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He did want to be able to hold him close, press him against his chest and keep him warm and safe. THe most important thing is making sure that he is loved and he knew that as long as he was with them, he would be well loved.

He shrugged at the thought of Allister trying to come over. IF he did, he wasn't sure what he would do because they'd find out ARa was pregnant....they needed to make sure they didn't see ARa at all. [b "Me too. Joseph can be pretty persuasive. We just have to make sure he really Can't come here while you're pregnant"] he sighed a bit, realizing that maybe her father wasn't as bad to his own kids than he thought. AT least he treated Allister okay. [b "I know Love. You don't have to be jealous though. You met me...and we'll help everyone else. If you weren't there, no one would be saved"] he hugged his arms around her neck and kissed her.

[b "THey'll find out eventually if they can keep their mouths shut"] he then headed upstairs and they finished painting ARlus' room. Sylus would tease ARa more, to get her mind off of things and then he would feel her touching his ass as well. He'd grin and take a seat beside her in the center of the floor. He then smiled [b "I think so too. I can't wait for our little boy to meet us. He'll be a miracle child"] he smiled brightly.

[b "I'm sure he'll be okay. We've been taking a lot of precautions and the doctor says he's okay. We're halfway there Love"] he felt awed by her words, making him feel so important. Ara was his whole world and being able to have a family with her was like beating the odds. [b "We've come so far Love. I'll keep staying beside you and we'll get through this together"] he kissed the back of her hand and thought about ARlus. [b "Maybe he'll have your blue eyes. Your adorable face and your sweet kindness"] he thought, imagining a little boy giggling in Ara's arms as he tried to feed him his homecooked meal. [b "I can't wait"] he laid back and saw that it was already dark out.

[b "Let's shower and clean up Love? I'll start making dinner also"]
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 27d 8h 40m 55s
[b “You’re right. We will.” ] She said. She did want to hold him in her arms and get to hear his first words. There was so much and she worrie dthey’d be missing so much. There was nothing they could do about that…but they did have to find a safe space for him where he would be loved and protected. Those two things were going to be very hard to do.

[b “I agree, I just hope he listens.” ] Ara frowned, unsure what to do about it except home that Joseph could keep him at bay but she doubt he’d be able to hold for that long if he kept pushing.

Ara shrugged [b “In this case I think my dad did him a favor. She was gold digger. But he knows a bit more than that now from what Joseph told me. ] She sighed [b “I’m…jealous of him. He got to live in a world where he didn’t know any of this. He was sick for the most part, but he didn’t know all the horrible things or had to do horrible things.” ] She wouldn’t change what she knew though because she wanted to be able to safe everyone.

[b “I tell Joseph, it’s just, he can only push for so long. If Allister asks my dad and he agrees…then there’s nothing that can stop it from happening. Joseph…I didn’t tell him either.” ] Ara mentioned. She wasn’t so sure she wanted to tell Joseph she was having a baby. Not because she didn’t trust him, but she felt it might be weird.

Ara nodded to him, half smiling. He held her and it was nice to be in his embrace. They went back to Arlus’ room. She went into finish painting the illustration and letting it all dry out. She noticed Sylus touching her ass, and it made her giggle. She’d playfully reach back and slap his ass. She finished up. Sylus sat down in the middle of the room. Ara set the brushes away and sat down with him, looking around. These were the walls that Arlus was going to spend his first year of his life in. It made her smile. Ara rested her head onto his shoulder and would take hold of his hand. [b “I think he will too.” ] She felt a little flutter again and she rubbed her tummy a bit, [b “I can’t wait until you can hear us and then see us Arlus.” ]

Ara met Sylus eyes [b “I really hope that Arlus isn’t too effected by what was done by us. You know…we’ll be the first at the facility to ever have a baby. Sure…I’m not like you, but I’m still modified too.” ] Ara would stroke through his hair, “You gave me hope…and now Arlus will be even more hope for everyone else. That it’s possible.” She felt good about that. Sylus wasn’t some kid at the facility anymore that she had a crush on. So much changed…

[b “I wonder what Arlus will be like.” ] She said, thinking about his personality.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 27d 8h 50m 26s
He knew they weren't going to be able to see their little boy, but at the same time, he wanted to spend every moment he could with him right now. All he wanted was for ARlus to come into their world and be comfortable and feel loved.

[b "I'm sure he'll be smothered in love when he's born Ar"] he took a seat and started to eat with her, trying to ease her mind off of it all. She didn't need to worry about this right now and he figured he would take care of it as best he could. [b "Yeah, we'll take care of it when we can"] he assured her, holding her hand in his as they thought about a few people they could leave ARlus with.

She then mentioned Allister coming and he didn't think that was a good idea. [b "I think it's best we don't let him come at all. Not until Arlus is born"] he agreed with her not wanting him to know. IT was also sad to hear that her dad made his girlfriend run away. [b "At least he's getting a glimpse of what is really happening. I hope he finds out that his father isn't who he seems"] he shook his head and finished up his food. He then put his dishes away and took a seat beside her once more. [b "If we keep telling Joseph to keep him in one place. I think that'd be best"] he wrapped his arms around her waist and hugged her close. [b "Let's forget about it for now Love. Let's finish up the room?"]

Sylus waited for her before heading back to Arlus' room. He finished painting the other walls while he would glance over at Ara working on the second coat of paint for the dragon and then she started painting the sun. He would finish off his side and then watch her, his hand touching her ass sometimes to tease her as he passed by. When she managed to finish, Sylus added some touches that she allowed him to before sitting in the middle of the room and looking around. [b "IT feels really cozy Love. I think our boy will love it"]
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 27d 9h 14m 12s
[b “Yes…once we do that.” ] Ara said. It was really tough though. Before she had Tanner at her side and since he had the same goal in mind, she got help a lot faster. She didn’t know if she would ever get Tanner back. Which was concerning.

She ate with him and tried to calm down after Sylus brought it up. She watched him kiss her tummy and she’d blush. She wasn’t sure if he was kissing her or trying to kiss unborn Arlus. She’d smile either way and stroke through Sylus’ hair. IT was cute. She’d go on and finish eating with him. [b “Okay, then it’s decided then. When it’s near his birth.” ] She said. She felt quite anxious about that. She heard some pretty scary stories and she hated the doctors. So…it really would be unpleasant.

It gave her anxiety thinking about even Allister coming in. [b “I really prefer he never finds out. He… He knows more now, not the full story but he knows our dad is not a good person. I still don’t want him to know.” ] She knew it would be the worst-case scenario if her dad were to find out. [b “My dad paid his girlfriend to run away. She took the money and ran. He found out and a few other things.” ]

Ara sighed and wasn’t sure she could avoid them if they did come here. [b “I would but…he’d ask Allister how was his visit seeing me, and if he says he didn’t see me. It won’t end well. I just hope that Joseph keeps pushing him that it’s not a great idea.” ] She knew that was the best she could do right now.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 27d 11h 6m 47s
He didn't want to leave their little boy for a long time, but he knew they would have to. It wasn't fair, but it was the most normal they were going to get together. He sighed softly and he knew it was something that they had to decide somehow.

[b "I think so too, but once we're safe and take over, he'll have more time with us. It'll just be temporary for now and we'll try and see him often"] he hugged his arms around her waist and then he could tell it was stressing her out. He didn't want Ara stressed at all, so he decided to divert her attention with the pasta. He made some meatballs with cheese inside, giving her a bowl as he sat beside her

He ate slowly and then he kissed her tummy [b "Daddy's here ARlus"] he smiled and then he nodded. [b "We'll finish it up and let it dry"] he ate another meatball and then he decided it was best they set it up later. [b "That makes sense. I want his room to be as new as he is to the world"] he chuckled and then he heard that Allister wanted to visit. [b "We can't have him visit anytime soon unless you want him to find out your pregnant. He might blabber it out though. I don't know how I feel about that yet"] he sighed and then he thought about it.

[b "We shouldn't let them know where we're at. We have to avoid them somehow, maybe take a short trip somewhere else if they really are set on coming?"]
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 27d 15h 2m 45s
That was reality of it. It hurt being reminded that they couldn’t see Arlus for long periods of time, especially when they were traveling. There was nothing she could do about that. She knew that when she first said she decided to keep their baby, but as time was passing by, she was starting to feel it more.
[b “But he might feel like we are,” ] Ara said and would nod. Hopefully they could get him to understand he was still loved. She felt Sylus arms around her waist, a kiss. It was good to have his arms around her. She didn’t feel so alone in this with Sy there.
The thought of working on that know made her stiff. [b “Yea…We could do that.” ] Ara frowned. Talking about all of this was really stressing her out. She’d sit down and look at the pasta, spacing out for a while. She rested her chin in her hand. She’d take a bite.

Ara lightly smiled to him, “It is. Me too.” Ara felt her mood lighten a little to see him grinning. He came in and kissed her tummy. She blushed a little. She’d feel the little flutter, “Looks like Arlus responded a little.” Ara said. She take more bites out of the food. “Mmm, I just have to finish painting the sun for the main wall. I might do another layer for the dragon.” ] She said.

She’d take a bite out of the food again and tilted her head. [b “Well…we can but maybe we should put the furniture out when I reach my last trimester. Otherwise, it’ll just collect dust.” ] She’d eat up more and thought about where in the world would she keep Arlus. She’d release a sigh. She heard her phone. She’d take a glimpse and saw Joseph’s text. She didn’t talk to him much, just now and then… It was about the same topic as before.
“My brother keeps bothering Joseph to come over here… Great, something else that’s stressful.” She sighed. She just worried her dad would get her brother to visit her and then…she didn’t know what she’d do.
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He really did want to be able to make sure their little boy was safe and that he was born a healthy boy. Every step they could take in order to make sure that Ara was okay, he would take it. He managed her diet and did his best to keep her without stress as much as possible. He didn't want Ara to go through another miscarriage.

He dressed up with her and then he walked with her outside towards the kitchen as he started to boil the pasta. He made a suggestion with her about where they could send Arlus, but when she came up with the good and bad sides, he decided it was better to keep him with someone safer.

He started working on the meat balls, seeing Ara slowly become a bit upset. HE didn't know who else could look after him. Everyone they did know was from the facility, meaning they were either a guard or surrounded by danger.

There was no way he was going to leave their boy with his mother, so he just frowned as he thought more depely. [b "If we're traveling as well, we wouldn't be able to see him much"] he frowned, thinking that he might think of the people caring for him as his mother and father. HE didn't want that at all.

[b "We will never abandon him. We'll do our best to make sure he knows"] he promised her and hugged his arms around her waist, giving her a kiss. [b "Me to. Our little family. We'll spend as much time with him as we can"] he promised her and then he slowly assembled some bowls of pasta. HE added the sauce and the meatballs, serving one to her as he sat beside her. [b "We can. We can also come up with a list and narrow it down, bringing in the only ones we really can rely on?"] he suggested.

[b "For now, let's eat. My birthday is tomorrow, and I can't wait to just spend the day with you and ARlus"] he grinned, kissing her tummy and then he meeting her eyes. He took a bite of the food and smiled [b "Love, his room is almost done. We just got to finish the main wall and color the rest of the walls and then we can move in his furniture tomorrow"] he smiled, getting really excited.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 28d 9h 15m 14s
It felt good to know he wanted to as well. She felt his fingers over her tummy where a growing Arlus was. She knew that it being four months that there were good signs that this was going to happen and Arlus would come out healthy. She still worried a little bit though.

They got dressed and she’d help him make the pasta. She never did like sitting around and doing nothing.
While she did trust Ethan and Payton, she knew it wasn’t safe and it was a lot to ask for. [b “You can help me look for others too. It’s just…the people we know are all pretty much had been at the facility. I can’t…let Arlus go to strangers. I need to know them first. I need to be able to see Arlus. I want him to be in our life.” ] Ara said, feeling scared that he might not be. She couldn’t let Arlus out in the world without them. She wondered if that was selfish. It stressed her out thinking about it.

She’d sit and grow upset. She didn’t know how it would be made easy to visit Arlus depending who he was with. Too many visits in a different country other than where her house was-well it was going to come out suspicious. [b “That’s if we do visit him often. The only way we could do that is if he stayed no more than a car drive away from my house. Otherwise, we can’t see him often.” ] She felt upset thinking about it. Would he call whoever he was with mom or dad? [b “We don’t know that. I’m worried he might feel abandoned.” ]

It made her dizzy just thinking about it. Sylus cam ein and wrapped his arms around her waist. She tried to relax a bit in his arms. He kissed her lips, so she returned the kiss back. “I love you too. I hope he does…I want to be a family. It will break my heart if the only time we get to really spend time with him is while he is being born and before he turns one.” It was going to be hard to let go. She them to be their for Arlus.
She’d rub her forehead. “I really have to find a solution. I think I should invite everyone I trust at the seventh month or something, and ask them in person if they know someone who would be willing to help us.”
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 28d 10h 13m 0s
He loved the intimacy they shared because not only were they not having as much time together as they usually did, but their baby was growing inside and he didn't know if ARa ever felt like she wanted to be intimate with him. [b "We can Love. I don't mind doing it more often. You know I love to love you"] he smiled, hugging her and letting his fingers move over her tummy. They were gonna have a baby boy and it got him pretty excited.

Sylus helped her dress and then he headed down the stairs with her, putting some pasta into some water and then adding salt. He then pulled out some ground beef and made some seasoned meatballs, putting in some dry ingredients. [b "There isn't. I don't want it to be a question though....I want him as safe as possible"] he sighed a bit and thought more about where else they could send him. Ethan and Payton couldn't be as safe as he thought. Ara was right. Ethan is still under protection.

[b "Okay, but I want to help you Love. You know I'll be here beside you and we can figure this out together. I'd prefer it though if they weren't a complete stranger and are capable to take care of our boy"] he didn't really want to talk about it, but he did want have a plan.

He put the meatballs in the oven and then he sighed a bit [b "As long as we visit often, I'm sure he'll know his mommy and daddy"] he hugged her. [b "I'm sure he'll harbor some feelings when we're gone, but he'll know how much we love him"] he assured her, hoping so.

As the meatballs cooked, he wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her lips. [b "Mmm, I love you so much. You've done so much for me and now we're going to raise our baby together. I'm sure he'll grow up a happy one with us"] he didn't want to think too negatively right now.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 28d 12h 20m 58s
The intimacy was perfect. She clung onto him, feeling so good and happy. [b “Really? Maybe we should do it more often…” Ara kissed his cheek, “On the days I feel well of course.” ] She felt his fingers glide over her tummy. She felt the little flutters when he did. She smiled at him, [b “Thank you.” ] Ara said, feeling his fingers brush through her hair. He made her feel so nice.

She would get dressed again and Sylus even helped her. She’d walk down the stairs with him to the kitchen. She put her hair all up again. [b “Meatballs.” ] Ara said. She’d help grab ingredients and let him boil the pasta. She’d sit down on the stool, facing him on the other side of the counter.

[b “I know… There’s not many places we could send him that would be safe.” ] Afterall their line of work involved knowing a lot of people who were dangerous or in danger themselves. Then came the matter of trusting and then having to have someone to protect Arlus in case something happened. It was stressful. She tilted her head and then shook her head about Ethan and Payton. [b “I trust them. But, Ethan and Payton like to move around a lot. Ethan did need protection for a reason, moving around a lot keeps them safe. It isn’t safe. Plus, I can’t ask him to raise our baby for who knows how long when we’re gone.” ] She didn’t think Payton would like Arlus putting them in more risk too.

[b “Last resort…we’ll ask them.” ] Ara said. She knew they had to come up with a solution. [b “I’ll ask around, and see if they know anyone.” ] She grew stiff thinking about it, letting Arlus in someone elses hands. She wanted to be with him. She knew parting was going to be really hard, even though it would be best. It was the safest. They’d all get to live and now and then spend time with each other. It was better than the other.

She’d space out, thinking about letting him go. Would Arlus miss them too much? [b “Do you think…he’ll stop seeing us as his parents after?” ] Ara’s voice crumbled, [b “Do you think he’ll be mad that we’re not around all the time?” ]
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 28d 22h 26m 8s
Sylus would smile [b "It doesn't really bother me Love. I don't mind that you are messy. It's just the way you paint"] he chuckled and then he pressed his lips against hers softly. His eyes would meet hers and then he would press her up against the bedroom wall. HE wanted her and he missed her so badly, so he really did want to be able to make love to her.

He pressed his lips against hers, missing the taste as he licked her lips and sucked on them. He had their clothes off and he would smile [b "Our little boy with be loved so much when he's with us"] he stated and then he pressed his skin against hers. They were both eager, passionate, and wanting to just be so much closer. THey made sweet love and it was hot and sexy as he pressed his skin against hers.

They were both sweaty and hot after they made love, sitting against the wall as he held her in his arms. He would catch his breath, feeling the pleasure rise up and then subside a bit. He grinned and kissed her cheek [b "Mmm, I really wanted to that with you. MOre often than you think"] he admitted, smiling down at her as he hugged her close, his fingers gliding over her tummy and their baby [b "Thank you for letting me love you"] he brushed her hair back and he slowly helped her up, grabbing their clothes and then he would help her back into them.

He put his shirt and shorts back on and then he held her hand, leading her to the kitchen. [b "Hmm, how about I make some pasta?"] he wondered, thinking of what kind. [b "Would you rather have meatballs? Or white sauce and chicken Ar?"] he asked, going into the kitchen to boil some water for the pasta.

[b "Love, we should probably think of a few places too where we could send Arlus after the year is up"] he told her, not wanting to think about it, but they should start planning. [b "What about if we asked Payton and Ethan?"]
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 29d 9h 31m 55s
[b “It’s nice how you turn me being messy into a positive thing. But, tell me if I start again…I don’t want to make a mess on you too much-I mean…at least in that way.” ] Ara said and was given a soft kiss. She loved how he made her feel so loved.

Sylus already began massaging her chest, feeling over her and kissing her. She’d feel his chest, and undress him too. She wanted this. She wanted to give him love. She blushed a bit, “That’s true. Arlus will be so loved and wanted.” She knew how much Sylus wanted Arlus. She wouldn’t forget how he looked and sounded when he told Tanner.

The two of them got deeper into it, there hands feeling there bare skin, kisses on each others bodies. And then they made love to each other. The focus building on only each other along with the heat. She lost herself into him and the enjoyed loving each other to the end. She could tell how eager he was and she was so eager too.

Ara sat down next to him, catching her breath and snuggling into his side. Sylus kissed the side of her head. She felt warm and so good. She’d close her eyes for a little while, resting with him. Soon when they were both caught up, she met his eyes. She’d smile to him, “That was…me too..” Ara whispered. He held her in close. She’d sit on his lap and hold him, feeling so good and happy. After she calmed down even more, she’d caress his cheek and gave his lips a peck, [b “Thank you, for always loving me.” ] She said, and then would stroke his hair, unable to contain her smile.

[b “Darling, I think we should what we started.” ] Ara giggled [b “But first, how about we eat?” ] She suggested, knowing that it’s been a while and they should eat to gain some energy back.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 29d 18h 45m 8s
He as really glad to be beside her and be here with her right now. All he wanted was to be able to make up for the time he wasn't there, the time he had no emotions, but it seemed like Ara was just as grateful. He took in a deep breath, finding her adorable when he mentioned making a mess [b "It's cute because that's how you make beautiful pictures, so I don't mind"] he chuckled and then he kissed her soft lips.

He really did want to be able to be more intimate with her. His eyes would watch her closely, a smile on his face as he took in her warmth. He pulled her in close, hugging his arms around her waist and soon the clothes were coming off. [b "I only think of you Love"] he smiled, removing the rest of her clothes and then he would enjoy he feeling his arms, his eyes on hers as he massaged her chest. He was excited that ARa was asking him what he wanted for his birthday. He would tell her how he wanted chocolate and some more intimacy. [b "Mmm, we love each other so much. That's also why we're having him"] he smiled.

Their lips touched and they were able to hold each other close, kissing and falling more deeply for the other. He would kiss and touch her skin, pressing her up against the wall and then eagerly making love to her. He would kiss her neck, his hands feeling her soft skin as they intertwined with each other. IT was so hot, the room heating up quickly as he held her body against his.

After they finished, Sylus was sitting down against the wall, panting heavily as he tried to catch his breath. He felt so good and warm, his arms holding Ara beside him, kissing the side of her head. [b "Mmm, that was so good Love. I really wanted to do that for a while"] he smiled, holding her close.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 30d 5h 28m 21s
[b "I'm really happy you're at my side... I couldn't do this without you." ] Ara softly smiled. It meant a lot to have him here. Last time, it didn't end so well. She wanted this time to end happily, with Arlus.

It surprised her. Ara pouted [b "How is it cute when I made you a mess?" ] Ara sighed. She needed to be more aware. But at least Sylus didn't seem too mind that much.

She wanted to kiss him, to be intimate again with him. They would share kisses, cuddles and sometimes a little touching but she wanted more. She knew it might be selfish but it wouldn't be so selfish since he wanted the same. Ara blushed, "Strangers...with you though. It's just dirty thoughts. Nothing more." Ara said. She smiled when he was smirking and what he said. "I always think of you."

Sylus lifted her shirt, her bra, her shorts. She loved how eager he was too. His lips were so good, and it felt amazing to have his kisses on her neck, hands on her bare back. She removed his shirt too, his shorts. He pulled her into a hug and she met his precious eyes. She'd hold him in and kiss him intensely too, deeply, sometimes even hard. She'd feel his chest over, following the shapes his cars made. She'd enjoy his hands on her. Ara giggled, "Ahmm, yes, so good. They were a bit sore."

She did want to make his birthday special as always. She had something planned for him and a gift too. She was greatful for how far they've come. She released a bubbly giggle when he talked about what he wanted. She'd lick his bottom lip back after. "Is that all darling? I'll happily comply. Maybe we can even play with fondu."

How much she adored his grin. It was so cute. He held her ass. SHe'd moan and hold her eyes on him, her expression showing all the love she felt for him. Sylus held her arms back, and held a leg up. " sexy Sylus. This is why we're having a baby." She joked a little.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 30d 13h 31m 4s
He didn't want to give away their baby boy, but that was what they had to do to keep him as safe as possible. He knew it was going to be hard since he wasn't even here yet, but they had to make it work somehow. It was safer if he wasn't with them on their missions. [b "Me too. I'm sure we will Love. We'll make sure it's secure and safe"] he smiled, wanting to assure her they'd be okay.

He told her about the mess of painting she did and then he would laugh [b "It's fine. You have a cute habit after all"] he chuckled and then he heard her wanting to be intimate and it made him really happy. HE thought he was the only one that was like that, but ARa felt it too. IT was such a relief.

Sylus would press her against the wall, asking her who she was thinking of. [b "Oh? Strangers. Well I'll make you think of me"] he smirked, pressing his lips hard against hers, taking in her warmth as he kissed her more deeply. HE would lift her shirt off and then remove her bra, pressing his skin on hers. HE pressed his lips down her neck and let his hands touch her bare back, running them down to remove her shirts and then he would pull her into a hug.

He felt his shorts coming off as he kissed her more intensely, her hands on his chest as he reached up to hold hers, massaging in circles [b "Mmm, does that feel good LovE?"] he asked, knowing they must have been sore.

WHen she asked what he wanted, he licked her upper lip [b "I just want you on my birthday. You and me time in the bedroom. Maybe in your sexy robe with some lace underneath.....and then maybe some chocolate.....oooh that sounds nice"] he grinned, his hands holding her ass and then squeezing them as he lifted her leg up, holding her arms back.
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