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[center [pic http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2011/087/0/0/homestuck_trolls_by_freakingarg-d3cpva1.jpg]]

[size10 [Font "Dotum" [b Welcome, welcome to a chat for nerds that drool over any thing and everything dealing with the high and obnoxious web comic called "Homestuck." Here you can find, chat, and even have RPs with other homestucks noobs without haters trying to troll your ass.]]]

[size10 [b [center [Font "Dotum" RULES]]]]

[size10 [Font "Dotum" [b [#a10000 ♈ Don't be a jerk to people chat wise ♈]]]]
[size10 [Font "Dotum" [b [#a25203 ♉ OCs are allowed, but please do not use a freaking rainbow blood mutant troll whose married to Karkat after killing Gamzee ♉]]]]
[size10 [Font "Dotum" [b [#a1a100 ♊ PM to reserve canons in the RPs that will occionally take place here. Chat wise there can be fourteen Vriskas for all I care ♊]]]]
[size10 [Font "Dotum" [b [#416600 ♌Please do not post any thing that is sexual. Romance can occur in the RPs and ship pictures can appear as long as they met the ES rules ♌]]]]
[size10 [Font "Dotum" [b [#078446 ♍ All ships are welcome here. If you don't like it, tolerate it ♍]]]]
[size10 [Font "Dotum" [b [#008282 ♎ Please only use the Real Time chat box for OOC/Chat responses. Please use the Roleplay Response box for roleplay posts ♎]]]]
[size10 [Font "Dotum" [b [#004182 ♏ No text talk for RP posts except for when a troll uses their "quirks" to speak/type. NoT aLl PeOpLe CaN rEaD tHiS qUiRk FoR a WhOlE pOsT ♏]]]]
[size10 [Font "Dotum" [b [#0021bc ♐ AUs such as Aquariumstuck, Promstuck, and Fandomstuck may appear as the RP theme. Themes will change after 48 hours of no one posting RP responses! ♐]]]]
[size10 [Font "Dotum" [b [#631db4 ♑ SatanSenpai rules everyone and everything in this chat. Rules may change because of this and the things people do ♑]]]]
[size10 [Font "Dotum" [b [#640064 ♒ I'm literally making up rules just to have all the troll's colours on here. ♒]]]]
[size10 [Font "Dotum" [b [#99004d ♓ Don't spam this place with pictures of finding Faygo at the store. Facebook is already drowning in those images ♓]]]]
[size10 [Font "Dotum" [b [#626262 ♋ HAVE FUN ♋]]]]

[center [Font "Dotum" [size10 [b CURRENT RP TOPIC]]


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