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Ever since he came to the facility Ara was already making him feel comfortable and not afraid. That lollipop she gave him put a smile on his face. His first gift on his birthday from someone and even better, it was someone he's never met before. Almost like she knew that's what he wanted. It really did help him ever since he came, but he never knew that she took a liking to him. He really appreciated everything she brought him and he liked how kind she was. That smile she brought with her when everything was going wrong, the way she laughed when she came to play. IN truth, she was the light in the dark and he fell for her seeing all of that kindness. She made everyday livable.

[b "Im just really glad that you did bring me things. It was better when you were around really. I had a lot of fun, especially when you brought over your 3ds. I still have pretty much everything non edible that you gave me"] he admitted, taking a sip of his coffee. He really was happy to see her all of the time.

The phone number was a surprise to him, but he knew he couldnt do much. She would just be waiting for a call and he'd have to leave in five hours so he'd rather spend the time with someone that he wanted to spend it with. It brightened him up when she said she'd spend it together with him.

Sylus ate his food slowly, taking a bite of his chicken and grinning at the taste. He then smothered his waffles wih syrup and liked the sweet and salty combination. WHen she asked, Sylus swallowed his food and glanced up at her [b "Well I want to sit with you. I thought it would be the same as when we flew here.....but if you dont want to...I can switch with Tanner this time"] he told her and then his eyes widened when she spoke about not being able to kiss her anymore. Was that a sign? Did she want him to kiss her before they went back? Well maybe?

He didnt know what she truly wanted, but maybe her wants are getting the best of her. IF she really wanted a kiss, he'd do it.

[b "Well maybe after we eat....we can walk along the beach...I saw some nice cabanas we can relax at too"] he finished up his food and wondered if she'd like that. He did like her and he did know she sort of liked him....maybe they could do something before they did have to go back to reality.
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[center [Cabin Ever since she could remember she been giving food or stuff to others, and to Sylus. She would give him stuff that was bought for her. She wanted him to really like her back then. She remembered liking Sylus long before she liked Joseph. Some along the way she start crushing on Joseph and because Joseph was so forward and was so fearless she end up following along and took a liking to him. ]]
[center [Cabin She always found it out as a kid that people automatically liked her though because she gave them stuff. So, she worked that in her favor and tried to give Sylus the best of her stuff but she learned eventually that giving things didn't mean that they liked her, they just liked the stuff that she gave them. Eventually, she wasn't treated so nice when they found out whose kid she was. Still, she wanted to give him stuff not because she wanted him to like him but because she wanted him to have these stuff and eat food that was good. She loved seeing people smile and getting on their good side. ]]
[center [Cabin "[b I know but it makes me happy knowing that you're happy having them. ]" She only found happiness in that. It made her feel a little better seeing others smile. But it was good to hear that he wanted to see her and not because she just brought him good food or stuff. "She couldn't contain her smile and hoped that he would always be happy to see her. ]]
[center [Cabin It bothered her, even if it shouldn't that the waitress dropped him a number. She didn't want him to go anywhere. But it wouldn't the first time she was ditched. Ara lifted her head. Did she hear that right? He wanted to spend it with her? She wanted to comment but commenting would just be flirting and encouraging. "[b Okay, than let's spend it together.]" She smiled and kept her eyes on him. She never did see him as a weakling. He had been at the top for so long, she never worried about him because he wasn't a weakling. ]]
[center [Cabin "[b I'm pretty sure Daniel and Tanner think you did something great too.]" He did take charge when she was in shock from what she saw. ]]
[center [Cabin When she spoke that sentence, she wasn't so sure she should have said it. She watched his skin glow red and felt herself listening more. He knew? She doubly blinked, "[b No.]" That was a pretty good kiss. She was so confused herself. She ate her sandwich, not knowing what to say without screwing things up. She looked back at him now and then and then would continue eating her sandwich. She knew what he felt about him and she knew how he felt about her. So, how was this going to stay as friends? ]]
[center [Cabin "[b Say... Who do you want to sit with when we take the flight back?]" She asked. She just wanted to bring a conversation. After breakfast, she did have to think about where they would go. Just walk around here maybe? "[b You know... You can still kiss me if you wanted to. It'll be nearly impossible to ever do that again if we're in the facility.]"
[center [Cabin [i Stupid. Stupid, stupid! Why did you say that? You should keep your mouth shut! Ara. What are you saying? Stop letting your emotions run.] She was lecturing herself mentally and now wanted to get up and run away from what she just said. ]]
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If she wanted more, Sylus wanted even more than her. He's never had that special person in his life before and with Ara being there since he was a little kid, he admired her, liked her, cared about her, and was now crushing on her after everything they've been through. It was only natural that he developed feelings for her.

His eyes watched her blue ones, still amazed at how blue they were compared to the ocean. It was one thing he loved about looking at her. [b "You dont have to get me so much things Ara. Im happy as long as you come over and visit you know. It's nice to see familiar faces"] he smiled, thinking about going back home. To him it was his home because he hasnt really belonged anywhere else. He's been at the facility for almost twenty years and nowhere else. It was the place that he considered home than anywhere else.

He didnt know what it meant to receive a phone number, but when Ara told him that it didnt really mean anything right now, he decided against it really. It wasnt like he was looking for a date right now either. He heard that there was five hours left and then he smiled [b "It's okay. I kind of want to spend my last few hours with you before we go back"] he admitted and then took a sip of his coffee and then he saw that she was watching him. Sylus blushed a little and then he glanced away. He was glad that she didnt see him as a weakling anymore either.

[b "Thanks Ara, at least someone thinks that I did something great"] he heard her saying he didnt have to kiss her and his cheeks just burned red for a moment. [b "Well....I know I didnt have to. I wanted to make sure I covered it up well. Plus.....I wanted to kiss you, was that bad?"] he admitted, seeing his food as he slowly took a bite and smiled at the taste. Sure they werent supposed to start anything, but maybe she was just trying to be overly friendly?
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[center [Cabin She wanted more. If there were no side effects, she wouldn't be avoiding anything with him. Maybe he wouldn't avoid it either with her. Eventually, things would start to feel normal. Once they hit back the facility and had less contact, this all would dull down. Although for the moment it was nearly unbearable. How long would she last being the two of them? Why did Tanner put her in this kind of situation? He knew that she wasn't going to dump something on someone when she couldn't give them anything. ]]
[center [Cabin "[b Whatever you like. I can get you fried chicken back there.]" She almost jumped at the chance to give him whatever he wanted. It did bother her though. To hear him call that place a home. That wasn't home, but who was she to talk? She didn't know what a real home was like either ever since her mother was gone and she was too young to really remember what it felt like. She wished she could have a home, a family that wouldn't do this to her. But, that was more crazy than her delusional dream of putting this at a stop. ]]
[center [Cabin Ara wasn't sure if she hinted that this irritated her or not but she hoped he hadn't picked it up, or maybe she hoped he did. [i This is so confusing!] She watched him as he spoke, talking about being normal. [i You can experience a date with me. ] She couldn't go on about how many levels of wrong saying that would be, when she wasn't supposed to getting closer for both of their sakes. And for once, she was actually thinking she was going to be turned down. "[b I could experience a date, sometime. ]" She shrugged, "[b Five hours is still plenty of time. ]" Well she could have said worse. ]]
[center [Cabin She drank her coffee and saw him grinning so much. She loved seeing him this happy, grinning this much. She knew that he wouldn't be smiling this much when he was back underground. Everyone always got miserable when they got a taste of freedom to return to that hell hole. She than listened to him speak. ]]
[center [Cabin "[b Oh you were? I guess I was really that focused.]" Her eyes widened and listened on. Bribing with drugs. She nodded. Sylus was capable, well really capable. And they wanted to kill him? She already knew he was capable, she's never worried a day of her life until now that he would have his name to be killed for that. ]]
[center [Cabin "[b They won't see you as a weakling anymore. I'll make sure of it. I'll talk all about you taking lead and being above expectations.]" She smiled knowing she wouldn't ever let them think of him as a weakling again. "[b You did really well. didn't have to kiss me to give me that key you know.]" She smirked and then killed her expression when she realized what she said. No. No. He may not see it but she end up trying to flirt. What was wrong with her? The food came in soon enough and she fit the sandwich right into her mouth to keep her mouth shut. ]]
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In all truth, Sylus wished he could at least live like a normal person and enjoy the day with her. All he really wanted was to feel special, to feel needed, and to feel important in someone else's life. Ara always told him that he was important to her, the first person she's saved and that felt special. He was needed by her and he enjoyed that feeling. If he could lift her up by just being there, that was more than he could have asked for. Maybe wanting to actually like her, date her was asking too much. It was selfish for someone down from the facility to ask such a thing. He was a guinea pig and she was some special breed of humans way above him.

Still, when he saw her smile, saw her cheeks redden, it made him happy to know that he could make her feel emotions. He didnt know what she was feeling towards him, but he was sort of glad she was just spending the day with him. [b "Oooh, that sounds good. Maybe Ill order it sometime or try it first. But after last nights chicken....I cant get enough of it. I wish there was fried chicken back home"] he was excited to eat it again.

But when he saw the number and the waitress blowing a kiss, Sylus looked up at Ara, asking what that meant. He listened to her and wondered if he should even bother to call when he was leaving in five hours anyways. [b "I guess you're right. If I was a normal person it'd be nice to go on a date and experience things, but Im going home in five hours"] he stated simply. HE didnt feel attracted at all to the waitress either, but it was nice to see that even people out here were just as nice.

He took a sip of his coffee and grinned at the taste, everything felt better and tasted better up here than it did underground. His eyes looked up at her and tried to remember what happened yesterday. [b "Oh last night? This girl invited me to head up with her so ended up following. I saw you though. I was sitting beside Will when you approached him. Im surprised you didnt notice me"] he laughed a little and then he thought about the key. [b "Then I did my best to figure out which key fit into the lock. Had to bribe some people with drugs and I had to distract guards using that lady, but overall things that I tried work. I just hope that when I return people dont see me as a weakling anymore and will keep me off of their radar"]
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[center [Cabin If it was possible, she entirely wanted to avoid getting any closer than she should but she found her emotions betraying her. Blood rushed into her cheeks and it could have been simply from embarrassment from last night or something else. She cleaned it up but she couldn't decide whether she wanted to act this whole time or let her emotions show through. She didn't want to be fake with him, but she didn't want him to read on how she felt either. Wasn't there any middle ground? ]]
[center [Cabin "[b Funny...?]" She never thought she ever was. Well...she was drunk. "[b If being funny is a good thing, then alright.]" She saw his smile and hated all of this. Hated that she felt something but she couldn't do anything about it and he definitely wanted to avoid all of this too. Now, she really needed to figure a way to convince someone to join in their breakfast from their group before this breakfast was going to be ruined because she couldn't get her emotions in order. ]]
[center [Cabin "[b It stands for Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato. It's what they put in the sandwich. It's really good, you can try mine and see if you like it and then order one.]" She did want to show him plenty out here though. She wanted to show him stuff he hadn't seen. Although, she honestly was a lost cause as to what regular people really did either since she was still trapped within her home and not allowed to attend any school through growing up. Sometimes, it felt like her dad was trying to hide her from the world. And maybe he was. ]]
[center [Cabin The coffee came and she took a sip when she noticed him looking at the napkin. She set her coffee down and saw the waitress wink and smile and blow a kiss at him. Who blows kisses anymore? Ara would be surprised of that girl got any action like that. There was better methods to seduce a guy. ]]
[center [Cabin Number. Ara felt tempted to lie. "[b It means she's interested in you and wants you to call her number to set up a date but I wouldn't bother even if you could. People assume that if two people of opposite gender are going out together that they are on a date. She would assume that too. Telling by her look, nails, eyelashes, and make up, she's probably a girl with rich parents that made her do this to show her hard work. So, she's trying to get me angry and herself fired. That or looking for a fun night with you, no strings attached.]" She could give a list of reasons. Ara could read a person inside out and gather their entire profile. Although, she had to admit she was mostly trying to make that waitress sound bad rather than really looking into her. ]]
[center [Cabin Ara looked back at Sylus and lightly smiled, "[b So... I didn't ask. How did you do last night? At that party? While I was with Will. I didn't even see you while I was talking to him, or even heard your voice. ]" ]]
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Trent didnt believe her and he sure didnt trust her at all either. Not only did she keep them in here, but someone must have told her that they were planning to escape. Why did their lives matter to her anyway? She didnt really care about them and he didnt think that she would want to save them after what they've done. He was confused as to what she was trying to do, but he couldnt really say anything because she only said good things back. If she really wanted to save them, he hoped she could, but right now, they were going back to hell.

At the restaurant, Sylus would take a picture of the view and then as he looked at the menu, his eyes would glance back at Ara, just trying to be normal. He didnt want her to feel like he was trying to be in a relationship with her when he knew that it wasnt possible. He just had to focus, treat her like a normal friend she was and then maybe that would be better for the two of them.

He saw her cheeks redden and Sylus just glanced off for a moment, not wanting her to feel that way about him. She should be happy and if she did want to date someone or be in a relationship, she did have her mind set on one person. [b "You're great company and your funny. At least I got to eat good food and see a movie with you too"] he smiled and ordered is food from the waitress. WHen he saw her walk off, Sylus wondered what she got for breakfast. [b "What's a BLT?"] he wondered, unsure what that stood for. He was pondering the thought when the waitress brought their coffee over.

Sylus looked at his drink and then noticed writing on the napkin. It was a phone number. He picked it up and looked at it curiously. As he glanced over to the waitress, he saw her wink and smile before blowing a kiss. Sylus just looked back at the napkin confused. [b "Is there a reason why she gave me her phone number?"] he wondered, not knowing what that even meant.
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[center [Cabin It didn't matter if there was doubt that she would be able to make a difference. She would attempt it, because she didn't see anyone else attempting it. Everyone only cared for themselves and their escape. If they so much as got caught doing something suspicious, they were screwed, possibly dead. But if she got caught? Sure, she knew it would have some awful fall back on her but she wouldn't be killed for it. And she was a lot stronger than anyone really thoughts he was. She could endure plenty mentally and she wouldn't let something like getting whipped get to her. Not when it caused something amazing to happen like being able to save a life. She'd rather have her back ruined if it meant saving someone's life. ]]
[center [Cabin Sylus was the only person that was saved because of her. She was glad for it and she wanted to take care of him so that he continued to live. He was protecting her, she could see that already but she was also protecting him. She would always protect him when she could. She lead him to the restaurant and saw the camera pop out. It lightened her to see him using it and taking photos of the area. ]]
[center [Cabin "[b Mmm... So let's make the best of it. We only got five hours left.]" Five hours before maybe she might never be able to go out with him again. Maybe never bring him out to a mission. What if he graduated and he was given the offer to get bought by some rich person who needed the protection? Then she'd never see him again. That grew a big horrible ache in the pit of her stomach. The thought that she'd never see him again. Him leaving, for good. Not in her grasp, not able to manipulate what would happen to him. What if those people were just as bad as her father, what if worse? ]]
[center [Cabin That... All of that was something to worry about later. Not now. She apologized and end up blushing when he smirked and talked about her imagination. Stupid. So stupid. "[b I'm really sorry. I'm not really like that. ]" She met his eyes and kept blushing, glancing away. Oh, now it was over. She definitely liked him. She was having trouble looking at him without feeling those butterflies. ]]
[center [Cabin She inhaled a deep breath and made herself to calm down. Fake it until she made it. She ordered coffee too and heard him talk about getting out. If only... With someone he...? She raised a brow and he heard him continue talking. It wasn't possible. There was no point crushing on him. She rested her chin on her right hand. "[b I guess I'm not the best company, huh? ]" She laughed a little and the shut up. She saw the waitress come in and saw the way she looked at him. She didn't like it. ]]
[center [Cabin Underground. Ara's eyes widened. She really needed to remind him not to give answers like that. Not that anyone would believe him. She heard her laugh and wanted the waitress to go away. Handsome? Ara peered down, frowning. And then felt the waitress eyes on her. ]]
[center [Cabin "[b I would like a BLT sandwich. ]" She stated since that's what she was here for. This whole thing was going to turn into a disaster wasn't it? Well, she could try to enjoy it but when she looked at him her mind referred to that party yesterday. ]]
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Trent didnt believe that she would be capable of doing anything. She was just one of the lab rats herself, or more like a prisoner. If anyone had a chance at stopping this, he believed that one of them would a better job. At least they could withstand all of the torture and the pain...not her, not some normal human being that was spoiled rotten and was just wanting to change things because she was the boss' daughter. He didnt think she'd be able to change a thing and that's why he was so disappointed. Either way, they'd be stuck down there for a while.

Sylus wanted to enjoy his last day and head outside to see the sun and the clouds. He wouldnt see it anymore, nor have all of the good food and seeing normal humans. He was going to miss this and he wished that he was at least closer to making it out of here soon.

He didnt know if being alone with Ara was a good idea because she was just here confusing him. She told him many times she liked him. She held his hand, kissed him and made him feel special, but he knew there was nothing left. They couldnt be anything and going back would just reinforce the fact that their wants were simply dreams they couldnt make happen.

As they walked towards the beach, Sylus followed her, his eyes looking at the water, pulling out his camera to take a photo of the beach. When he took a seat across from her at the restaurant, his eyes looked out at the water and he smiled. [b "Ya you're right. Let's enjoy this while we can. At least I can say I got to experience this at least once"] he looked at the menu and decided on some chicken and waffles. He glanced up at her and laughed a little [b "Dont worry. You seemed happen enough to me. It was nice to hear your imagination run wild"] he smirked and and then he ordered himself an iced coffee.

[b "This place is great. If I get out of there, I'd want to be by a beach like this, eating food like this with someone I being around"] he smiled up at her and told the waitress his order. He noticed that she was a young blonde with blue eyes, her eyes fell on Sylus and asked where they were from since they didnt look like locals.

[b "Im from underground"] he smiled and the girl just smiled and laughed, thinking he was joking. [i "Ill bring your food out right away handsome"] she told him and glanced over at Ara. She didnt look like someone from underground.
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[center [Cabin Making some sort of difference was a delusional dream but she would die attempting it rather than doing nothing and live a life feeling regret of murdering people. Maybe she made no difference but if anyone could, it was her. Her dad was up there, and she was definitely taking what he had and change things around, or die attempting it. "[b And you can't escape. You're just some lab rat. Even if you escape, and manage to dodge all cameras and people, where would you get the damn money to survive? You better hope I can change something. ]" She wanted to change everything. She had to dedicate her life to this and only this. ]]
[center [Cabin It seemed that Tanner didn't want to go and there were only two reasons she could think off but she wouldn't make him if he didn't want too. Still, she didn't want to be alone with Sylus because she was afraid of what he'd fail after seeing her like that. Afraid of getting close and knowing she couldn't give him nothing, even if she wanted to get close. Joseph...Joseph was dead in her mind. If he remembered everything and escaped on his own than she felt betrayed and wanted nothing. If he didn't remember and somehow was alive, than she couldn't bother him and include him into her life when he got away from it. Either way, there was no way around it. ]]
[center [Cabin She took the elevator with him and lead the way, looking around the city and wondered where would they have breakfast? She didn't know this area very well. "[b I don't know. Whatever we see or like first.]" She admitted and thought that maybe eating somewhere by the beach would be nice. Before they had to go back, before who knows when Sylus would see a beach again. She was reaching for his hand to hold it but then pulled it back knowing that she shouldn't. It was funny how it hurt her all the same not holding his hand as it would hurt her in the long wrong to. ]]
[center [Cabin She lead him closer to the water front and saw another restaurant by it. She lead him toward the restaurant with a high up deck facing the beach. She asked for the table outside and then they were sitting outside, she sat down and looked out into the water, listening to it crash into the shore before glancing at the menu. "[b This might be the last time we go on missions together... Who knows. Maybe the last time you'll see a beach like this. So, let's enjoy it as much as we can. Make memories. ]" She smiled lightly looking back at him for a moment. ]]
[center [Cabin "[b Oh...and Sylus I'm sorry for dropping my emotional self on you yesterday. I...remember what I said and um... I must have sound crazy.]" She awkwardly laughed. "[b But... It means a lot to me that you helped me out. Thank you. ]" She really didn't want to show him that kind of side to him ever again. "[b Order whatever you like. We can do whatever you like too. ] ]]
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To Trent, all he could see was the blue sky, the fresh air and the warm sun. Going back down there meant that he wouldnt see any of that anymore and he didnt want that. This was the only time that he could really escape and they missed it. If only Ara wasnt there, if she didnt find out, he'd be living freely right now with no chip in his head. Sure he had to run away all the time, maybe change his identity, but at least he would still be above ground listening to no ones rules.

[i "You cant change anything. You're just some girl that gets punished if you do something wrong. There's no way you can make any difference. We'll be stuck down there until we die"] he muttered as she left. Trent was already disappointed and Sheila and Brook missed their chance as well. They would have taken a chance at the escape plan too, but now they didnt have a choice to return.

Sylus walked towards the door, looking over as Tanner spoke. Two? Alone? What was he talking about? WHy didnt he want breakfast? HE just decided to leave him alone and hurry along with Ara downstairs. [b "So where we eating for breakfast?"] he wondered, holding his camera in his pocket as he looked around the city once more. He needed to back away from her, not let her kiss him again, and he had to stay focused. He couldnt want anything he couldnt have and he didnt want ARa to go through anymore bad experiences. THey were just friends and that's all they could be.
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[center [Cabin It was a long shot to get the three that attempted to escape to come and eat breakfast with all of them but she wanted to attempt it anyway. They didn't understand that they wouldn't have any chance to escape and that what she was doing was more than kind to them. They really didn't get it. All they were was thinking about themselves and not the effect that it would have on Sylus, Tanner, Daniel and her. They didn't open the room door so, she spoke between the door. "[b What's the credit worth if three people are dead? I would never sell you three out if I have a choice.]" ]]
[center [Cabin Stuck...probably. They might be stuck until they die. It seemed like attempting to escape was worth dying over for. "[b I'm not going to lie to you. You might be stuck, but believe me when I say I'm working hard so that no one is stuck. You know who my dad is, wait till I get rid of him and if you can survive for that long, you won't have to escape. I'll let you go.]" It wasn't a promise. It was just a bit of hope, even though she didn't know if he would believe in it at all. "[b I'm honestly on your side Trent, and I'm trying to survive and change this too.]" ]]
[center [Cabin Ara left, not knowing if it was enough but it would have to do for now. It was all she could do. What if they did have a chance to leave? What if those people that she met, Joseph were the people that were going to help them out of here? And she screwed it up for them. If that was it, than that meant Joseph made her think he was dead, and left her behind here. It stung and it made her wonder if he cared at all about her, or was she so stupid to fall for every little bit. ]]
[center [Cabin She stepped into their suite again and instantly mentioned breakfast. She smiled and nodded, "[b Okay, then let's go. ]" She said and looked over at Tanner and turned his head. ]]
[center [Cabin "[i You two can go alone...]" Tanner muttered. ]]
[center [Cabin "[b Why?]" ]]
[center [Cabin "[i I'm...just not feeling it okay?]" ]]
[center [Cabin She looked back at him for a moment and knew why which was stupid. But maybe it wasn't that, maybe it was the fact they saw Joseph. "[b Okay. Sylus, are you ready to go? We can check out the city together...ourselves than. I'd invite Daniel but he always says no to these kind of stuff.]" ]]
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It was weird to see Ara so drunk, but at the same time, he hasnt seen her act that way either. She was spitting out whatever she thought and he was still thinking about the part where she called him handsome. Did she really think that was she just delusional? He wasnt quite sure, but at least he was able to stay with her and keep her company for the night. He didnt want her to be left alone.

He stayed on the couch and just relaxed for a while, watching TV when he saw Tanner sit down as well. THey talked about the mission and it being completed and about what happened with Ara last night. Sylus just told him that he brought her over and then came back and made sure she fell asleep. He didnt want Tanner thinking he did anything with Ara when there really was no possibility of that anyway.

Trent was upset with being trapped in this room the whole night. They tried escaping, but the guards wouldnt let them go. [i "We didnt do a damn thing. Dont you and the others want all the credit? Tell them that we tried to escape so that you'll get more of a reward? I dont care what happens down there, but we wont get another chance. We'll be stuck like usual and training until we break down. I dont want to go back"] he told her, the other two girls seemed to agree but kept silent. At least they wouldnt be punished when they did head back.

Sylus glanced back at Ara when she returned and he nodded [b "I dont mind. Im hungry. I want to enjoy the food here while it lasts"] he shrugged, not too happy to be going back, but he at least wanted to prove to them that he could do a great job.

[b "Let's head down. IF we have time, I kind of want to check out the city more"] he asked, walking towards the door as the three of them headed down onto the street.
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[center [Cabin She flooded some emotions out toward him. Joseph was a big strike to her and now he came back from the dead causing her to react. This was the best way to react, rather than the many multiple actions that she could have done. This was the safest bet, even if she knew that it wouldn't be right to make Sylus stay, but he did. She didn't expect to get drunk and didn't know what she was saying until she said it, and soon passed out. ]]
[center [Cabin Ara head to the room, knocking and heard Trent's voice behind the door. He was raving about something so stupid. Something that he had no chance in doing. He should be damn thankful she saved their life and that she was getting them out of this without being sentenced to death for it. [i Go to hell. ] Well, they were already in it so it wasn't like she could go to a place she was being forced to aid running it. ]]
[center [Cabin "[b In case you're wondering. You're not getting punished, just act as if you went through the mission and you'll be fine and they'll even reward you for completing the mission. You're welcome for saving your life. You never had a chance to begin with.]" And then she shut up, thinking for a moment. If Joseph was alive... that meant he had to escape. His memory was obviously gone but he escaped. They wouldn't let anyone run out free. So, did that mean that he left without her? He left her here? What if he fooled her all this time that he was dead. What if he did know who she was and who he was and he was acting it and he left her. They all left her. ]]
[center [Cabin Now...she felt like she should have waited for him to wake up yesterday, so she would know. Know what the hell he knew and if he left her. "[b If you change your mind about coming, notify one of these guys and they'll tell me.]" She spoke and headed back to her suite. She stepped into the room, confusion filling up her mind, questions. ]]
[center [Cabin She walked in and saw Tanner and Sylus. "[b Do you two want to have breakfast all together? I'm paying.]" This time, with either of them, no contact. No kissing on cheeks, no hugging. It was probably convincing either one of them something and she didn't want to lure anyone in. ]]
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 4y 334d 1h 28m 30s
He didnt know who she was currently, all he knew was that she was the daughter of someone very important to that facility. That must have put a lot of pressure on her as well, but seeing that she seemed like she was always trying her best, Sylus wanted to do the same. He needed to think about this mission, think about making it back safely so that he wouldnt be under the radar anymore. If anyone suspected him moving downhill, he would be killed again and all of this would be for nothing.

After he ate with her, he just nodded his head to her question. He'd be there as long as she wanted him to be. Sylus walked towards his room and fell asleep rather quickly from how tired he was. Watching over Ara was almost like watching a raging teenage girl, but he did try to understand she was hurting.

In the morning, Sylus went for a shower and he changed into more casual clothes, some jeans and a vneck black shirt. He began packing all of his belongings and then he stepped outside to see if anyone was awake. He didnt see Ara, but he did see Tanner. HE ended up just relaxing on the couch with the TV, waiting for the others.


When Ara knocked on their door, Trent was more than upset with her. [i "Breakfast? You think we want breakfast after being kept in here like some animals? Go to hell ARa. We dont need anything else from you. We're going to be sent back today punished and without another chance at escape"] he was upset and angry still that she stopped them. If they found out at the facility, they'ed be tortured for sure. Now...they just hoped that maybe they'd get a chance to at least not be killed.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 4y 334d 1h 49m 57s

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