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“Oh no…do you feel sick?” Ara frowned. She kissed his arms to make him feel all better. She liked having him pat her head. She was so happy to make a new friend, but it sounded like Sylus wasn’t doing too good.
Ara gasped, “Why! That’s so mean!” Ara’s eyes warmed, “That’s scary. I’ll tell my dad. Grown ups shouldn’t be so mean and give you boo boos.” She frowned, starting to feel worried. She hugged him, wanting to make him feel better.

Ara dipped her head down when he said she wasn’t coming back. “Maybe your mommy got lost. My mom…isn’t coming back. She got hurt. She’s not coming.” She sniffled. She wiped her eyes but was ready to let out the water works. She listened to him and nodded, “She was really pretty.” She started to release tears. She felt Sylus hugging her. She started to calm down, wiping her tears away. She would move down to color with him. Coloring made her feel better.

“Never? It makes me feel happy.” Ara said. She laid out pencils, markers onto the floor. She laid on her tummy. “Mmm! Puppies are cute.” Ara nodded, thinking he was cute. She tired to draw herself with a lollypop, giving it to Sylus. It was half stick figures and shapes. [“I’m making me and you. When I gave you a lollipop.” Ara said and would color and looked at Sylus drawing, “Is that a puppy!” She beamed. She saw the other two figures, “Is that you?” She pointed. She continued to color away. She would hum quietly to herself. Her eyes were becoming less red, as she was having fun now with Sylus. She heard the door. Ara looked back and felt Sylus take her hand. She was pulled into his bed, under the sheets. She looked at Sylus, and saw him look afraid. “I don’t want you to get hurt.” She sniffled. “I’ll tell them…” Ara then raised her voice, “Go away!”

“Ara, your dad is looking for you. We have to get going.” He said.
Ara started pouting, shaking her head and looking at Sylus. She didn’t want to go. She felt so alone. She was happy here with Sylus. “I don’t want to.” Ara said.

“Your dad will get really sad.” He said.
By sad, she knew that meant mad. He was mad at her lately. He wasn’t as nice to her like before. He wouldn’t play with her anymore, or give her the same hugs. She was in tears, shaking her head, and holding onto Sylus hand.

Then the door opened.
“Come on, we have to go. You don’t want to get Sylus in trouble do you?”
Ara gasped. “No…”
“Then, come out.” He said.
Ara looked at Sylus, looking so sad, and whispered, “I’ll come back okay? You can have my stuff.” Ara said, and stepped out. She grabbed her empty backpack and the guy took hold of her hand. “Let’s go find your dad.” Ara rubbed her eyes with her free hand. She looked back at Sylus and waved and looked at the attendant again, “Don’t give Sylus boo boos, okay?” Ara said. She was brought to her dad. He narrowed his eyes at her, and asked her why did she wander around.
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Sylus was afraid and hiding on his bed. The only reason he came out was because of Ara and the candy. He knew she was nice and she wouldn't hurt him, so he peeked out and then saw that the coast was clear. [b "I don't want to see him again"] he pouted and then he looked at his arm [b "Yeah. It hurt. I don't feel so good too"] he felt Ara's lips on his skin and he smiled a bit. It relaxed him and he would pat her head [b "Thanks"] he told her what happened and he frowned.

[b "Yeah, they tied me to the chair with long things. I couldn't move. Then they kept poking. Some man with big eyes"] he saw the chocolate and he got a hug, making him feel so warm, like his mom used to make him feel.

[b "I don't know. I don't think my mom is coming's been a long time already"] he told her, frowning and then leaning in to hug her too. [b "If I see your mom, I'll tell her to come back too. You're pretty, so she has to be pretty too!"] he remembered and then he kissed her arm and held her hand. She was a year younger than him, that meant he had to protect her, but the minute he saw her tears, he kept hugging her. [b "Hugs make things better"] he ate another bite of the chocolate and sat on the floor with her.

[b "I never colored before"] he saw her take out some pens and then he started to follow her. [b "Cute? Like a puppy!"] he asked and then he drew a few pictures on the floor. He drew a puppy as best he could and then little Sylus with a booboo, but Ara stopped by. Sylus would look over at her paper [b "What you making? It looks really good"] he told her, using different colored markers, but it mostly looked like scribbles since he never drew before.

Soon enough, there was a knock on the door and Sylus would take her hand and bring her back to the bed, hiding under the sheets. [b "I'm not here!"] he called out.
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Ara looked at the attendant and wondered why he would hurt Sylus. She pouted, “No he won’t.” Ara said, feeling that she’d tell him to stop if he tried to hurt Sylus. She sat beside Sylus and he hid them. She him close his eyes. So, she peeked to check if he was gone and he was. Sylus crawled back beside her. His boo boos really looked like they hurt.
“Poked?” Did poking do that? “They?” She looked back at the door. She would kiss his arms to make him feel better. It made her smile when he smiled a little. She felt good to make him feel better. She blushed a bit when he patted her head.

Ara gasped, “What! They tied you! That’s so mean. I’m going to tell my dad they’ve been really mean.” Ara decided. She sniffled, thinking how much it hurt for Sylus. It wasn’t right to be mean. She gave him chocolate and hugged him tight. She was surprised when Sylus hugged her close too. She missed getting hugs.
“She did? Maybe….she will.” She remembered what dad said. “Daddy said kids here don’t have parents. And…my mom…my mom left too and daddy said she’s not come back,” Her voice cracked, “I miss her.” She wiped her eyes, feeling so sad. She still tried not to cry, her dad got really mad at her when she cried. She wondered when she would come back. She listened to him say he didn’t help. “If I see your mom and dad, I’ll tell them to bring you home.” She told him.

Ara nodded, “I remember. I like lollipops too. She said. She saw him brake off a piece. “Thank you.” She said, smiling. She ate it, and felt happy that Sylus gave her some. [b “I’m six.” ] Ara said. She shook her head. She saw Sylus looking at her arm, taking her hand. She squeezed his hand. It was so nice to hold his hand. They were for sure friends now. She felt him give her a kiss. She started to release tears. “Thank you.” She said, wiping her eyes, “My mommy did that.” She then shook her head, knowing that she shouldn’t cry. “Sylus, will you color with me? I like to color.” She reached for her bag again, taking out her coloring book and markers. “It’s a lot of fun and we can make it pretty.” She told him. She looked back at him, “You’re really cute, so you know how.” She said. She would hop off the bed and put the coloring book on the floor, so they could color together.
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He was huddled in the sheets when he saw ARa. He saw the candy drop all over his bed and it caught his attention. He loved candy and it was distracting him from the horrors of what just happened. He would huddle in his blankets and then when he saw the attendant, the fear grew inside of him. He gasped and would back up into the corner, pointing at him. [b "He's going to hurt me"] he said once more in fear as Ara backed him up and then he tried to get Ara beneath the sheets. He tucked them underneath and he'd close his eyes.

He heard the door close and then he's hear Ara as he peeked outside and saw that she was right. He crawled to the end of the bed and looked underneath. [b "Okay he's gone"] he faced her and crawled back to her side. She pointed to his boo boos and he'd frown. [b "They poked me a lot"] he frowned, seeing ARa lean in and kiss his arms. He watched her and lifted a small smile. [b "IT feels better"] he reached over and patted her head.

[b "No...they took me to some room and tied me down. I couldn't move....then they poked me lots"] he tried to tell her, seeing her giving him a chocolate bar. He held onto it, feeling her arms around him as he took a bite. He felt warm. IT tasted good and he was calming down now. Sylus hugged her close and then he heard her mom. [b "My mom....she left me here. I don't know when she's going to pick me up"] he told her, wondering why she would say that.

[b "I have a mom and dad....I don't need help"] he told her, shaking his head. [b "I...I'm seven. I turned seven that day you gave me the lollipop. Member?"] he told her and then he took another bite of the chocolate. He broke off a piece and gave some to her.

[b "How old are you? Did they poke you too?"] he wondered, looking her arm over. He held her hand and would rub her arm and lean in to give it a kiss. [b "Just in case"] he smiled.
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Ara was so distracted with getting the candy to him. She saw Sylus huddled into the sheets. She dumped all the candy onto his bed and saw him look startled. She looked at him and looked like he was sad too. She wondered if he got lost like she did. His black hair covered his eyes. She reached into her small pocket of the bag and grabbed a hair clip. She leaned in and clipped it, “There.” She said, figuring he could see the candy better like this. Ara nodded and smiled in relief to hear he liked candy too. “Me too!” She cheered.

She saw Sylus huddling back into a corner. “Sylus?” She frowned. “Do you want more candy?” She asked. She then listened to him. Ara gasped. Hurt him! She looked at the attendant. The attendant opened there mouth but closed it again. “You’re not taking Sylus.” She said. She saw Sylus patting his bed. Ara didn’t understand. She saw his arms and felt suddenly scared, seeing his arms all hurt. She sat beside him and he pulled the sheets over them. Ara took hold of Sylus hand. She heard the door close. “He’s gone.” Ara whispered. She dared to peak and the door was closed. “You got boo boos.” She said and remembered how her mom solved it. She leaned in and kissed his arm “Kisses make it better.” She said, “Did you fall?” She wondered.

She reached over, to grab a chocolate bar. She opened it up and gave it to him. She noticed Sylus looking so sad. She pouted. She hugged him thinking it would make it all better. She liked hugs. “It’s okay Sy. Hugs and kisses make it better. My…mom…” She pouted a little more, trying not to cry, “Said that. It’ll be okay.” Dad said that kids here didn’t have parents, that’s why they were helping them. She looked at his arm and it looked like it hurt so much. She'd struggle real hard not to cry. "Sylus, how old are you?" She said, figuring she could know him to be friends with him.
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He was snuggling into her warmth, his arms wrapped around her as he slowly drifted off to sleep with her. He slowly drifted off into a dream of the first time he met Ara at the facility. He remembered her giving him that lollipop when they took him in. NO words, no exchanges. His mother just released his hand and that was that.

He went through the thoughts of when he was first drugged. Sylus was only seven when they took him in. He was led into one of the rooms in the empty hallway. Large, heavy metal doors opened and closed. THey were at least 3 inches thick. He'd follow the attendant into the room where he took a seat on the chair that was at the center of the room. There was a lamp and a rolling metal table that had tools on them. Where was he? What was he doing here?

He'd take a seat and someone that looked like a doctor would come into the room. "Hello Sylus. I'm going to be giving you some medicine today. You're going to grow up all big and strong if you're able to get better" he told him, walking over and taking a seat beside Sylus. They strapped him down to the chair, his arms and legs restrained. WIthin minutes, he was injected with a series of drugs. Ten injections today.

Sylus would yell out in pain, squirming, but they put a sock in his mouth to keep him quiet. It wasn't long until they released him back to his room. HE huddled up into the sheets and would bring his knees to his chest. He buried his face in and stayed still. What was this place? Why was he here? Where was his mom? He was so confused and his body ached and hurt. He felt sick, but he couldn't really do anything.

Sylus cried for a bit until the door to his room opened. He heard a familiar voice and would see Ara. He quickly wiped his eyes, but he stayed huddled in the sheets. He saw her walk over and dump candy onto his bed, scaring him a bit as he met her eyes. His black hair covering a bit of his eyes from how long it was, but he would look over "Candy? I like candy?" he told her, looking up at the attendant and then huddling back into the corner of the room. He was afraid they'd take him to the room again.

[b "I....don't want to go with him. He's going to hurt me..."] he pointed at the man, Sylus' arm completely visible, showing all of the needle injection marks along his arm. He glanced back at Ara and patted his bed. [b "We have to hide!"] he told her, pulling the sheets over so she'd hide with him.
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Ara took in the warmth of making love to each other and snuggled up into his arms. She was feeling quite sleepy again since she hardly slept last night with all of her worrying. She felt so content, and safe. She fell asleep too, pulling up the sheets over them just before she slept too. Her mind slipped into past memories of them when they were little.

Her dad was holding her hand, while they walked through the halls to talk to someone. Ara didn’t know who. She was wearing a pastel pink dress that was very simple. She had blue backpack, that was stuffed with candy she snuck in. Her hair was up in a ponytail and her blue eyes would look curiously around again. She was brewing with excitement because she wanted to see that boy again. He looked so happy when she gave him a lolly pop and she thought he’d love to see more.

They stepped into an office. Her dad helped her onto a chair. Ara would take out her coloring book and color away, but kept waiting to exit the room. Her dad was so distracted. She’d tug at him and ask if she could go play with other kids.

“No, I’m busy.”
Ara pouted, and got a little sad being told no. He was so distracted, so…she would help herself off the chair and would take her little backpack. She snuck out, and ran down the halls. She got lost in he halls and was starting to freak out a little. She didn’t know where to go and didn’t know how to go back. One of the workers spotted her. Her eyes were all warm, “I’m lost and I…I’m looking for a boy. His name is Sylus.” She said, “I got candy.” It looked like the worker took some pity on her and she recorgnized her as her father’s daughter. She wasn’t sure if she was allowed but she helped Ara direct her to the room. Ara thanked her and Ara knocked on the door “Sylus?” She called, she’d wipe her eyes, still a little puffy from getting lost. She had trouble reaching the door knob and turning. The worker helped her open the door.

Ara walked in, “Sylus, I got candy for you. She took off her blue backpack that read ‘queen’ and dumped all of her candy onto his bed-all of it and it was a lot. Lollipops, hard candies, gummy bears, m&ms, chocolate bars. She didn’t really have the mannerisms yet. She really wanted to be friends. And she remembered mom said when she was alive, that it was nice to give something to people you care about. “Do you like them?”
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He smiled when ARa talked about their little boy. He was only three months, but he was already so clever. [b "Oh did he now?"] he looked down at little Arly and then he'd run his fingers over his head, seeing him look up at him. He'd tap his nose and he'd make a face, scrunching up as he babbled. Sylus tickled his tummy [b "I bet you liked that ice cream didn't you champ?"] he kissed Ara's cheek and then he carried their little boy and would rock him in his arms.

[b "IT was only a dream Love. I'm right here with you"] he assured her and would bring ARlus up and tuck him into his crib with his toy dinosaur. He'd slowly make his way to their bedroom and change quickly. He was pretty tired from the events of today, but it was also really late. Once in bed, he held ARa close to his chest as he smiled [b "Me too. I love being right beside you"] he met her lips and then he saw her falling asleep quickly. [b "I know. I felt that too when you went on your mission. I love you too Ar"] he ran his fingers through her hair gently and would see her pass out quickly.

In the morning, Sylus was fast asleep. He stayed still in bed beside Ara, his chest rising and falling as he slept. HE soon felt something warm around him and he'd feel warm touches to his skin. [b "Mmm, Ar....don't stop"] he'd whisper, his hand sliding into his shorts as he dreamt. HE would roll onto his side and unconsciously reach out and pull Ara in, feeling the warmth. His hand touched her bare back and he was slowly realizing she was so warm.

His hand slid down the soft skin and he didn't feel any fabric starting. Her hand was warm in his, but the more he laid beside her, the warmer he was until his amber eyes opened. He was met with ARa's blue eyes as he smiled [b "Mmm, morning Love"] he smiled, enjoying waking up to her until his hand went down her back and touched something that should have been covered. He slid his fingers over her curves. [b "Um....Ar....are you?"] his eyes went down beneath the sheets and he'd smirk a bit. [b "Oooh, I like this morning"] he leaned in to kiss her, both his arms now wrapping around her waist as he pulled her in. He held her hands and let one slowly go into his shorts, leaning in to nibble on her bottom lip, teasing her and tugging it towards him.
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[b “Arly was being cheeky with me today.He dipped his fingers in my ice cream.” ] Ara said, and smiled lightly when he kissed Arlus’ head. He was s precious to them. She felt much more relaxed now that Sylus was here.
She pouted talking about her dream. She loved his comfort. She held his hand and kissed him. She was pretty sleepy but she didn’t want to sleep until she could go into bed with Sylus, and that meant waiting for Arly to fall asleep. Arlus was lifted up by Sy. “Okay,” ] Ara whispered. She rose up, feeling so sleepy. She went upstairs with him. She sat down on the sofa while Sylus put Arlus to sleep. Once he did, she walked with him, holding his hand to let him lead her into their room.

She watched him go into the bathroom. Ara helped set the bed again and would put her hair up in a loose bun. Sylus was fast because she already saw him in bed, with his arms open. She grinned. She hopped onto bed and crawled into his arms. She put the blanket over htem and wrapped her arms around his waist too. She pressed her forehead into his chest. [b “So warm…I missed you.” ] She whispered. She felt so much better and ready to rest .. She felt his kiss on her forehead and even cheek. She started to doze off, almost in an instant. She had to take a moment to structure what he had said. [b “I never…want you too either. I’m sorry…I just want you with me. I feel empty and worried without you.” ] She whispered. [b “I love you…so much.” ] She clung onto him tighter. She felt his fingers going down her back, her sides. She was so calm, and she could finally rest with having him here.

In the morning, Ara woke up seven hours in. She didn’t hear the baby monitor but Arlus could sleep at least six to eight hours straight now-but there were days he’d wake. She opened her eyes and saw Sylus next to her. She felt so happy. She hugged him even tighter, kissed his chin, his cheek, his lips. She would rub over his back, feeling so happy he was here. “I love you…” She repeated to herself. She looked at his sleeping face. She caressed his cheek, smiling while watching him. She kissed his forehead and then got up. She went to use the bathroom, to clean herself up. She checked up on Arlus quickly and saw he was still asleep. So, she crawled right back in bed, but this time-wearing nothing. She snuggled and just relaxed until he would wake up, with occasion rubbing his arm or holding his hand.
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He didn't want to leave ARa's side, but he knew he had to for the sake of the protecting their family. The last thing he wanted was Toshiro catching sight of their little Arlus. Arlus had to be kept hidden and not known to the dangers that they lived through. Sylus wanted him to live a normal, happy life with the love from his parents.

It hurt him to leave when Ara wanted him to stay so bad. He hated seeing her beg like that and frown with those blue eyes of hers. It made him not want to leave her side. He took in a deep breath and gave her a kiss and would head out with Klara.

WHen they finished bugging Toshiro's house, he almost caught sight of them. THey hurried down the street to the Uber and they were able to make it home safely. He walked in through the door and saw Ara sitting on the couch with ARlus. He came over and said goodnight to Klara before taking a seat beside her.

He heard little ARly trying to have a conversation with them as he laughed. [b "You're so cute"] he kissed his head and would hug Ara [b "I know. But we're back and Klara is going to keep monitoring anything suspicious"] he kissed her cheek, smiling down at Arlus looking in a good mood. IT did make him sad to hear she had a nightmare [b "Oh no. Well....both of those are wrong. You're a wonderful mom and I'm right here beside you. Fine"] he pressed his lips against hers and then he sat beside them, finishing up the movie on TV. He'd see ARa yawn [b "Let's put this little one to bed and I'll snuggle you all you want Love"] he slowly got up and would lifted little Arlus in his arms. He'd rub his back gently, seeing him slowly begin to close his eyes.

He walked upstairs with Ara, tucking him in bed as he kissed his cheek. Once they got to their bedroom, Sylus changed into some shorts and a vneck shirt, climbing into bed as he held his arms open for her [b "Come here Love. I missed you"] he smirked, letting her nestle in as he leaned into her, his arms weaving around her, holding her against his chest. He kissed her forehead and her cheek [b "I never want to leave you two. IT was so hard to go when you looked at me with eyes like that. I'm glad you're okay now"] he ran his fingers down her back and sides.
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She felt down hearing he’d go. When he hugged her, she wanted to hold on his hand and not release it, so he’d have to stay. She knew she was being clingy, but she couldn’t help it. Not when she knew the dnagers out there. She got a kiss, which she enjoyed but she pouted when he explained it to her. She knew it was for the good but she didn’t want him to go and didn’t’ see why Klara couldn’t go herself. She held onto his hand, and felt him squeeze her hand. “I know but…” Ara quietly spoke. She got a kiss on her hand. It made her want him to stay more. It sucked seeing him leave. Why did Klara have to ask for help?

She crawled into bed but had trouble sleeping and that nightmare was horrible. Sylus died, and she was left alone with Arlus. It was heartbreaking and in her dream all she did was cry, see Sylus’ ghost and barely function to take care of Arlus, so her brother took care of him. It wasn’t ending happily.

When she woke, she sat on the sofa with Arlus. She felt good to have him in her arms. She gave him kisses and let him play with his toy. She tried to eat some ice crema to make her self feel better but, Arlus tried to take some. Which meant…she had to put it away. Ara would check her phone, seeing no text messages. Arly tried to reach for her phone and whine as she wouldn’t give it to him. She gave him a kiss on the cheek instead. An hour passed, Arlus was fully awake, babbling away.

Ara heard the front door, and stood alert. She saw Sylus and felt a huge relief seeing him. She wanted to get up and hug him so tight but she was so tired. [b “You came so late.” ] She said, [b “I missed you.” ] She said and then nodded, [b “We’re okay.” ] She was so happy to see him that her eyes were warming up again. She had to hold Arlus, but she could use one arm to hug him really tight.

Arlus smiled when he saw Sylus, clapping his hands. Ara sniffled. She held his hand tightly, leaning onto him wanting nothing more than to just snuggle with him. [b “Not really…” ] She frowned, [b “I had a bad dream. Something happened to you and I was alone and I was a bad mom to Arlus.” ] She wiped her eyes. She felt him caress his cheek and she leaned onto him [b “It’s hard to sleep without you next to me.” ] She said. Arlus giggled when Sylus kissed the top of his head. He would reach out to hold Sylus hair. Ara untwined his little fingers from Sylus hair before he got a grip. She felt so tired, but she felt much more at rest now that Sylus was home. She looked at Sylus, “I want one too.” and then kissed his lips with love. She had to keep blinking a few times because her eyes felt heavy. “You’ll sleep with me…right? When Arlus is asleep.” She said and looked down at Arly, “He’ll go to sleep in another hour, and then I want to snuggle with you and fall asleep.” She yawned.
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It was a dangerous situation, but he knew that in the long run if they prepared for the worst now, they could be well prepared for anything that happened. He wanted to have eyes on Toshiro. Not only did Ara's intel confirm that he was involve, him being in this area proved that something happened to Kiyoshi and it could have been intentional. They needed to figure out where he was taken or if he was being held hostage.

THe plan slowly started to come together with he spoke with Klara about making sure they had Toshiro's house bugged. They needed to watch his every action and make sure he stayed at a far distance from Ara and Arlus. He knew this would be hard, but they needed to set up for the long run.

Ara looked really upset when he said he was going. HE hugged his arms around her waist after he picked up a few things and he would kiss her. [b "Ar....this will help us in the future. We can keep an eye on him and I can make sure he's away from you and Arly"] he felt bad. She held his hand, but he really had to do. He squeezed her hand gave it a kiss before leaving the house.


Sylus and Klara made it to Toshiro's apartment. THey split up and kept an earpiece in to stay in contact. Sylus spent the next house bugging his car while Klara had eyes on Toshiro in his living room. He had a few stacks of cash on the table and a gun as he watched some TV.

Klara was putting some sensors on his doorway and would pick the lock on the bedroom window. Sylus kept sights on Toshiro as Klara went inside. She'd set up mini cameras on the rooms and hallways, tiptoeing around the house as Sylus used a signal jammer to increase the volume of his TV. He saw KLara covering his son's bedroom and even the Toshiro's room. "Sy. I found something. There's as shirt that has blood on it. A gun in the pocket"

[b "Take a picture, we can use it for evidence. Even take a sample if you can"]

Toshiro slowly got up from the couch and went into the kitchen. Sylus placed an order for delivery at his apartment as the delivery man knocked on the door. Toshiro went to get it and Sylus would warn Klara to bug the rest of the house but be careful.

The two talked at the doorway about a misplaced order as Klara bugged the livingroom with a mic and mini camera, too small to notice. While Toshiro finished speaking with the man, Sylus urged Klara to get out of there. SHe made it onto the fire escape and once the window shut, Toshiro headed to the bedroom. [b "Klar, let's go!"] he warned, seeing Toshiro make his way to the window.

Luckily Klara was down the escape and they were heading back to take an Uber home. "I got a few pictures and a sample of the blood. I can have it tested tomorrow, but we should be able to monitor and listen in on him when we get home" she got a car and they headed back to the house.

It was 4am as Sylus walked through the front door. He stepped inside, seeing Ara on the couch with ARly. [b "Ar, we're back. Are you two okay?"] he asked, wondering if she was able to get some sleep. He'd walk to her side and wrap his arms around the two of them. [b "Hey cutie"] he rubbed ARlus' head and then he smiled, hoping Ara'd feel better.

"Thanks for helping me out Sy. IT went smoother than I was hoping for. It's good to have a lookout. I'll set up the security feed and keep an eye on him for tonight. Let's get some rest" she told them, saying goodnight and heading to her room.

Sylus sat with her on the couch, holding her hand and noticing her eyes were puffy. [b "Love, did you get some sleep? WHat's wrong"] he leaned in to caress her cheek, looking her over [b "I'm back and doing okay"] he smiled, leaning in to kiss ARlus' head [b "Daddy's back too kiddo"]
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Ara stood in place, rubbing her arm and listening to them talk. She felt the fear tickle in that Sylus would get involved and she had no hand in making sure he was coming back. She knew he was strong and he could take care of myself but she felt afraid. Her nightmares hardly ended, and it felt like she was living through one now.
“Yes, but more invincible then many.” Klar corrected. She asked for the help because it was a lot to do, not even considering Ara since, she figured she would be fine here and she needed to take care of Arlus.

Ara held her frown, and listened to Sylus speak. She didn’t want him to go. She felt her hand being held. She didn’t want to be convinced. She wanted him to stay with her, and not be left alone here. Ara half shrugged. Klara looked over her, “It’ll be fine.”
[b “Or you could have done it alone.” ] Ara said quietly. [b “Instead of taking Sylus away.” ] It grew quiet between them. She watched Sylus come back down. She felt him wrap his arms around her. It upset her even more when he said Kai would make sure she and Arlus was safe, as if she wasn’t more qualified then Kai. At least when she had those drugs she wouldn’t be underestimated. [b “[i I”ll ] make sure we’re safe.” ] She corrected and said [b “It’s already on lockdown. It’s been on lockdown since I came home.” ] She felt him kiss her cheek. She didn’t want him to go. She held his hand and tugged. [b “I want you to stay.” ]

Klara spoke with saying it’ll be quick. She watched them head to the door. Sylus gave her another kiss. She felt a knot form in her chest, feeling like he’d leave and possibly never come back and she’d be alone with Arlus. She watched them close the door and leave. Nyx gave her attention. Putting his paws up. She pet him and locked up the door again. She closed the lights and head upstairs to their room. She got herself ready for bed, crawling into the sheets. She tried to fall asleep but kept thinking about Sylus. When she finally did, she had a nightmare and woke to Arlus crying.

She rose up and would go fetch him. She helped him feed and went downstairs. She had tears in her eyes because of worry and the nightmare. She went downstairs and tried to watch some TV with Arlus. It was three am. She end up grabbing some ice cream, and saw Arlus dipping his finger in and putting it his mouth. Ara quickly tried to draw his finger out his mouth but it looked like he already grabbed a taste. He giggled at her. “You’re being mischievous with me already?” She asked, and set the ice cream away. She wondered if Sy would come before Arlus fell asleep again. She saw Kai come out, looking tired and obviously thirsty since he went to grab water. If in three hours Sylus wasn’t back, she’d put Arlus to sleep and try to sleep again.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 78d 15h 18m 16s
He didn't think he'd see Kai at his house, but since he was his stepbrother, he didn't mind it. If he laid a single finger on ARa though, he'd sent him home. At least he was protecting his mother. Even though she didn't stay by him and brought him to the facility, he wouldn't be living this beautiful life with ARa and their precious baby boy. He wanted her to at least be safe.

Ara seemed to agree with the whole not losing a connection. He knew she didn't like his mother at all, but at least she was trying to make it work by seeing her as a valuable asset to the facility. They talked about some theories and when Ara headed up to search the contacts, Sylus would just show Kai to the guest bedroom and then they'd talk about how the interrogated man had a bullet in him. IT didn't seem like Kiyoshi's doing at all. He used swords often.

They headed back outside when Klara came and Sylus would serve her some dinner since she looked tired. Ara was taking some time upstairs, so when he spoke with Klara, she confirmed his suspicions and was already on the verge of investigating.

HE chatted with her about some ideas and KLara looked content eating up the pudding. [b "Yeah, you'd be able to cover more ground too"] he didn't know how Ara would feel about all that since she seemed really worried. HE also didn't want to leave them alone without him or Klara home.

When ARa came down, he was surprised to hear the news. Toshiro is definitely involved if his younger sister is that close. [b "Kiyoshi is skilled and won't go down easy. He's smart and thinks steps ahead"] he scratched his head thinking about what to do. [b "I'm not invincible Klar. You know that"] he sighed a bit, seeing Ara grow tired.

Klara asked for him to come if he wanted, but when he saw ARa frown, he walked over a bit. [b "Ar, maybe I should help Klara tonight? We'll be able to monitor Toshiro that way and that'll keep our family safer"] he suggested, holding her hand in his.

[b "If Klar and I do it, it'll be done faster and we'll head home faster"] he glanced back at Klara [b "THink we can sneak in and bug his house tonight? I'll go get ready"] he headed upstairs to change. SYlus wore a black hoodie, a beanie and some grey jeans. He went down to meet up with Klara again, but saw she was getting ready. His arms wrapped around Ara. [b "I told Kai we'd be leaving for a bit. He'll make sure you two are also safe. Don't forget to turn on the security lockdown and message me if something goes wrong"] he kissed her cheek.

[b "I promise I'll be back in the morning"] he smiled, hoping to ease her mind"]

"We'll be quick Ar. With Sy watching my back, we'll get this done more safely" she wanted to also help calming her down a bit.

"COme on Sy, I have his address. We'll take an uber close by and then climb up the fire escape to his back door. I got intel that it's just him and his son, but his son is out clubbing" she told him.

SYlus grabbed some of the gear they had to spread throughout Toshiro's clothes and belongings and around his house. [b "We should bug his son's room too. Keep them both monitored"] he carried a backpack and would lean down to pet Nyx. He walked over to ARa and gave her another kiss. [b "You and Arlus be safe. I'll be back soon"] he promised her before heading out into the Uber with Klara.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 78d 22h 54m 22s
It was only because she was friends with Kai and the risk of her father bringing someone here did she want to help in some way, otherwise…she couldn’t care less for his mother’s life crumbling apart. She sat next to Sylus and feeling his hands holding hers.

She hoped his mother was living in fear, and that she felt her world fall apart. She wasn’t the type to wish bad upon someone but she would never forgive her for what Sylus was put through. She knew it made sense for her to help support them too because when she could take over, she had at least have this branch of yakuza more or her side. “It wouldn’t be good for me to lose a connection either,” Ara said, leaning onto him.

She frowned hearing him talk about him and Klara. “What about me? I can help.” Ara said, hating when she taken out of the equation. She knew she was capable of so much, even if she had a baby. Being out there with Tanner also taught her that she still could do what she could do before.

Ara predicted Klara was just too busy, since in the morning she told her that there was a lot going on. She got a kiss on her cheek and it made her wrap her arms around him. She heard Kai and was glad they could at least help him settle down.
“He had a bullet in him too…a gun isn’t my father’s first choice but he could have been dead even before that.” Kai responded.
Ara listened and the she head upstairs to gather information on the names provided. She got the name of the person they were interrogating, and some info about the men next to him. There financial, prison, family history and such. She soon realized that it wasn’t too useful because the money they got wouldn’t have been declared. But, she did find the man missing with Kiyoshi had a connection with Toshiro.

Ara went downstairs again. Nyx came over and she noticed he just want hugs and kisses. She kissed the top of his head and ruffled his fur, “You’re a good boy aren’t you?” She said to him and he looked so happy. She felt really good about having there pets here with them. Even when things were rough, she was reminded of the little things that made them happy.

She saw Klara down deep in the pudding.
“It would be good to come with a second pair of eyes. Klara admitted.
Ara just came in, so she missed the conversation. She tapped Sylus [b “Hey. So, I did some research. The man that disappeared with Kiyoshi, he’s wife is Toshiro’s youngest sister. Someone should speak to her and see what she knows.” ] Ara mentioned.
“Mmm, I learned that today,” Klara said and took another spoon of pudding, “I need to find where she lives.”
[b “I got the address.” ] Ara said and tried to think this situation through, [b “Do you think he’s still alive even? Kiyoshi.” ] She pressed her lips together, [b “Someone that can be trusted needs to watch Toshiro or bug him at least so we know where he’s at.” ] She knew they needed to formulate a plan but… She started yawning. Having Arlus really pushed her bedtime to be early. Unlike Klara and Sylus, she wasn’t as modified as them to be able to sleep for 5 hours and be as awake as morning.

“Considering his body hasn’t been found, and neither is his personal bodyguard…he’s probably being held hostage. Kai, his mom, Sylus…and even you need to be safe. Thankfully Sy, is nearly invincible.” Klara said and finished her pudding, “Is there more?”
Ara nodded, “Yea…” She looked at Sylus and got worried. She knew he wasn’t invincible, no one was. She went to go grab more pudding for Klara and would try to keep her eyes open.
“I was thinking about heading out and finding Toshiro at his house to maybe monitor him.” Klara said.
[b “Now?” ] Ara frowned.
“Yes…so that by morning he’s bugged, or his house, or I can keep track of him. You could help me if you’d like Sy, but it might be all night.” Klara said.
Ara frowned, and started to already feel the loneliness of not having him here.
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