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Sylus enjoyed the taste of the food from the outside world. He didn't really get the whole cheap food thing, but usually everything around him tasted amazing. Better than the glop being served at the facility. He took another bite of the nutella covered waffle and he licked his lips. [b "I really don't mind. I get to see around Aruba"] he told him and then he smiled to see even Payton was unsatisfied. He thought he was the only one.

The interaction between Payton and Ethan was a playful one and he couldn't help but picture them looking good together. IT was odd to see someone else from the facility also not care about the way they dressed though. THanks to ARa's help though, Sylus had a image of what at least looked good for her.

He headed towards his room and saw Ara's text [i 'I did respond to you yesterday? I just feel like I should have you here with me. Payton and her owner make a good couple'] he texted her and then he frowned seeing she had a new guard. To his surprised though, it was a girl. Hopefully she wouldn't be interested in Ara.

He heard the knock and then he stood up and met up with her [b "Yup"] he followed her out to the car, letting Payton lead the way since she clearly knew what she was doing. [b "Are you still hungry too? That waffle didn't really do a thing. Maybe we can eat in? Or we can try those stops by the beach?"] he pointed to the little stands by the water. [b "Whatever you think is good"] he told her, actually excited to be looking around a new place for once. Hanging out with Payton wasn't that bad.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 53d 1h 15m 34s
[b 'Mmm, you're definitely right about that." ] Payton nodded. The waffle tasted good. She didn't entirely remember the taste of the food they had at the facility but she knew it was revolting and picturing in her head made her queasy.
Ethan raised a brow and looked back at Sylus, "Really? No, I couldn't make a guest do the grocery shopping." He waved his hand. Now, that made him sound really lazy. He finished up and he saw Payton looking at her plate not satisfied. He swore feeding her was like having a pet lion that was always hungry. Well, it sounded like they were going to be heading out anyway.
"Guess I better make that list." Ethan mumbled, and looked back at Payton, "I'm going to play some games, I'll be here." He promised. She sighed and pat his shoulder [b "You better be." ] She looked down at herself and shrugged [b "This will do." ]
Ethan laughed "No it won't. Go get dressed my sexy sorceress." trying to push her seat back.
Payton frowned [b "Why? You want me to get ogled at?" ]
"You're going to get ogled at anyway, now go," He urged her. Payton heavily sighed and got up, not feeling like putting a single effort. She never cared for looks. She felt the scars on her body ruined everything anyway. It pretty much scared anyone who wanted to be intimate with her away. They always assumed she had been abused by some horrible ex-boyfriend or family member or something, instead of fights.

'Why didn't you respond to me yesterday? I want to spend time with you too. How come you feel left out?' Ara sent back. 'I have a new bodyguard for now, I don't think she's permanent though.'

Payton grabbed her high waist ripped shorts, and a black t-shirt tucked in. She pulled her hair up and grabbed her shoes. This was more of an effort than she would ever pull. She grabbed her small bag with her credit card and a couple of other things. She knocked on Sylus' door, [b "Ready?" ] She head downstairs and picked up the written list Ethan noted down for them.
  Payton / Ravenity / 53d 8h 25m 37s
He walked into the kitchen and then he saw Payton and Ethan, smiling as he greeted them good morning. He took a seat at the table and then he sighed softly, feeling his head throbbing. It was because of their little game night that turned into Payton wanting something from him so he ended up drinking more than he wanted to.

Sylus took the plate of waffles and then he took a bite. [b "This is already tastier than what I've been having at the facility"] he smiled and then he took a bite and thought about the grocery shopping. [b "If you make a list, I can go? I can familiarize myself with the place around me"] he told him and then he finished up his breakfast.

He asked Payton what they did yesterday and when she said it didn't matter since they were clothed and then he just nodded. [b "I guess so"] he finished up and then he still felt hungry. Maybe when he went out for groceries he could pick up more food. [b "We can stop by somewhere too while we pick up food. Let me just get ready"] he headed into his room and saw the texts from ARa. He smiled and texted her back [i 'I'm fine. My big mission starts in a week so I'm just gathering intel. I miss you too Ara. I feel a bit left out here. I want to spend more time with you'] he sent and then went to dress up in some grey jeans and a black vneck shirt.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 53d 15h 6m 54s
Payton took a seat on the kitchen island, and placed the nutella and her plate on top. She turned her head when she heard Sylus. She wasn't feeling too great, but if there were any perks to being tortured and dehumanized for years, it was that hangovers never lasted as long as it did with people like Ethan. [b "Morning." ] She spoke. Ethan glanced back, "Good morning. Would you like some waffles?" Ethan offered a plate. He then sat down himself.

"Considering I only popped them in the toaster, not much. I'm not sure if I should pay someone to do the gorcery shopping or go do it myself..." He spoke to himself. In one case, someone would earn easy cash, in another case-it was probably lazy to get someone else.

Payton stuffed her mouth and slowly turned her head when he asked. She stared back. She remembered hew as in her room but she didn't. Payton shrugged [b "I don't remember a thing. What's true or not? I'm clothed, your clothed-safe to say not a thing happened." ] It wasn't concerning her. She's never woken up naked in bed with someone, mostly because subconsciously she didn't want to make that kind of decision out of her mind.

Ara had messaged Sylus several times over the night, with 'Hey, are you up?' to 'What are you doing', 'I miss you.', 'Are you okay? Are you safe?' She hadn't get any messages back and just got worried throughout the night.

" week from now? But there are things I need to do before then." Ethan brought a big glass of water for himself and chugged it down. Payton finished her waffle and stared down at her plate. She was always hungry. [b ' I need more food in me." ]
"You always do." Ethan sighed, "Go and buy some food then, I'll be right here."
  Payton / Ravenity / 53d 16h 24m 21s
He only carried her because he was so used to helping the girls out. He helped out Ara all the time and seeing Payton looking so wobbly like that made him want to help her. He laughed when she called him prince charming. His eyes met hers and then he headed for the door before feeling warm lips against his neck. He looked back and felt it against his lips. Sylus was stunned, but when she looked back at him, he nodded and then he headed towards his room for his night.

He fell asleep for the night and then he woke up the next morning with a huge hangover. He kept his eyes open, but it was hard to get up. He then heard a knock on the door and when he heard Payton's voice, he groaned and then he decided to roll out of bed for now, sighing softly as he slowly stood up onto his feet. When he headed into the bathroom, he washed up and then he brushed his hair back and then he headed into the kitchen.

He saw the two and then he scratched the back of his head [b "Good Morning"] he smiled and then he sat down. [b "Do you guys need any help with breakfast?"] he asked, feeling his headache and then he tried to remember what happened.

[b "Hey you remember why I was in your room yesterday. I have a faint idea of what happened, but I don't know if it's true or not"] he wondered, overhearing Ethan telling her about it. He saw the waffles and then he just sat down and ate slowly. He wanted to call Ara today too, maybe before they went to the meeting. [b "So Ethan, when does this conference start?"] he wondered, biting into his waffle.
  ellocalypse / 54d 3h 35m 33s
She couldn't believe Sylus was carrying her to her room. He had her laughing [b "I can walk myself prince charming." ] But he had her laid down on the bed anyway. Ah, it was much more comfortable. Sylus had stuck by the door, so she decided to go for it. It wasn't the best decision. She kissed the back of his neck and then he turned around and she kissed him. [b "You said you wanted to try, rememberrr." ] She rolled her eyes. She head back to bed before he even said that she should go back to bed.

[b "Go far where?" ] She asked, laying on the bed. She felt tired... She heard the door closed the door and she fell asleep as she was. Until, she woke up later on the night, and could feel a headache thundering. She rolled around and got into a more of a comfortable position, on her left side.

Ethan had woken up, cleaned himself up before knocking on Payton's door, to alert her that he was up. He head downstairs and was trying to figure out what to eat. He opened the fridge and recalled some shopping needed to be done... Well there were frozen waffles from whoever rented out his place. He pulled those out and put them in the toaster.

Payton heard the knocking on the door and instantly woke up. She was a light sleeper. Her head still hurt, and everything was horribly loud. She groaned and rolled out of bed. She went into her bathroom and realized what a mess her hair was-eh. She didn't care too much for it. She put it up in a messy bun and stared down at her shirt. She brushed her teeth, changed her shorts and a baggy white t-shirt she stole from Ethan. She wasn't about to put any effort. She walked in the halls and wondered if Sylus was still asleep. She lightly knocked on his door just in case, [b "Come down for breakfast when you're ready." ] She said.
She had trouble recalling last night. There was the game...drinking...truth or dare. Sadly, she couldn't remember what happened in truth or dare, or how she even got in bed. She shrugged and when she went downstairs, she saw Ethan putting in the waffles.

[b "Hey." ] Payton spoke and went to look through the cupboards and pulled out Nutella, [b "We need to go out and shop for food." ]
"Yea... Anything happen with you and Sylus last night?" Ethan asked.
Payton frowned [b "Not that I remember..." ]
"I woke up a bit and I heard you two chatting and it sounded like it came from your room."
Huh. he had been in her room? Payton shrugged [b "Well, I don't remember it. Nothing happened anyway. Okay, open up." ] She grabbed the waffle and put some nutella on it and stuffed it in Ethan's face. He took a bite and rubbed the top of her head, "Your adorable."
Payton rolled her eyes at that.
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He didn't think that he would drink to the point where he was forgetting what he was supposed to do. He narrowed his eyes and when she narrowed her eyes back, he didn't remember why. Sylus started laughing and then he answered her. IT wasn't a lie, she was attractive. Her teal eyes, her fair skin and her long, black was different, but he guessed that if he wasn't in love with Ara, he could see himself trying to make a move on Payton too.

He didn't know what he was saying anymore, but when he saw her wobbling, he knew it wasn't a good idea to just let her go up to her room like that. Sylus helped her up into his arms and then he carried here [b "I'm going to take you to your room"] he was confident in being able to make it up. When he laid her back on her bed, he turned around and tried to make it to the door.

His head was spinning and he was losing all that energy. Sylus walked over and felt warm lips against his neck. [b "Huh? A kiss for what?"] he forgot already. He didn't know what she was talking about [b "Payton, what are you talkin-"] he felt her kiss his lips and then he backed up [b "Um, you should head to bed. I don't think we should go that far"] he told her, opening her door and managing to head back to his room. He climbed into bed and laid flat, unable to move. Did she really kiss him? Or did he just imagine that?

Sylus closed his eyes and passed out for the night. In the morning, he ended up with a huge hangover. His head felt heavy and he didn't want to get out of bed. HE tried to remember what happened last night, but it was hard. Payton hugged him.....what else did she do? Did she kiss him? OR was he imagining that part? Either way, it was giving him a headache, so he didn't move from his comfy spot.
  ellocalypse / 54d 15h 58m 53s
Payton completely forgot what she was going to ask him, and end up just spurting out stuff that she would forget the next second. He narrowed his eyes and she narrowed her eyes back, [b “It’s not that hard of a question.” ] She laughed, and smirked when he said she had nice eyes. Payton laughed when he said he’d like to kiss. [b “What? I don’t have anyone, you’re the one that it’s in love,” ] She rolled her eyes. She was getting a bit dizzy and knew it was time to head up and get some sleep. Sylus somehow end up next to her. [b “When did you get here?” ]

Definitely time to head up. [b “Yea...I think so too.” ] She got up and Sylus for some reason carried her. She laughed [b “What are you doing?” ] She stared back at him. He was sure weird. She watched him sway a little [b “You can barely walk yourself you moron.” ] She didn’t really liked being carried but it was what it was. She laid on her bed and the ceiling wouldn’t stay in place. [b “’re right. I wasn’t supposed to drink more than you.” ] She mumbled the last bit. She watched him trying to reach the door, and he couldn’t because he swayed. It was funny…

Somehow, she end up on her feet, not really thinking straight. He said he wasn’t a thing with Ara- that went through her mind for a moment to validate her next action. She kissed the back of his neck [b “There, you got a kiss. Ah wait- that’s the wrong place. Turn around-I’ll try.” ] She lightly laughed and if he did she would kiss his lips and the stumbled back, but caught her footing. [b “Okay, you should leave my room before I get you in bed and regret it in the morning.” ] She found her bed and lay flat on it.
  Payton / Ravenity / 54d 17h 57m 4s
He narrowed his eyes when she didn't believe him and then he just sighed. He knew that if he teamed up with Ara, something would have happened. If anything he would at least keep her safe long enough to complete whatever she wanted done. He knew that this outside person wouldn't get it at all.

When he took another drink, it was going down so smoothly that he didn't recall where he should stop. He wasn't planning on falling into Payton's games, but he was slowly losing it as well. He ended up hugging her and when he told her it was better with Ethan, he could see the facial expression she had. It was perfect. [b "Okay!"] he laughed and then he ended up picking truth, wondering what she had in mind.

She was taking a while to come up with her question, making him wonder if she was also reaching her limit. He waited for her question and when she asked it, he narrowed his eyes. [b "Huh? You're pretty. I'll give you that. You have really nice eyes too"] he put the bottle down and forgot the question was for a second. [b "Kissing? Yeah I like to kiss. Did you want to try or something? I had someone"] he was seeing her wobbling and then Sylus managed to catch her before she fell off her chair.

[b "I think we've both had enough. It's time for bed"] he told her, carrying her and then he headed for her room. It was hard to focus, but he was still doing better than her. He made it to her room and then he set her down on her bed. [b "I think....that was a little too much. We shouldn't drink anymore"] he told her, turning around and then trying to reach the door, but finding it hard to fix his footing.
  ellocalypse / 55d 5h 37m 34s
[b "If you say so lover boy." ] She almost rolled her eyes [b "You loving Ara isn't going to change anything." ] She watched him continue to drink. She made herself stop for a while because she was getting there and she didnt' want to get there just yet because then she couldn't stay sane enough to put the pieces together if she had any questions. Although, shew as starting to really lose any care. She hugged him just like he dared her too and blew in his ear and laughed when he reacted.

[b "You got your hug. Let me have my fun." ] She added. Hugging really wasn't her all. He was laughing now. [b "Hugs are nice my ass." ] She scoffed and send him a sharp look when he said they would be nicer with Ethan. She knew what he was implying. [b "I don't do hugs." ] She hugged. She accidently drank more without thinking. Yikes. well, she didn't expect him to be stupid-but then again, she was pretty sure he was out of it so maybe he was. She got him where she needed him to be-well almost.

[b "I wouldn't dream of it." ] Referring to getting him drunk, and then she nodded [b "Exactly, you won't." ] Truth. Truth... What was she going to ask... It was flating around her head somewhere. Ah crap, she let the drinks get ahead of her. [i Well you have been drinking vodka. ] That probably wasn't the smartest choice. Maybe she wasn't that much more clever than him either. "Uh... Ah, about Ara? Yea...No... I mean no. Um... Sylus, are you even the slightest bit attracted to me and thinking about locking lips?" ] She held her laughter back until he answered. She then doubly blinked, seeing the world spin, [b "Whoa...Okay, I've had too much fun." ]
  Payton / Ravenity / 55d 5h 55m 30s
He shrugged [b "Well I don't know if you will believe me or not, but I do love Ara. I know what I feel and whether you use that against me or not someday, it's not going to change the fact that I still want to be her guard"] he took another sip and could feel himself slowly getting buzzed. He knew that he had a strong tolerance, but he didn't know anything about this girl before him.

She denied anything romantic with Ethan and he didn't know if he believed her or not. Sometimes it looked like they were playing games together, other times she was leaning into him and taking care of him. Maybe she wasn't fully aware of those feelings yet. He dared her to hug him, knowing she must not like any affection. WHen she wrapped her arms around him, he hugged her back and then he felt her blow in his ear. [b "Hey! Just a hug. Just a hug"] he told her, and then he could see the look of disgust in her eyes.

Sylus ended up laughing [b "Hugs are nice. THey'd be much nicer with Ethan too you know"] he smirked and then he just decided to get on with the game. [b "Fine fine. I know you're up to something. If you want to get me drunk, it's not going to happen, but I can probably answer your questions. It's not like I'm probably going to see you again after this anyway. Truth"] he took another swig and then he could feel the alcohol levels slowly rising. He met her teal eyes and smiled [b "So what's it going to be? More Ara?"]
  ellocalypse / 55d 6h 19m 59s
Payton half shrugged [b "Just being around other girls will probably would help." ] She didn't know about his history or anything. She just figured he might be one of those that claimed to love Ara for no good reason. He looked like he was in a thought, maybe he was thinking back... He really didn't want to talk about his feelings. [i Maybe it's time to slowly back out. ] It wasn't like it truly mattered but, she was curious, if someone from the facility could really love. She didn't believe it. She didn't think she was even capable herself with falling romantically in love. She always had a detachment from it.

And then he said it. She laughed [b "What do you mean am I sure there's nothing going on with Ethan? Have you met Ethan? You've seen us together." ] Ethan...was special. She loved how things were right now, she loved him and she always wanted to be with him but what Sylus was suggesting was completely two different things. She laughed when he smirked after he finished drinking. She scoffed [b "A hug? Seriously?" ] She wasn't even the type to give a hug. She groaned and forced herself to wrap her arms around Sylus and give him a hug, [b "Snug and warm enough for you? Am I comforting you?" ]] Then she blew in his ear just for the hell of it, and then she backed up [b "Ugh, I hate hugs." ] She leaned back and then nodded to him repeating what she said.

[b "But I don't want a drinking challenge... I know I'll win. I want a fun truth or dare. Truth or dare Sylus?" ] She asked. She figured she wasn't going to push him until it was time. She waited.
  Payton / Ravenity / 55d 6h 27m 22s
Sylus wasn't really the kind of guy that liked being picked on. He usually managed everything himself, so if she was going to pick on him, he'd find a way out of it. He took another sip of his beer and then he sighed as she spoke. [b "There really isn't anyway of knowing than being with more girls is there?"] he knew it was real. He's been around the girls on the last mission, around her friends in college, and now Payton. No other girl made him feel how he felt with Ara. He knew that was genuine.

[b "There are a lot of guys that like Ara because she is the only girl they've seen. I hear it all the time. Enough about my feelings for her though. They're just feelings. What about you? Are you sure there's nothing going on with Ethan?"] he asked, picking dare.

When he looked at the bottle, he easily downed it and then he wiped his lips and smirked [b "Ha! There, easy"] Sylus let her pick and when she picked dare, he thought of something good. [b "Okay, I dare you to give me a hug"] he smirked, wanting to see Payton do something affectionate for once.

[b "Aww so if we don't like it we can just skip? I mean I guess that's fine, but why not just challenge me to a drinking challenge then?"] he didn't know what she was after, but Sylus was pacing himself. He couldn't tell if she was trying to get him to drink too much to find other answers or not.
  ellocalypse / 55d 6h 47m 32s
[b "Why not? You can take it." ] She smiled a little and shrugged. She figured he compared every girl with Ara since he was so amazed of all the things she could do. [b "Right. So, then...How do you know if you love her if she's the only girl you spend actual time with? Maybe you just like girls." ] She drank a bit more herself and leaned back into the chair, one leg over the other [b "I heard lots of the guys liked Ara, from the few that I met. But it's mostly because she's the only girl they really have known." ] She didn't want to change his mind but wondered if it was real.

He picked dare. She tilted her head, and was trying to think of something. [b "I dare you to...finish that beer bottle quickly and then open another one for yourself." ] She smiled [b "The next dare will be to lick the floor, just warning you." ] She knew she had to come up with something more clever later on. Once Sylus did her Dare, she would pick Dare herself. She didn't have much to hide, and then she thought of something. "Ah, how about this. If we don't like the dare or truth question, we have to drink to skip it, deal?" She raised a brow.
  Payton / Ravenity / 55d 6h 55m 52s
He didn't want any sympathy from the people of the outside because he knew they couldn't really do anything. At most they could probably save someone like what Ethan has done for Payton. He shrugged and when Ethan was done, he let Payton take him up and then he watched the waves crashing. HE remembered the penthouse and spending time with Ara in the jacuzzi or on the bed. He missed those times. They were relaxing just like now.

Payton got his attention again and then he sighed [b "You shouldn't be making fun of the new guy"] he told her and then he thought about how they were made to withstand anything. IT was normal. [b "It's not every girl. She's just the one I've spent the most time around that's all"] he admitted and then he was kind of getting annoyed at the fact that she kept asking about how he couldn't tell his love to Ara.

[b "Dare"] he told her and then he waited for her to come up with a good dare. There was no way he was going to pick truth. HE didn't know if he trusted Payton yet. What if she told the facility that he wasn't doing a good job at all? Or if she told Ara's father about his secret? IT would ruin everything.
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