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He texted Payton and told her that he didn't have much time either. He was just really glad to see someone outside, living so normally in a place that Ara and him called home for a while. He sent her another text. [i Another mission and after this we're heading straight back. It was nice to be considered a normal human for once. Take care] he sent and then he headed up the balcony following Ara.

He stood and made sure to keep an eye out for the guards as he tried to listen in on Ara's conversation with Roark. He held his breath and then he could tell that he was touching Ara, probably wanted to get past her dress. HE sighed and then he heard the guard calling out. He looked down and shook his head [b "I just wanted to see what it was like to see the whole party"] he told him before attempting to make his way down the steps.

Roark was touching and trying to grab whatever her could of Ara right now because he was drunk and there was a pretty girl in front of him. He shook his head "Aww, I'm not drunk. I can show you a good time. Boyfriend or not, he wouldn't know what we did" he smirked and then he was feeling up her ass, but Ara was pushing him back. Eventually he fell back against the bed, laying back passed out.

Sylus made it to the guard and then he took a glass of champagne and gave him one to relax. He knew Ara would be okay. He looked like he was going to pass out soon, so he made his way towards Tanner, wondering if they could head to the back and then meet up with Ara to drag Roark out of there for now. He made it to his side. [b "SHould we head out?"] he asked, looking to see the amount of people slowly dying down.
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They were pulling up to the hotel and she would give another glance at her phone. SHe wondered if he really got it. [i Even if he does, he probably doesn't believe it. ] Either way, she didn't want to cause too much trouble. She hadn't met someone from the facility for a while now, she didn't like getting involved with them again, but she always felt for the people who went through the same as her. [b 'If your able to meet tonight, than we can chat, or early morning. I'm guessing your on a mission." ]

Ara knew she wouldn't be able to get out of here, until Tanner came into the halls and dismissed the guard and walked into the room. She was getting pretty bothered by a drunk man who somehow thought in his mind that it was okay to do this with her. He looked too out of it... All she had to do is step back and wait for him to knock himself out until Tanner came. She took a step back and he would pull her in. [b "Your drunk, I'd rather not." ] She watched him lean in to kiss her, and she used her hand to push his forehead away and trying to break hold of him holding her hand and taking bigger steps away, figuring he'd tip over if he tried to walk toward her. [b "You really need to already know I have a boyfriend."]

What was taking Tanner so long?
Tanner was downstairs, trying to get the guys in front of their planned exit to walk off for a while, giving them drinks, but it was taking longer than expected. Eventually a guard spotted Sylus on the balcony from the ground [b "Hey, you, what are you doing up there?" ] He called out.

Ara even heard the man call out faintly. She felt a little panic, but didn't think Roark was even sane enough to realize anything.
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He loved the way she was looking at him. He knew that his words made her smile, but he was being honest. Sylus didn't really know how to be sarcastic, but when he didn't do it on purpose a lot of people seemed to laugh at him. He was worried that Ara didn't think she could do it, so he did his best to make sure that she knew what to do. She's done it a million times and he knew she could do it when it counted.

He kept his eye on her as he watched her head up the stairs. He texted Payton and then he wondered if she was still around or was that really the last time he was going to see her. He saw her reply and then he gulped. He knew Ara's father was involved in the company, but Payton made it sound like he really was a horrible person. [i Father of hell?] he thought to himself. Maybe he'd ask Ara sometime what that meant.

[i No, I got you. It's okay, you can sleep. It's just really cool to meet someone from the facility being able to live a normal life. I kinda wish we had more time to chat, but I'll be going back to hell right after this] he sent the text and then he made it up the balcony, listening towards Roark's room and hearing that him and Ara were getting a little close. He sighed and just waited for the signal.

Roark knew that Ara was special and she was really attractive. He felt like maybe she had something up her sleeve, but he was too drunk to care right now. He pulled her in, his hands hugging her close and when she spoke, he barely heard her "You can have fun. I can show you a good time. Just let me know if you like it or how you like it" he smirked, leaning in to give her a kiss, his hands holding hers since she was touching his hands.
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Ara loved being called beautiful by him. She was in an upbeat mood after, meeting Payton again but eventually things were getting to the point where she actually had to take the mission further. It worried her, it always did. She faced Roark and he was drunk as planned with no added help. It made her wonder how he even survived this long. Although, there was no telling how he'd behave like now.

Payton was watching out in the streets inside of the car, when he sent her another message. She expected he would get it, but figured he needed spelled out for him. She didn't have time to meet him, what was he crazy? "Payton, it's too late to travel, is it fine if we stay at a hotel?" He asked.
She glanced back at him and sighed "Yea, I don't spot anything suspicious. But, we should still not be too close to this area." She said and looked back at the message. [b "I'll be staying at a hotel, but heading to bed in two hours. Why? Don't you get it, her daddy is the ruler of hell. Hell is the place that fucked everything up. If you still want to meet up before I sleep, let me know when you can, and I'll send you the location after.' ] She didn't think she'd run into these types of annoyances.

Ara's eyes slightly widened [b "Oh you didn't? I must be special than." ] She teased and guided him towards his room. There was a guard at the front and he allowed them in. [b "I thought I was." ] She helped him sit on the bed, and figured he might even go lights out on his own.

[b "He doesn't have to, because I can't bat an eye to anyone else." ] She spoke, figuring she could say whatever now. Well, at least he had good taste calling her beautiful. Take her? She raised a brow and felt his hand ride up to her ass, and pull her closer. Her face burned. Hell no. Ara giggled [b "No...I don't think I would be that much fun. Aren't you really tired, you should go to sleep?" ] She slowly tried to slide his hand off her ass so that maybe he wouldn't even notice.
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He told her how beautiful she wanted to assure her that everything was going to be okay. He's seen how strict she could be on the job and how convincing. Sylus knew she could do this as long as she stayed focused. He met her eyes and let her take off first to go speak with Roark. He stayed close by, looking at his phone.

Sylus thought that this Payton girl was interesting. He's never met a lot of the girls from the facility besides the two on the last mission that tried to alienate Ara. He looked at her text and then he wondered what was she talking about. Ara's father was the king of hell? What did she mean? He sighed, keeping his eye on Ara as he texted her back [i 'Did you leave? Can I still speak with you?'] he sent the text and wanted to know what she really meant.

Roark spoke with Ara, his arm wrapping around her because she looked stunning as always. "I did! There are so many guests and everyone is having fun. I'm glad you were able to come on short notice. I don't really invite too many of my workers" he told her, thinking about her work.

"You've been doing great Ara. You're right" he felt her lead the way to his room and then he sat down on his bed, his head spinning a little as he looked at her blue eyes. "You're so beautiful Ara. I bet your boyfriend has to fight off so many guys all the time. I feel sorry for the lad. I'd take you every chance I could" he spoke, his hand moving behind her toward her ass as he pulled her in. "WHy don't we have a little fun just you and I"
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She didn't think it would do much to hear Sy say she could do it, but it did. She felt that if he believed in her, then he really truly felt she could do it. It made her smile and lean in to kiss his cheek [b "Thank you." ] She slowly released his hand and head up the stairs to the balcony to reach Roark. He was surrounded by three other people. She predicted they'd leave after this anyway, as so was everyone else.

Payton reviewed her phone and saw the message. He really did want to know. Maybe he wasn't that close to Ara after all. She didn't know if his phone was being monitored, so she sent a message that she figured he'd understand anyway [i He's the king of hell. What else do you want to know? ] She sent it, figuring if he hate her after that, then he would have hated her anyway. Payton's feelings on Ara was pretty neutral, but didn't think that she deserved some black lash.

Ara watched the guests go off, and she smiled back at Roark [b "My, you had a lot of fun today." ] She was about to eye his hand going on her waist but she held it together. [b "Alright, I think I'm doing pretty good. Don't you think I'm doing a good job?" ] She saw him having trouble finding where to go, so she led him on toward his room [b "How about we go to your bedroom?" ] She suggested. Well, it was going smoothly so far, at least. He was too out of it to pay attention, maybe this was going to go a lot more smoothly than she thought.
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He looked over at Payton and when she said that a lot of them weren't happy, he found it really hard to believe. They were out here in the real world and he'd prefer that than being back at the facility. Then she mentioned trading in Ara. Why would people want to trade in Ara? Was that why she was also surrounded by guards because she's in danger? He looked at her confused and knew he had to make contact with her.

He watched ARa try and speak with her and she treated her like a lost friend she hasn't seen in a long time. Ara was so nice, why would people want to hurt her? He sighed and would try and make her feel confident enough to do this. [b "I know you can do it"] he watched her head up and when she left, he stepped up the stairs, grabbing a drink and just speaking to a few more people that approached him. Sylus took out his phone and messaged the number [i 'It's Calvin. I want to talk more about Ara'] he sent and then he waited.

Roark was still speaking with a few close friends when he saw Ara coming up. By this time he had already had a few drinks and was passed the buzzing state. He saw her blue eyes, her dress, and then he smiled "Right! Ara, Ara! Come on over. I'm sorry guys, but I need to speak with this pretty lady for a while" he told them, seeing his guests say goodbye. He approached Ara and then he wrapped his arm around he waist. "Let's go somewhere more quiet. I want to hear about how you're doing in my company" he told her, looking around and trying to figure out which room to go to.
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Ara grinned, glad to hear her call her petty. She adored his laugh and being kissed by him. She was going to miss so much. It ached every time she remembered that things were going to be so different soon.

Payton shrugged "I don't know too many of them, but, from the ones I encountered, they don't seem to be doing so well. We don't really 'exist' on paper in the world. Well, I know if you made a deal with a couple people who are out to trade in Ara, and they'd help you out, but, I think it's plain out suicide." She didn't feel sure about telling Sylus yet, but it was somethings he would have liked to know before. She glanced at her phone. She didn't have his phone number so, she couldn't send it now.

The second Ara realized it was Payton, she had to talk to her. It was like meeting a friend that she didn't know if she was dead or alive. She felt a little dissapointed, she had to go but knew she had work, so was glad that she was doing okay and not with some horrible person.

She held Sylus' hand again and then he mentioned to go up to him. She preferred to have him go to her, but Sy wasn't wrong. [b "Mmm...I guess I will." ] Ara head up and walked towards Roark and formed a smile. Time to take this bastard down.

[b "Still want to talk privately?" ] She asked. If he even said no, she would find away to encourage him.
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He could see her smile and it only made Sylus laugh inside because no matter what he said, she'd always think she was the prettiest in the world. He couldn't argue though because to him, she really was the prettiest in the world. [b "Even if I don't love you I think so"] he laughed and then he kissed her lips before letting her mingle with others.

Sylus was curious about Payton when she came over. She had this aura of being someone who was strong. It wasn't until he saw the scar on her hands that he realized the connection. He figured she was from the facility and thought she was really lucky to be out here free. [b "Well I hope they're able to blend in. What I would give to be out here"] he sighed and then he saw her leave. He'd try and contact her later because he really did want to know about Ara. Whenever her dad was brought up, she tried to avoid the question.

He told Ara about Payton, but didn't give too much information on who she was. When she looked so excited, he didn't realize it would make her this happy. He saw her walk off and he bit down on his lip, seeing Payton eyeing him with a death stare. [i Oops].

Sylus shrugged, not knowing that Ara would act that way and want to see her so much. He watched them interact and looked around, trying to see where Roark was and the other guards. When he saw Ara coming back, he held her hand and when he saw some people leaving, he also saw others drinking so much it was affecting the way they were leaving.

[b "Yeah, Roark headed up to the balcony with some friends. Think you should remind him that you wanted that one on one?"] he told her, squeezing her hand and then letting her head up first as he looked around, making sure everything was clear. He stayed close, but he tried to keep his distance too so no one noticed.
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Ara grinned. She knew she was, but it sure was good to hear Sylus truly believed it. It made her feel pretty ghushy when he said stuff like that. [b "Aww... I'm the prettiest even if you don't love me too." ] She giggled. She liked living with that confidence. She got a kiss from him before she went off to try to blend in more.

Payton knew there was no reason for him to trust her. It's been so long that's she's talked to someone like her, but he didn't seem the type to chat a lot. Payton gave a subtle nod "I am, I was lucky. At least far more than being stuck in the facility. Yes, but they're not in good condition. I can tell you a good number of them has lost any sanity they had. I have it better than they do." She wasn't sure if he was Ara's bodyguard yet or not, but it seemed like it. She passed him a note, and went off, not exactly wanting to be seen by Ara. She went back to the older man.

Ara's eyes followed Payton for a moment and then looked at the man that Soren pointed out. Her eyes lit up. [b "Really?" ] Her jaw slightly dropped and she was filled with excitement. Maybe she did recognize her after all! Who would ever thought she would run into someone again from the facility. She felt a little distracted and wanted to get the chance to see her before things had to get moving.

Ara laughed [b "No, some of them already have a good feel that my occupation isn't" ] She felt Sylus' warm hand hold hers. She gave it a squeeze, and gave his kiss a cheek, [b "Let me just go talk to that girl. I really want to see if I recognize her." ] Ara went right over to Payton and it took Ara a few seconds but she realized who is was.

[b "Payton! Oh I missed you so much." ] Ara didn't hesitate to hug her, forgetting where she was for a moment. Payton awkwardly patted her back until Ara stepped back and tried to lift up a smile "Hi, I guess your bodyguard ratted me out."

[b "Why is that such a bad thing? I remember you used to have short hair. Your gorgeous. How have you been doing?" ] Ara crowded her with questions. If she's been okay, if life treat her well, if she's been eating well, what she has been doing and how come she was here. Payton threw a look at Sylus and thought 'trader.' Ara really wanted to spend time with her since she hasn't seen her over two years. Payton didn't expect Ara to be still this nice outside of the facility though. Eventually, Payton had to go, and Ara felt a little sad about it, but she understood. She was glad that she was at least doing okay.

Ara went to hold Sylus' hand and leaned against him [b "She was a good friend, she didn't treat me any different than she would treat anyone else." ] She mentioned and realized it was starting to get late. Already a few people were leaving. [b "Looks like it's almost time Sy." ] She squeezed his hand, feeling nervous.
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The way she said she was pretty made Sylus smile on the inside. She really was attractive and he knew that she knew she was attractive, but he was glad she was so confident. He shrugged a little and then when she spoke, he shook his head [b "No of course you're the prettiest. You're the prettiest and the most amazing girl I know. I do love you and that's why you're the prettiest"] he grinned and gave her a kiss before she spoke with more people.

When Payton came over to speak, Sylus was being wary. HE didn't take the drink and he just decided to speak to her while he kept an eye on Ara. He was getting distracted though when he saw the scar on her hand. He was getting curious to know who she was, especially since she knew Ara's father. HE told her his name, but when she changed her mind, he sighed.

[b "Well then if you're from the facility it seems you're doing fine outside. I'm glad that at least some people made it out"] he told her, finding it such a relief to see someone doing okay. THe more she spoke, the more unanswered questions he had. He looked at the note that went into his pocket and then he sighed. HE wanted to know...

WHen Ara came, he looked back and saw that she was gone. [b "She's with that guy. I think she was from the facility before. SHe had scars on her hands"] he told her, thinking about it and then meeting ARa's eyes again. [b "Anyway, how's my girlfriend doing? It seems like you're grabbing everyone's attention. Anyone ask you to marry their son yet?"] he laughed, joking around with her as he held her hand in his.
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Ara didn't seen any reason why would anyone would cheat on her because of appearance. Of all the things she didn't have, she felt she definitely had a pretty face and a pretty good figure. She figured anyone who would cheat on her for appearance had to be purely blind and deaf. She liked keeping her thoughts this way. Hold up, was that a shrug? She narrowed her eyes at Sy [b "What? You don't think I'm the prettiest and best girl you've ever seen?" ] She pouted. [b "You don't reallly love me if you don't think that's true. I think your the most attractive and the greatest guy ever." ]

She went off to talk to the others for a while.

Payton understood why he would throw it, even though that was a harmless drink. She didn't think figured it out yet. She would given him just a little longer to put the pieces together. She could tell how curious he looked about the monster behind it all. She's never seen his face. Payton nodded [b "Doesn't have any real relevance to me, just curious." ] He leaned in and whispered. She wasn't sure if he was lying or not. She hadn't heard of a Calvin though. [b " know I change my mind. I need more than a name in return for something this big." ] She shrugged.

Payton smirked when he finally got it, [b "Bingo. I am. I was sold over to that man there." ] She looked at the thirty year old man, [b "He's a sweetheart, I got lucky. But, good people get targeted often. It's nice to see someone from the facility again. ] It really has been a while from her but she felt like she could always recognize her own kind.

[b "Calvin...or whatever your name is. I don't care what you do with this information or if it even matters to you but... There are other's like us that are free, and they are angry. Oh, looks like the princess is coming over, time for me to go, but...feel free to contact me if you need it." ] She slipped a note in his pocket and went off.

Ara watched the girl head off and she met Sylus eyes [b "Whose that? I can't put my finger on it but she kind of looks like someone..." ] She tried to think but figured she just looked similar to someone she probably used to know from the side profile. [b "You were talking to her for a while huh." ] She wished they wouldn't bug Sylus since he was her boyfriend.
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He went to her and he had a confused look on his face because he didn't really understand what was going on. He didn't know why all of those people were surrounding him, or why they were trying to get him to be with their daughters when he clearly had a girlfriend. Ara said it was because he was attractive....was he? Then she mentioned setting him up with someone better than Ara....wasn't that a little arrogant of her? He shrugged and then he heard her say don't bite his lip. He kissed her and then he held her hand again, seeing the others looking at them.

He was met up by this girl and soon found himself speaking to her. HE tossed the drink she gave him, not knowing what was in it. Sylus was also on his toes. He saw the scar and wasn't really affected by it. He had a ton all over himself. THen she mentioned something about Ara's father being a monster and Sylus just stared at her confused. He wondered what she meant?

His amber eyes met hers [b "My name?"] he didn't know if he should tell her, but he did want to know about Ara's father. He met her eyes [b "My name's Calvin"] he whispered softly as if not wanting anyone to hear. What's up with Ara's father?"] he asked, curious to see who she was and what she knew.

[b "Are you also from back at the facility?"] he asked curiously.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 19d 10h 15m 45s
Ara waited till Sy got up and went to her. She saw how confused he looked. It was all about looks, she thought he would get that. [b "Sy, you didn't have to do anything. Attractive people attract attention, that's how it is. I don't know where in there delusion minds they think they could set you up with anyone that's better than me." ] She scoffed. She figured he did fin but he really looked puzzled. Maybe he didn't handle it well then... It made her smile because it was just a bit funny, and Sy was still no smooth talker to regular people. Ah, how she adored him. Everything about him was just perfect and she didn't think anyone knew any of the reasons why compared to her.

Ara giggled, [b "Don't bite your lip, your making it obvious." ] She kissed his lips quickly, wishing to spend more time with him than here. She wanted to hang onto him, just for a few more days, or maybe forever. She went off, and went to talk to a few people, trying to blend in but hating every second that passed. She didn't relate to these people...

Payton spotted Ara, and it made her wonder for what reason. No matter the reason, she knew it wasn't any of her business but, she did wander about the guy that she showed so much affection for in public. She walked to Sylus, now that he was free from the reigns of woman with daughters. She pickd up at the corner of her eye, seeing him throwing the drink. She was always on her toes, and hardly missed anything.
She laughed A painting? funny. Those nearly middle aged woman sure are treating you as one." She followed where his eyes were leading to, her scar.
Payton shrugged "It doesn't. Simply curious, surprised." He couldn't possibly like her could he? Well, [i He wouldn't be the first.] Hold up.

Payton raised a brow, cocked her head to the side a littler and smirked "You don't know? I thought all of her bodyguards were told. Huh. Maybe things have changed." She spotted Ara and saw Sylus looking out at her. She took a sip of her drink and her eyes would glance back at one of the men, for quite a bit, "What's your name first? Ah-not your fake name by the way. I told you mine. No one will hear but me. If you tell me yours, then, I'll tell you about why I said Ara's father is a monster." She felt like she made a good deal. Besides, she didn't have much use of his name anyway.

"Your boyfriend is getting a lot of attention, careful, those wifes are trying to set him up on a date." One man told her, chuckling.
Ara smiled [b "Oh, I don't need to worry." ]
"You shouldn't trust men, and I am one." He added.
His wife narrowed his eyes at him, "Honey..."

"Good looking men, I'm not one and you know it dear." He added.
Ara laughed lightly [b "No, it's not that. I trust him but, no one that's normal would be able to out me."] She shrugged and the man pointed and Ara saw him with a girl. Dark haired... She doubly blinked and frowned. No need to worry... IT was nothing. Ara shrugged [b "Well, it was nice talking to you." ] She said and went to talk to someone else, but kept an eye on Sylus but didn't see that girl's face. Almost as if she was being careful not to directly look at her now.
  Ravenity / 20d 8h 34m 41s
He didn't know why he was getting so much attention. He was backed up against the wall, everyone surrounding him as they asked them so many questions. He looked a little nervous since he's never really spoken to this many people before. They started arguing about who he should see and who he should date, but Sylus knew that once they saw what was beneath his shirt, they wouldn't want him anymore.

[b "I...uhh...have a girlfriend"] he told them, looking around and they didn't seem to care as if it wouldn't last. He kept his amber eyes on Roark and then he watched Ara speak with him, listening in on their conversation as he walked off. Sylus tried to break free from the crowd, but when they were asking him more questions, he said he had to go, someone was waiting for him.

He went to meet up with Ara and then he held her hand in his [b "I don't know what I did. THey don't even know me?"] he looked so confused and terrified at the same time. [b "I....didn't know what to say"] he frowned and then he looked around, seeing where all the guards were. [b "Easy!"] he memorized the suspicious looking people and then he looked around as he bit down on his lip.

WHen a girl came up to him, he looked at the drink and then walked with her, tossing it into a plant without her seeing. [b "Nice to look at? What am I an painting?"] he asked curiously and then he noticed her scar. Who was she? Sylus shook her hand and then he looked at Ara. [b "Why does it matter to you?"] he asked, wondering what she meant by monster's daughter. [b "What do you mean? Ara's father is a monster?"] he wondered, looking to see her mingling with others, keeping tabs on the guards. For some reason he didn't get a good vibe from this girl. She seemed a bit....dangerous.
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