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[Cabin [center Ara kept to herself. All the time. If they didn't get to really know her they couldn't be that attached to her, right? Well, she hoped it worked that way. Not that they could in some of the small amount of time some of them were given. ]]
[Cabin [center When it came to being in the top, she hadn't seen Sylus really waver and it concerned her seeing him fall. Maybe they wouldn't take it as a big deal that he was swaying because he's been doing so well before. She knew that they would at least give him a month before making any decision. If he didn't improve, or something else was seen about him that wasn't what they wanted then she knew what would happen. She didn't think she had to worry about it. She never worried that he would be cut out because he was so strong. ]]
[Cabin [center It looked like he was having fun in the water and she was glad to be the one to see him have fun. There was no fun time in that facility, so it made her feel good to be the one to bring him out here and enjoy the weather with her. Sure, she saw the scars and plenty of other things and all the boys here had it but she hardly even noticed them at all since she was so used to seeing it on them. They were all really fit, they had to be. She didn't think she would last what they were going through. ]]
[Cabin [center Her cheeks lit up when she spotted her dress lifting up and saw him avert his eyes right away. At least he was nice enough to look away. She felt embarrassed and did her best to hold it down. But then she was noticing other things, like his boxers. Well... She glanced the other way and heard him suggest teaching her. She found it cute that he suggested teaching her sometime. She smiled back at him, watching him and was starting to see something in him she hadn't seen before. She nodded, "[b Uh hmm... That might be fun. ]" Even though the thought of stepping into deep water scared the daylights out of her. ]]
[Cabin [center She watched him get over to her, sitting beside her. She loved being out here. She never loved it this much being here, maybe because she was on her own before. She gave a nod, "We can stay a bit longer." But she was feeling a little uneasy when he talked about not wanting to go back. He had to. That was definite. If he tried to run, she would have to stop him but then again. She couldn't. She couldn't because he would overpower her if he really wanted to but he would fail. She knew he would fail to run and make it. ]]
[Cabin [center Her smile snapped off. Running away... She knew well about attempting to run away. Trying to explain to people what a lunatic her dad was. They always found her. Always. The government was working with her dad. There was no place in the world that a person could hide without her dad lifting out favours and getting what he wanted. ]]
[Cabin [center "[b They would. ]" It was definite. "[b There's nowhere to run. I learned that. So since I can't run, I'll fight. ]" She shook her head and tried to clear her mind again. She looked back at him and lifted a smile, "[b One day. If you work hard enough, you won't have to run. ]" She was hoping to make that possible. She then looked over his soaking wet body and eyes lurking lower again. She turned her head slowly. She hadn't really seen another guy either... She scooted a little but when she scooted the branch couldn't support her weight and sapped off. The next thing she knew she was falling into the water and panicking because she wouldn't be able to swim. ]]
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He knew that she didnt talk much, but at the same time, he understood that there was no reason to talk about personal lives right now. All he wanted was to hear more about her and maybe have her tell him a few of her favorite things, even if he didnt know what they were. Most of his favorite things she probably already knew about. Hell, most of the things he wanted were already given to him by her.

Sylus did want to do well and get out of here, to prove his mother wrong that he was worth something. He could try and do his best, after all ever since he was a kid, he easily made the top five since he was here for a longer period of time than most people. This was the only time he really was failing and he knew it was because he did get tased the other day. Still, he believed he could do well without having to rest.

When they both reached the lake, Sylus would wanted into the water, just swimming around the pond for a bit, feeling the cold water against his bare skin relaxed him as he resurfaced and wandered over to where she was on the tree. Syrus didnt really pay attention to what had been done to his body already. There were bad scars, there were injection scars, punishment scars, and just so many. They didnt even have to worry about being fat because they were always pushed to the extreme to work out.

He stood up and saw her dress fly, getting a peek of her underwear before he averted his eyes. He's never seen a girl in that way before and the only girl he's seen is Ara. He reached up to try and catch her, but when she shifted, he laughed and then he heard she didnt know how to swim and had no clothes. She literally was in a dress and he guessed her couldnt force her. [#7401DF "Maybe I can teach you sometime. That would be fun"] he lifted a smile and then he ran his fingers through his damp hair, not even noticing how dressed his boxers were, pretty much sticking to his skin.

He walked towards the tree, climbing up as he took a seat beside her, feeling the breeze drying him off as he looked at the whole pond from above. [#7401DF "Oh wow, you can see everything up here. I wish I could stay above here....I dont want to go back"] he sighed, knowing that even if he tried to escape here with ARa, he'd get caught. No one ever managed to escape that he knew about.

[#7401DF "If we ran away right now...they'd still catch us, wouldnt they...?"] he asked her, wondering if she knew.
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[Cabin [center No one really did know about her. She never really talked much about herself. She just tried to make people's days and when people asked her questions which rarely happened, she avoided the question and gave some other answer to something else. She didn't like talking about herself. She didn't want them to find out what kind of person she really was. She wanted to be just that girl that was really nice to them and helping them out. She didn't want them to see her as anything else. She didn't want Sylus to see anything else. ]]
[Cabin [center She was counting that he would be one of the best. Would it be too much for him? Either way, she hoped he would make it a goal because if he could stick around her, then she wouldn't ever let him suffer like this again. She assumed she wasn't too hard to protect since she was always around a large crowd of people or places that no one really could aim for her. "[b Okay, within the top ten, you can do it. I believe you. ]" She nodded. She didn't want him to be falling behind. The last thing she wanted was having to aim a weapon at him when she would never want to hurt him. He had to make it out of here somehow. ]]
[Cabin [center She doubly blinked surprised that he blew it on her but it lifted her up to hear him laugh. She could make him laugh. To think that was possible. Ara decided to climb onto the tree. She loved the water but only if it was shallow and that pond was definitely not shallow. That's why it was okay with her just to be over the water and watch him dive in. She end up eyeing him and forgot how attractive these boy's bodies were. She smiled as she just watched him go into the water and enjoy himself. ]]
[Cabin [center The wind was moving a bit more roughly but didn't think it was that bad until it moved her dress up. Her eyes widened and she pushed it down and tried to keep it down. She had taken off her sandals before climbing since she did want to dip her feet in a little after. She nearly jumped when he touched her. It worried her...going into that water. What if she drowned? She didn't know how to swim and it kind of scared her. She put her feet him and laughing seeing him trying to reach her. "[b No way! ]" She saw him get closer and stuck out her tongue playfully at him.. ]]
[Cabin [center "[b But Sylus... I really can't actually go down there. I don't know how to swim. I don't want to drown.]" It did frighten her a bit. She didn't really want to embarrass herself by not knowing how to swim either. "[b Besides... I don't really have anything to wear... ]" She muttered. Did she want him to see through her dress? She wasn't so sure about that. It wasn't like it would bother her too much, it was the not knowing how to swim that bothered her. ]]
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In truth, he didnt know anything about Ara when it came to her personal life. He didnt know her favorite food, her favorite animal, or anything when it came to her. No one really had a preference down there, especially when it came to the routine lives they lived. The only things that were Sylus' favorites were the things that Ara had brought him. Those new things, seeing this world right now. SHe made him have his favorites, especially his favorite day.

Today was amazing because he got to do something that everyone dreamt of doing. Being able to be out here in the world was more than anything he could have asked for. A lot of people strived to make it out here, but never did, so he would feel proud for all of them.

Being one of the best? There was no way he could do that....he used to have a decent spot, but now he was just slacking and even though he was trying hard yesterday, he felt exhausted. He would try, that was for sure [#7401DF "I will. Hopefully it'll get me into at least the top ten"] he smiled, playing around with her int he grassy field as he smiled and laughed. He wished he'd be able to graduate and live the life he wanted afterwards, and his second wish involved Ara. He blew it towards her, seeing her close her eyes and he laughed for the first time in years.

He followed her towards the pond and his eyes widened at the clear water. He took off his shoes and dipped his feet in as he watched her climb up the tree. Sylus decided to go for a swim, taking off the uniform and staying in his boxer briefs as he jumped in and felt the water surround him. He's never swam out in nature before. With the trees and the sun, it felt amazing on his skin. He stood in the middle of the pond and stared up at the sky as he reached up and tried to touch the clouds. Man they were so far underground to even be this high.

He looked over at Ara in the tree and then he swam over just under the branches. He didnt know if she knew how to swim, but he was having a good time with her. He reached up and touched her swinging feet, smirking [#7401DF "Why not come in for a swim Ara"] he saw her dress blowing in the wind and just seeing her up there made him realize that she was in a different place than him. She was in a higher position and was probably worth more than he ever could be. He looked up at her and waved his hand, jumping to see if he could reach her. [#7401DF "Im going to get you down here!"] he smiled.
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[Cabin [center Her own life had to remain a secret. She couldn't utter a single world to him. It altered some fear into her not knowing how he would take in that her father was the one who was the cause of his misery, of everyone here. She wanted him by her side but if he was by her side, he would be informed that. Maybe he wouldn't look at her the same, maybe he wouldn't want to be alongside her with that knowledge. She didn't want the way he saw her to shift. She liked the way he saw her now. ]]
[Cabin [center The weather was just perfect. It was calming...silence. The only thing that could be heard was the rush of the winds, rustling of leaves and maybe a couple of bird chirps. For a horrible place hiding underneath, this spot wasn't too bad. There were better spots but she could see how much this mattered to Sylus and it made her warm up inside seeing him enjoy it out here. She smiled hearing that he would like that. ]]
[Cabin [center "[b Then be the one of the best. I know you can be. ]" She wasn't exactly allowed to pick out her own security because everyone knew she wouldn't exactly pick the best rather than who she liked the company of most...and that wouldn't end well. She could only recommend someone if they were really spot on. ]]
[Cabin [center She grabbed a bunch of dandelions and blew it out into the sky. She made her own wishes. Wishing something didn't mean it would happen but she would try as hard as she could. She passed it onto him and watched him blow, the white string seeds floating around. She turned her head to him and closed her eyes when they came out of her. His laugh followed and she smiled hearing his laugh, dusting it away. "[b Sounds like you're having fun. ]" She loved seeing him having fun out here. She crossed one leg over the other and saw him go over to a tree trunk. She tilted her head and was trying to see it how he was seeing it. But she couldn't. She wasn't cooped up for years. ]]
[Cabin [center She got up and then took his hand, "Come on. Follow me." She lead him past the trees, climbing over fallen trees until they came across a pond. It was pretty. The water was clear, and blue because it had been untouched. "This is just one pond around here." She mentioned and then looked around the trees. She saw one tree that she could climb. It's branches stretched out over the pond. She would go in it if she knew how to swim. She knew that Sylus' must have known, they had a pool in that facility. She was just too afraid to go in it. She moved over to it and start climbing, one branch out at a time until she was half way. She moved down a branch that was over the water, and then decided to sit on it, her feet swinging. "[b Do you think you can get up here? ]" She asked "[b Or if you want, you can go for a swim. ]" ]]
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Sylus didnt want to rely on her too much because he knew they would suspect something. Ara was obviously a related to someone in a high position, otherwise she wouldnt be able to be doing all of this. The other girls were just like them, spending their days in the institution and being forced to train relentlessly. He knew that she had some sort of secret, but Sylus never wanted to pry in her life. IF she wanted to tell him she would, otherwise if he found out on his own....well then he would also.

When he stepped food on the grass, Sylus was more than shocked to see everything out there that he hasnt seen in years. It was like stepping into a different world, breathing air that was so natural. It felt amazing and he couldnt help but have a smile on his face because he really did not believe he'd be able to see a sight like this again.

He closed his eyes and took in the warmth of the bright sun and listened to the wind blowing through the trees. He felt calm for a while till he heard Ara. She mentioned working hard and maybe being her guard. If he protected her, wouldnt that mean he'd always be watching after her? Would that mean watching after her when she got married? When she still stayed in here? He didnt know, but he did still want to be around her. He just didnt know what she was planning to do with her life yet either. [#7401DF "That would be nice. I hope I could graduate and get placed into a nice job like that"] he smiled and saw her watching him.

He sat up and looked at her, watching her blow the dandelions as he stared in amazement. He's never seen anything like this before and he wanted to try it too. Sylus held onto and made a wish, blowing it into the wind as he watched all the seeds disperse beautifully. He made another wish and blew the second dandelion towards Ara, seeing it scatter all over her as he laughed a little, not having been this cheerful in such a long time.

This was so amazing and he felt so free right now. He wanted her to show him more things, to introduce him to the world he didnt remember. Sylus stood up and then he ran towards one of the trees, looking up at it curiously, touching it's trunk. [#7401DF "This place is so great. I completely forgot what being outside was like!"] he said still stunned by the environment.
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[Cabin [center When he called himself fine, she decided to let it go, but she hoped he wasn't going to strain himself too much. It was clear he was upset, but why would that upset him? She didn't get any answer so she decided to let that go too. ]]
[Cabin [center The sky, the sun was nothing new to her. She always could feel the sun on her skin on sunny days or rain when it was pouring. It was different for them. She stretched out her arms for a moment and would give a look back at him, smiling. She then fell back to lay on the grass. She stared up into the couple of clouds in the massive infinite blue. "[b If you think this is beautiful, you should see all the other places around the world. You might get to once you're out here. ]" Instead of watching the sky now, she watched him. ]]
[Cabin [center His smile lit her up. She hasn't seen him smile like this. When he smiled it always seemed like he was trying, but now it seemed like he didn't have to put a single effort. She rolled to lay on her side and look at him. She knew her pale peach summer dress was going to get ruined by the grass but she didn't care this time. ]]
[Cabin [center "[b You will. You know..." Her eyes drifted away, her fingers running through the grass. "[b If you do really...really well or be the best. You stationed to protecting me. I mean, if you wanted that.]" She felt a little shy suggesting that as an idea. It left a little warm feeling in her thinking that he would be around her. It wouldn't feel so lonely, and she trusted him. She did have a major goal and wanted someone to fight with her to make this all stop, but she didn't know if he would ever want that. ]]
[Cabin [center Ara's blue eyes directed back into him, smiling seeing him grip onto the grass, seeing him smile and listening to his words. It was good to see him enjoy it out here. She looked back at the open blue sky, laying back on her back, "[b Yea... I guess. ]" But she's been out here for so long that it didn't feel like she was lucky. It was just normal. She sat up. She then got up and start picking up some dandelions and then sitting back down with him and blew into them, watching it's white seeds flow out into the air. She passed him two, "[b Make a wish and then blow on them. It might make it happen. ]" She smiled and stretched out her legs. She just realized how important it was to them or him to be outside. She was really hoping to get him to enjoy his time out here. Maybe she'd take him to that small pond really close by after they relaxed in the grass for a bit. ]]
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He didnt know how tough all of this was for her, but just by looking at the pictures, even Sylus felt a little upset inside. Not only was he unable to do anything about a lot of these people, but they didnt even have that chance to outside like he had right now. He was lucky that she was showing him all of this. Did he deserve it? Probably not because he was risking both of their lives just to see the sun again, but Syrus really wanted to see it. It could be his last time before he did end up like Collin. He had a feeling the more the guards saw him slacking, the more they'd try to get rid of him and honestly Sylus was feeling a little nervous. That time could be anytime soon.

Still, her room was nice, it was clean, cozy and had some sentimental memories. All Sylus had in his room was his bed really. HE had nothing from his old life anymore and no pictures besides what he had in his memory. IT was nice to see something different for once. HE stayed at her side, wondering why in the world she wanted to do so much for him? She did this much for everyone didnt she? She shouldnt have to work so hard for him. He was nothing special.

[#7401DF "Im really fine Ara. Im sure I can make it tomorrow. Maybe I was just really tired today"] he told her, not wanting to trouble her at all. His eyes just focused on his hands, keeping to himself because he wasnt sure how he felt right now. He was both nervous and excited, but he couldnt really focus on anything else. That was until she explained who Tanner was. It didnt make him feel any better. He didnt mean to sound upset, but just the thought of her going to a few places with another made him feel tense inside and he didnt know why. Why was he getting so upset? Syrus didnt really understand. He tried to just relax and not care about it when Tanner came in.

After dressing up, he seemed really excited because not only was he in a guard uniform, he was going to see the sun. He really hoped this worked. Following her towards the rusted door. When he climbed up the ladder behind her, he felt the heat hit his skin and Sylus just had to squint and close his eyes as he climbed out. He used his hands to cover his face, peeking out at the sky slowly and then he opened his eyes fully. Sylus looked completely stunned when he looked around the area, seeing grass, trees, the blue sky and feeling this warm heat. It felt amazing, something he hasnt felt in nearly fifteen years. His pale skin warmed up and he saw Ara, copying her by stretching out his arms as well. [#7401DF "I cant believe this. This place is beautiful! I almost forgot what it was like living a life outside of here"] he laid on the grass beside her, his fingers reaching out to touch the leaves of grass as he looked everywhere.

He seemed like a child seeing a candy store for the first time. It was more than amazing! He had a bright smile on his face and as he stared up at the blue sky, he almost felt like crying. It reminded him of his room as a boy staring out the window of his room. HE remembered playing at the park with his mother sometimes, going out shopping....he remembered it all. This was the real world. THe one everyone was striving to see.

Sylus just took in that fresh air and relaxed in the grass, hearing Ara compliment him. He had forgotten why he was upset earlier, but right now he was grateful she took him here [#7401DF "Thanks. This uniform feels great. It's like Im almost there about to graduate and maybe wear one of these. That would be nice"] he admitted, knowing that Tanner was probably able to go out here and enjoy the world with Ara. He could experience that with her, while he couldnt. Maybe he should just butt out of that and let her do what she wanted. If she want to go out with guys, that wasnt up to him and she could do what she truly wanted.

[#7401DF "Thanks for taking me out here Ara. It reminded me of my goals and what I want to do. I want to be able to live on real ground. Even if it wasnt for long"] he gripped the grass between his fingers as he just took in the smell of the breeze and relaxed. IT was so beautiful out here. [#7401DF "You're lucky to get to see all of this when you want"] Sylus just felt himself at peace for once, feeling slightly emotional. This was one of those dreams come true moments but now he could feel that really could go up here eventually.
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[Cabin [center She never wanted to forget a single person she's met here. No one else in the world knew what happened to them. To the rest of the world they were missing or dead. She wanted, needed some kind of proof that they were here. It haunted her sometimes. The many faces of the dead, and some of them still alive but who knew how long they would be alive for. She didn't have to be here, she could have been completely detached from them and never show up to the facility except to do the job. But pretending like it wasn't there didn't mean it wasn't there. ]]
[Cabin [center She gave a weak smile because she knew this room was pretty awful. But he couldn't have saw what a real nice room looked like. She would show him some but then it would probably would remind him of what he didn't have. She saw how he was keeping to himself right now, and decided not to push it. She hoped he would like to go out there with her. There wasn't much to see out there but she bet he would like just being out in the open blue sky or feeling the sun on his skin. ]]
[Cabin [center "[b But I want to. ]" She stated. Done so much? If she's done so much than why was he still here? Why was everyone still here. She could never do enough. "[b You don't owe me at all. I'll tell them to give you some rest if you really need it. They shouldn't be pushing you so much. ]" She's knew a lot of people were grateful for her but she didn't want them to be, because she wasn't doing much. She couldn't do enough for them, not yet. One day, she would, even if it killed her. ]]
[Cabin [center "[b Alright.]" Hopefully this wouldn't make him want to take any other risks. Tanner as her boyfriend? Sure, he was attractive and she did like him but it wouldn't happen. Only because she couldn't bear to be that emotionally close to someone she knew had no good ending. Besides, it would distract her. She only had one goal in mind and it wasn't love. Love just didn't seem real. ]]
[Cabin [center "[b Oh. ]" Kiss her... "[b It was just a kiss on the cheek. He asked me to go out with him, so I said yes. But it's nothing serious... You sound upset.]" Tanner came in and she stepped out into the hall. She saw Tanner come out with her and she end talking to him for a bit. He asked her about where they should go, and she suggested to go out watch a movie or go walk around a park. She didn't feel good telling him yes when it would end up nowhere. If she was a normal girl with a normal crush, then she would be more than excited but she wasn't. ]]
[Cabin [center Ara smiled seeing Sylus out and appear excited. It was really good to hear him so excited. She held onto his hand and lead the way towards one of the exists. She went through down the hall, further and further until she reached a rusted door. There was one guard there. She gave a smile to him and he moved aside and looked the other way, as she opened the door. When she opened the door there was a iron ladder that lead up all the way to the top. There was another exit that was the elevator but that was way more guarded. She climbed up the railing and let Sylus follow her up. She pushed the swinging door above her head open and climbed out, feeling the sun hit her face and nearly blind her. She waited for Sylus to come out before she closed the door. They were in a huge grassy field with trees way up ahead. Ara stretched out her arms, and smiling. ]]
[Cabin [center "[b Hmmm...The sun is so nice and the weather's nice today too. I picked a good day. ]" She looked back at Sylus and smiled, "[b Nice to the sky again isn't it? ]" She then decided to fall back and lay down on the grass. She looked back at him again, "[b You look pretty good in that guard uniform. ]" It almost fit him like second skin. It was black so she hoped it wasn't too hot with it on. ]]
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He didnt think that a birthday was a good idea at all. He didnt want to be reminded of things he didnt have and he honestly just wanted to forget about the day completely. Nothing good ever happened that day and he didnt believe anything great would happen either. He was happy that she was trying, but she really didnt need to. A day to just forget about everything was a day he wanted. If only he could erase his memories of that day, then he could actually enjoy it.

Ara was special to him. Even he understood that. She was always so warmhearted, kind, and generous, risking her own life to help many of the others. Sure it wasnt just him, but as long as she stayed kind, he'd look at her the same. She kept him going when all he looked forward to was hard work and pain. If only he could give her something back in return because he felt indebted to her.

Syrus' eyes looked around the room, seeing the pictures of many inmates. He recognized many of them and he had a feeling she did this for remembrance. There was no way she could be faking a kindness like this. No one would go through the trouble of saving pictures of the dead, unless they had memories with them and that was Ara. She was friendly with everyone. [#7401DF "It's a girl's room. There's plenty to see. I've never been in one before"] he told her, taking a seat and just relaxing by her. He just felt a little nervous because he was thinking about their plan to escape, or how he was failing right now. He just wasnt in a very good mood.

WHen she said she'd talk to the instructors, Mason just shook his head [#7401DF "YOu dont have to Ara. You've already done so much for me....I feel like I owe you too much already. I think ILl be fine"] he told her, thinking about how he was going to deal with this. He didnt know what he was going to do if he continued poorly, but he just hoped that it was enough to still graduate.

[#7401DF "I want to risk it. Let's do it"] he told her, knowing this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. If he didnt do this now, when was he ever going to get another chance. When Sylus glanced back and asked, he heard her reply and he wondered if Tanner really was just a no one. He clearly saw her smile when he kissed her. [#7401DF "I saw him...kiss you"] he spoke quietly before he saw Tanner hear inside.

[#7401DF "Ill change. Tanner can you keep and eye on her"] he asked for them to leave as he changed into the guard uniform. WHen he finished, he walked over towards Ara and then he smiled a little more [#7401DF "Okay IM ready. So where to? I havent seen the outside in years"] he told her, glancing down at her hand and getting used to the fact that she'd always hold his hand. Sylus held her hand in his, laced his fingers in between hers and then he looked up at her blue eyes [#7401DF "Lead the way!"] he said, feeling sort of excited now. THey were seriously breaking some rules, but what else could they do? IT was their only chance.
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[Cabin [center Nothing was going to stop her from attempting to give him a good birthday. It didn't bother her if he was going to be upset on that day. Being miserable with one other person was better than being miserable alone. There was just something she never understood. Why did she attempt to do more for him than she had done with others? Why? Sylus was only of the many she talked to, that she met. He was the only one her age that she met at a young age and didn't die. Maybe it was because she felt like they were surviving through this together, but she wasn't surviving it. She was just living through it. She didn't have to survive anything because she knew she would live. So what was it? ]]
[Cabin [center When was the last time she had taken anyone out? Gone this far to risk even herself to just be outside? Because she couldn't recall. Tanner was thankfully going along with this. She took Sylus to her room that held nothing different but a basket. She didn't keep personal things around here, but she did have photo's all over the wall of the people she met here. She liked to remember them, remember that they existed, even if they didn't live long. There were also people she killed in here. These pictures broke her sanity or lifted it depending on the day. She wished she could give Sylus something real to look at. Her real room looked a lot more cozier, friendly but it didn't feel like home. Home never felt like home. ]]
[Cabin [center "[b Sorry...there's not much to see. ]" She shrugged. She saw him keep his hands to himself, look at the ground. She didn't like it when he looked so distant. She listened to him and it made sense. They should have just let him rest in the first place. ]]
"[b Okay... Then you just need to rest. I'm sure you'll be fine sooner or later. I'll tell your instructors that you just need to rest for a bit. ]" She smiled, and hoped that would help him out a bit. She had the authority to pull someone out. It wasn't like her dad kept track of what she used authority for unless it was something worth looking into. ]]
[Cabin [center He wasn't allowed outside. She knew that and she was not allowed to sneak someone out. That would count as betrayal. She'd get in a whole lot of trouble. But that was in the case they would get caught but the way she was setting this up, they wouldn't be caught. "[b Yea. It is. That's why I want to make sure if you want to take the risk. There's only a five percent chance we'll get caught really but it's still a risk. ]" It was common for her to go out, and normally really paid attention unless it looked threatening. ]]
[Cabin [center He was still looking down...Why? ]]
[Cabin [center Boyfriend? Why would he think that? "[b No. I don't have a boyfriend. I don't think I ever will at this rate... ]" She sighed "[b Why would you think that? ]" She saw Tanner come in and toss the clothes on the bed side. "[i I'll stay here if you two decide to go. ] ]]
[Cabin [center "[b Ready to go?]" She looked over at Sylus. "[b I'll be right outside the door, so you can change. ]" She stepped out of the room, and waited right by the hall. This hall was completely safe since Eric had no access to it. ]]
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He didnt really understand why she couldnt leave because if anyone had the chance to, he knew she'd be the one that could probably pull it off. Ara was in and out of everywhere in the facility. She could come and go whenever she pleased, but Sylus didnt really feel the need to ask her about why she couldnt because she never really talked about personal things that much.

He was hesitant when she mentioned the cake and the presents because he didnt want to involve her in his own personal problems. There was nothing he had against her, it was just that he didnt want her to be a part of an upsetting day for him. He didnt think she'd be able to change his mood much, especially if she only saw him as a regular person. She treated everyone the same as the way she treated him didnt she? She just seemed to talk to him more, that was it. She gave special food and clothes to others and she obviously had a guy with her. What did she need him in her life for anyway? He could stay as a friend....maybe that was enough. He was just glad her kindness was around, so maybe he should stop questioning this uneasiness. Sylus was still confused about the way he felt, but tried to just move on. He didnt want to get attached to anyone else because they were just going to leave him.

At the table, he decided to go along with her out as he looked up at Tanner. What did that man want anyway? Why would he hurt her? he just held Ara's hand and followed her down the halls to her room. When he walked over, he took a seat beside her on her bed, his eyes looking around the room curiously. [i [#7401DF "So this is what a girl's room looks and smells like"]] he's never been in one before, so he was surprised to be here right now. This thoughts were disrupted when he heard her speak. He took in a few small breaths and shrugged [#7401DF "I dont know. Maybe my body is still fatigued from the shock. I wasnt able to keep up today so they made me run more and I got they sent me home for the day"] he explained to her, thinking about what else he could do. HE wasnt sure what....but he didnt want to fail.

[#7401DF "If we're going outside isnt that bad? I dont want to get caught and be like COllin Ara.but if you're sure it's safe....I do kind of want to feel that fresh air and see the sky"] he asked and then he kept his hands on his lap. HIs head was facing down to the ground as he thought about what would happen to him if he kept slipping. He needed to graduate and failure wasnt really an option.

[#7401DF " Tanner your boyfriend?"] he wondered, seeing the two had gotten cozy earlier. Was he someone even more special than everyone else.....for some reason he wanted to know.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 4y 304d 1h 54m 53s
[Cabin [center Even if she had the chance of leaving. She wouldn't go, not anymore. She wanted to do everything she could to make their life's just a bit happier but not just that. She wanted to end it all. To protect them. She would give anything in order to make it stop. Anything so that seven year olds wouldn't be sold off here like Sylus. ]]
[Cabin [center She wanted Sylus to be around her after but at the same time she didn't. Because she knew he might have better chances out there than around her. Besides, that would also mean he would have to find out who her family was. ]]
[Cabin [center From what she knew, his birthday wasn't the best day. Definitely had to be his worst and she wished she could change that. She was planning to try to change that. It wouldn't be so easily changed but she wanted to make some difference from how he saw that day. She grinned hearing him agree to try it, "[b Okay. Great. ]" ]]
[Cabin [center Slacking and falling behind wasn't an option unless someone had a death wish. It didn't make sense, that he would be slacking off. He was doing so well. What changed it all the sudden? His life was at risk and it built up this horrible ache in her chest. He couldn't, he just couldn't fall behind because she didn't want to be ordered to put the gun to his head. It was always harder to kill someone when she's seen them as a child. Because she would look at them and see that she was looking at that little girl or boy that was struggling. ]]
[Cabin [center Leaving out to grab fresh air was easy. She knew three exists. She also knew how to pull some strings since some of these guards would risk their life for her and turn their heads. She wanted to take him out, and talk to him. Wanted to get him motivated. She saw that he didn't look all that great and was starting to wander what it was. ]]
[Cabin [center "[b Well you can tell me all about it once we get some time alone. Maybe I can help figure out what's going on, ]" She smiled lightly. He agreed, and she knew she had to be careful with this. She looked back at Tanner and saw that he must have heard since he was smirking. ]]
[Cabin [center "[i She can't bring me along if she's doing what I think she's doing. Don't do anything to her, and I won't kill you. ]" Tanner explained and looked back at Ara. Ara smiled back at him, glad to hear he was onboard with what she wanted to do. ]]
[Cabin [center "[b Meet you where I sleep. ]" She told Tanner and then took Sylus' hand. "[b Come on. Let's go. ]" She lead the way down the hall with him, towards the girl's side. She was getting Tanner to get an extra pair of his clothes he wore as a guard. Since it was made so well, and extremely damn expensive, it would fit just about anyone and it also had a gps tracking device inside. If she could convince the system that she was with Tanner outside rather than Sylus, then there was no worry. ]]
[Cabin [center "[b Sylus... I heard you've been falling behind, ]" She mentioned, "[b Are you feeling okay? ]" She spoke as she lead him to the room she stayed some time. The girl's weren't near their sleeping quarters yet, so they wouldn't notice her sneaking in a guy. She opened her room door and pulled him inside with her. ]]
[Cabin [center Her space was pretty typical. Small, and there was a basket of her clothes that she had fold up. She sat on the bed and patted beside her. She was hoping Tanner was going to be quick, so they could spend more time out there. ]]
[Cabin [center "[b This is where I sleep sometimes. ]" She said and was hoping he would sit beside her while they wanted. "[b So, what's wrong? Why are you slipping? You know how dangerous that can be. I can get you help if you need it. ]" She held up her usual expression but her chest felt heavy and the threat hung in the air. In all of the time he's been here, she hasn't heard him once being an actual problem. She looked over the door, getting impatient and then back at Sylus. She trusted him, that he wasn't like Eric or some of the boys out there that would probably try to use being alone with her as an advantage. ]]
[Cabin [center "[b Just so you know... I plan on taking you outside. So, that would mean you'd have to appear as a guard, wear Tanner's clothes, so they think I'm with him outside instead of you. I highly doubt we'll get caught but there's still a risk. Do you want to risk going outside with me or just stay here? ]" She asked. ]]
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He didnt know what would happen after he graduate, but at the same time, he did want to still see Ara because he did see her a good friend. She's been there since he first came to this horrible place and in truth, she brought him comfort. Would there still be comfort wherever he would be next? He wasnt sure, but Ara was his source of comfort, so he hoped that wherever he was, he'd still be able to see her.

Sylus couldnt help her right now and he wanted to make sure she was doing okay. He was worried about what Eric did to her and he couldnt just sit around and do nothing. She was kind and she did help him out so much, so he was going to help her out as well.

Having her safe was one thing, but if he saw her in trouble, he'd go and save her. Seeing her trying to celebrate his birthday was sweet, but it was a kindness that he didnt really want. Sure he was thankful she wanted to do something for him, but his birthday was a very sad day. No amount of cake or presents could make him enjoy his birthday. At least he didnt think so.

But he could see how hard she was trying and he didnt want to let her down. Sylus just nodded his head and gave her a small smile. [#7401DF "Okay. Ill make sure to try it. If you're making it for me....I have no choice"] he shrugged a little and then he headed back to his room for the night.

THe next day was starting out to be a bad one. Sylus was slacking off in training. His body just wouldnt let him run as hard as he used to now and he didnt know what was going on. WHy was he so weak today, he ran this many miles before no problem....but why wasnt his body working? He eventually got yelled at and was told to get off of the field, so he just showered and headed towards the cafeteria, feeling worried now that he was resting on the table. The horrible thing was that since he couldnt keep up, they still wouldnt let him rest. THey usually trained the weak much harder and he was completely exhausted.

Sylus was resting on the table when he heard whispers and and people talking about Ara. HIs eyes looked up at her and then he noticed that she was holding hands with some blonde male. Did she get a guard? Was that man really someone she considered important? His eyes watched until the man kissed her cheek and then he averted his eyes away after seeing Ara smiling.

He rested his head on the table again and he heard her voice and felt her poking his arm and when Sylus looked up at her, he nodded his head [#7401DF "Im alive. Im just having a bad day right now. I dont know what's going on"] he sighed softly, wondering why she wanted to go out with him when clearly she had someone that was all over her. Maybe she finally accepted one of the guards as someone she could be with? He didnt know, but he decided that he needed fresh air anyway.

[#7401DF "Ya sure. I can walk with you"] he heard her whisper and he wondered why. Was it because she was taking him outside? He didnt know, but he did like the idea of getting fresh air. [#7401DF "Ill follow your lead. Only if you want to....did you want to take your guard too? He seems to be really attached, maybe he doesnt like you being with me right now. He might think I'm going to attack"]
  ellocalypse / 4y 304d 5h 13m 29s
[Cabin [center She hoped she'd cross paths with Sylus after he graduated. She didn't doubt that he would graduate but she wanted to see him again. There was no telling where he would be sent off to. There were so many options. Sometimes the government, sometimes another agency, a wealthy person that had the money in the world that needed protection or working as a guard here, working more for her dad...and the list went on. She didn't know if she would be seeing him again at all after he graduated. ]]
[Cabin [center A bruise...only a bruise. "[b It's not different. Okay...maybe there is. Force to is a lot worse than being attacked. You deal with it every day. This is nothing. ]" It felt wrong for him to show concern for her. She didn't want anyone to be concerned for her because she didn't think she deserved that. ]]
[Cabin [center Then another attack came in. She wished at this point that she could have helped herself but she wasn't good at fighting, especially them. They had way more strength than a regular person, plus all the other stuff they've done with them. She wouldn't be able to handle them in a one on one fight even if she was taught really well. ]]
[Cabin [center When Eric was knocked out, she wrapped her arms around Sylus when he came toward her, as thank you. What if he hadn't heard her? How far would Eric have gone before the guard came? She saw his smile and it made her smile back at him. He was right. She should keep a guard by her for awhile. She gave a nod, "[b Okay, okay I will. Don't worry about me. I'm safer than anyone here. ]" ]]
[Cabin [center Sylus' birthday was coming up and she did want to do something for him. They didn't celebrate birthdays here, so she would try to celebrate some birthdays. The cook always seemed a little annoyed when she talked about making cakes. She probably had to make it herself this time... ]]
"[b Then you have to try it. I'm not going to do it because I have to. It is something and I know it's secretly important to you. ]" She always got off happiness from seeing others experiencing a good day. ]]
"[b Sylus, please let me celebrate your birthday. I really want to. ]" She then had to leave. She couldn't stay here all the time. She had to study herself a bit. ]]
[Cabin [center Home felt cold. She lost sight of any pervious time she felt cozy in her bed. Maybe it was when she was six. Before her mom was gone. She only remembered one year with her, but barely. Her face wasn't clear in her mind either. But pictures helped and she looked a lot like her but a lot prettier. Her mom was young in the photos. Ara laid in bed and would just look over at the picture from at the side for a while before falling asleep. ]]
[Cabin [center Morning rose and she was pushed to immediately start her private courses. Mostly languages... She knew a lot of languages. All the stuff she was learning wasn't by her own choice it was her dad's. She was becoming quite bored and decided to slip out and go back to the facility. She spend most of her time there. ]]
[Cabin [center When she got there, she spend some time with the girl's and helping one of the new ones that came in calm down. When she made up her mind to go the guy's side again...she knew she had to get a guard. And so, she bothered one of them she knew very well. He was tall, blond slightly curly hair and hazel eyes. She admits, she had a crush on him not too long ago. She locked hands with him. He was always fun to have around her and she knew he wouldn't leave her sight. ]]
[Cabin [center So, as she walked into the cafeteria, she started chatting with him and he told her about the instructor complaining about one of them were slowing down. When she asked who, she heard Sylus' name. Why? He was doing fine? He even beat him Eric. ]]
[Cabin [center "[b I'm having a day off soon. Do you want to hang out? ]" ]]
[Cabin [center "[b Sure. ]" ]]
[Cabin [center "[i So it's a date. ]" ]]
[Cabin [center Wait. What? ]]
[Cabin [center She stopped all the sudden and stared back at him, "[b What? ]" ]]
[Cabin [center "[b I want to take you out Ara. Yes or no. ]" ]]
[Cabin [center No. Hell no. "[i Sure...? ]" ]]
[Cabin [center No. ]]
[Cabin [center He leaned and kissed her cheek, and she smiled. Sometimes, she really hated herself. She saw eyes...staring and two people listening on. Way to make a scene. She released Tanner's hand. She may had a crush him before but she would never, not ever date anyone from here. There was no use considering that there was no future. ]]
[Cabin [center She decided to move in more into the cafeteria and spotted Sylus again. She wanted to talk to him. Wanted to see why he was slipping. He couldn't slip because if he was slipping for a longer period of time, then she would have to handle it. She didn't want to hurt him. She saw him with his head down on the table. ]]
[Cabin [center "[b Hey ]" She poked his arm, "[b Are you alive? you want to walk around with me? Maybe take a breath of fresh air? ]" She whispered the last bit. They weren't technically allowed outside, and it wasn't like they could find their way out anyway, but she knew the way and she definitely could sneak him out...just for a bit. This could be like a...early birthday present. Except she was getting him something else too. ]]
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