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Ara snuggled into Sylus arm, [b "Aww, you're so sweet. I enjoy watching them with you too." ] She picked up the way he smiled, and it looked like SYlus was really going to help her paint her nails. Who'd ever thought she'd get such a great boyfriend. If she had asked Tanner he wouldn't dare. [b "Really? My face must be realllly amazing. Cute?" ] She raised a brow [b "I'm cute?" ] She kissed him back, and then she was stuck with what was on her mind.

[b "Oh well..." ] The bell rang and Sylus was distracted by the sushi. Thankfully. She ate what he fed her, and fed him back. This was the kind of cute romance she wanted with him. Feeding each other, watching Disney, having him agree to paint her nails. Ah, but she didn't really want to talk about what bothered her about not being good enough.

[b "Yea... I guess we will." ] She sighed. She leaned back and had Sylus arms around her. She never had been hugged this long by someone, and it felt something she didn't think she could live without when they went back.

Ara came back from downstairs and took a seat in front of him. She nodded, and took out the nail polish and did one layer of it first, getting a little bit at the side but she would clean that up later. [b "Okay, you try." ] A laugh bubbled out of her and then she shook her head [b "No, I don't think it's ridiculous, I think it's really sweet that someone like you would do this for me." ] She let out her hand and watched Sylus attempt to do one nail. Ooo...that end up messy. [b "It's okay," ] She giggled [b "Try one stroke down the middle, one at one side, and than the other, without getting to much nail polish. I'll have two a second coat after. " ] She explained and let him do the other. She didn't care so much if he did it perfectly, because it was Sylus who was doing it and she found it so sweet.

When he was done, she smiled and said [b "Thanks sy. Now I just have to let this dry a bit...and do my left hand. Do you want me to paint your nails or just one?" ] She teased.
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When he faced her, he kept his eyes on her and then he smiled when he was given the option to watch a Disney movie with her. He did love watching those and he did associate it with being all snuggled and bundled up with Ara. [b "I do. Everytime we watch them together it makes me really happy. I enjoy them"] he was glad they were spending some time like this together right now. All he wanted was to be close to her before they had to finish the mission and head back to the facility.

She talked about painting her nails and as Sylus glanced over to look at her hand, he had a smile on his face. HE couldn't believe she was asking him to do that for her, but in truth, Sylus would do anything for her if she just asked. [b "I'll help you out Ara. Especially since it's really hard to say no to that amazing face of yours. You're too cute sometimes and I can't help it"] he admitted and then he leaned in to kiss her again.

[b "What is it that you're thinking? I want to know?"] he told her, thinking about what she wanted, but then she changed her mind. He fed her the rest of the sushi and then they talked about a few things that bothered them. Sylus smiled [b "Well you know I only want you and I'm glad you only want me too. We'll make it work somehow"] he wrapped his arms around her and hugged her, seeing her head upstairs after the movie.

Sylus waited and saw her bringing down the nail polish. [b "HOw about you do one finger and then I'll do the rest. I'm a fast learner"] he told her, smirking and then he watched her, soon hearing her laugh [b "I know it's ridiculous me doing this, but I want to help you if you really want me to"] he smiled and then he followed after her, painting one of her nails. Sylus got some on her finger and he wasn't sure what to do. He tried to fix it, but it looked all messy [b "Aww, I'm sorry Ara"] he frowned, not sure if she was upset at him or if he was doing a horrible job.
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How she loved Sylus arms around her. In her eyes he was such a softy, watching Disney movies with her, cuddling with her and kissing her the way he did. She giggled and flashed a smile [b I did. I'm glad you like watching them with me." ]] Ara held onto him, adoring Sylus and had wished that...she could satisfy him enough. If she could have, then maybe... He said he was happy but she knew he was disappointed when she got tired. [b "Thanks." ]

Ara shrugged and laughed, rubbing her head on his shoulder [b "I don't know, but it's not easy for me to paint my right hand. Will you give it a shot? For me?" ] She pouted a little, fluttering her long lashes. Her cheeks warmed when she thought about what she had wanted. It was definitely dumb. Sylus would laugh at her. [b "Haha, well I'm pretty sure it is. I don't know why I thought of it." ] She shrugged.

Saved by the bell. She had a piece in her mouth because Sylus fed her, and she kissed his lips right back. She fed him and saw the way he smiled. She was going to miss seeing that smile. Would that smile go away when they went back? She reached for another one and nodded.

[b "Sy..." ] She nudged, because he fit in each catogery, [b "You are that kind of guy. Besides, I'm pretty dangerous too, and, I have a hard past too. I just...want someone who will understand me more. A normal guy wouldn't get it..." ]] She snuggled into his arm and played the movie. And...

He reminded her of what he did. She didn't want to remember that. He made a mistake...and he was never going to do that again. [b "Still...I..." ] She frowned, [b "I want to be good as you. I want to make you feel like your content. I don't...want you to want someone else because I can't give that. Not that I think you really would..." ] She sighed. She returned her focus on the TV and it was a great movie. [b "Yea, you did. you have to show me more." ] She ate some more sushi.

[b "Ha, yea, maybe it will. ] She smiled and felt him lean in, kissing her cheek. She let her fingers go through his hair. THe movie came into an end. She flashed a smile and go tup [b "Okay, but we can do it here. I'll bring it down." ] She head up grabbed a very light teal nail polish and made it beside Sy. [b "Okay, Sy, can you do my right hand? Or do you need me to show you how to do it first?" ] She asked. She couldn't believe that she was getting Sylus, a badass, ranked number one, killer painting her nails. She had to laugh at that and then contained it. [b "Your an amazing boyfriend." ]
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He was never introduced to anything like this before and ever since he started spending time with Ara. She was always the one that allowed him to keep his emotional side. Many of the guys at the facility were dead inside, had no emotion and just were rid of everything that made them human, but Ara left a soft spot in him.

He hugged his arms around her and then he cuddled with her on the couch. [b "Well you were the one that first showed me these movies. I like watching them with you"] he admitted and then he shook his head. She must have been tired that night, he didn't really care if she fell asleep on him or not. It was his fault for not coming back home earlier.

He stayed beside her and didn't want her to think that she could never satisfy him. She always could. He just made one mistake and didn't want her to be dealing with that the rest of her life. [b "I'm very happy with you Ara"] he asked her if she wanted anything and when she did, he laughed a little [b "You think I'll do a good job at painting your nails? I don't think so. You're the painter"] he laughed and then he wondered why she stopped speaking.

[b "What do you mean? Nothing you want is dumb Ara"] he told her and then he heard the door and grabbed their food. ONce he was seated back down, he fed her some sushi after kissing her lips. He took a bite of the sushi and then he smiled, holding her close as they watched the movie. [b "You really like those kinds of guys? But they're the dangerous ones"] he told her and then he thought about it. He figured he fit each of those spots.

[b "You're not bad. Just because I made one mistake doesn't mean you can't satisfy me. I was the one that was wrong Ara"] he told her, keeping his eyes on the screen and then liking the main character. She was strong and stuck with her decisions. She was so smart too. He smiled [b "I showed you how to fight. I'm sure you can take down some normal people"] he laughed when she spoke, realizing it sounded like a child's dream.

[b "Me too. I wish that could happen. Who knows, maybe it will"] he snuggled into her neck and then he kissed her cheek. The movie came to a close and Sylus ate the rest of the sushi. WHen he glanced back at Ara, he thought about how they still had the rest of the day. [b "Maybe we can head back up to your room and relax for a while. I'll make an attempt to paint your nails"]
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If people knew that an inhumanely strong bad ass guy liked to watch Disney movies with her, she didn't think they would believe it. Sylus made her grin, and hug him so tightly to be smuggled into him. She couldn't really see it. She couldn't see Sylus as some cold blooded killer that he was trained to be, all she saw was a guy who loved her and was gentle and king to her.

[b "I love how you'd watch Disney with me." ] Ara giggled, allowing her weight to fall on him, putting her feet up on the sofa. "[b "Oh, well... because I fell asleep, I shouldn't have." ] Sy felt their heads touch, and she felt pretty warm inside when Sylus was with her.
She heavily sighed, [b "I do. I just hate not being able to satisfy you enough. I want to be everything you want and need. I'm happy with you too." ] She smiled, snuggling into his neck, and finding the movie. [b "Mmm, okay, so do I. We can sleep in the same bed." ] She nodded and pressed a finger to her lips, while she was in thought. What did she want him to do to make it up to her? She had some innocent thoughts and then some dirty ones. "Help me paint my nails on my right hand, and..." ] Her cheeks went warm [b "I want...I want...never mind, it's dumb." ] She shook her head. She heard the doorknob ring, and she paused the film, waiting for Sylus to go get it.

Sylus came back with sushi! Her eyes lit up and she leaned over and took one and tossed it in her mouth. [b "Mmm, no I'm good. Thanks Sy." ] She turned her head, and only noticed how close he was, surprising her with a kiss. She kissed his lips back and found another piece of sushi at her lips. She happily took a bite and took another one and put it right to Sylus' lips. She then wrapped her arms around his arm and snuggled in. It felt just perfect.

"[b A normal guy? I don't think I can." ] She titled her head. When she thought about it, she didn't think she could ever be interested in some normal guy. He wouldn't understand her, he wouldn't know how to survive in the world she lived in. He would probably be...weak. [b "No, no, I wouldn't. I like guys with hard pasts, that are strong and get a little overprotective...and very very sweet ones." ]] She smiled, but...she didn't see how Sylus was okay with her.

[b "I guess you're right... But I don't want to be bad for you either," ] She frowned, and found his words sweet soon after [b "Awe, I love you too." ] She hit play on the movie and decided to keep feeding Sylus. She watched mulan make a hard decision and it made Ara wish again about being stronger. If she could just be like that...for a least just one day, then maybe she'd never want it again. [b "She's really cool. I wish I could learn how to fight better." ] Her eyes glued on the TV, than she realized how much time he had on her hands. She still had a whole afternoon and night with Sylus. Being locked up here...really wasn't bad. [b "I wish I was a Disney princess, than I'd get a happy ending, and be with you." ] She laughed.
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He didn't want to see, speak, or even look in that man's direction. That man did nothing but abandon him and his mom and since his mother couldn't take it, she sent him to the only place she knew. He felt alone and just about ready to die after that, but when he met Ara, he had a new light, a new reason to keep moving forward. There were people that cared in this world. All he needed was his father to help him get to be Ara's guard and maybe he'd just forget about everything.

He felt her lips against his cheek and he smiled, nodding his head [b "Sounds good. I like that one"] he smiled and then snuggled up with her, his arms around her waist and then he listened to her apologize. [b "Why are you making it up? I told you that I would"] he rested his head against hers and then he frowned as she spoke. [b "You don't need to think that way Ara. You know I love you. I only love you, not some girl at the facility that can probably keep up with me in bed. I'm happy when I'm with you"] he held her hand and then he thought about what he wanted.

[b "I just want to spend time with you tonight. Maybe sleep in the same bed again. But what do you want me to do to make it up to you?"] he asked, kissing her cheek, then hearing the doorbell. Sylus stood up and then he opened the door, stepping outside and then he paid for the food. Sylus opened the box and took a bite out of one piece and felt fine. He headed inside and locked the doors, walking back to Ara.

He sat beside her and then he opened up the food [b "Okay, eat up. Just let me know if you want anything else and I'll get it for you"] he leaned in and kissed her lips, bringing a piece of sushi to her lips, grinning as he watched her take it in. [b "You can be happy with a normal guy, yet you stick with me too. We both want this, so you shouldn't be thinking about who's best for me. Just like you, I love you"]
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[b "I don't either..." ] She sighed, and now she had promised to be in his life. She hoped after he did that for Sylus that she wouldn't really have to keep it. Sylus hugged her and she hugged him right back. She leaned into him, turned on the TV and was trying to figure out what to watch this time around. This place...she was really going to miss it. It was going to be so weird when they had to leave. Ara frowned, and Sylus wrapped his arm around her, giving her a bit of comfort.

She kissed his cheek and then smiled. [b "Okay, disney it is. We can watch...Mulan ?" ]]She found it and put it on. Sylus kissed her cheek right back it made her just smile. He really made her feel so loved.

Ara's eyes widened, [b "Oh...right, I did fall asleep. I hadn't meant to..."] She sighed [b "I...kind of drank too...and it made it easier for me to pass out. I'm sorry." ] But... Today was a new day. [b "I could, make it up to you today." ] She smiled and shrugged and leaned in and kissed his neck. She leaned her head on the shoulder and frowned [b "I'm sorry, I can't be like you... I know that some girl from the facility would probably be a better match but, I can't help but love you." ] She took hold of his hand, intertwining fingers with his. She played the movie and snuggled into Sylus [b "Do you have any ideas of how I can make it up to you for passing out?" ] She spoke softly. She still felt like that she didn't really owe it to him because he didn't tell her why he went off with Tanner, but she didn't really want to be mad about it anymore.
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He didn't know what she was worried about, but sometimes he did take things a little too seriously. He wanted Ara to be well protected and at the same time, he was going to make her feel safe. No wonder why Tanner does a good job because Ara never really knows she's in danger. He wanted to get to that level and protect her.

[b "I guess you're right Ara. I just don't like anything that has to do with that man"] he told her, frowning and then feeling his side aching. He felt that sting on his scar and then he pulled her into a hug, feeling her warmth surround him too. She always made him comfortable and happy, but he didn't know he made her feel that way too.

He suggested that they order take out and then he pulled out his phone. He called in for an order of sushi and tempura rolls and then he hung up and followed her to the couch. Sylus changed into a shirt and some shorts before he sat with her and nodded [b "I know. I'm going to really miss being here with you"] he wrapped his arm around her on the couch and then he saw her talking about how she wasn't going to abandon anyone. He did admire that about her.

He felt the warmth of her lips against his cheek and then he looked at the TV. [b "I want to watch some disney with you"] he told her, smiling and then leaned into her, kissing her cheek softly. [b "You know I was really sad when I came home yesterday and you were fast asleep without me"] he pouted.
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She wasn't getting that much information out of him, but maybe Sylus didn't know too much about it either. She smiled when he said he wanted to be by her side. Ara slouched into the seat [b "I know. He frustrates me too...but I know he frustrates you more. But, I have to do what I have to do to make sure there's less gamble on what you'll be after graduation." ]] She felt his arms wrap around her, and she found it pretty sweet. Ara lead her weight fall more on him, wrapping her own arms around him.

She nodded [b "Okay, I understand. I don't want anyone to find out." ]] She hugged him tightly. It looked like she couldn't go out today but, so be it. Ah, too bad...but at least she was with Sylus. She smiled [b "Mmm, we can. I like that idea." ] This penthouse...she was going to miss it so much. She was going to miss their life here, the memories and spending more days with Sylus, or waking up to him. She could almost cry knowing that she wouldn't be sleeping in the same house, or bed, or see him in the morning and have breakfast with him. It...was going to be so different. [b "I don't want...this to change." ] Her voice grew weak [b "I don't want to go. We painted for the first time together here. We shared a bed, mornings, late afternoons and spend time with Tanner and Clyde..." ]

She lifted her eyes up to his. Make it up to her? Oh, yesterday! Ara's face lit up [b "Mmm, I'd like that. I want to cuddle with you." ]] She got up, ready to go downstairs. She took Sylus' hand and was about to lead the way downstairs. Her smile fell. She shook her head, [b "I can't Sy. There are bunch of other kids, teens, just like you that need help. The longer I'm away, the less I can do. IT's not like...I don't want to but I can't abandon them. I wish it wasn't me who has to try to change things but I think I might be the only one who can. " ] She wished it was different. She head downstairs with him and snuggled right up to him. [b "I want to forget about that all now..." ] She kissed his cheek.

She turned on the TV [b "Is there a specific type of movie you want to watch? It can be anything. I know you don't have a choice back at the facility." ]
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He didn't know who exactly was following him, but he did his best to make sure that Ara was safe. IF it was one thing, he'd make sure she was protected from anything and anyone. Just like Tanner, he'd never let anything happen to her. [b "Yes, it's not too bad. There just may be someone fallowing us that's it"] he told her, looking over at her when she asked him a serious question.

[b "Of course I do Ara. It's all I want to be, by your side protecting you. I know you would and I'll do anything for you too. It's just that man....frustrates the hell out of me"] he told her, moving towards her and then he wrapped his arms around her waist to give her a hug.

[b "We're okay. It's just that back where we were, I could tell that someone was trying to either get some dirt on your or follow you and watch. We can't be seen doing anything together...otherwise it would look suspicious and we both know what'll happen to me if your father finds out"] he frowned and then he thought about going out to eat.

[b "Well we can go shopping tomorrow. How about we call in some food tonight. Here, I know that no one will watch us or see us"] he told her, looking around and then he looked at the penthouse. [b "We do have a lot of good memories here. Hey, how about I make it up to you for spending time with Tanner? I'll order take out and then maybe we can cuddle on the couch or something?"] he suggested, thinking about one thing. [b "If I'm your guard, maybe you can even go back to school and we'll be okay?"]
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When was the last time she had a sudden threat that she wouldn't have predicted? The second Sylus told her they were in some kind of danger, put her on alert. She didn't want to take any chances. She watched Sylus careful, wanting answers to her questions. [b "You're sure?" ] The tension in her body loosened.

She only wanted the best for him, and she would do anything to keep him safe. [b "You wanted to my bodyguard. You still want that, right?" ] Her voice grew quiet. [b "I don't like asking for him a favor either but, I'll do anything for you." ]] She didn't know how hard she would handle being away from him, and didn't know what would happen to him. Since he was number one, he would probably be sold to one of the richest people in the world, or do constant assassinations mission. The first, would put him on leash...probably, and the second, would give him a lot more freedom, even money but also mentally torment someone. She didn't know how much more it would change Sylus if he did assassinations though, and how often she would see him.

Ara leaned back into her chair, [b "Okay... Well, my danger level is always at a three. But, what's the detail? How do you know it's dangerous?" ] He still hadn't answered her question about if they were being followed while in the car. [b "Is this...what you and Tanner were talking about? I want to know Sy. I kind of wanted to go eat out for dinner tonight, or do some shopping before we finish of this mission..." ]]

It seemed like she was on lock down. [b "Well... I'm not sure what to do today then." ] She got up, and decided to change her clothes. She stripped down out of her dress, and wore a shirt, and a pair of blue short shorts. She put her hair up in a bun and sat down, and end up looking around, knowing she'd have to leave this all behind. [b "It's going to be really hard...leaving our penthouse. We might never come back after his mission is offer." ]] And she didn't want to let it go. They had so much fun here.
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Sylus was surprised to hear that someone from the facility wants to watch over Ara and get some dirt on her. Why? What would exposing her do? Get her in trouble? Have a guard she was messing around with killed? He knew that something was up and he was slowly putting pieces together, whether Ara told him or not. Clearly she was important and her father was capable of taking over another company.

When Tanner left, he was taking all of the precautions he needed to take. Otherwise, he didn't know what else to do. He closed and locked all of the windows and doors in the penthouse, covering all the windows as well. He didn't want anyone finding out where Ara was right now, not until they gave up. Sure Tanner lost them, but he still needed to look after Ara.

When he came up to her room, he sat down on a chair and then shook his head [b "No one's trying to kill you. Tanner left to take care of some things"] he told her and then he mentioned how he never wanted to thank his father for anything.

[b "Well...if I end up doing something I want to do, thank you Ara"] he told her, feeling like all of his hard work was almost nothing now. If his future depended on his father and her father doing him a favor....what was the point of being number one?

He watched her on her computer and the he tried to calm her down [b "It's about a three. Nothing I can't handle, and nothing you should worry about. I just want to make sure you're safe tonight"]
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[+blue "I am eighty percent sure he's the same man working for one of the facilities business associates. If they're watching Ara, they might want to get some dirt on her or even use her as a hostage, so watch her very carefully." ] Tanner eyed Sylus and always felt nervous about letting anyone else guard Ara because they didnt' have the experience and they didn't know Ara as well as he did. At least, he wasn't worried if Sylus cared enough to protect her. He went out of there the next second.

Ara turned her head when she heard the door open. She frowned and doubly blinked. She rested her arm at the back of the chair while she looked at Sylus, [b "What? Why is it dangerous? Was someone following us while were in the car?" ] She tried to recall where she put her gun [b "Should I grab a gun?" ] She didn't know how much in danger she was. She saw that Sylus had closed the curtains from the tall ceiling first floor in her view too. Was he expecting someone to snip them? Her eyes widened [b "No one is trying to Right?" ]

Wait... [b "Where did Tanner really go?" ] Her forehead wrinkled. Her eyes followed him take a chair and sit down. Now, she didn't care so much about what had happened, more so she wanted to know what was going on. And...Sylus brought it up again.

[b "No, I never said to thank him Sylus. I hated thanking him.... I just...want you to..." ] She frowned and wondered if she should lock the door to the bedroom too, [b "I just want you to thank me. Well, some things you can't do on your own. You can't tell the facility 'I want to be Ara's bodyguard' or a specific place. If it isn't for me meddling in it, you would most likely end up doing strictly assassinations. So, a small thank you would be nice." ] She was going to leave the part where she now had to include Shawn in her life out.

Her fingers wrapped around her knees, [b "Now...On a scale to one to ten, how much in danger are we in?" ]
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He didn't feel at his best right now and at the same time, he didn't want to be anywhere near his father. The last thing he wanted was to ever ask him for a favor, and yet here Ara was going to meet with him and beg him to put in a good word for his son that he abandoned. He was drinking some coffee at the cafe, but when he saw Ara's text, he walked back to where the car was, taking a see inside and just sitting quietly.

He felt TAnner hit the gas and he immediately knew that there was something wrong. He looked around, out the window and then he heard Ara say you're welcome. His amber eyes ignored her because he didn't feel like he should be thanking her for speaking with her dad to ask him for a favor. If he did, he felt like he would have to owe his father, but he didn't owe that man anything.

They made it to the penthouse and Sylus stepped inside and then he looked back at the two. Their mission really was going to end soon. He guessed that maybe this could be it. The last time he spent any time with her and TAnner. He heard Tanner and stepped into the kitchen with him.

[b "I sensed something too. Do you know who he is?"] he asked and then he watched him leave quickly. He had to do his part too or else Tanner would be upset. He put his emotions aside and took the necessary precautions. He locked the door and then he began closing all of the windows, making sure they were locked and the blinds were closed.

He then went into Ara's room and did the same, locking the doors and closing the curtains as he watched her on her computer. [b "Stay inside okay? It's dangerous outside"] he told her, making sure she was secure. He needed to make sure she was doing okay, so he took a chair and then he sat down inside of her room, keeping her company as he listened and looked around. He would glance back at Ara [b "I don't want to thank my father for anything. I would rather do things on my own"]
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Ara ducked her head and sat in the car. She was a little too interested in her phone to pay attention to Tanner. He seemed a little tense, but that wasn't too out of the ordinary. Tanner spotted a man sitting on a bench across the street, having a face that appeared familiar to him. He kept his eyes on the person, until he went in the driver's seat. He saw the man get up. [b "Ara, tell Sylus to hurry it up, I have a lot of things to do." ]

Ara nodded and saw Sylus message back. Where did he go? She leaned against the seat. [i Great, I feel like I betrayed him for agreeing to be around Shawn. ] But, it was worth it, as long as Sylus wasn't going to be put in assassination only missions. [i ' I think it is surprising... Tanner said to hurry up. ] She replied and waited. The second Sylus got in the car, Tanner hit the gas, and was driving a little too quickly. Ara glanced back wondering if they were being followed but she couldn't exactly tell just yet.

[b "You're welcome." ] She added, feeling still a bit moody and she felt that maybe he should thank her for trying to help him and ensure that he wouldn't end up in horrible place after he graduated. They got to the penthouse and Tanner walked with them up, and in the penthouse. [+blue "Looks like we have to develop a real plan to end this all." ] He crashed on the sofa.

[b "Yea...and then we go back." ] Ara frowned. It would be much easier to say yes to going to school, but she couldn't do that to everyone back there. She missed seeing some faces and she didn't know if they were even alive. Tanners phone rang, he picked it up and went outside to speak for a bit and then he came back. [+blue "I can't blow my cover. Sylus, I need to talk to you." ]

Ara raised a brow [b "Why? Are you planning something behind my back again." ]
[+blue "No, it's a guy thing." ]
Ara shrugged, [b "You can tell me." ]
[+blue "Ara..." ]]
She frowned and rolled her eyes [b "Whatever then..." ] She head upstairs into her room, figuring she might as well go on her computer and try to figure out how to deal with his new plan.

[+blue "I spotted a familiar face and he might be a threat. He was tailing us, but I lost him. Whatever you do, make sure Ara doesn't leave this penthouse, at least for today and protect her. If she gets hurt, I'm not going to lie, I'm going to hurt you back. Take care of her, and quit fighting. She may be moody, but it's only because she's afraid of losing you." ]] And then he was out the door.
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