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Yisei was a rather elegant man who dressed... Not quite like other Shinobi. He always had to have his own style, for everything, such as this occasion. The Chunin Exams were finally over and the Kage would decide who would move onto Chunin, though that seemed not very likely due to the Shadow Villages Kage being missing in action once again. "Why is that woman always late.." he closed his eyes then and took a deep breath before opening them once more.

"Sir!" his personal assistant, Eavan called out almost out of breath. "The Anbu of five different villages including three of our own are trailing a very powerful rogue ninja. Should we hold off the final choosing?" He asked as he looked up at Yisei, who had been a very close friend for years even before becoming the Kage of the village and even a war buddy. They had actually been on the same team and Eavan was... Well quite strong, but not nearly as strong as the kage, though some could consider him second if Yisei ever died.

"No, we will continue without Lady Fukitsu for the time being, I'm sure she's taking care of the situation right now and scolding the other villages.... She's always so reckless, I swear she's going to die a young age if she keeps up the way she has been" he actually let out a soft chuckle at that before turning his head. "I believe Yamaki of the Light is more than a capable Chunin.... As is Daishi of the shadow, I don't know why he always drops out right before the final choosing though.." he chuckles once more. "Such a kid, who knows what goes on in the heads of children, now only if we could get him serious." He turned back to Eavan then. "Now onto the other matters at hand. We need a team put together immediately to escort a princess to the land of Fire. We'd have the fire escort her themselves but naturally all their shinobi are either here for the exams or out on missions of their own. Any suggestions?" he mused, "Actually I think Daishi of the Shadow and Yamaki of the light would benefit eachother well... Though we need two more. Go consult with that woman, Eavan, to find a fourth. I think I have our third member... If he's willing to cooperate that is."
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Yumi eyed the woman as she looked around, noticing most of the anbu's attention turn towards the woman. "Now!" She yelled as she broke free, using her powers to change the wavelength of the shinobi around her. Their jutsu's going off at the wrong time or exploding in their faces, the few unaffected getting kicked into the air before she jumped up. Spinning around and using the back of her palm to send pure chakra straight through them in order to incapacitate them. Her leaving the ground was it for her though, for the moment she landed she was ensnared in a triple layered 8 trigram seal. "Gah, let me out of here?!" She thrashed inside the barrier it had created. Her Wavelengths causing it to shake and even crack at times but the seal was too strong for her.

"We can't hope to win against her, she's a kage!" one of the anbu shouted. "What do we do now?"

"Now... We bargain" One of the anbu took his mask off, smiling wryly. "As I'm sure you're aware, it wouldn't have taken nearly even half of us to capture this girl though with the recent treaty in all... There are sure to be some villages that refuse to comply so security is extra thick around these parts. I'm sure you're aware of the situation... And well, the boys wanted to have a bit of fun with this one. After all a rogue ninja that's killed hundreds in what's claimed self defense alone is far too dangerous to be wondering around freely. So here's the deal, stake your terms for this girl you seem to be interested in or kill us. Though I warn if you strike against us, the sealing jutsu will tighten and the girl will die... Now if that were to happen, it would ignite a spark in between villages and cause another war... I'm sure not even you would want that." This particular anbu not having had a hand in the containment, but more an overseer of the operation and one of the only 3 with the hidden light crest on his left arm. Which is where all the Light Anbu war their headbands. "Not to mention you'll lose the support of the Light... And our bordering villages would destroy eachother, so what say you? Let's make a deal Lady Fukitsu."
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"What is it Naomi?" Fukitsu asked as her personal assistant came into her office.

"Sousuke wanted you to know that Project Kagami is progressing steadily, and that developments on the next Manda are going well," Naomi said. "However he is requesting an increase in funds as he claims the extra projects are draining his pool of funds faster than expected."

"Go ahead and assign a three percent increase to their funds, and ask him to write up a few D-rank missions and C-rank missions for assistants," Fukitsu said. "Best to keep the next generation prepared for what they will be expected to accomplish."

"Consider it done. Unfortunately the next matter is more annoying, as Gorou is complaining once again about being passed over for promotion," Naomi said. "I understand that although he has won the Chuunin Exam tournament three years running that he will not be promoted until he is willing to expand his repertoire beyond taijutsu. However he does not seem to be willing to take no for an answer after you promoted Shindou in his stead."

"Well he is the reason several nobles started hiring us instead of their local village. Tell him that I will come up with a special test to see if he is deserving of promotion," Fukitsu said with a wicked grin. "Warn him that if he fails he is not allowed to complain about being passed over for at least two years, and that the test will not be an easy one."

"Consider it done," Naomi said, nodding before going to step out of the room. "Oh, I forgot to mention that there is a unique experiment being chased through the forest by the other villages."

"Why did you wait until now to tell me that?" Fukitsu asked as she quickly rose from her desk at the opportunity.

"If she died in the time it took for us to have this conversation then she would hardly be worth your time," Naomi explained. "Her signature is unique you should have no trouble sniffing her out if you hurry."

Fukitsu was off and running as soon as Naomi finished her sentence. Even with the large lead that the girl had it would not take long for Fukitsu to catch up when maneuvering through the forest. Her unique physique and techniques would see to that.

She arrived at the edge of the forest just in time to see the girl backhand one of the ANBU. Fukitsu stayed mostly merged with one of the trees as even more ninjas arrived. Twenty to one was one thing, but the odds continued to get worse as more ninjas ran up.

The girl called for help, and Fukitsu decided that was a good time for her to step in. She made her appearance known by dragging two of the ANBU down with two large snakes before revealing her killing intent to the rest.

"Sending all of you after one young woman, how utterly distasteful. Your villages must really have weakened for a woman like this to warrant such a heavy response," Fukitsu said in a grim tone. "If you think this many is appropriate for her, then your entire villages would not be enough to make an appropriate response for me. So I suggest you not upset me any more than you already have, and just go home like good children."
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Yumi scouted the area before darting from the tops of the trees, her companions below catching up on foot. Three wolves and a fox, accompanied by two rabbits that she'd been training with since she gained the ability to communicate with them. She couldn't believe that she'd let her guard down as she had, with the chunin exams taking place however it shouldn't have been a problem. Why were ninja scouts out this far? "I mean it's common for rogue ninja to try an ambush during such events but these kind of measures, it's ridiculous..." she spoke out loud as she jumped from tree to tree, doing her best to reach the edge of the border before she was caught.

It had all started three days prior after the third test of the chunin exams had ended when she'd infiltrated the village in order to scavenge for food. There was no one around on her way in and so she became a little less cautious, thinking that all the security was focused around the exams. Since then the anbu of the villages have been following her, tracking her as if she was the worst criminal around. "Did something happen recently that I wasn't aware of?" she shook her head, sending out wavelengths all around the place, forcing the animals around to get in the way of her pursuers. "Do whatever you need, just slow them down and... and don't die" she demanded. Barely breaking free of the forest she was forced to continue on foot, or she would if it wasn't for the ambush.... there it was, twenty anbu members and she was all alone. "Son of a bitch!" she swore as she took stance. Taking off on bare foot, scorching the ground as she spun around lifting off into the air and striking ones mask with the back of her hand before reversing it and spinning atop the member, pushing at him with her palm from the back and sending a shockwave straight through him. She waisted no time as she resumed her attack but no matter she was outnumbered, as more ninja arrived she was eventually outnumbered. "No... Someone help me damnit!"
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Kinari sat cross legged with his eyes closed atop the highest building in the village. It was perfect for him because of how far apart it was from the rest of the village, towering about the other buildings. He'd been alone for as long as he could remember, age 17 and he was chunin still, having been suspended from every team he'd ever been a part of due to his distrust of others but mostly himself... Coupled with the fear he held of his own power, there was no way that this wasn't the perfect spot fo him. There was no way he could harm anyone up here. "It looks like the chunin exams are over finally... I wonder who made it, I just hope they don't force me to be part of another team..." he leaned back and slid off the top o the building, letting himself fall head first before back flipping and landing on his feet. Petals slowly pealing from flowers and lifting around him before falling.

"Guess I should get to know the noobies, though it'll be pointless in the end... I always hurt those I'm near." he straightened then and started walking towards the village, wondering what all other villages had shown up to compete here this year. Apparently the village had only been around for fifty years and this was the second year the chunin exams had been held here so it made him just a tad curious, but what he wanted to know most... Who all of the Hidden Shadow made it through the exams. There would only be nine at most which was mandatory and if they did as badly as the year prior there would be far less even. "Just three.... If I remember right..." he mused, one of those three having only made it due to hosting a Jinchuriki like himself though he wasn't able to meet the boy due to a confrontation between villages, where he was forced to work with the Anbu. "Anbu..." he opened his eyes then. "Now that would be something," placing his mask upon his face before vanishing from sight.
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