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[center [Cabin Receiving something from him was really sweet. She kept her eye on it for a while and then would watch a bit of the movie, falling tired and wanting to sleep but also wanting to spend time with him. When she saw that all of them were asleep, it was the best time to do little things. She kissed him and found him kissing her back. She followed his lips and kissed him harder back playfully. She liked this, kissing him and not having to hide so much right now. ]]
[center [Cabin "[b You can...right now, ]" She whispered back to him and allowed him to kiss her neck, closing her eyes at the nice feeling. "[b Hmmm... ]" She kept her hands locked with his. She tried to return the favour and kiss his neck, his jaw. It was nice to spend time with him. "[b When you're able to step out of the facility. Do you have a place you want to go? Anything you want to do? ]" She wondered. She did want to know him more and more. She talked to Sylus a lot but she knew that there was still thing she didn't know about him. ]]
[center [Cabin She softly yawned and found that her legs were getting numb. She pulled the seat back, so that she could lay down more, stretching out her legs. The perks of first class... She looked back at Sylus and thought they could enjoy those couple of hours before they headed back to the facility. She knew he would follow back to routine, and then possibly given another mission. She knew he wouldn't fail. He was really good, she already saw that. It might make it easier to get him as her bodyguard. She laid on her side, so that her back wasn't touching the seat too much. It was healing...she could feel that it wasn't bad as it used to be. She needed to find answers, her own answers. ]]
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He wanted to give her something to remember their time here by. He really did miss her and he did love the way they kissed and held each other. It was hard to imagine not being with her at all, but he couldnt really do a thing. They were going to head back and they were going to go back to being just normal people training in rough situations and being exhausted. This was like a mini vacation and he wanted more days like this to be honest. More missions would make him feel a lot closer to him graduating.

At least she really liked the bracelet and he was glad that it put a smile on her face. NOt only was it hard to give her something back at the facility, but here he was able to manage. It reminded him of all he wanted on his birthday, just a small present. Now he was giving someone else a present and it felt so weird, but he wanted her to at least know that he did care about her.

He imagined being her guard, just watching after her and making sure she was safe. Tanner seemed to really like the job and he knew that he would too. Maybe if he worked hard he could put it in as a request.

His eyes looked at the small screen and he was slowly falling asleep. He was pretty tired after all they did today, but he was also thinking about how often he could sleep at the facility. He didnt want to waste any time at all. His eyes looked over her and then he kissed her neck softly. When he was about to sleep, he felt her lips against his and that made him look up at her and kiss her back sweetly. He looked around, seeing everyone asleep as he leaned in once more to get another taste of her lips, pressing his lips a little harder as he slowly pulled back and sighed softly. He would really miss this so much.

[b "I wish I could kiss you more before we head back"] he whispered, his hand still holding onto hers as he faced her, leaning down to kiss her neck again, just giving her small signs of affection because that was all they really could do right now.
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[center [Cabin When she saw the bracelet, she thought it was so cute for him to give her this. She hardly got anything from anyone else just because they were trapped inside there and wouldn't be able to. It made her smile, liking when she got gifts, and really felt happy that he got her something. She listened to him and nodded, "[b I won't. ]" She shook her head, "[b As long as I'm inside, or I can just turn the bracelet around so that it doesn't show. But I really like it. Thanks Sylus. ]" She repeated and really felt happy he got her something. She never really cared so much about objects at all, it wasn't hard to get but little things like this always made her happy. She hugged him and leaned back to watch the window and then a movie with him. ]]
[center [Cabin She mentioned it to him and really hoped that he would graduate and get something really good that would involve him being able to go anywhere and not having to put him in too much danger. That was very highly unlikely but if she managed to get him to be her bodyguard like Tanner was then she'd have him around and she was usually pretty secure and easy to protect. She needed a second bodyguard anyway. "[b I bet you will. They'll send you to a few more missions before they'll let you graduate...but I know you will. ]" She smiled and liked the feeling of holding his hand. She was getting a little tired but still awake. She felt his head roll on her own shoulder as she was starting to fall asleep on her own when she felt his kiss on her neck, sighing softly. She wanted him to kiss her again on her neck, but couldn't find herself to say it. ]]
[center [Cabin She gave a slight look back seeing the others asleep. She counted the seconds to make sure they were asleep and then she leaned into Sylus and kissed his lips. If only they could kiss like this every day. She would truly love that. She met his eyes and lightly smiled. She was tired, ready to fall asleep but she wanted to keep awake to be beside him longer awake. ]]
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Everything they did would end soon and it wasnt fair. He didnt want it to end, but when they got onto the plane, he could see the whole country of Dubai behind him now. HE stepped onto the plane and then he took his normal seat beside her. WHen he looked around, everyone looked upset. Trent was raging, Sheila and Brooke had sad looks on their faces, even Tanner. He wondered if Ara told him or not....she'd tell him if she did. The only one who looked content right now was Daniel, he must have been happy to be going home.

Sylus felt her lips against his cheek and then he turned to face her with a smile. He handed her his gift and watched her open it as he saw his name looking great on it. He shook his head [b "I got it when we were out on the town. Dont worry though, they can only see the engraving in sunlight. When we're underground no one will see it so you dont even have to hide it"] he watched her put it on and he smiled, seeing how great it looked on her. He felt her arms and hugged her back gently, enjoying small moments like this before they couldnt do it anymore.

Sylus leaned back into his seat and then he nodded, looking up at window to see Dubai fly away. He felt sad, but at the same time, he knew he had to go back so he could graduate. His eyes looked at the movie and he got himself some juice and ate the snacks provided. When he heard Ara, he smiled a little [b "That would be nice. I hope I can graduate early"] he kept a hold of her hand, his eyes looking to her bracelet as he focused back to the movie.

The flight was long and during the movie, sometimes Sylus would drift off to sleep, his head rolling onto her shoulder and sometimes he would be awake and manage a kiss on her neck gently.
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[center [Cabin It would all be over soon. She fell back into her seat and watched Sylus sit right beside her. She lightly smiled at him, her blue eyes falling to his hand lacing with hers. Holding hands was nice. She saw him smile and smiled a little more when he mentioned falling asleep on his shoulder. "If that's okay with you, then I will." Being close for at least these hours would be nice. She wanted to lean onto him. She looked around and kissed his cheek and then watched him pull something out. Her eyes widened, wandering what it was. She hardly got stuff from others. She watched a bracelet come out and from the sun coming in through the airplane window she could see his name on it. She smiled back at him, "[b Awe, thanks Sylus. It's really pretty. When did you get it? ]" She fit it on her wrist and knew there was a risk wearing it but, she could always just turn it around so his name wouldn't show, not that it would since they were going to be underground. ]]
[center [Cabin She wrapped her arms around him, hugging him. "[b I'll always keep it with me." She then leaned her head into his shoulder. "We've got a long flight. A lot of time to talk at least. ]" She mentioned. "[b We can enjoy this for now. ]" They still had a lot of hours to spend, even if it was on a plane and all of it would be sitting down. The plane began lifting off soon enough, and they were serving drinks. She just took some juice and decided to turn on the monitor in front of them to set any movies. "[b Let's find something we can both watch. ]" Watching movies seemed nice too.
[center [Cabin She looked back for a moment down the seats, checking what Tanner was doing and he seemed to be watching a movie, and then Daniel and Trent. Trent was watching her. Well, it wasn't like he knew a thing. Although, if either of Daniel and Trent found out, or even Sheila she knew they would open their mouths about it and it would end up horribly. Ara inhaled a deep breath. She just had to make sure that it seemed like she treated others no different then. Just had to conceal it very hard and well. She didn't know where this would go, or if it would good anywhere but she wanted to live a little too. Just a little. ]]
[center [Cabin "[b I'm going to get Daniel, Trent to put a good word for you... So that maybe you can graduate a little faster, ]" She whispered to Sylus, "[b You'll at least won't have to stay in the facility constantly. ]" ]]
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Even Sylus understood that it was going to be a while before he would be able to sleep with her again. If it would even happen again. He didnt even know if he'd be able to kiss her without being seen. He just hoped that ARa knew deep down that he really did like her, even if they werent allowed to show it. He didnt tell Tanner what was going on because he didnt really want him to know. It wasnt like he was going to see anything really didnt matter at all to him, so he didnt feel the need to tell him.

He didnt want to blow it by being so clingy to Ara even if he did want to. If only he could be her in Tanner's place, that would be great. At least then he would be able to get alone time with her without looking so suspicious. His mind wandered until they arrived at the airport, his eyes looking at the plane as he looked back at the city where it all happened. Where he went to the beach for the first time, lost his virginity, and fell for a girl. It was a place to remember and he did have his camera with the memories. He climbed onto the plane and then he saw the usual seating. Sheila and Brooke, Trent and Daniel.....Tanner....He took his seat beside Ara and then he tried to act normal for a bit. HIs eyes looked her over and then he reached for her hand in between them, knowing no one would see. He laced his fingers with hers and then he lifted a smile. "Are you going to fall asleep on my shoulder again? Because I really want you to" he wanted to cheer her up because this flight home was going to be long and they could at least look like they accidentally fell into each other's arms or something.

[b "Oh before we get back Ara. I have something for you"] he pulled out a small box from his carry on bag, handing it to her. Inside was a small, gold bracelet. There was an engraving hidden on the band that could only be seen in daylight. It said [i Sylus']. He glanced back at the sun shining in the window and then he hoped she'd like it at least. He wanted to give her something for all that she's done for him and he also wanted her to know that he believed she belonged with him. No one underground would ever know though, unless they were in the sun and looking at her wrist closely. He knew that no one would figure it out especially if they were going to be underground for a while. They had their own little secret.
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[center [Cabin It really would be a while before it could happen again, if it ever would happen again. There was no telling what would occur later on. Especially since now Sylus was trapped in that facility. She stepped out when she heard Tanner ask Sylus. She knew the question would be brought up back to her, and she couldn't really lie to him. Forget about how Tanner liked her, or she had liked him, it was because they were also just really good friends that cared about each other. Ara turned her head back, listening on. It doesn't matter... ]]

[center [Cabin "It matters, a lot," Tanner stated and watched him grab his luggage and already go on. Tanner looked over at Ara and she shrugged. "I don't know if it's going to mean anything later. I'll tell you soon though." Tanner nodded and took her luggage in his hand. Ara opened her mouth to tell him she could handle it but he was already moving and she was giving up on trying to get him to let her hold her own luggage. Tanner was so silent that it scared her. He must have been thinking things, he must know that something happened, but he wouldn't know what. She hurt him, didn't she? ]]

[center [Cabin "I'm sorry..." She whispered. ]]
[center [Cabin "You don't have to be sorry about anything." ]]
[center [Cabin She followed the way to the cab and went inside. She saw the three that tried to escape before and well, Trent was looking at her with rage, as usual. Better that then all of them dead. Or would they have been? Either way, she did what she thought was best and did it out of good intention. She stared out the window until they arrived to the airport, not wanting to go back. The closer they were to getting back, the more she felt her chest cave. Everything would change again... ]]

[center [Cabin They climbed out of the cab and once more Tanner took her luggage. She followed him inside, with the others still being kept on watch. Ara watched Sylus, not knowing how to be normal anymore in front of everyone else. She still had to try. Soon enough, they were boarding the plane. Ara took her seat first and expected Sylus to sit beside her. It was a long flight, and she was thinking about how she got him to talk to her in the first place. It was nice that he didn't hate her, that it he really liked her would change by tomorrow, wouldn't it? She didn't really want to worry about it but she did. She sighed and tried to relax back into her seat. ]]
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It was nice to just be out, having a great breakfast and being alive above ground. There was nothing like the feeling of seeing the bright blue sky and feeling the warm sun. He felt so much more alive out here and he really didnt want to go back underground. He was so amazed by everything, looking around and just spending time with Ara. He couldnt lie about liking her because he really did. She's shown him so much and she's been there since he could remember.

When he chased after her, Sylus managed to catch her easily, holding her in his arms as he met her lips, wanting to kiss her like how he used to. It was sad to think that they'd never be able to do this again, so Sylus wanted to take full advantage of these five hours and spend it with someone he wanted to spend it with.

He carried her in his arms towards a more secluded area. When he had her back against the rock wall, he placed his arms on either side of her, meeting her lips licking her bottom lip gently as he pressed his lips down her neck slowly, getting a taste of her skin and loving how soft and smooth it was. Girls really were amazing, so much more delicate and they smelled much better than guys. He loved it.

His lips moved down her neck towards her collarbone, feeling her take off his shirt. He raised his arms and let her, leaning back in to kissed her shoulders and whatever else was bare. He felt her hands on his chest and it felt so warm and comforting. [b "I really like you too Ara"] he smiled and got closer, letting his hands move down her shoulders and the length of her arms, touching her skin as he kissed down to where her dress started. He let one hand rest on her chest as he moved back up towards her lips, kissing her slowly and tenderly as his hand motioned into a circle.
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[center [Cabin It was nearly impossible to ever kiss someone without horrible reason back there. Even if she wanted to, she couldn't. She couldn't when she was with Joseph, and would never be able to do with anyone else. It was only when she was out that she didn't have so many eyes on her to report back to. She soaked Sylus shirt wet and found herself laughing and then running. She really was an easy catch, and when he kissed her, she decided to get him back, kissing him and using her tongue. He was getting better and better at kissing. She pressed a her lips a little harder on his and then she found their lips parting. ]]
[center [Cabin That smile of his... What was he up to? She was taken by surprise when he picked her up, smiling and laughing as she held onto him. "[b Where are we going? ]" Her feet soon landed on the sand, seeing his smile and stepped back when he leaned into her until he pushed her back against the rock. Her back hurt a little but it didn't bother her as oon as he start kissing her again. She kissed him and softly sighed feeling his kisses grow lower down to her neck. She wrapped her arms around him and closed her eyes. ]]
[center [Cabin "Mmm...Keep doing that." She let her head fall back. Her hands lowered down to the end of his shirt, wanting to take his shirt off. She's seen his body and loved how fit these boys were. The scars really didn't matter. She lifted his shirt off and let her fingers roam over his chest. "[b I like you Sylus. ]" She whispered. She was being truthful. She liked him and he made her help forget about someone in the past that she couldn't have either way and didn't know if she wanted him if he had left her here. ]]
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Sylus was never really a jealous type of person. He never had anything to be jealous about until he did see Ara giving others the same things she was giving him. At first he thought he really was special, but when he heard she did that to everyone it was mostly disappointment and less jealousy. He did feel jealous when he saw her with TAnner, getting along great with him and yet he still didnt feel the need to do anything. Ara should be with who she wants, not who he wants her to be with. He owed that much to her.

Still, it was nice getting things from her and being out in the world with her here with him was good enough. Once they head back, they probably couldnt be this close anymore, so Sylus wanted to make sure that he was able to at least treat her like how he would if they were somewhat normal before they headed back. She scared him when she said it was impossible to ever kiss her back in the facility, so he wanted to do as much as he could now.

He felt how wet his shirt was, but knew it would dry soon, so Sylus chased after her, holding her and then meeting her lips with his. He was pulling away, but when he felt her lips and then her tongue against his, Sylus was quite surprised. He kissed her back gently, his lips following hers as he let his tongue play with hers, learning how to kiss her much better.

Sylus glanced up at her and felt like she really got him back. He smiled innocently and looked around the beach, seeing a good spot as he scooped her up into his arms and ran towards an area with tons of rocks. He moved around the the rocks and it led to a small, deserted cove. Sylus set her down on the sand and he smiled [b "Im going to trap her you here and kiss you more"] he leaned into her, pushing her back up against the rock wall as he leaned in more, kissing her lips, licking her lower lip as he kissed down her chin and neck gently, wanting so much of her, wanting her to continue making him feel like he was special to her.
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[center [Cabin Jealousy was never a good thing. She gave plenty of people stuff, just more To Sylus. She didn't like playing favorites but she only did have two people around that she gave more stuff than usual. She didn't think there was anything wrong with taht. She smiled hearing that he thought they were grateful. She hoped so, she wanted to make others happy. They went by the beach and she wanted something else but she knew that it wouldn't happen and shouldn't happen. ]]

[center [Cabin It was barely a wet spot. She didn't care so much for the dress than she had to run to go after him. So instead she walked and as soon as she made it to him, she heard him apologize and right than she soaked his shirt. She laughed and felt a little bad that he was shivering but he should be fine. Her eyes widneed when he said he was going to get her, so then she turned and attempted to run but really she was pretty easy to get hold of. She end up facing him and looked back at him, seeing him smile. "[b What?]" She quietly laughed curious to know what she was going to get and then felt his lips on hers. She kissed him and looked back at him for a moment and leaned into him again and kissed him, licking his upper lip and continuing her kisses, letting her tongue glide along his, "[b That's what.]" ]]

[center [Cabin It felt good to kiss him. To get what she wanted there for a moment. Ara kept her eyes on him, not able to move her gaze off him. "[b what are you going to do? ]" She smirked, speaking quietly. She still wanted to kiss him, make use of the time she had. Who knew whenever she would ever be able to kiss someone she actually wanted to kiss again. ]]
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He knew that she wasnt just the person that killed people whenever they failed or fell weak. He knew she didnt want that and he could see it in her eyes that she tried to help everyone, tried to make them get through this and she tried to protect most of them. She only killed them because she was forced to and if she didnt...he's seen what happened to her. He didnt want them hurting her because she refused, that just wasnt fair. She almost killed him too and he was scared out of his mind. He's seen the way she works and he didnt like how she seduced people...but how else was she going to get them to follow her.

He listened to her saying she should have brought more things, but he liked being special on his own honestly. He didnt show it though, so he just nodded [b "Im sure everyone is grateful for what you bring"] he stated softly and then he followed her towards the beach. When he splashed her, he had forgotten that she wasnt really one of them, but it wasnt like he was going to run full speed. Sylus laughed a little and then he saw her dress. it was only a splash so nothing really showed.

He felt bad, so he stopped and then waited for her, seeing her walk over [b "Im sorry. I didnt mean to make your pretty dress wet"] he apologized, but felt the bottle of water soak his shirt. [b "Hey!" You're no fair"] he felt his shirt and shivered from the cold a little. Sylus walked over [b "Im going to get you"] he smirked, running after her as he wrapped his arms around her waist as he held onto her. His eyes looked down into hers and then he smiled innocently. [b "You know what you're gonna get?"] he leaned in and pressed his lips against hers gently, releasing his hold on her as he stole a kiss and a taste of her lips. [b "What you gonna do about that?"] he asked, pulling back slowly.
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[center [Cabin She hoped she made some difference and it sounded like she did. It made her feel like she wasn't just someone who murdered them when they fell out of line. She never wanted to in the first place. "[b Jealous? Maybe I should have brought them more things too.]" She listened his laugh and then finished eating. She wanted to go and sit and go that cabana and relax with him. But she did want to kiss him before she never could. Whenever she kissed someone at the facility, it was mainly to lure them in and kill them. Otherwise, it was suspicious and it would be reported. She's never so much as gotten further than a kiss. Not even with Joseph because there were cams everywhere and guards everywhere. And she never landed a mission with Joseph. ]]
[center [Cabin She watched him step into the water and felt water splash onto her, while shew as wearing a white dress. She didn't exactly like it and tried to lean down and splash him but then he ran off. She didn't really have much of a competitive side. She couldn't catch him anyway if she ran. "[b No fair! You're faster! ]" She shouted out and muttered "[b And you got my dress wet... ]" Maybe she would try getting back at him. She just walked towards him instead and had grabbed the bottle of water she had in her bag and threw some of it on his shirt and stuck out her tongue. "[b No you're shirt is wet. ]" ]]
[center [Cabin She didn't know if it was cheating but, it still worked. And it would dry up quickly since the sun was high up. She wasn't going to go run around and chase him. She wouldn't be able to catch up to him, at all. Besides, it was fun winning through just throwing half of a bottle of water. "[b What are you going to do hmm? Is Sylus not capable of getting back at me for that?]" She teased right back. And was feeling like she would regret this. ]]
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He had no clue of her attempts to make him lie her at all. Sylus was just thinking about how nice she really was and how kind to him she was being. No one else treated him with such kindness and it was great to have someone there that helped put him at ease. They would talk a lot about how hard it was for him as a kid, he even thought about quitting many times because he had no determination, but she did help him through it.

[b "Of course. Your gifts are the ones that keep me entertained the most. But some of my roommates get jealous"] he laughed a little and finished up his food, seeing her paying for everything. He felt bad sometimes because she brought him to these places and gave him many things, but he couldnt really afford or buy her something. There was one thing he did buy with what he had left, but it still wasnt as fancy as a camera or 3ds.

When he stepped out of the restaurant, he glanced back at the waitress and waved with a smile. He would probably never see her again, but it was nice of her to show interest in him. He followed Ara down to the beach, walking along the sand as he reached down to remove his shoes. He stepped into the water and then he kicked his feet before leaning down and splashing some water towards her.

Sylus laughed a little and then he began running off, holding onto his shoes as he stepped along the shoreline. [b "Aww is Ara not capable of getting me back? Where's that competitive side"] he asked, teasing her as he stopped and looked back to see where she was.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 4y 333d 18h 3m 2s
[center [Cabin Sometimes she thought she tried to hard as a kid to make him like her. She always got him good stuff and even gave him her 3ds. She always liked spending time with Sylus. Sure, she spend time with plenty of others but Sylus held a special place in her. He was like her own little secret back then. She still cared for him now and felt good to hear that he liked waht she brought him and she gave him some fun times. "[b Good, that you kept it all.]" He really did care about what she gave her. But she knew he liked her company too now. She was enjoying being around him but was also feeling so confused and nervous. ]]
[center [Cabin The food was good but she didn't experience it the way Sylus was experiencing it. He hardly get to eat food like this in the facility. He deserved to eat like this, all of them did. She loved seeing enjoy it, smiling and then talking about sitting with her.She shook her head, "[b No it's fine.]" She spoke next and she felt like she might have made a mistake saying that too. She didn't want him to say blunt up no or lead him on, even though she kind of did want to lead him on because she liked him. ]]
[center [Cabin Everything was that much more complicated when she knew she liked someone when it would be a bad idea to continue along with it when she couldn't give him anything after, which fed into her guilt. But she wanted to nevertheless. It didn't real seem like he was replying to that she pushed it behind her and gave a nod, "[b Sounds like a good idea.]" She smiled and finished eating eventually, finishing her coffee and paying for it all. She saw that waitress watching Sylus again and it bothered her buts he kept her mouth shut and expression still. ]]
[center [Cabin Once they exit the restaurant, they were on the beach and she walked at a normal pace with him, staring out to the water coming up into the sand. Beaches really were nice. If only she wasn't so fearful of deep water and drowning. She wished she really could go out like that and have fun. Her head turned to Sylus, "[b I hope we can all go out like this, even on a mission. It's rare...but it can happen. ]" Maybe. She sighed and watched some people come into the beach, setting things up. Some people were in for an early morning dive. ]]
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