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He's never really cooked in his entire life until Ara gave him the opportunity to leave the facility and explore the world. He really did owe her his life and if she ever needed to pull the trigger on him again, he wouldn't mind it being her hands since he owed her his life. He stayed close to her, finishing breakfast and then they started talking about how this could be their last week.

The more Sylus thought about it, the more he felt sad and upset. He wanted to just run away and not deal with this anymore, but he knew he couldn't just do that. His eyes met her blue ones and then he nodded [b "I want to be with you forever too. Not at the facility. I want it like this"] he sighed, knowing it was too good to be true. He knew it couldn't happen anytime soon and that was why he didn't want to really talk about it.

He saw her take a call and he cleaned up the kitchen, sighing softly and then he grabbed his phone. He looked to see if he had any texts, but he overheard Ara. They were going to continue the mission soon and he knew they'd be back to the facility. He waited for Ara to finish and he sat at the table, drawing another stick figure of the two of them.

They were sitting at the park having a picnic together. He left it on the table and when she told him the plan, he nodded. [b "Okay we can come up with a plan and then see if Clyde and Tanner have anything else to add"] he thought about something to lure Roark out.

[b "Well you've become valuable to him. You're high up in the ranks Ara....maybe you can convince him to another meeting like at the coffee shop and then maybe ask to take a stroll along the beach or something. Or we can wait until he has another party? People will be so intoxicated it could be easy?"] he suggested.
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She found Sylus to be so sweet with her. He fed her food and she had to kiss his cheek. She wrapped her arms around him and rested her head on his shoulder after. She didn't want to go back. It made her sick to her stomach. "I want to be with you forever, but I also want you to be safe..." Once she called back, she had a feeling that they didn't have much time. "Good."
She sighed and headed upstairs and unlocked her phone to view the call. She got a call from her dad. She dialed back.

"Aralyn, you should have picked it up earlier."
[b "I was sleeping. What is it?" ] Ara replied.
"Capture Roark alive, pick a location of your choosing that is isolated and not near a crowd. Then phone me, I will send someone. Have this done within three days, two days preferred. Is it possible?"
Ara rubbed her head, [b "He's heavily guarded, we'd have to kill security and it'll be messy." ]

"Then ensure it's not messy. Get it done. You have three modified soldiers, if they are not capable than you choose the wrong ones."
Ara felt the lump in her throat grow, freezing up for a bit. [b "We'll get it done... Is there anything else?" ]
"Don't endanger yourself, and stay with your cover, make up a story as to why you betrayed them."
[b "Understood. Is that all?" ]
"Yes...No, You haven't called back your brother."

[b "I blocked him, bye." ] She hung up and head down stairs while she messaged Tanner and Luke. [b 'Meet me at my penthouse, we have to get something done in less than 3 days.' ] She went to Sylus [b "I was told that we need to capture Roark into a secure location, without many dead bodies within 3 days. So, we need to get started... I messaged the guys and we need to start developing a plan to how to get this done." ] She sat down on the chair again.

[b "I honestly...don't know how we can do this and if we don't do this right then..." ] She might lose him. She ran her fingers through her hair [b "I guess we have to lure him somehow." ]
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He could see the frown on her face and he wondered what he did. Did he say something wrong? HE wasn't exactly sure, but when she leaned in to kiss his lips, he kissed her back and saw that smile on her face. He grinned and then he kissed her more passionately, falling under her spell. Sylus smiled and then he nodded his head. [b "Good. No one is allowed to paint my nails besides you"] he smirked and then he rested her back against her bed.

He leaned over her and then he met her lips again, leaning in and then pressing up against her as he kissed down her neck towards her chest. He then moved down towards her stomach and then he moved back to her earlobe and then he sucked on them. He heard her moans and then he smiled, slowly reaching down and then lifting her shirt up over her head. Sylus moved lower to kiss her bellybutton and then he peeked up at her blue eyes and smiled, seeing her pull up his shirt. He leaned back and took it off, seeing her rest her bare hands on his chest.

Sylus felt her stroking his skin, touching his scars and then he watched her remove his pants. [b "Mmm, keep going Ara"] he told her, letting her unzip his pants and then he leaned in and continued to kiss her lips, his hands moving up to touch her breasts over her bra. He squeezed them in circles and massaged them slowly.
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She pouted because she was in such in awe, that she could tear up at how kind he was to her. It wasn't too hard for her to fall in love. She adored that smile on his face and wanted to kiss him more and more and more. [b "Awe Sy, thank you, that means a lot to me. One of the perks...there's so many." ] Ara cupped his face and needed to kiss him softly, with so much love bursting in her.

[b "I know." ] She smirked, [b "I'll hunt down anyone who tries to do that, that isn't me." ] Ara laid on her back, watching him cast a shadow on her. Her eyes fell to his lips, his nose and then his eyes. She loved how he smirked, how he looked at her like she was the only thing valuable in the world. She pressed her lips heavily on, their tongues dancing together, his lips responding to her so perfectly. Ara eyelids was compelled to close when she felt soft kisses go down her neck, to her collarbone. She ran her fingers through his hair, stroking and releasing soft quiet moans.

Sylus made his way to her cheek, to her earlobe. She breathed and held it again when his tongue was licking inside her earlobe. [b "Mmm." ] She was drawn in by his kisses, and he didn't speak, but his actions were enough. The fabric slid up her soft skin, above her head, and tossed to the side, leaving her top half bare.

"Ahh..." A pool of blue eyes half opened, watching him suddenly land his lips on her stomach. Her fingers gripped onto his hair slightly, her body slightly shifting up, feeling tempted to have him keep going lower. Her other hand searched up his back. Sylus...shifted. She tried to make her touch lighter and soon enough he was relaxing again. She kissed him again, sucking on his bottom lip and slowly pulling up his shirt and getting him to put it over his head. She had the chance to have her hands roam the front of his chest, feeling his abs and the stories they had when she felt line of rough texture. She gently tugged on the bottom of his pants, and undid the zipper, but would wait if he was okay with going at this speed.
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He saw her pouting and it made Sy wonder what he did. Did he do or say something to make her pout? He didn't mean to make her sad or anything. He just really wanted to be able to make her smile and let her know how he felt.

When she called him the sweetest, he had a smile on his face. [b "Well I just want you to know that I'll do things for you if you want me to. It's one of the perks of me loving you Ara"] he grinned and then he met her soft lips, kissing her back as he watched her finish up. Sylus looked at his nail and felt so proud. He loved it when Ara did special things for him like this. [b "I'll only allow you to paint them"] he laid her back and hovered over her as he faced her.

Sylus met her lips, kissing her skin and then letting his tongue glide along hers, tasting her sweet lips as he moved down her neck and then traced her collarbone with his lips. He met her eyes and felt her hands in his hair. He relaxed and then he met her lips against, moving down her cheek as he licked her earlobe.

Sylus nibbled on her outer ear and then he heard the sounds of her irresistible moans. He felt her hands on his cheeks and then he asked her what she'd do. He felt her press her lips against his lips and then he closed his eyes and slowly reached beneath Ara's shirt, tugging it over her head as he smiled at her words. He let his hands wrap around her waist and then he hugged her as he kissed her stomach, slowly moving further up. He felt her hands on his back and how she was touching his scars all over. He shifted a little, but then he leaned in more, kissing her lips and then letting her touch whatever she wanted.
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Ara pouted, finding him the sweetest. [b "Aww Sy, you're the sweetest boyfriend I've ever had. Could I? I don't want you to make you do whatever I only want to do." ] She had to lean in and kiss his lips because he made her heart melt. It was too easy to fall in love with him. [b It does." ] She had one nail painted and she thought it was incredible how he allowed her to.

A laugh bubbled out of her, [b "Good, I should be the only one who can paint your fingernail." ] He sweetly kissed her cheek, and lifted her up just the way she wanted. Her back laid on the bed, and he was over her, kissing harder on her lips. She pressed her lips harder back, and let there tongues dance and lick over with his. Ara released soft quiet moans when his lips traveled down her skin. She caressed his hair [b "Oh sy." ] She met his eyes and heard his beautiful laugh.

[b "I'll be a good girl." ] She laughed, [b "I want those kisses." ] She closed her eyes the second his lips moved up her skin again, right to her ear and then licking [b "Ahhh..." ] One hand ran along his back, slowly lifting his shirt in the process on accident. She stretched her neck more to the side, feeling him nibble on her ear lobe. It wasn't hard enough that it was too much. She wasn't too sure how much Sy had to hold back on her so that he wouldn't hurt her or exhaust her... [b "uh hmm..." ] She caught a look of his amber eyes again. She cupped his face, finding his expression, eyes, face so beautiful. [b "Like what? Um..." ]] She pressed her lips hard together and tried to think [b "Anything means anything. Like, doing stuff with you, getting you things, like...trying to make you feel good however I can." ] Before she could think too much more, she felt his soft lips press harder.

Sy, really was a dream. She kissed him deeply and fought to nibble gently on his lips and moan when she felt the fabric of her shirt slightly crawl up when his hands went underneath her soft petite body. She opened her eyes slowly, becoming lost in a heavy daze, [b "Like...allowing you inside my body. me, you can take it off." ] Her hands went lower down his back, feeling the skin between his shirt and pants. She ran the shirt up higher, feeling his slightly rough back from a the couple of scars. Oh how bad she loved this boy. She spread her legs and let them hug his waist.
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He smiled [b "This lovey dovey way. No one makes me feel so gentle and so vulnerable. You can get under my skin and make me to whatever you want me to"] he told her, smiling as he thought about it. [b "It should make you happy. I think it would"] he watched her finish painting his nail and then he stared at it, thinking it looked really weird, but he was going to keep it for now. It wasn't like they were going back to the facility anytime soon anyway.

[b "You are. I don't think I'd let anyone else paint my fingernail"] he told her, feeling her sweet lips against his cheek. Her words made him grin uncontrollably. He sure loved the way she looked at him. IT made him really happy.

As he laid her back against her bed, Sylus leaned over her and then he pressed his lips harder against hers. HE leaned in and then he slowly made out with her, his tongue, gliding along her lips and then dancing with hers in her mouth as he slowly moved down her neck to her shoulders. He kissed her gently and then he slowly hugged his arms around her. He kept his face on hers and then he told her how much he loved her.

[b "I can so kiss you ten more times. Maybe eleven if you're good"] he laughed and then he leaned in more, kissing up to her ear as he licked inside and then nibbled on her ear lobe. [b "You would do anything? Like what?"] he asked, smirking a little as he looked down at her blue eyes. SYlus kissed her lips harder and then he let his hands slowly crawl up her shirt slowly.
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[b "What way?" ] She raised a brow [b "That makes me feel happy?" ] She got to paitning his nail and it was great. She thought it looked great on him, and felt she had a little thing on him that she could tell everyone that he was taken. [b "Awww, I'm glad I'm your first." ] She laughed and leaned into Sylus. She hoped that they wouldn't have bullied him for something like that if she had done that. She giggled [b "Yea, thanks Sy." ] She kissed his cheek.

[b "For now? I want to always be yours." ] She felt him lift her up, a little surprised he was following up on what she asked. She knew it was pretty silly too. She kissed his lips deeply, letting her tongue dance with his and getting so lost in Sylus. She let her fingers through his hair, when she heard his voice and felt his kisses trail down. [b "Mmmm..." ] Sylus wrappe dhis arms around her waist, and she wrapped her own arms around him. Ara smiled [b "I love you more." ] She teased.

Anything? [b "Anything, anything? Like... kiss me ten more times, or show me things only I can see...? I would do about anything for you too." She rested her arms back, watching Sylus above her.
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He loved the way she treated him right now and he didn't want that to change. Sylus really didn't want to go back and face the reality of going back to the facility. He didn't want to be separated from her and he just felt like once they went back, he wouldn't be the one she was keeping her attention on anymore.

[b "I'm glad I do. I want to be the only person that makes you feel that way Ara"] he watched her paint his single nail and then he would look at it curiously, holding his hand up and then wondering if it looked really weird. He stared for a moment and then he laughed [b "I love it. My first nail painted by the person that means the most to me"] he grinned and then he heard her talking about getting jealous. [b "Well...they should be jealous. I have the sweetest girlfriend"] he smiled and then thought about how many people admired her.

[b "A lot of people do admire you. But you're all mine...well for now"] he lifted her up into his arms and carried her into her bedroom and then he set her down against the sheets and then he smiled, leaning in to meet her lips. He gave her more kisses, meeting her lips as he let his tongue glide along hers as he closed his eyes. [b "I want you too"] he kissed down her neck and then her cheek. He smiled down at her, snuggling into her as he wrapped his arms around her waist. [b "I love you so much. You know I'd do anything for you"]
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Ara couldn't fight her own temptations to hug him tightly from all the sweet words he had to say to her. She snuggled into his arm and had this big grin. [b "Aww Sy... You make me feel great." ]

She had him where she wanted him, she got to paint a single nail. She thought it was so amazing, and adored him for allowing her to. She didn't think for a second that there was anything wrong with it. [b "I think I could have convinced little you. Bullied?" ] Her eyes widened. Why would he get bullied? Because it was a girl thing. [b "You never know, some guys like me, and some would get jealous," ] She giggled [b "Even the older guys and girls found my kid self cute. They were...really nice. It felt like I had so many older brothers and sisters...well while they were there." ]] She sighed, remembering even Andre being there and watching over her for a while before he was sold off.

Her cheeks warmed when she said something so silly. She nodded slowly and would glance away. Oh, guess she's never thought of what they had between them that way. She guessed it was 'forbidden.' [b "You make a good point. It's silly." ] All the sudden she was lifted up, her cheeks warmed up a little more. He was...really doing it. She nibbled on lip while smiling [b "you don't have to..." ] But she found it so sweet, and looked her arms around him, trying to stop herself from smiling.

She kissed his lips softly, and felt her back land on her soft bed. She giggled [b "Thanks..." ] But her eyes lurked to his lips sand she had to kiss him, her tongue had to ask for the invite, gliding with his tongue, and giving slow kisses. [b "I love you and I want you..." ] She spoke in between her breath and kissed him over again, her fingers going through his hair, having this little fantasy in her head, that was so silly but for some reason it made her feel great. Like it minimized how horrible there situation really was when they had to go back.
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He was right in front of her and he laughed [b "OF course I do. You're so pretty Ara and I can't help but want to be close to her, stay beside you and just want to love you"] he told her, a smile on his face because he really did want to just spend time with her. Sometimes Sylus got really selfish when it came to Ara. He didn't want to share her with anyone, nor did he want to have anyone get in between them. Not today.

He finished eating with her and then he saw her bring down the nail polish. He saw her holding out the one she wanted and then he did his best to paint her nails, but he wasn't very good at all. He's never done anything like this before, so he tried his best. It ended up messy, but when she said that they would probably do this when they were little, he laughed [b "We could have. I don't know though. I might have been bullied or picked on if I had a finger with nail polish"] he joked with her.

At least she said that she liked it. He was glad because he didn't want to do something to her she wasn't satisfied with. He saw her painting his nails soon after, asking her what she was thinking of. Sylus listened and was really surprised to hear she wanted to be carried like a princess. [b "What forbidden love? We can love each other freely as long as we don't back to the facility yet. I mean....this is kind of forbidden"] he smiled and then he shook his head. [b "It's not silly. Sometimes I think that too"] he leaned in and then he lifted her in his arms.

[b "I'll carry you up to your room my princess"] he lifted her and then he walked towards her room and then he kissed her lips, laying her back against her bed. [b "I like the nail polish. It's great"] he smiled and then he leaned in and then he felt her lips, kissing her again and then letting her tongue glide into his mouth as he made out with her slowly.
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Ara couldn't stop smiling when he was in front of her. [b "you do?" ] His lips reached hers and she happily kissed him back, wanting his kiss more than she was going to let him on right now. She flashed a smile and hugged him tightly. [b "It definitely does matter. Really?" ] She sat back, watched the movie, ate some sushi and stayed cuddling with Sylus. It was so snug and perfect. She even got to paint his nail.

[b "I can just imagine you letting me paint your nails if I asked to if we were kids, or letting a little girl do it." ] She mentioned, painting his nail and was happy with the outcome. Ara nodded [b "I'm sure. I like it, because you did it, don't worry." ] It felt like a great reminder of him. She felt all she had to do was apply some clear coating on top and make it look more smoothed out.

Ara nibbled on her lip, feeling a little nervous about telling him. [b "Um...well..." ] She thought he would forget. [b "It's really silly, you'll laugh. Hmm...well I guess, I was going to say... um... I wanted to be treated and carried like a princess, and pretend that we...had some kind of forbidden love and...kiss or something." ] Ugh, she was going to hear him laugh but at least it was nice to hear Sylus laugh. She just laughed a little [b "See, told you it was really silly. Anyways-" ] She shook her head and face him, showing her nails and mentioning how they matched.

[b "You don't like it?" ] She raised a brow, seeing him staring at his finger. [b "We can remove it if you want." ] Ara's eyes fell down to his lips and she saw those lips shift into a smirk. Damn it...that made her want to kiss him even more. Her eyes lifted up a bit when he spoke. Well, she couldn't deny it. Damn, he was sexy. Ara leaned in quickly and kissed him softly first and asked his lips to invite her tongue, kissing him passionately, and gliding her tongue with his.
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He felt her warm arms surround him and Sylus felt really happy. He was so excited to be spending time with her because honestly, that was all he really wanted to do. He just wanted alone time with her without any interruptions and with no one else to get between them.

Sylus loved her smile just as much as she loved his. The way she was looking at him made him really happy and he found her to be so cute. He smiled at her words [b "I mean I try to kiss you whenever I get the chance"] he smirked and then when she called him sexy, he leaned in and then he met her lips, kissing her softly. [b "Well then if you really do, I want you to kiss and hug me when you want. It doesn't matter what I want...just do it. It'll make me really happy"] he admitted, loving her so much.

After they finished eating, he was in a really good mood because their little day was going perfectly and he didn't want it to end. He still wanted to know what she was thinking through. When she came down with the nail polish, he was a little hesitant at first because he wasn't quite sure what he was doing. He tried his best to paint her nail, but it was getting a little messy and he felt bad. She was so pretty and he was ruining her nails by getting it all over. [b "Are you sure? I feel like if it's not to your wouldn't like it"] he frowned and then he saw her getting ready to paint his nails.

[b "Just make it looks really pretty, like you"] he laughed and then he watched her paint his nail so nicely. [b "So what were you going to tell me?"] he asked once more, not forgetting. When she finished, he laughed at her words. [b "We are matching"] he grinned and then he stared at his finger for a while. It looked really good.

Sylus eventually caught her looking at his lips and then he smirked [b "You want to kiss me don't you?"] he wanted to tease her a little and see if he could provoke her. [b "Then do it"]
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Ara pouted and hugged him so warmly and tightly [b "I agree. Well, most of them." ] She laughed and adored the way he smiled at her. Could he smile like this to her all the time? She felt that if she saw him smile that nothing could really touch her. Sylus thought she was cute, that was something. [b "You can kiss me all the time then. What about you? You're face is sooo sexy, you make want to kiss you, and hug you and many other things." ] She lifted her eyes to him and felt so loved and warm right now. She felt so much love for him that she felt like her heart would burst.

The sushi came in, and she felt a relieved because she felt a little too shy to say it. It may have been something as innocent as something dirty could get but, she wasn't sure what he'd think. She shared sushi with him, watched the movie snug right in his arms, and then got to bringing the nail polish. She stuck out her hand and he...made a mess, but she sure didn't mind.

[b "Yea" ] She grinned and nodded and then laughed [b "You are, but I don't mind. I like it." ] She let that hand dry and did her other hand. She faced him and got a little too excited about paining one of Sylus' nails. Or would he find it too 'unmanly'? [b "Yes! Okay, just make sure to stay still, and then when I'm done, make sure you don't mess it up and let it dry." ] She took her nail polish and began applying, doing too coats and she had the biggest grin on her face. [b "I think this shade of teal suits you. Look," ] She stuck out her hands [b "We're matching. You're the best Sy." ] She kissed his cheek. Who'd ever thought she see the day when her boyfriend would allow her paint a single nail. She crossed her legs and faced him, leaning in [b "So, you want to do next?" ] Her eyes fell to his lips. Ah... she was so close to him but she still find it hard sometimes to say things.
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He felt her snuggling up to him and he felt so warm and loved. No one made him feel the way Ara made him feel and he really loved spending time with her like this. [b "They're really good movies, they make you feel emotional and they have great plots and stories"] he smiled and then he decided that he'd help her paint her nails. He'd give it a try, but if he was horrible, he hoped she didn't blame him at all. [b "Very cute. It makes me want to kiss you all the time. What about me?"] he asked, looking down at her with his amber eyes. He wondered if he made her heart skip a beat just looking at him.

SYlus asked her what she was thinking, but when the sushi came, he walked towards the door and then he brought it inside. He shared them with Ara, feeding her a roll one at a time. By the time they finished the movie, he had her all snug in his arms until she went to grab the nail polish. Sylus looked over and then he tried his best at painting her nails. It didn't seem to be working at all though.

He messed up her finger and then he frowned, but she was giggling. HE wasn't doing a very good job. [b "Are you sure this is okay? I feel like I'm messing it up"] he frowned and then he saw her finish up. Did he want her to paint his nails? Not really...but what was it like?

Sylus looked at her colors [b "I guess just one finger. Here do my index finger"] he held it out to her and watched her slowly begin to paint it. SHe did a way better job than he ever could.
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