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[h3 [font "Times New Roman" WELCOME TO A PLACE OF MAGIC]]

[size10 For centuries magic has existed within the shadow of humanity. Sealed in secrecy for generations, humans have labeled myths and magic as nonexistent and only a matter of imagination. However, this isn't the case. Magic is widespread across the world and protected by spells that get stronger as the years go by. Many schools help teacher those with the ability to know and use magic, but our story will focus on a not so famous one: Silhouette Academy.]

[h3 [font "Times New Roman" SILHOUETTE ACADEMY]]

[size10 Located in the Blue Ridge mountains, it rest far from large cities. A spell casted by the first headmaster keeps the school hidden from human eyes and viewable to those of supernatural lives. The school itself is a giant castle-like manor with several smaller building around it for dorms. A large lake is settled in front of the school while a crown of mountains surround the whole academy. A small forest cut off from the mountains by a river acts as the main training ground for the more destructive forms of magic. A large stable that is near the dorms holds the larger forms of Sociuses.]

[h3 [Font "Times New Roman" RACES, TERMS AND MAGIC TYPES]]

[size10 [center [b RACES :]]]

[size10 [b Witches:] The most common types of magic users. They often have great control over spells, but lack at physical strength as well as boosting the power of spells during their early years of magic practice. Live up to a five hundred years on average, but some have gained immortality. Very human like in appearance.]
[size10 [b Wizards:] They're very human like in terms of appearance, but have the best control over magic. It takes years of practice to become a skilled wizard, but the long journey is worth it as higher trained wizards are seen as famous figures. They usually create new spells of great abilities, but younger wizards take years to gain these powers. ]
[size10 [b Demons:] Although, not necessarily evil, they are often confused to being hell born do to their wild nature. They can easily have large amounts of power, but have poor control over it. Fire, dark, and earth magic is the most common type of magic that demons master. Can look human, but also can appear more beast-like. The beast-like ones are often captured and used as Sociuses. Demons tend to live up to a thousand years or less.]
[size10 [b Werewolves:] Another common type of supernatural life form. Although not usually magic wielders, recent generations have been more active with magic abilities dealing with the four main elements earth, fire, water, and air. Unlike myths, they can transform at anytime and tend to look like what humans call "furries" due to being more wolf-like with human's bipedal structure.]
[size10 [b Dragons:] Younger dragons are hatched to be sold as higher class Sociuses, but can appear in the wild. On occasion, some have developed the ability to communicate in many languages and control many types of magic. Each dragon can control at least one type of magic and learn two languages. Sizes vary from being one foot all the way to the size of a mountain. Although often mentioned by Anti-Sociuses groups, dragons aren't hunted and are protected by several laws. Plus a wild one is a mad mother fucker to challenge.]
[size10 [b Vampires:] Although they usually cannot use magic, some cases of vampires being listed as having magic abilities have been documented. Legend says that they even invented blood magic. ]
[size10 [b Angels:] Human-like beings who are often known for their delicate and peaceful nature. Although they aren't necessarily related to a higher deity to human belief, they do focus on the good and well being of others. They aren't strong physical wise, except for their wings, but they make up for it in healing magic. However, due to a recent habit in some groups, angels have been kidnapped only to have their wings ripped off of them and sold to others to were the buyer can use them.]
[size10 [b Elves:] A race who is very intertwined with nature. Not only are they skilled at the main elements, but they can also master a secondary element, such as ice and lightning. They also serve as excellent socius tamers seeing that they have a special aura that mixes well with most creatures. However, they can be highly aggressive to those who do not treat the Earth correctly and tend to enter the human world as strict environmentalist despite other races not wanting anything to deal with humans.]
[size10 [b Anima Lector:] Latin for "Soul Reader," these guys tend to act either as the police of the supernatural races or as some of the greatest threats. Not only can they read what race you are, but can take away anyone's powers for up to an hour. Other than that, not much is known about them since they are believed to be either good at hiding or very rare. ]
[size10 [b Hybrids:] Surprisingly hybrids are common since most races aren't limited to what they can fall in love with. Human hybrids seem to be the most common with any race. For the sake of this roleplay, hybrids will only have half the powers and abilities of each parent. (EX: Human/Demon hybrid would have low powers since humans contain no magic abilities.]
[size10 [b Other Races:] There are many more races to be discovered. ]

[size10 [center [b TERMS:]]]

[size10 [b Socius:] Latin for "partner," sociuses are creatures similar to pets that aid in the quest and training of magic wielders. Races can vary from a common cat with minor powers all the way to a giant dragon. Most have some powers that grow as they travel with their Captors. Most are treated as pets and even become romantic partners depending on race . Most common are quadrupedal beasts such as low class dragons, griffins, unicorns, chimeras and even magical wolves. Usually one of the top things a young magic wielder in training needs. Many schools offer free low class sociuses to students who cannot afford to buy or tame a feral one but will match them to ones with similar auras and personalities to help form a stronger bond.]
[size10 [b Captor:] "Owners" or partners of sociuses. Usually are the leader of a pair and can have multiple sociuses if able to afford them. In order to truly pair up with a socius, a chain-like spell is created after a Captor's aura blends in harmony with the socius' aura. However seals do exist to where a Captor can force a socius to link with them without having their auras mix. This can lead to an aggressive relationship and the socius may try to break free if it feels that it can over power the Captor. These seals can vary from a large, sturdy beaded necklace to summoning. Forced linking is usually banned from schools.]
[size10 [b Exponentia Cast Tournament:] Name of a highly important competition held annually that invites near by schools to send a certain amount of students to compete against others. Students may choose to fight and it isn't a brawl to the death. Several categories are planned to provide different things for students to show off in.]
[size10 [b More terms will be added even after the roleplay has started!]]

[size10 [center [b MAGIC TYPES:]]]

[size10 [b Fire:] One of the primary elemental types of magic. Very powerful, but hard to control. Demons usually master this type, but other races like elves can as well. Weak against water, but grows powerful when used with air. (Air=oxygen)]
[size10 [b Water:] One of the primary elemental types of magic. Decently strong, but the easiest to control with the right concentration. Common in most races except demons and angels. Weak against earth, lightning and some what air since large guest of winds can blow water back, but very effective against fire. Makes a great combination with lightning if used with it rather than against it.]
[size10 [b Earth:] One of the primary elemental types of magic. Hard to use at first, but grows easier as the user gets used to it. Can focus on plants, rock, or both. Weak against fire and air, but great against lightning, water, and even light. ]
[size10 [b Air:] The final of the primary elemental types of magic. Very smooth and and gentle to control, but if the user isn't ready to go to the next level of power, it can literally blow out of hand. Weak against earth, shadow, fire and light, but great against earth, water, and even fire in certain ways.]

[size10 [b Lightning:] Very strong, but highly unpredictable magic. Takes many years to even get the slight hang of it and often harms the user greatly if not protected correctly. Weak against earth and light since it has little to no effect on it and space, but strong against water, blood and shadow.]
[size10 [b Ice:] Surprisingly this is actually a newly developed magic. It is weak against fire, earth, and lighting, but super effective against air, water, and even ]
[size10 [b Blood:] Rare and highly lethal type of magic. Allows the user to literally control the blood and tissue in a person's body with ease. Users tend to kill others while angered since it takes little effort to bust a human heart. Vampires were believed to be the first to developed this magic and seem to be the ones with the highest amount of users. People with this magic often hide it since many races kill those who possess blood magic. ]
[size10 [b Light/Healing:] One of the three godly types of magic due to its traits. Although it cannot be used to bring back the dead, it can be used to heal server wounds that can be lethal. This magic type can also control light and heat in some ways.]
[size10 [b Shadow/Darknesses:] Although humans see darkness as evil and mysterious, the magic community sees it in a different way. Shadow magic has many forms and is one of the most wide used type of magic, especially for protection. Have you ever felt that you were being watched in the dark? That was probably a lower form of a shadow protection spell commonly used to drive off humans from a certain area. Weak against lightning, but effective against air and has shown signs of blocking blood type magic.]
[size10 [b Space:] Highly rare and so far only three cases of users have been documented. According to poorly written notes, it is said that the user not only controls the stars, but also create the elements needed for life. Users are said to be master of all magic types and even some that haven't been documented yet. Some say that the users disappeared into space to live else where in the universe. ]

[size10 [b -Unlike other magical crap, words used to cast spells aren't used in this world unless they are for dark summoning. Think of magic in this roleplay as bending in Avatar since it uses motion and concentration rather than fancy, dancy words.]]

[h3 [font "Times New Roman" SCHOOL RULES]]
[size10 1.) Students mustn't practice spells that are not copied in school spell books. This is to provide protection to not only the caster, but others surrounding them.]
[size10 2.) Race does not label someone and their true abilities. See them for who they are inside rather than outside. ]
[size10 3.) Students may visit the dorms of the opposite gender until curfew (10:30pm). If a student is found in the opposite dorm after curfew, punishment will occur.]
[size10 4.) Do not use your abilities to harm someone. If a student attacks another in such way, the victim(s) have the right to defend themselves. Fighting may only occur outside school borders, during a class with a teacher'a supervision, or during the Exponentia Cast Tournament.]
[size10 5.) Sociuses of a certain size may stay in a students dorm. If larger than a hound, they must be kept in the school stable. Forced linking is banished and those caught with sociuses captured with such method will be punished.]
[size10 6.) Humans mustn't be brought anywhere near the school. Human hybrids are allowed, but may need help getting past the shield surrounding the school depending in how much human blood (genes) they contain.]
[size10 7.) In case of an emergency, students must report wherever their teachers tell the class to go. If not with a teacher, report to one of eighteen shield bubbles or underground in the safety passageway that leads to several hidden rooms. Leave all belongs behind. Life magic is rare after all while spells can easily repair lost items.]

[h3 [font "Times New Roman" THREAD RULES]]

[size10 1.) Minimum of a [b paragraph] per post. Please wait until [b two others] have posted before you post again and be sure to post at least once every three days.]
[size10 2.) MATURE THINGS MAY AND CAN OCCUR. Sex scenes aren't allowed to be written out but they can, however, occur if the scene fades into black and not described in posts. Blood, gore, drug usage, and dark themes will occur. Suicidal topics are allowed to be present so please keep this in mind!]
[size10 3.) Be sure to check to see if the race you plan to be has a limit. Anima Lectors have the most limits and cannot be in the roleplay as students unless you somehow manage to convince me.]
[size10 4.) PM completed skellies to me. Do not get mad if your character is rejected since I am pretty lenient and it usually means something serious is not right about your character if I turn it down. Multiple characters are allowed! If your character isn't a race listed than leave a small description with your skelly! I will make a page that lists these races.]
[size10 5.) Socius can either be a second character of yours or you can pair up with another person and their character!]
[size10 6.) Plot twist are welcomed as long as you message me about them first.]
[size10 7.) HAVE FUN YOU SWEET SEXY BITCHES. c; [size5 nice butt btw.]]

[size10 [b -If you join and ditch, I will mark your name on a black list. This will keep you from joining any of my RPs for at least a month.]]

[h3 [font "Times New Roman" PLOT, POSTING ORDER, AND DROPPING OUT]]
[size10 [center [b PLOT]]

The plot is fairly simple. The roleplay will begin with the first day of a new school year with our students either being new students or returning students. Our first few posts will be about their first day which they spend to unpack in their assigned dorms, bond with a sociuses if they do not have one yet, and roam around the academy either with a group tour or by themselves. After that we'll slowly sink our way through the school year with the villain characters coming in. Other than that I'm free with having this roleplay going with the flow of our posts. If you have any ideas, feel free to PM me to make sure that it is acceptable.

[center [b POSTING ORDER]]

Until I see how many people join, the only limit for posting is to wait until TWO others post after your last post before you post again. Please post once every three days if possible and message me an explanation as too why you haven't posted in a week without letting me know ahead of time. I will not take "Oh I have writer's block" as a reasonable excuse.


If you must drop out PLEASE OH PLEASE PM me! If you have a situation like me to were you can't get in for a few days, tell me about that as well so we can make it to where you won't hold others up.

[h3 [font "Times New Roman" SKELLY]]

FULL NAME: (first-middle-last)

[h3 [font "Times New Roman" ACCEPTED STUDENTS]]

[b [size14 [center .: Emily Victoria Wilkins :.]]]
[center [pic]]

[b NICKNAME(S):] Emi or Ems
[b AGE:] Fifteen-years-old
[b GENDER:] Female
[b RACE:] Sphinx
[b MAGIC TYPES:] Lightning, Earth
[b EXTRA:] She's a second year student but new at Silhouette Academy since she transferred from another school. Although she can shift through her forms with no problem, she tries to stay in her human form since her race has had issues lately in the magic community.

[h3 [font "Times New Roman" ACCEPTED TEACHERS]]

[h3 [font "Times New Roman" ACCEPTED SOCIUSES]]

[center [b [size14 .: Ash Withcott :.]]

[b NICKNAME(S):] Wolfy and Doomsday
[b AGE:] Roughly one-hundred-years-old
[b GENDER:] Believed to be male, but hasn't been proven
[b RACE:] Demonic Wolf
[b MAGIC TYPES:] Fire, Air, and Shadow
[b EXTRA:] It is unknown how Ash managed to wind up at the academy. He's been there for several years without being unable to connect with any student as their socius.

[h3 [font "Times New Roman" ACCEPTED VILLIANS]]


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