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Sylus was not going to let her get sick again. Seeing her cry that day and nearly get punished made him realize he had to do whatever he could to protect Ara. She was special, different than everyone else. She needed to be kept safe.

HE patted her head and they were soon headed off to his room, thanking Andre and telling him he loved him too. THe look on his face said otherwise thought. He would lead Ara to his bed, sitting against the back wall as they watched the Little Mermaid together. IT was cute and he liked the relationship between Ariel and the prince. HE wanted to be able to have fins like that one day.

He continued to watch, laughing at the fishy and then he gasped a bit when Ara said she could sing. [b "You can? I want to hear sometime"] he told her, soon kissing her cheek and would feel sleepy. He ended up falling asleep on her lap. Her lap was warm and comfortable.

A few hours later, Sylus woke up in his room, feeling much better than he did in the past few days. He would glance over and he saw the lollipop on his bedside. He would smile, remembering he was watching a movie with Ara. HE must have fell asleep. If only he could message her somehow to tell her thanks or to tell her he was feeling okay.

He then looked at the time. It was 5 in the afternoon. He would eat the lollipop and draw some pictures on his bed again, knowing it made Ara happy when he did. HE wanted to make her another thank you picture for her. HE drew them both as mermaids swimming beneath the water, exploring beneath the sea.

THe doctor would come and check up on him, measuring his vitals once more. "Everything looks good. You're feeling better?"

[b "Yup. I feel strong"] he told the doctor.

"Good. You should be able to return to normal activities tomorrow. I won't give you that medicine again" he told Sylus, heading outside and then Sylus was brought dinner.

THe following day, he was back to sparring, classes, and then lunch. He would look around for Ara, hoping he'd get to see her today. Luke and Clyde were with him, asking if he felt better. Sylus would nod his head and he would tell them that he got really sick. It seemed like a few of them had this happen to them before. IT wasn't a special case. He wondered if they were all sick....if they were here because they were supposed to get better.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 62d 16h 6m 23s
Ara ate her sandwhich but really wanted to give Sylus her sandwich. She was smiling when he took when she offered some of it. She liked when he patted her head. Sylus was really nice. She would just sit and watch him, thinking he was really her knight and that they’d really get married one day, just like in the cartoons and movies.

Ara giggled when Sylus told Andre he loved her too. [b “We both love you Andre!” ] She said.
Andre sighed, hearing the two of them, “Don’t tell anyone that.” He was sure he would made fun off by the others if they heard that.

They went into his room. Ara was really happy to be with Sylus. She sat on his bed. [b “You can nap. I like naps too.” ] He said. When she had a tablet, he sat with him and watched the movie. Ara saw Sylus as Ariel and her as the prince because Sylus was really fast as swimming. But she found Ariel really pretty. Ara giggled [b “He’s a funny fish.” ] Ara thought the movie was fun. [b “I can sing a bit too,” ] Ara told Sylus. Ara giggled [b “Yea!” ] She got a kiss on her cheek and she blushed a bit. He then would hug him tight, feeling such a burst of happiness.

She kept watching and felt him lean gainst her shoulder. She would point at things and talk, and then she noticed Sylus was laying on her lap, sleeping. [b “Oh!” ] She gasped, [b “Sylus is sleeping.” ] She whispered. He was cute. She stared at him, [b “It’s okay Sylus. You’ll feel better.” ] Ara whispered very quietly. She finished the movie and would pat his head too.

Andre eventually came in, and told her she had to go to a class. Ara pouted and peaked down at Sylus, not wanting to move. She shook her head, but he told her, she had to or they’ll get in trouble. Andre helped Sylus into bed, and Ara put a blanket over him. She was about to leave when, she forgot. Goodnight kisses. She ran back and kissed his cheek and then went into her backpack and gave him a strawberry lollipop on his bed. Then she took Andre’s hand and went to her next class.
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He wanted to marry her. She was so nice to him and she gave him bandages and took care of him. It was only right that he wanted to be with her forever.

At lunch, he was still feeling a bit queasy with the drugs slowly taking effect and subsiding. He sat at the lunch table and refused to let Ara eat any of that goop. He didn't want to see her cry anymore and wanted her to be happy whenever she came to visit. He patted her head and would hold her close [b "It's okay Ara. You eat it"] he told her, letting her eat the sandwich as he finished the goop. He did take a bit of what she offered.

Once he finished, he begged Andre if he could play with Ara for a little bit, promising that he'd be good. When he agreed, Sylus smiled and he'd hold Ara's hand, leading her to his room. [b "I love you too Andre"] he told him, but saw the look he gave him. Sylus glanced away and would keep quiet. He then led Ara inside and then he crawled over to his bed. He still was pretty tired.

[b "I kind of want to nap, but I want to play with you Ara"] he pouted and then he saw Ara bring over a a tablet. He saw the small screen and then he sat beside her. He watched the little mermaid with her, showing her some of the fishes and then smiling [b "He's my favorite"] he pointed to the yellow fish and would smile when it showed beneath the ocean. He grinned and would think it was cute to see Ariel liking the prince. He smiled [b "Ara, that's like me and you"] he kissed her cheek and would lean against her shoulder. Eventually he'd lay on her lap, slowly passing out from still being tired.
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Ara got so shy when he said he would. She would like the future. She was glad that was decided. She was grin back at him, feeling good Sylus would always be with her.

Then all of that happened during lunch. The following day they were at lunch together. She was sad Sylus was feeling sick. She contained her tears, feeling scared to get in trouble. She shook her head [b “I’m not crying.” ] But her eyes were puffy, and it was obvious she would cry. She felt him rubbing her head. She liked his hugs. It was warm and it reminded her how her mommy hugged her.
Ara slowly nodded, [b “I member.” ] She’d sniffle and rub her eyes. She tried to give him her food, wanting him to eat something yummy. The goop was really gross and it made her to throw up but she’d rather throw up for him and get sick than him feel bad. [b “But, but, but, I wan you to eat it.” ] Ara said, puttig her sandwich in front of him. He kept his food and Ara gasped as he tried to keep it away and eat. [b “But!” ] She said and saw him eat it all up by the time she looked down. He put the sandwich back in front of her. She pouted a little, [b “Okay Sy.” ] She was happy she didn’t have to eat the goop, and that Sylus was so nice to her. She ate her lunch slowly, but tried to give Sylus sme still.

Andre looked back down at the little boy. He sighed, knowing he wasn’t supposed to, but had a shred of emotion in him that wanted to allow it. He saw what this little girl was already doing was making the others look at her with hope. He hoped that maybe this generation would be less fucked up than his. [b “Okay, after lunch.” ] He told him.
Ara grinned and giggled [b “I love you Andre.” ] Ara said, kicking her feet back and forth. Andre’s eyes widened, “Ara, don’t say those words.” He was sure her dad would kill him.
[b But you’re my friend.” ] Ara said, [b “I love my friends.” ]
“Sometimes you don’t say what you feel or think.” He told her.
She didn’t’ really get it. [b “Can I play now?” ] She asked.
The boys were down with the lunch, so he nodded.

Ara followed Sylus to his room, holding his hand, and swaying there arms together. They went into his room and Ara pouted realizing she forgot her backpack in one of the classes. [b “Sy…I forgot my bag.” ] Ara said. She looked at him and he looked tired. [b “Are you okay? Do you want a nap? Maybe, maybe we can watch a cartoon.” ] She grinned. Oh but…she needed something to watch on. She went to the door [b “Andre! I want, I want a small tv.” ] That’s what she called a tablet. Andre sighed, and ran off to find one for her. He returned with one, and told her not to put the volume high. SHe nodded, and then would sit with Sylus on his bed. She went on an app, and realized she didn’t know how to spell. But she tapped the little mermaid. She knew that one.
  Ara / Ravenity / 63d 15h 13m 49s
He saw her cheeks burn when he said she'd marry her. He liked her and she was his best friend. WHy wouldn't he? [b "Of course Ara"] he smiled and would grin when she said she would too. He read in the story books that people fell in love and stayed together forever. He wanted to stay together with Ara forever.

He passed out and grew ill with the drugs that he passed out. He was bedridden for the rest of the day and had a fever until morning. It wasn't until lunch time that he was able to get up and leave. HE still had to eat, so he would go into the cafeteria. When he saw Ara, he smiled and hugged her back. [b "Don't cry Ara"] he frowned and would rub her head. He wondered what she meant by don't go, but he wouldn't. [b "I won't. I'm your knight member?"] he promised her.

He wanted to spend time with her, but he had to eat. If he didn't eat, he'd stay sick. That's what they taught him in classes. [b "No Ara. I'm going to eat this. You eat your lunch"] he shook his head, not wanting to see her get sick again like last time. He kept his food [b "I'm your knight and I'm going to protect you"] he told her, keeping his plate to himself, eating it as much as he could. HE gave the sandwich back to her and would make her eat it. [b "See. All gone. I'm okay. I'm used to it"] he promised her and then he looked up at Andre. [b "Can...Can ARa play with me?"] he asked, wanting her to be there with him when he rested.

He didn't want her to go. [b "I'll be really good. I'll even do good on my tests if she comes over"] he pouted.
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Ara nodded. She widened her eyes when he said he’d marry her. Ara blushed, [b “You would?” ] She then shyly said [b “Me too…” ] She knew that grown ups got married. That they fell in love and had a kid like her and Sy. That’s all she really knew.

Seeing Sylus to pass out, had her panicking and crying. She was so scared and worried. It was so hard for her. She felt so alone. She got some relief when she heard he was okay. But home wasn’t all that good, until Shawn came. Even in the morning, she was reminded she couldn’t cry, and she was still so worried about Sy.

She wasn’t able to see him until she got the the cafeteria for lunch. She saw Sylus and felt so relieved. Her eyes warmed up again and she remembered…no crying. She still felt so hurt…so sad. She was so scared she would have lost her best friend. She went to instantly hug him and sniffled, but looked back at the attendants around. [b “You’re welcome.” ] She said, her voice slightly broken. He was smiling. She liked how he smiled to her. SHe managed to smile a little too. He looked tired though. [b “You will? I’m so happy.” ] Ara said and held his hand [b “Don’t go? Okay? Don’t go…” ] SHe told him. She didn’t want to feel like she was missing another person.

[b “I do too…I want to play.” ] She said. She watched him eat goop. He looked at Andre. She forgot again…to bring lunch for everyone. He gave her lunch, a steak sandwhich. She held it and then put it in front of Sylus [b “I’ll eat that, you eat this.” ] She told him. She would rather throw up again than, have Sylus eat it. Sylus hugged her again and she pouted. It was warm…. [b “I miss you.” ] She said, feeling him rub her head.

She felt relief hearing him. Ara nodded, [b “Okay Sy.” ] She said and then remembered he was sick. He wanted to protecting. [b “I’ll protect you too. Princesses protect their…their um…people.” ] She said and would quickly wipe her eyes. She would force herself to eat the goop. It was gross and she’d almost cry but she wanted Sylus to eat her food to stay healthy.
  Ara / Ravenity / 64d 7h 10m 10s
He was happy Ara would stop by and bring him cookies. It was the best pick me up all day and there was nothing much to really look forward to when it came to the facility. Everyday was the same and Sylus was growing up to know that he was doing better the less he held onto his emotions. She loved the drawing he made, making him smile proudly. [b "THey do!?"] he was surprised to hear that the knights can marry the princess. [b "THen I'll marry you someday Ara"] he said happily before he had to go.

At lunch, Sylus was feeling dizzy, his body was tilting side to side for a while, but he was happy to see Ara. [b "I'm a little sleepy..."] he passed out and was soon taken to his room for the day. He was tucked into bed and the doctor had to take a peek at his vitals and do a full check up. So far, he was fine. His body had an allergic reaction to one of the compounds in the drugs. HE updated Sylus' chart and took off that new drug.

He was passed out for the rest of the day. It wasn't until the next morning that he slowly got up and the fever went down. He'd see the note on the floor and he'd go and pick it up, reading the card. IT was from Ara, hoping he got better soon. He would smile and grin as he hid it beneath his bed. HE loved getting letters and drawings from Ara. She was really good.

He heard the knock on the door, but when he tried to go over, he overheard the conversation of the guard. Luckily Sylus was able to skip morning practice and just head to the cafeteria for lunch. He grabbed his tray of food, taking a seat at the table. He saw Ara and he'd wave. [b "Ara. Thank you for the card"] he smiled, feeling better, but he still had a slight fever. He was mostly only let out to eat. [b "I'm a little sick. BUt I'll get better soon"] he told her, not wanting her to worry.

[b "I want to play with you again if that's okay? I get to stay in my room and rest. They won't let me play with anyone or go to class"] he ate the goop in front of him, trying to swallow it down, but it gave him no appetite. HE could see the sadness in her eyes as he leaned in and gave her a hug. [b "It's okay"] he rubbed her head once more.

[b "I'm your knight member? I'll protect you"]
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 64d 12h 56m 17s
Ara grinned, [b “You’re the bestest!” ] Ara yelled. She was filled with such happiness hearing him. She couldn’t believe how happy Sylus made her feel. She was so surprised by the drawing he gave her. It was pretty. Ara gasped [b “I’m the princess?” ] She pointed to herself. Sylus the knight. She blushed [b “I love it!” ] She squealed [b “Did you know, did you know, sometimes, sometimes knights marry the princess?” ] She said. She watched a lot of fairytales.

She had to leave Sylus…that made her sad. She gave out cookies to everyone at lunch time and noticed how much boo boos they had. It upset her. She felt down that they had so many boo boos. It wasn’t fair. She couldn’t help either. She got her had patted at him. [b “But…” ] Ara said. She looked back at him and he didn’t look so good. [b “Sylus?” ] She called. [b “you look sleepy.” ] Ara said. Then he passed out. Ara caught him. [b “Sy?” ] She called and he was limp. Ara freaked out, remembering her mom. [b “Sylus!” ] She called, and start full blown tears and soon crying. [b “Andre Sylus is hurt. I don’t want Sylus to go.” ] Ara cried. Andre was about to something when one of the attendants came in. They took Sylus. Ara tried to follow but Andre stopped her.

[b “They’re going to hurt him! I want Sylus.” ] She cried, feeling terrified that Sylus wouldn’t come back like her mom. She would be so alone. She cried pretty hard, making a total scene. Andre picked her up and took her out of the room. He tried to calm her down in one of the rooms but she kept crying. Andre suggested that she’d go to her dad. She grew quiet, remembering her dad slapping her for crying. She shook her head, feeling scared. [b “Don’t tell daddy.” ] She said, sniffling, trembling. Andre looked at her and wondered if that man treated his daughter well or not. He would be more surprised if he did. He dried her eyes “You’ll get Sylus in trouble if you cry. You need to go to class.” Andre didn’t know what he would tell her if Sylus was gone. He never imagined it would be hard to tell that to someone…it was always so easy but not to this little six year old.

She was made to go to her classes, her face was all puffy and she was fighting every second not to cry. Andre left her there for a while so he could check up on what was happening. The teacher got upset at Ara for rubbing her eyes and looking like she’d cry. Ara swallowed it all up. Andre picked her up after, and told her that Sylus was okay and sleeping in his room. She was calming down. She even drew a get well soon card for him. Well…Andre helped her do the writing. She drew heart, colored it and a big bandage on a boy, that would be Sylus. She would push it underneath his door for him, before she was brought back home.

Her dad caught on from the attendants and teacher she had been crying. She got yelled at again, and she stayed very quiet, afraid. Her eyes were warm but she forced herself not to shed a tear because she was afraid. She went to her room and felt so alone. Then she heard chatter downstairs. Ara peaked the door open and Allister told her to come downstairs. She saw Shawn. She stayed quiet. He smiled at her “Well isn’t it Ara! You’re very cute. Are you okay?”
Ara nodded but she couldn’t smile.
“She had a tantrum at school,” Her dad said.
Ara pouted and she saw her dad looking at her, like he was warning her not to cry. She grew stiff and remembered what Sylus told her, to pretend. Her dad and Shawn talked a bit. Her dad went to go make a call and Allister went to do some homework. Shawn kept asking her if she was okay and she’d keep nodding and then he hugged her and she started crying a bit. He comforted her and even gave her candy. He even offered to read her a story to go to bed. It made her so happy even though she couldn’t show it. She fell asleep easily with a story.

In the morning, she went to knock on Sylus door, [b “Sylus, are you okay?” ] Ara asked. She would try to reach the door knob when another attendant told Andre she’s not allowed to do that. Ara told him she wanted to see Sylus. The attendant told her she wasn’t allowed to see anyone and that she needed to go to class, or they’d have to tell her dad. She tried to surpass crying, and end up getting the hiccups.
Lunch time came around, and she was allowed to go to the caf. She went to go search for Sylus, if he was there. She couldn’t make herself smile, but she could say Hi to the other boys when they said hi to her. IT was obvious she was sad.
  Ara / Ravenity / 64d 13h 33m 36s
Sylus was really happy to hear that she wanted to give him a special cookie and it made him really happy. He felt like she was treating him better than everyone else and that made him happy to be her best friend. He held the cookie and took a bite, smiling from how sweet it was. IT tasted better than anything he had at the facility.

[b "You're the best Ara"] he smiled and would grin as he thought of something to give her as well. [b "I'm happy you made these for me. You're the bestest friend. I like you too"] he went to gather from his drawings, finding her the perfect picture and then giving it to her.

The picture had the two of them and when she took a peek, he hoped she really liked it. [b "It's you and me! You're the princess and I'm the knight. I'll make sure you're okay"] he told her, seeing her smile. He was glad to be able to give something back to Ara. He didn't have much, but he tried.

She had to go and Sylus had to go through classes, sparring, and then more drug testing. He felt a little dizzy and his body was feeling hot. At lunch time, he was able to sit with Luke and CLyde, talking about the pokeys as saw ARa soon come over. He'd say hi, but he had a tummy ache and was starting to get a bit sweaty. [b "I'm okay"] he had already eaten a few of the cookies she gave him earlier that morning.

Sylus would pant a bit, noticing that Ara didn't brig any bandages. [b "It's okay Ara. We will be okay"] he patted her head, but was soon passing out. He fell forward onto the table and would knock out instantly. One of the attendants soon came by and found him. "We've got one down" he'd say on the walkie talkie.

"Bring him to his room. Check up on him" he told the doctor and then someone carried Sylus back to his room, placing him in bed. The doctor came to see him, looking over his vitals and seeing he had a fever. "Hmm, number 17 is probably allergic to this drug. I'll update his chart. Everything else should be fine. Let him rest" he told the attendant.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 64d 15h 25m 40s
[b “I want to give you a special cookie.” ] Ara told him, seeing him rub his eyes. She gave the cookie with two hands. The cookie was chocolate chip and book. She blushed a bit, happy that he liked it. She grinned as he ate it. Sylus even gave her some. It was chewy. [b “You’re welcome!” ] She said and sat down with him. She would kick her feet back and forth again. Ara nodded [b “I did! My chef helped me too. I told her… I told her I want to make a big nice cookie for you. And, she said, she said since I liked you, I should give you a heart cookie.” ] She was so happy he liked it.

Ara watched Sylus pull out the cookies she put under his pillow last evening. [b “You didn’t see them yet!” ] She gasped. She giggled when he hugged her [b “You’re welcome.” ] Ara said. She was so happy hearing praise from him, [b “I am!?” ] She hadn’t felt so good lately because of daddy and her brother.
[b “Mmmm… I just want you to like me. I don’t need anything.” ] Ara said. He watched him come out with a drawing. She held the drawing and gasped [b “Is this a princess? And…and…a knight?” ] She asked. She smiled to herself, looking at the drawing. [b “I love it. Thank you.” ] It made her so happy that it made her eyes warm. It made her really feel like she wasn’t alone. After daddy hit her yesterday, this really made her feel happy.

Andre came in and old her they had to go. She didn’t want to. She would wave to him, before being taken to class too. Andre would help her if she was confused. She gave all the girls in her class cookies. They all started to warm up to her after that. She was youngest. Everyone was over seven like Sylus. Ara was still learning how to actually write and read.
Andre then gave her a private lesson on using the airsoft guns. But Ara was scared this time around, telling him she didn’t want to hurt anyone. He convinced her that she wasn’t hurting anyone and they were just foam balls, that didn’t hurt. It calmed her down and she learned. She had a battle with Andre too and it cheered her up. Andre was warming up to her.

Lunch came around and Ara begged him to get her to the boys cafetira. She got to go. Andre held the big basket of cookies. They only had one for each but it was better than nothing. Ara would walk around and give cookies, fighting hard not to just go straight to Sylus. Andre convinced her it would be better if she gave it out instead of him. So, after she gave it to everyone, she went straight to Sylus. [b “Hi Sylus.” ] Ara said, while giving Luke and Clyde a cookie. She saw him with a few of cookies she gave him earlier. [b “Do you want another one?” ] She asked. She then frowned, seeing more boo boos on him. She pouted, [b “You have more boo boos.” ] Ara said and then looked at Clyde and Luke [b “Clyde and Luke too… I didn’t…I didn’t bring bandages.” ] Her eyes warmed. [b “I’m sorry.” ] She said. Andre would then take out her lunch for her, it was pasta. She then realized that she didn’t bring lunch for Sylus, Clyde and Luke because she got busy with crying and cookies. [b “I didn’t…I didn’t bring food for you too.” ] She frowned, [b “I’m a bad friend.” ]
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Ara was a real lifesaver. He was glad he met her and had her in his life because she was making him remember all of the good food he had before he came to the facility. There was more to life outside than what was in here. He understood that Ara was special. She wasn't really treated like how they were and the guards didn't harm her. Most of them looked afraid. Still, he was glad she wasn't hurt.

He ate the food she brought and would sip on the juice, smiling because he felt pretty happy. She was also really cute and when Sylus saw her move her arms, he giggled [b "you're going to swim great Ara"] he said, soon frowning when he heard she had to go. He pouted a bit and would wave before finishing up lunch. He already missed Ara. She was the only person here that was so nice and gave him attention.

They headed back to their rooms to work on homework and would do a few tests on their ipads. Once night hit, Sylus would crawl into bed and slowly drift off, having a nice dream about becoming Ara's knight. She was dressed in a beautiful red dress, her hair in curls, sitting on a throne. Sylus sat beside her, wearing gold armor and holding a staff. He thought he looked so cool.

The next morning, Sylus was still fast asleep. He felt something poking his cheek as he shifted and opened his eyes. He gasped a bit in surprise as he rubbed his eyes. [b "Ara? WHat are you doing here so early?"] he wondered, seeing her give him a cookie. It was in the shape of a heart. [b "It's really pretty Ara. THank you"] he held the cookie and he would take a bite. [b "Mmm, it's so yummy"] he handed some over to her as well. [b "Did you make these. It's so good"] he then shifted a bit and felt something beneath his pillow.

There were more cookies, making him grin. [b "Thank you thank you!"] he hugged his arms around Ara's small frame, knowing it was from her. [b "You're the bestest. I wish I could give you something"] he looked around his room, not seeing anything worth much. He did draw them yesterday before bed. He went to grab his drawing. Ara sat on a throne in her dress and Sylus colored himself gray for the armor. [b "I made you a drawing Ara"] he showed it to her, hoping she'd like that in return at least.

Once 9am hit, the boys had to head to their classes. Sylus waved to Ara and would head outside to meet the attendant. The attendant took them to their classes. Mornings were usually filled with sparring, training and educational classes. THe afternoon was always physical activity and then they were usually free at night, but were pretty much locked up in their rooms.

Sylus went through his classes, learning more about match and science. He'd then get sent to receive more injections, being strapped against the chair. IT was something he was slowly getting used too, but whenever he did get some, he hoped ARa came to visit. IT was soon lunch time and Sylus would hold the tray of food and pull out some cookies that ARa gave him secretly. He took a bite out of one and smiled, looking around to see if she was there for lunch.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 65d 3h 53m 28s
It made her so happy seeing the boys really liked the food she brought it. It made her realize that maybe everyone else would like good food too. She wondered if she could bring that many sandwiches though. The juice made everyone happy too. She kept kicking her legs back and forth while sipping on her juice. She showed Sylus how Andre showed her to move her arms. She loved that she made Sylus giggle. Ara giggled too [b “Mmm! Then, then, maybe I can swim with you.” ]

Ara grinned when Luke and Clyde agreed to be friends [b “yay! We’re all friends.” ] Ara said. She was bummed she had to go. She didn’t want to go… Ara waved to them before Andre ushered her away. They went into the next class and then Andre was told to bring her home. Ara whined to him, saying she wanted to give the cookies she made to Sylus. He saw her looking ready to cry, so he would help her sneak in the cookies underneath Sylus pillow before she went home.

When she arrived home, they had dinner. It was quiet again. She’d watch her brother and wondered if he was still mad at her. [b “Alli, can you…play?” ] She whispered.
“No…I’m doing homework.” He told her.
[b “How bout after?” ] She asked, [b “I want to color.” ]
“Ara, stop bothering your brother.” Her father told her.
Ara’s lip quivered. She stared down at her empty bowl, [b “I’m…sorry.” ] Her eyes watered and she felt tears emerge. She didn’t understand why he wouldn’t play with her. Maybe they stopped loving her.
“Are you crying?” Her father asked.
Ara shook her head. Afraid mostly.
“Look at me.” He told her.
Ara couldn’t, and he raised his voice a bit and she looked up, sniffling and trying hard not to cry.
“You’re old enough to stop crying.” He told her.
Ara pouted, and nodded, but still wanted to burst into tears. [b “But… But I want hugs, to play, read me books and goodnight kisses.” ]
“I’m not coddling you like your mother. She made a mistake doing that.” He said.
Ara started panting, and then crying. She ran upstairs, locked her door and hid in her bead and cried. Moments later, her dad told her to open the door. She told him No, and she would hide under her bed, scared. She remembered seeing those boys and girls really hurt…and how Sylus daddy hurt him. She didn’t want to get hurt. He told her she’d better open the door or she’d get in trouble. She still cried, while opening the door. He held her small wrist and told her to stop crying and how her mom wasn’t going to come back. That made her cry more. Then she got her cheek slapped, and that stopped all of her crying. Her cheek felt warm. It wasn’t hard to cause damage, but it was enough that it hurt. She whimpered and held her breath. “I told you to stop crying. Are you going to cry again?”
She shook her head.
“Get ready for bed.” He told her.
She nodded. He closed the door and she still had tears running down her face. She tried to wipe them away. It hurt…

Later on, the chef came to her room quietly and asked if she wanted something sweet to eat. Ara took the chance, and after asking her, they made a bunch of cookies for tomorrow. She even made a heart shaped one for Sylus. The chef hugged her and Ara cried silently again.

Ara got the facility in the early morning. Andre picked her up from the house this time. She had a huge box of cookies, and a special one for Sylus. First thing she did in the morning, before the boys had to go, she went to Sylus room.
She knock and then tried to open the door. Andre helped and let her in. [b “Sylus, Sylus.” ] She called, seeing him in bed. She bent down and poked his cheek. He was a cute boy. She smiled to herself, and thought one day like in the fairytales he could be her prince. [b “Sylus,” ] She called, [b “I got you a cookie.” ] She told him and stood up. She’d wait for him to wake up, by sitting on his floor and coloring till he did. When he did, she’d bring out the cookie for him, smiling [b “I got you a special cookie.” ] She blushed a bit [b “I hope you like it.” ]
  Ara / Ravenity / 66d 7h 19m 9s
He tried his best to teach Ara the best he could. He wanted to give her the attention she deserved. He liked spending so much time with her and he wanted her to be really good at swimming too so she could go swimming with him. It made him really excited to be able to hang out with her, but she was soon taken away. She was being taught privately with Andre and he had to do more laps.

Once everyone finished, Sylus would head to the shower with the other guys and they would be led into the cafeteria for lunch. Sylus sat with LUke and CLyde, talking about how well they did in the pool, hoping that the next time they went, they would have some free play time. Sometimes they were given that to just swim around with each other. IT was rare, but it happened.

Ara came by and Sylus grew excited. He waved and called out to her, holding her hand in his when she sat down. She was his best friend and he wanted to keep spending all the time with her that he could when she was around because it was lonely without her.

Ara brought them some good food for lunch instead and him, Luke, and Clyde would gladly take a bite and they looked really happy. IT was so much better than the facility food.

He took a sip of the juice and he'd look so happy. [b "Thanks Ara, it's really good"] he watched her pretend to swim, making him giggle. [b "Yeah, that's so good. You're really good at it. I bet you'll be swimming with us soon"] he told her, thinking she was so smart for learning so fast.

CLyde and Luke really liked Ara. She brought them good food and was so much nicer to them than anyone else. "We want to be friends too" they both agreed, sipping on the drink.

Ara had to go and Sylus would pout, always finding it too short when Ara was around. HE waved and would see her leave as Sylus looked back at the guys. [b "Ara is really nice. She's cute and brings us cool stuff"] he told them. They all agreed, wondering if Ara was special. Maybe she was a princess that was higher status than them.

They were soon taken back their rooms for the night and Sylus would color before bed. He slowly fell asleep, imagining Ara being a princess and him being her knight in shining armor. Just like in the books his mom read to him. He wanted to see her again and hoped she'd come back again tomorrow, maybe to his room this time so they could play.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 67d 4h 6m 46s
Ara did her best to follow Sylus instruction, even holding her breath. She got the hang of it for a bit. She felt strong happiness seeing him clap and smile at her. IT made her feel like he was proud of her. She was so bummed that she had to step away from Sylus. She wanted to have more fun… She listened to Andre, and when she got caught taking a glance at Sylus, he’d scold her for losing her focus.

They all finished at the pool. She showered, but not with the rest of the girls. She got her own shower. She didn’t really understand why. She went to the cafeteria, excited to meet Sylus. She brought more food this time. She sat with them and grinned at Sylus [b “Hi hi.” ] He held her hand too. She blushed a bit. Only Sy really held her hand. She felt comfort and safe with him.

Ara then brought out the sandwiches, one each for the, and they were very large. They were shrimp salad sandwiches. She ate hers slowly. Ara blushed again when he rubbed her head. [b “Thank you.” ] She watched Sylus, and really looked up to him. She loved it when he rubbed her head, grinned or clapped at her. She wanted to make him do more of that.

[b “I’m so happy you all like it!” ] Ara said. She saw them looking at Andre. Andre got what they were worried about “It’s fine.” He told them.

[b “Mmm…I can move my arms.” ] She lifted her arms up for a moment and showed him how she moved her arms – the way Andre told her. Ara then nodded [b “I did! You were so cool Sy. I want to be like a dolphin too, like you.” ] She said. He was so cool… She bet he was really smart. He was older after all. The sandwhich was really tasty. She finished all out. [b” I forgot!” ] She said and took out juice boxes for them, {b “I have this too for all of you.” ] She then looked at Sylus. She saved him cookies…for later. She wanted to only give it to him. She helped her chef make it in the morning before she came.

[b “Are you all friends?” ] Ara asked, [b “Can I can be friends with all of you too?” ] Ara asked. She kicked her feed back and forth while she sipped on her peach juice.
“Ara we will soon have to go to your next class.” Andre told her.
Ara pouted, and then took Sylus hand. She wanted to go with him.
“You can visit your friends later.” Andre said to her and rubbed the top of her head. [b “Okay…” ] Ara sighed and still pouting. She felt normal when she was with Sy, like she didn’t want to cry and she had fun. She didn’t have that…since her mom…
  Ara / Ravenity / 67d 7h 44m 38s
He saw her cute swimsuit and thought she was really pretty. He liked seeing Ara in her different clothes. It reminded him that there was a different world out there from the facility. She came from the outside and brought new things to him. SOmetimes he got lost in the fact that he was only tortured and stuck here, but Ara made him remember he had a past that wasn't here.

He tried to teach her how to swim, holding her hands and seeing her feet continuously sinking. He told her to hold her breath and kick with one leg at a time. ONce she managed to get the hang of it, Sylus smiled and then he would clap his hands. He approved and then the attendant agreed, making Sylus smile. He never saw the attendant show any kindness except to Ara.

It did make him really sad when she had to leave. He pouted and wanted to play, but he knew he couldn't say much. Saying something got him hurt or in trouble. HIs amber eyes watched her and waved as watched her go away. He continued to swim his laps, but his eyes would travel to see if Ara was okay. She seemed fine swimming with the attendant. He just wished he could play with her.

They finished laps and the group of boys were resting for a while and then going into the showers. He said goodbye to Ara and would wash up before going to another class. They sat through some math classes and when it was lunch time, Sylus sat with Clyde and LUke, looking down at his gloop.

He talked with them about how much he loved the pool and the dolphins, Clyde liked doing the sparring more and Luke enjoyed the shooting. Once ARa sat at the table, Sylus grinned [b "Hi Ara"] he waved his little hand and then he sat beside her, holding her hand in his. He took a bite of his gloop, but when he saw the sandwiches she brought, he held one and would take a bite. [b "You bring the bestest food Ara"] he rubbed her head and Clyde and LUke would take one.

They'd take a bite and grin "THis is so good. It's yummy. More yummy than the food here" they both agreed, glancing up at Andre, wondering if they'd get in trouble.

[b "Ara, did you learn how to swim? Did you see me swim? I tried to be like a dolphin"]
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 68d 4h 29m 18s

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