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[b They were a small pack, ruling over the 'moon' district of negrusoim town.] Actually nobody cared to this pack except themselves.In return, they didn't give a damn to the government;Like most of the citizens. [b But hell the government gave a damn]. It was a hard job to shove in those wild ones' brains the 'how to live in a city manners'. They published a book about it but only fairies read it and described it as a 'Challenge Of Comprehending Complicated Words'.

[b The government had to do it the hard way.]

The council started changing the clans' leaders slowly and secretly. Those leaders were loyal to the government.

[b And that man kicked my father's ass in 17 minutes. An embarrassing record for the werewolves' packs]

We were barking in our club, fighting over stupid things as always when this wolf stepped in. He demanded a battle and my [+red old] father gave him one, twice...on the fourth battle my father finally realized that it's time for him to say his farewell to the pack that were wagging tails for the new wold. I wanted to wag my tail too but that f***ing dog kicked me out too. So I had to stick with my poor dad and live a tragedy...

-No,I'm not giving up. We'll find a wolf...
-Then with that wolf I'll make a new pack that...
-Oh, shut it.I want to find a wolf for [b myself]. You can help me find one.
-What the-
-I'm itching for a bite, girlie.
-Oh, alright daddy. As you wish~

So, we started a journey to find a hag that will help us take down that one hell of wolf.

But who knows what will we find?!

[+red PM if you've got the enough courage to help two pitiful wolves~]

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