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He could see her falling under his spell as he pressed his lips against hers softly. He loved the way she looked at him, her eyes filled with lust and love, making him want her so badly. He was drawn to her as he wrapped his arms around her waist, kissing her lips until he heard the two heading down. Sylus didn't mind stopping, but the minute he saw the disappointment in her eyes, he didn't like it. He knew she wanted him too.

Sylus decided to figure out a way to have her all to himself. He told the two to head down and eat as he took Ara into his arms and then he headed upstairs. He'd lock the door and have her pressed back against the bed, pinned down.

He met her eyes and would lean in to kiss her soft lips, caressing her cheek as he smiled [b "I know. I could tell you didn't want anyone ruining our moment"] he licked her bottom lip and then he'd kiss her more deeply, sucking on her bottom lip and letting his hands caress her sides. He would smirk a bit when she said she wanted him [b "I've wanted you since this morning"] he pressed his lips down her neck, kissing her smooth skin, enjoying her sweet scent as he felt her legs wrap around him. He'd brush her hair back, his hand crawling beneath her shirt as he slowly lifted it up and over her head.

[b "Mmm, all you have to do is ask Love"] he met her pretty eyes and he'd slowly take off his shirt [b "I love you so much Ar"] he grinned and slowly removed her lingerie, pressing his lips down her chest as he kissed her tummy, his fingers crawling into her shorts.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 32d 16m 54s
Ara drew her body tighter on his chest when his hands slid down her back to her ass. She got lost in his lips, feeling the warmth and drowning out all the thoughts. Then…she noticed Klara and Tanner coming down and making her feel down at the same time. She wanted to be closer to Sylus…but it looked like it wasn’t going to even happen and she wasn’t entirely certain if Sylus would want to since they had Arlus and all.

She helped herself down.
“Morning,” Tanner said, “I smelled food and had to come.”
Klara looked back at him like she was surprised he was thinking the same thing.

Ara had her hand taken and she tried not to look puzzled when he said they had to discuss something for her mission. They did? She followed him up the stairs and they went into their room. She’d open her mouth to ask, but she also saw him locking the door.

She end up being pushed against the bed. She instantly blushed that he noticed so easily, plus it was kind of hot. She had her cheeks cupped and thought it was the cutest thing ever. She shyly met his eyes [b “I want you darling…I couldn’t help it” ] She whispered. She got to be kissed. She moaned into his lips, her lip being sucked and tugged. She’d press her lips firmly against his, and hung her arms around him, and licking his upper lip.

Her back pressed against the bed, arms pinned. Ara moaned to his soft lips tingling her skin with his kisses down her neck. [b “Fuck…” ] She’d whisper to herself because he was so hot. She’d wrap her legs around his waist, having her pelvis closer to his. [b “I’m sorry for giving up. Forgive me. I want to be connected” ] She admired him above with her with her eyes. Her Sylus...was insanely attractive and she loved him so much.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 32d 6h 41m 11s
He wanted to be close to her again and being able to wake up beside her and to hold her. He walked down with her, deciding to make her favorite breakfast, wanting to put a smile more on her face. He saw her pout and he thought she was the cutest thing ever, wanting to hold and kiss her more.

He started the pan, working on the french toast and then hearing her make the sauce. He would put the completed toast away and then he'd walk over to her when she called him, leaning in to kiss her warm lips, his arms wrapping around her waist. He hand on his skin felt so warm and he missed her caress. He would lick her lip and then kiss her more deeply, wanting her all to himself. His hands slid down her back, over her ass and then he would feel her moving further down. WHen he saw her glance up, he could see Klara and Tanner coming down. She looked disappointed and Sylus could tell she wanted him. He wanted her as well.

He looked up at them and then he smiled [b "Breakfast is on the table. Ara and I have an important meeting to discuss for her mission, we'll be back down. You two can start without us"] he held ARa's hand and then he headed up the stairs with her. He would closed the bedroom door and lock it before pushing her against the bed. [b "Don't you ever look so disappointed in front of me"] he cupped her cheeks in his hands and then he leaned in to kiss her once more, sucking on her bottom lip and then tugging it towards him.

He pressed her back against the bed and then he pinned her arms down, pressing his lips down her neck slowly. [b "Mmm, you know I want you. Don't just give up like that"]
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 33d 2h 57m 11s
With the teasing and cute behavior, she wanted to be close. She wanted to be held and kissed more and get a lot of attention. She wanted it too. [b “Well you have it.” ] Ara said when she pouted. She kissed him back and wanted to just cuddle and kiss more. She wanted to but she didn’t know if he did. They did something nice in the shower, but didn’t go that far. She wondered if having Arlus really was changing things when it came too…and it felt like it had.

[b “I don’t mind.” ] Ara said, but realized he misheard, but she wouldn’t mind it that way either. She liked hearing his cute laugh. She kept thinking about it, and it was hard. She yearned to be intimate with him and get it back. She felt him lick her lip, and she’d kiss his neck. She heard his words and felt his lips on her neck this time. She knew it must have been her, that if felt…empty. That maybe he didn’t want it like she did. It felt nice, but it didn’t feel like it used to before and wondered if she felt the same as she did before. Althugh she did like having her hands over his chest, or just kiss him longer than a few short seconds.

She’d make out with him back, feeling his hands on her chest, making her slip out a quiet moan. She’d let her mind go, figured that she was overthinking it and feeling insecure today. She heard steps from down the room. She saw Klara and Tanner coming down and realized…they couldn’t. It made her more upset than it should because she just wanted to be loved more and continue with him. [b “I guess…we can’t do anything…” ] She’d force a half smile and shrug, [b “Let’s have breakfast…then.” ]
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 33d 5h 28m 58s
He saw her cheer and he was glad that she had something in mind. He wanted to make her happy again and keep all of her attention on him. Sylus went to grab a thick piece of bread, going over to batter it up with some flour as he started a pan with some butter.

He started cooking up the toast and he let ARa work on the sauce. His eyes would glance over at her and he would run his hands down her back, [b "You are distracting. Mmm, I wasn't trying to distract you promise. I just wanted your attention"] he teased her and would kiss her pout.

Then she mentioned wanting him for breakfast, making him smile [b "But I'd be too big? There's a lot of muscle on me you know"] he laughed a bit and then he took a taste of her sauce and put some powdered sugar on her nose. He'd see her pouting and he wondered what was wrong? Ara walked away and when she called him over, he made it into her arms and he would press his lips against hers. [b "Mmm"] he'd lick her bottom lip and then he would feel her kissing his neck and her legs holding him close. He'd reach around her, wrapping his arms around her waist and then meeting her pretty blue eyes. [b "My attention is already all on you sexy"] he'd press his lips down her neck, kissing her shoulder and then letting her feel up his pants. He'd reach up and let his fingers explore her chest, going after her lips more.

[b "Mmm, my Love is being very sexy"] he let his tongue glide in past her lips and then he would make out with her, kissing her over and over again.
  Sylus (alt.) / ellocalypse / 34d 3h 41m 52s
[b “French toast!” ] She cheered again. She really wanted it and gt excited that he agreed. She watched him cook and would help out of course. She would take care of the topping…but she also wanted to have a little fun. She heard his gasp when she sucked on his finger, mimicking a few things that she could do to him. She felt him over. [b “Okay, darling, I’ll make cinnamon honey sauce.” ] She said. She felt his hands gliding down all the way to her behind. She smiled more when he had pulled her close.
[b “I’m distracting? You’re distracting, teasing me lifting up your shirt and with your words.” ] Ara pouted.

[b “I’m distracting?” ] Ara pouted , [b “You’re distracting…teasing me…with your actions and words. What if I want to be you’re breakfast?” ] Ara said while finishing up mixing the sauce. Sylus came in, and saw him take a lick. She’d lean against the counter seeing him finish it up and then dab it on her nose. Ara smiled to him and cleaned it up, thinking he was being cute. But then she’d pout a little again to herself. She wanted him to want her again. She’d sit up the kitchen counter.

[b “Come here.” ] Ara said, stretching out her hand and then pulling him closer to her, as she let him fall between her legs. She’d wrap her arms around his neck and kiss his lips softly. She nibbled gently on his lip and met his pretty eyes and then she’d kiss his neck, and caress his cheek. Her legs hugged his waist, pulling him closer and tighter against her. [b “I want your attention…and I want all my attention on you right now.” ] She said softly. She was following her feeling and was hoping that Sylus wasn’t only just a tease. Her hand played with the top of his pants.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 34d 4h 21m 25s
He saw her sweet smile and he loved seeing he happy in the mornings with him. IT started off as a good day when he hasn't woken up to her at his side in a while. Arlus was having fun and he seemed to be in a good mood after spending time with Tanner. He would lift him up and kiss his cheek, seeing Arlus just slowly fall asleep in his warmth. He tucked him in and then he would head down with Ara.

He went into the kitchen with her, hugging her from behind as he smiled [b "Yes my treat. Anything you want"] he chuckled and smiled when she mentioned french toast. IT did hit him that they've been living in Japan for almost two years now. It's almost like a second home to them.

He started a hot pan with some butter and would make the french toast ARa wanted. He let her take care of the topping as he showed her his abs. [b "Well you can have me any time"] he felt her sucking on his finger and it made him gasp a bit. She was sexy. When she reached beneath his shirt, he leaned into her, letting her touch [b "I have it going, but I'll need some help making the sauce"] he smiled, pressing his lips against hers as he let his fingers glide down her back, over her behind as he pulled her in closer.

[b "You're so distracting. I'm just trying to make you breakfast Love"] he teased her and then he would pull out some fruits to make the topping, along with some powdered sugar. Sylus finished cooking up the toast and he would come over and take a bit of her topping. He'd bring it to his lips and lick his finger. He then grabbed the powdered sugar and would sprinkle some on top, then dabbing a bit on her nose playfully.
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“Aww darling, thank you.” ] Ara giggled. She was happy he did too. [b “And the fact that I gave birth to him.” ] She chaimed and laughed a little. They had Arlus back in their arms. She loved seeing how cute and small he was. He was so precious. [b “Mmm, looks like he really needs to sleep again.” ] Ara said. She’d watch Sylus put him into his crib. Arlus got a kiss, and he’d whine a little. Ara leaned down and stroked his hair, seeing him fall asleep to her touch. He fell asleep easily this time around.

[b “He is…” ] Ara whispered, keeping her voice down not to wake Arlus. They head downstairs to the kitchen and Sylus his arm wrapped around her waist and a kiss on the back of her neck. It made her so warm hearing him call her that. She’d wrap her arms around for a moment and looked up at him. She kissed his lips quickly, [b “You’re treat?” ] She repeated. She watched him open the fridge him. [b “Mmm, that sounds good, I also miss French toast.” ] She mentioned.

Then Sylus lifted his shirt up, showing his abs that was still solid as ever. [b “Mmmm….I would like some you again.” ] She took his finger and would suck on his finger for a moment to get him a little turned on and giggled. She kissed his cheek, [b “So…” ] Ara paused, looking up at his pretty eyes, and then ran her finger underneath his shirt, feeling his bare chest, [b “French toast?” ] She rose a brow, still feeling through.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 35d 4h 52m 43s
He could see her biting her lip and he knew she was trying to be sexy. Sylus thought she always looked really sexy, so when she approached him, he didn't hesitate to lean in and let her take off his clothes. He would shower with her, his arms pulling her in as he held her close. When he met her eyes, he watched her go down on him and then he would kiss her lips, his fingers washing her hair as he went down on her.

After they finished their shower, Sylus dried himself up and then he would take a seat beside Ara and let her change his bandages. Once he was taken care of, he'd lean in to kiss her lips, holding her hands in his as he dressed up in his black shirt and grey jeans. He waited for ARa to change and she looked really good. [b "Wow, my Love looks as cute as always. I'm glad little ARlus has a little of both of us. THat's how we know he's ours"] he smiled and would give her another kiss before going to see ARlus. THeir little baby boy was so excited to see them.

Sylus smiled and then he ran his fingers over Arlus' hair. [b "You missed us didn't you cutie"] he chuckled and then he would see Ara hold him close. He let TAnner get some rest and then he held him in his arms. [b "Aww, how's my little boy?"] he asked and saw Arlus gripping onto his shirt with his little hands. He yawned softly and then he saw Arlus falling asleep. [b "Let's tuck him in"] he kissed the top of his little head and then he placed him back in his crib. He kissed his little forehead and let Ara say goodnight as he smiled, seeing his pretty blue eyes on him.

[b "He's such a perfect baby"] he held Ara's hand and walked with her into the kitchen. [b "Okay Love, what does my wifey want for breakfast?"] he wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed the back of her neck. [b "My treat"] he promised, opening up the fridge. [b "Maybe a little eggs? OR maybe some bacon?"] he asked and then he lifted up his shirt a bit and showed her his abs. [b "Or maybe some skin?"] he tease.

Sylus thanked TAnner for looking after him and
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 36d 3h 5m 8s
The edge of Ara’s lip curved when she saw him biting his lip when he watched her coming in nothing. She locked her eyes with his, feeling over his arm [b “And so are you darling. Right now, let me take care of you.” ] She said, lifting his shirt, and removing anything else off. They were in the shower, and she allowed him to have his back facing away from the water. She kept it warm, and not hot because she didn’t want the water touching his back and having it hurt. She knew he could tolerate it but…still.

Ara pressed her chest against his and she made the offer. Ara smirked and slowly leaned in to kiss his lips. Then she went down on him. It was fun, and she only had in mind to make him feel right but Sy also did something for her too. She helped him wash off too. It was relaxing and fun. They dried up together. She’d blow dry his hair and then blow dry her own quickly. She get him to sit on a chair…undressed yet. She saw it was already forming some scabs. She’d patched it up anyway and kissed the back of his neck, [b “It’s looking good darling but if you ever feel off, let me know.” ]

She could smell his hair, the same shampoo and conditioner she used. They really started to smell more like each other because she got him to use her products. She ruffled his hair a bit, [b “Arlus really has your hair Sy.” ] She said and then would grab his clothes. She helped him into his shirt and then she would change herself, dressing in a cute pastel pink t- shirt and a pair of white shorts. She put her hair up and head with Sylus to Arlus room. They took a peak and saw Arlus on Tanner’s lap with a toy. It was adorable. She heard his little squeal. Ara iggled [b “”You missed us baby? You looked like you had so much fun, didn’t you my little Arlus?” ] Ara picked him up and snuggled him in, giving his cheek a kiss, [b “You had fun with Tanner, didn’t you.” ] He’d giggle and touch to touch Ara’s hair. She was so happy to hold him.

“I’m doing great. He didn’t cry even once,” Tanner mentioned and nodded [b “It’s no problem. You two looked like you could use it. I’m going to get some rest, I’ll see you in a few.” ] Tanner said and waved to Arlus. Ara took his little arm and helped him wave back to Tanner. Ara met Sylus eyes, “Here you go darling. I bet he wants to be held by you too.” ] Ara helped Arlus into Sylus arms. [b “It’s been awhile, he might just fall back to sleep now. You think we should put him to sleep together?” ] She asked and then stroked Arlus hair, seeing how it didn’t really go down so easily. Arlus looked up at Sylus with his blue eyes and fingers holding onto his shirt. His eyes were starting to close, feeling warm and protected with Sylus. His little mouth opened.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 36d 5h 5m 49s
He hugged her close and met her beautiful blue eyes, the same eyes that ARlus had. He would smile and feel so close to her after all of this time. The distance was more of their attention being focused on something else, but now, his eyes were all on her and it was great to have her attention again.

[b "It's always so nice to wake up with you"] he smiled and kissed her lips, feeling really glad that she was doing okay. If anything, he wanted Ara to have a full nights rest if anything. [b "We're lucky to have Tanner here"] he slowly leaned in, begging her to help him shower. He didn't know if she knew it wasn't that bad, but he did love to hear her sweet voice want to make him feel better.

HE saw her head up and get the bath ready. When she came in nothing, he would watch her approach him, making him bite down on his bottom lip, smiling. [b "Mmm, you're so sexy"] he smiled, slowly lifting up his arms and then letting her remove his shirt. He followed her to the shower and then he would let the warm water run on his skin, feeling it soon soak his back. IT stung on his wound a little, but it wasn't too bad. His arms wrapped around her waist and then he nodded [b "I want help in pain management"] he teased her and then he saw Ara go down on him.

THey both had a little fun in the shower, him also giving her a little treat as they washed each other off. He would press his lips against her skin, lather every inch of her soap and then he would wash her hair. Once they finished, Sylus wrapped a towel around her waist and then he stood beside her as he turned around so she could work on his bandages.

Sylus stood still, letting her change them and then he would turn around and hug her close. [b "I love you"] he'd smile and pull her in for another kiss. He would then change into some jeans and would have ARa help put on his shirt as he let her change.

Once she finished, he would head into ARlus room, seeing him playing on Tanner's lap, holding a toy and trying to eat it. [b "Doing okay Tan?"] he asked, walking over. [b "You should take a break. Thanks for looking after him. Hope he wasn't a handful"] he told him, seeing Arlus squeal, the minute he saw mommy and daddy.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 36d 9h 58m 34s
Ara put her arm underneath his when he wrapped his arm around her waist. She held her eyes on his beautiful amber eyes that sparkled. She love how he smiled, how he looked at her. She felt his leg go over hers too. She felt like the couple they were before. [b “IT does…It feels so nice to sleep next to ou and wake next to you.” ] She closed her eyes when he kissed her forehead. She nuzzled her head into him and then heard his sweet laughter. [b “I know! I’m so happy Arlus is doing okay with him.” ] She relaxed to him rubbing her back up and down. She felt so comforted and safe.

She raised her head when he pouted. Ara released a bubbly giggle. She knew he wasn’t but she thought it was so cute and she wanted to treat him to lots of love and take care of him well. [b “Okay darling, I’ll help you out as much as I can. I…can help with the pain.” ] She said, stroking through his hair. [b “mmm.” ] She nodded. She kissed him back, feeling him playfully tug her lip closer. So, she kissed him deeper.

[b “You stay in bed, I’ll get the shower ready.” ] She said. She crawled out of bed, and realized her shirt was slightly misplaced. She took it off anyhow and her shorts since they were going to shower anyway. She turned the shower on, leaving it at a warm temperature. Sylus’ back was bandaged up, and she figured she did it well enough that it would help to keep it dry enough, but she would replace it after anyway.

She’d take off her bra and underwear and then move back to their bed. She offered her hand to get him up. [b “Arms up!” ] Ara said, and she’d lifted his shirt off him, and then the rest of his clothes. She’d let him take the first step into the shower, and she’d climb in, letting most of the water run down her body. She kissed him one more, [b “So darling, do you want me to help you with pain management?” ] She asked, having an idea that meant he wouldn’t have to mov. [b “Or I can just help you wash up.” ] She’d take his hand. She hoped she was making him feel cared for.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 36d 13h 47m 1s
He loved that she felt the same way as him. If she slowly drifted away, he didn't know what he'd do. Sure they were now a lot busier with their baby boy, but he did still want to be able to make sure their relationship wasn't jeopardized.

Sylus fell asleep to her relaxing touch a little too quickly. IT made him feel so comfortable in her arms. THey rarely got to sleep beside each other for that long anymore, so in the morning when he woke up to her at his side, he would smile. Sylus let her sleep for a bit, running his fingers through her hair and seeing that her shirt was rising up. Ara had already lost the pregnancy weight and it was amazing. She healed up as if she didn't even have ARlus.

He kissed her and then pretended to fall back asleep, but when he heard her voice, he tried to play it off. HE felt her lips on his and he'd kiss her back, his amber eyes opening as he kissed her once more. His arms wrapped around her waist and then he felt her leg between his. He slid his leg around hers as well. [b "I do. It feels so right being here next to you like this"] he kissed her forehead. [b "I miss you too. I'm so glad we have TAnner"] he laughed a bit and then he rubbed her back up and down.

[b "Love....I'm kind of scared to shower. I think my back is going to hurt. I need someone to shower with me"] he pouted, meeting her blue eyes with his as he pleaded. He loved her attention and he craved it after so long. [b "Can you shower with me?"] he asked, kissing her lips and then playfully tugging her lip towards his.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 36d 14h 46m 23s
[b “I have to and I want to.” ] She caressed his cheek. She loved being kissed by him. She loved how he smiled at her. She wanted to just squeeze him real tight. She wanted to give him all the love in the world. She relaxed to his touch, fingers going through her long hair. She pressed her forehead against his for a moment. They fell asleep. She woke, took care of Arlus a bit, before Tanner did. She felt so happy being able to go to bed and sleep next to Sy.

She could feel her hair being touched and moved. She rolled even closer to him, pressing herself so tightly against him to grab some more warmth. Her warm breath would hit his collarbone. She moaned slightly when she felt a hand go down her bare side, her crop-top t-shirt had ride up even higher up her chest. It felt surreal, feeling a kiss on her forehead, a poke at the tip of her nose. She’d slowly wake up. Sylus’ voice whispering her name made her wake up but not open her eyes yet. “Mmmm sy…” She’d hear a few more words. Ara opened her eyes and saw him grinning, and quickly closing his eyes. She giggled [b “Darling, I caught you. You’re awake. I saw you grinning.” ] Ara spoke quietly and kissed his lips quickly.

She pressed her chest tightly against his and then she’d kiss the tip of his nose, [b “Sy…I love you” ] She’d stroke his arm again, waiting for him to open his eyes even though she knew he was awake. She’d fit her leg in between his and then began rubbing his chest a bit. [b “You’re happy as I am aren’t you? Waking up next to each other…Mmm, I miss you.” ] She said softly, not wanting to budge. This warmth felt so nice and she felt good, because she knew Arlus was taken care of. She was so thankful that Tanner was here helping her out.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 36d 17h 17m 54s
He missed being close to ARa, being in her arms and feeling all of her attention on him. He knew she must have felt the same way, but he was glad she was taking care of him the way she was right now. He would smile and face her [b "I will. You take such good care of me already though Love"] he smiled and would kiss her lips.

When he snuggled into her arms, he loved the way she ran her fingers through his hair and just made him melt. He wanted to stay like this longer. To be able to sleep with her through the whole night. She was so warm and so comforting that Sylus just passed out so quickly. He was tired and drained from the bear attack that he didn't even notice her leaving in the morning.

It wasn't long until he felt movement on the bed. His eyes opened and he'd see ARa climbing in again, so he'd wrap his arms around her and hold her against his chest. THey both fell asleep instantly.

WHen Sylus woke up, he remembered Arlus. He looked at the baby monitor and saw that he was with Tanner. He relaxed a bit and looked to see that ARlus had fallen asleep in Tanner's lap. When he glanced over at Ara, he let her rest for a while, taking advantage of the situation and just sliding in beside her once more.

He would brush her hair back and smile, not having woken up to her beside him in such a long time. He'd let his fingers run down her bare side as he watched her sleep for a while. He'd poke the tip of her nose and then smile as he kissed her forehead, really missing the time he spent with her. Sylus would wait until she woke up before deciding to get up, only because it's been such a long time.

[b "Ara"] he'd whisper, running his fingers through her hair, brushing it back. He'd feel a bit sore from the scratch on his back, but he knew it was healing up thanks to her. [b "I love love love you"] he'd whisper, grinning and then closing his eyes to pretend to sleep again.
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