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While the movie played she had her head on his lap. She looked up at him, [b “Look after me as in, and protect me? That’s all I really need.” ]

Ara made the call and got permission she hung up. She stood still for moment, lost in thought. He actually sounded worried…what was up with him lately? New York was out of their territory. They had a rival company there and her father wasn’t able to buy off any loyalty from the police force.

[b “I’ve been a few times when I was younger. I don’t remember much… Apparently though, it might make protecting me a bit more difficult there.” ] She shrugged and head up the stairs, and would look over her shoulder when he spoke, “I have...some clothes.” She bought for Sylus and she planned on giving it to him later. [b “I’ll buy you new clothes at New York.” ]

She packed her clothes, and would close the closet at one point, planning a little too ahead. She packed it all up and stepped out. She messaged their personal pilot. [b “Let’s go?” ] Ara smiled. Once they had everything packed, they drove to the airport. She would glance at her phone, wondering why he hadn’t messaged her yet. She sent a message to him ‘Sy, I’m coming to New York. I just want to talk, please. Again, I’m sorry for the text message I sent before. Honestly, I know it’s my fault.’ She sent but then she realized that none of her messages were seen. Why?

By the time they boarded on the plane, she felt sick to her stomach. She looked at Joseph who would have to sit beside her. She frowned…and wondered if she deceived him on this trip. [b “Hey…Jose… I kind of…didn’t tell you something. The truth is, Sylus is in New York. I want to see him. But, I promise, I still want to go sightseeing with you, have meals together and have fun.” ]

She looked back at her phone. [b "Why isn't he replying?" ] She mumbled to herself. Then she got a text message from Tanner.

[i 'Ara, it's not a good idea. It's also really dangerous there and I'm not sure Joseph knows how to protect you' ] He sent. Ara sighed and [b "Jose, you're good at being a bodyguard right? Tanner is worried you'll mess up." ]
  Ravenity / 18d 13h 55m 34s
Joseph knew that he might of been the reason why she broke up with Sylus, but he didn't think much of it. He came back and he wanted to be with Ara again because he remembered how much she meant to him. He wanted to get her mind off of Sylus, but she was really set on that guy. Even meeting him for the first time, he didn't seem like anything special. Still, Tanner thought highly of him.

He brushed his fingers through her hair and tried his best to relax her. He wanted her to fall for him again and have him be her number one. "If you really want to Ara, I can definitely look after you" he told her, soon hearing her call her father. Joseph stayed at her side, relaxing as he listened in. Her father didn't seem to have a say and Ara hung up quickly.

"Sight seeing? That sounds fun. Have you been to New York?" he asked, slowly getting up and then looking over at her. "Well then you better go pack. I don't have much clothes on me and my things are already in a bag since I just got here" he followed her up to her room and then he watched her pick out some things. He's never seen anyone put so much thought into what they were wearing like Ara. Still, he was excited they could just get away, just the two of them.
  ellocalypse / 18d 15h 24m 22s
[b “It’s not like I wanted to in the first place. If you didn’t… Then I wouldn’t be in this mess.” ] It stressed her out. She felt like it was some kind of bad dream. She couldn’t see herself separated from Sylus, not yet. She felt like this was just some fight, and that he’d accept her again because she loved him, because she hadn’t meant to do those things. She was sure he had to forgive her somehow, that he’d understand somehow that she was in a horrible state. She took a deep breath and grabbed her phone but it was taken away.

She felt Joseph’s hand in her hair, it was relaxing. The movie finished and she knew that maybe she should give Sylus space…but what if space made him accept the breakup? [i He has to still love me. ]
She forgot about getting permission. [b “Well… My aunt lives in New York. I could tell him I’m visiting her. The new mission won’t start until two days from now.” ] She decided to leave the whole ‘boyfriend’ part up because she knew Sylus was there. She exactly where he should be. She didn’t think Joseph would agree if he knew.

Ara smiled when he agreed. She reached over to take back her phone and gave her dad a call, “Hi-no it’s not emergency…Yes, but this is the fastest way to reach you. I want to go visit Aunt Lydia, since I haven’t seen her for a long time and she hadn’t come to my birthday…I know-but I may make the trip? I will be back before the meeting…No, I don’t need another bodyguard dad. If I do, you can send Tanner to New York after he’s done. I’ll be fine-I won’t get arrested. Yea, bye.” She hung up and looked back at Joseph, [b “We can go as soon as I’m done packing, come on.” ] She took his hand and brought him upstairs to her room. [b “Jose, we can even go sight seeing together,” ] She said while she went into her closet and then looked back at him, [b “We could shop for you in New York too.” ] She smiled gently and began having hard time picking an outfit. What outfit said ‘I’m sorry and you should forgive me?’ She packed what she needed and a bit more.
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He knew that Ara was still hung up on this Sylus guy, but it wasn't doing her any good to be dwelling on him when it was over. HE felt her leaning on him and he just kept her warm, his arm around her waist. He told her that he'd be here, that he'd love and care for her no matter what, especially since he was her guard.

"Either way Ara, just don't cheat again and you'll be fine" he told her, finishing up the movie as he wrapped a blanket around her. He took her phone away from her, hearing what she said. "Okay okay Ara, just relax" he brushed his fingers through her hair, but when she asked to travel, he really liked the sound of that.

"Do you think we really can? They'd let you just go to a different place if you wanted to? What about your missions? Your boyfriend?" he wondered, feeling her hold his hand. He really wanted to grow closer just the two of them though.

Joseph thought about it and then he nodded "Okay. Let's take a trip" he smiled at her, hoping that would at least cheer her up and forget about this Sylus guy. "When should we leave?" he wondered, now getting a bit excited.
  ellocalypse / 19d 9h 30m 59s
[b “I hope so.” ] But…then, what about Sylus? Would he even give her another chance? Would he still want to be her bodyguard? Her chest ached thinking about it because she plotted this crazy idea of fixing this up and then living together, having a family together. She leaned onto Joseph’s shoulder. She liked how he sounded like he cared about her. She did something bad, so she felt like she deserved it.

She stared back at him when he mentioned he was always around her now, [b “Well, if I wanted to cheat, you wouldn’t be able to stop me either way.” ] But she didn’t want to cheat, she didn’t want to cheat on Sylus. She felt horrible for it and she couldn’t get rid of this horrible feeling that she killed maybe the least chance she could ever have this little thing that was growing in her.

She didn’t mind Joseph holding her in his arms, because she felt upset and it reminded her of before. Not a disappointment. She didn’t want to talk about that considering she slept with him. She was sure she hadn’t performed well either since she was out of her mind. She raised a brow, and then looked away. There was nothing that could really lift all of this off right now. She didn’t know what was more devastating, losing Sylus or losing their baby.

She rested her head eventually onto his lap, watching the movie and then pulling out her phone. Her phone was taken from her hand and set aside. “I’m going to get him back,” She mumbled and whispered to herself. She held onto his arm, continuing to watch the movie until it ended. [b “Jose, I think…it would be fun if we travelled. Maybe to a place like New York, what do you say?” ] She raised a brow, “We could make a trip of it, and you can tell me all the things that happened the past three years.” She held onto his hand.
  Ravenity / 19d 10h 12m 49s
He didn't think he would be taken away again. From the sounds of it, he was told that he'd be ARa's guard for a while. They needed someone strong like Tanner. He had the most experience in outside combat and his sense for danger was top notch. "I'll be here Ara, you won't have to worry" he promised her.

HE just wanted to make sure she was safe and if her current boyfriend was leaving bruises, he wouldn't have that. "No one should be hurt like that. You don't deserve it and he shouldn't be harming you at all" he stated and then he relaxed on the couch with her. He told her that Sylus wasn't coming back and she should forget about him, but she kept dwelling on that. "I'm next to you 24/7" he smirked and then he sat close, holding her in his arms. "You're not a disappointment. At least not to me" he smiled and kissed her cheek and forehead.

"I can keep you happy. Just watch" he promised her and then he finished up the movie. He would rub her shoulder gently and then he leaned in, leaning his head against hers. He remembered how it was like when she came to visit him in his room. HE really enjoyed being in her company. "Ara, don't worry about it" he held her phone and put it aside, moving over to grab her a blanket as he wrapped it over her shoulders.
  ellocalypse / 19d 10h 53m 15s
But things weren't the same as it was before. [b "'re taken away again. I don't want that." ] She kept her voice low. He was still such a hard topic. She valued him so much, and now he was alive.

Ara sighed [b "No, even if he's harming me-as long as it's not threatening to my life-just stand down. I'm capable of handling those petty attempts of his anyway. It's not like I'm that weak, I've killed plenty of times." ] She shrugged. She figured she deserve to get hurt anyway for what she did. She didn't really even want to defend herself. She bit down on her lip and shook her head, [b "But I it's fine if he harms me a little." ]

She sat down on the sofa with him, eating cookies and she was reminded by Sylus. She rolled her eyes, [b "Yea, well, I loved Sylus and I cheated on him so what makes you think I wouldn't cheat on you? I thought I knew myself too, but apparently I cheated." ] She wiped her eyes and she felt him rubbing her shoulders. She wished being human was an excuse.

[b "He said it didn't matter too but I'm sure it still kind of does. It matters to me. I don't like feeling like I'm a disappointment. " ] She struck him with a pillow because he had pissed her off for what he said that Sylus didn't care. She pouted when he lectured her on being stronger and independent.

[b "Yea, but I can't control if I'm happy now can I?" ] He hugged her, and she continued to put but it was nicer being hugged. She allowed him to kiss her cheek and her forehead. She leaned onto him, [ b "Okay...fine." ] She said and continued to watch the movie with him. She drew out her phone eventually...and still no message.
  Ravenity / 19d 21h 18m 19s
Even when Ara was upset with him, she usually lightened up within a few hours. She could be mad, but at the same time, he knew she had feelings for him and sometimes he'd take advantage of that kindness. "Well I'm here. The missing can go away" he tried to tell her, figuring that her boyfriend wouldn't dare try a thing when he almost crushed his hand.

He nodded "I will only hurt him if he's harming you" he told her, knowing that Ara's relationships were mostly for her own benefit and the mission's benefit. "You don't deserve being hurt Ara" he told her, knowing he took advantage of that moment, but he really missed her.

THey relaxed on the couch and when he took her cookie, he fed her one back, putting it in her mouth. He let her relax with him, but mentioned she didn't need that Sylus guy and should get over him. It was clear she wasn't over him and he poked a sensitive subject again. "I don't think I would've left you. You wouldn't have cheated on me. I know you Ara" he told her, wrapping his arm around her shoulder, rubbing it gently. "You're only human. It's normal to make mistakes" he was surprised to hear she's slept with him too.

"It doesn't bother me what you can and can't do in bed. I want to be with you still" he tried to cheer her up, but it wasn't working. He felt the pillow and then he narrowed his eyes at her "Ara....remember we're going to focus on being stronger and more independent. You have to be happy" he pulled her into another hug and kissed her cheek and then her forehead. "Come on, how about you just relax for now. Let's finish the movie. You like these kinds of movies. I remember"
  ellocalypse / 20d 5h 4m 29s
Ara nearly forgot how easily she dropped her anger on him, even if she knew she should stay mad. [b “I still am mad… I just miss you.” ] She held onto him for a while. She didn’t know what to do with him here, if he’d stay her bodyguard for a long time like Tanner or would be temporary. And if he was temporary, where would he go? What would happen to him? She didn’t want anything to happen to him. “I know. You’ve always forgave me too back then.” ]

She lifted a light smile when he said he’d do something if that fake boyfriend tries to do something. [b “Thank you…but make sure you don’t hurt him. I need him to like me until I get something I need from him. Besides, I can handle hard grip or even a slap-it’s nothing.” ] She shrugged and then she mumbled, [b “I deserve it anyway.” ]

She sat down him and they ate cookies and as she held on in her hand, she noticed him taking it from her, [b “hey,” ] She pouted and patted his shoulder, [b “Feed me,” ]She pointed to her mouth, [b “Since you took it from me.” ]

As she watched, she remembered Sy and hoped that she could still make him happy somehow. He didn’t have to know it was her… She felt her chest ache and then Joseph spoke and it made her even more upset. She sniffed, and half sobbed [b “Yes he does, he does care about me. He does…” ] But as she said it, she didn’t know if he did anymore because of what she did. [b “Stop saying stuff like that! So what if he left me… You’d leave me too if I cheated on you wouldn’t you? Everyone leaves me because I’m horrible, a monster, and so weak. Maybe he even got sick of how I couldn’t keep up with him in bed…and who would want to be with me?” ] Her eyes watered and she felt him poke her side. She jumped a little and narrowed her eyes, [b “This not the time to be tickling me. ] She whacked him with a pillow. Their relationship used to be like this too, she’d always throw a pillow or hit with a pillow when she was mad-since it was almost the only thing she could throw in his room that wasn’t too light or wasn’t too heavy.
  Ravenity / 20d 12h 43m 41s
He knew that losing him was painful and being without her made him realize how much he's been mission when he wasn't himself. "Either way, I really do miss how you can't stay mad at me for that long" he hugged her and then he nodded "I know. I missed you too. You're my first love too you know" he told her, soon meeting her other boyfriend.

The man clearly was a jerk. He was forceful and he dragged ARa around it seemed. He didn't want anything but to sleep with her....clearly not caring about her well being. Then she brought up Sylus again and he sighed, why did she keep talking about him? They were over. "Well just let me know if he does something you don't like. I'll catch it before it happens" he smiled and followed her towards the couch and sat with her.

THey watched a movie and Joseph munched on the cookies, sometimes stealing it from her hands as he kept his eyes on the screen. She mentioned Sylus again and he shrugged "I don't know Ara, but just forget about him. HE left you. That means he doesn't care about you anymore. Don't worry. I'm here though and I won't leave you" he rubbed her back and then he tried to relax her, poking her side to try and tickle her.
  ellocalypse / 21d 5h 2m 55s
It still affected her, losing him like that and losing herself like that. [b “I should have too.” ] Her blue eyes fell on him, [b “I’m not. Not usually.” ] She wrapped her arms around him, feeling a long ache in her chest. She always had him in the back of her mind and it wasn’t until Sylus came into her life that she slowly stopped thinking so much about him. She sighed, with him she always was. [b “I’ve missed you…that’s all. You’re were a big part of my life.” ] Just like Sylus still is.

She closed the door, feeling relieved to have dodged this one this time. It hung over her though, how she would be able to get him to what she wanted-and then not sleep with him. She shuddered slightly, she had to avoid that at all costs. It surprised her a bit that he had grabbed her wrist so hard. Her wrist was lifted, [b “It’ll be okay. Right…boyfriend. You guys never once hurt me and your way stronger. Even Sy must have been so mad, but he didn’t hurt me physically. Why does he have to grip so hard,” ] She mumbled and her eyes widened a bit when he kissed the back of her head. She felt little tingle.

This closeness, she didn’t want. She didn’t want to fall deep into anything, those tingly butterfly feeling she got when she was around him. She still ached, and just letting her mind come close to it again, she felt like she would break. She went to go grab a package of cookies and then would sit down with him on the sofa. She always wished to do something so casual with him. She offered cookies to him, watching the incredibles. She pulled up her legs and decided she would get a few movies to bring to the facility, [b “Do you think, everyone would like kid movies there still? Sylus…likes them…maybe, maybe he’ll come back and he can watch the movies I gave to everyone and it’ll make him happy, I can still make him happy.” ] Her voice started to break and she pressed her forehead against her knees.
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He shook his head "It's fine Ara. It was my plan and I should have known better" he frowned, feeling bad because all of this happened because of his crazy ideas. "I was spontaneous back then. I never thought about what I was doing. I still do that now, but less" he smirked and then he felt her hugging him. Joseph smiled and hugged her back "You're always so hot and cold Ara."

When he went inside to change into some warm clothes, he heard the door and checked. Luckily it was just Ara's other boyfriend. He walked over and then he squeezed his hand when he was about to grab her. He was clearly an abusive boyfriend and Joseph didn't like him touching her.

He let the two talk, but when he said alone, Joseph just kept his mouth shut. He'd be listening in anyway to make sure she was safe. Once he left, Joseph looked at her wrist and saw the red marks "Here, let me take care of your wrist. I can't believe your boyfriend would do that to you" he sighed sadly and then he kissed the back of her hand.

"I'd like to spend time with you" he smile and then he sat down with her, watching her move around. He really did miss Ara and he wanted to spend more time with her if he could. If only she could feel that same spark again.
  ellocalypse / 22d 10h 26m 26s
[b “I know. And you shouldn’t apologize to me. I almost killed you.” ] She shook her head.

She met his eyes, and remembered that he must have graduated three years ago when Tanner did too. She had grown so use to Sylus being almost the same age as her. She felt through one scar of his, and then she found the scar-the bullet wound she shot near his heart. She hugged him, she missed him, and hated that he suffered.

She went inside, changed into something dry and faced with a new problem. He gasped and made a face when he nearly crushed his hand, “What the fuck?” He tried to shake his grip off.
Ara stared back at him, and was starting to wonder if he really would break up with her too.
He scoffed and then looked back at Ara “I wouldn’t cheat on her. Mind your own business.”

Ara pulled herself together again, loosening her shoulders, [b “I know you wouldn’t. I’m not cheating on you. I’m not dating anyone else, I’ve just been really busy, okay?” ]
He seemed to calm down, “Fine… But I want time with you.”
Ara lifted a smile, “Okay.”

“Alone….” He eyed Joseph and then back at her, “Just the two of us,” He slid his hand around her waist and then lower down to her ass. She hated it and she tried hard not to show it, [b “I don’t know if now is a goodtime, how about we grab a coffee or something?” ]

“You always say that.”
[b “I’ll tell you when it’s a good time.” ] She shrugged.
“If I can’t even sleep with my girlfriend, then what’s that saying?”
Well shit. She knew something like that would be coming, but she hoped to get something him first, [b “If…you do something for me I’ll sleep with you. I want you to bring me to your home,” ] She said.

“I’m not sure if my family would like that,” He said.
Ara shrugged, [b “Then, how can I trust you if you can’t even bring me to your parent’s house?” ]

“I’ll think about it,” He said and got a text message, “I’m heading out,” He said and would kiss her hard-it actually hurt. She watched him walk out and she looked back at Joseph and sighed [b “Yea, maybe he is a shithead.” ] She looked down at her wrist, seeing red marks from how hard he gripped. It would be gone soon. [b “Thanks, even if it is your job. Would you like to sit and eat some cookies with me?” ]
  Ravenity / 22d 11h 21m 39s
He frowned a bit, not meaning to make her suffer because of his death. "I'm really sorry Ara. I didn't mean to do that to you" he sighed, but then they ended up having so much fun as he threw balloons at her. He was soon soaked in water and then he managed to soak her as well. He walked towards the house, but when she touched his scars, he looked back at her "I have. I've been through a lot when I was out in the world for the past three years Ara" he grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her.

HE smiled and then he suddenly felt her hugging her arms around him. "You did huh. I think I remember that. I tried to hurt you guys....I thought it was a dream" he remembered a bit and then he led her inside.

He went upstairs and then he changed into dry clothes and by the time he went downstairs, he saw her other boyfriend. HE looked normal. But when he grabbed Ara's wrist, he didn't allow it. HE grabbed the man's hand and nearly crushed it, squeezing it in his grip before he let go "DOn't hurt her. I'm just her guard" he told him.

"Hey man, I'm just her guard, if you don't believe her, it only means that you've been doing the same thing? I bet you're cheating on her" he smirked, pushing him back. "Don't lay a hand on her if you don't want to get hurt"
  ellocalypse / 23d 9h 4m 28s
“I was traumatized from that,” And she wished she was joking.
She got back at Joseph for throwing those balloons at her. He was soaked and she thought she had him and then remembered-she was soaked and she was starting to get cold. She took the hand he offered and wondered why he was taking off his shirt now. She knew his scars, but she saw a few new ones too. She leaned in ad touched one at the side of his chest, “You got more scars over these three years.” She said. He wrapped her in a towel and she held it, and dried her hair off. She looked up at him, and wished she hadn’t missed so much, wished she had known at least he was alive. She still wanted to be with Sylus, she loved him and she’d pick him, but Joseph was something to her once too. She hugged him so suddenly, “I’m sorry… I saw you once on a mission but I thought I was just dreaming but it was you.” She released him again, and sneezed. “I think I need to change my clothes.” She head upstairs and went into her room and changed into dry clothes and end up sneezing a couple of times. She would look back at her phone…nothing. She looked back at Joseph and realized, she did have some fun out there. And then remembered she should probably call her public boyfriend since she wasn’t getting a response.

Alister knocked on the door. She opened it, and he stood there, “You’re boyfriend is downstairs…Ara, exactly how many boyfriends do you have?” Alister narrowed his eyes, thinking that maybe even Joseph was also her boyfriend, or even that other one or Tanner-because they all seemed pretty close to her, or maybe they were just friends.
Ara ignored him and head downstairs, and saw him standing there at the door.
[b “Hey,” ]She smiled.

“Ara, why is your hair wet?” He asked and saw another guy beside her, “Whose he?”
[b “Another one of my bodyguards,” ] She explained.
“I’m starting to think you’re calling every guy around you your bodyguard. Are you cheating on me? You haven’t talked to me in a while,” He scoffed.
[b “No… He’s honestly my bodyguard.]

He grabbed her wrist, “Don’t lie to me.”
[b “I’m not-hey-your holding too tight,” ]Ara tried to tug her wrist away.
“Then why else do you hardly talk to me anymore? And here you are, with a new guy-I’ve never seen him before. Are you fucking him?”
Ara froze up and her lip trembled.
“You are, aren’t you bitch?” He said it with a pained expression.
[b “No…” ] She shook her head, and winced feeling him really dig into her wrist. “You need to go… I’ll talk to you later.”
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