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"Ahh, right. Payton told me that. I feel bad about what happened to you guys. " But he knew he had no power to get close to helping more than just Payton. Payton cost him a pretty dime, or well, way too much money, but she was worth all of it. They played the game and Sylus picked out some funny ones that he clearly didn't understand. Ehtan would try to explain it but then Payton shoved him, because she felt here were a few things she wished she didn't even know.

Payton could tell Ethan was done. She helped him up before turning back to Sylus. She listened too the waves and looked back at Sylus. [b "Yea, it gave us a good laugh. You should be happy you don't know what most of it means yet." ] She was hoping he would pick truth or dare. She didn't know if he would tell the truth or not, but maybe if he drank more than her than she could get him to talk up. [b "Alright, then, truth or dare Sylus?" ] She waited. She watched him grab another bottle.

Payton shrugged, [b "You and I are made to last. Ara... Yea, I remember. She's a lot, like Ethan. Can't hold her drink, kind-at least acts like it, smells good... But I'm not Ara. I'm starting to think you compare every girl with Ara." ] She shook her head. He seemed so amazed today about the things she could do, like protecting herself, nearly beating him in a swim race and now holding her liquid. SHe knew he knew that the girls at the facility were tough, so Ara must have just been on his mind.

[b "I understand why you want to protect her, in the way that I understand why I want to protect Ethan. That's why, I respect you and at the same time, I think you're nuts. Doesn't it bug you? You could never tell her you love her...someone died doing that you know. Anyways, truth or dare?" ] She remembered they were playing that.
  Ravenity / 55d 7h 25m 47s
He helped her carry the bottles and when he headed towards the patio, seeing how beautiful it was out here on the villa. He stared at the ocean for the while and then felt the breeze before taking a seat beside them to play a game. He looked at Payton and shook his head [b "THey separated the guys from the girls. We never really saw them except on missions"] he told him and then he decided on the card game.

He would hold onto cards and would just pick the ones that sounded like it fit the scenario. He didn't really know what some of these cards meant, so he just would ask sometimes and then just put cards down because Ethan and Payton were just laughing so much. He didn't really get it.

Sylus took a few drinks, but they drank a lot at the facility. His tolerance was pretty good. He saw that Ethan was pretty much out and then he let Payton take him to his room.

He looked out at the ocean again and then he smiled [b "Yeah, but I don't know much about what those cards mean. You two looked like you were having a great time though"] he smirked and then he liked the idea of playing games he was familiar with. [b "Ooh truth or dare sounds good. I like that. Maybe we can start with that. I'm still good to go"] he took another bottle of beer and then he sat beside her.

[b "You have pretty good tolerance. I remember Ara drinking wine and she'd be done after two glasses"]
  ellocalypse / 55d 7h 42m 41s
[b “Beer it is for you.” ] She grabbed a few more bottles and head out with him to the patio with Ethan. The patio was beautiful, and the view was something else. The sun was nearly done falling. Ethan set the two games down and then shrugged “Yea, I guess you might say it is. I’m glad I have her too. Did you two know each other before Payton came here with me?”

Payton shook her head, [b “I don’t recall ever seeing Sylus.” ] Payton really was curious to what SYlus would pick. She didn’t think he knew either games unless he must have played some out on a mission. Shed never had a mission where she really caught a good break though. The game began the the laughs started. Sylus clueless was killing them. Payton didn’t really want to destroy his innocence on it though. After a couple of more drinks, Ethan was saying random things.

Payton patted his bag and laughed, [b “Looks like you’re out” ]
He scoffed and stood up, almost falling over. Payton caught him just right in time [b “You were saying? Time for bed Ethan.” ]
“I am fine.” He stated
[b “Ethan…” ] She helped him stand. He looked back at her, “Yes precious.”
[b “Come on, bed time. There’s a pretty girl waiting for you in your bed.” ] She teased.
“Ah, your the only pretty girl I know.” He doubly blinked, “Maybe I will.” He rubbed her head and tried to walk off.

[b “I’ll be back Sylus.” ] Payton said and helped Ethan get into his room. She returned soon enough and sat across from Sylus, [b “Did you have fun? ] She looked at the vodka she made a good dent in, and still she barely felt a thing. [b “Alright, Sylus, want to play some other game together? Like...maybe a video game, or...truth or dare? I’m still going out strong but if you need a rest like weak Ethan up there, go ahead.” ]
  Ravenity / 55d 8h 59s
He did want to spend al the time he could with her, but the facility was like a barrier. It separated the two from seeing each other like how they used to. Sylus planned on calling her everyday anyway. [b "Ya, I know we will. We'll make it happen"] he grinned and then he sent her a picture before saying goodbye.

He headed into the living room and sat down on the couch with Payton and Ethan. He looked at the TV and wondered what this show was about. There was so much action going on that sometimes he couldn't keep up, but his calculating mind didn't see as to why certain people had to die. He could have saved them himself. [b "He could have saved himself!"] he sighed and ate some popcorn.

After the show, he helped Payton grab some alcohol, holding bottles of beer and then he thought about what he wanted. [b "I think some beer would be fine for me too"] he headed to the patio and then he looked out at the beach and the water. Ethan's villa was amazing. [b "Your villa is amazing. I'm glad that Payton was able to stay with someone like you"] he smiled and sat back and looked at the games. [b "I've never tried this one"] he pointed to the cards against humanity and then he listened to Payton.

When they got the game going, he sat down and looked through his cards. Half of them he didn't get and didn't know what they meant. What did they mean? He would place random cards down and when they were turned over Payton and Ethan would laugh, but sometimes he didn't get it.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 55d 9h 50m 2s
Ara paced around the hall, [b “Yea, maybe we will. We’ll get to spend some more time with each other.” ] She didn’t know when that would be happening, and felt a little sad that it wouldn’t happen for a while from now.

[b “I hope not… I miss you.” ] She watched someone pass by, and then looked at the picture. What a funny picture to have to look at as a reminder. She sighed, she would have preferred a cool one, but it was Sylus and it made her smile.

Payton took a seat, [b “Ah, okay.” ] They watched the episode and she felt pretty satisfied with it. The constant dying was pretty comfortable thing on her since she lost many friends. Ethan forgot that Sylus didn’t answer but Payton didn’t, and she saw-his expression. He seriously was changed. He seriously could express his emotions. He wasn’t a cookie cutter guy from the facility. He was with Ara. He had to be...or maybe it was just like he said. He loved her but he never told her.

Payton shared some popcorn with Sylus too. She got up and lead the way into the kitchen. [b “It changes. My favorite is vodka, Ethan...Ethan likes rum, but I’m going to get beer for him today” ] She grabbed a few bottles and thought about it [b “What do you think we should drink today?” SHe looked back at him, otherwise she’d go for her flavoured vanilla vodka. They walked out into the patio. Ethan turned on the light, and placed clue on the table and cards against humanity, [b Normally, we don’t have more than two people to play on game night. Since your our guest, what do you think we should play? Cards against humanity, or clue? Although, cards against humanity can be offending...if you don’t like that sort of thing.”

Whichever game Sylus picked, Payton would explain it to him, and then poured herself a drink.
  Ravenity / 55d 10h 46m 36s
He wanted to spend another beach vacation with Ara, but who knew when the next chance the two of them could spend together would be. The odds of going on another mission were slim, but he knew that if her father wanted Ara protected, Sylus was a dependable name to trust.

He laid back enjoying his conversation with her, just really happy to hear her voice. [b "Yeah I know. Maybe we'll get paired on another mission soon. We'll see"] he smiled and then he heard that they'd pick out someone in the mean time. How could they? Couldn't they just call him back? [b "Aww, but I'm just doing one mission. It shouldn't take too long"] he sighed, wanting to be the one protecting her. [b "Enjoy the picture"] he hung up and then he headed outside.

When he sat on the couch, he looked at Payton and nodded [b "Yeah she was telling me some last minute things"] he told her and then he looked at the screen. It didn't seem to make any sense at all. People were dying, but there were dragons and magic going on. Maybe he needed to start it from the beginning. [b "I don't know when I'll have the time to watch all of that"] he spoke and then he saw Ethan fail to catch the popcorn and Sylus ended up laughing.

He heard ARa's name and then suddenly Ethan remembered her. He turned a little red when they asked about Ara and then he tried to hide it, but it was hard. He felt everything for her. He rubbed teh back of his head and then he kept silent. Luckily he was more interested in the show.

Sylus just leaned back, watching and eating some popcorn. THe two seemed really close. He remembered watching movies with Ara like that. He smiled and then when the game night started, Sy went to help Payton grab some drinks. He headed into the kitchen with her [b "WHat are you guys drinking tonight? Wine? Beer?"] he wondered, heading over and then grabbing whatever Payton wanted. He then brought it into the living room and then he sat with Ethan, seeing what game he brought out. [b "So what are we playing? I haven't played many board games before"] he admitted.
  ellocalypse / 55d 12h 51m 51s
She could picture being there with him. How...she really wanted to be there with him. “Me too… I know it is. We would have a lot of fun. It’s too bad that the only way to get to places like that are missions.” ] She sighed. She wanted to spend more time talking with him, the whole day or night if she could. [b “Yea… I guess there is. It isn’t closed yet, but I think someone will be picked out soon in the meantime.” ] She hoped it wouldn’t be for good. Ara got the notification and saw the picture. It made her laugh, [b “When did you become so playful...I can’t remember. Bye Sy…” ] He hung up and found herself staring at her phone. He’ll be alright. He’ll be safe...then why did she feel still feel worried?

Payton watched the door open. [b “Mission related?” ] She raised a brow. She head downstairs and took a seat again. Ethan hit play and the opening began. Payton stuffed some popcorn in her mouth.
“It’s...complicated. Basically, it’s a fight for throne, trying to stay alive, revenge and stopping the end of the world. It has dragons too, a bit of magic,” Ethan shrugged “I suggest you binge watch it.”
[b “You probably won’t understand a thing.” ] She threw popcorn at Ethan to see if he’d catch it but he tried and it fell in his shirt. Payton turned her head, [b “Ara? That’s who you were talking to.” ]

“Ah, Is Ara that pretty young girl at that art event?” Ethan glanced back at Sylus.
Payton rolled her eyes and smacked his arm lightly, [b “Don’t think about it, I think...she’s nineteen. Your thirty.” ]
“I never said… WHy do you always assume?” Ethan mumbled, “She was
friendly. Is that the person you have a thing with?” Ethan asked Sylus, and soon the show began, so he watched that. The young blonde king, Joffrey got killed by poison. [b “Told you it was going to happen.” ] Payton whispered.

When the episode finished, Ethan shut it off, “Alright, let’s start our game night. Payton, grab the drinks, I’ll grab the board game. Ah, Sylus, you could probably help Payton get out the drinks right? Pick whatever you’d like.”
  Payton / Ravenity / 55d 13h 53m 22s
He never thought that he'd be on a mission with Payton before, but he didn't mind it at all. He was actually glad he could go out and see the world rather than stay at home at the facility. Sylus was laying against his bed just talking to Ara, missing the sound of her voice and just wanting to hold her.

He smiled when he got to speak with her. At least here he can talk on the phone with her. Even at the facility it was hard just to see her. [b "I wish you were here with me. It's beautiful here in Aruba. THe beach is so pretty and the weather is warm"] he told her, glad that she was at least feeling better.

[b "Okay, it's good to hear that there's hope at least. I'm glad that I can still be your guard and that it isn't closed yet"] he smiled and was in a good mood now. [b "I guess you're right. You made me recognize love"] he thought about it and took a picture of him laying back, a kissy face on as he sent it to her. [b "I hope that will hold you off until tomorrow"] he smiled and had to say goodbye.

He heard Payton and then he hung up soon after. He then headed outside and met up with them. [b "Sorry, I just needed to call someone"] he sat on the couch and then he took a slice of pizza, looking at the TV. [b "So what is this show about?"] he asked, taking a bite and seeing the two looking so cozy together. If Ara was here, he'd bet she'd enjoy this too. [b "Ara said Hi Payton. She was checking up on me"]
  ellocalypse / 56d 11h 10m 36s
Who would have ever thought that he’d end up on a mission that involved Payton. Ara wished she was there, so she could be with Sy and hang out with Payton. It always felt like a huge relief when she knew that one of her friends end up in a new place. [+red “Alright, I’m glad your in a good place,” ] She smiled to herself. She wished he was here too but maybe it was better he didn’t see her still in a mess, still trying to recover. She missed him though. [+red“It’s okay, you...helped me out a lot. You were there for me, even when I pushed you.” ]

If only Sy would be it, be with her. She still felt the fear that she may harm him. [+red “No, not yet. I don’t know to be honest. But Tanner was occasionally placed back and forth as my bodyguard before he officially became mine.” ] She saw some of the girls walking in. She got up, to exited the room.

[+red “Oh...they’re not? Although, you know...most of the girls here wouldn’t recognize love love even if it hit them with a brick with a label on it.” ] At least he was in good hands [+red “You should send pictures of the clothes you bought, I want to see,” ] She laughed but then frowned because picking out clothes for Sylus was her thing.

[+red “You have to leave? Already?” ] She wanted to talk to him all day if she could.

Ethan nudged Payton, “Is Sylus coming?”
[b Uh yea... he said he would after his call. Hold on.” ] She passed the bowl of popcorn to Ethan and headed up stairs and knocked on the door, [b “Hey, Sylus, are you coming?” ]

Ara picked up the slight sound in the background. [+red “Oh... Okay, I’ll call you at night? I love you too. Bye for now-but message me when you can, okay?” ]
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He knew it was a far reach for a dream, but he knew Ara wouldn't give up. She was risking her whole life for this, risking the chance to just run away with him to try and save those people. He heard her and couldn't help but feel like it was running to his death, but at least he'll be with Ara.

He didn't know what he did to deserve being sent to the facility, but he did meet Ara, so he wasn't going to regret anything. He listened to her talk about the horrible people that were sent to prison for doing things like that. If only. The people at the facility, especially the ones who ran it should be placed into prison.

Sylus let Payton have some time with Ethan as he sat in his room, calling Ara. He smiled, hearing Ara's voice. He missed her already [b "Yeah don't worry, I will. They're taking good care of me"] he wanted to know how she was. [b "I'm glad you're getting better. I wish I was there to help though"] he sighed and was surprised to hear that Mike was now Alister's body guard. That meant Ara's other guard spot was still open. Maybe he had a chance!

[b "Did they say who was going to be your guard? Do...I have a chance?"] he wondered and then he thought about Payton and Ethan. [b "I don't think they are, she said she didn't have any romantic feelings for him, but they seem so close. I've mostly just been adjusting here. Payton helped me buy some clothes. Just gathering information"] he told her, laying back against his bed.

[b "I know....I want to see you soon too. I'll call you again soon Ara. I love you"] he whispered, not wanting anyone else to hear.
  ellocalypse / 56d 14h 6m 38s
She knew she was right. That was a far reach dream and even if it somehow magically happened, there was no way they were making it out alive. [b "Your death bed." ] She mumbled. She caught him shivering. He couldn't have been cold. Maybe life would have been different if her biological parents had lived. Not that she knew a single thing about them besides that they were late twenties when they died and what jobs they had.

Payton raised a brow and looked back at him [b "Nothing. We were kids. Once you spend time out here, you'll understand. People like that get thrown in prison and sometimes killed by other prisoners." ] Ethan came out, and the talk about pizza and nachos really made her crave it right away. Ethan had less of an appetite than her. Although she saw the pattern that her appetite was always bigger than most people.

She went off with Ethan, sitting on the sofa with him.

It was so good to hear his voice. [b "In Aruba! With Payton? How did that..." ] happen. She missed him too. [b "You should tell Payton I said hi. I know, I talked to him a bit, he seemed really nice. Aww, I miss you too Sy." ] She smiled to herself. She pulled her knees up and leaned against the wall. [b "I'm getting there..." ] She looked down at her ring that he gave her. [b "I'm better than before, really. The guys are understanding, just like you said. Ah, Mike is Alister's bodyguard now, did you know? Payton and Ethan a couple?" ] She wondered. [b "What have you been doing so far?" ]

She felt the ache in her chest, [b "I come back to me soon. As selfish as that sounds, I miss you." ]
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He didn't think that Payton would understand why he was trying to do all of this. Sure it was out of love, but at the same time, she hasn't experienced love romantically yet, so she didn't know. He sighed and just shrugged [b "Maybe you're right. I'm not going to give up though"] he told her and then he looked down at his own scars. He lifted up his arm and saw the huge one his father made and then he shivered a little, feeling it sting. HE would never forget how much that one hurt as a child.

[b "I wonder what we ever did to get sent to the facility as a child...."] he mumbled and then he saw Ethan come out to greet them. It sounded like a fun night, but at the same time, he didn't know if he wanted to barge in on Payton and Ethan time. It didn't seem like Payton wanted that.

He headed into his room and texted Ara, knowing that he's been using cash for everything so that they couldn't track him. He showered and dressed up before going back to his phone and seeing Ara's texts. He called her and then he heard her voice, making him smile. HE missed her so much. [b "Sorry I was in the shower. I'm fine. I'm here in Aruba with Payton and her owner. THey're really nice. It makes me miss you though seeing how close they are together"] he spoke and laid back against his large bed. [b "How are you? Are you feeling better?"] he asked, looking back at the time and wondering if he should even join them outside.
  ellocalypse / 56d 15h 11m 10s
Payton signed, [b “You know for being number one, you aren’t so clever. That man sees everything.” ] It was crazy and she didn’t think anyone in the world could do it unless they were the same type of evil.

They talked together about their scars. It was definitely on them to take bullets and wounds for the people that bought them off, but definitely not die before they did either. She leaned back and frowned, [b “My foster parents didn’t like me much either.” ] She added. At least Sylus understood that they needed to also keep themselves safe. Ethan came out and now that he mentioned it, she couldn’t wait to eat some pizza and nachos. She got up and she raised a brow. A call to whom?

[b “Just be careful who you call. The facility tracks credit card use.” ] She added and dried herself off before heading inside with Ethan. Ethan wrapped his arm around her and asked her what she did outside. She went to go put on some clothes.

‘Hold up. Give me five minutes.’ - Ara.
A little while later, she tried to make the call but Sylus wasn’t answering. It was nerve racking because she had waited forever to get a message from him. She stared down at the phone and would keep glancing back at it. She was catching her breath when Sylus finally called back, [b “Hey! Why did you take so long? I was so worried. Are you doing okay?” ] She took a seat down on the bench.

Payton passed by and heard a bit from Sylus room but just head downstairs with Ethan, leaning into him and popping popcorn into her mouth. She tried to throw it at him but he failed to catch it. "Are you getting along with him?" Ethan asked. Payton shrugged [b "He's okay." ]
  Payton / Ravenity / 56d 17h 33m 31s
He told Payton about what he wanted to do and when she said that, he kind of grew upset. [b "We're going to do it. There's no better person to do it than her. She knows the ins and outs and her father won't even see it coming"] he tried to explain, sighing softly and then he just decided to let it go. People probably thought he was crazy anyway for sticking to someone like Ara.

He was swimming and then when he asked about her scars, he was surprised to hear she took a bullet for Ethan. Maybe the two were getting along really well now. It was good to see she'd do that of her own will. [b "Yeah. I found my real parents thanks to Ara. My father....never liked me much"] he shrugged and then he hoped that it was the last scar.

[b "Yeah I know what you mean. We have to protect them and the only way that works is if we're safe ourselves"] he was glad she understood what he was talking about. After their swim, he glanced up when Ethan came and liked the sound of finger foods. [b "That sounds good"] he liked the playful atmosphere he and Payton had. It was comforting.

Sylus stepped out of the pool and then he noticed Ethan looking at his scars. He quickly grabbed a towel and then he wrapped it over his shoulders. [b "Yeah...I'll join you two. I just have to make a quick phone call"] he headed inside and then he went to his room. He activated his phone and then he texted Ara. [i You awake? Can I call you?] he sent and then he waited for a while, taking a quick shower as he dressed up in pajama bottoms and a shirt.
  ellocalypse / 57d 5h 27m 57s
[b "If you say so." ] She never even thought about bringing it down. That was a deathwish. [b "So, you're saying, you'll die with her? How romantic. Even if someone could pull it off, I doubt it would be her." ] The facility wasn't a problem anymore on her, at least it didn't appear to be. It was before... ALthough, she figured that they were still doing this to other kids. That-bugged her, but she couldn't do anything. She didn't want to get involved.

He must have been out of the facility for quite a long time then. She didn't want to ask why, figuring he was just outside more often and maybe there was more to him and Ara that wasn't saying. [b "And now you care..." ] She noticed his scars, it was so common at the facility, and not so much out here. She looked back when he mentioned his father. [b "Your father...?" ] She thought back to that foster family she was with for a short amount. She later found out with Ethan's help that her real parents had died in a car accident, and didn't have any family themselves. She looked at the scars.

[b "That better be the last," ] She added and leaned back [b "When I first started as a bodyguard, I nearly got the person I protected killed because I got injuried, and it made it harder for me to bring them to safety." ] It was funny, because she hadn't had a conversation like this in such a long time. The other people that she met that were from the facility weren't so...casual.

Ethan was glad to have someone around that was like Patyon. He figured she could use another friend around. It was practically the only reason he accepted it. Ethan walked a bit further ahead. [b "On game's usually pizza, drinks, and some other finger foods." ]
[b " I want nachos if you can find a place," ] Payton raised her hand.
"Your wish is my command my lady," Ethan playfully replied.
Payton laughed, [b "You're such a nerd." ]
"Now you realized? I'll order it for this evening. Want to watch the next episode with Game of Thrones with me?"
[b "Sure." ] She got up on her feet [b "Want to watch us with?" ] She looked back at Sylus [b "It might not make sense, but nothing really does ever on the show." ]
  Payton / Ravenity / 57d 9h 24m 19s

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