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He missed Tanner also. They had so much fun together when they were both guarding Ara and it was really nice to have someone to have fun with. When they were together, he was just one of the guys. He was glad that Tanner also missed them.

Seeing Klara getting teased was something he wasn't used to. Klara never really blushed around them and was up for anything, so seeing her right now looking red made him feel like Tanner was the reason why.

Klara was brave enough to hold their little boy. She looked really stiff and nervous, but when she held little ARlus, she'd look down at their boy and she had a smile on her face. He was a mix of the two people she loved and she wanted to make sure she was really careful with him. [b "See Klar? HE likes you. He sees you everyday, so you're familiar"] he then saw Arlus getting fussy.

When the smell filled the room, he gasped [b "Oh my..."] he laughed, shaking his head and then seeing her hurry to give ARlus back to Ara.


Soon enough they were watching a movie together. They were all on the couch, popcorn and snacks in front of them as Arlus tried to reach for some. Seeing Tanner try to tickle him and make him giggle was so sweet. He held their boy on his lap and he would instantly hold on and fall asleep. Klara slowly got up "I'm actually pretty tired. Tan and I walked around a lot. I might hit the hay" she yawned and slowly got up. "Night guys" she headed to her room and Tanner did as well.

Sylus lifted up little Arlus. [b "Let's head to bed while we can too Ar"] he smiled, kissing Arlus' forehead as he slowly tucked him in. He went into their room and he changed into some shorts and then he climbed into bed, waiting for Ara. He'd wrap his arms around her and slowly drift off.


The next morning, Sylus let Ara take care of Arlus when he woke. He would yawn softly and then he got up, seeing that Ara wasn't there. He walked into ARlus' room and saw her on the couch asleep. He'd put a blanket over her and head downstairs, starting to cook up breakfast for everyone, the smell of eggs, toast, and sausage filling the house. Even Nyx was standing beside Sylus, pouncing on his leg, wanting some of that meat.
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Ara would give a reaffirming nod. She missed Tanner plenty. Seeing how he could hold Arlus and Arlus was doing okay with Tanner made her feel like she had someone else other than Sylus to depend on.
“I’d like to. I miss all of you.” Tanner said, meeting Ara’s eyes.

They’d tease Klara a bit.
Ara held Arlus and was giving him lots of love. She’d kiss him and they’d try to get Klara to hold Arlus.

[b “Exactly, he’s probably wondering why you haven’t held him yet.” ] Ara mentioned. She looked at her little Arlus, his little fingers balling up into her shirt. She watched Klara coming in. Ara’s eyes widened. Was he really going to do it? She allowed Arlus onto her arms. She watched her hold him and Ara smiled. Arlus seemed to be doing okay. She was pretty stiff looking too.

Ara giggled. Klara looked at Arlus looking up at her and it was easy to melt at the cute little thing in her arms. He really was a mix of her two favorite people. She’d still feel nervous about holding Arlus. Babies…made her nervous. Arlus started to whine a little, but not because of Ara but because he did something in his diaper .
Klara freaked out a bout it, “Oh no…” She started with slight panic and quickly handed him over to Ara.

Ara took him back, rubbing his back but he wasn’t settling…and then she smelt it. Everyone made a face, [b “I’ll be right back everyone.” ] Ara lightly laughed, [b “Arlus just had to go.” ] She said, and went to go change him up again. He was all good right after. They’d all settle down and sit together to watch a movie with popcorn. She refused to let Arlus take some popcorn. Tanner would know and then look at Arlus or tickle him a little. Eventually Arlus would look at daddy and reach out. Ara put Arlus on Sylus lap and he snuggled into Sylus and was falling asleep.

[b "Did you guys want to do anything else tonight?" ] Ara asked. She was quite tired, and she did want to get some sleep with Sylus while Arlus slept but she also really missed Tanner.
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He felt her slap his ass and he loved being this close to her. When Arlus was asleep was when they had the chance to just be together with one another and it reminded him of how much he lover her and enjoyed spending time with her.

Tanne and Klara came back home and they were seated at the table. Arlus was being a little cutie as he sat in his high chair, making a few noises as he played. He would try to reach out and see them eating, so he would also, soon reaching out for Ara and wanting to be held.

[b "It's been a while, but London, and even back at the facility wasn't that long ago. I always think about the fun we have"] he patted his shoulder and then he would nod [b "Ara always misses you. You should visit more often when you can"] he then saw Klara turning a bit red. He's never really seen her get so shy except for around Tanner. She wasn't even that shy around him.

Arlus looked really happy when Ara got a hold of him. He would coo and wiggle in her lap, but then snuggled in from how warm she was. HIs blue eyes watched Tanner [b "HE seems to like you Tan"] he then saw Klara fall under the peer pressure, only to chicken out.

[b "You can do it Klar. Arlus knows you. He's been seeing you everyday since he was born"] he told her and then he thanked Tanner.

Klara wasn't just going to sit there and take in their laughs. She wanted to prove to them, especially Tanner that she wasn't afraid of their baby. "I can hold him" she walked over and then she remembered how Ara and Sylus would lift up Arlus. She did it the same way and picked up the little boy. She looked hesitant, but her determination was strong. Once she carried him in her arms, she met his eyes, seeing him settle in. He faced her and would calm down. Klara tried to be as gentle as she could, figuring the best way to hold him.

Sylus would smile [b "That's great Klar. Look, he likes you"] he smiled, seeing Arlus press against her chest, his blue eyes looking up at her.
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Ara would grin when she got to slap his ass and saw him smirking right after. She’d feel him feel her up too. She’d kiss his lips quickly. It was nice to sneak feels from each other. She brought little Arlus down. It made her happy to see them interact. Ara listened to the trip they had.

Ara saw ARlus trying to put his toys in his moue. She’d draw them out carefully of his mouth, “baby that’s not food.” Ara said to him and kissed his cheek. She didn’t want him to be even attempting to put little things in his mouth later. He’d look up at her for a while. He’d pat the table and his eyes sometimes would follow where the noise came from, to their voices.

“It feels like forever since we’ve worked together,” Tanner admits, “But you’re doing just fine with Ara and Arlus. Guess, I’m forgotten.” Tanner shook his head.
[b “No you’re not.” ] Ara nudged him, [b “I miss you all the time.” ]
They’d talk a bit more. Klara blushed. Ara giggled a little. Tanner heard what Klara said and was starting to wonder if Klara liked him or maybe she just admired him. It was nice to hear someone admired him. “There’s a lot more that needs to be accomplished. I’m hardly there,” Tanner said, knowing what he needed to do.

Ara noticed Arlus reaching out towards her. She rose up and picked him up. She lifted him up into the air and gave his tummy a kiss. She loved him so much. She looked up at him, seeing his smile, her cute baby. She hugged him in and he snuggled in. She would sit back down while holding Arlus.
“You still haven’t hold Arlus?” Tanner said with shock and then looked at Arlus, “I was a bit of afraid too but… He’s too cute not to hold.” Tanner smiled, admiring Arlus that was being held by Ara. Arlus would take a peak at Tanner, just staring. “Ah, I can’t wait until he gets a bit older so I can teach him a few things too.” Tanner grinned. They all were finished up with there meals. Klara looked a bit hesitate again but was starting to think maybe she should, “I can hold him… I just feel as if it would be safer if he was with Ara.”
Ara shook her head [b “Klara’s afraid of babies.” ]
“I’m not.” Klara said.
[b “Then prove it.” ] Ara said, but as Klara was going to take the dare, she couldn’t when she looked at Arlus. He was too small, fragile… “That’s okay.” Klara said, clearing her voice.
Ara laughed and looked at Arlus eyes, “Your so cute, you know that? You’re so cute Klara can’t hold you.” Ara said.

Tanner would laugh, “I can’t believe you’re afraid of a baby.” Tanner would get up, “I’ll clean up since you did all of this work.” Tanner said, rising and putting the plates away. Ara gave him a quiet thank you. She’d hold Arlus in still, letting him cuddle. He’d look at Klara for a while and then look at his toys. Ara would pass one to him. [b “Should we watch a movie?” ] Ara mentioned, she’d get up and go to the sofa, just turning on the TV.
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He felt her warm arms around him and he loved her so much. He didn't want them to drift apart at all and as long as he had her, he knew he'd be really happy. In the kitchen, they danced around, Sylus working on breading chicken and making the curry as he waited for Ara. He would feel her slap his ass and he'd smirk, hugging her from behind and feeling her up a little.

He then set up the table, setting up the plates and when ARlus came down, Sylus smiled so brightly. [b "How's my little guy"] he kissed his cheek and then he chuckled, snuggling him in close. He would then grin [b "I love you so much Arlus"] he booped his nose and Arlus made a scrunched up face.

When Tanner and Klara came in, he greeted them and helped grab some utensils since Klara headed straight for the food. They talked about their trip and it made Sylus laugh to hear that Tanner scared the animals away again. If Tanner was still here, it would help a lot to have either him or Sylus as Ara's guard. HE really felt more secure if TAnner looked out for her than the Yakuza. Still, it depended if he was still here.

[b "I'm glad you guys had fun. Eat up!"] he looked over at Arlus and he would make sure he was comfortable as he sat down. He looked over at everyone eating and then would put his toy in his mouth to follow.

[b "We missed you too Tan. I miss working together"] he admitted and saw that Klara was blushing at the table. HE figured she really admired him, but maybe it was blooming into something else. He would rub Klara's back [b "Chew slowly!"] he laughed, giving her some water and then he would see Klara trying to wipe the redness off her face. "He's just so accomplished. I know you two know what he's done, but seeing someone you've looked up to since the facility really is awesome" she said.

"Sy, this food is amazing. I never want to leave you guys if you always cook for me"

[b "Haha of course. You help us out a lot too. I still can't wait for the day that you actually hold ARlus"] he chuckled, enjoying dinner with all of them. Arlus would pat on his high chair and coo, reaching out towards Ara, wanting to be held.
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[b “Thank you Sy.” ] Ara giggled. She was hugged and it made her feel so good to receive his love. She always wanted to be this close. He was amazing at cooking. She loved the taste of his food. Ara would slap his ass playfully right after since had teased her a little too back when they were playing.

She brought little Arlus down. He was adorable and happy. She watched Sylus kiss Arlus and him getting so excited. It was so cute and it clearly made Arlus happy to get love from Sylus. [b “He is isn’t he?” ] Ara asked. Arlus looked at Sylus and would move his arm around, cooing. He was so cute. [b “He loves you so.” ]

Tanner and Klara came in. Tanner made Arlus happy. She loved to see her best friend getting so close to him. Tanner was always like family, like a brother to her. They could count on him. She was sure Arlus could count on Tanner too. Tanner melted at Arlus giggles and cute appearance. He felt so much love for Arlus right away.

“We did. Any animal coming close proximity to me ran.” Tanner sighed. But that’s what always happened. “She told me what you’ve been doing too.”
Ara glanced at Klara for a second and then Tanner continued, “Babies sure make you busy huh. Must be tough. Ara, I heard you have that mission. If I’m still here, I can either go with you or I can watch Arlus and Sylus will go with you. But I can’t make any promises that I’ll be here.” Tanner said.

Ara nodded and smiled t him [b “Thank you, it means a lot. I know. Let’s eat everyone.” ] Ara said. They started to eating. Everything tasted good, and the house smelled so good. Ara had placed Arlus in his high chair to play with his toys. She would take a deep breath, just looking at her friends, her family…it made her feel so good. She would stay silent, listening to them all chat. Tanner would wrap his arm around her for a second and pull her in, “I really missed you guys.” Then he’d release. He’d always have a soft spot for Ara, and now he had two more. Seeing them together, made him feel like he should try to get Ara to give up…and stay but he knew that wasn’t possible. It was too dangerous to do even that.

[b "You and Klara get along well right?" ] Ara asked.
"Yea, we did. We had fun. Klara's sometimes a bit shy though." Tanner blurt out.
Ara laughed a little, [b "No she isn't." ] Klara blushed a bit and nearly chock on her food.

"She's always blushing, you're doing it again," Tanner pointed out.
Ara laughed quietly again, shaking her head. It looked like to her that Klara had a crush on Tanner.
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As they sat beside each other, they were having fun being able to relax and play together. They've never really had a vacation before, but it was still really nice. THe more time they could spend with Arlus, the better. Sylus wanted Arlus to know them well before they even had to leave.

They played a few games together, having a good time. Sylus would try to distract Ara, but sometimes she played a little too seriously. He'd laugh and then feel where her hand went, making him gasp. She took it that far, so he'd reach over and glide his hand along her shoulder and arm, teasing one another.

Once they finished, they went into the kitchen to cook as he breaded some chicken breast and made the curry. Ara would would work on the rice and he'd taste test it, licking his lips. He'd hug his arms around her waist and smile brightly [b "You're really good at cooking"] he saw the hearts and then he added the chicken and curry to the plates. He loved it when they spent time together like this. It reminded him of how much he loved her and their little family.

When Ara returned with Arlus, he would come over and see him looking so adorable. [b "There's my little man"] he kissed his forehead, seeing ARlus giggle. He loved him so much. [b "You're looking happy little guy"] he ran his fingers over his head and set the table.

WHen the others came in, they looked a lot closer, chatting it up and then seeing the food. Klara went straight for the table, while Tanner went for Arlus. Arlus was warming up to him more, giggling and then looking away shyly. Sylus sat at the table [b "Eat up guys. You must be hungry. Did you have a good time sightseeing?"] he wondered.

Klara sat down and grabbed her plate "IT was great! Tanner told me about his missions and how he struggled sometimes. I learn a lot. We even got to see an area with deers roaming freely" she smiled and would take a seat and start to eat. She was still a bit worried about getting close to ARlus, but seeing Tanner, made her want to try more.
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The two of them had fun playing on their computers. She was pretty calculative when they were playing together. She nearly yelled when he moved her mouse away. So, she decided to mess with him by putting her hand in an area that would surely distract him for five seconds that could have felt like five minutes. It had been a lot of fun.

She would head up with Sylus to make the omelette rice. She did her bit and would peak over to Sylus. He’d bump her hip so she bumped him back and kiss his cheek. She’d take a taste and would moan. He always made good food. She’d did the same too, getting him to try the rice she made that she mixed in with onion, oil, some vegetables, black pepper, soy sauce. She’d grab the ketchup and make a heart shape one each one.

The kitchen smelled so good…so homey. She felt so good being here with him. It had taken a while but they did it. She would even grab a bottle of wine and pour it in. She’d text Tanner and Klara and they said they were on their way. [b “They’re driving back.” ] Ara told Sylus. She heard Arlus on the baby monitor. [b “I’ll bring him down.” ] Ara said.

She head up, soothed Arlus, changed his diaper, and put him into his bear hoodie. She fed him and he was as happy as he could be. She came down, seeing Sylus just finishing up setting the table. Arlus was smiling when he saw daddy. [b “Aw darling, come give Arlus a kiss.”] Ara said, coming closer to Sylus so he could give Arlus a kiss. Arlus would giggle and she kissed him too. [b “I love you baby.” ] Ara looked at his blue eyes.

Tanner and Klara came through the door. “Hey! Damn it smells good.” Tanner said, and saw little Arlus looking adorable. He came forward, “Hey Arlus. You’re so cute, aren’t you?” Tanner couldn’t help but get all mushy seeing Arlus. Arlus looked at Tanner curiously. Tanner tried to tickle him and he giggled and hid into Ara.
Tanner chuckled, “He’s so cute”
Arlus peaked back at Tanner and Tanner played peekaboo with him. Arlus freaked out, and started smiling each time. It made Tanner so happy too.
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He smirked a bit, knowing that he Arlus didn't have to defend Ara at all, but he thought it'd be cute when he was a young boy to be protecting Ara if they went to the mall or something. Sylus would smile and then look over at ARlus, hearing him making noise as he sat at the table. His blue eyes would watch them, biting on one of his toys as he relaxed.

They finished eating and he loved seeing how much Tanner loved their little boy already. He was glad that they were trying to get along. HE didn't know what he'd do if ARlus didn't like Tanner since he was one of the most important people in their lives.

SYlus caught the toy that flew and then he lifted Arlus up [b "What are you doing little guy?"] he kissed his cheek and would see ARlus immediately snuggle in, gripping onto Sylus' shirt. He went to bring up Arlus and then he tucked him in his bed, seeing him slowly drift off to sleep already.

When Ara came up, he hugged her close and then he offered for her to head out and hang out with Tanner. [b "Let's do something together. How about we play a few games and then we can work on dinner together?"] he suggested, knowing that Arlus would at least be asleep for two to three hours.

He would slowly get up and hold her hand in his, leading her downstairs to the gaming room. He brought down the baby monitor and set it on the table between them. Sylus played with Ara on the computer together, working as a team and beating other people. He would playfully try to move her mouse away as he teased her and then he would sometimes hide behind her. Ara was really good and she was capable of handling things on her own, but he liked to help her out anyway.


After an hour, they headed into the kitchen and started working on dinner. Sylus would throw some chicken into some breadcrumbs, making the chicken katsu and he had Ara making the omelette rice. SYlus would bump her hip and then he'd bring up a piece for her to taste test.
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[b “Don’t be silly, he doesn’t need to be able to defend me.” ] Ara said and thought about Arlus growing up knowing to fight. She didn’t mind that. She wanted him to be able to protect himself. He was so little, so she didn’t want to even think about it now. Ar would reach out to ARlus hearing his coos. She would kiss his cheek.

Tanner looked back at Arlus. He was adorable. “If he doesn’t mind. He’s a cute baby.” He wanted to make sure the three of them were safe. They looked happy together, and he loved seeing Ara look this in love with Arlus.

Ara gasped as a toy went flying. How was Arlus even able to throw things yet? She looked back at Arlus. [b “Arlus that wasn’t very nice.” ] Ara frowned. He was a baby though, he wouldn’t know any better. He reached out and babbled. She was starting to wonder how much Arlus really was developing. [b “Oh my cute baby is too smart isn’t he?”] Ara said. Arlus was picked up by Sylus.

[b “Being parents keep you busy huh. I wouldn’t mind going a shrine.” ] Tanner said and Klara smiled at the idea. “Okay, we’ll do that tonight.” Tanner said and he began to be in such awe seeing Arlus play with Sylus. “I knew you two would make good parents.” Tanner said.

Ara was saying goodbye to Klara and Tanner in the hall since they were going to go out. She went into Arlus room, seeing Sylus tucking in Arlus in. He hugged her around her waist. She wrapped her arms around him too. She wanted to but…she couldn’t leave Sylus and Arlus alone. [b “Yes, but I’m sure you’d want to go too. I can’t leave Arlus and you alone, it’s wouldn’t be fair.” ] Ara said and kissed him quickly. [b “Should we take a nap with Arlus? Or would you like to do something together. We could always think about what to make for dinner since I’m assuming they’re coming back.
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It was cute to see Arlus meeting Tanner for the first time. Tanner was one of the most trustworthy people in his life right now. He really did believe that if there was anyone Arlus should meet, it was him. It did make Sylus smile to see him being able to hold their baby boy. Tanner looked really happy being able to see Arlus. Arlus ended up relaxing to the warmth Tanner had. He would just stare up at him with Ara's eyes, yawning a bit.

Sylus laughed [b "We'll make sure he knows how to defend himself and keep him and mommy safe"] he chuckled and then he saw ARa looking a bit annoyed at the thought. He laughed and would finish making dinner as they all sat at the table together. They decided to eat up as Sylus handed out plates of food. Arlus was sitting in his high chair, playing with the toys. He cooed and would squeal as he squeezed and munched on them.

Klara soon came around and he would see her greet Tanner as they talked about ARlus and how long he's staying. [b "I'm glad you get to stay for a bit. Arlus will get a chance to play with you"] he smiled and then he saw Klara and Tanner chatting. She kept asking him about missions and how to handle situations. IT was funny to see. Tanner seemed to enjoy the admiration though.

A toy went flying across the table and Sylus managed to catch it. [b "What are you doing little guy"] he asked, seeing Arlus looking at him and hearing his voice. He would reach out and babble. [b "You want me to carry you?"] he finished eating and would walk over to hold ARlus in his arms. [b "Ara and I have to stay and keep watch over ARlus, but there's definitely shrines and good restaurants to see. Klara knows a bunch. Feel free to hang out you two. THen maybe tonight we can watch a movie or relax by the pool?"] he suggested, giving ARlus a kiss on his cheek.

He would squeeze his nose and then Sylus would laugh, holding him close and rocking him a bit. He looked tuckered out.


Once Klara and Tanner decided to head out and tour around Japan, Sylus would tuck ARlus into his pen for now. He placed his blanket over and he was soon asleep. He then walked over to ARa and hugged his arms around her waist. [b "You sure you don't want to join then Love? You haven't seen Tanner in a while"] he asked, knowing he could just stay and watch Arlus.
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“He’s your son, it would be different. You’re more used to it.” Tanner mentioned, worrying about holding Arlus but he did want to. He was such a tiny thing. He was very close to Ara and Sylus, so seeing this little boy made him feel good, realizing that it was possible to have a family. He wasn’t so keen on getting something like this for himself but it made hi happy. He froze when he held Arlus. Arlus soon started to relax the more Ara was near by in Tannner’s arms. He’d look up at Tanner.
Tanner soon relaxed his tense muscles, “He’s really cute.” He said, smiling. “When he get’s bigger, we can show him how to fight.” Tanner chuckled. Getting excited at the idea.
“Oh boy…” Ara shook her head but wouldn’t mind if Arlus learned how to handle himself when he grew up. She was happy that Tanner could hold him. She would take Arlus back into her arms so she could allow Tanner to eat. She tickled little Arlus, hearing his little giggles and seeing him smile. Tanner was in such awe seeing him Ara. He’d kept glancing back. Ara then placed Arlus on his highchair.
Klara came down, and she saw Tanner. She had to do a double take wondering if she was seeing things. They started talking. Ara listened to them chat, and couldn’t help but notice that Klara always seemed to admire Tanner, even long before they got close again. She ate with them and would yawn lightly. Everyone would chat. Ara saw the pets going to their bowls.
“You two created a space that feels like a normal family.” Tanner mentioned, seeing as they had a baby, and pets. It made him smile, “I guess for now you are a normal family. Arlus can sure move for being only one month.” He’d watch Arlus who was touching the toys in front of him.

[b “Mmm…well.” ] Ara took a breath, [b “Arlus isn’t…exactly normal He’s developing faster than the average baby. It looks like the changes made to your bodies is effecting Arlus a bit…maybe even mine.” ] She felt happy that everyone was here. [b “Tan, how long are you here for?” ] Ara asked.
“Not for long, maybe three days. Hopefully longer. It depends when I get called back. I wanted to really meet you, Sylus, and Arlus…and well Klara since she happens to still be here. Nice to see you again.” Tanner said.
“Same,” Klara said and opened her mouth and then closed it again.
[b “I and Sylus are pretty much trapped indoors with Arlus. So if you ever wanted to go out, you and Klara can go.” ] Ara mentioned. She would like to spend time with Tanner too but it seemed like it would have to be in the house.
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Arlus was growing quickly, but he was still only a month and a half. HE was still so tiny, still growing and learning so quickly. HE was adorable and the cutest little mix between them. Sylus saw Tanner and he would hug him, seeing that Arlus looked away. He seemed a bit intimidated by Tanner and that made Tanner visibly sad.

[b "You won't hurt him Tan. If I can hold him, you can too"] he assured him, seeing that ARlus was clinging onto Ara. He would look up at Tanner when Ara soothed him and then he would whine the closer he got. Luckily he was in ARa's arms and when she kissed him, he relaxed again, just staring up at Tanner.

Watching them was so precious that Sylus took a little video of their first meeting. Watching him try to hold their baby boy made him laugh a bit, but when Arlus was snuggled in, he just kept gazing at Tanner. He sucked on his thumb and felt so warm and relaxed that his eyes started to slowly close. Tanner was like the warmest teddy bear to him. [b "You got this Tan. Look, you are making him feel so relaxed"] he said shockingly as he cooked up some food for them. He made some tempura and sushi rolls and miso soup as he set it on the table. He made a lot since he knew Tanner had a big appetite.

[b "Alright guys, breakfast is ready!"] he told them, seeing that Arlus was more alive again in Ara's arms. He'd wiggle and reach out at the food on the table, seeing how colorful the sushi was. Sylus sat beside Tanner and started to eat, soon seeing Klara wake up as well. [b "I just made food Klar. Join us! Look Tanner's here"] he smiled and would help ARa set ARlus into his high chair so they could eat.

Everyone gathered at the table and would eat together. Sylus would ask Tanner about his travel, what he's been up to. He then mentioned how they should spar downstairs since they had a gym and everything. Maybe even race again in the pool.

Klara seemed pretty excited to see Tanner since she admired him so much. She asked about his current missions and achievements. It was funny to see the two of them already getting along. IT was clear they were both really important to Ara and Sy.
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Arlus really was developing so fast. [b “He’s still fragile though,” ] She said and then nodded. They would do everything to protect there little one. Sometimes, she’d still think it was some sort of dream, having Arlus. It made things difficult but just looking at his blue eyes and his dark hair that resembled Sylus made her melt.

When she woke, she went down the stiars, and screamed. She held Tanner in tightly. Ara looked over her shoulder and saw Sylus walking down with ARlus in his arms. Ara couldn’t help but smile. Tanner grinned, “Hey! Missed you too man, can’t believe you’re a dad.” Tanner looked at the baby and he couldn’t believe that he was real. He was so little, he’s never been this close to a baby human. “wow, I can’t believe how tiny he is. He has your’e hair that’s for sure.” He would try to take a peak at Arlus but Arlus kept turning away. He frowned, and realized it was the curse of everything that was cute and small wanting to turn away from him.
Tanner sighed, “It’s probably for the best… I don’t want to hurt your baby.” But he looked really bummed that Arlus was trying to escape.
Ara saw ARlus reaching out, so she to took him from Sylus and kissed the top of his head, “It’s okay baby, Tanner is family.” Ara said, stroking his abck and seeing his eyes looking up at her.
Tanner would watch and then look back at Sylus, “Ahh, yea. Sorry, I should have gave a warning. But you would have been asleep by the time I took the flight. I am kind of hungry.” He admitted. He lowered his head, “Understandable…”

Ara giggled and looked at Arlus eyes, “Come on, let’s say hello. It’s okay.” She told him and came closer to Tanner. ARlus whined a little. He’d grip onto Ara’s shirt. She would hold Arlus so he was facing Tanner. Ara kissed the top of ARlus head again to comfort him and Arlus seemed to calm down, looking at Tanner curiously. Tanner melted seeing the baby boy. He bent down, “You have your mom’s eyes. It’s like looking at your eyes Ara.” He’d smile, “Hi Arlus.”
Arlus cooed. Ara giggled and then looked at Tanner who was so focused on Arlus. It made her happy. Tanner has been there for her for the longest period of time, even when everyone else left. He really was family to her and it meant so much that he would love Arlus too. [b “Let me help you hold him.” ]
Tanner shot a look at her in panic, “No, no, I don’t think I could do that. He looks like he’d break so easily. I don’t trust myself.”
Ara rolled her eyes, “You and Klara. Just hold him, it’ll be okay.” Ara said and helped him hold Arlus in his arms. Arlus looked puzzled but he didn’t cry yet. Tanner was stiff and held him exactly the way Ara placed Arlus in his arms.
[b “Out of anyone, beides Sylus, I trust you the most to protect him.” ] Ara said softly, because she could tell he instantly loved Arlus.
“I’d kill anyone who’d cause him harm, that’s true. I can see you and Sylus in him.” Tanner said and looked like he’d get emotional. Rarely has she ever seen him get emotional. Arlus would reach and try touch his face.
Ara hugged him while he held Arlus, [b “I know. Now, you should go eat. I’ll handle Arlus.” ] She said and then saw the pets coming out to greet Tanner too. She would hold ARlus and guessed that Sylus already fed him since he didn’t seem to be fussy.
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He was glad that ARa was agreeing with him. Arlus was learning really quickly. He already could identify different things and he could smile and react to sounds and words. [b "Me too. If anything, he's a tough baby and he'll always have his mommy and daddy to protect him"] he let Ara take him up and then he cleaned up and met ARa in bed.

He laid beside her, talking about possibly having more kids together. HE was only teasing, but the thought of having a little baby girl was so precious. He could imagine her having his eyes and being as pretty as ARa. She'd be so beautiful. [b "Definitely when it's safe"] he drifted off peacefully, but when he heard the sounds of cries early in the morning, he would slowly get up and head over to ARlus' room.

Once he had him fed and settled in his lap, Arlus would make noise, wiggling on Sylus' lap and then gripping onto his shirt. Sylus rubbed his little back and tried to soothe him, but he ended up falling asleep, holding Arlus close.


When morning came, Sylus would open his eyes, feeling warm movement. Arlus was laying on his tummy facing him. HE was playing with his nose and chin, making him laugh. [b "Morning little one"] he kissed his forehead and then he lifted him up. Sylus changed his diapers and then he heard a scream. He shot up and then he carried Arlus. He looked over the staircase and then he spotted Tanner.

[b "Tanner!"] he grinned, walking down the steps to meet him. HE patted his shoulder and then he smiled [b "We missed you. Good to see you're okay"] he said proudly as Arlus just snuggled into Sylus' arms, burying into his neck. He didn't seem to want to look at Tanner. [b "Look ARlus. It's Uncle Tan"] he told him and showed him to Arlus. Arlus would just turn his head away and reach his arms to Ara since she seemed further away.

[b "Aww. I'm sure he'll warm up to you soon Tan"] he promised and then he helped him bring in his luggage. [b "Sounds like you scared Ara? Are you hungry? I can make everyone breakfast"] he told them, heading into the kitchen to start frying up some eggs, ham, and hashbrowns.

He would glance over at Arlus in Ara's arms, still not wanting to look at Tanner. [b "I think you're still intimidating Tan"] he chuckled.
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