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He only suggested it because they seemed really close. Close enough to snuggle and maybe kiss each other, why not sleep? He could tell that it was more of an insult to her and he didn't mean for it to sound that way. He would look up at her and when she mentioned that she didn't want to be one of those girls, he understood. Who would want to be just called over for that type of thing. Sylus wanted something real. Like the way he felt with Ara.

To his surprise, she knew a lot about ARa. How she was close to Tanner, how she dated people. [b "They do seem really close. I don't really get why either, but I know they liked each other"] he shrugged, not really caring to talk about it much. [b "You think I'm her type? I always thought she'd go for someone flashier just like her"] he sighed and then he headed inside to check on Ethan.

When he came back, he laid back on the sand. [b "See it? I've had enough just hearing it all"] he shivered and then he heard her ask about Ara again. [b "What? I can answer questions that you have...but who knows if it's true or not"] he smirked and then he stood up. [b "I think I'm going to test the water out. You can keep relaxing here if you want"] he headed for the water, diving in and then feeling the waves crashing over him. He smiled and felt the cold water just coat his skin. He swam further in and then he relaxed on his back, enjoying the life out of the facility.

Sylus stood up and waved her over [b "The water's nice! You should take a dip"] he suggested, jumping up and down in the water so she could see him.
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She couldn't believe Sylus would suggest that. It bugged her. She didn't almost die every day to just be someone to sleep with. It was-an insult. It sure sounded like he meant it that way. [b "Exactly. We have a good relationship, why ruin it? I can't do those things those girls can, and I don't want to be one of those girls. Ethan's the type to go around and I am way too important for him to even try doing something like that." ] She didn't get how he would come to that conclusion.

Payton did get it out of him, that he was dating her at least. [b "Well...last time I was I with them, neither of them had the guts to really tell each other, but also because Ara said something about some guilt if she did. But, I figured they'd get past that. Sorry..." ] She sighed, realizing that maybe it wasn't the best idea to talk about Ara being close to someone else when Sylus was dating her. Payton didn't think it would last, because others hadn't. [b "I'm sure you two must connect too. Your her type." ]

It had been a long time since she thought about the first time she did it. It was something but it wasn't anything either. She didn't really know him. [b "Yea... because we never know if we're going to be alive the next day, right... So, laying next to someone you barely know and kissing them is probably the most romantic evening you could ever have. There's so many of us...that just never got to experience anything. If I died today, at least I didn't die there." ] She hated thinking back but it brought memories, faces she knew.

Sylus didn't tell her, so she assumed he would lie if he talked. Did he? Did he do it with Ara? She scoffed [b "Of course I do." ] She saw him head toward the house and she laughed [b "You definitely will. I'm just curious if you'll either get horny or get disgusted." ] She pulled pu her book to read a few sentences before Sylus came back.

[b "Mmm...yea, it is. At least you didn't have to accidently see the act." ] She added. He looked lost in thought. And then...she remembered, [b "Hold up. If you're dating Ara...and-ugh, it doesn't matter. I was out of my mind. I'm going to read for a bit. If you want to do something let me know." ] She said, before reading more in depth into her book.
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He didn't know how to say it, but Sylus figured if she really wanted to know if he was one hundred percent protected, then she really had to be the one there with him all the time. He decided to just relax and talk with her, but it always ended up going to his personal life and Ara. He mentioned sleeping with Ethan, but when she dropped her book, he glanced up at her and was surprised to see some anger. He figured that she was just glad to be protecting him and maybe that was all their relationship would go to. Maybe he'd ask Ethan.

He shook his head [b "Sorry. I didn't mean you'd be a toy...I meant if you liked Ethan and he liked you. You guys just have a good relationship going, that's all I'm saying"] he then laid back again and then she mentioned being Ara's guard. He heard that she's dated many guys before, but right now she was dating him and so far, they were working things out. [b "Yeah Tanner has always been there for her. I don't know why they never dated. THey connect well too"] he didn't want to remember the time they kept kissing. He shook his head and just tried to forget about it. Ara loved him right now.

When Payton opened up about her first time, Sylus could understand. He really wanted to try it the first time when he went on his first mission. [b "That's understandable. I think everyone at the facility wants to try new things the first opportunity they get"] he didn't think he could tell her about Ara. He couldn't tell a soul about that. The only one who really knew was Tanner.

[b "No wonder why he treats you right. You take good care of him"] he stood up and then he headed towards the house. [b "Yeah....hopefully I don't hear anything crazy"] he headed towards the door and then he slowly made it down the halls. Sylus didn't see anyone in the kitchen or the living room, but he did see some clothes on the floor. He headed towards the room and when he heard some loud banging sounds, Sylus just narrowed his eyes and went up to the door. He could hear voices...well more like moans...The sound of Ethan's voice was clear. They were clearly fine.

Sylus headed back outside towards the beach. [b "I can see why you don't like doing that. It's really weird..."] he reached his arms back and relaxed against the sand again, his sunglasses on as he thought about when he could see Ara again. He wondered if he could go on another mission with her.
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She still didn't understand the norms of the world or if Ethan's lust was above average, normal or below. She also didn't feel the need to question it since he had gave her a life that wasn't hell. She stretched her legs back and spoke to Sylus. There wasn't really anyone she could talk about these things and she didn't realize how-it actually was kind of nice to talk to someone. But, she didn't feel like she should let him know that. And then boom-he ruined it. Payton dropped her book and couldn't believe what she just heard. Ethan!? Do it with her!? Why the fuck would she do it with him just so- [b "I am not his sex-buddy, I am his guard buddy. No. That is degrading. That will screw things up in so many ways.. Would you sleep with-" ] she shut up because she realized, yes, yes he would sleep with Ara if he was her bodyguard. She shook her head [b "Either way, it's not going to happen. I can't do any of that...stuff with him." ']

Sylus got an image in her head and know her cheeks warmed. Ugh! Didn't he think before he said things!? Definitely not. She never wanted to be some bimbo to play with, that's not what she trained for. It had her upset. [b "It is dating. You're dating her. Of course it is, it's risky. When I was her bodyguard she was dating...I forgot who but he cracked when he had an actual interaction with a girl from the facility. I'm surprised she's still not with Tanner, he's always been there for her." ] She shrugged. She listened on and he kind of answered her question but not exactly. Could it have been Ara? Not that it mattered.

[b "No you won't." ] She stated, [b "If it is who I think it is, you'd be stupid to tell me." ] She tried to think back. [b "I don't think you know him, but he's from the facility. We were on a mission and finally got a night to ourselves, in a hotel in Frankfurt, Germany and...well why not? We could die the next day. But-it meant nothing and I-never really saw him after that." ] She hadn't thought about it in a long time. She had no idea what happened to him. Maybe he died, maybe he was bought, maybe he was still at the facility she just never saw him. [b "If you're going to tell me about your first time, then it better be the truth. If it isn't, don't tell me at all." ] She glanced back.

Payton scoffed, [b "Doesn't matter. I had a some girl that visited Ethan for a sex session before and she was threatened to poison him. I caught he was okay but, everyone's a threat. Alright, it'll be a big favour if I don't have to check this time." ] She frowned [b "Never like hearing the weird things they say." ]
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He did like being away from the facility. It was much easier to focus for him and being here by the beach brought the motivation level higher. He knew she was worried about Ethan and how close that girl was going to get to him, but if she really was worried, then she could just stay in the house, maybe use some cameras.

When she said he wanted that....Sylus just sighed a little. He's met a lot of guys like that. He could understand why he wanted it, he always wanted that with Ara. [b "If that's what he just wants....wouldn't it be easier if he just does that with you?"] he wondered. That was another option if she didn't want him doing anything with anyone else.

He looked back at Payton and then he shrugged [b "I guess it's called dating? IT's just really hard to make anything go further with Ara"] he told her, laying back, soaking up the sun. He would turn over to face her when she asked him [b "Ya, I'm in the facility. I can't wait to get out though"] he mentioned and then he looked a bit surprised when Payton said she's done it.

[b "I'll tell you who I did it with if you tell me who you did it with?"] he asked, wondering if he could learn more about her that way. [b "I'll check it out in a bit. She didn't seem hostile, I'm sure Ethan's fine. BUt I'll go the next round"]
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She always worried, but it was much more relaxing here than it was being in there. She laid back and she didn't think Sylus could understand the anxiety she got when someone was to close to the person she was responsible to protect. Payton sighed, thinking of the plain dumb reason, [b "He wants sex. That's all that's to it really." ] She shrugged, and covered up the sun from her eyes. [b "He doesn't have much time to start a real relationship or...maybe he just doesn't want to. I don't ask." She never bother questioning why Ethan never tried to have a real relationship. She knew why it was constant though. He always said she was the only relationship he ever needs but she was pretty sure that was a joke.

Payton stared at her book as she rose a brow at his response, [b "She would?" ] She has known Ara to date before. So...There definitely was something up. [b "You're dating her. I know Ara date's guys from the facility." ] She read a bit of her book and end up thinking about Ethan and Ethan made her think about what he was doing up there, and then it lead her thoughts to other things.

He did... Maybe with Ara? [b "You're still...staying around the facility right? You don't get many missions out there?" ] Then Payton nodded, her eyes still on her book, [b "I have. I don't get what the big deal is." ]

She looked back up at him. [b "No. If there were cameras, I wouldn't want to see anything. I just go near every twenty five minutes to make sure I can hear he's alive. You can go check if you want." ]
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He headed outside and just ignored Ethan's guest. He could see why Payton didn't want to be inside either. He grabbed his sunglasses and then he headed outside, waiting for her before walking down to the water. He was smiling because right now he had the opportunity to be free and roam around. Payton had the inside covered, so all he really had to do was make sure that the perimeter was clear. So far it seemed safe.

He told her to relax a little. He learned that it was better to just relax a bit than to be strained and focused all the time. HE knew he needed to be alert, but when she spoke, he knew she was like this from experience. [b "I guess you're right. BUt...why is he doing this if it makes your job harder?"] he wondered, seeing her cut off. He just sit at the beach with her, a towel on the sand.

He sent Ara a picture and was smiling to himself. He sure loved seeing her texts. He heard Payton and wondered why she took an interest in his relationship with Ara. Was she that interested? And yet she didn't talk about herself much. [b "I did. She'd appreciate it"] he laughed and was glad he could make her laugh a bit.

The sun felt so warm and relaxing. He laid back and when she asked him the question, he wondered if he should tell her. [b "I have. Have you?"] he asked, glancing over, seeing her looking a bit stressed. [b "Would it help if we stayed closer to the house? Does it have cameras? I mean I know you wouldn't want to see those types of things, but you'll know he's safe?"] he wondered.
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Payton nodded, [b "No Problem." ] Sylus left soon after, and she was making sure Laurel didn't have anything on her that she could use. Of course she could use anything in the house but it would be much harder. She got irritated by Laurel and her existence in Ethan's life. She was always...too much. She stepped out and Sylus looked like he was happy-go-lucky. Of course he was, he was out there and not in the facility. She still didn't get it though, why he was always smiling. Ara seriously must have rubbed off of him.

It made her frustrated when Sylus told her to 'relax'. He had no idea how stressful it was for her when he was up and close to someone and she couldn't be there to make sure that they didn't want to try to kill him. [b "Sylus, when you become somebody's bodyguard that likes to be up and close to other people, you'll understand. One mess up and they're dead. He's only doing this because..." ] She sighed, and walked out forward into the beach, [b "Never mind." ] She pulled out a beach chair and laid back, pulling out her book. She would check up on the house every 25 minutes are so.

She opened her book to the last page she was, and at the corner of her eye she saw him on his phone and then taking a picture of himself. She rose a brow but the glanced off.

Ara soon got his photos and messages. '[i I miss being by the beach with you, and having our first. I want to be there! lol! You do look sexy ;) Thanks for the photo. i]'

Payton heard Sylus speak up. [b "You'll get to more. It is, If you're free and lucky, you can go anywhere. Were you messaging Ara a shirtless picture? I mean, it couldn't be anyone else, unless one of your contacts is a perv." ] She lightly laughed, and sighed looking at her book. She then looked back at the house and felt bothered, more than usual. Why? Well, it must have been something to do with Sylus attendance here. She was stressed. [b "Have you ever done it? You know, lay in bed with someone?" ] Her mannerisms still hasn't grown much since she was at the facility, and she still forgot what not to ask of people at times.
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He went into his room to change into his swimming trunks. He wore his same pair and then he headed downstairs to meet up with Payton, but when he saw Ethan and Payton talking to one another. He felt like maybe Payton could like Ethan if she really wanted to. THey seemed to match one another. He held onto a towel around his neck and then he walked towards them, listening to Payton talk about the girl coming. Maybe she should handle it so that he didn't have to join in. [b "Thanks for warning me"] he nodded and then he was about to leave when Laurel came.

He was a small girl and really skinny. Her hair was definitely unique though. He waved and then he headed out back towards the docks. Sylus walked outside, feeling the sand against his feet. He took in the warmth and then he saw the ocean before him, waves crashing. IT looked like so much fun. He smiled and then he glanced back to see Payton. [b "Hey just relax. Ethan's happy, so you should be to. Let's head to the beach"] he grinned, taking some steps towards the water.

He took a picture and sent it to Ara [i "I wish I was watching this beautiful sunset with you"] he sent and then he took a picture of himself topless. He sent it with a [i "You're welcome"] he then put his phone down with his towel and laid back on the sand. He wanted to warm up with some sunlight first.

[b "I don't get to be out here that often. It's really nice to be in a place like this. If I were set free, I'd want to be by a beach"] he told Payton.
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[b "Ditto." ]Payton headed up, changed into her one piece and pulled her hair up. She pulled one of her books out and headed downstairs. Ethan was shutting off the game and then he gave a look back at her. He flashed a smile "You really are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen"

Payton playfully rolled her eyes with a smile. "Until your laying in bed with...who is it this time?"
"Laurel, and no I think you beat her." He put the controllers away. Payton noticed Sylus coming down and she was about to tell him that he could go on ahead. She didn't think she said anything about her dislike about being around when Ethan was making noise upstairs seemed like Sylus already understood. She would normally like to search whoever was coming on her own because she only trusted herself with his security. But...she never did like feeling up those girls to make sure they were clear. For a second she was about to say that he could but...

[b "That's alright. Laurel's the type of girl that gets a kick out of a guy touching them-even if it's for a search. I'll do it, before she tries to get you to join her. You can go on ahead." ] Payton suggested, feeling like she would feel guilty if she had him do this. There was a knock on the door soon enough. Ethan went to go grab it, but Payton beat him to it. Laurel had short brown curly hair up to her shoulders, brown eyes, and tanned skin, she had a skinny figure with long legs. "Hi," She flashed a smile, and saw a glimpse of Sylus "Oh, Ethan, you have a guest?"
Ethan smiled "Payton's friend."

[b -Okay, well. You know the drill." ] Payton stated. Payton checked through her bag-sex toys, phone. She took the phone, [b "I'll give this back after you leave, along with any other devices, lotions, makeup...well almost everything." ]
"If you say so, maybe you could have some fun with them?" Laurel winked.
Payton did not bat an eye and entirely ignored her, and began to check through her body and felt her up to make sure she wasn't hiding anything underneath.
" know you can-"
"Payton is off limits," Ethan reminded and lightly smiled, "We can start off the afternoon with a drink?"

"Sure thing sexy." Laurel smiled.
Payton was done checking on her and then would put Laurel's bag in a secure box with a lock. Once that was done, she headed for the door and she heard Laurel making a comment about how he should fuck her. Ugh. She rolled her eyes and closed the door, going outside and feeling the warmth. Better. Much better, but she did look pretty irritated.
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He wanted to know more about Payton, but it didn't seem like she really wanted to get to know him. He was just here to do a mission and then he would go back home and he figured she didn't even want to really know or anything. He just shrugged and hoped that they could at least work together well.

He was really glad that he was able to be here though and see another part of the world. Each place he visited was amazing and he was glad that he was able to meet Payton and the man in charge of her. THey were both kind and willing to be nice to him. He wanted to make them lunch, so he cooked the steak they bought.

The texts he received from Ara made him smile. He missed her and wanted her to be here with him so he could at least sleep beside her and hold her again. The last week was fighting and he hoped she was at least better now.

Sylus was glad everyone enjoyed the food. He finished up and began cleaning when he heard that someone was coming. When she clarified it, he nodded [b "Ahhh"] he sure didn't want to be here in the house while that was happening.

[b "Yeah, the beach sounds good. Let me just change"] he headed into his room and then he changed as he grabbed a towel and then he headed out to meet her. He smiled and then shrugged [b "I get you. I don't want to be in there when that happens, so I'll help you search her if you want before we go?"] he asked, wondering if she'd let him help.
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[b "We are, it's great how it is right now." ] She smiled lightly. She didn't think about getting to know about SYlus. She was suspicious just about everyone. If Sylus was on certain orders, she wouldn't be able to know about it. [b I guess... I don't think it really matters.' ] She shrugged. Everyone was in it's place but soon enough Sylus was suggesting that he'd make lunch.

Ara saw the message and she had to sneak to go use a restroom to check it for the second time. It always made her smile a little just to see his text. [i 'Aww, so it tastes better when you make it for me! >///< Me too. I miss nights with you. ] She sent.

Payton and Ethan joined Sylus for lunch. It was good, surprisingly good. Payton liked it but she felt like she shouldn't. Payton didn't like how Sylus was winning Ethan over with food and his charming personality. She just never expected someone from the facility to act the way he did. She heard Ethan and knew what that meant.

Ethan rose a brow, not even realizing Payton sighed until Sylus mentioned it. She never seemed to mind before. "Just a friend," Ethan lightly smiled.
Payton almost rolled her eyes, [b "Someone he likes to play with in bed Sylus." ]She got up and gathered the plates.

"Hey, you didn't have to tell him," Ethan frowned.
[b "Why, Sylus isn't going to talk." ] She put the plates in the dishwasher and then nodded [b "The beach sounds fine. I could lay back and read a book." ] It was a good way to pass the time. [b "Unless there something else you wanted to do?" ] She never liked hanging around inside where Ethan was doing some girl. It always made her stressed because that meant that girl would be close enough to cause some serious harm if she didn't make sure they weren't a threat.
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He didn't know if they were really understanding each other, but Sylus couldn't complain. The people from the facility were kept in the dark. They didn't know much about the outside world. He was even easily persuaded and convinced sometimes. [b "Well the relationship that you and Ethan have seems really comfortable. I wouldn't want to change it if you're both happy"] he smiled and then he helped her bring the groceries.

[b "I mean if we'll be working together for a while, might as well right? I don't really get to hang out with the girls from the facility that often"] he admitted and then he headed inside to start taking out the meat. His amber eyes would glance over at Ethan and he shook his head [b "No. It's fine. I really am thankful. You and Payton are really cool"] he told him and then he saw the two head off to play a game. It made him remember how him and Ara used to play together. He missed those times.

WHen he saw her text, he grinned happily. She was jealous! HE smirked and then he sent her another one [i "Yours is always made with love though. Extra special. I can't wait to eat you up though :o"] he sent and then finished up cooking dinner.

WHen he had it on the table, they all sat down to eat and he was glad that they seemed to like it. Sylus smiled and took a bite. It tasted delicious. HE wanted to make better food for Ara one day. [b "I don't actually get to cook for her that much. But I'm glad everyone likes it"] he finished up his food and then he saw that Payton was sighing. He glanced over and then he nodded. He stood up and thought about what he wanted to do. [b "Why did you sigh? Who's coming over?"] he wondered, thinking about chilling at the pool again. [b "What about the beach? Maybe the water would look nice with the moon out and everything?"] he suggested.
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Payton shrugged [b "It just appears like that to me. I already feel that way about Ethan." ] She didn't believe it was romantic. She never could dream of something like that. She loved how life was with him and she never wanted it to ever change. She would be fine living in a forever that was travelling with Ethan. Besides... They carried the groceries inside. She put them in their place and Sylus was shrugging her off. She wasn't the best interacting with people still. Ethan never minded and was always so light hearted about everything.

[b "Do you really want to know me?" ] She raised a brow, [b "We could talk later..." ] She closed the fridge and Ethan came over. Ethan was impressed hearing Sylus could actually cook. She never expected it because Payton knew very little of it.

"Thank you Sylus. It's no problem, I don't think I did much at helping you out at all though." Ethan lightly laughed and looked back at Payton, "Why can't you be more like him? I'd love to see you make me dinner."
Payton shoved his shoulder a bit,[b "I'm not your personal chef."]
"You don't need to be good." He wrapped his arm around her, "Join me? In a game?"
[b "Sure."] Payton head over with him to the sofa and played a two-player game with him. She had fun even if games were the only place that Ethan could beat her at a fight.

Ara felt the buzz in her phone and would take a quick glance. She send a message [b 'You both look yummy ;) I thought you only cooked for me! Jealous :3 my lovely chef.' ]

Payton and Ethan began to smell the steak. Payton noticed it more than Ethan and had to drop the game for a moment to get a good look. she raised a brow. It seriously looked pretty good. She got up when Sylus called and Ethan followed.
"It smells good," Ethan grinned, "Wow, that girl you must have a...thing with is a lucky girl."
Payton shrugged and took a bite. Yup, it was good. [b "'s actually good." ] She didn't expect that. She didn't know what this feeling was. Anger? No... Jealousy? Jealous that he could cook? It seemed like Ethan was liking him more than her. No, of course he didn't. How could he always appear so happy when he was still connected facility anyway?

"THank you for the dinner," Ethan nodded, "Ah, I'm inviting someone over this evening, you two are free to do whatever you like."
Payton sighed, she knew what that meant. [b "As long as they agree to be searched." ]
"She will." Ethan said.
Payton looked back at Sylus [b "Want to hang out by patio and pool again? You can always go out on your own, I can handle security." ]
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He was only joking with her, teasing because he wanted to see how she'd react. When she said they weren't that close, Sylus just felt like he couldn't really understand her. Weren't the people a the facility more open to meeting others like them? HE wasn't sure what was going on, but she didn't seem to like hearing him speak.

She spoke of a different kind of love and he could understand that. [b "I get it. You can love someone even if it's not romantic...but loving someone romantically isn't childish. It's a different kind of love. Wanting to be at their side, to protect them, and when you're happy together, it's nice"] he told her, helping her carry the groceries in.

When she said she didn't really like talking about those things, he just shrugged. [b "Okay? Well we don't have to talk about those things. We can just talk about things you like or dislike, like what you do for fun or like the kinds of foods you hate?"] he suggested and then he saw Ethan come over.

[b "I do. A little, but I'll make everyone something for helping me out and for taking me in"] he smiled and then he grabbed some of the meat he brought. [b "Well we bought some steak. I can cook that"] he told her, taking out the meat and then finding some spices. He's cooked steak for Ara before, maybe Payton and Ethan would like it too"] he started a hot pan and then he started putting some seasoning on the steaks, letting Ethan and Payton relax together.

He ended up plating three plates with some potatoes and vegetables on the side. He took a picture with his phone and sent it to ARa. [i "Look what your chef made"] he sent with a picture of him next to a plate and making a funny face. He called Ethan and Payton over after and set the plates at the table.
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