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He didn't think the man was causing any extreme issues at all. If anything, it was just staring them down so creepily. He didn't think it was an issue unless he approached them or tried to make a move. It was also hard to do anything since he wasn't going to leave ARlus alone in his stroller either.

He went to buy a few things and once he carried the bags, he let ARa go shopping as he stayed with ARlus. When he saw the man approach her, he got up, but glanced at ARlus. Luckily they came out and approached them, but when ARa took care of it, he saw the man coming back for revenge. He made sure to keep Ara back as he punched the guy in the face, keeping him on ground before walking with Ara to the car.


THey drove him, he would see that Ara looked motional and he would try to calm her down [b "'s okay. He didn't do anything to you did he?"] he looked her over and then he sighed [b "He wasn't making a move and by the time he kept asking you questions, I couldn't leave Arlus alone"] he knew the situation wasn't ideal, but he couldn't just leave their little boy.

[b "You can depend on me. Some creep won't be able to lay a hand on you okay? I promise"] he held her hand, but she seemed really bothered by it. He would frown and just slowly unload the car when they got home.

Ara took care of Arlus and it seemed like the baby photoshoot was now cancelled. HE let out a deep sigh and just would take a seat on the couch. He felt like there was this huge distance between them and they weren't spending as much time together anymore. When they did, all they did was fight and argue. It was really upsetting, but what could he do about it? SHe barely even wanted to be in his presence nowadays.

He turned on the TV, seeing Nyx coming over and Queen to sit beside him. He would rub Nyx's back and pet Queen, just relaxing back and closing his eyes for a bit. HE was tired, but he knew Ara would be with ARlus. He ended up falling asleep on the couch for a bit since he knew it was his turn to rest. He passed out for an hour before waking up to the sounds of the TV. HE slowly got up and yawned, looking around. The pets were fast asleep beside him, but he wanted to make sure ARa and Arlus were okay.

Sylus headed to ARlus' room and spotted the two on the couch together. He'd smile and then he would walk over, seeing ARlus still asleep. HE would look over at ARa [b "Ar, you should get some sleep"] he told her, knowing it was a good chance for her to relax.
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She was made to feel so uncomfortable with him following. It didn’t look like Sylus was going to do anything about it either even if he was supposed to. She wanted to but she didn’t want to do that when she had Arlus in the stroller. She started stressing again just when she had calmed down. She made sure Sylus was by the stroller to go deal with a problem she shouldn’t have to deal with anyway.

She had it. She snapped the phone and wanted to do so much more than that. How was it so hard to leave her in peace for once? She went back to the stroller. She noticed the guy trying to grab her. Sylus pushed her behind him. She heard and wished he dealt with it in the first place. No one took her seriously until she caused real injury and even then. Her eyes were warm. She was so stressed, overwhelmed and she felt so uncomfortable now. Sylus made the key cry in pain.

Ara followed. She remained quite the entire time. She had to fight back the tears from so much going on in her head, emotionally, and the stress. Sylus packed things in the car. Ara took Arlus out of his seat and buckled him in. He was still asleep thankfully. She kissed his forehead. She fought the feeling in her chest, trying to distract herself by playing music in the car.

They arrived back home. She carefully picked up Arlus. He was waking a bit. She’d rub his back to sooth him into staying asleep while they went inside. She heard Sylus but she still didn’t feel so good. [b “He wasn’t. Why didn’t you do something before?” ] She said, her eyes warming up again, and tears filling up, [b “He made me feel so uncomfortable. I’m terrified of something happening when I’m with Arlus.” ] She said, and then would wipe her eyes with her free arm, [b “You tell me to depend on you but you didn’t step in until I broke down. You acted like it barely bothers you that some creep kept making me feel uncomfortable and asking questions about Arlus either. You just let him keep following us.” ] She took a breath and looked down at Arlus. She didn’t think Sylus would try to even understand it from her perspective. She went up to Arlus room but he was waking.

She’d sit with him on the sofa again, whispering to him, and trying to get him to rest up a bit more. When he closed his pretty eyes again, she put him in bed, with a blanket on top. She wanted to take a bunch pictures of Arlus. But now, she just wanted to hide under the covers.
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He wanted to make sure he was set for when Ara went on her mission. If anything, he had to take really good care of their baby boy, otherwise, Ara probably wouldn't trust to leave him alone with Arlus. He heard her mumble and then he wondered what had gotten into her.

He held ARlus in his arms, cradling him and then letting him relax and fall asleep. He loved their baby boy and watching him sleep was the cutest thing ever. He would slowly put him in his stroller and then he buckled him up. Sylus looked back and saw that the man was watching them still. He kept his eyes on them, slowly moving from table to table as if to try and divert their attention away, but Sylus saw him. He was watching too much, so Sylus decided to get up and continue their shopping.

He would do something about it, if the man posed more of a threat. They went to other shops, Sylus buying a few diapers and some more formula, letting ARa stay with Arlus. When he finished, he saw Ara and the same man talking. He hurried over and then he backed away, making him more frustrated.

[b "I will"] he was putting the bags down, but when Ara went to take care of it, he sighed a bit, watching her cuss him out and then she destroyed his phone. He laughed a bit to himself. Ara was always badass, but seeing her take care of such a weak man was definitely a sight. He knew she'd have no problem with her mission when she was this fired up. He kept Arlus beside him, but when the man looked furious after Ara broke his phone, he reached out and pulled her towards him. The man tried to grab her from behind and he would push Ara behind him with ARlus.

THe man tried to go after her, but Sylus caught his arm and bent it behind his back, making the man gasp. [b "Stay away from my wife and stop following us, or you'll end up with a broken arm"] he told him and then he shoved him back. "Okay okay!" he cried in pain and then Sylus would walk with Ara. [b "Let's go"] he pushed the stroller with her back to the parking lot, seeing that the man wasn't following them anymore.

He sighed in relief and then he started to put their bags in the trunk of the car, letting Ara take care of buckling Arlus in. Sylus soon drove them back home, helping to unload the bags into the house for now. [b "You did good Ar. HE was definitely afraid of you. I'm sure he won't mess with us again and whoever he works for too"] he told her, putting the bags inside and folding the stroller back when Ara carried ARlus.
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Ara looked down at Arlus, feeling the anxiety when he talked about upkeep and her leaving. She detested thinking about being apart from Arlus for even for a few days. [b “Right…” ] Ara mumbled. She heard little ARlus and felt glad she had at least had him. It didn’t feel like Sylus looked at her the same as he did before. She didn’t feel like he was close to her anymore or cared as much as he did before. She figured he ewas driving all attention to Arlus. She really didn’t think that having Arlus would make them grow farther apart. He held her waist, and did a few things that felt the same…but it wasn’t the same.

[b “Mmm…” ] She nodded. She would help Arlus in his arms. It made her smile to see Sylus holding Arlus, how tiny he was in his arms and gentle Sylus was with him. She could stare forever, and watch him kiss Arlus’ forehead. He was so good to Arlus. [b “Okay, thank you.” ] She would eat up. She finished chewing before she answered his question. She frowned, [b “I don’t know. But he made me feel uncomfortable. He kept asking questions but I didn’t answer them.” ] She just couldn’t do much when she was with Arlus. She didn’t want to put them at risk. She just wanted to be peacefully left alone. [b “Then…deal with him. If you see him following us again, do something.” ] She felt she stated the obvious because normally Sylus would be doing that when he was her bodyguard.

Arlus was buckled up. Ara covered up the stroller, so that Arlus had a nice and dark space to fall asleep in. She had it slightly peaked open, just so she could keep an eye on him. She’d push it and they’d go into another store. She’d stay with Arlus while he went to buy them. Ara didn’t want to wake Arlus up, so she stood in one spot just in case. She’d smile to herself seeing Sylus grabbing the diapers. Who’d ever thought that the top baddy was getting diapers for their baby. She giggled to herself. It was cute. Then, the guy popped up again and asked her questions. She looked visibly uncomfortable.
“Go away you creep. I’ll call the police.” ] She warned.
“I’m only curious. He’s a really cute baby and you’re very pretty.” He kept on going on and on. Then he tried to take a picture of Arlus and her. Ara pushed the stroller closer to Sylus but he kept following. He started to back away when she got closer to Sylus though. [b “Sylus, I can’t do anything when I’m with Arlus. He took a picture. Do something about him. Now.” ] She said, getting frustrated, overwhelmed by the anxiety and then she’d roll her eyes [b “Or you know what, I’ll deal with him since you haven’t yet. You hold the stroller.” ] Since he wasn’t going to do anything about it but just let them follow them all around to this shop. She felt he should have stopped him before he got to her.

She walked up to the guy and he was smiling. “Back the fuck off, if you fucking get close to me, you’ll be found dead in a ditch you hear me? And pass me your phone-now.” ]
He’d laugh and say that she was joking, and that they could be friends. He tried to pull her by her waist close and ask her to follow him. She pulled his hands off her and shoved him back. Ara knew she looked small and weak in her appearance, which made people think they could pick on her. [b “Touch me again, You’re going to lose a finger.” ] She warned and then grabbed his phone out of his pocket. He tried to grab her and she snapped his phone in half in front of him. [b “Don’t take pictures of strangers.” ]
The guy looked furious when she did it. She dropped the phone in the ground, gave him the middle finger and walked back to Sylus and Arlus. She didn’t know what more else to do. [b “Let’s go home.” ] She said, sounding angry.
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He walked with ARa through the mall, going through all of the baby clothes and only picking out the cutest ones for little Arlus. He would look around with ARa and then he would agree with the clothes she picked out. They were perfect. He even found one that was cute for him that matched his daddy.

He would laugh and then help ARa pay for the clothes, carrying the rest of their bags. [b "We should. Arlus is going to be the start of the picture though"] he chuckled and then he would follow Ara into her clothing shop. He watched after Arlus, letting ARa go shopping for a while. He would play peek a boo with ARlus and then he would laugh a bit, soon seeing some people coming by to ask about him and Arlus. When a girl came to ask about how old Arlus was and how old Sylus was, he saw Ara come over and he smiled, holding her hand as he pushed ARlus' stroller.

They made it to the food court, settling down as Sylus went to grab them some food. HE would purchase them food and when he saw a man talking to Ara, he came over quickly and was glad he went away. He sat down and then he smiled [b "Ooh, okay. Yeah I just need more upkeep for Arlus so that we can just stay home when you go on the mission"] he tickled ARlus, hearing him squeal and then seeing him stare up at Ara. [b "We do. You're our precious little miracle"] he leaned into ARa and then he would wrap his arm around her waist. [b "I love you too. I know, it's okay. You've got a lot to deal with. But you can also depend on me too"] he saw ARlus' eyes closing and he would hold him in his arms, cradling their little boy.

[b "You can eat first Love. I'll make sure he's fast asleep"] he kissed his little head and then he would hold him close, seeing Arlus fast asleep. Sylus slowly set him down into his stroller so he could nap and then he ate with Ara. He fed her a few bites and then he took bites out of the burger. [b "Love, who was that man? He keeps staring over here from across the food court"] he told her, noticing him staring a few times. [b "He seems suspicious. We should get what we need and head back home"] he suggested, soon tossing their trash.

The man would watch the two and slowly move closer, table by table. Sylus would buckle up ARlus and then they'd leave. He'd lead Ara to the office store so she could print out her pictures. Sylus would stay with Arlus, but he would see glimpse of the same man looking at them from afar. It was clear he was after something. Sylus would make sure Arlus was fast asleep, keeping guard. THe man didn't try to approach them anymore, but he was keeping an eye on them. He then went into the store to talk to Ara.

He asked more questions about her son "How old is he? Is he yours?"
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Ara took so much joy in picking baby clothes for Arlus. They were so little and cute. She felt greatful that she could do this with Sylus. Taking care of their baby together. [b “But I bet he’ll be swimming faster than a whale.” ] Ara mentioned. She peeked at the one he held up and she giggled [b “That’s perfect for him!” ] She definitely thought Arlus was just a smaller cuter version of him. She wondered if she could recover some baby pictures of Sylus. She wanted to see what he looked like as a baby. She wondered if Arlus looked the same.

Ara giggled [b “I’m glad you agree with me.” ] She had plenty of clothes for ARlus. She would purchase all of the outfits. Ara nodded [b “Mmm, I’d like that. We should have a family photo too.” ] Ara said. She found the dinosaur onesie so cute for Arlus too.

They went to another shop so she could pick few clothes. She picked at the highest quality, naturally. She missed shopping for herself. She didn’t want to take too long since she didn’t want ARlus to get too fussy. So, she let Sylus stay with Arlus while she tried things on. She noticed Sylus and Arlus attracting attention. A girl would go toward them, speak to him. It bothered her, so she’d just bump herself in there and kiss Sylus’ cheek, [b “Let’s go.” ]

She purchased her clothes and heard ARlus cry. She felt relief that he brought it. They found a place they could sit first. She would put the stroller at the side. She smiled back at Sylus, [b “Okay, thank you.” ] She would help Arlus out of the stroller and keep him in her arms. She fed him the bottle and watch him take to it.

Somoene was coming in too close, and making Ara feel uncomfortable. He was asking too many questions about her, and then Arlus, his age, health…it was weird. Sylus came in, and she felt a relief when he did that encouraged the guy to go. Sylus sat beside her and fed her a fry too. She’d take the bite.

[b “Mmmm, pretty much. I just wanted to print some photos. But, do you need anything?” ] She’d ask. Ara nodded [b “Yea, that would be a good idea.” ] Ara said. Arlus stopped drinking and she saw him wiggle when Sylus tickled. He’d make some noise and Ara laughed. His eyes looked up at her. He was so cute…[b “We love you so much.” ] Ara old him. She leaned in and kissed the top of his head. She’d lean into Sylus too. [b “And I love you too. I’m…sorry for getting so mad and stressed. I…just want us to be okay.” ] She noticed Arlus slowly getting pretty sleepy. His little mouth would open up. [b “Mmm, he ready to take a nap. Here Sy, you can let him fall asleep in your arms.” ] Ara carefully passed Arlus into his arms and watched Arlus nestle in. It was cute to see Arlus being held by Sylus. Arlua would hold onto Sylus shirt.
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He knew that asking Kai was the only idea he had left. He didn't really want to involve his step family, nor ask anyone for favors, but he thought it was the best idea they could come up with right now. [b "I'm sure he'll send someone capable. I should know who he is sending too"] he knew them well and if he had anyone protecting Ara, it had to be the Yakuza's best. [b "You'll be very safe. Safer than going alone too"] he admitted and then they got ready and headed off.


Once they got to the mall, Sylus set up the stroller and he would kiss ARlus' cheek and then set him in the stroller, buckling him up. He would kiss his little hands, seeing him squeal [b "Ready Arlus?"] he smiled and let Ara push him around. He seemed really happy and he was glad that at least they were able to take him to the mall and get a glimpse of the outside world.

They went to a shop and he would look at the toddler clothes, seeing Ara pick out the hoodie. [b "It's cute. He'd look adorable in it"] he chuckled and then he saw ARlus reaching for the clothes and whining a bit. Sylus gave him one of the sets they bought for him to hold. He looked content.

He saw the ones Ara picked out and it was adorable. He really loved the ones with the whales [b "I like that one. It's adorable"] he laughed, holding up one for her. [b "Oooh, [ this] one Love"] he showed her, thinking it was cute.

When they finished buying ARlus clothes, they paid for them [b "It's fine. He's growing fast too. He'll love them and if he has a lot of clothes, I'm sure it'll be fine"] he enjoyed it too. Picking clothes out for their first baby. He wanted Arlus to be happy. [b "We can have a photoshoot when we get home?"] he suggested, liking the different outfits. HE even threw a dinosaur onesie into the mix.

THey headed to another shop and would get ARa a few things as they walked around the mall more. Sylus spotted eyes looking at them and he became weary. He would see others asking about Arlus, complimenting him and then he would smile a bit. [b "We are. It's nice"] he saw ARlus about to cry and then he would dig into the baby bag. [b "I brought two bottles"] he pulled one out and then he handed one to her. He led her to the food court [b "You can feed him Love, I'll get us some food"] he headed off.

Sylus brought back some burgers and fries, sitting at the table and then seeing Arlus snug in Ara's arms getting fed. There were a few people passing by and aweing at the scene. "HE must be the dad. Their hair matches" one woman said.

Sylus sat beside her and fed her a fry. He knew they weren't on the best of terms, but he did enjoy spending time with Arlus right now. [b "Did you buy everything you needed Ar? I should stock up on more formula and maybe diapers for ARlus"] he told her, tickling his tummy.

Arlus would squeal and wiggle his feet, his blue eyes staring into Ara's.
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She did trust Kai would make his best attempt to get someone capable and that he trusted. Yet, she wasn’t sure if his judgement would be perfect. [b “Ahmm…I suppose.” ] She wondered if she still should vet them to make sure they had no history that would make them turn against her. It sounded like Sylus felt confident enough that that wouldn’t be a problem. She hoped that would be the case. [b “If you think it’s safe…then I’ll accept it,” ] Ara said.


Ara pushed the stroller with Arlus all strapped in, with a smaller stuffed dragon near him. She heard Arlus’ little coos. [b “Are you enjoying the ride Arlus?” ] Ara asked, peaking down, seeing him looking up at her and then Sylus. He’d stretch his tiny arm up. He had such pretty eyes and dark hair. She smiled at him and he slowly smiled too. She giggled and then walked into the shop with Sylus.

She’d pick out ahoddie for Alus that had wolf ears, sweatpants. She would show the hoodie and sweatpants to Sylus [b “Darling, what do you think?” ] Ara asked. IT made her so happy seeing little tiny clothes for their baby. They weren’t in a good mood with each other but the second she was shopping for Arlus, she wanted to share her excitement with him. She even fot a PJ set with whales. She’d take a cute little fuzzy fleece blue polar bear outfit too. She couldn’t help but smile looking at the little clothes. She’d remain close to the stroller and get Sylus opinion each time. [b "You don't think I"m getting too much right? Nahh," ] Ara giggled and was just having fun.

[b “We should have more of a baby photoshoot.” ] Ara mentioned and then looked at Sylus [b “Do you like this outfit ARlus?” ] Ara quickly showed Arlus the fuzzy polar bear one. He would just make random sound and then suck on his finger.

Ara would select so many different outfits. She wanted to get so many baby pictures of Arlus of course. She had some even on her phone that she hoped she could print today. She saw some cute outfits that would have been for a baby girl. Looking them, made her want a girl one day. After they finished with that shopped, she would look for a shop to get an outfit for her own mission.

When she was pushing the stroller outside of the shop with Sylus, it started to draw some attention. Eyes on their baby, and them. Someone stopped by and asked his name, and how cute he was. Ara felt so good hearing it. She looked at Sylus and remembered he was always on her side. [b “It really does feel good being a family.” ] Ara said quietly to him. Arlus started to cry. Ara tried to sniff but he wasn’t stinky. [b “Hungry?” ] Ara wondered and looked at Sylus [b “Ah, Sy I forgot. Did you by any chance bring the formula?” ] She asked.
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He would lift up their baby boy in the morning, seeing that he had waken up so easily. HE wasn't crying and he was just looking out, munching on his stuffed animal. [b "Morning little guy"] he lifted him up, holding him in his arms as Arlus cooed, squeezing onto his shirt as he brought him downstairs. He would run his fingers over Arlus' head and then he would kiss his cheek, rocking him as he slowly set him in his playpen to work on breakfast.

He started up the pan in the kitchen, frying up some eggs and sausage as it sizzled in the pan. He placed them onto some plates with toast and then he heard Ara coming down. [b "Not yet"] he told her and let her take care of him as he sat at the table. He told her about his idea [b "I asked him because I wanted to know if it was an option"] he told her and saw her frown. That wasn't new.

[b "Yeah yeah. It's not like it's official. I was just asking"] he knew he should have asked her beforehand, but he was going to. [b "I'll do that next time"] he stated and then he took a bite of the eggs and toast. Now he was seen as careless and not serious. [b "There are capable guards in the Yakuza. I'm sure the ones that Kai recommends are the best of the best"] he assured her and then he looked over at Arlus, seeing him sitting up and pressing his hands on the side of the playpen. [b "We can shop. He seems in a good mood today"] he finished his food and then he went to feed the pets, rubbing Nyx and giving him a hug. HE then pet Queen before heading up to change.

Sylus wore a black shirt with a high collar. He put on some grey jeans and he fixed his hair, gelling it down and back so it wasn't so spikey. Once he was ready, he met ARa in Arlus' room and he would help him get into his pants and even put on his booties that looked like shoes. He kept wiggling, but they managed to dress him up, soon taking him to the car as he got into the driver's seat.

SYlus drove them towards the mall, helping to set up the stroller as he pulled it from the trunk, letting ARlus sit down all buckled up as they were ready to shop. THey walked into the mall, seeing people walking by quickly. Sylus would keep an eye on Arlus and Ara, leading them to the clothing store for toddlers.
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Ara kissed the top of Arlus’ little head when he was stretching out to touch the pictures of her and Sylus. It brought back the many wonderful memories they shared. She noticed Sylus peaking into the room and then leaving. She wondered if having Arlus might pull them away rather than closer… She never thought that would be the case but she barely got to spend awaking hour with him that didn’t involve taking care of Arlus. Not that she didn’t enjoy taking care of Arlus.

She would sway him and sing him a song, seeing how he liked that. Soon enough, Arlus was asleep in her arms again. She’d close the lid of her laptop and tucked in Arlus in his bed. She worked until she couldn’t stand the glaring blue screen. She crawled into bed and passed out. She heard Arlus’ cry but she noticed Sylus going to get him. She dozed off and woke in the morning and cleaned herself up. She walked down the stairs and smelled food, and saw Arlus in his playpen. She would pet their cute pets first and then go to Arlus. She scooped him up, “Did you feed him?” Ara asked and looked at Arlus eyes, “Were you a good boy?” She smiled to him.

[b Thanks for making breakfast.” ] Ara said to him. She would let Arlus down again. She went to sit with him. [b “You…didn’t have to.” ] Ara whispered, looking down at the eggs. [b “But I’m listening.” ] She looked back at him and listened to his suggestion. Considering she didn’t know the details, she didn’t know if it would be good. [b “You already asked him?” ] She frowned, not sure how she felt about that.

[b “Sy you need to tell me before you go ask him.” ] Ara reminded and a released a sigh. [b “I know you mean well. But you have to think things through more, and ask me what I think before asking Kai. It makes me feel like you…care less or taking it less seriously. If you think…that’s safe and whoever he’s lending can be trusted-then okay. At least…I won’t be alone.” ] She said, feeling like she had little option. She planned on thinking about hiring a bodyguard that she didn’t know anyway.

She grew quiet again, feeling the weight of the stress still there. She ate slowly, her eyes mostly following Arlus. [b “Um, I’d like to do some shopping. Could we go today? Arlus seems like he’ll be okay to go out today.” ] She needed to get clothes for going out and she wanted to get a few more clothes for Arlus.

She finished up eating and took the plates into the dishwasher. She looked back at Sylus and figured he didn’t want to be close to her. He probably shouldn’t since she felt so overwhelmed and panicked internally. She would pick up Arlus again, feeling like she couldn’t do without him in her sight or arms. [b “I’m going to make you look so cool Arlus. You’ll be the most fashionable baby ever.” ] Ara kissed his cheek, [b “Almost as cool as daddy.” ] If Sylus was okay with going, she would head up, and change into a-line liliac skirt, and lighter color on top with a pair of sadals. She'd dress Arlus into a cute little light hooded black shirt, and white pants. She'd let Sylus help out change Arlus too.
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He was frustrated because nothing he said seemed to be working at all. He tried hard to figure out a few ways to get some coverage, but they weren't helping out either. ARa was stressed and he didn't want anything happening to her if she had to go on her own. He had to think of another way.

THe way she worded her sentences got him upset. There was nothing he could do to help her and she made it seem like that was the final straw. She didn't even want him in the same room, so he left, heading downstairs to try and figure out more ways possible.

WHen he sat at the table with Klara, he wondered what her idea was. It was a stretch, but he she did have a point of having some guards for Ara to protect her at the very least if he couldn't be there.

He would take in a deep breath [b "THanks Klara. I got it. You do have a point. Having extra eyes there is better than just her own. You focus on your mission, we'll take care of it"] he patted her shoulder and then he would sit on the couch and look through his list of contacts again.

HE didn't want to rely on Kai, but if he made the calls, he knew that if anyone from the Yakuza had a grudge against Kiyoshi or him, they'd turn their backs on Ara and he didn't want that.


SYlus gave guy a call, speaking with him in the backyard about a possibility of getting two guards for ARa. HE mentioned being on his own mission, so he couldn't keep an eye on her.

Kai accepted it pretty quickly. He hasn't seen ARa in a long time and he'd do anything to keep her safe. HE promised Sy that he'd only bring two of his most dependable guards. They'd look after her as best they could. IF anything happened to Ara, he'd be devastated too.

The phone conversation took a while and Sylus had to let go of his pride to do it, but Kai was willing to help him out. At least that was more eyes on Ara when she focused on her mission. [b "Thanks Kai, I'll send you the dates. It's most likely a one to three day mission"] he then hung up the phone and let out a deep sigh. If anyone was going to be around their baby boy, the safest bet would be him.

HE headed back inside and then he fed the pets and put them to bed. He would head up to their room, passing Arlus' room. HE took a peek seeing Ara and Arlus sitting on the couch together looking at her laptop. HE was going to step inside, but decided to just head to their room and get sleep while he could. IT would be his turn to take care of ARlus anyway.

He fell asleep for the night, trying to pass out. He couldn't really sleep and he wasn't speaking with Ara. Through the night, he would go over to ARlus' room and make sure their little one was asleep. When he cried, he would lift him up and rock him gently back to sleep.

In the morning, he ended up falling asleep on the couch beside Arlus. He woke up to the sounds of his babbling. When Sylus peeked his eyes open, he could see the little baby boy, nibbling on his stuffed animals. He seemed content, so he lifted him up into his arms and then he would meet with Ara at the table.

He would kiss ARlus' cheek and then he would place him in his playpen. He then started working on breakfast, cooking up some eggs and sausage. WHen ARa came downstairs, he would glance back at her, still a bit upset from yesterday [b "Hey Ar. I came up with an idea. You can let me know if you think it's okay?"] he told her, soon serving up two places of the eggs and sausage.

He sat at the table and he explained his plan to her. [b "I asked Kai to lend two body guards to help back you up on your mission? What do you think?"]
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 61d 4h 40m 14s
[b “I’m not giving up. You’re not really being helpful. You’re giving me suggestions you’re not thinking through.” ] Ara said, not being able to filter out what she really felt right now. She grew quiet and took a long pause when he mentioned not talking to him. What good would talking to him do? She felt so stressed and she couldn’t tolerate much right now.

She heard him cuss and decided to leave him be. She looked at Arlus once more. She felt more comfort by being right here with him. She went to go grab her laptop from her room and then go back to sitting on the sofa in Arlus’ room. She start thinking about how she could help herself, what she should bring. Who were the people that were going to be present? She debated on asking of all the names that were going to be there. She sent an email asking who would be attending, with introducing herself first.

Klara was working on her own, mapping out the time of the deliveries for herself. She looked up when her name was called. [b “Uhh… Well, you could ask him if we could borrow someone or two to guard Ara during her trip. I could ask him. It’s not as safe as having one of us with Ara but, it’s better than nothing.” ] She shrugged. It was the only connection she had here that she worried less of being followed and have Arlus be discovered.

Ara heard Arlus cry when she sent her email. She set her laptop away and would pick him up. She rubbed his back and realised he kind of smelled. She sighed and went to change his diaper, and he was much more happier now. She kissed his tummy and he'd smile at her. He still looked quite sleepy. She'd sit down, kept him on her lap and used her laptop at the same time. She showed him pictures of her and Sylus and he'd point, and try to touch Sylus face.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 61d 15h 44m 11s
He could see their precious baby boy sleeping and it warmed his heart to know he was going okay. HE wanted Arlus to be happy, safe, and to grow up with both of his loving parents. To have a life that he's never had before.

All of the plans he could think of were not helping and he really didn't know what else he could do. He's looked through his contact list and he couldn't find someone that could help. Luke was in Germany on a mission, Clyde was back at the facility undergoing more training, and Payton and Ethan were out on a business mission. HE couldn't ask anyone else and he could see that fear in Ara's eyes because she also knew.

He would try to hug her and rub her back, but when she would talk about how she was afraid, he could understand that as well. He had her and they had a baby they'd gladly do anything for, but their missions still had to go on.

He could tell she was stressed and it was getting to her, but she didn't need to turn down all of his ideas, or him trying to help. He felt stupid, helpless for even saying something she was going to turn down in the blink of an eye. [b "If you give up then you give up. I'm just trying to help you here"] he told her, getting even more frustrated when she said he didn't understand. [b "If you don't want to talk to me or be near me, then fine"] he was pissed off. How dare she talk about how he couldn't help her at all because he was just some guinea pig raised to do as he was told.

[b "How am I supposed to fucking rest?"] he got up and left the room, feeling like him being her guard meant nothing. He couldn't help her? Bullshit.

He headed back down the stairs and then he went to meet up with Klara. [b "Klar? What idea did you have with Kai? I don't have any other choice, so let's just let my step family get in on it"] he sat at the table and listened to what she had to say. If anything, he could get over his overprotective barrier and let Kai look after Arlus for a day or two. If he so much as did anything else, he'd just kill him on the spot.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 62d 3h 13m 38s
Her fingers gripped firmly around the edge of the sofa. Arlus sleeping expression, his little lips closed…a blanket over him to keep him warm and sung. Such a little baby, one month old. It crushed her thinking of what could happen. Negotiations were tough alone…thinking about the security risks gave her a scare.

[b “I know you can’t. I’ll come up…with something…or risk it.” ] What more could she do? She didn’t have much support here. She’d feel him run his fingers along her back. She’d watch Arlus shift his arms and leg and then lay still again. [b “But now…I have much more to lose. Fear…is what makes people make mistakes too.” ] She concluded that if she had to go on her own, then she had no choice but take those drugs. It wasn’t like she could relapse on two pills anyway.

[b “It’s fine.” ] Ara said, not really expecting him to think of something she wouldn’t have thought of herself. She felt like Sylus would only frustrate her since he was too close to her. [b “Sylus it comes to simple math. If there’s more of them than me, than I’ll lose. Training for less than a week, it won’t help me. Because I’m not as strong as you or Klara. I just got to try to bring a gun with me and hope I don’t trap myself.” ] She said and mumbled, “You’d never understand.” She released a sigh. She knew it would look odd if she came alone without any protection either.

[b “I’ll deal…I don’t want to talk about it anymore. I don’t see how you could help me since you were only raised to follow orders.” ] She kept feeling the fear biting at her. She didn’t have a good feeling about this. [b “You should…go rest before Arlus wakes. I need to do more research and figure out who I contact for extra help to keep me safe. If I can.” ] She whispered, wanting to just make it back safely and not have her father suspect anything. She knew the next few nights she was going to be more tired than ever. She didn’t feel like she could depend on Sylus either.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 62d 4h 4m 49s
He knew that ARlus wouldn't understand what was going on, he would just realize that his mommy wasn't there for a while. He was sleeping so soundly in his little crib, a light blanket on top of him and his stuffed dinosaur beside him. Sylus walked over to where Ara was and then he would take a seat beside her and wrap his arms around her to comfort her.

[b "It's okay. I know it's a stressful situation, but I can't think of another way either"] he frowned and then he would give her a kiss for now. He saw the look in her eye and then he kept running his fingers along her back. [b "Me too. He'll be safe don't worry. We'll all stay together. I know you'll do your best Ar"] he didn't want to even think of giving their little boy away. He couldn't. He loved him so much [b "Me too"] he rested beside her and thought about what else they could do.

[b "I can help you plan too. I can take a peek and give you advice on where to look for and even show you a few more self defense moves?"] he asked, knowing they still had a week. [b "You can train with me and we'll cover your openings Love"]
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 62d 4h 51m 35s

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