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Sylus felt a little down when Tanner said that he wasnt Joseph. He didnt mean to replacing anyone and he didnt want to replace anyone. Apparently if he hung out with her and Tanner then he would be? He didnt know what the problem was, but if it was better for them to just not hang out with him at all, he'd accept that as well. After all they did have a mission today and it would be nice to just forget about it and have fun, but he did need to focus since it was his first mission.

Sylus explained the first memory he had of Ara, seeing her in his memory bringing a smile to his face when all he wanted was a birthday gift from his own mother. He was such an innocent child back then and he didnt even know what he was getting himself into. Now that he was twenty one, he's suffered through so much and had a different out look on life. Still, he was able to make it through thanks to that lollipop on his first day.

He ended up talking with Tanner about all of their first memories as they walked to the beach. He listened to his story and smiled at the thought of Joseph being his best friend. But of course when he mentioned him trying to escape with Ara, he just frowned at the thought, those two must have been close if Ara was going to try and break him out. She never really wanted anyone to escape anymore and he figured that was why. [b "Oh. Im sorry for your loss guys"] he noticed ARa didnt seem like talking about it, so he moved on and took a step on the sand.

Sylus removed his shoes and just relaxed on the sand for a while, looking up at Ara as well. She did look pretty with the wind and then when she faced them and laughed. It was no surprise to hear that from Tanner, but he just kept his mouth shut and decided to take a swim as well. Sylus stood up and pulled off his shirt, stretching out his arms as he felt the warm sun heat up his pale skin. When he took off his shorts, he had some swim trunks beneath and then he walked towards the water beside her [b "I can show you how to swim if you still want"] he smiled and then he stepped into the water, seeing waves crash in as he hurried and dived in, feeling the coldness surround him. IT felt so good that he just laid in the water for a while.
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[Cabin [center Replace him. Why would she think of replacing him? He could never be replaced. All she wanted was them to become good friends. Hopefully it worked that way. If it didn't, well then she'd just be friends with them separately then. But it wasn't because she wanted to replace him. She couldn't even if she tried. It wasn't something she wanted to talk about either. She didn't want Tanner to be talking about him and have Sylus have questions about who this person was. It was still a big hole in her and it hurt her to talk about it. ]]
[Cabin [center Hanging out with the three of them seemed like it would be fun. Maybe a little awkward first because they just met each other but maybe they'd still be friends. It was hard to keep friends here but they were still nice to have, rather than be entirely alone. It was better to have a support than no support at all. She's tried to lock herself entirely from others but it just pushed her further and further into misery. ]]
[Cabin [center Ara smiled a little thinking about that lollipop she gave him. She was glad that she gave him a good memory. She wanted to be the one that made someone's life a little better, not worse, not end it. If only she could just do that. She didn't really want them talking about this but she wasn't in control here. ]]
[Cabin [center "[i I met her when I was nine, she was seven at that age too. I and Joseph roomed together than. We were just told our other two roommates weren't going to be with us anymore. We were both upset, and Ara crossed our room with cards and a pack of chips. We played gold fish for hours. ]" Tanner laughed a little but then his laughed died remembering Joseph wasn't here before. His expression tightened. "[i Um... Joseph was my best friend. Ara and him were really close in case you're wondering. He died, trying to escape with Ara.]" ]]
[Cabin [center Ara kept her eyes at the ground as they walked. She really was hoping he wouldn't mention it. It made her throat lock up. She cleared her throat and fit a smile, "[b We're getting closer to the beach.]" Hoping to move past that discussion and move onto something completely far from it. They got there and it was nice to see people living their life and also a little upsetting but, still, they could be normal for a while here. ]]
[Cabin [center "[b Because they are,]" She said and felt the breeze against her skin, watching the water. She took off her sandals to feel the sand beneath her feet. She walked closer to shore to dip her feet in. She stretched her arms "[b It's so pretty today.]" Tanner was standing behind and was smiling looking at her. Ara was really attractive to him. ]]
[Cabin [center "[i You're pretty.]" ]]
[Cabin [center Ara laughed and looked back at them, "[b You boys can go for a swim if you like. I'm not going in but don't let me stop you.]" ]]
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No matter what happened, Sylus didnt want to return home failing their mission. He didnt want to be seen as an even lower test subject than he had before. He remembered Ara telling him that he had three weeks left to improve, so he was going to. He wanted to be back on top so that he could graduate early and start living the dream life that he wanted. All they had to do was figure out a way to all work together with just four people in order to make this mission successful. Who knows, maybe if they found out only four people had this mission completed, maybe they'd get rewarded.

Still, even Sylus was worried about what would happen today and he just hoped he kept a good mental focus and just forget about all of their problems. He didnt want anything else happening to ruin the mission and he sure didnt want Brook, Sheila, or even Trent to lose their lives when they didnt need to.

When Sylus joined in and decided on what they were going to do, he smiled at the idea, suggesting the beach and then smiling because Sylus really did love the water. It was one place where he could relax and work out at the same time. He was thinking about the sun and the sand and knew that he's never really been there before, and just passing by it made him want to go. His eyes glanced at Ara and nodded to the idea when he heard Tanner in the background.

He wondered who Joseph was, remembering that name being somewhat familiar. Was he someone important to both of them? Maybe they passed away, but Sylus just decided to shrug and just hoped that if they both wanted to spend time with him, then maybe they'd get along. So far it seemed like the two had more memories together than he had with Ara.

Sylus walked towards his room and grabbed his camera, he then followed the two out onto the street, following behind Ara as he heard Tanner's question. [b "I've known her since I was seven. The first day I came in...I remember her giving me a lollipop"] he smiled, wondering if he knew her much longer than that [b "How did you two meet. You guys seem like best friends"] he told them, holding his camera up to the sky, taking a picture of the clouds and the beautiful scenery. He wanted to remember this when he went back home.

Soon enough, he felt his feet hit the sand and when Sylus saw the water and heard the crashing of the waves, he smiled. It looked like so much fun. There were people swimming, surfing, riding the waves and even fishing. He's never seen people having so much fun before, all in one place. Usually the people around him always didnt seem like they had any fun at all. Most of them looked like they were suffering. [b "Wow, they look like they're having fun"] he took a picture and then he buried his feet in the sand, amazed at such a lively place.
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[Cabin [center Setting aside the mission, she wanted to spend time with the three of them. Before who knew what would happen. But she knew it would look really bad if she failed. Missions were never failed. Not when loads of money and advancement was made on these kids for years to grow into soldiers were spend to make sure they didn't fail. Still, there was no reason to dwell on it for hours to make sure everyone knew what they were doing. She felt like it was pretty clear to them that screw ups weren't an option. That was a strong motivation not to fail and get it right. ]]
[Cabin [center Obviously, there would be things that she won't expect this afternoon. That was pretty certain. Nothing went exactly the way it was expected it to go but they were trained to handle situations. She knew pretty well herself. She wasn't a fighter but she could use her words. Sometimes words were just enough. All that had to be done was reading into a person, and discovering what they liked and what they would sympathise with, or some cases, have one strong thing in common. She was pretty good at getting people to trust her, getting them to spill their Intel. It was when they discovered what a lie it was that it was impossible to deceive. ]]

[Cabin [center "[b The beach sounds nice. We can just walk around the shore.]" but there was no way she was stepping anywhere near the water. Just walking along the shore was okay. Safe. Not anywhere near the water where she could drown in. "[b We can even get ice cream, eat at a restaurant for lunch by the beach and then head back to the hotel to get dressed. What do you think?]" She really did want to spend time with the two of them. Before it used to be Joseph and Tanner. Even before that there used to be more. It just kept decreasing with each year. ]]

[Cabin [center "[i Ara. He isn't Joseph,]" Tanner muttered. He felt as if she just replaced his best friend and fit him Sylus in to relive it. It made him upset. He didn't want his best friend to be replaced by someone he barely even knew. Obviously, Ara knew him for a really long time. But he didn't. ]]

[Cabin [center Ara stared back at Tanner for a moment. "[b I know that. Only the three of us are available right now, and we should have fun. I'd invite Daniel but he's busy. Do you want to go or not?]" ]]
[Cabin [center "[i Yea. I do. ]" Tanner shrugged. ]]
[Cabin [center "[b Okay. Then let's go. ]" She smiled, and got up, and grabbed her hand bag. "[b Don't forget to bring your camera.]" Ara looked over at Sylus and lead the way out of the hotel. On the way she met the two people that were going to watch those three until they finished the mission. She told them to get Daniel to meet at the beach if he wanted to come along. ]]

[Cabin [center She lead the way, past other buildings, taking her own time to walk knowing that none of them have actually been here before. "[i So, Sylus. How exactly long do you two know each other? I forget that you have other friends Ara.]" ]]
[Cabin [center "[b Well, it's a good thing you two meet. You both mean more to me than most of my friends.]" She didn't want to push them, but she hoped that they could all be friends. ]]
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With Trent being adamant about his decision, Sylus knew that there was only one option. They had to succeed on this mission with just four people and he really did believe that they could do it. All they needed to do was understand the plan perfectly and if everyone could do an amazing job, then they could manage somehow. Even he didnt want Sheila and Brook to wind up in a mess that didnt have a guarantee. All they could really see right now was that an escape was right before their eyes.

Sylus could see the escape too, but he didnt see the guarantee. He wanted to make sure that it was possible without too many consequences before deciding on something. It didnt seem like it was a perfect escape, but at the same time, he understood what Trent wanted. Sylus on the other hand just wanted to be free. Maybe like Tanner was, but more free than that. IF he could, he didnt really want to be stationed back at the facility. He wanted to be out in the world....but maybe a position like Tanner's wasnt too bad.

He didnt want to make a mistake throughout this mission. He knew that if he went home, he'd be severely punished, but no one would care. They healed fast and if they was just another reminder. His mind shook out of his thoughts when Ara spoke about keeping the key with him. [b "Okay I got it"] he told them, seeing Daniel head out to keep Sheila and Brook in his room.

WHen they were through with the briefing, Sylus just looked up at the two, wondering what they could do. He knew that Tanner probably wished it was just the two of them, but he didnt mind. He didnt want to cause Ara any problems, or have either one of them falling for each other again.

[b "Well...what's there to do in Dubai? Maybe we can see that huge building that we passed by earlier...or we can relax at the beach, The water looked really nice....I dont really know what to do, I havent been out that much before"] he admitted, wondering what the two wanted.
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[Cabin [center With no option left, it had be to cut down to four people. As long as she wanted to keep the three of them alive, she had to. She had to admit it was selfish wanting to put others in danger for their own escape. She could see that was all Trent cared about. It was a delusional fantasy that would cost people their life. They would probably despise her after sending them back to the facility with no chance of escape but well, she had no real choice. This was the best plan she had that involved everyone alive-as long as they did well on this mission. ]]
[Cabin [center It frightened her to think of feeling those lashes on her back again. She didn't want it, and she desperately didn't want to fail. Not wanting failing effect Sylus. Tanner would be okay, she knew he would but he would get hurt for it. They used fear to make sure they didn't fail and it worked. Failing at something like this, a large mission with a low difficulty would bring trouble. ]]
[Cabin [center "[b. No once you have the key, you keep it with you. Eventually people will leave, or be knocked out. If not, I know another way to knock everyone there. Daniel and Trent will arrive with the truck. Then we use the key to unlock where they keep the drugs and help them put it in the truck. Then you and I, go back to the hotel, meet them their take the next flight back. ]" And then...everything should be okay. It would be okay. All of them would be alive. If nothing went wrong... She inhaled a deep breath and let it out. ]]
[Cabin [center "[b We got a couple of hours till then. Daniel. I need you to call Sheila and Brook into your room. Stay there until two others come and they'll stand watch there for a while.]" ]]
[Cabin [center Daniel raised an eyebrow. He wondered why were they be putting them on lock down but he wasn't the one to question anything. Not when asking questions brought problems. He only gave a nod and that was that. He got up and walked off to do as he was told. ]]
[Cabin [center Ara looked at Tanner and Sylus and smiled, "[b So what do you boys want to do before we go on a mission? The three of us.]" She thought that maybe they could all be close friends. It wasn't like she was really looking for a relationship anyway. Not until, and if she could fix what her father did. ]]
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It didnt matter to them if it didnt work out or not. An escape was an escape and as long as Trent had his mind set to it, he was going to make sure that he executed his plan perfectly, even if he did have to tell Sheila and Brook to stay because he honestly just wanted his own life saved if Ara was putting up all of these things to prevent them from leaving. He didnt want that and the more she butt into his plan, the more he felt like she just wanted him back home.

In his room, he looked up at Ara, wondering what they were going to do now. He knew that the three of them were probably not going to be involved in this plan anymore, but at least she thought of a way to keep them alive and to keep them safe. He didnt want them to die either. Sylus just followed her out to the living room, changing into some shorts and a v neck shirt as he walked towards the couch, taking a seat.

When everyone arrived, he glanced up at them, seeing that this was going to be their team now. THey had to make this mission successful otherwise they'd probably go home and get punished and Sylus didnt want that at all. HIs eyes looked over at Tanner and Daniel and figured if they were so experienced, maybe they had a shot at this.

[b "Okay, sounds good. So just to be clear, once I have the key, will I just hand it off to Tanner or go find Daniel so they could unlock the vault and stock up on the drugs?"] We wasnt exactly sure on that part, but it seemed like they had all of the positions filled. There was going to be no distraction for security, but at least they'd be able to get the key with Ara.
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[Cabin [center It didn’t matter if they wanted to escape or not. What was done was done and she had someone to have them watched the moment they arrived here. They wouldn’t have a single chance to escape. She didn’t want anyone to be risking their life for something that wouldn’t even work. One day, she knew one day she would be able to stop all this or if not stop it, change it so that no one would have to die and no one knew would have to come in. Kids were still coming in, and it always bothered her. She couldn’t stop into the other facility because she couldn’t bear to see them hurt and scared. Still, once and while she made herself go, knowing just a bit of help would make them want to survive and not throw it out the window. There had been others that would take their own life from all of it. She really couldn’t stand anymore of this and she needed to make a change. ]]
[Cabin [center She understood wanting to escape but at the same time, she would never attempt to again. She’d tell them that she was looking for a way to end it all but that was giving hope to something that may not even happen. She just needed more authority, more people on her side to fight for her and take over this damn place. But secretly. She needed to do this without being noticed. ]]
[Cabin [center Ara stepped back into his room and sat at the edge of his bed, looking back at him, smiling hearing that it was great. “[b Glad to hear.]” But then he mentioned what the plan was. She sighed hearing his questions and just shook her head. “[b They won’t change their mind until they try it. And trying once can get you killed, so… I got a better option for now. A way that they’ll be able to live and not get in trouble but, that does mean we do have to pull their weight on this mission. ]” Which meant this would be harder and less security for her. But, she should be fine. No one would really think about harming her. They wouldn’t expect she was who she was, and so, she didn’t really need the protection. ]]
[Cabin [center “[b I need to go check if Tanner is awake. Let’s go the living room. I’ll call Daniel and we can all talk about the new plan. But…don’t tell Daniel about them trying to escape. He will call it in.]” There was no doubt in that. Daniel would for the sake of protecting someone else. ]]
[Cabin [center She got up, let out a yawn and head into her room first to change into a pair of light blue skinny jeans and a nice dark purple top. She knocked on Tanner’s door and when he didn’t answer she took a peak and saw him changing his shirt. She opened the door for him and he gave a hug. “[i Morning.]” She pulled a little back and he looked back at her with confusion. She didn’t want anyone to think she was with him, and didn’t want him to think that. ]]
[Cabin [center “[b Plans have changed. We need to all talk about the new plan.]” ]]
[Cabin [center He nodded and went into the living room with her. She gave him his plate of breakfast and then called Daniel’s room and Trent picked up of course. So, she got him to pass it to Daniel. Daniel was coming in and once they were all there, she sat down and began. ]]
[Cabin [center “[b We’re down to four people now. The other three are out. So, Tanner you’ll have to pick up Trent’s load. Daniel, stick to the same thing. Sylus, I’ll pass the key to you when I grab it-maybe William has it on him. If he doesn’t. I’ll be distraction and I’ll send you to find the key yourself. Anything you’re not clear of, ask.]” Well, they would just have to do with four people. It’s not like they couldn’t. Four people was enough. Some mission was only with two, sometimes they were solo. ]]
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Everyday may have been hell for them here in this place, but Sylus believed that the day would come when he would be able to leave, be able to stay at his own place, do whatever he wanted, discover what living life as a normal person was, maybe even find someone special to him. That would be the start of a good life and everyday just thinking about it was what made him want it so badly.

His eyes looked up at Ara, seeing her speaking to Trent, wanting him to listen so no one had to risk being killed, but he seemed so adamant about everything. He was so focused on escaping that Sylus couldnt even blame him. If an escape was assured, why not, even if there was a slight chance, he knew they'd go for it. They'd never get another opportunity like this again probably.

Trent just listened to her, but his mind was so set on escaping that all of that didnt matter. He didnt force Sheila or Brook to join him, they just knew the risks and still wanted to take it. Even if Ara didnt believe they'd make it, he still was going to try because once he returned home, he knew they'd never let him out again. He still was going to plan his escape. To him there were no problems at all. He could get the chip removed and hide away just like he planned. He knew he could do it.

Back in their hotel room, Sylus sat at the edge of his bed, thinking about how their first mission would go. He wanted to do his best, to do a great job so they would take him off the 'to be killed list.' He didnt want any part in that and he sure didnt want Ara to be the one killing him again. He just sat there thinking about how she was going to handle this. Would she really send them home? He didnt know, but when his door opened, he glanced up at her and just kept his eyes on the ground. He nodded [b "It was great. Better than anything I've had at the facility"] he smiled weakly and thought about the mission with them four. [b "So what's our new plan? Are you really just going to send them off? Maybe we can convince Sheila and Brook to not go?"] he suggested, thinking about other options they had. He did want to complete the mission with all of them, but he knew Trent wasnt going to finish it no matter what.
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[Cabin [center As if she didn't know what it was like to want to escape so badly that going back wasn't an option. To believe it was a possible outcome and death would be better. But she's learned a worse outcome than death. It was still a fresh wound to have Joseph die, but also at her own hands. It wasn't worth it. It made her wonder how selfish could she have been to attempt to escape with him. Only because she wanted it so badly that she didn't think about how he could really die. She would rather live every single day of this hell if she had him still here. At least they'd be alive in this hell together. ]]
[Cabin [center It always was a struggle to breath when her mind lurked through memories and what she had dreamt of. Escaping...finding a cozy space and in isolation to prevent being found and living life in ignorance of whatever else was going on. She couldn't do that anymore either way. She wouldn't be able to ignore what her dad was doing or runaway from it. If she was offered even a hundred percent chance of escape, she wouldn't. Out of what happened to so many, she felt responsibility to stop this. ]]
[Cabin [center They assumed that they'd make it, no doubt. They didn't. And she knew Trent wouldn't either. His plan wasn't good enough. "[b You think going back to facility is the worst thing that can happen but you're wrong. You're not going to make it alive. I know it. You're not just sending yourself to certain death, but you'll have to face the fact that if it goes all wrong, Sheila and Brook will be die because of you. One day, maybe you won't have to run, if I get more help to putting this to a stop. But. Do what you want, as long as it's an hour after the mission begins.]" ]]
[Cabin [center She stepped away and head up to the suite, she sat down at the living room couch for a moment, feeling a familiar ache. Never, not ever again would she put someone through the stuff Joseph went through. She didn't want to ever love someone the way she loved him because she didn't want to make stupid choices that would get them in so much trouble that would mean losing them. She pressed her lips together tightly. She sure hell didn't want to put Sylus through it. ]]
[Cabin [center She cleared her throat, trying to clear the ache in her chest. A new idea came to mind. She pulled her phone out and called two people that were stationed here to keep Brook, Sheila and Tanner all in one hotel room and under careful watch until the mission was over and they would all go take the plane at all the same time. She knew that the people she called wouldn't sell them out. They liked her more than her dad and would do whatever they could to help someone like them. ]]
[Cabin [center There was no time to be thinking about stuff in the past, but her heart sure wasn't listening. It hurt. It hurt so bad that she lived in fear of something like that would happen again. She shut her eyes for a moment, letting out a sigh and then decided that in an hour she should get Daniel over here so they could discuss a new plan that involved four people. ]]
[Cabin [center Oh. She forgot. She was supposed to go back to Sylus right now. She got up and headed into his room and saw him sitting at the edge of the bed. She sat beside him and smiled. "[b All handled. They won't be able to send themselves out into death. it looks like it'll just be us four. ]" She looked at his empty plate at the side, "[b Enjoy the breakfast?]" She was holding herself up but when it came to remembering her attempt to escape and Joseph, it was always harder. ]]
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Even Sylus understood that even if they did manage to escape on this trip, they'd just be after them until they were able to find them and kill them. They couldnt have their experiments running around the world and that wasnt a life worth living if someone was always out to get you. He decided to listen to Ara because she really did know how the authorities thought and getting out would be the safest if she led them out somehow. He understood that she knew a lot of the background that he didnt know.

Trent was waiting at the door to see if she could stop them. He was going to go no matter what because he was closer to freedom than he ever was before. Honestly he just had to run out that door, remove the kill switch and stay a hermit, but at least it'd be better than going back to that facility and treated like nothing but a pet.

He was getting convinced when she said she's killed everyone she cared about. If she was able to do that...she could easily kill him, but she wasnt. Why did she want to go through all of this just for a mission. Why couldnt she just escape too. Trent was looking irritated that she was going to pull the kill switch on them. Would she really? He doubted it. She wouldnt do it if she wasnt ordered to and that was a chance he was willing to take. [i "Fine. Do whatever you want, but Im not going back to that facility. Im already here and now is my chance. I cant stand another day in that living hell"] he told her as she left. An hour when the mission started. He figured he could get that done. Even if it was just him and no Sheila or Brook.

Sylus watched Ara head back and he quickly used the fire escape to make it back to his room. He couldnt believe that she really was going to kill them with the kill switch! WHy didnt they just listen.He sighed and just sat at the edge of the bed, deciding that this was all on her authority. Maybe it was best if he just let her take charge, but he did want to know if she really was going to kill them. If Ara was able to kill someone she loved...and her friends....she could be able to if she wanted.
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[Cabin [center Ara was aware she had to make them stop attempting to escape, weather that meant using methods she didn't agree with or not. She didn't want to be their enemy but if she had to play as one so that they didn't do something so stupid, then so be it. She came knocking on Trent's door and eventually he came to it. She had one goal in mind and she wouldn't fail at this. She couldn't. If he was going to be stubborn about leaving, then she would have to step it up. The way he told her only sounded like the beginning of a plan, not the rest. The rest were empty and right after they would get caught. The may be willing to risk it but she wasn't. ]]
[Cabin [center "[b They will find you. Changing your identity is not going to fool them. What they want is an actual escape, not dying. ]" If they weren't going to listen, than she would use the other way and that was sending them back with escorts. And get someone else stationed here to help them out. ]]
[Cabin [center She raised a brow when he talked about not doing it. "[b So now all the sudden you believe I have a heart and that I won't do it? I'm sorry you're mistaken Trent but I follow orders. And my orders are to get rid of anyone falling out of line. I've killed my friends, the person that I loved. What makes you think that you're special that I won't get rid of you? Especially if you're threatening two people on this mission that I care about more because of a stupid attempt to escape.]" But he was right, she wouldn't kill him. She wasn't capable of killing someone if she wasn't getting a straight direct order to get rid of them. Still, she wanted him to believe that she would kill him anyway. ]]
[Cabin [center "[b And no. I don't need you. You got no leverage here. But out of a little bit of kindness. I'll give you an hour ahead start as soon as the mission officially begins, before I notify them that you're escaping. If you go any earlier, I'll use the kill switch on all three of you. Understood?]" Oh hell no did she plan on giving them a head start at all. She just wanted to keep them in this hotel until someone could arrive here and escort them back to the facility. As soon as she left this room, and head back to the suite she would give a call and make sure they were going to be escorted back to the facility and make some notes or find her away around it so that they didn't know that they were attempting to escape and just that she needed less people to do this after all. ]]
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Sylus had always wanted to leave the facility the minute that Ara showed him what a beautiful place the outside world was. To be able to see grass, feel the heat of the sun, feel a natural breeze in the air, it was so fresh, uplifting and new. The facility was like a cage to him now, nothing but the smell of disinfectant, sweat, and dirt. He felt trapped like he was in a birdcage, waiting for the owner to release him into the wild. It was a lie to say that he didnt want to escape. He truly did, just not the way Trent was planning.

He listened to her explain how difficult it was and he only believed her. They had eyes on them everywhere. If it wasnt the kill switch, it was your face, your only passport, your surroundings. They had people everywhere watching, it was going to be difficult either way. At least when he graduated, he'd have some freedom, he just had to check in once in a while, but he would be able to be free enough to be with someone and explore the world wouldnt he?

He followed Ara towards Trent's room, looking to see her speaking with him about not going. The conversation didnt look like it was going anywhere at all. Trent was adamant about his decision already. Trent just tried to tell her that it was going to work and it was fully thought out. [i "That's if they find me. By tomorrow Trent will be no more and Im going to change my identity. You cant change Sheila and Brook's mind. They want a chance to escape. Who do you think came to me when they heard about the possibility. I didnt have to do a thing"] he told her, shaking his head a bit as he heard her threat.

[i "If you want to pull the kill switch on me, go ahead. I know you wont do it ARa. You're only going to kill someone if you're forced to...but right now you need us on this mission. You cant harm a single hair on my body"] he told her, crossing his arms as he listened to whatever else she had to say. No matter what he was going to escape tomorrow, with or without Sheila and Brook, but he knew they'd come.
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[Cabin [center She couldn't blame him even if he thought about wanting to leave. She had wanted it, always wanted it but she's learned and she knew that was nearly impossible to get out alive. It wasn't easy to stay hidden, even without the kill switch. She figured a lot of them really didn't have a clue as to how easy it was for them to be caught. She didn't want anyone dead. This mission would go well if no one attempted to do something stupid that would head horribly. She knew because she tried. ]]
[Cabin [center "[b It would be nice to be free. But even if some miracle you could get out, there is no way you could really be free because they would always be after you. I know it, because I've tried it. And it only got them killed.]" She hoped that he would understand that escaping wasn't going to end well. And it didn't mean freedom either. It just meant being away from the company and avoiding them until growing too exhausted from avoiding them and eventually being killed. She didn't wish that on anyone. ]]
[Cabin [center Ara got up soon enough and head to Trent's room. She had to set things straight and make sure that he didn't follow through it. Daniel head away and now it was just her and Trent. She needed him to stop his plan. Boyfriend? Why did everyone always assume. ]]
[Cabin [center She stared back at him, seeing him narrow her eyes at her as he spoke her plan. Well, at least she knew all of it now. He really did have someone to help him out, huh? Just because they got rid of those kill chips, didn't mean they'd get that far. "[b Well sorry to say but I'm not making the same sacrifice so you can attempt to escape, which you will fail. I know it because you can remove the chip or whatever you want but you'll still be found and killed. I'm not risking Tanner, Sylus or Daniel for the three of you. Drop the plan Trent. I have the power over you not the other way around. But if you're so desperate to go than, fine. You can go, but you're going alone and leave Sheila and Brook behind. ]" A loss of one person wasn't as big as three. ]]
[Cabin [center Ara was trying to appear like she really did hold power over him. She didn't really have a weapon or leverage of a real kill switch to threaten him with but, maybe he would believe she did. And if he believed it, that was enough. ]]
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 4y 346d 21h 25m 35s
Sylus didnt know how great their plan was to escape, but he did figure that maybe if Trent planned this a long time ago and if they did have someone to remove the kill switch, maybe they did have a shot. No kill switch meant the possibility of being unseen. Being able to just escape the radar and the people in charge wont have the chance to kill them. It was perfect as long as it went through.

His eyes watched Ara, knowing full well that she wanted to save as many people as she could, but he doubted that Trent would want to go back tot he facility than be out here. He was sure that they'd want to stay where they were now or they'd never get another chance again. Even if they decided to go back, Ara could explain they tried to escape and then they'd be under careful watch.

She didnt care if he was to blame or not, but it was just an attempt to get her to not go talk to them. He knew that she wanted the mission to be a success and if they didnt have was it going to be a success? The more she spoke, the more horrible it sounded if they tried to escape. Maybe he should let her go. [b "I wasnt going to go. I was just thinking it would be nice to be free though"] he told her, seeing her leave the room. He didnt want her to get hurt, so Sylus stood up and decided to follow her towards Trent's room.

He made sure she didnt see him as he waited down the hall. He saw Trent head out, looking irritated. [i "'s early....I just got beat up by your boyfriend last night what more do you want from me. When she talked about an escape, he didnt know how she found out at all, but she had to be telling the truth if she was bringing the kill switch into this. [i "Okay okay. We have a plan to escape, but we're not changing it. We're going through with it no matter what. It'll work because I know a guy that can remove the kill switch. We'll stay within radar until he's able to remove it one by one. When that happens, we're going to ditch our posts and head to their hideout. They wont track us down, but the mission wont go so well. That's the sacrifice IM making to make sure Brook and Sheila get out with me. We're going to make it and you better not stop us"] he told her, narrowing his eyes as he shook his head.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 4y 347d 4h 17m 29s

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