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[b “I thought I did. But I haven’t made enough change.” ] And she wasn’t so sure she would be able to. All of this could end with her non-existence and a horrible future either way. She knew life was no fairytale, and there were no guarantee that good would win. She didn’t think Kai had the same motivation as her. He had never even tried.

Hearing him say she did change Sy was making her feel bit better. [b “Yea…maybe you’re right.” ] Ara said. She saw just make the decision to leave, even when she was here. It stung and she always felt alone. He was always gone, and now even when it was a choice he’d choose to go. It felt like w hen she was a wreck that he didn’t stay.

She’d go in her room. She’d figure he already left her. She’d cry, until she couldn’t. She’d stay in the darkness. Then she felt him in bed. She’d turn and look at him. She’d feel his arms around her, and he held her close. She’d hold onto him back, pressing her forehead against his chest, [b “Not really…you did the work. You would have been fine without me.” ]

Ara frowned and sniffled [b “I don’t want to cry. I can’t help it. It just keeps coming out.” ] She said and felt him rubbing her back. Kissing her cheek. She’d look up at his eyes. She’d hug him tighter. [b “Why…? Why didn’t you get prove first? I was so scared. It made me feel so stupid for feeling so scared.” ] She’d say and press her forehead against his. [b “I don’t…want you to be part of those horrible acts Sy in anyway. I don’t care about the mission. I care about you. And I keep thinking…what if we had a family one day and they did that to us. I don’t like it. I want us to follow our own rules, not my fathers…not anymore. I don’t want you to be a pawn anymore.” ] She’d express and didn’t even know if he’d understand.
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Kai really wanted to help ARa out in any way that he could, but it seemed futile from the way he grew up and watched the hole time. His father was never home and when he was, he was stressed, so him and his mother would have to deal with it too. "Ara, you shouldn't. You must have been dealing with all of this your entire life as well. I'm sure you have better tactics now. Things must be better" he asked, seeing that she was getting even more sad.

"He is good and you did change him. He just has to be with you longer and I'm sure he'll remember" he assured her. THen Sylus came and it seemed like he didn't care when his girlfriend was crying right now. It made him upset, so he told him about it before he left their home.

Sylus felt so weak and he felt upset that all of his work was for nothing. He couldn't please Ara and he felt like he was nothing but a disappointment. She wasn't happy with him was she?

He ate dinner with Klara and then he went upstairs, seeing Klara in bed. He sat down beside her and rubbed her back, waiting for her to tell him to get away. But when she said she wanted him to hold her, he set his drink down and then he climbed into bed beside her. He hugged his arms around her waist and then he held her close, hugging her and rubbing the tears out of her eyes. [b "You can do a lot of things. You saved me today"] he told her, his arms holding her close.

[b "You don't need to cry. I'll be here to help you. I'm your proof. You've saved a lot of people"] he rubbed her back slowly and then he kissed her cheek. Sylus met her eyes and then he felt a bit of relief. At least she was here safe with him. [b "Kagami told me he had you captured today. I was so worried when you told me you were out. I had to go there..."] he frowned.
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It didn’t sound like anyone understood just how severe and important it was to not just sit and not do anything about it. Ara listened to Kai and wondered why didn’t she give up. What was the point? No matter how hard she tried, there were bad consequences. [b “So… I should give up too.” ] Ara whispered. What good going against her dad do? Dying…and freeing no one. And maybe they shouldn’t be free.

She had thought the same but it clicked in her now that he was only like that with her. [b “I thought he was good. But he hasn’t been. So… I changed nothing.” ] She said. She saw Sylus come in, it upset her hearing he’d leave again. He was always out, always working and she was understanding but even now and it hurt. Did she even know him? She threw that pillow at him. She went upstairs. She wore her sweater, and nothing more, feeling too lazy to do anything else. She hid under the covers. She cried silently to herself.

Then she’d grow quiet, staring at the darkness of the room. What she wanted to do felt all so hopeless. Her head hurt. She had enough, being away from Sylus, finding out he’s been causing harm to innocent people, and feeling so hopeless to stop horrible things from happening. She felt the movement and Sylus rubbing her back. She turned around, “Can you hold me?” She’d whisper. She was still upset but she needed him. She’d sniffle and wipe her eyes again, [b “I feel so hopeless…I can’t do anything to help anyone,” ] She whispered “And sick…and easy to cry. I don’t know why” ] She’d mumble. Her blue watery eyes looking at him.
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He didn't like the fact that ARa had been seeing Kai behind his back, not mentioning it either. She was always doing whatever she wanted, using her authority however she wanted to save lives and trying to tell him that everything he did was wrong.

He sighed [b "I try to"] he told her and then he headed towards Kiyoshi's house to to let him know what was happening in his own organization. He spoke with him and hoped that they would at least take what he said into account. He doubted that Kiyoshi would make sure families were safe, but he tried to tell him at least. [b "I don't want innocent lives on my hands. Only the people that deserve it"] he told him.


Kai was sitting at the table, listening to ARa talk about how his father wasn't a good person. "I know what he's doing is terrible, but what can I do against him? He's too powerful. I can talk to him and get some sense into him, but he's in this gang all his life..." he tried to tell her. "I don't want innocent lives taken either Ara" he told her.

They finished eating and sat on the couch together, trying their best to figure things out. He listened to why she was here and he rubbed her shoulder "You're not weak Ara. You got my step brother to be good? HE seems like he's a completely different person when he's with you than when he's working" he told her, shaking his head. He then saw Sylus heading into the house.

Sylus saw the two and Kai was rubbing her shoulder. THey looked pretty cozy and it hurt. Ara had tears in her eyes and he would have dinner. When she assumed he was doing with someone, he sighed and then he felt the pillow hit him. He pulled out his phone and texted Klara [i "I'll make something at home. I have to take care of Ara"] he told her and then he saw Kai getting up. HE decided not to go since Ara was getting hysterical, but he was still down in the dumps.

HE looked over at Kai [b "What happened to her?"]

"What do you think? You always leave her alone, that's what. I'll see you later. Take care of her will ya?" he told Sylus.

Sylus just let out a deep sigh and went into the kitchen to cook. He made some chicken katsu and a salad, seeing Klara soon come home. They sat at the table, talking about what happened and how they captured him. He told her how him and Ara have been in a slump because he had to do a few things in his missions that required some people to be killed.

He ate and once he finished, he told Klara that he was heading up. He went up to their bedroom, seeing Ara laying in bed. He wasn't sure if she was asleep, but he brought a beer with him. He took a seat at the edge of the bed and rubbed her back a little. [b "I'm not leaving you Ara. I'm right here"] he told her, trying to get her to calm down, but wasn't sure if she wanted his attention.
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She sat down with him. They’ve gotten close as friends. She knew better than to just bluntly trust but she felt desperate to get someone that she could trust at a leadership position. Ara hated hearing him talk about things he couldn’t avoid. Did no one understand that dragging innocent people into problems was incredibly twisted but her? [b “There’s always things you can avoid.” ] It bothered her because it sounded like what her father said. That he was doing right by taking kids who weren’t needed and tormenting them, and even getting them to lose their life.

Hearing Kai realized they really weren’t the same as she thought. He could just sit by and not do anything…not care. She couldn’t do that. “Kai…you know this is happening. How can you…not do anything when you know something horrible is happening?” ] She didn’t understand. She never could sit still. Looks like Kai was a lost home too.

[b “I doubt your father is the type of person to be persuaded to stop hurting innocents. None of them ever are.” ] She’d lean back and felt hopeless. She couldn’t keep anyone safe… So weak. Powerless.

She’d grow silent when he asked the question. It didn’t matter. Everything she’s worked hard for, it wasn’t panning out. What was the point of trying? She couldn’t save anyone. [b “I want people to stop destroying innocent people’s lives. To stop kids from being harmed. That’s why I’m here. But, I’m just too weak and powerless to make it stop. No one takes me seriously. I can’t even get my own boyfriend to stop. Let go others.” ] She’d blink away tears and wiped them away. Feeling like she should give up, entirely. Maybe this was all a lost cause.

She hadn’t checked her phone. Ara saw Sylus coming in. She was sitting on the couch with Kai. She’d lift her head slightly and then turn away. She couldn’t stop crying, and she hated it. Maybe the drug helped her in other ways. She missed it. Ara turned her head again when he said he’s going to have dinner. [b “Are you kidding me!? With who?” ] Her voice raised. She’d grab a pillow and actually toss at him [b “Yes, I’m fine. Thanks for asking. You jerk!” ] She saw him go towards outside [b “You always leave. You always leave me.” ] She’d say and couldn’t swallow down the tears. She’d cover her face for a second and then say [b “I’m sorry Kai. I…want to be alone.” ] Ara said, feeling embarrassed for losing to her emotions but couldn’t contain it. It was like that…one time when… It was the drugs. Not having drugs. She’d go upstairs and wanted to cry herself to sleep to wake up to feel better in the morning.
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He got out of the situation unharmed. He did get a few punches to the face and some lashes on his back, but it would heal. He didn't like showing Ara his injuries because he knew she'd just get upset again. There was nothing she needed to worry about, especially not him. He put on his shirt and then he heard her saying she didn't ask. Fine, if that's how she wanted to deal with everything, so be it. HE was done. She was his boss anyway, he could learn to let go a bit more.

[b "Okay. Well have fun"] he got on his bike and tried to shrug it off. She deserved better than him anyway. Maybe it was right to push that relationship forward. He headed to Kiyoshi's house and just felt this disgust of having to follow ARa's orders. IT was so stupid and it felt like she wasn't even his girlfriend anymore. HE felt....alone.

Sylus went inside and spoke with Kiyoshi for a while. [b "Kagami and his father tried to kidnap me and take me down. They even brought Ara into all of this. We need to put them in their place, but only them. I don't want any bystanders or families to be hurt"] he told him.

Kiyoshi listened to Sylus and figured that he had changed. Usually he listened for his own orders to make his own decisions. "I'll make sure they are taken care of. I'll organize a meeting with them and set some rules and restrictions. Thank you for letting me know" he told Sylus.


Kai headed over to ARa's house, hugging Ara, seeing that she was safe. "I'm glad you're okay" he smiled and headed inside with her. They took a seat at the table and Kai would listen to her asking about taking over for his father. "I didn't know that he was. He's the leader....I'm sure there's things he can't avoid?" he told her, sighing a bit. "No I don't like it" he looked her over and nodded "I don't want to be put in that position, but I'm sure I can try to help him turn over a new leaf? There's too much pressure and it's really dangerous. If anything, I don't really want to associate it in too much, that's why I'm kinda glad Sylus took that spot" he admitted.

"IF you're not as innocent as you look....then why are you here? What do you mean?" he wondered, wanting to know what was happening and why she was asking all of these questions.


Sylus thanked Kiyoshi and then went on his phone, making sure his men finished what they needed to today. He saw Klara's texts [i "I'm fine. Someone just used Ara to catch me off guard. We're okay. I can meet you for dinner if you want. Ara is with Kai"] he sent and then rode his bike home.

When he got to the house, he entered and then he saw the two at the table sharing a meal. He looked at his watch [b "I'm going to have dinner. I'll be back later"] he told them, giving Kai a nod. IT seemed like they were getting close, so he didn't want to disturb them. He was sick of feeling frustrated and mad all the time. Maybe it was better to just let it happen.

He leaned down and hugged Nyx, petting his head and then giving him a treat. He didn't want to stay here when those two were here, so he headed back outside, getting his bike ready.
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She still harbored her anger because being a part of the problem that was harming kids was a huge deal. She thought she needed to be worried but it turned out she didn’t need to be. She’d figure out later why he was captured. [b “I didn’t ask. I am meeting him. And I trust him more to do the right thing.” ] Ara said, feeling like being cold toward him still. She had to take the detour for no reason. She put on her helmet too.

[b “Let him know. Whatever you need to take care of will not be harming other families. That’s an order.” ] She said, not wanting to deal more damage towards innocent people who didn’t deserve it because of her being here. She felt she had to take responsibility too. She didn’t keep a closer eye on Sylus, and that was her own fault. She should know better.

She drove home and parked the car. She’d pet Queen, hold her in her arms and bent down to give Nyx kisses too. She’d go into the kitchen. She put some frozen chicken in the oven. She’d make herself tea. It wasn’t long enough that Kai was at the door. She’d half smile to him. She’d sit down with him.

[b “False alarm. We’re all safe, just Kagami being annoying again.” ] Ara explained because she didn’t feel the full story was worth spreading around. It would just cause more harm. She’d take a breath and say [b “So… I know your father is causing harm to innocent people, to families. I really… I despise it. I know you don’t like it either. I’m not as innocent as I look either. There’s a lot I’m not telling you. Anyways… I thought, how would you feel about ruling instead of your father? Just a thought.” ] Ara asked and expected him to look terrified at the idea. That would put a target on his back. But, she felt he was the only one she trusted to do the right thing and actually listen to her.

Klara was sending messages to Sylus ‘Is everything okay? What happened? Do you still need my help? Can I meet up with you both?’ And she’d ask Ara what happened too. Klara figured it was about time she went back home or visit one of them to ask what had happened.
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He watched Ara distracting Kagami while he broke free from the ropes. HE quickly took the guards gun and he shot at Kagami's feet to let ARa go. He then shot some of the guards in the leg, making them unmovable, but not killing them since he knew that would upset Ara. He also didn't want to take any lives if he didn't have to.

WHen he managed to have everyone down, he saw ARa shooting the rest with her gun. THey were tranquilized and out. Sylus grabbed his clothes and put it on. He followed her out the front of the building and then he made sure the coast was clear, heading over to his bike. He figured that maybe Ara was wondering how he even got there in the first place, but he wouldn't explain it to her if she didn't ask. This had to do with her being captured. She could have been and that's what lured Sylus here. Sometimes he hated leaving her as her guard because he didn't know what could happen to her.

HE headed to his bike and listened to her. [b "Thanks"] he was still upset, but it sounded like she was brushing him off. [b "If you want to you can meet up with Kai. That's fine. You can trust him more can't you?"] he put on his helmet and then he looked over [b "Just let me know when you're done. I'm going to head over to Kiyoshi's and let him know what happened. I have a few other things to take care of, I'll meet you at the house later"] he told her and then he put on his helmet and left.

He didn't want to be near her right now. Not when she called him incompetent and didn't trust him. He headed to Kiyoshi's house and greeted his mother, soon heading into a meeting room with Kiyoshi, letting him know of the events that happened today with Kagami and his father. How his life and ARa's were put in danger. He wanted it to stop, but he needed him to use his authority.
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She spoke, distracting him while Sylus did something. She’d watch everything unfold. She’d just wait and heard the gun go off. She would feel bad but Kagami really did something stupid. She’d grab her gun afterwards, which really was just tranquilizers. She didn’t want to cause harm. She had actual bullets but she knew the repercussions of really harming someone that were still part of the yakuza. Sylus didn’t seem to care.

She’d follow and just pointed at the entrance, “Let’s just use the entrance. I already knocked the others out.” Ara said and would go through the front doors. The others were still sleeping. She’d go to her bike and let him get his bike. She couldn’t believe how Sylus somehow got taken. She didn’t understand how he could have. At least it was easy to get out. [b “I’m glad you’re okay. Oh um, Sy, I still have to meet with Kai.” ] Ara mentioned [b “Looks like the Kagami and his father are a joke. I guess I could invite Kai over.” ] She’d sent a text message. She didn’t feel frightened anymore. She realized what they were dealing with and they weren’t that worrisome.

[b “Let’s go home?” ] Ara said, still feeling partially upset. She was glad he was safe, but realized she had nothing to worry about to begin with. He would have break out of that on his own. She’d sent a text message to Klara quickly that everything was fine too, before they drove back.
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He fell for Kagami's lies because he didn't really know him, but he knew that what he said was possible. HE's been with the Yakuza for a few months now and knew the general way they thought. It was easy for them to lure others in, putting their loved ones at risk. Still, Ara was out and it was pretty easy for the Yakuza to locate a target if they wanted to.

He was shoved under water, hands tied and he was in nothing but his boxers. He was holding his breath, dealing with their torture, but feeling ARa's warmth brought him back to the reality of the situation. He looked up at her and even he couldn't stay mad. Right now their lives were at risk, so they had to figure out a way out. Sylus knew that as long as he was able to break free, he could at least help her escape.

He told her to try and distract Kagami so he could break free. Sylus watched Kagami grab ARa's hair and he would pull on the ropes. The guard would shove him back against the wall, where he was able to hide his hands behind his back. He would watch Ara, not moving so the guard would glance over as she yelled. HE knew Ara was tough enough to handle this. Kagami wouldn't hurt such a pretty girl.

He got one hand free and worked on the other one, untying it and then holding the ropes behind him so they wouldn't notice he escaped. Once he was free, he grabbed the guard and slammed his elbow against his neck, knocking him out. HE then took his gun and shot at Kagami's leg to get him to release ARa's hair. He knew ARa would be able to grab her gun back and shoot most of the guards, but Sylus helped her out, firing at their legs to get them down. He saw a few more guards rushing into the room.

Sylus kicked the bucket of water towards them, seeing them fall back as he hurried to the door. He slammed it shut and grabbed a chair to block the door handle, so they couldn't get in. [b "Ar, let's go"] he told her, heading towards the small window, opening it up and then holding his hands to his thigh so he'd help her get out.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 7d 13h 2m 58s
She never fell for Kagami trying to lure her in. She thought it was just another fake call. That was until she saw the photo of Sylus being tied up in that torture room. Her mind travelled to fingers decapitated, an ear. She instantly got up from her seat. She saw Kai, not even locking her eyes with him. [b “No, I have to handle this.” ] Ara said, her voice cracking. She’d rush to her bike.

She’d arrive, knocking out at least three people, until she realized it was futile.
She sat down and feel the uncomfortable waves of fear streaming through her. She knew Sylus could tolerate the torture, but she didn’t like seeing things being done to him. It wasn’t easy to tolerate. She saw a window but it was a small one. She’d meet Sylus eyes, and it looked like he was okay. He didn’t look too stressed. She wished she could feel what he felt…not stressed or scared like she was. Guess he felt confident that they could get out of here without repercussions. She tried to calm down and take this so seriously. Ara nodded.

“What are you whispering about?” Kagami asked and grabbed Ara’s hair and tugged. Ara winced and looked at his eyes [b “How I’m going to kick you in the balls later.” ] Ara said and he scoffed at her. “You think this is funny?”
[b “Yea, you think you’re going to walk out of here unharmed? Everyone is going to know you got beat up by me, and go home crying,” ] Ara shit talked because she knew it would keep him distracted.

“Don’t make me enjoy hurting you,” He pulled onto her hair harder. She winced but didn’t react more than that. The other guy was making sure Sylus was held in there.
[b “Let go of my hair. You’re really going to regret this.” ] Ara warned and said [b “I’m not telling you anything. So you’re wasting your time. You’re just a little shrimp compared to what I’ve been dealing with. Sy is going to seriously make you cry.” ] Kagami would tighten his grip on her and tried not to feed into her purposely angering him. He kept an eye on Sylus too.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 7d 13h 35m 46s
He headed towards the bar and sat down, taking a few sips of beer to cool off. He really was starting to believe that maybe he wasn't good enough, or worthy of being at Ara's side. All he did was make her cry, upset, and drive her away from him. Maybe she deserved someone more normal, someone who understood the importance of life perfectly and would protect and follow her ideals. He sat in a slump, feeling bad, but when he saw Kagami's text, he didn't hesitate. HE knew what those guys were capable off.

It didn't really sit well with him because he knew the house was safe. But when he saw ARa's text, it was completely possible for her to have been kidnapped. He hurried towards the location and he busted in, trying to find ARa. If they so much as laid a finger on her, he would kill everyone in his sights.

He looked through the cameras and was soon knocked out, Kagami had him tied up in the torture room.

Kai hurried to the restaurant, not wanting to leave Ara alone. He headed inside, but saw her getting up from her seat "Ara? Do you need help?" he would respect her wishes of not following, but he would stay close. It seemed like she was worried about something to the point of almost crying.

Sylus soon woke up when Kagami called him. His amber eyes would look around the room, realizing he was knocked out. [b "Where's ARa?"] he asked, not answering any of Kagami's questions as he was waterboard. Sylus did his best to hold his breath. He had been through worse, so it wasn't really a big deal, but he was worried about her. He never should have left.

HE kept silent, but pretended to drown for Kagami's sake. Water was his friend. He loved it and wouldn't ever be afraid of it. HE pretended to drown, but when he heard Ara's voice. His eyes widened and he knew she was never here. He felt his head go into the water and he'd hold his breath. He didn't want ARa to worry about him, but now that she was here, he just had to break from these ropes and get them out of here.

HE felt soft hands holding his head and when she pulled him from the water, he breathed and then he met her eyes. [b "I'm fine Ara. We....have to get out of here. I'll handle it. Just keep him distracted"] he whispered, looking back at Kagami and then feeling how tight the ropes were. He held his breath and slowly began moving his wrists to break out of the tie. He's been in worse situations so he slowly slipped one hand out, working on the other one.
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The clouds were moody, and there droplets of water falling down on her head. She’d let them pass before stepping inside the restaurant. She found the booth and waited for Kai. She’d sit back and saw a message. Couldn’t he have told her that earlier? Her eyes warmed up again.

A waitress set a drink in front of her. Ara thanked her and would browse through her phone. She had this sinking feeling in her chest. She’d sent a text to Sylus ‘I’m out too.’


Kagami stood in front of him, two of his standing at Sylus side. He was tied up against the chair. Kagami shook his head, “If only Ara didn’t open her mouth and tell everyone how in love you are. Then this wouldn’t have been a sure thing. You see…for some reason you’re much easier to catch than that girl.” They’d bring over a bucket of water. “Don’t worry, we won’t kill you. And I know you won’t talk. So…” He brought out his phone and dialed Ara. He waited and put it on speaker.

“Ara, can you come to the warehouse?” Kagami asked.
[b “No.” ] Ara scoffed [b “I’m hanging up now.” ]
“You really don’t want to do that. I’m with Sylus.” Kagami said.
[b “Sure you do. Fuck off.” ] Ara said in frustration. Kagami looked at Sylus and then decided to take a picture of Sylus and then sent it to her “Check the picture I sent you. It’s prove. Come over here-and don’t alert anyone else. If I get in trouble than I will kill him. As long as you both keep this quiet, no one will die.”
Ara froze up and looked at the picture, feeling out of breath all the sudden. Her hand and lips trembling. She swallowed and squeezed her eyes. They had him tied up, she didn’t think Sylus could get out of that without some help. [b “Why should I come? You can’t kill him or it’ll get you killed.” ] Ara snapped.
“No but we’ll torture him until you do arrive. You want your boyfriend in pieces right?”
Ara cussed to herself [b “I’m coming.” ] Ara said. She rose up from her seat. She went out the door and passed Kai. [b “Kai…something important came up-I’m sorry. Please don’t follow me.” ] Ara said, swallowing up the tears.

Ara went to her bike. She was still armed. She had her gun in her inner jacket. She had a blade in her boot. She knew it would be stupid to shoot all of them dead. She’d sent a quick text to Klara [b ‘Sylus is in trouble. I’ll send you in the location. Don’t come too early, don’t show your face. They’re holding him hostage.” ] She sent the text.

She drove to the warehouse.

Kagami hung up the call and looked at Sylus. “Sorry. If you give me some information then I won’t have to do anything to either of you. So, who do you really work for?” ] Kagami asked, if Sylus didn’t answer they’d water board him with the cloth, that should simulate the feeling of drowning. They didn’t know that Sylus was trained to handle torture. They’d do it a few times and when he didn’t listen, they’d bring a blade. Kagami would shove Sylus head back, “I have a lot more questions I need answers for. So fucking answer.”


Ara parked the bike, feeling her stomach drop. She felt her body quiver. She knew what could happen. She took a deep breath and would take out her gun. She walked in and met two individuals at the front door. She’d shoot tranquilizers at them. They’d look confused and slowly fall down. Ara walked in, going up to the second floor where Kai was. She someone standing in front of the torture room. A shiver went down her spine. She aimed, and shot again. Because it wasn’t expected, the guy got shot. These tranquilizers reacted fast…but there was a down side.

She’d open the door and saw Sylus, her stomach sank, and her emotions softened. Then she saw Kai. Ara aimed her gun at Kai. [b “Everyone back off from Sy or I’ll shot Kagami.” ] Ara said. Kagami put his arms up and looked at her surprised, “Don’t listen to her. Shove his head into the water.” Kagami said.
His men listened, shoving Sylus head into the water.
“He’ll drown.” Kagami warned, “lower the gun or he’ll drown. You’ll get in a whole lot of trouble if something happens to me.”
Ara kept her aim for a while but she got scared, looking at Sylus. She’d lower her gun and they would lift Sylus’ head up again. Her eyes warmed. Kagami grabbed her gun away from him. “Good girl. Now take a seat. If you answer my questions Ara, I won’t hurt you or him.”
Ara would listen and sit down. She looked at Sylus, “Are you okay?” She whispered, looking afraid herself. She was thankful she had asked Klara to come. She still had her blade.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 7d 14h 51m 26s
He saw the look she gave him and he held his breath. He's never seen Ara look so disgusted with him in his entire life before, besides the fact that she saw him as a monster. Sometimes he wondered if he was even good for her. He always thought that maybe she deserved better than him. [b "I didn't know it would be an issue"] he didn't think he would cause her distress. He liked to keep his work at work and not have ARa worry about it, but clearly that was wrong.

Kai saw the text and he wondered what Ara wanted to speak with him alone for. He smiled a bit [i Yeah, let's meet up] he sent her the information to a restaurant that was pretty secluded.

Sylus was so frustrated and he felt so angry and upset with her. HE didn't understand why he only disappointed her, when she was the only one he wanted to be proud of him. He felt so down and having her criticize and tell him him his efforts were for nothing hurt him.

HE got up and left the house, wanting to be alone for now. He grabbed his bike and left, heading into town. Sylus parked in front of a small bar, stepping down the steps inside as he sat at the counter. He held his breath and ordered a drink, remembering to text ARa. [i "I'll be out for a bit to cool off"] he sent and ordered himself a beer. HE sat there just thinking things through. It wasn't right to murder someone's family, but he couldn't waist time trying narrow down every single enemy's backstory.

He took a sip and remembered getting awards at the facility, being on top. Did any of that matter anymore? HE tried to numb his mind for a second and then he got a text. When Sylus looked at it, he slammed his fists on the counter. He quickly put his phone away and then he headed towards his bike, driving to the warehouse that he given the location to.

Sylus looked around, seeing that there were some guards, but he needed to save Ara somehow. He slowly headed inside and was greeted by some of Kagami's men. They hurried after him with swords, Sylus pulled out his own and started to push them back. He took them on, cutting his way in, defending himself as he headed inside. After taking out a few guards, he headed towards the next room, seeing a screen with security footage.

HE looked through, but didn't see ARa in any of the cameras viewing angles. Where was she? He was soon hit at the back of the head with something heavy. Sylus fell back to the ground, Kagami hovering over his body. "Got you starboy" he smirked and carried Sylus into the torture room.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 7d 15h 37m 56s
She tilted her head and gave him the ‘really’ look. [b “You should have told me before so none of this would happen!” ] She raised her voice, and grabbed a pillow to throw at him but resisted it. [b “If you had told me before I wouldn’t have to be in this mess!” ] She yelled, feeling so darn frustrated. She did not want Klara, Sy, or anyone else to work as they worked for the facility. That wasn’t her end goal and she hated that he acted like this was what she would approve of. It enraged her knowing he didn’t tell her beforehand instead she had to find out now months in.

Ara spotted Kai’s text. She didn’t know how much she could trust him but she felt she at least had to ask. She had tears in her eyes, and they kept gathering. She’d wipe them away, finding them hindering her. [b ‘Is there somewhere we can talk alone? With no one around? It really can’t be heard by anyone” ] Ara texted him, and wasn’t sure she wanted to bring Kai over here with Sylus around.
She’d go upstairs, in her room and covered herself in a blanket, while narrowing down what she could do for the victims, until Kai messaged her. He gave her a location, a restaurant but they’d have a private room and no one should be able to overhear them.

Ara rose up and got dressed, wearing her black jeans, and a leather jacket. She’d grab a pair of boots and put her hair up in a ponytail. She’d tuck her laptop in her desk. She’d then go downstairs and didn’t find Sylus. She’d go back upstairs and call, but he wasn’t there. She was going to tell him where she was going…but he clearly left her. Her stomach sank. Forget it…he had been hiding stuff from her.

Ara went to go grab her bike and noticed his missing. So, he really did leave… It upset her so much. She’d feel her arms warm again, unable control how sad she’d get. She’d drive herself, parked her bike, and walked toward the entrance of the restaurant. When she realized she recognized Kagami just coming out with someone. She knew his father was out for her still. He’s tried twice within the past few months. She’d try to keep her head down, and not be recognized while walking past him. For a split second she thought he recognized her, but he just walked past her. She felt relieved and would walk in.

Sylus would get a phone call five minutes in. “Hey Sylus! This is Kagami. I have eyes on your girlfriend. She won’t corporate with me. Meet me at the warehouse or I’ll blow her brains out. I don’t want to, but you know how it’s just business.”
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 7d 16h 21m 39s

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