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[b Bloodshed.]

[b Hmph, such a waste of blood.]


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The Umbranyx watched her expression leaving humanity as seconds passed. His eyebrow was risen up in curiosity and puzzlement when Eve spoke so high of herself and claimed that she had the upperhand.
Normally, a vampire would strike her in second for such bold words she spat out but Kevin had left his pride in his far memories.
The face he saw in front of him was a proof of bloodthirst driving a human to the edge of insanity.
Really, humans were interesting. They could be anything they wanted; Unlike vampires who were driven by their instincts, humans could choose what to be: From a lowly slave to a feared demon.
Evelyn, the bloody Eve, had chosen the path of doom. Doom for anyone on her way and probably for herself.
Those piercing eyes of her glued on his suprised ones. Oh, now she was no different from a wild vampiress.
A frank, amused expression with a bit of fear showed up on the vampire's face.
The smell of blood had reached his nose.
Eve had something sharp on her self.
"Well, Evelyn...I'm wordless here." Kevin finally talked, his voice low and respectful this time.
"Now that I think about it, why should I get rid of somebody like you, Bloody Eve."
His cane was lifted slightly from the floor, those hands of him tightening around the object in excitement.
"The Umbranyx never breaks a promise. Yet, I feel that you're not giving a shit to our pride. Alright, Evelyn. It's simple. I'm also putting my life at risk." Kevin closed his eyes, giving a carefree smirk as shrugging slightly. "You keep telling me that you can kill me at anytime. Yet, you claim that I could kill you at the end. Aren't we equal, Evelyn?"
Those crimson eyes opened, his eyes glowing dangerously for a challenge."However, I should be the one to be scared." His right hand let go of the cane to stretched toward her direction in an ironic respectful manner. "You are the Bloody Eve afterall."
Kevin smiled at her. A smile which showed a bit of his sharp fangs. A smile which would be shown only to other vampires. "We could be partners. Partners who have no guarantee for each other. Usually, when a goal is not a nice one, the partners won't be nice either. I need a slayer, You need a map. None of us need 'trust'. There won't be any trust between vampires and humans. It's been decided by our ancestors."
Sighing, he added."We'll use each other as mere tools."
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[size12 [font "Arial" Evelyn listened, despite that she did not feel that he was worth listening to. Her ears seemed to perk up like a calculating feline, her blood red eyes narrowing at his comments. All of them made her angry, the rage inside building to its boiling point. If he pushed her much further, she would most definitely attack. But something was stopping her, perhaps the fact that she really did want to be rid of Alec and getting out of this nightmare wouldn't be terrible. Suddenly, the girl's face seemed inhuman, the grin on her face widening as far as it could go. The smallest of laughs escaped her lips but oh so dark it was, enough to strike fear into even the most terrifying of evils.]]

[size12 [font "Arial" [b "If I had a death wish, blood sucker, it wouldn't be all that difficult. Humans are not immortal, we are weak, by nature, and there are millions of ways to end our own existence. Should I want to rid myself of you and this world, I need merely to bite off my own tongue. I'd bleed out in minutes."]]]

[size12 [font "Arial" The inhuman woman stood, leaning against the wall, only her piercing eyes visible in the darkness surrounding them. [b "Secondly, I have no doubt in my mind that I could attack you right this moment and win. I am not called [i The Bloody Eve] among your kind for nothing."]]]

[size12 [font "Arial" She regarded her captor, the red in her eyes seeming to glow and the intensity similar to that of a predator toying with its prey before killing it brutally. [b "And thirdly, I hate Alec. I [i will] end him, whether I have your help or not. The thing that is still bothering me, vampire, is that you haven't answered my question."] She paused, eying his cane a moment before returning her fierce gaze to his. [b "How can you convince me that you won't have me killed the moment you've gotten what you want..? Think carefully now, because one wrong answer and I may have grown tired enough of this charade to follow through with what I've been saying.."] A hand at her side very idly slid into her pocket, touching a sharp object, pricking its tip. Eve brought her now bleeding finger up to her lips and sucked on it, cocking her head to the side as the limb returned to its resting position. [b "Well?"] she asked, mimicking what the other had asked her only moments before. [b "What is [i your] answer, blood sucker?"]]]
  Evelyn / CherryBlossoms / 2y 72d 14h 38m 8s
"Worrying about your future now, aren't you?And I thought you have a death wish." His arms went behind his back and he thoughtfully stared at a corner. "Hmmm. A decent free room and nice meal. Officially a member of this,...empty mansion. Well, if you don't like it then..." Kevin span on his heel, turning his back at Eve with a fake sigh of regret.

"Then you'll be kept here forever. Really, you're not in the condition to decide on your own but if you insist on remaining here as a stupid bloodpack and try to your pride by saying nonsense with that Alec laughing at how he easily crushed you, well then I won't argue." The vampire started walking slowly to the door.

"Ah, and also...If you get upstairs, you might a have better chance of ending my 'miserable, eternal' existance...don't you think so?"

The Umbranyx turned to her once more and leaned to the doorway as putting both hand on the cane. "So, what is your answer Bloody Eve?" Those cirmson eyes scanned her face carefully, "I do not insist on giving you some freedom, you know. Although it looks like an equal win-win...It's more win for you. How many humans do you know that have survived a horrible life of serving a thirsty vampire?Hm?"

Oh, only if she agreed...

But Kevin doubted highly if she could push away this much hatred for once.

It was a good deal, no?
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[size12 [font "Arial" A child was she? Evelyn did not think so. The vampire slayer did not allow the other's words to anger her, finding that staying calm was the better option here. Were she to go off on him the way she had his little maid, he would snap back and while the girl enjoyed a good challenge every now and again, now was not the time. [b "Your petty attempts at riling me up fall on deaf ears, blood sucker.."] was all the young woman found the need to say for the moment, bloody ruby orbs seeming to revert back into the darkness from whence they came when Eve closed her eyes for a small moment.]]

[size12 [font "Arial" She was in deep thought about a lot of things, her situation, the present company, that scrawny little maid, and of course, [i him.] Alec had been a thorn in her side for far too long and as God as her witness, she would kill him one day. That was when Kevin managed to catch the little spit fire's attention, even if only for a fleeting second or two.]]

[size12 [font "Arial" [b "First of all, not that I need to prove myself to you, but I've taken down many of your kind on my own. I was caught in a bad situation with Alec because of my own thirst for revenge. I got careless. It happens to all of us eventually."] Eve paused for a moment, eyes slowly shifting up to meet with Kevin's. She was looking him directly in the eye now, a surefire sign that she was not afraid and felt them on equal footing. [b "Secondly, I've no reason as of yet to end your miserable, eternal existence. And thirdly, if you think I'm going to take down your enemies for you, you've another thing coming."]]]

[size12 [font "Arial" Alec would pay, that much was certain in Bloody Eve's mind, but was she willing to kill off a bunch of this vampire's enemies just to help him get some sort of power, it was painstakingly debatable. [b "What do I get out of this besides the death of Alec, blood sucker? How do I know that the moment I succeed, you won't turn on me and have me killed or worse, return me to this pitiful place."]]]
  Evelyn / CherryBlossoms / 2y 85d 7h 32m 38s
"Naive, Childish?" Kevin repeated these words with a clear mockery in his voice. "Ah, tell me who's a child. The one who buys himself a long supply of food or..." Sitting down on bed and placing a hand under his chin, the Umbranyx continued. "A mere girl who had the stupid dream of revenging every single vampire in the world. She didn't even join the human resistance and did it on herself. Finally, she just went in the lion's mouth, intending to kill tens of vampires including a 'higher level' vampire all alone and guess what?She was captured...!" Chuckling to himself, the vampire tilted his head at Eve. "Really, do you think you're stronger than me? Shove it in your head, girl. You cannot lay a finger on any important vampire-"

Suddenly something sparked in his mind. Raising up his eyebrows, Kevin stood up and started circling Evelyn with a hand on chin and a thoughtful expression."Yes, yes...why not?" He talked to himself as smiling victoriously. Suddenly he stopped in front of his 'prize' and bend down to face her directly.

"Tell me, MISS. Do you still want to wipe off the 'main' vampires and of course...THAT Alec?" A grin covered the male's face as he scanned the slayer's face with his amused eyes. "Well, you failed because you didn't have a 'support'." Licking his lips excitedly, his eyes glowed ambitiously. "See, it's easy. I can easily lead you; To reach the 'council' and of course the Alec guy in where they never expect...then their lives is all yours. In other words...if you only want to kill them, then we might be able to work with each other..." Tapping his head lightly, the Umbranyx added."I'll be the information and you'll be the scythe."

Standing straight, Kevin clapped his hands once.

"Well, what you say? Better than dying like loser, isn't it?"
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[size12 [font "Arial" [i Maker, give me strength...]]]

[size12 [font "Arial" The anger in the slayer's eyes was rather obvious as Sally lept at her, intending to bite and claw, probably even kill her. Evelyn growled and kicked the bloody creature off, hissing in irritation as she heard Kevin's voice from atop the stairs. Before the other could make it down, she looked at Sally, a warning in not only her words, but her gaze.]]

[size12 [font "Arial" [b "Filthy little insect! Do you not realize that I could have torn your pretty little head off just now?! Don't you [i ever] attack me again, or I will not hold back, am I understood?!"]]]

[size12 [font "Arial" And now it was Kevin's turn to piss her off, just the mere [i thought] of being accused of obeying her [i Master] was enough to drive the young woman mad. She wanted her weapons now more than ever. Even something in a simple household would do as she could kill with just about anything useful. Firey orbs stared into Umbranyx's wild and seemingly happy ones, despite his angry sounding tone, well, until he had accused her of something so disgusting, anyway.]]

[size12 [font "Arial" [b "Allow me to be quite frank, blood sucker.."]]]

[size12 [font "Arial" She was about to speak until she saw the form of way too old and way too little botox standing next to a frightened Sally. Upon further listening in, it was discovered that this woman was Kevin's mother, though she about sealed her own grave when she demanded the Bloody Eve to come to her like she were some sort of ruddy animal. The young woman's red orbs narrowed, staring the other down. From the older vampire's point of view, Eve was glaring at her in defense of the words she spoke to her [i Master], when in reality, she was just contemplating how to kill her when no one was looking.]]

[size12 [font "Arial" Kevin went on and on, explaining to his mother why he'd do something so apparently [i shameful] to his family, though from what she'd heard, his family abandoned him a long time ago. The smallest pangs of sympathy made themselves known in the pit of Evelyn's stomach as she heard this, because she missed her own family something fierce and just could not imagine being abandoned by them in such a cruel way.]]

[size12 [font "Arial" Snapping out of her thoughts, however, the slayer was about to attack the older vampire, as she'd come at her with those claws of hers. Big mistake. It wasn't until Kevin protected his own mother and Eve simultaneously that the girl's expression changed to that of surprise. Even after the bitchy woman left, all Kevin did was sigh and sit down. Man it must have been tiring having to deal with all of this nonsense, and the better inquiry was why Alec would send Kevin a letter of invitation to that auction? Did he want him dead? Making a mental note to ponder this later when she was alone, Eve looked up at Umbranyx and laughed.]]

[size12 [font "Arial" [b "Need I remind you that it was [i you] who decided to bring me here, Umbranyx...I am not a [i tameable] slayer...and as I've said many a time now, it would probably be much easier on yourself if you would just kill me and get it over with...Your family scorns you for your decisions and Alec is clearly challenging you, that, or he wants you pit you against someone on a whole other level than you is murder, in my opinion. For as interesting as you may be to me, I will not hesitate to kill you and your scrawny little maid should I get the chance....and for you to think I would not do so is rather naive and childish.."]]]
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The way she talked, the way she looked at Sally. All of them pushed her to the limits. Eve knew that expression of a vampire:Widened eyes, bared fangs, panting. She was pissed.The little wild puppy didn't waste energy on saying a word; She leaped at the imprisoned one like a hungry tiger and tried her best on scratching and biting savagely. Even though Evelyn could overpower her, she resisted stubbornly on the hunter's figure.

The chaos reached Kevin's ears. It seemed like since this Evelyn had joined them, he couldn't enjoy a lovely expensive wine. Sighing in frustration, he made his way to the dungeon before the human would slaughter his maid.

The beaten and beating Sally froze in her place as her master's voice echoed in the dark place."What is going on?"Sally,backed off. "Sh-she doesn't want to eat." Her whisper barely was heard. Umbranyx's eyes went to the human; Those eyes of the vampire showed anger now. "Doesn't [b want] to? Who do you think you are? Of course I don't mind a weak Eve...I can wait,..."

Within minutes, the tall figure of the man was in front of her. His right hand grabbed the jaw of her and forced her to look through his black eyes.

"I can wait until your body betrays you and you faint from hunger. Then, a simple IV will keep you alive, not strong but alive. Your body will keep producing blood and I can easily pierce your body, taking my part of day everyday. If it is your liking, shut your mouth and ignore your daily meal I'll be grateful to be fed without trouble." Now he had calmed down again, the Umbranyx let go of her jaw and again smiled. "You're so thoughtful of your master. Of course handling an Eve on bed is much easier. To think that you're going through the hardship of starvation just for me..." His finger brushed her cheek teasingly.

"Before I knew, you're already broken." Hoping to have angered the human to her edge, he turned to leave the place before realizing that Sally's standing fearfully next to a tall, powerful one....

"I see you're enjoying with scum." A female voice it. Pale,stiff, proud, inhuman gaze in her eyes, lips barely covering her sharp fangs. Hairs flooding her shoulders...the hairs were grey. An old, heartless vampire. Only the eyes resembled Kevin.

Kevin was standing there, feeling already overpowered by his mother but kept his cool and leaned on his cane forward, half bowing to the elder."Ah. A long time indeed. What dragged my darling mother to a filthy place like this? I thought I've been already abandoned."

"You may have been abandoned but you still carry our name and what you've done today is nothing but a shame to the family." Her steps echoed as she approached the younger one and the human. "That girl...shall be hunted not kept!How dare you dirty your hands by keeping-"

"Hold on, dear mother. I would like to have blood in the easiest way possible....I-"

[b Slap]

Kevin held his face in pain and when his face was turned away from the blow Eve could see the fury in his gaze. He couldn't take it anymore.

"I didn't ask you, I ordered you and if you don't do it...I'll do it muself. Come here, human..."Like demanding a dog, she sounded.

"She won't come..."Kevin who was still rubbing his struck face gave a smirk."Evelyn only listens to me!" His bluff made the female grit her teeth and show the sharpest fangs Evelyn had ever seen."And what makes you think that a weak being like you would have an influence on a creature?!" Yes, humans were lowly creatures to her.

"She gifted her blood to me. Something that all the vampires would drool for it."


"Just look at the wound on her shoulder, does it look like a forced hunt?" Kevin lied victoriously, enjoying the slight of shock on his mother's face. Shock and jealousy..."Still, she will willingly die instead of living here..."Her feared claw of her went for the giel's neck inches away...


Those claws hit wood instead a cane that he was holding as a shield in front of Eve. "Your in my property, breaking in, setting rules..." His voice had become hisses...aggressive ones.

"What is it? You're daring to fight?" The female vampire smirked hungrily as pulling away her claw.

"Not yet. But just defending my house sounds fair to me..."

"I'm not in the mood to waste my skills on you. I'm going. You can stay here with this pathetic slave of your as much as you like but once you step out and dare to prove your existence to us...Oh, what I am saying you'll never dare to." The heavy atmosphere vanished when his mother left with rage.

"You really are a hunter. You hunted a vampire's calm life in his hole by just stepping here."Kevin told his prisoner with a faint smile. Thanks goodness he didn't have to fight that monster.
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[size12 [font "Arial" [b "What in [i God's] name are you on about?"] the annoyed tone of the clearly miffed human rang out, her left hand reaching upward to rub her temples. How utterly frustrating this [i childish] vampire girl was, and to think, she'd tried to be nice. [i Little nit should learn her place...if she loves the bastard so much, why not tell him?] Eve's bloody orbs slowly shifted over to Sally, a lazy heir to her practically dripping in pools from her body. [b "I've said it once and I shall say it again, girl...I have nothing to do with any of this...If your [i master] is so idiotic that he lets a little bit of blood and power go to his head, that is not my concern nor my problem...Believe me, if I could die right now, I would, but it seems I'm to be here awhile.."] The hunter turned then to look at the food that had been forced at her, rolling her eyes a bit at the whiny and incessant crying of Sally.]]

[size12 [font "Arial" [b "For Maker's sake...would you [i please] cease your tears...they're very unbecoming of such a lovely young lady.."] Perhaps flattery would at least keep the little fly in a semi decent mood, enough that Eve would not have to deal with her constant accusations and annoying tone of voice. [b "You seem to think I have some kind of....[i thing] for your master...Let me be quite frank when I say that it is untrue and quite honestly, disgusting to even think about...I am under no circumstances trying to gain sympathy from [i anyone,] especially a filthy [i blood sucker,] and second of all, if I choose not to eat, there is nothing that you can do about it...I am my own gone, young one...your master beckons.."]]]
  Evelyn / CherryBlossoms / 3y 100d 5h 5m 6s
"You don't understand! He's pleased, happy and all cheerful. I can feel he's feeling some strength. I gave him sick, poor blood. Master Umbranyx was kept weak so that the need to prove himself was dying in him. Now, if he keeps feeling stronger he'll surely prove himself to his family to take back his pride! If he dies...if he dies...what should I do!" Sally sat down, tears falling down. She was far more sensitive than a vampire should be.

"I-I thought a wounded lion like you won't harm my master!But you're pulling him to the bloody battles of vampires over power!That letter was a start of your pretty damned curse!" Even though she'd been bluffing on her master's strength the whole time...she was confessing her true feelings toward him in front of an enemy. Because she was still a kid and pretty naive. "M-master is s-safe this mansion...he c-can live...forever h-here but you..." Sally sobbed, cutting her own speech. Shakily, she pushed the tray toward Evelyn."I heard that you like to die, so keep resisting until he gets tired of you!Don't gift your blood you damned witch!" That was a cruel thing to say to an imprisoned human but Sally didn't care a bit. She only wanted her master safe with her. The tone of piano echoed in the dungeon. Kevin had lots of time to learn playing so he'd become talented in it. He hadn't reached the master level but as a vampire he played human's instrument pretty well.

"Eat.Don't try to get his sympathy by starving yourself!" Sally glared at her and kept sitting, sowing that she wanted to see when Evelyn eats.

"I've never cried in front of a human being so I'm glad that you're going to die." Sally let out a small growl, frowning at the wound on Eve's shoulder."Heh, he buried his whole fangs into your skin. You must have a sweet taste." Sniffing the air she nodded."I thought that a monster like you should have a bitter taste." Shrugging, Sally showed no interest. Vampire children didn't have as much as thirst the adults had. They could survive with a small amount of blood. The melody of piano stopped. Sally seemed relieved.
  [Cane] / valkyira / 3y 118d 7h 57m 13s
[size12 [font "Arial" [i He can save me from this horrid life, the life of a slave, the life of imprisonment, than have at it, blood weren't the most...[b unpleasant] person I'd ever come across..]]]

[size12 [font "Arial" Evelyn waited quietly, it was agonizing and painful, but finally the hand that she thought would help her draw her last breath on this cursed Earth snaked around her waist, pulling the slayer to him and both of them laying on the bed. Sure, she'd offered, but the girl did not want to see her own demise and so after seeing the wild look in Kevin's eyes, she closed her bloody red ones, taking in a deep breath and waiting for her end to come. She could feel the soft touching on the nape of her neck and it felt strange, foreign in nature, causing her to take in a sharp and painful breath from her own surprise.]]

[size12 [font "Arial" [+red "You might hate the sound of being drained but it's a pure pleasure for me. Don't,...don't invite a vampire's fangs to your fleshy body next time."] Kevin's voice was shaky, but Evelyn knew it was excitement and not fear that egged on the beast atop her small frame. [+red "Because,...we love hunting easily. It's pathetic but we love it."] Indeed the hunter thought it pathetic, but she hated all vampires, and just in the small time she'd been here, she found that Umbranyx was not the worst. While the girl would never willingly obey him, he wasn't so bad right now, hell, he was willing to give her the swift death she wanted, but it wasn't until he mentioned something about Alec sending him a letter that Evelyn's eyes shot open, accompanied by the shock of Kevin biting and tearing into her shoulder rather than her neck.]]

[size12 [font "Arial" [i W-What? He isn't going to kill me?! No, the way he spoke...he said he could...but not that he would...that demon...he really is heartless..]]]

[size12 [font "Arial" The curse in her ear did not even register, but Eve cringed in agonizing pain when her shoulder was torn into. Oh God it hurt, it felt like fire running through her very veins, but she'd had worse. Still, it was not worth it, because Umbranyx wasn't going to kill her, how unfortunate, perhaps her brother would have mercy on her soul if he could see how hard she'd tried to die for him.]]

[size12 [font "Arial" The slurping sounds in the hunter's ears were making her sick. Her blood was being taken from her body, with her [i own] permission, [i and] it wasn't going to make her draw her last breath. This day was getting more and more frustrating by the sheer minute.]]

[size12 [font "Arial" Suddenly, as if reading her thoughts, Kevin pulled away, standing back up and not yet retrieving his cane. Even in the dim lighting, Evelyn could see how wild his eyes still were, how much is body was shaking from the sheer pleasure he probably felt, and his words only made the woman feel that much more sick to her stomach. How could he expect her to eat something after that? She was no vampire's pet, nor a [i sympathizer], those strange humans who [i let] the filthy blood suckers feed off of them. [+red "Sweet, the sweetest blood I've drunk in these many years. Thanks for the invitation. See? You're obeying me."]]]

[size12 [font "Arial" And that just sent the slayer very much over the edge. [i Obeying] him? She would [i not] make it so easy! [b "You are [i mistaken,] bloodsucker...I allowed you to drink because I thought you would kill me...I am not a blood bank and will not allow you to do that again..."]]]

[size12 [font "Arial" Before she could even finish, out walked her [i Master], and in walked the frightened little vampire maid, full of insults and threats as per usual. Already, Eve was beginning to get used to hearing the annoying little deer's squeaky voice in her mind, which was bad.]]

[size12 [font "Arial" [b "Save your breath, you incessant little nit....what is so horrid about playing a piano? I should think it would make most people happy...and as for harming you, why should I? So far, you've done nothing to harm me...I'm not such a monster as you may if you were to try and hurt me, I would retaliate...and sever that pretty little head of yours from your shoulders. I am no witch, nor is my blood cursed, whatever that means..."]]]
  Evelyn / CherryBlossoms / 3y 118d 8h 24m 0s
She wasn't eating the bread. Kevin quickly guessed her reason and gently teared a piece of it, chewing on it quickly. Maybe this could help his poor throbbing fangs. But, the vampire coughed when she mentioned his thirst. For once he looked uneasy, that was...driving him to his limits. Evelyn was ready to die, she allowed him so any reasonable vampire shouldn't hesistate to-

"Yes, yes. I can save you from this miserable life you have!" His right arm darted toward her, like a snake it wrapped her waist and pulled her on bed, knocking off the tray and letting the precious bread fall on the floor. That fragile body of hers, which only moved for revenge was now stuck to his. Eye to eye, she could see the flames of wildness in his eyes. The beg for hunt, the scream for joy. His other hand threw the cane aside, it hit the wall with a thump and then with another sound in laid on the floor. The free hand went to her neck, touching the spots which were known to her as the favorite places for a vampire's fangs.

"You might hate the sound of being drained but it's a pure pleasure for me. Don't,...don't invite a vampire's fangs to your fleshy body next time."His voice was shaky, in excitement."Because,...we love hunting easily. It's pathetic but we love it." His fingers pressed on those spots again, his mouth approached to her neck. Fangs bared, shining in the darkness. Then suddenly, he cursed in her ear and those fangs went to her shoulder instead, less blood but safer for the victim.

The fangs swiftly teared her skin and shot the pain through her body. But it was clear that he wasn't intending on torturing her, he was like an animal in heat. Blood wasn't pouring down because it wasn't her neck. He had to suck it out. Such an annoying thing to do. His body weighed on hers and forced her to lay beneath him. The sucking sound was filling her ears.

Suddenly he stopped and looked back into her eyes. "Sweet, the sweetest blood I've drunk in these many years. Thanks for the invitation. See? You're obeying me." Kevin fought his incest and rose up, standing on his feet. This made his leg hurt but he ignored it, licking off the sweet taste from his lips.

"I saved you from auction because of a childish act. Somebody named Alec sent me a letter all of sudden about this auction and I thought that buying you-who was the target of many vampires, would be a good answer to his game." Limping a bit, he went to his cane. "You gave me a good meal, I'll give you one too.See? I'm not ashamed of being a bloodsucker, at least not after tasting that wonderful..." He didn't complete his sentence as he 'happily' went upstairs, calling Sally.

The door opened again and Sally entered with a different tray. Meat, vegetables all well cooked. "We're alone and you're not tied but if you touch me, Master Umbranyx will kick your ass!" Her eyes were tearful as she set the tray firmly on the floor. "For once in several years, master is playing piano!Just what kind of witch you are?! Even your blood is cursed!" She stood there with a frustrated childish face.
  [Cane] / valkyira / 3y 118d 8h 56m 35s
[size12 [font "Arial" [i I can still bark? Oh yes, little dear, yes I can. This dog is your worst nightmare...]]]

[size12 [font "Arial" Ah, the glorious words that sent Evelyn into a cesspool of anger and resentment. The blood sucker did it again, dared to compare her to his own filthy kind. A growl began to form in the back of the slayer's throat, but it quickly dissipated what with just everything on her body being so freaking dry. Eve coughed, subtly, but allowed herself to do so none the less. She glanced up at the frightened vampire maid, bloody red eyes seeming to peer into her very soul. Oh out of any and all of the blood suckers Evelyn had ever had the [i displeasure] of meeting, Sally definitely took the cake on some of her least favorite.]]

[size12 [font "Arial" As soon as the frightened child wandered off, getting in just another couple of insulting looks and thinking things that Eve could read just from her facial expressions, the hunter took the glass of water off of the tray on the bed beside her, downing it in one swift motion, yet left the bread untouched, for now. How was she to know it wasn't poisoned? Umbranyx [i did] just say she should be executed, did he not?]]

[size12 [font "Arial" [b "I've been in similar situations before...not where I was imprisoned of course, but times where I've been without food or water. I can survive days without it, and most humans can't, so I suppose, while irritating, it's only fair that you would think me a filthy blood sucker.."]]]

[size12 [font "Arial" Eve did not look at her captor when he spoke to her, simply sat back down and let out a soft chuckle. He was asking the question so many before him had wanted to know, and she'd never revealed it, why? Simple, her price for that information was that they answer something for her in return, and none had ever been willing to do so. Such a pity.]]

[size12 [font "Arial" [b "If you want to know the answer to that question, you must allow me to ask one of my own,"] stated the slayer simply, as if she were talking to an old friend. He had taken the rope off of her hands, not that she hadn't already done so herself awhile back, still, it was a gesture that she'd never had the privilege of experiencing, and in a way, it lowered the young woman's guard, if only a little.]]

[size12 [font "Arial" [b "If you're so afraid, if I'm such a monster, then why did you take me from the auction? Why not let any other filthy vampire do so and kill me off within days?"]]]

[size12 [font "Arial" It was a stretch to say that Evelyn felt [i comfortable] in the vampire's presence, but Umbranyx fascinated her at the same time. Still, she could feel the tension in the air, could see that he was trying hard not to pounce on her and rip her throat out. How long had it been since he'd fed, and what did he eat, if not humans? Curiouser still.]]

[size12 [font "Arial" [b "If you're thirsty, if you can't control yourself, I'd suggest you just do what you will...I am never going to trust you, never going to bend to your will. You will not tame the Bloody Eve, Mr. if ripping my throat out is what you're going to do, have at it.."]]]

[size12 [font "Arial" Even though her words were cold and fearless, Evelyn was afraid, but she also wanted to see her brother again. Alec had killed him after she was taken to the auction, she'd found out from a small source, and oh God she just wanted him back, even if she had to go into Death's swift embrace to do it.]]

[size12 [font "Arial" [b "As for the answer to your question, I am not as bloodthirsty as you may think...I hate blood su---vampires because they took everything from home, my family, my friends, they're all dead...and [i that] is why I fight so mercilessly..the other slayers are just rebels, heroes of humanity..they couldn't possibly understand.."]]]
  Evelyn / CherryBlossoms / 3y 118d 9h 33m 40s
Well, that wasn't a nice thing to hear; But Sally sighed in relief."She still can bark!" The little vampiress said it loud enough so that Eve would hear it.
Kevin approached the weak girl who bravely stood on her feet after days of torture. "I'm starting to believe in your powers, if you didn't smell that sweet I'd have thought that you're an eternal vampire." There was a hint of teasing in his tone since the Umbranyx had understood that she [b hates] to be equaled to his own kind.
"But from that color of your face, I can guess that our lion is rushing to death's hug. You won this game.Sally, bring her water and some bread. I already have wasted my money on her and I don't want to waste more on her food."
[i Why don't you just leave her to die?!] Sally thought in hatred as she dropped a glare on the Bloody Eve before heading upstairs.
Kevin sat down on the bed, raising an eyebrow."It should be too early to ask, but I'd like to know..." His hand reached down and grabbed the piece of rope that was around around her hands but obviously she had freed herself in these three days as expected. He started playing with the rope, trying to hide the interest in his eyes when he asked his question."There are several slayers, trying to get back the humanity's freedom but none of them are as aggressive and bloodthirsty as you." With a swift move, he teared the rope into two pieces.
"So a dangerous slayer like you should be executed asap, not kept by a poor vampire like me." A smirk played his lips as he let the pieces of ropes fall. "Do you hopefully know the reason of that?" Kevin rose up his head to stare into those red eyes of her.
Sally quietly came in and placed the tray on the bed, quickly backing away from the human. Her master motioned her to leave and she gladly obeyed.
"Here. It would be lame if a legendary murderer, a hero of the defeated human die like a lost puppy." The Umbranyx master pointed at the simple but useful beside him. Her trained eyes could see the bloodthirst in his relaxed eyes. She could see how he sniffed the air every five minutes to get more of her scent.
It had been years since his own last hunt. Sally could only hunt some pathetic weakened humans for him and now he was alone with a healthy girl. Kevin held on his cane tightly to control himself.He wanted to drain her, drain her, drain her...he wanted to throw her on the floor, tear up that lovely throat and let the sweet blood of hers paint his face...
Kevin stiffened himself, clearing his throat.
  [Cane] / valkyira / 3y 118d 10h 12m 13s
[size12 [font "Arial" [i He admires my honesty, eh? Interesting, he's not like a lot of other blood suckers I've met..still, I won't do as he says..I am no one's slave..]]]

[size12 [font "Arial" Eve pondered this strange turn of events in her mind over and over, mulling the thoughts and metaphorically chewing on them a bit while her wild gaze seemed to lessen and tame itself right then and there. The hunter knew when to be quiet and when it was alright to shoot off your mouth, but oh was she having a hard time with the way that Kevin was describing her. [i A pretty vampire.] [b A pretty] [i vampire.] [i Vampire.] That idiotic high class in society [i dared] to compare her to one of those blood sucking demons?! Sure, she'd lost a lot of her humanity a long time ago, but never had she been told something that hurt so much.]]

[size12 [font "Arial" [b "I am [i not] a blood sucker...don't [i ever] say that again!"]]]

[size12 [font "Arial" A low growl escaped her, forming in the back of her throat repeatedly as the one called Sally took her away. Oh how silly the words of this childlike vampire were, and quite honestly, Eve paid them no mind, yawning a bit as the other continued to run that large, gaping hold in her mouth. Something about being an [b enslaved] [i murderer.] That part stung a bit, but Evelyn would never allow the girl to know such things, after all, her words were just wasted breath. What did the notorious slayer care if a child blew hot air at her? None of it would matter after her daring escape, which she still needed to plan and implement.]]

[size12 [font "Arial" There was also something about Alec, which Even shrugged off. Sure, she was good at her job, but Alec was indeed a ferocious blood sucker, feared by even his own kind, there was no shame or broken pride in admitting to defeat by his hands.]]

[size12 [font "Arial" [b "If you're quite done yapping, little pup, could you please just throw me in whatever dark hole you're going to and leave? I need to think."]]]

[size12 [font "Arial" She spoke in a flippant disregarding tone, almost bored from the way the childish girl kept threatening and yelling at her. [i Blah blah blah] was all that went through her mind, even after she got thrown down the stairs and landed with a small [i smack] upon the cold, hard ground. How rude.]]

[size12 [font "Arial" [i Yes, she will definitely be the first to go....such an annoying little twit, though I give her that she's loyal to this...Umbranyx fellow..]]]

[h3 [font "Arial" [center And after three days...]]]

[size12 [font "Arial" [i How long has it been now..?] Eve asked herself this question many a time. Her throat was dry, felt like course cotton, her eyes were dilated and didn't have their usual murderous gleam to them, and her features were paling, skin cracking from how dry it was. Oh perfect, such an interesting way for a notorious girl to go, and Evelyn simply closed her eyes, sitting against the wall and leaning her head against the cooling stone.]]

[size12 [font "Arial" Almost as if by chance, the woman's ears perked up a bit, followed by her eyes slowly prying themselves back open. She heard the door to her cell of sorts opening up and in walked Umbranyx and his annoying little maid Sally. [i Oh joy of joys, my captors have come to pay a visit..] she thought with a bitter sense of humor, pushing herself gently off of the wall and moving to stand as best she could, not the best considering she'd not moved from that spot in three days.]]

[size12 [font "Arial" [b "So, have the [i deer] and her master come to poke fun at the [i wounded lion]?"]]]

[size12 [font "Arial" Eve smirked visibly, red eyes still practically glowing in the dark. Did the other not know where she was, even if he could see in the dark? Fascinating. And why did he need that ruddy cane, was he injured? Curious and curiouser.]]
  Evelyn / CherryBlossoms / 3y 118d 10h 40m 35s
[i Just licked her lips?Of course, after years of splattering blood she's become a monster herself.I hope she's not lost her mind completely because my mansion is not an asylum for crazy slayers.]
Her way of threatening made a bitter smirk play on his pale lips. "If you weren't in this situation, humiliated and tied to a horse,I might have been on my guard with these sharp words you said. But, when I hear it from a 'failed' girl, it's pathetic and funny indeed.That's the stupidity of you for thinking that you can easily escape with this weak body you have. But I admire your honesty, you could receive your food with a simple bow and then plan on running. I must be lucky to have the BLOODY Evelyn or whatever in my grasp..." Leaning close to her starved face, Mr.Umbranyx rose up a finger and poked her forehead like she was a mere child. "I'm not aware of human standards but I guess you could be counted as a pretty vampire, you just look like one...with that wildness in your eyes." Standing straight again, Kevin made his way towards the mansion.

"Sally, take her to the dungeon. You're free from feeding her. I like to see how much a human can survive without food and water." Sally stepped back, liking to protest but she didn't like to be counted as a coward and she had enough of that human's chuckle. "I-I'm not scared of an enslaved murderer like you!" The vampire maid almost said this to herself and freed the end of the rope from the horse, quickly yanking it to drag the fear of her life to the downstairs."I've heard you've only killed some weak vampires, that you shit in your pants when Mr.Alec showed up. Well, then that means you can't even think of laying a finger on master Umbranyx!H-he's far stronger than any vampire!" Sally bluffed shakily to calm down herself. It was a long way downstairs but surprisingly it wasn't smelly. Sally worked hard to make it clean. "You should be thankful!He could just cage you and treat you like a blood sack!You don't deserve Umbranyx respectful family!" Sally was getting aggressive from anxious. They reached the underground and she threw her down the rest of the few stairs quite strongly.
"There you have bed!An animal like you should sleep in mud!" Sally childish voice echoed in the dark dungeon."But, get used to darkness!" Quite pleased of herself, Sally turned and shut the metal door, locking it firmly.

[i Now, the waiting game begins.] Kevin sighed;He didn't like having a number one danger in his mansion too but his stubborn behavior dragged him to this situation. He knew his family would frown but he'd been ignoring them for a long time.

[p After three days of dehydration]

"Sally, you should have counted the days.What if she's dead?It'd be a shame for me!" Kevin's growls echoed in the underground stairway. "I'm sorry!I almost forgot her!" Sally's scream came out fearfully.

Umbranyx opened the door violently, his eyes easily seeing through darkness.

"M-master be careful...she might..." Sally whined from the stairs.

Kevin slammed his cane on the stoned floor, searching for Evelyn.
  [Cane] / valkyira / 3y 119d 9h 55m 56s

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