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[i Marry me! ] Ara was filled with awe, and her expression showed it. She would definitely marry Sylus. SHe could picture it all, getting married to him and wearing a pretty dress and sharing their life together. Ara's cheeks warmed, color flooding in, [b "I'd marry you." ] She smiled gently back. Why couldn't she marry him? What was so wrong about marrying Sylus. If only her asshole of a father...

What she expected was to be shot at, or have her gun disabled, not be tackled into the ground. She felt crushed, and there was so much agony from her wrist. That was the most thing she noticed since it was horrible. The guy would scoff and dind't care what these two lover boys had to say. They were delusional. Ara hated being the reason why they lost, and hate herself for being so weak and cracking under the pain. She couldn't handle it.

Sy was helping her up [b "I know but still, it's my fault." ] Tanner came and she couldn't argue with him. He was right. She looked back as they left. Tanner took her to meet up with a doctor, entering a room. She couldn't hold it back anymore, she would wipe tears, it was swollen and bruised. Then she discovered she had a bruise on her chest, and knees from the impact. and a bit on her arm. It was...terrifying what the guys could do. She would forget, and since she grew up with them, she wasn't afraid but when something like this happened, it definitely reminded her how scary it can be when one of them hated her. She had to reset her wrist, so she was given some strong pain meds.

She told her to rest, not do any physical activity for a while and don't strain herself in any way. Her mind was pretty loopy and she end up falling asleep for a long time. Tanner left her in her room and made sure it was locked up properly. He figured Sylus would want to know what was going on, so he went to the cafeteria himself. He went to Sylus and asked him to follow him out in the hall, and then spoke [b"Ara's wrist is injured pretty badly, along with some other bruises. She's on pain meds, and passed out. I don't think you'll be able to see her until tomorrow. I should have caught him before he did something like that to her." ]

He knew this couldn't have been easy for Sylus, but he figured he'd understand. [b "I'm sorry." ] He said and then added [b "Guy to guy, it sucks watching other guys being close to her. I know it more than you do. But don't hurt her, she's been hurt a lot. Just imagine that these guys are girls, and it might bug you less. I have to get going. Take care." ] Tanner spoke and left Sylus to go back. They were given cupcakes that dinner because Ara had asked them to during lunch time. When he returned Ara was still asleep. She woke up at midnight, and with her eyes still closed, so searched Sylus but he wasn't there. It was only until she opened her eyes that she realized that she wasn't at the penthouse anymore.

In the morning, she went to go see the girls and got plenty of attention there too. She was glad to see them, and talk to them and made sure everyone was doing okay. She also mentioned she met Payton. She wanted to see Sy right away after that but was dragged in to talk about the mission her, Sy, Tanner and Clyde finished. She was taking pain meds to still ease the pain but...just like she suspected, the bruises were nearly gone.

At lunch, she managed to get into the guys cafeteria, and was keeping Tanner close because she did not want to get anymore hurt, she already had bandages and a splint, last thing she wanted was to break something else. She sat beside another guy first, because she wanted to give him something she promised-chips. Then she sat beside Sy. [b "Hey... I'm sorry I didn't see you again, I passed out," ] She whispered to him and smiled at the other guys sitting near him and they were staring at the splint. [b "No big deal. You guys get hurt all the time." ]
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He had a smile on his face [b "If I could I'd marry you and take you away from here Ara"] he admitted, wanting her to know how serious he was. If only. He gave her that promise ring so that she could remember what they had and what they could have once they finished what they needed to do here.

SYlus would focus on becoming number one, so that he could be her guard and then she could do what she needed to do to help the rest of the guys in the facility. During the game, he shot down a few guys making their way to the flag. He tried to keep his eye on the others that were flanking or trying to get them from behind. He didn't notice Ara until he heard a slam and saw her on the ground. How dare that guy hurt her like that. She wasn't like them!

He hurried to her side and when he got shot in the back, he honestly didn't care anymore. He helped her up and he could see she was in so much pain. Sylus glanced back at the male that hurt her [b "WHat's wrong with you"] he saw Tanner punch him and had him against the wall. Sylus helped Ara and kept her supported. [b "I don't care about this match Ara. YOu should see the doctor"] he told her, letting Tanner take her away. He nodded and sighed, knowing that Tanner will take good care of her.

He frowned and looked back, seeing that the other team took the flag. Sylus walked over to Clyde and just glanced at the guy. [b "Okay guys round two is starting"] the chief said and then Sylus gripped his gun. He was so angry now. This next match, his team ended up winning.


After the bath, everyone was in the cafeteria for dinner. Sylus was worried about what happened to Ara. Was she okay? He hoped that the doctor would be able to heal her hand.
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[b "I didn't think you wanted a short experience. Me too." ] She smiled back at him. She was trying really hard, and when it came to aiming, she could do it. She did pretty well, even being up close considering she always was stunned with panic for a split second, and a split second was always enough for her to lose. She agreed to get the ammo, and went after it, feeling pretty damn nervous about even getting there and back. She was coming back, and so near that she felt she did it-until...

It hurt like hell. Her wrist was throbbing. She wasn't going to sit back and just let that asshole do this. How could he do that to her? She didn't understand how any of them could hate her, even if they believed she killed some of their friends, it wasn't like she had control over it and she was still kind to them. She shot him anyway and she saw Sy running to her. [b "Sy, don't come here." ] She figured he'd lose if he focused on her, and she knew she would be fine. Oh-oh maybe not... It hurt so bad that it was making her eyes water. [b "Yea-yea, just my wrist really hurts." ] She got upset when they shot Sy in the back. She tried not to actually cry, but it hurt so damn bad.

Instantly, Tanner went to the guy and punched right in the face and slammed him to the wall "You think that was funny? You're getting reported, but try that fucking next time and your arm will get crippled." THe other guy scoffed, and Tanner shoved him aside, wanting to do more than that.

Ara tried to move her wrist and it shot so much pain in her. [b "Ahh, it hurts so bad..." ]She looked back at Sy and felt so guilty [b "I'm sorry...I made you lose." ] Tanner came to them "Ara come on, we need to check that out." He looked back at Sylus "I'm sorry but I have to take her. Hopefully we'll get to see you later."
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He wondered why that guy ended up breaking up with Ara. He really just wanted to know because if it was for the reason as in her father was the king of hell, then it wouldn't be the first one could it? WHen she explained what happened, he could understand. That Jace guy didn't want to hurt Ara, but probably still really liked her. That was probably why he kept hugging and wrapping his arms around her.

[b "Oh. I don't want a short experience ARa. I want it to last"] he told her and then they were doing their best to defend the flag. He kept his eyes on the guys rushing and he was doing his best to try and shoot them out. He was managing to defend really well, getting a decent amount of guys out, but even Ara was helping him out. She was really good with a gun, so he couldn't complain. SHe was pretty badass.

[b "Ara go and grab some ammo!"] he waited for her, using his bullets sparingly. Unfortunately he saw Clyde get smoked and he sighed. HE was doing well defending from there too. He shot a few guys hiding behind some bushes, getting them in the helmet. WHen he saw Ara heading back, he saw her getting slammed down. What the hell?

He hurried to her side, grabbing the ammo, seeing that the guy got her all over her arms. Sylus reloaded his gun and shot a few shots at the guy. [b "Hey you're out"] he spoke and then he helped Ara up [b "Are you okay?"] he asked, leading her towards where the people were heading out. He saw that some people were getting to their flag and one of the guy's teammates shot Sy in the back while he walked Ara back. Asshole.

SYlus just sighed and shook his head. He didn't care anymore, Ara was hurt and this was only a game. He smirked. "Ha! You're out too. Looks like it's an easy win for us" he told them, smirking.
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The reasons were usually about the same. She didn't like talking about them but, it didn't bug her as it used to. [b "He said that it was too hard and didn't want to make things hard on me if we got too close and something happened to him. He always knew it was going to be a short experience, I didn't." ] She called it all bullshit. If...he was still alive, than they would have made it through it all, she felt so sure of it. She expected Sy to be the same, it was just...she thought the same with a few others too. She had been wrong about them.

Ara felt they were doing pretty good. She's always had a good aim. It was the only way she could fight someone like Sy off. She came back unharmed-thankfully. She felt she got a bit lucky, but she still counted it as a victory. She grinned when Sy said she was doing well. She was glad, that maybe she could at least compare out here. But-no paint.

[b "Oh, alright." ] She nodded, but felt nervous because she couldn't physically hold anyone off. She looked out and wondered if she could even make it that far without... Well, it was worth a shot. She went around the building and looked out, before making a dash to another and saw the smoke bomb thrown in...poor Clyde. She snuck into the room after they left, figuring there was ammo there. [b "Hey Clyde." ] She whispered and took the ammo and refilled her gun first, and kept looking out. She then slowly made it out, and saw everyone was too distracted going ahead to catch her movements. She was making her way back when she was slammed to the ground.

She felt pain. Lots of it in her left wrist. She gasped and knew the only person who would do that was someone who hated her with all their might. She was close enough to Sylus that she cloud use her other arm to toss the ammo to him .

"Your out." The guy above her said, "You shouldn't play games with us if you don't want to get crippled you stupid bitch." He said and got up and fired at her, Ara covered her head, so that at least it hit her hands instead, but he must have not realized that because he was walking away. Ow...ow...her wrist ached. Tanner was only observing but when he saw that, he was planning to grab that guy after and have a 'talk.' Ara tried to lift her gun and shoot the guy in the back at least and aimed for the back of his head and got it. He stoped and glanced back at her, [b "You shot my hands," ] She stated, [b "Your out." ]
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He knew that Jace wasn't trying to offend him or anything, but because the guy just started touching Ara and getting into his space just bothered him. [b "WHy did he break it off with you?"] he wondered, thinking of reasons why anyone would even separate with Ara. He just stayed against the wall, waiting for the games to start [b "Yeah, I know what you mean. It doesn't feel right at all"] he sighed, wanting to wake up to her, to just easily hold her in his arms.

As soon as they started, they were working together to protect the flag. He was peeking out and shooting all the guys that he could see. Their team had the front covered, but some of the other guys were pretty sneaky. They managed to get past the front and when they tried to reach the flag, he did his best to protect Ara. THey shot at a few guys and when he covered her back, he could see that Ara was pretty good at this. He's never really noticed before.

Two men came and Sylus distracted them, tossing out his shoe and when they were shooting at it, he managed to get them down with a few shots. He saw Ara go off and when she returned, he didn't see any paint on her. She was good. [b "You're doing well Ara"] he smiled and then he saw someone dashing. He was low on ammo too, so when he heard her, he looked back at the flag. [b "Go get us some paint. I'll guard the flag"] he told her, sitting back and then shooting another guy coming. He stayed by the flag, until Ara returned with Ammo.

Clyde was even close by, hiding out in another shelter. He tried to get most of the guys that were getting close to Sy and Ara. He was shooting them, but when a colored smoke bomb came, he wasn't able to dodge it, getting out. THe other team was now pushing towards their flag, but Sylus was doing his best to hold them off one at a time.
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She smiled a little, glad to hear that he wasn't mad at her at least. [b "Jace is like that, he steps into your personal space. But don't worry, he broke it up with me, so I know for sure he's just glad I'm safe." ] She was glad she was still able to talk to him. It was better than nothing. [b "Me too... It doesn't feel right with you around me all the time." ] She meant it. Things had realy changed, and she's grown so used to him always being with her.

When she looked at Sy, she saw him smiling now, and it didn't seem faked. It warmed her up, making the weight on her shoulder a little lighter. She was glad she got to talk to him about it. She covered Sy, so he could get a better shot at him without the other guy noticing. He was down, but she didn't realize who was behind her until she saw the shadow. She managed to fight him off for a short moment and then he was down when Syshot him. It made her smile [b "Thanks." ]

"Aw, come on." He sighed and took off his helmet and pointed at Sylus "I got distracted, you just got lucky."
Ara laughed, because she didn't believe that to be true. She then turned her attention again into people coming forward. Time to get things done. She aimed precisely, at the helmet, a few hid before she could get a clear shot but the second they showed up, she fired. It was good to hear 'I love you' again. Ara nodded [b "I could try." ] She wanted to be able to stay close like that again.

Was that a shoe? [b "Got it." ] She aimed and shot and got another. She saw another one in cover, taking a small peak. He threw a paint bomb that could explode over there side. She stared for a second "Shoot." Instead of tossing it, she ran off, and went around the corner of the building and then right in front of her, that guy came and pointed the gun at her, but before he took the shot, she did.
"Shit." He said.

She couldn't believe it, she took the shot first. SHe felt pretty bad ass about it, and went back to her position and wondered if they were any closer to winning. [b "We make a great team Sy." ] She said when she came back and saw someone making a mad dash for them and rolling on the ground when they fired. That's when Ara realized...she ran out of paint. Whoops. She took a peak ahead, and knew there was a shelter that had supplies... She moved quickly to Sy, "I ran out of paint." She looked ahead and wondered how many more of them were left.
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He wasn't smiling because he didn't feel happy at all. It was only day one, but he already felt miserable. How did Ara feel? How was she lasting through all of this anyway? He frowned, seeing so many guys wanting to talk to her, wanting to hug her....he knew it was because they missed seeing her around, but he already forgot what it was like before they even left for London. How did he act around the guys? How did he not get in trouble for trying to harm them?

He did promise that he'd try and spend every second, just at that second, he was going to knock someone out. He stood behind the building and stayed beneath cover when they started. He told ARa he was sorry that he couldn't spend some time with her. [b "I didn't want to end up hitting Jace"] he admitted and then he heard her saying that the guys had nothing to do with it. HE knew that, but it still ticked him off. [b "I know. I just want to be able to spend more alone time with you somehow"] he told her, seeing her say she loved him.

Sylus smiled over and then he kept himself hidden, seeing the other team come over and he fired some shots, getting them on their helmet. Ara took some shots, but then he saw someone still running after her, he shot him down and then looked back to see someone behind them. WHen did he get there?

He saw Ara fighting him back, so he turned and fired a few shots, hitting him in the back. [b "Hey, don't harass her"] he smirked and then he saw more incoming guys. Luckily their team was also holding them back. Sylus went over to where Ara was and kept her protected. [b "I love you too. Maybe we can try sneaking out tonight, head up to the upper ground?"] he suggested, looking over at her and then seeing bullets shoot by. THese guys were as serious as ever. He kept his eye on the flag and noticed two guys incoming. Sylus threw one of his shoes at them, getting them to shoot at it before pointing his gun and getting one of them. [b "Ara get the other!"] he told her, rolling towards cover.
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He wasn't holding her hand when she tried. Sylus wasn't really smiling. He wasn't really talking to her. It hurt... It scared her. [i He really might not be able to take it. ] He kept quiet, and he walked away not turning back. Ara watched him and didn't understood why he wouldn't want to spend every second he could with her. He promised to still be with her. He promised, so he would keep it that promise.

Ara walked up to Sylus, letting her guard down in the meantime. Why was he being so cold towards her? He...was apologizing. [b "I'm not either. I told you this would be hard but, why did you walk away? Why didn't you stay longer with me, or why didn't you hold my hand? I want..." ] Then he went to hide behind the building, [b "Those guys, they don't know anything. They're not doing it to piss you off, and you know that I'm with you. So, don't be mad at them." ] She hoped she could serve that as a reminder. SHe felt that if he trusted her, than it would all be okay. She had more trouble being apart.

What more was there to say... "I love you." She whispered and then saw others coming up. She hid herself, behind a wall, trying to focus her aim, controlling her breathing but her head kept getting clouded. It took a longer but she took the shot. She hit the guy but another guy used his body as a shield. She wasn't sure if he was allowed to do that but it made it difficult to take a shot. [b "Sylus, go get him, I'll cover you." ] She suggested and continued to fire. She didn't think about looking back, until a shadow cast behind her. She quickly turned back and shoved the nuzzle of the gun away and kicked him right in the gut. That obviously had little effect besides gaining some time.

"We can spend some time together if we're both out," He said.
"I don't think so!" She stuck her tongue out and tried to grab her gun to shoot but it clearly wasn't going well.
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He wanted things like how they used to be, but it seemed like it was too hard for that. How could he hold her hand, give her a hug, a kiss, and make it seem like it was normal? He ended up sighing and when she sat next to him, he tried to be happy, but it wasn't working out. She was so close, but he felt like she was still so far, and people like Jace and her ex were getting in the way.

He only said that she could go for normal guys to try and sway the fact that these guys thought they had a chance. Maybe if he announced that she wasn't interested in guinea pigs, they'd leave her alone. He sighed and tried to just finish his glop until he saw Jace rubbing her head. He hated him.

He didn't want to cause a scene, so instead, he stood up and went to clear up his food. He headed back into his room and just slammed his fist on the desk. WHy was he so angry now? WHy didn't he feel content like he once was or happy anymore? He sat at the edge of his bed and just changed into some joggers and a tshirt. He opened up his drawer and looked through the drawn pictures they made together. He ended up smiling a little and then letting out a deep sigh.

By the time they were on the field, Sylus volunteered to defend the flag, but so did two other guys. Clyde said to let Sylus do it and some others didn't object. HE went to the flag with Ara, holding his gun and then looking over at her. [b "I'm sorry about early. I'm still not used to all of this and I think it'll take some time. I guess I wasn't really prepared as I thought I'd be"] he told her, hiding behind some broken down buildings and taking cover. He didn't know if he was upsetting Ara with his behavior, but he really just wanted to be along with her again.
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This felt odd. Not kissing, holding, talking like they used to. She could even tell Sylus was turning back into the old 'fake a smile' thing, not that she could blame him. This wasn't right. On one hand, she was glad that she got to see the rest of the boys, and that they seemed to be doing well. She did enjoy talking to to them. Tanner had pulled of Jace before it got too much, and figured it would make Sylus any happier either.

It bugged her, what SYlus said about going after 'normal' guys. As if she was normal enough to even be with anyone that had a life far different than hers. Jace raised a popped his head between them to look at Sylus, always seemed to get in everyone's personal space "What are you talking about? Ara's stays with us all the time. You know why we all can't." He grinned and rubbed her head. Tanner again tugged him back and sighed. Ara laughed lightly. She knew he meant no harm, it wasn't like Jace knew and he had always been this way.

Her head turned when Sy got up. She frowned, wanting him to sit with her for a little longer, wanting to hold his hand at least. He went up and left to go get ready. SHe end up talking to a few other guys to check up on how they were doing. She also went to the kitchen to quickly ask them to bake cupcakes for everyone. They didn't like that idea...but they didn't say no this time. She knew she would get in trouble for it later, but didn't think she'd get that much in trouble.

Tanner followed her to her room. Ara changed into something easy to move in,that had padding. When she stepped outside, Tanner spoke up "Are you doing okay?"
[b "Yea...sort off. Sy seemed upset." ] That was too be expected. Her chest ached. [b "Do you think Sy...will get enough of it and..." ] She fixed her hair up and sighed. This was hard.
"I don't know...he looked like he was about to throw Jace off himself." Tanner shrugged. Right. She went out in the field and went on Sylus' team.

They developed a plan and Ara volunteered to defend the flag, hoping Sy would volunteer too. She was a good shooter at the very least. She stayed back, deciding to shoot from a distance than right up front close. The game started and she knew she had a few min or so before someone would come up and maybe talk to Sy.
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It was hard to believe that they'd be leaving this place. So many things have happened here. Sylus made so many new friends, got a chance to go to school, see his home, meet his father, and just build his relationship with Ara. He didn't want that to go away, but he was nothing more than a pawn on a mission. It all came down to just that.

He looked over at Ara and then he smiled [b "I do too. I want to come back here and live everyday like how you and I spent our last days"] he frowned and then they flew back to the facility.

His room felt so cold, so barren and so empty. IT didn't feel like a home at all. He held his breath and just stared at the plain sheets and his empty desk that he remembered. Nothing changed. IT was as if the whole mission didn't even take place.

In the morning, he woke up and taken to group assembly. They jogged five miles and lifted some weights and then they had more fighting training. Sylus ended up getting distracted, thinking about Ara when the other guy ended up punching him across the face. HE fell back. [i It hurt] he thought. More than usual. When he pulled himself together, he tried to focus, but just felt like it was much harder to get back into the swing of things.

At the cafeteria for lunch, he grew irritated, seeing all of the guys talking to Ara, giving her hugs and affection. It was hard to stay calm because even though he was expecting it, he wasn't used to it. He saw her sit beside him and he tried to smile, but it came out forced. He heard her and then he felt the weight in his chest. He nodded and then he looked at the guy, getting a little nervous because he thought he found out what she said.

When Jace came over, Sylus almost shoved him back, but Tanner got to him. He sighed in relief and then he heard his question and Ara answered. Thank goodness. [b "Why would she go for us? Don't you think there's so many more normal guys out there she'd go for?"] he told him and then he just took another bite. ALl of this felt wrong and not how it should be.

He heard Ara saying she'd join them, but all he wanted was to hold her. He stood up and then brought his tray to the kitchen. [b "I'll see you guys at paintball"] he mentioned and then he just went back to his room to get ready. The air felt so thick and uncomfortable and so far, it didn't feel right.
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She couldn't believe this was it. That they would be leaving their beautiful penthouse. It almost felt like they were really building a normal life together, one where they could grow up, go to school, spend time with each other like any other couple would. She had to take the paintings down, but she wouldn't let them be taken or ruined, she was bringing them with her to take to her her own house in her own room. This place felt like a paradise, and things would go so smoothly if they stayed, she wouldn't be so afraid of losing him or things changing. [b "It'll be used as a safe house until we're able to come back. I want to come back, with you." ] She leaned into him. It was hard to walk away from it.

Soon enough, she was watching Sylus and Clyde walk away, and felt so wrong to see them caged up after having so much more freedom. It was as if, they never went there at all. It already felt like a dream. The bed felt uncomfortable, it felt cold, Sylus wasn't there. SHe couldn't kiss him in the mornings, or hold him, or watch him make breakfast.

Ara spotted Sylus in the caf, and wanted to make a mad dash for him and be affectionate, but she knew that it would cause trouble, and others came toward her. She still couldn't help but feel happy that she saw the same faces still here. She missed them too, they were good friends and she cared about them. She got many questions about if she had been okay, if they could go on a mission with her next time and such.

She eventually broke through and sat down with Sy. He didn't look happy and she understood how he felt. It ached her, to behave like they weren't as close. She answered some more of the questions [b "We had a really good time, I really missed all of you. Have we...lost anyone else, or disappeared from here?" ] She meant killed. Ara tired to sneak her hand on his lap, hoping he'd take hold of her hand underneath the table, so no one would see. When Sy asked how she was feeling, she felt like crying because she missed him so damn much even though it was only a night. She leaned in and whispered to his ear, "I missed you. It was hard waking up without you." She didn't want anyone else to hear.

"Hey, what did you tell him?" One the guys asked and smirked.
"That you look a little shorter since I came back," She joked.
"There you are!" Jace, another guy came from behind and wrapped one arm gently around her neck and leaned his chin on her head
"I missed our pretty angel with a fine body. Did you get prettier?" He asked, and Tanner tugged him by his shirt, back away from Ara. SHe looked back and grinned [b "Nice to see you again Jace." ]

"It's good to have you back," He smiled and glanced over at Sylus and Clyde "Did either of you to date her while you were all gone?" Jace asked.
Ara laughed [b "No, don't be silly. I don't date anyone." ] SHe shrugged. Jace looked back at her and then remembered he wasn't supposed to say "Right...right, became close friends?"
She shrugged.
"So, are you joining us today capture the flag paintpall?" He asked.
She looked at Sy, maybe she could get some time with him still during then and nodded [b "You bet. I'm going to dominate your asses." ] She smirked.
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He didn't think that he'd ever see Payton again, but he figured that it was really cool to see someone from the facility. He really wanted to see her again, but he didn't know if he'd be able to. No wonder Ara was always so happy to see people from the facility. She'd see them rarely and they wouldn't even have much time to chat. He saw her message and smiled before heading up to the balcony.

Sylus knew that Ara was going to be okay. She was strong, so he figured that when she had him knocked out, Tanner would give them the signal. Soon enough, they were heading up the back window, taking Roark down and then all leaving with Clyde in the car. WHen they brought Roark to the location, they headed back home and were told that they were leaving for the facility soon.

Sylus and Ara then spent the next hour packing up their belongings and what they could bring back. Sylus put his clothes into the bag, the small pictures they drew, and most of the mementos he could carry. It was really sad to think about how they were going to leave this place even though they've been here for so long. Sylus stood at the door with her, holding her hand and frowning. [b "Me too. We had so much fun here"] he looked around the house and then he stepped out with her.

On the plane, Sylus felt so sad now. They managed to leave paradise and were going back to hell. He didn't know if he made the right decision or not, but he really wanted to be with Ara. He sat with her, holding her hand tightly, kissing her lips and enjoying the closeness they had left. He eventually fell asleep too, waking up to see Ara's hand not in his. He frowned and walked through the gates, seeing Ara walking in a different direction. HE felt his heart sink and then he went into his room, setting up his bed as usual. IT was like nothing even happened. Everything was exactly like how he left it. Clyde on the upper bunk and Sy down below. He laid back and sighed. [b "Guess it's back to this place"] he sighed and Clyde nodded. "Back to the real world" he spoke before the two fell asleep.

Sylus kept tossing and turning, wishing that he had Ara beside him. He couldn't sleep, so in the morning, he ended up feeling down. He did the morning training with the guys and when it was lunch time, he sat in the cafeteria and then he had his glop in front of him. He took a few bites and when he saw Ara coming in, his amber eyes brightened up. He grinned and was going to wave, but he couldn't do that. He kept seated and then he just let out a sigh and when he saw her hugging another guy, his hand balled up into a fist and got a little angry. He stuffed a few more bites into his mouth and then when she sat beside him, he frowned a little, wanting to kiss and hold her, push off that guy, but he couldn't. He heard her [b "Hey"] he knew it would be rough, but he didn't realize how rough it was until it actually happened.

He finished his food and didn't really know what to say to her. There were other guys at the table and he couldn't be all lovey dovey either. Sylus didn't really know how to act around her. He heard some of the guys talking to her asking where she's been and stuff. He met her eyes [b "How are you feeling?"] he asked, wondering if she was doing okay. He had to get back into the training mode and had to work hard again to be number one while he was gone.
  ellocalypse / 13d 23h 57m 54s
Payton glanced back and figured that she wouldn't get to meet up with him again, or see Ara. She hadn't even expected Ara to be that kind to her, she figured she must have acted to a certain point at the facility but she still felt the same. [b 'You too. If you ever get out, you can give me a message. ] She hit send and when they arrived, she was getting ready for bed.

When Roark touched up Ara's ass, she had it. She kicked him, right where it hurts and he was knocked right out. She wondered how had someone like him could have possibly survived with her being able to easily get him knocked out without even trying. The mission turned out smoothly, they got him out of the house, in the car, and dropped him off the location. They didn't know happened to him after, if he was killed or used for any other reasons. It didn't matter to her, but that very night, her father arranged a flight instantly to get them back.

They managed to back to their penthouse first. She made it there with Sy and she felt the ache in her chest growing when they stood at the front door with their luggage packed, only a few things being able to bring back. She felt terrified of what will happen, how much will change. She would miss waking up and smelling breakfast, or waking up and Sy being right beside her, even hanging out with everyone in the kitchen or up at the roof. She squeezed his hand tightly, and couldn't help but let the tears fall [b "I'm going to miss it here... It's never going to be the same..." ] She whispered and wondered how much would change when they went back. She's always experienced the difference between dating someone on a mission and then coming back. They always gave up. She couldn't have that happen with Sy.

There beautiful penthouse...who knew when they would ever be back. She never wanted to forget any inch of the penthouse and what they did together here. They've grown so close since they came here. she turned away and locked the door, feeling sick to her stomach, and trying not to turn back as they made way for the airplane.

It was late, but she tried not to sleep on the airplane, leaning into Sylus shoulder and holding his hand very tightly, and would kiss his cheek or lips. She eventually fell asleep, not being able to stay up any longer. When she woke, they landed and she almost forgot that she couldn't be holding Sylus' hand or showing any attraction towards him, forcing herself to release her hand from his, as they made their way inside the building, through the gates, and watched Sylus, and Clyde being taken back to their usual room. This was it....

She stared at their backs, and felt like it was wrong to be this apart from Sylus, to be sleeping in a different bed from him. She didn't return to her house that night either, she used the room at the facility for herself to sleep in, feeling cold and wishing to be back. She wanted Sy badly. She would fiddle with her bracelet he gave her, and it actually made her feel less alone. It was hard to sleep, so she fell asleep late and in the morning Tanner woke her up, trying to talk to her, telling he knew this was hard and he would try to get her some time with Sy when he could.

Ara put on a casual beige dress and fixed her hair up, and head over to the guys cafeteria for breakfast. She wanted to see him, she wanted to see Sy in the morning. Then she saw the familiar faces and felt so much relief that they were still alive.
"Ara! We were wondering if something happened to you, you were gone so long," One of friends came over, she actually dated him before. He hugged her and she hugged him back [b "It's good to see you." ] But he was the only one that came to talk to her. Tanner eventually had to break it up. Ara's eyes eventually found Sy, and she head over to sit beside him and smiled, almost about to kiss him and stopped herself. [b"Hey..." ]
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