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He really wanted to do something about his mother being there, but he really couldn't deal with it all right now. He was really upset that she was here and wanted to beat that into Kai, but he was so exhausted from the mission. He tried to tell Ara that she wouldn't leave and it seemed she was just as exhausted as he was. She said it was fine, but she was still upset and he would give her cheek a kiss.

He sat on the couch and carried their little boy in his arms as he ran his fingers through his hair. He loved little Arlus and he missed Ara so much already. It just wasn't fair at all. He frowned [b "I know Love, but Ara is in a lot of danger this time. I'll make sure this is the last one"] he brushed her hair behind her ear and would wrap his other arm around her waist. [b "I miss you so much"] he looked over at his mother and heard her asking all these questions.

His mom was so surprised to see Sylus feeding his little boy and rubbing his back slowly. It seemed like it was a sight she'd never see and she felt really bad still she let her son go like that. She knew Sylus wouldn't forgive her, but she still wanted to be in his life.

She tried to ask to visit, but Sylus said no. He didn't want her coming her or bringing danger to their family. He felt the relief sit in when Kai was able to take his mother home. He sat back and would look over ARlus, seeing that he finished his bottle. He would rub his back and hold onto him as he spoke with Ara [b "Okay Love"] he gave sleepy Arlus to Ara and would head into the kitchen. He sat at the table with Klar and Allister and would grab some of the food as he sat down and ate. He looked back up as Ara came over. He wasn't sure of what to say.

[b "We have to go back later tonight, but I'll be here until you fall asleep Love. We can even sleep together"] he tried to tell her so she'd at least feel better. [b "So after breakfast Love, do you want to spend some time together? I can whip up some lunch for everyone and we can set up a picnic in the backyard, we can use the pool or just sit on the sand at the beach?"] he offered.
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Ara shook her head, wishing that he’d demand her to leave no matter what. But Sylus wasn’t that type of person. She felt upset, even so that Kai couldn’t pay attention enough that his mother had to follow. [b “Fine… I’m still upset.” ] She said. She felt worried, that Arlus would be discovered and their family would be pulled apart. She would peek down at Arlus who was just watching them curiously.

Ara heard him but felt that they were always in a dangerous situation, so he’d never be done as long as Klara was around. [b “Right… That’s what you said last mission.” ] She said quietly. She wanted him home…with her and Arlus. He looked at him and heard it but was just feeling so stressed and down now. [b “Yea…But I miss you.” ] Ara said.

They went into the living room. SHe was figuring it out and she knew that his mother wouldn’t believe anything else now. She would sit down with Sylus. She peaked down at her baby boy and would stroke his hair. She didn’t think they would ever tell his moms. Ara would smile a tiny bit, [b “He is cute.” ] Ara whispered. But why couldn’t have been her mom instead of his? Sylus fed Arlus, and Arlus was taking it all up.

Ara felt a strike of anxiety of having her come over. [b “It’s dangerous.” ] Ara said, and glad Sylus said something. She didn’t want the risk. She didn’t want the stress of having his mom over. Ara nodded to Kai. It irritated her that she was trying to get permission from Sylus to see Arlus when Ara felt she had more control over it. [b “I don’t want visitors anytime soon.” ] Ara said. She watched them go and Kai looking so apologetic.

Ara peeked down at Arlus who was yawning. She would lean in and kiss his cheek. He looked at her and reached out his hand. She kissed his little hand and then let him snuggle into Sylus. [b “Yea… I didn’t think Kai would let that happen.” ] Ara said and looked at Arlus, [b “I’ll put him in for a nap. You should go eat, we got breakfast.” ] She mentioned. She felt so highly stressed and tired. SHe didn’t have the energy to really get mad, [b “Are you…staying home today?” ] She asked quietly.
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When Sylus got home, he was met with so many surprises. He never expected his mother to be there, nor all the people in his home with Ara. He was tired and just wanted to spend time with his family, but it was clear he couldn't do that right now. Sylus held baby Arlus and could see how happy their baby boy was in his arms. He'd try to hug Ara, but when she pulled away, he frowned.

[b "I tried, but she kept insisting to see how you were doing and made me take her in. She wasn't leaving"] he tried to tell her. [b "I never wanted her to either, but she just showed up! How was I supposed to know she was following Kai"] he saw her looking pretty stressed out and it made him feel horrible about it, but he couldn't do a ting now.

[b "We won't let her anywhere near out boy okay? I don't want her near him either"] he decided and heard her mentioning Klara. [b "I swear Love, after this mission is over, I won't be helping her. She's in a dangerous situation right now and even today, she almost was caught!"] he frowned. [b "I know. You two are my world. The only ones I care about. I'm trying to make this as quick as I can. Klara knows that too"] he tried to assure her.

Sylus let them eat, holding Arlus and trying to get him happy. He seemed to be comfortable in his arms as he rocked him and then he heard his mother mentioning that he looked like Sylus.

WHen Ara said the truth, his mom looked so excited. "You two had a baby and didn't tell me!" she went over to Sylus, looking over Arlus as Sylus held him close. "He looks so much like you Sy. Ara's eyes. He's so cute" she would say as Sylus sat beside Ara on the couch. He fed Arlus with the bottle and would rub his back gently.

[b "You can't tell anyone mom"] he looked at her sternly.

"I won't. I won't. I'd like to visit and see him though if that's okay?"

Sylus would look over at Ara and he would shake his head. [b "No mom. He's supposed to be a secret. We don't want anyone knowing and anyone following you here"] he told her, seeing Kai reiterate it to her.

[+blue "Yeah, mom let's head back. You got to see Arlus. We should leave them be"] he told her, taking her hand. [+blue "Thanks for letting us come over ARa. Let's go mom"] he'd lead her towards the door.

"Sylus, I'd like to visit again. I understand, so just let me know what I can do to see you and him" she told him before Kai led her outside and took her back home.

Sylus sat back in the couch and relaxed more. [b "Jeez. I can't believe she followed Kai here....."] he rocked Arlus slowly [b "You sleepy little guy?"] he brushed his fingers through Arlus' hair and saw him finishing up his bottle and yawning a bit.
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There were so many people at her home, and now his mother of all people. She felt the anxiety spike up her back, a knot in her stomach formed. She followed Sylus into the kitchen. Arly was really happy to see Sylus. He was snuggling in his arms, calming down so easily. He was clinging onto Sylus shirt. Ara watched him hold Arlus. She was happy he was home but she was so stressed and upset.

Sylus went onto hugging her, but she had to pull away. [b “You should have refused to let her come in. Now she saw Arlus. I don’t trust her with you, let go our baby.” ] She said, taking a deep breath and swallowing up the tears. She would look away, hearing talk about Klara. [b “Right…sure. Except Klara’s missions here will never end. You’re supposed to be with me and Arlus.” ] Ara said, and saw him coming into kiss her cheek. She didn’t want the affection. She was upset, and felt alone, unsafe.

Ara wasn’t sure how much of that his mom would buy. She would dry her eyes and helped Joseph put the food in the kitchen. She noticed Arlus getting uncomfortable and crying. She hated to hear him cry. She took him and tried to sooth him by rubbing his back. He was still whimpering but he was okay. He kept his eyes on Sylus. Sylus took him in his arms and he was comfortable. He was sucking on his thumb, and grew quiet snuggling into Sylus.

[b “I’m used to being around him.” ] Ara said. Arlus did look a lot like a little Sylus. She hoped she would still believe it wasn’t true. She listened to her and figured no matter what they said, she would believe Arly was his baby.

[b “Arlus is my baby. You can’t tell anyone.” ] Ara gave up, [b “Or his life, mine and Sylus will be in horrible danger.” ] Ara said, because she had it. Ara saw Arlus patting Sylus chest, looking for what she had.

[b “ I need to get Arly’s bottle.” ] She whispered to herself. She would grab the formula for Arlus and would give to Sylus to give it to Arlus. He looked a bit overwhelmed with this many people around too, so he was really trying to snuggle into Sylus. Ara couldn’t wait till everyone would give her some space. She also felt jealous, that of all people Sylus’ mom was the one that got to see Arlus…not her mom.

“I’ll finish setting up the table…how about I let you, Sylus and Arlus talk to her.” Allister said, and would tug at Joseph. Klara would look back at them, “I’ll help too.” They would go into the kitchen and set up breakfast.

Ara would just sit on the sofa with Sylus and Arlus, while Kai and his mother sat down too. She figured they’d have questions, she would try not to answer most of it mainly. [b “I & Sylus have a baby in secret… No one can know, like I said before. We will be leaving japan after a few. Any questions.” ] Ara said. She felt tired and stressed but tried to hold it together.
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He met her eyes and would pat her shoulder [b "It's okay Klar. It's nice to know that you actually tried to save someone that wasn't a part of the mission and even succeeded. I remember when I could care less, or even didn't care at all. Guess Ara kind of rubbed off on both of us"] he smiled and was glad to be of some help. HE remembered how independent Klara was and sometimes when he joined, she didn't care for his help. They've come a long way since then.

[b "Yeah, we did used to make things a lot easier. But you just have to let me know Klar if you need help. Ara and I will help when we can"] he assured her and would head back home with her.

When he headed home, he saw his mom and would speak with her for a while and failed to get her to just leave. She came tot he door with him and when Ara answered, he smiled seeing her and then saw their baby boy. He grinned and would head into the house. His mother followed and Sylus would explain everything to ARa in the kitchen as he held their boy. Sylus smile and ran his fingers through his hair. [b "Daddy missed you Arly"] he kissed his cheek, seeing him squeal in his arms.

He bounced him and would hug Ara [b "She followed Kai and wouldn't leave. She wanted to come in and see you and say hi"] he frowned, soon hearing her ask other questions. [b "I know Love. Klara's got some dangerous missions with the Yakuza. I'm just helping her until she has it under control. We don't want anything to happen to Klara either"] he kissed her cheek.

[b "We'll keep an eye on my mom. She doesn't know anything yet...I told her we're here only for a few weeks"] he assured her, seeing Allister and Joseph get back with some food. His mom looked them over and kept her eyes on ARlus. When she saw him being put into Allister's hands, she could tell he wasn't comfortable around him at all. SHe also didn't see the resemblance.

Sylus glanced over and wasn't quite sure what to do. He knew ARlus missed him, but he needed to show his mother that he wasn't related to him at all. He hated seeing Arlus in someone else's arms though, crying. When Ara took him, he felt more relieved. Sylus saw the food [b "Okay guys, eat up. Klar you go ahead. I'll eat later"] he walked over to ARa. [b "Ar, take a break. I can hold him"] he held their little one and would see his mother coming over "Ara, he seems really comfortable in your and Sylus' arms. He looks so much like Sylus" she saw Arlus snuggling in and looking happy in Sy's arms.

"Are you sure he's not yours and Sy's? He seems like it to me"

[+blue "Mom, he's Allister's....."] he told her. But Sylus' mom didn't buy it. "I know what you guys are playing at. Kai, look at Sy. THat's his baby" she kept speaking.
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Klara shook her head “Yes…but it cost me this.” He gave him a look when he talked about having top skills, “Had a short amount of time to plan it out.” They had to switch cars and heard Sylus’ ego come right out. “I suppose.” She said because she liked him being around. She could have handled it but it was nicer to have a second person and it made it easier. “Mmm we do. I miss it just being us…and a few other things.” Klara whispered the last bit.

When they got there, she listened to him but was suspicious on what car was parked at the street.

Ara was holding Arlus, while speaking to Kai. She heard the door bell. She looked down at her baby. Who the hell could it even be? Ara would reach for her phone, while holding Arlus in place. She saw the security camera and only saw Sylus. His mother hadn’t made it to the door yet. So, she didn’t see her. Ara got up, feeling relieved Sylus was home and that he’d spend the day with her. She held Arlus while she went to the door. When she opened it, it was him and his mom. What was…she doing here? Why did Sylus bring his mother? Her anxiety shot through the roof.

[b “Yea…he is.” ] Ara whispered. Arlus was clinging onto her, trying to pat her chest because he was hungry again, not paying attention yet to who was in front of them. Not until, he picked up Sylus voice again.

[b “Hi… How… How did you find this address?” ] Ara asked, wanting her out. She grew quiet. Kai started talking. Ara noticed him glaring at Kai. She didn’t understand why his mother was here. Sylus answered the question for her. Arlus got fussy and reached for him. He was snuggling into Sylus. Ara knew Arlus missed Sylus too. She felt so overwhelmed. Klara was keeping quiet, seeing the awkward situation and didn’t’ know what to do about it.

Ara followed Sylus into the kitchen. The kitchen that was farther from the main entrance from there home. It was still pretty open concept, but a wall still prevented them from really seeing. There were so many people over, and this situation plus Sylus being away was really getting to her. It didn’t help that she was always worried about Arlus. She watched Sylus kiss Arlus head. Arlus squealed and kept his eyes glued onto Sylus.

Ara found herself holding her breath. Sylus walked over and hugged her. Kai was followed? She found herself pushing Sylus back, and shaking her head, feeling her eyes warm. [b “Why did you let her in? Why didn’t you get her to turn back? Why are you always gone. She knows where we live now.” ] She stated.

She heard the door open up again. She knew it was Allister and Joseph. Allister was confused when he saw another women there. “Hi… uh, I’m Allister. Ara’s brother. Who are you?” He said, and then remembered, “Hey Ara! I got breakfast.” He said. Ara picked up Arlus, and he’d keep reaching out for Sylus, whimpering a bit because he hadn’t gotten as much as attention from Sylus then he normally did. She would wipe her eyes and step out. [b “Hey, just put it down. I’ll put in the kitchen. Can you hold your son?” ] Ara asked.
“I’ll help you…” Joseph said, looking a little confused.
Allister nodded and held Arlus, but Arlus started to cry, reaching out his little hand to Sylus. Allister had trouble calming him down, not really knowing what to do. Arlus kept reaching for Sylus.
Ara was bringing the food into the kitchen with Joseph at this point. Then she would return seeing Arlus crying, because he wanted to be with Sylus. Oh shit… [b “Um, we have some breakfast for everyone. I’ll go grab Arlus toy.” ] Ara said, and would go grab his pacifier. She normally didn’t use it with Arlus at all, but she thought it might help. She tried to get Arlus to take it but he would refuse. Ara took him into her arms, and he was settling down more, but he looked still really sad, lip quivering because he wanted to be held by Sylus.
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It was frustrating to have to be doing this with Klara, when he only had a year with Arlus and it was flying by really quickly. He would keep Ara updated with what he was doing, sending her texts when he left and then updates [i Ar, are you and Arlus doing okay? I'm going to come home as soon as I can] he sent and would head over to speak with the man in question.

He was able to get the details before he saw another car driving by. HE'd head back to the car and then he would eye them closely. They started making their way towards them and Sylus would drive off. [b "Okay, so at least you were able to save the girl. WHat happened to your being on top skills? I thought you were really careful"] he teased as he made his turns and would head into the garage and switch cars.

[b "You're lucky I'm here with you"] he drove them towards the direction of the supply van and would park the car further back. [b "It is. Missions are actually pretty nice when it's you and I. We get things done a lot quicker"] he admitted and observed that there was a lot of security and people around. [b "You're right. Let's head back home. Get some food, plan it out and come back at night when no one's here"] he told her, soon turning the car around and heading home.

He would park the car at the house and Sylus noticed another car close by. He'd look through the window seeing his mom. Sylus gasped a bit. How did she find their house? [b "Klar, head inside. I'll deal with this"] he told her, walking towards his mom's car. [b "Mom, what are you doing here?"] he asked.

His mother stepped out of the car and gave him a hug. "Sy...I thought you two left Japan. Are you back here? Is this where you're staying?" she asked, Sylus looking a bit worried. [b "We came back for a little while. This is our temporary place, but we'll be gone soon"] he told her.

[b "I'm actually going to work, so I can't really say hi, but if you want, I'll stop by for dinner again"] he told her.

"Kai is inside? Is it okay if I come in and greet Ara?" she asked.

Sylus ran his fingers through his hair, not wanting his mother anywhere near ARlus. [b "Just for a little while"] he led her towards the house and would knock.

WHen Ara opened the door, he would be standing there with his mom, [b "Hey someone stopped by....apparently Kai is here?"] he asked, glancing into the house and seeing Kai. It made him frustrated that he wasn't careful enough to come here undetected. Sylus gave him a glare and would head inside.

HIs mother smiled "Hello Ara. Good to see you again" she headed inside and looked around. "You didn't tell me you two were back here"

"Mom? WHat are you doing here? I THought you had plans to go shopping?" he asked, seeing Sylus' glare as he walked over and led her to the couch. He looked over at Ara and gave her the signal they won't be here long.

His mother saw the little boy and her eyes widened. "There's a baby here? Who's baby is this?" she looked at him and saw the hair.

[b "Ara's brother's son. He stopped by for a visit"] he told her, seeing baby Arlus reaching his arms up and whining, the minute he saw Sylus. He leaned down and would lift him up. [b "It's okay. It's okay. Daddy will be home soon"] he told him, bringing Arlus into the kitchen and out of view as he kissed his head. [b "I missed you little one"] he smiled, hearing Arlus' squeals. He looked over at Ara and would walk over and hug her. [b "Love....I know....she followed Kai here.....we'll try and get her out soon"]
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She couldn’t make sense of it. Ara peaked down at Arlus in her arms, seeing him trying to eat his toy. She felt hurt that Sylus wasn’t here. She had saw his text message but, she didn’t want to respond. He was only at night when she was already asleep…she barely got to see him. Arlus was even more fussy than usual.
“I wouldn’t leave you here alone, “Joseph mentioned, “No one would matter but my lover and kid. But, I and Allister are here. I’ll help you and him out, until Sylus comes back,” He looked down at Arlus. He wasn’t entirely comfortable with a baby around but he was really interested. Reminded of lost innocence.

Ara sighed. She understood wanting to help a friend and caring. [b “I know you would, but you’re pretty extreme Jose. Thank you for helping.” ] Ara said, but was starting to feel like she was being pitied. Allister plated the eggs. She would get up and noticed Allister kind of burned it. She forgot he didn’t really know how to cook. [b “Ahhm… Alli, that’s not…” ]
“Gross.” Joseph scrunched up his nose.
“What? It’s eggs,” Allister scoffed.
[b “No… No. They’re burned. I’m going to just order food.” ] Ara said, feeling that she should have just done it herself.

She heard the doorbell. [b “Hold him please?” ] Ara asked, placing Arlus into Joseph arms. Arlus seemed to be comfortable enough. She would check the security cameras on her phone before going to the door and opening it up.

Everyone was asking if she was doing okay and it was kind of annoying her. She felt him hug her and so she hugged him back. Ara would frown and shake her head. Two boys and her brother to comfort her and she still couldn’t feel that much better without Sylus here. She felt like they were losing time with Arlus as a family. She allowed Kai inside.

“I’ll go buy food and bring it,” Allister said.
“That’s my cue.” Joseph sighed, knowing he had to go with Allister, and then said sternly “Don’t leave the house. Stay in doors, security on.” Joseph helped Arlus back into her arms.
[b “Yea I know.” ] Ara said. She watched the two of them go to go bring them breakfast to them. Ara watched Allister and Joseph go.
[b “I haven’t even walked Queen and Nyx yet.” ] SHe whispered to herself. She would go to the window with Arlus in one arm, to close the blinds. [b “Do you want to watch something?” ] Ara suggested, feeling like just moping really. She went to the drawer and double checked if her gun was there. It became a habit to check everything.

‘There’s a car parked by the house. When I come back, I’ll check who it is. Don’t go out.’ Joseph sent. She had checked her vibrated phone.
[b “Kai… did you come with anyone?” ] Ara asked [b “There’s another car parked not far from our house.” ]


Klara popped herself into the car. She would keep her head low. Sylus returned. “It’s a long story.” She said and paused “Well…not that long.” She sighed. SHe would always be on the look out to see if they lost them. She had her gun out in case she had to shoot.

“They know I’m involved with Kiyoshi. The facility wanted me to lower the power of that other branch of the yakuza. I was instructed to sabotage a deal they were making for drugs. They were also going to sell a girl for sex as part of the deal. I…got her out. They saw me. Now they’re mad.” ]

They got to a parking lot. Klara would watch their back. She’d get into the car and they seemed to lose them for now. [b “Let’s go check…this, is really starting to feel like what it was like when we were working missions together. Just the two of us right?” ] She mentioned. If only things could have gone different. Well, that was in the past. They were heading toward the location. It was a delivery company, and there was a van but deep past security [b “I don’t think they’ll let us in that easily… Any ideas? I only got that we could go in the evening when they’re not working or less workers.” ] She said and remembered [b “We still haven’t even eaten…Let’s grab a bite and figure out out how to get in.” ]
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It was hard being away from Ara and Arlus. He wanted to spend the entire year with their little boy, not spend days helping Klara on her missions. Still, he couldn't leave her alone. If something happened to Klara, he'd regret that as well. Ara had Joseph and Kai around, so he knew she'd be safe in their secure home, but it was a struggle.

He'd get up early in the morning to help out Klara, grabbing some quick breakfast before anyone woke and they'd be out the door. He'd send a text to Ara [i 'Ar, I'll be back tonight. I love you and our boy'] he sent and would let out a deep sigh as he got into the car with Klara.

They would head towards the man's home early in the morning, parking outside as Sylus waited for him to meet him outside of the building. He would walk over and speak with him, asking if he knew of any information about the man that stole the weapons. They spoke for a while, the man consciously looking around to see if anyone was watching. [b "It's okay, it's just us. I've made sure our meeting is private"] he told him, listening in on the details.

He was able to get information on the color of the car, the license plate number and a brief description of the man before hearing Klara's message. [b "Get inside, lock your doors and don't answer the door"] he told the man, quickly hurrying back to the car.

Sylus spoke into the mic [b "Klara, get in the car and stay covered"] he hurried back to the driver's seat and would close the door. He'd see the car parking as two men stepped out and approached them. [b "Klar....what did you do"] he knew they were from the Yakuza and he assumed that they had already spotted Klara.

He started to drive the car away before the men reached their doors. Sylus heard some bullet shots as he continued to drive away, taking narrow alleyways and turning around to get on the freeway [b "Klar, why are they after you? What did you do?"] he sighed, looking at the rearview mirror and seeing a car further back following. [b "We're going to have to lose them"] he told her, turning the wheel and heading towards a parking garage.

Sylus got outside and would hotwire the next car over. He'd wait for Klara and take the exit and drive in the other direction. That seemed to lose them for now. [b "We have a vehicle. I searched the database and was able to track it's location. The swords could be in that van still, if not, maybe even at that location"] he told her, heading in that location.


Kai soon came over to hang out with Ara, seeing that she seemed more out of it with Sylus not there often. He knew his stepbrother had a lot to do, but he still felt like his wife and child shouldn't be left alone like this. He would leave the house, but his mother has noticed that he's been going out the past few days. She wasn't sure where he had been going to, but she did notice Kai being a lot more happy lately. She wanted to see what was going on.

Sy's mother took another car and followed Kai further behind until he parked at Ara's place. She'd keep her distance, seeing Kai head to the door. When he knocked, she saw Ara answering. [i This is Sy's house?] she thought as she kept a distance. She didn't know that Ara and Sylus were still here in Japan. It's been a while. Has Kai known about this?

His mother would stay in her car and keep an eye out, watching through the windows to see if there was any sign of Sylus.

"Hey ARa. You doing okay?" he'd ask and give her a hug. He'd see Arlus and would wave to their baby, [b "Sy not around again?"]
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It was Friday. Ara searched for a body to hold. Her eyelids fluttered opened. She rubbed her eyes and noticed the sheets all on her side and the bed empty. Guess this time he left early. He left with Klara again. She nibbled at her lip, burying the slight betrayal.

Arlus cute babbles played out from the monitor. Ara squeezed her eyes shut, brushing her hair back behind her ear. She took a deep breath and got up. Ara followed a regular routine of cleaning up, feeding Arlus, helping him in his play pen, feeding the pets and trying to make breakfast for everyone. As she was making the eggs, she frowned feeling disappointed that this is what the work she end up resorting to. She never realized she would miss working…and well Sylus being away made it hard.

She didn’t want to be ungreatful for Allister, Joseph and Kai helping her out though. Kai really helped bring her company yesterday. He was fun, and he seemed to understand her well, in a way that Sylus couldn’t understand fully either. But, she wanted Sylus…not anyone else. She felt the anxiety and she still always worried about Arlus. Even if she knew with Joseph around, that he would be cutthroat to make sure everyone was safe.

“Ara you look really tired,” Allister yawned, coming in.
Ara turned her head and then shrugged [b “I’m fine… I didn’t realize how hard it is being a mom, taking care of pets and stuff would be.” ] And being lonely.
“You’re doing really well, don’t worry.“ Allister said and smiled “You’re kind of like how mom was…you probably don’t remember much. I can finish making breakfast.” Allister said.
[b “Thank you…” ] She whispered, and let him take over. She went to Arlus who was whining for her. She picked him up and looked at him. He looked so alike to Sylus and made her miss him more. She started to understand why her dad always looked at her like she was causing him pain. But she’d never look at Arlus that way. She would smile to him and kiss his cheek and ask him, [b “What’s wrong baby? Do you want to play?” ] He saw the tears in his eyes. He was calming down. She would wipe his eyes. [b “It’ll be okay…” ] She whispered to him.

“Morning,” Joseph said.
Ara saw Joseph coming down the stairs and she’d half smile [b “Morning.” ]
“Are you okay?” Joseph asked, yawning.
[b “yea,” ] She’d grab Arlus toy and sit with him.
“Ara, I still can tell when you’re down.” Joseph mentioned, sitting down with her.
Ara frowned and didn’t look at him, [b “I’m fine… I’m just upset that I have to take care of Arlus alone. This was supposed to be the time when me and Sylus got to really be with Arlus…together. I guess, it can’t be helped right? Klara needs help.” ] She still didn’t understand and she was feeling more vulnerable the more he was away. She knew that it could also just be related to giving birth. Kai said he might be coming today too.


Klara was drove them to the family they were going to speak to, at least the husband about his ware bouts. It has been good for her, getting the help and working on missions together like they had before. The only difference was that they weren’t a couple. [b “Sylus, I know I said before…but, I’m sorry. They don’t let women really get involved in the yakuza that much, so, I can only dip in when I know they keep their mouth shut. Thanks for getting back in.” ] She said. She didn’t even know what’s going back with Ara since they’ve been working quite a bit. She secretly hoped to keep doing this because it felt nice being at it again but also knew it wasn’t fair to Ara. She wouldn’t turn down the help though.

“I’ll stay in the car. You go ahead and talk to him. I’ll listen on from the earpiece from here. I’ll be back up.” Klara said. They went early so they could speak to the man without his family being bothered, hopefully not involved. She parked the car, and let her go into the house. Klara would step outside of the car and just stand outside for a bit to get fresh air. Lately, she got in trouble with another branch of the yakuza, by mistake…so it was more dangerous than usual. The other branch weren’t afraid to use a rain of bullets.

She’d wait and listen. Half hour in, she saw a car she recognized the liscence plate. She cussed to herself and hopped into the car and spoke into the ear piece, “Sylus, hurry. A guy from another branch I mentioned before is here, and probably out to kill me.” She said, and kept her head low, hoping not to be seen.
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He thought it was adorable that their little baby was looking for him. He knew Arlus loved him and he wanted to be able to spend more time with him while they could. He came home and went upstairs to his room for a nap, not having enough sleep after those two days of helping out Klara.

Joseph was playing with Arlus, holding the toy and seeing him going after it. HE was such a tiny baby and he's never really held one before. He really was growing fond of him just because he was ARa's son. "It's weird. But in a good way. He's really responsive. I bet he'd be a good soldier if he was one" he admitted and then he saw the look on ARa's face and he shrugged "We'll take good care of him when you two have to go back on missions" he told her.

Sylus came down and he'd see Allister having a good time holding Arlus. Arlus was giggling and when he saw his daddy, he'd whine a bit, raising his arms up. He leaned down and lifted their little one and kissed him. [b "How's my little guy"] he ran his fingers through his hair and Arlus would suck on his thumb, leaning back into Sylus' lap.

He looked over at their pets and everyone eating. [b "Okay, let's go eat"] he'd place Arlus in his high chair and would give him his binky as he grabbed some food for him and Ara.


Joseph and Allister stayed over for the next few days and they went sightseeing around with little Arlus. They went to check out restaurants, some shrines, and even a festival as Arlus enjoyed the outdoors.

Their little boy was warming up to them fine and he wouldn't mind being in their arms for longer. Allister and Joseph seemed to really enjoy Japan.

During the week, Sylus would help KLara in the afternoon work on a few set up missions to help her out. He knew that Ara didn't want him leaving too much, but he knew if he didn't help Klara, she'd be in danger. One of the missions was to bug someone's house with cameras. SHe was trying to monitor another lead and this man supposedly stole some newly crafted katanas from one of the Yakuza members. SHe was trying to find out who was being a traitor in order to calm the group down. If not, they'd all slaughter each other.

SYlus would help her set up the house and track down the guy. HE was making a few deals with some gangs and Sylus would help accompany her to make sure she wasn't captured. These men were dangerous.

That left Ara at home with Joseph and Allister most nights, but Sylus would arrive home at early dawn each night. He'd lay in bed and would wrap his arms around Ara, hoping she was okay at least through the night.

Kai had also visited the following day, checking up on Ara and wanting to play with Arlus. He was excited to play with the little boy and he seemed to remind him so much of Ara's features. He'd stay and accompany Ara for a while if Joseph and Allister wanted to do more sight seeing.
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[b “He was, he would point me where to go but hec ouldn’t find you and he got sad.” ] Ara explained. She knew Arlus was really happy to see Sylus again. It made her feel good about it. She got to introduce Arlus to Joseph and Allister. They were doing good with him. SHe was happy Alister was okay with holding Arlus and he was being gentle with him. It looked like what they had in the past was really something in the past now. They had been talking a bit through text.

It was cute seeing Joseph playing with Arlus, when she gave the toy to him. She was happy to hear ARlus giggle, and reach for it. [b “I feel that I can see you get along with Arlus.” ] Ara said. SHe never asked him how he felt about being forced into watching Arlus because of Allister. She noticed Arlus reaching out and whining. She picked him up [b “I’m here, you okay Arly?” ] Ara asked, snuggling him in her arms. She kissed his cheek and would rub his little back.

She would sit with them and talk about Arlus. How Arlus was growing, and she even showed them pictures of him. She felt good with all the memories they were making with Arlus. Allister assured her that Arlus would be okay.

Two hours ater, Klara came down, and then Sylus. SHe smiled to him and would pause showing Joseph pictures and chatting while Allister played with Arly. [b “Mmm I did. You were tired, so I let you sleep.” ] She said. She would hear Arlus whine again. [b “I’m here,” ] Ara said and lifted him up, kissing his cheek. She smiled when Sylus gave them both kisses.

Ara giggled [b “We both do.” ]
“I’m really happy to meet him. He’s a really calm baby for the most part,” Allister mentioned. He was happy he could help Ara in some way. He felt he should have been a help to her a long time ago. Ara would help Arlus into Sylus arms since he was reaching.

Ara sighed [b “I mean…between the pets, Arlus and stuff…kind of.” ] Ara said. She saw Queen playing with her scratching pole and Nyx just kind of following wherever Arlus was. It was adorable. [b “I”ll eat with you. I haven’t eaten yet.” ] Ara said, kissing his cheek. She was glad things were peaceful again…to have hime home. “Now… both of us won’t have to go anywhere and just be with Arlus for the rest of the time.” ] She said, feeling relieved. It was hard to manage a baby and two pets…plus the loniliness. She trusted Sylus with Klara…but it still made her a bit jealous and miss him that much more.
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Sylus returned home and he felt so tired, but he was glad to be back. He missed their little boy and his beloved wife as he saw the excitement of little ARlus on his lap. He could tell he was in a good mood as he tickled his little sides and heard him squeal. [b "You were looking for me little guy? Well daddy is right here. He won't ever let you go"] he kissed his cheek and would hold him against his chest, letting him rest as he hugged ARa.

HE was surprised to see Allister and Joseph there, but he was glad they could see Arlus before hand. He would see Ara showing off Arlus to Joseph, making him laugh a bit. HE loved her. [b "He is really cute"] he smiled and would see Arlus looking a bit confused.

When Joseph held him in his arms, he would look over the baby boy, following ARa's instructions as he smiled "He's so tiny Ara" he admitted, still amazed that ARa had a little boy with Sylus.

Sylus felt tired, so he headed up for a nap, passing out instantly when he reached the bed.

Joseph would would see the squeak toy and hold it as he played with ARlus, squeaking the toy and showing it off to him. He'd giggle and try to reach for it, squeezing it with his hands as well before Allister came down.

Allister grabbed ARlus' attention when he came down. Arlus would look up at the strangers and suck on his thumb, seeing he was surrounded as he reached his arms out to mommy. He started to whine and get fussy as waited to be picked up.

Two hours later, Klara headed back outside after her nap, seeing Allister and Joseph, but she instantly went to the smell of food. "Hey guys. Good to see you two again" she sat down and grabbed some ramen.

When Sylus woke, he'd wash his face and yawn softly, soon heading down to see everyone eating. [b "Ar you ordered food? You should have woke me"] he wanted to make something for everyone. He saw ARlus back in her arms and he'd give them both kisses. [b "Did you meet your uncle little guy? You have the same eyes as him"] he told him, rubbing his little cheeks. Arlus would babble and reach up to Sylus as he lifted him up and bounced him in his arms, [b "Love, you should eat too. You must be busy today"]
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It had her so happy having Sylus back home again. SHe was sitting with him and hugging him. Arlus was on his lap. She heard Arlus little squeal and felt happy that they could all be happy being together again. “He did. He was looking for you.” Ara mentioned. Arlus would snuggle into Sylus when he was brushing through his hair. Ara kissed Sylus right back. She would hug him tight [b “It’s okay…I understand. I’m just happy you’re home safely.” ]

She was so excited that Sylus was back, she forgot to tell him. Ara sighed, [b “Allister apparently begged.” ] Ara said. She didn’t like that but…what could she do. [b “Allister is sleeping…they had a long flight afterall.” ]

Then Ara would scoop up Arlus and display there baby boy to Allister, feeling so proud to make a baby this cute and perfect. Ara heard Sylus laugh and she giggled. She watched Joseph walk over and look at Arlus. Arlus was just puzzled. He was in a cute red hoodie with bear ears, that was slightly a bit too big on him. Ara smiled, hearing Joseph sounding good about Arlus being born. Ara nodded. Ara would help Arlus into Joseph arms, instructing him on how to hold Arlus.

Arlus seemed to be doing just fine. He’d suck on his finger and then would reach up to touch his hair but kind of just pat his cheek. It was cute… Ara looked up at Joseph and it was still a little odd being around him, but it was fine. It was odd seeing hold a baby, her baby. [b “When…it’s time. Keep him safe. I’m counting on you.” ] Ara met Joseph’s eyes, some pain in her voice knowing she had to let Arlus go. She trusted Joseph would keep him safe, he always kept her safe. If Sylus wasn’t a part of her life, then maybe it would have been him.

Ara peaked back at Sylus and pouted when he said he was tired. She wanted to rest beside him. [b “Okay Sy… Sleep well.” ] She said, looking a bit sad but she understood. SHe would lean in and kissed his cheek. She saw him go upstairs.

[b “Do you want to play with Arlus?” ] She asked him and would walk to Arlus play pen. She bent over and took Arlus little shark squeaky toy. Ara would sit on the sofa and waited for Joseph to come and sit down beside her. Ara would squeak the toy for Arlus and Arlus giggled and reached out. SHe gave Joseph the toy. [b “He likes squeaky toys.” ] Ara explained and watched him play with her baby boy. She didn’t think Joseph would be so good, it assured her to see that he was doing fine.

She heard steps from the stairs. Allister came down, looking still tired, until he saw Arlus. “Holy shit. Is that my nephew?” Allister grinned and would come over and kneel down, “He’s adorable. Wow…Ara he has your eyes. He looks like Sylus too.” He said, amazed that the baby boy. Arlus would look at Allister, and would try to suck on his thumb.
“Hi Arlus, I’m Allister. I’m your uncle.” Allister said, thinking Arlus was so perfectly cute and small. Ara giggled, [b “He is cute.” ] She said. She heard the door bell. Ara would get up but Allister got up first, “I’ll get it little sis.”

Ara would quickly check her phone to check who was at the front door. It was just food delivery. Ara had got them some ramen, and sushi from another place. She wished she could have made something for everyone… Allister would put the food on the table.

[b “You guys can eat. I’ll book a restaurant for the evening.” ] Ara mentioned. She felt that would be a good idea.
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IT was making Sylus upset to hear that he had to go with Klara and help her out. He really wanted to spend all his free time with Ara and Arlus, but he knew that if he left Klara all alone, she'd be put in danger. If anything happened to Klara, he would really regret not being there. Ara would be safe in this house at the very least. IT was full proof and protected. He also trusted Ara to take care of her and the baby.

He decided to agree and work with Klara to complete the mission, so that meant he had to say goodbye to his two favorite people. [b "Bye bye baby boy"] he'd give Arlus a kiss and Ara as well before leaving. He rubbed Nyx's head and Queen's back before stepping outside.

THe mission lasted two days, but they were able to find Kiyoshi and have him back into his position in the Yakuza. They captured Toshiro and he was punished as well. Sylus and Klara didn't get enough sleep the past few days, so when they arrived home, they were both pretty tired.

He'd enter the house and sit on the couch, feeling good to be home at least. It wasn't long until he saw Ara and Arlus. [b "Hey you two!"] he grinned, holding ARlus and hugging him. He kissed his cheek, hearing him squeal. [b "DId you miss daddy little guy?"] he brushed his hair back and would give Ara a kiss. [b "Me too. I'm sorry we couldn't make it back sooner"] he told her, seeing Arlus bouncing in excitement. HE was glad they were safe and happy.

He glanced back to see Joseph [b "Hey. WHat you guys doing here so early?"] he hugged Arly, feeling him grabbing his hair and then Ara lifted him up. SYlus laughed [b "Yeah, look what she made. He's our little boy"] he saw Joseph walk over and take a peek at him. "He's so tiny. I didn't think that was possible. I haven't hear anyone from the facility able to have a kid. This is big!" he said as he held out his arms. "Can I hold him?" he wondered, letting Ara settle Arlus in his arms.

Sylus watched the two [b "Hope the trip wasn't so bad. Ar....I'm a bit tired. I'm going to pass out upstairs for a while"] he yawned, letting them spend some time with ARlus as he went up to their room for a long nap.
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