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Ara peaked down at her swimsuit and gently smiled. [b “She did…she was very pretty.” ] She said. She remembered her mommy always helping her dress. She always got her the prettiest stuff. She really missed her. Sylus held her hand in the water. It was a comfort. She tried to listen to him and kick her feet…she kicked both of her feet at the same time. [b “One at a time? But mermaids don’t do that.” ] Ara said. She watched him do it. So, she tried to do it but her feet kept sinking.

Ara took a deep breath and held it and tried to stay up. She stood her feet up for a moment but it caved after three kicks. [b “It’s really hard.” ] She frowned. She didn’t want to wear floaties either. No one else did. She wanted to be like the other kids. [b “Okay Sylus.” ] Ara said, but still a little sad. She smiled a little when he pat her head, and then full on smiled when he kissed her cheek. [b “Thank you.” ] She told him. He was such a good best friend. [b “We can?” ] Ara said and giggled as he splashed the water on her. She splashed him back. [b “This is fun.” ] Ara said. She sure liked playing in the water.

Sylus held her hand again. [b “Okay. ] She said. She tried to lift her feet up to kick them, but kind of just sunk each time. She was really trying though. Eventually, she did start just kicking, they weren’t high kicks but they were still kicks. [b “Sy, I’m doing it!” ] She giggled. She was having fun. She looked back to check if her attendant approve. For a moment, she thought she saw him smile. [b “I’m dong it!” ] Ara cheered, telling the attendant.
“You’re getting there…but you need to do better.” He told her.
Ara pouted, [b “Oh…okay.” ] Ara said.
“Now, come here Ara. Let’s leave him to do his laps.”
[b “But…I want to play with him.” ]
“We can’t play. You need to learn first. I’ll help you.” He told her.
[b “But I want Sylus to help me.” ] Ara pouted.
“Ara, come here.” He told her.
Ara frowned and looked at Sylus [b “I’ll play later.” ] She told him. She went to the attendant. He lifted her up from the water, “There we go, let’s watch them do their laps, and then practice your arms.”
Ara sighed, but nodded. She watched Sylus do his laps, and the others. They were…really cool. She wished she could be that cool. He helped her back into the pool on the girl’s side, but used a portion so that they wouldn’t bother them. He showed her how to move her arms. She saw him smile now and then-but he’d try to hide it quickly. [b “Andre, can I play with Sylus again.” ] She asked him.
“Not yet…looks like we’re done at the pool. Go say goodbye, and we’ll see him at lunch again.” He said to her.
Ara nodded and she went to Sylus to say goodbye, and to Clyde and Luke. She then would go with Andre, her personal attendant to her next class. It was just French. Then they had lunch. She got super excited. She would run off to have lunch with Sylus. Andre followed. Ara had brought her own lunch this time…or well a few. She spotted Sylus table and would sit right down [b “Sy! Clyde! Luke! I got you yummy food.” ] Ar grinned, taking out sandwhichces for all of them.
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He was glad to be able to see Ara at the pool. He wanted to play with her again and since he loved the pool and she was here with him now, it made him really happy. He would wave and see her in her frilly swimsuit and thought she looked really cute. [b "Wow. Your mommy picks out nice swimsuits"] he grinned and then he would help hold her hand in the water.

[b "Yeah lay back"] he held her up in the water, seeing her try to kick her feet together. [b "No one at a time Ara, not together"] he showed her with his hands and then he saw her feet sinking down. [b "You take a big breath and it should stay up too. Hold it up"] he suggested and then he saw her pout and try to take off her floaties. [b "Don't worry Ara....we can teach you and then you won't need the floaties"] he promised her, patting her head and then he would kiss her cheek to cheer her up. [b "We can play in the water"] he splashed a bit of the water to her.

He then stood up and would hold her hand. [b "You can try kicking Ara. I can hold your hands"] he assured her, letting her try to kick while he held her up.
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[b “We are!” ] She grinned. She was so happy with her new flower to take home. She thought talking about dolphins and swimming was fun. [b “Me too!” ] She beamed. She told him he can’t love everyone. Ara shook her head [b “No. There are meanies and…and…and you have to be family or friends or other stuff.” ] Ara wasn’t sure what the other stuff was, but her mom dad say there was an exception. Ara gasped hearing he only loved her. [b “I only love you too.” ] Ara nodded because he was being super nice to hear and her best friend.

She had to leave, and was sad to leave.

The next day, she saw Sylus at the pool .It had made her so happy that she was running. She grinned so happily when he said hi to her. [b “That would be fun.” ] Ara said. She stood at the edge. She blushed a little at his compliment. [b “Thank you! Mommy bought it for me.” ] She told him. She asked for help to be put in the water. She got in. The water was fine, but, she sneezed once. [b “Thank you Sy.”] Ara said. He held her hand and she really didn’t know what to do.

[b “Lay back?” ] Ara asked. [b “Like a bed?] She watched him lay back and saw him kicking his feet. She gasped, he was moving. She tried to lay back but had trouble putting her feet up. She kept letting them sink. [b “Oh kick!” ] She forgot. She kicked her feet twice. [b “Like that?” ] She asked. Her feet eventually touched the ground again. [b “How do I keep my feet up?” ] Ara asked. She tried it again, but for some reason she would kick a once and her legs went back to the ground. [b “I’m bad at this…” ] She pouted. She didn’t want to be bad.
She’d try it a few more times and did stay floating for longer. She accidently splashed someone near by. Ara blushed, [b “I’m sorry.” ] Ara said. She looked at Sy and realized he had no one did...but her. She was looking around, [b "No one has floaties. I only do. Why?" ] Ara pouted. She looked up at the attendant, [b "I don't need floaties too." ]

"I think you do," He told her.
[b "But..." ] Ara pouted. She felt left out. [b "I don't." ]
"You need them. Learn how to swim. That little boy is helping you. If you don't listen, then you'll get in trouble." He said.

Ara gasped. She frowned, "Okay... I will learn." She said but felt down she was the only one to have floaties. [b "I wish we could play." ] Ara told Sylus very quietly." ]
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He was glad he could be sad, but he now associated with crying with getting hurt or punished. He couldn't cry. It felt warm in Ara's arms and it sure felt so nice to be kissed. She was really sweet and he remembered that being with her sure made him feel much better. He was happy around her. [b "We're best friends"] he smiled, giving her a flower as he held it up to her.

He liked the thought of being able to go on a boat with her. He thought it'd be really fun to see the dolphins and swim together. [b "I can't wait!"] he grinned, thinking that Ara was his only best friend. [b "Me too. I'm glad we're friends"] he said he loved her, but she gasped. [b "Not everyone? You're right. I don't like the meanies. I only love you Ara"] he told her, feeling sad when she had to leave.

He waved and spent the rest of the day coloring and drawing. He hid his drawings under his bed because he noticed his things went missing sometimes. He was sure the meanies were taking them. He couldn't let them find it.

The next day, he had classes, sparring, then they went swimming in the pool. It was Sylus' favorite activity. He swam a few laps and would see the girls coming to the pool too. When he heard his name being called out, he grinned, knowing that Ara was calling him. He slowly swam towards her and then he waved his little arm [b "Hi Ara!"] he grinned, splashing around in the water. [b "I am! I want to swim with the dolphins one day"] he smiled, hearing the attendant come over. He wanted to swim with ARa [b "Ara, I like your swim suit. It's pretty"] he told her, looking at the frills and the pretty blue color that matched her eyes.

He heard the man ask to teach her and he nodded [b "Okay!"] he swam over and held ARa's hands in his [b "I can show you Ara!"] he held her hands in his. [b "You just gotta lay on your back and breath in! Then you kick your feet"] he told her, laying on his back and then kicking his feet, pushing him through the water.

He then helped hold her up as he let her kick. [b "Yeah, kick your feet like that!"] he smiled, showing her how it's done.
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Ara pouted, hearing him. She shook her head [b “You won’t get in trouble with me. You can cry and be sad.” ] Ara told him. She hugged him tight, seeing him rub his eyes. She kissed his cheek, remembering Sylus did that to her and she flet better. She was happy hearing he felt better when he saw her. She grinned [b “Because we’re friends.” ] Ara said. She saw him going beneath his bed.

Ara nodded [b “It was cool! We can. We should. It’ll be so much fun! You can hold my hand and maybe, maybe we’ll see dolphins.” ] Ara giggled.

They were best friends. She was so happy. They clapped and got so happy. [b “I never had a best friend before.” ] She told him. She was amazed by the flower he gave her, the red cosmo was so pretty. She promised to herself that she would keep it safe. She told him what it meant with her parents. Ara gasped [b “Not everyone Sy!” ] She pouted, [b “But but I love you too!” ] She cheered. She heard the door and knew it was time to go. Time to leave…

She saw him pout and she felt sad she had to go too. [b “Me too… But I don’t want to get punished. I don’t want you to get in trouble.” ] Ara told him. She sniffled [b “I want you to come with me too.” ] She waved at him and nodded [b “Promise.” ]

She had to leave. She was taken home and she didn’t say a peep to her dad. She got home. She went to her room quickly and would put the flower in a book too, to keep it safe. She had Sylus picture he gave her up on her wall with tape. It was very low on the wall because, it was all she could really reach. They ate dinner. She was quiet, she was afraid to speak and Allister wasn’t being very nice recently. She had to help herself to bed again. She couldn’t help but cry in bed, missing mommy, and how she’d always read her a story every night and gave her goodnight kisses.

The morning came, and she got herself ready again. She put her hair up. It wasn’t the neatest hair, she never could get it super neat yet…it was hard. But she did her best. She went with the girls again. She was very attentive because daddy told her that she had to be. Then they went to the swimming pool. She was the only one wearing a two piece frilly blue bathing suit. Everyone else just wore a black one piece that looked plain. She stuck out like a sore thumb. The attendant had helped her floaties on her arms, because they weren’t going to risk it. She wasn’t afraid of water yet.

She made a few friends. Brook was one of them. She saw Sylus on the other side. Ara gasped. She started running toward him. The attendant that was assigned caught her before she tripped, “Don’t run.” He told her.
[b “Oh, okay. Sorry.” ] Ara said, and got back up on her feet. [b “I’m going to Sylus.” ]
He opened his mouth and then closed it, remembering what almost happened the last guy. He was worried…
She went to Sylus who was swimming. Ara waved [b “Sy! Sy!” ] Ara cheered [b “Your’e like a dolphin.” ] She giggled. She saw the boys looking over at her. Ara shyly smiled at whoever she met the eyes of and waved. [b “Hi…” ] She looked down at the water and felt a little nervous. She hasn’t been in the water too many times.
“Ara you need to learn with the girls.” The attendant told her.
[b “I want to learn with Sylus.” ] She told him.
“But he knows how to swim, you don’t yet.” He told her.
Ara pouted. It was true. Sylus was…too cool. [b “Can you help me in the pool?” ] Ara asked. He helped her in and she was smiling. She was just floating with her arm floaties. “Hey kid, could you teach her a bit?” The attendant asked Sylus.
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He got teary eyed and his emotions started to heighten. He was going to cry, but since Ara was in front of her, he held it in. He would rub his eyes and then he felt her hugging him tight. He smiled and would nod his head [b "Okay. I just don't want to get in trouble"] he rubbed his eyes and then he would relax again. He didn't want to show that he was sad because that meant he was weak.

[b "I feel better too when I see you too"] he grinned and then he went beneath his bed to grab a flower. Sylus walked over and he heard that Ara's been on a boat. [b "Really? That's so cool Ara. I want to go with you sometime"] he asked, wanting to see the dolphins anyway.

[b "Oh okay. Then we're best friends"] he shook her hand in his and then he giggled as he clapped and handed her the flower. [b "It's for you!"] he saw how bright she turned and he was glad he could make her happy. He heard that it meant he loved her and he nodded. [b "Mom mommy always said to love everyone. So, I love you Ara"] he gave her the flower and then he would hear the door. Sylus pouted, hating to see her go. [b "I want to spend more time with you though Ara"] he frowned and then he nodded. [b "I want to go with you"] he pouted and then he just watched her head to the door [b "Okay. We can play again soon. Promise"] he waved, seeing her leave.

When the door closed, he would crawl back into bed and then he buried into the sheets.

The next morning, Sylus was in class, getting a really good score on his test. He got in the top five. He smiled and would cheer, but was instantly punished. He was hit on the side of the head and told to sit back down at his desk.

After class, they were sent to the pool to swim a few laps. Sylus learned how to swim at a young age back home. He enjoyed it. He was swimming back and forth pretty quickly, thinking of it as a game where he'd try and keep up with the dolphins. He saw a few of the girls coming into the pool room as well, taking half of the pool. His amber eyes looked around for Ara.
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Ara saw Sylus teary and she began pouting. They both missed their mommies. [b “I want you.” ] Ara said. She sniffled and went to hug him tight [b “You don’t have to pretend with me. You can cry. You can be sad.” ] Ara told him. She sure liked his comfort and wished she could make him feel better too. Sylus was sad and she didn’t know what to do to make him better.

[b “You make me happy too. I feel much much better when I see you.” ] Ara said. She got a hug too. She loved hugs that Sylus gave her. They were drawing pictures and it was plenty of fun. She thought about bringing a flower. Ara pouted, [b “Oh…it won’t?” ] The snuggled together.

[b Thank you.”] Ara said. She grinned when she got it right, [b “IT looks like a boat!” ] She said. She thought it would be fun [b “I went on a boat. It was SO BIG!” ] She gestured at how big the boat was, she was actually talking about the ship. [b “But it scary. The water is so deep. But it’s pretty too.” ] Ara told him. Ara sighed [b “I never saw dolphins. I want to.” ]

Ara felt relieved hearing they were best friends. [b “Well, mommy said I need to ask this stuff first. So we’re best friends.” ] She giggled, feeling so happy about that. She saw Sylus drawing. [b “You are!” ] Ara squealed. She clapped her hands too. She watched him pull out a flower. Ara thought it was so pretty. [b “Wow!” ] Ara said, taking it into her hand. [b “It’s so pretty and it’s for me.” ] Ara smiled. [b “I’ll keep it safe.” ] Ara promised. [b “Daddy used to give mommy flowers. She said it means he loves her.” ] She said and then heard the knock. Her stomach churne. She looked at Sylus with worry, [b “I think… I think I have to go home.” ] Ara said, getting really sad. [b "I wish you could come home with me." ] But she asked daddy once and he got real mad. She didn't want to ask again. SHe was afraid.

She got up, and took her backpack, [b "Sy...can I play with you again?" ] She asked him.
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He could tell that ARa really missed her mom. He missed his own mom as well, but remembering the face she made when she dropped him off sure made him sad. [b "I miss my mommy too. But I don't think she's coming back. She doesn't want me anymore"] he got a bit teary eyed, but he held it in. He'd get punished if he cried.

He patted her head and just told her to pretend. NO one got hurt if they pretended. Sylus would admit to being sad, but he didn't want to make Ara sad either. [b "It's okay. Ara makes me happy already when you visit"] he hugged her and would smile a bit.

THey drew pictures together and he would show her the flowers he drew, smiling as he thought about getting a flower. [b "I don't know if it will grow in here"] he pouted, wanting a flower. HE snuggled with her as he put the blanket over her shoulders.

He then played with her, seeing the kitty she drew. [b "Ohhh it's a pretty kitty"] he giggled and then he would show her his drawing. He thought he did a good job, but when she said banana, he pouted. [b "No..."] he heard her guess it and he grinned. [b "Yeah! It's a boat. I want to ride one one day. IT bet it would be fun and I could see dolphins!"] he grinned, smiling when she mentioned best friends.

[b "I thought we already are best friends?"] he wondered, thinking she was his bestest friend. [b "You're my bestest fwend already Ara"] he told her, drawing a picture.

He drew a [i #1] on the paper. [b "I'm Ara's #1] he smiled and would clap his hands. He got up and would run under his bed. He pulled out one of flowers he took from the courtyard. [b "I found this outside yesterday. I hid it. You can have it ARa"] he gave it to her. It was a red cosmo. He held it up for her.
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She was so sad that mommy wasn’t here. She didn’t understand why she couldn’t be here. She felt Sylus patting her shoulder and speaking to her. She was happy to heave him but she was still sad mommy wasn’t here. [b “We do…but I miss mommy.” ] She said. She felt him hold her hand and pat her hand too. She pouted a little but talking to him was helping her. [b “Pretend?” ] She didn’t know I she’d do any good at that. It saddened her that Sylus had so many boo boos. [b “But…but…you’re sad?” ] She felt him wipe her tears away. She hugged him tightly. She guessed because he was older, he didn’t need to cry as much as her. Sylus was so strong.

They drew pictures. His pictures were so nice. [b “It’s very pretty. I like gardens. They smell good…and, and, they look pretty. We should get a flower Sy.” ] Ara mentioned, thinking about bringing a potted flower here next time she came. Of course she didn’t really know it wouldn’t survive without the sun.

He put his blanket over her. She was so warm. He snuggled in too. It made her so happy. Ara nodded [b “You are. The best boy friend ever!” ] Ara giggled. She felt so happy hearing she was the best too, [b “Yay! We’re both the best.” ] She let hi grab candy from her bag and he even shared it with her. Ara drew and giggled as he said doggy. [b “It is a kitty!” ] Ara squealed.

She let him draw and it was a little confusing. [b “A moon?” ] Ara asked, tilting her head, [b “A…uh…wet banana? Hmmm…” ] Ara tried to think and wondered if the blue was the water and, [b “Oh! Is it a boat!?” ] She asked. She thought this was so much fun. She tried to draw a dolphin next, but it kind of looked like a blue banana with a fin. [b “Sylus, can we be best friends?” ] Ara asked, hoping he’d say yes.
  Ara / Ravenity / 66d 13h 58m 0s
It did make him smile to see that ARa was okay. She didn't have any boo boos or any signs of getting hurt. He put one on her arm and he hugged her since it looked like it calmed her down. He rubbed her head and then he sat on the floor with her, coloring with the markers. Sylus would draw with her, using the colored markers and then seeing Ara calm down.

When she mentioned wanting her mommy, he would pat her shoulder [b "It's okay Ara. We have each other. I don't have my mom or dad anymore neither"] he held her hand in his and he would pat her hand [b "You don't have to hurt anyone if you don't want to. You can always play pretend. That's what I do. I pretend the boo boos don't hurt....and I pretend I'm not sad"] he helped wipe her tears and then he showed her the picture he drew.

[b "I like my house. It was red. It had a bunch of hard rocks outside on the walls. We had a pretty garden where my mom watered flowers all the time"] he told her, soon grabbing his blanket and then he put it over Ara's shoulder. He put some around him as well, snuggling in as they colored.

He felt her arms around him and he'd giggle [b "I am? You're the best girl ever"] he knew she was the only girl he really knew here. He'd get excited when she mentioned candy and he'd nod his head as she went to get more from her backpack. They shared some and Sylus would look at her picture. [b "Okay!"] he watched her draw and then he would see the picture. IT looked like an animal, but he wasn't sure. [b "A doggy! Or is it a kitty?"] he scratched his head, clapping his hands [b "That's a good one ARa. My turn!"] he went to grab his paper and then he started drawing a boat on the water. He made it blue and then he the boat looked almost like a banana, but he tried.

He showed her and would smile [b "What do you think?"] he asked, feeling so much happier Ara was here. It was always so lonely in his room when she left.
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Ara struggled to open the door, but once she did, she felt relieved to be with him. She still was crying. She was internally happy when he hugged her. She hugged him too and held onto him. She heard Sylus promise. Having him put a bandaid, and patting her head comforted her. They sat on the floor together to color, [b “Okay, I want to use blue.” ] She told him. She sniffled and colored a bit but it all came back to her, what she was so sad and scared about.

[b “I want mommy…and I don’t want to hurt…anyone.” ] She cried. She didn’t want to daddy to punish her there. She didn’t understand why he would. She didn’t want to believe hurting someone even if they hurt her was good, because mom always said it wasn’t.
[b “You will?” ] She sniffled. She felt him wipe her tears away. She would wipe her eyes too when he pulled out more paper. She’d now and then release tears but she was comforted by Sylus staying with her. She had a friend. He was really nice to her. She drew her mom and her, and even Sylus since he was her friend and she wanted to be friends forever.

She saw Sylus drawing flowers. [b “Pretty.” ] she pointed. She listened to him [b “You did! Your house is pretty.” ] She told him. She saw him draw a house too. She liked his picture. [b “What color is your house?” ] She asked him.

She watched Sylus go to his bed. She thought maybe he was sleepy. Instead, he brought a blanket, and put it around her shoulder. His blanket was warm. She felt her cheeks get warm too. Sylus was…so nice and cute. [b “Thank you. It feels good.” She said. She looked at Sylus and then would hug him again. [b “You’re the best boy ever.” ] She told him. She then smiled a little to him. She then remembered. [b “I got more candy. Do you want some?” ] Ara asked. She looked down at their drawing. She remembered a game mommy showed her. [b “Sylus, let’s play a game. I’m going to draw something and you guess. Then, then, you draw something and I guess.” ] Ara said. She would take another piece of paper in her bag. She tried to draw a cat, but it could easily look like a dog or a little bear.
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Sylus was in his room, feeling so worried because of what they might do to Ara. What if she got booboos.....what if he couldn't see her again. He didn't want that. He wanted to keep playing with her and holding her hand. He wanted to stop the bad man from taking her away, but he was bigger. It made him really mad and he wanted to do something about it.

Sylus went to the door and he'd try to turn the doorknob, pulling as hard as he could, but nothing was happening. He used up all his strength and then he just sank to the floor. [b "Ara.I don't want Ara to get hurt. NO booboos"] he spoke to himself, getting tears in his eyes. He wiped them off and he tried to open it again until he felt the doorknob opening. He turned it and saw Ara coming inside.

[b "ARa!"] he gasped, seeing her in tears. He hugged his small arms around her and would try to stop the crying. [b "It's okay ARa, they can't hurt you in here"] he told her, putting a bandaid on her arm and then patting her head. He felt her trembling and he held her as they sat on the floor. [b "Let's color. We can make pretty pictures"] he told her, seeing her try to explain what happened.

IT made him sad to hear that she had to hurt someone and that her mom was dead. That scared him. He didn't want anyone dead. Sylus rubbed her head [b "It's okay ARa. He can't punish you here. You don't have to cry. I'll make sure to stop them"] he hugged her and tried to wipe her tears away. He pulled out more paper and would color with her, drawing some flowers he remembered seeing in the garden of his home. He showed her [b "I had lots of flowers at my old house. They looked like this"] he drew his house with him and his mom and then more flowers. He hoped it cheered Ara up.

He then went to his bed and grabbed the blanket, wrapping it around her shoulder [b "When I'm sad, it feels good to be in my blanky"] he told her.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 67d 6h 13m 31s
She was so shaken up but she tried not to make a peep after. Afraid that he would get mad at her. He was busy again, at a meeting. She really couldn’t make a peek. She was swallowing up all the tears but ever second she was ready to burst into tears. Ara climbed down the chair once he was busy and ran with her backpack to Sylus door. She knocked, and cry a little behind the door. She had trouble opening the door. She put her backpack on the ground and climbed it to turn the knob. Sylus pulled it after. She grabbed her backpack with one hand, dragging it on the floor and cried as she walked in.

She shook her head, and kept crying. She shook her head again when he asked if they hurt her. She couldn’t stop her tears, and little bouts of quiet crying. Sylus put a bandage on her arm and she was still sniffling but it calmed her down. “Thank you.” He patted her head. She wrapped her arms around him. She was trembling. All of today was making her scared.

She calmed down enough to say, “Color. I want to color.” She put her backpack down and took out her coloring book. She put on the floor and tried to color with Sylus. Then she’d cry again, [b “Daddy…Daddy made me…made me…he want me to hurt…the bad man. I don’t want to. He said mommy…that mommy is dead. And and…if I not hurt bad man…he…will…he will pun-sh me.” ] She whimpered and cried. Her tears wet the coloring book. She was so sad, and Sylus was the only one she could cry to because everyone else got mad at her.
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He frowned, not wanting to get poked either, but it was something that was unavoidable. HE saw that it made ARa upset to see him with booboos, but there wasn't much he could do about that at the facility. He took the bandages and put it in his pocket, holding her hand because he felt happy with Ara there. She was a good friend and he felt nice and warm around her.

THey ate together, but he could tell Ara wasn't used to that kind of food. He frowned [b "I don't have any other food Ara...."] he pouted, but then she started sniffling and he would rub her back. SHe ended up making a ruckus, the guard getting upset as he tugged her arm. Sylus tried to help, but he was shoved back. [b "Ara!"] he went to try and go after her, but the attendant looked mad.

He sat down and just tried to finish his food, hoping ARa was okay. After lunch, they were taken to their rooms, where Sylus sat on his bed and would put another bandage on his knee. IT hurt, but he was getting used to things hurting all the time, that it didn't matter. He held his breath and would pull his knees up onto his chest, wishing there was a way to know if Ara was okay.

He heard the knock on the door and he would hear faint crying sounds. Was it Ara? He walked over and tried to open the door, but it was locked. Ara had to open it on her side. When she managed to open the handle, Sylus pulled and it was open. He saw Ara in tears as he hugged her [b "You're okay Ara?" he looked at her, not seeing any booboos as he smiled. [b "They didn't hurt you right?"] he saw the bruise forming on her arm and he'd reach into his picket and pull out a bandage. Sylus put it on her arm and he smiled [b "There. All better"] he patted her head and would hold her hand.

[b "Let's play? I bet it would make you feel better. We can color or play a game like...tag!"] he suggested, not sure what else to do in his room. There was barely anything in it, but he wanted to have fun with ARa.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 67d 10h 48m 48s
Ara frowned listening to him talk. [b “It’s not fair. I don’t want you to get poked.” ] Ara said, fetting upset over it. The others did too. It wasn’t right. She liked how Sylus gave her boo boo a kiss. It felt like she really had someone on her side. Sylus was her friend. He was a really nice friend.

She gave him bandages, thinking it would make it better. Ara smiled [b “I am? I like it too.” ] Ara said.

All of them sat together. The food was nasty. She scrunched up her face. Sylus was right. [b “It’s really bad.” ] Ara said. It was so bland and bitter. She was so used to a professional chef and she’s never tasted anything actually bad. This was so gross. [b “I don’t like this Sylus.” ] Ara told him. She said it was yuck and the attendant got mad at her. She pouted as he told Sylus to shut it. She started sniffling, [b “They’re so mean.” ] Ara said. She felt sick now. She felt Sylus rubbing her back but she couldn’t contain it. She went to the attendant and told him but he wouldn’t listen, and she end up throwing up.

Ara gasped as she heard him call for another. Ara tried to run, and her arm was grabbed. It hurt! “Ow!” She started crying, with full on tears. She was scared. She tried to pull her arm away but he held a firm grip and it hurt. She saw Sylus trying to take her hand. They shoved Sylus back, and she cried out more, [b “Leave Sylus alone” ] She said. Her arm hurt and she still felt sick. His hold released on her. Ara heard to be taken away. She shook her head, [b “No, no…I don’t want to.” ] She said, afraid of what will happen. She heard doctors, and she was still afraid. [b “I want to go to daddy.” ] She told them. For some reason the one that was mean to her looked scared hearing her say that.

Ara still released tears on the way to the doctor. She was helped onto a bed. Ara got the hiccups and still felt scared. The doctor came in and Ara’s lip quivered. He was nice to her, asking her where it hurt. She pointed at her arm where there was red mark while in tears. He told her it’ll be okay and gave her candy and said it’ll stop her from feeling sick. She was still in tears, and explained to him how they hurt Sylus and Sylus had a lot of boo boos. They needed help. He looked puzzled on what to say. He gave a call to her dad since she kept asking.

She saw her dad come to the door. She sucked up all the tears and wiped her eyes but it was clear she had been crying plenty. “Why are you interrupting me from my work? And what did I tell you about crying?” He told her.
Ara kept sniffling, trying hard not to cry, feeling scared. [b “I’m sorry.” ] She half cried, [b “A mean man…gave…me…a boo boo.” ] She had the hiccups in between. He lifted Ara up for the first time in forever and carried her. She kept sniffling and then felt him dry her eyes, “Tell me who.”
[b “I don’t know name.”] She told him.
“When you find out, tell me.” He said to her.
Ara nodded, [b “Okay daddy,” ] She calmed down and heard him sigh. He looked at her blue eyes and was reminded of her. Ara saw his expression change, looking sad. She hugged him and he kissed the top of her head. Sometimes he was nice… He brought her with him to his office, where he worked alone. She started to color and think about if Sylus was okay. Then a man came into the room, the one that held her arm too hard. He looked pale.
“Ara, take this.” Her dad pulled out a gun. Ara gasped, [b “Are we going to play?” ] She wondered.
“Yes. I want you to hold the gun, and point at his arm.”
[b “But why?” ] She frowned.
“Ara…” He used that tone she knew was warning.
So, she did. So took the gun and pointed. She didn’t know it would hurt. The guy looked terrified. Ara frowned, and connected the two. “But daddy he’s scared.”
“He hurt you,” He remained, “If anyone hurts you. You hurt them more.”
Ara frowned and shook her head [b “That’s not what mommy said.” ]
“Mommy is dead. That’s why she’s dead. She was too nice.” He told her.
Ara gasped, and held her tears. She shook her head, not wanting to do it.
“Ara do it.” He told her again, “Or I will punish you.”
Ara remembered what happened to Sylus. She got so scared. She closed her eyes and pulled the trigger. But, nothing came out, just a sound. Ara opened her eyes and the man looked so relieved. She had tears going down her eyes.
“Good girl.” He told her and took the gun out of hands and gave her cheek a kiss, “Next time it won’t be a blank.” He eyed the man, “You’re dismissed.” Ara stood quiet and sat on the table again. She still felt scared, more so of how her dad was. Once he got distracted by another meeting, she ran off to find Sylus room. She was knocking on his door and trying to open it. She was in tears again.
  Ara / Ravenity / 67d 13h 27m 45s

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