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With interest he watched the battle unfold, his Sharingan could keep up with what he was doing and saw that the chakra of the intruders started to act weird. Of course the only type of jutsu that could cause that type of effect was genjutsu. He smiled and started clapping once it was over, he jumped over to the boy and clapped his back.

"That was such a performance never seen before." He told him smiling "I have to ask you to help me do jutsus like th-" With a simple 'here' the boy threw him the surviving intruder Aiko sighed and placed the intruder under his arm as the boy ran back towards his teammates. "Of course, leave me here talking to myself!" He sighed and waited. He pinched his nose and closed his eyes.

When he opened his eyes again the strangest thing happened, the boys chakra started to increase exponentially. But the chakra seemed... odd. It didn't seem to be from the boy but foreign. It definetly wasn't nature chakra since he knew how that type looked like. How else could a different chakra than the owners escape from a bo-

His eyes widened, surprise showing all over his face.

"He... he..." He couldn't finish the sentence "A... Jin..." Ralization came towards what was happening. Time slowed down and an argument started.

He dropped the intruders body and almost took the first step to escape. Leaving Kinari to the others until...

"Its you or her." A voice called out to him, he couldn't answer and he felt extreme pain... even if it was in his head it was still pain. Then the scene changed.

"Why the hell are we fightig for?" He asked "What makes us fight for a damned world?"

"Because." Someone answered "We fight for the hope that the world will change.

The scene changed again

"What makes us different from the rest you ask." A male voice said "Well it is simple son... our dreams and ideas."

"Aikooooo, time for dinner."

BOOM, flames, te heat intesifying. It was getting closer and closer. He heard screams, heart breaking screams... but he had to run, he just had to... but why? Why didn't he go back... why did his arms feel heavy... he didn't know.


"Help them... help me..." Someone begged.

He turned around and started arguing with himself, time slowed down and he looked at the possibilities. His whole being told him one simple word 'run.' Run like hell, fight another day, kill him when he is weak, get me when they are unsuspecting... cut them to pieces.

The funny thing was... he didn't, he saw a way out. He got an idea. But why should he help them? They are ninja, the beings that destroy everything in their path for only more power... more control...

"Fuck it." He said to himself as he released 4 of his vector and sprinted towards Kinari... he saw the sealing chakra taking form but he knew it wouldn't be enough. He had to help. As he got there he looked up at Fukitsu and said "This child is way stronger than any sealing technique, it has to be a specific jutsu." He told her "Just help him hold him down and my cute little friend over there." He motioned to Yamaki "She will know what to do." He smiled and turned to Yamaki.

"As I have seen you have skill in the healing arts so naturally you probably can do sealing." He yelled at Yamaki and He smiled uneasily "So if you don't want your love bird here to dissapear, I suggest you get to work. Don't worry about any type of struggle... We will hold him down." He laughed.
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Shindou let out a sigh of relief as Yamaki signaled she saw his message, but it was cut short as she was suddenly grabbed by an enemy. The young shinobi whispered a curse as he tried to cover the distance in time to help his teammate. However he was still at least a hundred meters away when his eyes caught sight of the enemy being brutally imploded by a great ball of water.

It was the next thing he saw that caused the most worry, as Kinari was showing all the warning signs that Fukitsu had warned him about. He dropped to the ground behind the thickest tree he could find as he pulled out two sealing papers from his cloak. The first provided him a small scroll with a unique design on it, and the second provided him a small vial of blood. Just as quickly as he drew them out he combined them making a streak up the center of the scroll with the blood completing the contract.

The white snake that appeared in a puff of smoke in front of him eyed him carefully, but did not move a muscle until he spoke. "Shindou Himura reporting an emergency situation," the young boy whispered, and with that the snake seemed to prepare to vomit.

Whatever the snake was going to do was interrupted by the untimely appearance of Kinari bursting through the tree, however just as Kinari grabbed for him he found himself watching as Kinari grabbed at someone who looked just like him.

[h3 [center Fukitsu]]
There was little time to react given Kinari's speed, but her close proximity at least allowed her to take Shindou's place with a quick combination of the transformation technique and the substitution technique. Her bone plates allowing her to resist the pressure that Kinari's hand was putting on her throat.

She took the opportunity to escape his grasp as soon as his grip weakened, but did not get far as he stumbled on top of her after Daiashi knocked him out with a quick strike to the back of the neck. It left her grateful that she had agreed to Yisei's suggestion that Daiashi be assigned to the team even taking into account his earlier escapades. However she did not leave the situation at that as she slid out from under him while maintaining her transformation to keep her presence secret from the other enemies.

A choice which was rendered less valuable by Daiashi's second timely action that managed to wrap up the rest of the visible enemies quite neatly. Leaving her with the more difficult task of dealing with Kinari as his chakra continued to build. Her abilities were well suited to the task as she simply let her chakra do the work by lifting him up with trees wrapped in adamantine sealing chains. The lack of information on Shindou would allow her to get away with her illusion a bit longer, and with the strength of her abilities she could at least restrain Kinari's chakra long enough for the others to escape.

Shindou seemed to have caught on to her intentions easily enough, as he maneuvered himself under the unconscious Daiashi and prepared to move the both of them to a safer location.
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Watching the fight unfoldbefore him Daiashi kept himself hidden behind the branch he was on seeing the girl simply move while captured and pop the shinobi like a zit in her water. 'Brutal... best not to give her time to react if it comes down to a fight.' Daiashi thought then noticed the blue haired boy bouncing hyperly around the girly boy as the guys look changed. With a gurst of chakra he moved quick enough to leave an after-image and stopped behind the new looking girly boy as he held Shindou's neck. Remembering they all needed to come back alive he jabbed the side of his hand into he back of Kinari's neck to drop him without killing him. With a finger rising to his lips to silence Shindou he smirked while he felt his chakra returning quicker than usual while the blue haired boy seemed to be eating at something he could only guess was the boys chakra.

Turning his attention to the remaining surrounding shinobi he raised his hands facing his palms outward and both mirrors towards himself. As he pushed his chakra through his eyes into the mirrors and surrounding himself he sped himself up to the point everything seemed to stop moving around him. With a series of handsigns he built up the chakra that was building inside him until he formed four clones then pulled the ends of the wires from his bag. Tossing the wire to the others he unstrapped his weights allowing the clones to do the same. Where the weights should have dropped they just stopped. As the clones and himself moved around they wrapped the remaining shinobi in the wire even wrapping it around trees as well. As he passed the several others he took mental note of the looks on their faces though he never once noticed the eyes of his clones being white with cat like slits for puipls.

Once the enemy was wrapped in the wire Daiashi's clones handed the end of the wire back to him as he slipped his weights back on and released the speed. Taking a deep breath he tightened his grip on the wires in less than a second releasing his clones as time seemed to return to normal for him. With the exaustion of exerting himself to such a limit on top of the exerted force of his clones keeping up suddenly hitting him, his eyes faded back to their normal color and look as shadows moved in at the edges of his sight. Suddenly collapsing in the middle of the surrounding shinobi enemies the wires tightened and diced the bodies to bloody bits just before his muscles relaxed and his consiousness left him making the wires draw back into his bag. He was out and the enemy were all finished while blood began raining from the sky.

To anyone else it would have looked like he had moved to the center of the shinobi and they simply fell to pieces while a wire spun into his bag after he fainted. Due to the speed he had moved he would have done everything in a matter of five one hundredths of a second, due to his clones cutting the time down and the weights he wore being all that was needed to pull the ninja wire hard enough to dice the many shinobi. Now that he was unconsious the blue haired boy would begin storing the chakra he was devouring from Kinari rather than just feeding it straight into Daiashi's body.
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"Perfect, I need two copies of everything you've discovered by the end of the night if you haven't figured anything else on the subject of the tablet... Things are taking a turn for the worse and we can't be too careful" he spoke, stopping momentarily as all the information from his clone was added to his own collective knowledge before fading as well, one clone after the next until they'd all returned to Yisei.

"Are you sure this'll work?" he asked as he entered the giant lair underneath the city, simultaneously conjuring up a multitude of hand signs before releasing his jutsu, the entire place becoming void of light and then using a fireball jutsu, the light of the fire unable to be seen even as it left his mouth. "Why am I not surprised..." [i "Well I am from a time long ago... Our chakra and even our jutsu are light years different than all that you know"].

"Well even so... I'm pretty surprised" he stated before using his Rinnegan to open his temporal dimension, a giant crystal beast in the form of a magnificent Liger rocketing out from within and entering the room, the shimmering of it's crystalline body barely able to be seen as it began to faintly glow in the night. "And... Thank you, having a strong ally and friend to look after the light while I'm gone means more than words can say, until next time..." a path of light then became visible that led directly back up to his office, Yisei taking a seat and coughing up blood into a napkin before he threw it away.

"Alright... Now to compile a list of notes on everything we know of the Gemmed Beasts..." he started going over everything he had and pulled out a pen and paper, starting to compile information on the Crystal Beast then stopping. [i Just in case...] he was still hesitant to trust her even with as smoothly as things ran as well as the added knowledge that she couldn't afford to not work with his village but he would need a trump card in case things turned sour and since he was the only person alive who knew of this creature there would be no way for them to know he was hiding anything as everything looked in place and as it should be. "Kenka, Rinar" he took a deep breath before he continued "I need you two to be on standby, I believe I will need you to make a trip into the Shadow in a few days time" he stated, explaining that it was detrimental to the survival of the Light and possibly the entire Country.
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Kinari yawned as he started to move in the direction of Yamaki, "Here" he stated as he threw the captive at Aiko so that he could speed up in the direction he was heading, sensing another chakra source close behind. "What in the..." breaching the trees into the clearing where Yamaki stood, a ninja to her back cutting her clothes off... Before he could react his eyes flaring up something magical happened as her water seemed to move of it's own accord, watching as the enemy was completely crushed, his head popping off.

Seeing what had happened and the horrid sound ringing through his ears got him moving once more as he raced to his friend, pulling his robe off and wrapping it around her, landing on the tree branch next to her and whispering in her ear. "It'll be alright..." he promised her. "Nothing like that will ever happen to you again..." he then broke his gaze from her so as to not be captivated by the beauty of the brilliantly glowing lights only to find dozens upon dozens of shinobi appearing around them. "So... You're the shinobi responsible for this!" he placed a hand on her shoulder before lurching forward in his gear which resembled the gear of an anbu from his last mission before being assigned to this team.

His eyes began to glow again as chakra decided to pour from them, his fist connection with a shinobi with enough force to split his skull in half and smash his face in, the force rippling back and tearing at his skin revealing nothing but chakra underneath from his fist to right before his elbow. "And now you'll pay... You'll all pay!" he yelled as sakura petals began to lift off the ground and whirl around the area, a faint aura beginning to cloak around him as his eyes began to change again to reflect all the colors of the rainbow.

[i "So you've finally come to me... Are you ready to face your fears?" the voice spoke as a version of his younger self appeared to him within his mind. "Shut the hell up, if you have as much power as you say then hand it over!" he punched the younger version of himself as his rage took over the contact alone causing tons of primal chakra to flow throughout his body]. Kinari moved from shinobi to shinobi, ripping and tearing at their body with physical force alone, his hands being cloaked in lightning and blades of wind as he simultaneously activated both releases until he made his way to the obvious leader. Clad in a cloak of his own and a giant scroll on his back, his headband sporting a spike on either end of the symbol. "And you..." he roared, his voice distorted and more animal than human as two voices echoed out at once. "You will suffer the most" the petals ripping those he'd missed to shreds on his blood thirsty path.

It didn't take much for Kinari to spin out of control, either a very tough fight the death of a teammate at his own hands and then there was the thing he witnessed moments ago. Laying their hands on a girl and his teammate to sport, bringing his friend to tears... Just thinking of those tears caused him to lash out once more, one punch causing the shinobi's cloak to shred as the blades of wind cut into his flesh, causing the shinobi to blush. "Wh... what are you?" Kinari laughed at the question as he began to change, his entire body starting to change as he lashed out, breaking the shinobi's arms from the elbows and shattering the bone before moving to his kneecaps and then to his fingers, breaking every bone along the way until the shinobi went limp. His work done as the shinobi fell unconscious he slowly pushed his hand inside the man and caused him to implode, covering himself in his enemy's blood before turning around to see Shindou's chakra behind a tree.

He didn't even think, just moved to the closest figure towards him, going through the tree and bringing forth with him as he emerged in front of Shindou, a ton of nature chakra. "Surpriiise!" he laughed as he wrapped his hand around Shindou's throat, squeezing hard and then relaxing his grip momentarily as he began to falter. His hair turned white started to flicker as he stopped, seemingly froze for a few seconds, to a platinum blonde. The feathers that had formed around his waist as a sort of waist cape/cloak of dark purple and blue starting to fall as he spoke up, his voice still twisted as he looked into Shindou's eyes. "Run..." he spoke and then silence as the boy fell flat on top of Shindou due to a sudden force on the back of his neck that sent his body into a state of unconsciousness.... And even still he was able to move in his unconscious state, writing a figure on the ground that would allow Yamaki to know exactly what to do as the seals on his body in which held the Opal Beast started to come undone one after another, his hair extending and his entire body changing as he lay there motionless... Chakra continuing to pour out of him as he changed.
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Yamaki nodded to Kinari's clone and did another quick scan coming across Shindou's message after the clone disappeared and gave a confused look before nodding slowly in that direction. She began to move forward towards the rest of the group and felt a hand wrap around her wrist. She gasped as she was pulled back against someone and felt a cold sharp object being pressed to her neck. Guessing it was a kunai she stood still as the ninja behind her brought his face closer to hers and whispered in her ear. "I think it would be in your best interest to cooperate with me for the sake of your team and for yourself if you want to keep living girl." Her eyes grew wide as she thought. [i How come I couldn't sense him with my Byakugan? Was he cloaked? ] She slowly brought her hands together remembering the message from Shindou and readied to do the hand signal.

As she began to concentrate on it the ninja grab one of her hands and twisted her arm behind her back. She cringed in pain as he coldly laughed. "Do you take me for a fool." He pressed the kunai harder against her neck and a small whimper left her mouth. "I said if you cooperate everything would go smoothly but I see you didn't seem to think I was serious and now I will have to show you how serious I am." He pressed his body against hers pinning her arm between their bodies and wrapped his free arm around her waist grabbing a hold of her other arm holding it down as he began to traces the kunai up along her cheek and down her neck again and than down along her arm as he breathed hard in her ear. [i Oh god please no. ] She closed her eyes fearing what he would do to her as she felt the blade move along her stomach and up her breast bone. Her eyes teared up as she cringed again feeling the kunai pierce her top and puncture her flesh right below her neck and slowly began to work it's way down leaving a shallow cut as it move. "I think I will just cut all your clothes off you. What do you think." [i [#43BFC7 Yamaki move now! Turn and face him!]] Shinjuko yelled from within her. Yamaki's eyes shot open again letting more tears run down her cheeks as she did and quickly turned to face the ninja behind her feeling the blade of the kunai cut deep across her chest and over her arm as she spun around. She groaned out in pain and stared right into the ninja's eyes. "What the hell?!" His eyes open wide in shock at the sight of her now facing him. He went to bring the kunai down into her back but by than it was to late. Yamaki's water gourd had uncapped it's self and the water poured out wrapping it's around the ninja. "What in the hell in happening here?!" Yamaki just continued to stare as him with a blank expression on her face. The water worked it's way up and around his body covering all of him swallowing him up from head to toe. He began to struggle for breathe within as she watched. [i [#43BFC7 Close your eyes now my dear. I am sure you don't want to see what happens next.]] She did as Shinjuko asked and closed her eyes as wet crunching noise was made followed by a slight pop and the front of her body as drenched in wetness.

[i [#43BFC7 It is done. I will begin to heal your wounds. Just stay here till your team comes back this way. Okay.]] Yamaki slowly nodded and opened her eyes to see the front of her and the tree coated in red dyed runny water. She flopped down to her butt with her legs off to the side and bent back towards her butt and brought the rest of her body between her legs creating a small ball with her body and cried softly as the blue light emitted from her wounds. [i What have I done?]
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[h3 [center Fukitsu #1]]
The new deal was far more pleasant than she could have expected based on how Yisei's previous behavior, as the agreement of shared research was more than she could have hoped for in the past. Combined with his willingness to entrust a difficult mission to her village things were going brilliantly. Of course the sudden change for the better left a small worry of how things would go when the other shoe drops, but for now Fukitsu could enjoy looking at it a bit more optimistically.

"Honestly at this point I would welcome Kaguya back with open arms compared to the potential alternatives," Fukitsu said to herself after Yisei's clone turned to dust.

Fukitsu made a few mental notes from the conversation to make sure she did not disappoint her allies. The most important being a reminder to have Sousuke send over his research notes on the Jeweled Beasts, as she was certain the information would prove to be a solid sign of good faith. Combined with the mission she had to assign it looked like Yisei was actively giving her a chance to prove how reliable an ally she could be to the Light.

With Yisei gone she slid into the ground and made her way towards the laboratories ahead of time. Although Yisei had stated his intentions to share notes in a few days, Fukitsu was certain that she could gather her own notes for delivery before then. Sousuke was meticulous enough that she knew him to keep multiple copies on file in case of potential disasters, however she would need him to get them out considering his devotion to keeping their secrets secret.

[h3 [center Fukitsu #2]]
Fukitsu let a bright smile spread across her face as Yumizuke asked to go on missions. "I believe something along those lines can be arranged for you soon Yumizuke, as once my researchers have some preliminary data to work with you will be free to be mobilized. Truth be told I already have a mission in mind where your skills could prove to be of particular value, although you will not be sent out alone yet," Fukitsu said. "However right now research and training are the utmost priority for at least the next few days for you."

Fukitsu kept a pleasant smile even as Yumizuke jumped out of her chair and began speaking erratically. Although she maintained a pleasant face she made a mental note to have Sousuke test her to find out if she would need medication to treat a hyperactivity disorder. If she was incapable of focusing for extended periods it could lead to poor results if she were to be sent out on a mission alone and lost focus at the wrong moment after all.

"I understand your desire to get out there based on your nomadic lifestyle Yumizuke, however you seem to understand where I am coming from in regards to being patient. You may not physically be a child, but you are still much younger than myself," Fukitsu said with a small smirk. "We will figure everything out given time, and I know that is now what you want to hear right now, however I believe I know a way that might serve to speed the process up. If I could schedule you for a special sleep study I believe my researchers could make some early strides without requiring you to patiently sit around, and while they are doing further research you could be in the field on an interesting mission."

[h3 [center Shindou]]
A priest who can move around with perfectly hidden chakra is no ordinary priest, and is not the type to need the help of a hidden village. The lie left Shindou even more on edge, and her sudden decision to move towards combat rather than away from it left him even more certain that his intuition was right. This was turning out to be a far more tense first mission than he had expected to start off with, and with his squad now being threatened by another team of shinobi he was forced to get close enough to scout out the situation with his own doujutsu.

He got within scouting range just in time to see Kinari take out three shinobi with only minimal effort. It left him very thankful that Kinari was on his squad, even though he was nowhere near the team player that Shindou had hoped to be teamed up with. A quick scan of the scene made him aware of the positions of the other shinobi, and as he spotted Yamaki a brilliant idea struck him as she scouted.

A quick search of his supplies got him the tools that he would need to maneuver the team in secret. Since he only had a little time to prepare things he focused on the important details and prepared to deliver them in as simple a fashion as possible. So long as she kept scouting long enough for him to get her attention she would see his note and the team would be in a better position for the rest of the mission.

Once the note was written he held it up while hidden behind a tree that would keep everyone but Yamaki from being able to see him. It was the best method he had to deliver a message to the team on short notice as far as he could see. He just had to hope that Yamaki would notice the message and read it before announcing his position to the potential enemies.

[h3 [center Note]]
'Keep my position secret. Aiko is dangerous. So is Akane. I'll keep an eye out from behind. If you need help, hold up the signal below. Good luck.'

The bottom of the page included a simple drawing of a right hand holding up a half triangle with the index finger bent down at the center joint to form a parallel line with the thumb. He hoped it was an unusual enough signal that it was not a standard hand sign with the Hidden Light.
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Akane listened passionately, her smile faltered briefly as he tried to redirect her to another village [b "Oh, I'm not a shinobi."] She said reflexively [b "I'm more of a..."] She had to take a moment to think, she rolled her hand in front of her and gazed off to the right, her eye's suddenly snap back to him and her hand stopped moving a she seemed to settle on a word [b ".. Priest."] it wasn't a complete lie, technically. Her eye's wondered from him again, it seemed a fight has started up ahead, it seemed the area really wasn't safe, she rushed ahead towards the group, expecting the boy to have a similar idea, the fight had however ended by the time she arrived.

Stopping some way from the group she scanned them once more, they seemed unharmed and far stronger then she had originally expected. Taking note of the bloodlines some of them displayed, Akane realized she may have just put herself into a very dangerous situation, even with her own abilities, this many fighters would be difficult without summoning backup, she decided it best if she kept up the act a while longer [b "Is everybody okay?"] She asked quietly, taking a few steps closer [b "I saw your fight, you don't think there are any others waiting along this trail do you?"] She did her best to sound genuinely concerned although she still sounded slightly disinterested. She turned towards the boy that had approached her originally [b "Are you sure you can't give me directions to the village? I'm just roaming, but I was thinking maybe I should hire an escort after this."]
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Kinari grinned as he listened to Aiko, "Think you can give me orders?" he jested though not pushing it further due to his wanting to see what this shinobi was really worth, seemingly disappearing from sight after summoning a clone to remain in front of Yamaki.... It took a lot in order for him to actually stop to listen to their new "ally" as he was already spiraling forward but was quickly more than ten yards away before receiving another surprise from Daishi as one of the shinobi were taken out, though he didn't know that it was in fact Daishi who'd dealt the damage until later. He shook his head before circling around and appearing at the back of the small troop, actually expecting Shindou to have caught up and perhaps passed them to be an annoyance as always while they had talked earlier

"You talk big for a kid" one of the three shinobi laughed in response to Aiko's statement his grin widening as he whistled. "Oh he's not the one you should be worried about" Kinari's eyes seemed to sparkle before erupting, pure teal chakra bleeding out of them and into the atmosphere as Kinari activated a silent genjutsu the three shinobi dropping the moment they made eye contact with them. His jutsu was complete as the other shinobi fell through the earth in their dream like state and through the air before being engulfed in giant lotus's. "One" Kinari spoke out loud as he walked over by Aiko, "Two"... one of the shinobi started to scream and then the other before their eyes went blank and they started to drool. "Three..." he cancelled his jutsu as the last one slumped over, broken. "Seems like these are only average chunin level and lower Shinobi... Even so we should be thankful they underestimated us... It helps that we had the element of surprise on our side too thanks to Yamaki"


Kinari smiled as he looked back at Yamaki, "Well at least we know he's not useless" he stated in response to Yamaki's byakugan catching sight of and tracking Daishi until he came to a stop. "But we can't focus on him right now, we just have to hope he knows what he's doing or runs..." Yamaki having tried to convince Kinari's clone that they should go towards their teammate so they'd have a better chance of survival in case more shinobi appeared.

"Plus I believe the fights over..." he shook his head as he smiled at her and ruffled her hair some, not knowing that anyone was actually paying attention and expecting Daishi to be cowering behind a tree or something at this point before cancelling the jutsu and disappearing in a small cloud of white smoke.


"Not bad..." he spoke as the information was receive from his clone, Daishi's words hitting the clones ears even more audible to him after receiving it for a second time. "Now let's just hope this one isn't broken too much... We need him for information..." he sighed "For I suspect these Shinobi are part of the reason no other village would except this mission, and then there's the possibility that these are just underlings who were given no information..." he then grabbed the crippled body of their former enemy and turned towards where he knew Yamaki would be waiting, scouting with her Byakugan... After all she was more than just a healer but a damn good tactician and excelled at almost every aspect of a support ninja.
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Clone: Moving through the trees to catch up with the others he caught sight of two, no four figures moving opposite of him. Just as he thought he might get the drop on them one turned and jumped at him both slamming him against the three trunk and sliding a kunai into his eye. As he fell limp the jutsu was dispersed trailing the information back to the original.

Original: Watching the girl point at him he blinked unable to hear what they were talking about, but something seemed fimilar about the girl he couldn't quite put his finger on. As the information from his clone hit him his eyes widened and he pulled a kunai out from his bagthrowing it next to the two of them with the warning tag hanging from it. With a quick succession of handsigns to use the reflective metals on the back of his hands to speed himself up he darted away. Pushing himself to top speed the branches began bowing under his feet and the air began folding around him. He rarely moved this fast but he knew that the other team mates were ahead of them and unaware of the quickly approaching threat. With the propper handsigns he created yet another clone pulling the kunai from his bag splitting up to head around and flank them from the sides.

Once catching up to the others he sent his clone in first landing behind the group, throwing his weight into a punch in order to hit the rear shinobi while the leader figure talked. With the suprise of his face showing up so soon on top of being there from behind, Daiashi's clone got to feel the jaw of the shinobi begin to shatter under the pressure of the punch as the guy spun into a tree. Flipping backwards Daiashi's clone crouched against the trunk of the tree behind kinari. "Sorry for being so late." He said cheerfully barely loud enough for kinari to hear him before he pushed off the tree towards the shinobi against the tree trying to recover. Gripping his kunai tight he spotted a glint in his pariphrial where a stray kunai was headed in his direction. Reaching down he channeled some chakra into his fingertips to grip the ground and push himself forward faster. Getting the kunai in his ankle from not being fast enough he suppressed his urge to flinch and placed his freed hand to the back of the kunai in his hand. Slamming it full force into the chest of the recovering shinobi the tree behind his target gave way to the mass and force put behind the kunai sending the crumpling body flying deep into the forest. As the dust and splinters from the tree settled the clone of Daiashi would be gone and the real one would be hiding behind a branch.

Watching the rest of the fight he remained hidden to observe the talents of the others under attack at that point. 'Three remaining, if the candy means anything then the girly boy has a sugar rush that should end them easily, but the girly girl tastes odd and I don't know just how well she can do... I just hope some of them overflow at some point so I can have the treats.' The blue haired boy said sitting on the branch Daiashi was hiding behind only earning himself a glare in order to quiet him as the hiding one just watched from the distance in order to help out if need be. Though with the feel of that blow to the shinobi his clone took out Daiashi knew he had to be dead by then since he felt the blood rush out and the bones cracking.
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Aiko smiled at both of them, well at least they were thrying to trust him. But he knew that Kinari would be the most carefull one for what he has seen so far. "That is completley understandable." He told them "And besides, it is a good thing. I will have someone to talk to through the night." He smiled at them.

After that Yamaki spoke. "What!" He complained "I just, why would the..." He remembered the girl he killed momets earlier... was he mistaken? Was the girl actually a scout for some bigger operation? He sighed and whispered under his breath "I knew that was going to cause trouble." He looked up and his Sharingan flared up to life. Seeing the trayectory from the Kunais he easily was able to dodge them. His eyes widened as an idea popped into his head. Jumping from branch to branch he stopped next to Kinari and spoke to him.

"I know you are strong, I can clearly see that." He told him "But we need to save our energy for later, in case we have another incident like this. So this is what we are going to do." He started "Ill throw a fire based jutsu towards them, in the meantime go as fast as possible 10 Yards on that directtion." He pointe to his right "Go behind them and attack them, I'll keep them busy." He winked at him and shot past him, waving signs in the process.

Tiger → Ram → Monkey → Boar → Horse → Tiger
Fire release: Great Fireball Jutsu!

A massive fireball came out of his mouth and shot towards the incoming hostiles, not knowing if it actually hit or not he just hoped that the intruders would concentrate on him. After the fireball dissapearead the Intruders stopped 20 Yards in front of him.

"That was a nice Jutsu you got there." One of them said

"Cool, right?" Aiko answered

"Nice eyes you got there." One of them laughed "Encountering an Uchiha is extremeley rare now a days."

"Unfortunatley for you, it will be the first and last." He started laughing and made a hand signal with his left hand which meant 'Go'.
  Aiko Uchiha / kirito / 4y 278d 2h 19m 34s
"I believe I am happy with the current events and I don't currently have anything I could think to add, I'm glad you seem pleased by this new agreement as well" he acknowledged her huge grin before turning his gaze towards the direction of the light. "I believe you should have the first round of notes in a few days for we've collected a lot of intel regarding the beasts... And our most elite shinobi should each be returning from their individual missions within the week... And upon an inspection with the full force of the light on the tablet I will send the rest of what I've acquired, I do hope to see some results from the shadow soon as well..." he sat on the bench and rested his arm on the back of it. "Of course I understand it would be risky and rather foolish to rush things how they are but I believe the more we know about what the other has already acquired the more we can learn about the strangeness that has been going on within the shinobi world... I just" he paused for a moment before continuing once more.

"I just hope that it's not as bad as the return of Kaguya and the Ten Tails over a hundred years ago... A disaster of that magnitude or greater in this day and age... Well, we barely recovered from the last... I'm not sure the shinobi world would be able to recover if things were to take a turn for the worse as it seems they are" he nodded towards her before turning and walking away. "I will have an assistant sent over to the shadow after I return to my office so that we may keep in constant contact, feel free to do the same if you feel the need" and with that Yisei's clone turned into wood as the last had before crumbling into dust.
  *Yisei~ / TsukikoKyuubi / 4y 278d 18h 15m 13s
Yumi nodded as she listened, kicking her feet and eating her warm meal, more than content as the time rolled by. "Kekkai Genkai..?" she shook her head. "No that can't be it, I can't use any jutsu at all... How can this be..." she wondered, stopping as the Kage started to talk again and nodded. "I won't mind either way, I mean I really wanna learn to use jutsu but if I have to wait then that's fine... Though can I still go on missions while training?" she asked tilting her head to the side again as she placed her meal down beside her, that serious dedication gone in almost an instant after she began eating and not returning even after she'd finished. Her wavelength pulsating outward which directly affected her emotions and how she felt, unable to control it even the slightest bit.

She then jumped up and stretched, yawning some. "sorry if I'm being rude or seem ungrateful but I'm soooo used to constantly being on the move I'm not sure I can wait and when I was told I may be able to gain an even bigger friend through summoning well... Let's figure this thing out, I'm not a child you know?" she asked, tilting her head to the other side though that's exactly what she was. "I know it won't be easy and it can't be done overnight but I'm willing to learn..."
  Yumizuke Inaziki / TsukikoKyuubi / 4y 278d 18h 23m 17s
Kinari grinned at Aiko and shook his head, waiting until Yamaki spoke before answering. "If you wish to keep watch then that is fine by me" he continued to stare off at the sky pursing his lips as he thought. "Though I'm afraid we still know nothing about you and though you seem an ally I cannot be too cautious and so Yamaki and I will be close by and one of us will be up at all times if not both... On that matter though, that comes after we find a spot to stop for the night" he sighed before hearing the whirring of something through the air, turning and jumping backward in time to see a shuriken cut Yamaki's cheek. "What in the hell, were we followed?" he growled, his eyes flickering as he spoke once again.

He didn't understand how if they were followed with the others behind them unless they were purposely sent to intercept them meaning there would have to be a spy within at least one of the villages or a smaller village who detested either the Light, Dark or both. "Very well then..." he glided to the side as three shurikens whizzed past him and raised his hand to deflect the next. "I suppose we fight" he spoke to answer Yamaki's question, "I need you in the rear to watch with your byakugan and give directions as to their location so we can take them out fast and without repercussions." turning to glance at Aiko. "Well I suppose if you are an ally then nows the time to prove it" he jumped up to try and get a view, seeing the general direction of the kunai, sending a kunai of his own and quickly following through with a few hand signs as the kunai split into a multitude of weapons with the shadow clone transformation combo so that they wouldn't be able to guess the actual size of the kunai. Only one of the thrown weapons actually now looking as such.

Kinari then landed and lurched forward, spiraling through the air as he dodged a few kunai with ease, knocking them away from Yamaki before landing on another branch and crouching, waiing to hear back from the other two.
  Kinari / TsukikoKyuubi / 4y 278d 18h 34m 20s
Yamaki giggled a bit as Kinari yawned and nodded her head agreeing with him and softly spoke. "Yes that would be a good idea and I am starting to get a bit tired. Just let me know when and where you want to stop for the night." Her head turn as Kinari spoke up to Aiko who was a little bit behind her she just gave a small smile to him as he replied back and offered to help keep watch. "Well I will leave all the decision making on who takes what watch and what not Kinari. I think he would be a little bit better than that than I and with Shindou not with us yet Kinari is I guess you can say the second in charge." She grin wide as she said the last part.

As they continue through the tree Yamaki hears some to the far left of they and looks over to see just as a few shurikens fly pass her face the last nicks her cutting a small line across her cheek. She gasped and turned her whole body and instantly activated her byakugan as her held her hand over her cut cheek. "Kinari Aiko we have 4 figures to our left about 400 feet out and watch out another round of 6 shurikens and a dozen kunai are coming our way." She quickly flips and grabs the branch above her avoiding them. She quickly scanned the rest of the forest for any others and found nothing before bring her sight back to the four. "They are closing in quickly. What shall we do?"
  Yamaki / SayuriKyuubi / 4y 278d 22h 23m 47s

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