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Sylus really believed that it was his fault for everything. The way she said it was all his fault made him realize that it was. IT didn't matter if she cheated anymore. IT was because he left her in that state. How could he have abandoned her with their baby? It really made him feel heartbroken inside. He tried to tell her he was sorry for leaving her like that, that he couldn't do anything, but she kept hurting him more and more. He wasn't over the break up at all and her words were like knives just stabbing into him.

[b "Everything was real. I gave you everything. You just took everything away from me and now are happy with this guy. I don't even know why I tried so hard to make you love me, when clearly it wasn't even enough"] he ended up getting teary eyed. He rubbed his eyes and then he just stood up and then he sighed softly [b "I'm just as broken as you Ara. You left me this way too. DOn't make it sound like I'm the only one at fault"] he hated being the one to take the blame.

He knew that she wouldn't get back together with him, but that wasn't what he wanted either. Even he knew she didn't love him anymore. Everything she said were lies. He just sat there and didn't care if she spoke more hurtful words. THe only thing that he could really do was sit there and guard her. She kept spouting all this nonsense about making her feel guilt. She lost the baby, not him. He kept his composure and just tried to focus on the mission at hand. He kept his eyes on the area around Ara for a while, making sure that no one was getting too close. He saw a man step towards her about to tap on her shoulder. He stood up and got in between them [b "Can I help you?"] he asked and the man. His eyes looked over at Ara and then he shook his head.

[b "Good. Keep walking then"] he said irritatedly.
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Her chest felt tight. It took all of her to step outside and now she felt like pooling down into nothing. She didnt want to see him, didnt want to hear the sound of his voice. She gave him the ring back finding herself feeling stupid believing that this time it was going to be any different than having things turn to a nightmare in the end. It always did. Still naive. She didnt look at him, she refused. She heard his voice and it angered her just hearing him talk.

[b "Don't...I dont want to ever hear you say you loved me. I dont care what you think you felt...or say you felt. I would like to forget everything." ] Ara said.  She wished she had stopped the first time she kissed him if it would just end in misery with the guilt of a lost baby. She honestly didnt know what was breaking her more, the baby or him.

Ara messsged Joseph because despite what Sylus wanted, she didnt. [b "I dont want to hear anything from you." ] she mumbled, feeling to bit by the misery. His sorrys were meaingless to her because it wouldn't change a thing they were broken up. [b"I don't need your sorries. I need my baby and I need someone who won't abandon me. So shut up... you made it clear to me and I don't need to hear it in person, I already have a dozen times in many different ways. I can't harbour anymore guilt or rejection..." ] She couldnt stop herself from shedding tears and struggling to wipe them in time.

She saw josephs message and it pissed her off. Why did they have to make this so much harder?
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He couldn't meet her eyes because he was so hurt from everything. Not only was he still not over Ara, but now he was here to watch her be close to Joseph even after lying and telling him that she wanted to be with him. Maybe when she found out he slept with Klara, this was her payback to him? HE wasn't sure, but he really wanted to just be away from here. Staying at Ara's side hurt and made his chest ache badly.

WHen she got him food, he followed behind him and then he gave the two some space. He was her guard, so if Joseph was watching the vicinity close to her, he'd watch the perimeter a little further away from her. He sat down and then he looked over and saw that Joseph walked away, leaving them some space. He wondered if there was a reason for that? Was he getting annoying?

Sylus could tell that ARa didn't want to be anywhere near him and he could understand. He looked over at her and then he saw that she had his ring. He held onto it and then he put it in his pocket. [b "I'll keep it. I won't ever forget my first love that's for sure"] he frowned and then he put it aside. He could tell that even she wasn't feeling all that better and he figured that she was clinging onto Joseph the way he was clinging onto Klara.

[b "It's fine. I kind of did want to talk to you anyways"] he glanced over at her and then he sighed softly. [b "I don't want us to fight or argue about this and I know we both have our faults, but I really am sorry for not being there for you and the baby. It's been weighing on me for a long time and I know that I can't turn back time, but I really wish that overcame the drug in time to be there. I'm sorry Ara"] he told her, feeling really bad about that. He wasn't a very good human being for abandoning her like that when she needed him most.


Joseph left the two an then he saw ARa's message. "It looks like he has something to say. Just get on talking terms and I'm sure it'll make you feel better"
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His golden eyes made her sorrow deepen. So, she looked away and avoided any eye contact to not be reminded of his presence. She felt Joseph pull her in closer and she didn’t mind it. Ara clung onto Joseph’s hand even when she was about to withdraw because there was no reason she shouldn’t anymore. She didn’t say anything and tried to shove it deep into a corner in her mind. She leaned onto Joseph’s arm but wished she was finding herself at the bottom of bottles now.

Ara got him food anyway, giving it to him and then quckly looking away. She didn’t understand why it had to be him. She saw people enjoying the park, and sometimes saw little kids and would feel all that pressure weigh on her. She sat down and remained quiet. She saw a piece of Joseph’s hotdog being offered to her. She didn’t really feel like eating, but she took what he offered her anyway, [b “I’m going to be so fat…” ] She mumbled from all the sugar she had and now a hot dog. That last thing she wanted was to gain weight over the period of time. She would stay closer to Joseph.

Then she watched him get up and she responded with a horrified expression, [b “I don’t want to.” ] She stated but he was off. She had nothing to say to him. She gripped onto the emd of her dress and took a deep breath. [i What the hell is he thinking?’ ] As if, being alone with Sylus was a good idea. Ah…right. She went into her bag. She found her ring in the car, so she put in her bag and didn’t know what to do with it. It wasn’t like she needed it anymore, nor did she want it. She placed the ring on his lap and glanced way, [b “Here. You need to keep it…or do what you want with it, sell it. It’s too hard for me to keep it and I'd lose it.” ] She managed to say and then dipped her head forward toward her knees, closed her eyes and rested head in her hands. She wanted to go back.

She thought about the other stuff she had from him and knew she would have to either give it back to him or move it to a place where she could never see them.
[b "I'm sorry, Joseph is stupid-he shouldn't have left us alone. I'm going to get him." ] She said but didn't have the energy to get up, so she messaged him [b [i 'What the hell are you thinking? I can't talk to him.. ] ]
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As Sylus packed up his belongings, it was good to hear that she was doing well. The last thing he wanted to do was deal with this mission alone and he already owed her for putting her in the middle between him and Ara. Now he owed her for having to leave her on the mission alone. [i "I'll try. Thanks"] he sent and headed to Central park.

WHen he arrived at the park, the first thing he saw was Ara holding hands and leaning into Joseph. Of course it hurt. IT hurt so much to see what he didn't want to see come true. This guy just came back and already took his Ara away. Everything he told her, everything he said he thought he was thinking was right. She was still in love with him and always will be, probably ten times more than when she loved him.


Joseph was glad that Ara was cheering up a bit when she was with him. He liked her company and loved seeing her happy, so when he got the text that Sylus would be helping them guard, he sighed. He didn't want that guy to be getting in the way of him and Ara. He didn't want him helping at all since he knew that he could take care of handling Ara himself.

He eventually heard the sound of his voice and then he glanced at Sylus. He was taller than he was and his green eyes just looked at him in irritation. "Uhhh yeah. Good to see you again" was all he could say. He felt ARa's grip tighten on his hand and he just pulled her in closer.


Sylus saw the two and felt so sick. There was no way he was going to belong in this group and now it was probably going to be two against one. He walked over, his stomach churning as he looked at Ara, unable to meet her eyes as well. He noticed their hands didn't let go and he felt so sick. He didn't want to see it. He didn't want to see Ara with anyone else. He kept his emotions in check and tried not to let it show how jealous he was of Joseph.

Those sad thoughts filled his mind again. What did he do wrong? WHat did he do to get her taken away? Did he not do a good job of keeping her happy? Giving her whatever she wanted? He felt a tear slip and he quickly wiped it away before seeing the mother and child. That could have been him and Ara if she was still happy with him. THey could have made that possible.

She avoided eye contact with him and pretended he wasn't there. He felt alienated, but he couldn't do anything else right now. It was his mission and he just had to make sure she was okay.

When they went to grab some food, Sylus shook his head [b "I...just had breakfast. I'm fine"] he spoke and listened in. He filled her with sugar? What did that mean? Did they have dessert together or something? He shook his head again, but she came back with food. He took the plate with his own trembling hands and then he just sat there and tried to stomach it. He knew he couldn't get food like this anywhere else, so he had to try it. Sylus sat there eating slowly, his amber eyes on the kids. It made him feel guilty for not being there for his own, but Ara probably didn't want it anyway since it was his.

He looked over, seeing Joseph offer a piece of his hotdog to her and he couldn't look. He just kept his back against them and he managed to swallow what he could. He didn't like this feeling. He didn't like being near her and Joseph and he could tell that it was really awkward.


Joseph looked at the two and could tell they were both still getting over this. He sighed and gave Ara a piece of his hot dog before looking at them. "Why don't you two talk for a while. I'm going to just grab some dessert. I'll be back in a bit" he told them as he left the two. He couldn't stand that thick air, but maybe if they spoke, Ara would feel better.
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Klara spotted the messages and she gave a quick [b ‘Yes. Won’t be able to talk soon.’ ] She messaged back, as she was going to get there and disguise herself as room service.

She got a call and a text but she could only briefly view it. When she did get a better glimpse, she was annoyed but she could handle this on her own. A little while later she would text him back [b ‘I’m eavesdropping. Glad you got it taken care of first. Don’t struggle too much with her. ‘ ] She felt a little more than bothered but couldn’t tell why.

Ara held her long frown. There was no recovering ffrom this. She held his hand because she wanted to put an effort in doing better, in not breaking down and drowning herself in drinking and then would do it all over again for probably a long time. She brought the question but what she really wanted to ask was if he ever wanted a family like Sylus did. Not that it mattered… Joseph wasn’t like him and she figured it would be better if she stopped wanting something like that. She leaned onto him, seeing those kids. His arm wrapped around her waist. She sighed, “Me too… I wish I could be happier right now. But I’m glad you’re still happy, I like making others happy, I like making you happy.” ] She tried so hard not to think about it, about Sylus. She pushed those thoughts away, walking with him and taking in the air. She saw people playing around…they had such simple lives.

She heard her phone and Joseph brough this phone out first and read it. [b “Who?” ] She asked. [b “Is Tanner coming back soon?” ] She didn’t bother to look at her phone this time around, figuring it was her father sending the same message.

Soon enough, she saw him in front of her and the world started to spin. This is what she got for going out, for not staying and just drinking. She sucked in her stomach and heard his voice and wanted anything but to hear his voice. Her lips trembled and she avoided looking at his eyes, or saying anything. She almost released Joseph’s hand but why should she? She couldn’t come up with a good reason, because she knew it was done and he made it clear.She tried to keep walking with Joseph, holding onto his hand tighter, trying not to let those tears fill her eyes.

A colorful ball came rolling in. She saw a little kid that couldn’t have been more than four eyeing the ball and then looking up at her.
“Go ahead, you can go get it,” His mother told him. He frowned and would look at Ara, hesitating to go for it. Ara bent down and set it in front of him, [b “Here you go” ] She smiled.

“Thanks-are you okay?” The mother asked because Ara’s eyes looked red.
She nodded and wiped her eyes [b “Yea…I’m fine. He’s really cute, you’re lucky.” ] She went back to Joseph, deciding it was best not to look back at Sylus, pretend he wasn’t there, because it was the only way she could handle it right now. [b “Should we go get some street food?” ] She asked Joseph [b “I can’t eat because you filled me with all of that sugar but I’m sure you can…and…Sylus.” She mumbled the last bit. She went onto buying what they wanted anyway and then passing it on to Joseph and when she gave it to Sylus, she would avoid eye contact with a slightly trembling hand. Eventually she got to sit down on a bench because she didn't fee like walking anymore. She focused on watching others play.
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Sylus placed the case back into the safe and he hid his best until he made it out of the building. He hoped that Klara was doing okay at least. He headed across the street, eating a sandwich and some soup as he text her. [b "Are you alright?"] he sent and then he filled up his tummy. IT wasn't long until he got an important message from Ara's father. The devil.

He asked to guard his daughter. [i Fuck] he frowned and knew he couldn't turn down a request like that. He held his breath and sighed softly. He pulled out his phone and called Klara. If she didn't pick up, he'd leave a message [i Klara, I'm being pulled away from the mission momentarily until tomorrow. They want me to be ARa's second guard until Tanner arrives. Let me know how things are and be careful] he sent and then he stood up and grabbed his things. He took a peek at the room and saw the man heading towards the safe. When he opened it, he looked so stunned, confused from what just happened.

He sent another text to Klara [i I've placed back the case into the safe. THe man knows it's there. Everything is replaced, nothing leads back to the facility] he sent once more and then he left the restaurant and headed for the hotel. He made it, his heart racing in agony as he made it to her floor. He knocked on the door, but there was no reply. Was she even here?

Sylus ended up just waiting, trying to text Ara. [i Are you at the hotel?] When there was no reply, he texted Joseph's number [i "Where are you two? I'm supposed to be helping to guard Ara for the day"] he sent.


He kept his arm around her until she decided to head out with him. Finally he could just get her mind off of this ex of hers and then head outside and get some fresh air. He waited for her to change and then he walked with her to the car.

"I know it's hard, you have to take it one step at a time" he smiled and led her to the park. He stepped out and then he held her hand and walked along the path with her. "Me? Of course I want to. It was my dream back then and it still is a dream now. I haven't loved anyone more than you Ara" he admitted and then he looked around, seeing the kids play and then seeing Ara look upset. She leaned in close and he smiled, slowing down as he wrapped his arm around her waist. "It's fine. As long as you're able to see this place with me, I'm happy. I've always wanted to be out in the free world with you like this"

Joseph received a text from her father, looking to see another one from Sylus soon after. He sighed and looked over at ARa. "Looks like you're going to have another guard" He didn't want that. He knew it was part of the mission, so he sent Sylus the address they were at.


Sylus saw the text and he took a car ride to the location. He looked around the neighborhoods and he felt so anxious. WHy would her father want him to guard her right now. She had Joseph and he didn't want to see how lovey dovey they were together. She said she wanted to be with him still, but after she found out he slept with Klara...that ended. He still didn't want to be in the middle of it all.

WHen he was at the park, Sylus walked around, looking for them until he saw Ara leaning her head on Joseph's shoulder, his arm around her waist. [i Lying Bitch] he thought about it, but then he just closed his eyes and took in a deep breath. This was only a mission for work. He had to do well.

Sylus approached the two and then he spoke [b "Sorry to butt in, but I'm here for the day. I'll also be guarding you Ara"] he mentioned, meeting her eyes and then glancing back at Joseph. He stayed behind them because he wasn't exactly sure if they were on a date or not, but he just kept his distance and then he listened in on what was going on around them. He felt so weak around her....and it hurt. He didn't want to be at her side when she had someone else there.
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Ara’s father dialed up Sylus, in the middle of walking out from a high rise building, [b “You’re to step away from your current mission and protect my daughter until Tanner arrives tomorrow. I will notify her and you will be sent her hotel location.” ] He said quickly and hung up.

Ara’s eyes fell on his hair, eyes and then arm until he wrapped her in them. She could use the comfort, but also wanted to keep away because he angered her so much. She didn’t think she’d ever move on from this, it hurt horribly. She thought about painting in the penthouse and making a mess with Sylus-not on purpose-but she did and she felt regret, to hurt so much when he so easily slept with someone else-maybe it was pay back Either way…it was done.
[b “That’s hard to do.” ] She pouted, andw as met with a kiss on the side of her head. She stood up, not wanting to, but she did. She made it with him to the park, and she saw the kids and it-crushed her. She knew she was too young and she didn’t want it now, plus it wouldn’t end well but she did love the idea of having a little one. Definitely not now though, and she sure didn’t want it to ruin her body.

Joseph offered his hand and she decided to hold his hand walk with him. She saw where he pointed and how he smiled. [i He said he wouldn’t ever cry too. ] Then…it would be impossible to ever be with Joseph, but they had a shared dream once. [b “Would you…ever want to be with me…free and out here..and live a normal life together again?” ] She asked. She didn’t mention having babies because well-she didn’t want to spoke him out. Besides, it wasn’t going to happen. With her head out of the clouds from love, she knew that what she planned would kill her young. Plus, she didn’t want to consider loving someone like that again.

She rested her head onto his shoulder, feeling all that emotional weight physically make it hard for her to walk any faster. [b “I’m sorry…for being so low. I dreamt of just walking in a park with you, not even a good one…sometimes just down the sidewalk.” ]
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He nodded [b "I can do it. I'm sure I can get something done really quick"] he told her and then he halved the bar and let her eat some. THey came up with a plan and he figured that she would do a well. She always seemed to. He was hungry, but he's spent days without eating sometimes. [b "I'm fine. I'll grab food later. Be careful and message me if you need to"] he grabbed the suitcase and then he put it all in his backpack before heading down the elevator.

Sylus knew someone that could help him out, so he sent a quick text to Mason, asking if he could send a generic document on how to make aspirin. He headed towards a pharmacy and then he purchased some drink that matched the color of the liquid in the syringe. He looked onto his phone to find a printing area and then he went into the shop.

Mason sent him a document for making aspirin and then Sylus did some cutting and pasting. He looked at the documents and mimicked the layout exactly the same way it looked on the paper. Once he finished, he printed it all out and then he went into the restroom. He replaced the liquid in the syringe with the sports drink he bought and then he flushed the rest of the evidence down the drain. After replacing the documents with the forged ones, he packed up the suitcase and tossed away his gloves.

Sylus headed back to the apartment, heading up to the floor. listened against the door and then he broke into the room with the safe once more. He slipped the case back where it belonged and then he hurried down the emergency exit. Luckily no one was after him. He sat down in the restaurant across the street again, looking to see where the man was as he sipped on a cup of coffee.


Joseph wanted her to deal with it all in a more healthy way. He laid beside her and kept her in his arms. "You don't have to completely move on. You just have to be able to face it and not be so down" he suggested they go look around and when she agreed, he kissed the side of her head and stood up.

When she was ready, Joseph drove them to the park and then he looked around, seeing the trees and the kids playing. He offered his hand to hold hers "Let's go walk around. Look how tall those buildings are" he told her, smiling because they were able to just relax.

He didn't see anything suspicious, but he kept Ara close to his side.
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Klara nodded,[b “Not so normal but you are a person.” ] She watched the event and listened to his suggestion. She nodded [b “We could, but can we print them out in time before he freaks out? ] She offered him one, and then conintued to eat hers. [b “I’ll follow him.” ] She got up, hoping to get some food on the way [b “Yes, we will.” ] She grabbed her bag and caught the keys. She turned her back but looked back at him when she heard his voice. She took it, [b “You’re not that hungry?” ]

[b “See you later boyfriend.” ] She joked and made way for the car to follow the guy. She followed his car carefully toward a building that looked expensive. She cussed to herself, unsure how she would get in there because she knew there had to be tight security. Nevertheless, he would get in there, and she would listen to the conversation.


Ara stared back at him and didn’t think there was a way to heal from this. She felt him come near, lay with her in bed. She looked at his eyes and remembered so much and didn’t want to remember them either. [I “I don’t think I can. I didn’t move on from you…in a way.” ] She didn’t think there was someone better. Maybe she was just prone to be easy to leave and forget. She held her breath again, and felt him rubbing her side. She leaned into his body heat, [b “Okay… We can go out…” ] She said. It would take her awhile, but she got up. She cleaned herself up a bit and made sure she hadn’t looked like she cried a river.

She grabbed her bag and made her way to the door, to the elevator, and then outside. It still felt heavy to breath and she wanted to curl up and die still. [i I’m going to at least try to put some effort in it. ] She walked to the car and gave him the keys [b “Go ahead, maybe we can go to Central park or something.” ] She would pull out her phone for a second and remembered she blocked him. She decided it would be better that way. He blocked her after all…he slept with someone right after…the message was loud and clear to her now.
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He came back safely, holding the suitcase and then he placed it on the table. He wasn't exactly sure where to start, but at least he got the suspicion away from the other man. Now he'd start to question what happened and maybe even suspect one of his friends as well.

Sylus laughed [b "No. I'm no pet. I'm a normal person"] he sighed, feeling down still whenever he didn't have to do anything. He wanted to be on a date, he wanted to be smiling and he wanted comfort. Someone to hold him and say that he was needed. He watched as the man apologized and then he sighed softly.

[b "We could. Let's do that. We'll copy the documents and make it seem like they're making a drug, but maybe just something like aspirin? We'll leave the case back in that man's apartment and prevent him from freaking out?"] he suggested and then he saw her holding the granola.

[b "We do need to see where that man is going. Did you want to follow him? I can forge some papers and put the case back. We'll stay in contact?"] he suggested and then he threw her the keys to the car. He opened the granola and split it in half [b "Here. You take half"] he gave it to her and then he took out all the documents.


JOseph didn't want her harming herself and when she drank a lot, she ended up making a lot of mistakes, like sleeping with him. It made it seem like that mistake ruined her life, but he didn't want that to be the case. He wanted her to fall for him again. It was hard to see her go through all of this though.

He saw that she was really down and upset and then he walked over and laid in bed with her. "It's going to be okay Ara. It'll be fine. You can move on. There's always someone better out there and you deserve better" he hugged her and rubbed her side. "I told you if we go out an sight see, it'll take your mind off of all that"
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Klara saw Sylus come back all safe and sound. She hugged him and saw him smile from being hugged. She realy couldn’t look at him without being reminded of the girl he had been with. She heard his laughter [b “I don’t know, you could be,” ] She winked and they sat there, watching. She yawned a bit. She wished she had grabbed more food. She watched them open the safe and there was nothing there. It was amusing to see the shock on both of there faces. One mad shook his head and patted the other guy he just punched, looking like he was giving an apology-and then grabbed his shirt and looked as if he was demanding if he still stole it.

Eventually they left, but they left one man with him to keep an eye on the guy. [b “Nope. I think we saved him by taking to suitcase. We should rewrite these documents, make them something un harmful and place it somewhere where someone would get caught having so that they would kill them.” ] She slipped onto her bag and pulled out a granola bar. [b “Should we fallow the other man who came looking for the bag?” ] She asked [b “Or we can split up.” ] She shrugged and then offered him a granola bar, “Here’s your treat for being such a good boy,” She teased.


Ara frowned [b “I’m not killing myself… So…what if I get crazy? You clearly liked it,” ] She reminded and then realized…[i What if I do something stupid again ]. Then again, why did it matter? It was over, and he slept with someone already, that meant it was truly over. She curled up in bed and he gave her bag. He somehow managed to make her not want to drink anymore. This wouldn’t make anything go away, she could do this for months-and that wasn’t an exaggeration. But she didn’t want to use any sleeping pills to fall asleep at this time, it would just be hard to sleep when night came. [b I don’t know what to do…” ] She whispered. She felt so hurt. [b “I really don’t know what do Joseph, I don’t know how I’m going to ever move on and not feel like this.” ]
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He decided that it was best they take the suitcase and figured that the facility wanted them killed because they stole some product. He headed across the street and went for it, picking the lock to the safe and then grabbing the case with gloves. When he heard footsteps, he headed outside and slipped into the window next door.

He hurried down the staircase and then he headed outside. He hurried back across the street, nearly dodging a car as he made his way back to the hotel room. Sylus felt her arms around him and then he lifted a smile. He laughed when she said good boy [b "I'm not a pet"] he smirked and then he nodded, placing the case on the table and using his binoculars. They were arguing outside and when they looked through the safe, the man that stole it looked relieved it wasn't there.

They argued even more and soon one man threw a punch. [b "Do you think they'll eventually kill someone?"] he wondered, thinking about it.


Joseph couldn't get Ara to not drink at all and she was arguing back that he was getting irritated. "I show up because I do care and this is my mission. I just need you to calm down and not try to kill yourself Ara. This isn't good for you and you clearly get crazy when you drink" he sighed and just figured that maybe it was better for her to just do it.

He gave in and gave her the alcohol. "Fine. Drink your sorrows away. It's not going to help anyone and it won't make your problems go away" he told her straight up, giving her the bag.
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Klara tilted her head, looking back at the documents, [b “I don’t know. It doesn’t show any human tests on here. That might be there next step.” ] She sure hoped that was the only sample and documents that company had. She nodded when he said to cover him. She watched him, [b “It’s clear, they’re still arguing at the door. He’s even pulling him outside.” ] She said and saw Sylus entering the room. She waited and would glance back seeing the man throwing a vase at the other. It was quite amusing.

[b “Hurry up Sylus, looks like they’ll be searching the rooms.” ] She saw him at the ledge holding the suitcase. [b “To your right, the window is open. ] She saw him on the street [b “You can come back. It’s clear. They’re too busy arguing to notice anything.” ] She sighed, finding it absurd at how easy it was to obtain it. She waited for him to come back up. She would look out again, seeing them begin to search the place, the room and demanded they open the safe.

[b “Looks like they’ll find out soon.” ] She whispered and would check where Sylus was [b “Easy enough?” ] She asked, and decided to try what he did-hug him, [b "Good boy," ] She teased and almost genuinely laughed.


Ara felt all that tension hit her and he was being so damn stubborn. [b “You’re mission is not to stop me from drinking. Are you kidding me right now? You can’t show up and act like you care.” ] She shook her head and felt so frustrated and so miserable. She didn’t know what to do or how to handle all of this pain her chest and all those thoughts. She really didn’t know how to cope with it. [b “Why would I give you anything? I’m not taking pills to sleep right now. You don’t know what I need. I honestly can’t stand you.” ] She squeezed her eyes, feeling so stressed and so upset. She felt so cornered and she was so mad. [b “Get out… If you’re not going to let me help myself-then get out of this room. I need to be alone.” ] She started crying again, and curled herself up in the bed, starting to drop at the lowest point
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He saw everything she had and decided that it was a lot more information than they would have had if they weren't able to get the case. They'd still be wondering. He saw the logo and looked through the pictures and tried to see if they could figure out anything more.

[b "Well what are they trying to do with a drug from the facility? If they test this out on normal humans....they'd be killed. They don't know what they're dealing with. I'll retrieve the case and make sure to make it back"] he decided and then he looked back at Klara. [b "Cover me"] he grabbed the ear piece and made it out the door.

He headed to the other building and made his way inside. He took the fire the emergency staircase and made it to the floor, waiting to hear from Klara if they were still arguing. He used a pick to pick the lock of the room and then he entered inside, closing the door. He looked around for the case, finding it to be stuck in a safe. Sylus sighed softly and then he put on some gloves and listened in to hear the ticking. It took him a while, but he managed to hear the combination.

Once it was open, he grabbed the case, soon hearing footsteps coming from the other room. He hurried towards the window and then he stepped outside, closing it. He stood on the ledge of the building. He leaned back against the wall and hid for a moment. He was at least ten stories up and if he fell from here, he'd be dead.

Sylus walked over, pushing to see if there were any other windows open. He managed to find out and then he entered that room. He hurried out the door down the stairs to the front entrance, going out of the back, waiting for it to be clear in case they noticed the case was missing.


Joseph was getting frustrated the more he had to deal with Ara like this. He tried to tell her that this was nothing compared to what she did, but now it seemed like she needed the alcohol even more.

She used his emotions to try and get what she wanted, but he wasn't giving in. He gripped onto the bag and then he sighed "Ara...when it comes to your health, then nothing is going to work. You're still my mission and I have to protect you.

"I want you not to drink tonight. Can you give that to me? Just take the sleeping pills and let yourself sleep. You probably need it anyways" he told her, getting frustrated.
  ellocalypse / 16d 17h 9m 7s

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