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He sat beside her, seeing the doctor taking some of his blood. Needles used to scar him for life, but after being tested on for so many things, it didn't make him budge anymore. He saw him give ARa some blood and he felt such relief because he wanted her to be okay, for her to be alive to accomplish that big dream she had.

He sat with Tanner, waiting for everyone to leave so he could at least have a one on one conversation with just Ara. He stayed close to her, leaning in as he brushed her hair back to relax her. [b "I know you didn't want the man to hurt us, but you always have to think about how important you are. IT's better they hurt us than you going in"] he told her, sighing softly.

[b "I know you were only thinking about who was important to you and who you wanted to protect, but you shouldn't be protecting people that were trained to protect you"] he stated, sighing softly as she continued to blame herself. [b "I don't want to lose you Ara. It's long as you're okay we can still have a good night. I'll be here okay?"] he told her, his hands holding hers as he let her rest. He heard a knock on the door and then he slowly stood up to open it. He saw Tanner again and then he just sat back down beside Ara.
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Ara's head laid on the side, watching that needle insert into Sylus, giving his blood to share. Bits of guilt sparked more burning aches. [i You're so useless, weak, and an idiot. ] She inhaled a sharp breath and just breathing was hurting because she end up moving her stomach. All because she wanted to help... [i Why are you so stupid?" ] She couldn't relax, not with the thoughts, the pain and knowing that they all must realize how pathetic she was, crying and getting shot.

[b "I don't want to. Passing out freaks me out." ] She blurt out. Tanner, and everyone else left. She heard the sound of the door closing, and Sylus laid beside her. He draped his arm over her, and right away, he spoke to her.

Tears slipped, and she quietly again, [b "I'm sorry. I got a knife, went into the bedroom, and there was this guy at balcony, I got scared and I hid but he made it in and then he went to the door. I didn't want him to hurt Payton or Ethan SYlus, I don't want it to be my fault if they get hurt and hide. I tried to kill him but then, he shot me and... I just wanted to help but I"m stupid because I know I can never help, I'm always going to this weak," ] She sobbed and her vision was a blurry mess again. Sylus kissed her cheek, brushing her brown hair back that had a bit of blood at the tips.

[b "It's not your fault, I should be able to take care of myself." ] She wiped her eyes. She wanted to curl up with him. [b "I feel horrible for scaring you too. And we were supposed to have a fun night together and I messed it up. ]
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He didn't want to leave her side, but Tanner was there watching him the whole time. He could tell from the look on his face that he was upset with him and didn't want him anywhere near Ara because of his incapabilities. He held his breath and just frowned because he wanted to do so much with her, to be the best guard he could....but she ended up shot because of him.

He saw the doctor enter the room and he let him check the compatibility of their blood types and him and Tilla were the only ones able to. HE laid back and let the doctor drain some of his blood, giving it to ARa as he stayed at her side. He faced her and she kept saying she was stupid, but he never believed that. She was always blaming herself, but Sylus was getting to a point where she needed to realize what her actions were doing. She could get him and Tilla killed because of this.

The doctor monitored what she was doing and Sylus stayed at her side [b "I think you should rest Ara. You don't have to worry about anything right now. Just relax and get better okay?"] he wanted to hear her say yes.

Luckily Tanner was able to leave the two of them and he sighed in relief. All he wanted to be alone with ARa all day, but so many things happened. How did it end up like this?

WHen it was just the two of them in the room, Sylus laid beside her, leaning in and just draping his arm over her. [b "WHy did you do that. YOu scared me. If anything happened Ara...if you suffer from this, it'll always be my fault"] he frowned, kissing her cheek and then brushing her hair back. [b "I'm going to do better. I'm gonna redeem myself and show them that I can be a guard. Your guard"] he said sadly.
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Ara picked up Sylus' voice and wondered why he had left in the first place. Tanner... she didn't have it in her to argue. Sylus came in and she felt his fingers brush through her hair and she craved for his comfort. It hurt so bad and she wished it would just stop. [b "You wouldn't cry." ] Half of her words she cried. She felt it was her fault, even if they told her it wasn't. [b "Can you lay down with me?"] She asked. Soon enough, she saw an unfamiliar man. Ethan introduced the doctor to her. Ara tried to suck up the pain, but it was just escape her eyes now and then. She was struggling to keep her eyes open since she felt so drained and dizzy.

Tilla had come in and she kept mostly quiet, but would have helped-although Sylus volunteered first and she would rather it be that way. Ara lightly held Sylus' hand, or tried to have some sort of grip. She watched him now and then, while she was in and out. [b "It's okay. My fault... I was stupid." ] she felt his kiss on her hand and wished she could just curl up in bed with him but she was still too afraid to move and in agony. She felt the needle slightly but if she didn't know about it, she could have easily missed it because of the agonizing pain elsewhere. [b "Where did it hit? I'm not going to have a second belly button am I?" ] She was a bit delirious and not exactly thinking.

Tanner kept quiet for most of the time. But then he heard that and a part of him laughed, "No, go to sleep Ara. You need to heal."
[b "No." ] She said and looked at Sy, [b "Thanks for giving me your blood. I guess I'm a vampire now." ] She joked and whimpered over the pain.

"I'm heading downstairs," Tilla said.
[b "Tilla. Wait. I'm sorry." ] Ara said. Tilla didn't turn back and head downstairs. Ara didn't get it but she didn't have it in her right now, [b "Tan, can I be alone with Sylus...for like a few minutes, please." ]

"No." Tanner shrugged.
[b "Pleasee, it's my dying wish." [Ara mumbled.
"You're not dying."
[b "I know but...please" ] She tensed up and he nodded, because he didn't want to stress her out "But, I'll be back soon. " He said.
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He told her that she should probably go up there because Tanner was furious with him. He'd probably rather have Ara stay in her bloody clothes than have Sylus be near her when he couldn't even protect her. He spoke with Payton and was at least glad she wasn't really yelling at him either.

[b "I think I'm A negative. When the doctor comes, I'll let her have some of mine"] he told her, sighing a little as he watched her head up. Dinner was delicious, but he wasn't really in the mood too much to be paying attention. The table was silent, but when he finished, he headed upstairs with the food and then he gave it to Tanner.

He saw Ara waking up, but she still had tears in her eyes. HE didn't even know if he could face her....he did this to her with his capabilities. When he stayed at her side, he could see that Tanner wasn't willing to leave him be in here alone.

Ara kept asking him to stay and he wanted to, but when he looked at Tanner, he was avoiding eye contact. He decided to just stay at her side, moving closer to her as he brushed her hair back [b "I know, but I bet it hurts. Just get some rest okay? None of this is your fault"] he didn't want to add any stress to her right now. Not when everything was already hard to deal with.

He tried to relax her, seeing Ethan soon come up with the doctor. When he checked out Ara, he checked to see that the wound had closed up. "You guys did a good job of her wound. Her blood pressure is low, so I'll need to do a test with anyone available to donate blood" he told them, taking a sample from each of them.

It was just as he said, everyone but him and Tilla had the right blood type. He doubted Tilla wanted to donate anything right now, so he just volunteered. The doctor had his blood drawn and then he sat beside the bed, not caring if Tanner was there anymore. He held Ara's hand and just tried not to show how worried he was to Tanner. [b "I'm sorry Ara. I never meant for this to happen"] he whispered softly, kissing her hand and just leaning over the side of the bed, wanting her to get better.

The doctor gave his blood to her and monitored how well she was taking in his blood. Everything seemed okay so far, but Sylus was still worried. He didn't want her to leave him.
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Payton played with her button lip and leaned back against the sofa, [b “You’re right. He is upset…I’m sure I’ll also get a lecture from him for not making the house more secure. I’ll do it.” ] She normally would be cracking down on them about bringing Ara here who had a trail of death following after her, but since she was shot-she would leave that mouthful out of it.

[b “Oh, I’ll definitely make time for it. You need to be protecting Ethan with me, and I need to be able to count on you. Assassination missions are far much different than acting as a bodyguard. We’ve been trained all of our lifes, so it’s hard to understand the level of threat that the person your protecting is in.” ] She then got back up [b “I’m going to help change Ara. And…we also need some blood for Ara. Tanner said she was an A negative. Neither have I, Ethan or Tanner had that blood type. You should probably ask Tilla or if you know yours.” ]

She head off upstairs and got Tanner to leave the room for just that moment, so she could help Ara change her clothes. It was difficult…really difficult considering she knew she couldn’t move her too much with that wound. Ara was hot, Payton could tell she had a strong fever because it was burning up her hand. Well shit. Ara opened her eyes a bit.

“Rest up,” Payton whispered.
[b “Sy… Where’s Sy?” ] Ara asked, her voice raspy. The pain struck her the next second and she didn’t want to be awake anymore, it hurt. She was so drained anyway, so she fell asleep again. Payton sighed and let Tanner in.

[b “I understand that you would want to rip Sylus shreds now but he can’t take all the blame. You were supposed to train him better, like you did with me and from what I recall, Ara had always done to keep herself alive. She did something unpredictable and it’s about time that you make sure she can survive on her own if something happens.” ] Payton said and Tanner just kept his head down low. She shook her head, [b “She’ll hang on there.” ] She left the room and head downstairs and everyone had Pasta. Nobody was talking. She saw Sylus head up.

Tanner went to Ara and heard her wake up because of the pain this time around again, and crying. He didn’t really understand crying from pain anymore but it sure made him feel at fault for having her be like this. Sylus came in and Tanner didn’t say anything. Tanner was whispering to Ara by her beside and then Ara spoke when she heard Sy’s voice, [b “Sy,” ] She turned her head, her eyes half open. Her body felt on fire and it was killing her. She felt like she would pass out again, feeling dizzy, and things were blurry. She could barely move because she felt so weak.

“I don’t need a break.” Tanner said.
[b “Go eat,” ] Ara mumbled and kept sniffling because it hurt so damn much. [b “Owww, it hurts….it hurts…it hurts.” ]She cried and closed her eyes, [b “I’m sorry….I can’t stop. Crying.” ] She whimpered and tried to look over at Sylus [b “Sy, stay with me. Why did you go?” ]
“I told him too.” ]Tanner stated.
[b “Why?” ] Ara mustered and passed out for a few seconds before opening her eyes again, [b “I don’t want to pass out. I want to wake up.” ] She sobbed, and then apologized [b “I’m sorry… I’m weak.” ]
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He remembered when her father had her tortured from behind. IT didn't leave a scratch on her at all and Sylus knew that this bullet wound would disappear too as long as she took care of it. He just hoped that ARa managed to stay alive right now. She lost so much blood. HE wanted to give her some of his if he was able to.

He could tell that TIlla didn't like his answer, but at the same time, he wasn't going to risk running off and having her father and the facility finding him for real. He couldn't live in peace that way. If anything, he wanted a relationship like Payton had with EThan. They were both free, but she still had to keep an eye on him.

He got rid of the bodies at sea and then he cleaned out the boat before returning to the shore. IT was normal just be sent off on a mission to assassinate and get rid of the evidence. Sylus was used to it.

He headed back and when he came in, he headed to his room and changed as well, washing off his hands and cleaning up. WHen he heard that he could help change ARa, he thought it wasn't a good idea. Tanner was going to be furious when he saw him again. [b "I think it's best you do it. Tanner is upset with me"] he sighed and then he just had a bitter taste in his mouth. Number one or not, he couldn't even be a good guard.

[b "I'm not making any excuses right now, but I do want to be a better body guard. If you have a chance....I'd greatly appreciate it"] he sighed and then listened to her.

When he saw Ethan, he followed into the kitchen, helping set up and then feeling so down because he couldn't even look after Ara. No one would trust Ara with him anymore after this and he felt like he ruined it all. How could he let this happen to her. HE felt so disappointed in himself.

When everyone was eating, Sylus brought up a bowl of soup and a plate of pasta to Tanner. He came in and gave him the plate. [b "The perimeter is secured. You should take a break and eat. Did she wake yet?"]
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"Even if she won't, she'll get a check up and they'll find that wound on her and ask questions. There's nothing she can say to get out of it." Tilla said. She still felt a lot of worry going back and having to explain and getting killed. They dealt with the four guys there. Tilla folded her arms and narrowed her eyes at him and just quieted. She would get out of this, either by running off or killing someone. She didn't understand how Tanner said he trusted him when he made a mistake like that. He was clearly inexperienced in being a bodyguard, at least it looked like that to her.
Payton came in, made some threats and when she came back, Sylus was getting down a phone number and they were shot. Tilla faced Payton and they let Sylus dispose of the body while the cleaned up a bit. they didn't say a word to reach other. Ethan came down and tried to start cooking for everyone.

Tilla took a look around the perimeter to make sure everything else was secure and there were no other surprises around. Payton sat back for a moment, still being on look out, and let the silence fill in. Sylus came back and she just nodded [b "We're fine. Only Ara was wounded. She acted so stupidly... How are you holding up?" ] She sighed. She had changed into new clothes because she had been covered in some blood. Then she remembered [b "Ah, I should probably help change her clothes. She's still in that bloodied shirt. Unless, you want to, you've seen her before right? Um...honestly," ] She leaned forward and shook her head.

[b "I think they've must have trained you more for assassinations. If you need some more training in being a bodyguard, I'll help. You need to give her better instructions, make sure she goddamn follows it and think of every scenario. You can't be her boyfriend and bodyguard at the same time either. I'm not sure how it went down, but just a note. " ] She leaned back and Ethan came in.

"I made pasta, would be that be okay? I'm also making soup for Aralyn when she wakes up," Ethan said.
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Sylus knew that even if Ara was wounded like that, she could heal quickly. He didn't know if anyone else knew about her, but a bullet wound would heal in a few days. It would heal a lot faster than his own wounds too. [b "It'll be okay. Ara's not like that. She doesn't want any of us to be killed if it was her decision. Scar or not, she wouldn't rat us out"] he told her before she went off.

Their interrogation wasn't really working out. These guys would rather die than say a word, but when Sylus pulled out the knife, he did his best to try and get some information out. Either way, these three were going to die for what they did to Ara.

He heard Tilla talking about running, but there was no way he was going to do that. [b "Just trust me. Our lives are safer right now if we wait to see if Ara will be okay"] he told her, hitting that guy on the floor. He heard Payton's voice and was surprised to hear her revealing some true things about her. She looked scary though and Sylus could see why Ethan was so well protected.

He saw her take control and the guys shouted out saying they didn't know. He sighed when the leader sobbed and then he just shook his head [b "Well anyways. Tilla, you clean up here"] he got the contact number from the leader and then he shot him in the head. Sylus then shot the other two and he began lifting up their bodies. [b "I'll get rid of these"] he carried them outside, seeing the boat by the shore that the leader used.

He carried the bodies onto the dock and loaded them up as he started the engine. Sylus rode the boat out to sea, disposing of the bodies and then heading back to the Villa, washing out all of the blood.

When he headed back inside, he went to Payton [b "How's Ethan? Are you two okay?"]
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Tilla felt she stood no chance with ARa being wounded like that. I was bound to be found out and when it was, she knew it would be her head. "Fine? How is it going to fine? It will if she's found out and it will happen." She felt more fear of her life than anything. She went to get the other guy anyway and she started to think about how she could get herself out of this mess.

When she returned, she dumped the last man on the ground, tied him up and listened onto Sylus' interrogation. There was blood, there were knives and bullets in bodies. THis was getting very messy. They most definitely had to call all of them to make sure their mouths were shut. "Really? It seemed like you were trying to kill her, not capture her. Those shots would kill her." Tilla stated and then turned to Sylus, keeping her voice low to tell him exactly what she had in mind.

"Not if we're smart about running. Even if she recovers, she'll have a scar. There's no way she can heal within a few days." She said, feeling the anxiety reach. She's heard others didn't make it trying to run away. Sylus returned to kicking the leader in the gut. That woke him up.

Payton came down, she left Ethan with Tanner and Ara for a moment. She stormed in there, and moved forward, seeing the blood and mess. [b "Okay you fucking bastards, you ruined our flooring, you put someone I love in danger and tried to kill a good friend. What he did will look like a stroll on the park, now it's my turn. I'll be back with a hammer, a drill and pliers. From the start of now and until I get back start giving us names and I'll show you some mercy" ] Payton spoke and saw that horror in their face. She head away to actually grab those tools. She was furious, that they endangered Ethan, that they shot Ara.

"We don't know them." The leader spat out quickly, "We were hired, given money and we didn't even see any faces. The best I can do is give a contact number."

"Really?" Tilla asked and whacked his head, "Is that really all you can do? Guess we'll see how much we'll talk with a drill near your face."

"I swear!" THe leader shouted, "I don't anything more, I don't," He sobbed, "We were promised good money, that's all."

Tanner lay down beside Ara for a moment, fixing her hair and watching her look so weak, bloodied up. Ethan was in the room and they talked. Ara had lost a lot of blood, and Ethan suggested finding out everyone's bloodtype or at least know Ara's so he could tell the doctor that came in tomorrow.
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He hated seeing Ara hurt like this. The last thing he wanted was for her to be in so much pain to the point where she could nearly lose her life. HE didn't want her be killed at all and he did his best to keep himself from panicking. He removed the bullet as best he could and then used Mason's healing water close up the wound. He could see that she lost a lot of blood, but he wasn't going to give up on her.

[b "I know Ara, but you have to rest. Just know that I'll be here okay?"] he told her, holding her hand, but was being blamed for all of this. He wanted to stay by her side, but when she was asleep, Tanner pulled him aside and raised his voice. He had a point, but he felt so down. He knew he made a mistake and shouldn't leave her alone, but there's been so many days at the facility when he was yelled at, beaten, and nearly killed. Tanner telling him this wouldn't harm him, but it was really condescending. Why was he even number one if he made a mistake like this?

He wanted to stay by Ara's side, cry for her sake, but he wasn't even allowed to be there. He had to make sure the other men weren't anywhere near, not to mention that Tanner was a way better guard than he was. It was better this way.

When he came down, he told Tilla what happened after he took his anger out on the two men. [b "It's going to be fine. Ara won't die and we won't be killed. That's not going to happen"] he told her, just believing that Ara was going to be okay. She was strong....he couldn't lose her either.

As they found out that the other man was at the docks, he sighed and watched as Tilla headed out. Sylus aimed the gun back at the man. [b "Good. Now tell me why you're after that girl"] he asked, looking at the man in the chair.

He waited for an answer, but when saw the man just smirking, he shot him in the arm. [b "Talk!"] he raised his voice, his eyes narrowing and the blood going into killer mode.

Vince yelped out in pain and then he looked at his subordinate "We're just going to die anyway" he spoke and then Sylus pulled out a knife and stabbed the man in the stomach.

[b "Or you can die a slow painful death?"] he asked, slowly pushing the knife in deeper as he twisted it.

"Fuuuuck! Shiit alright. Someone told our boss...that she's important. That we could get whatever we wanted if we had her as ransom"

He saw Tilla bringing in the leader and then he heard her plan. [b "We can't do that. They'll still hunt us down if you run. Just calm down and we'll see how Ara does the next few days. If she recovers....we'll be okay"] he told her, knowing she'd be okay. IT was also because of him and her wanting to see each other that they were here. Tilla was the only one that didn't know that.

He glanced at their leader, kicking him in the gut. [b "So long story short, you're going to tell us who you're working for and you won't end up like those two"]
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Ara felt the pain pulsing, absorbing her entire being. Her body tingled, and felt a little numb. Her eyes rested on Sylus but the damn tears kept getting in the way so that he was mostly just a blurry image. She knew this was her own fault. She should have stayed hidden. Who was she kidding? Payton would have handled it even if that man came into the room. [b "I don't want to fall asleep." ] She sobbed. She felt horrible for what she did, and she felt horrible that Tanner was blaming Sylus when she knew it was her own stupid fault.

Ara remained awake for a little while longer, Sylus putting the healing water on her and she just couldn't hang any longer. Her hand was bloodied from touching her own wound, her clothes were stained in blood and so was the sheets below her. Her skin paled. She slipped away asleep.

[b "Didn't think? You're supposed to fucking think about everything. Yes, Sylus, your fucking bad. You're fucking bad may just kill her. If you can't fucking think of all the scenarios you piece of shit than don't fucking be her bodyguard. " ] Tanner raised his voice and then quieted down. Tanner sat down at the edge of the bed and gave Sylus orders, while he stayed there. It crushed him seeing her suffering like this.

Tilla saw Sylus coming down the stairs, "Did something happen to her?" She asked but the second Sylus came down he focused on punching the two men. Then he explained and she knew this was it. This was how it was going to end. "How? How do you know she'll be okay? I don't know how we could hide this. I can't believe you let her get fucking shot." She looked down at the two and then she nodded [b "We're not...this was a detour. I wasn't going to say anything. Too late now, when we go back, it's going to be obvious she was shot with a bullet wound in her. We're going to get killed," ] She mumbled the last bit. She thought about running at this point because she felt she stood no chance.

Sylus started questioning them. Tilla started to think about a plan to get herself out alive of this situation. She spaced out and until the other guy yelled about him being by the docks. "I'll get him. Gather more information out of them." Tilla said and headed out. She found the guy on a boat by the docks, trying to hide but failing to. Tilla fought him off and then dragged him inside and dropped him on the floor, "That's four. Sylus, I got a plan. We could put the blame on Tanner and kill him. He's in charge of what Ara can and cannot go. That way we don't get killed when we go back. Or, you can help me run." She stated, "If you don't help me, I'll throw you under the bus and we can call enter the afterlife together, along with Ara."
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He could tell that she was in so much pain though and it made his heart ache. Because of his actions, Ara was here lying in pain and it was his fault for just leaving her to do what she wanted. He could hear her whimpers and Sylus did his best to try and cover up the wound.

He could tell that she felt really sorry, but he didn't want her to feel like it was all her fault. His eyes looked over her as he shook his head [b "It's okay Ara. You'll be okay. Just try and relax"] he tried to tell her, hearing from Tanner that it was his fault. He already knew that though. He screwed this whole thing up on his own.

He went to her bag and then he found the healing water, remembering how Mason said to use it. He poured some onto Ara's wound and then he covered it up with bandages, letting her relax as he looked over at Tanner. [b "I wanted to get rid of that man without putting her in danger. I made sure the room was secure, but I didn't think someone could get to the second floor that fast. It was my bad"] he sighed and then he glanced up to see the pained expression on Ethan's face.

He heard Tanner and headed down to meet Tilla. Sylus' eyes looked at the men tied up and then he punched one across the face. He told Tilla what happened to Ara and they had to agree to keep it a secret, otherwise they'd both be killed.

[b "I know Ara will be okay. We just have to not say anything so no one finds out. Tanner told me that you weren't even supposed to be here"] he sighed and then he looked back at the two. [b "Who's your leader? Where's your other friend?"] he asked, looking at the man that was awake.

He just kept quiet and glanced off. Sylus punched him in the gut. [b "Answer me or your friend is going to die"] he spoke and pulled out the gun from his back pocket, aiming it at his friend.

"I'll never say a word" he spoke and then Sylus shot his friend in the leg. [b "You sure?"] he asked and his partner ended up yelling in pain as he woke.

"I don't care about him"

[+red "What the fuck? Just tell him or you'll regret this Vince"] the other man said as Sylus looked over.

[b "So what'll it be?"] he asked and Vince just didn't look convinced.

"I don't know anything"

Sylus shot him again in the other leg.

[+red "God dammit Vince! Fuck....He's waiting by the docks!"] he yelled out.
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She wished she didn't cry. She never saw them cry when they got hurt. She had no control over her own tears, and it kept on flowing and she kept letting small whimpers of crying slip up. The pain was pounding, spreading and she saw Sylus' face. The guilt ate her up the second she saw him. It was tormenting watching him open up the shirt. She saw a hole and she saw lots of blood. How deep... She cried and tried to cover her eyes after awhile because she was terrified.

She screwed up big time trying to be a hero and help. She knew she would have gotten out of this without being shot if she continued to stay hidden. Ara felt Sylus' hand brushing through her hair. She met his eyes, a lot of things blurring but she could really notice the details of his eyes. Ara gripped his hand tightly, well as tight as she could because she felt pretty weak right now. It did comfort her hearing him say it'll be okay. [b "I'm so sorry." ] She sobbed again and then Tanner shoved the blame on Sylus and it really enraged her but she didn't have it in her to actually be angry right now, more just really afraid. [b "It's not, it's not. It's my fault," ] She shook her head and gasped at the pain spreading, closing her eyes for a second, [b "I don't want to...pass out." ]

Tanner kept shaking his head, feeling true rage in him for not being here instead of running off for that one man. He had a lot to say but he could tell if he talked than it would just stress her out more.

She tried to open her eyes again but could hardly see because she was so dizzy. [b "Sy..." ] She pointed randomly [b "My bag, it has healing water."] She said and she couldn't hang on any longer, without choice her eyes slowly start to close and she passed out.

Tanner came over and held her limp hand for a moment and felt her pulse to make sure she was hanging on. He then looked back at Sylus ,"How could you get her shot? How could you fucking leave her alone? I thought if you'd love her, you wouldn't fuck up like this. You're lucky that this house is filled with people or I'd go right here with you." He looked back down at Ara and put a blanket over her and whispered, "Don't die on me." He then brought out his phone, when Ethan came in through the door.

"Payton told me... I'm sorry for what happened. You're welcome to stay here, and I'm going to be making some food for all of you.I dialed up a doctor, he'll keep quiet about this, and he should be here in the morning. IS there anything else I can do to help her?" Ethan asked.

Tanner set his phone down, "Thank you. I'll let you know if there's anything."
"How severe is it?"
Tanner ran his fingers through his hair, and stared down at the ground and shook his head and then covered his eyes for a moment, "From what I saw it doesn't look good. She has a small body. She's can't heal as fast as us...It could go either way."
Ethan stood stiff and then cleared his voice a little and looked down at Ara, and he looked physically really upset and looked like he'd cry, "I'm truly sorry, I should have a more secure place. I'll be right back." Ethan went back.

Tanner sat down and decided he'd be there all night and then he finally spoke again "Sylus, get Tilla caught up with the situation. Torture those bastards to get information, kill them and remove the evidence of them. Make sure Tilla agrees to keep this hidden, because she'll get killed for this. Don't worry-not you because we're not supposed to be here." ] He scoffed.
  Ravenity / 72d 11h 42m 25s
At this point, Sylus knew it was already too late to do anything. He did a quick search around the house and made sure no other entry point was open. They were locked and the windows were covered. HE did deal with the man downstairs, so he didn't want Ara to be there in case he managed to hurt her somehow.

Payton's yell got them both upstairs, and when Tanner and Sylus saw Ara on the floor with blood everywhere, it was clear what happened. SYlus was nearly panicking inside....Ara was shot and he didn't protect her like he should have. Ara was in so much pain and Sylus just wanted to lean beside her and cry with her, but he couldn't do that. They needed to help get that bullet out.

Ara kept apologizing, but Sylus shook his head. It was his fault this happened and nothing was her fault. He saw Ethan step in and when he everyone dispersed, he tried to take care of her, removing the bullet and cleaning up the wound. He could see her cry and then he brushed her hair back [b "You won't be killed. It'll be okay. I won't go anywhere"] he held her hand and then he sighed softly. He heard Tanner and he just let out a short breath [b "I know"] he didn't meet his eyes.

Ara was trying to defend him, but he shushed her. [b "Just get some rest Ara"] he told her, laying back down. He closed the curtains and then he just let out a deep sigh. How could he have trusted her to be all alone upstairs....he should have been with her this whole time. [b "I let this happen. I'm not going to let anything else happen to you Ara"] he frowned, resting at her bedside and just feeling like he's completely failed a mission and his girlfriend was fighting for her life right now. He just hoped that she could make it through this.
  ellocalypse / 72d 15h 5m 12s

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