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Sliding down to a sitting position Cristiano felt strong hands on his placing it on the other man's ankles. As softly as he could he pushed a little on a some spots listening to the man for any sounds of pain. If he hissed or shifted he knew what hurt and what didn't. At the man's question he moved his hands away and to his shirt, it had torn a little when he fell so it was easy to rip it. Tearing the fabric around his body taking the bottom hem off and coming away with a good size length of fabric about an inch or two wide."The should do alright, this might hurt a little, I need to compress it a bit to help with the swelling. So please remove your shoe for a moment." Cristiano said as he wrapped it around Edmund's angle and and arch of his foot firmly.

The boy looked up at his question, towards where the voice had come from with a smile." My name is Cristiano Donte D'amore, it is nice to meet you Edmund." He noted the shaking of voice." Is it very bad out there? I mean I can guess but..." Cristiano trailed off as he tied the fabric in a tight knot so it wouldn't slip and there was enough pressure to keep the swelling to a minimum. He ran his hand over the ground searching for his cane and pulled it closer to him. For some odd reason it made him feel better."It isn't to bad should heal in about a week or two, if you can find a doctor maybe less ti-"

Cristiano froze suddenly feeling the ground underneath his palm start to shake a little, "There is going to be another earthquake." He shifted away from the other boy and closer to the car by his side in the corner moving his knees into his chest and ducking his head like he had the last few days. He could hear loud crashes as it started back up again. Groaning he hugged his knees closer to his knees, hoping nothing hit him or the man next to him. The roof might give way soon, if the massive amounts of falling objects were anything to go by.

"We should move! Out of here!" He yelled pushing himself up with his cane and moved towards where the door was. One hand on the wall and the other sweeping his cane across the ground. He moved quickly over fallen things till he felt the edge of the door and moved out trying not to fall as the ground moved under him. Cristiano's eyes moved frantically in search of something he couldn't see. Maybe leaving was a bad idea he didn't know anything out here.
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[font "Poor Richard" [size15 Had he been of a stable mind he probably would have questioned how the blind man knew he's injured his leg, but he had no such luck balancing it enough to ponder something as trivial as that. [#8A2BE2 "I-I'm fine. I got the pant leg stuck under a tire and well...twisted wrong and sprained it...I think, at least."]]]

[font "Poor Richard" [size15 He tried to hide the shaking of his voice, but he couldn't. He was too distraught. He sort of awkwardly reached out again, figuring that the only way this blind person was going to be able to...awkwardly feel what was wrong with his leg was for them both to be sitting. He, very hesitantly, trying not to scare him again, helped him sit so that they were both on the ground. And then it was just a matter of moving the males hand onto his ankle, and trying not to cringe when he did so. ]]

[font "Poor Richard" [size15 As far as [i he] knew, it wasn't broken. But in this state of mind it was impossible to know much. The pain felt strongly, of course, but it was hard to make sense of what pain even [i was] with his mind swimming in it's pool of madness. He bit his bottom lip, looking around. Everything was a wreck and... He sighed, looking back toward the other. [#8A2BE2 "How are we supposed to wrap it? There's...not really much here..."]]]

[font "Poor Richard" [size15 He didn't even think there would be an emergency kit anywhere...unless they could bust into one of the cars and see if there was one there. Most came with little kits in the trunk, right? Or was that just his? Damn, he wished he would have thought to grab it. He internally cursed himself and pushed some hair out of his face, looking back up at the other than he still didn't know the name of. Perhaps it didn't even matter in these circumstances, but he still felt the need to ask. [#8A2BE2 "Who are you?"] He'd meant to say something a lot more formal sounding than that, but he had a hard time being his usual cool and collected self. Who could be elegant and fancy when they might die in a parking garage? Nobody, that's why. [#8A2BE2 "I'm...um...I'm Edmund."]]]
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Cristiano rolled the small pebble between his index finger and thumb slowly feeling the rough texture when he heard it. Light footsteps heading in his direction, they were uneven so slight limp meaning they were hurt which also meant they could be more inclined to hurt him. What they would get off him Cristiano didn't know since he was only a blind man who didn't even have his wallet on him. Sarah took it to go get ice cones, though ice cones were probably the least of his worries at the moment though. Scrambling he pushed himself in the corner of the wall and the car next to him,hoping they would somehow miss him by chance and walk past.

No such luck, the stranger whoever they were stopped in their tracks and Cristiano tightened his grip on his walking cane. Then the person, no male the rougher sound to the voice and deep set, called out to him sounding shaky and just as afraid as he felt. Clearing his throat he raised a hand in the general direction of the man's voice."Yeah... I am fine. Well as fine as I can be. Can't say the same for you, what did you do to your leg? Come over here..." He could hear the man's steps pick back up and he shifted to sit up a bit more not feeling the need to hide anymore. It didn't seem the man was here to harm him. The hand on his shoulder though caught him completely by surprise though and by reflex he jumped and grabbed the man shoulder and pushed him away a little. But the man didn't hurt him after a minute so he relaxed his eyes stares off past the stranger's shoulder as he talked, "Are you alright sir?" He asked and it occurred to him that he had lost his glasses some were in the disaster. Sometimes people found his dead stare unsettling and he usually kept them out when he went out. Cristiano bowed his head so he wouldn't freak the stranger out or anything.

It was to much to hope the man would help him at all but he gestured to the ground next to him."Let me see-well not see- but touch your leg. My mother is a nurse we could probably get it wrapped up pretty good." Cristiano took a moment to appreciate how good felt to talk to someone. It felt like a small amount of weight was taken off his chest, the only sound that anyone was alive outside this building had been screams, yelling and crying. It must have been worse then he knew.
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[font "Poor Richard" [size15 It was already a horrible day. Too bright. Too noisy. Too many people. Too much pain at the rejection Edmund had gotten the night before. It was horrible [i before] the ground beneath him started shaking. Before the world went to hell and everything became chaos. And now he couldn't even [i describe] how awful it was. He was trampled over. Pushed to the ground. Nobody would help him up even after he got stuck under the tire of a car. Eventually it stopped. He had quite the mass off cuts and bruises by now. And what he could see...[i god], he wished he couldn't see. Corpses...blood, guts, and crushed bodies. Hell, he didn't even know how he'd survived. He gagged at the sight, still trying to pull himself free.]]

[font "Poor Richard" [size15 There was crying and loud screaming in the distance. Sounds that made him wish to go deaf. He was shaking, but even with shaking hands he somehow managed to get free. His hair was a mess. There was dirt and blood on his face. His clothes were tattered and torn. Even after freeing himself he didn't dare move from the spot for a while... All he could do for a few hours was lean against the car behind him and try to move past the shock.]]

[font "Poor Richard" [size15 Death had always been a friend of his but this took things too a new extreme that he was unprepared to face. He didn't even know how long it had been when he finally pushed himself off the ground and started to limp around. Luckily nothing had been hurt too bad. He had a sprained ankle, sure, but nothing was broken. At least...noting that he'd noticed yet. Cars were all crushed together in the tilted building and it was horribly confusing to wander through. He'd been hoping to find a way out...not someone he'd have to be responsible for. But...he wasn't heartless.]]

[font "Poor Richard" [size15 The cane meant he was blind, didn't it? He'd calmed enough to realize calling out and scaring the poor guy might give him a heart attack. But he was also still stressed and scared enough for the thought to just seem like a bunch of jumbled up letters and not actually something he shouldn't do. [#8A2BE2 "H-Hey! You! Are you okay?"] His voice wasn't as smooth and soothing as it used to be. It was jumpy and shaky. The voice of someone who's heart was still racing in their chest.]]

[font "Poor Richard" [size15 He put a hand to his chest as he stumbled forward toward the man, fearing that at any moment his heart would just [i burst]. It was beating so fast, still, that he feared death would be upon him at any moment. Once he got to the male he reached out, lightly grabbing his shoulder. A blurry minds way of letting him know where Edmund was. Somehow...the touch calmed his nerves, even if only slightly. Something about being near another [i living] human being made things slightly less intimidating. And also perhaps more. Edmund was quiet...unprepared...to be responsible for another human being.]]
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Cristiano wasn't sure how long he had been here. Where ever here was, since as usual he couldn't see anything. That came with being blind though so he couldn't really complain. Actually yes he could it sucked and in a situation like this it [i really] sucked. It had been a few days at least since it happened the large earthquake that shook the ground and caused mass mayhap.

Cristiano Donte D'am had been out in the city with his helper, Sarah, who held fast to his arm leading him through the crowds of Bálint City when she said she saw a stand selling ice cones. Rolling his he promised to stay here as she went to go get them one. It was a nice day sunny but with a nice breeze made it so it wasn't to hot. He could hear the birds and bustle of life around him. It was nice being out the house for once, it only happened once in a while but he liked it. That is when it happened, the sudden hard jult of the ground and screams filled the air. Not ready for it Cristiano fell to the ground his cane falling beside him as he tried to hold on to the shaking ground. His finger dug into the grass and sinking into the soft dirty under him. The screaming didn't stop and crashing of things made the nice summer day louder then before. Cristiano tried to hold himself steady till it was over. Shakily he groped around for his cane when he found it he slowly pushed himself off the ground. He looked around uselessly but all he could hear car horns and yelling, people running around him. He didn't know where Sarah was so he started off in the direction she had gone yelling her name and sweeping his cane across the cement. "AH-!" He yelled as the ground suddenly dropped off into a large hole causing him to fall again skinning his hands in the process. They burned but he only swore and searched for his cane again. He could hear people running past him not even bothering to stop for him.

Scowling he had fond his cane again and got back up walking till he felt a wall in front of him. Then another wave hit. The sound of the earth cracking and shifting and more terrified screams. Cristiano bit his lip so he wouldn't let out any of his own and gripped the wall in front of him. This one was shorter then the last but still left him confused and not sure what to do. He had moved along the wall till he came to an opening and ducked inside. He could hear the building creaking and pieces of stone falling from the ceiling. He wondered what building it was. But he didn't move.

There he had stayed for god knows how long but if his counting meant anything it had at lest been a day. He was terribly hungry and lost, how was he supposed to find his mother? Who was probably worried sick by now or Sarah? Maybe he should have stayed longer so it would have been easier to find him. There had been little earthquakes since then, they seemed to come randomly but they weren't so bad. Cristiano had figured out he was in a car parking lot after a little exploring. He could feel car tires and door handles to his left and the opening were he had come in to his right. Bumbling his head lightly against the wall behind him he groaned.'Lord help me I am going to die in a car parking lot. Not the way I had expected to go but eh.' He thought running his hand through his short brown hair.
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