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He figured their training was probably the same. He didn't see why they'd make an exception when they were all just test subjects to find one that would survive. He nodded and was glad he was able to win the race. IT was much harder than a lot of the races he had at his college. Payton didn't even look tired....he wondered if...naa...

He let her relax for a while before thinking about how all of this he was giving up because he wanted to protect Ara. [b "Yeah...but I really want to be Ara's guard. She's going to try and take down that facility and I want to help her"] he told Payton and then he ended up tipping her over in the water. Sometimes he would forget that she was from the facility too.

He explained how he was number one and then he was surprised to hear she didn't believe it. [b "Well...I am. I guess I've changed more recently, but I used to not have any emotions or care as long as I got the job done"] he shrugged and then he looked down at her scars. [b "Yeah, I have a ton too. Mostly from the torture and the injections. I do have one from my father before the facility though. Ahh this one is also from taking a knife for Ara too"] he pointed to one and then he thought they were very similar. He never thought he'd be having conversations like this with someone.

[b "I guess we still carry out our missions even if we're free"] he looked back at Ethan and then he shook his head. It was comforting to see their relaxed relationship though. Sylus looked up at Ethan, unsure what to request. [b "You know Ethan, I'm used to being fed crap, so I don't mind whatever. WHat do you two usually eat?"] he wondered, not really having a preference, nor did he feel like he was in a place to suggest what they all should eat.
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[b "Hmm... That's probably why, but I'm pretty certain we're just as capable." ] She got to relax in the water and thought it would be that way for a while. She got relaxing moments like this, and she would miss them if things went hectic again. It worried her though, if things became too quiet that she may grow weak and not be able to protect Ethan. She wondered if it was possible to forget. And then Sylus wanted to stick it to Ara. She understood why he would stick to someone, but out of all the people it was Ara.

[b "You might be. If the person who buys you off is really old, you'll be free in no time too. Well...unless you cause trouble, than you'll be hunted down." ] Sylus tossed her and she was definitely going to get her revenge. She had him straight in the water and then sat at the edge. [b "Well of course," ] She shrugged [b "Most of us are, most of us keep our hair short and a lot don't display any signs of humanity. I bet it's like that with the guys too. ] She kicked the water and lifted her head when he talked about taking him lightly.

[b "Number one? You're kidding." ] She expected someone who would have been number one to have no emotions at all, or even have any desire to protect anyone else. It...usually was that way. [b "You don't look it, or act it." ] He sat at the edge too. She looked down at her body, and forgot about the whole scar thing. She remembered refusing to go in a bathing suit before. It took a lot of pushing from Ethan.

She glanced back at his body [b "Yea, well don't we all? Ah...not exactly. Mostly from the facility, sparring, torture. There's only one that came before the facility, but I'm not going to talk about it. Oh...right Ethan gave me one." ] She then pointed to her right shoulder [b "I took a bullet for him. He was scared shitless, it gave me a good laugh." ] She smiled. [b "How about you?"]

She heard footsteps and turned her head, seeing Ethan coming out. He stopped for a moment, "Am I interrupting anything?"

[b "No," ] Payton quickly said.

Ethan smiled and then pulled out a water gun and tried to shoot her. She dodged it.
"Shoot, I thought I'd really get you this time. Anyways, Sylus, is there anything you especially wanted to eat tonight?
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He didn't think that anyone could beat him at swimming except for the guys at the facility, but when he saw that it was tough to keep up with Payton, that changed him mind instantly. Now that he thought about it, she was slimmer, lighter, and faster than he was. It was until the last second that he reached his arms out and touched the wall.

[b "I guess you're right. I never really get to see what the girls at the facility do"] he shrugged and then he saw her relaxing in the water. He thought about how he wanted to be Ara's guard, but when she mentioned being free out here like sounded really nice actually. Was being with Ara worth all of this?

[b "You do have a good point. It would be nice to be out here like this. If only I were as lucky as you"] he thought and then he saw her and swam under. SYlus tossed her across the water and ended up laughing. He saw how ticked off she was. [b "Oh am I? You know I'm just as tough as you"] he felt her hooking his arms and as he faced her, the next thing he saw was his face in the water. He resurfaced and he brushed his wet hair back, looking back at her. [b "Me? Well I have been on missions with some before. I guess they're all rough"] he splashed more water at her and then he rubbed the back of his neck.

[b "You know you shouldn't take me lightly either. I'm currently number one at the facility don't you know"] he stuck out his tongue and then he swam towards the edge of the infinity pool, overlooking the beach. It was amazing. He glanced back at Payton [b "So I noticed you have some scars too. Got any amazing stories that come with them?"] he wondered, looking down at his own chest and seeing how many he had.
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Payton nodded, figuring she could win at it. She dove in and went forward. She swore she would win, but Sylus beat her to it just by two seconds. Payton lightly laughed, “Expecting that I’m fast? Who have you been going against?” ] She expected no less from someone that was from the same place. She splashed him and she end up getting splashed right back from him.

She let the water carry her weight. It was a beautiful blue sky. Having Sylus here brought up old memories. The first few times she stepped out doors and saw the blue sky everyday, and had so many different options of food to eat. Who wouldn’t want to be free like her? Why wouldn’t he? She sighed, and mumbled to herself [b “Again with that…” ] She then lifted her voice a bit with the next thing she said, [b “Are you sure you’ll feel the same way when you realize how much freedom you have out here, compared with her.” ] She felt the water change it’s balance, and she knew he dove in. She knew he was coming, but she couldn’t move in time to stop being tossed to the other side. She fell in and-it kind of ticked her off.

She lifted up and narrowed her eyes at him, [b “Stiff? You’re going to get it, you know that.” ] She smirked and came over to him. She looped her arms around his arms, looking up at his eyes, getting close and staying there for a moment, before quickly putting him in arm lock and tripping him into the water. She moved back, [b “Don’t throw me around Sylus, you’re going to remember what pain is again.” ] She squeezed the water out of her hair for a moment and pulled up at the edge of the pool to swim, water dripping down her body. She kicked the water slowly, [b “Have you been around other girls at the facility before? And I mean, longer than two days.” ]
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He didn't want to tell her that he fully loved Ara and would do anything for her. He was smart enough to see that she'd probably use it as blackmail later. Any weak spot someone had was used against them. He just tried to play it off as he liked her like the rest of the guys did. Sylus followed her to the pool, seeing her in her one piece. She was attractive in her own way and Sylus has never seen a girl with so many scars before. She had a lot from what he could see, but he wasn't complaining. He had many too. IT was comforting to see someone similar like him.

[b "Oh Are you? We'll see about that"] he headed towards one end and when she said go, he quickly dived in and was kicking through the water. HIs hands moved around, scooping up water as he headed towards the other end. WHen he glanced over, she was beating him. Never did he see a girl be so fast like this before. Sylus chased after her and when he reached the end, he smiled and then he looked over. [b "Wow you were fast. I wasn't expecting that"] he smiled and then he saw her just floating on the water.

Sylus splashed some water on her and then he laughed, thinking about getting sold. [b "I have a goal....I want to be Ara's guard so I can help her. I can't just be sold yet"] he told her and then he thought about living a good life. EVen Ara promised him that he could be free, but he didn't want that without her.

He swam beneath her and then he lifted her out of the water, tossing her to the other side and then laughing. [b "I'm glad you're not as stiff as everyone else in the facility though"]
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She wasn't sure what he had with Ara. Maybe in time, she'd figure it out or not... She sighe. She headed to the pool with him. She rather liked the one piece because it covered up some scars. Some of her back had scars too. She didn't have flawless skin, since she grew up the same way. She noticed Sylus still watching her for a while though. He looked away without a word. Then, she guessed she wasn't going to say anything about him either. She leapt into the water and treaded for a while. Payton shrugged, "Pretty fast."

"It's on," She smirked. She started up at the front, "Ready?" She asked, and said 'Go.' She kicked off the wall and swam forward, kicking her feet quickly, and trying to speed up. Sylus was fast, but she was ahead for awhile. In the end, Sylus made it before her by just a bit. She stopped and huffed, [b "I think you were just lucky." ] She laughed and splashed some water at him, [b "I almost won there." ] She dived into the water again, and let her hair fall backwards. Then she decided to lay down and float on the water.

She relaxed back for a while, looking up into the blue sky, [b "Did you ever think about letting yourself be sold?" ] She asked, [b "You know, if your lucky you could live a normal life after. You could do the whole, white picket fence, two kids and one dog thing." ] She always wondered what had happened to most of her friends at the facility. Well, she didn't call them friends at the time, but they were. She wondered if they were safe, if they were alive...if some of them got lucky like her.
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He didn't know if he should be telling Payton that he had a thing for Ara, but what could she do? He wasn't going to see her after this mission anyway. He shrugged and just listened to her explaining about how he'll probably just continue to assassinate people. He didn't really want that though. He wanted to be Ara's guard and protect her with his life because she had an amazing purpose.

He smiled when she said she knew what it was like. [b "Yeah, I'm just glad that Ara sees me as a friend, not foe"] he headed towards his room to change into some swim trunks and then he met up with her outside. WHen he saw the infinity pool, he wasn't exactly sure what he wanted to do first. He felt the warm sun touch his pale skin and then he met her teal eyes and saw her in her bathing suit. SHe looked really good in it.

SHe caught him and Sylus just glanced away and dived in. He swam to the other end and then when he resurfaced, he heard her and swam back to her side [b "Really? Are you fast?"] he wondered, knowing that the only people that could really compete with him were the people at the facility.

[b "Okay, let's go? First one to the other side of the infinity pool?"] he suggested, heading over to the starting end. He was curious to see how fast she could swim. Maybe he'd actually have some real competition today.
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Payton shrugged, [b "Not everyone." ] He definitely had a thing for her. She didn't think it would ruin anyone if he was found out that he did though. At least they didn't get killed for not returned feelings, definitely for actions though.

She lifted her eyes back on him, [b "Hard to break it to you Sylus, but it's most likely you'll be continuing to assassinate people. I was put on a lot of missions to protect and gather information, that's why I'm here." ] She understood though, she would do everything for Ethan. He changed her life. He changed everything. It was really because of him she wasn't fearing death every day. At one point, she was about to give it all up. [b "I know whatthat's like, feeling like you owe it to someone." ] She gently smiled. At least she could relate to him that way, even if it was Ara for him.

[b "Oh yea? Is that what she told you?" ] She shrugged, [b "I never thought..." ] That was a possibility.

It was a pretty regular day for her since they traveled pretty frequently, well, plus Sylus around. Ah, she wished Ethan hadn't said something like that. Sylus didn't look bothered, but didn't he say he had a thing for Ara? Maybe it really wasn't that serious. Payton got dressed and stepped downstairs. Anything good she had usually was because of Ethan's influence. She felt the heat of the sun, and it was already too hot for her. When she looked back at him, he was staring. [b "Like what you see?" ] She teased. She watched him dive right in. She stretched her arms and dove in the water. Ah that felt better. She mostly treaded the water and watched him trying to do laps. "[b "You're a pretty fast swimmer. Want to see whose faster?" ] She smirked.
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He didn't understand why Payton wanted to know so much about his attraction to ARa. Was it because she never really felt what it was like to love someone romantically like that? He didn't really know what else to say though. What if she told ARa's father and it would cause him to have to separate from her. He shook his head, pretending that his admiration was nothing more. [b "No she doesn't. But I feel like everyone else loves her too, so it's not a big difference"] he told her, thinking about his other missions.

[b "Um, mostly it's been Ara. I had another mission to assassinate some people, but I want to eventually protect Ara because I feel like I owe her so much for showing me the world basically"] he told her and then he heard Payton's opinion of Ara. He knew how she felt because that's how he felt he first time he met her, but the more she opened up to him, the truth came out. She was suffering just like the rest of them.

[b "Yeah, I know. She's ordered to do all of those things just like we are when we're told to kill someone. We don't really have a choice"] he told her, finishing up their food and then following her to the car.

Sylus spotted Ethan just relaxing and enjoying some TV. He smiled when Ethan spoke to him but it seemed like Payton didn't want to. He was more excited to swim anyway, so when he headed towards his room, he shrugged, figuring that his secret might be out that he was in love with Ara.

IT did make him smile to see that he was enjoying his time with Payton though. At least Payton was living a great life out of the facility. He nodded and then went to his room, changing into some black and grey patterned trunks as he grabbed a towel and headed towards the backyard.

He met up with her, seeing her in her bathing suit. She had a nice figure with her skin showing, he couldn't help but try to stop staring. He looked at the pool and never saw anything like that before. [b "Let's try the pool first. This pool looks really cool"] he told her, setting his things down and then diving into the water quickly, excited to try swimming the length.
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She felt like she was getting closer and closer to the truth. Sylus loved Ara, when before he had just said he didn't know what love was. [b "Does she know? ] She took a bite and looked at him closely, waiting for him to slip up. Getting information was always good. She figured she could learn where to push his buttons, and use it against him if anything happened. But, it was also plain out curiosity.

[b "Is Ara the only person you acted as a body guard for?" ] Payton stabbed her fish for a bit and heard on about Ara wanting to save them. She had to scoff at that, "Sylus, she kills people like us, I'm not sure if you didn't realize that yet. She's manipulative, she can convince you that she likes you, making sure your on her side until she doesn't need you to do any more favours." she sighed and shook her head. There was no point in warning him, he was definitely one of those 'I will die for Ara' type. Dessert was good, and she spotted Sylus getting impressed over something so little.

"Well, at least she feels safe." ] She lightly smiled. THey finished off and she paid up, since she knew the facility never gave them that much money to begin with on these missions. She got up and lead to the car. When they arrived, Ethan was watching soccer, stuffing chicken wings in his mouth and yelling at the other team. He looked over his shoulder and saw them, "You two were gone for long. Ah-Sylus, it's drink and game night. I and Payton drink and either play a board game or well-some sort of game in the evening. Want to join?"
Payton frowned, [b "I thought that's our special night?" ]

"My sweet darling Payton, we can have hundreds of nights together. Wouldn't it be fun to have a third person?"
She scoffed, "You always said that you don't do odd numbers unless it's a-" She cut herself off, [b "Yea, it's fine. We want to go swim, want to come?" ]
"I got to finish this game, I may be joining you later. Payton is single by the way Sylus." He smirked.
Payton went right behind the sofa and whacked his head-not really hard but still did it, [b "He has a thing with someone." ] He figured Sylus didn't want to be bothered by Ethan's pestering.

"Oh... My apologise. Shit, they got a goal," Ethan returned his attention to the screen.
[b "So Sylus, I'm going to get dressed, meet you out the backyard." ] She said and headed up. She wore a black one-piece, with open sides and a fairly open back. She pulled her hair up and grabbed her speakers and a book in case she wanted to stay by the sun, listen to music and read. Payton head down and opened the backyard door into the infinity pool, when Sylus showed, she asked, "Beach, or pool?"
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He wondered if she loved anyone. It surprised him to hear that she loved Ethan, but when she said not romantically, he wondered if she loved someone outside of protecting Ethan. [b "I think I love Ara, but romantically"] he told her, wondering if she was curious or if she really wanted to know more about him.

He figured that people don't really lean until something bad happens to them. [b "Yeah, I know what you mean. Sometimes Ara thinks she can just do what we can, but it's dangerous"] he sighed and then he explained his hobbies to her.

When she spoke about Ara, he knew exactly what she was trying to do. [b "Yeah, she actually does care about us and wants to save us one day"] he told her. It did make Sylus happy though to hear that he would go swimming. He wanted to in those nice beaches close to the Villa.

When dessert came, he shared with her, taking bites out of the banana and the ice cream. He then saw her protect herself and he smiled [b "It's not hard, but sometimes she thinks she's invincible"] he joked with her, taking another bite. Once they finished, he stood up and then he nodded [b "Okay"] he let Payton pay since the food was really pricey and he didn't have much on him right now.

He followed her back to the car and then when they got back to the Villa, Sylus took a look around, wondering if anything suspicious happened. So far it looked okay.
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Payton leaned forward and watched him when he said it. It was impossible to pick up a lie though.[ b "I love Ethan. Just not-romantically. You don't love anyone?" ] She knew she had no business in it , but she was curious, because he was like her. She would have asked anyone else like them the same questions. The y ate together and she was more than happy when she was eating food. Payton heavily sighed, [b "Yea, I tell him that all the time, but he's not the best listener. Which makes it...harder. At first it was hard, now it's gotten easier. He's learned some of his lessons. Now he mostly listens to my orders like 'stay in the house' because he doesn't want me to get hurt." ]

Sylus' hobbies sounded very similar to Ara's when she came around. Everyone wanted to be her best friend then. [b "Yea, I think she did all that stuff because she feels guilty. She probably still does." ] To think at one point she got excited about seeing Ara come into their room and play with them. [b "I'm sure we'll have the time today. Probably this late afternoon." ] She watched Sylus and he seemed to be out of it for a while. Food. Right.

[b "I guess it's chocolate," ] She almost laughed when he burst out 'I like Chocolate.' He could really smile. She had a feeling that Ara did have an influence on him. And then, she spotted it. The guy was lucky she didn't knock him out dead-literality. She rose a brow at Sylus and scoffed,[b "I protect Ethan remember?" ] Then she smirked [b "Why? Did it bug you that Ara's horrible to protect?" ] She used Ara since she knew that was the only person he stood as a bodyguard for. The banana split came in and she didn't hesitate to dig in. It was great. Ugh. This was starting to feel like a date. Not what she wanted. She licked off her small spoon.

[b "Let's get going? Ethan's probably bored." ] She stated and called for the waiter to pay up.
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He hasn't really spent much time with girls from the facility before. It was odd because the most he's spent time with was Ara and he fell in love with her. Would he feel the same the longer he spent time with Payton? He wasn't sure, but when she asked about Ara, he talked about how being with someone makes you realize some feelings you didn't know were there before. [b "Me? I...don't really know what love is exactly. I hear it's a strong feeling of attachment though"] he told her.

He ate the food before him, licking his lips because it was delicious. The tacos were something he's never had before. Two just wasn't enough and he was realizing that. He should have ordered more. [b "Hmm, sounds like Ethan should try and be more careful. Have you had a rough time trying to protect him?"] he asked, looking up at her teal eyes. They were really cool.

He told her about his hobbies and then she related him back to Ara...[b "Well at the facility she did stop by and always brought games over or we'd draw. She really was the only one showing us something fun to do"] he shrugged and then he thought about going on a swim. [b "Okay we should go when we have some time?"] he suggested and liked the idea of drinking some wine. It's been a while.

[b "Oh? Huh....sorry was thinking about getting more food"] he laughed and then he liked the sound of ice cream. [b "Okay, lets share it. What flavor are you planning on getting? I like chocolate"] he smiled and then he saw the man coming over to steal. He was about to lean in, but Payton took care of it. She really was self sufficient. [b "Wow. I guess you can take care of yourself. IT's nice to have someone that watches their own back and is good at it"] he looked around and didn't notice anything else suspicious so he just relaxed more. He ordered a banana split from the waiter, wondering if that was good. He then ordered another two tacos because he was hungry.
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She never stayed long with someone that was like her. It was odd having someone to relate to. Still, she bet that this life she had now made her far much more different. He must have spend a god amount of time with Ara, she just had a feeling that his mission with her had been a longer one. She dusted it off her head. Payton shrugged, [b "Maybe but I don't care. That would make things complicated, and I don't like complicated. When you talk like that, it makes me think you fell in love."]

Right. There was something up. [b "If you say so." ] She lifted up the fork, not for any reason, mostly because she was hungry. Payton shrugged [b "It Is but it isn't. Ethan does them pretty often. Somebody always wants something from Ethan. That's never new." ] She really didn't think having Sy as an addition would be useful to her. He didn't know anything about Ethan, his friends, or his enemies.

The food was good, and it definitely looked like Sylus enjoyed it. It made her smile just a little, thinking about how magical food was whenever she left the facility. If it wasn't Ethan, she'd definitely live for the food. [b "I wouldn't really call them hobbies." ] She shrugged, [b "I guess I could use a swim." ] Cook-painted-video games. She instantly remembered Ara, how she would sneak in a console, and occasionally show her pictures of her paintings. [b "You really do sound like that girl-except for the swimming." ]

Payton lightly laughed, [b "Anything is better than the facility. We could go into the bottles we have back in the Villa, it'll blow your mind." ] She stared back at him for a moment, he looked like he was lost in thought, [b "Earth to Sylus." ] She waved in front of him and was just about finish her food, but was still hungry. [b "Want dessert? I could use ice cream..." ] She mumbled. [b "We could share it, since it's pretty big from here." ] She saw someone from the corner of her eye, passing by and noticed there hand reaching for her bag over her chair. She grabbed there wrist and threw it back and gave them a look, [b "Go rob someone else low life." ]
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He told her about how he had feelings for Ara, but didn't really mention anymore than that. [b "Yeah. She's too high up there"] he told her and then he asked her about her interests. She said she's not really sure of the emotion and Sylus could understand her. It was only recently that he realized what he had was love for Ara. It made perfect sense.

[b "Yeah, not many of us remember anymore. I think that once you do find that person you'll eventually feel something from them. Being out on missions kind of made me discover those new emotions"] he told her, picking out what he needed before they headed to the restaurants.

He sat down and wondered why he was sent here for free. [b "I just know that my mission is to protect Ethan"] he raised his hands, seeing her fork. Would she really stab him with that? He kind of wanted to see what Payton was capable of. [b "I mean...I wouldn't have been sent here if this conference wasn't a big deal. Clearly someone wants something from Ethan and I'm back up"] he shrugged.

SYlus asked her about Ethan, surprised to see that he was an engineer. Maybe he created valuables that people really wanted? [b "I see. Well I'm glad you sorted things out"] he wondered why he was chosen for this mission.

When he saw the food, he took a bite and he licked his lips. It was delicious. His tacos were so crispy and filled with some spicy sauce, that he was amazed. [b "So you do have hobbies. Maybe you can join me for a swim later? I kind of want to see the ocean"] he told her, taking another bite and smiling in satisfaction. [b "At the facility I'd use the pool in my free time. Um...back at my last mission, I played video games, I....painted....and learned how to cook"] he told her, thinking about the drinks he's had. [b "I even drank a decent amount of wine. That stuff is way better than the alcohol at the facility"] he smiled, thinking back to how many times he sat down and just relaxed with Ara and wine.
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