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It excited her to see Sylus home. Her arms would wrap around him tightly and she noticed he had brought her chocolate. It made her so happy that he thought about her to bring chocolate. She’d take a seat with him on the sofa. She fed herself a chocolate and then him. His smile was beautiful. [b “Of course I am darling.” ] She said, meeting his eyes. She felt content with him being here. Being pregnant two months weren’t so bad. She had those symptoms but she could tolerate them.

[b “Mmm, I’m glad everything is still going onto plan. I think we’re drawing close to striking a deal with him then? I got information on what the deal is, and it’s…less bad then some others. So I can offer it to Kiyoshi and also hopefully get him to support new leadership when I take it.” ] Ara said, because she needed to. She wanted a future where she could spent more time with their baby, and that everyone else could possibly have a more normal life.

She knew Kai and Sy were getting comfortable with each other, which she liked. Because she thought Kai made a really good friend. She knew…that he liked her a bit at the same time but he was always respectful.

Sylus hugged her and kissed her. She kissed him softly back. She lightly laughed [b “Guilty…. I’m really good Sy. Although, for some reason they think I’m a guy.” ] She’d shrug. She then brought up Tanner. She nodded. She had missed Tanner. He was her best friend, and he always felt like a brother to her. He always looked out for her and he always tried to look out for Sylus too. She knew when he got angry at her, it came because he cared.

[b “I want…to tell him.” ] Ara said, [b “he’d get extremely angry if I didn’t tell him. He’s always been here at my hardest time. He’s like family to me.” ] She said confidently. She took a deep breath and nodded [b “He most likely will…but I trust Tanner. He’d always respected my choices even if they were crazy.” ] She said and felt Sylus fingers over her tummy. She blushed a bit, [b “He’ll help me keep our baby a secret. I know it…” ] Ara said. She didn’t have to think much about it. [b “Can we have ramen?” ] Ara asked.
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The past month went by in the blink of an eye. THeir house now had an office for Ara where she would do work from home. He allowed her to go ahead and help Klara out as long as she was doing okay. It was difficult having to leave and come back early, so Sylus did his best to coordinate everything so that he could make it back and spend a good amount of the night with Ara.

He hurried on his bike home after work, bringing with him a box of chocolates because he wanted to surprise ARa. Her mood swings were starting to get all over the place, but whenever he was home, he was able to bring her mood up and she made him happy.

Sylus was able to get Kiyoshi to focus solely on responsible people. They allocated their teams to tracking down the directly responsible and if they had accomplices. They left their families alone and were able to build up their reputation.

Kagami and his father were severely punished for harming Sylus. They were demoted back down to the starting gang members. They were also forbidden to take any part in Sylus' group or go anywhere near their territory. They took over another city.

When Sylus came home, he saw Nyx, hugging him and then he was met with a cutie Ara with a tiny baby bump at the door [b "Hey Love"] he hugged her and then he kissed her cheek, giving her the chocolate [b "I'm glad you're okay today Ar"] he sat on the couch and took a bite of the chocolate. She made him instantly smile.

[b "Everything went great. Kiyoshi is listening to my ideas and I'm able to influence his next move. He really trusts Kai and I"] he told her, feeling a lot better he wasn't upsetting her with his actions. Even Kai and him were on better terms. He was used to him being around and clearly his friendship was important to ARa.

He hugged her and then he kissed her lips [b "I heard some noise outside. Are you beating people up in a game again?"] he chuckled and then he smiled when she mentioned Tanner [b "No way? That's great! We haven't seen him in a while. Do you want to tell him?"] he wondered, thinking that if it was TAnner, he might just get really angry with them. [b "Love you think he'll take it hard?"] he wondered, leaning into her and running his fingers over her tummy. [b "What should we make for dinner?"]
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[b “Good point.” ] Ara said. She wondered if their baby would grab her hair hard. She wasn’t even quite sure how they’d turn out considering they had their bodies tempered with. She didn’t know if that re-arranged how they were…it might.


Ara was in the new office she set up for herself. It had three monitors, with high specs. She had bunch of pages open on the desktop and paper on the desk. She was very focused on keeping track of the people she had made deals with up to now. Plus, she’d been helping with Klara with her mission in the field-mostly using her manipulative tactic. Sylus knew, she kept him informed. While they were both reluctant, she had proved that she could handle it.

In the meantime, Ethan recommended someone to help her learn a few things about hacking. Nothing that someone couldn’t learn in their late teens but, it was a stepping stone. She figured that she had a lot of time on her hands while she was having a baby, and eventually not be able to go do out missions in the field. Every weekend she had spent time with Kai too, going to events with him, Sylus invited-except for when he couldn’t.

Plus… [b “I win again! You can’t beat me suckers,” ] Ara cheer to herself. Queen was sitting on her lap. She had gone slightly into gaming and after coordinating her mouse and screen better, she had been doing good. Even Nyx was here with her. She’d love their pets. She saw Nyx rushing to the door. She could only guess that meant Sylus was home. Ara got up. She wore a pastel purple sweater and short shorts. She’d go downstairs with their pets.

[b “Sy!” ] Ara cheered and hugged him so tightly, [b “You’re home.” ] Ara said. Nyx was barking excitedly. She saw him with chocolate and she felt super excited. [b “For me?” ] Ara said and would happily sit down and open the box, [b “I and our baby thank you.” ] She’d take one and pop it in her mouth. [b “Yummy…” ] She’d then take one out and pop it Sylus mouth too.

She’d snuggle against his side. [b “How did everything go today?” ] She’d stroke his hair, and then lean in and kiss his cheek. She’d lay legs on top of his lap. She felt pretty happy lately. She got to do so much stuff, and she had pushed all the worries about what would happen after away. She had emotional waves but she pushed through them.

Ara would hold his hand and look at the screen. Nyx stayed by Ara’s side. She’d pet him and give his head kisses. So far, the only person that knew was Klara other than them. But...she thought about telling Tanner too since... [b "Um, darling. I forgot to mention. Tanner is coming to visit." ]
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He smiled a bit [b "Babies always pull on hair if they can reach it. But you're right, your hair is beautiful Love"] he wondered if their baby would have a lot of strength. If they did, he wondered what would happen. [b "What if our baby could heal just like you?"] he thought about it and Klara came.

It was going to be difficult with everything they were dealing with right now. It was no question that they were crazy and Klara letting them know, didn't change that. They knew what they were going to get into. It was dangerous and it was going to hurt if they had to leave their baby with someone else.

Ara talked about her plan [b "When ARa starts showing, we'll really need to keep a low profile"] he told them.


Over the next few weeks, Sylus was working hard to try and convince Kiyoshi that it was wrong to harm people that had nothing to do with their issues. Luckily he was slowly getting convinced thanks to him and Kagami and had rearranged a lot of their missions and hierarchy to do better.

They've been trying to focus their killings to one responsible person. IT led to less casualties and less clean ups. Sylus was able to come home on time more and was able to cook dinner for ARa and Klara. He would come home, cook, make sure Ara was doing okay and then spend the nights with her.

It was a month later and ARa was barely showing a baby bump. Sylus soon came home after work and he opened the door to see their pets [b "Hey there Nyxy. Have you been taking care of Ara?"] he asked, rubbing his head and then petting Queen as well.

[b "Ar?"] he called out, walking in with a small box of chocolates for her since she was starting to have some weird cravings. He sat on the couch and then he set them down, relaxing a bit. He was Kiyoshi's right hand still and now that they were more on the same page, it was easier to help influence the Yakuza.
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Ara pouted [b “Why would they pull on my hair. My hair is really nice.” ] Ara looked at her hair and realized, she did not want their baby pulling her hair out. But then thought about it [b “They won’t have good strength anyway I suppose.” ] She said.

Klara came in. Then they began to tell Klara the news. She heard Sylus gasp and Ara could see Klara got a kick out of their reaction. It amused her and the fact that it happened made her happy. But then things took for a serious turn. Ara quieted down once she spoke. She was worried about the outcome too.

Klara looked back at the two of them and didn’t know how they were going to do it. “I don’t know. It’s a crazy idea… You’d really have to keep it hidden and that’s going to be hard when Ara actually looks pregnant.”

Ara sighed and knew that she would really have to hide herself. [b “I’m going to get a year off. That way, I won’t really be seen.” ]
Klara didn’t think it was wise in any way “Best bet is making it seem like it’s not your kid. Make it look like it’s someone else’s.”
Ara frowned and she knew that would be the best option. She just didn’t want to hand their baby off to strangers and never see them again. She wanted to be part of their baby’s life still, even if she couldn’t be there twenty-four seven. Considering all the stuff that’s been done to her and Sylus, they didn’t even know how it would affect the baby.

Klara leaned in and looked at Ara again, her cheeks warm. “We’ll keep her safe. I’m not sure that I should bring her to the mission.” She didn’t want to put her at risk, especially since she was carrying.
[b “No, let me come. I will be able to protect myself too. If I feel it’s too dangerous, I’ll back off. I’m not risking myself either, I just… I can’t sit and do nothing. It’ll stress me out more.” ] Ara said and she had a list of things she wanted to do. She still had to meet up with someone. She still wanted to go out with Kai. She realized how much she’d miss Kai too when they’d leave. He had been a good friend.

Ara would eat her egg roll. Sylus held her hand beneath the table. She squeezed his hand and felt good to have him at her side. She’d take some salmon too. Klara would keep watching Ara just trying to digest it all, and then at Sylus. Trying to picture how they’d do this. She loved them both, and while this was too risky for her, she felt the need to help them.

“They’re going on fine…no real complication.” Klara said and just thought a bit more, “You two need help finishing this mission before Ara start showing. Or, are you okay with Kiyoshi, your mother and so knowing?”
Ara visibly looked uncomfortable at the thought of his family knowing. She didn’t know if she could trust them with something this big. Not from the woman who sold her kid.
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He knew that if anyone knew of their situation, they would think they were crazy. He understood that what they were about to do was something no one at the facility has ever done before while still being employed, but he loved Ara and this baby was like a second chance for them. He wanted nothing more than to support her and raise this baby together.

They finished cooking up the food and Sylus would start plating the fish. He poured a few bowls of the miso soup, talking with Ara about how having their little one around the kitchen would be like. [b "It would be. Then they'd probably try to eat everything they lay their eyes on, maybe even pull on our hair"] he chuckled and then he saw Klara enter.

He knew that Klara would keep a secret, but he also knew that she'd call them both crazy. He told her that they had some news, so once they sat her down, Sylus met her eyes and would gasp when she mentioned the threesome. [b "Yeah, ARa's right. She's pregnant"] he saw the shock in her eyes and he couldn't blame her. It was like they were purposefully entering the battlefield.

[b "We knew it's going to be hard and risky, but we are going to try and be as safe as possible. If you have any ideas too Klar, let us know"] he told her, laughing at the part about the food. [b "OF course we can, but Ara's safety is going to be really important. She can help you on your mission, but please keep an eye on her"] he told her, taking a seat and starting to eat the food they made.

Sylus ate some of the fish and then he sipped some of the soup. HE would meet ARa's eyes, holding her hand beneath the table. He saw Klara enjoying the food they made, making him smile. He was glad she wasn't going to give them a hard time about this. He decided with Ara that they were going to keep the baby, not they had to deal with everything else that came with it.

[b "Are your missions going okay Klar?"] he wondered, seeing that she looked okay and she was still herself. He hadn't been home in a while, so it was really a first in a while.
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[b “She will think we’re crazy and she’ll be right.” ] Ara said, knowing they had no room to actually have a baby. It was dangerous. They went into the kitchen and she’d work on making the rolled eggs. She’s known how to cook a long time ago, before even Sylus knew. Sometimes she’d bake and cook at the facility.

Ara talk about letting there baby sit on the counter. She had such a clear fun image in her head. She imagined a baby boy getting his hands messy. He’d be so cute and she’d give him lots of love. She day dreamt and wasn’t even concerned about the mess. It would be adorable. She knew it could easily be a girl and if it were, she would be so cute and pretty.

[b “It’ll be a cute mess.” ] Ara said. She did like that Sylus was super human enough to handle it. [b “That would be nice.” ] Ara said.

He finished cooking the fish. She wnet into helping with the miso soup. Klara came through the door and Ara saw her catching on to the pamphlets. She had left them there just because she was looking into them. Ara was’t so sure about telling her right away. Sylus took her hand and pulled her to seat. This felt like too much of a big announcement. Ara blushed, and didn’t think she could break this news.

“Did something bad happen?” Klara asked, sitting down with them. Ara was blushing. “Are we having another threesome?” She blurt out, teasing them since Ara was blushing.
Ara shook her head in disbelieve at what Klara said. Then Klara dropped her jokes when he mentioned doctor. She drew the connection, and looked at Ara. Sylus was looking at her and Ara couldn’t make the words come out of her mouth.
“You’re pregnant?” Klara said in a low tone.
[b “Yes…” ] Ara whispered.
Klara stared in shock. She stood quiet, trying to digest it. She knew what happened last time. “What…how? I’m not that surprised but weren’t you careful?”
[b “I may have made a mistake.” ] Ara said, now feeling pretty overwhelmed.
“What are you going to do?” Klara asked, looking at the two of them with concerned.

Ara glanced at Sylus, [b “Um…we are thinking about trying to have the baby.” ] It was weird saying it. [b “We know the risks. We’re trying to come up with a way we can do this safely.” ]
Klara stood still and not even sure what to say. She’d look at Ara and realized she didn’t look at it, so it couldn’t have been long. She sighed, “You’re both crazy…” She whispered and then said, “I’ll help you as much as I can. But… Can you still make me food too?” Klara asked and worried on how much time she’d get from them. She stood quiet again, not even sure how to process this. She’s only seen a baby from the distance.

Ara would then get up and plate the food, [b "Let's eat." ] Trying not to get too deep into it. She felt a bit embarassed telling her she was pregant.
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He knew that as long as him and Ara sat down and talked it out, they would be able to handle all of this together. They had each other after all, so she wouldn't be going through this alone.

The day was moving by too quickly and Sylus was feeling it all sink in. He still couldn't believe that ARa was pregnant again with their baby. They got another chance, sure it was under unfavorable circumstances, but at least they had each other to make sure it was okay.

[b "Yeah, we'll tell her. I don't know how she'll take it though. She might think we're crazy"] he scratched the back of his head and then he helped ARa up, going into the kitchen to work on making lunch. Sylus started the pan and he seasoned the fish, putting on some lemon and herbs, grilling it on the pan. He would look back to see ARa taking care of the eggs. She definitely got a lot better at cooking too.

[b "Oh boy. It's going to be a mess"] he chuckled and then he thought about all of the crying. He remembered Ori and how young the baby was [b "Probably not that much. But if you're tired, I can always take him or her"] he assured her.

Sylus finished cooking up the fish, cutting them up and then plating them with ARa's eggs and then he started on the miso soup. He heard the door and looked over at Klara, seeing that she caught onto the pamphlets. He heard Klara asking for ARa's assistance. Sylus knew it was still early on the pregnancy, but it was also crucial she didn't stress or get into danger. [b "Klara, we have something to tell you"] he held Ara's hand and then he sat at the table with her.

[b "We went to the doctors today and found out something"] he told her and would look at ARa, wondering if she wanted to tell the news or not. If she didn't, he'd tell Klara that she was pregnant, just because all of the hints were out there now.
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[b “We will find a way.” ] Ara said, knowing she could spent a lot of money to keep Sylus at her side. There pets came in. She felt that their pets were more than enough right now, but she couldn’t bare having an abortion because of what happened last time. She knew logically, that would be better though.

So much to think about…
[b “Okay, we’ll tell her.” ] Ara said, not concerned about Klara spilling the beans. Although she wasn’t sure how Klara would react either and maybe even try to convince her out of it. [b “I mean. I can protect myself pretty well too. I don’t think anyone will go after me after what you did last time…” ] She reminded what had happened yesterday.

Sylus turned on the TV. It was hard to pay attention to the TV when all of this was going on. She liked the sound of making lunch. She’d get up and went to the kitchen with him. She had been making meals lately so she was more the competent in cooking. [b “I like the sound of that.” ] Ara said and went to go grab the eggs. She’s made rolled eggs before, she felt like she had this handled. She’d grab green onion, cheese, and salt-just to add something more. She then thought about what it would be like to have a toddler while they were cooking.

[b “Or they can sit on the counter and help me mix a cake batter.” ] Ara beamed. She knew it would get messy but it would be so cute. She remembered that baby they met, Ori, he was so cute. Although…he did cry at one point. [b “I heard parents get no sleep with babies. You think we’ll get no sleep?” ] Ara asked. She knew Sylus wouldn’t be too bad with little too sleep-his body could withstand that. But hers… She felt his arms wrapping around her. She’d smile at him and le thim go grab the fish.

Ara would mix the egg mixture and then grabbed a rectangular pan. She’d put oil and make the egg roll for them.
Klara came through the door and crashed flat on the couch. “Are you guys here?” Klara called and then smelled the food. She’d look back, seeing them cooking. She got excited, “Mmm, my two favorite people cooking.” She’d say and then noticed pamphlets on the table. She’d curiously pick it up and thought she read it wrong. [b “Why do you have pamphlets about pregnancy?” Klara asked, frowning –wondering if it was related to a mission.
“Ara could you help me tomorrow afternoon? I need you to seduce someone. You’re just better at it. Minimal danger” Klara added and then would rise up and go the kitchen.

Ara looked back at Klara and smiled [b “Hey. Um…maybe,” ] Ara said, wondering if she even should put herself in any risk like that at all. Ara felt hypnotized by the smell. It all just smelled so good. She wasn't sure when she should bring it up.
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He nodded his head, wanting to be her guard mostly because he loved her and felt like no one could protect her better than he could. He wanted to always be the one protecting her. [b "I hope so. I want to be your guard for a long time"] he sat down with her, seeing Nyx slowly climb up onto his lap. Sylus stroked his back and they thought about a few things.

HE didn't want to leave their baby at all, but he knew they wouldn't be able to bring them on missions with them. He also wanted no harm to come to their little one. [b "We can tell her. IT'll be easier that way and more protection for you is something I'd like to have. She could also help us if I'm not there"] he told her, knowing that Klara was pretty good at keeping secrets anyway.

He faced the TV and tried to get his mind to relax, but it was all overwhelming. He still couldn't believe it. [b "Yeah, we can do this"] he held her hand, knowing she was probably stressed about all of this because she would be doing most of the work in carrying their baby, but Sylus would do all he could to make it as easy as possible.

Ara suggested working and then distracting herself. [b "You don't. Looks like we will be taking care of this little baby for the next few months. How about we make lunch together Love"] he slowly got up and then he went into the kitchen, looking through what they could make. [b "HOw about some grilled salmon, maybe some miso, and some rolled eggs?"] he suggested, knowing that was a pretty healthy meal. He thought about cooking with a little baby [b "Can you imagine our little on sitting in a high chair waiting for mommy and daddy to finish cooking?"] he chuckled and wrapped his arms around her, pulling the fish from the fridge.
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[b “Mmm, you already are. I hope he’d allow me to have you as my bodyguard for my break.” ] Even with Tanner it was on and off. She hoped to that least have him for majority of the time. She had another idea, it would just be very costly.

They were sitting down. Queen rested on Ara’s lap. There was a lot to think about and a lot to take in. [b “Before…we have to think about this before our baby is born.” ] She said, and it felt odd to say ‘baby’ and have it be nearly real. She knew she couldn’t stay with their baby every single day. It wasn’t realistic. She knew she would probably have to end up giving him to someone who could and that ached.

Ara noticed he felt even hesitate to tell Klara. [b “Should we not?” ] Ara asked, “Should only me and you know?” ] Ara asked, wanting his input. Less people knowing would be better. His arms were around her waist, he’d lean into her. She knew he was pretty excited to have a baby with her. And that had been there dream, it was just not at the right time. She was sure Sylus would have never imagined to have a kid growing up at the facility. [b “Okay…one step at a time.” ] She nodded. She watched Nyx hop onto Sylus lap. Sylus turned on the TV. She’d watch but kept too distracted. She’d go on her phone and do some research.

Afterall, she didn’t really know much. She had no idea how this went about. There was so much she needed to cover. She frowned seeing all the list of food she couldn’t eat. She pouted. She read about the effects of stress. The thought of being stressed made her stressed. She knew she shouldn’t get ahead of herself but she kept thinking about it. So many worries… Maybe working would help.

[b “Can we work?” ] Ara asked. She was laying on the sofa at this point. [b “I need to distract myself.” ] Ara said and then realized one positive out of this. [b “I guess I don’t have to take birth control anymore.” ] She’d then look down at herself and hoped she didn’t gain much weight, but she knew her boobs were going to get bigger. She wasn’t thrilled.

She’d look at the time [b “Or maybe…let’s make lunch together?” ] Ara asked and realized she couldn’t even eat raw fish anymore. [b “It would be nice to make lunch with a toddler too or cake.” ] Ara smiled to herself, trying to see the positive sides of this. She sighed, hoping they’d get to do that.
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He parked the car and when they headed home, he met her eyes and nodded [b "Yeah, I know. But maybe I can convince them that I'm your guard and should be staying with you"] he told her, reminding her that ultimately he would be her guard, so he'd be there for her.

Sylus stepped inside and carried Nyx, holding the pup in his arms as he smiled. He gave him a kiss and set him down once more, his eyes on Queen as he walked with her towards the couch to take a seat. [b "I know....but we can think about all of that when our baby is close to being born"] he didn't want to think about separating from their little baby, but at the same time, he knew that would be the safest bet.

He met Ara's lips and tried to figure out who to trust with this information. No one could ever know, especially her father. [b "Yeah. I'm sure Klara would be fine to tell"] he was a bit excited, but at the same time, there were risks and he knew he was conflicting what he wanted with what was best.

He wrapped his arm around her waist and leaned into her. [b "I want to take care of our baby as much as we can. It would be really hard to leave them with someone"] he let out a deep sigh and then he rubbed her arm. [b "One step at a time....we'll figure it out. Our top priority is making sure you're okay first"] he kissed her cheek again and then he felt Nyx hop onto his lap. He rubbed his back gently and then he reached for the remote, turning on the TV to relax their minds for now.
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They parked at their home. This was a lot to process. She held her eyes on him, and held his hand. [b “You don’t have much of a choice if they do.” ] Ara reminded. She wanted him to be safe. She did want him to be there with her every step. They’d step inside and Nyx came in. He pounced on Sylus. It made her smile to see Nyx excited to see them. She’d go to Queen, “Come here my queenie.” Ara would pick her up and give her kisses.

[b “I hope we can.” ] Ara softy spoke. She’d pet Queen and think about how she’d hate to put their baby in danger. [b “We can’t…keep them with us all the time. Sy, we may have to give them away.” ] She chocked up on the idea, of never seeing them. He came to her and held her. She did feel scared. She’d kiss him back.

Ara did trust Klara now. She very much doubted Klara would do anything to cause harm. She felt like she shouldn’t get herself so ahead, because it might not even happen. [b “She won’t talk. And…like I told you before, I’m not spending all day at home. I can’t.” ] Ara said and realized there was so much to think about. She knew she could take months off, but where would they go? This was going to be expensive…

She’d sit on the sofa and release a sigh. This was too much. Hearing him talk about it…she could tell he was excited. [b “Sy…please…don’t get attached yet. It might not happen. It’s probably been only been a few weeks.” ] She said and rested her head onto his shoulder. She was scared-period. Even cutting out all the deathly worries, she did not hear good things about being pregnant. She’d hold his hand anad wondering what they would do.

[b “If this happens, I’ll take a year break, but only once it’s been over four months. I need to work until then.” ] She said. [b “We need to find someone to take care of them afterwards.” ] She said and then shook her head, [b “Actually…I don’t want to plan anything until it’s over three months”] She said, hating that she’d plan all of this and it ending horribly.

[b “Okay?”] Ara asked, looking at his eyes. Queen would snuggle onto her lap and look at her waiting to be petted. So she petted her. Thinking maybe one day if they could have this baby they could play with Queen and Nyx.
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He knew that having another baby was going to be really difficult. How would they take care of such a small baby when their lives were filled with danger. They did dangerous mission, met dangerous people, and someone was always after ARa. He needed to keep her safe. There was also the miscarriage....he didn't want to have her go through that again. She broke down and it ended their relationship.

He hugged her closed and he promised that he would always be there for her. There was nothing in the way of that and if they tried to pull him away, he wouldn't sit there and take it. Ara was his world and their baby would soon fit in that box as long as they made it through.

He drove her home and when he parked the car, he heard her and met her eyes [b "They can try, but I won't budge. I'm not making the same mistake ARa. I'm going to stay beside you every step of the way"] he promised her, seeing her rosy cheeks burn. [b "I'll be here"] he held her hand and then led her inside the house.

Nyx came over as he pounced on Sylus' legs. He rubbed his head and then he sighed a bit. He knew he couldn't keep Ara in this house forever. She'd go crazy. She also needed to be able to do what she wanted [b "We'll make it work somehow"] he told her, thinking about what would happen when they went on dangerous missions. It would be better to keep the baby somewhere safe at all times.

[b "I don't either. I want our baby to be with us all the time....but it'll be dangerous"] he kept her in his arms, holding her and assuring her that they needed to move one step at a time, not thinking all at once. [b "We'll take it easy"] he kissed her and then he felt her warm lips against his cheek.

[b "We can tell Klara, but we have to make sure she keeps her mouth shut. She could also help protect you and keep you company on her days off. I'm sure it would be better that way"] he wanted Ara to be well taken care of. [b "I want you to be comfortable"] he kissed her cheek and then he led her to the couch, taking a seat beside her.

[b "I still can't believe it. You and I are going to have a baby....a little boy or girl with your pretty face and my eyes, or vice versa"] he hugged ARa, knowing it'd be tough, but they both wanted their baby to make it.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 8d 15h 50m 41s
She felt the anxiety of what happened last time bit by bit. She didn’t want that to happen again. She was so broken and it took nearly two years to recover and it still hurt when she got into it. Sylus hugged her. She was glad he was hear. He was there at the start before he got pulled away…and then he was gone. She felt scared thinking maybe the same thing would happen. What if he got pulled away from her? What if she made some stupid mistake.

Tey sat in the car. She felt overwhelmed. She didn’t know what would happen, if this pregnancy would last. If she’d le the stress get too much or he rbody just couldn’t. She’d met his eyes again for a moment and then looked ahead. [b “Yes you are… but what if they pull you away from me.” ] She said, and then looked at him again when he said he wanted their baby.

She blushed a bit. [b “I need you to keep staying with me…okay?” ] Ara said, but knowing he couldn’t really make that promise. She wanted to trust him and she believed that he would really try. Ara nodded to him.

Ara hated the idea of just staying home, and waiting for him. She never seen herself like that. That’s why she’s been going out while he wasn’t home, and would still work. [b “Wait…” ] Ara frowned [b “I can’t just stay home all day alone. I still want to go out and work.” ] Ara mentioned. At least while she could.

[b “Mmm… I just don’t know what it’ll be. I don’t want to give our baby to strangers.” ] She clarified. She didn’t think she could bare it, even if that may be the best choice. If her father wasn’t so crazy, she could easily have kept their baby at home. She couldn’t believe she was already thinking about this. It was too soon. She didn’t want to get emotionally attached yet.
She thought it was sweet that he was thinking of all of these things. She’d smile at him, [b “I’m safe here Sy. This house is really well protected. Only Kai knows where we live.” ]

She saw their home coming up. She still couldn’t take in all the news. She stepped out and would take his hand too. His arms wrapped around her waist once they were inside. She’d met his eyes. Ara wrapped her arms around him. Ara nodded. He was right. “One step at a time…okay.” Ara said, and got a kiss on her forehead. She smiled gently to him. She decided she should take it one step at a time, solve one problem at a time. She’d lean up and kiss his lips. Her cheeks felt warm thinking about actually having a baby with him. It was…still really scary though. And she was sure she’d melt down when it finally hit.

[b “Ahmm…should we tell Klara?” ] Ara asked, wondering if that would be a good idea.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 8d 16h 15m 40s

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