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Join its gonna be one hell of a rp you are gonna love it here is my ocs and yes there are 2
Oc#1 Name: Benji
Oc #1 Race: Sayian
Family: He is Gohan's son and Pan's younger brother also he has a strong pet called greece
apprence: He looks like Kid Goku with Adult Goku's cloths also he wears weighted clothing
Attacks: He can use kaoken' Kamehameha' Instant transmission ' Fusion and the spirt bomb also he has the powerpole
Personality: he loves pranks and being with his friend greece he loves food like Goku Trains a lot too He also lets there oppents use there maximum power no matter what like vegeta and He isn't so smart cuz he falls asleep in class a lot
Age: 10
Oc #2 Name: Greece
Oc #2 Age: 10
Oc #2 Speices: Dog
Oc #2 Attacks: He has the same attacks as benji exept he doesn't have the powerpole
Personality: Like benji just smarter but if his enemy is evil he trys to kill him quickly
Apprence: He is a brown walking dog that can talk which is wear's Goku's weighted clothing too

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