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Payton couldn't take it as a joke because she believed even teases had some truth to them. She didn't see how it would be funny, maybe on his side. [b "Right, I don't think we're close enough to tease around like that.' ] she got everything in the car and she didn't really liked talking about dates, liking someone and even Ethan. Ethan was unthinkable. She could never do that to him. She sighed when Sylus said 'I don't think so.' It almost made her eyes roll. [b "You say that but maybe you don't. I love Ethan and it's not childish romantic love. For example, if staying away form him kept him safe, than I'd keep away even if it's hard." ]

She told him to not say a word to Ethan about it. She didn't want complications. She didn't want anything to crumble down. She stared the car and heard his sigh and he looked-upset. She leaned back, [b "I don't mind you being here...really. It's hard, talking about these things. I don't exactly talk about what's roaming in my head and it's weird." ] She drove them back. Sylus helped her carry things inside. Ethan paused his game and glanced over, "You're back!"

Payton started putting the food in place and Ethan came over to help when Sylus suggested to make lunch. His eyes widened, [b "Really? You know how to cook?" ]. Payton could only see one possible way that Sylus actually knew how to cook proplerly. Well if he did, then it must have been that girl's influence.

[b "I don't mind if you want to. But no pressure Sylus. If you need any help, I'll be glad to help out," ] Ethan smiled.
Payton tried to picture the two of them cooking. Odd. [b What do you think about making?" ] Payton asked.
  Ravenity / 46d 7h 56m 45s
He didn't know why she hated Ara so much. He didn't get it. All Ara tried to do was to get the facility people to like her and to make them feel a little more comfortable. She didn't have much of a choice because her father told her what to do and if she disobeyed, she'd be punished. He wouldn't explain his relationship with Ara to Payton, but she didn't sound like she liked her that much or her father.

As they shopped, he tried to tease her, but it was clear she was more serious than he was. [b "Oh I didn't mean to...just thought it'd be funny. My bad"] he could tell she seemed like she didn't need any jokes or laughs. He didn't get it. Her personality changed so quickly when she was around Ethan.

She explained how it wasn't romantic and then he understood why. He knew that if he did that to Ara, he'd be killed. HE couldn't sacrifice his life for her because then she'd be left vulnerable. He nodded and then he shook his head [b "I don't think so. I think you'll be able to one day because I was in the same place. Then I discovered what it felt like to love someone"] he shrugged and then he let her drive them back. She even threatened him, making him sigh a little. [b "I won't. I'm just here on a mission. I'll be out of your hair soon"] he told her, kind of getting a little bored of this. She always ended up threatening him.

Sylus helped carry the bags when they arrived back at the villa. He took them inside and brought them into the kitchen, seeing Ethan playing some games in the living room. At least he was safe. [b "You guys can relax. How do you feel about me making lunch?"] he asked, wondering if they minded.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 47d 1h 20m 26s
Payton didn't want to think about it. A lot of the reason she wasn't such a big fan of Ara as she was before was because of who she was related to, and how she really didn't know that girl or what was in her mind. She thought she knew back then. She sighed and then lightly laughed,[b "...the worst. He is true evil." ]

They shopped around together and she wasn't sure what the hell Sylus was trying to get at. She couldn't take it as a joke because she believed every joke or tease had a hint of real meaning behind it. Ah, she was glad to have good food out here-well at least good tasting ones.

[b "It was..." ] She shuddered and paid for all the items with her card. She put the food in the cart and pushed it out to head toward the car. Sylus apologized and she gave him a hard glance, [b "Why? Teasing like that won't do any good. It's still flirting in my book." ]She wanted to roll her eyes when he said that he'd help her out if she saw someone she liked. As if she needed his help. As if she actually 'liked' someone. She opened the trunk of the car and put it at all stops when he said 'You and Ethan a little date night.'

It upset her. She respected Ethan so much and he has done so much for her. [b "No. I told you, it's not romantic. It makes things complicated, he would never view me as that, and the last thing I want is him putting himself in front of a bullet to save me. If he does that, than I can't be his bodyguard and if I can't be his bodyguard I might as well be dead." ] Then she shrugged as she finished loading the car up, [b "Besides, I'm pretty sure it's impossible for me to love someone romantically." ] She went in the car and began to drive [b "And don't dare think about getting stuff in Ethan's head either." ] She drove them back and start carrying bags inside.
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He didn't know if he was bringing up some bad memories, but he wanted to know why she wasn't very fond of Ara. Everyone at the facility seemed to like her. He frowned a little [b "Ahhh, yeah that man is....the worst"] he sighed and then he followed her around the in grocery store, grabbing whatever was on Ethan's list when she read it out.

He tried to just tease her about dating him when they were walking, wanting to build up a friendship, but it seemed like Payton was too serious for it. She wasn't really playing along back. He headed for the chip aisle and then he grabbed a bag of chips he wanted, unsure how many he could get, so he just grabbed two.

He then put some meat in the cart and smiled [b "Yeah, whenever I'm on missions it's the best because I get to see the world for what it is. That goop is terrible"] he sighed and then they managed to pay for everything. He helped her put the food away and then he sighed as he sat beside her. [b "I'm sorry. I kind of just wanted to tease you a bit. I didn't mean anything by it. But if you do see someone you like, maybe I can help out. Like maybe giving you and Ethan a little date night?"] he suggested to her as they drove back.
  ellocalypse / 48d 52m 18s
She sighed, thinking back into the past and not wanting to either. [b "Yes..." ] Then she shook her head, [b "No. It's complicated but, I don't feel good about her being the daughter of that man." ] She walked inside the grocery store with him. She grabbed a few things and Sylus sounded like hew as flirting with her. She didn't know what he was trying to do really. If he said he really loved Ara, she figured he wouldn't flirt, but it sure sounded like it.

[b "Right...You flirt with people you're pretty cool with. That definitely makes sense. Sure Sylus." ] She wasn't exactly used to being around a guy from the facility either. But she did have some understanding with him that she couldn't have with others. She didn't want to stick around anything from the facility though, she wanted to forget everything that had happened there.

Payton picked out what Ethan liked, [b "Well grab some." ] She spoke and they went to grab some meat, fish, eggs. She wasn't sure about cooking but she figured Ethan could do it, or they'd get someone. She stared down at the bacon, pork and steak Sylus dropped. [b "I remember I got so happy I'd get actual meat on my plate." ] Thinking back to the facility. The meals looked like...blended shit.

They went to the checkout line and she pulled a few things out. Then she stopped and stared back at him at the strange question. What the hell was he getting at? She was starting to get really annoyed. [b "I don't know Sylus. I'm not in the mood for games, do you want to date me, yes or no? But there are two things you need to know, I either do it for simple physical reasons or I don't do it at all. I'm not about to get attached to anyone." ] She stated and then used her credit card to buy the food.

Sylus was seriously confusing her with the flirting and then saying he wasn't flirting, and then asking if she wanted to date him and then saying he loved Ara. What the hell? It was making her really lost. She put the food in the back of the car and kept quiet for a while when she went back into the drivers seat.
  Ravenity / 48d 7h 44m 28s
He just wanted to be with her because Ara really did make him happy. All he wanted was to be able to be her guard, no one else in the world had to understand that. He knew that in his heart he just wanted to be with Ara. No one else made him feel like how Ara made him feel.

He told Payton and when she said they were friends once, he wondered what happened. [b "Did she do something wrong for you?"] he asked, wondering what ended their friendship. He followed her into the grocery store and then he went to grab a chocolate ice cream as well. He stood alongside her and then he nodded. [b "Flirting? Hmm, I just think you're pretty cool. I haven't been around too many of the girls at the facility, but it's nice being with someone like you. It feels comfortable"] he admitted.

When they looked through the list, he grabbed some things that Ethan wanted. [b "I like chips"] he told her, looking through the list. [b "We need some meat and eggs"] he told her, thinking about everything. He held onto the cart and grabbed some steak, bacon, and pork.

When Payton came back, he grabbed some milk and eggs and then he wondered. [b "If you had the chance....would you want to date me?"] he asked, thinking if she'd ever consider someone from the facility.
  ellocalypse / 49d 7h 5m 14s
He truly did want to be with her. [b "Yea, they don't. I was never at the top but I didn't remain her bodyguard for long." ] She wasn't sure why she was picked to protect Ara for a month, but she always did well in missions that involved protection. It was the only ones she cared for, unless it was some soulless being. She didn't know if he meant it or not about it being too dangerous but she didn't want to concern herself with it.

Payton shrugged, [b "I don't know why she would. She was once." ] Payton soon got up and walked out with him. She drove them to the grocery store. First, she went inside another place to grab an ice cream cone and then went to go get grocery. She pushed the cart with one hand and used the other to lick her chocolate ice cream. [b "There's not many people who know what we've been through... Me? Honestly, I can't tell if you're flirting or not Sylus." ]

[b "Um...yea, we should get some snacks." ] She stopped for a moment and pulled out the list from her back pocket that Ethan gave her. She passed it to him. She already knew what a couple of things they should get. She grabbed a few different types of fruits, some vegetables. [b "What snacks do you like?" ] She reached for a pack of mini cupcakes. She leaned over into Sylus, [b "What else is on that list?" ] Since he clearly established he did not want a brief thing with her, she was going to keep it that way.

[b "Ah, I need to get crackers, he loves crackers." ] She mumbled to herself. She pushed the cart further, [b "Watch the cart." ] She said while she went off to find the crackers and while she was reaching for them, she felt someone feel up her ass. She looked over her shoulder and met the guys eyes, he was smirking and opened his mouth to say something. She smiled back before elbowing his face, "Have some fucking respect." and watched him back off. She head back to the cart and pushed it forward [b "We should probably get milk too."]
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He wanted to be number one because he wanted to be the best. Only the best were even considered to be Ara's guard. He wanted that position so badly, to be able to protect her with his life. He smiled [b "I just want to be considered to be her guard. They don't really make any exceptions when it comes to protecting his family.

He felt so much better after eating. He knew that Payton was more weary about people out here than he was and lucky for him, Ara was a girl that was from the facility and understood him. SHe accepted him even though he was nothing more than a kid being experimented on. [b "I know it's going to be risky, but the first thing is even trying to be able be something with her. Who knows, I might just end up giving up if it's too dangerous"] he told her, lying. He didn't want Payton to think he was stupid, but he'd risk everything for Ara.

He wondered if she liked Ara. [b "Well from the sound of it, she really misses you. I thought maybe you two were good friends"] he shrugged and then he thought about dessert. Luckily she was up for it too. Sylus ended up smiling and then he looked up at the waitress and thanked her. He headed towards the car and then he shook his head [b "Yeah, but it's not like I'm going to call her. I have a mission to do and I'd prefer someone who at least knows what I've been through. Like you"] he teased and then he stepped into the car. He sat down and let Payton take them to the store.

He stepped out and then he walked inside, looking around. [b "So what do we need? Maybe we should even get some snacks?"]
  ellocalypse / 50d 5h 46m 26s
She never understood the desire to be number one in that hell hole. As long as she stayed at a stable number, it didn't matter to her. Although being at the top didn't always mean that they were the strongest, it meant that they excelled in other things than strength, missions succession, behavior, education... [b "Why are you aiming for being at the top anyway. " ] She got down to eating and felt pretty good when she was nearly done.
Payton shook her head, [b "I haven't found someone who thought I was dangerous until I harmed them." ] It was fine when she wanted to be undetected, not so much if she wanted to make them fear her. She looked back at him [b "They'll think your dangerous though." ] She listened on. He wasn't interested in her, so she knew where they stood. He most definitely had a huge thing for Ara. [b "It is. You two are going to be dead before your together." ] She scoffed. [b "You already risked your life by letting him live." ]

She ate her muffin and then he asked her if she liked Ara. She glanced off.

Payton helped herself to her muffin. the question held her off for that other bite. She didn't really like hearing it. [b "I don't dislike her. She used to spend time with me at the facility and I was her bodyguard for a month. I bet she misses anyone she's met." ]

While she ate, she stared back at Sylus saying he had no attraction for anyone else. Well, she understood that, but she didn't like anyone. [b "But you're not cheating on her because you're not with her. But, I'm not going to convince you to go off and meddle with some girl. " She finished up rather quickly and would wait for him to fnish up.

[b "Really?" ] She frowned, [b "It magnifies... the food at the facility was nasty but I didn't have to eat s much. I wouldn't mind dessert." ] She shrugged. She always had room to fit in more. Grocery shopping though definitely needed to be done quick as possible. [b "We can grab an ice cream gone while we're heading to the grocery store. Ethan gave me a list." ] She waved the waitress and she came by and Payton paid for the food.
"Are you a couple?" She asked.
"No," Payton quickly said.
She nodded, and gently passed a note to Sylus with her number and went off.
Payton stared down at it [b "Well, at least she had the decency to ask if we're together first. Ready to go?" ]
  Ravenity / 50d 8h 1m 45s
He really wanted to keep talking to Ara because he really missed her so much. He texted her while Payton drove to the restaurant and then he smiled seeing the I love you. He put his phone away and then he would glance over at Payton, seeing her looking at him.

They spoke about being sold and then he sighed [b "Yeah, but I was just so ready to be outside to get to see the world"] he told her, sitting down at the table and eating up his food. He ate his bacon and eggs and then he could how fast she was eating. He's never really seen someone beat him at finishing up their food before.

He knew for a fact that she kissed him, but since she didn't see it as anything, then he wouldn't either. Sylus took a sip of his coffee and then he understood what she was trying to say. [b "Yeah, or they think you're a dangerous person. I've been seen like that a lot too"] he told her, glad she felt the same way as he did.

He explained what his ideal girl was like and she guessed who he was talking about. [b "I do, but you're right. IT is like wishing for a death wish. I don't know though, I feel like I can make her mine"] he spoke his thoughts.

Her questions were really making him think. IN truth, no one would know what he did here. Did she even like Ara? [b "Do you like Ara? She gets really happy when she sees you. She really misses you"] he told her, thinking about why he wasn't with anyone else.

[b "I don't know. I just feel no attraction to anyone else. It's hard to when you like someone"] he admitted, sighing a little. [b "And if I do, I feel like I'm cheating on Ara. I don't want to do that"] he finished eating his food and then he smiled. [b "Yup. That was delicious. I've never seen a girl beat me at eating before. Guess that appetite stays huh"] he looked at the menu. [b "Did you want dessert too? OR maybe we should head to the grocery store"]
  ellocalypse / 51d 6h 4m 23s
It was different messaging him. She was happy for him, that he was out there and not trapped but still missed seeing his face. Well, it wasn't like she got to see much of him here anyway, not until he got the chance of being her bodyguard. She sighed and messaged him back '[i Good! Me too. I love you too. I'll ttyl! ]'

Payton spotted him messaging in the car. Who in the world did he have to text? He said he had been talking to Ara on the phone...maybe it was her. She was starting to wonder if he got a phone just to speak to her. If that was the case...
[b "I was really nervous about being sold... I heard what happened to some of us and, it scared me. I wasn't in a rush, but I didn't want to stay either." ] She was glad she was Ethan. She couldn't stand life to begin with, and he really opened her eyes to everything. She listened on to him. So-he didn't want that. At least they knew where the line was.

[b "Maybe you imagined it I'm saying. But if it happened, it happened. No big deal." ] She shrugged. There was no point in making a big deal out of something like that. She knew she hadn't meant it and if he had kissed her back she knew he couldn't have meant it either.

These questions were making her wonder if he was flirting or not. [b "Right. Ara." ] She had her coffee and was just dying to eat more food. When there plate finally arrived, she wanted to do a little les stalking. She looked back at him. She didn't care much about the scars either but...
"Nobody knows what we went through. Nobody will realize we were strong. I don't know about how they treat guys with scars but most people think I was abused by some ex-boyfriend or family member. They never once think I fought for my life each day. They view me as weak." ] And that was the problem with them, but she lost care. She only cared about Ethan's safety and spending life with him.

She pressed her lips together and thought for a moment, "Sounds like her." She whispered to herself, "But bad ass?" She didn't consider Ara to be bad ass. She stared back at him, while poking her bacon, [b "You said you liked her-oh correction-love her. So, I'm assuming. If you try to make it happen your wishing for her death and your own." ] She quickly said. She shouldn't force her opinion on him. He would do what he like anyway. Why did she care?

She took a bite and heard him sound so sappy about her having anyone. She knew this much... [b "I hadn't been her bodyguard for more than a month but, I realized this much. She can't have anyone at all. Not with her father around. Besides, I'm pretty sure she has this obsession with us. Anyways, if you're not together with Ara, why aren't you allowing yourself to go be with one girl for a single night? It's not like you would be cheating." ] She stuffed her mouth and then she grew quiet. She was finishing it up all rather quickly. She was done before even Sylus finished. She leaned back and waited for him.
[b "Mmm, better... All stuffed?" ] She asked.
  Ravenity / 51d 8h 38m 19s
He was in the car reading his texts and when he saw the picture. Damn Ara was so stunning in her picture and he wished he was the one that took it in person. He always was the one helping her pick out her clothes and sometimes he didn't know what he was doing, but he saw how happy it made Ara. He smiled when she said that he'd get to see everything soon. HE couldn't wait to hold her in his arms again. [i 'You'll get me excited. I can't wait to see you. Love you'] he sent and then he headed inside with Payton.

He ordered some food with a coffee and then he laughed [b "I mean I guess there have been a few guys....but I was too focused on being number one. On graduating. I wanted to get sold pretty fast"] he admitted and then he thought about people just being together to have fun. He didn't really have the time or opportunity to do that. If he was going to love someone, it was because he loved them, like how he wanted to be with Ara forever.

[b "Yeah, I guess so, but that's not what I want"] he told her, then admitting that he remembered how she kissed him. He clearly remembered it. He just shrugged, guessing it was nothing more than the alcohol. [b "Well it was just you and I in your room"] he knew it couldn't have been anyone else.

He didn't mean to make it sound like he was interested in her, but he was interested with how she was from the facility and living out here. [b "I....I'm already interested in Ara"] he told her and then he saw the waitress speaking with him for a while.

[b "Ya you're right. I think that's it's easier when they're familiar with the facility"] he knew that Ara loved him because he was from there, rather than a normal person. [b "I actually don't care too much about the scars. They also show what we've been through and we're not someone to mess with"] he thought about her ideal guy. So maybe he should try and set her up with Ethan. Maybe he'd ask him if he was interested in Payton.

[b "Me? Well anyone nice, caring, and sweet I guess. It'd be pretty cool to be bad ass too"] he thought and then he laughed when she described Ara. [b "Are you trying to put me together with Ara? You know it's not going to happen"] he saw their food arrive and then he smiled, licking his lips. [b "I mean...she can have anyone, why someone at the facility right?"] he took a bite of his bacon and then he smiled. [b "This is so good"] he ate rather quickly, filling up nicely as he watched Payton, wondering if she'd really finish all that food.
  ellocalypse / 51d 12h 35m 46s
[i 'All of you do! It's one of the side effects of you guys being all modified.' ] Ara sent that picture him and hoped that he would remember that picture rather than her looking like a mess on that windy day he left. She couldn't contain her smile when he messaged her.
[i'Oh! I didn't notice that. ' ] She added a blushing emoji, [i 'Finish this mission and the sooner you'll get to see my everything ;) ]

Payton wasn't a fan of the blazing sun and heat, so she'd rather be inside. She walked in with him and took a seat to order. She ordered and rested her chin on the palm of her hand, [b "No one? No guys give you attention?" ] She smirked [b "We never really get the chance. Plus...not sure it was allowed." ] A few days. She seen people together for no more than a few days before.

Payton shrugged, [b "Some people only want a quick sleeping buddy." ] She decided to mention last night just so that he knew that if anything happened, it didn't matter. She didn't really want to know what happened if anything did happen. Maybe she should have said that too.
[b "Huh... I don't remember it. Are you sure it was me you kissed?" ] She raised a brow [b "Maybe you just thought it was me. Why? You spend time with bunch of people from the facility. There's people like us there everywhere." ] She didn't know if he was flirting or not but she didn't want to bother encouraging it or asking. Then he asked about an ideal guy. She raised a brow. Was he flirting... ? He didn't say no to a short fling, but she didn't exactly want that.

[b "Why? Are you interested in me?" ] She lifted her eyes on him. [b "The waiter? Ah...Well things never last with normal people Sylus. They take one look at scars and they know you have too much baggage." ] She shrugged and took a sip of her coffee. She tried to think about but an 'ideal guy' was nothing she ever thought of.

[b "I don't know what I want in a person. I guess, not-annoying for one, funny... caring, ambitious... I don't know." ] She shook her head, "Guess someone that I can be comfortable without judgment, like Ethan. How about you? What's your perfect girl?" ] And then she recalled [b "Ah, wait let me guess. Pretty...brunette, blue eyed, innocent like, friendly and well kept together. Oh, and rich?" ] She smirked.
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He saw the text and it made him smile to see how much she missed him. They weren't talking so much recently, but he was glad to hear that Ara was okay for now and was willing to talk to him again. He thought about maybe pushing Payton and Ethan together and thought maybe he'd try. It didn't seem like she had any interest in him at all. [i 'I'm going to buy some food for the villa. Payton and I are still hungry. Apparently we both have big appetites'] he sent and then he smiled at the picture.

Ara always looked well dressed and so stunning. She knew how to make herself look so good everyday. He missed being that man on her side, allowed to say she was his. He bit down on his lip, wanting to just be her guard for the day. [i 'IF only I could have you right now. Be careful and it looks like your guard likes the legs. I know I do'] he sent and then he kept his eyes on the view.

He wanted to be outside by the beach, but it didn't seem like Payton wanted to sit outside, so he just let her decide. He followed her into the restaurant and took a seat across from her. Sy ordered some bacon, eggs, and hash browns with a side of french toast. He licked his lips, excited.

He smiled at the waiter and then he just shook his head [b "It feels weird. At the facility no one really gives you any attention, but I'm not really interested. I'm only here for a few days"] he told Payton and then he heard her asking about last night.

[b "I uhh....remember you kissed me. I think that's it though. It's pretty cool to spend time with someone though that experienced the same thing as me. It kind of makes you feel at ease that someone's just like you"] he shrugged, unsure about the fling thing, but he definitely liked her company.

[b "Do you have an ideal guy? Like maybe something you'd want in a person? Because that waiter has been making glances at you"]
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 52d 1h 4m 33s
[i ' I messaged you at night, you didn't respond. I wish I was there Sy. Aww, you should push them a little ;) to get her to realize. What are you planning to do for today? Oh! And check out my outfit!' ] Ara sent him a picture of her in the mirror wearing a nude pinkish dress, hugging her figure with a short A-line skirt, she wore white heels with two large bands one around her ankle and a strap above her toes. Her hair was half up, and in curls. Her makeup was flawless as usual. In the background, her brunette bodyguard could be seen, staring down at Ara's legs.
[i 'I'm meeting the president of France today.' ]

Payton grabbed the car keys and she started it up and hit the gas onc Sylus was in. She left the hood open. [b "I am starving. No it didn't..." ] She nodded, [b "Ah, well there are some places by the beach we can have breakfast. I don't want to be outside,'ll have to be indoors. We can do that and then grab some groceries." ] She parked by the beach, and walked towards one of the breakfast places. There a few people already in. She took a seat with Sylus and a waitress came in, quickly smiling a little too much at Sylus.
"How may I help you?"

[b "Latte, two sugars... Let's see." ] Payton looked at the breakfast menu, [b "Scrambled eggs with bacon and chocolate croissant...oh and a sausage." ] She wrote it down and looked over at Sylus for his order. She then would go off. Payton stared back at Sylus and then lightly laughed, [b "You sure catch attention. I bet you that she's going to try talk to you more." ]

She leaned back, feeling still really hungry. Normally she never had anyone to eat long with since she was always craving for much more than Ethan want. She realized why the facility gave them different food still lacked any taste what's so ever.

[b " about last night. I really don't remember a thing. But just in case you're worried, if you remember something happening, I wouldn't get hung up on it because it wouldn't mean anything. I don't...think you'd want a short fling with me anyway, right?" ] Her coffee came in and she forced herself not to drink it right away because she knew it would be too hot. She also figured since he liked Ara, he must be attracted to her perfect hair, skin, how dressed. That was the whole opposite of her...and Payton knew that she didn't want to get involved and didn't honestly think she could with him, or well-anyone.
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