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He remembered when they were caught, but he didn't regret trying to leave. THey were trying to escape this life and just be together. He nodded "At the time it seemed like we could make it happen. It made us realize how strict they really were. They were on like hawks" he smiled, remembering the fun they had.

He saw her slip and he couldn't help but laugh. HE knew that Ara was capable of taking some pain and she did just fall. He shot Alister too, but the guy just ran away inside. HE smirked and then he felt the balloons hitting him. He glanced over, his green eyes meeting hers "Hey!" he hurried after her and then he fired the balloons, seeing her dodge one. He then laughed and saw her getting soaked.

Ara grabbed the hose and when she blasted him down, he fell back "Okay okay! You win too!" he was sitting on the pavement soaked. He slowly got up and then he offered his hand to her, helping her up. "Let's get you dry. Can't have my mission getting sick" he told her, taking off his shirt and then he grabbed some towels inside and then he wrapped her in one.
  ellocalypse / 23d 11h 9m 46s
“I remember. Obviously we’d get caught… I guess so.” But things were different now. She didn’t know if they had never came up with that crazy plan that maybe they’d still be together, or maybe they’d get too much on each other’s nerves and still end up in the situation. It wasn’t like it was perfect all the time, but she loved him.

She slipped and fell, and he was laughing at her, [b “You’re a jerk for laughing! What kidn bodyguard are you.” ] She frowned. He blasted Alister and Alister decided to run, not wanting to get even more wet and drip all over the house. Ara go tup and struck him with water balloons. She laughed [b “That’s the idea,” ] She saw him running, and she tried to grab the water balloons away from him but naturally, Joseph was faster and she squealed , covering her head, not wanting to get her hair wet but she clearly failed at that. She dodged one-by pure luck. She was soaked, and dripping. She grabbed the hose and turned it on and sprayed it on him, getting him all soaking wet. If Joseph even got near, she’d spray him, [b “I’m winning this, you got that.” ] And then she looked down at herself and realized she already lost because she was soaked. [b “Shit… okay time out, I think I really do need to change, I’m really cold.” ]
  Ravenity / 23d 12h 53m 8s
He didn't regret his decision to try and leave with her before. He had no control over trying to leave either. It was more like he was taken. "We wanted to leave remember. To try and live our life together. Who knew we'd get caught. At least we have a second chance"

THey were training and then he let her test out the method on Alister. She managed to flip him over and then he laughed and went for the hose. He blasted the two and saw Ara fall to the ground, making him laugh "Careful Ara. You're gonna throw out your back" he teased and then he blasted Alister.

HE was hit with another water balloon and then he dropped the hose "Hey! Now you got me all wet!"] he ran over to her and then he grabbed more balloons, tossing them in her direction, throwing five at the same time with his good aim.
  ellocalypse / 23d 13h 1m 29s
[b “It’s not fine. It would have been different if you didn’t leave in the first place.” ] Yet, she felt she was stupid enough back then to still make the attempt to leave. He helped her out and she felt so proud when he said she was doing well.

She made it to her brother and grinned, laughing, feeling excited to hear he thought of her as a fast learner. She splashed him, [b “Did you get distracted?” ] She called out and then she got hit with water. She sighed, not really happy to be wet, [b “Yea I know.” ] She tossed another water balloon at Alister as he was getting up and then she felt the coldest blast over her. She gasped, her jaw dropping. She felt like a wet dog. She looked back at him, [b “What the hell!” ]

“He wins.” Alister mumbled, shaking his arm.
Ara went over to him and tried to grab the hose but she slipped on the wet grass and fell on her back. She covered her face, feeling a bit embarrassed and so wet. She would then roll up and pouted, “If I was bigger, I would tackle you.” She said.
Alister looked over the two, “I’m going to get a dry shirt. Ara do you want me to grab one?”
As if she was going to let him go into her room. She shook her head, “No. I’m just going to dress wet and get you all wet too,” She rushed to grab a water balloon again and tried to toss it over again at Joseph…and then she realized she was out of them, “Damn it.”
  Ravenity / 23d 14h 9m 59s
He didn't know that her brother had anything to do with the fact that he was killed, but he didn't care too much because he was here and he was alive. "Ahhh I see. It's fine ARa. I'm here and I'm alive. Plus I get to be your guard. Even though it's been a few years, it seemed like it's working out" he told her, helping her train.

When he let her try and break out of his hold, she did a pretty good job. "Well if you keep practicing on real people, I'm sure it will work. Joseph caught a water balloon on the way to her. He told her try her new move, so when she went after him, Joseph was laughing because it was great. Alister was on the ground stunned, making Joseph laugh "You're a fast learner Ara" he was soon splashed with a water balloon and then he saw she got soaked by her brother.

"See always be aware of your surroundings" he told her, walking over and then grabbing the hose. Joseph blaster the two of them with the hose, smirking "You're both distracted now!"
  ellocalypse / 23d 15h 3m 51s
Ara laughed [b “I don’t know if he is, but…” ] Her smile withered, [b “It’s partly his fault…that my father found out about us. Well, it was still my fault in the end anyway.” ] She never wanted to get Joseph in trouble again. He helped her learn, and she was glad that he said that it was pretty good.
She rolled her eyes and laughed when he clapped, “I’m sure it’s not that good…but I want to keep learning how to defend myself.” She saw him raise his hand and she would turn and look and see another water balloon making it’s way. The last thing she wanted was to interact with Alister.
[b “Because I hate him.” ] She said firmly. Show him her new moves-that she wanted to do, to flip him over and-try not to actually break his bone or anything. She decided to go for it. She went toward Allister and he was laughing and tried to throw another at her with the bucket he was holding in his hand, “Don’t look so mad.” Ara dodged everything he threw at her and she reached him.
‘What are you going to do little sis? Should we have a water balloon fight like old times?” He asked.
She smirked and flipped him right over her back using some technique Tanner taught her and from watching Joseph. She watched him fall onto his back and Alister was staring up at her, “How the fuck?”
Ara picked a waterballon and dropped it on him, and then waved over at Joseph, “Did you see! I did it!” She said and then grabbed a water balloon and aimed with it at Joseph. Then she felt something cold and wet strike her from behind. Alister laughed, “You got distracted.”
Her shirt was soaked it was sticking to her skin. She needed to improve on getting distracted.
  Ravenity / 23d 18h 4m 5s
He smirked a bit "I figured if he was a crybaby, he'd probably go running off to daddy. I can always just tell your father that he was interfering" he told her, going through with more self defense practice. He broke free from Ara's hold and then he let her practice.

He put her into another hold and then he felt her whip forward, then as she pretended to knee him, he smiled "Yeah just like that. That was pretty good" he told her and then he clapped his hands. WHen he saw the waterballoon coming, he managed to catch it and then he looked back at the pip squeak.

"Why don't you play with your brother for a while Ara. Show him some of your new moves. I'm sure I'd get a kick out of it and so would you" he teased her.
  ellocalypse / 23d 18h 29m 8s
Ara gave one glance again seeing Alister go back inside. She guessed that compared to them he did look pretty weak. [b “You might get in trouble if he says he doesn’t like you though.” ] She mentioned-and he had her. She tried to move, but his hold was too strong. She groaned and was about to give up. [b “Okay.” ] She said, taking a step back when he released her. She went for it and tried to restrain him- and she nearly end up on the ground, but she landed on her feet. [b “I don’t think I can do that. Yea, but I’m short, I’d just end up hitting your chest." ] She smirked when he mentioned to kick him in the balls. That-she could do.

He restrained her again, and d this time, she whipped herself to turn to help break his hold off her and then tried to use her knee to strike where it hurt-well pretended to anyway. [b “Does that work?” ] She asked, grinning. Maybe if she worked really hard to get better at this stuff, she could impress Sylus too. Why wouldn’t he want to be with her again? What she did was a mistake, and she was the most vulnerable at that point so maybe he’d forgive her.

Alister came back out and this time, he tried to throw a water balloon at Ara’s head, hoping to have some fun. If he missed, he would attempt to aim again. Ara was too preoccupied to notice.
  Ravenity / 23d 18h 59m 43s
He knew that Ara was thinking a lot about this ex of hers, but he was probably already off and looking for someone else. Why would he come back to a cheater. If he was a good guy, he'd leave Ara in the past and move on.

He put Ara in a headlock and tried to make sure it was difficult for her to get out. Any normal person would put all of their strength into restraining her. HE looked over at her brother, but couldn't tell if he was older or younger. He called him a pip squeak because he really was just a skinny shrimp.

It made Ara laugh and then he smiled "Well I'm supposed to be your guard, so I'll do what I can" he assured her and then he got her pinned behind her again. She struggled to break free and when she couldn't, he released her. "Here, try doing it to me. It's kind of hard, but I have a few ideas" he waited for her to restrain him and then he used his strength to flip her over his shoulders across from him, but made sure she landed on her feet. "If you're stronger, you can do that. Or you can slam back with your head to make them release. If anything, use your legs and kick him back in the balls" he told her, giving her another try.

"Okay here, give it a try" he told her, restraining her.
  ellocalypse / 23d 19h 14m 50s
But she made a huge mistake, a mistake that she didn’t think he would ever forgive her for. When he had the choice to come back, he said he would rather stay over there. That was him with no emotions but some part of her wondered if he still felt that way deep inside.

Joseph came at her, and she end up in a head lock that she couldn’t get out of. She knew Joseph wouldn’t hurt her. [b “Just ignore him.” ] She shook her head, [b “I know you’d never hurt me.” ] She let him come at her again, and this time she really tired, it was really difficult to get out of it. Unlike Joseph, regular people would be effected by pain and she could hurt them to let her go. She sunk down the way Tanner had taught her too-but Joseph definitely wasn’t trying to be human, he was trying to be superhuman and hold her in place [i or maybe you just suck. ]

Joseph yelled out and she began laughing at how he yelled at him. Tanner never did that. Alister would stared back for a moment, not believing what he was hearing. He head inside anyway.

[b “He’s older than me, but I love how you yelled at him. You’re awesome.“ ] She said but he caught her off guard and had her arms pinned behind her, [b “Hey! I know-but…yes…” ] She sighed and mumbled the last bit to herself “That’s probably why I nearly died last time.” She looked over her shoulder and would try to bring free of his hold but didn’t know how she would get out of this. He was too tall for her to bash her skull into his face, [b “Jose…I don’t know how to get out of this.” ]
  Ravenity / 23d 22h 46m 23s
In truth, he wanted Ara to himself, but he hated to see her moping around more than anything. Maybe he could try and cheer her up to the best that he could and then she'd be able to see what a nice guy he's been and give him another change. "Of course. I still don't approve of him leaving you though. People always make mistakes" he told her and then he followed her outside.

He tried to grab her in a headlock, but when her brother came out, she was distracted. He made sure not to hurt her and then he pulled back and looked over her brother. He didn't ever recall her having one, but he didn't look that young. "Why would I hurt you? It's my job to protect you" he sighed and then they tried it again. He wrapped his arms around her head, holding her still with his strength. When Alister came back, he looked over "Hey pip squeak, get back inside. Your sister wants some privacy. Go play with your toys or something" he yelled out to him for now.

When Alister went back inside, he grabbed her arms and pinned them behind her. "Even when there's distractions, you have to focus"
  ellocalypse / 24d 7h 14m 16s
Everything he said sounded right to her. She had to show Sylus that she wasn’t weak, that he could trust her again. Joseph was right, she could get any guy she wanted. Ara giggled a little at the end of his words, [b “I know. I don’t know if I will but thank you Jose. I’ll do my best.” ] Maybe when Sylus came back, she’d try to get a chance to talk to him, re-explain things and hope that he would give her another shot even if she knew she knew what she did was horrible.

Ara nodded [b “I think It would.” ]
They went out into the backyard, and she thought she looked pretty cute in her teal shorts and black t-shirt too but that wasn’t the point. The pointw as, she wanted to work hard and learn how to protect herself so that she wouldn’t get stabbed like how she did before.[b “Okay, I’m ready!” ] She said but got entirely distracted and nearly chocked when he had her in a head lock.

[b “I’m sorry, I-he distracted me-and No!” ] And then she realized, Joseph eraly didn’t know much about her brother, hell she was surprised he wasn’t surprised she had one.
“What are you doing out there!?” Alister called.
[b “None of your business,” ] She called out, [b “Just go back inside.” ]
Alister rolled his eyes, “Don’t hurt my sister!” He then left.

Ara grew annoyed and looked back at Joseph. [b “Okay, I’m ready this time.” ] He went for an attempt to put her in a head lock, and she tried to put her arms in between to stop him but Joseph’s grip felt tight. She she tried to sink down and move back. Then Alister came back out, watching curiously-which really annoyed her. [b “Can you tell him to go away? He doesn’t listen to me.” ] Ara asked Joseph.
  Ravenity / 24d 7h 23m 35s
He didn't want Ara to be harming herself, so he wanted her to stop drinking. He reminded her that she would stop moping and instead try to better herself. "I know it's hard, but if you're trying to get this guy back....then you got to show him what he's been missing out on. You're Ara and you can get any guy remember. Although, I'd prefer it if you chose me eventually" he teased her, trying to make light of the situation.

"Okay, yeah I can continue where he left off. My fighting style has changed a little, but I bet it would help you out" he thought that if she could be more independent, that would be useful too.

"Either way, I'm sure he couldn't turn down a girl like you" he nodded and then he changed into his shorts and a shirt. WHen she was ready, he followed her out into the backyard and then he smiled "Got it. Let's start there then. Break out of my holds if you can" he ran to her side and tried to put her in a head lock. There wasn't much resistant, so when he saw Alister, he released her "Ara? Come on. We got to focus" he told her, looking over at her brother. "Did you want him to join too?"
  ellocalypse / 24d 7h 42m 52s
He didn’t know and she wasn’t going to let him know. She was pretty sure her liver was more than fine. She couldn’t recall ever really getting sick, only injured. Her theory was that she was sturdier than even Joseph. He was right…she did say she would stop moping, that she’d try to be stronger. [b “I know…it’s just harder to say it than that. I don’t know…” ] She didn’t feel like she should feel better. She felt like she should suffer and hurt.

Ara gave one nod, [b “I can show you where Tan left off. But I’m not…very good at it.” ] She sighed, [b “I wish I was strong like you.” ] She definitely needed to get stronger, or at least be able to handle herself against normal people. She knew she should contact him but she did’nt know if she could pretend right now. It surprised her to hear him agree. [b “He’s not a monster… maybe he has but I can’t let him break up with me too.” ] She sighed and pulled out her phone to message him. He wasn’t replying yet. [b “Can you teach me self-defense for now?” ] She was still mad at him but she felt too drained and broken to want to get angry right now.

She got up and went to wash herself up and change into a pair of shorts and t-shirt. [b “We can go at the backyard. My father would have left by now anyway.” ] She head downstairs, grabbed a water bottle and step into the field. She stood in front of Joseph, [b “Okay, so normally Tanner tries to make a move on me by trying to put me in a hold and I try to get out of it.” ] She would wait for him to come at her, but she end up distracted when she saw Alister coming out the door.
  Ravenity / 24d 7h 55m 23s
Tanner left and that meant that it would just be him and Ara for the rest of the day. How lucky was he. He made sure she ate up all of her food and then would put it aside and then he tried to lighten up the mood and make her laugh.

"Ara don't be like that. You know it's not good for you to kill your liver. Just try and face forward. Remember you said you're going to stop moping and be stronger? Let's just focus on that and I'm sure you'll feel better" he told her, shaking his head. She was going through a rough time and he was surprised that she was being lenient with him. He didn't think he'd get off the hook that easily, but he guessed that Ara was just too kind for him.

"Self defense? Easy. I can teach you a few things. I just need to know where Tan left off" he told her and then he thought about it. "If it benefits the mission to go out with that boyfriend of yours, I think that'd be best. He'll get suspicious if you ignore him. Besides, Tan told me he was a monster. I'm sure he'll be fine. Who knows if he's already been cheating on you too"
  ellocalypse / 24d 8h 23m 21s

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