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He pulled her in, but Tilla kept interrupting them and it was pissing Sylus off. Not only was she butting in on the only time they had left, but she was calling Ara things that weren't even true.

He did his best to talk some sense into her, but it didn't seem like anything was going to change. She wouldn't let Sylus stay in the room with Ara and was going to focus on guarding her herself. He met her eyes and then he just sighed [b "Just try and get along with her. Ara is really nice. I'm sure she's done nice things for you too"] he headed out the door towards the beach.

When he saw Tanner, he told him that he was going to try and guard Ara more and then he headed towards the back of the house to her window. He waved his hands to try and get her attention, but when he saw her stepping out of the window, he couldn't help but laugh. He couldn't believe she was willing to jump out of the second floor window for him.

He smirked and waited for her [b "Okay Ara! I'll catch you"] he waited for her to jump down and then he kept an eye on her, catching her in his arms as he fell back against the sand. He laid on the ground laughing [b "I can't believe you thought of the same thing as me. This is great"] he smirked, leaning in to kiss her cheek. [b "I hope she isn't too mad when she finds out that you're missing"] he laughed, holding her hand and then helping her up as he wrapped his arms around her waist.
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Ara melted inside when he wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her closer, sharing kisses and there tongues. She wanted it to last. Too bad, it couldn't...

She couldn't believe this. She was sitting inside the room, Sylus was outside and talking with TIlla. She really couldn't stand Tilla anymore. Ara felt that it was unfair. Ugh! It made her so mad. She stuck close to the door and listened on to the conversation, well tried hard to anyway. Sylus was trying to reason with her, Ara felt that he should just slap her right in the face and show her whose boss! This frustrated her. As if she needed to be babied, it wasn't like she couldn't take care of herself at all. She has before.

Tilla listened but what she's been experiencing with Ara, was that she was a brat who didn't listen to anyone and complained about doing things. [b "She likes her freedom way too much. How would she even help you... Fine, I'll try to get along, and I won't call her a brat anymore." ] She frowned, but still needed to guard her [b "But I still need you to leave, I'll watch her door." ] She said and Sylus head off.

[i Are you kidding me!? ] She groaned and sat down on the bed. Now, she felt like she was in a cell and Tilla was guarding it. How depressing. She really couldn't wait until Tilla left, and hopefully she'd have someone who would leave her be if it wasn't Sylus. Maybe she should go out that door and thump her in the head to the point she passed out, and she could have alone time. But...that would be very difficult. Why!? She didn't want to stay here anymore. She was better off sneaking out and meeting Sylus. But, how dare he just accept to leave!? Maybe she'll sneak out and just talk to someone else instead.

She looked around and wondered how she would do it.

Tanner and Payton were chatting since they were the only ones left and then Sylus came abck. There heads turned. Tanner got up and spoke to Sylus, "She won't leave her post. I'd offer to take it from her but she's a hard head and I doubt she'll move. Be careful," Tanner said, and watched him go off again. Payton looked back at him confused "What is Sylus doing?"

Tanner sighed "Going to guard Ara..."
"Both of them? Oh-I see...Tilla doesn't know, does she?"
Tanner's eyes widened "You know? What do you know?"
"Ara and Sylus...they"
Tanner leaned back, "Well know. Well then, Tilla won't leave them alone so Sylus is probably going to sneak around and still be with Ara."
Payton laughed, "That sounds like a mess."

Ara opened the window and decided that she would sneak out through the window. When she looked, she saw Sylus down there waving. Her eyes widened. He had thought the same thing. She looked back at the door, and then looked down at Sylus. She blasted the music from the bluetooth device she linked to her phone and then popped her head out of the window, [b "Hey, wait, let me jump down instead of you coming here. It's better that way." ] She said, ready to jump down from the second floor to get away from Tilla.
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He really wanted to just spend the rest of his free time today with Ara, but he could tell that it probably wasn't going to be much with Tilla around. He wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her in close and then leaning in to give her a kiss. He loved her, the taste of her lips, the feel of her skin against his, he wanted it all just to go deeper, but as he made out with her, someone just had to interrupt.

Sylus told Ara to just relax while he handled it, but he could understand where she was coming from. THe last thing he wanted was for her to report everything that was happening to her father. HE could be killed and Ara could be punished. He sighed and told her to just relax while he took care of it.

He spoke with Tilla outside and when she grew upset, he sighed and tried to talk to her. [b "I know your life depends on it, but if you want to get along with Ara, you can't be calling her things like that if you don't know her. I know she's difficult to guard because she wants the freedom, but it'll be easier on both of you if you understood each other's situations. Tanner and I know how she is and she gets us too, that's why it's gotten easier. We don't insult or judge her at all and she helps us a lot. Just give it some time and respect her. You'll see"] he told her, closing the door and then letting her guard her post.

Sylus headed outside and then he met up with Tanner. [b "I made up with ARa, but it was cut short by Tilla. Ara's upset again. Can you just make sure she's guarding her post? I'm gonna try and be with Ara"] he headed around the house and then he headed to the window of the guest room. He waved his hands so Ara could see him to let him in. He knew it was risky, but he wanted to spend time with her.
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Time together was rare and she was enjoying every second when her mind calmed down and her mood lifted. She giggled and pressed her warm soft lips on him and gave him a kiss. Sylus slid his tongue in and she slid her own tongue on top, gliding against it while her body grew closer to his. And then-The crazy bodyguard was knocking on the door. She felt she deserved a goddamn break for once. Brat. She called her a brat. Ara knew that it must have been only because she had money. As if she could understand all the risks and things she was doing.

That was it. She raised her hand, and stopped herself-and so did Sylus. She didn't really like that, being directed back to sit down. She had a long frown on her face and crossed her arms [b "She called me a brat! And she never leaves me alone, I'm tired Sy! Slap her." ] She narrowed her eyes. [b Or I can take her. I can definitely take her." ] She stated. Sylus went back and she was fighting everything in her being to not just go there.

Tilla stepped out and the door shut behind them. She couldn't believe she had to deal with this brat right now. She had a job to do and she couldn't mess it up. [b "The more I watch her, the more I'm fed up with her bratty attitude. I thought she should be aware of it. I was made aware of the situation where a guard broke into her room and tried to kill her, so I know I need to be cautious. The last thing I care about is her privacy and freedom considering my life depends on nothing happening to her. I need her to listen to me, and I need you to keep away from being inside a locked room alone," ] She stated and felt she had to have it her way.

Then Tilla scoffed [b "She leaves the facility all the time. I don't know how Tanner or even you can stand her, or how she hasn't end up dead yet. She really is a rich brat." ]

Ara had gone close the to the door to listen, and Oh, how she wanted to go knock her in the head a couple of times. She really couldn't wait until Tilla left as her bodyguard.
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He loved seeing where her eyes went and as they lowered on his body, Sylus was smiling because he knew she loved every bit of him. It was nice to see her happy though, knowing he was the reason behind it. When she brought up the date and how she was only doing it for a job, he understood what she had to do. When he started dating her, he never really knew what Ara did, but now he knew so much about her.

Sylus kissed her lips and wanted more of her attention so he used her words against her. [b "I like this idea"] he kissed her warm lips over and over, following her and trying to savor it all and as he let his tongue glide in, he heard Tilla's voice and he was immediately annoyed. Tilla kept talking and then calling Ara names, making Sylus upset as he stood up.

He opened the door and when Tilla brought up all of the right points, he didn't really know how to cover it up, but he needed too. He was about to say something, but Ara came by all pissed off and he understood where she was coming from. He saw Ara raise her hand and then he held her back, directing her to the bed again. [b "Hey, hey. Just get some rest. I'll talk to Tilla okay?"] he let her sit down and then he stepped out of the room with Tilla.

[b "Hey can you stop with the insults. Ara is dealing with a lot right now. More so than any other normal person. Give her a break. I was in there trying to calm her down because she's been through some incidences that are bringing her down. She not like you and I. She freaks out when she has to kill someone and just doesn't fit in with the normal people or us. You need to understand her a little more"] he sighed and tried to talk to Tilla and calm her down.

[b "Just let her be. It's not often she gets to be away from the facility too you know"] he told her.
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Ara's eyes lowered from his hair to his lips when he said such sweet words. It was the right boost to lift her up. [b "Thank you...that means a lot to me." ]She met his eyes, feeling that bubbling feeling in her chest when she looked at him. If she had him everyday, she felt that maybe life would be a bit easer. He realy was supportive. That's why, she knew she need to tell him about that date she went on. It made her happy to know that they would be okay.. [b "They definitely are." ] She kissed him softly and he kissed her one more time and she wanted to last a little bit longer.

[b "I haven't kissed anyone since you've been gone yet," ] She giggled and then nodded [b "But you should get more kisses anyway" ] She pressed her lips on him, kissing over and over, feeling the softness, the familiarity and the warmness of his breath. [b "I know," ] SH smiled against his lips. And then-Tilla.

"Well, I don't exactly trust you either, that's why I came up." Tilla spoke up.
ARa was getting fed up, and had this grumpy look on her face. She talked and talked and called her a brat. A BRAT. As if! THe nerve of her! She could just slap her right now for runining time with SYlus. Ara watched Sylus get up, and she pouted. She sat up and grabbed her phone. Ugh, just great.

"I know enough. Don't think for a second I don't know what may go on when you have her alone." Tilla spoke up again. THe door opened and she folded her arms. She took a peak inside and Ara had a pair of headphones and didn't look happy.

"You shouldn't be inside the room. You should just stand outside," Tilla said.
Ara had it, she so had it. She got up and walked up to the door, "You! Are not the boss of me or him! I'm the boss of you. You are my bodyguard. Mine to order and I demand that you leave-right now.And just to note, Even if I slept with everyone in this damn house, it's none of your business." ] She stated and looked at Sylus [b "Slam the door Sy." ]

"Don't you dare slam the door on me, I'll make a report that you're endangering yourself and you sleep around," Tilla warned.
Ara's face turned red by the anger fuming in her. Now, she was ready to slap her, real hard. She raised her hand and was about to slap her but she stopped herself.
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He knew she wanted to be able to keep loving him for a long time, but it was hard with the way things were right now. He couldn't even spend a night with her with the distance they had. To the world, they were both nothing, but to each other, they were everything. Sylus smiled and held her because it's been such a long time since he's felt this happy.

He didn't think that not being one of them would suck, but he knew Ara couldn't belong in one group or the other. He shook his head [b "You're strong in my eyes you know that. You are an amazing sharp shooter"] he had a grin on his face because only him and Tanner really knew.

He sighed when she mentioned that she was dating someone though. It was all for a mission, but when he said he believed her, he could see the smile on her face. [b "I know you will. Your lips are mine"] he smirked and then he kissed her again and again. He heard her and brought up a proposition [b "So how many times have you kissed THem? Shouldn't I be getting more kisses then?"] he asked, leaning into her.

He loved the way she looked up at him and said she'd protect him as well. [b "I love you so much"] he smiled and then he heard Tilla's voice, making him roll his eyes. He looked at the door and then he just let out a deep sigh and then he faced her, kissing her lips again, not wanting to care. [b "She's fine Tilla, she's just relaxing. Let her get some peace and quiet for once"] he spoke, but then she kept talking.

Ara grew upset and then he frowned [b "You don't know her. Just let her be"] he tried to tell her, meeting Ara's eyes. [b "I'll be right back"] he walked to the door and then he opened it up, letting her see that Ara was just listening to music.

[b "I'm looking after and she's fine"] he sighed, shaking his head. He really wanted to just push her away and get her away from here.
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[b "I do too..." ] She frowned, wishing she could keep up but was feeling a lot better to know that either way he loved her and felt he got what he needed. SHe loved his beautiful grin, and being held so tight. She hugged him tight and felt right where she should be, with him. She smiled when he talked about her smiling. " [b "It's all because of you. I miss seeing you smile." ] She kissed him back, and felt Sylus rubbing her back, calming her down. He just knew what to do.

[b "I grew up with a lot of people, I know everyone thinks I'm weak and well...I know I am compared to all of you." ] She still wished she was stronger, more capable or at least have more power to change and control things, not like how it was now. She listened on and knew about the conference that was coming up. [b "Maybe he does..." ] She knew what she asked of him wouldn't put him in a good spot too.

She brought it up. He helped her feel better and she knew he deserved the truth. The tension in her body released when he said he believed her. She lightly smiled back at him [b "Me too... Maybe if I find another way than I will.." ] He was so understanding... She loved that about him. He was frowning and she knew it couldn't be easy to be okay with it.

He was so sweet. She kissed his lips softly, [b "I know, and I always worry about you" ] He kissed her too and it felt nice to feel this happiness again. She felt like she was right back where they didn't have to pretend. [b "Sy, if I ever give one kiss to someone else because of, you'll earn ten more and much more that. I love you, you're the only one I love like this." ] She pressed her forehead against his, [b "And, I want to protect you you protect me." ]

There was a knock on the door. "Sylus, Ara, what are you doing in there?" Tilla spoke up.
Tilla was really starting to get on her nerves.
[b "I'm listening to music," ] Ara cleared her voice.
Tilla tried to open the door, "Why is the door locked? What are you doing in there? Let be clear, it's not safe to be in a room with any of the guys, even some of the girls alone form the facility in a locked room. No offense Sylus."
Ara groaned and looked back at Sylus eyes, [b "Sylus won't do anything I dont' agree with." ] She then leaned in and kissed him again.
"I'm also concerned about what you agree too, open the door. We should hang out as a group, I was dumb to let only Sylus watch over you." Tilla spoke.
[b "Tilla! Leave me alone!" ] Ara shouted, sitting up. She had enough. [b "Sylus, tell her to go away, please, I am so tired of it." ]
"Brat," Tilla spoke, not meaning to be loud but Ara heard it.
[b "I had it...I had it." ] Ara spoke [b "You are so unbearable! Worst bodyguard I ever had." ]
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He loved her so much and he'd do anything for her because Ara was really the one that gave his life the meaning that he didn't have before. He used to just be a soldier that was taken advantage of and used for war. Never in his entire life did he think he'd ever get to experience all of these things with Ara.

[b "Well....not so much last longer.....I do want to be able to make love to you a bit more"] he smiled, not wanting her to feel like she lacked anything. He grinned and then he hugged her tight, loving how she always felt like she needed to meet his needs or something.

[b "I'm glad you're okay again. I miss having you smile at me like this"] he kissed her, his hand rubbing her back as he thought about Tilla and the others looking after her. [b "She just doesn't know you and what you're capable of. We grew up together"] he told her, thinking about his mission.

[b "I have to watch Ethan when he goes to this importance conference. I guess he needs more protection than Payton"] he told her, remembering what Tilla said. She mentioned Ara going off with guys and it made him wonder.

She told him everything and then he sighed a little. [b "I believe you. I just....wish that when you say didn't have to be dating them"] he frowned, hating to even see her kiss or hug someone else.

[b "You tell me not to worry, but I always worry about you. If it's part of a job, there's really nothing I can do"] he told her, meeting her eyes and just leaning in to kiss her. [b "I don't want them taking your lips away from mine when I barely get any lately"]
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She knew it in her that he always had good intentions with her. She loved how comfortable he was. She looked up at his beautiful eyes that always made her feel like she was home. Everything he was saying made her smile. She always felt like she could never be enough. [b " kind of bothered me because I know you'd like it if I lasted longer. Aww Sy." ] Her expression softened. She ran her fingers through his hair and caressed his cheek. [b "Thank you." ] She sure felt good enough when he said things like that.

[b "I know you are." ] She kissed below his chin. She really wanted to give him all the love in the world, she's just been too stuck in a lot of her stress. [b "Me too. I really could use you." ] She smiled back at him, feeling the heavy wieght in her chest lighten. Ara sighed and then gave a half shrug [b "I'm sure she's great but, she won't let me breathe, and treats me like I'm a baby. I'm not completely helpless! I can kill for damn sakes, and my aim is better than hers." ] It sure had lowered her self esteem.

Ara's eyes widened [b "Really? I remember she liked swimming but, I didn't think she'd beat you.'ve got time right? You'll be here for awhile." ] She wished he was with her instead. She watched him brush his fingers through his hair, and then she fixed his hair up more.

Ara wasn't entirely sure what his mission was but she knew some details. [b "I thought your mission was to hunt someone down?" ] She felt pretty comfortable laying down here with him. She nodded [b "Now I am... There's a lot of things on my mind, I don't want to crowd you with them." ] She then thought about how she still hadn't told him.

[b "Sy...before I tell you, it means nothing to me and it's just goal related. I...went on a date with someone. But I swear, I'm just...using them for something." ] She sighed and felt the strain in her chest. She wasn't the type to ever cheat, but she had a good reason for doing this and she wasn't cheating physically or mentally. She knew it would have bugged her a bit if it was the other way around.

[b "It's really nothing...but I know I should be honest with you." ] She squeezed his hand.
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He came in and could feel the tension in the air, but when he saw her laying there, he had to try and make her feel better. He knew that it was hard when she didn't have anyone else with her like how he was alone at the facility too. Maybe she was still upset from what happened.

He laid beside her and felt her give in, making him smile because he knew she loved him too. He held her close and loved how warm she felt against his chest. Everything about her he loved and he wished she was happy with the way that was.

[b "I do. I know you can't do everything I can, but you can do so much too. Being tired faster never bothered us before. You make me feel loved just enough and I don't mind working hard to protect you. That's what being like this means anyway. You just have to keep being you Ara"] he met her lips and then he smiled, relaxing as she ran her fingers throug hhis hair.

[b "I'm working hard to be. Hopefully it'll be soon also"] he wanted to be her guard already. [b "I think Tilla and you just need to spend some quality time"] he laughed and then he thought about who won the race. [b "Payton won. I can't believe how fast she is either. I really want to get her back and beat her though. She's making me look bad"] he joked with her and then he reached over and brushed his fingers through her hair.

[b "It's nice being out and about, but I also miss having you with me. Payton likes to keep to herself and do her own sometimes it makes me wonder why they needed me here"] he thought, scratching a his head as he faced her. [b "Are you doing better Ara? You know you can always talk to me too if something is on your mind"]
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He came in, and he laid down beside her. He really did feel like her boyfriend. She knew why she loved him so much. [b "Okay, so's safe." ]She whispered and then she caved him and hugged him. The high stressed got to her and she was starting to feel less upset when he rubbed her back and kissed her forehead. He was perfect. She squeezed him a bit tighter, pressing her head against his chest. She really loved him, she could feel it. She felt a bit bad for not holding it together. That she should have spoken calmly.

How could he be so sweet? [b "You really like me like this... I can't do those stuff with you, I get tired way faster than you, and I can't protect myself as easily either." ] She lifted her eyes and he made her smile just a bit. [b "I love hearing that you love me." ] Sylus continue to rub her back and say things she found sweet. If he believed it, it made her feel better. "Thank you," ] She kissed his cheek and took hold of his hand.

[b "I missed talking to you. ] She ran her fingers into his hair, and kissed his lips briefly, [b "I really wish you were my bodyguard...Tilla drives me nuts." ] She lightly laughed and then remembered, [b "Oh...that's right. You had a race, did you win?" ] She figured Sylus would. She thought back to London, where he would keep winning since the others stood no chance in the world.

[b "You must be doing really good being here..." ] She figured since he was free out here. If Sylus could have that all the time, then she'd understand if he didn't stick around her. Although, she knew it would also devastate her at the same time
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He didn't want to bring up the subject of her father at all, but he did want to know the truth. If Ara wanted to tell him, he'd wait for her to tell him because he didn't want to bring up any conflict right now. He felt bad that he was so close to her, but they weren't getting along at all. He went to the room and then he decided to just swallow his pride and see how she was doing.

He let his hands move down her back slowly, laying beside her as he met her blue eyes. He wanted her to be happy, but saw her pouting. She must have been feeling down that it's been overwhelming these days. [b "I locked the door. It's just the two of us"] he felt her arms around him and he knew she wasn't upset at him.

Sylus listened to her and then he kissed her forehead [b "I know. I know you want to be like us, but I'd be happier if you stayed the way you are. Otherwise you won't be the Ara I love so much"] he didn't want her to put herself down at all. [b "You're already strong and you do a good job at what you do. Even I know you can handle yourself"] he hugged her closer and rubbed her back more [b "Don't give up. You know I'm here cheering you on"] he smiled.
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Her dad was a subject she'd rather avoid and if Sylus didn't bring it up, than she didn't want to talk about it unless he treated it like it was a problem. She stayed in the room, but he came over and she tried hard not to look at him, staring down at her phone and then laying on her side. He wanted to talk and she didn't know how to handle herself. He lay down beside her and when he acted like this, she just wanted to curl up and hang onto him. She was still fighting herself on it.

Sylus ran his hand down her back and even lay beside her. She couldn't help but look up at him. He really was kind to her. He said some things that didn't make her happy but, she knew that he wasn't purposely trying to make her upset. She still couldn't help but pout, but she looked at him. She wanted to be together, talk and do stuff they couldn't do normally. [b "Did you clock the door?" She whispered, and then she grew closer and hugged him. She still felt glad to be with him, to see him. He said it didn't bother him that she wasn't like him. It still bothered her...but it was nice to know that he loved her anyway.

[b "I want to spend time with you too." ] She still wasn't upset at him for hanging out them, she was upset about a whole load of other things. [b "I told you, I'm not upset that you spend time with them... I'm upset because I wish I could do those things too. No matter how hard I try, no one thinks I can handle myself or takes me seriously." ] She covered her face, [b "I feel like I should just give up because I can't change anything." ]
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He blurted out that he knew her father was the mastermind, but she didn't confirm it or anything, so he didn't really know if it was true or not. He tried to say that it was nothing and he left, but he didn't know why she was so upset all of a sudden. They had so much fun at the beach spending time with one another...why was mad at him?

He waited by the door and told her that he loved her, waiting to hear a response, but there was nothing. He didn't want to make her even more upset at all, but at the same time, he didn't know what else he could say or do at this point. Still, Sylus didn't want to give up. He only had a day with her and then he'd be back to focusing on the mission and she'd be out of here.

Ethan gave him some advice and he thanked him, hearing Ara's voice as he stepped into the room with her. He saw her laying against the bed and he sat down against the edge, looking over her and he could probably guess she felt more alone than ever. He knew she had it tough too. He never thought it'd be easy for her, especially all the times he saw her get pulled away to be tortured.

He reached over and then he let his hand run down her back slowly, laying on his side beside her [b "I just to be okay"] he faced her, meeting her blue eyes as he sighed a little. [b "I'll make sure we get as much time together as possible, so please don'e be upset"] he tried to tell her.
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