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THe next few weeks were rough because some of the missions were really dangerous and he didn't want Ara to become a part of it. He only allowed her to come with him when it was a supervision job or when he needed something done and he knew she could handle it. HE didn't want to get her caught up in the Yakuza's corrupt business. Lately he was getting a lot of difficult issues that required meetings and talking with the higher ups. He couldn't really bring Ara along to those, so he'd just go alone and come home feeling irritated when things didn't go as planned or his way.

He would come home feeling frustrated again, but Ara was always there to put a smile back on his face before night. He usually calmed down in her arms and couldn't really stay that heartless soldier he was when he wasn't with her.

He spent the morning speaking with Kagami and his father. It was still upsetting because they only saw him as young and inexperienced and wouldn't agree with him when it came to business tactics. Sylus knew it was only because they had a personal grudge against him. He would take in a deep breath and decided on a compromise but he had to work and fix a few issues, so he did. He always had to do them favors to prove he was capable.

Sylus spent the day tracking down a dangerous gang, managing to steal some drugs from them with nothing more but a scratch on his arm before bringing them to Kagami. He ended up going home frustrated because his father said he'd think about it....even after he did them a favor. He patched up his arm and drove home on his bike.

He sat on the couch, waiting for ARa to come home. He popped open a beer and watched some TV, wondering where she was. He sent her a text and waited, rubbing Nyx's ears and then seeing Queen climb on top of him. He saw ARa's text and he let out a deep sigh, [i "I'm home"] he sent and then he ended up drinking another glass and eating some ramen before he heard footsteps at the door.

Sylus walked over, seeing the door open. He saw Ara hugging Kai and he let his beer drop to the floor. It shattered and he just stared blankly at the two hugging one another. His eyes widened and he would realize what just happened. He shook his head and then he leaned down and started to clean up the spilled beer bottle before Nyx went to take a lick. HE tried to grab the glass, but he ended up cutting his finger, yelping a bit, but he manager to carry it all and toss it away. He wiped off all the beer and washed his hands in the sink, feeling his hear racing in his chest. He was upset, mad, and felt frustrated his brother was lucky enough to get out of this before he beat the shit out of him.

HE glanced over at ARa and then he furrowed his brow [b "Dessert huh? Warm and ass"] he went back to the couch and turned on the TV again, raising the volume.
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The course of three weeks, she spend sometime going with Sylus-until she couldn’t get involved. Some cases she couldn’t be there and she understood that but more cases like that would pop up. She felt she fell back into not spending much time as usual again, except the evenings. She got the evenings with him. It did upset her out a little when he came home angry but at the end of the day she always got him back. It felt good to make him feel good again. She’d talk to him and help him figure out how to bring the facility up.

That morning, she felt the soreness in her chest more than usual-again. She’d wake up feeling pretty tired and wasn’t sure really why. Feeling a little sick was new though, but nothing came out of it. She had completely stopped taking her drugs which she flet probably had something to do with why she wasn’t feeling the best lately. Which was why she didn’t want to worry anyone yet.

She made plans for that afternoon.
Ara was walking around with Kai under the fallen dark sky. They were making toward a dessert place he wanted to show her. She had a red jacket on since it was becoming clouder each day. She’d take seat with Kai, continuing their conversation together.
“Sylus really has rosen the ranks.” Kai mentioned.
Ara shrugged, [b “He’s good like that.” ] She’d smile and look through the menu.
“I know… I was meant to take my dad’s place but it looks like Sylus will do that for me.” Kai said.
Ara lightly laughed and then said, [b “No, he won’t.” ] Ara dropped the menu and felt the slight sickness again. She’d focus on picking out a dessert, cheesecake. She missed Sylus… She missed going out with him. Why did have so much work? She wanted him to be in front of her. She looked at Kai and just imagined it was Sylus here. Even when she got alone time with him Sy was stressed and took a while to calm him.

“We’ll see about that…Are you okay?” Kai asked.
Ara nodded [b “Yea…I’m just…tried.” ] She said and heard the buzz from the phone
“Again?” He’d ask, “You said you weren’t feeling well.”
She’d check the text. [b “I’m out getting dessert. Where are you?”] She’d ask and wondered if he’d finish early. [b “When do you come home tonight?” ] She’d ask. Shed look back at Kai “It’ll pass…I think I caught a little bug that’s all.” Ara smiled and decided to share the dessert with him. Forgetting about her phone for a second. Kai offered to drive her home, so she took it. She didn’t think Sylus was home yet.

So, Kai walked her to the door. Ara would open the door and step in and Kai said “You looked warm and cozy tonight.” He’d mention.
Ara smiled and giggled [b “You did too.” ] Ara wrapped her arms around him, just to give him a hug [b “Drive safely.” ] She said. She knew it was probably bad to use Kai as a distraction…but she felt lonely and she missed Sy. It wasn’t his fault though. She understood that.
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He knew that Ara understood that he had to do some scary things as Kiyoshi's right hand. He had to monitor and be in the tortures sometimes and he also needed to hurt some people for him. It wasn't something he was proud of, but it was part of the mission and he knew that as long as he did this right, he'd be able to complete it faster.

Sylus could see that her attention was always on Kai. She was texting and not even responding to him, making him feel a bit worried. Did she not enjoy being around him as much as Kai?

THey headed to the shop and thanks to ARa's skilled distraction, Sylus was able to sneak into the back of the store and shuffle through the stocked boxes. He found the bag of swords and made it back outside. He saw ARa touching and persuading the man pretty easily. She was good at that. He smiled and gave her the signal to head back outside after he got into the car.

After delivering the swords to the Yakuza headquarters, Sylus agreed to going to his mother's house for dinner. He went with Ara and watched her immediately go off with Kai as he went to spend some time talking to his mother, sighing a bit.


Over the next three weeks, Sylus was advancing in the tiers of the Yakuza. He proved to handle his position well with Kiyoshi and now he was mainly supervising the other groups that he had control over. Kiyoshi put more trust in him and his decisions and since he proved he could handle it, he wasn't made to do the dirty work anymore.

It was easier and he was home a lot more frequently. Still, he would come home frustrated sometimes and vent it out on Ara though. Some nights, he'd come home early and she still wouldn't be home yet. HE assumed she was hanging out with Kai, so he would try not to let it bother him. Instead, he'd chill in the jacuzzi or walk their pets until she arrived home, but he'd always raise his voice or be upset with her until she managed to calm him down until bed.

He was getting closer to being able to bring up the facility with Kiyoshi and he knew it was only a matter of time until he asked Sy for advice when the facility's drugs would come about.

That night, Sylus came home early, waiting for Ara. He purposefully didn't tell her that he came home early and he just ended up sitting on the couch with a beer. He took a few sips, Nyx on his lap as he looked at the time. He sent ARa a text [i "Where are you Love?"]
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When he returned, she felt good. She didn’t want to think about so much about what he had done… She wasn’t naïve. She knew that he had shed blood. She just didn’t want to think about it because if it had gotten to her head…then she knew it would be harder to stomach. She liked his idea because she knew she could be a good distraction either way.
[b “Got it.” ]Ara said. She’d walk with him and would text Kai. [b “Umm…just about…one second.” ] Ara said, seeing his text. She smiled to herself and looked at Sylus [b “He’s inviting us over. Should we go to his place this evening?” ] Ara asked, thinking maybe he’d like to.

She figured she had to tell him. Ara nodded, [b “I did. No I’m not hurt. I can take care of myself.” ] Ara said. She felt confident that she’d be able to handle it. She remembered how he’d get so mad before with this stuff, so it was good he was reacting less now. [b “Okay, we’ll bring it back today.” ] She said. She went into the car. They’d arrive sooner or later.

Ara saw the cashier alone. She felt so good knowing she could be useful. “Alright darling.” She kissed his lips back and stepped out of the car. She had an idea. She went into the store, looking like a confused girl. She’s speak a bit in Japaense and then mostly in English, asking for help on where to go. She had pulled her shirt a bit down a bit, just to get him more distracted. She noticed his eyes dropping a bit. She’d show him her phone and ask how to get to a certain place. Than he’d ask more personal questions. She’d touch his hand and share some laughter, complimenting how he looked.
She didn’t know how much she needed to stall. Buts he figured Sylus would single her when he was done or she’d see.

“You’re such a big help. Um, but I need help to find another place.” Ara said. He’d smile and say, “Yes, I can help.” Liking seeing the beautiful girl in front of him he looked pretty naïve.
Ara would wait for the mark and then say “Thank you sir! I just remembered my friend really needs me but maybe I’ll see you some time.” Ara said and waved to him and went outside to meet up with Sylus again.
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Sylus would speak with the man in the torture room, asking him all kinds of things, but he wouldn't listen. He kept trying to keep the information to himself, but they needed to know. Those swords were Yakuza made and Yakuza owned. If anything, they could lose men, but not those swords.

He was able to get it out of him, but it required some blood to be spilled. He wiped off his hands and then he headed towards the washroom, cleaning up and then finding ARa once more. He smiled a bit [b "I'm glad you're doing okay"] he looked over, seeing some of the guards looking at him funny and then he just led Ara out.

He figured that maybe Ara should save her money, so he went with the distraction [b "Okay Love. That sounds good! You can distract the cashier and I'll try and find the swords"] he walked with her and noticed her on the phone. When she mentioned Kai, he sighed a bit [b "What are you two talking about?"] he wondered.

Kai saw Ara's response and then he nodded [i "Sure why not? I'm sure mom would love to see him"] he sent.

When they headed back to the car, he heard that ARa taught someone a lesson. [b "You did? You're not hurt are you?"] he asked, looking her over and then he held her hands [b "We have to bring back the swords today if we can"] he told her, leading her into the car. HE got into the driver's seat and he put the directions of the shop into the GPS.

He drove them to the store, parking in the lot as Sylus looked over. There was just a cashier, no one else. Perfect. He glanced over at Ara [b "Seems like the owner is male. Looks like it's your time to shine Love"] he smiled, giving her a kiss.
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She’d make glances at the screen. She wasn’t fond of seeing Sylus doing horrible things… It always created shivers to go down her spine. She looked away because she didn’t like seeing his hands that were so gentle with her do something so horrible. She’d get up and text Kai a bit. Then she ran into a little situation-which she thought she handled it well. It didn’t seem like he followed her, especially when she went into the break room. She figured it was because other guards were around and it seemed like they’d listen to Sylus.

Ara saw Sylus coming back. Ara was given a hug. She hugged him warmly back. The two guards looked at them and was starting to believe what Ara had to say before. She had mentioned that Sylus treated her out to a date and gave her a really pretty ring, plus other cute things. She couldn’t help but boast about it. “Mmm, I’m so glad. I mean…” ] Ara thought about it and she’d like to save. She had a gut feeling she needed to save for the future incase things went south with her dad and she needed it. [b “I’d rather not spend right now. I’m assuming they’ll put a high cost.” ] Ara said and tilted her head, [b “I can be distraction.” ] She mentioned. She then realized she hadn’t texted Kai back yet.

She’d go on her phone for a moment, and reply with ‘[i We’re still on! I don’t think I can do a movie and dinner. Unless it’s okay if I ask Sy to come and if he agrees?’ ] She’d sent to him. [b “Umm…just Kai.” ] Ara met his eyes and lightly smiled. She’d walk back with him. She wondered if she should tell him. She felt…like he should know that he was working with an harasser but besides that, he was her bodyguard above else. She knew he should know every minor little threat still. Tanner always made her tell. [b “Um. Just a small one. I walked out, I needed a breath. One of the guards that wasn’t in the break room-he was getting super friendly and then, tried to corner me. But, I taught him a lesson, so it’s all good.” ] Ara said and wondered what was the next step .
[b “Are we going to steal it back today?” ] Ara asked, setting her phone in her pocket for now.
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He could see that she was really excited to be with him. He wanted to spend more days with her and seeing that ring on her finger sure made him so happy. He wanted the world to know she had someone special in her life that was willing to promise her a future.

He smirked, hearing Klara mention that they'd be a cheesy couple [b "I'm sorry if that bothers you"] he chuckled and then he readied to head over to the abandoned warehouse with Ara. He made sure Nyx and Queen had enough food and then he went with ARa towards the car. He would drive them towards the warehouse and then he would lead her towards the entrance.

As they headed inside, Sylus led her to the breakroom and looked around. He knew his men listened to him, otherwise there'd be consequences. He let ARa stay as he headed into the torture room and he spoke with the man and ended up shoving his head back, using some tools and getting him to bleed. HE was able to soon get the information out of him before he headed back to the wash room. He washed off his hands and cleaned himself off, fixing his hair.


Kai sent a message to Ara, asking why she was hanging out with Sylus. She shouldn't be going near all of that stuff and how his brother shouldn't be bringing her along. [i "Are we still on for later this week? What about movie and dinner tonight?"] he sent.


When Sylus headed back, he saw ARa sitting where he left her. He hugged her and thanked the guards before holding her hand and leading her out. [b "I know where to get the swords. He's selling it to an antique shop. We have to either buy them back or steal them back"] he told her, seeing her texting someone. [b "Who is it?"] he wondered, leading her back to the car, away from this place. [b "You didn't have any issues right?"]
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She felt excitement hearing it coming from Sylus. She’d smile back to him, feeling his hand hold hers beneath the table. Klara looked at them and couldn’t help but feel a little ache in her. She was happy that they were doing so well but it also hurt a little. She’d smile at them, “One day you’ll make a chessy married couple.”

Ara trusted that she would be safe. She’d feel so happy hearing him talk about being really good. “Thanks.” She said, feeling good to be next to him. She was glad he was letting her. She’d see him look at the time. IT was cute seeing Nyx coming over, and even being fed by Sylus. She giggled because Sylus broke one of his rules for nyx. Guess that meant she had some more permission to spoil the puppy.

“Already? Ahmm…okay.” Ara said. She’d give Queen a kiss. She’d get up and wave to Klara. She went into the car with him. Ara had a small backpack with her. She’d turn on the radio and play some music. She would glance at her phone seeing Kai’s message. She remembered the plans she had with him and she wasn’t planning on ditching some. She just hoped Sylus wouldn’t mind. She’d look back Sylus, [b “You mean…you’re not torturing? Um…okay, I will.” ] Ara said confidently.

She’d walk with him. She was the only girl there. She knew it wasn’t common at all for a girl to be present, so she expected it. She’d follow Sylus and stayed in the break room. She’d got a kiss on the cheek. IT made her smile. IT seemed like she would be mostly just sitting here and waiting, which was fine.

She’d see two other guards there. Sylus left. Ara introduced herself in Japanese a bit, but told them she spoke only a little. They spoke to her English a bit and she’d say that she was Sylus’ girlfriend. She got comments that she was very pretty. Then Ara would start boasting about Sylus about how amazing he was to her, how strong he was and that he rose the ranks so high. She’d ask how they’d feel about Sylus. They looked a little uneasy when they were asked.

Ara knew she was supposed to stay there but it was getting quite boring sitting in one spot. She’d see the screen but mostly avoid looking. Sylus…truly looked like how he did at the facility, brutal. She’d rise up and excused herself for a bit. She’d just walk around but not open any doors she wasn’t supposed to. She’d tell Kai through message she was with Sylus. Ara would still keep her eyes open then. She saw one of the guards she didn’t recorgnize. He said hello to her. She smiled and said hello back. He’d compliment her and those compliments started to get out of hand. Then he said "I heard you've been a whore, with him and Kai. You can be with me too."He’d get close and the second he tried to push her against the wall, she’d full on kick him where it hurt.
Ass. She’d return and nothing seemed off. She’d sit and let it go. Just another day. She'd wait for Sylus and guessed she'd tell him about it, or leave it out and tell him another day.
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He slowly got out of bed and went into the shower with her. He loved getting ready with her and spending time with her together. Lately he couldn't even do that, so when he got ready with her, he dressed up and then he headed down the stairs, seeing little Nyx excited to see them. He hugged their little pup and rubbed behind his ears, lifting him up and then carrying him into the kitchen. [b "Who's a good boy"] he laughed and set him down.

Sylus helped ARa make some breakfast and would eye her clothes. She was dressed so casual, and yet she still looked really pretty still. He didn't how someone could look so good all the time, but she was. HE sat down and ate with her, seeing that sexy ring on her pretty finger. HE really wanted to marry her if he could. WHen Klara noticed it, he smiled [b "Yeah. Some day it'll happen and I promised her it would happen"] he smiled and held her hand beneath the table.

HE told her the point of the mission and he would glance back at Klara [b "I'll keep her safe as well. Ara has been really good and helping me. The Yakuza have specially made swords. IT's authentic and irreplaceable"] he assured her and then he finished up his food. WHen he had the dishes in the sink, he looked at the time [b "We should head over around eleven"] he told her, seeing Nyx crawling beneath the table and then resting his head on his lap. Sylus gave him a bit of avocado and then he rubbed his head.

[b "We probably have to head out now"] he told her, rubbing Nyx's paws. [b "Klar, I have some leftover ramen ingredients in the fridge if you're hungry. You just have to put it all in the bowl. We're going to head out"] he told her, getting up and then holding Ara's hand in his. [b "Let's go Love?"] he walked with her towards the garage, saying goodbye to their pets.

Sylus stepped into the driver's seat and zoomed off towards the location where they were keeping the thief. He parked the car and headed into the abandoned warehouse with Ara [b "Love, they'll take care of the torture. I'm going to have to interrogate the man a bit, but you can stay outside and make sure nothing suspicious happens"] he told her, walking inside.

The warehouse had a few rooms inside. One room had their security, the other room had the man tied up by his arms, and the final room had some guards on break. Sylus led ARa to the break room and he'd kiss her cheek. There was a monitor with some guards watching the feed of the torture room.

One man was whipping the thief, another one was yelling at him. [b "You don't have to watch anything Love. Just be safe okay"] he left and headed to the torture room, seeing the man with blood dripping from his back. [b "Tell us where the swords are"] he spoke in a threatening tone.
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“Me too.” She said with a smile. Snuggling into his warm body made her want to stay longe,r and she did for aw hile. HE was giving her kisses on her cheek, forehead. She loved hearing those words, “I love you so so so much too.” She said and kissed his lips quickly. She rose up, washed, changed and went downstairs with him. She thought Sylus looked good in what he picked to wear for the day. IT was downright sexy to her, especially with the denim jacket.
There pets were bursting with excitement. She’d hold Queen and let her rest on her shoulder. Queen would bury herself into Ara’s hair and would curiously look around. She’d make it to the kitchen and visibly looked a bit stiff when he said interrogate. She remembered last time…it was horrible. [b “Oh, I see.” ] She said. She’d relax soon enough, petting Queen and letting Sylus pet Queen’s head. She knew the stuff he did wasn’t exactly at his own will.

After setting Queen down, but allowing her to watch, she’d help Sylus with makng them sandwiches. Klara looked so excited to eat. She’d sat down and gave them both a thank you. Ara felt good having the pretty ring Sylus got her noticed.
“Promise ring…is that for getting married?” Klara asked.
[b “Sort of.” ] Ara said, bringing them juice. She’d sit down. [b “Promise to get married one day.” ] She said softly and looked back at his eyes. She’d smile to him. She then listened to him talk about what they had to do for the day. [b “Why are they so dumb to steal…” ] Ara mumbled, sighing to herself. [b “Mmm…okay,” ] She’d nod and smile, [b “I will do anything you ask of me and be as useful as I can.” ] She did want to work on this with him. She was glad that he let her in and she wasn’t about to mess it up.

“You’re going?” Klara said and looked back at the two of them, “Stay safe. Call me if it’s emergency.”
[b “Got it,” ] Ara said, getting excited to be next to Sylus. She’d take a bite out of her sandwich and happily fill her stomach. She’d sip her juice and then would make sure to have her hair up into a high ponytail. She looked a little too excited to spend the time with Sylus. Queen would climb into her lap, and she would pet her. [b “What time do we go darling?” ] Ara asked, wondering if they had time to walk there pets before they left.
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He did love seeing Ara beside him in the morning and he really did want to be able to show her how much he loved her. He slept too peacefully beside her and in the morning, he woke from the vibrations from his phone. When Sylus read it over, he climbed back into bed and snuggled up beside ARa, leaning in and touching her chest. He saw her blue eyes open and he'd grin [b "Well I do like waking you up naturally"] he teased and then he snuggled in and held her to his chest for a bit longer.

He felt her warm lips against his cheek and his forehead, making him smile [b "Mmm, I love you"] he'd slowly get up and follow her to the bathroom. THey washed up and he changed into some jeans and a black vneck shirt, putting on a denim jacket and then heading downstairs. He saw little Nyx and hugged him, petting his head and then rubbing behind his ears. [b "THe plan is, you will help me interrogate our captured man"] he told her as he rubbed Queen's head, heading into the kitchen. He smiled when he saw Klara, [b "I can whip up some quick toast"] he went into the fridge and pulled out the bread, toasting it up and then frying some eggs, ham, and avocado. He made them sandwiches and handed one to Klara.

[b "We haven't spent time together in a while, so I wanted Ara to know I'm still here"] he told Klara and then he fed Nyx and Queen, refilling their bowls. [b "It's a promise ring"] he told Klara and then he sat at the table with her and Ara. [b "I've captured the guy from yesterday. We'll need to get some answers out of him and retrieve the swords they stole from the Yakuza"] he looked over at ARa. [b "THey're going to torture him to get answers, You can wait with me outside and we'll prepare to take the merchandise back"]
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She woke up to him kissing and touching her breast too. She’d met his eyes and hear his sweet laughter. It was so good to wake up to him like this. She giggled, “That woke me up.” She’d snuggle into his warm body. She’d tease him since he teased her a bit. She’d feel his arms around her waist and his leg over her side. “Mmmm…we can…” Ara whispered. She’d end up falling asleep a little longer and then just enjoying the warmth. She’d give little cute pecks on his cheek, forehead. She’d feel through his hair and then caress his arm. She liked the silence and just being able to show love in different ways. She kissed his lips, and intertwined her fingers with his. “I’d like to even more…but we should get our day started. “She’d say. She’d slowly rise up, starting in a crawling position and then reaching and then getting up on her feet. She’d glance back at him and smiled, “Come on.” Ara said.

She’d go into the shower and waited for him to come in. They washed together and soon dried up. Ara would wear her skinny jeans with a tear in the knee and yellowish and white sweater that was slightly cropped. She’d look comfy and still good. As she made it to the bedroom door, she’d ask, “What’s the plan for today Sy?” She’d ask. Going down the stairs with him and seeing there cute pets rushing in at the stairs. Mostly Nyx. He got super excited, wagging his tail. She’d bent down and pet hm and gave the top of his head a kiss. Queen instantly tried to squeeze in and get the attention from Ara instead. She’d bet her too and giggle. “My queen…you’re trying to take all the attention you silly?” She’d laugh. Nyx went leaping toward Sylus. Ara let Queen rest on her shoulder.

Klara was up, at the kitchen, opening up the fridge, “What are you two feeding me today?”
Ara rose a brow and then laughed, “Since when did we become your personal chefs?” Ara felt her phone in her pocket. She’d check it and saw Kai messaged her if they were on for today. She messaged him back that she’d be spending time with Sylus. She felt pretty good about it.
“You two look quite happy today.” Klara pointed out, leaning against the counter and could assume something and then noticed the ring on Ara’s finger that looked new, “That’s…new…?” Klara raised a brow.
Ara grinned [b “Sy got it for me.” ]
Klara raised a brow, and wondered what that even meant. “Hmmm…okay.” She’d look back at Sylus and half wondered if he asked her to marry him or something.
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He couldn't wait to get her alone with him and to just continue the amazing day into a beautiful night. He had the door locked and his hands around her waist, watching her slowly remove her tights and underwear. They were both excited and Sylus didn't mind the pace at all. He felt her touching his chest and he'd pull her in close, kissing her deeply as he squeezed her ass.

He would unbutton his shirt, teasing her, but she got what she wanted and removed the rest. HE found her to be so sexy and no matter what she did, or what she wore, he was so into her. Sylus let her touch him as he licked her lips, his amber eyes glancing down to her, watching her move down on him. He felt his jeans come off and then he would follow after her towards the bed.

HE did as he was told, biting down on his bottom lip as he laid back against the sheets. HE'd kiss her and reach behind her, unhooking her bra and then pulling her body against his bare chest. Reaching up, he pressed his lips against hers and wrapped his arms around her waist, wanting to feel her skin on his. [b "Mmm, you're so sexy Love"] he couldn't get enough of his amazing girlfriend. Every touch, every movement she did, turned him on so much, he only wanted more.

When she bit on his boxers, he'd reach up and brush his fingers through her hair, spreading his legs as he ran his hand down her shoulder and back. [b "Yes Love..."]
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She was thrilled to remove their clothes and get in bed together. He’s done so much for her today. She pulled down her tights, then her underwear-remaining in her skirtand saw him look at her. She’d smile back at him. [b “AH hmm, I do.”] Ara said and would run her finger down his shirt. Ara giggled at his mention. [b “Yes, it is.” ] She said and kissed him softly back. She’d feel his hand squeezing her ass and she naturally pulled herself closer to him.

[b “I want to.” ] Ara said. Sylus removed her shirt. She’d watch him ubutton a bite and show his chest. Ara would set his hands aside and unbutton the rest for him and remove it, leaving him with his chest out. She was deeply attracted to him. She’d run her finger down a scar and pecked his lips. She’d then kiss his chest. She’d work on his jeans, zipping it down and tugging it off. She’d get down on her knees and would gave a kiss where he’d feel it. She’d look up at Sylus and smile at him. She’d then raise up again. She’d take his hand and lure him into the bed. [b “Lay down Sy.” ] Ara said.

She’d then hover over him and kiss his lips. She’d guide his hand behind her bra, to get him to remove it. She was so excited to be in bed with him. To love him tonight. She wanted to thank him and she knew she could do him right in bed and give him a lot of love. She’d user her mouth to tug off his boxers.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 18d 4h 14m 55s
He was smiling so much because ARa made the day feel so amazing. She responded back to him in all of the positive ways that he was hoping for. He really wanted to remind her that even though he couldn't be there all the time, she meant the most to him.

He led her back to the car after dinner and they soon arrived home. Sylus would put their pets to bed, helping them into their room and then following ARa upstairs. He closed the door behind him and then he faced her, wrapping his arms around her waist and pressing his lips against hers.

Sylus' amber eyes met hers, leaning into her hand as he let her remove his beanie. He'd help her out of her jacket and then he watched her slowly take off her tights, finding her so sexy. [b "You get right to the point don't you. I do remember you wanting to take off my clothes. This is the chance you'll get it!"] he teased, watching her touching his shirt. He would pull her in close, kissing her soft lips, his hand moving behind her as he squeezed her ass.

[b "You want to?"] he helped her remove her shirt slowly as he started to un button his shirt, revealing more of his chest, wanting to tease her and have her play with him.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 19d 1h 5m 58s

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