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He heard her mentioned being with Payton and she wasn't wrong. [b "No, she helped me to my room last night because I was feeling dizzy. You probably saw that"] he told her, laying back in bed and then Sylus went to go grab some breakfast.

Sylus listened to Payton and he nodded [b "Yeah, she always does have such nice skin"] he told her, not sure how she stayed so attractive. When Payton said he cracked, he just let out a sigh [b "I used to be dead could say that she revived my emotions?"] he scratched his head. He cooked up the bacon and then he helped put everything onto plates and then he headed back upstairs.

When he entered the room, he gave Tanner a plate and then he sat beside Ara, holding the plate in her lap and then he held onto it, sitting at her side. He held up a piece of bacon to her lips, waiting for he to take a bite before feeding her some eggs on a fork as well.

HE continued to feed her slowly, a smile forming on his face as he brushed her hair behind her ear, glad to see her eating and looking so much better. Who would have thought it's only been a day. [b "Just let me know if you need anything else okay Ara"] he leaned in to kiss her cheek, feeling like she was the most precious thing in the world right now. He needed to make sure she was okay.
  ellocalypse / 63d 4h 7m 0s
[b “I dreamt that you were in bed with Payton, really close and then closed the door,” ] Her words were still half mumbled. She was back in bed and Sylus even left again. She didn’t like it. She wanted him to be here with her, especially when she wasn’t feeling well. She liked that Tanner was here too of course. He always gave her the comfort. He normally would come real close, hug her or lay in bed with her but she felt that either he was mad or he was still respecting that she had a boyfriend. Even if she could tell he was mad at Sylus. She only peaked out of the blankets a little, not wanting to show her entire face still.

They talked and he kept telling her she still looked pretty, way prettier than Tilla and Payton even on her worst day. He kept feeding her ego and soon enough she was convinced to slide down the blanket even further. Then her phone went off. She went into such panic when she saw it was her father. She picked it up and tried her damn hardest to make her voice sound clear, and told him she was still in bed and tired.

Payton finished up making the eggs for everyone. It wasn’t anything special. Her cooking skills were pretty limited. She thought Sylus could cook better than her and he had been out for a much shorter time than her. Payton laughed [b “Yea, I know. It’s not like she has to try hard to stand out, she always did at the facility with perfect unscarred skin, long hair, the way she walked or smiled… I don’t get it.” ] Payton shrugged.

He heard… [b “Nothing…” ] She shrugged [b “You’re just the first I’ve ever seen crack that’s like us. You’re more like Ara than you are like us. I always felt that anyone number one always were so dead inside and all the ones I knew, really were.” ] She said and watched him head up, [b “That’s good,” ] Definitely sounded like she was doing okay.

Tanner sat at the edge of the bed ended up playing some game on the phone with her. Then Sylus came in. Ara saw the plate of food and it definitely wasn’t pizza. Tanner took a plate and whispered a ‘thank you.’ Ara looked down at the plate and took a fork. She lifted her eyes back up at Sylus and waited for him to finish his sentence. When did he become so…timid? She looked over at Tanner. He was scared of Tanner? She looked back at Sy and didn’t need to help but she sure wanted to be fed. [b “Okay, I want to fed,” ] She nodded.
Tanner gave her a look, knowing that she most definitely could lift her hand up but let it go and said nothing.
  Ravenity / 63d 7h 23m 41s
He wanted to be there for her. Sylus wouldn't deny the fact that he always wanted to be with her, but when she spoke, he wondered what she was talking about. [b "Dream? What do you mean?"] he asked, wondering what she was talking about. He had her back in bed and felt relief that she was doing okay. Sylus shrugged a bit and then he let Tanner take care of her for now since she was still on the topic of looking pretty. Maybe Tanner could calm her nerves down as he went to grab them food.

He heard her and then he smirked a bit, shaking his had [b "She's always had that complex of trying to go all out looking as pretty as she could, even though she already is"] he sighed a bit and then he helped put the food on some plates. He put the bacon and the toast on the plates as well before overhearing what she said.

[b "What do you mean not so tough? I'm not even that tough"] he shook his head and then he grabbed two plates. [b "I think she'll be fine. Her looks are more important than her life apparently"] he laughed and then he headed upstairs to bring food to ARa and TAnner. He gave one to Tanner and then he walked towards Ara, setting it on her lap. [b "Can you eat? Do you want me...."] he glanced over at Tanner and then he gulped a bit. [b "To....feed you?"]
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He made a point but she still wanted him to be there for her. [b “But…why did you go and stay…” ] She locked her lips and mumbled, [b “That had to be a dream.” ] She didn’t know if he was just saying that or if that was the actual truth. It didn’t make her feel great to look this horrible. Let her be wounded fine-but not her face. Well, at least the pain wasn’t agonizing as it was before. She still had to hide underneath her blankets though until she felt a little more convinced that maybe she was fine, and still looking good compared to other people looked like when they looked like death.

Payton lifted her head when she heard a slight chuckle. Well crap, he heard. Then again, she didn’t think she cared one bit. Payton shrugged [b “I don’t know Sylus. I’m so ugly that I think I might as well be dead sometimes.” ] She cracked a laugh, not really understanding Ara’s logic. She grabbed a couple of eggs and plats aside. She didn’t think they’ve had this many people over in such a long time.

Payton shrugged [b “It’s nothing.” ] She said and looked back at him [b “I’m making eggs for everyone, is that okay?” ] She asked. She heard his yawn and then remembered him crying on her last night and then laughed a little and whispered to herself [b “Not so tough number one huh.” ] She made the eggs and set them all in plates. She set up the table and figured that Tanner or Ara wouldn’t be coming down. [b “Do you think Ara is capable of eating herself right now?”] She asked [b “Is she doing fine? I mean to me, it sounds like she is because she’s complaining about her look.”]
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He knew that if he didn't listen to Tanner he would only get into more trouble and he'd probably keep him away from Ara. He didn't want to get in his face because if he got on his bad side, he'd probably never see Ara again. Ara didn't make sense again [b "I don't want to upset Tanner. He'll keep me away from you. Ara're far from ugly"] he tried to tell her, but it didn't seem to be working. SHe seemed to really think it was a dilemma.

He laid her back down and then when he decided to make something fro all of them to eat, he nodded and then he headed down, leaving the two as he made his way into the kitchen. He heard Payton talking to herself and then he heard her mock Ara. He chuckled a little and then he took a peek at what she was doing. [b "Please don't tell me you're on the ugly train too?"] he sighed and then he grabbed some bacon from the fridge, starting another hot pan beside her and then he started to cook some of that too.

[b "Thanks again for last night. I feel a bit better"] he told her, putting some toast in the toaster as well and then grabbing some plates. He sizzled the bacon in the pan and then started to assemble breakfast for everyone.

He yawned softly, still tired from not getting much sleep, but at least no one was badgering him like yesterday. He'd make sure that Ara got better so she could continue her mission and he'd focus more on trying to be a better guard.
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[b “It’s okay, it’s not really your fault.” ] She frowned and she felt the guilt eat her up. She already knew what it was like to lose someone she loved romantically and those dreams never really went away, [b “I’m sorry Sy. I know… I know.” ] She remembered when she lost him and she’d wake up thinking that it was a dream and it wasn’t, it never was. She felt horrible to have made him worry so much. [b “I won’t…do something like that again.” ] She felt the lump in her throat form. Poor Sy… She put him through this.
He helped her and when she saw herself, she caved. She couldn’t believe how horrible she looked. Sylus got her back up, and then even carried her. It made her feel better to hear him call her the most beautiful thing in his world. [b “You’re not just saying that are you?” ] Her voice low. She felt his warm lips on her cheek and she didn’t know how he could do it. Kiss her when she looked this dead.

[b Then you shouldn’t listen to him. You said you’d stay. But I get it if I was too ugly.”] She still hid her face. She heard his laughter and she didn’t know how he could do it. Date her if she looked like she was death. It was touching. [b “I’m not going out like this in public.” ] She stated. She laid down and hid herself in the bed sheets. Tanner spoke and the way he put it, he was right. No one would look this good nearly dead. She peaked past the sheets [b “Okay…” ] Ara frowned hearing Sylus had to go, [b “Sy, I want pizza.” ]

Tanner almost whacked her head but caught himself “You need something that’s healthy, not greasy food. Do you want to keep looking this pale?”
[b “No…” ] Ara mumbled. Ara watched SYlus leave again and it upset her and Tanner felt better. She looked back at Tanner [b “How dare you make him leave the room last night.” ]

“I can’t deal with him right now Ara. I can’t stand how he let you go out on your own. Do I ever leave you alone when there’s a threat?”

[b “Yes-you left me alone yesterday.” ] She stated.
She had a point but he was still mad. “Because I trusted Sylus. That was my mistake.”
[b “Uh hmm, and you also said, I should I should always remain hidden. You said never to attack someone unless I am at a distance and I have a clear aim with a gun. And-Ow! Son of a bitch!” ] She cussed out, feeling the wound ache.

“Okay, I get your point…” Tanner shook his head, “Don’t stress yourself.”
[b “It’s just as much as my fault, as it was yours, Tilla’s and Sylus’. Mostly mine because I’m supposed to do better but you get it.” ] She went on and decided to not get fed up because it hurt when she tensed.

Payton had gotten up and head downstairs. She was in the kitchen herself, figured she’d just go make eggs since it was the easiest thing to do. She assumed Ara was okay since she had heard her in the bathroom. “I’m so ugly,” Payton mocked quietly “At least your alive, and no one else is dead. Still the same.”
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He didn't know if he wanted to tell her about the dream he had, but he just let out a deep sigh. [b "I just....wish....I did better yesterday so that dream never happens. I lost you in my dream. It was horrible. I got scared and ran to see if you were okay and since you are, I feel better. I can't have anything else happening to you like this again Ara"] he sighed, letting her into the bathroom as he waited.

When she started to put herself down, Sylus couldn't help but feel relieved that even if she was shot, the only thing she thought about was her face in the mirror. She was typical Ara. He was glad that she was still here and still the same. He wrapped his arms around her [b "You're so pretty Ara. You're the most beautiful thing in my world and I'm really happy you're okay. I'd pick you as my girlfriend all the time"] he kissed her cheek, shaking his head. [b "Don't cry. I didn't stay last night because Tan wouldn't let me....but I get it. I messed up"] he told her, carrying her in his arms and then he walked back to the room.

He laughed a little when she spoke [b "I'll go on date with you as long as you're ARa, ugly or not"] he told her, laying her back.

WHen Tanner was being blamed for her ugliness, Sylus held his laugh in. He looked back at Ara and agreed with Tanner [b "You're really pretty all the time"] he told her, hoping that meant something to her. He wanted her to rest though. To not use up any energy and to just get better.

[b "I'll make something for everyone to eat....I'll be back"] he told them, looking over at Tanner and still feeling that tension. He didn't really want to be in the same room.
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Ara’s lips curved down, her forehead lifting [b “A dream, what happened in the dream?” ] It couldn’t have been good for what it looked like [b “Are you okay?” ] She asked, wanting to hug him, hating to see him looked so stressed out. But this goddamn body of hers felt too weak to move much to hold him. She felt so frustrated and hated it so damn much. Sylus helped her up, helped her bring her into the bathroom.
Then…she got a glimpse of her pale complexion in the mirror, deep circles, paled skin that looked pasty, dry lips and hair that was not as tamed as she would like it. It freaked her out. She’s never looked so hideous. Even when she just woke up and crawled out of bed she still looked way better than average, most would say attractive either way. BUT THIS. She caved and cried.
When Sylus opened the door and came in, she covered her face [b “Don’t look at me, I’m hedious. I’m so ugly.” ] She cried. She felt his arms around her, and Sylus helped her back up on her feet. [b “I don’t…you have such an ugly girlfriend. That’s why you didn’t stay with me last night.” ] She sobbed quietly, not wanting to be seen. She felt such a wreck. Sylus lifted her up and it was much more comfortable but it kind of squeezed her stomach and that hurt. Just moving really hurt if she was honest but, it was much better than yesterday.

[b “I need to look better now.” ] She mumbled and she heard about a date [b “You better go on a date with me…only if I’m not ugly.” ] She saw Tilla in the hall for a second and covered her face even more. She couldn’t be seen like this. Her head rested on the pillow and while Sy was pulling the sheets over her, she even put the sheets over her head. [b “Still…” ]

Tanner peaked over “What happened?”
[b “Tan, why didn’t you tell me I looked hideous?” ]
Tanner paused for a long moment “What? Who said that?”
[b “I saw the mirror…” ]
“Ara, you almost died, and you are worried about your appearance? Are you kidding me? You’re lucky you look that pretty at this state. Everyone else would like an actual corpse.”
[b “Really?” ]
“Yes, you’re the prettiest as someone can be that wounded. Right Sylus?” Tanner eyed Sylus, figuring this would work on making her not hide like this.
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He ran into her room because he was really scared. Scared that he would have lost Ara forever and he couldn't stand the thought of that. He couldn't lose the only thing in his life that was giving him a reason to live. He was shaking and he was sweating, the back of his shirt was wet as he helped lift Ara out of bed. He's never felt anything like this before, but Ara meant so much to him.

[b "Nothing really. I just had a bad dream"] he told her, not wanting her to know how he really felt. THey've been keeping a lot from each other lately since they haven't really gotten to chance to really sit down and talk. THey've both been through so much. He helped her into the bathroom and when he waited outside, he could hear her talking to herself.

Sylus took a peek inside, not really caring so much what she looked like. He heard her and then he could hear her cries. SYlus walked behind her and wrapped his arms around her carefully. [b "You're not ugly. You fine as you are Ara"] he told her, helping her onto her feet. WHen he realized it was getting too straining for her to keep herself up, he lifted her into his arms. [b "You'll exert yourself too much. Just rest. Once you're better, we'll ask Payton and you can dress up again. Maybe we can go on a date together"] he lied, knowing that he would probably be kept away from her for a long time.

He helped her back to her room, laying her back against the bed. [b "Just relax and rest. You know that I love you because you're Ara, not because you're not so dressed up right now"] he told her, pulling the sheets over her slowly.
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Ara took a better look of Sylus once he stepped further in the room and at her side. He looked shaken… Did something horrible happen that would even make him shake up? Panic. Definitely panicking. [b “Did something happen? Did someone get hurt? Did someone come in?” ] She asked, feeling the knot in her chest. She’s never seen someone from the facility old enough shake up. Something bad must have happened. He was calming down and she wasn’t sure what was going on.

[b “Okay… Nothing happened?” ] She asked. Sylus helped her up and she kept herself on balance, but it hurt most of the time to carry her weight because somehow it was moving her stomach, or stretching muscles near there. She got into the bathroom and when she looked in the mirror, she realized how horrible she looked. That-scared her. She held her breath and tried hard to fix up her hair, brush it thoroughly. She still looked pale and tired. No, no, no…. Did Payton have makeup? She probably didn’t and even if she didn’t, they had different skin tones. She whined. She couldn’t have people looking at her like this! She fixed up her hair, well-brushed it. It wasn’t how she liked it but she struggled to even do a braid.

This truly was horrible. [b “I look horrible,” ] She cried, actually cried when he asked the question [b “I’m so ugly,” ] She whined and couldn’t stand up on her feet anymore because it tired her, so she sat down and that hurt like hell, [b “Ow…it hurts,” ] She whined and she realized just how pathetic she was again. She didn’t want to come out. But…she didn’t look the door. Damn it. [b “Better than yesterday but it hurts… Sy ask Payton if she has makeup and a curling iron, no one can see me look literality like death-and not the pretty pale or gothic kind either, just pure ugly zombie death.” ]
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He made it to his room in one piece and as he laid back against the bed, he wanted someone beside him. When Payton moved to his side, he was thinking about Ara. All he could see were her shimmering eyes in the dark. She had long hair and everything was so similar to Ara. Sylus leaned in to feel her warmth, but he ended up crying a little because he loved Ara so much. It scared him to think he couldn't protect her well enough and she almost died.

When he fell asleep for the night, Sylus had nightmares. He awoke in the middle of the night from the scare of being killed and not being able to attend Ara's funeral, so he was panicking. When he wiped the sweat from his forehead, he headed out of the room and looked around. It was really early in the morning. The others were asleep and as he ran to Ara's room, he busted in through the door, seeing Tanner shoot up.

Sylus saw that Ara was awake and then he sighed in relief, his heart racing crazily from panicking as he walked to her side, holding it and then lifting her up a little. His body was shaking a bit, but he was slowly calming down, glad to see Ara okay. He frowned [b "I know. I'm sorry, but I'm still here. I'll be here when you need me"] he whispered, even though Tanner probably wouldn't let him.

He helped her onto her feet and then he heard Tanner and he just ignored it. Risking Ara's life wasn't something he did on was just one mistake. Sylus walked with her to the bathroom, helping her up [b "How do you feel? Are you still in a lot of pain?"] he asked, helping her in as he waited outside of the bathroom door.
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Tanner helped her lift her back and get up on her feet. Her body felt so weak, it was hard to take make then three steps. She got his help to step out into the hall, needing to go to the bathroom. Ara saw the hallway light seeping into another open room. She got a glimpse of Sylus, she knew it wasn’t Ethan because of how his body was built. He was leaning into Payton and looked like it was for comfort. They fit. She felt this burning her and Tanner had her move forward into the bathroom. Ara used the bathroom and when she was walking back with Tanner, the door was closed. Why… He was supposed to be in her room. Why was he with Payton?

Payton stood quiet. Then Sylus turned his head with this different look and spoke Ara’s name. This wasn’t directed to her, and it didn’t make her feel so great. She’s also never heard someone like her cry, so-that was something. She didn’t like it because no one has ever reached her for comfort-for good reason and when they did it had to be someone who was madly in love with Ara. Of course. She let him fall asleep and then slid away when he was. She closed the door behind her and head downstairs to Ethan.

As usual, Ethan put his arm around her and for once, she leaned into him.

Ara rested when she got in bed, and when her mind tried to wrap around what she saw, the pain and exhaustion got in the way. She fell asleep and Tanner stood awake. She woke up early morning and found herself sore and aching when she moved but it was less painful than it was yesterday. It could still make her cry, but not cry every moment she was awake. The door suddenly opened, she felt a rush of panic and Tanner shot up and then sat slowly down when he realized it was Sylus. He then went back to closing his eyes.

[i Was I dreaming it?” ] She looked back at Sy. [i I must have. ]

[b “You didn’t stay.” ] She said first, pouting and then stretched out her hand [b “Can you help me up? I need to go to the bathroom.” ]
“Why didn’t you say so?” Tanner spoke up, eyes still closed.
[b “Because you’re tired. Sy can help me, you can sleep.” ]
“So you get shot again?
[b “Tanner, please stop. It’s my fault too and Tilla and you were supposed to be with me anyway, so stop-ow,” ] She winced, and groaned feeling the stress in her muscles when she tensed up.

THe door burst open and Tanner shot up, on guard but slowly sat back down when he realized it was just Sylus. He leaned back and closed his eyes again, feeling tired staying up the entire night.

Ara was already awake, just not so thrilled about getting up. It was sore, really sore but the pain from yesterday had diminished by a lot. She could still cry but still handle it without crying every waking moment. She looked at him
  Ravenity / 64d 7h 45m 57s
He knew that he shouldn't be drinking this much to the point where he got drunk, but he felt like shit right now and he didn't care anymore. If something happened to them, how could it be worse than getting Ara almost killed? If Tilla told someone from the facility what happened, then she'd end her life and his as well. He drank because that was the only thing that made him feel better.

He fell on Payton, enjoyed the warmth she provided, feeling like she actually cared about him. He took her help and soon enough, he was on a warm bed as he laid on his side and faced her. It was dark, so he couldn't really see anything, but he could tell that there was someone taking care of him.

When he felt the warmth beside him, he turned to face her [b "I'm sorry Ara....I should've did better"] he spoke softly, nearly in sobs as he leaned into Payton, soon enough just falling asleep all close to her. With the drowsiness and the alcohol, he was out quickly.

Sylus was dreaming that night. He was on a date with Ara when someone was trying to kidnap her. Sylus managed to keep one man away from her, but the other one ended up shooting her. He tried to run towards her and help her, but Tanner blocked his way, not allowing him to see her anymore. He was told that Ara passed away and when he went to her funeral, he wasn't allowed in at all. Instead, he was taken to the facility's torture room and was strapped down on an electric chair.

When he was being shocked, Sylus shot up from the bed, panting softly, noticing that he was sweating. It was still early in the morning and when he looked around, he could feel that his chest was heavy and he was panting. He quickly got up and ran towards Ara's room, opening the door quickly, wanting to make sure she was still alive and okay.
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Payton shrugged, figuring she wouldn't get a great answer while he was out of it anyway. She let him lay down there, falling quiet. Until he got up -and fell on her. It ticked her a little off the edge. She stared down at him, cozying up to her stomach. What the hell was he doing-kept crossing her mind. It was weird and it didn't make her feel all that too comfortable. If this was drunk flirting-well it sure sucked on her side. She got up and lifted carried some of his weight upstairs. She rested him on the bed and watch him roll onto his side.

It was dark, so, she could roll her eyes without being really seen. The door was still open though, bleeding some light into the room. [b "You're drunk." ] She stated, [b "Go to sleep." ] She peaked out into the hall and saw Tanner coming out for a second to head to the bathroom. The last thing she wanted was Tanner to see Sylus drunk, knowing a whole load of problems would rise. She sighed, and laid back on the bed for a moment [b "Fall asleep..." ] She said, deciding she'd go as soon as he looked remotely asleep. [b "And...don't speak loudly." ]

Tanner went back into Ara's room and closed the door behind her. The sound of the door woke her up. She faintly opened her eyes and saw Tanner sitting, [b "Hey..." ] She whispered.
"Hey, why are you up?" He asked.
[b "I heard...the door." ]
"Sorry," He leaned back, "Rest up. I need you to be okay."
[b "I am," ] She lightly smiled, and was starting to doze off again and remembered [b "Where Sy?" ]
"Scouting the area," Tanner fibbed, not really knowing what he was doing and couldn't care less right now. "He'll be back by the time you wake up in the morning anyway,"
Ara frowned, [b "he said he'd stay...You made him leave didn't you?"
"Ara, go to bed." He ruffled his hair.
[b "You did..." ] She frowned. She was ready to give him a lecture but she was still drained.
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He was grateful that Payton was looking out for him like this because lately she seemed to be all to herself and didn't really want to spend much time getting to know him or having any fun together. She asked him questions and it was kind of hard to think in this state. [b "I..liked her as a friend no. I didn't really get what love was anyway"] he admitted and then he laid there, feeling a bit better.

WHen he tripped and fell onto Payton, he sighed softly, the weight of his body was too much to carry right now, so he didn't really care. He laid back and then he pressed up against her, her body warm and comforting like a blanket wrapping around him. He felt her lifting him up, so he slowly stood up to hold most of his weight too.

As they went inside, he walked with Payton inside and then he laid back against the bed in his room. He laid back and rolled onto his side, looking up at her [b "It'd be warmer if you were here beside me"] he told her, half teasingly. He didn't really want to be alone right now, but at the same time, the alcohol was making him feel really good.
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