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"I don't know maybe-maybe like a few houses or apartments?" He asked before being cut off to the banging sound "That a real human or am I getting cabin fever?" He asked before hearing the banging again for second time "Alright we don't know who this can be so stick close" he said grabbing a pair of goggles, a blowtorch and wrench before climbing his way up the ladder "Coming up now! Better be ready!" He yelled flicking on the switch to light the torch
  David Johnson / Askredsamurai / 5y 79d 5h 13m 15s
-He sighed and looked at the monitors- "Where will we go to restock ? The world has become a dangerous place ever since they have rised." -JC sat down in front of the mobitors and looked to see if any danger lurked. His eyes widened as something came up on the cameras, a human. He had sprinted into the building, as if something was after him. He looked around the mechanic shop until he spotted the hatch that led to the bunker. He banged his fist down upon the metal.- "Hello ?! Anyone in there ?!" -He yelled
  JcHusky200 / 5y 80d 10h 5m 5s
David turned around then smiled a bit at him before turning back "I think maybe at least a week if I counted right. I don't know but I do know is that it's not much forever" he said with his tail idly swishing back and forth
  David Johnson / Askredsamurai / 5y 84d 16h 21m 30s
-JC had let out a soft yawn before his eyes slowly opened to reveal the Jade Green iris they possessed. He stretched out his arms before he lifted himself out of bed, he noticed that his love was no longer by his side. Looking around, he spotted him checking the number on the rations. His barefeet thumped the ground as he walkec to him. "How are we on food ?" -He looked at him.-
  JcHusky200 / 5y 99d 9h 46m 7s
After waking up from a few hours of sleep, David slowly got up, not wanting to leave the bed. He walked over to the monitors, checking them, seeing only a bird hop around before flying off, the other cameras showing little to no activity, he got up and walked over to the little kitchen and dining area they had, taking a stock on food seeing how much they had left. He read in a guide which was ironicly made for a zombie apocalypse that cabin fever wasn't the best way to live, but its better than out there, he wasn't sure what was out there, but there was a good chance there might be other survivors out there
  David Johnson / Askredsamurai / 5y 100d 6h 14m 7s
-JC felt the bed shift as his lover slid into bed. His eyes opened up, and he turned
to him, wrapping an arm around him. The male pulled in closer to him, feeling his warmth of his body, which he loved cause it makes him feel safe. He closed his eyes and began to drift off to sleep again.-
  JcHusky200 / 5y 102d 9h 41m 21s
After trying to get a signal for another hour he finally got one, but it was just the same national guard message that was on repeat, saying what uninfected should do, how to prevent infection that sort. "Break break, this is the United States National Guard. There are Safe Zones in your area. As per the National Pandemic Act and UN Redeker Initative, hold on and stay in your shelter until either a police squad or natiol guardsmen rescue team arrives, they will provide food shelter and protection at camps, stay calm and stay inside. Do not come in contact with infected individuals, if you come in contact quarantine yourself away from uninfected personnel. Teams will arrive on varrying times, if you are close to a camp a list of provisions should be taken, we will be brocasting on this frequency 24 hours 7 days a night, we wish you luck, out." He heard that yesterday, the day before that, and the day before that. When would they come? Or maybe it was an automated message, after turning off the radio and scratching another day in the calendar out he went over and layed with his mate, pulling the covers over both them
  David Johnson / askredsamurai / 5y 113d 12h 58m 6s
-He sighed and laid down on the small bed. He snuggled his head into the plush pillow, and tried to drift to sleep. It's been hard to, now that the world is a constantly dangerous place, more than it has been before. He pulled up the covers to him and slid off his shoes-
  JcHusky200 / 5y 114d 9h 54m 28s
He yawned before looking back. "I don't know, you just never know...there can be maybe others out there, or maybe the national guard is still around. Wouldn't hurt to try." He said yawning, stretching out in his seat "What do you want to do then? I mean not much we can do."
  David Johnson / Askredsamurai / 5y 114d 10h 1m 0s
-His scribbling ceased as he heard David trying to pick up any signals from the outside world. He sat down his sketchbook and placed a hand on his shoulder. He looked at him in the eyes and with a sigh he said, "Honey, we haven't gotten a signal in five days....." -He came closer to him.- "You think you should just give it a rest ?....." -He rubbed his shoulder with his thumb.-
  JcHusky200 / 5y 114d 11h 15m 57s
David rubbed his eyes before going back to stare at the monitors, then over to the radio, messing with it to get a signal. Hopefully his friends made it out alive with the national guard, he decided it was too risky to go with them. What if he died on the way there? What if him and JC got separated? What if there was nothing left of the national guard or the rest of the navy or military for that fact? All these what ifs made him not want to leave the little shelter he quickly made, before it was just where they stored old parts and tools, in here at least he knew he'd be safer surrounded by bricks than surrounded by military personnel with guns and possible infected people.
  David Johnson / Askredsamurai / 5y 114d 14h 38m 25s
-Scribbling could be heard throughout the room as JC was doodling on his sketchpad.His drawing depicted a much more simple time, where everyone waved at you, the sun shined over a future that seemed so bright, only to blacken over the world. Those days were gone, now the world was overrun by ravenous undead creatures. Now, JC spent his days underground in a shelter under the mechanic shop his boyfriend used to make a living, basically living like hermits. The shelter consisted of blank white bricked walls, a small calender, and a little radio to communicate if anyone was on the airwaves. Small screens sat near the radio, showing a camera's point of view on the world, JC or his lover would monitor the outside for any potential dangers.-
  JcHusky200 / 5y 114d 19h 30m 26s

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