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[h3 [center Fukitsu #1]]
Fukitsu kept a plain expression as Yisei stopped just short of shaking her hand. When he brought up the prospect of another stipulation masked as a favor she made sure to keep her hand out of reach until he clarified. "That is quite the request Yisei, however given the circumstances I believe that I can agree to it considering your earlier compromise," Fukitsu said as they shook hands to seal the deal.

With their deal sealed Fukitsu let her expression soften some as she pondered who to send after the jewel that Yisei requested. It was an unusual item that he was after and he would have collected it himself if it were an easy thing to acquire. However when the idea struck her she could not help but let her smile widen into a big grin as it could very well solve two problems with a single action.

"I will see to it that one of my more capable villagers is sent after the jewels, as I think I may have an idea on where to start," Fukitsu said maintaining her soft tone and wide smile. "However before I send anyone out, is there anything else that I should know about ahead of time? Or can it wait until we deliver our respective notes on current events to each other?"

Rushing to get the information of the tablets or the research on the beasts would do no good given the current atmosphere. She knew they both had a lot more to discuss given time, but she was not going to be the one to rush the discussion and have things fall apart.

[h3 [center Fukitsu #2]]
"So long as you are happy with it, as you are right I do believe that no one would expect you to be hiding in such a locale," Fukitsu said with a small laugh. "I am glad that you and your friends like it though, as I had hoped that you all would."

Before Fukitsu could respond to the rest of the speech Naomi came in with a moderate sized bowl of rice and a glass of water for Yumi. Fukitsu quickly reached out to slide her desk supplies out of the way to provide Yumizuke the room to eat, as it would give the woman more time to provide an appropriate response to her question.

"Right now my head of research and development has a theory that you might be capable of learning any jutsu in the world by learning how to replicate the wavelengths of the jutsu. The level of control required for such a thing is almost certainly beyond your current skill set though, and that is where he intends to come in to provide aid," Fukitsu replied. "While he would like to do some work regarding the genetic modifications that you have been given, and we both might have something to say about your current mark the first task is making sure you can utilize your kekkei genkai to the fullest extent. Even if Sousuke has overestimated the limits of your ability, we should be able to help you become much stronger than you are now if given adequate time."

"While I appreciate your enthusiasm you have to understand that your ability is a unique one that has not been encountered before, and so we cannot rush our developments. If we rush trying to make you stronger we could be risking permanent damage, and that is not a risk I am willing to take," Fukitsu said. "So please be patient with this Yumizuke, as I promise you that that patience will pay off for you in numerous ways."

[h3 [center Shindou]]
Shindou was thankful for his Tendou as he observed the woman point out Daiashi before making a less direct gesture. Her speech seemed scattered as she reminded him of her fall and commented about being hungry. "If a safe place to eat is what you are looking for there are better places to go than a hidden village," Shindou said as he pointed in a direction away from the Light and Shadow with his left hand. "Especially around here as Chiyoda has plenty of good places to eat, and they have no problem serving a shinobi."

None of what he said was a lie as the hidden villages were not an ideal place to grab a bite to eat, and especially not for wandering shinobi. Chiyoda on the other hand had a number of inns and restaurants that were far more open to the public and were known in the area for catering to shinobi. Which was rare to find in a country with a hidden village, as very few villages would risk antagonizing their military by letting in foreign shinobi.

"So if your stomach and your safety are the only reasons you need a place to go Chiyoda is a better goal. It's big enough that you can't miss it if you head that way, and there's no risk of either of us ending up in trouble for me sending you there," Shindou said as he kept his hand out. "If you have other business with the Light then as an ally of theirs I would need to know what it is before I tell you how to get there."
  Fukitsu / Tesla / 4y 282d 15h 40m 31s
Akane did her best to hold her fake smile despite the bulk of the group ignoring her, hiding her annoyance she watched as what she could only guess was the youngest of the group approached her, she could also sense the ninja that had so rudely grabbed her early that same day. The boy seemed polite enough if a bit overly cautious, she figured it must be her eye's, which were now fixed on the boy and decided it best she just ignore it for now [b "Well."] She pointed at Daiashi [b "I'm pretty sure that guy's planning on grabbing me again."] she then gestured off into the tree's [b "And I got a bad feeling about over there specifically, I fell in the dirt and I'm hungry."] she explained.

Her attention momentarily left the two boy's as she glanced off to the side as if listening to somebody besides her, but her eye's quickly returned to the boy she had been talking to. Akane would have to attempt a summoning soon, with at least one killing around she would need the protection, no matter how strong they were, she knew Mori would make short work on them, should they attack, however she couldn't take Mori into the village, she'd never get in, one armed undead samurai stand out far too much and a fight with in the village would be disastrous, especially if Mori was involved. Akane had no reason to antagonist the hidden light village, they weren't a byproduct of her enemy, they didn't protect him like the leaf had, even knowing his crimes, in fact this light village could very well be her best chance to bring her clan back to the surface.
  Akane / ripkay / 4y 282d 11h 13m 54s
Aiko sighed and went into deep thought after hearing Yamakis advice... relax and a clear mind... how can he do it? But the real question was, could it work? He sighed... it seems it was going to be harder than he thought.

Then the little pretty boy spoke, 'Sneak up on us.' "If you were so good at seeing each and everyones individual chakra why the hell would you think I can sneak up on you? And maybe I'll tell you later my dear pink haired ninja friend." He smiled at both of them and listened to Kinari speak.

He raised his hand and spoke "Hm... you know. Unfortunatley I got the ability, or more like curse." He added under his breath the he continued "I don't have to sleep, so if you need to rest just find a place with one entry and exit and I'll take care of the rest." He smiled at both of them.
  Aiko Uchiha / kirito / 4y 285d 2h 54m 19s
Yumi smiled at the kind woman's words before shaking her head. "I actually like the simple little farm that was prepared for my friends and I... As do they, I honestly don't think you could have chosen a better place" she looked out the window after walking into the office and taking a seet, swinging her small child like feet as she did. "Plus you're the one who said other villages would still be after my head, after all I am an SS Class Criminal... Whether it was my intention or not, so a small out of place area like that, it's a perfect place to lie low. I mean... Who would expect someone like me to hide out there?" she giggled a bit as she finished her answer before looking up at the woman again.

Yumi nodded again and gulped before answering the second part of the woman's questions. "Um... I know you said something about me trying a particular jutsu... I believe it was summoning" she knew what the jutsu was though it's entails were completely foreign to her. "But what did you mean by you might have to prepare me for it first... Is it something to do with the snake or cheetah inside me...?" she asked, "or this?" touching her cheekbone and then her shoulder where the mark appeared when activated though it was currently completely invisible. Of course she knew about it but she didn't know exactly what it was unlike the animals that were implanted inside her, still able to sense them even though she'd merged with their cells completely.

The girl after asking her question, her eyes then went from hard to soft as to show that her lack of understanding and hope that things could be better, if she could learn the summoning jutsu on top of having better control of the abilities she already possessed. "I don't care either way, even if you have to experiment further... As long as I get stronger... Strong enough to protect all of my friends" she nodded firmly as her eyes hardened once more. "I am ready, just tell me what I need to do."
  Yumizuke Inaziki / TsukikoKyuubi / 4y 285d 17h 2m 43s
Kinari smiled as Yamaki spoke, shaking his head as to answer her question. "We're not to see it in case someone tries to read into our minds, that way we have no knowledge of what we're delivering, old man Yisei made it completely clear that under no circumstances are we to see the contents... I can tell you that whatever it is it's surprisingly heavy to fit in such a small box" he mentioned, knowing Yamaki wouldn't know what he was talking about and as he sensed Aiko behind him he stopped mid action as he was about to pull out the object. "Be glad we can sense the chakra of individual ninja or you'd have been thought of as an enemy... You can't just sneak up on an ally like that" he turned and half smiled at the man, though he didn't really trust him he figured that the man may be useful especially if he could take an attack such as what Kinari dished out earlier.

Then turning towards Yamaki he yawned, "We need to calculate the distance we're traveling and the speed at which we are travelling as well as any potential fights or invonveniances... There are some places I'd rather not rest and night creeps up without warning, especially when traveling in the trees" knowing she was more of a support and medical ninja despite her amazing combat abilities and due to Shindou which was more than likely the tactician of the group, being absent it was up to them to calculate, which between them shouldn't be a problem especially if he could convince Aiko to contribute seeing as how he seemed to be overly familiar with the area. Kinari shook his head as he noticed Daishi's chakra though Shindou's was still absent. "Looks like Shindou stayed behind, as much of a pain it is for me to say it... Let's hope nothing bad happened to him, as much as I don't like it Fukitsu would have our heads... and Yisei too" Kinari stated, though he knew that Yisei was already aware just in case the boy's Kekkai Genkai went out of control and the unique team that was set up wouldn't be able to handle it.
  Kinari / TsukikoKyuubi / 4y 285d 17h 15m 35s
Yamaki gracefully jumped along the tree branches following behind Kinari. " So Kinari what are you taking to the sand or do we not know?" She moved shifty as she talked to him and grabbed her mask and placed it on the side of her head. She turned her head slightly atthe sound of someone coming up behind them. "Oh it's just you Aiko." She smiled softly before looking at him as he asked her how to remember things forgotten. "Um you just need to relax and clear your mind of all other things other than what you are trying to remember. Meditating is a really good way of doing it. What are you trying to remember if I may ask?" She gave him a puzzled look and titled her head.
  Yamaki / SayuriKyuubi / 4y 290d 11h 34m 12s
Feeling the texture of a log against his back he listened and heard the sound of a log clunking on the ground making him look around. Looking up over his head he saw Shindou and smiled as he rubbed the back of his head softly. "Sorry about that... Wait, what note?" He asked as he moved to the side slightly then sat down granting Shindou his spot back then looked to the three below. "Who are they and where's the rest of the team we were suppose to be paired up with? Oh and what's with the two funny looking ones fauning over each other?" He asked as the pointed to the group then to the two that were suppose to be their teammates. As he waited for an answer he slid his lunch pack out and pulled out a rice ball to eat as his eyes drifted to the blue haired boy that seemed to always be around him though everyone else seemed to ignore.

As the blue haired boy snuck towards the group talking on the ground he seemed to be drawn towards the unharmed boy and began sniffing at him. 'He smells kinda fimilar, but then again she does too... I just can't quite put my finger on it...' The boy said up to Daiashi pointing to the two on the ground speaking to the harmed boy. For some reason he couldn't quite figure out the news sent a shiver down his spine and churrned his stomach almost like the first time he had seen a dead body. With the sudden development he tucked his food away and shook his head. He would move quickly to the top of the tree so not to be spotted and yet low enough for him to keep an eye on the ones on the ground. "I don't like how scary they are... Shindou, I think we should wait for the others if you're planning on jumping them, the guy seems way too scary to take on with just the two of us." He whispered down to him keeping his eyes focused on three on the ground.

Hearing his village mate speak of a letter he shook his head then tilted his head as he learned the two unharmed were part of their group. As Shindou advised he stay back and ready for something or other he nodded and stared at the blue haired boy on the ground. He lost intrest in what was going on when his clone back in the village dispersed and transfered the little information it had to him. As he followed behind the group he made sure to remain silent like he tried to do when awake. Holding back and hidden in the tree as shindou stopped in front of the black haired girl to talk to he watched them as he formed a clone to take off and follow the others so he wouldn't loose track of them yet could back up Shindou if he needed to though he knew he would have to push himself so not to get caught actually fighting since. He knew he never showed the speed he could natrually move at let alone his enhancements to his speed thanks to his ability to speed himself up or slow himself down.
  Daiashi Sato / sloganist / 4y 290d 19h 40m 57s
[b Clone 1]
The man nodded as he let Fukitsu speak and slowly stood to shake her hand, stopping right before the action was to be complete. "As long as any samples are off the table I would be fine exchanging the knowledge of the beasts themselves, however we don't have too much at the current time... Other than those we've obtained and a select few that we haven't and though that is information I would normally have a problem giving out I will agree to your conditions... However I believe I will ask for one other stipulation..." he breathed in then and yawned. "Well more of a favor really, one that will get the light to see that we are at peace... Or at least the start to such, I require a certain jewel which is said to be able to hold a significant amount of chakra compared to other items of it's kind... If I remember there are a small few that I believe may be tied to the beasts and of course upon finding any others I care not what you do with them, I simply need that one" he clasped his hand with hers then and met her gaze. "So do we have a deal then?" he asked before shaking hands to seal the deal.

[b Anbu 1]
"Sir, we seem to have ran into a problem with the deciphering of this tablet... There seem to be no current records of... Well, a lot of it. It's like this thing was written in multiple language to throw off those who weren't meant to read it... So what's our next step?"

[b Yisei]
"I am on my way... I have a few stops to make on the way but in my absence I'm sending a few of my elite Shinobi to help, I believe a total of four should suffice until I arrive.... Once everyone is gathered please make preparations to remove the tablet while I find a way to hide it from prying eyes... This is too important and if word got out... Well, just imagine the reaction of the other villages"

[b Anbu 1]
"Yes sir!"

[b Anbu 2]
"Sir Eavan, I'm here... But why did you send me to a grave sight, and a forbidden one at that?" the man nodded as he received his answer, gulping as he did so. Face pale as he listened. "Y... Yes sir, I will have it done within the hour"
  *Yisei~ / TsukikoKyuubi / 4y 291d 12h 43m 15s
[h3 [center Fukitsu #1]]
Fukitsu listened as Yisei interpreted an insult where there was none, but kept silent as he calmly continued his speech. He seemed less prone to outburst than he had been last time they spoke and as long as he was willing to be civil she would do her best to do the same. So even though she wanted to correct his interpretation she kept silent and allowed him to continue his speech uninterrupted.

It was the pause in his speech to take a seat that drew her attention though as he was the younger of the two of them. She maintained a plain expression though and pretended to not notice the fact that he seemed to cringe after sitting down. The fact that he did not draw attention to it suggested that he did not want her to know, and despite her curiosity she kept her mouth shut until he suddenly turned into a wooden statue.

"Damn it Yisei you imbecile," Fukitsu whispered as she moved next to the wooden statue that Yisei's clone technique had left behind.

She inspected the statue left behind closely as there was little else she could do while waiting for him to make another appearance in the village. The shape of the statue left her even more certain of her insight, but left her with no available options to make things right. All it did was leave her with an idea as to why Yisei had a less optimistic outlook on the future than she did, and that knowledge did her little good at this point.

Yisei returned quickly with a paper thin excuse, but Fukitsu let it slide by giving him an understanding nod to let him think he fooled her. "We were discussing how best to bolster our existing alliance in preparation for whatever is coming for us next," Fukitsu said with a small smile.

While it was only a small statement it seemed to kick start Yisei as he switched to a far more serious tone while discussing a new agreement. One that was quite appealing until he took the most valuable research off the table despite their previous conversation that revealed they both thought of it as important. So after a quick mental chat with Naomi and a deep breath she prepared her counter offer.

"I would not consider them as important as demands since flexibility in our cooperation is important, however based on our discussion I think it would be best if we shared our respective research when it comes to what my village calls the Jeweled Beasts. We both consider them to be tied into some of the strange occurrences and we both know how dangerous they are, so I believe it would be in our interests to work together in that regard as well," Fukitsu said in a gentler tone than she usually used. "Now I am not asking any material from the beasts you have as that would be too much, all I am suggesting is a sharing of research data. If we can agree to that then I do believe that we have a deal right now Yisei."

Her counter offer made she extended her hand to him, but left room enough for him to decide to agree to the deal or make a counter himself. She knew he might want to add a stipulation based on her offer along with possibly wanting to be the one to have set up the finalized deal. His experience in that regard was obvious given his work ending the previous world war and his work in establishing alliances with the other great villages.

[h3 [center Fukitsu #2]]
"Of course you can," Fukitsu said with a small smile, pleased to see the capable instincts of her latest recruit were even better than advertised.

Fukitsu then moved through the ceiling into a position over her desk before flipping down into her chair. It was a move that she had done often enough to be certain of, and it was useful in certain negotiations to demonstrate an air of superiority. Dealing with Yumizuke it was used only because it was the fastest method to go from inside the ceiling to a sitting position. Once she was comfortably behind her desk she made a motion with her right hand indicating for Yumizuke to take a seat in the office.

"First things first, are your accommodations to your liking?" Fukitsu asked as she maneuvered a few papers around on her desk. "If you are going to work for the village I do not want you to settle for inferior lodging, and if you need something more I can almost certainly arrange it."

"Second, do you have any specific questions or concerns before we get started?" Fukitsu asked as she settled her few stacks of papers. "I know that some things might be happening faster than you expected, and I do not want you to feel overwhelmed by any of it."

[h3 [center Shindou]]
Shindou stayed back so that he could observe the two unknown shinobi from a good safe distance. Judging by their appearances he was the youngest shinobi present and most likely the least physically developed of the shinobi present. Combined with his preference for long range combat he kept his mouth shut and his eyes wide open in his position as the rear guard of their squad.

It was easy to see from his position that none of the other shinobi felt like dealing with the woman who seemed to lack chakra. This despite the fact that she was asking a very simple question, and based on her actions could be seen as harmless compared to the 'mercenary' Aiko. So once the other three moved out from where they would be able to see him he maneuvered to a tree closer to Akane.

"Excuse me, but I have to ask. Why do you want directions to the Hidden Light?" Shindou asked knowing that directions to a hidden village were not commonly asked for and far less commonly handed out.

Since he was now the only ally of the Hidden Light in the immediate vicinity he took it upon himself to keep the village safe. Which would be easier thanks to the hood of his cloak covering the fact that he was wearing a Hidden Shadow headband.
  Fukitsu / Tesla / 4y 292d 2h 41m 43s
Aiko sighed as the boy finished his speech. But still without a word followed her, she seemed a lot nicer than him. In turn, he could remember the past and maybe remember the face he forgot... who was the face that kept poping into his head with the same scene over and over again.

First, a black haired girl who couldn't be more than 8... running with him towards a big green hill... he remembered where it was... but why couldn't he remember her.

Then everything turned black, a scream followed and he was shot back into reality.

He sped up and caught up to Yamaki.

"Hey." He started "I have a question for you. How do you remember hings that you have forgotten?"
  Aiko Uchiha / kirito / 4y 292d 17h 34s
Akane just lay there, un-moving for a good while, but eventually she slowly moved her left arm, then her right so to push herself off the ground and she slowly got to her feet and patted the dirt from her body. Satisfied she turned to the group of young shinobi [b "I meant to do that"] she lied [b "I was expecting the ground to be... softer?"] she forced a grin. After some hesitation she spoke again [b "Sorry... I'm Akane, you wouldn't happen to know the way to the hidden light would you?"] she tried to sound as polite as possible, but it came across of forced.

Opening her eye's Akane scanned the group in front of her, there was a fair gathering of restless spirits around them so she would have to keep her guard up, one of them had done wrong, however without knowing the circumstances it was difficult to pass judgment, restless spirits never made much sense so she typically blocked them out, she would have to actively try a speak with one of them if she got the chance. Akane realized too late she had started glaring and quickly looked away [b "I would much appreciate your assistance and..."] she was visibly recoiling from something at this point, she looked back at the tree's with a glare before relaxing after a short while. Attempting to regain her composure she smiled at the group again [b "Sorry, I may have hit my head a bit harder then I thought"] she let out an awkward laugh [b "I should get that looked at before I head out again"]
  Akane / ripkay / 4y 295d 19h 41m 3s
Kinari sighed as the other Shinobi, mercenary as the man put it stated that he would be tagging along before turning towards "Yamaki, yes I agree we should turn back to the mission now" he smiled in return before turning back to Aiko once more. "What Yamaki here stated is the truth, and I don't care if you wish to follow us but only until we reach The Land of Wind... If you proceed to follow past that point then you will be treated as an enemy, after all this is a highly classified mission and if you are to interfere then you will be treated as any other".

He walked to the clearing shortly after Yamaki then and nodded "Well then what are you waiting for?" he asked, "let's go" stepping out of the clearing after hearing more commotion and though unsure he grinned. "And if you've already caught up Shindou then either stop hiding already or stay behind or since I have no way of telling if it is you then you will be treated as an unknown Shinobi spy or worse" knowing that if his forced teammate were there then it would get him to act.

Of course he still wasn't particularly fond of working with the Shadow Village and that it was pointless... And even if they were strong he was still afraid they'd end up just like the others and rather friends or enemies it's something he didn't want but he'd promised one of the few friends he had left that he'd at least try and he was one to stick by his word. "Well then, what're we waiting for?" he continued to move forward only to find another shinobi eating dirt not too far away. [i "Spectacular..."] he mentally scowled before turning towards Yamaki, whispering. "It looks as if Aiko wasn't the only one, don't interact directly but I want you to be on your guard just in case..." choosing not to speak to Aiko anymore at the current point in time, after all he wasn't an ally so why should he care about the man?...

Despite his thoughts on the man Kinari would turn to him a few moments later, "And if you still wish to be a part of this then wait at the Hidden Light after we split ways" speaking to the Shinobi silently, hoping Aiko would be able to read his lips as most trained Mercenaries would easily be able to before taking to the trees for the rest of their time within the forest, all the while keeping an eye out in case the female shinobi chose to make a move or worse there were even more than the two they'd already encountered and surprised as he noticed that Shindou was indeed there hiding up in a tree but that's not what surprised him, what really caught him off guard was the weak little wannabe shinobi that was afraid of his own shadow, Daishi.. But despite that he continued to move forward, leaving Shindou and Daishi to follow as a sort of rear guard if they so chose unless they felt it necessary to catch up to him and Yamaki.
  Kinari / TsukikoKyuubi / 4y 298d 22h 4m 30s
Yamaki kicked the dirt below he feet and stared down listening to everyone around them talk and waited for the tension to die a little. "Um... I think we should get back to the mission. Don't you think Kinari?" She turned toward him keeping her eyes are feet level. " I want us to succeed at this as a team. And become better together." She smiled and than answered Aiko. "And it is fine I understand that some people need their own space." And also it is a common thing now for shinobi to run in teams of four now with the new requirement for a medical shinobi to be on every team. And I happen to be the medical shinobi for this team." Her smile widen as she said that and giggled a bit. Yamaki than turned and walked to the edge of the clearing and stopped turning back to the others. "I am ready when you are."
  Yamaki / SayuriKyuubi / 4y 298d 22h 31m 24s
Yumi shook her head silently as she mulled, barely hearing Naomi as she spoke looking up shortly afterwards though. "Sorry..." she spoke, the realization of what was about to happen finally dawning over her after such a long silence as she thought about her friends and then onto the summoning. Would she really be able to learn such a technique and if so then what would she end up summoning? She couldn't imagine fighting next to something small and cute, maybe some fierce like a lioness or a panther or maybe a wolf. She knew of course that there were tons of types of summoning and not matter what she couldn't picture herself with any of them.

"Umm... A bowl of rice?" she asked shortly afterwards before smiling at the woman before the Kage welcomed her from the ceiling causing Yumi to jump back before lurching forward, her palm to the womans throat before realizing what had even happened. "S... sorry" she jumped back again and looked away. "Instinct kind of kicked in..." and then she went silent once more as the presence of the woman made her think on the other part they'd talked about and her possibly being experimented on which scared her but if it would keep her and her friends safe there is nothing she wouldn't do. "Alright" she nodded as the Kage spoke "But umm... Can I still have my rice?"

  Yumizuke Inaziki / TsukikoKyuubi / 4y 301d 19h 18m 29s
"I understand your reason for thinking that but please, I wish to not start a fight here so please stop underestimating my village Fukitsu. I am not a child anymore, nor is the village in which I watch over... Now as for the beasts I'm not quite sure you completely understand the connection between them and the light... I've fought one of these beasts myself and I'm sure you're aware that two Shinobi of the Light are Jinchuriki of these new Beasts as well, seemingly the title of "Gemmed Beasts" seems to be catching on rather quickly..." Yisei answered only after having let the woman say what she needed without interruption for once, though he didn't particularly like having to be polite around her he knew she was easily agitated.

"I understand also that some of these creatures are rather malevolent in nature as were originally some of the tailed beasts but there are others that aren't as hostile so I've come to discover".... He paused then, taking in a deep breath as he prepared what he was going to say next. "As you are aware the Painite seems to be rather equal in strength as some of the other beasts, as we have worked together back when they were first released you should be aware of at least a few and I agree if they are to be only an omen as I am sure they are then what's to come is certainly trouble and I'm not even sure that our villages combined will be able to stop whatever is coming... Nothing like this has ever happened in the shinobi world and I'm not even sure if we'll ever be ready for such an event..." he stopped then before sitting at the nearest seat, wincing in pain as his sickness started to show signs.

"I thank you for the compliment" he turned to look up at her, his eyes suddenly becoming hard. "But please, if it hurts you to say so then don't..." his clone wouldn't last much longer nor would the clone in the center of his own village so he knew he had to wrap this up fast. "And as much as it pains me to say this, our villages... I know you experiment on your villagers and though I will not accept the ways of Orochimaru as you have I believe this test team I rounded up will be particularly useful... Though only if it succeeds, for it will ensure our villages can work together and inspire mutual sharing of knowledge or so I'd hope" he was stubborn and knew that she knew how he felt about her but it was the truth, he would need her help and the help of her village as he was sure she knew she'd need his help as well.

His village may not have as many shinobi but their abilities, especially those of their veterans were greater than that of the Shadow, even without the body modifications which came to his next point and his last before the clone would fade. "And as much as I hate it... I may need some of the forbidden jutsu in which you have knowledge of... Of course it will be traded fairly as would be expected... But nonetheless" his clone then turned into a wooden statue of the Light Kage, wishing he had more time as it would surely raise questions from that woman.

[b The Real Yisei]
"Damnit!" he sputtered as he began to cough, the chakra that radiated from his body started to crystallize as blood splattered onto the palm of his hand. "I really didn't want things to take such a nasty turn... I just hope some good can come of this" he coughed again, wiping the blood this time on a towel. "Eavan..."

[b Eavan]
The man grinned as he heard from Yisei, nodding as the man spoke. "Yes, I agree... If the residents of the Light were to find out you were coinciding with Fukitsu they would simply lose all trust of you and the village... I just hope you're not planning on actually using those jutsu..." he nodded again after more came from the Kage's side. "Yes Lord Kage, I will do exactly that, as I do believe I have the most experience in altering forbidden jutsu... Even more so than the Shadow" his smirk only widened as his hand opened up, swallowing the remains of the Fourth Hokage. "Yes... Yes I understand, I will have an attendant send the results straight away... Yes" a pause and then, "Yes, send him... He should be able to provide everything I need, just please Lord Kage hurry in procuring the knowledge in which we seek before time runs out..."

[b The Real Yisei]
"Yes, you are to be on standby for whenever I call, meaning no further missions until deemed otherwise by myself directly... Not even my clones will do" he coughed again before looking up at the man in the strange mask. "Now you may go" the Kage ordered with a silent venom, procuring a chakra crystal from his own dimensional pocket and swallowing it whole, taking it as if it were a pill before using his Wood Clones once more. Instead of sending just one however he sent four to the site of the tablet and three back to the shadow, the ones in the shadow arriving within minutes.

[b Clone 1]
Yisei pursed his lips as he ducked back into the area in which Fukitsu brought him, the other two clones that were once with him standing guard outside of the area in case there were to be any intruders or anyone he didn't trust from the shadow village. "Sorry about that, I seemed to have filled my unique wood style with too little chakra... Sorry it's a new experiment of mine, so where were we?" he asked, his tone completely changed in order to throw her off, using the way she thought of him as an advantage knowing full well that she thought he was rather dim when compared to herself.

"Ah yes, an arrangement..." and then his tone changed serious once more as if he'd just remembered what they were speaking about. "If you can agree on all in which I've stated or are at least willing to try then I will have an attendant deliver a list of forbidden jutsu and return whatever resource you could ask for from the Light... Albeit something you know we have hidden away or something you're completely unaware of, if we have it then we'll surely deliver" telling the complete truth on the matter, having no reason to lie or keep anything from her at this point in time. "Except for..." he raised a finger, "Except for anything of the beasts we have acquired... So do we have ourselves a deal?" he extended his hand outwards. "Or is there any demands you'd wish to make as well in order to re-establish the bond between our villages?"
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