked the experience she had with them. However his comment on the seal while not surprising was new information, and combined with what they already knew made her more certain of her original conclusion.

She kept quiet as they walked into one of the less savory training grounds of the village. It had a refined version of the sensing barrier used by the village to keep intruders out, and the dangers presented by the forest kept even more individuals away. A quick scan of the area with her mind's eye guaranteed that there was no one there to bother them, and Yisei seemed to agree as he undid his stealth technique.

"If any of the villages have the potential to figure out the message despite its origin it would be one of ours," Fukitsu said. "We have the most connection to these new old beasts, and if what you said is true then they are most likely going to be key to deciphering the message."

Fukitsu took a deep breath as she prepared her next statement knowing that it could go over very poorly. "My experience with the Painite leads me to believe otherwise, as I had never encountered such a malevolent creature before the arrival of the new beasts. The fact that they have proven even more difficult to rein in than the tailed beasts, and the fact that they are even stronger is what makes me worried," Fukitsu explained. "You and I both know that I have defeated one in single combat, but if your belief that they are just an omen of things to come is right then we are in trouble. Honestly I do not know how connected they might be to the tablets, but I think you are right about them being just a sign of things to come."

"If there is going to be an attack by something even more malevolent and even more powerful than the Painite we are not going to survive it well as we are now," Fukitsu said. "Much as it pains me to say this we would survive it better united than divided, and so your idea to make a joint task force was a smart start."

It did pain her to say it, as admitting the younger shinobi had a good idea was not something she enjoyed. However he was right about them being in a poor situation, and she knew as well as he did that their alliance would be key to surviving to see the end of the situation.

[h3 [center Fukitsu #2]]
Fukitsu kept silent as Akane left the village, only staying around long enough to make sure she did not try to sneak back inside. Her comment made it easy to see what clan she was from as Fukitsu's history had left her with a fair amount of knowledge of potential enemies from her unique circumstances. The fact that there were still members of the clan that saw themselves as nobility despite starting a pointless war against one of the most peaceful shinobi villages in history was a sad thing to learn. Despite this Fukitsu kept her opinions on the subject to herself, as she had no reason to agitate the strange child.

After Akane was safely out of sight, Fukitsu made her way back to her office to deal with Yumizuke. She arrived quickly as travel through her village was easiest thanks to her knowledge of the networks involved in her fastest form of travel. "My apologies for the delay Yumizuke, I had to deal with a shinobi from a unique clan before coming here," Fukitsu said as she poked her head down from the ceiling. "Please come inside and we can get started on discussing your future as a shinobi of the Hidden Shadow."

[h3 [center Shindou]]
Shindou let out a sigh as his teammate revealed their position to the others, and put his palm on his face as Kinari revealed their presence to the outsider. He knew that the team was newly assembled, but he had expected them to be a bit more understanding of how being a shinobi worked. Their lack of stealth around Aiko was dangerous, and now the man would be expecting his appearance in a fight.

Shindou did his best to keep Daiashi from seeing the pained expression on his face, but he was reasonably sure that he had already failed at that job. It left him with little to do other than prepare an introduction that would solidify their positions as people that Aiko would not want to fight. The antics of his team so far though made that a far more difficult job especially considering the fact that their leader lacked the height for intimidation.

"I'm going to join up with them now, but I'd like it if you could hang back for a bit in case something happens," Shindou whispered. "I know how fast you are and if we get into trouble you're the best choice for taking the information back to the Hidden Shadow."

It was the best he could muster after things fell apart so spectacularly, however as he prepared to leap away another shinobi took a tumble that drew his attention. It seemed this forest was filled with a poison gas that made everyone clumsier or there was an abundance of uncoordinated shinobi running around. Either way it made him pause as he knew even without stealth on his side that he did the most good when at a distance.
  Fukitsu / Tesla / 4y 302d 14h 50m 17s
Akane chuckled lightly as she sheathed her sword [b " There is no cover, I am a noble and I came here for food, I'd think your connection with the defiler would at-least hint at identity, after all, it's his fault we where driven underground, we still hold a grudge."] she calmly explained as she started for the village main gate. Leaving the village she waited a while before speaking again, seemingly to nobody [b "Your sure there is another village nearby... I know, it just doesn't make sense, why would they put two ninja villages this close together? They must be good friends... or rivals"] from there the converstion devolved into small talk.

It wasn't long before Akane started to sense other's nearby, they felt off to her, she moved closer to investigate, hiding in the burush, she was thankful for her lack of physical chakra as it made her undetectable by sensor ninja, although she was no expert at sneaking and perceptive people wouldn't have much trouble finding her. Akane had an odd odor for the surface, but it wasn't one of death, she smelt old and musky like a tomb although it was fairly faint. As far as she could tell it was a group a fairly low level ninja heading out on some mission, having sensed a fresh spirit nearby she decided it best to avoid direct contact with anybody and was considering returned to the village to report the matter, the body wouldn't be too hard to find, it was oozing with chakra at this point, maybe she should warn them? Approach the spirit and find the one responsible? She didn't care, but wasn't it her families job to care for spirits originally? She was too distracted and didn't noticed as the ground slipped out from under her, coursing her to tumble and find herself laying face down in the road.
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Yisei simply nodded as the woman spoke, she was right as much as he didn't like the idea, with all the strange occurrences it was obvious that the cooperation between each village was necessary especially with the appearance of the tablets in the center of the two villages. "Yes I have my anbu working on the tablet within the Light as well though I'm uncertain if our villages can figure this out alone, some of the message seems to have been scripted in a lost language... I have another clone there now in order to give whatever help possible..."

Yisei smiled lightly at her invitation and nodded once more, "I believe that it would be in our best interest to discuss things further in private... Thought honestly I don't think the beasts are responsible for what's happening here, if anything I believe they're either an omen or a warning... Possibly both but the seals" he cast a quick jutsu to shroud themselves from the other shinobi in the area to cover their conversation in order to keep it from prying eyes. "Nothing against your village but this information is confidential and I was hesitant to share it even with you Fukitsu... But the seals on the beasts, I'm sure you're aware that the Light was the first to undo any of the seals, what hasn't been shared previously is that the seals are at least a thousand years of age if not longer... We were honestly only able to break the seals due to such an extended period of time before any sort of renewal could be made"

He paused, following the lady as she took him to an area he'd never seen within the village before, thinking it safe he undid his jutsu after doing a quick scan of the area. "I believe the past seems to be finally catching up with us and even if the beasts are directly involved in all this, well... We're in big trouble the way things stand now".

  *Yisei~ / TsukikoKyuubi / 4y 312d 23h 28m 48s
Aikos mouth dropped as the two love birds talked, he couldn't believe what he was seeing. He was starting to get annoyed, they were saying nonsense to each other. One wanted to be alone so he wouldn't "hurt anybody" and the other wanted to get stronger by being by the first brats side. He sighed. 'It would be easier to kill them.'. He was about to deliver a fatal blow when he sensed the pressence of a third shinobi. Then a fourth.

He scratched the back of his head. How many Shinobi can there be in one place, to much trouble. The strange girl streched her hand at him, instead of taking it he sighed.

"Sorry, I don't like physical contact." He told her before turning towards Kinari.

"So, since you are a four man cell, and usually the teams consist of three shinobi. I guess you are a weird team." He told him,he sighed. "Well, I got nothing better to do so I'm coming with you wherever you go." He told them with a smile
  Aiko Uchiha / kirito / 4y 313d 3h 37m 34s
"You have it all wrong..." he smiled towards her, "I don't mind you tagging along, just please be careful around me... It's the other two I'm not particularly fond of" he spoke, his smile only half faked. It was something he didn't really have to force around her nearly so much.

[i "Tekumi, I just developed a killer jutsu!" the boy grinned as he ran up to his friend, "Remember our last fight? Well it kind of inspired me ya'know, still don't think I can beat ya but I think I'm finally getting somewhere so... Well, thank you!" he started to laugh then after throwing his arm around Tekumi, his grin bigger than ever before. [b "Yeah we'll have to test it out sometime soon then but don't go getting cocky on me, you still have a long ways before you can catch up to me, after all I'm not stopping till I'm stronger than my old man!"] the boys friend spoke in return causing Kinari to frown slightly. "Hey I wasn't getting cocky... However..." his smile returned as he leaned forward and gripped around Tekumi's neck before giving him a noogie which caused his friend to slip away and accidently knock Kinari to the ground though instead of resulting in a fight they instead both began to start laughing. "How about that, Mister Can't Get Cocky just pulled one over on the great Tekumi!" he laughed more].

Kinari was pulled from his thoughts as Yamaki spoke again, his gaze instantly going to the trees, the boy focusing in on a single area. "You're right..." he spoke a few solid moments later, "I can see the outline of their chakra... Damnit and here I was hoping he wouldn't have to deal with them" he thought about taking off again but halted as he remembered what she said. Seemed like he was going to have to stick around and travel slow after all.... Though being held back and taking longer wasn't his real issue. [i "Well Lady YamiKage... Hopefully you don't hold it against the village if anything happens to those two idiots..."] he spoke inwardly before calling out to the two Shadow ninja.

"Daishi, Shindou, we know you're up in the trees, we don't have time for this nonsense!" he yelled doing his best not to just snap or either leave like he was planning earlier, for Yamaki's sake. He hated when she worried about him but there was nothing he could apparently do to solve that issue so he would have to work with them for now though it would suck... [i "Since when?"] he asked himself, having built walls to prevent anyone from being able to get close to him and here they were. Persistent and annoying and then there was Yamaki... [i "No, it's not possible... Just shut everything off you idiot"]

[b "Still afraid..."] the voice he'd heard earlier followed by a vision within his minds eye of a younger version of him. [b "Still running from yourself... What you did...?"] it asked, sneering at Kinari as if it already knew his next response even before he did. [i "No get out of my head, leave me alone!"] he shouted inwardly, the boy answering back as he vanished. [b "Very well..."]. That incident causing him to instantly fortify the walls he'd built once more, it was too late to be able to block out the old man, Eavan and Yamaki but he was still going to keep his distance but for everyone else he couldn't afford to let them get close. "Now either come down and join us since you are so insistent or stay up in the trees and leave us be, the light doesn't need your help here!" he paused then before adding.

"But apparently... it's wanted meaning whether I like it or not it seems I have to work with you two!" he turned away then having said what he needed, more visions of Tekumi appearing in his mind, haunting him as he walked slowly away. He'd done as Yamaki had asked and allowed them to come along but that's as far as he was going to go out of his way for her, or at least that's what he told himself as he took another step towards the sand... The offer was in the air now and whether or not they followed was up to them, who cared if this Shindou person was suppose to lead the team? If they did take his extended offer it's not like it would matter, because somewhere somehow his past always seemed to find him... And it would always win in the end.
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Yamaki smiled softly blushing and nodded to Kinari as he spoke to her. " I know you can take care of yourself. But we are a team now and a team works together, right." She steadied her feet blushing from head to toe as Kinari helped her to her feet and turned away from him to hide her face as she dusted off her clothes. " I ..I k..know you may not want me around or the rest of the team members." She rubbed her cheeks trying to get the reddness to go away. " But I want to help, I want to become a better Shinobi. So please just give me a chance. " She slowly turned and around blushing again as she looked at Kinari clutching her fist against her chest. " I want to be able to protect my friends." Her face redden more as her gaze met his eyes and she looked to the ground instantly. " P..please."

Agreeing with Kinari Yamaki readied to leave with him to get back to the mission at hand but stopped the moment she got close to Aiko and held her hand out to him. " Hi I am Yamaki Hyuga. It is a pleasure to meet you Aiko." She smiled wildly and slightly tilted her head as she did. " I hope we can maybe become friends one day but for now I guess we will leave you to your training. Have fun okay. And don't work yourself to hard." After going to shake Aiko's hand Yamaki heard something off in the distance and looked towards the woods. Seeing nothing she placed her fingers near her left eye. "Byakugan." The instant she said that those words her Byakugan was activated and she began to scan the woods again stopping on two figures in one of the trees. " Kinari I can see Shindou in the tree over there." Using her free hand Yamaki pointed in the direction of where Shindou was. " And someone else is with him too. I am guessing it maybe our other team member. Why are they hiding out there and not coming over here with us." She stopped her Byakugan and gave Kinari a puzzled look.
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[h3 [center Fukitsu #1]]
Yisei's uncertainty removed Fukitsu's hope that he might be of value when it came to the sudden memory loss. However she kept the disappointment from her features, as she was at least certain that he was not the cause of it. "There was a sudden appearance of strange script in the center of my village as well, I have my ANBU working to decipher it as we speak," Fukitsu replied. "It might be useful for us to trade copies of what arrived in our respective villages to see if there is any difference, and if someone gave us the same message we may be able to decipher it faster together."

"Things have not been quite right since the arrival of the new beasts, and I honestly believe they may be behind some of the strange occurrences," Fukitsu said. "Unfortunately right now all we can do is prepare for the worst not knowing when or if a strike will come. That is what life is for the shinobi until someone changes it though, at least we have reliable allies close at hand in the event of invasion."

"Would you like to come in?" Fukitsu asked after realizing she had not invited him in yet. "My office is currently in use, but I know another spot that will serve our discussion just as well."

[h3 [center Fukitsu #2]]
Fukitsu let out a sigh as she pinched the bridge of her nose. "Imbecile or not he is one of my villagers and I have no intention of willingly allowing an outsider to harm one of my villagers," Fukitsu said flatly. "Now Akane before he interrupted you said that you were going to take your leave, one of my clones will accompany you if that is still your intention."

Just as Fukitsu said it the four clones allowed the barrier to fade and moved to better positions to protect the ANBU as necessary. The woman proved herself dangerous the moment she drew her sword, and Fukitsu was even more intent on protecting her innocent villagers.

"If you would rather she will accompany you to one of my offices to discuss why you came here, and see about helping you with whatever it is that you want," Fukitsu said, making the offer only due to the hassle caused by her own villager. "Go with whichever option appeals to you more, as I will not hold either against you at this point."

"Oh, and just a tip from a more experienced professional, if you think your cover identity is blown either play it harder or drop it entirely," Fukitsu said. "Do not try to come up with a new cover identity on the spot, as anyone worthy of their position will see right through the charade."

[h3 [center Shindou]]
Shindou maneuvered some to maintain the line of sight necessary for his observation of the strange new fellow. His words seemed strangely picked and made no sense, but Shindou's distance kept him from realizing that what was said was being whispered. All he could glean from the strange speech was that this was not a man that he wanted to spend any time with, and he hoped that Kinari and Yamki felt the same.

He was pulled away from spying by a sudden ruckus in the underbrush caused by the arrival of the fourth member of his team. It made him glad that he was spying at a distance, as it meant they were unlikely to hear Daiashi's less than stellar moment. Before he could make a move to jump down and greet Daiashi he saw the boy flying directly at him, and it gave him just enough time to perform the substitution technique.

Standing horizontal on the tree and looking down as Daiashi knocked the log to the ground he was thankful for his eyes. "Did you get the note I left you?" Shindou asked.
  Fukitsu / Tesla / 4y 318d 14h 37m 11s
Even half awake his mind noticed the handsigns and clones coming from nowhere. In response he quickly created a shadow clone in cloud of dust from his landing to finish off the ninja and speak with the Kage as he took off towards the gate. Once at the gate he sat down and yawned adjusting his weights on his ankles slightly then stood. "I'm sorry all those bullies were bothering you, I hope we can play again sometime." He said with a slight bow in the direction of the girl then turned and ran at full speed down the road leaving the village behind. As he ran he yawned and fell back asleep after five minutes and tumbled to the ground his momentum carrying him forward. Suddenly waking up after the third hit on the ground he spotted Shindou in the tree watching three others talking. Pushing off the ground with his hands he landed on the branch next to his fellow ninja... Or so he planned, he misjudged the pressure he needed to make it flawless and found himself slamming into Shindou's back. As he slammed into Shindou's back he used his chakra to latch onto the branch with his feet and fingertips to keep himself from falling from the branch forgetting to do the same with his back to stop Shindou from falling out as well.


Clone #1

Standing still as Fukitsu spoke the clone stilghtly wobbled and yawned while smiling. "No need to get mad grandma it's not like the peaches got squished." He said and looked to the blade that suddenly was at his throat. "I'm sorry Koniko, I just didn't want you getting hurt..." He said with a lazy smile clearly oblivious to the danger he was in before stepping back from the blade and sitting down. "Since you've got so much energy I'll take a nap while you carry on..." He said with a soft yawn and his head slumped forward as he fell asleep and started to softly snore.
  Daiashi Sato / sloganist / 4y 324d 19h 14m 15s
Akane gave a smug grin as she once more walked away from the Yamikage's clone, it soon faded however as another spirit approached at high speed. A white haired boy landed besides her and grabbed her by the waist and started to swing her around like some weapon, only to be interrupted by the appearance of a Violet coloured barrier. Flailing, Akane forced herself free of the boy, landing hard on her butt, a look of annoyance she stood and dusted herself off, glaring at the boy the whole time, the presence of death growing strong all the while.

[b "I've half a mind to cut you down myself! You can't just grab a lady like that! What were you thinking? Oh, I'm gonna drop in and be the big hero, slay the monster and save the princess?"] she yelled, anger visible on her face. Breathing heavily she attempts to calm herself down by taking slow deep breaths, once her breathing had calmed she quickly grabbed the white sword at her side and holding it out towards the boys throat, the blade was sharp and smooth but appeared to be made of an organic martial like bone, although getting a bone that smooth would take far to long considering how thin it was. She glared into his eye's [b "He's your subject Yamikage, calls yours."] she never once broke eye contact with the boy, Akane couldn't image what it was like to have the eye's of a death god glaring at you so full of anger, the Seishin never feared death, so it never really had as much effect on her.
  Akane / ripkay / 4y 326d 20h 14m 19s
Yisei blinked as he heard Fukitsu speak. "I'm not... Really sure" he laughed lightly, "I honestly don't even remember being here. I mean last I knew I was leaving the Light... But other than to discuss the next mission as well as..." Yisei nodded. "Change of plans, do you know anything about the strange tablet in the middle of the Light and has anything similar happened anywhere that you know of?" Yisei questioned, of course he didn't really enjoy the womans company as they never really got along after what had transpired throughout the war but he was utterly lost.

Of course he knew that the sudden burst of knowledge and confusion would give that he was a clone as well as what he figured this particular Fukitsu would be but then why did it matter...? What was he forgetting? "It seems as if a bunch of unexplained events have been occurring and it's honestly bothering me... At this rate I'm not sure they'll be ready in time..." Fukitsu knew that he had his secrets as she had his but he knew that she wouldn't pry and that if he felt it was time he would share what he knew with her if anything, though these events seemed to shroud him with an even bigger air of mystery than before due to the steps he was taking up until his death.
  *Yisei~ / TsukikoKyuubi / 4y 327d 14h 9m 54s
[h3 [center Fukitsu #1]]
Fukitsu approached the gates alongside four ANBU members, but when they arrived the reason seemed to slip out of her mind. It was a very unusual occurrence for her, and despite attempts to grasp the memory it never bubbled back up to the surface. The people around her seemed to be in a similar predicament as there was a small crowd that seemed confused as to why they had gathered there.

"Yisei?" She questioned when she spotted him walking away from her village. His presence was as good a reason as any to explain why she would be there, and dealing with the intruder meant she had little time to investigate other possible causes just yet. Even though the sudden memory loss just so happened to coincide with the appearance of an intruder, along with a message in strange script in the center of town.

"Did you have some business for us to discuss?" She asked hoping he would be less confused than the rest of the people in the area.

[h3 [center Fukitsu #2]]
The act was easy to see through based on her avoidance of the guards, and the fact that there were few nobles who would drunkenly comment on a pudding recipe. Her strange mention of an undead army did nothing to support her facade, and everything to harm it. If she just wanted to leave a better facade would have been carrying on the drunkard routine, but Fukitsu got the sense that undercover work was not her specialty.

She was perfectly ready to let the girl leave though, as she knew no real harm had been done yet. However the sudden interruption by one of the younger members of her village forced her hand. Fukitsu's clones reacted as soon as Daiashi grabbed Akane and surrounded them with the Four Violet Flames Formation before pulling the ANBU off into their interior barriers. The sight of one of her villagers committing treason got her blood boiling and it took all of her restraint to keep her from attacking first and asking question later.

"What. Do. You. Think. You. Are. Doing?" She asked with a clear enunciation and a noticeably quiet fury.

[h3 [center Naomi]]
"Sorry about the wait," Naomi said as she set out a cup of tea for Yumizuke. "Things are a bit difficult at the moment."

Naomi had also lost her recollection of why Fukitsu had approached the gates of the village, and she knew Yisei was not the source as there was no appointment scheduled. In a more normal situation it could cause grave concern, but the two of them had their plates full with the intruder and traitor. Not to mention giving proper time to both Yisei to maintain their alliance, and Yumizuke to maintain their relationship.

"I promise that Fukitsu has been made aware of your presence, and will get to you as soon as possible," Naomi said with a small bow. "Is there anything that I can do to make your wait more comfortable?"

It was at least one way Naomi could benefit her boss besides maintaining mental communication. She had been well trained as a hostess, and her skill with people was one of the many reasons she had been appointed as Fukitsu's personal assistant.
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Halfway waking up as the sunlight poked in across his face from the edge of his mask that had slightly slid to the side of his face as he slept, Daiashi rolled off the bed and landed on his feet. As he changed into his gear he stumbled towards the window before falling out it yet his bag caught his foot and fell with him. As he fell he slipped his bag onto his shoulders then landed on his feet before taking off with his eyes half open. As he fixed his glove he used the reflection to slow himself down slightly in order to better maintain his chakra out of habit, though he slowed himself down his mind remained as quick as the rest of the world and he leapt up onto the rooftops.
As he moved across the rooftops his mind faded in and out of his nightmares until he saw a girl surrounded by what looked to be elite ninja. None of the ninja he saw wore his clans symbol but he couldn't see the girls back leaving his tired mind to conclude she's probably from his clan. Moving at a speed that would leave many trained ninja to only see his landing he jumped down to the girls side as he smiled. "Nope, not going to let you play alone." He said with a soft chuckle before grabbing the girl around the waist and spinning her around himself using her feet to kick at the masked shinobi around them missing the shorter leader like one by mere inches. Once all the ANBU were knocked out or on the ground unable to regain their barrings he flipped the girl over his shoulder and smiled at the Yamikage bowing slightly. "I promise we will have our essay's completed by tomorrow." He said then turned on his heels and once again grabbed the girl by her waist tucking her under his arm before moving at a speed that would make his entry look like he was standing still.
Making his way across the rooftops he stopped at the edge of town and set the girl down on her feet. "I'm sorry all those bullies were bothering you, I hope we can play again sometime." He said with a slight bow then turned and ran at full speed down the road leaving the girl behind. As he ran he yawned and fell back asleep after five minutes and tumbled to the ground his momentum carrying him forward. Suddenly waking up after the third hit on the ground he spotted Shindou in the tree watching three others talking. Pushing off the ground with his hands he landed on the branch next to his fellow ninja... Or so he planned, he misjudged the pressure he needed to make it flawless and found himself slamming into Shindou's back. As he slammed into Shindou's back he used his chakra to latch onto the branch with his feet and fingertips to keep himself from falling from the branch forgetting to do the same with his back to stop Shindou from falling out as well.
  Daiashi Sato / sloganist / 4y 328d 14h 5m 52s
"Kind of late on the uptake aren't we?" he turned back to Aiko as he made mention of Kinari's earlier statement regarding Aiko's origins though stopping as soon as he spoke as something strange started to happen with Yamaki and her wounds suddenly healed. "Wow..." he smiled before extending his arm to her again to help her up after she spoke once more.

"And you don't need to worry about me Yamaki, I can handle myself okay?" he asked, not even trying to conceal what he was saying unlike before. "Just worry about yourself, your safety is much more important... Plus following me has never been a good idea..." he smiled lightly then before pulling her up after she'd taken his hand before turning and walking back into the clearing. "Thanks for keeping watch" he spoke towards Aiko once more, "I honestly expected that to take a bit longer" he shook his head before returning to the earlier subject once more. "And to answer you, I'm not so foolish as to believe the seven nations are all that there is.... Most just aren't brave or foolish enough to cross into these lands, especially after some of the most recent discoveries that have taken place here..." he took a breath then and looked past Aiko. "Well now that that's done, Yamaki... Since it seems like you're stuck on the idea of staying with, how about we make way towards our destination and leave Aiko to his important training?" he asked, being rude towards the man but showing no outward sign of it. Even his voice seemed genuinely sincere all except the small amount of sarcasm that hid beneath his tone.
  Kinari / TsukikoKyuubi / 4y 328d 15h 54m 36s
"Keeping watch..." He repeatead turning away from the mysterious shinobi and walked a few steps. "I really, really hate shinobi." He said talking to himself "But don't worry Aiko, the're will be a time and place where killing them will feel satisfaying." He chuckled as he looked over his soldier and saw the second figure. Probably a team mate, he glared at the girl and started making deductions.

Probability of being a shinobi 100%, Rank: Chunin, shy, fell down coming here or was attacked. Most probably the first choice, teammate to the brat. Probability of also being a brat: 100%.

But what he saw next suprised him even more, the look on the girls face was determined, it was spectacular. It was a tragic life story in the making. He chuckled at the though "Just wait till the word hits them."

Kinari asked him his name again, Aiko sighed "My names Aiko." He said smiling "A mercenary trained in the ninja arts, able to perfom fast delivery services and bodyguard programs." He scratched the back of his head in annoyance "And no, I am not a missing nin. Or a impostor, I don't own loyalty to any of the villages." He glared at Kinari "For your information, I come from a coninent across the sea... did you really think there was nothing else besides the seven great nations?"
  Aiko Uchiha / kirito / 4y 328d 17h 12m 33s
Akane let out an annoyed sigh before turning to face the clone, her glowing blue eye's meeting those of the clone, Akane kept a bored expression as she scanned the crowd and ANBU that had gathered as the clone spoke. She returned her attention to the clone only once it had finished talking [b "Fukitsu Hayashi, YamiKage and a creation of the defiler or the clone of one anyway."] Akane looked away for a brief moment, then back to the clone, an haunting feeling had suddenly started followed her gaze, like staring into the eye's of the Shinigami, an inevitable stare most mortals fear.

With the crowd and ANBU on edge, Akane turned her full attention to the clone [b "I am called Akane, your persecution is not appreciated, I entered the village as any other, I walked in the main gate and made no attempt to conceal myself thus far and I do not appreciate the fact you feel a clone is an appropriate greeting for a lady of my standing and address me with not so much as a greeting, oh the political implications."] While it was difficult to determine sarcasm from her normal monotone voice, Akane was doing her best impression on an insulted noble woman although it was clearly fake, it was unlikely the Yamikage could take the risk of her actually being a noble from another village and sparking a war. Slowly Akane made her way closer to the clone, once they stood shoulder to shoulder Akane stopped [b "Good day lady Yamikage, I'll be taking my leave, follow if you must."] she spoke clear enough for the crowd to hear before heading off back towards the village entrance.
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