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He saw ARa watching him hold little ARlus and he knew she felt the same way he did when he saw her holding him. They loved their little boy so much and knew he would be taken care of really well as long as he was with them. [b "He's a happy little one right now. Right Arlus?"] he let Ara kiss him and then he would squeal, already recognizing who his parents were and them making him happy.

He even learned to gently touch the pets and not grab them with his hands already. IT was amazing how fast he was growing. Sylus went to prepare, grabbing the clothes and then washing them up. After he set up the camera, he pulled them out of the dryer and then he gave them to Ara so she could start dressing up Arlus.

HE gathered Nyx and Queen, rubbing Nyx's head. He was already growing so big and now he was a bigger size. THey all went on the couch, taking a seat and snapping a few pictures with ARlus. HE looked so cute in each outfit he wore. The animal clothes were adorable, especially when he was seated with Queen and Nyx. Sylus would laugh and take more pictures of them.

He loved seeing the shirt that he bought for him, taking a picture with him. He then took picture with the three of them, smiling and both of them kissing ARlus. HE then put him in the dino onsie and he would kick and wiggle around, so they'd try to get his attention.

WHen Arlus was getting a bit fussy, they took a break and they sat down [b "Me too. He's adorable in all of these. I'm glad we were able to get a lot of good shots"] he said proudly. HE then sat on the couch and would hold up toys for ARlus. He would roll onto his tummy and slowly move on the couch, trying to lift himself up to crawl.

Sylus rubbed his back and would smile at Ara, leaning in to give her a kiss. Even after all of this, he was glad that they were able to be a small family.

[b "YOu want to feed him Love? We'll get him to bed and then hopefully you and I could get some sleep together. He seems tired out from all the pictures"] he chuckled, seeing him determined to crawl to ARa.
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Ara tilted her head and looked at her baby in daddy’s arms. He did look happy. She smiled to him, hearing his little giggles when she spoke to him. She kissed his forehead once more, [b “He does seem really good. All fed, clean and ready for smiles and love.” ] She’d lean in and kiss his tummy too. She heard him squeal a little. She couldn’t believe how fast cognitively he was growing. [b “Our baby Arlus you’re so precious.” ] She spoke to him and saw him continue to smile and move his hands. Queen came in close. Arlus tried to touch, so Ara helped Queen closer. Queen looked curiously at Arlus while shew as being held. Arlus patted Queen’s head-well sort of.

Ara felt so good again, spending time with Arlus and Sylus. They would be okay. They loved each other. Arlus’ eyes followed Sylus’ voice. He would wine seeing the bottle. He’d drink up more and thetn came to a stop entirely. [b “That’s eat, drink up.”] Ara smiled.

Sylus went to get the stuff they needed. Ara would hold Arlus in her arms and let Queen sit by. Where was Nyx? She’d peak down and saw him standing guard. He was no longer puppy size anymore. She’d bent down and pet his head. He always seemed to like to guard them. He even did that while she was pregnant. It was cute.

Sylus returned with clothes and equipment. She let him set things up while she cared for Arlus. She’d make funny faces for him and speak to him. Ara noticed Sylus with the camera. She looked up at him and noticed he took a picture. [b “Thanks for setting it up darling.” ] She giggled. She then would get up, [b “Okay up we go Arlus, let’s get you changed into something really cute. You’ll be so cute, people might die.” ] She told him. She took put him in his cute dark grey hoodie with wolf ears, and a pair of knit grey pants and booties. He was so cute. Ara helped set the timer. They would take pictures of Arlus alone and then a family photo with the pets. They even changed him into the shirt that Sylus picked out for him. She took a picture of him and Sylus. They took so many photos and it was so much fun. Arlus did move though and she had to trick him into staying still or at least facing the camera.

They let Arlus on the sofa with Nyx and Queen and took pictures of them too. She would lean into Sylus as they looked through the photos on the camera, sitting down. Arlus on Sylus’ lap. [b “I can’t wait to share this with him when he gets older. He’ll know that he’s loved…” ] Ara’s eyes warmed up but this time it was out of happiness. She looked up at Sylus and then kissed his cheek.
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He brushed his fingers through until Ara fell asleep. HE wanted her to know that he loved her just like always. They had a few small issues here and there, but in the end, they were a family and he loved their family so much. He would kiss her forehead and watch the movie with her until she fell asleep.

Sylus fell asleep as well beside her since he was also tired out. IT wasn't that long until Arlus was awake and letting out soft cries. Sylus would get up and make sure Ara kept sleeping. He went to take care of Arlus, changing his diaper and then feeding him a bottle. He would sit back down on the couch and then hold Arlus on his lap, feeding him and seeing him watching his eyes.

[b "You're adorable Arlus"] he chuckled and then he saw Ara wake up, leaning into her as well. He saw Queen and so did Arlus. He would reach out his little hands and try to touch Queen. He held Arlus back a bit and then he smiled [b "Of course. We should probably take pictures right now. Arlus is fed and we just changed his diapers. He's going to be good for a while"] he suggested and then he looked at the time. They could take a few photos before trying to put Arlus down for bed.

He watched Ara interact with their baby and it was adorable. He saw Arlus looking up at her and seeing Ara's smile. It made him giggle and Sylus would find it so cute. He loved it when both his wife and child were happy. [b "Okay Arlus. Let's finish up your bottle and then we're going to take lots of pictures"] he grinned, helping him finish it up. He was such a hungry baby. Sylus would lift him up against against his chest, rubbing his back a bit as he watched Ara, laughing as she played with him.


Sylus soon gave Arlus to Ara as he went upstairs to grab his clothes. He would carry down all of the clothes they bought, removing the tags and then washing them really quick. He walked back over and then he grabbed a tripod and the camera that Ara had given him. He would set it up in the living room and then he would glance over [b "What do you think?"] he asked, seeing Nyx soon coming over as Sylus snapped a few natural pics of them just relaxing in the living room.
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His comfort, his fingers running through her hair and hands drying her tears made her heart start to slow and get back to it’s regular rhythm. She’d still cling onto him. She closed her ees. She liked hearing he loved them even if she already knew. She squeezed onto him even tighter when he kissed her forehead.

She clamed down with him, enjoying his arms around her, getting a kiss on her cheek. She’d still snuggle tightly with him. She calmed down throughout the movie and with being in Sylus arms, she fell asleep again, feeling safe and warm.

She woke a little to the sound of Arlus crying. She was already laying on the couch with a blanket on her. She didn’t recall falling asleep with a blanket. She saw Sylus lifting Arlus up. She relaxed in, eyes half open while she watched him take care of Arlus. She’d fall asleep so shortly. She felt movement again. She’d open her eeys and notice Sylus and Arlus sitting on the sofa by her. It made her smile. Ara would yawn a bit. She’d sit up slowly, waking herself up. She would wrap her ars around him and Arlus. [b “Hey…my cute family.” ] She said quietly. She saw Arlus looking up at them while Sylus fed him the bottole. He was gorgeous. She’d bend over and kiss the top of his head.

[b “What…time is it?” ] Ara wondered, and looked up at the clock. It was 9pm. Having a baby really did make time all wonky. She saw Queen coming in and placing herself on Ara’s lap. She’d pet her, massage the top of her head. She’d look back at Sy, [b “Sy…thanks for comforting me.” ] She said and leaned in to kiss his cheek. [b “You think we should take pictures today or tomorrow? We should do one with our cute pets and Arlus too.” ] Ara said, thinking it would be so adorable. She watched Arlus lean back into daddy when he was done drinking. Arlus…got hungry more than a regular baby. That’s what the doctor said a week ago. He wasn’t normal. She just hoped that he had no side effects.

She would poke littke Arlus’ cute cheek. He looked up at her confused with his big blue eyes. He’d pat Sylus’ arm and make some noise.
Ara was in such awe whens he watched him. She giggled and would kiss Arlus again, “You’re cute aren’t you? You’re so cute Arlus. You’re our adorable little baby.” She said and he began smiling and then giggling.
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He told her that he was really sorry and he wouldn't let it happen again. He wasn't going to make any excuses that he was still trying to figure out how to protect both of them, but he now had more experience and a better idea of how to. [b "I know. I'm sorry Love"] he admitted and then he went to lift up little ARlus. He tickled him, loving to hear his sweet giggles and see his smiling face.

WHen Ara fell asleep, he heard the sounds of crashing glass and it startled ARlus. He cried, but Sylus was calming him down slowly. HE managed to get him back to sleep and then he would take a seat on the couch again. When ARa came over, he wrapped his arms around her and held her close. He hated seeing her stressed, crying, and he just wanted to have her happy again.

He would run his fingers through her hair slowly and then he would reach and try to wipe away the tears as well. [b "I know. You love us both a lot. I love you both too you know"] he kissed her forehead and then he would run his hand along her side, trying to relax her.

He would wrap his arm around her waist, kissing her cheek as they watched a movie. When ARa fell asleep on his shoulder, he would smile and look over at Arlus, seeing him fast asleep as well. Maybe they would get through this hurdle and be closer as a family.

Once the movie ended, Sylus ended up falling asleep beside her, his head resting on hers. It wasn't until they heard Arlus crying that he shot up and looked over. He rolled onto his side and was reaching his arms out at them. Sylus would lay ARa on the couch, putting the blanket over her as he lifted up Arlus.

He would run his hands on his back, smelling a stinky diaper. He would head upstairs to his room and change his diaper, seeing him instantly go happy. He would then kiss his cheek and feed him his bottle as he headed back down to sit beside Ara. He would keep Arlus in his arms, seeing his bright blue eyes look up at daddy as he held the bottle. HE was quiet and content. Maybe when Ara woke up, they could do the photo shoot with Arlus since he seemed like he would be in a good mood after he ate.
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Hearing him apologize made her lower her guard down. She would just nod, [b “Thank you for realizing it.” ] She took care of Arlus, staying by his side at all times. Even when she went downstairs. Sylus played with Arlus. It was cute to see him make Arlus giggle, having Arlus’ little hands touching Sylus. It was calming enough that she could fall asleep.

She woke up from the bad dream. She looked back at him for a second when he called her name, but she was still in panic. She we to grab water, and broke it. Ara heard Arlus cry and felt bad that she startled him. [b “I’m so sorry.” ] Ara half cried. She’d clean up the mess and then sit down. Sylus already had put Arlus to sleep. She heard Sylus and she’d go to him. She hugged him. She really didn’t want to lose everything they built together.

He let her rest her head on his lap. She would lay and still hold onto him. She’d wipe her eyes. [b “I love you and Arlus you know.” ] Ara whispered. Her heart was still racing, and she still felt the fear going through her. She’d close her eyes but felt afraid of what she’d dream. She’d sit up and cuddle into Sylus instead by fitting herself underneath his arm. [b “Can we watch something together?” ] Ara asked quietly. If they did, she’d end up falling asleep again.
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He knew he made mistakes, but he determined that the threat wasn't really a threat until the fact that he approached her. He didn't know that Ara had also begun to worry more with ARlus around. IT was something he understood, so he could never blame her for it. [b "I could have. I won't let that happen again"] he tried to tell her, but it seemed like she didn't like hearing his apologies anymore.

He ate at the dinner table alone until he spotted KLara. He offered her some food and then he finished up and went to see Arlus. Ara kept saying she'd watch ARlus, but she looked tired and he knew she needed sleep. He would lift up their little baby boy and raise him up into the air, seeing him giggle. HE'd kiss his tummy and then feel his small hands on his face as he gave him a kiss.

He set Arlus back down in his pen and he slowly drifted off to sleep. Sylus saw that Ara had fallen asleep as well. He would bring a blanket over her and sit beside her, turning on the TV quietly. He watched a show, but when Ara was shaken up, he glanced over at her, seeing tears in her eyes. [b "You okay Ar?"] he rubbed her shoulder and then he saw her get up, only to grab some water. When the glass shattered on the floor, he got up, Arlus starting to cry. He went to lift him up. [b "It's okay baby boy"] he rubbed his back, trying to get him to fall back asleep.

He rocked him a bit and then he set him down before going into the kitchen [b "Love, come here"] he sat back on the couch, patting his lap. If she wanted too, she could nap with him. [b "Nothing will happen to Arlus. He's here, we're here. Everything is okay. Promise"] he told her, wanting to assure her it was at least for now and there wasn't anything to worry about. She should just rest.
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She tilted her head and narrowed her eyes at him [b “You already have. You’ve left him alone to get us food, to buy stuff. In that amount of time you could have handled the problem.” ] She hated his excuses. She wanted the support and wanted him to understand how something like that made her feel really uncomfortable. Those type of men didn’t listen to her until she had a gun at their head.

The last bit she heard his apology but wasn’t sure if it was for the right thing or genuine. {b “Okay…” ] She whispered. She asked for food since she was hungry and didn’t want to leave Arlus side. She thanked him when he gave her food. After a while, she went downstairs with an Arlus that was wide awake.

“Cool,” Klara said and saw him look at Arlus. She could spot something off between the two of them but it didn’t look like they were going to talk about it. “Uhh, alrright then.” She wouldn’t pass going to sleep.

Ara nodded, her eyes never falling off ARlus. [b “I’m sure. I’m okay with that. I don’t want to sleep and can’t anyway.” ] Ara said and then Sylus would pick ARlus up. She watched him blow into his tummy and make Arlus squeal. A least it was nice to see Arlus enjoying himself. She still liked watching them. She let them be and would sit back on the sofa. She felt more at rest with Arlus being around, hearing his little sounds and knowing Sylus was watching him. He may not care so much about her like he did before, but she knew he did for Arlus. It was so lonely here…without even her friends too.

She lay on the sofa, stayed quiet and watched for a little while. She put her arm over her eyes, blowing out the light, resting but not sleeping. Well, that was until ten minutes in she end up falling asleep. She got sucked into a horrible dream where Sylus died, Arlus was taken away and she got shot. She shot up and started having a full blown anxiety attack. Tears filled up and she got up frantically looking for Arlus. They were still there. She tried to calm down but it was hard to stop her quick breathing. She went to go get water and end up just dropping the glass. She quickly cleaned it up. She’d sit back down and would only go up if Arlus was asleep. She refused to go to bed in a different room right now.
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He told her that he needed to look after Arlus and it really has slowed him down. He was still figuring out how to act in order to protect the both of them because he wasn't going to choose to protect one or the other. He met her blue eyes when they headed back to the house. [b "I'm not going to move away from ARlus"] he stated and then he just let out a deep sigh.

They made it home and he would carry all of their bags inside of the house, letting ARa take care of Arlus since she seemed like she was going to take her eyes off of him anytime soon. He was still upset about the fact that she called him incapable yesterday. It seemed like everything he was doing right now was wrong. Or at least not good enough for ARa. It definitely put a damper on his confidence level.

[b "I'll do better next time. I'm sorry"] he sighed, figuring he'd have to make a decision when it came down to it. He couldn't be in two places at once. That or he'd have to cleverly plan it out somehow.

He kept silent and didn't know what she was talking about. He was listening. [b "Huh? I heard you? That's why I'm apologizing. I'm sorry for allowing that man to get to the point of making you uncomfortable and unsafe"] he then headed down to make her food. He kind of felt like he was just there to make her food.

It made him upset, but he assumed she was just really stressed. It was driving her crazy. Sylus brought her food, set it on the table and then headed downstairs. He would eat at the table alone, feeling really sad about how their relationship was right now. He didn't like it.

Ara came down and he just tried to finish up his food as fast as he could. [b "It was fine. Went to buy a few clothes for Arlus and some supplies"] he told her, putting his plate away. His amber eyes would glance over at Arlus and he would smile, seeing their little baby looking so happy. [b "It's fine. You heard Ara. She's going to watch him"] he told her. [b "You should get some rest Klar. You work on missions too"] he told her, getting up and then doing the dishes.

[b "Are you sure you don't want to switch yet Ar? You've been watching him all day. He's fed and he's having fun. You should get some sleep too"] he told her, walking over and then picking up Arlus in his arms. He would kiss his cheek. [b "Did you have a good nap little guy?"] he smiled and blew into his tummy, hearing him squeal as Sylus lifted him up in the air and would feel his hands trying to cup his face. He laughed a bit and then he set him down in his pen once more, seeing him reach up for another go.

Sylus carried him again and held him in his arms, bouncing him a bit.
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Ara shook her head as he kept changing his excuse each time. First he said he was with Arlus, which he wasn’t, now he changed it to now he was with them. She wondered if he listened to himself. [b “You barely leave us alone, so I don’t even know what you’re talking about. You keep changing your excuse. When this would happen before Arlus, you would do something about it. Now you don’t until the very last minute.” ] She stated. He didn’t even respond to what sh said directly either. She couldn’t help but get so upset at what happened and then feeling like she was alone in dealing with these situations. She remembered how protective he’d get when she didn’t need it and now he wasn’t like that – when she needed it the most with Arlus.

[b “Not until after I tried to do something,” ] She reminded, her lip quivering. [b “I’m going…you don’t even try to hear me out”] She’d look away and go up. She handled Arlus, staying with him made her feel better then without him. Sylus came in and then came back with food that she asked. [b “Thank you…I was really hungry.” ] She saw the heart shape mark. She looked back at him for a second and he left the room.

She would make the attempt to put Arlus in his crib and this time he stayed asleep. She got enough time to eat, distracting herself with a Netflix show. She heard movement and saw Arlus trying to roll. Ara got up and picked him up, [b “All rested up?” ] She asked him. He’d look up at her and then start to whine. She sat down with him again and fed him. She went downstairs into the living room with Arlus. She saw Sylus on the table.

Klara went to get food too, and thanked Sylus for the food. She’d sit down, “How was the trip?”
Ara stood quiet and focused on playing with Arlus in his play pen. She’d give him toys and watch him. He’d make little sounds and shake his arm. She felt the need to watch him every second. Someone…even a normal person could try to take him and she didn’t have the mental capacity to deal with someone even just trying, even though they’d definitely fail.

“You both look bit tried… I could watch Arlus,” Klara said, but feeling uncomfortable offering that. “But if he cries, I’m calling you.”
Ara looked back and then said, [b “It’s fine…I don’t really want to let him out of my sight. I trust you…it’s just, I can’t rest anyway.” ]
Klara sighed, rolling her eyes, “More reason you need to take a break, both of you. You already fed Arlus, right? He should be fine.”
Ara frowned, and wasn’t a fan of that right now.
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He sighed a bit [b "That's not what I meant. I know, I saw him asking you questions, so I went to stop him when he was after you? I'm sorry I didn't take action when he just kept staring. I can't be leaving you and ARlus alone all the time. I should be by your sides until that man gets closer"] he tried to tell her, but he could see she was visibly upset. HE would tell her that he was with Arlus for a bit when the man was talking to her, that's why he couldn't readily just be at her side.

HE tried to comfort her, but she didn't seem to be taking it very well at all. [b "I punched him and kept him away didn't I?"] he wondered why she was getting so upset. It made him frustrated because he felt like he didn't do anything wrong. In truth, they had to make sure Arlus was safe and ARa was okay, so he didn't get it.

When they got home, he saw Ara head up with Arlus. He took a nap on the couch, but when he headed upstairs to check on them, he took a seat on the couch, only to be immediately sent off by her. He knew it. She didn't want to be anywhere near him right now. It made him frown, but if that's what she wanted, then he'd leave her be. [b "Um...okay"] he went downstairs disappointedly and then he went into the kitchen. HE felt like ever since they had Arlus, Ara just never felt so close to him anymore. It was heartbreaking, but he dealt with it as best he could. He tried not to let it show, but he figured as long as Arlus had his mommy, that's all he could ask for.

HE made some food in the kitchen, cooking up some omelette rice. He plated it on the plate and he put a heart shaped ketchup mark on it. He would then bring it upstairs and then he went into Arlus' room and set it on the table.

He looked over Ara [b "Just let me know when your tired so we can switch. I'll have the baby monitor to hear him too"] he stepped back outside and then he went back into the kitchen. Sylus would sit at the table by himself and eat the other half of the rice he made. He sat and just ate his food sadly, feeling more lonely lately than anything. He saw Klara coming into the house and he quickly rubbed his eyes and went into the kitchen, pretending to put food into the fridge. [b "Klar, I made some dinner. It's in the fridge"] he told her, soon taking a seat again and then trying to finish eating his food.
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Hearing him talk and not really listening made her blood boil. [b “So making me feel uncomfortable, unsafe when I have Arlus with me, translates to not doing anything? Does he actively have to try to kill me in order for you think that’s doing something?” ] She scoffed, feeling more hurt then before. She would role his eyes as he tried to twist the story to come up with an excuse [b “Excuse you? I was with Arlus at every point of time, in the exception when I had enough to leave you with Arlus so I can do something about it. You weren’t.” ] She was having a hard time fighting off tears. Sylus used to make people that go away before all of this.

She’d feel tears go down and she could tell he didn’t give a shit about her feeling so upset. [b “Clearly I can’t. He did lay a hand on me, or maybe you want to ignore that too. What are you on? You left me and Arlus to be harassed by a man and followed, because you didn’t feel like that mattered. You don’t even care that it made me upset.”] She shook her head, and had to wipe her eyes again and go upstairs. She couldn’t believe how cold he was. She felt alone in having to deal with stuff.

She took comfort in holding Arlus. She could feel the warmth from his body, his little heart beating. She had put him into bed, but soon he’d wake and start to cry a little. Ara went to pick him up again nad he would stop crying and rest again. She tried to put him back into the bed, but he’d start to cry again. Well, looks like she was going to have to stay with him. She sat on the sofa again and held him in. She tried not think about it, but she still felt upset, and overwhelmed by the stress. She’d go on her phone in the meantime, finding things to distract her. She heard the door open and then Sylus voice. [b “I wouldn’t be able to sleep anyway.” ] She whispered, not to wake ARlus. She knew soon enough he would wake. Her chest hurt too, so she was kind of hoping he would and she knew he would wake up hungry.

[b “I’m…hungry. Can you bring some food up?” ] Ara said. She didn’t want to deal with Sylus at all, since she felt hurt and felt like he would say things that would make her go back to feeling that way.
  Aralyn / Ravenity / 50d 15h 28m 35s
He didn't think the man was causing any extreme issues at all. If anything, it was just staring them down so creepily. He didn't think it was an issue unless he approached them or tried to make a move. It was also hard to do anything since he wasn't going to leave ARlus alone in his stroller either.

He went to buy a few things and once he carried the bags, he let ARa go shopping as he stayed with ARlus. When he saw the man approach her, he got up, but glanced at ARlus. Luckily they came out and approached them, but when ARa took care of it, he saw the man coming back for revenge. He made sure to keep Ara back as he punched the guy in the face, keeping him on ground before walking with Ara to the car.


THey drove him, he would see that Ara looked motional and he would try to calm her down [b "'s okay. He didn't do anything to you did he?"] he looked her over and then he sighed [b "He wasn't making a move and by the time he kept asking you questions, I couldn't leave Arlus alone"] he knew the situation wasn't ideal, but he couldn't just leave their little boy.

[b "You can depend on me. Some creep won't be able to lay a hand on you okay? I promise"] he held her hand, but she seemed really bothered by it. He would frown and just slowly unload the car when they got home.

Ara took care of Arlus and it seemed like the baby photoshoot was now cancelled. HE let out a deep sigh and just would take a seat on the couch. He felt like there was this huge distance between them and they weren't spending as much time together anymore. When they did, all they did was fight and argue. It was really upsetting, but what could he do about it? SHe barely even wanted to be in his presence nowadays.

He turned on the TV, seeing Nyx coming over and Queen to sit beside him. He would rub Nyx's back and pet Queen, just relaxing back and closing his eyes for a bit. HE was tired, but he knew Ara would be with ARlus. He ended up falling asleep on the couch for a bit since he knew it was his turn to rest. He passed out for an hour before waking up to the sounds of the TV. HE slowly got up and yawned, looking around. The pets were fast asleep beside him, but he wanted to make sure ARa and Arlus were okay.

Sylus headed to ARlus' room and spotted the two on the couch together. He'd smile and then he would walk over, seeing ARlus still asleep. HE would look over at ARa [b "Ar, you should get some sleep"] he told her, knowing it was a good chance for her to relax.
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She was made to feel so uncomfortable with him following. It didn’t look like Sylus was going to do anything about it either even if he was supposed to. She wanted to but she didn’t want to do that when she had Arlus in the stroller. She started stressing again just when she had calmed down. She made sure Sylus was by the stroller to go deal with a problem she shouldn’t have to deal with anyway.

She had it. She snapped the phone and wanted to do so much more than that. How was it so hard to leave her in peace for once? She went back to the stroller. She noticed the guy trying to grab her. Sylus pushed her behind him. She heard and wished he dealt with it in the first place. No one took her seriously until she caused real injury and even then. Her eyes were warm. She was so stressed, overwhelmed and she felt so uncomfortable now. Sylus made the key cry in pain.

Ara followed. She remained quite the entire time. She had to fight back the tears from so much going on in her head, emotionally, and the stress. Sylus packed things in the car. Ara took Arlus out of his seat and buckled him in. He was still asleep thankfully. She kissed his forehead. She fought the feeling in her chest, trying to distract herself by playing music in the car.

They arrived back home. She carefully picked up Arlus. He was waking a bit. She’d rub his back to sooth him into staying asleep while they went inside. She heard Sylus but she still didn’t feel so good. [b “He wasn’t. Why didn’t you do something before?” ] She said, her eyes warming up again, and tears filling up, [b “He made me feel so uncomfortable. I’m terrified of something happening when I’m with Arlus.” ] She said, and then would wipe her eyes with her free arm, [b “You tell me to depend on you but you didn’t step in until I broke down. You acted like it barely bothers you that some creep kept making me feel uncomfortable and asking questions about Arlus either. You just let him keep following us.” ] She took a breath and looked down at Arlus. She didn’t think Sylus would try to even understand it from her perspective. She went up to Arlus room but he was waking.

She’d sit with him on the sofa again, whispering to him, and trying to get him to rest up a bit more. When he closed his pretty eyes again, she put him in bed, with a blanket on top. She wanted to take a bunch pictures of Arlus. But now, she just wanted to hide under the covers.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 51d 29m 26s
He wanted to make sure he was set for when Ara went on her mission. If anything, he had to take really good care of their baby boy, otherwise, Ara probably wouldn't trust to leave him alone with Arlus. He heard her mumble and then he wondered what had gotten into her.

He held ARlus in his arms, cradling him and then letting him relax and fall asleep. He loved their baby boy and watching him sleep was the cutest thing ever. He would slowly put him in his stroller and then he buckled him up. Sylus looked back and saw that the man was watching them still. He kept his eyes on them, slowly moving from table to table as if to try and divert their attention away, but Sylus saw him. He was watching too much, so Sylus decided to get up and continue their shopping.

He would do something about it, if the man posed more of a threat. They went to other shops, Sylus buying a few diapers and some more formula, letting ARa stay with Arlus. When he finished, he saw Ara and the same man talking. He hurried over and then he backed away, making him more frustrated.

[b "I will"] he was putting the bags down, but when Ara went to take care of it, he sighed a bit, watching her cuss him out and then she destroyed his phone. He laughed a bit to himself. Ara was always badass, but seeing her take care of such a weak man was definitely a sight. He knew she'd have no problem with her mission when she was this fired up. He kept Arlus beside him, but when the man looked furious after Ara broke his phone, he reached out and pulled her towards him. The man tried to grab her from behind and he would push Ara behind him with ARlus.

THe man tried to go after her, but Sylus caught his arm and bent it behind his back, making the man gasp. [b "Stay away from my wife and stop following us, or you'll end up with a broken arm"] he told him and then he shoved him back. "Okay okay!" he cried in pain and then Sylus would walk with Ara. [b "Let's go"] he pushed the stroller with her back to the parking lot, seeing that the man wasn't following them anymore.

He sighed in relief and then he started to put their bags in the trunk of the car, letting Ara take care of buckling Arlus in. Sylus soon drove them back home, helping to unload the bags into the house for now. [b "You did good Ar. HE was definitely afraid of you. I'm sure he won't mess with us again and whoever he works for too"] he told her, putting the bags inside and folding the stroller back when Ara carried ARlus.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 51d 12h 15m 49s

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