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[b 200 Years of Bloodshed.]

[b 200 Years of Tears]

[b Shall end in one last blast...]

[b They didn't need a hero.]

[b They needed a Dragon.]


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Elik looked up at the red eyed boy in surprise then looked back down."I was in a scary place since I was a hatchling...they said it's my home.With whips and chains...if that's my home, I don't want to go back there!" The little dragon pleaded Carrynth with frightened eyes.

"Of course he's not going to give you back." Dragoblesta soothed him. Elik still wasn't sure if an adult dragon like Carrynth was going to order, he had no choice but to obey. Auluua was silent. It was hard to hear these things about her once loved kingdom. There were times that she thought of dragons some savage reptiles but now she doubted if the humans weren't more dangerous. Dyten started cutting the goats into pieces once they were cooked.

Auluua gave a small bite to her meat, watching how Dragoblesta ripped the meat with her fangs and chewed on it with pleased eyes. Auluua somehow wished it was only her and Carrynth but she also knew Carrynth couldn't do everything on his own and Auluua was not much of a help.

"We should sleep now, if we want to start early morning." Dyten threw the goats' skins to them."Use these to warm up yourselves." He hugged Elik who was a source of warmness himself and went into a corner.

"Wait, what if something attack us while we're asleep?!" Auluua asked, looking around with a hint of fear.

"Then we can have watching shifts." Dragoblesta suggested as wrapped the goat's skin around herself.

"The first shift is yours, woman. The first shifts are the easiest and safest."Dyten sleepily ordered Auluua. Auluua frowned but had no choice but to agree. "Fine fine.If I see anything...weird I'll scream." She tried to wrap the goat's skin around herself but hell it was still bloody was SMELLY. Mumbling, she just stood up and sat on a piece of rock.

[i It's so dark here.I can't believe I'm spending my night in this deadly place.]Auluua tried to hum to calm down herself. She tried watching the group to avoid thinking about the massacre in this place. Dyten was snoring and Dragoblesta...where was she?! She...

A hand laid on her shoulder. Auluua wanted to scream but her mouth was blocked, she looked back to Dragoblesta.

"Shhhh...I just felt something off."The half dragon girl told the human. Auluua curiously followed Dragoblesta."What?"

"Shhh!" They were going too far.

"What are you-MPHPMPHMPHHH!" Two strong arms grabbed Auluua's fragile body and her mouth was covered with a piece of cloth. She struggled wildly but something hit back of her head and she was knocked out.

Dragoblesta ran to the group, screaming."AULUUA! AULUUA!"
Dyten nearly jumped up."What is it?!!"
"Auluua...I...I...I...sensed something off and we both tried to find the source but she was kidnapped!I...tried to save..." She had fresh wounds on her body."But they took her away...to...to...the north!" North, where sparrow kingdom laid but she was lying about this part. Auluua was in a carriage, taken to the west, where barbarian tribes laid.
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“I didn’t eat her, because the bond between dragon and rider is very close to what you humans refer to as love. To kill the one I love would have most certainly killed me. As for you. You are helping me to achieve something. The least I can do is keep you from freezing.” Carrynth looked down at the human in his coils and gave the dragon equivalent of a smile. He glanced up as Dyten returned, giving a chuckle that rumbled from deep in his throat as he and Auluua began their argument again. As he chuckled, he once again took on the form of a human boy. “I will eat less like this. So no need to worry about the quatity.”

Carrynth looked into the distance, pain evident in his eyes. So much bloodshed. So much death and destruction. He gave a small sigh and looked back at his tiny group. He was determined that they would end this war. That peace would be restored between both the kingdoms and the other creatures of this earth. He nodded in acknowledgement of Dragonblesta’s introduction. “Welcome to the party.”

Again, his attention was diverted to the sound of screams. Eyes flickering to the young one next to him, Carrynth bent down and stroked the crest on Elik’s head. He was so unsettled. And then it occurred to him. Elik had been captured. “Young Elik... Have you any idea of where you family might be? I would love to continue to have you in my company, but if we can get you back to where you belong, I should very much like that.”

Carrynth’s head snapped up as the sound of fighting broke out nearby, but a quick scanning of the surrounding area brought enough information to know that it was only a mother lynx that had found a rabbit’s den. Carrynth gave a small relieved sigh as he returned his attention to Elik.
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Auluua didn't protest when she saw how everyone were useful but her. She knew that an ex-royal like her wasn't born for living in wilds. The coldness started bothering her and she watched the dragon as rubbing her hands together.

When their eyes met again, Auluua frowned. "What?I don't any warm clothes to-Ah!Put me down!" The human's struggle didn't last long when she was put against his body. It was warm. Auluua blinked, she'd never been in this situation.At least she was comfortable while everyone were at Carrynth's command.

"Ahem. I guess baby dragons get warm like this." Auluua broke the silence as watching the stars which were wickedly watching the stupidity of humanity."That girl, you mentioned. The one who couldn't kill you...why didn't you eat her?You know, that way...humans would lose their leader and then...dragon could keep living peacefully." Auluua curiously looked over at Carrynth, her body slowly relaxing against his. He could clearly feel her heartbeat and breaths. [i I had never even thought of relaxing against a meat eater's body...life keeps surprising me.] Auluua observed the dragon's face carefully so that she could understand his emotions about the past.

Auluua still felt bad about what Dyten had told them...She killing a dragon. Could the life twists drive her into this?!She was sure that if at any possibility had to do it, she wouldn't survive. Carrynth was the only one protecting her at the moment."And...thanks for keeping me with yourself.I was a bitch yet you forgave me.I don't think it's usual even for dragons..."A smile played her lips as once again looked into his eyes admiringly.

"Haha!We are lucky tonight!" Dyten came to them loudly, throwing three goats on the ground. He was surprised to see how Auluua was sticking to the dragon but decided not to ask anything and started skinning the animals.

"Three goats...ONLY?! Look at this dragon's stomach...A goat is a snack for him!" Auluua got her bossy tone again, folding her arms on her chest.
"Shut it, woman. Go hunt if you're not pleased!"
"You're a man, you should be the one hunting!It's clear!"
They started arguing again.

Dragoblesta ran to them with lots of wood for fire."I'm Dragoblesta!Sorry that I forgot to tell you!" She giggled, showing her fangs which made Auluua turn her head away with a huff.
Elik quickly set the woods on fire.
"Thank you all of you for letting me join!" Dragoblesta bowed to them once the goats were being cooked on the fire. Erik stuck to the little girl which made Auluua quite jealous that she had lost a fan.[i He really doesn't have a taste in girls!]
"Oi, girl. Do you know how to fight?We already have a useless woman here." Dyten gave a grin which made Auluua huff again, ignoring them.
"Y-yes...I guess." Dragoblesta nodded with a smile, showing her dagger to them."I'll be handy I promise."
Carrynth and Elik could hear screams of pain and agony with their sensitive ears. More shrines were being destroyed.Elik whimpered, frightened.
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Carrynth didn't move or reply to what was said. Instead, he was too busy watching the young woman who had just appeared to them. He glanced to the sky at the mention of it getting dark, and he could only agree. "We will stay here tonight. The soldiers have already come through here, which means it is unlikely that they are coming back. At least, not for a while. We should be safe this evening."

"Girl," he said, turning to the newest addition to their ragtag little company. "Fetch us some firewood. That way, you humans don't freeze to death. Dyten, please find some food for us to consume. Elik, please prepare a fire attack for when our new... friend returns so that we may start the fire and bgin to cook the food brought to us by Dyten. Go."

All three nodded and scurried off. Carrynth looked at Auluua, knowing that she was not used to very many kinds of labor. he began to dig a pit for the fire, as well clawing at the surrounding area. The churnin of the dirt rid the area of any hazards and of any bloody remains that still were in the space. He settle his body down on the cold dirt, wrapping his tail around his body before looking at Auluua again. She was shivering. Carrynth sighed and snagged the back of her clothes in his mouth before depositing her in the center of his coils. And there he waited for the three to return.
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Dragoblesta sat weakly in middle of them. "Wyverns...and soldiers attacked here all of sudden, I...I...don't understand why, we didn't do anything bad..."Her eyes glued on Carrynth."A, A golden dragon?!" Her weird face cheered up at the sight of him. She stood up and approached him,"Th-this m-means the wars are coming to a stop?" Auluua stood in front of her, with folded arms."Wait, wait. You haven't told your story to us yet?"
"The story is clear, woman!" Dyten sighed and rested his axe against his leg as he was sitting."Her mother did a forbidden sin to get the magical powers of a silver dragon."
Dragoblesta clenched her hands into fists, slamming her foot on the blood stained ground."D-don't talk a-about m-my mother like that!Sh-she d-did a w-wrong thing but maybe she had to do it!"
"Whatever."Dyten shrugged and looked at the bloody mess with sorrowful eyes.
"Now what?The army's gone crazy." Auluua looked over at Carrynth."And it's getting dark here."
"We should rest here."
"With these dead bodies?No thanks."Auluua refused, looking over at Dragoblesta with a hint of disgust on her face."And what about her?"
Dragoblesta looked down, biting on her lips."I...can leave i-if you like it th-that way."
Elik looked over at Carrynth with pleading eyes.
The sun was slowly hiding in the mountains, letting the darkness swallow them and hide the bloodshed.
Auluua put a hand on her mouth, trying not to throw up as she saw some awful scenes now that she observed the ruined shrine more."Maybe we should never have thought of coming here.They had a good life until we got here..."The beautiful female shivered.
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Carrynth watched Auluua carefully to make sure she was okay. For many, their first flight was usually the one to make them sick. After that, it was a matter of them getting used to it. And then Elik whined and Carrynth saw the carnage. It hurt his heart, to see the damaged and broken shrine. He felt the tears again, welling up in his red eyes. He fought them back. There was no time to be crying now, especially with the tiny voice coming from the pile of debris. He helped Dyten to move the rocks and other bits of shrine to reveal the creature hiding beneath it.

Carrnyth sniffed at her, smelling the magic of a dragon within her. What to do... She may have been born like this, but that meant that the fault of it would be her mother’s. Hmm... Carrynth sighed. He didn’t know anything about her, and that worried him. He’d already been lied to once, and was not keen for it to happen again. Elik seemed to like her, but a young dragon didn’t have as much instinct as an older one. Carrynth decided to stay away from the girl for now, sitting on the outskirts of the group.

“What happened here?”
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"I can't understand you dragons...what's wrong with riding on you?!" Auluua mumbled as she this time without fear, climbed on his claw."If I fall, it would be on you...everyone will tell the story of a selfish dragon who didn't give a pretty lady a simple ride and killed her!" Auluua yelled out, hugging on one of the frightening nails for her dear life.

"Oi, shut it woman!" Dyten growled and received a glare from Auluua.

During the semi ride, Elik screamed happily as he had never flew this high and Dyten yelled out in excitement and Auluua shouted some insults to herself for even starting this journey.

Once they reached the mountains and landed safely, Auluua dropped herself on the ground and shakily crawled to some bushes, throwing up.

Dyten rolled his eyes, swinging his axe on his shoulder."That's why women shouldn't come to these missions!" Elik sniffed something in the air. Blood...he gasped looked at Carrynth with huge eyes, whining in misery.

"What is it, Elik?" Dyten asked with a frown. Elik suddenly ran to the direction and Dyten followed. "OH HOLY SHIT!" His shout echoed in the mountains as he saw the awful scene. A shrine...or lets say it was once a shrine now burned and destroyed, bloody bodies everywhere. Ripped pieces of meat...it was easy for Dyten to guess that,"A wyvern has done this...the fire was done by humans."

"S-somebody...somebody..."from under the pieces of rocks which were stained with blood came out a feminine voice. Dyten ran over to the rocks and broke them into pieces easily with his dear axe. "What the...A cursed!" Dragoblesta's figure was revealed. She had several injuries, her inhuman eyes widened. "No!No!I was born like this..." Tears formed in her eyes."I didn't do anything bad!"

Auluua approached the scene as the last person. "What kind of monster she is?!" She stepped backward. Dragoblesta whimpered, covering her face.Elik approached her and licked her arms soothingly. Dragoblesta smiled at the fire dragon and rubbed his head kindly. Elik let out a purr like sound.
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Carrynth growled from deep in his throat at her suggestion. No. He would never allow another human to ride upon his back. He refused. Shaking his head angrily, he paced back and forth. He paused and thought for a moment. “No. I cannot carry you on my back. What I can do, however, is carry you. And young Elik, you will get to see my true shape soon enough.”

He looked at Dyten, his expression asking if that would be okay with him. When Dyten nodded, so did Carrynth. Dragon friends. In the mountains. True, they were going to need help. But Carrynth was still so ashamed of himself. How could he ask for help from those other dragons? From those humans? He had failed them. He shook his head sadly, ridding himself of those thoughts. He took a step back from the others, allowing him the space to change his form.

He shivered and let the small human form fall away again. His body grew and changed, and soon, in the place of the tiny human boy, stood a dragon that dwarfed all others in the clearing. He opened his eyes, showing the glowing red irises. He held out one clawed hand, palm up. Without hesitation, Dyten climbed up onto the proffered hand and Elik followed after, bounding with happy clicking noises. After those two were situated, Carrynth turned to Auluua. “Ready?”
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"Stop it already. I don't care who you really are, what people say or whatever...I hate prophecies, they're usually lies; The only thing I know that if we don't stop those riders, the dragons will make the battle a true hell." Auluua who had succeeded in hugging Elik tight to stop him from moving, gazed at the two in annoyance."We should try and find more dragon friends...We're about to face two kingdoms!"

Dyten scratched his rough beard."I've heard there are some abandoned shrines hidden in mountains.Maybe there are people there who respect the dragons yet."

"Mountains,...you must be joking me...we don't have the time to-wait a minute, Carrynth?" Again, Auluua used her silky voice as she approached the dragon boy. "I know you should ave a [i deep] friendship or whatever, but this is emergency, so maybe you can give us a ride!"

"It is not how you ask a dragon to give you a ride!" Dyten argued with Auluua."Remember he's the 'great' dragon who-"

"Okay, he's a REALLY ancient dragon...So he must be WISE enough to know that in this occasion..." Raising up her head, Auluua stood on her tip of toes to have a better influence on the big man.

Elik struggled crazily and managed to escape her grasp and ran to Carrynth, he licked Carrynth's feet. "Please golden Carrynth, I want to see your true shape!" He said in Draconic.
[p Sparrow Kingdom]
"What? They've got the golden dragon on their side?" The general, dressed in his blue robe stood up in shock and displeasure. The spy stepped back, nodding. "He easily killed my dragon, he's far stronger than the dragons we have."
The general growled, staring to the scrolls in front of him. "Now we have to fight against that too...In this condition..."
"We don't need to fight them straightly." A girl who looked no more than 16 stepped out; The spy gasped at the frightening appearance she had. Eyes like snakes, some scales covering some parts of her arms, legs and forehead, those fangs which would pop out every time she smiled. A child who was born with dragon's curse. Her pregnant mother had drunk a silver dragon's blood. Silver dragons were rare but famous to the powers they had in their blood.
"Just trust me,..."Her grin, showed those sharp fangs. "And I'll destroy them in a week.But...nobody except you should know about that..."Before the poor spy could blink, a poisonous dagger hit his arm and he cried in in pain, getting choked on the floor. The general didn't show any reaction. The failed underlings deserved death. "Then, my hope is in you Dragoblesta."
"I won't disappoint you~"
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Carrynth listened with interest. So the history of it all... And then he thought about it. The golden dragon of legend... Was him. He had been tired of Dragons treating humans poorly. Had been tired of considering himself superior. He has started with trying to teach some of the younglings. Tell them to treat the humans as equals. It worked, for a while. The humans and the young dragons started working together. Started treating each other as equals. Bonds formed that allowed dragons to let humans become their riders. It was a good time for a while, humans and dragons working in tandem. And then Carrynth met her.

She had been a pretty little thing, by human standards. And fiery by those of the dragons. She had been raised up by the humans. Placed into a position of power, mostly because the golden dragon who had worked so hard for peace had favored her. She had been raised into the position of a princess, and she was the first and only human that Carrynth allowed to ride on his back.

But when the other humans cried for freedom, for their own kingdoms, she could not refuse. She pulled Carrynth aside, but she wasn’t able to talk to him. And then slayers started killing their dragons. The society of it all crumbled, and the trust between the dragons and the humans was lost. The woman, in a last ditch effort to save Carrynth from the pain, tried to kill him in his sleep. But it didn’t work. Carrynth was awake and waiting, having been wondering what she had been wanting to talk about. And Carrynth... Carrynth abandoned her to become the first queen of the Sparrow Kingdom. He went and hid in the forests and the mountains. He raised his hoard and took a cave. He didn’t even associate with others of his kind, fearing their judgement and their hate. Carrynth looked away.

“She didn’t kill the golden dragon,” he said quietly. Dyten looked at him curiously. Carrynth looked at Auluua. Only a human that a dragon trusts completely can get close enough to kill them without any fear of injury. “That woman that tried to kill him... She almost succeeded. But at the last moment, she couldn’t do it. She fell to her knees. And begged forgiveness.”

“W-wait...” Dyten spoke slowly. “You... You’re the golden dragon of legend?”

“Golden scales is a genetic anomaly. I’m the only one there’s ever been. And likely to be the only one there ever will be. And the first queen of Sparrow is the reason I don’t trust humans anymore. They’ve already turned on me and hurt my kind. But...” Carrynth paused for a moment, again thinking of the little girl. “But I need to help those children. They haven’t done anything to deserve the war of their ancestors.”
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Dyten sat on a rock, showing that he was going to tell a long tale. "You should know it better, dragon. There were times that humans were servants to dragons. The humanity was going to an end.But, some people known as the 'Slayers' started fighting against the dragon army.They weren't alone, there were dragons who were tired of the dragon kingdom. They worked together and succeeded in destroying the 'Armored Dragons'. The one who was behind this friendship was a golden dragon, just like you. But then, humans turned on the dragons who were once their allies. The golden dragon was killed by a woman..." A glare was shot toward Auluua, his first reaction toward her. Auluua looked away, not believing a bit of the story."So the dragons started living on their own. The humans started making kingdoms for themselves...they murdered most of the dragon allies, the rest of them hid in shrines...but slowly, the kingdom started taking control of the shrines...so they changed the myths...shoving meaningless things about demonic dragons in the children's brains...But we still have some remains of the myths which says there's a prophecy that a golden dragon shall rise again...and the story would repeat..." Dyten pointed his axe at Auluua. "And this means a woman may end your life!"
"Hey, that's nonsense! Let's go!he's crazy!"Auluua growled, she started walking away. "YOU'RE JUST A SEXIST!"Elik jumped on her shoulders, making her lose her balance."IF I'M A MURDERER OF A HERO, TELL THIS FREAK TO GET OFF ME!" She tried to hit the baby dragon but that was just a game for Elik, he happily bit her hand...gently to his standards but Auluua was in mood to play with a dragon, she never was in mood for that.
"You shouldn't trust any woman." Dyten narrowed his eyes at Carrynth.
"Carrynth! A female human like me can't murder a GOLDEN dragon!"
"Don't mock a sacred dragon!" Dyten growled at her, standing up.
Auluua was busy dealing with the dragon."I do whatever I want!"
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Carrynth looked away as the man in front of him identified him. Again, the weight in his hand reminded him briefly of the butterfly and of the little girl. Then a shape flew into his chest, knocking him down and the wind from him. His hand opened and the little butterfly flew from his grasp. He gasped, startled and had to fight for air. And then the little red dragon was gone. Painfully, Carrynth sat up and looked around, and when he was unable to find the butterfly, his heart fell. He should have pocketed it. Or put it on a necklace. He stood and brushed himself off.

“Dyten...” Carrynth said slowly. How many more of them are there?”

Dyten looked thoughtful for a moment. “Not sure. There were others, but this little guy was the only one I could get out.”

Carrynth watched Elik prance around and play with Auluua. Who was less than thrilled. Just like a mother dragon. A small chuckle issued from him until Elik saw their sister-kin. Gently, he knelt down and scooped Elik into his arms. “I hope never to have to do this again, but I know that hope to be in vain.”

His eyes downcast, he paused a moment before setting Elik down again. Elik scampered off to play in the grass. “Dyten... What is the story of the Golden Dragon who brings peace? You are not the first to say it to me, and I doubt you will be the last. I would like to know what they are referring to, please.”

He looked to Auluua for a moment, but she wasn’t paying attention. The emotion she was showing now made him smile slightly. She was fiery, this one. Maybe there was hope for her yet.
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"What the..."The man mumbled as he realized in the inhuman look in Carrynth's eyes. "Y-you're...a shape shifter dragon!" Well, the savage man seemed excited, he dropped his axe and laughed loudly. Auluua blinked in confusion. How did he find out? He looked friendly to dragons, and knew them well.

"Excuse meh for showing no respect, golden dragon!" He knelt down with a wide grin which showed his poorly cared teeth. Auluua, displeased that she was forgotten stood up and frowned, folding her arms. "It's not nice to show your axe to anyone you want! Plus, you look like a dragon fan...who are you?"

The man ignored Auluua because she was...a woman. He kept looking at Carrynth while he stood on his feet. "I'm Dyten in your service!"

"Wait a minute, how come you suddenly-" Auluua's speech was cut rudely again. "I've heard the story of a golden dragon who brings peace to humanity!"

Auluua growled. "Well, we can't trust you!"

Again ignored.

Dyten suddenly remembered something."Wait, wait! Elik would be excited to see you!" He whistled and a small creature leaped out of bushes, tackling Carrynth. Auluua's eyes widened...another dragon, a baby dragon. He was red and all lively, licking Carrynth's face. "Gotcha!" He screamed happily.

"I saved Elik from slavery, those bastards were starving him...I gifted them with this!" He rose up his axe with a growl. Auluua felt the little dragon chewing on her rags..."AH! GET OFF!" She shook herself to get rid of Elik but the red dragon quickly showed his power by shooting out a fireball from his mouth. "Ah!" That burnt a bit of her clothes. Elik showed his teeth playfully and then saw that dead body...he whined and ran to Dyten.

"Don't worry boy,...he had to do it."
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Carrynth’s eyes fluttered as Auluua touch his face. It still stung, where she’d slapped him. She was talking to him, but he couldn’t make out the words. Slowly, he opened up his eyes and stared at the sky. It was a beautiful blue color, with little white whispy clouds. It was peaceful. Soon, they would have to begin on a crusade across both of the kingdoms to stop this war. Carrynth sighed. And then he heard the shout. Turning, he saw the man threatening them. He quickly looked around the clearing, from the bloody dragon’s corpse, to his bloodstained clothing, to the woman sitting next to him. Slowly, he stood up.

“We did not invade, friend,” he said gently. “We were chased here, and... forced into a painful battle. We were resting before continuing our journey.”

“You’ve killed a Dragon. A sacred creature that rules above all life! Why should I let you go?!”

A small growl left Carrynth’s throat, started somewhere between anger and sadness. “I know a sister-kin of mine is dead. And I know that I am the reason that is so. I don’t need to be reminded of my sins....”

The strange wolf-man watched him a moment before their eyes met. Carrynth let the man study him, let him look into the dragon’s red eyes. Never once did he look away.
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[i Help him save others...Why should I...everyone left me...why should I...Maybe because that's what Carrynth asked me to do...maybe it's the only way for me to...wash away my guilty feelings...]
Auluua felt sniffs on her face, her eyes opened to meet a curious bunny above her. She moved and scared away the small animal. "Wh-what happened..." Auluua smelled blood and met the dead dragon. Her memory came back, she was in pain but now...

Auluua touched her head, it was healed. Blinking, she looked over at the sleeping blond boy beside her. A smile played her lips like him; Certainly he was the one who helped her survive. [i For once, somebody saved me for no reason...hey, maybe I should ask him to heal my eye later.] The girl giggled at this thought and stood on her feet.

[i A new life.I'm free. I can serve anyone I like. And for now...] She looked down at Carrynth.[i I want to help him.]But hell she knew that he's the one helping her. Carrynth was her very first true partner. Even though she'd told him horrible lies, he stuck up to her. Auluua doubted if there were any humans left like him. She sat on her knees beside him and patted his cheek."Carrynth...we shouldn't waste our time.Oh, my!" She stared at the red trace on his cheek. Was it hers? Auluua started believing in her strength. The free girl stood up again and looked around in the woods."We can't just attack them. We should have a plan and more allies."

Sighing, she looked up at the sky."It's hard, I know nothing about battles."

"INVADERS!" A male shout echoed in the place, Auluua threw herself on the ground as an arrow flew just above her head. A man jumped down a tree nearby, wearing nothing but animal skin, wolves' skin it seemed. His face wasn't friendly and he was aiming a huge axe at the two.

"Get out of my forest!"
"Excuse me, YOUR forest?!" Auluua frowned.
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