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Sylus was sure getting a lot of attention. Regular people really were predictable... Sometimes she was glad she wasn't like them, mindless, oblivious and not wanting to help stop the horrible things happening. She didn't care about the attention he was getting because she knew that nothing could compare to her, not while she was still here.

Ara figured she didn't have to do much looking to find Roark, because he found her. She played a role of someone else, someone that was unlike her. She lightly laughed and brushed her hair back [b "Maybe, I think they're more intimidated by me for some reason." ] She could tell. People must have been talking to each other. Just like at that college and those rumours... [i You really can't fit anywhere. ] Well, besides the whole criminal world. She's watched these criminals behaviour for so long that it was easy to replicate.

[b "Of course, we can speak privately after." ] She nodded and let him go off. Ara turned around to find Sylus and found him crowded with people. She waited for him to get out and meet her. When he did, she leaned in and gave his lips a quick kiss, not caring about the attention as it was the last day, and she wanted to show that they shouldn't bug him. [b "Yes, he wants to meet with me privately later." ] She held one of his hands. She put on a smile [b "Look at you, my sexy boyfriend is so popular. You've gotten better talking to people." ]

It would be a while before Roark was done talking with guests, so she figured she should blend in until then. She could easily spot who the Queen's son was, with someone stiff bodied following him and the added attention. Definitely needed to avoid being noticed. She decided to find the few people she talked to last time to ask how they were doing. She even spotted Jack with his parents, he looked on edge. Last thing she heard was that he was under investigation.

She went to Sy [b "Hey, do you think you can memorize the location of the guards in this room, just so we know," ] She told him and the time was passing by, and with each second she was growing anxious, knowing it was reaching closer and closer.

A girl in a black dress with sleeves, dark long hair came up to Sylus, with a cocktail in her hand "Hi, word around the party is that you're really nice to look at. I'm Payton," She stretched out her hand that had a scar running up her sleeve, and glanced over at Ara was off speaking to someone, "Be honest, are you really in love with her? With that monster's daughter?" She whispered the last bit.
  Ravenity / 20d 14h 17m 48s
When they arrived at Roark's home, Sylus helped Ara out of the car. He held her hand and then he walked her inside the double doors. They were met with a red carpet, chandeliers and guests flooding the first floor. Butlers were handing out appetizers and drinks, while people were mingling around.

He told her that he wanted to dress up for her on other occasions, but she still looked so stunning in her dress before him. Sylus met her lips, kissing her and then letting her roam around. THeir mission was starting now as he looked around, letting her go off to find Roark. Sylus knew she could do this. She was amazing at persuasion and getting a guy to like her. Sometimes he wondered if she persuaded him into being in a relationship...he didn't really know, but he did love her.

When Roark came, Sylus just greeted him and then he heard him calling Ara sexy.....well he couldn't argue. He let the two talk while he stayed further back a bit and was trying to keep tabs on how they were doing. There were some women in dresses trying to figure out who he was and what he was doing here, but he just stated that he was Ara's boyfriend.

Roark looked over her dress and he shook his head "No, I'm sure you'll be the one everyone is keeping their eyes on" he smiled and then he bit down on his lip, wanting to talk to Ara more, but other's came along. "Just give me a moment. I want to speak with you later privately if that's okay" he smiled and went off to speak with a few more people.

Sylus was almost backed up against the wall with people. He tried to just push through, but they kept talking about how great he looked and if he could meet their grand child, some were even trying to set him up on a date. At the corner of his eye, he saw that Ara was finished. He tried to end the conversation, slowly moving back to her side [b "So how'd it go? Are we still on schedule?"]
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 20d 21h 34m 35s
They were reaching near to Roark’s house and her stomach was stirring with nervousness, of having this life here end tonight. She had to complete this mission, that was a fact and at the same time she didn’t because they had to go back. She didn’t want to leave Sylus. She watched him driving and it kept hitting her, that wave of fear of returning, of losing him. She felt like she would go mad. They were right at the gate. The edge of her lip curved into a smile when he called her beautiful. [b “Yea...I wish it were for other reasons too.” ] She hoped they would get to do something like this again. She had to kiss him, feel how soft his lips were on hers, not wanting it to break away.

The house was nevertheless well decorated, people roaming around, drinks and food being served and the chatter. Fake smiles… She stayed by Soren this time around, and realized how good he has gotten being outside here, talking to others. What if...he was on a long mission with others, without her. What if he found someone else he liked too. [i But he’s not like the others, I can definitely trust him. ] She felt more worried about messing this up and causing his abuse or death. She clung onto his hand and it was good to hear his voice. Yes, she’s done this before. She could do it now.

Roark came down and she flipped the switch to behave differently in front of him. She lifted up a smile, meeting his eyes. ‘Sexy’ It bugged her. She laughed warmly [b “I do? I hope I don’t stick out in a negative way. I think you stick out far more. Of course I’d come, I wanted to have some fun and see you.” ] The words came out naturally but, oh how she dreaded saying it. This was it, this was probably Roark’s last day so, it didn’t matter now. She saw someone looking like they were going to head over here, to talk to him. [b “Well, I can tell people are dying to speak to you, it’s rude to keep you to myself. I’ll be here late though.” ] She added, and didn’t feel she had to even encourage him to drink loads because she felt he’d do that anyway.
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He was waiting for Ara, letting her dress up because he knew how long it took her to change. He let out a deep breath and then he fixed up his hair, seeing Ara come in. He had a smile on his face because she looked stunning as usual. Sometimes he couldn't really tell why she was so much prettier than everyone else? He held her hand, heading down to meet the guys. WHen they talked about the final decisions on the plan, he met the guys and hoped for the best.

They reviewed everything one last time and when he said good luck to the guys, he smiled, and then went to the car with Ara. He drove them towards Roark's house, entering through the gates after they saw Ara on the guest list. He heard her calling him sexy and he smirked [b "Well you look so beautiful too. If only we dressed up for ourselves than this reason right now"] he told her, meeting her lips as he held her hand and led her into the house. IT was sad because it was probably going to be the last time they were together like this before going back to the facility.

Sylus led her inside and when he let ARa go, he stayed close behind, getting some hor d'oeuvres before walking around. There were a few female guests talking to him and he'd entertain them for a while, but he'd still keep his eye on Ara. He went up to her side and whispered [i "You can do this. You're good at this"] he reminded her.

Roark was at the top of the balcony, greeting all his guests before he walked through the bottom floor. When he spotted Ara in her sexy dress, he didn't hesitate to come over. "Well....glad you could make it sexy. You stick out like a sore thumb"
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 21d 9h 37m 36s
[ Ara's dress]
This was it. [i Today is the day. ] She exhaled deeply and curled her fingers around her necklace and gave herself one more. She wore a two piece black dress, something that was easy to move in and easy to hide something right underneath the skirt. There was a small blade strapped to her thigh, just in case. Her long brown hair was in structured waves. She matched the dress with a pair of ankle boots. She was debating if she should keep her promise ring n or not...she still wanted to keep it on. Ara kept her makeup neutral with a cat eye, her blue eyes standing out.

Ara stepped out of the bathroom and Sylus, seeing him fixing up his hair. She paused for a moment, enjoying how the clothes fit him, how sexy he was with the sleeves rolled up just a bit. She took hold of Sylus hand and squeezed it tightly, [b "Are you ready?" ] She couldn't believe it... That today really had to be the last night they could be with each other like this. She frowned and spaced out for a while.

She nodded to herself [b "Alright, let's go." ] She went downstairs with him. Tanner and Clyde stood up and she reviewed there plan with them. Tanner was working as security today, so it would help them get out easier. Clyde had to take a ride with Tanner, so he could help sneak in and not show up the same time as her and Sy. She let them have a head start before her and Sy took the car.

Ara let Sy drive, trying not to be nervous about this plan. When they got there, she held onto Sylus' hand and felt nervous about getting past security but they didn't suspect a thing. [b "I didn't say this before but, you look irresistible, so sexy," ] She managed a smile, meeting his eyes and leaning forward, and giving him a kiss because she craved it. She sighed and looked ahead, [b "I should probably find the devil, or we should talk to a few people and blend in." ] Someone came in with drinks, and as much as she craved one now, she knew it wouldn't be a good idea.

She nibbled on her bottom lip, [b "I'm scared of I mess this up." ]
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He didn't bother asking anymore since Ara looked like she wasn't going to tell him anymore. It made him wonder why she was getting really upset. She never told him what happened back then at all. She didn't even go into detail about why she didn't consider him a father.

He just shrugged it off for now and tried to relax as they all came up with a plan. Luckily Roark was having a party and everyone figured out what part they needed to play. They all decided and once the meeting ended, they tied up some loose ends and had the plan ready to go within the next few days.


On the day of Roark's party, Sylus was standing in front of the mirror, tying up his tie as he slipped on his watch. He wore a black blazer, a dark, grey shirt inside and then some black pants. He rolled up his sleeves a little and held his blazer.

[ Sylus' Clothes]

When he fixed up his hair, he waited for Ara to finish up, heading downstairs to see Clyde and Tanner waiting, watching TV. They were going to head to the party, him and Ara as guests along with Tanner, while Clyde would stay in the parking lot, waiting for the time to pass and to keep his eye out on anyone suspicious.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 22d 21h 16m 37s
At the very least, he was letting it go for now. She knew it would be brought back up, and she knew Sy would be told who she was eventually. Although, there were a few people who graduated that still weren't told, the ones that were sold off, most of them anyway. The guard that worked at the facility though, were told.

The plan sounded like it would work but putting it into practice might turn out much different. She hoped...that she didn't mess up. She kept glancing at her phone for Roark's messages. [b "He has a party, it's on Friday at 8pm. We can arrive a little later, because we'll have to leave at the end of the party." ] She replied back to Roark [b 'Thank you. I'll see you then.' ] He didn't deny that there was more security. She figured she had to treat it like there was. [b "We should avoid being noticed by the Queen's son and his security. If he has security on him, it won't be good for them to remember any of our faces." ]

[b "Alright then, that'll be the plan. Clyde, I'm not entirely sure I can get you in,'ll have to sneak in, not using the front door." ] She reminded.

"I can help him get in." Tanner added "At least into a parking lot. We'll get this done. Ara, you need to review self defense with me. I need to be confident you're capable again" Tanner leaned back, more concerned about Ara than anything else.

Ara nodded [b "Right...when?" ]
"Now or an hour. But soon."
She frowned, her shoulders slumping, but she knew he was right. [b "Okay, well we'll meet up an hour before the party here and review our plan before we head out. Everyone good?" ]
  Ravenity / 23d 9h 11m 18s
He didn't mean to poke a nerve, but he got really curious. Who was her father? Why did he feel the need to ask for that man's help? Why did she make it seem like it was impossible? Did she really not like her father just as he hated his? Sylus didn't really know, so when she explained, he nodded his head and then just kept it at that. She was asking for him to forget, so who was he to say no?

They all sat at the table and ended up coming up with a decent plan. Sylus would stay close to ARa, keeping an eye on her while Tanner helped with distracting the guards and Clyde would take care of getting them an escape route.

[b "Okay, well hopefully he has a party"]

After getting the invite, Roark looked over her text [i It's a party Ara. You can talk to anyone you want. If you would like to talk to me, I don't see any reason why not?] he sent and then he gave her the date and time of the party. It was going to be held at his mansion again at 8pm on Friday night.

[b "I think the plan is good. Swindle him away into that room Tanner suggests and we'll be able to keep it quiet. When people notice he's gone, hopefully we'll have the job done by then"]
  ellocalypse / 23d 21h 19m 17s
As much as she wanted to hold her composure whenever Sylus asked a question that connected to her father, her body couldn't help but become stiff. She made herself to meet his eyes at least, and use a tone she regularly used, [b "Sy... I know your just curious. Although, it's hard for me to talk about him, the same way when...we bring Shawn to the conversation. All I can say for now is that he was once okay, and now he's someone that I hate to say I have blood relations. He isn't family, I don't like calling him my father, you and everyone like you are family to me." ] She lightly shrugged and sighed, her shoulders releasing in tension, [b "So, can we please forget about him?" ] She felt that he understood that much.

This plan. She hoped she wouldn't be the reason for it to fail. [b "Thanks. I really like knowing your near by." ] Ara smiled for a moment. She always felt scared in those situations where she wasn't sure of the outcome.

[b "Then, it sounds like we have a plan. We know our roles, and remember we can't make a mess...but hold up. I still need to make sure there's a party." ] Thankfully, it wasn't taking Roark to reply after each one. She didn't like how he was going around the push.

Spa. Actually, she could use one of those with Sy. [b ' Ah, I'd rather not quit.' ] She leaned back, getting inpatient, and read the message that followed. The queen's son. Great. So if the Queen's son were aware of anything suspicious, who knew if it would spread. No pressure or anything. [b 'I would have never thought you'd have connections with royalty. I'm guessing they'll be extra security on him, so I won't be able to talk to him. I'm interested.' ] She did wonder if there would be more security detail because he was there, or maybe he was keeping it low and wouldn't. It definitely mattered.

[b "Roark is having a party this weekend but, the queen's son will be there. We can't make a single mistake." ] She looked back at the guys. [b "Do you think we should still go through the plan at the party?" ]
  Ravenity / 25d 3h 39m 38s
He wasn't sure what her father would be involved in, but he believed he'd help Ara out if she needed him to. He heard Ara say that that he wouldn't help and he understood. That man was busy, but how busy? What role did he have in the company. [b "Ara? What role does your father play in the organization? Is he important?"] he asked, wondering now.

He really did want to finish the mission, but if that meant going back to the facility with Ara, he wasn't sure if he really wanted to do it. He didn't want things to go back to the way they were. To have ARa's attention on many other guys again and to become a nobody didn't sound like fun.

Sylus' attention was on other things when they were talking about the plan. He sat with them and when they agreed to have someone stick around her, he nodded his head. [b "Yeah, I'll stay close by, but I'll be at a distance. I'll make sure you're okay and will be within reach if you're in danger"] he told her, looking up at the others and then they talked about kidnapping Roark.

They went through the plans, locations and getaways. Clyde nodded "I can do that. I'll snag a car, just send me the location" he told them.

Roark looked at Ara's text and then he smirked [i "Well if you're stressed you can always call it quits? I could send you off to a spa day or a massage?"] he sent and then he looked over at his calendar. [i "Luckily for you I'm throwing a welcoming party for the queen's son this weekend. Interested?"]
  ellocalypse / 25d 23h 48m 27s
If he did, then it would be a start. Ara nodded. If Sy knew, he wouldn't think twice about leaving her father out of it. It wasn't like she could even ask anyway, it was risky. [b "Sy, he's the last person anyone should ever get help from, even for a mission." ] She knew what he'd say, and she had a feeling it would bite back on the guys. he was the reason this shit was happening, the reason her life was like this. She hated t call him family, to be related to someone like that. Her forehead drew lines and she moved onto thinking about getting this mission done.

[b "Yea... I hope that will be enough to do what we need to. But thanks Sy." ] She gently smiled. The two boys came in and then the conversation began. She thought this might just work. Of course, Tanner was fighting her on it, as usual. He was always over worried whenever she got involved.

Tanner leaned forward, a hand falling down on the desk as he got up "One of us sticking around you is a good idea," He went to go grab a drink from the fridge, "But if say Sy, get's caught it would be put you in more danger. You can't be hanging too close to her either. Or...If you get caught, you can always can act like a suspicious jealous boyfriend." ]

[b "That could work." ] It would relieve her to have Sy not too far off. Tanner came to sit back down and went to grab paper and drew the layout of the house and pointed [b "If you lead him up into his room, he has a balcony facing the side of the house, there's a hidden ladder there that's set up for emergencies. Take that, and I'll make sure that area is clear. His garage is by there, Clyde could meet us there. But, Clyde, you'll have to hijack someone else's car to get us to the next point. I'll find the location to drop him off." ]]

Her phone buzzed, and she pulled it out while they talked. Fun, the last thing she thought was this was going be fun. She sighed to herself and sent [b ' Stressed, could use one. Are you? I wanted to know before I made any plans to go elsewhere.] She sent and Tanner looked back at her wondering what reply she got. [b "He didn't exactly gave me an answer yet.]'. She was glad that at least they never had to deal with him again.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 26d 3h 59m 46s
He was only drawing on the piece of paper because he didn't want to really listen to coming back to the facility. The more he wanted to avoid it, the more then had to finish this mission and head home. He frowned and then he ended up sitting at the table with her, coming up with some ideas to try and seclude Roark.

[b "I hope he's having a party at least"] he sighed and then he guessed that her father was a busy man and this must have been just a small matter to him. [b "I guess you're right. We should complete this mission ourselves"] he thought about it more, feeling her lips against his cheek and it put a smile on his face.

[b "He seems to really like the way you work, you're independent and can get the job done"] he smiled and got the door. Soon enough, all four of them were sitting in the living room talking about some ideas. Their best bet was to do this at the party, maybe make it seem like he was having fun with a girl in his private room. Maybe he'd even seclude himself the more intoxicated he was.

[b "He's just saying it's best if you at least have one guard there too. At least to make sure you're okay"] he told her, thinking that maybe he could hide in a closet until Ara decided to move the plan along.

Clyde thought that it was probably for the best that they did this while there were people all distracted with a party. "I can drive. Just give me a signal and I'll monitor the outside and be your escape route" he suggested.

Roark noticed Ara's message and had a smirk on his lips. [i Why Darling? Eager to have some fun? Tired already?"] he sent, wondering why she was so curious.
  ellocalypse / 26d 21h 58m 8s
The doodle he drew made her smile. Those were little things she never wanted to forget. One of the things that she would miss so much. She wish her only focus was living life with him. It really couldn't be that way. She added onto Sylus' ideas and figured she needed to stop wondering if Roark would have a party any time soon and decided to pull out her phone and texted him [b 'Will you have another party this week?' ] She didn't think he'd find anything suspicious about it. [b "We'll soon find out." ]

That was another idea. [b "It might work but the last thing we want is my dad to get me." ] She muttered the last bit. He would be too busy to even bat an eye about this, and she didn't want to put the boys under a microscope. She saw the way he smiled after she mentioned the drawing he did. [b "Me too... I want to draw more of them, I want to save them." ] She leaned against him and kissed his cheek but her might got straight back into working.

[b " luring him than seems like the best way." ] She nodded, somehow... There was a knock and Sy grabbed the door.

"So, we have to do this for real," Tanner sat down.
[b "Yes...if Roark has a party than I and Sy came up with the idea of me luring him alone, you guys can knock him out and we sneak out of there." ]
Tanner stared back for the longest time and shook his head, "Well if you say it like that it sounds simple but it's not. The place is heavily guarded, they will notice him missing."
Ara shrugged [b "Then near the end of the night. Guard will be tired, he'll be out of it, most people will be gone. ]

" You can not be alone with that psychopath even for a second," Tanner scoffed.
Ara rolled her eyes [b "Oh, so that's why. You think I can't do it?" ]
"I don't have full confidence that you can do without any harm." He stated and ran his fingers through his hair "I don't even know how we would be able to get him out."

Ara frowned [b "I can do it. He'll be out of it, I can handle it. We'll figure it out. You know his houses' layout, you know the guards. I can lure him into a room, shut the door. You can get the guard to leave his post and we can sneak out, and Clyde can drive the car." ] She figured that was a good idea, if this party was going on. She glanced at Clyde [b "What do you think?" ]

"It could work, but it's very risky..." ] Tanner leaned back.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 27d 6h 5m 30s
He didn't want things to go back to how they used to. All he really wanted was to be able to stay with Ara and not have to worry about anything else. He didn't want to think about heading back to the facility so soon, but what more could he do? He really couldn't stay away from her and he couldn't leave her even if he wanted to. Ara had been such a huge part of his life that it would be to hard to leave if she told him to escape.

He sat at the table, thinking of what else he could do here that he wanted to do before they went back. He's done so much and there wasn't really anything else he wanted except more time with Ara. He drew a picture and then he set it on the table, hearing ARa speaking on the phone and getting really serious. He let out a sigh and then he just looked up at her, thinking of what they could do to get Roark all alone.

He spoke with her about a few ideas and then he sighed [b "Yeah we do't really know when another party is happening. If we can, maybe we can give him a reason to celebrate something?"] he suggested, thinking maybe they could score a huge deal on something.

[b "Maybe We can arrange a plan with your dad about luring them in. Maybe a deal with his company. Your dad could agree to his terms, make the deal and then Roark could celebratE?"] he thought for a second and then he saw Ara looking at his drawing. [b "I did draw it. I miss our small little things like that"] he smirked.

The more he thought about the plans, the more he felt like maybe it would be tough. [b "For me....I think he wouldn't see an attractive girl coming in. Especially one that has benefitted his company before"] he told her, soon hearing the door.

Sylus let Clyde and Tanner inside, having a seat with them in the living room to see if more plans could be made.
  ellocalypse / 27d 21h 29m 4s
If it only could always be like this. If only things were so much different. She knew it must have pained him as much as it pained her to go back and not have the same freedom they had to be together. She went to get that call and knew it would throw everything back into how it should have been and stayed. They had to get this done and they had to make no mistake. It stressed her out and when she came back down and sat down to explain to him. She missed his drawing while she explained and listened to him.

[b "Mmm... We need to come up with something solid." ] With the security Roark had, she didn't know how they would they even be able to do it without making a mess. She ran her fingers through her hair and listened to Sylus' ideas. [b "Yea, I could convince him to another meeting, but...he usually picks a pretty crowded area. I could try to pick it this time, hopefully he would take a bait." ] A party was another option that could be a thing but, [b "We don't know when another party will happen and, security won't be intoxicated. AH," ] She remembered a drug. [b "If say at a party or luring him at a meeting, there's that drug I used once, it'll make him do everything I say, if I can manage to sneak it in to a drink or food somehow..." ] She leaned forward against the table. [b "But someone like him probably wouldn't take something ordered before and if I get caught..." ]Either way, this sounded hard.

Her eyes fell over the table and finally noticed a drawing Sylus' made. It made her smile. [b "Did you draw this now?" ] She almost forgot about there back and forth doodles to each other. She would miss all of this. [b "I hope that when your my bodyguard, that some missions will leave us to be able to do those sort of things again." ] She nibbled on her lip, feeling the pressure go up on getting Roark, and making sure the guys didn't get in trouble. [b "Sy, what do you think? What would a paranoid conceited practically a psychopath drug lord lower his guard or never see coming?" ] She groaned, wondering if Roark would be drug enough to follow her somewhere alone, so the guys could knock him out and sneak him out. [b "Maybe your right. Maybe at his own party, if he gets drunk enough, maybe I can lure him to be alone and then you guys can knock his lights out, along with any guard following, and we can just figure out a route out. If that party is close..." ]

She glanced at the door, wondering if the two were coming any time soon. Tanner said to give him a half hour.
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