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She felt her tears being wiped away by his hand. It was warm and she wanted to forget what he said before. She loved being kissed by him, it was different with him. She didn’t know what kind of question was that because she didn’t want to hurt him in the first place. She wasn’t entirely sure if she’d hurt him again in some way or from, but she didn’t want to cheat on him. He kissed her and it felt nice, he held her close. She wanted this warmth and she wanted him to stay. She held onto him. He mattered so much to her and she just wish he understood that. But why…did he sleep with her? She’d rather dust every question and pain away because she just wanted to be with him.

Then he said ‘back to dating’. She looked back at him seeing him smiling. She wasn’t sure if she could say yes. She felt that he may hate her anyway and that a word or a title wasn’t going to fix that…and she didn’t want to hurt again if he left. But, she couldn’t say no. She nodded [b “Yes.” ] quickly hugging him tightly. Screw all the problems. She wanted to be with him.

Tears bundled when he said he made him happy. All she wanted to do was make him happy but she did something so wrong. She felt a burst of happiness to know he would be with her again. She closed her eyes, enjoying his lips on her forehead, being so kind to her again. She met his eyes, and she nodded, [b “I will wait. ] She held onto his hand, smiling back at him. She felt some of that weight on her chest drop.

She leaned her head against his chest for a moment, liking how it felt. She sneezed, because she was cold. She looked back up at him, [b “Okay, maybe we can go back now.” ] She squeezed his hand, loving how it felt in hers. She swung there arms a bit out of habit
  Ravenity / 12d 11h 44m 39s
Holding her made him the happiest he's felt in the past month. He missed being this close to her and having her warm arms around it. It felt so right, as if nothing else fit into him the way Ara did. He knew that he wasn't there for at a crucial time. He knew she shouldn't have cheated, but he still felt like she did love him.

Her beautiful eyes met his, tears in them as he reached up and rubbed them away. He never wanted to hurt her or separate from her. Her eyes, those soft lips of hers, and the way she called his name, he missed it so much. Her lips felt so warm, so familiar that he didn't mind it if she kept kissing him. He faced her eyes and kept her close and asked if she'd hurt him again.

When she said she wouldn't, he closed his eyes and pressed his lips against hers once more, holding her close. [b "Okay. When I finish my mission....we can go back to dating? Is that okay?"] he wondered, a huge smile on his face. HE was so happy that she was still willing to be with him and he really did want to be with her, he just needed to get over the fact that Joseph slept with her.

[b "You make me so happy Ara"] he told her, his arms wrapped around her waist and then he pressed his lips against her forehead. [b "I promise as soon as I get back. Just wait for me"] he told her, hoping that she meant her word.
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How could something be so painful and comforting at the same time? He held her and she held him back. It wasn’t like she was oblivious to her own wrong. IF he had cheated on her…she didn’t know what she would do. Although, even if he broke up with her, she still felt like sleeping with that girl felt like she had been cheated on.

He didn’t say anything, so she took it as him not believing that she loved him. If only she could make him feel what she felt. If he didn’t leave she at least loved him…she didn’t think it would work at all. She looked back at him, and she loved hearing he wanted to be with her. She wanted him to stay with her. She wanted him to love her, she wanted him to believe she loved him. She kissed him and it felt bittersweet. She never felt like before that they’d ever go through a time in there lives where they wouldn’t.

His voice slipped through and he looked at her eyes. She was still holding some anger, some misery from how he accused her, how he didn’t hold back on her when she begged him not to. She still was questioning why he would sleep with her right after. [b “I wouldn’t do that to you ever again, if that’s what you’re asking. I never meant for it to go that way to begin with.” ] She shook her head, [b “I love you, I love you so much and it hurts me that I hurt you.” ]
  Ravenity / 13d 10h 39m 57s
It hurt to just sit there and watch her beside him because all he wanted was to hold and love her. He just all back in return. He knew that what she did was unforgivable and he still didn't understand why she did it, but he loved her so much. He didn't want to lose her and he didn't want her to be away from him with someone else. If he could have her at his side, he'd rather have that.

He listened to her song and when she faced him, he sighed and wrapped his arms around her, holding her close. She was so warm and he felt so loved. How much he missed her and loved her. [b "I don't want to be without you either Ara. Even...when you hurt me like that...I just can't let you go..."] he sighed, knowing it was a mistake to leave her when she was carrying a baby, but if he could be there, he would have been. It was all the stupid drugs fault.

He couldn't trust that she loved him when she slept with someone else, but if she tried so hard and suffered so hard to try and get him back, his heart went out to her. He wanted some time to think, to focus on the fact that he could just get over her sleeping with Joseph because he really wasn't over it.

[b "I want to be with you Ara. So much"] he faced her pretty blue eyes and then he felt those soft, warm lips of hers. Nothing felt as sweet and warm as her kisses. He kissed her lips once more, his hand holding her closer as he continued to return those kisses. He wasn't sure when he'd ever get to kiss her like this again.

[b "Can I trust that you won't hurt me again?"] he asked her, his amber eyes meeting hers as he kept her close. If she agreed, he'd promise that after his mission they could try and start dating again.
  ellocalypse / 13d 11h 5m 33s
Emotion took a big bite of her. She drank, listened to music, sang and hummed. It hurt to be near him, it hurt not to be too. She couldn’t remove what he said to her, she couldn’t get away from any of it. Most importantly, she didn’t want everything to go away, she didn’t want him to look at her like she was a monster, like she meant to hurt him the way she did. She looked at him and didn’t know what she was saying but she wanted to feel it again, have him hold her one more time before he left her-this time for good.

Ara watched his eyes carefully, not knowing what answer to expect. He nodded. [b “Then why…why do you have to leave me alone with all of this. I know I was wrong…but I can’t do this without you. I need you.” ] She knew how selfish it sounded but she so desperately needed him when she lost their own baby and she was still hurting so much. She thought he would be the only one to understand that loss, and she wasn’t entirely sure he did but he was the closest. As she said it she realized she shouldn’t talk about it. It was stupid to. It would only make him upset, [b “Forget what I said…” ] She mumbled. She felt his arms around her and she couldn’t stop herself from crying but she wanted to just remember and feel what it was like to be held by him again. She wrapped her own arms around him. She saw him cry too.

She didn’t know. He slept with that girl right after and she didn’t know why he would do that. Revenge? Because there was nothing stopping him now to sleep with someone else? Why? Was it almost like the situation she was in? She didn’t want to bring it up because she didn’t want to fight. [b “How can I believe you love me, when you don’t believe I love you,” ] She whispered, quietly hoping that maybe he wouldn’t here. She didn’t even know what he meant by him needing time. Was needing time meaning sleeping with other girls? Because knowing that would mentally torment her if she had to wait. And then what if he never came back? She’s just be waiting and keep tormenting herself and she didn’t want to cling onto him annoyingly.

[b “Yes…I don’t know…I don’t know…what some time is, ] She felt his arms around her waist and she met his pretty eyes, the ones that she loved seeing in the morning, sneaking into a closet, or just watching a movie together. She loved him so much, and wished she could do it all over again. She felt his kiss, his famailar soft kiss. She kissed him softly back, a lot gentler than Klara could give. Ara caressed his cheek, not wanting to part from his lips. She kept giving him soft kisses, pressing her forehead against him and then kissing him again, knowing she just said one but, she didn’t want this to end. She wanted time to freeze and never move again so he’d stay.
  Ravenity / 13d 11h 20m 37s
He gave her his jacket because he knew that she would be cold. With everything going on, he still cared about her so much, so he didn't want her catching a cold. He saw her offering the bottle of alcohol and he mostly wanted it to kiss her again. He took it and took a sip, swallowing it down and then he would glance over and see her putting in an earphone.

Sylus sat there thinking about all of the good times they had together. He really didn't want her to go or leave him, but he had to give himself some space from what happened. He needed to think about what she did and even thought a part of him didn't want to lose her, he thought that he should at least give himself some time to build that trust again.

He heard her singing and it really did make his heart ache. He loved the sound of her voice and he loved the music she was listening to, so when she sang, he understood what she was trying to say and he closed his eyes as he relaxed a little. She was hurting just as much as he was and he never really apologized to her for leaving her with the baby. She never accepted his apologies.

The sun was slowly coming up and then his eyes met hers and when she asked to hug him, he rubbed his eyes and then he nodded [b "I will. Ara....I really really don't want to break up. I really don't want to be away from you"] he felt the tears well up in his eyes and then he hugged his arms around her. [b "I still love you. You know that right? I'll always love you. I just need some time to rebuild that trust again"] he asked her. [b "Can you at least give me some time?"] he asked, hoping that she'd at least give him that. He wrapped his arms around her waist and then he pulled her in close. He leaned in and pressed his lips against hers softly. Sylus kissed her and felt that familiar warmth he always wanted. That warmth he missed dearly. That feeling of her being his. He smiled weakly and leaned into her, not wanting to let her go.
  ellocalypse / 13d 20h 41m 22s
The smell of him lingered on. It began difficult to have his jacket and not him. She returned it to him after a few minutes with his jacket. She saw a quick glimpse of him. It didn’t make sense why he was crying at this moment. It wasn’t like he wanted her, he said so himself.

Ara offered the bottle and took it back continuing to drink. She wished she had never had come here, and worked on moving on the second he broke up with her. It was stupid to expect him to love her, and that love she had for him wasn’t blinding her anymore of reality. The reality was there was no such thing as loving someone enough to forgive them or be together forever. She forgotten how black and white the world really was.

The noticed some group coming over and she tensed up a bit. She didn’t want to move though, she wanted to keep drinking. She saw the sun creeping from the horizon, rising. Was it already morning? She felt a bit loopy. She rested back into the bench, watching the colors of the sky reflect on the buildings. She slipped in one headphone in her ear. She starting singing softly and quietly to herself. “I was a liar, I gave into the fire, I know I should’ve fought it and least I’m being honest. Feel like a failure, cause I know I failed you….” She closed her eyes for a bit, “One last time…I need to be...” and then heard Sylus speaking. It was done, and she was too hurt, too broken but it had must have been the drink talking.

[b “Can you hug me? Just one more time, kiss me…? One more time and I’ll let you go.” ] She whispered, tears streaming down her cheeks. She loved him so much, even if she was hurting too much and knew he’d never love her again. She looked at him, looking at his eyes, his lips and remembering him learning how to give her such a real smile, him giving her first time, promising he’d marry her, promising to have a life with her. Her throat ached, and she prepared herself for another rejection or to be told that he’d never want to kiss her.
  Ravenity / 14d 10h 43m 38s
He didn't want to be here with Ara and Joseph, but there was nothing else he could do. He had to do his mission and make sure that he did a good job so he could get closer to his goals. He didn't have the goal any longer to help Ara destroy the facility, so if he really wanted to, he could settle for just being free. To have someone that could be a good owner like Ethan....maybe they could use another guard since he didn't like Payton being the one to put her life at risk.

He followed Ara out towards the park, keeping the weirdos away. It was early in the morning, but people were still trying to get to her like hawks. He ended up punching a man to get him to leave and then he had to stop someone else from laying a finger on her. When she finally sat on the bench, he placed his jacket on top of her and then he sat down towards the other end of the bench. He felt so down and sad about their broken relationship. All he wanted was to come back and be with her and the baby, but he came back to a mess.

He felt terrible that the results of his no emotions led to the break up of his relationship. He'd never take up another new drug again if he had the choice. He sat there and when she gave him back his jacket back, he met her blue eyes and couldn't stop himself from letting tears out. He wiped his eyes, feeling so down that he couldn't be her boyfriend anymore. That someone else was and he regretted it all. He wiped his eyes and looked over, seeing her with the bottle. He took it and then he took a sip before giving it back to her. [b "Thanks. I think that's it for me. I have to keep on my toes"] he told her, wiping his nose and then looking around again.

He didn't know what else to say or do because he thought it would upset her more. Sylus just tried to relax for now as he glared down at some creeps from coming over. He held his breath and his eyes would look over at Ara. He hadn't really gotten the chance to even tell her how much he missed her from being away. He came back to all this mess and he never really got any closure. He just felt so sad. He was about to say something, but when he saw her drinking, he just stopped and kept silent again. The sun was slowly coming up and the warmth slowly filled the area. [b "Let's head back? I don't want you catching a cold"] he told her again, walking towards her side. He was sure that Joseph was probably also wondering where she was.
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Th night wasn't as quiet s she wanted to be, not in this city. She walked and didn't know where she was going. She knew she wasn't alone but wouldn't bother to pay attention if it was Sylus or Joseph because she wanted to he alone or at least feel like she was on the streets alone. She sat on the bench, pulling on leg up and and wresting her head on it. It was still as this night was going to be. Ara heard voices, they travelled and was aware of what was going on.

Even strangers wouldnt give her a peace of mind. She recorgnozed Sylus voice. It struck some weight on her chest hearing it. She gave a quick glance, watching Sylus scare him off. She turned her head away again. [i Did joseph's punch hurt? Let me look at it again. ] She imaged herself say but it felt bitter, and she didn't want to speak to anyone. She made sure her view was completely off him. She watched the lights, the few trees sway and distant sounds. [i Did you know I flipped a man who tried to harass me and also my brother? You would have laughed. I had a water balloon fight, I wish you were there. ] it was hard to stop herself from wanting to tell him stupid things and now she couldn't. She felt too stung and knew it was done.

She sighed and tried to focus again at the night, and debated on drawing her phone with music out. She sneezed because something got caught up in her nose.

Ara took notice of him getting close and she was about to speak and tell him she would prefer not to talk and keep distance. But he didnt talk and she felt his jacket over her, keeping her more warm. She remembered him wearing this jacket before. She could pick up his scent from his jacked and she involuntary remembered waking up in the morning with him in bed, tangled in the sheets-how he made her smile and fill with hope. And now she couldn't smile and had no hope, nor did she want a life after the facility. He made her so happy when he looked excited to have a baby with her one day.

It was too painful to hold onto his jacket. She slid it off and set it on his lap, managing to use her voice, softly speaking [b "Thank you, but I think you need it more than I do. ]. She had brought a bag with her and she had snuck in that bottle of brandy she bought earlier. She decidedd not to get drunk, just a little bit. She drank a bit of it and offer it to Sylus if he wanted some but she still wouldnt look at him.
  Ravenity / 14d 20h 33m 44s
He said what was on his mind because he knew if he didn't say it now, she'd never know what he felt deep inside. He kept talking and the words kept coming and they flooded until he could see he hurt her. It hurt receiving the ring he got her and he was forced to just shove it down his pocket....maybe it never meant much. Maybe it was just some cheap ring he saved up for that wasn't up to par anymore. Now he felt like a jerk. A jerk with nothing.

He felt that punch against his face, but he could barely even register the pain. It didn't hurt. Nothing hurt as much as what Ara did to him. Did to him with this guy that punched him. He let out a sigh, but buried all his feelings deep. He then stood at the hotel door, thinking he'd just spend the rest of the night out here. Ara came out with bandages, but he didn't want her to do anything for him. He tried to back away, but she just came in anyway. He sat there on the ground in silence as she fixed his cut and left.


Joseph did want her to feel better. He had her in bed and tried to put on a movie to help her fall asleep. He brushed her hair back, but when she pulled away, he just sighed and then he laid back on the couch. At least now she's realized that her ex would never care about her again. That it was really over.

He slowly closed his eyes and eventually fell asleep. He heard Ara's footsteps through the night make it outside. He was going to get up, but heard Sylus' footsteps follow. At least she had a guard on him. HE was too tired being her babysitter, so he just fell back asleep.


Sylus sat at the door the whole night, just watching down the halls. He would think about the words he said to her, how she wanted him to stop, but that was all over now. He reached up to touch the bandage she put on and thought about if it would be a scar. He'd have another to add onto his list.

WHen ARa came out, he slowly stood up. She just kept walking and he knew he couldn't just leave her out there in the middle of the night. Why did she always take action without without thinking? He followed a bit behind her as she headed outside. He grabbed his jacket and just stayed a few feet away in case she decided that he was too close.

Sylus didn't say a thing, he simply watched her, seeing a guy attempt to follow after her. He pulled him aside and directed him elsewhere before continuing after her. He saw her sitting on a bench, getting fresh air. It was calm, quiet, and the night sky looked peaceful tonight at least. He stood far back and saw another guy walking towards her.

He walked up to the man and spoke [b "She wants some peace and quiet. Leave her be if you don't want to get hurt"] he told him. The man shoved Sylus back and continued towards her. Sylus walked over and gripped his wrist, pulling him back and turning him away. [b "I said leave her alone"] he told him. The man was persistent and decided to come again when Sylus reached back and punched him to the ground. [b "YOu need to take a warning"] he spoke.

"You're crazy! I just wanted to introduce myself and get her number"

[b "She doesn't want it"] he pointed in the opposite direction with the deadliest assassin stare he could make. No one was going to interfere with his work right now.

The man stood up and backed away running off.

Sylus looked back and could see that she didn't seem like moving much. It was early in the morning and it was really cold. He walked up to her and just took off his jacket and placed it on her shoulders. He didn't say anything, but he did take a seat at the other end of the bench to make sure she was at least safe. Sylus had a slight headache that grew from Joseph's punch, but he stayed focus, keeping his eyes for more creepers this morning.

He rubbed his forehead and ignored how cold it was. If ARa tossed his Jacket away or said something more, he just kept silent for now. He didn't want to make things any worse than they already were.
  ellocalypse / 14d 21h 26m 26s
She had meant to drown herself in alcohol today not in more tears. Eventually, she couldn’t listen anymore, she could tell he didn’t care and everything he said sounded like a load of things he wanted to use to hurt her as if she wasn’t hurting enough. [i No mercy. What a fine assassin he makes. ] She felt so much and she caved into Joseph, feeling the emotional waves sweeping through her. She couldn’t stop crying. She didn’t even want to go back near Sylus. It wasn’t like she didn’t know her own wrongs but having him accuse her of things that were bullshit just to make her feel hurt when she pleaded for him not to-was far down the line.

Ara tried to keep her own voice down, holding his hand and then he released her hand, to punch Sylus [b “Stop! What are you doing!?” ] She raised her voice again. She definitely didn’t want for him to get punched.

She was back in the car and she had expected to feel a bit better by the time she had gotten in the car but she couldn’t. She regretted going out and trying to solve this in a different way than drinking. They got to the floor and she stepped right in. Ara without a word, went to her first aid box first. She went to Sylus and would ignore him if he tried to step back or refuse. She would help him clean it up and then get him some nicer bandages. She then backed out and went back into the room. She ignored Joseph, because in all honesty-he wasn’t helping one bit right now. There wasn’t a movie in the world that could make this better.

She felt his fingers In her hair and she saw that he was smiling. This was fun for him wasn’t it? She was sick of both of them. She hated both of them. She dusted her head away from Joseph, getting the feeling he didn’t care for her, and only fed to her state. Feeling they both had their own agenda and didn’t give two cents. She grabbed a sleeping pill and took it. She put the blanket over her head and wanted the world to wither away. The sleeping pill really aided her in falling asleep. When she woke, it was three am and she couldn’t fall asleep anymore. She felt too trapped in this room and wanted to go for a walk-alone. She didn’t know who was on duty but she didn’t want either of them near her.

Ara quickly got dressed in a long sleeve shirt and leggings with a light jacket on top. She went out the bedroom and out the door. She went down to the main floor and went outside to walk and get some air. It wasn’t the freshest of air but anything was better than being there. At one point she found a bench and she couldn’t make herself get up again, really dreading to go back up and would rather spend the rest of the night here.
  Ravenity / 15d 1h 12m 37s
He did it. He said those brutal words that were in this his mind building up for the longest time. He wanted her to know what she did to him, how he felt and how it affected him. She had no right to blame him for the break up and he wanted her to know that.

She was in pain and he was only helping. Sure. He'd believe the pain part and the miscarriage he could understand, but the helping? LIes! He was not helping and he couldn't help if the feelings were mutual. He missed that baby. Their future they had together was killed. Ripped apart and there was nothing left. She was more hurt about the baby than the break up? What did he even mean to her?

Sylus met her blue eyes and he could see the tears spilling, but he couldn't feel a thing. He felt numb and he wanted her to hurt. To feel that pain she made him feel the past week. Sure he must have been ruthless, but he couldn't take it anymore either. She made him suffer enough guilt and pain that he was too blind to even care she was hurting.

When she ran off, he sighed and just rubbed his forehead. He didn't want to be here by her side. IT reminded him of all she did to him and how mad he was. Just seeing her with Joseph tore him apart on its own.


Joseph was on his way back when Ara caught up to him. She was crying intensely and he knew who the jerk was that hurt her like this. She was supposed to get better after talking it out and trying to resolve things. What did that asshole do this time?

"Ara, it's okay. I'll take you back okay. It'll be alright" he promised her, hugging her close and then he held her hand, leading her back. When they reached Sylus, Joseph reached back and punched him across the face. Sylus didn't even try to dodge "You're supposed to be protecting her. What do you think you're doing?" he asked and Sylus just sat there lifeless, the side of his cheek bleeding. His amber eyes showing no emotions, the warmth, the happiness all drained out of him. [b "That's my bad. I didn't mean for it all to go that far. Don't worry. I'll be gone tomorrow and neither of you will have to deal with me"] he told them, getting up onto his feet and glancing off. He only spoke the truth.

Joseph looked at him and then he sighed. At least he'd leave Ara alone. "Come on Ara. I'll make sure this guy stays away from you" he walked her back to the car and made sure that Sylus was far away.

He sat in the back seat and Joseph kept Ara in the passenger seat. When they reached the hotel, Sylus walked up to their floor and then he didn't make eye contact with Ara. She was the victim and now he was a ruthless monster. She always won.

He stayed by the door and stood still. [b "I can take the night watch"] he spoke, knowing that Joseph and Ara probably wanted to be together anyway. He held his breath and kept a straight face. [i You're on your mission. She doesn't care about you anymore. She's with Joseph] he thought to himself. It ached. His heart ached. He hurt her. Now she was crying on someone else. He stayed outside the hotel room and went into Assassin mode. Shoved all his emotions aside and focused on the mission at hand. He spent the night trying to bandage the wound on his side of his head. He pulled out some bandages from his backpack and covered the cut beneath his eye, feeling like he deserved it anyway.


Joseph brought her into the room and just let her relax. "Don't worry Ara. There's still cookies. Here, I'll put on a movie too" he put on Moana for her and then he took out the pills and gave them to her. He's never seen her so frantic before.

"Just rest and forget about it. He'll be gone soon and you won't have to worry about seeing him ever again. It'll be fine" he brushed her hair back, a smile on his face. He knew he made the right decision letting her talk with her ex. He made sure they'll never get back together again and now he'd even disappear. It was too easy that he didn't even have to do a thing.

Joseph sat back on the couch and just smiled to himself. He could even sleep the whole night through. What a sap.
  ellocalypse / 15d 7h 38m 42s
[b "I pain. He's only...helping..."] She began but knew that he had a set mind on what she was and nothing was going to change that. He painted a picture with his words that seemed to only have one purpose. Even when she begged for him not to take it further. Even when she said that she was more hurt about the baby that she knew she would have loved, he talked about himself. And she pleaded him not to bring it up.  Sylus never felt so ruthless, not even when he was without emotions he wasnt this ruthless.

She looked at him for the first time and all those tears kept falling. [b Ruthless...thats what you are..." ] She shook her head and got up, not taking it. She couldn't take it. She gave up calling for Joseph and went to look for him instead. The second she found him, she held onto him and cried into his chest painfully, not caring about being in public eye.

[b take me back, take me back'"] She kept repeating. She shook her head [b please...please...I want to go back to the hotel and I want those sleeping pills. Anything." ] Never ever did she wish for Tanner so much. He was her neutral, and helped her out so much. She wished he was here. If Joseph didnt take out the car keys and drive, she would take them herself because she wanded to go back and she wanted to be locked up in a room alone, without anyones voice.
  Ravenity / 15d 8h 4m 17s
He knew she made a mistake and he knew that it was partly his fault, but she wasn't taking any apologies from him anymore. He couldn't even sympathize for the baby because she didn't accept that from him. Just like how he couldn't accept her apology for cheating because he could clearly see she didn't mean it. She was all snuggled up to Joseph even after she tried to win him back. She was just sorry that she told him. She wasn't genuinely sorry for the mistake she made in ruining their relationship.

[b "I don't know Ara. You seem comfortable with Joseph even after trying to convince me to get back together. How am I supposed to believe anything you say is even true anymore? That trust is broken and so are we. You only care about you now, so I'll only care about me"] he told her sighing softly.

[b "I broke up with you because you threw away our love. I didn't want to be with anyone else, but you threw it away. How else am I supposed to cope? I gave you everything and you just abandoned me too. I just want to belong somewhere Ara. I want someone that treats me the way I treat them and won't stab me in the back"] he took in a deep breath and just tried to ignore those feelings welling up.

[b "Either way, I'm guarding you today, so let's just put our differences aside until Tanner comes"] he told her, his hand still in his pocket, holding the ring he gave her. It upset him that she gave it back....she'll probably give all of his hard work back to him. IT was upsetting, but he had to just suck it up until then.

[b "Thanks. For the food"] he told her softly. He didn't know if it would irritate her, but she did buy it for him.
  ellocalypse / 15d 8h 35m 10s
Happiness was something she knew she wasn't guilty off. [b "Yes Sylus, my body took away our baby and it destroyed me so I made a stupid mistake-you know what? ] she scoffed, shaking her head [b "there is no point repeating it because you wont listen and do I honestly look fucking happy to you? In what world can I be happy after losing my baby?" ]  and then she squinted at him wondering what in the world he was talkinf about because she hadnt even said he wasnt hurting too. Broken as her? She didnt know and she didnt care, all she knew was her own emotions.

[b "Funny, I don't recall saying its all your fault. Leave me broke up with me and you'll never love me again. I understand that and that you want to be with others now. So, I'm just requesting that you dont mention our relationship or the baby again with sorries or anything...and let me grief without guilt of what I did. Its hard enough for me to stop thinking of a baby boy that would have looked like you." ] she covered her eyes, losing her breath.

She was more hurt about that dream going away than anything. She saw someone coming close and Sylus made them go away. For a second she was going to mention that man she completely flipped over her back but...things werent the sams and she was crying.
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