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"You should have kept her with you here," Tanner said firmly and then all of them heard Payton cussing and yelling. His stomach dropped. The only thing that could phase him anymore was failing to protect someone, and especially if it was Ara. He looked back at Tilla, "Stay here, someone needs to keep watch."
Tilla opened her mouth to protest but decided against it and let the two guys head up. He stared at the one they captured. What happened up there? What happened to Ara? She felt the fear sink in. If something happened to her...

Ara started trembling and she didn't want to cry. Oh god, she didn't want to cry in front of Payton but she was scared out of her mind and it fucking hurt. She couldn't stop the tears, and she tried so hard but she couldn't even stop making a pained expression. Payton put some pressure in her stomach, letting Ara's head rest on her leap , "What were you thinking? You should have came in the room I was in. You're going to okay, just focus on breathing," Payton pulled strands of hair that was getting in the way.

[b "I didn't want to put you in danger," ] Ara whimpered, trying so hard not to cry vocally but her voice was weak, [b "I just wanted to help... I didn't want him to get to you or Ethan." She felt dizzy and she noticed Sylus coming in. [b "Sy...I'm sorry," ] She wiped her eyes and winced and cried [b "It hurts, fuck this hurts." ] Tanner stood there with his blood boiling. He felt furious but right now he needed to help to get that fixed and make sure no one else came barging in.

"Anyone know if there's anyone else left?" Tanner spoke with clear control of his voice.
Ara turned her head a bit and saw him [b "'re not mad at me are you? It's my fault I know but..." ]

"No... Everything is going to be fine," And then Ethan came in. Ethan tried to hold his shock. Payton got up [b "Take care of her, I don't think this many people here is a good idea. I'm going to be with Ethan. Tanner if you could surveillance the area again that would be great. ]
"I'm not leaving her." Tanner stated. Payton just nodded and took Ethan back into his room. Tanner started to look around the room, trying to figure out how it happened. The door handle was shot.

Ara had her eyes half opened and Sylus came in [b "Nobody...take me to" ] She thought she said that loud enough but she really end just whispering it. She couldn't lie that she was scared. SHe knew she healed fast but what if this killed her anyway? [b "Is it really? What if...what if it kills me, Sy, I'm so scared." ] She couldn't help but cry, [b "Okay." ] She watched him and couldn't help but cry quietly when he tried to take the bullet out. It hurt so damn much. Tanner kept being on look out just in case, but spoke up "It's not going to kill you, we're going to get some extra help if we need it." Even if it meant getting them in trouble.

She closed her eyes for a minute and she realized she was on the bed. She saw Sylus looking upset, and she felt bad for being so useless to have this happen. She held onto Sy's hand, [b "Stay with me...please, please." ]

Tanner saw the knife and the body on the floor. "You tried to attack him..." Tanner stated..."This is your fucking fault." Tanner eyed Sylus.

"Stop! It's not, I I did. I was hiding but then...but then I didn't want him to leave to hurt Payton and...and Ethan so I tried to -ow." She winced, "Oh this hurts...I"m so dizzy." She began mumbling.

Tanner shook his head "I'll ask Patyon if we can stay tonight, it looks like it'll be difficult to move you, and all of us aren't getting any sleep tonight because we need to make sure no one breaks in again."
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 72d 15h 12m 31s
He couldn't believe that there were people after Ara right now. Sylus really didn't want her to be in danger. All he wanted was to spend time with her and protect her, but the world was telling him otherwise. He saw the light and covered her, managing to avoid the gunshot, but when they headed towards the villa, he helped her in and kept his eye out.

SYlus turned into a completely different person when it came to Ara's safety. He told her to wait upstairs because he saw someone there at the door. He knew he should've been by her side, but when he saw that there was someone trying to break in, he wanted to take care of him first.

So when he headed outside, he managed to take out the man and ended up tying him up in the living room. He saw Tanner and Tilla returned back to the house and when they asked where Ara was, he sighed [b "I had to take care of this guy first. She's upstairs with the windows and doors locked"] he told them before finishing up and was going to head up. WHen he heard Payton's voice, he gulped and rushed upstairs.

He saw Ara in Payton's arms and his eyes widened in shock. How did she get shot? HE only left her alone for a little while? WHy did this happen?

He wanted to hold her, to cry....but he couldn't....Tilla was here. His eyes grew hot, but he knew he couldn't get emotional right now. He reached over and helped her lay back as he went to grab some first aid. HE quickly grabbed some bandages and disinfectant as he looked over Ara. [b "It's going to be okay Ara. I want you to stay with me okay. Keep your eyes on mine"] he told her, wiping up the blood as he grabbed the alcohol. He lifted her shirt a little, seeing the gunshot wound as he tried to use some tweezers to take out the bullet.

Once he got it out, he covered her wound and then tried to wrap some bandages around it, carrying her and laying her against the bed as he frowned. It was as if he just failed his mission. Ara got hurt and it was his fault for not staying at her side. HE needed to keep a closer watch on her.

He could feel the tension in the air around him though and he knew that Tanner and Tilla were probably really upset with him.
  ellocalypse / 73d 3h 19m 47s
Her mind was so wrapped around a lot of other things and she didn't notice a thing out there. She didn't know what any of them saw, and didn't understand what was going on while Sylus had tackled her into the ground...until she saw a bullet land near them. Her heart raced and she was running inside with Sylus. It...bugged her, that he was literality using his body to shield her from bullets. Sylus was acting fast, locking doors, closing curtains. She wanted to help, she didn't want to just stand there and do nothing.

When she did, she saw one of them infront of the glass trying to shoot at her. She felt a push on her shoulder from Sy. Her lips wavered. She couldn't do anything... Not without a gun. They didn't bring guns...because it would be taken away by Payton anyway. She turned her back and figured she should listen to Sylus. But first... She went into the kitchen, grabbed a knife-because no way she was going to be completely unarmed if something showed up. She head upstairs and she heard noise-Payton's voice and Ethan. They were in the room. Ara knew that they must be after just had to be. And here she was, putting them in danger.

Tanner and Tilla came back, Tanner held him over one shoulder and dumped him inside, seeing Sylus tying up another guy. "Where's Ara?"
Tilla looked a little panicked "Shouldn't she be with you?"

Ara closed the curtains and sat down on the bed. She felt all the blood rush to her head, her heart pounding. She gripped tight on the blanket. Was Sylus okay? Maybe she should go back to him. [i That would be stupid. ] Right...not that would definitely be stupid. He will come up here anyway.

She looked down at herself and just noticed a slightly scrapped knee. It didn't really hurt. She looked around the room, wondering if there was something she could use to defend herself-and then she froze up seeing a silhouette behind the curtains from the balcony. It was slight, but it moved. She felt sick. Was that Sylus? She end up hiding underneath the bed and she heard a gun shot at the door to the balcony. The person entered and Ara tried not to breathe. He walked around the room, she could see his shoes.

Wait...if he left this room, he would go to other rooms and then could shoot Payton or Ethan or Sylus. She went through the scenarios and wasn't thinking that clearly. She quietly got out of the bed and used the knife she had to cut into his neck. His reflexes were fast, she cut into him and he was bleeding out-covering the spot with his neck to stop the bleeding, but he aimed and shot at her. Ara couldn't move in time and felt her stomach burn. She looked down seeing her shirt becoming bright red. She couldn't feel the pain at first. Payton was alerted by the shot and burst into the door and shot the guy straight in the head. Ara panted and met Payton's eyes and Payton looked down, "Shit...shit... Tanner, Sylus! Where the fuck are you?" ] She called.

Ara crumbled, out of shock and the bullet in her stomach. Payton helped stop her from falling.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 73d 15h 35s
He knew he disappointed her, but he didn't mean to do it on purpose or anything. All he wanted was to be able to spend time with her. Who knew that life was so unfair. He sat with her, but when she didn't look in the mood, he couldn't blame her at all. He already felt so bad, so he did his best to just try and stay by her side.

He watched her and he didn't want to tell her that he told Tilla that she escaped so that she wouldn't be yelling at them later. He wanted to wrap his arms around her, but when she got up, he noticed something shiny in the corner of his eye. Sylus knew that it was someone's gun scope. He pushed her down against the sand, looking over and seeing the gunfire hit sand. It was close too....

He slowly stood up, seeing Tanner and Tilla heading over as he brought Ara inside. WHen he locked all the doors and closed the curtains, he heard her scream. Sylus ran over and then he pushed her back, [b "Get into the guest room and don't leave until I come in"] he told her, seeing the man at the door. He quickly went around the back and met up with the man, grabbing his wrist by surprise and then twisting it around his back.

He pushed him down against the floor and then he broke his arm. [b "THat's for shooting. Who do you work for and how many are you?"] he asked.

The man just yelped in pain, not willing to answer. Sylus pulled his arm back further and then he broke one of his fingers. [b "So? You have an answer yet?"] he heard the man yell out in pain.

"Four! There's four of us"

[b "Who are you after?"]

"The....The girl. We need her"

[b "WHy?"]

"She's worth a fortune. I need her head!" he yelled out.

Sylus broke another finger. He hit him behind the head and knocked him out, bringing him inside as he tied up his hands and feet to a chair. He removed all the weapons and waited to see when Tanner and Tilla returned.
  ellocalypse / 73d 22h 58m 37s
She couldn’t help but be disappointed. She never jumped form the second floor before and she was so sure she could just run away with Sylus for a moment. Of course…that wasn’t realistic but it’s what she wanted. She stretched out her legs, watching light reflecting in the water, feeling the strong heat above her head. Sylus came by and she felt in a foul mood. [b “How did she find out so fast… I know but, I need my space.” ] She leaned her head against her knees for a moment.

What good was safety to keep her alive if she didn’t feel like she was living? She didn’t say anything more. She got up and made her way back, when she felt a load of weight on her. She hit the sand and her heart stopped for a moment. She took a peak and saw Tanner and Tilla running toward something. What happened? [I I’ll make sure Ara’s safe. ] Like she was a child, like she was that weak. It pissed her off. But she…was scared too. She got scared at the thought of being hurt, being shot, being taken. She hated how she was. Payotn was running toward inside and Ara felt that bitterness in her chest. Why couldn’t she be like them? Why was she too scared to say anything or do anything right now?

[I I want to help. ] Sylus was looking at her and he spoke. She took his help to get back up on her feet. She moved toward the house and they made it inside. She watched Sylus inspecting rooms, closing windows and doors. She froze up for a moment but she got herself moving. She felt she should help. She went to check one of the doors at the side that was full glass and she saw a face she didn’t recognize. He had a hand gun with him and he fired into the glass. Ara accidently yelped, thinking she was going to get shot. The glass was bullet proof, so it would take few tries to get through. She wanted to get herself to move but her legs grew weak, [b “Sylus! Sylus!” ] She was freaking out because she didn’t have a gun to protect herself this time. At first she hid behind the stairwell, not being able to think correctly, on what to do.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 74d 5h 1m 36s
He knew she must have been really disappointed with him, but there wasn't much that he could do right now. All he wanted was to be able to make sure that Ara's safety was the priority, but when she looked so sad, upset, and trapped like this, he felt like it was his fault. Still, he knew Tanner was right, so he wasn't going to risk her life for something as her just going into the city.

HE's been stuck in the facility all his life and he didn't really get the chance at all to complain. That's why when he got the chance to be out here like this, he was really happy. He took a chance and sat beside Ara, seeing that she didn't want to speak to him much. He held his breath and just sighed softly. [b "She's here because she found out you were missing. She's only doing her job"] he sighed and then he nodded. [b "I know you can't and I'm sorry ARa, but your safety is more important"] he stated, seeing her get up and head inside. He saw a flash of light in the corner of his eyes and then he tackled her down onto the sand. HE covered her and then he saw Tanner head towards the light with Tilla. [b "I'll make sure Ara's safe"]

[b "Payton! Let's keep Ara and Ethan..."] he was in the middle of talking, but she was already sprinting inside the house to make sure Ethan was okay. He looked down at ARa, keeping her low [b "We're going to go inside okay?"] he told her, looking around and making sure the coast was clear. He helped her up and then made a run for it towards the house. Sylus kept ARa in front of him as he covered from behind. WHen they made it inside, he sighed in relief, going through all the rooms, making sure the windows were closed and the doors locked.
  ellocalypse / 74d 15h 41m 12s
This was disappointing. Having sometime for herself was apparently too much to ask for. It wasn't even a big deal, the city was close. She sat down by the sand, looking out into the water. It enraged her, that she had no control. That no one ever thought she could protect herself. The chance of anything happening was so silm, so why did it matter? She ran her fingers through the sand.

After a while, Sylus sad beside her, she didn't even know if she wanted to talk to him. She looked back, hearing Tilla's voice. She looked back at Sylus [b "Why is she here? She already found out? I can't even be close to you with her around. And no-it's not good enough. I'm not relaxed, I am stressed out. I can't do anything. I can never do any of the things I actually want to do." ] She looked down at her legs. She didn't know what to say to him. She didn't feel like talking. She worked herself up to jump off that window so much and it lead to nothing but having Tilla around anyway.

[b "I don't get how she even found out I was here..." ] She bent her knees and rested her head on them. Since she couldn't enjoy herself... [b "I'm going to head inside, make some calls and see if I can get Ethan some help. I'm glad you here, I just...I need something to distract me, and working might help." ] She didn't think Sy would ever understand how she felt and she figured he probably thought the same as Tilla because she didn't like being trapped, told what to do and made to feel like she was helplessly weak.
  Ravenity / 74d 20h 30m 11s
He knew that Ara felt really comfortable around him and wanted him always to be on her side. He usually was, but when it came to her safety and her well being, it was hard because he didn't really want to go against her and he knew she just wanted to be free.

He sighed when she said nothing would happen. Even Sylus knew that things happened and the only reason she felt safe was because Tanner was an amazing guard always looking after her. Maybe she didn't understand that yet because she was never really in that much danger. Sylus met her blue eyes and could see that she felt down. She must have felt trapped just like how they did at the facility.

He kept quiet because he didn't really want Ara to be more upset with him than she already was because he disagreed with her going out. He watched her go to the water and then he just sat on the sand, thinking about how upset Tilla probably was. He headed back into the house and then he saw her still standing at the door. [b "Hey, um, Ara tried to leave through the window. I saw her and made sure she's safe. She's out on the beach with Tanner and Payton"] he told her, seeing how shocked she looked, unable to fathom that ARa had gone away.

When Tilla looked into the room, just hearing the music blasting, Sylus smirked a little and then he watched her head onto the beach. HE followed after her and then he took a seat in the sand beside ARa. [b "This is good enough right? YOu get to relax on the beach and I'm still here"] he told her.
  ellocalypse / 76d 3h 20m 6s
[i And I thought the benefit of him being my bodyguard and boyfriend is that I can go anywhere and not feel

Just when she thought the benefit of having Sylus as a bodyguard would mean going anywhere and having more time alone. At this rate…it was going to always be a threesome, in a non-nasty way. She didn’t like it, she wished that Sylus didn’t listen to Tanner. She knew that nothing would happen, nothing usually happened. [b “But you’re not… Nothing will happen. You’re both overthinking it,” ] She wasn’t going to win this one, she could tell.

“Remember that as often as you can,” Tanner leaned back against the chair after he directed his eyes to Sylus. Ara had a long frown on her. So, it looks like any real fun was forbidden. Even when she was out here she felt trapped. They were just kissing in bed not too long ago, and she wanted to continue to be close to Sylus but if Tilla was around, she couldn’t do that. She didn’t say anything because she was upset about it.

[b “In an hour,” ] Payton spoke out, [b “Or so… Ethan should join us then. Tanner is giving me some tips. He really is a great bodyguard.” ]

Ara rolled her eyes, because she was upset that Tanner wouldn’t let her go out with Sylus. It was clear that her father trusted Tanner’s judgement over hers. Which was kind of funny because he hated all of them, and refused to trust any of them and that’s why her bodyguards always changed, he’s even switched Tanner a couple of times but Tanner always placed back. She knew that if Tanner recommended Sylus… but she wanted to go out now.

Ara without a word decided to go off near the water and sit down on the sand and stretch her legs. She watched the water fold in and nearly reach her toes. She didn’t get it… She doubted that anyone would be out there in the city to harm her, and if they were in the country, they must have followed and would go for her anyway, right? Or maybe…there was a reason. Maybe Tanner wasn’t telling her something. Maybe he knew something. [i Why am I always left in the dark.” ]
  Ravenity / 76d 8h 48m 57s
He knew he grew up with her and Tilla probably did too, but he just assumed that Ara spent more time around the guys for some reason. He couldn't really tell her about him and Ara too much because he didn't want her to find out. IF she thought of him as a fan boy, then that was good enough.

He helped Ara out and approached Payton and Tanner on the beach. WHen his eyes saw the anger on Tanner's face, he sighed because he knew he was letting this love sickness overpower his guard duties. To be honest, he should be doing his work and protecting Ethan, but he wanted to spend more time with Ara.

He heard Ara make her defense and he could tell that Tanner wasn't buying it. He wasn't going to let her do anything dangerous and that's why her father chose him. He was a great guard that knew the balance between being Ara's friend and being her guard. He apologized to her, knowing that he couldn't take her to where she wanted to go.

Ara was being a little stubborn and more daring today. He knew that would lead to danger. [b "Tanner's right. We're not risking your life. We have to keep you safe, that's the highest priority"] he told her, putting his guard duties over his relationship status. He had to focus and work harder. He couldn't just slack off now since he was so close.

[b "Why don't we just all head inside and just relax and hangout? We can pull out a few games because I know it's not often we all get to be here like this"] he tried to compromise and convince Ara to just stay in a safe place.
  ellocalypse / 76d 12h 46m 23s
“We all did,” Tilla shrugged “I bet you I know her as long as you’ve known her.” She heard that Sylus hadn’t been Ara longer than that mission they went on too. She still passed Sylus like she was just another Ara fan-boy and did what she needed to, guard the door and make sure no one came in.

Ara got a rush of adrenaline jumping off the window and escaping Tilla. She was so glad to ditch her and get out of there. She kissed him and heard his beautiful laughter. Ara nodded, [b “She’s really cruel. She won’t leave me alone. Me too… Hey, you’re not going to watch me-oh you mean like that. I’m good with that,” ] She flashed a smile. She walked with him but let him go ahead because she had a feeling Tanner would yell at her. She hoped that Sylus could convince him to let her go off. And…that clearly wasn’t happening.

Ara pouted. Was he serious? Why couldn’t she? Sylus was really strong and she could bring a gun and help take care of herself too. [b “Well you remembered now, so we’ll be fine. I can fend for myself too. I’ll shoot them straight in the head and I promise you, I won’t feel guilty-swear it.” ] She nodded and Tanner shot her another look. She swore he was really scary at times. Actually, no, she really was afraid of Tanner because if he wanted to completely remove her privacy, he had more say in it than she could ever have. And then she wouldn’t have anyone on her side when TIlla suffocated her.

“Don’t make me tag Tilla on you,” Tanner warned.
She hated this… Not being able to choose where to go. These new rules sucked. It wasn’t like things happened often either. Ara leaned in and whispered to Sylus anyway because she didn’t want to listen to Tanner and he didn’t have to know. She watched Sylus glance at Tanner and apologize to her. [b “Sorry? I did not just off the second floor to not actually go anywhere.” ] She said and Tanner caught on.
“You did what?” Tanner turned his head.
[b “I was so suffocating I would rather risk my life, okay?” ] She rolled her eyes
  Ravenity / 76d 13h 20m 49s
He knew that what Ara did wasn't just trying to win people over at all. He was always just living such a sad daily routine and to have her stop by always did put a smile on his face. That was one reason why he didn't like hearing people talking behind her back when it wasn't true. [b "Believe what you want, but I grew up with Ara. She's not what you're thinking"] he left her and then he headed to meet her.

Sylus waited and caught her when she jumped, smiling because he was glad to be this close to her again. He hugged her and then he kissed her, laughing at her words. [b "That's harsh. I hope I get to be your guard soon then. I want to be in the stall with you also"] he stuck out his tongue and then he headed with her towards Tanner and Payton.

WHen he went up to Tanner and asked to bring Ara into the city, but wasn't really thinking. He had gotten really comfortable and thought that Tanner would just say yes because he trust him with Ara, but when he spoke, Sylus returned back to his normal guard self and then he sighed a little. [b "No no. He's right. I wasn't really thinking. I just got really happy seeing you Ara, that I forgot I'm supposed to be on guard duty for a second"] he frowned and faced her. There were new rules?

HE heard Ara's whisper and now he was conflicted. He wouldn't risk ARa's life like that. Never. He glanced back and shook his head. [b "Tanner's right Ara. We can't risk your life like that. You're too important"] he sighed, knowing she'd probably be upset with him later, but he needed her safe and alive, rather than being selfish and risking her life.

[b "I'm sorry"] he glanced back at Tanner and then he just felt like it was hard, but if he was to be her guard, he needed to be on point like Tanner.
  ellocalypse / 77d 2h 32m 38s
Tilla could not imagine a world with someone giving something just for the sake of giving. [b “I think you’re just one of Ara’s fan-boys. Big deal, rich girl gives some scraps to us.” ] She couldn’t see Ara in a different light. There was still a mystery about her and she couldn’t trust a single person.

Ara got to the window and when she leapt off it. Her heart was speeding up, slightly afraid that this was going to hurt but SYlus caught her. She faced him and smiled to her he was okay. She was glad she didn’t hurt him. She knew it was difficult to hurt him, but still. [b “I was planning to climb down. Oh who cares if TIlla is going to mad! She’s always mad. Sy, she won’t let me even pee in a stall alone,” ] She narrowed her eyes, really upset about her privacy being completely broken.

She was all back to smiles and giggles when he kissed her. She had this awesome idea to leave this place and head out alone with him. She grew excited and thrilled about it. Sher nodded and head down the beach with them and she saw Payton and Tanner. She…sure hoped that Payton wouldn’t talk. She didn’t think Payton would, she kept quiet to her dad about a few things before. She knew that Payton had a good heart even if she acted pretty cold. Ara let SYlus go off to Tanner. Ara wanted to stay back in case Tanner would yell at her…which was definitely likely to happen. She just hoped SYlus could convince him.

Tanner felt pretty relaxed and she saw the two of them. He honestly didn’t know how they made it past TIlla but didn’t care enough to question him. But then Sylus said it, to go out with Ara in the city. Payton heard and laughed and Ara took a couple of steps back.
“Sylus, are you fucking crazy?” Tanner darted him a look, “Did you not hear me before? No, she’s not going anywhere with only one bodyguard that clearly is too love sick to realize Ara is a complete idiot when it comes to her safety. You’re letting your emotions for her cloud your judgement and it makes we wonder if you’re capable protecting her.”

[b “Hey!” ] Ara called out, crossing her arms, [b “I am not. And Sylus is good at it…” ]
Tanner gave her a quick look and pointed at her “Oh, I am going to give you a big talk about this later. You know the new rules Ara. If you want to go out, I have to go with you at least.”
Ara frowned, not really wanting Tanner to tag along while she was getting cozy with Sylus. She looked at Sylus and leaned in and whispered [b “Maybe we can sneak past Tanner too.” ]
  Ravenity / 77d 6h 12m 17s
He couldn't believe that her guard was doing this to her right now. She called Ara a brat an that made Sylus upset. He hated when people judged her for things that she didn't even do. Ara barely had any freedom either and he understood where she was coming from. [b "She's not trying to buy anyone. She just wants your life at the facility to be a little better"] he told her before heading off.

Sylus waited outside of Ara's room and he waited, seeing her peek out the window. He raised his arms up and when he saw her jump down, he used his weight to catch her. The impact made him fall back as he laughed, smiling as he faced her. [b "I'm fine. I didn't think you'd look out the window though. Tilla is going to be maaad"] he laughed and then he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her. [b "I like that idea. Let's run it by Tanner and then head down the beach?"] he smiled and then he held her hand, walking with her towards Tanner and Payton.

He remembered that he probably shouldn't show anyone their relationship, so he released her hand and walked up to Tanner. He let Ara do the talking since Tanner would listen to her as he glanced at Payton. She looked like she thought he was crazy and he got it. He knew he was risking everything by being with Ara, but he thought it was all worth it.
  ellocalypse / 78d 6h 48m 32s
She was so fed up. How could she do this to her? IT wasn't like Tilla didn't understand how it was to be trapped, and clearly she wanted to trap her as if she already wasn't. She had it. She overhead the conversation and grew really upset that Sylus was just leaving like that. How dare he... She frowned and didn't think it was fair.
Tilla leaned back and sighed, [b "I'll try. She's gave me some stuff when were kids but, I figured she's trying to buy people off." ]
Ara heard that too and it took everything in her not to open that door and slap her right there and now. She was just trying to be nice since they didn't have things! She sat down on the bed and she looked out the window. She had to. She had to escape out of here before she lost it. She went to the window and Sylus was already there. It was a good thing too, because she didn't know how she would have been able to climb down from here. If anything she hoped her quick healing abilities would kick in if she didn't land right.
Sylus smile and laughter made her fill with a load of encouragement to jump. She trusted him, that he would catch her. She climbed on top of the ledge and held her breath. She looked down and then went for it, she jumped and Sylus caught her but he fell back on the sand. she breathed out in relief that she was just okay [b 'Are you okay?' ] She asked, looking below at him. "If you had left, and didn't think about coming and get me, I would have been upset." ] Sylus leaned in to kiss her cheek, but she cleverly turned her head and kissed his lips, and giggled. [b "Who cares, at least she can only blame me." ] She got off him and he helped her up too, standing in front of each other.

[b "Hey Sy," ] She whispered [b " What do you think about ditching everybody here and hitting the city alone together? We can still tell Tanner, just not Tilla," ] she grew really excited to do it. She really could use that freedom. She felt such a strong thrill from being able to go out with only one bodyguard, since lately she's always been with two.
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