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He heard the doctor and was in complete shock. Not only did he think she was lying, he didn't think that him and Ara made a mistake either. He stared blankly, trying to figure out what was happening. She said they were having a baby and they were given a lot of information suddenly with pamphlets and dos and don'ts. He looked over at Ara, seeing her trying to blame herself again, but it takes two to make a baby.

[b "It doesn't matter, we'll figure his out"] he promised her and then he hugged his arms around her, wanting to comfort her. He held her hand and led her back to the car, feeling the stress kick in and all of the thoughts flow into his head. He knew this wasn't the right time, it wasn't safe, they couldn't keep the baby, her father couldn't much to think about.

He would sit in the driver seat and then he heard Ara [b "It is early, but Ara....I'm right here this time. Full emotions and I'm not going to let anything happen to you. I want our baby too and I'm sure we can figure this out"] he held her hand in his, wanting her to feel better with him. [b "We can do this"] he promised her, thinking about those questions.

[b "We'll keep this a secret. Keep doing what we have to do, but I'll make sure to be home before dinner. You shouldn't be giving up on the facility either. We'll figure something out. First, we have to make sure you're not stressed and that you're safe in a well protected place. I'll make sure to only make you healthy meals"] he promised her.

Sylus drove her home and then he held her hand, walking with her inside as he wrapped his arms around her waist. [b "I'm glad you're also okay and this isn't a sickness. We'll take this one step at a time okay Love?"] he kissed her forehead, hoping to calm her down.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 8d 16h 12m 47s
Hearing the word didn’t make it feel anymore real. When she thought about it, all the symptoms made sense. She thought she had done a good job too. She always took birth control but she guessed she must have mixed it up one day. She turned her head again when he said they were having a baby. Stress shot up. She couldn’t have a baby. Not now! She felt at fault.
[b “I was the one who probably mixed up my pills. It’s mine.” ] Ara said. He hugged her and it was nice to be hugged by him. Then she remembered that she shouldn’t stress herself out. Not this time. She hated the idea of having a miscarriage again. [b A lot of thinking.” ] She knew that having a baby right now didn’t make sense. There would be a lot of stress, and she didn’t even know where she would keep it, or if she had to give it away. That did not make her feel good.

Ara held his hand. She listened to Sylus asking her questions. Just thinking about all the stuff she had to watch out for worried her. They were given pamphlets, and more information. She felt overwhelmed and scared. She didn’t feel ready to have a baby yet. She’d stay silent until they got into the car. Sylus looked at her and he sounded a bit excited. A family… It would have been nice but she was worried that they wouldn’t even be a family.
[b “Sy…we don’t know yet. I could have a miscarriage again. It’s too early.” ] She reminded him. She felt so shocked and it didn’t feel real. IT didn’t feel like it was happening. She saw Sylus looking at his wrist, where his tattoo was about her first miscarriage. She couldn’t bare to let it get that far again. Her eyes warmed up.

She nodded and whispered [b “I want our baby.” ] She felt downright terrified though. [b “But Sy, I don’t know how we can even keep this hidden. I don’t even think we could raise them. I can take months off but not years. Plus, my father can’t know. I’m still not willing to give up on making changes to the facility. If we have this…baby, then…where are we going to keep them? If my body doesn’t kill it first.” ] She’d wipe her eyes. She could tell there was a hint of excitement in Sylus and she could understand that. But this was all so scary to her. [b “What…are we going to do?” ]
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He was glad to cook for her again and seeing the smile on her face made him realize that she just wanted him back. Every little gesture he did made her instantly happy. It was so easy just to be together. That's all they really needed and he was realizing the distance put a strain on their relationship.

He waited for ARa and then he held her hand, leading her into the car and then taking her to the doctor's. The woman was really nice. She was considerate and asked Ara the questions calmly. He translated it for her and then he didn't understand what these questions meant or what Ara was talking about.

IT only kicked in when the doctor said she was pregnant. Sylus felt so confused that he didn't know how to react. She was pregnant? But how? He gasped a bit and looked over at Ara, wondering if the doctor made a mistake. He felt her squeeze onto his hand and then they talked about what she's been doing. [b "I....didn't know it was so....risky....I thought we were doing a good job"] he looked at Ara and saw the panic fill her eyes. A baby? [b "We.....We're having a baby?"] he couldn't fathom it. A baby right now? Their relationship was still kind of rocky, Sylus was in the middle of a mission....Ara needed to be safe....this wasn't the right atmosphere for a baby. [b "I....Ara....don't be sorry. This was both of us. We did this"] he held her hands in his and then he hugged her.

[b "We....can figure this out. We just....have to take it in. Go home and just think about this"] he felt just as afraid as she was. A baby! He couldn't believe they were going to have a baby. He's always wanted a family and he knew she did too, but not now...not yet...

He held her hand and thanked the doctor, asking her some questions on what steps they needed to take next. She mentioned that Ara should be put on a healthy diet and was given a list of what not to eat. She mentioned some symptoms that would be coming up and explained what ARa was feeling.

THey were given so much information and pamphlets to take home as Sylus brought Ara back to the car. He sat down behind the wheel and looked over at her. [b "It's real....isn't it? We're going to have a baby....we're going to have a little family..."] he mumbled mostly to himself, but would look over at Ara still in shock. He still couldn't believe it and wasn't sure how to think about it. IT wasn't like they could stop this from happening. Would ARa even want that after the last miscarriage? He looked at his wrist, seeing the tattoo of their first child. [b " want this baby right?"] he asked her, wanting to know what she thought.
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His food was delicious. She was so thankful. She felt free of the sickness and felt much better. She was thankful for Sylus cooking skills. She felt so content and ready to take on the day. They’dw ent to the garage. She giggled and smiled when he called her cute [b “Thank you. You look amazing yourself.” ] Ara said. She still felt nervous, she hardly visited doctors. She never really had to deal with them since she healed so fast and didn’t get actually sick.

The women looked friendly enough. Which made Ara feel more at ease. She didn’t think she’d be comfortable if the doctor looked like the cold emotionless type that she’d had to deal with at the facility. They always gave her chills and…outright scared her.

Ara let her check her out. Ara answered questions, mostly through Sylus. She’d listen to Sylus questions. She blushed. He didn’t know what she was talking about? She’d shake her head [b “It’s nothing. It’s not important.” ] Ara said. She’d take the test and return. She’d wait with Sylus. Not expecting any actual news. She’d turn to look at question and she didn’t need a translation for Sylus’ blank expression and word. She became deathly pale instantly. She stiffened.

Sylus words confirmed it. [b “I’m…pregnant.” ] Ara repeated. She felt the fear sinking in, and at the same time she didn’t want to let the stress reach her because she didn’t want anything bad to happen. She felt…scared. She held onto Sylus’ hand tighter.

She looked at Sylus when he asked if she was careful. [b “I’ve been taking birth control, I still haven’t stopped.” ] Ara said, but knew even birth control wasn’t always a hundred percent effective. [b “But I’ve also been taking my drugs. And I counted-and it turns I took two one one day. I don’t know out of stress or if it because…I mixed it with my birth control. I don’t know.” ] Ara said, feeling the panic, recalling that instance. But it was just one day. IT would have only been one day.

She couldn’t take it in… [b “I’m having a baby?” ] She’d mumble to herself. She’d look at Sylus with worry. It all added up… Her eyes warmed up, [b“It makes sense…that's why I was feeling sick.” ] The throwing up, sensitivity to smell, being tired…soreness. [b “I’m sorry, I didn’t know Sy.” ] She’d say to him, feeling like this was all her fault. She hadn’t realize she could have made a mistake one day with her birth control until she finished her drugs two weeks ago.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 9d 1h 35m 16s
He wanted to take her to the doctor because she really had him worried. He's never taken her to the doctor's before and it did just kick in that Ara was never really sick. She healed really quickly, so there really was no need to. Now that thought worried him even more and he was now adamant about that decision.

[b "Good, let's go after we eat then"] he served them up some plates and then he saw the smile on her face when she agreed to missing his cooking. He would cook for her everyday if he could.

They shared breakfast, cleaned up and Sylus waited for her by the garage, hoping it would go well. When he saw her coming down, he smiled [b "You look so cute today Ar"] he held her hand and got into the car, taking her to the doctor's office.

They waited for about half an hour before the doctor could see them. She was a tall woman, dark hair and brown eyes. She greeted Sylus and then took Ara in, checking on a few things with her stethoscope. Sylus answered Ara's questions in Japanese and the doctor would ponder a few things and let ARa take a test. [b "I know what?"] he asked Ara, wondering what she meant. He wasn't familiar with these types of tests.

After analyzing the results, she sat them both down and when she had a huge smile on her face and said the words, Sylus' eyes widened and he stared blankly at the doctor. [b "Nani?"] he gasped and then he looked over at Ara. [b "Ara....she said you're"] he looked at the doctor [b "There has to be a mistake....she's been taking....her pills"] he told her, not believing it. Ara would know wouldn't she?

[b "Right Ara? There's no way....we've been careful.....right?"] now even he was starting to doubt himself. He didn't know what was right. The doctor said so....but how? Sylus was so confused....why now? They've been sleeping together so much.....before.
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Sylus sounded so sure they’d be going now. It kind of scared her to think he’d make her go. But she already agreed…and she wanted to know if anything was wrong or if she should wait for it to pass. If they couldn’t find the problem, then she’d go get a doctor from the facility afterall. [b “Okay, we’ll go.” ] Ara said.
Thinking it was the food she made had her worried. She’s been feeding Sylus and Klara with that food. Last thing she wanted was to poison all of them. [b “I definitely hope not.” ] Ara said. She smiled when he smirked a little about his food. [b “I do miss your cooking.” ] She nudged his shoulder. Because it was made from him. She loved his cooking.

He made her breakfast and it’s been awhile. It tasted so good. It made her so happy to taste his food. It smelled delicious too. SO much better than that blood. Her nose felt cleansed. She giggled when he spoke. [b “You did an amazing job darling.” ] she said. Queen came nestling in on her lap. She’d pet her and smile when he talk about there cute little family of pets. Queen and Nyx were perfect as there family. They were more than enough for now. She loved them too. Nyx would just watch him like a good guard dog. He had smelled the blood on Sylus and was alert too, not just the food.

[b “Ahmmm, okay.” ] Ara nodded. She felt a little more relieved it was a ‘her’ and not a ‘him.’ [b “I’m okay with that.” ] She said and would look at the info on his phone. Ara knew she had no actual contract ties to the facility. It looked like she was just really good at her job.

Ara feel Sylus wrap her legs hers underneath the table. She’d smile and finish sipping on her juice too. Ara nodded. She went to get changed, wearing a pair of high waisted jeans, and a white crop top and a jacket on top. She’d go to the garage and theyd’ take the car this time.

They arrived at the doctors office. They got to her turn.
She’d sit down and she’d use Sylus to translate for her. Ara would tell Sylus what to tell her what she’s been feeling. She’d note everything down and ask if she had been missing her period. Ara would think about it, and she was a week late but she assumed it was coming. “Tell her I missed a week.” Ara said. And then the worry started to creep in. It was coming…it was fine.

She then gave something to Ara and told her to go use the restroom. Ara glanced back at Sylus for a second. She’d then get up and go to the restroom and had a feeling what this was for. She would return after she was done. The doctor left for a moment. Ara looked back at Sylus [b “I think she’s just checking if I’m… you know, but I’m not.” ] She’d say like she was a hundred percent certain.

The doctor returned to them. She’d sit down and face them. With a slight smile she’d then say in Japanese ‘congratulations, you’re pregnant.’
Ara didn’t understand. So, she’d look at Sylus, thinking maybe she said she wasn’t. [b “What did she say?” ] Ara asked, holding his hand. She figured she knew the answer but she wanted to clarify it.
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He promised her he'd always be with her because she really was the only girl he's really known and fell in love with so hard. He didn't want to lose her and he would do anything for her. He didn't want her to be suffering here while he was away. Now that he had a few days off, he wanted to make sure she was doing better. All he's been doing lately is making her cry and feel lonely.

[b "I don't want you to tolerate anything that is fixable Love. We're going today and I'm not leaving your side"] he said it as if he wasn't asking permission, but taking her there. It worried him more that it was happening the past few days and she hasn't really brought it up to him. [b "I don't think it's the food Love, I've been okay....but I do think you missed my cooking"] he smirked a bit and then he went down with her to make them food.

Sylus cooked them up some breakfast, saving a plate for Klara as well before taking a seat. He fed her a bite and was glad to see that her appetite wasn't gone at least. He took the bite she offered [b "Mmm, it is good. My stomach thanks me too"] he chuckled and then he saw Queen nestling in. [b "I'm glad our babies are here too. They make our little family complete"] he rubbed Nyx's head, seeing him looking at the food. Sylus pointed to his food bowl [b "Your breakfast is right there boy"] he told him and then he pulled up his phone.

[b "There's a doctor here that I used to go to when I patch up some small wounds I had to take care of. We can go see her?"] he suggested, wondering if she'd be fine with that. The facility recommended her for when we're on missions. Klara and I have seen her a few times before you came to Japan Love"] he told her, showing her the background and info on his phone.

He took a sip of his juice and then he wrapped his leg around hers beneath the table. [b "Shall we?"] he asked, clearing up the table when they finished and then he went to grab his jacket and wait for Ara. He headed to the garage and hoped that she would be okay.
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She took comfort in him saying he’d always be with her. She held his hand and he was being caring towards her. She didn’t know if shew as okay or not. She didn’t think throwing up and smelling things strongly, feeling more tired than usual was-normal but… maybe it would go away on it’s own. [b “I’m not sure. I can tolerate it for the most part. I don’t know what it is though.” ] She said. She snuggle dinto him whe he held her in his arms. IT made her feel less worried when she had him.

Ara tilted her head [b “It’s been happening for a almost for three or so days now. You think I’ve been cooking myself bad food?” ] She wondered. She didn’t like that thought that she’s been cooking bad food. Because she’s been giving that to Sylus too. She sighed, figuring she just didn’t know what it could be. Sure, some things reminded of her one thing but she had been carefulSo, she completely buried that out of her head.

[b “Mmm…okay.” ] Ara sighed, feeling a little worried at what it oculd be. But it also give her some relief. She’d go downstairs with him. There pets were there. She’d pet them two and hel[ Sylus set there food bowls. She’d sit down and watch Sylus making breakfast. It was really nice. It smelled so good. “Mmm, it’s so yummy,” She said before it was even finished. The scent was all coming together. She’d take a bite of what he offered. “Mmmmm…” Ara kept eating and finished it up rater quickly, “That was so tasty Sy.” She’d finish the last bit eof her hashbrown. [b “It smelled so good too. SO much better. My nose is thanking you.” ] She giggled. She’d tried to feed him too form his plate. She’d then drink some juice. Queen hopped onto her lap and nestled closer to hers stomach. Ara pet her. [b “I don’t know any doctors here…” ] Ara sighed [b “Are we going to some random one near by?” ] She’d ask. She wanted to just deal with it so she could go on with the rest of there day.

Nyx was standing at attention by the table, watching them, eyeing the food mostly. Ara giggle, thinking he was so cute. There pets were adroable, there cute little family.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 9d 3h 1m 9s
He forgot that he was even injured thanks to the events of yesterday. He had been so worried about Ara that taking her place in the torture room didn't seem like a bad idea, plus he has been through worse tortures before at the facility. He knew it could've been worse, but he was just glad that she was safe and they were both together. [b "Yeah, I know"] he assured her.

He quickly changed the sheets and then he washed up, rubbing the top of Nyx's head to assure everything was okay for now. He hurried back up to the room to make sure ARa was okay before sitting beside her on the bed. [b "I will be with you always"] he looked over at her, his hand holding hers as his amber eyes met her blue ones [b "If you're okay, we don't have to, but if you want to, we can go. I have the day off today so you won't be a burden. You never are Ar"] he kissed her cheek, holding her in his arms to comfort her.

He still has never really seen her sick before, so he wondered what's been going on. The only thing he could really think off were the pills she's been taking. That was the only thing that really changed. [b "Maybe...if you keep feeling sick in the morning, it's probably what you ate the previous day"] he told her and then wondered if they should even wait for a facility doctor. He wanted someone to tell him that she was okay right now.

[b "We should go just to make sure. There's no harm and I'll be beside you"] he smiled and held her hand, walking with her downstairs. He went into the kitchen and was greeted by their pets. Sylus leaned down and rubbed Nyx's head and then he pet Queen as well. He filled up their bowls and went into the fridge, wondering what he should make.

[b "I'll make us some omelettes love. You just relax"] he told her, starting up a pan and then beating some eggs together. He added some spinach, mushrooms, sausage, ham and cheese. He then plated them and made some quick hash browns on the side as he grabbed the plates and sat at the table with her.

He placed the plate in front of her and then he took a bit and offered it to her lips. [b "Eat up Love"]
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 9d 3h 13m 39s
She didn’t like seeing him injuried like this. It angered her, and it would have even enraged her even more if it weren’t for the fact of how sick it made her feel. She didn’t reremember the scent of blood being this strong. She could even hear Nyx barking away. She guessed he smelt it too. It was a strong scent. She’d bandage him up and hop that it would heal quickly. [b “Don’t forget next time.” ] Ara said, [b “IT oculd have been worse.” ] Ara said.

It made her sick. [b “I know…I just…I don’t know, it smells a lot.” ] Ara said. She pouted and held onto him for a moment, [b “You won’t…you’ll be here with me.” ] Ara said. She wasn’t even sure herself. [b “It doesn’t hinder me all the time, so it’s okay but…I don’t know.” ] She wasn’t sure why she was having this reaction. She had a feeling that maybe stopping the drugs, or the drugs period was having a bad effect on her. She hoped it wans’t breaking her body down. But her sense of smell was definitely stronger.

She’d sit at the edge of the bed. He hugged her, and it was nice to be comforted by him. [b “I do…I don’t get it either.” ] She said, and wondered maybe even if some kind of bug finally got to her. He wrapped his arms around her waist. She leaned into his shoulder. [b “Mmm…maybe.” ] Ara said. She looked up at his eyes. Stomach? [b “You think I drank some poison or something?” ] Ara wondered. She sighed and nodded [b “Yea…it might take some time to get a doctor from the facility here too.” ] It would help to at least know that this was not a sign of something really bad. He gave her a kiss. She normally didn’t like to visit the doctor but if Sylus was here, she felt like she could do it.

[b “They could prescribe me something to help with me wanting to throw up.” ] She’d love that. She’d smile when he said he got a few days off. She missed him. [b “I’m glad you get to be more with me.” ] She said and was glad he was going to be by her side. [b”I want you to be by my side. I don’t like doctors…so it’ll be nice to have you there. Plus, I’m not sure I’ll understand what they’ll be saying since I don’t a hundred percent understand Japanese yet.” ] She’d lightly laughed. She figured she could at least get recommend something to help her feel better, until she can get a doctor from the facility or something. She knew that the drug she had been addicted to was not something to be messed with or any of the drugs from the facility. So, she felt she should be cautious.

[b “Umm…let's eat first though. I'm hungry." ] Ara said, and figured they could go after. It made her feel nervous but Sylus was here.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 9d 3h 35m 22s
He was glad she wanted to do things with him, but at the same time, he should be able to handle it since it was a part of his mission. He should only bring Ara in if he really did need her help. He knew she was more than capable to handle their missions, he just liked knowing she was safe and away from danger as her guard.

AFter they went to bed, Sylus soon woke up in the morning feeling damp. He quickly got up and then he could smell the blood on his clothes. He hurried to shower and try to cover it, but he couldn't reach it on his back. [b "I forgot....we were both busy afterwards....and it slipped my mind. It's okay, we can take care of it now"] he tried to tell her, sighing softly when she said he wasn't fine. [b "'s not that much....most of it has dried already?"] he told her, shaking his head [b "I won't die on you Love. I'm right here...but are you sure you're okay?"] he frowned, hating to see her looking so weak and out of it.

He quickly changed the sheets and then he made it back upstairs, putting a shirt on and then hugging her [b "I'm worried. You usually heal pretty fast....I haven't seen you like this before"] he told her, frowning as he sat beside her and wrapped his arm around her waist. [b "I'm sure they could at least figure out why you're fatigued...or maybe there's something up with your stomach?"] he rubbed her back and sighed a bit. [b "I'm worried. Maybe they could at least help with the side effects. You don't have to just sit here and tolerate it if it's been happening love"] he kissed her cheek.

[b "Kiyoshi is working on setting up a meeting and since I was beaten down yesterday, he's giving me a few days to recover"] he told her, knowing he was free today to take her. [b "I can take you and I'll be right beside you the whole time. Only if you want to. I do want my Ara to be all better"] he smiled and held her hand in his, wondering what she wanted to do and if her symptoms were really bad enough that she'd want to go.
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Ara listened to him and would shrug [b “I don’t mind doing it. I want to do things together.” ] Ara said. She wanted to be a part of it. She couldn’t stand sitting back and doing nothing. IT’s what sparked her anger and made her feel weak. She’d hug him, feel him, trying to make him feel as loved as he made her feel. They fell asleep together, warmly. IT felt good to fall asleep in his arms, taking in his comfort.

Then she woke up into what she thought was her time of the month-she knew that was supposed to be coming. The signs were there. But it struck her that wasn’t hers. And it smelled-it smelled bad. She thought she’d go into the bathroom to see a murder scene considering how much blood she smelled. She threw up before she could even help Sylus. She’d raise up and went to help him.

[b “Why didn’t you say something? I could have helped you.” ] Ara said and wanted to smack him when he said hew as fine [b “You are not. You are bleeding. I thought you died with how much blood I smelled.” ] She said. She just felt so sick. Shed’ shake her head, feeling him rub her back. [b “It’s not-just, it smells and I feel so sick.” ] She’d say. It wasn’t something she hasn’t seen on him before. Nevertheless, she hated it.

[b “I will. I’m going to give him a scar.” ] Ara promised. She’d then make a break for the sink again. She kept her head near the sink, afraid she’d just throw up again. She didn’t dare go back into their room. It stunk. [b “Yea…it just smells so bad.” ] Ara said. She had been sick lately and she didn’t really understand why. She never really did get sick. Her immune system was strangely too good. Probably because she stopped taking drugs.

[b “I don’t know…maybe.” ] Ara said, feeling that maybe she should figure out what was causing it-just to clear her mind and hope that the drug didn’t have really bad negative effects. The facility had a lot of different drugs that could help her if there were a problem.

Ara would stay in the safety of the bathroom. She’d even close the door to mask the smell of blood from the sheets. The scent became fainter and fainter as Sylus moved the sheets away. She’d open the door and Sylus returned. She’d sit at the edge of the bed. She frowned [b “I don’t know if the normal doctors will know what’s wrong.” ] She said. [b “That depends? Do you mean the pills for the drug I’ve been taking before? I stopped that two weeks ago. I had some side effects but now it feels like it’s getting worse… I keep feeling like puking and now your blood smells so strong…” ] She worried that maybe she got some permanent side effect.

Ara sighed [b “Do you think I should go?” ] She didn’t really know who to see here. [b “I also been feeling more tired…I can tolerate all of it though." ] She'd half smile. She didn't want to be a burden.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 9d 4h 4m 14s
He really did hope that Kiyoshi wasn't as deadly and emotionless as he was. He was still human after all and sure he grew up in the Yakuza, but Sylus knew he was open to change and wanted to change things once he became leader. [b "I'll do my best. Can't have my girl risking time and effort for something her boyfriend could've done"] he smiled, hoping to ease her mind.

Sylus threw the idea about consulting his mom out there, but he knew it was a stretch. He had more confidence in him and Kai getting the job done.

After curling up beside Ara, he felt more relieved and relaxed beside her. HIs eyes would glance over and his fingers brushing her hair back. He loved her and wanted the best for her, sometimes he forgot to tell her some news just because he wanted her to be safe and sound. He kissed her and slowly fell asleep quickly in her arms.

In the morning, he felt soaking wet in his shirt. HE shot up and looked around, seeing the blood seeping out, staining the sheets and the floor as he ran to the shower. He washed up and looked in the mirror, trying to get the bandages and ointment on, but it was hard. When he heard Ara, he looked over [b "Ar....I'm fine. It's just....I forgot to take care of these last night"] he saw her rush to the bathroom to throw up. Did they look that bad? He's seen worse.

He walked over and rubbed ARa's back [b "Love, is it that bad? It doesn't feel that bad, I swear. They used a rope to get some answers, but I'm really okay"] he told her, leaning forward so she could patch him up. He smiled because ARa was so badass sometimes. [b "The next time we see him we can"] he then saw her run to the sink again [b "Ar....are you sure you're okay? You've been sick the past few days. I'll change the sheets, but maybe we should get you checked at the doctors?"] he said worriedly as he went into the bedroom and changed the sheets. He put the old ones downstairs, soaking the sheets in the sink to get rid of the blood before putting them in the hamper.

He made his way back upstairs and then he found Ara [b "Love....should I take you? Have you been taking your pills?"] he asked, knowing she's gotten a lot better with her addiction, but he knew she might still be on the drug reducing pill.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 9d 4h 20m 30s
She hoped they’d be able to convince him not to put children in harm. It wasn’t right. [b “You have to get him to listen. Or else this girl here will plot to take him down.” ] Ara said it like a promise. She knew everyone underestimated her, and it was frustrating but she was pretty good at plotting and getting things done in the end with the tools that she had. At least…when it came to completing missions. She’s normally only failed by purpose. She saw Sylus was thinking about and she was glad he agreed on that. Her morals were off. [b “I don’t know if she’d even agree with us.” ] Considering what she had done to Sylus.

Sylus was yawning and she was feeling quite tired herself. She got a soft kiss and a beautiful grin from him. She adored itw hen he smiled like that. She loved that she could make him happy. She’d happily return his kisses. She’f smile too when he said he’d choose her. They fell asleep together, in the same bed.

Morning came in. She was snuggling up into him, her knees curled up her body. She noticed movement and that was what slowly started to wake her. She’d roll a bit and felt something wet and got a strong scent of iron. She’d slowly open her eyes. She’d rub her eyes and sit up. She yawned, and noticed Sylus wasn’t here. What was…that…wet feeling? She’d squint and saw blood. Her eyes widened. Oh no. Did she leak that bad!? Is that why he got up? And then clicked to her.

That wasn’t her blood. That was on his side of the bed. She half screamed. Her heart pounded, thinking something horrible happened while she was sleeping. It was such a strong scent to her. She saw blood on the floor too. Her heart was pounding against her chest. She’d stand up [b “Sy!? “] She called out. She’d follow the trail of blood into the bathroom. She’d breath through her mouth because the scent was really making her sick. She saw him trying to reach for his back. Oh god.

[b “What the hell! How did you get hurt!?” ] she’d ask, feeling the panic. He had came out the shower but the wound was still there. She felt a rush of nausea because the scent of blood was gross, and just seeing that much blood made her feel more sick. Normally-this didn’t phase her and normally it wouldn’t smell this much. She’d go to toilet and throw up. She’d sit on the floor for a second, “Oh gross.” She groaned. She forced herself up and took hold of the ointment. She’d put it on his back, [b “Darling…they hurt you?” ] She’d ask, not feeling good about it. Those fucking bastards…she should have whipped them a new one. She’d bandage his back up and felt sick again because she could still had the strong smell of blood. She’d patt his back a bit [b “I’m going to give Kagami a scar for hurting you.” ] Ara mumbled. Then she’d make it back into their bedroom and the scent whacked her. She’d went to the sink and threw up-again. [b “Sy…please…replace the sheets… I can’t-it stinks so bad.” ] She’d then wash her mouth, brush her teeth, and do anything to get rid of it.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 9d 4h 46m 58s
He kissed her neck and held her close, not wanting to let her go, not wanting someone else to get their hands on her, or persuade her that they were better. He knew that Kai wasn't a bad guy, but seeing her with him always made his chest ache. He wanted to be the only one she smiled with, not someone he was closely related to.

[b "Yeah...thinking if it would happen to me, people would be out for revenge all the time"] he nodded and admitted he was afraid of what would happen to her, so he charged in. Every second wasted was more time that he didn't know what would happen to Ara. [b "I'll make sure"] he hugged her, snuggled against her arms, feeling good that as long as he could come back to these arms everyday, he would be happy.

HIs amber eyes watched her and then he sighed a bit [b "I'm sure he's only at the top looking at results. He doesn't really know how he gets there. He might listen if both of his hardworking sons manage to convince him"] he hoped and then mentioned his mother. He's seen how they are at home. HIs mother is obedient towards him, but seems to be clueless about what his job is about. [b "Yeah, I don't think I'd trust a huge thing like that to her"] he yawned softly.

He kissed her lips and grinned when she mentioned she chose him. Sylus leaned in more and kissed her lips [b "I'll always choose you"] he slowly drifted off to sleep beside her, feeling so relaxed.

Sylus woke int he morning, feeling a pain in his back. He slowly show up and realized that his back was soaked. He reached behind him and saw blood on his hand, making him gasp as he got up. There was some blood on the sheets as he went to the bathroom, looking in the mirror. He forgot to patch up his wounds from the torture yesterday.

Sylus frowned and took off his shirt, going in for a shower. His back stung, but he put up with the pain for now as he waited for Ara to wake up. He wiped down his back, grabbing some bandages and ointment.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 9d 5h 18m 43s

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