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Even Sylus hated to admit it, but he really wished he could just spend the rest of the night with her in this room, just kissing, living life like they did have a chance, but of course when Tanner spoke, reality kicked in and he knew that they couldnt really be together. It wasnt fair at all, but that didnt matter right now. All he wanted was someone special that wouldnt betray him, but even that was asking too much.

Sylus just decided to let it all go for now and continue with the mission. When he got back home, maybe he would think about what could have been if he escaped. Maybe he'd be free by now, maybe be with Sheila, Brook and Trent. It crossed his mind as he knocked out the guards and then he made his way back down towards the basement where the storage room was. When he pulled the guard aside, he looked up at Ara, hearing no reply from Daniel or Tanner.

When he followed her up the steps, he did notice someone who looked so familiar. He's seen him around the facility a long time ago. This was the man named Joseph? THe one Ara supposedly liked and was Tanner's best friend? Sylus walked towards them, moving close to ARa as he looked at the two guys. They each gave a look and then a nod when Sylus rushed towards Joseph. He grabbed the man's hand with the gun and kneed him in the back. Simultaneously, Daniel and Tanner did the same with their guards, overpowering them and then managing to get them onto the ground, hands behind their back and the gun in their hands.

Sylus tackled Joseph to the ground and then he punched him across the face, elbowing him behind the neck so he passed out. He could care less about who this man was, other than the fact that he was trying to kill Ara.

The guys soon faced the woman with their guns and Sylus fired, shooting her in the leg. As the woman screamed, falling onto her knees. Sylus glanced at the other guards and he shot them all in the leg, not wanting them to be able to get up anytime soon as he walked over towards the woman and slapped her across the face with his gun, knocking her out.

[b "It doesnt matter who they are. Let's finish the mission"] he told them, opening the front doors and then leading them towards the basement. [b "Daniel and I will grab the drugs. Tanner stay with Ara out here in case something happens"] he told them, seeing that they were both too shocked to do anything.

Sylus opened the doors with the key and then he stepped into the vault, gathering as much as he could carry before bringing it up to the truck.
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[center [Cabin If only those kisses and touching would last a little longer. Although, it was already borrowing time that she didn't have. This would be the last time she would kiss him and had to see him no more than just a friend. Surely, she didn't want that but it never mattered what they wanted as long as she couldn't gain authority over things. She still didn't feel certain on how she was going to manage it. Ara held many plans but all of them were difficult and nearly impossible. It was most likely she wouldn't live to the end either, and so promising him anything would be cruel. She didn't want to betray anyone if she had a choice. ]]
[center [Cabin She gave a nod, "[b I was...really nice.]" Then on back to work. This would be over soon. Everything would be fine and they would arrive there, without a single person getting in trouble. When Sylus left, she went into different rooms to find a computer, and it really didn't take long. She went on the chair and turned the pc on. It didn't take long to find access to the cameras and then tamper with it so that it was going through a loop for a good fifteen minutes. ]]
[center [Cabin She got up, shut the pc down and left the room and headed down to the vault, catching sight of Sylus putting the guard behind the stairs. She pulled out her mic. "[b Hey, Tan, you boys can come in and help transport it to the truck now.]" She waited for a reply but got nothing but silence. What was up. She repeated it and nothing. She sighed and decided that maybe she should could go check at the front. "[b Something is wrong, they're not responding.] Her eyes directed back to Sylus. ]]
[center [Cabin Ara grabbed the stair railing and took steps up to the door, and came unto a numbing stop when the barrel of the gun aimed for her. Her blue eyes weren't so much as looking at the gun more than the face behind it, those familiar haunting green eyes. His face, bone structure an exact match, his lips full. There were differences, in hair and expression but it still looked like him. ]]
[center [Cabin "[b Jose...?]" Her voice shattered. ]]
[center [Cabin "[i Keep moving back. We're not allowing any of you to bring those drugs back to that facility of yours. ]" His voice. ]]
[center [Cabin Her muscles weakened hearing a familiar voice she never thought she'd hear again. It didn't look like he recognized her, not at the slightest. What was going on? She killed him. She saw him die. Or maybe she was delusional. ]]
[center [Cabin "[b How...are you alive?]" She doubly blinked. ]]
[center [Cabin "[i Move.]" He repeated. She stepped back and saw two others come in, two of them holding the gun to Daniel's and Tanner's head. Who the hell were these people. But then she saw the woman behind Daniel and recognized her from years ago. ]]
[center [Cabin "[i You three, are going to help us put the drugs in the truck, but instead we'll be leaving with them. If you look like you're going to rebel, we'll kill her. ]" The woman referred to Daniel, Tanner and Sylus. Ara stood still and looked back at Joseph haunted. He looked like him, exactly like him but he didn't look like he knew her, and it felt off. She needed to snap out of it. She was just going crazy. ]]
[center [Cabin "[i Why are you doing this man?]" Tanner looked at Joseph, "[i We thought you were dead Joseph.]" ]]
[center [Cabin "[i Who the fuck is Joseph?" He yelled, "[i Shut the fuck up and do what you're told or I'll blow this girl's pretty head all over the wall.]" ]]
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The feeling of kissing someone that meant a lot to you was amazing. Sylus was learning what it meant to have someone special to him, but of course even that was difficult on its own. Ara was someone he's known since he was a child and he pretty much grew up with her, but at the same time she's grown up with a lot of other people that he didnt know about. Sure he's heard of Tanner before, seen him around, but he only ever got acquainted with his roommates. What could he say? He liked Ara and he already admitted it to her. If only they werent in such a position that they had to completely shut out what they really wanted. What was wrong if they were together? Everything was. He wouldnt be able to make their relationship known. He would have to hide from everyone, not let any guards know and he sure cant let her father know, he would probably end up dead.

It was better for them to just stay friends so that no one got hurt. Sure it would be painful not to be able to fully call their relationship meaningful, but at least she would still be there in his life. He couldnt help but kiss her. He loved how it felt and he wanted her to show him more things. She was always showing him so many firsts and being the first girl he's ever kissed, to the first girl he's ever touched like this, it made her special to him.

But when they decided on just being friends, Sylus was both disappointed and upset, but he knew the reason why it was best for them. It wasnt right to be with her in a place like the facility. They could die at any moment, she could be punished, and having an experiment with a girl like her was just wrong.

He listened to her and he understood that her life was screwed up like anyone else's here. But she had no choice since she was born. He sighed softly and sat up, nodding his head in agreement as he headed towards the door to listen to any sounds of people still there. [b "I've never really liked anyone before. It's new, but it was nice to be able to share in that moment even if it was only once"] he admitted, waiting before she told him to head out.

Sylus did as he was told, moving up towards the second floor as he made his way towards the guards, one by one, he snuck up behind them, knocking them out with his fists, his elbows, and his head. He would hide the guards into the rooms and then when he managed to clear the floor, he waited for Ara's instructions before making sure she was safe. When she found the room with the security cameras, he told her the vault was in the basement.

Sylus headed down the steps, seeing people already leaving and soon the first floor was only filled with passed out people and drunks. He snuck down towards the basement, seeing that same guard. The man looked like he dizzy from the coke he had given him earlier, which made it easy for Sylus. He walked over and kneed him in the stomach, slamming his elbow against his back until he felt onto the floor. Sylus carried him and sat him down behind the stairs as he waited for Ara.
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[center [Cabin Kisses were sweet and wanting. When his lips agreed with hers, she didn't want to stop what made her feel not alone. It had been so long since she felt this, feeling not alone. Tanner was good company and she didn't feel so alone with him but she missed this. She's never crossed the line of friendship with Tanner. Not wanting to kill Joseph's best friend and she wanted to keep him protected, even if it didn't seem like he was going to give it up any time soon. But when it came to Sylus, she found herself not able to help herself but kiss him back and felt good that he did the same. ]]
[center [Cabin It turned her stomach upside down telling him that they should just be friends. It was difficult. It hurt but at the same time there was no possibility that it would end well. She knew Sylus story. His mother...His own mother. What kind of mother would do that? but, what kind of father would do all of this to her either? "[b She didn't deserve you. ]" She met his eyes. "[b I know I'm not like you. life was ruined the moment I was born. So I understand what it's like to have a parent that betrays you... ]" She knew he would still think of her entirely different. How the hell would the kid of the mastermind of this would ever understand? She could do what the hell she wanted-if only if that were true. ]]
[center [Cabin Ara apologized, feeling sorry knowing that it wouldn't go anywhere and not because she didn't want it but because it would just get him killed. She didn't think it was okay. But she liked hearing that he wanted to kiss her. "[b I still am sorry. I just liked how you made me not feel so alone. I haven't had that for so long, liking someone. ]" She didn't want to tell him that they should be friends but that's all it could be. She gave a nod and wished things were different. They would never be different until she managed to solve whatever her dad had built. And even if she managed to have something with Sylus in secret, then he would be stuck with here when she would still stay here to take down her dad. Not that he would stick around when he found out who her dad was. ]]
[center [Cabin She watched him head to the door and assumed since the music died that everyone really was going. Once it was completely silent she stepped out of the room and saw the second floor empty. "[b Okay. Sylus, knock out every security guard here, just make sure they didn't really see your face. I'm going to go find a computer and tamper with the security cameras. I'll meet you at the vault. ]" She instructed. ]]
[center [Cabin "[i We're just about here. ] Tanner spoke through the com. ]]
[center [Cabin Okay, so then this would be over soon and they would be out of here, completing this mission. What a relief. Guess they could do it perfectly fine with just four people. ]]
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Sylus really did like the contact he had with her, being able to hold her and kiss her lips, feel that warmth and just smile more into the kiss. He loved this feeling and it was the first time he's really felt this way before about anyone. Sure he's loved his parents and he had a bond with them, but when they severed it apart, he really had no one. No one to call a friend, a loved one, or someone special. He didnt have that and he didnt want it in his life anymore.

When Tanner interrupted, of course he wanted to continue. He wanted to feel that burning passion growing inside the pit of his stomach, but the more she spoke, the more he understood that this was probably just a one time thing. Something done on a whim and wouldnt last. Sure it made him admit that he liked her, but what did that mean? He wasnt going to become anything more than a friend. A relationship was out of the question because he's heard her say it countless number of times she couldnt be in one anymore.

[b "My life was already ruined for me the minute my mother sent me here"] he spoke softly, sitting at the edge of the bed and hearing that she felt alone. Did she really like him? Or did she just feel lonely and used him? Sylus just sighed softly, hoping that maybe it would go somewhere someday, but there was barely any hope. [b "It's alright. I wanted to kiss you. Dont be sorry"] he sighed at the thought of just being friends, but it really was all they could be.

[b "Friends it is"] he stood up and then he walked towards the door, listening to hear the sounds of talking and the music dying down. It was getting late and people were leaving. IT was almost time for them to steal the drugs.
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[center [Cabin She missed it all. The kissing, touching and feeling warm and not alone. She missed it so much that it ached and she didn't want it to stop. It was easy just to get lost in it. kissing him and emptying her mind. Tanner broke it up for a moment but she tried again. It felt good and she didn't want it to stop, even if they should. She was human right? Why couldn't she do something that she wanted, even if it would lead to a dead end. Just a little happiness was something. ]]
[center [Cabin It came into a stop when he spoke. She could have easily turned it around, made him think it was possible and lead him on into continuing this but that wasn't her. Fooling someone was never something she would do by choice. She wanted to be honest with him. Besides...he would eventually find out. Find out who her father is and then want nothing to do with her. She wanted to live a little longer at his ignorance to who her father was. She met his eyes and gave a light smile hearing that he did, but at the same time it was sad because so what? She couldn't give him anything but kisses and maybe spending time together but not much either. ]]

[center [Cabin She kissed his lips back and wanted to continue but he backed away. She pressed her lips together and couldn't help but look upset. Her whole life was taken away too because of her own family. "[b It'll never happen... Having a normal life. ANd I couldn't ignore all of this anyway. ]" She sighed and felt his embrace. She closed her eyes for a moment, despising the conditions. But she could hate it as much as she want, it wouldn't change. This is her life for as long as she was going to live and their life, possibly until they're dead. ]]
[center [Cabin Ara sat up and heard Tanner speaking into the mic. She picked the mic and spoke back to him, "[b Don't come in here until it's all clear. We can't risk anyone spotting a truck. Got it.]" She spoke in and leaned against the bed frame. Ara inhaled a deep breath and out. "[b I guess we should just stay friends then... I'm sorry for kissing you like that, Sylus when I know it can't go anywhere. I felt alone.]" She felt bad because she felt like she used him just so she wouldn't be alone for a moment. It wouldn't go anywhere because it would have to be the same thing as Joseph. Hiding, sneaking around until they couldn't stand it anymore, to the point they tried something so stupid. ]]
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He's never really done anything like this before in his entire life, but he wanted to try it because the horrible plain truth was that he loved the feeling of kissing her and holding her. Having someone that cared about him there wanting him. It was such a good feeling. Sylus couldnt help it and after kissing Vic, and learning what it was like to hold a girl and make her feel good. He's kissed only a few times and he didnt really know what he was doing with Ara, but he tried to mimic her, licking her lips and leaning in more to keep her close.

At least she liked it too, that meant he was doing a decent job. After all, he didnt want to scare her away with his kissing or touching. Still, he shouldnt be doing this and he knew that. This was the daughter of someone important. They couldnt just have a relationship back at the facility. If anyone knew...wouldnt they kill him?

He listened to her say yes, but even he understood that if he liked her....that wasnt really possible. He probably should stop, but right now he felt so good, so turned on than he's ever been before in his life...if only he could have what he wanted for once [b "I really like you Ara"] he whispered softly and then he kissed her lips once more before he pulled back and sighed softly. He did his best to stop himself. Stop this craziness he was committing. He liked her, but what did that mean...she was right and it could never happen. [b "If only we did live normal lives"] he admitted, hugging her close as he thought about everything she's done for him. If only.....

He heard the sound of Tanner on his mic [i "Guys, we're almost there. We can see people leaving the house"] he spoke and Sylus slowly sat up, deciding that was enough [i fun?] for the day. She couldnt have any kind of relationship with anyone at that facility and he had no chance with someone like her. Maybe he should just try and forget about it if it wasnt something that was even possible. If he got to attached to her, it would be really bad.
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[center [Cabin For once she wanted to do something for her. And she wanted to kiss him again. She did and his kisses followed back to her. His body was so close with hers and she loved feeling his lips, his lips on her neck. It felt so good to be kissed and touched. And then Tanner came on the com and paused whatever was going on. She spoke to him and didn't know if he'd interrupt again or Daniel. They probably would but it wasn't like they should be kissing around like this anyway. But when she heard him admit he liked it and continued, she was back into the want. ]]
[center [Cabin "[b Mmm.. . I like..this too. ]" She spoke between his kisses making her feel so nice and then his tongue. She didn't think he even knew how to be this good but he was. She felt his lips go lower to her chest. She looked back at him for a moment, wondering if they're kissing would ever go any further but she doubted it. She didn't know if she ever wanted to go past kissing her lips and neck. She liked this, but she didn't want this to get some really deep emotional attachment because she knew the only thing she could give is guarantee death if rumours spread. She kissed his lips, and glided her tongue along his but then he stopped and asked a question she didn't want to answer. ]]

[center [Cabin "[b Yea...]" She spoke quietly nodding, "[b I think I do. But I don't know if that matters. ]" She met his eyes. He must have understood that it was just impossible to have anything with her. Even if they both wanted to. But she didn't want to, she didn't want to risk making mistakes like she did before and losing someone that mattered. "[b We live in hell. It's not like we can have anything normal. But... what about you? Do you like me? ]" She didn't really want to talk, she just wanted to kiss him and make out some more and forget problems but she would talk if he wanted to. ]]
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He knew that she was such a kind soul. The way she treated everyone around her, the way she gave them hope, made them have something to live for. Sure most of the guys lived to be with her since that was really all they ever saw. She was the nice person in their lives and as they trained hard, they would always await her. Sure he was just one of those guys, but at least he had this chance with Ara. To be all alone with her on a mission in the outside world.

Now here they were stuck and isolated in a room together until the party was over. Sylus was only trying his best to keep them from being found out. When he straddled her and kissed her, he didnt think that they'd end up doing anything more. His eyes watched Ara's and then all of the sudden he felt her lips all over his again, making him smile as he met up with her, his arms moving around her to hold her close, wanting her there beside him as he traced her lips with his. He was feeling so heated up, his heart was racing against his chest, beating so loud as he kissed down her neck. He let his hands touch her chest, wanting to feel her curves as he let his body just do what felt natural.

When Tanner interrupted, he watched her speak to him. She put the mic away rather quickly and then he felt her tugging on his lips as he leaned into her [b "Okay. I like this"] he admitted, kissing the side of her cheek and then tasting her warm lips once more. Sylus let his lips move down her chin and down her neck, kissing every groove of her skin. He let his tongue glide over her collarbone, nibbling and warming her up with each kiss.

She was very attractive and seeing her like this, wanting was making him feel so warm, arousing him as he stopped at her chest. Sylus' eyes looked up at her blue ones and then he kissed his way back up to her lips, letting his tongue lick her upper lips as he pulled back and faced her. [b "Ara....Do you like me.more than just a friend?"] he asked, practically whispering against her lips.
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[center [Cabin With others she always tried to be kind to them. Always gave everyone she met a little something. She all did treat them like friends but there were friends that were more closer to her than others. And it has been such a long time she felt something when she kissed a person. Of course...she never really tried it with Tanner and didn't want to. She didn't want to ruin their friendship and didn't want to put him in danger. She already put his best friend to death because of her. But Sylus, the more she kissed him the more she couldn't help himself. ]]
[center [Cabin The doors opened and she felt his kisses again and his touch. Ara found herself leaning back in to kissing him again, breaking a question and when she received her answer to continue again. She fel this arm around her and all the sudden her body pressed up against his. She made out with him, returning the deep kisses, feeling her body get anxious. "Mmm..." Her eyes rested when he down her chin to her neck. THose kisses felt so good. She didn't want him to stop. It would be best if she kept feeling this way, kept this contact. It felt all wrong at the same time because she wasn't so clear about their reasons. She felt his hand move touch her and it was nicer than last time. ]]
[center [Cabin Tanner's voice interrupted and she softly sighed, reaching her hand into her bag she left at the edge of the bed and putting the mic to her. "[b We're alright. We're just waiting for everyone to leave entirely and then you can come in. ] She responded and set the mic away and looked back at Sylus. She wanted to kiss him, feel those kisses on her neck again. She loved the way he made her feel. It's been a while. She really missed it. She didn't want to stop and if he wanted to, he would tell her. "[b We got...more tme...]" She whispered and kissed his lip again, tugging on his lip playfully before stopping. "[b If you want to continue for a bit more. ]" She met his golden eyes. ]]
[center [Cabin "[b Only...if you want to.]" She lightly smiled, looking a his lips and feeling a strong want. She wanted not to feel alone. To feel someone's lips and heat again and like it, not hate it. Just making out though. She's only gone to do that, never past it. ]]
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Sylus didnt know what she wanted or if she even liked him or not. He always felt like she liked Tanner the most and if anyone had a shot at being with her, it was him. Even if she did deny everything or say that they'd never be together that way. He could see they had natural chemistry together and would assume that she liked him back, but whenever they were alone like this, Sylus felt something different. Like her attention was on him and she only wanted to be with him. IT confused him, but he liked her attention on just him, just like he always thought it was. He didnt know that she gave everyone something, treated them all nice, and he learned that it was all the same, but she didnt give this kind of attention to everyone...did she?

His eyes directed to her when he heard the sound of the door opening. He didnt want someone thinking they were just laying in bed together, so he did his best to get them to just leave. Sylus laid over her, his lips kissing hers and his hands going where they probably shouldnt have went, but as the door closed, he pulled back and apologized for going a bit too far. He didnt mean to touch her that way if she didnt like it.

He watched her looking up at him and when he saw her lean in, Sylus just felt her lips touching his, her tongue grazing his lip as he closed his eyes and kissed her back. He was nervous and felt his own cheeks heat up when she kissed him, trying to mimic back what she was doing, letting his tongue lick over her bottom lip as he heard her speak. He leaned into her more and nodded [b "I like it"] he admitted and slowly draped his arm around her waist, pulling her closer to him as he made out with her, his lips kissing her more deeply, his hands moving down her back as he pressed up against her, feeling himself heating up in excitement.

Sylus leaned in, kissing down her chin towards her neck, remember what it was like to touch her chest. Could he do it again? He let one hand touch her slowly, his lips still tasting her skin as he heard the intercom. [i "Are you two alright? People are leaving"] he asked. Great....Tanner....
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[center [Cabin Ara closed her eyes for a moment, feeling him lay down beside her. It might ruin him. It was too soon to tell. Ara smiled, "[b I would like if you did stay you. ]" She lay on her side and listened to him. It was good to hear he didn't think of her as horrible but she wanted to change all that she was pressured to do. Her eyes directed to the door and she was about to speak to say it was occupied when she noticed him straddling her. Her lips parted, wondering what he was doing but soon found out when he kissed her. She didn't protest. Ara kissed him back, following his pace. ]]
[center [Cabin Heat filled her cheeks the moment she felt his hands on her chest. Her breath was held, hearing the door shut and looking at him for a moment but then looking away. Why did he do that? She pressed her lips together, feeling the heat still in her cheeks. Sorry... He was sorry about it? She wasn't so sure about him touching her there and wasn't so sure if he did that by purpose because he wanted to or because he was trying to cover it up. ]]
[center [Cabin She doubly blinked, staying silent as he moved to the side. She wanted to kiss him, or kiss someone that made her feel like she used to. She missed it, missed it so much that she could cry. It would be wrong, but her wants took over. She faced him and kissed his lips deeply, licking his upper lip and diving for another kiss. Everything on her mind vanished for that moment. Why couldn't she have what she wanted now and then? If he didn't want to, then he should back off or tell her. Or not kiss her. ]]
[center [Cabin "[b Sylus...] She spoke quietly between a breath "[b Do you like this? ]" She kissed his lips again and kissed her neck. She didn't know if emotions were attached right now, a bit of it was but she just wanted to kiss him and that's all that mattered to her. Feeling slightly guilty but also relieved to feel this way again. ]]
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Even though the mission wasnt even that long, Sylus already felt somewhat exhausted with everything he's done already. Finding that storage room wasnt easy and he had to use a completely high girl just to help him. He knew it wasnt easy for Ara either, but he was wondering why they put a newbie like him in this position. Did they know he'd do well? Wouldnt have it been better to have more experience looking over Ara? He wasnt quite sure, but he didnt want to mess this up at all.

At least they got some peace and quiet. All they really had to do was just relax here and pretend something was going on before the night ended. It made him wonder though what she meant by she liked it. Did she like him kissing her? OR did she like the way he kissed....he wasnt so sure, but he just wanted to try doing that to her since it seemed like every girl he did that to at this party loved it.

He listened to what she said, just relaxing at her side as he laid beside her on the bed. He stared out at the ceiling and then he would glance over, understanding that being touched by a complete stranger must not feel good at all. [b "I wont let them ruin me. They can break me down as much as they want....but they cant change me from being Sylus"] he told her, smiling as he shifted to face her, thinking about what she meant. [b "I dont think you're horrible. You're only doing what you have to do"] he stated, looking up at her as heard the door knob open.

SYlus knew that if nothing was happening, someone would get suspicious. He shifted, straddling Ara's waist as he leaned in and met her lips. He kissed her slowly, letting his lips get a taste of hers, his eyes glancing to the side to see a couple just watching them for a moment.

Sylus let his hands slowly move down her arms, hesitating....should he? He decided to go for it and let his hands move down to her chest gently, sneaking in a few feels and then glancing at the door, to see them beginning to close it. When the door shut, his eyes glanced back down at Ara and he felt nervous. Was she going to try and kill him for this?

He slowly shifted to her side, facing her as he bit down on his lip [b "Um....Im sorry about that..."] he told her, knowing that he did it mostly to distract that couple, but at the same time, he felt really good. He liked doing that to her, touching her, kissing her....
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[center [Cabin It would be good if they could have a short break but she did want this to be over and done with. Everything was going well. They got the key, and all they had to do was wait till the party died down to bring in the truck. Knocking out the guards shouldn't be too difficult for Sylus at all. It would be over before they even knew it and then they would all arrive safely back. She hoped for that at least. she didn't want anyone harmed through this whole entire mission if she could. When it was down to two people here, she felt a little nervous about how safe this was going to be but since Sylus really did keep a good eye on her, she wasn't feeling so nervous about it. ]]
[center [Cabin It felt wrong to tell him that she liked it but she didn't want to say that she didn't. She didn't know what he would think of it. But she shouldn't be thinking about it. But she wasn't going to lie to herself and say that she didn't enjoy it. When she noticed the mess he was in, she did wander what happened. She gave a nod when he replied. She spotted him smirking and wondering what he was thinking about. She had no idea what he had been doing this whole time. ]]
[center [Cabin She laid back, looking at the molding on the ceiling. She shuddered thinking about kissing that guy and then Will. She really needed to take a good bath after this. "[b I really hate it... Kissing someone I feel nothing for or letting them touch me when it just feels numb. ]" She frowned. When Sylus kissed her or touched her it felt a lot different from those people. She missed that. Missed feeling something when she touched someone or kissed them. Sure, it wasn't that strong of a feeling but it was something and she hadn't felt that in such a long time. ]]
[center [Cabin [i Like you...?] She still wondered what he meant when he spoke to her when he was drunk. But maybe that's what he meant. That he liked her, just liked. Nothing more and nothing less. "[b You don't owe me anything. I like you. You seem like a really good person Sylus. But, they're going to ruin that. They always destroy good people..." She sighed and looked over at him seeing him smiling, she lightly smiled back at him, "[b I mean...what do you think of me as a person? Am I horrible?]" ]]
[center [Cabin She stretched out her arms and then kept her eyes on his, "[b I'm glad you're here too.]She moved in, taking off her shoes and decided to just lay her head on the pillow. "[b You can lie done too if you want. We'll know the party ends when the noise ends.]" ]]
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Sylus knew his job and watching over her was an important one. If anything happened to Ara, they'd fail. If they didnt complete the mission...they'd fail. It was a horrible thought, but they couldnt really do a thing about it. She was the daughter of someone at the facility, so he had to keep an eye on her, plus she's been his friend since he was a child. It was only natural that he'd protect her even after all she's done to him. The good things were more than the bad, but he still kept it all in his thoughts.

He sat beside her, telling her that he had his eye on her the whole time. Why would he abandon her when he was the only guard here assigned to help her? If anything happened to her, it'd be on him. He apologized to her for touching and just getting into her space so suddenly. He knew that he probably shouldnt have done that, but he was curious and he did find Ara attractive. A little over exaggeration wasnt too bad was it? He just hoped she thought of it only as a cover.

When she said she liked it, Sylus was surprised. He didnt expect her to like it, and he thought she wasnt going to be with anyone. He was confused, but at the same time happy she didnt mind it. He ended up fixing his clothes and then he thought about what happened [b "I had to pull a few acting scenes to trick the guard. Dont worry, nothing happened"] he smirked at the thought, wondering what the real thing would have been like.

He glanced at the time and looked at the large bed [b "GO ahead and relax. You must be tired of everyone laying a finger on you"] he chuckled at the thought. Even he was exhausted with all of the people around and the drugs. His eyes watched the door and then he heard her question [b "You? What do you mean? Of course I like you Ara. You've been there since I first came to the facility. Not to mention you kept me going with small knick knacks and treating me out so much. I owe you a lot. I probably wouldnt even be here if you werent there"] he glanced back at her and smiled.

[b "Im glad you're here"]
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 4y 339d 20h 5m 55s

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