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He headed towards the bar and sat down, taking a few sips of beer to cool off. He really was starting to believe that maybe he wasn't good enough, or worthy of being at Ara's side. All he did was make her cry, upset, and drive her away from him. Maybe she deserved someone more normal, someone who understood the importance of life perfectly and would protect and follow her ideals. He sat in a slump, feeling bad, but when he saw Kagami's text, he didn't hesitate. HE knew what those guys were capable off.

It didn't really sit well with him because he knew the house was safe. But when he saw ARa's text, it was completely possible for her to have been kidnapped. He hurried towards the location and he busted in, trying to find ARa. If they so much as laid a finger on her, he would kill everyone in his sights.

He looked through the cameras and was soon knocked out, Kagami had him tied up in the torture room.

Kai hurried to the restaurant, not wanting to leave Ara alone. He headed inside, but saw her getting up from her seat "Ara? Do you need help?" he would respect her wishes of not following, but he would stay close. It seemed like she was worried about something to the point of almost crying.

Sylus soon woke up when Kagami called him. His amber eyes would look around the room, realizing he was knocked out. [b "Where's ARa?"] he asked, not answering any of Kagami's questions as he was waterboard. Sylus did his best to hold his breath. He had been through worse, so it wasn't really a big deal, but he was worried about her. He never should have left.

HE kept silent, but pretended to drown for Kagami's sake. Water was his friend. He loved it and wouldn't ever be afraid of it. HE pretended to drown, but when he heard Ara's voice. His eyes widened and he knew she was never here. He felt his head go into the water and he'd hold his breath. He didn't want ARa to worry about him, but now that she was here, he just had to break from these ropes and get them out of here.

HE felt soft hands holding his head and when she pulled him from the water, he breathed and then he met her eyes. [b "I'm fine Ara. We....have to get out of here. I'll handle it. Just keep him distracted"] he whispered, looking back at Kagami and then feeling how tight the ropes were. He held his breath and slowly began moving his wrists to break out of the tie. He's been in worse situations so he slowly slipped one hand out, working on the other one.
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The clouds were moody, and there droplets of water falling down on her head. She’d let them pass before stepping inside the restaurant. She found the booth and waited for Kai. She’d sit back and saw a message. Couldn’t he have told her that earlier? Her eyes warmed up again.

A waitress set a drink in front of her. Ara thanked her and would browse through her phone. She had this sinking feeling in her chest. She’d sent a text to Sylus ‘I’m out too.’


Kagami stood in front of him, two of his standing at Sylus side. He was tied up against the chair. Kagami shook his head, “If only Ara didn’t open her mouth and tell everyone how in love you are. Then this wouldn’t have been a sure thing. You see…for some reason you’re much easier to catch than that girl.” They’d bring over a bucket of water. “Don’t worry, we won’t kill you. And I know you won’t talk. So…” He brought out his phone and dialed Ara. He waited and put it on speaker.

“Ara, can you come to the warehouse?” Kagami asked.
[b “No.” ] Ara scoffed [b “I’m hanging up now.” ]
“You really don’t want to do that. I’m with Sylus.” Kagami said.
[b “Sure you do. Fuck off.” ] Ara said in frustration. Kagami looked at Sylus and then decided to take a picture of Sylus and then sent it to her “Check the picture I sent you. It’s prove. Come over here-and don’t alert anyone else. If I get in trouble than I will kill him. As long as you both keep this quiet, no one will die.”
Ara froze up and looked at the picture, feeling out of breath all the sudden. Her hand and lips trembling. She swallowed and squeezed her eyes. They had him tied up, she didn’t think Sylus could get out of that without some help. [b “Why should I come? You can’t kill him or it’ll get you killed.” ] Ara snapped.
“No but we’ll torture him until you do arrive. You want your boyfriend in pieces right?”
Ara cussed to herself [b “I’m coming.” ] Ara said. She rose up from her seat. She went out the door and passed Kai. [b “Kai…something important came up-I’m sorry. Please don’t follow me.” ] Ara said, swallowing up the tears.

Ara went to her bike. She was still armed. She had her gun in her inner jacket. She had a blade in her boot. She knew it would be stupid to shoot all of them dead. She’d sent a quick text to Klara [b ‘Sylus is in trouble. I’ll send you in the location. Don’t come too early, don’t show your face. They’re holding him hostage.” ] She sent the text.

She drove to the warehouse.

Kagami hung up the call and looked at Sylus. “Sorry. If you give me some information then I won’t have to do anything to either of you. So, who do you really work for?” ] Kagami asked, if Sylus didn’t answer they’d water board him with the cloth, that should simulate the feeling of drowning. They didn’t know that Sylus was trained to handle torture. They’d do it a few times and when he didn’t listen, they’d bring a blade. Kagami would shove Sylus head back, “I have a lot more questions I need answers for. So fucking answer.”


Ara parked the bike, feeling her stomach drop. She felt her body quiver. She knew what could happen. She took a deep breath and would take out her gun. She walked in and met two individuals at the front door. She’d shoot tranquilizers at them. They’d look confused and slowly fall down. Ara walked in, going up to the second floor where Kai was. She someone standing in front of the torture room. A shiver went down her spine. She aimed, and shot again. Because it wasn’t expected, the guy got shot. These tranquilizers reacted fast…but there was a down side.

She’d open the door and saw Sylus, her stomach sank, and her emotions softened. Then she saw Kai. Ara aimed her gun at Kai. [b “Everyone back off from Sy or I’ll shot Kagami.” ] Ara said. Kagami put his arms up and looked at her surprised, “Don’t listen to her. Shove his head into the water.” Kagami said.
His men listened, shoving Sylus head into the water.
“He’ll drown.” Kagami warned, “lower the gun or he’ll drown. You’ll get in a whole lot of trouble if something happens to me.”
Ara kept her aim for a while but she got scared, looking at Sylus. She’d lower her gun and they would lift Sylus’ head up again. Her eyes warmed. Kagami grabbed her gun away from him. “Good girl. Now take a seat. If you answer my questions Ara, I won’t hurt you or him.”
Ara would listen and sit down. She looked at Sylus, “Are you okay?” She whispered, looking afraid herself. She was thankful she had asked Klara to come. She still had her blade.
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He saw the look she gave him and he held his breath. He's never seen Ara look so disgusted with him in his entire life before, besides the fact that she saw him as a monster. Sometimes he wondered if he was even good for her. He always thought that maybe she deserved better than him. [b "I didn't know it would be an issue"] he didn't think he would cause her distress. He liked to keep his work at work and not have ARa worry about it, but clearly that was wrong.

Kai saw the text and he wondered what Ara wanted to speak with him alone for. He smiled a bit [i Yeah, let's meet up] he sent her the information to a restaurant that was pretty secluded.

Sylus was so frustrated and he felt so angry and upset with her. HE didn't understand why he only disappointed her, when she was the only one he wanted to be proud of him. He felt so down and having her criticize and tell him him his efforts were for nothing hurt him.

HE got up and left the house, wanting to be alone for now. He grabbed his bike and left, heading into town. Sylus parked in front of a small bar, stepping down the steps inside as he sat at the counter. He held his breath and ordered a drink, remembering to text ARa. [i "I'll be out for a bit to cool off"] he sent and ordered himself a beer. HE sat there just thinking things through. It wasn't right to murder someone's family, but he couldn't waist time trying narrow down every single enemy's backstory.

He took a sip and remembered getting awards at the facility, being on top. Did any of that matter anymore? HE tried to numb his mind for a second and then he got a text. When Sylus looked at it, he slammed his fists on the counter. He quickly put his phone away and then he headed towards his bike, driving to the warehouse that he given the location to.

Sylus looked around, seeing that there were some guards, but he needed to save Ara somehow. He slowly headed inside and was greeted by some of Kagami's men. They hurried after him with swords, Sylus pulled out his own and started to push them back. He took them on, cutting his way in, defending himself as he headed inside. After taking out a few guards, he headed towards the next room, seeing a screen with security footage.

HE looked through, but didn't see ARa in any of the cameras viewing angles. Where was she? He was soon hit at the back of the head with something heavy. Sylus fell back to the ground, Kagami hovering over his body. "Got you starboy" he smirked and carried Sylus into the torture room.
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She tilted her head and gave him the ‘really’ look. [b “You should have told me before so none of this would happen!” ] She raised her voice, and grabbed a pillow to throw at him but resisted it. [b “If you had told me before I wouldn’t have to be in this mess!” ] She yelled, feeling so darn frustrated. She did not want Klara, Sy, or anyone else to work as they worked for the facility. That wasn’t her end goal and she hated that he acted like this was what she would approve of. It enraged her knowing he didn’t tell her beforehand instead she had to find out now months in.

Ara spotted Kai’s text. She didn’t know how much she could trust him but she felt she at least had to ask. She had tears in her eyes, and they kept gathering. She’d wipe them away, finding them hindering her. [b ‘Is there somewhere we can talk alone? With no one around? It really can’t be heard by anyone” ] Ara texted him, and wasn’t sure she wanted to bring Kai over here with Sylus around.
She’d go upstairs, in her room and covered herself in a blanket, while narrowing down what she could do for the victims, until Kai messaged her. He gave her a location, a restaurant but they’d have a private room and no one should be able to overhear them.

Ara rose up and got dressed, wearing her black jeans, and a leather jacket. She’d grab a pair of boots and put her hair up in a ponytail. She’d tuck her laptop in her desk. She’d then go downstairs and didn’t find Sylus. She’d go back upstairs and call, but he wasn’t there. She was going to tell him where she was going…but he clearly left her. Her stomach sank. Forget it…he had been hiding stuff from her.

Ara went to go grab her bike and noticed his missing. So, he really did leave… It upset her so much. She’d feel her arms warm again, unable control how sad she’d get. She’d drive herself, parked her bike, and walked toward the entrance of the restaurant. When she realized she recognized Kagami just coming out with someone. She knew his father was out for her still. He’s tried twice within the past few months. She’d try to keep her head down, and not be recognized while walking past him. For a split second she thought he recognized her, but he just walked past her. She felt relieved and would walk in.

Sylus would get a phone call five minutes in. “Hey Sylus! This is Kagami. I have eyes on your girlfriend. She won’t corporate with me. Meet me at the warehouse or I’ll blow her brains out. I don’t want to, but you know how it’s just business.”
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He tried to tell her everything that was going on, but when she mentioned how she didn't care about him telling her, he felt like he deserved a little credit for being truthful. Even he knew what the Yakuza were doing was wrong, but he didn't want to mention it to her because of this happening. SHe brought up being his boss again and he let out a deep sigh. Why did it always come down that?

He was number one and he never got a single complaint about the way he handled his missions until he started working with Ara. HE thought he had been doing a great job moving up the ladder to where he needed to be. [b "I didn't want to tell you because this would happen"] he admitted and then he saw her looking so angry at him. Her words hurt. Not only was she calling him the same as her father, but he was making excuses and his actions led to a lot of people's innocent deaths. He knew for a fact that he couldn't save everyone and he knew going into this, it would be dangerous.

Kai saw her text and he replied back worriedly [i "What's going on? What happened? Of course you can trust me. Just let me know where you want to meet up"]

He saw the tears in her eyes and he knew she was really disappointed in him. He went upstairs, gathered the names of people and then he headed back down to hand it over to Ara. He felt so sorry he disappointed her, but he still felt that he took the best course of actions to forward the mission.

He gave it to her and he listened to her words. Her words made him angry, upset, and frustrated. She was basically telling him that all of his work was for nothing and they had to start over. He was incompetent and now she didn't trust him. His own work.....the work that got him to number one. The actions that made him irreplaceable, that got him this job as her guard....all of it was incompetent now.

He frowned and watched her sit on the couch, feeling so alone now. What was even the point of all of this? He couldn't do a thing, not a single thing that would make ARa proud of him. She'd rather work with Klara on things. Sylus ended up balling his hands into fists and then he burned up inside. He was so mad, but he left ARa to do her thing.

He went into the garage and he grabbed his helmet, taking his bike and going for a ride because he wanted to clear his head and thing about things. He didn't want to let his rage affect an already crying ARa.
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Ara scoffed, and narrowed her eyes at him [b “I don’t care what you feel like telling me and not telling me. I am still your boss, you are supposed to notify me.” ] Ara said, feeling so stressed and frustrated by this. She couldn’t imagine the damage that must have happened. She didn’t like his excuses either. She sat down, closing her eyes, ready to throw up.

[b “Really?” ] Ara shook her head, [b “Because why else wouldn’t you tell me?” ] She’d ask. She listened to him raise his voice and she didn’t care for it. She was feeling stressed because of it. It made her feel sick thinking of what he could have been a apart of.

Her jaw clenched, and she wanted to chuck something at him for not doing something about it. But she could never actually harm Sylus. [b “Oh, so staying back and giving orders means you had nothing to do with it? Well fuck, guess my dad is innocent too then.” ] She said and knew better. He was in charge of his team. [b “Stop giving excuses. You need to be reminded what effects that kind of thinking has.” ] Her eyes warmed up and she started shedding tears. She couldn’t imagine how hard it was going to get other people at the facility to stop this behavior. How was she going to gain control when she couldn’t even make Sylus stop of all people?

She’d wipe her eyes and let him do what she told him to do. She’d grab her ipad and try to think of a different solution. She couldn’t have Kiyoshi being part of the problem. This meant…they were practically at square one. She knew that she was going to have to fabricate a lie to why she couldn’t make a deal with Kiysoshi and not get in trouble back at home.

She’d hear her phone and check Kai’s text. She’d text message him back. ‘I’m still okay for going. But I need to talk to you about something serious. Can I trust you.’

Ara waited for Sylus to come downstairs with the list. She’d look over the names and addresses. [b “I’ll deal with this myself.” ] She said, not even wanting to deal with the stress of Sylus being around. [b “I don’t want you to support Kiyoshi anymore either. We’re starting from square one. I’ll either see if Kai can betray his father or start looking at other branches of Yakuza and find one with at least morals that align with not harming kids.” ] Which she knew could put her in danger but she absolutely refused to even consider someone who was doing things to harm kids. She felt that Sy was pretty darn incompetent unless it was following rules at this point. She felt at fault for taking a back seat and focusing on something else.

She leaned against the couch, [b “I want to be alone. I feel sick and I’m too mad at you right now.” ] All that weight was really hitting her. [b “I’ll deal with this problem alone or with Klara because I don’t trust you to handle it.” ]
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He felt her warm arms and it really made him smile because he was so excited to be with her today, she always made him feel so calm and warm. Ara was his home. He wanted to already call her his wife.

They sat down, watched their pets play, but the minute he spoke about the mission, he could see it was going downhill and ARa was getting upset with him. He didn't want to lie to her, but he was faced with difficult decisions that he had to make on his own. He saw the look in her eyes that she gave him and then he sighed, frowning because he knew he disappointed her. He didn't handle those issues directly, but he was made aware of a few people, who's voices were kept silent.

[b "I will....I just felt that those moments didn't need to alert you"] he told her, but she was getting into deeper issues that had nothing to do with what he was talking about. [b "Wait AR. This has nothing to do with underestimating you. You know I trust you completely"] he tried to tell her. She put the blame on him and he could see she was getting sick because of it. He didn't want her to worry about this because he's done worse in the past.

She pushed him back [b "You're not! Stop putting words in my mouth"] he raised his voice and would back up a bit. She told him that people were more important. Maybe he's made the wrong choices, but those people weren't killed by his hands. [b "Ara....I didn't harm anyone. My team takes care of those missions. Whatever progresses the mission is what they do. What the Yakuza does"] he saw tears in her eyes and he felt so worried. What if she was frustrated with him again. What if she hated his guts?

He sighed softly [b "I'm sorry. I will"] he told her, removing his hand from her back. He looked at his phone and texted some people that worked for him, asking them to compile a list. He let Ara slowly calm down and he left her side so she could relax. He felt as if his face wasn't helping. He didn't kill anyone. If he mentioned to someone to take care of the witness or to keep other's silenced, that meant they would take care of the person and whoever they spoke to.

Sylus just went upstairs, sitting at the edge of the bed, feeling bad that he wasn't more thorough. He wanted to progress more than anything so he could be with Ara. He just ended up sitting and asking his men for the list of who's family's were affected.
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[b “I am Ara.” ] She giggled and hugged him in return. She already felt they were married. She wished she could just call him that in public. They sat down and then she realized what she has been missing. What he hasn’t been telling her. It angered her so much, and must of it she stomached down.It was clear to her that he had left details out, when he was supposed to be telling her.

Ara met his eyes and looked at him with much resentment. [b “We’re not at the facility. You are not going to die if you find another way out. You are supposed to inform me. I would have found a way. Everyone still underestimates me and I’m sick of it.” ] She said and held back any other words that she knew what would hurt him. She couldn’t believe he took part in harming people who had nothing to do with it besides being related. She shook her head, feeling the stress shoot through the roof. She couldn’t imagine what those families went through.

[b “No, not all people. Just psychotic ones,” ] Ara snapped, [b “And apparently you.” ] They made it back home and she was feeling like she could throw up. The thought of what he could have done or what happened made her feel more sick. She hated how calm he sounded about it.

[b “You were supposed to contact me. I am not just dainty flower who is unable to handle these situations. You and Kai-fucking all of you treat me like I’m some kind fucking weakling.” ] Ara felt her entire body tense when he talked about failing the mission. She gave him a hard stare and pushed his shoulders- but gently still [b “People matter more than the fucking mission! That could be us! Someone hurting me or you, or our future family out of completing a fucking mission.” ] Her eyes watered and she didn’t know why she was shedding tears much more easier.

She had to sit down, feeling pretty unwell now. [b “You’re supposed to tell me.” ] Ara whispered, [b “I’m not supposed to be in the dark. I could have done something.” ] She wiped her eyes and she felt him rub her back. [b “No, I’m not okay.” ] Ara wiped her eyes, [b “Just give me a list of people that has been harmed that you had any relation with.” ] She tried to take deep breaths to calm her emotions down
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He laughed because she was making it seem like he looked like the prince of a video game. It was nice to know that ARa loved him so much to think he looked that good. HE suggested her being someone from the same game, but it was hard to figure out, which one exactly. Then she brought up a good point and he smiled [b "THat's a great idea. You're Ara after all"] he hugged her and walked with her to the park, feeling like they've been together for a long time already. They might as well be a married couple.

Then they sat on the bench and talked about missions and Kiyoshi, whether he was trustworthy enough to work with ARa or not. He then mentioned something that he felt like he should tell Ara, but it seemed like it might have been the wrong decision. He held his breath and couldn't really say anything back because he felt like he couldn't really do anything to stop a group's actions.

[b "I would be devastated. I know I know. I was stressed and couldn't think of a way to get out of it, besides doing my job"] he saw her looking frustrated at him, but he couldn't do a thing. [b "He does what he needs to do to complete his missions to benefit the group. THat's how all people with power and money deal with things"] he sighed and then he carried Nyx, walking them back home.

Ara grew upset and now they weren't even going to go shopping. Now the day was wasted when he was with her because he ruined her mood with the truth. They made it home and he set Nyx down, sighing softly [b "Ara....I know I've made mistakes.....what was I supposed to do in those situations. Kiyoshi would've tossed me away. I have to make big decisions too and I'm not going to fail a mission"] he frowned, feeling upset that she was upset. He saw her looking pretty sick and rushed over [b "ARe you okay Ar?"] he rubbed her back slowly, wondering what happened. [b "Just rest for a while"]
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Ara laughed at his deduction [b “He does look like you.”] She wasn’t even sure which one she could do. [b “I know but… I don’t know which one to do.” ] Then she thought about it a bit more. [b “Oh! Aranea as my name it-Ara!” ] She mentioned and felt maybe she should go that direction. Ara then nod to suggestions. She would like to try to see which one best suited her.

She already felt like they were a married couple. It felt good to have him by her side, it made everything in their situation easier to walk. She got a kiss on her cheek. She released a soft sigh. She felt loved.

Then…stress came barging in. It sank her stomach and made her feel sick thinking about kids being harmed again. It enraged her. What was she going to do? Ara looked back at him, the anger showing through. [b “What do you mean you leave it to the group. You let kids get harmed?” ] Her voice raised. She gripped on the bench, [b “How would you feel if I was harmed? OR forbid we have a kid one day and a person thinks the same way as you-to do nothing? If you told me, I could have set something up. You’ve been hiding ” ] She looked away, trying to boil her anger down but kept feeling the rage pounding.

[b “Then maybe I should call everything off. I’m not supporting a child abuser or killer. I don’t care what I have to face going back. Or I need to find someone to replace him that thinks clear in the head.” ] She was determined to make it happen. Then she thought about Kai. She wondered if she could get him to betray his father.

Hearing that he just let families, possibly kids get harmed or even killed since he wasn’t being specific which she assumed that he didn’t want to tell her. As if she couldn’t stomach it. [b “No, forget it. Change of plans. I need a list of the families that were harmed.”] She felt the nausea crawling back. [b “I feel like throwing up.” ] Ara mumbled. She bent over, closing her eyes, waiting for it to pass. She then rose up and hugged Queen. They walked back to the house. She let Queen down. She heard him and didn’t think she could even consider shopping right now.
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He heard about the idea and then he smiled brightly [b "We are. But now we can even dress the part and have an alter ego"] he chuckled, laughing a bit when she mentioned he looked like him. [b "No, he looks like me!"] he smirked, thinking about which one looked better. [b "Well Aranea's outfit was badass and her slick suit and weapon.....Luna was more like a pure angel. Sweet and she always cared about's hard because it's both sides of you"] he scratched his head, unsure of which one they should go with.

[b "We can. We can see which ones we'd look our best in and decide from there"] he held her hand in his, leading her down the path as they walked their cute pets. He did feel like they already were a married couple and he thought that everything didn't matter because she thought of them as that way too. [b "We can"] he kissed her cheek and sat with her.

He brought up the fact that he didn't think that Kiyoshi would listen unless he fully trusted that person. He told her his reasoning and then he agreed he did have to listen to Ara as well. When she asked about the kids, he nodded. [b "I haven't....usually when it comes to their families and loved ones, I leave it to his group. I don't want to deal with that, you know that"] he admitted because there were times where he did have to give the order, but he wouldn't tell ARa that. He couldn't because he knew it wasn't something that was of his own decisions. He had to progress the mission.

[b "It's hard because money really does talk. Money and power. If the deal brings him any one of those, or both, he would listen"] he sighed, shaking his head and then he felt Nyx climb up onto him. He hugged him and then he decided to focus on having a good day with ARa instead.

[b "Let's head out? We can shop, have lunch together and enjoy the rest of our day together. We don't get enough Us time lately"] he walked with her back to the house, setting their pets free as Sylus filled their water bowls. He then took in a deep breath and thought about what he wanted to buy [b "If we go shopping Love, can we get some matching clothes?"] he smiled and then he led her to the car, taking her to the shopping mall.
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Ara giggled [b “We already are.”] She threw some other suggestisons. She thought it would be a pretty cool idea. [b “Mmm.” ] She’d nod [b “You look so much like him. Yes! Which one do you think I should do?” ] She wasn’t quite sure. She’d look down at herself and wondered which one she could pull off easier or look the coolest.

[b “Well we can search online, or find clothes similar and change them up a bit.” ] She suggested.

Sylus complimenting her made her feel good. Her cheeks were becoming a bit rosy from the cold. She thought about playing in the snow with all of them and it sounded like it would be a lot of fun. Ara gasped [b “You’re right. I might lose Queen in the snow. I don’t think I”ll let her out.” ] Ara frowned, not wanting her kitty to get cold and lost in it.

She did feel like she was his wife. IT warmed her hearing him say it. [b “I should get you one.” ] Ara said with a smile. They stopped by a grassy area. She’d bring up a few things that were a concern.

She wasn’t entirely sure if Kiyoshi was reliable. She knew she couldn’t count on someone who didn’t treat hurting kids as crossing the line. Because long term-she could see how that could pose a problem. She’d listen. She never had anyone trust her based on her bodyguards reliability. [b “Okay, if you believe that. But he does need to listen to me, not just you,” ] Ara said, not wanting to put much more effort because she had a whole other issues she needed to cater to.
That bothered her. [b “So, he’s harmed kids?” ] Ara said stiffly. [b “Have you? Have you done anything to harm kids under his order?” ] Ara asked and then asked [b “Do you know firm events of it happening. Because, I’m not keen on being okay on making any deals with him. Even if it’s the cost me horribly when we get back. Or I’ll find another branch. The last thing we need is more powerful forces siding with my dad because they want money.” ] It frustrated her. She knew some branches had certain moral codes that they followed by which was more honorable and then some others…not so much.

She sat down with him. Nyx was running around and Queen returned to her. She’d pet her and give her love. She’d reach over and pet Nyx when he came back too. [b “I suppose we can…” } Ara said and then thought about what she should even shop for today. Maybe some more warmer clothes since she was running out.
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He took in a breath and then he smiled a bit because he was so proud of his girlfriend. She always amazed him and he was really thankful she saved him as well. He thought about a way to make them match and he suggested some pair heroes from comics. [b "I'd love to be your partner in crime"] he laughed and then she made the suggestion of the game they played together [b "Oooh, that would be really cool I could. You could even be Luna or Aranea"] he suggested and thought they'd look really good.

[b "I wonder where I'd be able to get a Noctis costume though"] he tried to think about it and then he ended up grabbing their pets. They headed outside and Sylus thought that Ara looked so cute with what she wore. He held onto Nyx's leash and then he held ARa's hand as they walked.

[b "I think playing in the snow would be fun with all of us. We might lose Queen though if it was thick"] he chuckled and then he looked down at her ring [b "You're already acting as my wife. I should get a ring"] he led her towards the grassy area, glad she was feeling better. Nyx roamed free, hopping around and curiously looking everywhere.

She mentioned bringing it up and he thought about it [b "If you do, I think he would listen. I can even back you up if he doesn't seem to agree"] he suggested and then he thought about how he'd believe she was reliable [b "He knows I'm reliable. If I can persuade him, I'd probably be able to bring him over to our side"] he wasn't sure, but he felt like Kiyoshi trusted his decisions.

[b "I don't think that he cares who he harms. If they're in his way, he lets his men take care of it"] he told her, knowing what he told him to do. They've gotten rid of some men and their families if what they took from the Yakuza was priceless.

He sat on the bench with ARa and then he saw Nyx running back to them, jumping around. He lifted him up and then he rubbed his head [b "You're having fun huh boy?"] he scratched the back of his ears and then he snuggled him in.

[b "I think we can slowly slip in the idea and see if he's willing or opposed right away"]
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 11d 5h 42m 3s
[b “It took months…so it wasn’t quick,” ] She reminded but felt good how he sound so proud. She loved it when he sounded proud of her. Ara nodded [b “Mmm, exactly. We can I’d love to match.” ] Ara said and tried to think about what they could dress as. She’d nod to him at his suggestion, loving his cute little laughter. [b “OH! What about you doing Ronin? Or! Even…in this game, there’s a guy named Noctis.” ] She nudged him. She thought it might be fun.

They were outside, and she tried to cozy up with a thick enough sweater. She walked along side him. She’d glance at him and smiled easily [b “Thank you. You look very attractive too.” ] She said, feeling good standing next to him. She thought that he looked so well in no matter what he wore. She thought about the snow.

[b “Neither do I.” ] Ara figured that was one thing they needed to shop for, some booties for their pets. [b “We haven’t. We should build one.” ] Ara grinned, looking back at him and then would watch Queen as they walked, along with Nyx. She liked Sylus’ calmness with her. She suspected that he was only stressed that he came back like that. She could understand it very well. [b “Mmm, exactly. You’re like my husband.” ] She’d say, feeling the warmth in her chest thinking she could call him that one day.

[b “I know, and I’m feeling better than before.” ] Ara promised. She giggled weeing Nyx pouncing around. They got to an open field and Nyx was free. She let Queen free a bit too, trusting that she wouldn’t go off too far. Ara sighed hoping that would be true [b “Unless he suspects that you were up to something all along. I think…maybe I should bring it up.” ] Ara said. She didn’t want to connect him to the facility but this was her purpose for being here. She knew she would get a scolding and probably demoted… [b “I…don’t know. He has to believe I’m reliable. No good business person would put their bets on someone they don’t see any proof of being able to do it. Even more than that..I want to make sure he’s the type of person who has one line that he wouldn’t cross-to at least not harm any children. I need to know that.” ] She needed to piece it together.

She thought about Kai but Kai didn’t talk too much about victims. He treated her like she was sensitive to areas that involved violence. She’d saw Queen coming back. Ara bent down and pet her. She would try to climb up her leg, so Ara would just scoop her up and pet her head. [b “How do you think we should go on about this?” ] Ara asked, wanting his advice. [b “Do you think he’s the type to harm kids? Have you heard of anything?” ]
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 11d 7h 12m 37s
He didn't want anyone getting a hint on ARa and Ethan's invention. IT was something that could save a lot of lives, but in the wrong hands, it would be dangerous. He nodded [b "Yeah, I feel like we should save it for when it counts. You have been working hard Love. I'm surprised you two came up with something so quickly"] he finished eating his food with her, but when she mentioned Kai again, his eyes glanced over.

[b "Comic convention? Maybe a comic character? We can even pick out our outfits together and match if you wanted to"] he suggested, wondering what kind of character they could be. [b "Like maybe something like ant man and the wasp!"] he chuckled and then he figured if he helped her out, she wouldn't have to lean on Kai for the help.

He then smiled when she offered to work with him. That got him really excited. He let her change and led Nyx and Queen downstairs to get ready for their walk. THey both looked pretty excited, but it was getting a lot colder outside. He held onto Nyx's leash and when he saw ARa, he grinned [b "Wow, you're always so beautiful my love"] he loved seeing her outfits and something about the cold made her look so much more cozier that he always wanted to hug her and keep her warm.

[b "We should. If we do stay until it snows, I don't want them getting cold. I'd love to make a snowman with you though. We've never stayed in a cold place before. It'd be our first"] he thought about a snowy town covered in white, roasting marshmallows and just enjoying each other's company.

He led them outside, seeing Nyx want to move forward and Queen trying to follow. ARa's words were so sweet when she spoke. IT made him really happy [b "Aww, I do too. I feel like I've proposed to you a long time ago already"] he smiled and held her hand in his. HE was happy she was feeling a lot better too. [b "Mmm, I'm glad. I want you to be okay"] he walked along the path, seeing Nyx smelling the flowers and pouncing around. WHen they got close to an open field, he let him run off and be free for a while.

Ara mentioned his step dad and he wasn't quite sure exactly what to do about it all. [b "He trusts me that's for sure. If he can let me lead his team, I'm sure if I suggested something that benefitted him, he would be all for it"] he told her, thinking that if she was close to Kai and his mother was on his side, his step father would really have to think about it. [b "Do you think you'll make him an offer to join you than the facility?"] he wondered if that's what she wanted.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 11d 7h 56m 42s

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