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[b For the sake of highschool]

[b They fought to the very last drop of blood]

[b The time shall tell,]

[b Who will rule over this old building]


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[center Alright. I'm pissed.]

[center She managed to make me the subject of the comic show teachers witnessed.]

[center F-I mean damn her.]

Ha! Does she think it's over? Does she think herself of a french rebel cutting off a royal's head? Hoho, in this school, there is no place for teases like you! By tease I mean delinquent you perverts. She doesn't have anything attractive,

Like Sakura.

So where were we? Yes. Now that she had ignored my order foolishly, I had to show my authorities. A king like me has many eyes all over the school, little girl. I proudly dragged my soul wounded body out of the office and headed sinisterly to to cafeteria.

With a gesture, the girl separated from her group of buddies.I asked her some info nicely and gladly she told me, because she wanted to be the one who manages the students in the upcoming festival. Dirty works I do but that's ok because it's all for the sake of our high school.

Well, she leads to their evil hideout and I'm happy that I've got my cool team behind myself. Not like I'm scared of a bunch of girls.

Just in case if she tried anything wild...

Well, I can't hit a girl...can I?No, No...I've got manners and such. A gentleman and a glorious prez!

We break in and the raccoon is trying to get away. I take a long step, because I have long leg, grabbing her shoulder just in time. She looks back at me and as always doesn't even flinch at my glare.

Instead, she gives a deadly warning to the girl and she just started backing off. I really like to believe she's not serious.

"Well, well. You've improved. Do you plan your life of crime here?" I give a smirk to show that she's nothing to me. This isn't your land, I'm the emperor here. Deal with it, girl.

"I was patient enough with you. Nothing stops you, huh? But I will put you in your place." Bluffing is also ok in wars.

"We've got a festival soon. I want this school shine, you know...no dirt. Not a bit...it should SHINE. It's sad but I'm watching you for obvious reasons." Because you might even blow up this building.

"I missed my lunch because of a stupid student like you." Yeah, my stomach growls. "So I'll have my meal and watch you do it. Since the school is too big, You and I will gladly skip the afternoon classes,..."After all, they're not important...Sports and such, club activities...nothing educational. "And we will enjoy our time TOGETHER!"

Heh...if you try anything violent, I'm a boy right? I've got more physical power...I hope.
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[center [b "I aint doing shit"] I told Maia who was eating a stuffed sweet bread. [b "He thinks I'm gonna go in there but I aint doing none of that...give me the coke"] They passed me the can and I chugged it down.

There was no doubt that the asshole was going to try and get me all riled up in front of the authorities. Hah call me a coward?
Hah! Me?

He better be grateful I wasn't finding him after school and dragging him into an alley. Better be grateful I had other things to...with other people.

[b pass it here Maia"] I brought down my cards and everyone groaned [b "I win again"] Maya passed me the blunt and I sucked it in. [b "Thats gonna be fifty bucks bitches"] Gleefully I grabbed all of the dollar bills and stuffed them in my bag and then we heard voices.
[b "She didn't show up but I swear up and down that she hides here with her cronies during lunch break..."]
I put a finger to my lips and signaled for them to escape through the back door of the shed- all silentlike. We were ninjas of the best order. I had heard my grandpas grandpas grandpa had ninja blood in him.

I squashed the blunt with the heel of my shoes and then I flicked it behind some boxes. The door rattled and I signaled them to move faster.

I smirked as I put my foot over the window about to jump down.

Almost there

and a hand brought me back. [b "yo let go!" And I as turned to see the face it was that bastard.

[b "hey there...wassup"] And I smiled at him.

I couldn't hit him in the balls...not right now...all of his team was with him with the rat who gave away my hide out.

I looked at her directly and I swiped my hand under my neck. You are dead hoe.]
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When I was signed up in this highschool, I was promised a shiny future.
Of course I should have a shiny future.
All Oshiro family deserved a shiny future.
That's what father told me.
And he's never lied to me.
I spent years behind my wooden desk, mercilessly taking notes and memorizing every tiny bit of the books. Exams were nothing but small obstacles. I was soon the teacher's pet. I don't mind it. Those who make fun of it are just jealous.
I was number one.
And nobody was surprised when I was chosen as the school's god.
The one who controls everything.
At least I hoped.
But that doesn't mean any stupid girl can question my authority. I'm trusted to make this highschool the best of bests in this city. Anyone on my way shall face...I dunno shall face something but still, THAT DOESN'T MEAN SHE CAN BULLY ANY POOR NEWBIE!
That will, offend me and student council and the society.
Just think if she graduates. Will she be a good servant to the government? Of course not. Without discipline, this one won't go anywhere. Not like I care about her. I care about country's economy. Because she will surely expect government to pay for her needs.
And with this poor system of graduation I doubt if she gets expelled.
So, I have to shove some sense in her mind before this country meet its doom.
She's dangerous.
But I'm not scared.

"I'M WARNING YOU!" Too bad I'm not a cat to follow her down. So, I had to the things as regular. Leaning down, grabbing on the window for my safety and asking one of the council members to hold on my jacket. See? I'm really wise. I don't want to end my life by falling down in front of [i her.] I won't give her the pleasure.

Once my little brother told me that whenever I 'yell', I sound like a screaming 'hag'.

Kids these days.


Else what?


Because I care about school behavior's safety.

"Are you okay?" Sakura asked the boy who was crying hard, all wet and miserable. His pride was crushed. Poor thing. Sakura's such a sweet girl. She's got that wavy hair and lovely smile...

"Don't push yourself, we always have the upper hand." Hatake puts his hand on my shoulder.I shake it off. This sport hero of school was seen with Sakura last week in cafe.

"Upper hand?!What else is left undone by her?!" I glare into his eyes but my glares never work on boys...or girls...or anyone...even cats.I hate those fluffy creatures.They're...cursed.

But my icy tone still wipes that smile off this jerk."If you were here on time, this poor one could be saved!"

"Me?!You see it on me?!"Hatake's smile has vanished but he's still not angry enough.

I just pass him like a shogun. I've heard my grand grand grand father was a shogun.So I should have some of his blood.

The classes are starting so I have to leave things for now. English classes. Piece of cake. Because...I'm number one.

The lunch break arrived and I go upstairs to the office.I can use it whenever I want. Teachers are busy eating and gossiping and nagging about their problems. A magical smile, a bow and I'm welcomed there warmly by them. Hehe...I'll crush her pride in front of them and they'll enjoy a free victory scene. I sit at an empty desk and wait for the guilty girl.

She should come. If she doesn't...

That means she's scared of punishments.
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[center It was an inherited sort of business if you know what I mean. I mean I never dreamed of being part of a gang and stealing kid's lunch money and usually I don't do that.

I mean- I am a heavenly Goddess. I am my sister's legacy. She was the reigning queen and when she graduated her post naturally came to me. I mean I don't go around picking fights with any old bitch and I do keep the kids protected from other schools.

Just think of me like a benevolent overlord- I mean lady. Everyone in the school knows who I am and know that I can cut them if they cross me but you know I am not your regular delinquent. I wanna go to college and do things that don't include me going to jail and shit.

But let me just warn you one more time fucker- if you continue staring at me like that I'll kick you in the dick so hard you won't need surgery to turn into a woman.

I corner him in the boy's bathroom with two of my girls standing outside with resting bitch faces. People quickly learn to stay away from the boy's bathroom. They know some unlucky bastard pissed me the hell off. Usually people don't do that but this bitch just transferred and thinks he can go at me just cus I got a nice pair of tits.Swerve.

And yet as I threatened him I heard the sound of my archnemesis. I could hear him as his little band of goody two shoes trying to bully my girls off the door with threats of write ups and pool cleaning.
He already threatened me with being expelled if i cause any more trouble but shit i aint afraid of no one...

but unless he thinks otherwise I push the kid into the toilet one more time and then I open the window and jumped.

I am not a smart girl...never been, but I am real athletic. Even if the window was on the second floor I ended up grabbing the sturdy branch of a tree and clambered down. By the time I was on the ground I looked up and flicked my middle finger at him...

fuck you student president...I aint scared of you..
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