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Payton got into that argument and had it. She hated the worry it caused her, and how much it annoyed her to make sure he was breathing because it always scared the shit out of her when he was too close to someone that could harm him and she could do little about it. Ethan watched Payton head off and was down right confused why all the sudden she was upset about it now. He knew that she didn't like any risks but he wanted to live a little too. He sat back and watched Sylus head over. [b "Having fun?" ] He asked and Sylus began to approach him.

[b "That's nice of you...then why is she acting so different? Yes, she is. She never told me it bugged her before, so why now?" ] He frowned. He hoped that Payton would get over it soon but he did recall a few times where she held a grudge. He sighed, not happy about Payton heading off like that. [b "No need, I'll be sticking inside again. Do you think I should talk to her?" ] And felt a bit guilty about looking at her like that too. He got up again, [b "I mean, I guess we could play games. Do you know how to play any console games?" ] Now that he realized, he hadn't spend much time with another guy. Huh. It wasn't until Payton that he actually had someone close to daily

Sylus phone buzzed. Ara sent him a message '[i Anything you want to see tonight?]'
Ethan gave it a glance, [b "Ah you're-" He saw a glimpse of the message appear on the phone and raised a brow and smirked [b "Girlfriend?" ] He then grabbed the towel Payton left out, to probably throw it into the laundry. He headed inside, letting Sylus follow [b "Do you think you could convince Payton that I'll be fine with the other girls I meet?" ] He asked, stepping into the living room and trying to think of a game to play.
  Payton / Ravenity / 34d 8h 57m 48s
He couldn't tell with her facial features if she was kidding or not. From all the times he's spent with her, she's always been so serious and couldn't take his teasing, so he never really knew. He didn't think he could be anything more with her than friends. He had Ara after all.

He bought some ice cream and would hand it to her, seeing her joking around again. He rubbed the back of his head and then he let her just read as he tried to boogie board a little in the water. He didn't really know what he was doing at first, but when he started to get the hang of it, he ended up tumbling in the waves and coughing up some water.

[b "I'm okay!"] he raised his hand, just figuring things out. He rode a few more waves until he got it, gliding down a large wave as he saw Payton approach Ethan. THe two were talking, but when he heard Ethan's voice, he headed back to shore and then he smiled [b "Just trying something new"] he saw that the conversation was getting a little intense between the two. He just played in the water more until he heard his name.

He glanced back and then approached him. [b "Not really. She was just reading....and I bought her ice cream"] he told him and then he looked back at him. [b "Is she acting differently?"] he wondered, grabbing his belongings and then he looked back at Ethan. [b "Well looks like I'm looking after you. Do you want to play some games inside?"] he suggested.
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Payton laid her back on her lap, figuring she wouldn’t get any reading done while Sylus was speaking to her. [b “Most people can’t.” ] At least that’s what Ethan always told her. She forgot that she needed to be careful with what she said. Sylus did say he was curious and it made her wonder if in a scenario where he wasn’t with Ara and she was being serious if he he would actually want to. Probably, but it wouldn’t be wise.

She tried to return to her book but dozed off until Sylus came back with ice cream. It was nice, it tasted sweet and it was cold-until it started to melt She returned and had amess on her hand. She teased and joked around with him, and then sat back down. [b “Aw, how sweet.” ] She laughed and finally, he would leave her to finish her book.

[b Ms.Bookworm? Then you’re Mr. social butterfly.” ] She added and shook her head. She got back into reading and could finally focus for a while. She got really into it when she heard coughing. She looked above the blank ink and beige bound pages and saw Sylus rolling on the shore. What the hell was he doing.

[b “Are you trying to drown yourself?” ] She called.

“Payton!” Ethan’s voice called.
So much for reading a book today. She huffed and saw Ethan’s hair looking all messy, and him in nothing but his trunks. She got up and went to Ethan.
“Uh…right, mind giving her-her stuff back?” He ruffled his hair more.
[b “Yea, sure.” ] She walked inside and gave her purse back and made sure she didn’t leave with anything before sending her away. Ethan decided to stare out into the beach for a while, mostly stuck in his own head. Payton came back out and Ethan smiled lightly at her, “You had fun out here with Sylus?”
[b “Yup.” ] She shrugged.
He smirked.
Her eyes widened and she shook her head, [b “No-no not like that. I mean, we chatted. He really is with someone.” ]
“Oh-right…” Ethan mumbled and looked out at Sylus “What are you doing out there?” He called. Then Ethan’s eyes fell down to Payton, or more so lower than her face. He shook his head and snapped out of it.

[b “You know, I never told you this before but… It would really help if you stopped sleeping around so much.” ] She couldn’t believe she said that, because she worried he would get upset or think she was judging him.
“Since when…does it bother you?” He raised a brow and took her hand, back into the chair she was sitting.
[b “It doesn’t, but, it makes it harder for me to protect you. Just less frequently would help me not stress all the goddamn time.” ]
He doubly blinked and then lightly laughed [b “I’ll be okay. Promise.” ] He kissed her cheek.
Payton pushed him back this time [b “No, that one time you nearly got killed.”
“It was only one time.”
[b “Ethan… less frequently, that’s all I’m asking.” ]
He frowned “Pay…I can’t-or well I don’t want to.” He shrugged. “Living fearful all the time just lets them win.” ]
Sometimes he was such a-[b “Then I don’t want to talk to you. Let Sylus watch you for today. I-am going to read my book in peace and not have to check on your moans every 25 minutes to make sure you’re breathing.” ] She got up, grabbed her book and began to walk off. He tried to take hold of her wrist, she shrugged it off and head inside to actually read her book.
Ethan looked back at Sylus “Did something happen while I was gone?
  Payton / Ravenity / 35d 8h 57m 4s
He knew that some people really hated Ara to the bone, but he didn't really understand. She always made his life at the facility a little easier. If she weren't there, what would he have done? He listened to Payton and sometimes couldn't tell if she was being serious or if she was teasing. He's done it with Ara so many times, why wouldn't he be good enough?

He heard that she was playing and Sylus just sighed in relief. [b "Sometimes I can't tell if you're being serious or not"] he shrugged and then he saw her going back to her book. HE should probably let her finish since she seemed invested. He headed to buy some ice cream for the two of them because he wanted something sweet, but when he nudged her, he handed her an ice cream and sat beside her, seeing her lick it. At least she didn't turn him away for getting her something.

He sat down, watching the waves, feeling the wind blow through his hair as he relaxed. It was so nice right now. It was already hard to just be able to go out at the facility, so he felt good to be here.

He finished his cone, but when he heard her cuss, he glanced up at her and then his eyes widened when she blamed him. [b "Huh? My fault?"] he saw the ice cream on her chest and then he was still a little confused. HE felt her shove him and then he raised his hands innocently. [b "I just wanted to buy you ice cream"] he gasped and then he backed up a little. [b "Okay okay fine. I'll let you finish your book. Besides, I've always wanted to just lie on the beach"] he looked back up at the house and saw a few boogie boards. Sylus walked over and grabbed one and then he headed back to the water. [b "I'm gonna give this a try and give you some privacy then Ms. Bookworm"] he stuck out his tongue and then headed towards the water.

He climbed onto the board and then he headed towards the waves, giving it a try, trying to ride a wave, but ended up crashing beneath the surface and rolling to shore. Sylus resurfaced and then he coughed a bit. It was new, but he was having so much fun.
  ellocalypse / 35d 11h 20m 36s
[ "Most people I know either hate her or are extremely fond of her. It's usually never in between." ] Payton said and saw him looked a little iritated from her question. Maybe she really hit a button. "But not curious enough to cheat on her, right? It wouldn't be a good idea anyway." ] She was talking to him so much that she hadn't gone that far into her book that she wanted to finish. Payton laughed [b "I guess I wouldn't know but I'm just playing with you. Oh-your very welcome." ] She laughed again.

She laid back and continued to read her book. She end up dozing off a bit, when Sylus nudged her. She opened her eyes and took the cone from him [b "Thanks... I'm not worried about a sunburn." ] She licked it off and noticed he was sitting beside her. Sylus was definitely more talkative than the other guys from the facility she's met. She was finishing off her ice cream fairly quickly, readding off her book for a while. That's when she slowed down eating her ice cream. Then it began dripped off and she felt the ice cream on her chest.

[b "Fuck." ] She sat more up and looked for something to wipe it. [b "This is your fault." ] She joked and got up. She head back inside to grab herself another napkin to wipe it off. She returned and realized the ice cream had melted over her hand now. SHe stared at it and sighed [b "This is why I don't like the heat." ] She said, [b "I have barely even gone through my book." ] She shoved his back lightly [b "You're hell, you know that." ] She lightly laughed and sat back down.
  Ravenity / 35d 12h 19s
He understood that life was really good right now. He felt so relaxed here and he really wanted to live by the beach. The more time he spent outside, the more he wanted to be able to live a normal life doing what he wanted. IT was such a far dream, but he really wanted to make it some true. It would probably take awhile, but his first step was becoming was number one.

[b "I was just wondering. I want to know more about Ara from what other people experience with her. You know see all sides"] he told her, shrugging and then when she said that he wouldn't be any good, that sort of ticked him off. [b "Maybe. I'm curious, but It's not like I'm unhappy about it"] he told her, surprised that she was willing to volunteer. A part of Sy wanted to find out what it was like with someone like him, but he didn't want to hurt Ara. [b "I thought that there's was nothing to see with me. Now you're willing to volunteer?"] he smirked and then he splashed her back.

[b "I'm okay. THanks for the offer though"] he watched her head inside and then he sent ARa a message. He saw her reply and smiled [i "Ooh I can't wait until tonight then. Love you"] he sent and then he saw Payton return, offering to take a trip. [b "Okay, I'll be back"] he headed to the food stands and then he ended up buying two ice cream cones. He got one swirl and one chocolate.

He made it back to the beach, but saw that Payton was asleep. He nudged her a bit. [b "Hey you'll get a sunburn. Here. Something to cool you off"] he offered her the swirl cone and then he took a seat beside her again, licking his ice cream contently.
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[b "I don't think anything can really make up for it, but my life is good right now. Not sure how yours is going to go." ] With him wanting to risk it all for that one girl. She relaxed back and they end up talking about Ara again. She got that he really did like her, or well-he said love her. She wished she was told earlier that he was dating her. [b "She does that with nearly everyone at the facility. Why?" ] She asked. They played around and she was laughing when he was picking up his pants.

Payton shrugged [b "Well, we're not. I doubt you'd be any good with me anyway because you've only done it with a regular vanilla human being." ] She predicted that it was Ara... He must have, if he had went on a long mission with her. Payton sighed [b "Maybe you will one day, unless you stick it to Ara. Would suck if you didn't. I'd volunteer for the hell of it but-you're with someone." ] She teased and splashed him and he splashed her back. She headed out and then came back spotting Sylus on the phone.

Ara saw his message and sighed. Why didn't he just use sunscreen. Wait...he attached an image. Her eyes widened when she saw the image. It made her smile to know that he could send a picture like that to her. Ah, she missed him... It was hard here, but at least she didn't feel the ultimate guilt right now. [i ' You better put on sunscreen or I'm coming over there. That picture is making it reallllly hard for me.' ] She replied, [i Just watch it. I'm going to make it hard on you at night. :P ]

Payton laid back again and heard him laughing. She...felt a little jealous of their relationships even if she didn't know the whole thing. She just never really got a good grip of what it was like to be romantically-emotionally close to someone. [b "Uh, I don't have my wallet with me and I am not going in there to see anything. But if you want to, be my guest." ] She shrugged, and went onto reading her book, and laying one her stomach just for a while. She glanced back at Sylus. How unlucky she was... Payton would eventually end up falling asleep on the chair with the book on her face.
  Ravenity / 35d 13h 32m 25s
He nodded his head [b "Yup, crappy life, but now we're making up for it. All of those lost years. We're stronger and smarter now"] he thought about it and maybe that was one good thing from the facility at least. He even had his own killer mode that he'd go into when a job needed to get done. When he was with Ara, it was a completely different personality.

He smiled, glad to hear he wasn't the only one that got things from Ara. She was kind to all of them. [b "When you were her guard, didn't she make you feel like someone of significance?"] he wondered, soon carrying her over her shoulder to try and get her back. He soon dropped her and picked up his pants, seeing her laughing.

[b "How would you know that there's nothing to see down there? It's probably something neither of us would find out unless we dated"] he shrugged and then he laid back. [b "I have. I haven't really done it with a girl from the facility so I don't really know either"] he felt her splash him back and then he nodded. Right now he was with Ara and didn't care too much if she didn't have as much stamina as him. He loved her anyway.

He saw her head inside and smiled [b "Good luck"] he swam for a while, diving beneath waves and then resurfacing. He headed towards the shore and then he just dried off a bit, seeing the message on his phone. He laughed a little and then replied. [i "Too late. I'm sunburned Sy. Do you wanna see what I sunburned?"] he told her and then he took a picture of his abs, sending it to Ara to tease her a little. He then saw Payton come back. [b "I'm going to head to those food stands. Maybe get some dessert. Wanna come?"] he wondered, unsure of when Ethan will be finished, but the stands weren't far away. He just didn't want to be inside yet when Ethan was still having his fun.
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[b "They've definitely lost," ] She nodded [b "Guess we both had a shitty life before the facility too." ] Then again, she knew most did. Her history definitely messed her up. If it weren't for Ara's visits and talking many different girls, she knew she would have trouble trying to get the hang of any morals. Her morals still blurred, and Ethan would always shoot her a look at sometimes when she asked if she could do something to another person or didn't flinch when he did.

[b "She gave a lot of people things. Wow a camera, I bet she has been." ] Payton took the chance and had him under, until she was eventually under. She floated back up and saw him picking up his short. It made her laugh. [b "It won't? Oh really? I don't think anything is out of my league and how would you know?" ] she rose a brow. she watched him lay back against the water. Payton rolled her eyes a bit. [b "Have you done it with a regular girl? it's very different than doing it with people like us. We last longer." ] She stated and splashed him.

Then she shrugged [b "'ll never know because you're in love with Ara." ] She stated and looked back at the house [b I'll be right back. I need to check up on Ethan." she stepped out of the water, dried herself slightly and saw Sylus' phone light up. She looked back and called out for SYlus [b "hey, you have a message. ] She said before heading off to make sure she could still hear Ethan. Ethan-was definitely alive.

Ara send Sylus a message saying 'Don't forget to wear sunscreen! '

Payton returned and she walked toward him [b "Well it's all clear. I'm not sure how long it'll last," ] SHe sighed, hoping not to be stuck outside for too long.
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[b "It was my motivation. If I could survive and become someone I'm proud of, then they've lost"] he told her, knowing his father was a real asshole even until today. He hasn't seen his mother, but Ara did say she knew where she was. Maybe he'd see her too and show her of what he's become or what the facility did to him.

[b "Being alive was a big part of it too. Those drugs they give you are nasty stuff"] he sighed and then he could tell that she didn't care too much about her parents. He didn't care much either, but his father ticked him off so much.

[b "Well she did end up giving me some cool things in the facility. She also did visit often. On my first mission she gave me a camera so I could take pictures of the world. She's been really nice to me"] he just stated as he was pushed back into the water. Sylus wasn't going down without a fight, so he carried her onto his shoulder and tried to threaten her to be nice. Then he dared her because he didn't think she'd want to see him down there anyway. There was no way she'd pull his trunks down.

When she managed to pull it down, he knew it was going too low and then he just dropped her into the water, picking up his shorts. [b "Well...embarrassing won't work. I don't think you could embarrass me because what I got down there is out of your league"] he smirked and then he laid back against the water and then he started kicking, splashing waves of water towards her and swimming away.

Maybe she really did know how to tease. Still, Sylus wasn't too worried about what was in his trunks. Apparently he was a greek god to Ara, so that was more than enough.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 37d 7h 45m 43s
[b "So, that's your motivation... You could kill them too-if you're careful not to get caught." ] She didn't know what resolve she had. She guessed it was just staying alive or not getting tortured. She never wanted to proof it to someone, and it wasn't like her life was great before either as a kid. It was same old same old. [b "My biological parents died in a car accident, don't know them but I was given to a foster home and-well I honestly can't tell the difference between how they treated me and the facility treated me. The only motivation I had was staying alive." ]

Payon smiled a bit and then shrugged [b "I don't actually know what happened but she said she tried to give you more things so that you'd talk to her. [b "She gave you a lot of stuff on your first mission together?" ] She asked and would return to her book, to join him and put him beneath the water. She hadn't been able to do something like this because she always feared she may actually drown someone. And there she was-over his shoulder. [b "Nooo, I still am. I just feel that you wouldn't want me to ruin your face." ] She tried to push against his back so he would drop her.
[b "I wouldn't?" She slid down his trunks a bit and heard his comment. SHe rose a brow, knowing he couldn't see her but he was challanging her and she wasn't about to say no to a challenge. [b "Okay, don't say I didn't warn you." ] She sung and pushed his trunks lower and then he dropped her. She fell into the water and surfaced, laughing when he was trying to pull it back up, [b "Don't dare me Sylus, I'll actually do it. " ] She smirked and then spoke [b "And no I don't want to see you, just want to embarrass you. I bet there's not much to see anyway." ]
  Ravenity / 37d 8h 1m 29s
He wasn't too nervous about what Ara did back at the facility because he knew she loved him a lot. Even with Tanner around, she never really did anything to progress their relationship, so he figured it wasn't something he needed to worry about. He watched Payton daydream for a moment and when he spoke, he got her attention back.

[b "Well I guess I was really focused on reaching my goal. All I wanted was to be able to reach the top. I wanted to prove I could make it out of the hell hole my father and mother sent me to"] he shrugged, knowing that resolve was still there. He's just had more exposure to the world.

[b "She tried to bribe me with stuff? Hmmm, no wonder"] he scratched the back of his head and ended up laughing because sometimes he felt like she was giving him too much. [b "Yeah I guess I didn't really notice anything until our first mission together"] he shrugged, knowing that maybe if he met someone else first, maybe it would have been different.

In the water, he was pushed down and when he got up, he lifted her over his shoulder. [b "You're not so tough now"] he smirked, nodding his head [b "If you were nice, you wouldn't be up here"] he told her, feeling her slide his trunks down a bit. [b "Oh....I didn't know you wanted to see that so badly. Go ahead. I dare you"] he wanted to see if she'd do it. If she ended up pulling down his trunks further though, he'd end up dropping her into the water in an attempt to pull his trunks back up.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 37d 9h 22m 5s
[b “It’ll be fine…” ] She shrugged. She didn’t see a reason to stress him out. Payton didn’t know it was Sylus who was number one to begin with when Ara told her. She remembered…sitting down with her and asking why didn’t she just date the guy that was ranked first if she liked guys who were ranked high. “[i because…anyone above six doesn’t have time for me. I don’t stand a chance…but I wish I did. I always kind of…bribed him with stuff to like me and spend time with me. It’s better than nothing, right? I do…like him.” ] Ara was fixing up her dress then and then flashed a smile [i Do I look good? ]
Perfect as always. She sighed and got drawn back into reality. [b “Yea. I didn’t know it was you but she did say she liked the guy ranked number one, that she always bribed him with stuff. She is but romance is not exactly the focus for most people I know who were ranked high. You really don’t fit the profile,” ] She laughed when she heard he would get any girl [b “Then you could have easily fallen for anyone else than Ara-probably. Not sure how it works.” ] She shrugged.

She read a bit and then SYlus pestered her to come over. SO-she did. But she was definitely going to try something. She had him underneath the water and she found it funny when he surfaced. [b “No I don’t what? I just did. Not so tough are you?” ] She laughed. Payton raised a brow when he put his arms around her waist She was about to pull his hands off when he lifted her. [b “Hey, what the hell? Am I sack?”] She tried to roll herself off him.

[b “I am nice.” ] She stated, and thought of something [b “If you don’t…let me down, I’m going to pull your trunks down and run out of the pool with it and leave you like that.” ] She pushed his trunks slightly down, doubting that he would risk it. She thought it would be pretty funny though. As long as she avoided actually seeing him.
  Ravenity / 37d 9h 39m 33s
He didn't know how much she knew about ARa, but if she was her guard for a good while, then maybe there were things she knew about Ara that he didn't really know. He wanted to ask her some things, but he didn't know if she would lie to him or not. [b "I don't think anything will happen to them. I think Ara likes me a lot"] he thought to himself and then he would get up and was surprised to hear that Ara liked him before.

[b "She really thought that I wouldn't give her a chance? I mean....she is the only girl there that thee guys see. All the guys would give anything to date her. Of course I'd give her a chance. Well I guess at that time, any girl a chance"] he shrugged and then he decided that he would probably never listen to Ethan again. He didn't want to hear that at all.

HE decided to clear his head in the water, running in and splashing around. When he called her over, he jumped and was splashing around when she came in. Sylus saw her get soaked and then he would splash more water on her. He smirked and then he felt her trying to push him down. He wasn't expecting it, so he fell beneath the surface, falling back. He resurfaced and then he saw her laughing. [b "Oh no you don't!"] he managed to wrap his arms around her waist and lifted her over his shoulder. He carried her a little deeper and then he laughed. [b "Maybe if you're nice to me I'll let you down easy"] he told her.
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She remembered quite a bit. She remembered how Tanner looked at Ara, how he seemed a lot more alert than anyone she's ever been paired up with to protect someone. She definitely learned from him. [b "Well...I'm sure nothing will happen between them then, since you're with her." ] The last thing she wanted was to cause some drama and have him fear what was happening back there. She just wasn't that type of girl.

Payton stretched out her legs more and scoffed. [b "You sound like you lack confidence. Maybe you're not her type. We talked quite a bit, she likes guys near the top of the ranking, confident. She liked you but thought you wouldn't give her a chance." ] She read a bit more into her book when Sylus returned. She lightly laughed [b "Yea, hearing more than enough." ] She sighed. She heard him but she didn't think he got what she meant, she meant about that kiss when she was drunk. Ah, at least it meant nothing.
[b "Alright..." ] She read her book and after a good while she heard Sylus. SHe peeked past her book, seeing him wave over. She laughed when he was jumping. She wanted to finish reading but...she guessed he wouldn't be here too long.

[b "Fine, fine. I'm coming." ] She set the book aside, and leapt into the water, creating a big splash. She floated above the water and looked back at him [b "Mmm, much better. I hate it when it's too hot." ] She brushed her hair back and then wanted to test to see if she could force him underneath the water, so she grew near and forced all of her weight on his shoulders with her arms to push him and she would laugh soon after, releasing later if she actually got him underneath the water.
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