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[b “It is… I’m worried if someone will release the information.” ] Which was why she had been hesitate to give it to anyone. Ara nodded and smiled [b “Me too…I’ve been working hard too since you have been.” ] She felt quite good about what they’ve achieved.

Ara smiled hearing that he might be able to make it [b “Mmm, I’m not sure what to wear. Kai was supposed to help me but I’d rather do it with you if we got the chance.” ] Ara said but wasn’t sure even then what she was supposed to wear. Maybe she should still get Kai’s input. [b “Yes, exactly. I’ll help you get work done.” ] Ara said confidently. She got up herself, wearing a maroon skirt and tights underneath to keep herself warm and a warm mustard warm grey sweater. She saw him dress up and smiled to herself. Happy to be with him again.

Ara scooped up her cute Queen. She’d love seeing Nyx so excited. He kept watching her and every time, she got near, he’d get excited and even more exicted when he had a leash on to go outside. Ara put Queen on a leash and walked out with Sylus. She let Queen walk. It was getting coulder and she thought [b “We need to get these two some little shoes.” ] Ara added, [b “I don’t want their feet to be cold.” ] She said.

She’d look up the sky and realized that maybe they’d be here long enough to see the snow. [b “You think we could build a snowman if we’re here long enough?” ] Ara asked and imagined what she normally did. The future. Wondering if they’d have a home, and if their were snow that they could play with their little one. She noticed Nyx pulling on the leash to go faster. Queen would try to follow up with him. It was so cute.

[b “You know. I know we’re not married, but I already feel like we are. We have our own home, pets, we wake each other up and share meals. You gave me a ring.” ] She said and was just filled with content, beside the little soreness. [b “oh and I don’t feel like throwing up anymore.” ] Ara said and looked at him, feeling good to be next to him. She linked her arm with his and leaned into his shoulder. She had a hat on with a pom pom. [b “You think your step dad is more likely to accept an offer? Based on what you know from him. I’m hoping…to make an offer on my own, to get him to side with me if things change.” ] She wasn’t even sure if his step-dad was okay with child brutality. If he was…she wasn’t sure if she wanted to fail this mission or not.
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Nyx climbed up onto the bed and he went to try and lick ARa. He hurried over and then he pounced on the bed. He would walk around and then sit along her legs with Queen. Sylus came up and then he helped feed ARa for a while. He then took a few bites as well and then he told her about all of things that he's been working on and doing.

He gave her the details and then he saw her writing it down, going slowly as he listened to he talking about the invention that her and Ethan came up with. He was surprised that they already had a prototype. [b "Yeah it's better to keep it a secret for now and disable as many people as we know. We have to be careful. We can't just use something like that so openly"] he hugged her close [b "I'm glad you two were able to though. That's amazing"] he was so proud she was working on her own to gather intel and allies.

Once they finished, he headed into kitchen and dropped off the plates, did the dishes. He then came back and decided he should keep an eye on ARa to make sure she was okay. His eyes watched her and then he hoped that she was only worried until the morning. [b "I'm glad you're okay enough to walk them"] he rubbed Nyx's back and then he chuckled a bit, setting him down. HE heard ARa mentioning the comic convention [b "Hmm, I think I can make it. Friday huh....I'll make sure to get my work completed before then, if anything we can work together in the morning"] he nodded and then he slowly got up and went to change. Sylus dressed in some jeans and a button up purple and black flannel shirt. He then put a grey coat on since it was cold.

He helped Ara up and out of bed and then he went to grab the leashes for their pets. ONce ARa was ready, Sylus put the leash on both of them and waited for her at the door, seeing how excited Nyx was. He was ready to pounce out the door if he could.
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Ara giggled as Nyx tried to lick her. She sure loved getting all of this love. She felt good getting this much attention. She liked spending time with him, even if shew as fine enough to go out. [b “Okay, I’d like to catch up and do stuff together.” ] Ara said. She was hugged. She couldn’t believe all she had to do to get attention was say she felt a little unwell.

She’d listen to Sylus tell her what has been happening. There was…a lot. She had grabbed a notebook and wrote it down, needing details in order to give a solid report that wouldn’t raise questions. [b “Well…this has been going on for months, so I wouldn’t say we’ve been going so fast. I can disable it for a lot of people but…I don’t know who to trust. Joseph advised me that not everyone would see eye to eye with me and throw me under the bus. He’s right, so I have to be careful.” ] She couldn’t be caught doing at least this. She knew there would be really bad consequences, because it would be seen as betrayal.

[b “Yes…we are. Slow is the keyword. But, I’ve gotten contacts that would side with me if we were to take over.” ] She was just scared of all she had to handle afterwards too. The target on her back would be so much bigger.

She’d tilt her head, [b “An acquaintance of Ethan, he’s sending me a prototype of a wire-less Taser gun, along with a bullet that can track.” ] She explained. She’d eat up her waffle and realize she was just done. She licked off the remainder of the whip cream. [b “I’ll be okay. It’s in the morning, so I can meet up with you after.” ] She let him clean up the plates. Nyx snuggled into her. She giggled and pet his head and gave the top of his head a kiss too. He was such a cute puppy. Queen would rub her head against her tummy. She met Sylus eyes when he came back in. [b “Mmm, let’s take them for a walk.” ] She said She said and thought about shopping, [b “Let’s do it! Ah, darling…” ] She figured she needed to mention it. [b “I’m going to a comic convention-would you like to come if you’re free? Klara said she might be able to come. It’s in three days.” ] She said and remembered to say [b “In the evening…so I can go to work with you during the day?”]

She really liked the idea of going out more with him.
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He really loved her and wanted to be sure that she was doing okay. HIs eyes watched her and he did his best to try and make sure she was taken care of. The last thing he wanted was to be too busy at work to notice that ARa wasn't feeling well. He made the waffles and then he topped it off with whipped cream and headed up. Nyx followed him with Queen and they entered their room as Nyx hopped up onto the bed and went to lick Ara.

Sylus sat down and slowly fed her some of the waffles, hoping she was okay. [b "I know I've been busy, but if you let me know you're not feeling well, I'll be right at your side Love"] he knew that a certain time of the month was rough for her, but he still wanted to make sure she was okay.

[b "I can make my men take care of the mission. I just want to spend the say with you too. We can catch up on mission information and then do something fun together"] he suggested and then he smiled, hugging her close.

He fed her and then he told her about what he was working on with the Yakuza. HE did Kiyoshi's dirty work, helping him gain some power, and now he was his right hand man, handling his group's work and making the decisions for him. HE then listened to her talking about Ethan's device [b "Oh wow. That's amazing Ar. You and Ethan sure work fast"] he remembered when she disabled the chip in his head [b "We're slowly working to take down your father"] he smiled, so proud of her.

[b "Tomorrow? Who are you meeting with? Are you sure you're okay? You don't want me to be there?"] he wondered, figuring it was mission related. IF she wanted him there, he would be since he was also her guard. [b "Just let me know and I'll rearrange my work Love"] he told her, soon cleaning up the plates after they finished. Nyx snuggled up by ARa's side and licked her cheek as Sylus placed the dishes downstairs in the sink. He hoped she was feeling better, so when he came up, he leaned in and kissed her cheek, [b "What shall we do today Love? Should we walk these two? Maybe go shopping for a bit?"] he suggested, sending a text to one of his men to take care of a few loose ends.
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She surely felt that love. “I love you too.” Ara said. Soon enough, she had specially made waffles for her in bed. It made her feel really good. She felt so comforted and loved, even if what she felt wasn’t overbearing her. It seemed that Nyx came up too. She was glad to have their pets here. IT really felt like they had a family, just with their beloved pets. She’d pet Queen, seeing her snuggle in.

[b “I’m so thankful.” ] Ara said. She’d take bites and enjoy the sweet taste. She saw him look concerned. [b “Darling, I’ll be okay. It’s nothing more than I usually feel when it’s that time of the month, besides feeling a little sick. But it’s not overwhelming.” ]

[b “Well…I really don’t want to just lay here all day. So, if we’re not doing any work, can we do something else?” ] Ara asked, figuring she wouldn’t miss the opportunity to spend time with Sylus. Her sweet Sy. She smiled to herself. Sylus would try to feed her too. He was the cutest. [b “Oh actually, it’s almost time I finished another report. Could you please fill me in on everything sometime today?” ] She then remembered she had some stuff to fill him in too.
She figure now was a good time since they were together, [b “I have some stuff I need to fill you in on too. I’ve had a lot of more free time lately. I’ve been in contact with Ethan and got him to develop a device that can disable certain parts of the chips that are implanted in already existing people at the facility. We’ve disabled it for at least eight people already-that I trust.” ] She’d explain. It was hard to do things from here, but nevertheless, she had to do it.

[b “Um also, after tomorrow, I may have to meet with someone. I’m not…entirely sure yet.” ] She said and wondered if she should even be telling him that she was supposed to go out with Kai the following day. He’d probably be working anyway… so she didn’t think she need to tell him yet.
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He was comforting her because he was worried about her. HE didn't want anything to happen to her especially since his main job was still being her guard. HIs eyes watched her, giving her a kiss as he leaned in and rubbed her chest. HIs hands squeezed and massaged her for a while, hoping to provide some relief as he kissed her forehead.

When he relaxed with her, he offered to stay. If she wasn't feeling well, he'd organize his men to make sure they took care of whatever they needed to do today. He held her hand and kissed her [b "Of course I am. I love you"] he nodded his head and then he headed downstairs to make some waffles.

He cooked up some chocolate chip waffles, topping them with whipped cream and strawberries. He then headed up with a glass of Orange juice, rubbing the top of Nyx's head as he headed back to their room. WHen he set the food on her lap, he leaned in to kiss her cheek, climbing back in beside her [b "Mmm, it's good"] he took a bite and fed her some more. He looked at his phone and saw that it was something that didn't require too much effort.

He laid with her, seeing Queen move onto her lap. [b "Or course Love"] he looked worried, but he didn't want to stress her out. [b "I saw the mission today. I can let my men handle it. We can take your time with resting so that you feel better when it's time to get up"] he offered, feeding her more waffles.
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Sylus comforting her already eased it up. She could tolerate it, so she didn’t want to cause any worry yet, plus she felt she knew what caused it. He gave her cheek a kiss. She’d feel his hand massaging her a bit. “Mmm yea…” Ara said, feeling the tight soreness. She’d lay back and enjoy the relief he was giving her. Then his hands went through her hair. It was calming just to be with him. [b “Just a massage is nice.” ] Ara said.

She frowned [b “It’s nothing I can’t tolerate. Just some soreness. We don’t have to stay home.” ] Ara said, feeling like she couldn’t let that get in the way. But…did he mean he’d stay with her? She liked how he rested his head against hers. She held his hand back and smiled to him. “You’re so loving,” Ara said to him. She’d smile and nod. [b “Okay.” ] She tilted her head [b “You are…by being with me.” ] Ara said. She saw him head down. She’d sit up and turn on the TV. She’d play something and then decided to get up. She went to clean herself up and then fit herself right back to bed. She still felt a bit sick but it was easing up.

Sylus returned with waffles. She grinned. She also saw Queen had followed. She’d climb on the bed and rested beside her. [b “Thank you so much Sy.” ] Ara said, feeling content. She’d take a bite and then offered him a bite. [b “I’ll be ready to go don’t worry. Just a minor inconvenience.” ] She said and would lean her head onto his shoulder.
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He wanted to spend more of the day with her, but even he was really tired. His eyes would glance over at Ara, seeing that she looked tired and worn out. He didn't know what she did with Kai today, but he was also pretty worn out as well. THey shared a kiss and then he held her hand in his, heading upstairs towards their room. He laid back with Ara and took in her warmth.

Sylus fell asleep with her until morning, but when she was rolling around, his eyes would open. HE glanced over to see her moaning out a bit and not feeling comfortable. He held her in and rubbed her back gently, rubbing slowly and then he met her eyes. [b "You are?"] he kissed her cheek and let his hands move over towards her boobs, one hand massaging them a bit [b "Is that better Love?"] he looked worried and then he ran his fingers through her hair. [b "Just let me know what I can do to help. Maybe we should just stay home today. I'm sure Kiyoshi would understand"] he told her, wanting her to feel better.

He rested his head against hers and then he held her hands in his. [b "You rest up. I'll make some waffles and we can have breakfast in bed"] he promised her and then he smiled. [b "I slept great thanks to you. I want to return the favor"] he slowly got up and then he tucked her back in bed as he headed down to make her some waffles.
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She wished she had the energy to spend more time with him before they went to bed. She wasn’t deathly tired but tired enough that she wanted to sleep. Ara went upstairs with him and she snuggled in. The shared a kiss, his forehead touching hers. He was a sweet heart, who had just been stressed. She didn’t fault him for getting agitated. He had so much work, and she did want to know every detail afterwards. Sylus cradled her in and it was so warm and good. She held onto him and feel asleep quickly.

Ara would roll around a bit and then snuggle back into him. She felt like puking but it never really manifested. She’d feel Sylus rubbing her back. She hadn’t realized he was awake. [b “I’m okay… I feel a little nauseous and my boobs are sore, but it’ll go away.” ] She said and looked up at his eyes when he brushed through her hair. [b “I don’t know. Maybe that time of the month is coming, or maybe it’s because I stopped taking those drugs.” ] She said and sighed to herself. It was at least nice to have him comfort her.

She’d hold onto him and close her eyes again, pressing her forehead against his chest, [b “It should go away in less than two hours… It did yesterday and the day before.” ] She’d mumble. The soreness didn’t but she could tolerate it. [b “Let’s have waffles today,” ] She’d tell him quietly. She’d open her eyes again and smile at him. [b “How did you sleep?” ] She’d kiss his cheek.
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He was feeling really down when he saw her with Kai and he felt like if he lost ARa, he didn't know what he'd do. He didn't even think he was losing her at all until he saw his stepbrother holding her close. He sat on the couch with her, listening to her talk about how people she knew were busy except Kai. It was upsetting to hear, but he knew it was true.

HE let out a sigh and just leaned into her when she hugged him, enjoying the warmth of her kisses as he felt so secure to be with her. [b "I know. Me too"] he felt warm and relaxed and realized that he probably had nothing to worry about. Her eyes were on him and he could see how much she loved him. Sylus got up and held her hand, heading upstairs as he changed and climbed into bed. He was tired from the frustrations of the day, but he did want to snuggle up to ARa.

He met her lips and kissed her softly as he relaxed and pressed his forehead against her own. He brushed his fingers through her hair, cradling her in his arms as he kissed her forehead. She soon fell asleep and Sylus fell asleep soon after, feeling more relaxed and calm thanks to her.

He felt movement on the bed, but he didn't budge. He heard someone speaking and then he would look over, seeing Ara not in his arms. [b "Love, you okay?"] he asked, seeing her press against him again as he rubbed her back. [b "WHy do you feel sick?"] he whispered, brushing her hair back, his hands rubbing up and down as he faced her. He didn't know what was wrong, but it seemed like she was in a lot of discomfort. It worried him.
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She frowned when he talked to her like that. She didn’t how someone to really hang around with and she wasn’t entirely allowed to stick along all the time either. [b “You and Klara are generally pretty busy and won’t allow me. I know Kai here, and I can talk to him easily. That’s all.” ] Ara said. She never saw Kai as anything else. He was a good friend, but only a friend.

Ara gave him attention, wrapping her arms around him, hugging and giving him kisses. She wanted to make him fell all better and secure of them. [b “I’m ot blaming you. I understood why you have to. I wish I could be there more with you.” ] She admitted. She knew he was sorry. She’d try to use soft kind words with him, to make him feel confident. [b “then we both want the same thing.” ] Ara said with a soft smile. She’d have him hug her too. He felt warm…it felt good to calm him down. “Mmm, I will.” Ara promised and she imagined what they could do this weekend together. She saw his eyes looking at her ring. She’d smile back at him. She’d riseu p and went upstairs with him to the bedroom.

As much as she wanted to just curl up and make out a bit, she was feeling pretty tired. She’d went to change into pair of shorts and t-shirt first. She’d snuggle warmly into his body “No one will. I promise you.” ] She’d whisper. She’d meet his eyes and pecked his lips. He held her in close and held eye contact with her. She’d ran her fingers through her hiar. Then she’d close her eyes and press her forehead against his chest. Her eyes would keep dropping. “Sy, I might just fall asleep before you.” ] Ara warned and stayed within the comfort of his arms. She'd fully pass out in a second.

When she'd wake, she was next to him. She'd roll around in bed and feel a little agigtated. SHe had her eyes closed, not opening them but being half awake. "Mmm...feel so sick," SHe'd mumble to herself, and waited for the neasua to wear off. She had pressed her chest against Sylus and tried to join the morning with him. Ugh, but her chest felt a bit sore.
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He dropped his beer because the sight of Kai hugging his Ara and the thought of them going for dessert made him upset. He was imagining the worst case scenario of Kai feeding her and Ara laughing and holding his hand. He instantly grew upset and he bit down on his lip hard.

He headed to the couch and sat down, feeling frustrated and not sure of what it meant. Ara explained that it is what it is and when she mentioned wanting to spend free time with him, he frowned, knowing he hasn't really been home again lately. [b "I....want you to spend time with me....not Kai....or even Klara.....why him?"] he bit down on his lip and then he felt her warm arms wrap around him.

Sylus leaned into her and couldn't help but feel upset and mopey. His girlfriend was having dessert with some other dude and it had his chest aching. He felt like he would lose her if he kept this up. He rubbed his eyes and felt Ara hugging him tighter, saying the words he wanted to hear. [b "I love you. I'm sorry it's been busy....but I didn't mean to drive you away"] he wanted Ara back, but she pulled the same words with him and he understood that it wasn't one person's mistake.

[b "I want to also"] her words made him feel so comforted and relaxed. Maybe it was all just in his head. Her warm lips reassured him nothing was wrong between them. [b "It is. You're my only and I want to spend every second with you"] he faced her and met her warm lips. He hugged his arms around her more and nodded [b "Okay. I want you to come with me and I'll make time this weekend no matter what"] he held her hand, seeing the ring still on her finger and then he yawned a bit. [b "I am. Let's head up to bed Love"] he slowly got up and led the way. He walked up to their room and then he changed into some shorts and a white vneck shirt.

Sylus climbed into bed, waiting for ARa to come over, his amber eyes watching her and hoping that they could fix things. He wrapped his arms around her in bed, holding her close as he kissed her lips. HIs hands slid down her back, pressing up against her chest as he met her eyes. [b "I'm not letting anyone take you away from me"] he whispered softly.
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She heard a sound of something shattering but she didn’t know where it came from while she was talking to Kai. She sat down with Sylus and heard him sounding upset. She could hear the jealousy. She didn’t mean to make him feel that way, she just didn’t want to be alone. [b “It means what it actually means. I went out to eat dessert. I don’t spend all my free time with him. Whenever you’re free I spend time with you. It doesn’t mean anything Sy.” ] She spoke softly, [b “I just want someone to spend time with and he happens to be free. That’s all. I’d rather spend every single moment with you.” She promised and would wrap her arms around him. She’d kiss his cheek. He didn’t look at her but it was fine.

[b “You told me a little late,” ] She reminded and frowned when he heard that he had dinner. She saw him rubbing his eyes. [b “Awe darling.” ] She hugged him tighter [b “I love you…I’ve missed you so much. Every moment I’m with Kai, I’m imagining being with you, thinking about you. You’re always on my mind.” ] She’d said to him. She frowned when he talkeda bout wanting her back. She had always been here…he wasn’t here. It wasn’t his own fault but it was just the way it was. [b “I want my Sy back too…with me.” ] Ara said tried to sneak underneath his arm, to snuggle with him.

He held her hand, and she’d give it a squeeze. He rested his head against her shoulder. [b “You won’t lose me. I’m here. With you. Just because you’re busy and we see each other less frequently doesn’t mean I love you or want you any less. Our love is more than that.” ] She’d kiss his cheek. She did want to make sure he felt loved.

[b “You…are my one and only.” ] She’d tilt his head a bit, so she could kiss his lips. She didn’t like seeing him so upset. She didn’t like him going to work…it made him stressed. [b “Let me come with you to work for one this week. Then this weekend we can make time for us.” ] She said. She’d then found herself feeling quite tired. [b “Sy, are you tired? I’m a little tired… Should we watch something and then go to bed?” ]
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He was busy drinking on the couch, trying to relax and just get his mind off of work. He came home early, so he spent some time with their pets, just sitting on the couch and eating dinner since Ara was out somewhere getting dessert. He didn't want to disturb her if she was with Klara or busy.

He stood by the door and waited for her, but when he saw the door open and ARa giving Kai a hug, he dropped his beer, making a loud sound as it shattered. He quickly went to clean it up and then he cut himself, washing it off in the sink as he threw away the glass. He hear Ara's voice and when he saw her smile, he frowned. She was out getting dessert with Kai....what the hell did that mean?

[b "You were having dessert with him? I don't know what that means....and you spend all your free time with him. I'm.....I don't know what any of that means!"] he told her and then he sat on the couch, trying to just relax, but now he felt hurt and betrayed. He felt ARa's arms wrap around him and her warm lips on his cheek, but it was hard to look at her after what he just say.

[b "I did tell you I was home. I finished work a bit early. I had dinner too"] he rubbed his eyes because he felt his chest sinking. He didn't know what to think about all of this. All of it hurt and he forgot about his finger already. Sylus frowned and just shook his head [b "I'm fine. I just want my Ara back...."] he sank into the couch and just felt so defeated. LIke he was losing her day by day that he worked with the Yakuza. [b "I don't want to lose you"] he held her hand and rested his head against her shoulder.
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She didn’t get to check her phone while she was on her way there. She would reach the door and open it up. She didn’t think Sy was there, and even if he was, she didn’t worry because she was doing nothing wrong. She waved to Kai [b “Bye!” ] She’d close the door and would take off her beanie. She’d rub her arms and then took off her jacket too. She had her hair in a braid, and a red sweater on too. She saw Sylus wiping something off the floor.

Sy? Sy was here? She felt a strong relief that he was home. He didn’t tell her much…and she’s been feeling pretty odd lately and couldn’t bring herself to push him any further. Especially since she didn’t like seeing him more upset than he already get. But she did need to write that report eventually, so she did need to know every event…but she figured she’d do that when she could calm his nerves down even more.

[b “Sy! You’re home.” ] Ara smiled. But he lookeda t her upset. He heard… She didn’t think it was a big deal but she knew he was making it a big deal. [b “I did have dessert. He’s just…being nice.” ] She said and saw him turning on the TV and raising the volume. Ara would sit right next to him and wrap her arms around him. She’d kiss his cheek, [b “I missed you. Why didn’t you tell me you’d be home early? I could have made some dinner for you or something.” ] She’d say. She missed him so much. It upset her how much she missed him but she tried not to let that show.

She could see he was still mad [b “Sy…you know I just want to be around you.” ] She’d say. She’d try to rest her head on his shoulder, closing her eyes. She’d then take hold of his hand and see his finger, [b “Hey…it’s bleeding a bit.”] She’d frown and looked at his eyes [b “Are you okay?”]
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