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Ara snuggled Arlus in her arms even more, using his little warm body to bring her comfort too. Her blue eyes showed that it pained to let him go. [b “I’d…prefer it too.” ] Her voice grew small. She kept herself from frowning or not looking too down to hear that he’d help Klara. She knew the risks, and was aware of what could happen if he didn’t help.

When Sylus had to go with Klara, she would wave with Sylus ‘bye bye’. Arlus saw Sylus walking out and he’d start to whine and got sad. There pets came to say goodbye too. Ara closed the door behind them. She felt her heart sink. She didn’t know how Sylus did it…with Arlus and there pets and not with her. He was only gone for a few minutes and she already felt alone.

She would spend time with Arlus and the pets for the two following days. It was hard to do everything by herself. Kai had come over and actually did help her a bit. He seemed to be okay caring Arlus, while Ara finished cooking. She constantly missed Sylus, so did Arlus and their pets. Arlus would be in her arms and sometimes he’d point around, like he was trying to guide her to find Sylus. He’d get more sad each time. She’d show Arlus videos of Sylus and he’d always try to grip onto the phone and stare at it like it was a lifeline. Everything about Arlus reminded her of Sylus. It helped to text Sylus at least.

She was in Arlus room, feeding him again, late morning. He looked rather sleepy though. She would kiss his cheek, seeing his little mouth open as he yawned. He kissed his tummy and helped him in his crib. She tucked him in.

She heard the door bell. Didn’t Sylus have a key? She would close the door behind her and go down the stairs. She brought out her phone and would check the security camera. That wasn’t…Sylus…Joseph? She opened the door and faced him. It’s been such a long time… [b “Hey…what are you doing here?” ] She asked.
“Allister, he wanted to visit, he’s in the car. He’s coming out. He couldn’t wait.” He said. He looked at Ara and saw that she looked okay.
Ara sighed [b “You should have stopped him.” ]
“Sorry.” He said, and would look at the house, “You really got…everything we used to want when we were teens.”
Ara nibbled at her lip and sighed. Jospeh then saw a dog coming forward and barking. Ara bent over and pet Nyx [b “It’s okay boy, he’s a friend.” ] But Nyx still seemed too on guard and would try to put Ara behind him. Ara picked Nyx up, even though he was becoming a bigger doggy, “Nyx, come on, let’s go get you a toy.” She told him and would put him by his food tray too, and gave him a toy.
Allister came in and greeted her, he looked so excited to see the new baby. Ara told them Arlus was asleep and that they’d let them see him when he woke up. It was clear that she looked quite tired. Then they started asking where Sylus was. She explained he was on a mission.

Ara decided to just order food for them for lunch, since she didn’t have the time nor energy to make food for five people right now. She did make chocolate pudding though. Allister went to go sleep in the guest bedroom. Ara went to go check up on Arlus. He was slowly waking up. [b “Morning baby.” ] Ara whispered to him, helping him out. Joseph came by, but she didn’t get to introduce Arlus really, because she heard Sylus downstairs.

Joseph followed Ara downstairs. Ara held Arlus. [b “Sy!” ] Ara beamed. She would happily sit beside him and put Sylus right in his arms, so she could hug him real tight. Arlus squealed out of happiness. Ara giggled, and kissed Sylus cheek, [b “I missed you so so so much!” ] Ara grinned. Arlus was bouncing on his lap. Ara then remembered [b “Oh Sy! Um, Joseph and Allister are here.” ] Ara pointed to Joseph by the couch. [b “Oh and…” ] Ara would lift Arlus up for a moment, [b “Look what I made! Isn’t he cute!” ] Ara said, showing off Arlus. Poor Arlus was just confused.
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He remembered first getting into the facility and seeing Ara there. Ever since then, he always couldn't wait to see her again. [b "Me too. You helped me make some new friends, and you always made me smile"] he remembered how great it was to see her always knocking on his door.

She mentioned her mom and he knew how much ARa's mom meant to her. SHe must have been such a sweet person to see Ara growing up to be like her. [b "Aww, love, I can tell that your mom was amazing. You're so sweet and kind to everyone, it must have been because of your mom. I'm just glad you're still as sweet and loving"] he smiled and wished she didn't have to go through all the things they went through.

He was glad that he was able to be someone that Ara still loved. HE knew that there was a good chunk of his life that he lost himself to the facility, but Ara brought him back.

SYlus saw Arlus looking so adorable as he kissed his cheek. Klara came over and told them of the status of her investigation last night. HE really didn't want to leave her alone on a mission, but he also didn't want to leave ARa and Arlus alone.

HE felt Arlus' hands on his face and he didn't want to leave. He wanted to play with their little boy. [b "I know you'll be fine Ar....but I'd prefer to stay"] he shrugged and would look at Arly. He was sucking on his thumb and leaning into ARa as he sighed a bit. [b "Fine, I'll help her"] he told her and would head towards Klara's room. He'd knock and wait for her to answer.

[b "Let me go with you KLara. We. can get this done much more quickly if I help"] he suggested and Klara looked a bit hesitant. "Sy, it would be faster, but what about Ara and your baby? Don't you want to spend time with them?"

[b "They'll be safe here"] he told her, thinking of what they could find if they pursued C. Terry.


Sylus helped Klara with her mission, heading out with her the location left by Toshiro's phone. THey had ARa on the phone, giving him locations and a list of people and information she knew regarding the name.

WHen they approached the house, they managed to capture C. Terry and expose all that he was planning. They received the location of Kiyoshi and were able to track him down and bring him back home.


The whole mission took two days, but luckily no one was harmed. Toshiro was taken in by the Yakuza and sentenced for a new punishment. Kiyoshi handled everything else. He would send ARa texts and would call her and let her know of the status of the mission.

Once Klara and Sy returned home, it was lunch time. He came into the house and would sit on the couch. [b "Ar! We're home"] he called out, glancing back at Klara. "Thanks for helping Sy. It could have taken longer without you or ARa's help. I'll take care of the smaller details" she headed into her room.
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Ara grinned knowing little Sylus was so happy to see her and found her cute. She remembered quite a bit about them. [b “Me too. I only really felt happy when I spent time with you. You cheered me up.” ] She said.

Talking about her mom was always hard because she always felt like she’d miss so much. That her mom left too young and never got to really live her life. [b “She did…she looked a lot like me at my age. Everyone…always told me how kind she was. My mom kept my dad at bay for the most part. Things didn’t used to be so bad. Kids weren’t actually being hurt back then.” ] She sighed. She just wished that she could have her mom with Arlus here. She wished she could introduce Arlus, Sylus…have a mom.

[b “She would. She’d love you too. From all I heard from stories about her. She always wanted to do good. She’d do a lot of charity work…” ] She said. She looked at Arlus and wished Arlus could have his grandmother. He wouldn’t even have a grandfather. Then again…neither did she. But at least, she made her own family with Sylus. That was more than she’d ever thought she’d have.

Ara smiled looking at Sylus, blushing a bit, “Mmm, we made a family. How you really are Sy. You’ve always been like this inside.” ] Ara said, taking a kiss from him. Arlus was such a cutie.

She adored hearing Sylus tell her she loved him. SHe never got tired of that. Arlus was babbling to Sylus. Ara had to pick him pu because he wasn’t liking being in his high chair for so long. Ara would nod to Klara [b “I can do that…” ] Ara said, but felt quite bad she had trouble letting go of Sylus. She just worried…and she didn’t like the idea of being left alone at home with their baby.

Ara peeked at Arlus eyes and saw him sucking on his thumb. [b “You think we can do without daddy?” ] Ara whispered to him quietly, only for him to hear really.

Ara frowned as Sylus start talking. [b I don’t know either…” ] Ara listened to him ask Arlus. Arlus curiously looked at Sylus and placed his hands on his cheeks. Ara heard his little squeal and lightly smile. She wanted Arlus to always have his daddy.

She peeked at Sylus. They did make it hard didn’t they.. [b “If you have to go…I understand. I’ll be okay.” ] Ara nodded, feeling bummed out about it but she knew she would have to manage it. [b “I know this needs to be solved quickly… It’s just hard to be seperated.” ] Arlus was snuggling into her hair now, his blue eyes watching Sylus that were so much like Aras. Ara knew she probably make this any easier on him. It was hard for her to leave him and their baby home. [b "I can take care of him Sy." ] Ara promised.
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He rubbed the top of her head, seeing her looking so giddy. He knew that meant a lot to her, back then they were the only comfort each other had. He felt her warm arms and he'd smile [b "You did. It always made me happy when you came over. If I saw you that day, it made the day so much better. You were so cute when you came over"] he chuckled, remembering how pretty she was the first time he saw her.

[b "Yeah, I can tell. I bet. If you're this pretty, she must also be beautiful"] he did remember the sad moments of when Ara just lost her mother. She always looked like she'd cry and ask for her mom, but even Sylus back then was abandoned by his own mother. [b "Yeah. You think she'd love him?"] he wondered, knowing his own mother was alive, but he didn't know if he'd want her to ever see Arlus. He still didn't forgive her for what she did to him and he knew that she was trying to make it up to him now, but he never wanted Arlus to go through that.

[b "You gave me a family, and brought me back to being how I used to be"] he kissed her and would see little Arlus sneezing. He was the cutest.

Sylus ate the food slowly and he would talk with ARa about how they used to eat goop all the time. Her words made him smile so much. [b "Me too. You would always make my heart warm up and you always made me so happy. I'm love you Ar"] he ran his fingers through Arlus' hair and heard him babble.

Klara came down and would eat with them, telling them about Toshiro. She saw Arlus, then Ara's reactions and she knew she couldn't ask Sylus to help right now. He should be with his family. "If you guys could keep watching his feed, or provide me more intel of locations and who I'm dealing with, that would help out a lot. I'm used to planning and doing missions on my own. I got this" she assured them, finishing up her food.

"Arlus needs the both of you" she told them, soon heading up and preparing to head to the location.

Sylus met Ara's eyes. [b "I know she's capable on her own. I do feel bad though....I can't tell if Klara's just trying to be nice or if she's being risky"] he scratched the back of his head and looked at their happy baby in Ara's arms. He was growing so fast and he didn't want to miss a bit of it. [b "Should Daddy help little guy?"] he asked, kissing his cheek. Arlus rested his hands on his cheeks and he'd squeal. [b "You make it so hard Arly. You and your mother make it hard. I don't want to go"]
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Ara got a little giddy when he rubbed the top of her head and kissed her cheek. She giggled [b “I remember.” ] Ara wrapped har arms around him and squeezed him tight and gave his cheek a kiss too, [b “I’d kiss your boo boos too.” ] She remembered how precious Sylus was as a kid. She thought he was so cute. She hoped that when they went back, she would find that old picture of them as children.

[b “Mmm I did try. I have a few pictures of myself though…and I did not put all of my hair up right. My mom was really pretty, I wanted to be as pretty as her.” ] Ara softly smiled and just wished…that she did have a mom in her life. Maybe her mom would have protected her from all of this. Ara released a sigh [b “I wish…I could have had my mom. I would have loved her to have her when I was having Arlus, and have her meet you. She died so young. I never really got to know her.” ]

She shrugged [b “But you gave me love, and you make me feel complete.” ] Ara said to Sylus. They were eating, Arlus was happy. She felt content. [b “He is,” ] Ara giggled. Ara heard Arlus’ sneeze. [b “Are you okay baby?” ] Ara asked, rubbing the top of his head but he seemed to be doing fine.

[b “I did, didn’t I. That attendant deserved it.” ] Ara said but couldn’t believe her little self threw up on a person like that in front of everybody. Ara softly smiled [b “You have too. I really couldn’t do it…when it came to you. Ever since we met as children, I felt it in my heart…that no matter what happens, I can go back to you. That you’d be there, even if it was hard to make yourself smile. I don’t know Sy…I think I loved you before we got together, like family would. And now, you really are my family.” ] She said, feeling so happy about that.

Ary grinned after Sylus kissed her. Arly would respond with babbling and shaking his toy in his hand. [b “I think he does. I think he knows we love each other.” ] Ara said.

Klara came down. Ara worried about Sylus going. She wanted here…home with there baby Arlus. [b “That’s…odd.” ] Ara said, not sure what the involvement would be. [b “I don’t think I could gather much intel with just that.” ] SHe sighed. SHe saw Klara looking at Sylus and Ara felt her stomach twist. She knew…that he said he would help and she understood why he had to. It would be good for everyone if this was handled quickly. In some cases, she was more useful when it came to getting information and being a diplomat. But, stuff like this, Sylus was better at.

Ara lifted her yes when Klara said she’d take care of it, [b “Are you…sure?” ] Ara asked [b “You think it’s safe for you to go on your own?” ] Looking half hopeful that Sylus would stay with her and Arlus. Arlus was getting a little agitated now being stuck in his highchair. He'd whine and put his arms up.

Ara got up and lifted him up. [b "I'm here baby." ] She kissed his cheek.
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He would listen to her and he'd remember finding whatever he could to give Ara, of course, only the pretties things he had. It was difficult to even obtain anything, but now that he remembered it, he'd brush her hair back [b "I remember. You were also complaining about your family at home and I'd do this"] he'd rub the top of her head and kissed her cheek. Sylus smirked a bit and would think about all of the times he was down or had new drugs injected in him. Ara would bring him bandages and candy.

[b "You were just as adorable. Your curly hair and how pretty you kept trying to be. You were always dressed so well even back then"] he chuckled and would work on making breakfast. When they sat down, Arlus was clapping his hands, looking so excited as he smiled [b "We are. He's such a little cutie too"] he tapped Arlus' nose and he'd sneeze, making Sylus gasp as he wiped his lips.

[b "Yeah I remember when you offered to eat my gross food. I couldn't let you do that, not after the first time you threw up"] he laughed a bie and would nod his head. [b "I still have a lot of things you gave me. You were my first best friend"] he grinned and would smile. [b "I'm really lucky. YOu saved me so much"] he would lean in and kiss her as he grinned.

[b "You like mommy and daddy kissing ARly?"] he chuckled and would see KLara.

She mentioned the whole Toshiro thing and he nearly forgot all about it. His eyes would glance over and he'd sigh a bit. He did promise to help her, but he also wanted to spend time with their family while he could. They wouldn't have ARly here forever.

Klara saw little Arly and she'd lift a smile a bit, hearing him spit up. She jumped a bit and would tell them about the mission. "THe name just said C. Terry" she mentioned, not sure who that was, but they didn't seem Japanese at all. Klara looked at the two. "The research would help out. I think It's best I go prepared" she'd look at Sylus, wondering if he was planning on coming.

"I can....take care of this myself guys. I can keep you updated" she didn't want to take their time away from Arlus.
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[b “I loved those flowers you gave me. It made me feel special. I remember my family being so…rude and ignoring me. You were the only one that helped me cling onto who I really was.” ] She recalled. Little Sylus, he was adorable and he always pat her head and made her feel good about herself. He gave her attention. He always was hurt too. Ara felt Sylus kiss, making her smile. Ara giggled, [b “I was pretty cute. You were so cute, your hair, your cute face, the way you said Hi to me, and how you hid us under your bedsheets. You were still trying to teach me how to swim back then too.” ] Ara remembered giving Sylus so many bandages. He never had cried around her. She was happy she married him.

Ara softly sighed, [b “We were cute. You are.” ] She giggled with him. She heard Arlus little clapping. Arlus was enjoying the attention from daddy. Ara rubbed ARlus little back, admiring their baby. [b “Me too… I want him to be hugged, kissed, read stories, draw with us.” ] Ara said.
Ara watched Sylus as he got dresse.d She saw him playfully slap his ass. Ara laughed and let a slight moan [b “I want to slap that.” ] She let him go downstairs. She would play with ARlus and then head downstairs. She fed there pets and then sat down with him. [b “Okay darling. “ ] Ara smiled, recalling the sandwiches [b “Mmmm, I remember. You even wouldn’t accept it that one time…” ] And then blushed remembering how she threw up after eating the goop on shoes.

Ara nodded [b “They’re still in my room” ] Ara said and smiled hearing he had them [b “It makes me happy you do.” ] Ara said and remembered [b “You still have the ipod I gave you right?” ] She remembered that was such a long time ago, when they first started to go romantic with each other. It was for his birthday…she was ordered to eliminate him.

She watched him stick out his tongue and it made her want to just lick him up. [b “I’m lucky.” ] She said [b “Of course not. You were my best friend, my first best friend. Me too…so so much… And so does Arly,”] Ara said, looking at Arlus who was looking at them curiously. Ara kissed Sylus back, feeling his leg wrap around hers too. Hearing Arlus pat his tay an squeal made her smile so much.

Ara pouted [b “I did just feed him. I could feed him again.” Ara said, leaning forward and stroking Arly’s hair, [b “Food?” ] She asked him. He would reach out like he understood. [b “Arly you eat too much.” ] Ara said. Ara saw Klara coming down. [b “Sorry Klar” ] Ara ate slowly. She nearly forgot about the whole Toshiro situation. She knew Sylus promised to help. It would be dangerous for Klara to go alone…but she still didn’t want to be left alone, even though she knew it would be wiser to have someone help Klara.

[b “DO you know the name it’s linked into?” ] Ara asked, wondering if she could help in some way. [b “We should find him as soon as possible…before the facility finds out and gets involved
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He'd open his eyes to see their little baby in between them, making him grin in happiness. HE loved their little boy and Arlus was so curious that Sylus couldn't really say no t him playing with his hair. He'd slowly get up and hug the both, telling Ara about his similar dream. [b "I wanted to impress you. You always gave me were all I could find"] he'd rub the back of his head and would kiss her lips. [b "You were such a cutie Ar. You're wavy hair, the way you'd struggle to come into my are so kind"] he thought about them being young. [b "It'd be really cool to have a picture of us"] he did miss seeing adorable little ARa fumbling into his room to try and cover up his booboos.

[b "Of course I did. I liked you. You are my best friend and I love the way you asked me too"] he chuckled and soon got up, smiling as Arlus clapped. [b "YOu sleep good baby boy? I bet you missed mommy and daddy"] he ran his fingers through his hair, seeing ARlus reach up to try and grab his hands.

[b "We will. I want him to be loved like how I loved being with you back then"] he smirked, putting up some clothes as he turned around to see Ara staring. He'd playfully slap his ass for her and then he would head downstairs to work on cooking up some food.

He soon finished setting the table and would sit with Ara, seeing her feed their pets. [b "No it's okay Love. I want to finish cooking for you. IT makes up for all the sandwiches you brought me"] he smiled, seeing cute ARly in his high chair nibbling on his stuffed toy.

Sylus sat with her and slowly ate breakfast, surprised Ara still had those flowers. [b "Really? I'm glad you kept them. I still have your mp3 player and camera. And DS and the lollipop wrapper you gave me"] he chuckled, sticking out his tongue at her. [b "Not as yummy as you. I felt so lucky. YOu visited me almost everyday and helped me when I was sick. You never gave up on me. I love you so much Ar"] he'd wrap his leg around hers and would lean in to kiss her before holding up a sausage to her lips. Arlus patted his tray and he'd squeal, his lips drooling as he watched the two with his blue eyes.

[b "You hungry little guy? I thought mommy just fed you?"] he wondered, soon seeing Klara head down the stairs. "Okay okay...I'm up. Don't need to be so loud" she smelled the food and instantly sat down and took a bite. "So....I watched some video feed of Toshiro. He was talking to someone on the phone for three hours. I was able to tap in and get a number. The number was also linked to a location in the next city. IT could be worth looking into so I'm going to check it out today" she told them.
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Ara softly smiled as Sylus woke. She helped little Arlus fingers away from gripping Sylus hair. Arlus was just really curious and loved getting the attanetion. He giggled when Sylus kissed his little echeek. Ara would rub the top of Arlus hair. She met Sylus eyes and listed to him. Ara gasped “Really? I did too. You always gave me flowers…and hugged me when I cried. And oh sy, you were so adorable too. I think I still have a picture of us at my house back there of us as little kids.” She mentioned, knowing one of those days she did bring a camera. She remembered Sylus to be such a cute little boy. He peered down at Arlus, just like him…
[b “You’d said you’d marry me too.” ] Ara said. She kissed his lips back, beng pulled into a hug. Arlus got a bit smushed. She giggled. She heard Arlus babbles. She loved there little baby. [b “He definitely is. Aren’t you my sweetie.” ] Ara lifted him up and kissed his tummy. Sylus would tickle his tummy right after, getting ARlus to clap.

[b “We are… We’re going to give him a good childhood. I remember you giving me lots of pictures.” ] Ara mentioned. Ara looked back at Sylus and nodded, [b “I’d like breakfast.” ] She said. She giggled as he said she stired him out, [b “You know I love getting love from you.” ] SHe said. She watched him rise up, and would admire him when he did, going into the closet. She’d just stare at his naked ass, not noticing Arlus climbing ontop of her chest.

[b “Ill meet you down.” ] Ara told him. She would spend some more time with Arlus, making funny faces to him and kissing his little hand. She loved seeing him so happy. She felt so grateful for having him with Sy. [b “Time for mommy and daddy to eat Arly. Up we go!” ] She said, lifting him in her arms and carrying him downstairs. She could already smell Sylus’ cooking. [b “Mmmm…” ] Ara moaned. She would help Arlus onto his highchair. SHe placed toys in front of him, and kissed his cute chubby cheeks.

[b “Want me to make anything else darling?”] Ara asked. She then felt licking at her ankle. She peaked down and saw Nyx. [b “Hey Nyx.” ] Ara bent down and pet him and then would grab the pet food for them. Queen was patiently waiting in front of hers. Ara pet her too and filled their bowls. [b “There you go…” ] Ara said. She kept thinking back to Sylus and hers memories. [b “You know Sy…I still have your flowers that you gave me. They’re pressed against a book.” ] She told him. She then sat down once he finished making breakfast. He ate slowly with him. [b “Mmmm…yummy as usual. Almost as yummy as you.” ] She teased him.
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It was still early morning and after all of the fun they had, Sylus was knocked on the bed beside Ara. He slowly dreamt of his younger self first coming to the facility. Ara gave him a lollipop and that's where it all began. They instantly became friends and then best friends. He wanted nothing more than to ditch classes and spend time with her. She always brought them such good food and showed him some fun times.

It wasn't long until he heard ARa's whisper, barely. He felt her kiss and he'd shift a bit in bed. HE felt something soon tugging on his hair and then he slowly opened his eyes. [b "Mmm, morning Love. Hey you cutie"] he saw Arlus in between them as he leaned in to kiss his little cheek. He met ARa's blue eyes. [b Love, I had this dream of the first time we met at the facility. YOu were so adorable, always making me smile. You always made me feel better and made me want to do my best"] he leaned in to meet her lips, hugging her and seeing little Arlus get smushed in between. He babbled and would pat their tummies as he squealed. [b "You happy little guy?"] he rubbed his head and remembered himself being so young.

[b "Mommy and I are going to make sure you have a good fun time when you grow up. Your mommy always drew me pictures and brought me toys. We'll do the same for you ARly"] he ticked his tummy, seeing him giggle as he clapped his hands. [b "How about I make everyone breakfast. YOu tired me out, but I'll replenish our energy in case you want more Sy Love"] he teased her, putting on some shorts and a shirt before heading downstairs for now.

He searched through the fridge, pulling out some eggs, sausage, and some potatoes as he started up a hot pan.
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Ara gasped hearing that he was sick but had a feeling that wasn’t it. She was sad, remembering his dad was scary and that his mommy wasn’t here too. “But…you’re sad. Everyone is sad.” Ara said and they also hurt them.

She liked the idea of being hidden but Andre wasn’t agreement with that. Ara would nod to Sylus saying that there were dragons. But Andre cut it out. SHe struggled not to cry. Sylus rubbing her head, and comforting her was helping her. “Me too…” She said. She gasped seeing a flower. It was so pretty. She held it, and was all smiles, wiping her eyes with her left arm. [b “IT’s pretty. Thank you.” ] Ara said and blushed when he said she was pretty too. She believed him.

[b “Ah hmm, they are soft and cute.” ] She said and hearing Sylus made her think [b “You can have one of mine stuffys. I got a dolphin.” ] She told him. Ara would gasp [b “But… I’m not a baby. I have, I have…eight! I’m not a baby. I’m a big kid.” ] She defended. Ara would give Andre her tulip to keep it safe, so she could take it home after.

Ara hugged Sylus tightly when he had to go. Sylus even kissed her cheek. She watched him, holding his hand and said “Bye bye. Okay Sy. I will…I will bring a stuffy next time.” SHe said to him, sad to see him go. She missed him already.


Ara slowly opened her eyes, feeling the sun over her eyes. She released a light yawn and looked at Sylus sleeping. She smiled to herself and kissed his cheek. She nearly forgotten how close they were when they were so little. He always…wanted to protect her. She would intertwine her fingers with his. [b “Darling…morning.” ] She whispered to him. [b “You were such a cute little boy…that was so good to me.” ] She said, but assumed he was still asleep. She also remembered how much the facility really took the light out of him, but she had never given up on trying to play with him or give him new stuff…even if it made her sad he wasn’t the same. But, here he was, with her right now. She pressed her forehead against his.

Ara gently kissed his lips, and then watched him, fitting one leg between his. She heard Arlus babbling on the monitor. Sounds like he was up. Ara kissed the top of Sylus head. SHe got up, and slipped into a night gown. She went into Arlus room and lifted him up, [b “good morning baby.” ] Ara said to him, seeing his blue eyes look back at her. His hands patted her chest. She kissed his cheek, and fed him. She then would go back into their bedroom. She would crawl back into bed, with Arlus in the middle. Arlus would hold onto Sylus hair. Ara worked on releasing his grip, and then just have Arlus nestle into her, while he sucked on his thumb. Her and Sy...may have had a rough childhood but, there little Arlus, they would work hard to give him the best.
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He didn't like seeing Ara sad. She looked so cute and tiny and he wanted to protect that. Seeing tears in her eyes meant he wasn't doing a good job as a knight. He would listen and pout when she mentioned her dad being scary. [b "My daddy is scary too. My mommy tried to get me away from him, but now I'm here. I think I'm sick.....I think we're all sick and they're trying to make us feel better"] he told her, coming up with that conclusion.

They ate together and Sylus would smile a bit, enjoying the food Ara brought again. [b "I know Ara....we can hide you here"] he asked Andre, but when she mentioned he was trapped in a dungeon, he gasped. [b "He can't stay there....there's dragons on there"] he told her, shocked as he held his breath. Andre said to cut it out, but ARa got sad.

Her dad must have been really mad at her. [b "Ara, don't cry"] he rubbed her head and tried to comfort her. He frowned [b "I don't like it here either, but I'm happy when you're here Ara"] he smiled, wondering how he could make her even happier. [b "Look look!"] he pulled out the flower from his pocket. [b "I got you another flower from the outside!"] he held out a pink tulip for her. [b "I saw it and thought it was pretty, like you Ara"] he gave it to her, placing it into her hands.

HE heard her say pretend and he nodded [b "We can only pretend....that way no one gets mad"] he told her, thinking about stuffed animals. He already forgot about them. [b "I forgot what they looked like....the soft animals?"] he asked, wondering why she was asking. [b "I like them. I used to have a dinosaur!"] he told her, showing her how big it was with his hands. [b "Daddy always took it away though....he told me they were for babies"] he pouted, soon finishing up his food. He wanted to talk and play with Ara more, but the guards ordered them to more classes. Sylus got up and he went to ARa, hugging her and then giving her cheek a kiss. [b "I'll see you later Ara"] he waved and Luke and Clyde did as well, saying goodbye before going to their classrooms.
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Ara pouted, and sniffled when he asked if she was okay. [b “I’m sad.” ] She told him, [b “Daddy got mad at me again. He’s scary.” ] She then would give them all sandwiches, [b “You’re welcome.” ] She felt so down by all the events. She felt better when she was with Sylus. She wanted to always be around him.

[b “Really?” ] She said and bit into her sandwich. Ara smiled a bit when he said she’d be really good and then frowned at him getting mad. [b “I don’t want my daddy to find me. I don’t want to see him again. He’s mean.” ] Ara said and decided that he might not be her real daddy. Maybe he had a spell on him or maybe it was someone else that looked like him, like in the cartoons.

Ara nodded to Sylus. [b “I need to find him and hide away from this daddy.” ] Ara told him. She frowned [b “I don’t know where. Maybe he is trapped in…trapped in…a dungeon.” ] Ara said. Andre heard a bit of their conversation and didn’t understand how she came into this conclusion. That man…he wasn’t fond of him but he had to admit that they were being extra harsh the second his wife died. They didn’t used to let children pass from drugs. A lot of things had changed…

[b “Ara, don’t tell him lies. Your father you see is the one you have. Don’t get him mad.” ] He told her. Ara pouted and got really sad [b “But I daddy was nice. This one is not. This one hurts me and is mean. I don’t want that daddy.” ] Her voice waviered, [b “I want a new daddy.” ]

“Ara, don’t cry,” Andre warned but softly, “They won’t let you come back here.”
Ara sniffled and sucked it up. She held Sylus hand, [b “I don’t like it here. I don’t like home too.” ] She was starting to sense that things would always be sad, that mommy wasn’t coming, that daddy was going to always be mean. That Sylus and everyone else will always have boo boos. She struggled hard not to cry. She’d stuff her mouth with her sandwich and remembered Sylus told her to play pretend. [b “I’m going to play pretend to be happy.” ] Ara said, figuring that’s what was going to make her happy. [b “Do you like stuffed…stuffed animals?” ] Ara asked Sylus, figuring she could bring him one.
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He would enjoy spending the rest of the day with Ara, watching a movie together in his room. IT was really relaxing as he leaned against her and then he slowly curled in and rested into her lap. He fell asleep quickly, not waking up until a bit later.

The doctor checked him and gave him the okay to go back to the normal routine. Sylus eventually got served dinner in his room and then he would draw until he got sleepy again. He wanted to surprise Ara with another picture since that seemed like the only thing he could do right now. There wasn't much he could use or make in his bedroom, but in the morning when they went outside, he would go to the flowers and pick another one for Ara. He put it in his pocket and would wait until lunch time when he could see her.

He sat at the table with Luke and CLyde, thinking about the fact that they were sick. They all ended up agreeing they were sick and they were here until they got better. Sylus would eat his food and when Ara came over, he noticed her eyes were red and she wasn't smiling. [b "Hi Ara. Are you okay?"] he rubbed her head and then he thanked her for the sandwich. [b "Thanks Ara"] he listened to her and wondered why.

[b "I can teach you. I bet you'll be really good in no time. Your daddy won't find you, but he might get mad. My mommy got mad at me when she couldn't find me"] he pouted and then he listened in on her secret. [b "He is!"] he gasped a bit. [b "Maybe we can find and save him. Maybe he's here?"] he wondered, looking around and then looking at Andre. [b "Andre is ARa's daddy here?"] he asked curiously, wanting to help her find him.
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Ara nodded, remembering her mommy singing to her and singing with her. [b “I know some songs.” ] She said and grinned when Sylus said he’d want to hear her. She thought she could sing. Mommy said she could… She got a kiss from Sylus and it made her erally happy. He fell asleep on her lap. It was so nice… SHe wanted to nap with him. SHe felt a bit sleepy, and she didn’t want to go to class. She wasn’t given any naps anymore…and it made her really sad sometimes and it made it harder not to cry.

When she went home, it was the same story as always. No one wanted to talk to her or spend time with her. She was really tired. She stopped trying to talk to Alli, when all he did was get mad at her and she was too afraid to say anything to her dad. He wasn’t the same anymore… He was scary. She didn’t know what she did wrong to make him not love her anymore. He gave her hugs, kisses, read her stories and played with her before. He used to smile at her and tell Allister to be nice to her.
She got sad again, getting ready by herself and going to bed. She hugged her stuffed rabbit, talking to the rabbit. She then remembered that when people wanted to talk, they used a phone. Maybe, maybe she could call mommy wherever she was. She would ask tomorrow. She had a horrible nightmare and started crying at night, and trying to crawl into her parent’s room when she forgot that she wouldn’t be there. The bed was empty. While she tried to climb the bed, she cried. She couldn’t climb it, it was too high. So, she slept under the bed instead.

When she woke up, she heard shouting outside. She’d rub her eyes and crawl outside of he bed. She stepped out, and there were a lot of people. Ara just looked around, watching someone walk past her. Then the person did a double take and looked at her.
“Sir I found her!” She called.
Found her? Ara looked at her very confused. Her dad came along in a rush and bent down, asking “Where the hell were you?”
Ara gasped, hearing the world ‘hell.’ That was a bad word. She would rub her eyes and point to the room. “You weren’t there, “He told her.
“Under the bed.” Ara said. He saw him look at her, and noticed that it looked like he had been crying. She frowned and realized she scared him. She scared mommy once by paying hide and seek. She didn’t know they were playing. [b “I’m sorry daddy.” ] Ara said. He held her, rubbing her back and then all the sudden got angry. Demanding not to do that or she’d get in trouble. She got scared again and would look away and nodded.

But it gave her the idea to hide and never have him find her again. Then she’d never got in trouble because he’d never find her. She was made to go to class though.

She got to meet Sylus at Lunch. She got the three of them sandwich’s. Ara sat down with them. She couldn’t smile. She said [b “Hi Sy…Hi Cylde, Hi Luke.” ] Ara said. She then took out sandwiches for all of them. She looked at Sylus [b “Are you feeling better?” ] Ara asked, and then remembered what she had to ask. [b “Sylus, you are the master of hide and seek.” ] Remembering him telling her that his mom could never find him. [b “Can you teach me? I want to hide from daddy for forever.” ] She said and then whispered [b "And and, I don't think he's my real daddy. I think... I think... Ursla put a spell on him and I want to find my real daddy.]
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