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He could imagine their little one playing in the snow learning to wobble and then face planting. He loved the way Ara saw it as well. It was going to be so much fun playing with them and raising them since they were their own. He agreed to tell Payton and Ethan about their baby when they came in person. He knew they were close friends and he wanted them updated on what they were up to also.

When the food was eaten, Sylus took a bite of the cupcakes and then he sat down at the table, taking in a deep breath and just relaxing for a while. He had a food coma going and he felt like he was going to pass out, but he could tell that everyone else wanted to also. His belly was full and it was hard to move, but they managed to finish all the turkey and the ham.

He slowly put the dishes away and then he sat on the couch, taking in a deep breath as he relaxed for a while. He ended up holding Nyx on his lap and their pup had a baby food belly too. [b "You must be tired too Nyxy"] he chuckled and he leaned into Ara [b "I love them. They look so good"] he soon slowly fell asleep.

When Ara woke up and nudged him, he opened his eyes and yawned softly. He slowly got up and walked with her to the backyard after layering up in a jacket and scarf. He helped put the booties on their pets and then he stepped outside, seeing Klara looking sleepy. He saw ARa toss one at her at a perfect time and then he ended up laughing. He saw her eat it and then he saw Klara getting pissed. When Ara mentioned she was pregnant, he would run over and try to block the snow ball. He didn't want to do a snowball fight if it was going to affect her pregnancy.

[b "Ara....maybe we shouldn't do this"] he fell into the snow and then he slowly got up and dusted himself off.
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“They will be.”
She pictured it. Tickling there little one and giving them plenty of kisses. The baby would be someone they could call their own.
It was decided. “We’ll tell them in person if they come,” Ara said.

The food was delicious thanks to Sylus…and the cupcakes she made was chocolate overload. She felt so content and she knew Sylus loved chocolate flavoured cake so much too. Everyone finished eating and they were all stuffed. Klara went off and she would sit next to Sylus. Nyx came over to sit on Sylus’ lap.
Ara giggled and patted his tummy [b “You got a baby too now, a food baby.” ] She teased. She saw him looking at the ring he gave her. She’d put her hand out to next to his. [b “Me too. I’m very grateful.” ] She’d kiss his cheek. The two of them rested a bit. She took a mini nap on the sofa. When she rose, she felt ready to beat there asses by shoving snow there faces. She felt she could even use the whole ‘I’m pregnant’ excuse to distract them.

Ara would nudge Sylus shoulder. “Darling, let’s go outside.” Ara said. After she got Klara up, and there pets ready, they went out into their backyard. The backyard that there little one would be walking in. She kept thinking of it.

Ara would layer up well. She’d be the first to make a ball of snow. Klara was yawning a bit, just getting up fully, when her open mouth yawn was met with the taste of cold snow, along with her face. Ara giggled and she’d clap, [b “I did it.” ]
Klara would wipe her face, “You little! I was! How dare you Ara!?” She’d grab a ball of snow. Ara’s eyes widened “Hold up! I’m pregnant remember!? Not good to do that to me. I’ll get cold.” Ara said. Klara stared at her for a moment and then would throw it. Ara gasped and would completely duck.
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He really was glad everyone was having fun today. It was a special day for them and he was glad the morning started off with everyone enjoying their gifts. It was perfect to wake up to all the giving and how happy the gifts made everyone.

THeir pets were content and so were Ara and Klara so he was glad it turned out well. [b "I'm sure our baby will be born into a lovable family"] he smiled, seeing how happy Payton and Ethan were. He was glad they were both doing okay together. [b "I trust them too. I just want the information to be told to them straight, not through a text"] he shrugged and then he noticed Klara looking a bit glum. He wanted her to be happy too. She's helped him so much when he was at the lowest point in his life.

Luckily the cupcakes saved the day. They were too good, too delicious, and chocolate overload. Sylus was in heaven when he took a bite, licking his lips and chocolate getting everywhere cause it overflowed out. He finished it off and had another one, leaning back in his seat. He watched Ara and when Klara said what he was thinking, he pouted [b "Hey! you can only do that to me"] he chuckled and then he sat back in his seat. [b "Mmm, that was perfect. Let's rest and relax for a bit then"] he smiled and helped clean up, putting the dishes in the dishwasher and tossing away the trash.

He waved to Klara and then he sat on the couch, seeing Nyx coming along and then sitting on his lap. [b "Hey boy. Did you have a fun Christmas too?"] he smiled, rubbing his full belly. [b "I know, I'm sleepy too"] he glanced back at Ara and then he would look at the ring on his finger. He wanted to marry her the minute he could. [b "Today was perfect Love. I'm so grateful for having you in my life"]
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There pets loved their meal too. Ara tried everything Sylus made. Everything felt like it was cooked to perfection. The smell of the food was so good too. She giggled [b “Yea, our baby will.” ] Ara said. She’d show him the pictures of Ethan and Pyaton. Ara nodded [b “Me too. They are very happy… Payton seemed to have changed a bit too. I’m glad that they’re together.” ] Ara thought about them coming to Japan. She knew they would have to be told, or well just look depending when they came.

[b “I trust Ethan and Payton. I’m trusting Ethan already with help.” ] Ara said. She had wished that she could have invited everyone for Christmas. All there friends.

Klara saw the pictures and even reminded of how close Sylus and Ara was. It kind got her a bit down. That was once her and Sylus. While it felt okay, it kind of hurt seeing everyone together and she was just a third wheel. Her thoughts might have showed because Sylus was trying to comfort with her food. She’d half smile to him, “I’m happy.” For the most part she was thankful for all that she had. She never expected to fall in love at all after all. She wondered if she should be sticking here for so long. It kind of hurt and she knew she had to move on, and that meant not living with them all the time.

Then Ara came up with cupcakes. Ara loved how they looked so happy eating her cupcake. She’d take a bite too, [b “IT is really good.” ] Ara said and would finish it up. She was in a daze eating her own cupcake too. She just fell in love with chocolate this past two weeks.

Ara giggled [b “I’ll feed you these now and then. Promise!” ] She’d lick off some of the cream carefully, pratically making love with her food.
Klara watched her and shook her head to snap out of it. “Looks like she’s cheating on you with the cupcake.”
[b “What, no I’m not.” ] Ara laughed. She’d finish her cupcake and just sit back. She felt food and a little sleepy. [b “Mmmm….yea… I’m a little sleepy.” ] Ara said. But she remembered dthis wouldn’t clean up itself. She’d get up and help set things away. Then she’d just sit back on the sofa. “Best Christmas lunch ever,” Ara said. She felt so relaxed and so good. Klara would stretch out her arms “That was amazing. Thanks you two. I’m going to go lay down for a bit. Call me when you want to head outside.” She needed a break from seeing a cute couple too since it made her a bit envious.
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He worked through the morning setting up their lunch as the girls worked on the desserts. At least the hard, prepping part was taken care of. Sylus didn't have to worry about the turkey and ham not making it to lunch. He knew there was only the three of them, so he made sure to portion everything right so they weren't left with a ton of leftovers.

He set up a good meal for Nyx and Queen as well. They had turkey, veggies, and some stuffing as well. They immediately went to their food bowls to enjoy. He was glad that everyone was having so much fun. Sylus sat at the table and took in a deep breath, excited as he looked at all the food. He took a portion of each, eating and smiling at how good it turned out. [b "I'm glad you guys like it!"] he said happily as he saw Klara not even able to speak. She kept eating and it sure made Sylus happy to be able to feed them.

[b "Aww, I'm glad our baby gets to have some of my cooking"] he grinned, seeing ARa taking some sneak pics. HE saw the picture of Ethan and Payton and he smiled [b "I'm glad they're doing well together"] he wondered about telling them. [b "I think if they come to Japan for a visit....we can let them know. I want it to be something we tell them in person"] he suggested, seeing Klara looking a bit down when she found out they were together.

[b "Don't worry Klara. I'll cook for you until you're happy"] he promised and then he nudged her side. He soon finished a good amount of food and then he heard cupcakes. [b "Oooh! I want!"] he said proudly, seeing her bring them over. THey were warm and straight from the oven. Sylus smiled and took a bite, tasting the ooey goodness of the chocolate filling inside. [b "Oh my god....Ar, this is amazing"] he leaned back into his seat and he took in a deep breath, feeling insanely happy. IT was his favorite.

[b "I love you. If you feed me these every once in a while, I promise to make you happy"] he teased and then he saw Klara taking a bite, showing the same reaction. [b "You two did a great job. It's perfect"] he sat back in his seat and was falling into a food coma. [b "Mmm, let's digest a bit before going to play in the snow"] he laughed.
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They all prepared some food for there Christmas lunch. Afterwards, they were sitting down and got to eat. Sylus food was tating so good. There was too much for Ara to eat that was for sure but she had two super humans who always felt like eating. She watched Sylus place food in their pets food bowl and it made her smile. She giggled [b T”hey do.” ] Nyx went over to his food bowl and would go eat.

[b “This is a really good.” ] She’d take a little bit of each. Especailly, sushi since it’s been a while. She felt pretty content with all the food he gave her. [b “I and our baby like it.” ] Ara said and Klara was too busy stuffing her mouth.

Ara would sneak in a few pictures and sent them. Tanner would reply to her and say how jealous he was. Ethan and Payton was replying too and Ethan sent a picture of him and Payton celebrating. Ara then showed Sylus the picture of Payton and Ethan. Ethan was caring Payton and it looked like they were both dressed up. [b “They’re having fun too. And they said they’d like to visit Japan. But, Sy, we didn’t even tell them yet…” ] Ara said and wondered what she should be doing. [b “Should we?” ]
“Who are they?” Klara squinted and looked at the picture and realized she reocrgnized Payton “Oh! Payton. Who is she with? I haven’t heard of her since we graduated.”
Ara smiled “She’s with who um, hired her. They’re together. She’s really happy.”
“Wow, someone else from the facility is happy…” Klara said, and was glad that that was possible. She also felt quite sad. There was Ara and Sylus, and then there was Payton with someone. And, she wasn’t with anyone. She sighed to herself and then thought to herself she’d just be with Sylus’ cooking.

She’d lean into Sylus shoulder and she’d take hold of his hand. [b “That was really good.” ] Ara said. [b “Don’t forget my cupcakes.” ] Ara said, getting up and bringing the cupcakes in. She’d give one to each of them. She hoped that Sylus would like her cupcakes. They were filled with extra chocolate.
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He was glad that everyone was enjoying their gifts. It was turning out to be a memorable Christmas. All Sylus could really think of was how happy these two girls made him this year and in the past few years. He smiled and took a sip of some hot cocoa and then he would help clean up to clear their living room of the boxes and the wrapping paper.

Once he was ready to set up for lunch, he went into the kitchen to get down to business. He put on Klara's new apron and he started setting up their meal. Luckily everything he made this morning. It was all just about heating it in the oven and cooking it up.

The turkey had been cooking all day, so he was pretty excited with it. Once he took out the ham and the casserole, he set it on the table and then he saw ARa and Klar making cupcakes together. He would playfully bump into Ara, soon seeing flour and sugar flying everywhere. He would laugh and finish cooking up the baked rolls before starting to set it up on the table.

Sylus saw Nyx wanting attention and he'd give him a slice of ham for now, rubbing his head and then putting their food in their food bowls. He even made it festive with some veggies and fruits. There was so much food on the table when they sat down. [b "THey both have a feast. Just for today though"] he laughed and then he would sit down. [b "Okay guys, we have some turkey, ham, corn, green beans, mashed potatoes, baked sushi, mac and cheese casserole, and some stuffing. I hope you guys like it"] he chuckled, letting them go all out as he sat down.

Sylus grabbed a plate and a knife, going around and cutting up turkey and ham for them. He would put some on his plate as well, getting a bit of everything as he ate, smiling at how it tasted. He felt so proud.
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The room was stunning. She felt so grateful. Then Klara got to open her gifts. She was glad she enjoyed it. They got to open theres. She felt so motivated to start painting again and drink cup of hot cocoa-again. She doubted Sylus would give her another one though and she knew she should probably lay off the cocoa.

[b “Aw darling, you’ll make really good food.” ] She said. Klara grinned when he talkeda bout making her more food. She then would get up to make them food. [b “Mmm, I’m going to work on making cupcakes for now.” ] Ara said. She’d get up and start making the chocolate cupcakes. She had a chocolate filling in them too. She would user butter cream, in different colors. She’d make some red, another green and another white. She’d sprinkle coloured sugar on top. While the cupcakes were making, she went onto making chocolate chip cookies. The chicken got pretty busy. She’d bump into Sylus. But she had fun.

Klara went onto helping Ara making the batter. Some of the work went into helping Ara clean off. Queen would try to stumble along and meow at Ara, nuzzling against her leg. She guessed she wanted to play. While the cookies were baking, she’d go to queen and play with her. Then Queen would just nap on her lap while she was being pet. Nyx came over too and wanted the attention too. She’d pet his belly at the same time. This day was turning out a lot of fun. Thankfully, they had two ovens.

She heard Sylus and then would carefully place Queen into her bed and then went to sit on the dining table. Nyx would follow her and then go to Sylus , wagging his tail looking excited when he brought a big hunk of meat to the table. He’d bark.

[b “I think Nyx wants some turkey.” ] Ara laughed. They’d all sit down. Ara softly sighed [b “Mmm, I hope they will. They will be such a little cutie. But I think they might be asleep for most of it.” ] Ara had to wonder how long babies took naps.
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He loved the ring and everything else she had gotten for him. Ara was so sweet and perfect, he couldn't imagine being with anyone else or anyone else having his child. He smiled and put it on, feeling like they really were married already.

Seeing her reaction to the gaming room was priceless though. It was amazing to see how much she loved it and all the thought and work he's been trying to do was worth it. He hugged her and kissed her soft lips, feeling really happy that they were able to do this. [b "I'm glad you love it"] he then sat back down and saw Klara opening the gifts they got her as well.

She looked so happy and he was glad that she was still willing to stay here with them too. [b "Well, we wanted you get some pretty great things too after all your help and for sticking around us"] he smiled and then he felt her come over to kiss his cheek. He grinned and felt good that Klara was content. HE knew it must have been really hard for her watching them, but he was glad she was here.

Even her gifts were pretty amazing. Sylus saw the apron and grinned [b "I'll make you as much food as you want. Gotta test out these knew knives"] he said proudly. When Ara opened hers, it was awesome seeing the mug and the brushes. Klara also knew them pretty well and it was a surprise.

He hugged her once more and then he started to clean up a bit. [b "I'm working on lunch right now. IT should almost be ready. I'm glad we were able to do this"] he went into the kitchen and checked up on half of the turkey he got and then the ham and casserole. He would take some out and put in the baked sushi rolls as he started setting some food on the table. THe mashed potatoes were ready and so were the veggies.

He soon took out the turkey and then he dressed it up and set it on the table beside the ham. [b "Okay guys! Let's eat up!"] he said proudly as he glanced over at ARa [b "Our baby will have an amazing first Christmas together"] he smiled.
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It made her so happy to see Sylus enjoying his gift. She had hoped he liked the ring. She wanted them to really truly feel like a married couple. She then opened hers, and the key was beautiful. For a second she thought the key was her gift-it was very pretty. But it opened something. She’d go and open the door and was amazed. She hugged him, cheered. [b “It’s amazing Sy!” ] She giggled. She’d kiss him. [b “I love it so much! Maybe even you can play with me.” ] Ara said. She’d just get another computer. Which wasn’t the problem.

Ara laughed [b “Yes I would darling. You are the love of my life.” ] Ara said, squeezing his hand. But, they still had more gifts to open. They went upstairs and Klara opened up her gifts. Klara looked so excited for the reservation, “You guys really know me too well.” Klara flashed a smile. She’s never celebrated this before either and she felt so lucky to have frineds like them, especially a wealthy one.
“Really?” Klara asked. But could guess he didn’t mean that type of kiss-even though shew as talking about that type. She’d lean in and kiss his cheek and then kiss Aras.
Ara giggled, “I’m so glad you liked it.” Ara said.
“I’m really thankful. If you guys want to help me with my toy one day, let me know.” Klara winked.
Ara nudged Klara because she knew shew as teasing. [b “Yea, yea.”]

Sylus opened the gift Klara got him. Ara giggled knowing what she got him. The apron was so perfect. [b “That’s so you can make her more food.” ] Ara joked. She said. She then opened what Klara got her. She pouted when she saw the mug. It was so sweet. [b “Awww.” ] Ara said. She’d then see the brushes and box of chocolate. Ara went onto hugging Klara [b “I love them. Thank you so much. They’re perfect.” ] She’d instantly open the box of chocolates too and popped one in her mouth [b “Mmmm, so yummy.” ] She grinned.

[b “This was a lot of fun guys. I’m glad we got to celebrate it together. But it isn’t over yet. I have to make some desserts and then we can go play out in the snow,” ] Ara said. He felt so happy opening gifts like this together. Holidays were never that big of a deal so when they did make it like this, it just made life worth living. She had set something up for the facility too, for everyone to get some gift and also dessert back home. Queen came hopping onto her lap with her new stuffed animal. She pet Queen. [b "Next christmas we can celebrate it with our baby too." ] She said and looked down at her tummy. "She was scared but she was excited.
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It felt new to be here in one room celebrating a holiday. He never thought that day would ever come if it weren't for Ara. Every year for about fifteen years of his life, he was stuck at the facility, being tested on, not having any freedom and she showed him how to be a normal person. It was a memory he'd always remember.

Their pets were here all dressed up and they looked adorable. He smiled and gave them both hugs before they took a few pictures together. Once they were by the tree, he opened up her gift and was in awe, seeing such a beautiful ring as he held it up and put it on. She made him feel so much emotions and he loved everything about her gift. It was sweet and perfect. He loved it so much.

[b "Thank you!"] he soon gave her his gift and he hoped she loved it. HE saw her opening up the box and when he saw her reaction, he smiled, knowing that he was able to convey his feelings for her. She meant the world to him. When she saw the key, he chuckled a bit and then he followed her to her room. Once she fit the key in and opened the door, he grinned, seeing her excitement. [b "I did! I know I've been gone on the mission for a while, so I wanted to make this place really comfortable for you"] he said proudly as he hugged her close and met her sweet lips.

[b "I hope you like it"] he smiled [b "Of course. It'll be the relaxing game room. We can even watch movies in here too"] he laughed and then he saw her looking around. He laughed a bit [b "You'd marry me before all this too. We just confirmed that!"] he grinned and then they went back to see Klara open up her gifts.

When she saw the reservation and when her face lit up, he knew they got it right. [b "Yup. It's a lot so you can order a lot. As much as you want. To one of the most prestigious restaurants in Japan"] he smiled and then he laughed as she spoke. The necklace was beautiful and he was glad Klara would have something when she traveled. Even the toys she got seemed to excite her. [b "I don't mind a kiss. I'm sure Ara doesn't either"] he smiled and then he hugged the two of them.

He was glad she loved them. After Klara handed the gifts out to him and Ara, Sylus slowly opened up the box she got him. He saw [ apron] in the bag. When Sylus pulled it out, he laughed. [b "I always wanted a new one. This one is perfect. It'll remind you guys just how pretty I am!"] he smirked. He then saw a fancy recipe book and he laughed. [b "Should I be putting this to the test soon?"] he smirked and then he found a nice wooden box of knives. [b "Aww thanks Klara!"] he loved it all, giving her a hug. She still knew him after all this time and he would always remember how much she appreciated his cooking and how much she cared for him in her own way.

He then saw her give Ara's gift. There were two boxes. One had a creatively drawn [ mug] inside, saying everything that ARa was and will be. Another box had a wooden box of professional art brushes. Then there was also a small box of chocolates since she knew Ara loved chocolates lately.
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Ara saw there pets all dressed up and it was darn adorable. She loved them so much. She had to take pcitures of them too. She took pictures with Sylus and Klara, and pictures of there pets. Sy with Nyx and Queen. Even pictures of herself with their pets. She was having such a good time just taking pictures. Then they got to opening their gifts. She loved seeing there pets getting excited with the new stuff they got. It looks like they were highly attracted to the treats. [b “Klara isn’t the only one excited about food.” ] Ara laughed.

She adored seeing them happy. She then let Sylus open her gift. She let him read her card. Ara softly smiled and kissed him back. She let him open up the box and see the ring. She giggled and clapped when he looked excited. She pouted when he mentioned being his wife. Her eyes warmed too. She’d wrap her arms around him and hugged him for a brief moment. [b “You’re welcome.” ] Ara let him put the ring on his fingers. IT felt good. They both had rings now.
Klara smiled while watching them. They were a cute couple. Her two favorite people really deserved each other. They were very alike and that’s why she liked them both so much. She laughed when Sylus mentioned Ara was proposing, “Yea, I guess she is. It looks good on you.”
Ara hugged him tightly when he had his arms around her waist. “I love you too.” She said and let him look at the drawing in the card again. She’d always remember the drawings they made for each other back in London. She knew he was the right person to spend her entire life with and create there own family, one that was filled with love. [b “I’m so glad you like it.” ] Ara said. She took the box he gave her.

She’d open it up and noticed the red velvet case. She warmly smiled seeing the drawing. It warmed her heart. She’d read the note and her eyes warmed up. She got teary. The key was so beautiful [b "Wow! It's so pretty and magical.] She was amazed at how it was crafted. It looked like it would open a magical doorway. She read the tag on the key. Happy place? [b “Darling what’s this?” ] Ara asked. She’dw ipe her eyes because she felt emotional when he talked about forever.

[b “What does the key open?” ] Ara asked. She’d get up and listen and go to the door. Klara would follow. She’d unlock the door and was hit with a gaming room. Her jaw dropped and she squealed. [b “Oh my god oh my god oh my god!” ] She giggled. She looked back at Sylus [b “You did this for me!?” ] She cheered and looked back at the room. It was gorgeous. [b “Aw darling! Thank you Thankyou Thank you!” ] She hugged him so tightly and kissed him deeply. [b “it’s so pretty!” ] She squealed.
“It really is nice.” Klara said, amazed at it, “Can…I…come in here sometimes?”
[b “Yea of course.” ] Ara giggled. IT was stunning. She felt so happy. She never thought he’d do something like this before [b “I really would have never guessed.” ] She giggled and would kiss Sylus cheek again, [b “This is why I’d marry you in a heartbeat.” ] She said. She tried to settle herself down. [b “Klara, let’s open your gifts first.” ] Ara remembered.

Klara got excited and nodded. They went back into the Christmas tree. Klara opened up the first box. It was small. She saw a note reading how much she meant to them. It had her smiling. Then there was a reservation. “No way! Is this a reservation!?”
Ara nodded, [b “AH hmm, invite anyone you’d like or go it alone.” ]

“I love you too,” Klara said instantly. Then she sapphire necklace and smiled, “It’s really pretty. Thank you, I’ll keep this wherever I go.” She loved it, because it was something she could keep from them even if she had to go away. She’d hug them for a moment and Ara was grinning. Then shew as blushing remembering what else they got her.
She shook the box and then opened it up and saw the toy. Klara’s eyes widened. She’d look back at the two and then get instantly turned on. She’d laugh, “Fuck. You really got me a toy. I’ll put it to good use.” She winked and stare at them for a moment, “Mmmm but that makes me want to kiss you both.”
Ara laughed [b “I’m glad you like it.”] She’d look at Klara and pause and blush a bit. There were still more gifts left. The ones that Klara got them.
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He would unwrap her anyday he could since she was the most beautiful person in the world to him. Seeing her right in his bed was perfect as he climbed in and unrolled her, seeing her in nothing but her sexy lingerie. [b "Mmm, all mine"] he grinned and then he let her change before meeting her downstairs.

Sylus would eat breakfast with them, seeing ARa taking a bite of the casserole [b "Love, that's not ready yet. IT's part of our lunch feast"] he chuckled and thought she looked adorable dressed in red. After they finished eating, he let her take Klara away as he readied their pets. Sylus bought some cute outfits for them. He put a Christmas sweater on Nyx and he had a cute, santa outfit for Queen with white cuffs for her paws.

They were sitting by the fire as Sylus spotted them come back out. [b "There you go! That's more of the Christmas spirit!"] he grinned, soon taking pictures with them before handing out the gifts.

Sylus sat down and helped Nyx open up his gifts, seeing him trying to bite off the wrapping paper. Once he finished up, he saw their toys and he would feed some treats to Nyx and then he would play with his new toys beside Queen. He rubbed their heads and then he went to open up Ara's gift. [b "Sure Love"] When he opened the box, he read the card and he would smile so much. He could feel how emotional it was and he just loved every sentence. [b "Aww Love. I love you so much too"] he leaned in to give her a kiss and when he opened the other box, he saw such a pretty ring. IT looked beautiful with the black titanium....and the gold. IT was so pretty and he loved it. [b " nice Ar. Thank you. You'll always be my wife even if it's not on paper"] he felt his eyes getting a bit warm, but he managed to hold it in. He slowly put on the ring and thought it fit his style and personality well.

[b "Klar....she's proposing!"] he teased a bit and then he wrapped his arms around her waist. [b "I love you"] he said so proudly, looking at the cute drawing she made. He loved it, remembering how they always had cute things for each other. IT was a picture of their future together.

HE opened the second box and couldn't stop grinning. [b "You know me too well Love"] he thanked her once more and hugged her before bringing a small box to her. [b "Here's my gift"] he smiled, letting her open it.

It was a small box that had a red velvet case inside. There was a note with a drawing of them sitting by the fire with their baby in Ara's arms. IT said one sentence [i "You're the love of my life, now until forever. THe more the merrier. I love you"]. Inside the velvet box was a custom [ key]. It had a tag that said [i Key to your happy place when I'm away].

Sylus smiled and hoped she loved it. The key was for her game room where she was supposed to set up her computer. He had been working in it for the past few weeks before the move, but Ara never bothered to really go in there lately since he was around. He had it remodeled, furnished with a couch, TV, and had her computer set up in the back. HE added lights, fixtures and a glass case for her computer. HE picked out the chair with her favorite colors in mind, but he hoped she loved it.

[b "Are you doing to check it out Love?"] he asked, smirking a bit. He remodeled her [ gaming room] and kept it a secret and now that they were here, he hoped she loved what he did.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 35d 8h 4m 55s
Ara giggled when he talked about unwrapping her. She ahd pulled him in and kissed him. [b “I am the best gift.” ] She said [b “And you’re mine.” ] She’d let him go downstairs while she got fully dressed. She came down looking much better, and very pretty. She smiled when he complimented her. She loved it when he did. [b “Thank you.” ] Ara said, pushing her hair over her shoulder.

She sat down and got so excited when he agreed. She would take sips out of it and enjoy the sweetness of it all. She’d take a bite out of the casserole that Sylus made. It tasted really good too. [b “Mmm…best Christmas ever,” ] Ara said. She admired how cute he looked. She imagined him out of that sweater and she liked the thought of that too. She blushe da little when he called her a momma. She knew she would be in a few months. They would be a family. Maybe Sylus and her weren’t married on paper but to her, they were.

[b “Why thank you.” ] Ara said.
Klara looked back at that two and admired how they were together. So, she blurt out, “You’re both very sexy. I’d like you both in my bed.”
Ara nudged Klara and Klara would laugh.
[b “You’re just in normal sweatpants and t-shirt. I’m going to pick out clothes for you.” ] Ara said. She’d finish her food, and was taking her last sips of her hot chocolate. [b “Okay darling. Let me go get Klara something nicer to wear.” ] Ara said. She’d pull on Klara’s hand and brought her up the stiars. Ara would lay out the options but Klara didn’t like it too much-except something explicit but shew as sure she was joking. Ara grabbed a red sweater for her with a big snowflake in the center. Klara agreed with that and just wore leggings underneath.

They’d go downstairs. Ara would set the camera and would take pictures with them. She’d kiss Sylus cheek in one of them. After they took the pictures, she’d sit down and send the pictures to Tanner and other friends.

[b “Gift opening time?” ] Ara said.
“I’m up to it,” Klara said. “Who goes first?”
Ara watched there pets come over. Ara would pet the top of there heads, [b “My babies.” ] Ara said. She’d open the gift for Queen. She’d open it up and there was a treat packet, a cute new bell collar and small new bunny blush toy. Queen patted the treat bag. Nyx would sniff around. Ara opened it up and fed Queen and Queen kept trying to pat her hand for more. She’d pet her ears, “I’m glad you like it.” Ara would put on the red bell collar on her and let her sniff around her new toy.

Then she’d open up Nyx box. He was barking and tried to help Ara open it by using his paws. He saw Queen got treats so he got excited. There was a bag of treats and new collar for him too, plus a squeaky blue bone toy. [b “You’re both so cute.” ] Ara giggled. [b “Sy, do you want to open my gift next?” ] Ara asked. She hoped that he would like it. She’d hand over a box, that also had a card with it. Ara would record him opening it.

When he opened it up, there was a card, and two other boxes. The card was hand written message from her. It read ‘Darling, I love you so much. I’m so glad we get to celebrate our first Christmas together and that we’re starting a new family! You’ve given me so much, including our soon baby. I’m thankful for you in my life. I know we can’t get married in paper, but to me you’re my husband. I think you feel the same way. I hope you like your gift! Love, your love-Ara’ There was a little heart at the end and a cartoon version of them with a cute baby.
Klara would peak over.
The first box was a ring, a black titanium with 14k white gold and a few black diamonds.

[$phab_detailmain$ Ring ]

The second box were Bluetooth headphones. She liked to give Sylus extra stuff just because she could.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 35d 8h 41m 46s
He was really excited to spend the day with the two of them. They were actually going to celebrate Christmas for the first time. He couldn't wait to open up gifts, eat a good meal, and play in the snow with them like he's seen in a few movies.

He was up early as he headed out to shop. He quickly got what they needed and knew he had to start putting in the turkey into the oven. IT would take a while until that was cooked, so he did a lot of the preparation early. Ara came down and he greeted her, feeling pretty happy as he popped the casserole in. He then placed breakfast on the table, but realized that Klara wanted a taste test.

He only let her have a taste of a few things, but as she went for the breakfast, he looked outside seeing the snow falling. He realized Ara wasn't up yet, so he hurried upstairs. Seeing her wrapped like a burrito made him laugh, but before he unwrapped her, he took a photo. He then walked over and unrolled her [b "Ooh best gift to unwrap. My Love"] he chuckled and kissed her lips, seeing her slowly wake up once more.

He went back down and when he sat at the table, eating breakfast with Klara, he saw Ara coming down looking so cute and sexy. [b "Wow, look at you sexy"] he smiled and then he laughed when she mentioned more chocolate. [b "FIne. Only because it's Christmas"] he chuckled and then he brought her over a cup. [b "We can open gifts after breakfast"] he smiled and then he looked down at his sweater. When she called him baby daddy, it was still so new to hear. It made him happy thought.

[b "Baby momma over there is as pretty as can be"] he chuckled and then he finished eating up his food. He put his dishes away and then he went to the Christmas tree [b "Let's a take a few pictures before opening them up. [b "Our first Christmas together"]
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 35d 9h 31m 31s

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