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Arlus little giggles and bouncing had Ara filled with joy. He was perfect and they had him so happy. She heard Arlus when Sylus tickled Arlus tummy. Ara giggled, “He’s so happy.” Ara felt relaxed, enjoying having her kiss cheeked. HSe helped Arlus on Sylus shoulder. Arlus was so cute on his daddy’s shoulders. Ara melted at the sight. She’d take a photo of them. She noticed Arlus was gripping on Sylus hair, “He’s holding on,” Ara laughed. Arlus was so tiny that he fit well on top of his head. It was so cute. [b “Awe darling, you look adorable together.” ] Ara said.

She noticed Sylus leaning in and Arlus pressed his face into her cheek. She laughed, [b “Oh Arlus.” ] She cupped Arlus tiny cheeks and kissed his forehead. [b “You’re our precious you know that? We love you so much.” ] She said to him, stroking through his hair. She felt so in love with him, and Sylus. This…was there family. IT was perfect. The fireworks came into an end, and she could see Arlus’ eyes starting to droop.

[b “Darling, you should Arlus until we can get back down and put him in the stroller.” ] She mentioned. Arlus little mouth was opening up, releasing a yawn. Tanner had held the stroller for them as they walked down. Arlus remained on Sylus shoulder, falling asleep. She thought it was adorable. She stuck close to his side. She’d hear a few comments, positive ones, how cute there family was. Seeing Arlus with Sylus like this, all dressed up…it made her wish to have another one, a little girl too. She released a soft sigh to herself, while smiling. One day. One day they could walk around with Arlus, and another little one. They would spend a lot of fun days together.

[b “To think one day Arlus will be a toddler, saying his first words.” ] She whispered, [b “I feel lucky.” ] Ara said as they were making their way back home. Ara would hold onto Sylus yukata sometimes, just to stay close. She watched to just unravel him out of that. Tanner and Klara was still talking behind. Tanner would eventually come closer to her, whispering how their family looked perfect and he was happy that he could see this.
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He saw Arlus looking pretty content with the way he saw the toy given to him. He squeezed the toy when ARa did and it made him giggle. He would continue to make it squeak, holding it up to show Sylus and he would smile, running his fingers over his head [b "Your mommy is pretty cool huh Arly"] he would put on the earmuffs and then set up the fireworks spot as they all sat down and watched the colors explode in the sky.

Sylus really did love living in Japan and he thought it was a great place to raise little Arlus. He knew that him and Ara had to enjoy these days while they could. He didn't want to miss a moment in ARlus' life, but they didn't have much of a choice. Just seeing their little baby grow so fast, looking up at the bright sky and already figuring out what was going on surprised him. He would see Arlus bounce and then he would smile, tickling his tummy [b "Pretty huh Arly?"] he kissed Ara's cheek and relaxed until he saw Ara offering him on his shoulders. He smiled and would help carry Arlus on his shoulders.

He got some extra height, reaching his hand up as Sylus held his back. Arlus would then grip onto his hair and they would look at Ara. He grinned at the photo and would laugh [b "What are you doing up there little boy?"] he felt Arlus tugging and then resting on his hair. He soon stayed still when he saw another firework boom. He would then look around curiously.

Sylus held onto him and would lean into Ara [b "Give mommy a kiss Arlus"] he leaned him in and Arlus would just press his face against Ara's cheek since he didn't know what that meant.
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Ara put a dog squeaky toy in Arlus hands. He looked so cute and filled with wonder. He was so scary alert for a month year old baby. She kind of worried, that he’d grow up too fast. She had hoped that he’d be normal, and get to live a life where his biggest fear was what to do in the weekends. She noticed Sylus put on the muffs for him.

She held Arlus tightly in her arms. He’d look around curiously, fingers gripping onto her yukata-or well trying. They all sat down, Arlus was wrapped in a blanket thanks to Sylus. The fireworks were pretty and the sound was muffled for Arlus, so he wasn’t startled. She noticed him reaching out, and feeling him bounce. Ara giggled and kissed the top of his head. Sylus rubbed it. She kept looking down at Arlus, seeing his excitement, it filled the warmth in her. He looked at her with his pretty eyes, looking so happy. [b “I know baby, it’s pretty isn’t it? Just like your pretty eyes.”] She said to him. She looked back up at the fireworks. Life…felt good right now.

She was comforted by Sylus being near. “He is, isn’t he?” Ara smiled and felt a kiss on her cheek. She returned the kiss on his cheek too. “If he’s like a normal baby, he won’t. But, that’s okay, I love seeing his happiness.” She hugged Arlus and kissed his cheek, “You’re very happy aren’t you?” Ara asked and thought of, “Darling, do you want me to help Arlus onto your shoulders?” Ara asked, thinking it would be nice. Plus she wanted to take a picture. She wanted to show all of these pictures to Arlus one day.
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He loved the way their pets loved them and it was great to see that they were so understanding even with ARlus getting all the attention. They were still so kind and warm to them though and it was really nice. He enjoyed taking them out for a walk, letting them run around as they headed home.

They all soon dressed up and headed to the festival, seeing that Arlus was getting mesmerized by the pretty lights, noise, and people. He would clap his little hands and then suck on his thumb as he looked around. Sylus enjoyed seeing their little boy experience the world. He would buy snacks, and feed Ara as well, showing Tanner and Klara what was good and stuff he recommended. He would see Tanner buying Klara some food and it was really nice to see them getting along. Klara even looked like she was making an attempt to impress him with her clothes and skills when they went to the shooting game.

He looked at Arlus, watching ARa in the shooting game. He would see her shoot the gun and get a bit startled at the noise, so Sylus put his muffs on and kissed his cheek. [b "Look little guy. Mommy's so good at that game"] he smiled, seeing the toy she won. Arlus held onto it and would smile as they headed towards a good fireworks viewing spot. Sylus saw someone getting close, but Klara took care of it. Him and Tanner were still on high guard. He saw that someone pushed Ara, but he would also hold onto her waist to keep her from losing her balance. HE looked down at Arlus and he seemed okay.

Once they got to a spot, Sylus would lay out a blanket for them on the grass. THey all sat down and would glance up at the sky. Sylus wrapped a blanket around Arlus and would stay beside ARa. Klara sat beside Ara and then Tanner on her right. They all watched as the fireworks bursted in the sky. Arlus would look up and his blue eyes were so big with wonder. He'd reach his hands up to try and touch it, bouncing in Ara's lap. Sylus grinned and would rub the top of his head, smiling and feeling so happy being able to see all of this as a family.

More bursts of color filled the sky and Arlus would clap, looking up at his mommy and grinning. He seemed to like it.

Tanner looked up at the sky in awe, talking with Klara about how pretty it was. Sylus leaned into Ara [b "Look Love, he's having so much fun. I'm sure he'll remember it"] he kissed her cheek.
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She knew there pets needed love too. She loved how Nyx took such comfort with Sylus. He was a cutie, along with Queen. At the very least, they had each other when they had their hands busy with their new baby.

[b “That’ sounds like a really good plan. Let’s win him a new toy.” ] Ara said. They walked their pets, they had lunch together, and later on got dressed. She saw her sweet Sylus and baby, and they looked so damn good together. She giggled, “Thank you, and I love how you and Arlus look.” She said. They were just perfect.

They headed out together. Ara pushed the stroller,s ticking with Sylus. Tanner and Klara talked. She watched him put his hands together, which amazed her since he was only one month. “He does, he’s squealing.” Ara said, she peaked down at Arlus and saw him look so distracted with all the lights. “You enjoy the pretty lights Arly?” She tickled his tummy. She thanked Sylus when he’d hand her food. She’d take bite and then noticed Sylus bringing it to Sylus. “Darling, don’t. It’s really bad for him. “ She reminded, peeking down at Arlus, “He’s still to little to even take a single taste.”

Ara really enjoyed the atmosphere too. The food was so good. She’d take bites of what Sylus gave her. Sylus went to talk to Tanner. Klara stood near her. Someone came up asking about Arlus, if it was hers. Klara got them to go away after a while. Tanner held the stroller while Sylus and her played a game, winning a toy for Arlus. But she went straight back into holding the stroller. They had to go to higher ground for fireworks. So, they had to fold the stroller up. Ara held Arlus carefully in her arms. Someone accidently pushed past her, but she had turned her back quickly to keep Arlus safe. They went up, and found a spot they could sit and watch. Ara helped Arlus with his earmuffs. Sylus sat net to her. Ara leaned her head onto his shoulder. She felt happy, being together as a family.
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He loved relaxing on the couch with everyone. Not only was he able to get to spend time with ARa, but even Nyx and Queen enjoyed their company and attention when it wasn't on Arlus. He'd rub Nyx's back, petting his head. [b "He's the best guard dog ever"] he smiled, thinking about the festival and Arlus.

We'll make sure he has his earmuffs to muffle out the sounds. I'll even grab his blanket so he's warm when we walk through the stalls. I'm sure he'd love to see the goldfishing game, or we can win him a new toy too at the shooting game"] he smiled and met her lips as they soon got up and to walk their pets.

After they returned, Sylus helped Tanner with the barbecue and then setting up the tables. They all ate outside for lunch with the bright sky and Arlus was sitting in his high chair.

Once it was time to get ready, they all dressed for the festival and Sylus was in charge of ARlus. He helped put on his yukata, making sure he was snug. He kept wiggling around, but Sylus would tease him and tickle his tummy. He then kissed his cheek and would fix up his hair a bit before fixing himself up. HE put on his black and gold details to match Arlus. He fixed up his ribbon and his hair and then he went downstairs with Arlus to see them all dressed.

Sylus smiled when he saw ARa looking so pretty. [b "Oh wow Love. You're beautiful"] he then looked at Tanner and Klara [b "You guys look like locals!"] he chuckled and then he headed out with them.

By the time they had Arlus settled in his stroller, Sylus placed a blanket just in case. He walked with them through the stalls, seeing all kinds of people serving all kinds of food. Klara was sticking to Tanner as he stood with Ara, his eyes watching ARlus. He would kick his feet, looking around curiously at the lights. HE would clap his hands and then suck on his thumb as they strolled around. [b "You like the festival ARlus? It's your first one isn't it?"] he was glad he was having fun. Sylus went to stop by some stalls, grabbing some takoyaki and then some candied apples. HE'd hand one to ARa and then he brought his to ARlus, letting him take a lick. He squealed in excitement. [b "It's good huh?"] he said, feeling really happy to be with his small family.

They walked further into the festival, Sylus grabbing some grilled squid and even some pudding on a stick. He ate slowly and would offer ARa some bites as well. He'd talk with Tanner about what certain foods were or why people walked around dressed like this and what the festival was for.
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“I’ll ask.” Ara said, running her fingers through Queen’s fur. She peeked over, seeing Nyx happy to get attention, “He is a good boy. He’ll probably help us protect Arlus too.” She said. She rubbed Queen’s back, and she would nestle into Ara. She loved her cute kitty and she wanted to dress Queen up sometime too.

“Mmm, I think he will. He might get overwhelmed if it’s crowded too though Sy. We have to be careful because he is a baby, he can get sick.” She said, and wondered if Arlus had just a normal immunine system any baby would have. She sure wanted to keep him healthy. She smiled back at Sylus and kissed his lips instead.

She talked to Tanner who was in the backyard, staring up a BBQ. She asked him if it was okay if he watched out for Arlus. He happily agreed. She hugged him and end up speaking to him a bit before she returned to Sylus. Her and Sy, walked there pets. For lunch, they had BBQ with Tanner and Klara-Arlus had woken later too.

In the early evening, they were all dressed up. Ara fixed up Klara’s yukata up a bit, she wore a purple one. She helped Klara’s hair up too. She could tell she wanted to hang around Tanner. She thought Klara was a good person, so she didn’t object but Tanner did mean the world to her too. She fixed herself up, wearing a very dark one, with gold and blue details. She braided two parts of her hair and created a half bun. She set a few flowers in. She had let Sylus help Arlus in his outfit.

Ara had to knock on Tanner’s door, and help him out too. He looked at her and took a breath, “Pretty as always Ara.” Klara popped up and Tanner looked at her, “Hey, you’re looking good. I’m going to grab something, meet you downstairs.”

Klara spent the whole time as they walked downstairs asking what he meant by looking good. Ara waited for Arlus and Sylus to come downstairs too. When she saw him, it made her smile so much, always looking so good in everything he wore, including there baby. She kissed Sylus cheek and then Arlus. She’d stroke his arm. Their pets came to give a look too.

Ara had pulled out the stroller they had for Arlus. They had everything they needed for him in the stroller too.

The festival was sure was beautiful with the lights, and the stalls. Ara always clung onto Arlus' stoller, feeling anxiety when she was seperated. Tanner was amazed by it since he's never really been. He even bought food for Klara which instantly made her happy.
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He knew that Arlus would be able to do a lot of things when he was older. HE was sure that he would be really good at them. He knew his own son would be a great swimmer, especially with the water. It was cute to see Arlus though. He was enjoying the soap and the bubbles and the water in the tub, making him smile, loving to see their little boy so happy and content.

He would see Ara washing him off and once he was dried off, he smelled so good. [b "Look at you little handsome"] he grinned and then he headed downstairs with her and would sit on the couch with the TV on. ARlus would look at the screen and would calm down, relaxing on Sylus' warm lap. HE yawned and when he was about to sleep, Ara carried him up to his room.

Sylus saw her coming back and he'd lean into her, brushing his fingers through her hair slowly in return [b "We can take the pets out. Do you want me to walk them? You can look after Arlus? Or should we ask Tanner?"] he wondered, seeing Nyx walking over and Sylus would pet his head. He would rub behind his ears and then he would feel Nyx licking his hands. [b "Good boy"] he smiled, feeling pretty content right now.

[b "Do you think Arlus will be curious about all the stalls and the lights? I bet he'll really enjoy it, especially the fireworks"] he wrapped his arm around her waist and gave her cheek a kiss.
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“When he gets much older. He definitely is your baby,” Ara giggled. Arlus was having fun, and end up getting her and Sylus kind of wet. She thought it wasw so cute with Arlus trying to play with the bubbles. It must have looked so pretty in his eyes, and it made her happy to see him enjoying his baby life. She noticed she made them jump. Ara covered her mouth , “Oh, I’m so sorry.” Ara said, and realized she could have made Arlus cry by startling him, but he got distracted.

“It’s perfect, right Arly?” Ara washed his hair well. They dreid him off, hearing his little noises when she dried his hair. Their adorable little one. They dressed him up, and sat down on the sofa with him. Arlus generally needed three to fours sleep and then another three-four hours awake. She watched Arlus getting sleeply. She would watch the TV with them. “Only three to four hours Sy, we got a long while before the festival.” She reminded. She saw Arlus start to yawn. She would put a toy in his hand, and let him interact too. Soon, he was falling asleep. Ara lifted him up after, “come on little one, bed time.” Ara kissed his cheek. She rubbed his back and put him in his crib. She came back down and sat next to Sylus, “Should we sleep some more too, or spend some time together and figure out what we’ll do for lunch.”

She would stroke Sylus hair and kiss his cheek. She huddled her legs onto the sofa. Queen and Nyx came over to snuggle too. She'd pet Queen and realized, they hadn't taken them for a walk, "We need to take them out...they haven't been out for a walk." She pet the top of Queen's head, hearing her purr.
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He knew that Tanner would be lost, so he showed him how to put it on at least. He gave him a video and he knew that everyone was going to have to pass an Ara check anyway, so if anything she'd fix them up really good.

He would set up the bathroom and then he would warm up the water, filling the tub and then seeing little Arlus look excited as he played in the water. [b "Looks like he's my baby for sure. He loves the water already. Daddy will show you how to swim when you're a bit older"] he smiled and then he would see Arlus splashing around and enjoying the water and soap. HE looked up at Daddy as he blew the bubbles and then he'd giggle as Ara soon startled them when she mentioned Arly. Arlus jumped a bit, but then got distracted with more bubbles.

Sylus laughed a bit [b "Well he's such a cutie, it just came out"] he was glad she liked it. Arlus soon was finished up and then they helped dried him off. He'd make noises when Ara tried to dry his hair and his legs and arms as Sylus showed her the yukata. HE knew ARlus would look so good in it on his first festival.

THey put on his clothes and Sylus put on his diaper as he chuckled. [b "Are you all snug little guy?"] he carried him and snuggled him in as well. [b "You look tired"] he walked over and gave ARa a kiss. [b "I bet he'd fall asleep the minute he's watching TV and relaxing?"] he suggested, leading Ara downstairs with them.

Sylus turned on the TV and sat on the couch, keeping ARlus on his lap. HE'd look at the colorful cartoons on the TV and he'd yawn a bit. [b "I think it'd be good he got a long nap before the festival"]
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Tanner was so lost when it came to the yukata. Sylus helped show him, and he had to use the video to help him out. He knew he’d probably end up going to Ara, because she always helped him look his best.

Arlus was such a cutie, and she loved his little giggles. He wasn’t feisty at all whenever they gave him a bath. If anything he seemed to like it being in the water and taking baths. He was splashing around much though, so was a little hard. She tried to be very careful washing his hair and not letting it go past his forehead. He looked pretty funny with suds allover his hair. “I think he does,” Ara giggled and rose a brow, “Arly? Sy! That’s such a cute nickname.” Ara smiled. She finished with his hair, and Sylus finished washing his body.

Ara dried his hair up. He was all snug in a towel. “You did?” Ara peaked over and thought it would look so good on him, “Aw baby,” Ara filled a smile, “It is perfect.” She kissed Arlus cheek. He looked so clean and smelled so good. “I think we should dress him latter though Sy, because he’ll make a mess right now.” She would pull out a hoodie, his diaper and a pair of shorts for now. “Let’s help him into this.” Arlus squealed randomly and then looked up at Sylus and snuggled into his chest. He’d fit his finger into his mouth.

“Can you believe one day he’ll be able to speak to us?” Ara asked.
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He loved it when she was so affectionate with him. HE admired how much she loved him and wanted to return that love to her as well. He was also really thankful that Tanner was here in order to support Ara when she went on her missions. He felt more at ease if Tanner went with Ara, because his guarding skills were on par with his if not better. He definitely had more experience guarding than Sy did.

They explained their back up and then Sylus would agree with Ara that he was the best.

Soon enough, Sylus brought Tanner up with him to his room and he pick out a yukata for him. HE showed him how to put it on, with the ribbon and then he sent him a video [b "IF you need help later, just ask me"] he then headed down with Ara to give little Arlus a bath. He felt so lucky to have the little baby boy, especially since no one really knew it was possible for them to have one.

He helped set up the bath in their bathroom and then he checked to make sure the water was warm enough, but not too hot. THey dipped little Arlus in and he'd kick his feet around, giggling. HE splashed his hands on the water and would move around and squirmed as Sylus tried to soap him down. HE'd chuckle and then let Ara take care of his hair as they cleaned him up. SYlus blew some bubbles in the soap and Arlus would reach for them as he squealed. [b "You like baths Arly?"] he washed his little tummy and then his arms and legs as he smiled and gave the boy a kiss. Once he was done, he grabbed a towel and helped Ara wrap him up all snug.

[b "I even have the perfect little yukata for you Arlus"] he smiled, going into the closet and pulling out one he bought with ARa a while back.

[ Arlus' Yukata]
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“Me too, we needed it,” Ara planted a kiss on his cheek.
Tanner felt uneasy about leaving Ara alone if she didn’t have anyone. “What’s your backup? Are you watching Arlus?” He asked.

Ara nodded, “Sy is watching Arlus. We’re planning to use some help from Sy’s half brother, he’s in the yakuza.”

“Ahh, sounds like good back up but, it’s not me.” Tanner said.
Ara smiled at him, [b “I know, you’re the best.” ]

The festivial sounded like a fun idea. She would love show Arlus. She wanted his pretty blue eyes to see pretty colors in the sky. She wanted to experience everything they could with him, while they can be here for him.

“I don’t mind,” Tanner shrugged, “Thanks man.”

Ara smiled at Sylus, “I forgot we did. Got to keep his little ears safe and him not frightened.” Ara said. She gave so much love to him. He was the first baby, her new hope. [b “A lot of things are possible then.” ] Ara said, feeling that this was a sign that she could make things for the better.

“It still surprising that you can have a kid,” Tanner said, knowing that reproduction wasn’t possible for many of them, mainly the girls. Klara stood silent for a while, and watched them talk, and looked at Arlus, “Probably for the better,” Klara mumbled, not knowing people she knew from the facility that could handle a kid. Not with the training, and ripping apart their humanity.

Ara held Arlus’ little hands and lifted them up, “Yay! Arlus, we’re going to see fireworks today,” Ara said and he looked up at her and giggled. She lifted her eyes back up at Klara, “Of course. We’ll do it later on today.” Since it was morning. She saw Sylus heading up with Tanner to help him out. Ara knew Tanner wouldn’t be able to figure out.

Tanner went up with him and it looked pretty cool but he looked at Sylus, “How do you put this thing on? Is there a video I can watch?”

Sylus came back down and Ara had Arlus up in her arms. Her and Arlus were hugged, which made her smile and Arlus happy. “Mmm, ready little one?” Ara looked down at Arlus, “You’re going to smell so good Arlus.” Ara said and brought him to their bathroom. They had a little baby bathtub. She filled it up with warm water, just warm, not anywhere near hot, or cold. She helped him out of his shirt and diaper. She kissed his leg and heard his giggle. “Sy, grab the soap?” Ara said. They began cleaning him all up. She washed his hair and made sure no soap got into his eyes.
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He saw her looking really content and he knew it was because of him. [b "Mmm, it was amazing. I'm glad we both make more time for the two of us"] he smiled and was glad that no matter what happened between them, they always managed to fall back into loving one another. He would always imagine back then a family with ARa. It was always Ara. HIs first love, his first everything and he felt like his life would be something else without her.

He carried their baby boy and he would head downstairs with ARa into the dining room. THe others were already eating, so Sylus sat at the table and fed ARlus, letting him eat slowly as he rubbed his back. When he heard Tanner might be staying, it took a lot of pressure off of their shoulders. It meant so much to have someone dependable looking after Ara. Sylus would choose that over any guard of the Yakuza any day.

He smiled at TAnner [b "If it really is going to cause issues Tanner, don't force yourself. We do have back ups too. We just need Arlus to be safe and someone to guard Ara"] he cleaned up ARlus and set him in ARa's arms as he ate breakfast. He finished up with his french toast, pretty happy with how it turned out. Ara made an amazing sauce. [b "Mmm, these are so good"] he beamed, soon suggesting to go to a festival today. They could dress in yukatas and show Arlus his first fireworks show.

[b "We can pick out some clothes later and I'll show you how to put one on Tan. I have a few spares if you don't mind"] he smiled, wanting to let Tanner experience all of that too. [b "I have his earmuffs too Ar"] he looked over and nodded [b "We can after breakfast?"] he suggested, seeing her dote on Arlus. [b "He's the cutest! And the first facility baby!"] he smiled and then he started to clean up the dishes. Klara came over and told Sylus she'd take care of it. "Ar, can we dress up and do our hair together?" she asked, wanting to look really good for the festival....and in front of Tanner.

Sylus would head upstairs, looking through his different Yukatas and then finding one that would fit Tanner. It had a blue wave pattern with some koi fish on it. He came down and showed him [b "How's this Tan. Let me know if it fits"] he told him, looking over at ARa. [b "Let's give him a bath?"] he smiled, walking over and hugging the two.
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Ara released a soft sigh, “Mmm darling, we had such fun sex. She thought back, and remembered how they made love when they couldn’t help it. Deep inside, they always loved each other and she always felt pulled back to him. That’s how their little Arlus was born after all. “Me too… You’re my love, my soulmate, my baby’s daddy, my hope…you’ve changed so much for me.” She said and couldn’t believe she had reached so far with Sylus. All of this she had similar dreams with Joseph a long time ago but, without a doubt she felt made to be with Sy. She could see that even more when he held their baby boy. She saw Arlus nibbling and holding. He was so cute, “My baby, you are really learning fast,” Ara said. She admired how Sylus kissed Arlus. They went downstairs, and Sylus fed him. Ara sat down and at herself. It tasted really good. Ara smiled hearing them. “Thank you guys. I just don’t want to endanger Tanner. Arlus needs to be protected…” She rather be harmed then have even someone make him cry. IT wasn’t going to get any easier. When they had to return to work… it would be even harder.

“I’ll request to be your backup,” Tanner said, “I’m not letting you go without any security.”
It stressed her out talking about this. She watch Arlus hiccup. It was so cute, but he spilled milk. Ara held Arlus in her arms after. She let Arlus face her. She pressed her forehead with his, “Hey little one, you’re little tummy is full?” Ara asked and kissed him. He would make noise. She looked down at Arlus and realized, they hadn’t given him a bath.

“That sounds fun,” Ara smiled.
“That be great,” Tanner mentioned, “ I wanted to see a festival.”
Klara shrugged and looked at Tanner, and getting a little excited with her imagination.
Ara peeked down at Arlus, “Your very first festival Arlus. Don’t be afraid of the loud noise, okay?” She would cover his ears either way. She looked back at Sylus, “Darling, I think we should gave Arlus a bath.” Ara pushed Arlus hair, wanting to wash it out and make sure he’s all clean. His blue eyes peeked up at her, so big and cute. Ara giggled, “Who’se the cutest baby ever? You!” She coed.
Tanner laughed a bit. He admired it. He hadn’t doubted that Ara would be so good with kids since she always had been, “He is cute.”
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