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-He nodded and laid his head back down on David's lap. Later that night, JC got dressed in his pajamas and crawled info bed.
  JcHusky200 / 4y 310d 6h 26m 35s
"Well I don't know...I guess just go with your plan but if he tries anything I'm throwing him out..." He whispered back while keeping a close eye on the new person
  David Johnson / Askredsamurai / 4y 311d 1h 48m 21s
"I know dear..." -He whispered.- "But what do you suppose we do ?...." -He switched his vision to the man, who was busy looking through the monitors, then back to David.-
  jchusky200 / 4y 313d 13h 31m 38s
"I don't....I don't know. I just don't want you to get hurt is all, we gotta lookout for each other " he said while keeping close watch as he talked in a low voice in case the man was trying to listen in on them
  David Johnson / Askredsamurai / 4y 330d 13h 51s
-He looked up at him and whispered back- "I have an idea, let him sleep in here...I'll pretend to be asleep so I can monitor him." -He laid his head back on his mate's lap and rested his feet up-
  jchusky200 / 4y 351d 12h 24m 56s
He pulled him close making sure to whisper "So what's your thoughts on this guy? I mean we don't even know his name and we're just supposed to sit here?" H asked before looking upto make sure the person was still at the chair "I'm just saying is we shouldn't trust him full enough..."
  David Johnson / Askredsamurai / 4y 351d 15h 23m 12s
"Oh thank you, thank you !" -He smiled and gave David a hug, as well as JC. He sat in the chair infront of the monitor. JC sighed and sat down next to David, laying his head on his mate's lap.-
  JcHusky200 / 4y 353d 2h 36m 57s
He looked at him up and down searching for a hint of lying or something else, after a quick time of thinking he finally made his decision, he really didn't know what the guy would be good at but hey better to have more people, he personally wanted to just send him off with a few supplies but after thinking of that, a pang of guilt hitting him "Alright you can stay...make yourself at home I guess." He said before sitting on one of the mattresses
  David Johnson / Askredsamurai / 4y 353d 10h 27m 11s
"Please...." -He pleaded- "I'm not strong.I can't use a gun very well....and I have no killer instinct...I'm pretty much a pussy....." -He looked up at David and JC with an expression of fear, his body shook with nervousness. The human seemed to be burdened with string bean arms, no muscle to be spoken of-
  JcHusky200 / 4y 353d 13h 17m 46s
"Wait you mean to tell me that the men and women of our military just turned their backs? What about other states or hell anyone even on the island with the statue of liberty? No one?" He asked before looking at the man, then JC, "How do we know you you won't get to kill me in my sleep or him in his sleep?" He asked, not trusting him in a confined space.
  David Johnson / askredsamurai / 4y 357d 15h 54m 40s
"Horrible....." -He shivered- "I haven't seen a non-infected person in signals on my radio other than that...fucking national guard warning on repeat..." -He brushed his hair out of his eyes- "They're not coming....If I'm correct, the national guard is no more....."
  jchusky200 / 4y 358d 22h 2m 32s
"Where were you? What's it like out there now?" He asked staying close by flicking off the torch, now since they had another person it meant that they had to rationalize their food and water more, making sure that at least JC would eat,maybe scavenge for some more food later to make sure they didn't go hungry
  David Johnson / Askredsamurai / 4y 358d 22h 40m 39s
-The man slid down the ladder and panted. He looked at the two anthros .- "Thank you...." -Obviously out of breath, he sat down on their bed. JC kept his pipe by his side as he walked over to the human, he sat down next to him.- "What happened ?" -He asked. The man looked at the two and sighed- "I was being chased by those ravenous creatures.....they're now in my I have no where to live..."
  jchusky200 / 4y 358d 23h 4m 56s
After a few seconds of thinking David decided to quickly open it up allowing the person access in while quickly checking the shop to make sure he wasn't followed "Well don't just stand there! Get your butt inside there!" He yelled pushing the man down the ladder before starting to climb back down
  David Johnson / Askredsamurai / 4y 358d 23h 12m 20s
-The human awaited for the hat h to ooen, frequently looking behind as growls began to increase in volume. JC grabbed a pipe and stayed close behind David. He shook as the stranger banged a few more times, JC was afraid that the man may just very well be a thief that will tie him and his lover up and take all their food, leaving them to starve.-
  jchusky200 / 4y 358d 23h 22m 53s

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