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Thinking about after they had to let Arlus go made her upset. That was reality of it. They couldn’t be there for Arlus every day and she didn’t know when they would be able to. She worried that this may drag on for years and they’d never really get to truly raise him. [b “I hope…we can find a place for him that’s safe and that we can visit often.” ] She knew those two things would be very difficult.

They painted the wall well. She thought it looked good, it was flat and quite cute. It surprised her hearing that she was the one that made the mess. [b “You did?” ] Ara asked and frowned. He had… [b “I’m sorry.” ] Ara said once more. He hugged her. [b “This whole time I thought you were messy too.” ] She sighed. She felt quite bad about it.

He held her in close, kissing her. She blushed a bit, [b “But they were pretty dirty thoughts.” ] Ara shyly said. There was a huge list of things she had thought about, or well popped into her head. Ara felt her back touch the wall and her shirt lifted, “Someone…Klara…and us again but strangers too-it’s weird. It’s really weird.” ] Ara said.

Ara lifted his shirt over his head and locked her eyes on him. She missed this. She moaned, “We did do it quite often.” Ara said. She’d close her eyes and melt to the feeling of him kissing her neck. She’d slid her hands up into his shirt, to lift it off him. [b “All...I want.”] She smiled at that.

Sylus unhooked her bra, and then felt her ass. She’d hold onto him, letting him pull down her shorts. She then would tug off his shorts too. She’d lock her lips with his and kiss him deeply. She felt good he didn’t mind. She’d feel up his chest, “Is there anything you’d like for your birthday Sy?” ] Ara asked, wanting to be sure she got everything she felt she needed for tomorrow.
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He knew they wouldn't be as bad as their parents, but he knew it was also still very possible. He really wanted to be able to raise their little boy with so much love and to know that no matter what, mommy and daddy loved him. Even if they were far away, they'd figure out a way to talk, be on camera, and do something for him to hear their voices.

He smiled [b "I know Love. We'll make sure he's safe somewhere that he could be loved so much too. We'll visit him as much as we can"] he didn't like the thought of already thinking to leave Arlus, but it was something him and ARa knew they couldn't avoid right now. Just getting the year off was already rough.

They continued to paint and he would finish off the landscape and she did the dragon. He mentioned how all the paint came from her, but when she didn't really believe him, he'c chuckle a bit. [b "I've told you before, but you never believe me"] he pulled her into a hug, and kissed her cheek. [b "It's fine. I'm used to your messy painting. You make beautiful art anyway"] he laughed.

She finished her dragon and he thought it looked really cool. Sylus hugged her in close and met her warm lips. [b "I do like it when you think about me"] he listened to her talk about what she was thinking of and when she mentioned him and doing things, he smirked a bit, until she mentioned someone else. [b "Who else?"] he wondered, slowly lifting her shirt, taking it off and then pressing her against the wall.

He loved her and had been holding his urges the past few months, but he couldn't get enough of Ara. She was too sexy. [b "Mmm, me too. I missed having you all to myself.....three to four times a week"] he pressed his lips down her neck, kissing her soft skin and taking in ARa's scent. She smelled so good and so familiar as he leaned into her caress. He heard her and told her she could have him whenever she wanted. [b "Yes you can have me all you want"] he slowly pressed his lips down her neck, unhooking her bra and then running his hands over her ass. He would slip his hands into her shorts, slowly pulling them down. [b "Mmm, you're so sexy Love"] he felt himself getting so aroused feeling her skin.
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[b “I feel like doing as bad as our parents is very difficult to achieve,” ] She knew she would never do what her dad did to her, or what his parents did to him. They would give Arlus as much love as they could possibly give him. [b “I know, we will…I just hope he won’t be missing us too much.” ] Ara said. She still didn’t know where they were going to leave Arlus. Arlus had to be somewhere safe, and be taken care of, well loved while they were not there. She wanted him to feel wanted, and grow up into a normal life. She was sure Sylus wanted the same for him.

They painted away and then Sylus mentioned how she got paint everywhere, but he did too. She’d laugh and then her laughter died off when he said no. Ara’s eyes widened. Was he serious? She looked down at him [b “Are you telling me all this time it was me?” ] Ara asked and didn’t hink that was possible. [b “Really? Are you sure?” ] Ara said and frowned. She blushed, feeling a bit embarrassed now. Has she been doing this the whole time? [b “Sy…I’m…so sorry.” ]

He finished the ground, and she would finish off her dragon.

Ara felt the pull toward him. He pressed his lips on her and she was remained of how sexy he was. All the fun nights they have had. Being held down and being done by him. Seeing his scarred chest and getting kisses and giving kisses everywhere. Ara released a soft moan at her ass being hugged and squeezed.

[b “Would you really like to know?” ] Ara’s blue eyes would fall off his, her cheeks warmed, [b “Some of them…it was pretty intense. You making me…or me doing something to you. And some…there would be someone else there too.” ] Ara mumbled. She was so aware of the feeling of his fingers reaching up her shirt and his hand over her ass.

She felt slightly ashamed for her feeling so horny. But she felt good when he said it was okay. It made her smile to him and meet his eyes. His lips were so sweet, warm and was making out with her. She nibbled on his lip playfully and kissed him deeply. She giggled when he complimented her, “Hmmm…not as good as you.” She said. Sylus backed her up and it was so darn sexy, it made her hold her gaze on him. He pinned her back, and kissed her neck, [b “AHmmm…darling I missed this. I want you so bad.” ] She’d feel him raise her shirt. She was only lift in her small shorts and bra.

She already felt her body react when he said it. [b “AHmmm…yes…yes, I wanted it so bad.” ] She said, already falling into a daze. She smirked and would stroke his cheek, “[b “Really? To do it with me…” ] She liked that power, because she’s been wanting him so much lately. Especailly when he’d cuddle with her so much and give her so much love. She always got attention from him but it was extra since she got pregnant.
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He thought about how well it was turning out the more paint they got on the walls. He would paint around and then listen to Ara so he would get the major paintings done. Once he finished the gray wall, he moved to the ground, painting around the bottom and then worked on the sky.

[b "You'll be a great mom. As long as we do better than our parents, we'll be fine"] he assured her, smiling as he kissed her cheek. [b "We'll give Arlus all we can"] he promised her, knowing there was still a lot to do to keep their baby safe. They even had to figure out where he would stay while him and Ara went on missions.

He saw paint on himself from ARa flicking it everywhere. She didn't seem to get it. [b "No Love. I mean, all this is from you"] he pointed to the paint on him and then he laughed, seeing how cute she was, being oblivious to it all.

He finished the sky and the ground, but would listen to her when she mentioned being horny. He pulled her in adn pressed his lips against hers, his hands moving down her back, hugging her ass as he pecked her lips once more. [b "Oh? What were you imagining about me?"] he asked, smiling, as he ran his fingers up her shirt slowly. He felt her hand over his ass once more [b "Aww Love. It's okay"] he kissed her lips and made out with her slowly, [b "Your dragon is so good"] he backed her up against a wall they hadn't touched yet. He pinned her back and would press his lips down her neck, kissing as he quickly pulled her shirt over her head.

[b "Let's make love"] he told her, wanting it so badly because he hasn't had her in days as well. HE missed doing it with her too [b "All you have to do is ask and I'll be here"] he smiled.
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She wanted to find a dragon stuffed toy too. She thought about getting it custom, just for Arlus. She wanted it to be something special only Arlus could have and could take with him wherever he went. Sylus made her smile when he talked about Arlus and her. [b “Thank you.” ] Ara said, and then sighed, “I still worry if I’m ready to even be a mommy. I don’t think I am. We’re still so young and there’s so much to do. I don’t know if I can give Arlus enough.” ] Ara said. She still didn’t even know where they would keep him after.

They’d paint and her mood was all so good when she was painting for Arlus. She noticed Sylus with more paint then there was on her. He was such a messy painter. It was kind of cute though. Ara giggled to herself. [b “Hmm?” ] Ara turned to meet his eyes. [b “I do? I guess we both do. I mean, look at you-you have paint everywhere.” ] Ara giggled. She was completely oblivious that ninety percent of that was her.

Sylus was painting the ground, while she worked on the dragon. She’d see him bending over and it made her think to wonderful hot nights with him. Even that one night…especially that night since she was so horny. She remembered just sticking it… [i Shake it off. ] Ara thought to herself. But, she did want to make love to him.

[b “Yes…tomorrow.” ] Ara said and hoped that he was fine with it. [b “We don’t?” ] Ara’s eyes beamed. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in close. Ara kissed him back deeply, feeling the warmth and then pressing her chest against him. [b “I’m… I’m…so horny.” ] Ara whispered, blushing, [b “I’m okay with it. I was worried if you weren’t. I can’t stop my mind from imagining stuff.” ] She admitted. She’d look at his eyes and then kiss his lips once more, and he hand would feel over his ass, [b “Stuff I’m not even proud of. I just missed doing stuff with you.” ]
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He was painting the wall grey, imagining coming in here to see their little baby boy and the lifting him up in his arms to stop him from crying. He was really excited, but there were still a lot of things he didn't know how to do. He took in a deep breath and then he looked back, seeing Ara finish her outlining, imagining her holding the baby, putting him to sleep. It would be so adorable, he couldn't wait.

He would feel her teasing him, messing around with him as he chuckled, wanting her as well. It was pretty easy to want to be intimate with her, but he always did his beat to hold himself back because he didn't know how she felt about it all.

He finished his side and when he brought her lemonade, he took a sip and saw how amazing her dragon was. [b "It is. I'm sure Arlus is going to love it. His mommy is such an amazing artist!"] he said proudly as he slowly started to paint under the mountains. He helped her out and would bump her and get paint on each other, making him laugh. [b "You know Love, I don't know if you know this but you tend to splatter paint everywhere when you're painting"] he chuckled, laughing a bit and then seeing his own clothes.

He helped her color in the ground and then the sky and when he heard her, he looked back [b "Huh? Tomorrow?"] he remembered it was his birthday. [b "Oh you're right. It is. Love, we don't have to wait until tomorrow if you don't want to. We can do it tonight? Or even right now"] he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her in close, giving her a kiss. [b "I miss doing it with you to....I just never knew how you felt about it since you're carrying our baby"] he told her.
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She thought about Arlus while she made the outline. She wondered if it was possible for him to remember this room. Maybe not, but she hoped that she could show him pictures. She wondered what he might look like, and what his personality would be. What he might want to be when he grew up. She felt good doing this for him. She wanted to a family with Arlus and Sylus one day. Maybe even have another one.
And… Her eyes would gaze back to Sylus and just get attracted. He came after her after she came after him.

She’d slowly smile thinking of raising him. [b “Mmm, I would really like to. We might not get to spend so much time with him but, I want him to feel loved.” ] She wanted to be able to teach Arlus many things. She’d sip on the lemonade Sylus brought them.

Then her mind slipped into many dirty things, things that she felt ashamed of but couldn’t help but feel turned on about them. Ara smiled when he complimented her drawing. [b “Thank you. It’s going to turn out real nice. I”d love for you to help me.” ] Ara said, while pressing her chest against his arm. She’d feel him hold her ass and squeeze. She’d just casually place his hand even further. Oh boy. She’d clear her throat and take more the lemonade.

[b “Yes. The paint takes awhile to dry though.” ] She said. She grabbed a brush too. They’d get started on the mountains together. Sylus would bump into her side at times and splash her with paint. She giggled and realized he had paint on him too. Hmm, guess he got himself messy. In truth, it was actually her. Ara let him paint the ground, while she painted the dragon. She’d catch a sight of him. She took her phone for a second and took a picture of him. She hoped one day, she could show Arlus.

Ara felt the little flutters inside of her again. It was a weird feeling but it was nice to know he was there. She’d paint the dragon carefully.

Then her mind slipped onto how Sy’s body would look so much better if he was undressed right now. Or a fantasy about painting on each other’s bodies. Or even… [i Oh god. ] Ara thought to herself. She’d look at Sylus and decided she couldn’t withstand it anymore. Besides…she needed to know.
[b “Sy… um…do you think it’s okay…if we’re intimate, I mean have sex tomorrow? It’s your birthday. I’m really ho-I mean, I really miss it.” ] Ara said and then said, “It’s okay…if you’re not comfortable with that. I know I don’t look the same.” ]
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He was excited to see their baby growing more and more each day, but at the same time, he was a bit worried about when Ara grew bigger and if she would be okay when things grew tougher. Either way, he would be right beside her so he could ease her tension.

He helped bring the supplies up to Arlus' room, helping to clear the floor and then put up the table. They had a ladder in the room as he watched ARa slowly trying to draw the outline on her side of the wall and he thought her dragon, the sun and the mountains were both starting to look really good. It did make him feel really proud that his girl was also such an amazing artist.

He hugged her from behind after she got some free touches and Sylus would wrap his arms around her, holding her and kissing her cheek a bit. [b "You are. IT looks good Love"] he smiled at the way his room would end up looking. It was really pretty.

[b "We are. We'll raise him and teach him way better than our parents ever did"] he promised her and then he headed down to grab them some lemonade, bringing it up and then he handed one to her. He took a sip and then he'd slowly start finishing off the grey color. He glanced back and found her to be so sexy right now. HE wanted to just pin her against the wall and have her, but he wasn't sure how she felt about him taking her while she was pregnant.

He saw the amazing outline she did. It looked really good [b "Oh wow Ara. It's perfect. The dragon looks so cool and with the bright sun and the mountains, it'll be such a nice color. Do you want me to help you start painting?"] he'd ask, feeling her chest press against his arm. He'd reach behind her and hold her ass a bit, squeezing and then kissing her cheek.

[b "We can get this done today and then let it dry and start putting in the furniture in"] he took the brush and grabbed the paint, letting ARa give him directions and he would start painting in the mountains, bumping into her side sometimes and then he would playfully splash a bit of paint on accident.
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Ara made a slight face when he talked about kicking. She heard not so great things later on. It was going to suck near the end of it. [b “It’s probably going to feel weird. But I am excited about him being able to hear us.

They bought the supplies together. Then they were in the empty room. They began working and then split ways in the room. She was focused on it but also did catch glimpses of Sylus. He didn’t notice though. He was focused too. IT made her smile to see him working on it. Ara came behind him, giving him a kiss, and feeling his ass and then quickly going away.

Ara felt warm arms wrap around her from behind. She blushed a bit. [b “I’m…drawing the outline?” ] Ara innocently said. She’d feel good when he kissed her cheek. She’d feel his hand over her tummy and up to her chest. Ohhh….her mind filled with the image of him doing her from behind and holding her down. Her face warmed up. Her response to his words came out in a delay. [b “Thank you. Well I don’t think he’ll recognize images but I think he’ll like the colors. We’re going to have to teach him a lot.” ] Ara said.

Sylus went back. She’d fix up little mistakes of the outline while he head down. She’d watch him go, and wondered where he went off to. Sylus returned and she saw the glasses of lemonade. She’d take the glass and would imagine kissing him deeply and then Klara… [i hold your horses. ] She sighed to herself. She did read that this stage was going to make her more horny. When she rested in bed they were crazy. Thankfully they all included Sylus…just not only Sylus at rare times. [i It’ll ware off. ]

She’d take a sip, realizing she’d been just standing. She’d feel him rub her ass, and she’d moan like she was a virgin whose never felt someone touch her ass before. Damn it. She’d then fake moan again when she was sipping the lemonade, “This lemonade is soo good. Thank you darling.” ] Ara said. She’d lightly laugh. She didn’t know how Sylus felt about having sex while her tummy was a bit bigger.

Ara took a few steps back to look at the outline from a farther distance. She’d tilt her head and decided it was good to start painting. She’d look at Sylus [b “What do you think?” ] Ara asked. She’d look at him and would just hold his arm and press her chest against his arm just to ease her temptation a bit. But it wasn’t really working, it was making her want more. She’d stroke his back a bit before they’d get started.
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He was glad to have Ara at his side because he didn't know where he'd be if she weren't here. The ultrasound was going really well so far. They were able to see their little baby's face, his hands and feed. He was so tiny, but at the same time he felt so real. Their baby was doing well and he felt so glad for the two of them.

He followed ARa to the car [b "I can't wait to feel him kicking or to have him listen to my voice. His amber eyes would look over Ara, feeling so much love for her. She was carrying his baby and working so hard for them to become a family. HE loved her so much

WHen they were at the store, buying supplies, he helped her carry the bags to the car as he drove her home. They were getting such good news today and he wanted to make sure their baby boy's room was perfect. THey set up the empty room, covering the floors and then covering up the moldings with tape. Sylus dressed in just a shirt and some shorts as he helped paint the first layer. He heard Ara mumbling something, but when he glanced back, she didn't say a thing.

He took in a deep breath and would start painting the other wall. When he looked over, he noticed that Ara was drawing the outline of the mountain and dragon. She looked cute going into her artist mode and he'd watch her work. But then he'd get side tracked and he would try to finish painting the wall.

He felt warm lips on his skin and when a hand went to his ass, he glanced back and then he chuckled. Sylus went over and he wrapped his arms around her from behind. [b "WHat do you think you're doing Love"] he chuckled, kissing her cheek, his other hand gliding over her tummy and then up to her chest a bit. He watched her paint. [b "You're picture is looking so perfect. Our little Arlus is going to love it"] he smiled, soon going back to his side and then he finished painting the wall grey. He'd head down into the kitchen and he would make them both some lemonade, taking it back upstairs and then handing one to Ara. He'd walk over and rub her ass with his hand, missing just being intimate with her.

[b "Here Love, drink something, we've been working so hard"] he smiled, happy to be painting with her.
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It made her feel good to have Sylus right by her side for the ultrasound. She saw the screen and would pick out the little body inside her. He was so tiny. She felt so good to know the gender. Arlus. “Yea,” Ara smiled looking at the screen with him. Now they can call him by his name. She’d raise up and walk along side him. [b “Mmm, not yet. He can hear a bit of my voice but not much, and he can’t hear you yet. But in a little over a month he’ll be able to hear us and feel it when I’m touching my tummy.” ] She said.

Ara felt excited to get the paint and pick some colors. Ara giggled [b “He will. We’re going to make the dragon teal. It’ll be his guardian.” ] She said. They got in the car and arrived at the paint shop.

Ara looked through the colors and picked out whatever type of yellow matched with Sylus eyes. A lady came in and asked her a lot of questions because she could tell Ara was pregnant. Sylus stepped in between and got her out of it. She smiled and held his hand for a bit. They’d pick out the paint and grabbed brushed and tools they needed.

Ara nodded [b “Mmm, I think so. I got masking tape.” ] She said. She had a lot of it. They made their purchase and she’d carry some of the bags to the car with him.

The room was completely empty. The furniture and décor were in a storage room in the house. She had changed clothes into a over-sized t-shirt and shorts that were hidden underneath the shirt. She had put her hair up. She didn’t want to get her nice clothes messy. Once they got the floor covered, they needed to mask the molding. [b “Mask the molding on the ground.” ] Ara mentioned. They went onto doing that together. Ara would steel glances at him, his ass out when he bended over. “Temptations. Resist.” Ara whispered to herself. She concocted an image of them getting messy in this room and then…
She would space out for a moment and get herself on track, finishing it up. Then she’d open up the paint, [b “Okay I’m going to create the outline of the ground, mountains and dragon. Sy, you can paint the other wall that light grey while I’m at it.” ] Ara said.

She’d grab a pencil, and would begin to draw the outline. She’d steal glances at Sylus. And at one point she’d walk behind him and kissed the back of his neck and feel his ass. Whoops. Ara made it back quickly and started to finish the outline. Which would take a while. She’d mask out the mountains with masking tape to make it straight. She’d also grab some thread, pin it into the wall and use that to help make the circle of the sun on the wall.
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He would finish eating breakfast and then look over at ARa, feeling really excited and nervous at the same time. He wanted nothing more than to be able to make sure she was doing okay and their baby was healthy. [b "Me too. I hope everything is going well"] he slowly cleaned up and then he headed to the doctor's office with ARa.

He made sure to stay at her side, soon being seen into the doctor's office. He watched as they did an ultrasound on Ara, making him get really nervous. Sylus would look at the screen and then he would see what the doctor described. She mentioned seeing little eyes, a head, nose, and little arms.

He grew more excited and when she mentioned that Ara and the baby were doing well, he felt so relieved. THey revealed the gender and Sylus couldn't stop smiling. [b "We're going to have a baby boy AR!"] he stood in shock, seeing the image on the screen and feeling so lucky. THey were having a baby together. [b "A son, little Arlus. I can't believe it"] he hugged ARa, smiling when she mentioned speaking a little. [b "Really? That's amazing! So he can hear us"] he looked so amazed and he really was excited.

[b "Okay okay. Let's head over to the paint store and pick out some paint. I'm sure our little boy will love the dragon. I'll help out too"] he thanked the doctor and headed out, bringing Ara back to the car as he led her towards the paint shop. He led her inside and then he spotted Ara and a lady talking to her. He'd see her coming in a bit close and Sylus would step in between when she got inches within him and ARa.

He tugged her arm and walked with her towards the paints, picking out some yellow, gray, and teal paint with her. They grabbed some brushes and tools before Sylus would take her hand in his [b "Love, is that everything?"] he asked, letting her pick out a few things and some decor as well. The room already had the crib they wanted with some furniture they bought overtime.

He helped carry the bags back to the car, looking at the time before driving them home. THey were soon set up in the bedroom and Sylus would open up the cans of paint, letting Ara plan out what she wanted to do and then him trying to figure it out too. [b "Okay Love, what should I do. Just let me know and I'll follow"] he said excitedly, wanting to see their baby's room come together.
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She made breakfast quickly for them. She’d return a smile to Sylus when he thanked her. [b “I’m a bit nervous.” ] She said while munching on her bacon. They were also going to check if everything looked okay and she worried that maybe something was wrong… Plus, she’s been waiting to find out the gender with Sylus for awhile.

She’d bundle up and go the doctor with Sylus. Ara would hold onto Sylus arm while they waited. This was private though. There were no security cameras. If they had any she would remove all footage because she couldn’t risk it. By now there baby was the size of an avocado.

Ara laid back and would try too look at the screen too while the doctor was doing the ultrasound. She saw the glimpse of a tiny baby, head, nose, little arms. She couldn’t believe it was inside of her. [b “Mm, and there body. ] Ara said. She wondered if everything looked okay. She felt relief when the doctor said the baby was doing well.

[b “Ready.” ] Ara said. Sylus came and held her hand. A lot build up to this moment, so the suspension was killing her. It felt like an adrenaline rush waiting for the final words to be said. Ara’s jaw dropped and she giggled and looked at Sy. [b “It’s an Arlus.” ] She felt so good to be able to call him by a name now. She’d look at the image again and get mesmerized. She felt the flutters in her tummy again. She’d look at Sylus and squeeze his hand.

She’d get up and she thank the door. Ara walked out with him, feeling pretty excited to know it was Arlus. [b “We’re going to have a son, and he’s going to be so cute. I already feel little faint flutters,” ] She mentioned and then decided to say, [b “Did you know he can feel me speaking a little now?” ] She said. It was still too soon, once another month to two months he could hear better.

[b “Let’s go to the paint store Sy. I want to make that dragon I’m going to make teal.” ] He was still sticking with making it mostly yellow or more so the color Sy’s. She’s heard that was the first color babies could see really well. She’d let him drive and she knew he must have been excited too. They’d arrive to the paint store, and a lady start talking to her, getting too close and being kind of annoying with her questions. Ara just moved away and would pick out the colors with Sy.
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He was having fun out in the snow and it felt really good to be able to play with them on Christmas. Even Nyx and Queen were dressed in their booties and enjoying the ice. They ran around and looked all over the backyard curiously as Sylus saw Ara and Klara tossing snowballs. He did his best to protect her.

Over the next few weeks, it was getting easier to work with Kiyoshi, knowing that they were leave soon. Sylus made sure to build up his trust and keep in close contact, providing good communication for him with the facility. They even introduced Klara and talked about how she was going to be taking over once they left.

It would get a lot easier for them as well because Klara was good at what she did and she always immersed herself into her work. She didn't have to worry about protecting her significant other or a baby on the way. She'd be able to see things from all angles. He'd also help her when she needed him. That also meant they'd be in Japan with her for a little while longer.

In the morning Sylus was fast asleep. Ara's warmth was so comforting that felt so good to be able to stay beside her. He felt something warm on his neck and then a kiss on his cheek, waking him up. Sylus would rub his eyes and then he would remember what today was. They'd get to see what the gender of their baby was.

He quickly got up, changed into some jeans and a sweater, putting his coat on and then heading down. Sylus was greeted by their pets, hugging them each before smelling the food and seeing Klara. [b "I can't wait to find out"] he sat down and they ate together. He'd wrap his arms around Ara and kiss her [b "Thanks for making breakfast Love"] he started to clean up when they finished and then he headed for the garage. Sylus started up the car and he helped ARa in, holding her hand as they drove to the doctor's.

After they waited in the waiting room, they were led to the doctor's office, having a seat as Ara was laid back on the bed for an ultrasound. THe doctor used the tool to take a glimpse along her belly, showing the black and white image on the screen of their baby. [b "Oh...ARa, I can see their little face"] he smiled, seeing the doctor look around more.

"THe baby is doing well. They're growing slowly and you'll start to feel more movements, even some kicks. Are you two ready to find out the gender? I can let you both know right now"] she told them. Sylus held ARa's hand and he would look up at the doctor in excitement. [b "We want to know what our baby will be"] he met Ara's eyes, feeling so happy.

"You two are having a baby boy!" the doctor congratulated them.
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Sylus blocked the snow from making impact at the same time she had ducked. She would nudge his shoulder and laugh [b “It’ll be fine.” ]
Klara would laugh seeing the snow land on him. They would have so much fun but Sylus always seemed too focused on protecting Ara from any snowballs. Ara knew that he would get even more like this the more there baby would grow. She wondered if he would be very restricting later, which concerned her.


It was the end of January. Sylus birthday was only a day away. She’d watch him while she laid in bed. They promised each other they would go buying paint and other things for their baby’s room after they went to find out the gender. She’d snuggle into is warm body. She felt light flutters in her tummy too. “Guess you’re up too.” Ara whispered. She had read somewhere that by now their little one could hear a bit. Her tummy was showing more than before, curved but not so bluntly obvious. Her body was doing really well. Her figure was still retained for the most part. She’d kiss the back of Sylus neck. She’d rise from the bed and get changed. She’d pink on maroon red dress, tights and socks.

Ara would nudge Sylus shoulder and kiss his cheek, “Darling, wake up.” She’d say. She’d let Sylus wake and get changed. She went downstairs. She noticed Klara laying back on the sofa. Her and Sylus still had to deal with Kiyoshi now and then, but today was the last week, then Klara would take over. Thankfully, Sylus was being placed to protect her still and occasionally help Klara.
[b “What are you doing up early?” ] Ara asked.
Klara looked up at her, “I slept really early. I have to handle something in two hours. Is Sylus going to make breakfast.”
Ara sighed, [b “How would you survive without us? Sylus is coming down.” ] Ara said. She went onto starting breakfast anyway, making eggs and bacon.
“When I come back, you have to tell me.” Klara reminded.
Ara smiled and nodded as she came into the kitchen, [b “I will.” ]
When sylus came in and she’d hug him and kiss his lips. Lately, she felt more energized and even more eager…so-so damn eager. She tried to contain it but was getting really overwhelming. She suspected a certain something being the reason.
[b “Let’s eat up and get going.” ] Ara said. Then she’d feed their pets first. Petting them and then sitting down with all of them to eat breakfast. She felt nervous about today.
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