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She could tell he made a slip up. He knew, didn't he? He knew who he was, who she was... It ached her chest and she couldn't even imagine how he would have found out. Or, did he just assume? Ara watched him carefully and he said "Nothing." No, he knew. This changed how he thought about her, didn't it? She went inside the room.

She could hear him, and she felt bad for what she said when he said he loved her. She didn't say anything and put on the headphones. She loved him too. She loved him a lot, and wished she could be back where they were when they didn't have to hide it to this extent. But, it didn't sound like he was disagreeing that she had it great either. She felt that Sylus probably thought the same things that everyone at the facility thought. Except Tanner... She's been with Tanner the longest.

Ethan passed by, [b "You shouldn't do that, you should go have your own fun. We can take care of ourselves...Oh, well I wish you the best of luck," ] Ethan smiled and headed off.

Ara could still make him slightly out of the headphones. she heard 'just talk'. She sighed and set them down, [b "Talk about what?" ] She asked. She definitely didn't want to talk about how he may, or definitely knew who her father was. She wanted to pretend like he didn't as long as possible. He said he loved her, so it must not have bugged him as much as she thought. She stared down at the bedsheet, feeling the fabric. She was going to say something but kept her mouth locked because it would just cause more conflict. She was still glad to be with him, but was really upset right now.
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He didn't think he had it easy at all. It wasn't fair because he couldn't really do anything about this life he was living. THe only thing he could do was to get strong and somehow become free like Payton. IT's what he wanted. Still, now his attention was to being Ara's guard, but it was hard lately. THey hadn't spoken to each other much and she wasn't talking to him.

Sylus blew up, mentioning that her father was the one doing this to all of them. Making him suffer and killing them off. He heard her and he realized she never said a thing and he never really confirmed anything with her. [b "Nothing"] he stepped outside only to feel a little guilty. He sighed softly and then he headed back inside to see if he could at least be closer to Ara. Yes, he was upset, but he still wanted to spend time with her before she left.

He went to the guest room and when Ara was speaking to someone, he stayed at the door, hearing that he didn't make a different. Why did her words hurt so bad....all he wanted was to spend time with her and she kept fighting him. [b "The difference is I love you. I don't care if you're normal or not"] he sighed and just stayed there, wondering if she'd be calm enough to talk to him.

Sylus saw Ethan and then he just sighed [b "Well I am looking after her and you while they have fun"] he told him and then he looked at the door again. [b "She's mad at me"] he sighed and just let Ethan do what he wanted. [b "Ara? Can we just talk?"] he asked, wanting to make up with her already. THey didn't have much time to be together like this.
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She didn't like this. It all sounded like he thought she had it easy because she was more normal, and she knew she wasn't even that. [b "It sounded like that. I just want to fit in somewhere, I don't care if I'm normal or not." ] She felt herself fuel with more anger and horrible emotions. He used 'guinea pig' and that pissed her off. She shook her head, [b "No, you're not! Only to those sickos," ] She raised her voice and her eyes widened [b "Wait...father?" ] SHe stared back at him. She didn't tell him that it was her father who... [b "What do you mean my father?" ] She took a step forward.

Sylus turned around and left, and didn't seem to want to talk about it more.
She felt so damn frustrated. She went into the room and sat at the edge of the bed, all these things running through her brain. Maybe he knew. Maybe that changed things, no it definitely changed things. And, she just couldn't stand it, having little to no power, and being a puppet most of the time and not even strong, just weak. If just...things were different. And then...being here, and all those meetings, and if she got caught...

Tanner leaned against the umbrella poke and gave a half shrug, [b "Welcome to what I've had to handle. But, she's got a lot of new pressure and taking bigger risks. At this rate, she'll become a bigger target." ] He leaned in and spoke quietly, not wanting Tilla and Payton to overhear or ask questions. Tilla got on his nerves. He hated it when Ara was judged when they knew nothing. He didn't have time for it, he was going to head up and watch over Ara.

Tanner looked over his shoulder, [b "Alright... I have to lecture someone anyway about their behavior and duty. I honestly hate that bitch, if she knew what Ara was doing, she'd be on her knees thanking her." ]

Ara laid back for a moment and pulled out her phone, seeing a message from her dad. She called him back, [b "Hi, It should be handled within the, I know...It was one time, I'm not planning onto-oh well, I don't think I'm interested. Okay, goodbye." ] She hung up and then she heard Sylus.

[b "Why? What's the difference if it's her or you? You, Payton and Tilla probably all think I have it all swell since I'm more 'normal.'" ] She let out and decided that maybe she shouldn't talk at all. She put on headphones and remembered she needed her laptop... Maybe she should just go talk to Ethan, and find out how much closer they were. But, she didn't want to step out into the hall and awkwardly face Sylus. Funny, since she was really excited to see him. This...didn't work very well when life wasn't like how it was at London. He wasn't her bodyguard either to be around her.

Ethan went out into the hall because he needed to use the bathroom and saw Sylus, "Hey what are you doing out here? You look like a guard dog.... Where did Ara go?" ] He raised a brow.
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He spoke, but it didn't seem to be working at all. It made him sigh when Ara slowly turned into being more upset. What was he saying that was so wrong? Wasn't the reason that she was mad was because they had to act normal in front of everyone else? Like nothin happened?

He ended up sighing softly as he listened to her talk about how she wasn't normal and how she was nothing like him. [b "I never said your life is better than mine. Just that if I could be normal, that's all I would've wanted"] he sighed and knew that she was upset for the guinea pig part. He didn't understand why she was so upset at that word [b "We're all guinea pigs. We're all so messed up with those drugs your father forced into us that we're not human anymore!"] he wanted to get that clear through her head as he raised his voice.

He lowered his tone down and managed to just sigh softly. This wasn't what he wanted. He didn't want to fight against Ara here, but she didn't seem like she wanted him around right now. He ended up outside by the beach and he kept his eyes on the waves, hearing Tanner come by. [b "She won't talk to me. She's upset"] he sighed, but the more Tanner spoke about Payton watching her, the more irritated he got.

He heard Tilla calling Ara a weak brat and he frowned, getting up and then catching up to Tanner [b "It's okay. I'll take care of it"] he walked back into the house and then he headed towards the guest room. He took a peek through the door, seeing Ara inside as he stayed outside. [b "Ara....I'm going to be outside guarding the door. I'd rather look after you than have Tilla do it"] he mentioned quietly, just trying to focus on the fact that even though he couldn't be with her, he could at least be this close.

[i Rich, weak brat] he thought to himself. SHe was and he wished he could help her, but he couldn't be too close in this situation with all these people.
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The first few sentences he said was great but then he kept talking. It put her in a foul mood and then he went on talking about how she was normal and he wanted to be like her. [b "First off, what about being able to heal quickly is normal, or any part of my life is normal? My life is not any better than yours and I hate it when you say 'guinea pigs'. You can call yourself that, but not call everyone else I care about-that." ] She started to get all that fuel and anger back and she hated it. The stress showed in her forehead. She shook her head and felt that lump in her throat.

[b "No, you don't understand me. There's no one around me that could. Who said anything about being selfish?" ] She narrowed her eyes and then glanced off again. She tried to hold herself together. They went quiet for a while and then he spoke. She didn't know what to say to him after. She was still filled up with a lot, and still couldn't solve her own mental problems. That trip to London, coming back made it hard to get back into it, and not herself be phased of all the things that were occurring.

She kept quiet and he left. She found a guest room and she stayed there for a while.

Tanner saw Sylus return and wondered why he was back so soon. He head over, "What happened?" He heard, and he shrugged "Yea, she's been like that for weeks. Although, if you're not up there with her, Tilla might insist on going up herself."

Tilla and Payton came over after stepping into the water again. "I thought you were going to watch over her, should I go?" Tilla asked.
"No, she'll be fine," Tanner said.
"I don't think so, I'm heading up." Tilla took a few steps before Tanner took her wrist, "Forget it, I'm going."
Tilla shrugged "Alright, I'm not in a rush to watch over a rich weak brat anyway."
Tanner gave her a hard look.
"What?" Tilla raised a brow.
Tanner opened his mouth and shut it because he knew there was no point in getting through to her. He would make his way off.
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He came to speak to her because she was really in a bad mood and he could tell. He walked and waited for her to step out before telling her how he felt. He didn't mean to alienate her or anything. He tried to invite her so that she didn't feel alone. All of her words were wrong though and he wanted to point out the fact that he didn't feel that way about her at all.

[b "I know you're not like them, but that's just how it is. We're guinea pigs and you're a normal human. What I would give just to be like you. You shouldn't be envious at all"] he told her, sighing softly, but when said more things, she was getting more upset.

[b "I understand you Ara.....I wasn't trying to be selfish at all"] he spoke under his breath, feeling like she was trying to blame him for all of this, but he was only doing his best to make sure no one found out about their relationship. Everything right now seemed like it was all about her.

He sighed and frowned a little, thinking that no matter what he said, she wouldn't want to spend that time with him. Maybe the distance was finally taking it's toll. They haven't really spoken to each other in a long time, all they did was sleep together when they got a chance. Was that even enough to hold a relationship together?

He felt his chest ache and then he met her blue eyes. [b "I wanted to keep spending time with you. I have time right now....but you keep pushing me away. When are we gonna get another chance like this Ara?"] he frowned and then he just headed back downstairs. Now he didn't even feel like doing anything anymore.

Sylus made his way back to the sand on the beach and he just sat down beneath an umbrella. He saw Tanner approach him and he just ran his fingers through his hair. [b "I couldn't cheer her up. She's upset with me"] he kept a straight face up because he saw Tilla and Payton coming in as well. He didn't want to blow his cover.
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She forgot about the whole thing until Sylus served her a reminder. The hunk of emotions was starting to carry inside. She hated how she couldn't fit in with the people she felt she was closest too. She hated how she would always be an outsider no matter what. He started to talk and she wondered if he really believed that, that she didn't bore him. It wasn't like he could do the same stuff with her that he could do with Tanner, Payton or Tilla. He said all the right words.

[b "But I'm not like them...You look like you're having a lot of fun with them and I hate that I can't do any of that." ] She looked down at the floor for a moment, [b "I'm glad that I make you happy." ] She managed a slight smile. He went on, and it sounded like he was giving her a reason why he couldn't spend the day with her, that they were around. It really upset her.

[b "I'm not upset about you hanging out with them and not me. I'm upset because I can't do anything and don't have anyone to talk to that understands me. Not everything is about you." ] She spat it right out and felt her chest ache. She knew it in her that what she said was a bit too much. Of course, she wanted to spend time with him, and just wished she was the same so that she could do everything with him. But she couldn't...
She looked off because she felt a lump grow in her throat.

[b "You should go... You don't get much of a chance to be free and hang out with others like you. I know that's important too and like you said, they're around so, it would be suspicious to hang around me anyway." ] She shrugged.
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Sylus could only smile because he didn't expect someone to like the same hobbies as him, or even beat him in a race. He was number one, so he didn't lose much. It still surprised him when someone surpassed him at something. He'd beat her again the next time though.

When he left the three, he headed up to second floor, waiting for Ara. He saw her step out and then he faced her, feeling bad that he contributed to making her feel bad. She came for a reason and he was really glad to see her. He didn't want her to be upset with him when they barely had ay time together at all.

Sylus tried to apologize, but when she brought up the 'didn't belong' thing, it made him upset. He knew she belonged more than anyone else in the world, but when she mentioned she bored him, he stopped her. [b "You never bore me. You're the only one that makes me happy, that makes all of this worth it. I'm doing my best to try and stay at your side....never think that"] he told her, sighing softly.

[b "Right now I want to spend time with you. I want to spend everyday with you if I could, but they were around. If I could just have you alone and all to myself for the rest of the day....I'd rather have that than anything else"] he spoke, wondering if she was still upset with him. If she was, he'd just figure out another way to try and fix thing, but she seemed to already be in a mood. Usually it was hard to get Ara out of a bad mood like that, especially since they haven't been with each other much lately.
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Payton shrugged [b "Then maybe that's why we're almost a tie," ] She smirked, feeling pretty proud of herself. She saw what Tilla pointed out, and Payton's only worry was that Ara would get Ethan tangled up in something. Sylus went off and now it was TIlla and Tanner with her.

[b "Yes, I still like painting. I got Sylus to paint with me too," ] She told Ethan, sitting right next to him.
"Lucky you, Payton doesn't want to try any of my hobbies," Ethan laughed, "Is Sylus any good?"
Ara nodded, [b "I think so, because he was just starting it out. I'm not entirely sure if he painted just for me or, if he really wanted to." ]
"It's probably a mix of both or he must really like you."
[b "No, he's...just a really nice person." ]
"Or because you're a sweet and charming pretty girl, that's very nice to talk to." He smiled.
Ara shrugged, [b "I don't think that's why." ]
They heard Sylus behind the door. Ara looked at the door and looked back at Ethan.
"It was nice talking to you alone Ara, maybe we'll get another chance," He said.
Ara nodded, [b "Thanks, likewise." ] She opened the door and stepped out.

He looked guilty. Why? What did he do? He sighed and then said 'I'm sorry." She was confused for a while until he continued and she had nearly forgotten that she was feeling down because she couldn't fit in because she had been talking to Ethan. . [b "No, it's fine. I get it, I don't belong... But, I had a good time talking with Ethan. You can go spend time with them, since I can't do any of the things they can and...I'll probably bore you." ] And now it was upsetting her again. Maybe the more he was around girls that were more like him, maybe the less he saw in her. It's happened before. [b Ethan said it's okay if I keep him company while you go hang around them. So, don't worry about me, go do what you feel like doing." ] She glanced off. She wanted to spend time with him when she came here, but she got it. He probably wanted to spend time with people like him out where he was much more free.
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He only could smirk because Payton was right. She was pretty fast and there was nothing that he could really do. All he wanted was to show her in a rematch that he was faster. He's beaten her before. Still, he was surprised that someone actually beat him at something.

Still Sylus heard about what Tilla said and he knew it was all for missions, but what if Ara really found someone else? What if she wanted to be with someone who could be at her side, like Tanner? He shook his head and was glad that he'd give them some time alone.

Sylus listened to Payton and it reminded it a lot like what he liked to do. [b "Yeah I get you. I usually do that too"] he told her before looking up at Ethan's home. He headed towards the house and then he headed upstairs, knocking on the door. [b "Ethan? Can I speak with Ara for a moment?"] he called out and then he waited outside of the room.

If Ara came out, he'd look at her apologetically and then he sighed [b "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to just go off and have fun. You know I want to spend some time with you"] he told her.
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Payton put her hands on her hips and smirked [b "I told I was. Right..." ] She was glad she outdid him this time. Last time, he won. Tilla pointed out Ara and everyone's eyes turned to look up. Payton felt a bit bugged out that she was talking to Ethan about who knows what, doing who knows what, maybe even convincing him to do something that would make things harder on Ethan.

Tanner had really wished Tilla kept her mouth shout about that. He knew this would just cause problems that they didn't need. Sylus came toward him and he nodded [b "Yea, you can go up to her right now, I'll distract these two. She doesn't really look upset," ] From what he saw form where he was standing. She seemed okay.

Payton started to drain the water out of her hair and then she shrugged [b "I swim a lot. We visit a lot of hot places and even if we're not, we have a pool. And when I was at the facility, I spend a lot of time doing that because it was the only time I got to be alone" ]

"I'm going to check up on her and talk to her about going on her own." Tilla spoke, heading towards inside before Tanner called her back "Wait! Let Sylus handle it, she won't listen to you."
"Why would she listen to Sylus and not me?" Tilla asked.
"Because, she knows him more." Tanner said.
"Then why not you?" Tilla narrowed her eyes.
"Because I think I deserve a break."
Tilla nodded, "Fair enough."

Ara and Ethan was chatting about how paranoid or crazy their bodyguards could be and end up sharing some stories about it and then talking about hobbies.
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He was excited to actually get to race some people that were on his level. Back in London, not even the best were good enough to beat him at his full strength and yet here Tanner was at his side and Payton catching up quickly. He always did end up underestimating Payton. She always seemed to herself, so he's never really raced her until now.

When they got around the buoy, he swam as fast as he could, but when Payton reached it first, he was baffled. How'd she beat him twice in swimming? All he ever did was swim. [b "Hmm, you're pretty good. Just wait. I will beat you eventually"] he told her, seeing Tilla looking at the house. Sylus saw a glimpse of Ara in the window and when she spoke about dating one guy and flirting, he felt a spark in him. There's no way Ara would do that to him. It had to be for a job and TAnner seemed to disagree with her too.

He looked up to see her talking to Ethan and he just sighed. Maybe she needed some space... He wanted to be with her though. Sylus would walk over to Tanner, whispering. [b "You think I can get some time to talk to Ara alone? She seems upset"] he sighed, brushing his fingers through his wet hair and thinking of something he could do. He knew that when they head back, they'd be prepping for dinner....but he wanted more alone time.

[b "Payton, where'd you learn to swim that fast?"] he wondered.
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Tilla and Payton were headset to beating the guys. Payton looked back and saw Ara heading inside, [b "Oh... She never learned how to swim did she?" ] Payton was in her other one piece and she stepped into the water with them. "Got it," Tilla smiled, figuring she could do this. The all start swimming off and Sylus was still ahead. Tanner was catching up. Payton sped it up, a lot of the places Ethan stayed at where really hot, so she liked to swim and push herself. Sylus was still ahead, and then near the end Payton really pushed herself and by a split second she reached it before Sylus. Tanner made it third, Tilla made it last.

[b "Look who won now!" ] Payton laughed.
"You're fast," Tanner scoffed, "I demand a rematch."
"Me too," Tilla spoke up.
[b "No way, I won, I want it to stay that way," ] Payton smirked.
Till was looking back at the house and realized, she had left Ara on her own. "Ah, second thought, I need to watch Ara-hey is that her up there?" ] She squinted seeing Ethan in a room through the window and Ara there chatting, and then laughing. "I've barely watched her for a month and she's already dated one guy and flirted with two others."
Tanner shot her a look for a moment, "She wasn't flirting, she's just charming, and it wasn't really a date."
"Were you there? it was a date. Looks like flirting to me..." Tilla said, going back to shore.
Payton looked up, "No, I don't think she's flirting with Ethan." And started to wonder if Tilla too knew that Sylus was dating Ara since she said she was dating someone.

Ara really grew upset that she was getting left out, not that there was any way she could do anything with them. She just really wished sometimes that...she was like them. She understood how wrong that was, but she never really fit in anywhere. Instead of staying and having to endure watching Sylus go racing off with two other girls, she went back, put on clothes, head upstairs and knocked on Ethan's door.

"Come in," He said.
Ara opened the door, seeing him sitting in his chair in front four monitors, and the chip resting in the table. She watched him, with his glasses on, taking the chip in his hand and looking it carefully again.
[b "How's it moving?" ] Ara asked.

"It's...difficult. If we're going to create this device, it's going to take a lot longer than two days." He rotated his chair and looked back at her, "You...don't look to happy."
Ara shrugged, "I can try to stay a little longer."
"Take a seat," He pointed to the other chair tucked in the corner. She grabbed it and sat down, [b "You can go ahead and do the work, you won't hear a peep from me." ] She said.
He rolled his chair a little closer "Why don't you go hang it with those four?"
Ara frowned, [b "I'm not like them. I can't do the stuff they do for fun." ]
"Then...we can do our own normal human fun."
She stared at him for a moment, [b "What's that? You should get back to work , I need it as soon as possible." ]

"I will, but I wouldn't mind the company," He says. Ara smiled and then they started to talk and she tried to understand parts of the chip, how far he is going, a bit about Payton and then bodyguards.
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He smirked because he didn't think he'd lose. He's had a lot more swimming practice than anyone else at the facility since it was what he loved to do so much. Still....even Payton put up a good fight and he knew Tanner was fast. [b "We'll see. But thanks a lot Tanner"] he smiled, knowing that he was a great guy for letting him have Ara time.

He saw Ara in her bikini and then he had a smile on his face. He really thought she was so beautiful, in the facility and out here in society. SYlus held her hand, hugging her close because he really did miss her. He missed holding her, keeping her close and just being together. [b "They don't really care too much about clothing"] he told her, met her lips and smiled, feeling that familiar warmth fill up his chest.

[b "Well you make me really happy"] he knew that he couldn't let people know about how his relationship to Ara. It was his mistake for being so relaxed around Payton. [b "Yeah...I'll make sure it doesn't get out"] he led her along the shore towards a more secluded part of the beach. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her more harder, really missing the taste of her lips.

[b "Ara....mmm"] he smiled, feeling her body press up against him as he let his hands fall to her ass, gripping them as he pulled her in close. [b "Your teasing was also unfair. BUt we're here together now. You can touch and see whatever you want"] he told her, meeting her eyes as he pressed his lips against hers again, his hands gliding down her back, walking more towards the large rocks against the sand. He hid them away from sight and then he would pull back for another breath. [b "Mmm, you're so sexy Ara"] he let his hands glide into her bottom bikini, touching her bare skin as he rubbed her ass. [b "I'm glad you came and had business with Ethan"] he smiled.
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Tanner laughed "We'll see, if you lose, then I'll have to call you a whale." Tanner knew the second Ara showed up, it would be Ara and Sylus time. He sure missed just hanging around Ara without any second bodyguard around. He was sure he was the one that lasted the longest as her bodyguard, and he always wanted to keep it that way. Tanner sat on a chair by the beach and laid back. He saw them heading off but he figured they would be just fine, plus he didn't want to see anything.

Ara faced Sylus and was gleaming with happiness inside. She wrapped her arms around him and felt good about him saying there was nothing wrong with them [b "I wonder why Tilla and Payton don't like them." ] Maybe they were worried about it fitting? Maybe that was it. Sylus pulled her in close and she felt the warmth in her chest grow. She kissed his lips softly, missing how they responded to hers perfectly.

[b "Maybe... You seem a lot happier with me, and...that really makes me feel good about myself." ] She went onto how Payton knew. It...really wasn't a good thing. As much as she knew Payton, she didn't know exactly who to trust. [b "Sy... Payton is smart but so are a lot of people at the facility. We have to hide it better. The more people that know, the more risk. We can't let anyone else know. We already have... about four people that know now." ]

Ara stopped when he pulled her in out of view. HIs words made her smile, feeling awed by it, [b "Me too." ] He hugged her again, kissing her again. She held her breath, and kissed him deeply, pressing her body hard against his. How she wanted him. [b "Mmm..." ] She felt his hard chest and had to run her fingers along his back, remembering where all the scars were. She met his beautiful amber eyes. Ara nodded, playfully nibbling on her lip [b "I missed out a lot. That teasing was unfair." ]
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