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Klara half shrugged [b “Why wouldn’t I be?” ] She showed him what she got and let him go through it. She looked out into the distance, keeping watch of what they were doing, it seemed like they were still arguing.

She saw the logo and wondered how they would be able to obtain this drug. [b “Maybe… Either way, I’m pretty certain that drug belongs to the facility because it can only be used on us.” ] She looked back at them arguing [b “Are you sure? He could easily go into the other room. It’ll be risky.But I won’t stop you if you want to try.” ] She thought that guy may be even relieved to have it out of his home for the time being.


Ara glanced back at him, [b “I never said I going to kill myself. I meant…what I want to do is going to kill me anyway…” ] She grew quiet when he talked about ending people’s lives, taking away. Her lips trembled and she felt reminded of all the horrible thing she did, and even her own body killing her baby. She definitely needed those bottles.

She went for him and tried to trick him into getting what she wanted. She kissed along his neck, her lips grazing on his skin, giving soft kisses. She tried to take the bag from him at the same time but he tightly gripped it and told her to stop, [b “Odd hearing ‘stop’ from you considering,” ] She mentioned. She wasn’t about to kiss him against his will, so she stopped. She stared back at him, tired of fighting for it. [b “Nothing, Could you please, give it to me? I’ll do one thing that you want-it can be anything-go see something, do something here-whatever. Then can you give it to me?” ] She asked
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Klara was insanely good at what she did and he understood why. When he didn't have ARa, the missions kept coming and he kept completing them easily because he was so focused. There was nothing else in life to live for except to raise your rank and get sold to a good person.

Her return made him happy because a lot of things could go wrong on a mission. He hugged her and smiled [b "I'm just glad you're okay"] he looked through the pictures and then he was surprised to hear she even got a sample. [b "Yeah you're right. Let's see what else we can find"] he wondered, looking through the pictures. [b "THere's a logo on one of the files. It doesn't look like the facilities. We should look that up"] he pointed and then he heard her talking about spending too much time with Ara. He could guess the rest.

Sylus sighed and just shook his head before looking through the rest of his pictures. He searched up the logo on his phone and it was another pharmaceutical company. [b "Klara, look. It's another company. Maybe it's something they're involved in as well. Or the name of their group"] he looked at the window and then he saw that the two were arguing.

[b "IT looks like they'll be arguing. No one is in that other room. I think I can sneak in and get it? That'll cause confusion and tension for everyone"] he suggested.


Joseph didn't want her drinking at all. She didn't deserve to crash and burn like this and he did feel little guilty that this was all his fault. If he didn't meddle, she'd probably be completely fine with her boyfriend right now.

"No you're not Ara. You're strong. I can see that. Something like this shouldn't shake you, especially if you've ended people's lives or had them taken away" he told her, taking the bag away.

He wanted her to just relax in bed until she got over her broken heart. She came up and then kissed him, making him want that, but he knew she wasn't thinking straight. " Stop trying to tap into my feelings" he tightened his grip. "What can I do to make you feel better without alcohol?" he asked.
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Klara did a few more things there, making sure she collected images, memorized the lock and got a bit of whatever was inside of that syringe. She knew she was going to make it out just find, she could strike the guy unconscious if need be.

Klara couldn’t help but shoot him a weird look when he hugged her, and felt this odd feeling when he did. This guy was without a doubt was like Ara. [b “Why wouldn’t I be?” ] She asked and showed him the pictures. She shrugged [b “I’m not sure, I squeezed some in this little tube I had on me,” ] She pulled it out, [b “We could send it back and see what it comes out as.” ]She went through the pictures herself and tried to read into a bit.
[b “Maybe they will kill each other and without our involvement at all.” ] She doubted it but she could ream. She heard his compliment and wondering why he was complimenting her. [b “Of course I am.” ] She didn’t know how to respond. [b “You’ve truly spend too much time with…” ] She decided to end off her words there knowing it wouldn’t be too wise to remind him.

She took the binoculars and looked for herself. The man went onto hide the suitcase in a different room. He opened the door and they started to look like they were arguing. She rolled her eyes and went back to reading the documents, [b “These are instructions to make it and results…” ] As she read through it she realized what this one [b “This is already stolen work, this is stolen from the facility. It’s one of the drugs they use on us. We do need to get hold of that suitcase.” ]


Ara came back up with two bottles and planned to finish them by the end of tonight. She hoped she could spend tomorrow the same way before going back and going to that meeting. She saw Joseph eyeing her but she didn’t care what he had to say. [b “Why does that matter? I’m going to die young anyway.” ] She said, making her way to the sofa and then he grabbed her bag, and she held very tightly but Joseph had far better grip then her.

[b “That’s not fair! Give it back.” ] She went for him and tried to grab her bag back from him but she was either too weak or too short to take it. [b “You wouldn’t dare! It’s not late enough for me to sleep and I am not drinking juice. Give it back Joseph. No. I’m not a toddler. Why are you being like this?” ] She felt so frustrated. Then she came up with another idea. She calmed her expression, "Please?" She asked and grew near him, and even kissed along his neck and tried to grab her bag from him while she had him distracted. She didn't care what she had to do to get it.
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He wasn't going to get distracted by her at all anymore. She called it over and he believed that it was over now. Now that Ara was upset with him, there wasn't a reason she was going to come back to him. That part made him upset because he didn't want her to give up on him. He wanted her to hold on at least until he could sort out his thoughts.

Now that he was on a mission, he had to push everything aside for now. Sylus watched the building, keeping his mind off of Ara and trying to keep Klara safe. [b "He's going to the fire escape now...that's it just stay hidden"] when he moved away, he told her it was safe. She moved down and when she headed across the street, he gave her instructions on when it was clear to go.

When she arrived back safely, Sylus walked up to her and gave her a hug. [b "I'm glad you're alright"] he smiled and then he looked over the pictures of the documents and the syringe. What was this? A new drug? He peeked through the binoculars, seeing one of his secretaries coming in. [b "He's being warned of who's at the front door. I think they're already suspecting that he took the case"] he smirked and then he waved Klara over.

[b "You're pretty sneaky. Nice job"] he wanted to praise her because he knew whenever he did a good job no one ever told him until Ara. It really did make him feel good about himself.


As the movie ended, depressed Ara came back to life. She was looking for the booze, but he didn't want to give it to her at all. He managed to try and give her something fake, along with trying to put on a different movie, but when she put on the documentary, it was over.

He ended up passing out through the show, but he could still hear everything. He could hear Ara's footsteps, but was too tired from today to really care. She wouldn't listen anyway.

When she came back, he was up. Joseph saw her holding the bag of alcohol and then he eyed her "Ara. No. You're going to kill your liver" he grabbed the bag from her and then he pointed to the bed. "Do I have to honestly tie you to the bed posts? I have sleeping pills, and I have juice, but you're only having either one. Why don't you just relax, I'll put on another movie you love and you just drink some juice as you fall asleep?" he suggested.
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Klara nodded and trusted that he wouldn’t get distracted by his phone now that she was out there. She put a tracer on the man while he slept, and something to overhear conversations on him. She arrived at the fire escape, thinking it would be the better option to exit. [b “Where is the security guard?” ] She asked. She decided to get off the fire escape by climbing at the side of the building, holding onto a window. She peaked down at the height and that was a height she definitely didn’t want to be falling from. She looked below and released her hold on the window to drop to another balcony. IT didn’t appear as if anyone was home. So, she stood on the balcony
And found an open window. She didn’t hear any sound coming from there either, so she went inside the apartment. [b “Tell me when it’s clear.” ] She said.

She decided to go for the fire escape again. She made sure the ladder was up. She could safely jump form this distance anyway. She got to the ground and saw the car parking in front of the building. She casually went around and stood in front of a near by shop while she just to eavesdrop.

‘If that fucking idiot has something to do with this-‘ Was what she heard before they went inside. She walked back toward the building that so happens to be a hotel. She made it upstairs and back to Sylus, and handed him her phone, “I got the pictures and I tapped the guy. Is he still asleep?” ] She asked.


The movie ended and she was drawn back to her depression. She had it, had it with being awake. She stared at the bottle he gave her. She drank it…and she wondered if Joseph thought she was stupid. She turned the channel and was surprised he was the same. [b “Really? I thought you loved these.” ] She was being sarcastic. It was starting to even make her sleepy, it was boring. He slept, passing out.

She had no idea what he did with her real bottle, so she decided she would be getting a new one and she could use a walk. She head out the door carefully and quietly. She took the elevator down and then went to the nearest store grabbing some more booze with a fake ID since technically, she was 20. She went back to the hotel to take the elevator back up to the hotel because she didn’t want to risk herself and didn’t want to scare Joseph no matter how angry she was. She wanted to get straight into drinking.
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He could tell that they were probably going to be there for a while since the guy was just watching TV. He thought about a plan that they could use to get what was in the suitcase, but it seemed like all he could think of would just expose them too much. Klara had a better idea and he was glad that she did because she wasn't number one for a reason.

[b "I think you can do it. Don't worry, I won't make a scene if I don't have to. Just keep me updated"] he nodded as he returned from the bathroom. He looked back her green eyes and knew why she was telling him this. [b "I won't fail a mission. Let alone get you killed"] he promised her and then he put on his ear piece.

Sylus kept his amber eyes on her the whole way. She made it into the room and while she worked, he held his breath, hoping the man wouldn't wake. She was good. Better than what he expected. He felt lucky to be working with someone so skilled.

As she finished, she made her escape [b "Klara, take it easy, the security guard heard some footsteps. He's checking out the fire escape. Get off of it quick"] he told her, seeing that there was a car driving in at full speed. [b "When you get to the street, stay hidden. There's a car driving into the lot at full speed. Looks like someone's caught onto something"] he told her.


Joseph knew that no matter what he said right now, Ara wouldn't be having it. She was too upset and he pushed her buttons too many times today. He had to get on her good side again. He switched the alcohol with sweets and when the movie played, he sat on the couch, giving her some space.

She mentioned the baby and then she got back on track "Ara, I'll give it to you don't worry. He walked over and gave her the bottle. It wasn't filled with alcohol, it only had some water with some flavoring. Joseph then tried to put in another movie, but she changed the channel. "Ara, you know I hate watching those" he sighed and then he sat on the couch and paid attention to the documentary.

He listened for a good half house before yawning a bit, getting tired. He soon was passed out.
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Klara stared out, seeing that man didn’t look like he’d be moving any time soon. It would be a risk to get in there without being caught. He slept right in front of his case. She had a few ideas of how to get in there undetected by him, inject him the second she got in there, and take pictures and leave.

[b “It would… I can make it work. And no-absolutely no sniping. If he catches me, I’ll figure may way out. All of our assassinations should point to someone else first.” ] She figured that would be the safest bet, [b “If he’s about to shoot me in the head-then you’re free to strike him.” ] She wasn’t suicidal. [b “Okay, I’ll get going.” ] She got up and saw him looking back at his phone again, messaging [b “One second hesitation for an emergency and I could be dead,” ] She reminded and grabbed an ear piece from her bag, put it on and gave him one, [b “Alert me if anything changes in there.” ]. She headed out and went across the building, putting her jacket hood over her head. She slipped into the apartment building, avoiding cameras and head up the stairs to the apartment.

Klara arrived at the door and carefully made sure no one else was on the floor before she pick locked, and opened the door carefully. She slid inside, closing the door very gently. The man was still sleeping. She pulled out a small injection she had in her bag, and left it in her side pocket in case she needed to use it. She went to the case and discovered it required a combination. She took out a glove from her bag and tried to listen to it, and see where it was worn. It took her a while but she cracked it. She opened it and saw some syringe in there, and documents. She took pictures with her phone of the documents. She heard the man roll around, but he wasn’t awake. She closed the suitcase, locked it and went to go use the fire escape to get out, to head back to Sylus.


[b “And you think you have a chance with me again,” ] She mumbled to herself, not wanting to be with anyone unfeeling. It was true…she hadn’t seen someone from the facility that was older cry, which she knew meant that she… She shook her head, not wanting to think about it. It wasn’t like she didn’t know it was her own fault, but to know that he could so easily sleep with someone right after they broke up made her put things into perspective. That she wasn’t as important to him as she thought. That he didn’t think of her, how she’d feel and didn’t bother to help her with her loss.

Ara’s bottle was missing, the movie and the sugar helped keep her distracted but she missed drinking and when this movie was done she knew it was going to be hard. She heard him and realized that maybe Tanner told him this. She finished the ice cream anyway because it helped. Watching the movie, and how Ariel had melody…it reminded her and it made her sad, [b “I want a baby.” ] She said without thought. The movie was done and she still couldn’t handle reality. [b “May I have my drink now?” ] She asked, [b “Please…I can’t handle anything right now.” ] Her chest still felt so heavy. She didn’t think there would ever be recovering from this. [b “That no emotion drug would be a blessing right now.” ] But she was sure that would have a whole entire death threatening effect on her.

She wished she could be alone. Then she remembered what put Joseph to sleep before. She found a channel on a documentary about herbs. [b “Watch. I’ll stop drinking if you do.” ] She said, pointing at the TV and hoped that he was the same and get bored to the point he’d fall asleep.
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He kissed and held Klara, wanting to trick the house keeper. Luckily it worked and they were able to get a room to themselves as he looked out the view. When he watched the man make the trade, he wondered how they could get rid of them all together. It would be easier to get rid of them all at once though.

He wondered if they could make his plan work, but then she had a point. They would be risking a lot by calling and trying to disguise a voice when it was only for two people. If they found out what was in that case...then it would be easy to manipulate all of them. It must have been important.

[b "Hmm, I think it would benefit us more to know what's in that case we can wait, but if you think you're confident enough to make it work, then we can try that. I brought a sniper just in case. I can watch from here and when you head inside, I can fire a shot if he poses a threat"] he told her, wondering if that would work. [b "I'll have your back"] he suggested.


WHen she spoke, he sighed "I....guess.." he sighed. HE didn't even remember the last time he cried because of someone. He just didn't see it happening at all. Joseph just let her do as she wanted, he just didn't want her to drown herself in sorrow.

He did as Tanner suggested, replacing everything with sweets. She was mad at first, but when she saw the movie, he could tell she was getting distracted. When she looked at the ice cream, he smirked a bit. Tanner was a genius. "Just eat up and relax Ara. You can drink more after you're done with the ice cream" he told her, sitting on the couch and just sighing in relief. He knew he was taken on this trip just for her ex, but he wished he could have saw the sights with her.


Sylus felt his phone and when he looked at the text, he frowned, seeing that she was completely done. He excused himself for a moment and went into the bathroom, locking the door. Sylus sent her another text. [b "That's not the reason. Of course I still want you in my life Ara. I'm sorry for everything I did. Maybe you're right. You don't deserve someone like me"] he sent it and jus put his phone away. He felt terrible, but he wasn't going to let Ara hold him back. They were broken up and he did nothing wrong.

But now he felt like crap again. HE's never had Ara hate him so much before. He only slept with someone because he was feeling down. It wasn't like he cheated. He didn't cheat. They were over. He stood up and faced the mirror. Now they were done done. He could try and move forward. Forget about her. He took in a deep breath and sighed softly. He still didn't feel good. Especially not after a text like that.
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Klara enjoyed the touching a kissing more than she would admit. It was sadly all a ruse and they got the spare room that they needed. [b “Yes, that would be the plan.” ] She hoped to find a strong method to handle this assassination without even lifting a trigger on the gun or making appearance. She looked out and saw him going on his phone. She raised a brow but glanced off and turned her attention but the man was just watching some game. This could be a while… She snickered and then Sylus gave an idea.

[b “That would be a great plan if I had memorized his number but I’m not quite sure if there was one. If you recall it, I say give it a shot, just use a system that deforms your voice.” ] She nodded. [b “Hmm…or we get access to that suitcase, take photos-perhaps find some dirty secrets. Then we sent it out to the entire group and let him wonder who was the leak.” ] That was always an option [b “But for all we know that guy who ‘stole’ it may not have stolen it or it isn’t as a big deal as we think it is. So, I think we do need to know what’s inside there first before we make a move.” ] She watched the man slowly start to fall asleep on his sofa. [b “It would be risky to go in there while he’s sleeping wouldn’t it? I could probably do it though.” ] She wondered.


Ara scoffed [b “So if I died, or we were together and I cheated, you wouldn’t cry? That doesn’t make you strong Joseph, it makes you lifeless.” ] She went into drinking.
Ara saw the text notification and she couldn’t realy read it because her eyes were blurry and the screen was a bit wet from her tears. She went to check it out in case it was her father. She wiped her tears and went onto read the latest notification and realized it was from Sylus. She gripped onto her phone to tightly, taking sharp breaths. ‘Fuck you.’ She first typed but felt that wasn’t powerful enough, so she erased it. So she typed ‘take your sorry and shove it up your ass’ and then she erased that again. She sobbed and it took her a while to even decide if she should even reply that at all.

[b ‘ Are you happy now? It must have been nice sleeping with someone who can last longer. Don’t apologize to me. I get it now. You don’t want anything to do with me. At least from all of this I got to at least save your life that night. Goodbye Sylus.-and Fuck you.’ ] She sent and blocked him, feeling it was the only way she was going stop herself from drunk messaging. She drank a good gulp.

Her bottle disappeared and there were cookies there instead. [b “Hey asshole! Give me my drink back. Don’t pull a Tanner on me.” ] She glanced for a second at the Tv seeing little mermaid two. She somehow end up distracted by the tv and started eating. But she began looking for where he put her bottle. [b “Jose give me my drink back…your my bodyguard not my nutrition. Which…you would still suck at being.” ] She looked at the ice cream she had in front of her now.
  Ravenity / 17d 10h 12m 19s
He had to make it seem like he needed a spare room for him and Klara, so he kissed her and then pressed her against the wall until the house keeper told them where the spare room was. He stepped inside and sat down with her, taking the spare binoculars and then he began peeking outside. He looked around and tried to see if he could spot anything.

His direction went to where Klara spotted the man and he also watched them make the trade. IT was too far to see anything that was in the case beside documents, but it was clear that they could use this to their advantage.

[b "Perfect, we could do that. If they take it with them, we can follow them again tonight"] he mentioned, his mind constantly going back to the fight he had with Ara today. He sighed, knowing she must have been really upset about sleeping with Klara. He took out his phone and figured she deserved an apology. Sylus unblocked her number and sent a text. [i "I'm sorry you had to find out that way. I was down and wasn't thinking straight. IT didn't mean anything and I'm sorry"] he sent.

He looked back at Klara. [b "We could also call the other target and tip him that his suitcase was stolen. He could rush over here and maybe we could cause problems between their group and eliminate two at once"] he mentioned.


Joseph never thought that he had to play the baby sitter. Ara was going crazy thanks to this break up and she was yelling and cussing all over the place. "Oh...yeah....a lot has happened since then. I'm stronger and more capable now" he told her, seeing her come back and take them to the hotel.

He saw her just go straight to listening to music and drinking. He sighed softly and then he texted Tanner, soon getting a reply. [i "Ice cream didn't work!"] he sent and then he saw her just playing games. Joseph decided to call up room service with the cake, ice cream and the movie and then he turned on the TV. He removed her bottle and replaced it with cookies and then he placed some ice cream by her pillow. He didn't say a thing and just grabbed a cookie and sat on the couch. At least he could manage and watch her like this.
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Klara stepped into the elevator with him and found Sylus pulling her in, kissing and she happily kissed him back, harder, pressing her body closer to his. She remembered how last night was and she remembered enjoying it. She followed Sylus into the spare room and stepped inside. She sighed, she had wished she had done more of that last night. She grabbed the binoculars out of her back and passed him the extra pair. She looked through the windows and she managed to find a peak of one and she recognized the man, [b “found him, sixth floor first apartment.” ] She instructed.

The man opened passed the case onto another. The man who stole the case was panting. [b “Bingo. The man he’s giving the suitcase too is one of our targets. We could probably get him to kill the other he just stole from.” ] She tried to see what was in the suitcase but it was hard to tell [b “When they’re gone…we should probably look through that apartment and find out what was in that suitcase, if they don’t bring it with them.” ] She suggested and then looked back at him. She was glad he could at least stay focused.

She spotted the guy that was panting receive payment in cash and then he was out of view for them. The man now with the suitcase would peak it open for second time but not fully. He sat it on the table and then he would sit on the sofa to continue to watch his sports game.

[b “This might take a while…” ] She sighed, looking back at Sylus.


Ara scoffed and looked at him as if he said the weirdest thing on earth , [b “You know what I fucking did because you were fucking there. I nearly killed you remember? I did a lot more to you and I think you have forgotten because you cried because they were hurting me and it you were telling me to shoot you. SO-haha-so fucking funny.” ] She never was accustomed to swearing so much but she was so mad and he kept on making her upset. She tossed the ice cream, and went off.

Ara made out his laughter in the background when she hurt the guy and was debating if she should do that to Joseph too even if she couldn’t technically handle him.
They arrived back at the hotel and there was nothing in the world that was going to stop her from drinking. She heard him but choose to ignore his stupid advice. She laughed, “It’s wrong.” She slammed the door and grabbed her headphones. She put them in, blasted the music and drank. She ripped off the bracelet off her wrist too harshly that it left red marks. She had her phone to play some games while she drank but she wandered into her photos and began soaking her phone in tears. [i He doesn’t love me and he’s never coming back, ] And this time, she decided she didn’t want him back, because he had so quickly slept with someone else and lied about it.

Tanner replied with [b ‘Yea, not fuck her in the first place. Or replace her drinks with cake, cookies or ice cream, play a Disney movie and she’ll eventually pass out like a toddler. Sometimes works.’ ]
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He watched the man head down the street towards a building. Sylus finished eating quickly and then he hurried with Klara down the street to follow him. He stayed close, but when he glanced around anxiously, Sylus could tell he was carrying something really important. He hurried and when he looked back, he pressed Klara up against the wall and then he felt her lips. He looked back and saw him rushing.

Sylus got into the car with her and drove after the man. He hurried down the streets, making a few turns and when they were close enough to see where he parked, Sylus parked at the building across. [b "Okay, let's go"] he let Klara deal with the car and then he headed into the other building. He stayed with Klara wondering what floor the man could have been on. [b "Looks like we'll have to guess. For now, let's go up"] he told her, taking the elevator to a mid range floor. He stepped out and saw one of the house keeping ladies coming down.

He held Klara's hand and pulled her in close, kissing her lips and then he let his hand go down to her ass, holding it tight. HE kissed her harder and then he would move her intentionally towards the house keeping lady before turning to face her. [b "Where's a spare room?"] he asked, seeing one door open. HE held Klara's hands and brought her into the room, closing the door and then heading out to the window. [b "Here, we have a good spot to find out what floor he's on. Got those binoculars?"]


Joseph wasn't really sure on how to comfort someone, but he really did want to cheer her up somehow. He loved Ara, but he didn't think he'd end up crying like that one guy to the point where he'd look so sad and pathetic. NEver.

"I just think it's funny. You really did a lot to him if he's crying" he told her and started laughing. THen he mentioned how Sylus slept with someone soon after and that tipped it off the scale. Ara grew so upset that he quickly stood up "Ara! I didn't mean it. I'm sorry" he saw her toss the ice cream and walk off, making him sigh as he hurried after her.

He had to protect her, so he stayed close by and he tried to watch her to make sure no one harmed her. She beat up a dude and had him laughing, but when she headed back for the car, he hurried back and sat down. Ara came back looking adamant about her decision, so Joseph just let her drive back.

WHen they made it back to the hotel, he went upstairs and then he closed the doors. He did a quick check of the room and let her relax. There was no stopping her and it was really frustrating. He wasn't sure how Tanner dealt with her all the time. "Ara, you shouldn't be drowning your sorrows in alcohol. IT's wrong" he sighed and then he decided to pull out his phone and text Tanner. "I can't stop ARa from drinking herself to misery. Got any ideas?"
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Klara took some of his. She spotted the guy by the fire escape too, but really wanted to eat before she head out. She got up with him and held his hand. She walkd along the street, not directly staring a the man but not missing her view of him. It was odd how he kept glancing back, he definitely was holding something suspicious there. She saw Sylus smile, pressing her against the wall. She kissed him to keep up the act, slowly and then would glance over, seeing the man rush toward the car. She looked up at Sylus eyes, “Come on, we need to go tail him with the car.” ] She took hold of his hand and went up the street toward the car. She let Sylus drive, she watched carefully until they arrived into this other apartment building that stood a good distance. She sighed, and looked up at the building across from it, [b “We could go into that building and user my binoculars to watch him.” ]

She got out of the car and made way for the man’s car they were tailing first. She pulled something out of her bag, but made sure no security cameras were on them first. She stuck a chip onto the car and then hurried back to Sylus, and then would make sure he was fine with going into the building across to view from there before heading over there, going up to the top and watching carefully with binoculars from there.


[b “Really? Didn’t you say you loved me? You should know about it liar.” ] She shook her head, and decided to not believe anyone anymore when they said they loved her. [b “Not that long ago you were shutting him down, why are you suddenly changing your mind? How is this funny?” ] She asked and heard him laughing. She felt her anger spike and she didn’t want to be anywhere near Joseph right now. Her jaw tightened.

Her muscles became tight, [b “Thanks, thanks for that. Because having a miscarriage is the same as breaking up. Fuck you Joseph.” ] She opened the car door and decided she couldn’t bar eto be around him right now. [I Love me my fucking ass. ] The only person she’s ever had that truly seemed like they loved her was Tanner. She glared back at him and couldn’t control her anger, she tossed the ice cream at him, [b “Fuck you. What the fuck do you know about anything? Don’t fucking follow me. If someone attempts something on my life-let them.” ] She said, and walked on her own down the street. She didn’t know where she was going but if she wasn’t alone she was seriously going to try to hurt someone.

She could feel the cold hurt her skin. She wished she could just run, run away and never come back to this shitty life. She stifled her tears and began looking for the nearest place she could get a drink. She assumed that places wouldn’t be open to having alcohol in the morning, so she went to find in a shop. She bought a bottle of brandy. Some weirdo came to her and talking about some nasty things and would try to reach to feel her up. Ara turned kneed him in the gut and walked away. She would glance back for a second and saw that he was angry and went for her, so she flipped over like Tanner taught her. She walked out of the store, and then head back to the car, “I’m driving myself back.” She stated, planning to go to the hotel and get drunk.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 17d 12h 43m 41s
He took the bite from her and it tasted really good. [b "Mmm, it's delicious. Here have some of mine"] he was at least glad he wasn't alone. Klara was here to distract his mind away from all of the problems he was dealing with. HE looked out the window and spotted someone trying to head down a fire escape.

Sylus finished the rest of his bacon and eggs and then he paid the bill on the table with the money they were given. They got up and then he thought about tailing him [b "That's a better idea. The less I have to deal with getting my hands dirty, the better"] he stood up and then he headed out the door, waiting for Klara to follow him. He held her hand and walked across the street, looking around and then seeing the man in the brief case. HE followed a few feet behind, walking as he held her hand, looking like a normal couple. The man would glance back and then he would move faster.

Sylus just made sure to stay on his tail and then when the man would look, he had Klara pressed against the wall, pretending to be talking with her, a smile on his face.


He wanted to cheer her up right now. To make her feel like she was important to at least him. "I don't really know much else about love, but if it could make a guy like him cry, he probably really loves you" he told her and then he laughed a bit. Who would have thought that Ara would turn someone into a sap like him. He'd be better off getting stone cold than being so mushy and lovey dovey.

"Ehhh maybe? I can't really say, but if he was as down in the dumps as you were, I can see why he slept with" he didn't mean to bring that up. He gave her the ice cream and then he patted her head "You're not. You're never stupid for loving someone. It's natural" he could tell now she was just spurting out nonsense the entire time. She was putting herself down again.

"Ara you have to stop thinking that way. You know he loves you. You have so many people that love you. Let's just relax for now okay. Eat up and just let it make you feel better"
  ellocalypse / 17d 13h 19m 17s
Klara held it up for him and watched him take a bite. She took a piece of his bacon, leaning back and looking out the window, spotting the a guy going down the fire escape. She narrowed her eyes, [b “No he doesn’t, but I could wear he came from the same apartment…” ] She popped the rest of the food in her mouth because she wanted to finish it. [b “We should.” ] She nodded, [b “Just let me finish this first.”] She finished off her French toast, and then got up.

[b “Actually, we should probably tail him and find out where he’s going with the case. Better to decrease our involvement. What do you say?” ] She looked back at him, feeling pretty confident in the time she had left to stop the guy from going off with the case need be. She would just go hard toward him, and make a scene and let Sylus take the suitcase in the middle of the chaos.

She thought about him smiling, and wondered if it bothered him…she did hear ‘baby’ at one point. She didn’t think much of it. Klara didn’t think it would be smart of her to mention any of it though. Maybe not talking about it was the best medicine.


Ara scoffed, [b “As if I want to sight see right now.” She wanted to run away from her emotions, that’s what she wanted to do. She wanted to pass out drunk. She wanted to be absent for a while. She didn’t know why Joseph was even trying to convince her Sylus loved her and cared about her. [b “No, he doesn’t. You were right, he doesn’t want anything to do with me and he doesn’t care about me. The second we break up he sleeps with someone else-that says it all.” ] She shoved it all, shoved all those feelings of love away because she knew there was no use in loving someone who would go sleep with a girl that fast. Was it for revenge?

She hid in her arms again. She hadn’t thought about being sentenced to death for having a baby with Sylus. But it also made sense. She scoffed and then shed tears all over again, [b “I’m so stupid for loving him. I’m so stupid for not being careful.” ] She wiped them away again.

Ara inhaled a painful deep breath. [b “I don’t care. I don’t care anymore. He doesn’t want me… He doesn’t care for me. He doesn’t care that I had a miscarriage. Even if he gives me a second chance, I’m not. I can’t…” She shook her head, wishing she could wipe her memories so that this wouldn’t hurt so much. She felt him pat the top of her head and give her ice cream. The ice cream would start to melt. She made herself take some of the ice cream anyway.
  Ravenity / 17d 14h 10m 2s

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