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His explanation was a dud, because she didn't understand how it would be like. They traveled, and she guessed it must have been at some 'romantic' labeled spot and then it went on from there. [b "Have you always liked her?" ] She asked and saw him laying back. She sighed and looked up at the night sky and then how much he's emptied from drinking. Definitely shouldn't be talking to him when he was out of it.

[b "You should. Well...yea...I didn't mean it," ] She mumbled, not really wanting to be seen as soft. She glanced off, hearing him move, his shadow casting away and then-thud. She felt weight on her lap. She doubly blinked and stared down at him. What was he doing? He nuzzled in. What the hell was he doing!? She could feel his breath on her stomach and it made her suck in her stomach. Too close for comfort. Way too close for comfort! Her instinct was telling her to shove him off and let him sleep on the floor. Her eyes rolled.

[b "You know what else is warm? A bed. Come on, up you go." ] She ushered his head slowly away but he wasn't moving much. She sighed. Well, so be it. She stood up, and pulled him up, carrying his weight and helping him go inside. Ethan would glance over and raise an eyebrow.

[b "He's out. My fault. I'm going to bring him up." ] She said.
"Need help?"
[b "No, I can handle it." ] She said and headed up the stairs. If Sylus wouldn't walk, she'd just carry his weight. She wasn't about to fall into the pit of doom and accidently kiss him when she was drunk again. Good things he wasn't drunk too. She brought him upstairs and managed to open the door and then drop him on the bed. [b "There, warm enough for you?" ] She asked.
  Payton / Ravenity / 64d 16h 17m 35s
He hoped that he got there because right now, he felt like nothing was really working out for him. The way he acted today was so childish. He got so excited when he saw Ara that he couldn't help but want to lovey dovey around her. It just wasn't fair at all. If he could just have a full day with her without any interruptions, to just be together. It would be more than anything for him.

Now he just sat there, feeling like he ruined it all and didn't even deserve to be with her if he was putting her in danger like that. Sylus took her offer, wanting some whiskey as he sat at the porch. He downed the whole bottle just feeling like shit. Yeah....he knew it wasn't right when he was on guard duty, but he really wanted to drink it all. What was the point if Ara was almost killed anyway?

He glanced over at Payton and he nodded [b "A bit"] he laid there, glancing over to see her teal eyes. They almost reminded him of Ara's. He slowly sat up, facing her as he remembered the moment him and Ara shared at the beach. [b "I....I guess it was when we were in Dubai. WHen she told me she liked me....I guess I already liked her, but never realized how much until we started dating"] he sighed, laying back as he thought about what he should do.

[b "I'll head up to my room before I do something even worse. Thanks Payton....I know you probably didn't mean it, but thanks for cheering me up..."] he smiled and was about to head inside, but he ended up tripping on the port steps. He fell onto Payton, his face on her lap as he felt the warmth and comfort. He nuzzled into her stomach a bit, not really wanting to move, especially since she was so warm. His body was heavy and with the alcohol, he didn't feel like getting up on his own. [b "Mmm, warm..."]
  ellocalypse / 65d 4h 28m 35s
[b "You'll get there." ] She stretched out her legs. She didn't really know how to comfort but it was worth a shot. She just didn't like seeing him moping around like that. She really needed him to get better considering he'd be with her protecting Ethan and she didn't joke about protecting Ethan. [b "Okay, hold up." ] She got up and went to the outdoor bar, [b "What did you want to drink?" ] She called out. Whatever he said, she'd bring out and set it down. SHe didn't think it would be wise for her to drink because she had to watch out for Ethan, so she just left him to go on ahead.

[b "We're fine. Ethan didn't know what was going on until I rushed into the room." ] She shrugged. She watched SYlus sit and drink and it reminded her so much of Ara, from how he acted, how he asked if they weren't hurt. So Ethan was right, couples do start to act like each other. Or maybe he had been a lot like her to begin with. She leaned back, [b "Feeling better?" ] She poked his cheek, and crossing her legs.

[b "So...when did you find out that you liked, or loved her, or whatever?" ] She asked, curious because she didn't understand it. [b "Maybe you should sleep," ] She suggested.
  Payton / Ravenity / 65d 5h 19m 59s
He didn't really want to be disturbed right now because he didn't want anyone to see him. All he wanted was to be alone and just take in the punishment he deserved because he put ARa's life at risk. Nothing was going to fix that problem, not the fact that he donated her his blood, nor the fact that the four guys were dead. She'd always be in danger.

HE saw Paytong sitting beside him and then he just sighed, unsure if he should even tell her anything, but she hadn't really told anyone about his relationship with Ara. He listened to Payton's advice and then he just sunk into his knees a little. He did feel a little better that this whole thing wasn't his fault. It was true that better choices could have been made, but Tanner made it seem like it was all his fault. If he even put a slight blame on Tanner, he knew that he wouldn't even want to hear it.

[b "You're right. I'll try to make sure I fix this problem so I become a better guard"] he rubbed his eyes a little and felt her pat his back. Was she always this comforting? She had been really cold to him lately....maybe she was actually a good person? [b "I could use a drink.."] he spoke as he looked at the shining reflection of the moon on the sea. All he wanted right now was to slowly pass out and hope that Ara was okay.

He wanted to be beside her, but figured that until he got better, distance was probably the best thing to do. He took the drink that Payton offered and just took some gulps as he sat on the porch. As he drank, he could slowly feel the pain numb away. [b "Is Ethan okay? YOu guys aren't hurt right?"] he asked, taking another swig and then feeling a little better.

Eventually Sylus was laying on the porch, not wanting to move anywhere as he laid back and looked up at the sky, a few bottles beside him. At least for now, things were slowly subsiding.
  ellocalypse / 65d 15h 59m 13s
Payton lifted her knees, taking a seat beside him. She thought the mistake he made was inexcusable. She learned from her own mistakes, because she's had made them. The sun had fallen, it was dark and the moonlight danced on the water. She tilted her head and then sighed, [b "I hope they don't. You wouldn't... Tanner and Tilla will get in trouble," ] She turned her head when he looked at her blue eyes.

[b "It doesn't matter what anyone deserves. You've been trained in assassination, am I right? It's much different protecting someone else. If you don't think you did well, than get better." ] She leaned back and thought about something from her past. She snapped out of it when Sylus spoke up again.

She glanced back at him, [b "It definitely would cost her life. Would it be your fault...? Not entirely. Tilla and Tanner made a dumb mistake, only one of them should have gone after the enemy and the other should have gone straight for Ara. So, they're at fault too. Ara, put herself at more risk by not hiding. Putting blames on one person isn't going to help. You're going to have to pinpoint each problem and make sure that next time-these problems won't be there or that you have a solution for each one." ] She explained.

Payton patted his back, [b "It seems like she's fine. Don't mope around thinking this is only your fault to hold. Think about it critically, and fix it. Mistakes happen. I still make minor mistakes. Do you want a drink?" ] Payton asked. She didn't know how to really talk about issues, because she wasn't an emotional person, not really. She only knew what to say that she said to herself when problems happened.
  Payton / Ravenity / 65d 16h 36m 32s
He didn't know what he'd do if Charrie left him and just past away. He'd be devastated, especially because he knew that it would be because he was the cause of it all. Sylus felt so drained. Not just physically, but even mentally. He was feeling so down especially because he everyone was blaming him. He's never seen Tanner so upset with him before and he was even telling him that he shouldn't be a guard. Now he just felt so worthless.

He sat at the edge of the porch, sitting there and just listening to the waves, calming himself down. Sylus just leaned against his knees as he thought about how maybe it was better he didn't put ARa's life at risk, especially since he cared so much about her. NO matter what he wanted, he couldn't be selfish. She'd be so much safer with Tanner and Tilla.

When he heard Payton move behind him, he sighed softly and then he looked back, seeing her take a seat beside him. [b "I hope no one finds out, but either way, I'd probably be dead by now"] he sighed softly and then he just met her blue eyes as he frowned.

[b "I just feel like all my hard work has been for nothing. I don't deserve to be her guard....I'm not allowed to be selfish either"] he sighed, glancing off to the side and just feeling like crap. He just wanted to complete the mission and go back to the facility so they could at least train him to be even better. [b "Mistake or not, it could've cost her her life! It would've been my fault either way"] he frowned, feeling like he shouldn't even be anywhere near ARa if he was a threat to her safety.
  ellocalypse / 65d 23h 36m 40s
The fear still crawled into her. So, she could still die before she fully healed. She wanted to keep up to be with him but she couldn't. She felt so drained and she went back to sleep.

Payton offered, and the three of them watched avengers. Tilla was still double checking all security measures and making sure that every second, there wasn't anything suspicious lurking. It was pretty silent during the movie too. Ethan wasn't really talking and while Sylus' eyes were on the TV, she didn't think he was actually watching. Her eyes followed him, seeing him step outside. She left him be for a while but then she got up.

[b "I'll be right back, if you don't feel safe, run to me ." ] Payton patted Ethan's shoulder. He nodded, "I'll be fine, I hope Sylus isn't feeling too down."

[b "He definitely is," ] She whispered and slid the door open, and closed it behind her. Payton moved beside him [b "I made a mistake once too. Luckily, no one at the facility found out." ] She sighed [b "Anyways, there's no point in beating yourself about it now. I'm sure Ara wouldn't want you moping around here. Do you want to play a game, or I could talk about it if you're into sharing...feelings." ] She suggested and fixed up the bottom of her shirt, She knew it must be eating him up inside about it.
  Ravenity / 66d 10h 14m 45s
He told her that she didn't have a pulse and almost died. The thought of her not making it really upset him. He didn't think that anything would happen to ARa as long as she had the best guards, but today showed him that one wrong mistake and it was over. He would be killed and so would she if he ever messed up and he could understand that's why TAnner was so upset by this.

[b "You'll be okay Ara. I know you'll be fine"] he assured her, seeing that her wound was healing and she had a good amount of his blood...she was going to make it. She had to. Sylus watched her rest and then he saw her fall asleep as he sat back on the chair. He tried to tell Tanner that he'd do better, but he wasn't having it. His words were hurtful, but at the same time, he understood. He messed up and he'd probably never be able to be Ara's guard after this incident. Tanner probably wouldn't let him anymore and Tilla would stay in her position because she didn't screw up.

It made Sylus ache inside to see he failed. He never really failed his missions before. He heard Payton's knock and then he stood up and left the room. He wanted to be the one by Ara's side, but seeing that Tanner wouldn't leave her alone, he couldn't even be close. The sight made him feel so down inside, so he headed into the living room, seeing the three of them watching something.

He glanced at the TV for a moment and then he headed outside, sitting on the back porch. All he could think about was how he probably wouldn't reach his goals anymore. THe best he could probably be was a killer. The thought made him close his eyes as he rested his chin on his knees, hearing the waves crash to clear his mind. What did he do so wrong? Why couldn't he ever have what he wanted? Sylus just felt so down right now, but at least Ara was okay. Ara was in good hands....better hands than his own. Maybe he should just stick to what he was good at....maybe he should just let her go. He didn't deserve her anyway.
  ellocalypse / 67d 3h 18m 43s
The horror tickled down her. [b "I didn't have a what..." ] She felt it sink in. She fazed out and felt the chill down her spine. Her lips wavered. She zoned back in when he kissed her hand. She turned her head, [b "I'm going to okay, right? I can sleep and my heart won't stop right?" ] She mumbled to herself. She went to go check her wound. It was why?

Sylus brushed her hair back. As afraid as she was, she was tired and couldn't hang on. She passed out a little while later. Tanner sat down on the chair and remained quiet, not wanting to say a thing. "Shut up." Tanner said, not looking at Sylus, just looking at Ara. "You won't let this happen again because you're not her bodyguard. You can leave, I don't need you here." Tanner would stay there for the night.

An hour later Payton would knock on the door [b "You can borrow a book, or one of our tablets, laptops in case you're bored. How is she doing?" ]

"I don't need it. She's alive, resting." Tanner said.

[b "Alright... Sylus, I and Ethan, will be watching something downstairs, I'm trying to calm down his nerves. Do you want to come? Or I can bring something up for you." ] She suggested. If he choose to stay, than she'd leave him alone for the rest of the night.
  Ravenity / 67d 7h 9m 22s
He knew that ARa was beating herself up over this like what she usually did. It wasn't something that he could agree with. None of this was her fault so he didn't want her blaming herself for any of this. He stayed at her side and wanted to be able to relax with her, but there was always something getting in the way of that.

He panicked and tried to bring her back and when Ara opened her eyes, he smiled and held her hand, squeezing it tightly. [b "You didn't have a pulse Ara. We thought we were going to lose you"] he said, his voice breaking up as he sighed and was just so relieved. He kissed her hand again and just nodded [b "Yeah I know. You can't leave before me"] he told her, seeing her look at her wound.

When she said she was sorry, he just brushed her hair back and then he nodded, seeing Tanner coming in. He saw that Tanner had everything under control, so he just ended up sitting down again. He glanced up at tanner and sighed [b "I know you're still mad, but I'm not making any excuses. I won't let this happen to her again if I get the chance to be a guard"]
  ellocalypse / 67d 8h 50m 10s
He was right, and she knew that but it didn't stop her from making that mistake out there and getting shot. She nodded but didn't look happy about it. She wanted to stop being so useless, so that if something happened, she could handle herself. Every time she tried to do that, or had no choice it was always luck that she made it through, or well a gun.

When she breathed again, she could sense the panic in the room, the looks and how Tanner went for her. Something definitely must have happened. She was happy to have all of this comfort. She felt that Tanner had been too mad at her this whole time to really show any feelings. She was glad that he cared so much. She patted his shoulder [b "I'm going to fine." ] She saw him head off to get her water. She turned her head and looked at Sylus, [b "What happened?" ] She then a raised a brow. He definitely sound overly dramatic. She wasn't sure if it was sarcasm or if he was just bad at acting sadness. Probably the last one, yup. [b "Technically, if I die, I probably will take you with me, including Tilla and Tanner, and I don't want that happening." ] She lifted her shirt and she looked through it. Yup... It looked horrible and terrifying but she could definitely see it was healing much more than it would usually.

[b "Of all the things, couldn't I be stronger or faster instead?" ] At least she'd be able to keep up. She was aching still and she was ready to just pass out again. [b "I don't plan to. It hurts too much..." ] She half cried, and then she spotted Sylus wiping his eyes. He kissed her on her cheek, [b "Clearly not, I heal fast. Don't worry, I'm sorry for scaring you." ] She slid her shirt down and Tanner came in with the glass of water. She didn't even know how she'd end up sitting up. She tried anyway. Tanner helped her out and helped her drink down the water and gave her a pain killer too.

"How are you feeling?"
[b "A bit better with a pain killer, thank you," ] She cleared her throat. [b "I think...I might fall asleep again." ] She whispered,
"Go ahead, I'll be right here."
She smiled gently, and rested back. Now that she was healing, she felt less fear. She end up falling asleep.
  Ravenity / 67d 10h 12m 52s
Sylus knew she's killed many before, but maybe she should just use the tactics that she's really good at. [b "I know, but next time since you're in a house full of experts, just let them handle it okay?"] he kissed her cheek softly and then he tried to comfort her, brushing her hair back until Tanner had come in.

He stayed by her side still, not speaking with Tanner as he soon began to panic. Tanner said she didn't have a pulse, so he did his best to do CPR on her. He pounded on her chest, wanting her to wake up. [b "Ara! You have to wake up!"] he told her, feeling tears well up in his eyes, but he had to hold them back. He couldn't have ARa die on him. Then his whole world would be all for nothing.

When she spoke, he gasped and then he looked back at her when Tanner and the doctor came in. Tanner quickly went in to hug her, but Sylus just sat back in relief. Thank goodness she was okay. He saw the two head down and then he hugged her, not tightly though. [b "You scared me. Don't leave me ARa. Don't....if you're going to leave...take me with you"] he frowned, seeing her lift up her shirt. He saw that it looked like a mess, but it looks like it's healed as fast as two weeks worth of healing [b "Yeah you're superhuman"] he smirked and then he shook his head.

[b "No, don't be vulnerable just because of this. I'm not going to leave you alone either"] he said determined, putting her shirt down and then just wiping his eyes as he kissed her cheek. [b "Thank goodness. You scared me so much. I'm not losing you"] he told her.
  ellocalypse / 67d 11h 28m 19s
[b "I didn't think I would. I overestimated my ability and the time to kill someone." ] She didn't like the fact she was thinking about killing someone too. Why couldn't she have tired to knock him unconscious out instead? Why didn't she bring out something heavy and just knock him out She felt his hand on her skin, wiping her eyes and kissing her forehead. Sy really made her feel loved and cared for, and she didn't get that much from anybody, unless it was Tanner. She always thought that Tanner was the only one that'd actually care for her for the longest time. That didn't want to protect her just because of orders.

She felt faint, and she couldn't hang on. She saw a glimpse of his smile, heard a knock and fell out of her mind. When she opened her eyes, she was hoping that someone could get her pain killers because it was about time. Ah, why did her chest hurt too? Did it hurt this much before? Her stomach hurt a little less. She heard Sylus gasp and tumble back. [b "I'm not okay, I want pain killers," ] She cried, [b "My chest hurts" ] Then all the sudden Tanner came in and hugged her, his chin resting on top of hers.

She felt something wet on top of her head. What in the world? Tanner was crying? He has never cried. [b "Tan...are you okay?" ] Her voice dry,

"I'm never leaving you alone again," Tanner said.
The horror hit her, [b "No, you have to... Tan, please don't hug me so much, it hurts." ]
He backed up a bit and would turn his face because he was embarrassed.
She felt Sylus hand hold on and she looked back at him and then Tanner. Did something happen? [b "How long have I been out?" ]

"Couldn't have been more than 5 minutes, you're a lucky girl he reacted in time," He referred to Sylus, " We should bring her to the hospital for the right equipment." The doctor said.

[b "Noo.... I can't. I might as well be dead if I go to the hospital, I can't let anyone find out," ] She said and was just feeling really tired. [b "Did something happen? And...Can I have water?" ] She asked. "I'll get it," Tanner said and head downstairs and so did the doctor.

Ara looked back at Sy and was about to ask him something but went for it herself. She lifted her shirt and realized the bandage was there. [b "Sy, quick, I want to see it." ] If he didn't help, she'd do it herself and when it was open she could see it look pretty disgusting but her skin was starting to close the wound properly, slowly before her eyes. There was bruising inside. [b "I'm super human," ] She mumbled and then lightly laughed and then cried because it still hurt, [b "Guess I can get shot and be okay, huh?" It hurt like hell but a lot less than it had before, She looked at Sylus, [b "I can't have anyone see this." ]
  Ravenity / 67d 16h 31m 6s
He didn't want to leave her side, but at the same time, he knew that when Tanner came up, he would make him leave ARa's side. It wasn't fair. He didn't like it when people kept him away from her. He loved her the most....he wanted to be by her side. IT ached inside to have someone else watching her in her time of need. He wanted to be that person.

He understood that she felt like she didn't want to be a burden to anyone, but right now, she was the one they needed to protect. [b "I know. I know you want to do your best...but please try not to get hurt Ara"] he wiped the tears from her eyes and then he kissed her forehead, trying to let her rest.

[b "I won't leave your side"] he smiled and then he watched her fall asleep as Tanner came in. Sylus just stayed on the other side of Ara, watching her. He felt a little dizzy from all the blood that was taken from him. He was slowly passing out in his chair, but when Tanner spoke, his eyes widened and then he moved to her side to listen. It was true. He tried to do CPR on ARa when Tanner headed down, but there was still no pulse. [b "Ara! Ara you need to stay with me. YOu can't go yet. YOu still have so many things to do! I want to help you!"] he kept pounding on her chest, but when the doctor came in, he backed up and then he saw Ara's eyes open and she even spoke.

Sylus gasped and then he almost fell off the bed. He sighed in relief [i Thank God] he reached over and held her hand. [b "I'm so glad you're okay"]
  ellocalypse / 68d 3h 7m 5s
Having lay beside her calmed her down a moment. He started talking to her, brushing her hair ack. She felt that guilt ache inside, and spread out into the top of her head. [b “I know but…I can’t stand the thought of any of you getting hurt. I can’t… I don’t want to be that helpless damsel in distress.” ] She hated it and she couldn’t stop the tears from pouring from the emotional and agonizing physical pain. She knew they could handle themselves perfectly with some attacker, and she hadn’t thought things through. [b “I just…wanted to help. I wasn’t thinking, and I didn’t want Payton to hate me for putting Ethan in danger.” ] She closed her eyes for a second after, feeling her body not being able to keep her awake very well.

It scared her, knowing that she’d pass out because she worried about when she’d wake. She knew that before she’d heal up so quickly and hoped that it was still kicking in right now. She blanked out for a moment, her breath going still before she woke again, [b “No…I can’t really move. Please…do, don’t leave me,” ] She said and blanked out once more, and picked up the last knock Tanner made, and then nothing. He walked in and saw Sylus backing off her.

Tanner leaned over, seeing she was back to sleep. He leaned in and felt her forehead and then checked her pulse just to be safe. He gave this confused face. He must have checked it wrong. He checked it again, “Ara doesn’t have a pulse. CPR” He froze up, growing pale and then running out the door to get the doctor. It was soon enough that the doctor and Tanner came in. Just when her pulse was checked, Ara opened her eyes again and looked around [b “I could use a pain killer.” ]
  Ravenity / 68d 5h 30m 18s

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