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Yisei shook his head after having arrived at the scene, the carnage even worse than when he'd seen it through his clones eyes, it was completely unbelievable. "Who on earth could have done something like this...?" Human insides hung from trees, bits of flesh scattered across the area and the blood... There was so much blood, it soaked everything. "It looks like..." his eyes faltered for a moment and he stumbled back after reliving the terrors of the last great ninja war.

Despite how tough Yisei was, being one of the three strongest ninja in the world the events from back then still haunted him, because no matter how powerful he became he was still fresh and for the most part innocent. "I... I can't look at this anymore" he spoke, weaving a multitude of hand signs before creating a crystalline landscape. The crystals tinged with red as they jutted out from the ground and trees, "Not the most sightly creation... But it's better than... That".

The man would then turn around and encase himself in crystal before appearing back in his office, sending carrier pigeons to another squad of elite shinobi informing them of the details of what had happened and to warn them of the possible danger. Unable to reach them all himself since they were all out on separate missions at the current moment in time.
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Now that the fight was over Shindou focused on his breathing to calm himself back down, although his participation was minimal the fight or flight instinct had been triggered by sight alone. Kinari was even stronger than he had expected, and was also far less tamed. It left him very thankful that Fukitsu had foreseen such an incident and prepared appropriately, however it left an uneasy feeling about what would happen the next time.

His breathing routine was interrupted by one of the Fukitsu clones picking Daiashi up in a similar manner to the one he used earlier. "You are the leader of this team, and you need to take control of it," Fukitsu whispered to him in his own voice.

A sigh escaped his mouth as he realized what Fukitsu was doing, as it forced him to act faster than he was inclined. A quick step with his Flicker Form brought him to the center of the battlefield, and within visual range of Kinari just as Aiko started walking away. "Don't worry about me, I'm tougher than I look," Shindou said with a confident smile. "You three are the ones that took the worst of it I think."

Just as Shindou said it the clone carrying Daiashi appeared behind him, and the other two flanked Kinari and Yamaki to provide shoulders to lean on. Thanks to his minimal participation Shindou was in good condition, and despite her use of clones Fukitsu had kept her stamina loss down by relying on efficient techniques. It left him and 'his' clones in good appearance as they moved out to help mobilize the team.

"Feel free to lean on me if you need to Kinari. For now we're going to follow our Uchiha friend here," Shindou said. "I'm not sure how trustworthy he is, but if he wanted either of you dead he just threw away his best opportunity. So he's trustworthy enough for now."
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Finally the boys chakra went back to its normal state. He sighed as the skeletal hands and his vectors let go of the boy, slowly the fray skeletal hands faded with the fire. He scratched the back of his head and looked down at the love birds. He sat down beside them and sighed, this was enough excitment for one week.

His sharingan faded away and he looked up at them, the cute one seemed unconsciouss probably the seal took a lot of chakra to perform or she was too exhausted to continue or the sight of the boys form freakead her out. He money was on the first option. The boy on the other hand wasn't unconcious but he did seem exhausted, the transformation propably placed a lot of strain in his body and he needed to rest. He thought on where... unfortunatley he knew this woods way to well, this was where he grew up, where everything seemed peacefull. Boy how wrong he was.

Of course he was overthinking it, since he knew exactly a perfect place but half of him wanted to go, half of him didn't. With a sigh he smiled at the boy.

"Jinchuriki, huh." He told him "The chakra that you realised wasn't human so don't try to deny it." He took out a kunai and pointed it at him "I'm not dumb." He grabbed his scarf and using the kunai cut it in half, then he tied up half to his injured arm and half to his left leg. "In any case you need to rest." He put away the kunai "I know of an abandoned cabin about half hour from here, it isn't anything special but it is secluded and easy to protect if the need arises." He stood up and started walking away "If you don't trust me or don't want to come, don't care but I do see that you need rest and she." He gestured to Yamaki "Would be safier there, but hell that's just my opinion."

He wanted to take his time, so he walked. He didn't care if anyone was following him or not but seeing his old home might help him foget the past. But who knew.

After entering a small cave he got into a clearing with a medium size wooden cabin in the middle. He smiled as he saw that it was still in one piece.

He entered and took off his shoes at the entrance, the house was simple. It had a kitchen, next to it a dining table, next to that table was the living room. The walls were filled with pictures, some were burned others were but a little. Others showed a family consisting of a father, mother, son and a little girl. The second floor had three doors, the one on the left had the roof collapse, the one on the right was intact. It had two small beds, the left side had nothing other than the bed a lamp and a nightstand but the right was covered with books, toys and ninja tools that were dull. He went out the window and jumped un top of the roof. He layed down and sighed "Okaidi." He said to the wind.
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Kinari roared as the restraints were thrown against him once more, thrashing out as he took control once more. Crushing one of the wooden hands but before he knew it he became engulfed in flames and then there was Yamaki. Why was she here, why was she in his way? He shook his head furiously as he roared out, ready to strike; Stopping inches from Yamaki's face as she just stood there, unfaltering. Her soothing voice barely reaching his ears but with the combination of techniques and restraints it was enough, his eyes flickering back to normal as he seemed to struggle with himself during his sealing before being thrown back into his head.

[i "Finally..." the boy in front of him was now a humongous dragon, void of wings. "You could have killed them you know, hell you almost succeeded..."]

Kinari couldn't believe what this beast was telling him, "Who are you!?" he demanded. "What have you done!?"

[i "I have saved you..." the voice echoed throughout his head as the beast smiled, before starting to disappear. "And during such a time I have found you to be unworthy of my power... You have a lot to learn, if you wish to seek me out again then you must grow and learn to face what you've done."]

"B... but..." Kinari fell to his knees as the beast disappeared, the voice in his mind gone. "I don't know if I..." snapping back to reality soon afterwards, realizing that he was slumped up against Yamaki. "Y... yeah" he answered as his eyes opening, hearing what could only sound like Shindou. Assuming the shadowy shape that was barely visible through the flames that came from Aiko. Kinari would then push himself up, holding onto Yamaki as he did: Thankful for her light weight; and smile lightly. "Sorry... You're not hurt are you?" he asked, looking around. "Any of you...?" Looking over Yamaki then and sighing as he realized she was simply unconscious.

The boy would sigh then as he assessed the area, backing away from Aiko, slumping against the tree. It seemed like they were fine for now but what if he lost control again, would the results be the same? And if he became even stronger as the beast in his mind had told him... Then what? There was no way he could afford to let that happen, he decided as he lowered himself to the ground as he stayed slumped against the tree. No before he could do that he would have to learn to control the power he already possessed.

"L... Let's go" he spoke weakly as he pushed himself up only a few minutes later as he realized there was nothing but silence in response to his words. Stumbling forward as he began to move forward, "We can't afford to sit around in the open like this..." He realized that he seemed scattered and unable to handle himself... Hell he could barely hold himself up, much less the amazing girl that he now held in his arms but he knew they couldn't stay there; Or he didn't want to, either way he continued onward, stumbling like a fool as he carried her.

Even to those who weren't there, it was easy to tell that a huge toll had been taken and that the boy was still clearly drained.
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The presence of a familiar soul at the top of the hill caused Akane to hesitate, she lingered just out of sight as she contemplated her options, she could reveal herself and be outed, she could have Mori attack and spark a war or she could retreat. The appearance of a young girl with short black hair in a light blue kimono caught her attention [+blue "The other village isn't too far from here, I scouted around like you asked and I think I found a way inside."] The girl was excited, almost yelling as she spoke, fortunately for Akane the others wouldn't be able to hear her [+blue "Follow me."] The young girl rushed past Akane, down the hill and away from the hill, Akane soon followed after, dismissing Mori on the way, who vanished in a sudden puff of smoke.

Akane followed the girl for sometime, which was easy given her slow speed, it wasn't uncommon for the Seishin to use spirits this way, even those of children, it struck Akane that, despite her appearance this girl was far older then her.
[b "Nana, wait!"] Akane called after the girl
Stopping the young girl in blue turned smiling excitedly [+blue "What is it, we're nearly there!"]
[b "What..."] Akane had to take a moment to consider her words [b "What was life like before the war? Before we invaded"]
Nana's expression grew sad and just a little angry [+blue "Peaceful... Ill tell you about it once we're in the village..."]
Akane nodded and the two carried on, finding their way to a small lightly guarded gate near the back end of the village, it wasn't particularly difficult for Akane to Body flicker around the guards, they seemed to pass her movement off a an animal, not expecting somebody to attempt and use the entrance.
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Fukitsu's first clone was slow to react as the genjutsu was rendered ineffective, and Kinari's attack was damaging enough to dispel it. The first clone being dispelled only served as motivation to the other clones to step up their own attacks in response to the first of their legion being taken down by a surprise attack. It seemed to work well as the combination of the Foo Dog Heads and the Adamantine Sealing Chains appeared to stall him long enough for the wood hands to dramatically impede his progress. However the moment the boy drew out more chakra he managed to shatter her first wave of restraints.

The Opal did not have to speak twice before the clones went to work with a second superior wave of restraints to keep Kinari down. It was another combined effort of the Adamantine Sealing Chains and Foo Dog Heads by the second and third clones, however the fourth clone took an alternate avenue by maneuvering through the remains of the wooden hands to try to get a direct hold on Kinari. By using some of Fukitsu's stealthier defensive techniques at point blank the clone could work to keep Kinari's dangerous chakra from reaching the other restraints to hopefully allow her to either bleed off enough of his chakra to keep him down, or keep him restrained long enough for Yamaki to save the day.

Fukitsu was thankful that the latter result seemed more likely as the young woman made her approach to the enraged Kinari. However she made sure that all of her clones were on alert, as the technique was not one she recognized which made her uncertain of its effectiveness. Since Yamaki seemed to pass out after completing the technique, Fukitsu made certain to be nearby in case she had to save her and fight off Kinari at the same time.

"Are you alright now Kinari?" One of Fukitsu's clones called out in Shindou's voice as she worked to maintain the illusions.
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Aiko couldn't believe what he was doing, as he let go of the cute ninja he looked up into the sky and time semmed to slow down. Memories started flooding in, or rather fraces.

[i "Huamnity is a sickness"]

[i "People have different views Aiko. Thats why people hate and love."]

[i "Protect."]

[i "I love you Aiko, and always will."]

[i "Without something to protect, life is an empty void idiot."]

A tear fell down his face as he sighed, he did have an idea but revealing it woudln't be the best course of action and the probable outcome would be questions asked or even his identity revealead but for some reason he felt compelled to help these two love birds.

His eyes opened and started to change shape, they stopped moving and pulsed. After that he got sourrounded by gray fire he walked towards the love birds and his vectors took physical shape as skeletal hamds. A rib cage engolved him and he took hold of the lower part of Kinaris body "Well, hope this works" He said to himself as he watched Yamakis sealing technique.
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Yamaki continued towards the others as Aiko made his way to her grabbing her arm tightly she listened to him with a shocked look upon her face and took a deep breath in. She softly tugged her arm away from him and looked at him as she answered. "I need you to do your best to hold him down please and I will do my best to seal him, okay." She moved forward again to where Kinari was being somewhat pinned hearing the voice of the opal breast shout out through him. Her eyes started to water seeing Kinari like this and remember what Yisei-Sensei had told her. "I am teaching you this for you to help him in his time of need. You are the closest to him that he will let near him. Please remember everything I do."

She shook her head and slowly walked up to Kinari and spoke to him in a gentle kind tone. "Kinari it's me, Yamaki, I am here for you." She placed one of her hands on his head and the other she took his hand in hers and lightly squeezed it. "Let me help you okay. I promise everything is going to be alright." She stroked the back of his hand with her thumb as she looked into his eyes and smiled softly. Feeling him calm down some she moves her hands back to herself and nods to the others. "Here we go."

Yamaki clapped her hands together and began going through the needed hand seals Yisei-Sensei taught her for the sealing technique as she felt Shinjuko lend her some of her chakra. She than placed her hands out in front of her and she spoke. "Sealing Ribbons." As the words left her mouth a stream of pale blue ribbon-like lights left from her palms and began to slowly float around Kinari's body lightly wrapping around all of him from his feet to his legs and up all the way to his head. "Compress." The light ribbons tightened around his body pulling all the chakra back in with them and created a mummy-like effect around him as it looked like his entier body was wrapped in the blue light. She closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths before speaking again. "Bind." White letters popped up along the ribbons and glowed brightly creating a veil of light around Kinari bright enough to cover his being. Yamaki again walked up to him and slipped her hands within the veil and touched Kinari's chest and whispered softly toward the light. "Seal." The light turned to a blue shade and she slid her hands to his and held them and the sealing continued. "I'll here waiting for you Kinari when you come back." She slumped against him as the rest of her energy was sapped for the sealing and her eyes closed as the light from around him faded unable to see if her efforts worked as she began to slip in to unconsciousness.
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Kinari spun forward, his eyes pulsing as the genjutsu was sent his way, a wave of pure chakra flying outward and dispersing the jutsu as he slammed into the trees that were summoned, clawing away and ripping at the first one to no avail caused him to summon a blue chakra blade to slice through them. He then roared as he cut into the first clone thanks to his temporary resistance to Genjutsu before being immediately wrapped in chains which he had to struggle to regain his balance through being caught in mid air, the chains only breaking again thanks to the unusually massive amount of chakra thanks to Kinari's overtaking of the Opal. Landing gracefully on the ground in a crouch, baring his fangs with his right arm behind him, blade still in hand before lurching again. The third Fukitsu then surprised him once more as his chakra began being sapped, the breaking of the seemingly endless chains becoming harder and harder.

In a desperate attempt to free himself he threw the blade into the mouth of one of the dog heads causing it to explode massively leaving a small crater in the ground, unable to shred the second and third Fukitsu though as they retreated, leaving him with the fourth though being slammed by wooden hands and spun backwards cracking a tree straight in half by the sheer blunt force of the attack before he was able to determine her location. Another roar and he forced himself forward tearing at all but two of the hands, the remaining dog head sapping away a good amount of his chakra, his own hands becoming entwined with those made of wood. Pushing and pulling to try to come out on top, locked in what seemed like a stalemate before finally pushing the last of his chakra through and forcing more of the beasts out, the seal opening further and starting to completely collapse.

[i "It looks like I have no choice now, the foolish child!" the Opal roared as the boys rage started to take it over, having to act now before it completely took hold as the seal began to collapse. The beasts chakra rising quickly as it overpowered the mental manifestation of Kinari before taking hold of the Jinchuriki.]

"[#800000 If you wish to stop this then put everything you have into restraining Kinari now!]" the beast growled as his eyes started to flash red and his chakra began darkening hoping his intervention wouldn't be such a shock as to where the others wouldn't be able to properly react, Kinari though taking over only moments after the beast dropped his hold, already ripping at the hands as they pinned him down once more. "[#800000 I said now!!]" the voice roared before being echoed by a deafening roar from the throat of Kinari. The feathers that had formed around him darkening more, his hair becoming tinged with black. "Ahhhh!!!!" the wooden arms cracking under the strength of his voice alone, the Opal doing all he could to restrain the boys movements, unable to take complete control. Forced to use most of his power to hold off Kinari's darkness.
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Aiko was having a hard time keeping the weird shinobi down. His vectors weren't made for restrening enemies, although they were capable it wasn't their main function... sort to speak, they were mainly used for offensive and defensive capabilities... not restraining and since he didn't know the sealing formula that was used to seal the beat inside the boy... there was no way he could stop it. The only way out using his abilities was killing him... and he knew that wasn't an option. The weird shinobi broke free from his restraints and Aiko was thrown back, landing hard on a tree. He stood up and clinched his teeth, not knowing what to do... the cute girl was nowhere to be seen and the other shinobi left with the unconsciouss sack of potatoes, he never likes just referring to people as boy or girl, there is always a nickname he gives everyone. He tried to see a way out, something that could be done... then he did see the cute girl running towards them. He cursed and ran towards her, still asking himself why was he still here?

Even though, he caught up to her and grabbed her arm. "This is way out of hand." He told her "From what I've seen you are the only one with the correct jutsu to stop him." He sighed "This is not how I usually work but please, tell me what do you need me to do?"
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"What?!" Yisei yelled through the mental link at Eavan as he received word back from his friend. "What do you mean an entire squad of anbu were wiped out?!" he was furious, slamming his fists on his desk before rising. "Alright, have your man report to me immediately, I need every detail I can get." He demanded, knowing that even though Eavan had complete control of the Anbu as he'd given him, Eavan was loyal and would do almost anything Yisei asked especially given that it was for the villages sake.

The Kage then summoned three wood clones and a crystal clone which was meant to be more durable in case of a confrontation and dispersed them in the direction of the anbu, sending another group of clones to veer to the right to intercept any potential enemies while distracted by the first set of clones. "Damnit, first the beasts, then the tablets and now this..." he growled as he moved across his office, grabbing a few choice chakra gems before heading out. "Of all the times..." his hand outstretched as a flock of crystal doves flew off towards the shadow and Fukitsu's office, hoping they'd reach her before anything happened, the man having a horrible feeling as he took towards the village gates.

The clones rocketed ahead of him, making a straight way towards the battlefield only to find a mess of corpses and blood soaked soil... It was a sight that he never wanted to see again, the crystal clones able to directly send a visual link to the kage.... It looked just like the grounds of the last battle before the war had been resolved, the kage almost losing his stomach, barely able to compose himself before cutting the link. "Alright, I need all wood Yisei's to start cleaning this mess and to restore what portion of the land they can. Crystal Clones back pedal back and keep a constant eye out until I get there..." Yisei's chakra flaring off him as he moved.


Eavan shook his head after Yisei cut the link with him, taking a deep breath before turning his gaze towards the sun. He knew that Yisei could handle this on his own and that he would want nothing else so he let the man do as he wished while he consumed the last of the Fourth Hokage, the abilities of the first second and fourth now within his grasp as well as the cells of plenty other powerful shinobi. "Stage One... Albeit a few set backs... Completed, at least two months early... And now for stage two" the man drew a circle around him before sitting and moving his gaze back towards the ground before closing his eyes and inhaling deeply in order to start meditating, weaving a complex set of handsigns that involved all of the basic elements before tracing the circle he'd drawn into the ground causing it to glow before he was ripped from his body and thrown into his own mind. His actual physical body becoming completely limp, his most elite Anbu surrounding every inch of the graveyard, cloaked with a special mirror style jutsu.
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Shindou kept his focus on the fight in front of him, as he knew he would have to react in an instant if Kinari turned his attention towards them. Things were looking better though thanks to Daiashi and Fukitsu's interventions, and even the dangerous Aiko Uchiha's intervention seemed benevolent at first glance. So as long as Yamaki stayed safe Shindou could be certain that the team would survive their first encounter with the more dangerous side of Kinari.

Thanks to his focus when Kinari broke free of his restraints Shindou was ready, and with a small burst of chakra he was able to lift Daiashi over his shoulders in a fireman's carry. He followed it up with another burst of chakra utilizing his flicker form to put a few rows of trees between them and the wild Kinari.

Once Daiashi was safely positioned behind the thickest tree Shindou could find, he turned the majority of his attention back to the fight between Kinari and the others. The one thing that stood out the most to him was that Fukitsu seemed keen to maintain the transformation that made her look like him, even as she produced a fair number of clones to provide support.

[h3 [center Fukitsu & Clones]]
The restraints seemed to hold thanks in part to the unusual aid provided by the Uchiha. She was not ready to trust him just yet, but she was also smart enough to not turn away any offer of aid when dealing with the likes of a wild jinchuriki. It was the second figure that appeared that she was more hesitant about, as it left her with an easy clue as to who was now involved in the battle. All the new clue did was leave her thankful that she had the foresight to transform into Shindou before directly intervening, as there were now potentially two individuals who would not respond well to her presence.

Fukitsu was not surprised to see Kinari burst out of her first set of restraints, but she was bothered by the act. His growing chakra was less reminiscent of the Painite than she had expected it to be, and it left her uncertain of how best to maneuver her restraints against him. Thankfully his switch to the offensive left her with a much simpler decision as she brought up three thick new trees to provide protection to herself and her potential allies.

Now that she was behind cover she took the opportunity to form four wood clones in the form of her student Shindou. It was an illusion that might be seen through, but as long as Kinari remained unaware of her distinctive presence things would be easier on them. She just had to hope that Shindou had not shared with them the full extent of his abilities, as otherwise it would leave them well aware that someone was impersonating him.

Thanks to her clones she could perform multiple actions simultaneously and that would allow her to manipulate the battlefield, an act that was demonstrated as the first Fukitsu grew a flute from the tree in front of them snapping it off once it was ready. She followed it up by casting the Demonic Flute: Phantom Sound Chains, a genjutsu that would leave Kinari feeling as though he were locked in a position with his arms out by snakes on top of a field of skulls. It was a useful genjutsu that had even managed to stop the likes of Itachi Uchiha and Sasuke Uchiha in the past, however it was not the only card she intended to play.

The second Fukitsu maintained the attack using Adamantine Sealing Chains a fuinjutsu that had even successfully restricted the chakra of the Kyuubi in the past, as she had to do her best to keep him on the defensive. So long as he had to remain focused on avoiding the chains he would be less capable of combating the genjutsu, and less capable of resisting any attacks from other angles.

The third Fukitsu made use of that fact by maneuvering through the roots to the other side of Kinari before launching an attack using the Wood Release: Foo Dog Heads. Another attack that had managed to restrain the legendary Kyuubi, this one however worked by absorbing the chakra of the target. It was the combination that made the techniques so useful against the more powerful Jeweled Beasts though, as the absorption of the Wood Release: Foo Dog Heads made it easier for the Adamantine Sealing Chains to restrain the remaining chakra.

The fourth Fukitsu was prepared to deal with playing defense, an act that was necessary as Kinari lurched towards them. With a few quick seals she sent out a dozen wooden hands reinforced with a layer of chakra in an attempt to hold the jinchuriki back. His chakra and her transformation leaving her with less options to engage in melee, as she had to at least try to maintain the illusion that she was not Fukitsu Hayashi.

The four moved with good precision with the fourth moving in front of cover to draw attention, the first and the second hiding behind the cover where she had been before, and the third attacking from an alternate angle that would leave an open angle for Aiko to attack. Along with a potential path for Yamaki to intervene should what the Uchiha guessed about her be true.

While the other four focused on seeing to it that Kinari was stopped, the fifth Fukitsu transformed as Shindou focused on other potential dangers by summoning an army of white snakes to spread out and find any other hidden enemies. Their advanced senses would neutralize a number of cloaking techniques, and their connection to her would guarantee that if they were attacked she would be made aware. With her snakes spreading outward the fifth Fukitsu went underground hiding her chakra, and allowing her safety to keep an eye on her villagers using her sensing techniques.
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The beast stared directly into the eyes of the boy as it was grabbed, it's being faltering and changing as the illusion of Kinari's childhood self broke and in front Kinari within his mind showed a huge white dragon, it's mid section translucent. Patterns of swirling colors that ranged from every hue the human eye could muster and some that couldn't be, the beast baring it's fangs ready to attack and take control as the boy fell... Seeing this the beast made what could only be assumed as a grunting noise before walking over to the stilled boy and pressing it's paws on it's entire being, fueling the boys anger to see how far he could go... Of course the beast knew Kinari was strong but he wanted to see if he could control the beasts power even in his rage.

Kinari's body lurched as the chains held up his unconscious body, the white almost transparent aura sparkling off his body as orbs of multi colored light rose from the aura before disappearing until the last threads of the boys life force seemed to falter and then fade entirely the orbs bursting and creating what looked like a membrane around the boy, enclosing until he was completely encased, the white aura turning into a very bright aqua and then darkening significantly as a black inky substance began to form first around his belly and then outwards. The raven black feathers around his waist growing outwards as they faded into a deep dark violet and then into a midnight blue from there, his hair growing just below his mid back in an instant as the platinum blonde color began to darken slightly.... And then his eyes opened but instead of the ethereal blue color there stood pure black and where the pupil would be were dark swirling colors, the pupil in the shape of a sharp jagged cross.

"Ahhhh!!!" a twisted inhuman voice roared as he straightened, thrusting his arms out to break the chains that bound him severing them completely even if only for an instant before turning towards Aiko at his comment regarding Yamaki, acting on pure primal instinct as his hand rose and chakra formed in his hand in the shape of a lightning bolt like in the stories of the old gods before thrusting it forwards, the invisible hands that had seemed to grab hold of him being thrust aside as well. Kinari then taking to the sky roared out once more as his other hand began to glow with a menacing chakra as well, plummeting downward and erupting the ground, causing roots to grow and extend around him before shattering into what seemed like millions of needles as they showered outwards, twisting and turning to avoid and dodge what he could , a solid thud resonating from his ears as he hit the back of a tree and went through it, causing him to falter once more before landing on all fours. The boys aura started to grow as he began to ready for another ferocious attack, knowing now that even the chains that had bound the nine tails wouldn't alone be enough to stop him, this knowleadge causing him to hold his position for a moment longer as well as perhaps a sudden memory from before, the memory disregarded only seconds after, the boys limbs moving on their own as they lurched towards Aiko, a black chakra tail growing as he turned. The tail moving again on it's own in another attempt to throw Aiko back before the boy lurched towards what seemed like Shindou (Fukitsu), winds whipping around him like razors as he did, highlighted by his overpowering chakra.

[i "But don't you get it, I killed them! I killed them all!!" he continued to cry as Yamaki protested, the cries of terror and rage only stifled once the girl who he'd just met wrapped her arms around him in a kind and gentle embrace, his head lowering as he buried it in his shoulder in an attempt to stop his body from shaking].

[i "Kinari..." Another voice, was it the old man Kage's? "I can't pretend to know what you're going through though I can only imagine how rough it's been on you but you're not to blame... You were given this power without consent and were born into another great power that we know little to nothing about... It's only natural to feel the way you are but please know that none of this is your fault as Yamaki stated" and with that the man turned back towards the village. "Now lets go home" Kinari barely able to stand with the help of Yamaki nodded at the Kage's words, staying close to the girl as the made their way back to the Light.]

"It seems as if perhaps I placed too much trust in the boy... But then how could I expect anything else though?" The beast watched as Kinari went on a rampage before exerting it's chakra to try to calm him in his rage, knowing it would do little to slow him down, the rest being left to the others... Even with the seal as lose as it was, it was put in place by one of the strongest shinobi to ever live, one would even say that the man: Yisei, if he remembered correctly; was even on par with the one who'd initially sealed the beast inside of it's jewel. "I only hope they can hold him at bay until the seal weakens enough for me to take over and stop this madness..."

The chakra exerted internally causing his chakra to once again take the bright blue color, his hair seeming to shatter, disappearing and being burnt away until it was just below the shoulders. "Ahhhhhh...." the boy screamed in his rage as pain took over his body, the two existing chakra's fighting to take control as the beast continued to exert what chakra he could to try and weaken the seal to where it could take over just long enough to stop the boys rage... Brought further by Kinari's foolish act, trying to forcefully steal away the chakra from the Opal within him out of hate and anger.
  Kinari Opal Mode (Dark) / TsukikoKyuubi / 4y 263d 14h 5m 22s
Yamaki wept softly upon the branch before feeling something being wrapped around her as a familiar voice whispered in her ear. She looked up to see Kinari and clutched the robe he placed on her. Her hand lifted to touch the hand he placed on her shoulder but Kinari lunged forward going towards the shinobi surrounding them. Her eyes turned to the tree again in front of her and cringed at the sight, she turned her head quickly and looked back towards the way Kinari went only to see him begin to lose control of himself and go into a bloody rampage.

[i Three years earlier
"Yamaki you need to keep up. We need to get there as quick as we can. A lot of people need our help right now." Yamaki looked up picking up the pace us she jumped through the tree. "Sorry Yisei-Sensei." She looked forward at the kage as he gracefully maneuvered in front of her. He spoke to her without looking back as if he knew what was on her mind. "I know you're nervous with this being the first time using your skills out in the field but we need everyone's help and you are by far the best healer we have in the village." She blushed slightly and nodded her. "Thank you sensei." Finally making it to their destination they jump down out of the tree to find bodies everywhere. She began running up to the fallen ninjas only to find all of them dead. "Yisei-Sensei everyone seems to be dead." She looked at him with a puzzled expression on her face as she walked up behind him.

She peeked around the side of him to see why he was stand without moving only to see what looked like Kinari with white hair and a transparent rainbow color cloak around his body killing the last member of his team as the other lay lifeless around him. Her eyes widen. "Don't worry little Yamaki isn't not really him." Yisei placed his hand on her head as he spoke and explained everything to her before he processed forward just as Kinari turned to face them snaring as he did running they way. Yisei quickly placed a hand out in front of him and encased Kinari in crystal. He then turned to Yamaki and called her over to him. She slowly walked up to them and stared at Kinari from within the crystal and shed a few tear her soul hurting for him after hearing what the kage had told her. "Okay Yamaki I need you to pay very close attention to what I do next in case there is a day that you will need to do this." She nodded to him and concentrated on all the hand signals and movements made by the kage and repeating them in her head til they were etched into her mind as she watched Kinari came back to his old self. Yisei slowly removed the crystal from around him and Kinari fallen to the ground on his hands and knees looking around at the carnage and began to cry. Yamaki slowly walked up to him and placed her hand on his shoulder and lean in towards him embracing him in a hug. "It's okay. It's not your fault. Not of this it." ]

Yamaki was brought back from her daze as she hear Aiko yelling to her. She lifted herself back up on to her feet nodding to Aiko as she did and began to make her way towards them all tying the cloak closed as she went.
  Yamaki / SayuriKyuubi / 4y 263d 15h 16m 17s
Akane for the most part, remained still for duration of the fight, only one of the attacking shinobi reached her, but sensing his approach she managed to draw her sword, as he swung his blade down towards her she raised her own, using the flat of the sword to block, allowing her to support it from both ends, to which he replied with a swift kick to her gut, sending Akane tumbling back into a bush and rolling down a small hill. Her attack was carefully following Akane down the hill, she scrambled to her feet as he approached with a smug grin, for a moment it appeared as if he would speak, however he was suddenly cut off as Akane vanished, reappearing behind him, her sword held in the air, it took a moment for half his head to fall to the floor soon followed by his body.

Akane sheathed her sword and stared back up towards the fight, from what she could sense, the fight was about over, with a sigh she turned to face, a older man with long red hair and an open chested hakama, showing he muscular but hairy chest [+red "Was it really necessary to roll all the way down the hill? I know, you're trying to shack off suspicion but now you're covered in dirt."] His voice was deep and had a faint echo, Akane was about to reply but was cut off as she sensed a powerful chakra [+red "Jinjuriki... better bring in back up."] the man observed before fading away. Akane let out a grunt of annoyance before dashing off into cover, once sure she was out of sight, she drew a sword once more and drew a circle in the dirt, along with serveral symbols within it, once done she drove her sword into it's center, placing both thumbs in her mouth she bite down, drawing blood, before slamming both hands onto the symbol before her, which immoderately began to glow a red, then green and with a burst of green, the summoning was done.


Before her stood a young girl, lightly armored with short white hair and no left arm, at the same-time a looming figured stood in the exact same place, a one armed Samurai, it's armour was rotten, it's eye glowed a ghostly green and it reeked of death. [b "Jinjuriki, at the top of the hill."] Akane barked , the figure nodded slowly before vanishing, reappearing at the top of the hill. Mori, the death guard approached the group now gathering around the Jinjuriki as Akane slowly climbed back to the road, Mori looked between the chains binding the beast and those that had gathered, a low growl came from her as she drew closer, her right arm reached across and grabbed the hilt of her rotting sword, she didn't know what to do about the other's and didn't want to kill them without first getting Akane's input.
  Akane / ripkay / 4y 267d 10h 12m 23s

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