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[center This is a story between a knight and a dragon and a journey unlike any other.]

[center The knight had a secret that he kept hidden from everyone. But one day, unknown to the knight, the king discovers his secret. No action was taken till a few days later.]

[center The knight was pulled aside in private by the king of Velskud and was given a quest. It was a quest of worth, will and perseverance. The knight was told to find and tame a dragon to become a powerful Dragon Knight, not just for the honor but for a powerful force to use to protect the kingdom. [i [b ‘It’s your duty!’]] The king bellowed to the knight. The knight accepted the quest with a bow and prepared for the journey.]

[center But his journey is not going to be an easy one.]

[center Dragons are hard to find let alone tame. When the knight finds an injured man, he will never expect him to be one of the rarest dragons.]

[center Will he figure out the truth in time? Or will he miss his chance?]

[center If the knight does finally tame the dragon, will the pair be able to survive the hardships ahead of them? Will they even be able to survive each other?]

[center Only time will tell.]

[size12 Character Reference]

[b Name ]- Raven
[b Age -] Unknown
[b Gender -] Male
[b Orientation -] N/A
[b Species -] Shifter Dragon
[b Scale Color -] Black
[b Eye Color -] Crimson red with slit pupil.
[b Height(human) -] Varies by form/Usually 6ft 3in
[b Weight(human) -] Varies by form/Usually 155 lbs

[b Abilities -]
[+red Ever-Change:] The ability to change into any human form desired including female and child.
[+red Dragon Shift:] The ability to change into four dragon forms. Dragons forms include Wyvern, normal, wingless and serpent.
[+red Element Control:] Can control the four basic elements to some extent.
[+red Mind Connect:] Once tamed, communication between knight and dragon can be done through mind to mind.

[b Advantages -]
[+red Wyvern:]
Best for long distance flight and controlled steady flight needed for scouting. Excellent for hunting large prey and catching large fish. Tarnished silver colored scales for in-flight camouflage. Can climb if needed. Can be packed. Can fly packed.

[+red Normal:]
Best for midair battle and occasionally ground battle. Very good for long distance ground travel while hauling or heavily packed. Great for climbing even if packed. Powerful flyer.

[+red Wingless:]
Best for long distance ground travel and speed traveling. Excellent for climbing. Can swim. Excellent fighter on land. Good hunter of larger prey due to being fairly agile and maneuverable.

[+red Serpent:]
Best for use in water. Can travel long distances in water even when pulling a raft or small boat. Stealth master on both land and in water. Can be ridden. Flight is obtainable. Can breath under water as well as being able to endure extreme depths. Very swift and agile as well as flexible, allowing for strategic fighting. Excellent for speedy getaways by flying close to the ground and utilizing surroundings. Has a venomous bite that can be deadly if left untreated.

[b Disadvantages -]
[+red Wyvern:]
Battle is very difficult due a lack of forelegs. Climbing is tricky due to lack of forelegs, causing mobility and stability problems as well as grip and distance limits. Can be packed heavily but prevents flight. Can only fly when lightly packed.

[+red Normal:]
Slow moving on the ground and has poor maneuverability. Flight is hard to obtain on flat terrain and must have a drop to gain flight quickly. Despite being a powerful flyer, staying in the air for too long causes severe exhaustion, making extended flight undesirable in this form. Climbing over steep sides can prove difficult if heavily packed and requires a great deal of strength and strategy.

[+red Wingless:]
Unable to fly. Form is smaller than normal and cannot carry as much weight. Due to a lack of webbed feet, swim time and distance are limited depending on the situation. Can only hunt in open areas due to being stiffer and needing more room to make certain maneuvers work.

[+red Serpent:]
Riding during true flight is very difficult due to being very unsteady but it is doable with the right skill and/or equipment. Due to only being partially armored, fighting has to be done with great care and with a plan to prevent severe injury. Occasionally has trouble controlling the long body when moving quickly. Salt water occasionally leaves salt deposits on the lining that runs along the inside of the tract that leads to the gills behind the ears, causing pain, sinus/nasal bleeding and gill tract blockages. The ability to transform is also blocked until the blockage is cleared. Due to having only a limited amount of venom, it can only be used once before having to replenish it by eating certain poisonous plants in human form.


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[size12 Raven twitched slightly at the sound of the near disaster. All he could hear was something liquid sloshing around. He watched as the stranger opened up the door, letting light pour into the dark room. The light that came through the door, although dim, messed with Raven’s night vision. His eyesight was impeccable but light, specially sudden bright light, messed with him.]

[size12 He watched with cautious eyes as the stranger went right for a table. A small tap was made as the tray made it onto the table. Another as something else got moved. Raven was about to move more towards the end of the bed but was stopped by the man’s words. It made him hesitate enough to just want to stay still. That and his body was complaining enough as it was. He let out a small moan as his stomach tried to roll over and play dead. He twitched slightly at the sound of something sliding open. He glanced over and saw the stranger, now able to see a bit better since his eyes have adjusted to the light. The man seemed focused on finding something in the drawer as he spoke of the tea. Raven glanced to the tea, weary of the concoction that was in it.]

[size12 The stranger seemed to have found what he was searching for and was able to light the lamp. The flame was intense at first but was brought down to be more like a dull glow. It wasn’t bright enough to be a bother to the senses but just bright enough to light up that little portion of the room. Raven moved a little closer to the light, letting the light make the shadows dance around his features. His hair covered his eyes enough to keep the color of them hidden but flashes of shine could be seen as the flame danced.]

[size12 Raven was weary of the whole situation. He watched as the man moved a chair to sit and grabbed a cup for himself and sipped it. He felt a bit better about the drink since the stranger didn’t start getting sick all of the sudden. The man’s face didn’t really give anything away as he relaxed. Raven inched closer to the table, using one hand to reach out and grab the other cup. He sniffed the tea then took a small sip. He couldn’t taste anything toxic in it but it was bitter. He made a face showing that it was bitter. Despite the rough flavor, he sipped at the tea anyway. Each sip he took his stomach felt just a touch better.]

[size12 He glanced over to see the man wasn’t too fond of the taste either. He watched as he seemed to have gone into thought but came out of it moments later. Raven somehow knew that this man didn’t know what he was. Saying he was thankful was an understatement.]
  Raven / -Serenity- / 2y 347d 12h 47m 8s
Leste balanced the tray on his knee so that he could open the door to his room. A room that was currently dark and housing the stranger he had brought home. He almost dropped everything when his elbow knocked into the corner of the tray, and he had to make a grab for the tray. For a second he expected the tea to spill, but it stayed inside the cups. The only hint of his near disaster was the liquid sloshing against the chipped ceramic.

[i Close one.] He thought as the door slowly opened up, allowing just a bit of light to illuminate the interior of the room and its bare necessity contents. Save for a bed holding his charge, a small end table with a lantern for light, a chair that had actually been moved from the dining room earlier, and a wardrobe for clothes, all handmade by his grandfather in the past, it was empty.

He went straight to the end table beside the bed and set the tray down on top of it. He was forced to move the lantern back slightly to keep the tray from dropping to the floor. [b “Try not to move too much.”] He advised the stranger as he opened the little drawer built into the end table. [b “Azurian darts are coated in the slime that comes from crushing a taproot and mixing it with the poison from certain frogs. This,”] he nodded at the cups on the tray while still searching the drawer for something he couldn’t see. [b “Is a mixture of herbs and lichens that counteract the poison and flushes it from your system.”]

[i You probably don’t want to know how, though.] Leste thought to himself as he struck a small scraper against flint, lighting the lantern in one try with practiced hands. He closed the opening to little more than a crack so that the fire wouldn’t catch his house on fire in a freak accident that could possibly burn down half the forest as well but not enough to suffocate the flame. It didn’t do too much for lighting, but it cast the darkness from that corner of the room, giving him the chance to see the other’s face.

He turned enough to grab the back of the chair in the room and pulled it closer so that he could sit down. He took up one of the cups and sipped from it, partially to show that at least one of them wasn’t poisoned and partially because it was better tasting when it was still warm. He relaxed into the chair, letting the little light dance over his features. He knew that trust was important at this time. The best thing was for the stranger to make the first move beyond staring at him through one open eye.

[i I want to know why they were after you.]

Leste closed his eyes to the bitter taste of the tea. In his mind’s eye, he could see the dart again. There was something about that dart he felt he needed to remember. It almost felt important. Almost. He didn’t try to dwell on it too much. Over-flexing his memories in search of one thing tended to give him headaches, something he really didn’t need at the moment if he was going to take care of this person, and he opened his eyes again.
  Wishing / Falling_Leaf / 3y 136d 23h 36m 37s
[size12 Raven had managed to keep his stomach in place. However, he looked rather green. He heard movement and knew he wasn’t alone. He tried to return to sleep but the sudden whistle of a kettle jolted him awake, causing a wave of nausea and dizziness to hit. He groaned and curled up into a tight ball.]

[size12 The discomfort faded when he heard footsteps coming his way. He picked up the scent of some type of tea. He didn’t recognize the scent but he could pick out a couple of familiar herbs that was in it. He didn’t know the name of the herbs but he knew what it was. But he wasn’t concerned about the tea. He was concerned about who it was that had made it.]

[size12 The first thing he came up with was this man was a dragon hunter. But he was in human form. Most normal people couldn’t tell if he was human or dragon. Raven felt pretty safe regarding that matter. But he was still cautious.]

[size12 He sat up slowly, drawing his knees up so he could stop any dizziness from getting too bad. He scooted as close to the wall as he could and not bust through it. He had his face buried in his arms on his knees when he heard the door creak open. He peeked out, his hair forming a thin but dark veil over his face. Under his eyes were dark, puffy patches. His eyes were mostly covered by his hair but the puffiness under them was visible. His skin was pale and had a slight pink flush as if he was running a high fever. He looked as sickly as he felt.]

[size12 He watched as a strange man carried in a platter with two cups on it. Steam radiated from the cups along with the scent of something almost flowery. Or maybe it was fruit. It was hard to tell as the man’s nose wasn’t exactly working right due to whatever drugs that took him down and out. Raven watched the odd man with one eye. The other was closed and pressed into the clammy flesh of his arm. The slight pressure on his eye helped hold back some of the throbbing pain in his head. He whimpered a little from another, but thankfully weaker, wave of nausea hit.] [b [i ‘Please, god, let this pass soon so I can get out of here.’]] [size12 He thought to himself as he kept his one eye on the stranger with the steaming cups of tea.]
  Raven / -Serenity- / 3y 231d 5h 23m 36s
Leste had made it back to his cabin in one piece, two if he included his sudden baggage in the shape of a human. Now he sat in a hand carved chair his grandfather had made. A fire crackled merrily in the stone hearth, keeping the cold of the night at bay. A black kettle with water and herbs inside sat just outside of the fire. In another room, the only other room, lay his charge.

The young male stared into the fire. His side that had been weeping blood before was perfectly okay now. The dried rivulettes had been cleaned from his skin and his shirt was outside drying. He seemed distracted in the early hours of night, and that assumption would be correct. For in his mind he was remembering things.

A high pitched whistle startled Leste back into the here and now. He got up from the chair with a stiffness that had settled into his muscles and made it hard to move without wincing or sucking in a gulp of air through his clenched teeth. The male half hobbled towards the fire and the kettle that had drove his memories away. Hanging from a nail on the wall was a thick mitt that he now grabbed to use as insulation against the heated metal.

His feet were bare as he took the kettle into the section of the house that served as a dining room. The only thing separating this part of the house from where he had just been was a table with two high backed chairs at each end, a row of glass fronted cabinets with chipped plates, bowls and matching cups and a single drawer that held the few silverware he had.

It wasn’t much at all, this lack of furniture and what not, but it was enough to give him a feeling of completeness. Not even the castle of Velskud, with all of its tall paintings and many halls that seemed to lead to nowhere, could amount to the closeness of this small cabin in the woods. This cabin that had been built by the hands of family.

Leste grabbed two of the least chipped tea cups from the cabinet and proceeded to fill them with a light fragranced tea that his Nana had sworn would flush any foreign matter from one’s system. Though he wasn’t the one that was suffering from the Azurian sleeping dart, his Nana would’ve insisted that he too partake of the tea to help clear him of his seemingly increasing string of bad luck. So he was going to follow her unsaid advice.

From the only other actual room came the groans that told him his charge had woken up. His mouth tightened around the edges. Never had he dared to let someone he knew in his home and here he was with a total stranger. He felt anxious over this. His hand shook as he poured the steaming liquid into each cup in turn. Nothing spilt despite his unsteady hand, and he picked up one of the small cups to take into the closed off room.
  Wishing / Falling_Leaf / 3y 359d 22h 13m 3s
[size12 The men that were chasing the man must have returned to their camp. A lot of the hunters were exiled from their home kingdoms for whatever reasons. They hunted down anything that had a decent payout. From humans to dragons, they hunted them all. Most don’t know when to give up. Specially when the target is super rare. However, some groups have some common sense. The group chasing the now unconscious man had enough sense to let him go before they ended up killing him. Speaking of. While completely out cold and unaware, a complete stranger had taken the fallen man to safety in an old looking shack just in time before dark.]

[size12 The remainder of dusk slipped away and turned into night. The sky was clear with hardly any clouds, making the stars more beautiful. The area the man had fallen unconscious in was pretty tight with trees so the sky wasn’t easily visible. But it didn’t matter anyway. The man was still out cold no thanks to the dart.]

[size12 By the time the sedative wore off, it was already pretty late into the night. The man finally began to wake up and upon waking up, his head began pounding like someone hitting a large drum. He groaned and moved an arm to hold his face but it was then that the pain of his injuries hit him. He was pretty bruised and cut up, some of the wounds beginning to seep as his skin moved and opened the wounds. The man slowly moved his hand back and waited for the pain to settle down and when it did, his stomach flipped with nausea. The man groaned a bit and went a bit green. He went to ball up but once he moved his hands to his stomach, he stopped dead still. There was a feeling of cloth on his abdomen. All over him was a collection of patches and bandages. Some had fresh blood seeping through due to the wounds reopening but they weren’t too serious. The man groaned as he sat up slowly, careful not to open any of the more serious wounds. The arrows that had been stuck in him was gone and in their places was patches. But all the man could think of was why he had the bandages in the first place.] [b [i ‘Bandages? But how? I was alone when I got knocked out.’]] [size12 The man thought to himself before he looked up and instead of seeing trees, it was a ceiling. It was then he realized he was in a bed in someones home. He went to get up but his stomach stopped him as it reminded the man it was there. He flops back into the bed and rolls to his side as the nausea made his whole body feel ill. His back was the only thing visible. He curled himself into a ball and growled as his head ponded along with his stomach.]

[size12 After a while, the nausea and headache lessened. As long as there were no sudden loud sounds, the man would be fine. Same with smells. The man sat up and put his bare feet on the floor. The ground was a bit cold but the coolness felt good. Before getting up, he fixed his silky, black hair so the bangs cast a shadow over his eyes to hide them somewhat. Make them darker than they really were. Hopefully, the one that patched him up won’t notice. The man stood up but was forced to sit back down as a wave of dizziness rolled over him. That dizziness brought back the nausea.] [b “What the hell was in that dart? I feel hungover.”] [size12 The man mumbles as he holds his head with one hand, palm plastered tightly over his mouth. He groans and uses his free hand to hold his stomach. He was looking pretty green, almost literally. Whatever it was that was used on the dart really did a number on the man and it wasn’t going to end well for anyone.]

[size12 Lets hope the man can keep his stomach down.]
  Raven / -Serenity- / 4y 5d 26m 42s
Shoulders stooped in failure, a young male rode on the back of a small horse. This wasn’t the first time he had gone in search for a dragon under his king’s orders and came up empty handed. Now, with the light quickly failing, he found the thinnest of paths that led to his home. A home that was deep in the woods and covered in vines as well as other kinds of creepers.

Leste heaved a sigh and slumped a bit more. His attempt to find a dragon today had brought him close to the Denval, a neighboring kingdom that was rumored to have started their own dragon army instead of murdering children with ‘The Devil’s Mark.’ His close ride to the boundary had brought a few scouts out of hiding, a painful reminder to the tension between the two kingdoms and the possibility of war.

As he headed deeper into the woods, there came a moment when he was forced to turn the horse loose. The trees were too close together now for even a small thing like it to pass through. Leste pressed his forehead against the horse’s brow before pulling the bridle off its head. [b “Behave yourself, Akila.”] He said. The horse disappeared into the trees after that, but he knew that one whistle would bring the mare back.

Leste shouldered his pack after shoving his broken down saddle into the crooked notch of an old tree. His feet crunched on dried leaves as he began the last leg of his journey home. There was nothing to show for his efforts this day...
Nothing at all...
Nothing but the bright blue feathers of an Azurian hunter’s dart sticking into the trunk of a tree.

Young but not completely dumb, Leste stopped in his tracks. His breathing grew slower by the second as he listened to any sounds going on around him. He had lived in these woods for his whole life. The animals here had come to know him and didn’t fear his passing, even more so once the mark had appeared on his side. At the moment, those same animals were silent, waiting, watching something that he could not see. It was safe though. He knew it was safe because there was no warm wetness sliding down his skin. No oozing blood that stained his clothes in warning to coming danger. For now.

Leste crept forward slowly. His feet inching one at a time towards the dart that he had first thought was lodged into a tree trunk. He stopped though when he realized that it was a human. A snort came from him and he covered his mouth to keep from laughing. Never before had he seen a person this far in the woods, and most certainly not with a dart sticking out of his ass.

From somewhere deeper in the woods to his right came the first chattering call of a squirrel and his head jerked up, the humor in the dart quickly forgotten. The first squirrel was answered by one a bit closer. A third even closer than that picked up the noise and Leste felt the first ooze of his own blood sliding down his side. Like he had suspected, danger crept closer. He turned to go, wanting to leave this place before getting caught and remembered the dart stuck in the other guy’s ass.

[b “Don’t do it.”] He muttered to himself.

In the next second, he was on his knees beside the tree and stranger. He draped the stranger’s arm over his shoulders and used his legs to lift a surprisingly taller and yet lighter male from off the ground.

More squirrels were chattering their warning from the branches above. His shirt clung to his side now as the bleeding increased. Leste glanced around and jumped a bit to shrug the other just a bit further onto his back. His home wasn’t too far from here, but he didn’t go in that direction right away. His objective being a cluster of rocks that would hide his footprints from the hunters of Azur.
  Wishing / Falling_Leaf / 4y 14d 9h 22m 14s
[size12 Normally the prey is usually the one to run away from the predator. But sometimes, it’s the predator’s turn to run.]

[size12 And running seemed all one man seemed to do.]

[size12 Even though he appeared human, people somehow knew he wasn’t. He was always changing his form and yet, people would chase him. All day this man ran and hunters kept following him. Every once in a while the man would turn and spit fire at his pursuers but it didn’t work. Someone would keep putting it out. After a while, the man gave up and just kept running.]

[size12 The man wasn’t human and could easily take out his pursuers if he wanted to. But all he could think about was escaping. He ran through a meadow with the hunters hot on his tail, the sound of galloping hooves constantly buzzing in the air. He had already taken damage before the chase began. He had gashes and bruises in a lot of places from getting attacked on the ground. He managed to fight them off to get away but only just. Now on the run, he has gotten hit with two arrows, the end of one still sticking out of his right bicep. The other had gone through his left side and was simply pulled through and out. Despite the serious injuries, the man kept running.]

[size12 By late afternoon, the man finally hit a forest line. It was a thick forest too dangerous for horse or man to travel. And with that, the hunt was over. But not until after one hunter used a blow dart to send a poison tipped dart into the escaping male. The dart just happened to hit the male in the left butt cheek. So not only was he wounded and bleeding, he had a brightly colored tuft of feathers sticking out of his ass.]

[size12 The poison in the dart wasn’t deadly but instead was a heavy sedative that could knock out, or at least slow down, a dragon. Slowly but surely, the man began to weaken and slow down. Eventually, running was deemed impossible. His breath came in heavy huffs, sweat dripped from his brow and his vision swam. He tried to move forward but his legs locked up, turned to mush and then he tumbled forward like a tree falling, landing face first into a pile of leaves. The instinct to keep running was strong but the drug in the dart was stronger. He tried to get back up but flopped back to the ground. He wanted to move but couldn’t. He struggled to stay awake but eventually it became too hard and he fell into unconsciousness.]

[size12 And the day started off so pleasantly, too.]
  Raven / -Serenity- / 4y 29d 3h 46m 11s

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