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He couldnt blame anyone else for his loss because he knew that ARa took his life with her own hands. Of course whoever was in charge made her do it, but how could he blame the people in charge if he never even saw them? The closest he could even get to them was being with Ara, so he just had to blame her until he could get over this.

Sylus decided to just let his thoughts wander, talking about how Sebastian was the funny guy of the group. Sure he was such a nerd and klutz sometimes but there sure wasnt anything like him. He wished he was still living next door, sitting with their group, and making them laugh, but that was all over. He didnt even expect Ara to be sitting here and crying beside him when she was the one that took his life away. To comfort her, he kissed her cheek and held her hand, feeling bad that she had to do this to them while he blamed her. She probably didnt deserve all of his blame, but he couldnt help it. At least he could tell her how he felt.

He sat beside her and couldnt help but ask if she'd kill him if she got the chance again. It was upsetting to hear she would kill him, but that was better than torture. Sylus noticed her sitting up and then he decided not to say anything more about it. He just laid onto his side and faced in the opposite direction, looking up at the restraints on the bed. He's been here not too long ago for his injections and he hated it. Being strapped down while they injected you was a horrible feeling.

His eyes looked over the them and then he would look back at Ara. [b "Im sorry for asking. It's not your fault. You're being made to do all of this" he reached up to rub her back gently, remembering when he stayed with her in her bed at the hotel in Dubai....if only they just stayed there. Sure Sylus wanted her to feel guilty, but it wasnt entirely her fault.....he understood that. He would mourn about Sebastian on his own and probably leave Ara alone because he didnt think he could comfort her right now...not when he was hurting because a friend was killed by her hands.
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[center [Cabin It was clear, he must be blaming her for all of this. For what he lost and she wasn't sure she could carry that blame. Would he always blame her? She found that when somebody blamed it on her on the first place that they always would. She liked him and it hurt more knowing the person she liked blamed her for the deaths of the people he cared for. She wouldn't take responsibility for an order she received but maybe she could try to put a stop to the next one. That was probably going to get her injured. Maybe if there was another way without getting injured. ]]
[center [Cabin There was nothing more she could say, she knew he was upset for his death, missing a good friend. She knew what it was like and all they could do was just mourn the dead and live on. Tears trailed down again when she heard him talk about him. She wiped her eyes and accidently cried, "[b I'm so sorry.]" She knew that whatever she was going to say wasn't going to make it any better. He was dead and that was it. She felt his hand on hers, his kiss on her cheek. How could he care about her, even now? Still, it made her a lot happier that he was trying. It was a lot better than some of the reactions she's gotten. Some blamed her, others didn't and just blamed this in this hell hole facility. But that hardly happened. ]]

[center [Cabin Lights shut, door shut, and no form of communication. Not in here anyway. Lines would be down. She sat down and just tested it out, what it would be like. It would be horrifying and she knew that they went through this. She turned her head to him and listened him to go on about the place. "[b Sorry. It was the only place I could think of that they wouldn't think I would bring you in here alone with me.]" She got up and sat down at the end and met his eyes. She wasn't really hungry, she still felt nauseous. She remained silent as he spoke. She stared down at the floor, thinking about how she poisoned him. would it have been any better if she used another method? She felt his head rest on her shoulder and really was surprised that he was leaning into her. ]]

[center [Cabin Ara became stiff again. Why would he as that? Could he not ask that? Didn't he get that it was hard for her to murder someone, especially someone she cared for. She killed, or supposedly killed the person she loved. "[b I don't know... but if I don't, they could just torture you for days until your dead. Or torture you until I shoot you and put you out of your misery. So I want to be able to kill you if I have to, because no one deserves to go through that kind of torture. ]" She felt hollow again inside, remembering clearly what happened to Joseph. She shot him, she swore she shot him and saw the life go out of him. She squeezed her eyes shut and recalled how he begged her to kill him. ]]
[center [Cabin b Please don't ask me that question again...]" She spoke quietly. She set her knees up and leaned against them. Maybe talking wasn't the best idea. But they were trapped in here and she didn't want to sleep because she needed to keep her eyes open either way. ]]
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When he looked her over, seeing those tears in her eyes, he knew she was really sorry about what happened and what she did to Sebastian. Sylus was really upset but he had already unleashed his anger on her and he could see that she didnt want him just leave and hate her. So this is what she meant this whole time. That whole time in Dubai when she said he'd change his mind and that he would end up hating her too? Was this really it? He did hate the fact that she killed people, but he didnt hate her specifically. She only did this because she really had to if she didnt want to be harmed, so Sylus knew he couldnt really be mad at her, but he did want someone to blame for this and Ara was really the only person he could blame. All of this was done by her hands and that really did upset him. He wished she didnt have to do that....but that would only bring her more trouble.

He couldnt help but tell her how he felt. How she took the good things away from him, the good people he grew up here with and got along with. She should feel guilty and he could see it in her blue eyes that she was. But when Ara started begging and pleading for him not to hate her, or to leave her side, he felt bad. Those sad and desperate eyes of hers really did get to him and he couldnt help but just try and understand a little bit. [b "Look, I dont want to hurt you. I wont. Im upset...I miss Sebastian...and I cant believe he's gone....but what can I do about it"] he frowned and listened to her speak, hearing that she was sorry and that she's missed a lot of people too. If only he could accept that she was the facility's killer much easier, then maybe he wouldnt be so mad.

[b "He was so funny, he always made us laugh. He was such a klutz too, slipping in the bathroom, getting food on his face. I'm going to miss that"] he ranted on and on, thinking about his friend. He looked up at her and when he kissed her cheek, he just wanted to know if she was truly okay.

When she said no, he understood because he didnt feel okay either. He was going to leave, but when the lights went out, he looked around the room curiously as he bit down on his lip, seeing the dim lights turn on instead. He didnt know what was going on, but when he saw Ara calling TAnner, he listened to her, wondering why they were going to be locked here for a while. Five hours? The whole night? He didnt know if he liked the sound of that at all. In this room of all places?

Sylus looked at the torture devices, remembering how he laid on that bed and was experimented on. He didnt like it here and the only time they were really sent here was for injections or for discipline. He walked over and then he saw her putting her hands to the restraints. [b "This place isnt a good place. I have a lot of bad memories here. Let's just stay on this side"] he patted the end without the restraints and then he thought about eating. [b "We can eat something if you're hungry. I dont mind. Im not really sleepy Ara. I cant sleep after what happened. All I see is Sebastian falling before my eyes in training....I cant"] he admitted, leaning down to rest his head on her shoulder.

She killed him, ended his life and he didnt want to stay here with her in a torture room because it made him nervous. [b "If I began slipping....and you were forced to kill me again....would you really just do it this time?"] he asked her curiously, his mind on other things, not so much wanting to play a game right now, mostly to just mourn and grieve.
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[center [Cabin "[b I'll still worry.]"
Blue eyes locked onto him. Tears escaped her. Being the assaulter in his life was not what she wanted to be. Taking away good things wasn't who she was and it brought her whole entire body in denial to hear it. She cared about what he thought of her and it never was easy to hear someone talk about her as if she cold blooded, a monster and well, now she wasn't so sure if they were wrong anymore. She's had this situation turn around for the worst all the time. Being called out at things, slapped, spat on, or simply ignored. She lost a lot of good friends that way. It always turned that way and it horrified her to think that he would do the same. ]]
[center [Cabin Her words came out frantically, wanting anything to happen but him never speaking to her again or despising her. She sat on the bed and knew he wouldn't but it didn't matter to her even if he did or didn't. "[b I know. But I won't be mad if you do. ]" She dried her eyes and felt him sit beside her. She wanted to wrap her arms around him, feeling relief that he wasn't just up and leaving her here right now. She inhaled a deep breath and released it as he spoke. She wanted to hear all about it. All about Sebastian. She missed a lot of people too. Her whole life had been about missing people. ]]
[center [Cabin "[b I miss...everyone that died here. I'm sorry Sylus. I'm sorry for losing him, that I have to be the one to do it. He was a pretty good guy when I talked to him. I wish he could have lived to see outside of here. You can...rant to me about him. ]" It appeared clear to her when he was rubbing his eyes that he was hurting. She knew all about that, maybe more since she had to be the one to hurt the people she cared about. ]]
[center [Cabin Ara hadn't noticed her hands were still trembling until she felt him take her hand. She met his eyes for a moment before feeling his lips on her cheek. Did that mean he didn't despise her? ]]
[center [Cabin [i Going to be okay...? ] Her ears thought she misheard, cause she never heard that after she killed someone's close friend. He could have been asking just to be polite. "[b To be honest. No. But I'll survive.]" The lights failed all the sudden, swallowing the room in darkness until the emergency light turned on. It filled the room with enough light to see but it was still dimmed. She got up, she went to the door to open it and found it locked shut. Something was going on. She knocked on the door and she received a knock back. Tanner was there. She couldn't speak to him from in here though. Every door would automatically be locked until things were back up, She looked into the vents and didn't know if they could even fit in there to get out but it was probably better to stay here anyway because it was secure. ]]
[center [Cabin "[b I think we might be locked in here for awhile.]" For at least five hours, or maybe even the whole night. This room...really was creepy. It even had a hole to drain out water...or blood. lifted herself to sit on the edge of the bed. The bed was creepy too. The upper half of it was lifted in an angle, the restraints at the side. She let her fingers touch them. ]]
[center [Cabin She decided to lay down on the bed and put her hands close to the restrains, looking up the ceiling. She was testing it out, what it was it like to be here and have horrible things done to you. She moved he arms back down. Hell. She couldn't withstand getting whipped like that. It nearly caused her to pass out. She tossed her head to the side to look back at him and then look into the bag she kept around her all the time. A few snacks inside, a water bottle, cards, make up, phone... ]]
[center [Cabin "[b Are you hungry...? We can play cards and eat the few snacks I have here if you'd like. But if you're tired, then I can keep an eye out for you while you sleep. ]" ]]
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Even Sylus dreaded this location and the more he walked around and followed Tanner, the more uncomfortable he felt when he saw that room he was going to. IT was already bad to be in the torture room, but seeing Ara there made him really upset. HE didnt want to see her right now, not when she just did something to kill Sebastian. Not when she took another innocent life away because she was ordered to. He wanted to see these orders and rebel against who was in charge of doing this. Just because they slack off one day they're suddenly killed? They needed to change the rules!

He couldnt help but blow up on her right now, saying everything that he was thinking. He felt upset and he did want her to know that she was killing his friends. [b "Ill graduate okay. Dont worry about me"] he told her, not caring about himself at all...his friend just died. Sylus was furious at her for doing that, but she didnt do it by choice.....she wasnt like that and yet he was still angry.

He saw the look in her eyes and seeing tears and he knew she hated doing this, but she had to. Sylus took in a deep breath, trying to calm down when she spoke. Now she was talking crazy to the point where he just wanted to slap her to stop. There was no way he was going to hurt her. He really liked her still, that wouldnt change. He was upset she killed Sebastian by her own hands and he didnt want her to. [b "Ara....Im not going to hurt you"] he walked towards her as he took a seat beside her.

[b "I miss Sebastian. He fell to the ground before my eyes....yesterday he was just laughing and telling us stories about how when we got out of here we'd be working at the same place and having real food and real alcohol...."] he rubbed his eyes and looked over at her. He took her trembling hands and he leaned in to kiss her cheek, sighing softly as he stood up. [b "Im not leaving you okay? Im upset at what you did....but I wont leave. I have no where else to go"] he stated before heading towards the door. He understood now what she meant before when she said he'd hate here. He hated her for what she did, but he still liked her too. It wasnt fair. [b "Are you okay going to be okay?"] he asked, knowing she was upset for killing someone and her hands were trembling. He'd hug her if she wanted him to, but it would also feel off hugging the person that killed his friend.
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[center [Cabin It wasn't an ideal location but it was a location that would be secure. She needed to see him and make sure he was okay and make sure he knew that she didn't want to take Sebastian's life away. Weather she took it or not, someone else would. She didn't like having the guards kill one of their own either. She wanted to protect people as much as she could and when she couldn't, she tried to find the best way around it. ]]
[center [Cabin She sat there, in anticipation. What would he do? Yell at her? Claim he hated her. She expected that but was hoping for better anyway. Once he was in the room, it was just him and her in here. Tanner was outside, but he wouldn't hear a thing anyway. Unless she knocked on the door or gave him a call, or message. She apologized and looked back at him. ]]
[center [Cabin Ara's body became stiff. It was like hearing her own guilt talking back to her in her head as it did at times. Killed. ]]
[center [Cabin "[b It doesn't bring them back but it keeps you alive. ]" She spoke softly. ]]
[center [Cabin [i Who else are you going to take away from me? ] ]]
[center [Cabin "[b I... ]" Ara's fingers gripped onto the chair, her expression falling into sorrow. Take away... Ara's throat jammed. She had plenty taken away from her too, and it was by her own hands but not by her own choice. When he put it like that, she found herself holding her breath hoping she'd stopped breathing. When her body refused to move, she only listened to him and wouldn't be able to speak. ]]
[center [Cabin "[b I...don't want to kill any of you. ]" Tear buds formed into her eyes. She saw where his eyes followed. He hated her. For sure, he hated her. Her blue eyes fell down to her lap, to her bracelet. She was sorry for the orders she received. She gave a glimpse and saw him gripping onto the seat. ]]
[center [Cabin "[b If it makes you feel better, you can hit me for it. Or call me names. Go ahead. Call me a murder, or a killer, call me fake. Just don't hate me. ]" She tried to meet his eyes. Her hands were trembling, she didn't want to be hated by him. She liked him and she didn't want the person that finally made her not feel so alone to turn their back on her only a week after. She shook her head and then got up, and sat at the bed. "[b Slap me if you want. I won't stop you. If you even bruise me, cut me, I'll still heal the next day]." She gave a smile. "[b Just don't hate me. Don't leave me.]" She didn't think he would hit her, or hurt her. It just didn't seem like something Sylus would do but if he really needed to slap her than, she wouldn't say anything or like him any less. ]]
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He wasnt meant to do anything but follow orders. He was bred a normal child and sent here to become a soldier. He would be strong, tough, and not emotionally attached to anything. He would grow to be someone's puppet, someone's shield, someone's decoy until he did die and it wasnt really a life he wanted to live, but it was better being that in the outside world than a guinea pig in here. He had to graduate fast before they came for him, before they came for more of his friends and he had to set them free somehow. He really didnt want this to go on anymore either.

When Sylus followed Tanner into the room, he felt afraid. Not only was this the room where they would spend hours of agonizing pain, but at the same time, this was where they were tortured. He didnt know why ARa wanted him in here, but he was thinking maybe she wanted to kill him too.

He took a seat, his eyes looking around, waiting for her to spring at him or someone to strap him down, but when he heard her apology, he knew she wasnt going to kill him....not yet. [b "You killed killed Collin! Ara....I dont care what happens to me. If I do does that bring any of them back. How is that going to stop you from killing me or Luke, or Clyde? Who else are you going to take away from me?"] he narrowed his eyes and felt empty inside. He was still grieving over the loss of his friend and he may have meant nothing to Ara, but Sebastian was always there when he had no one, suffering through the same things they suffered through.

[b "I-I just dont want to see that anymore, but Ill keep trying hard. Ill make sure I do well so you dont come to kill me. I guess that's all I can look forward to hmm?"] he took in a deep breath and then he looked around [b "For a second I thought I was called here so you can kill me here. It scared the shit out of me. At least Ill have another day then"] he felt a shiver down his spine and he still wished he could at least hold her, but that would be wrong. No matter how much he wanted to be close to her, there was that barrier. She was a killer and she was on the inside killing anyone that failed. He couldnt be with her.

[b "Ill be fine."] he mentioned quietly, his eyes looking at the torture bed with the straps, feeling really uncomfortable in here. His hands gripped onto the seat and then he looked up at her, seeing her still wearing his bracelet. It made him sad...but what could he do?
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[center [Cabin The touch of metal was familiar since she was in her early teens. Pulling a trigger was as easy as one, two, three. She was made a murder and she had very little choice. She almost never required to fight head on, all she needed was a good way to kill someone without them noticing, and was terrifyingly good at. She didn't enjoy it, she hated having someone in front of her aim. But it had to be done or else someone else would finish the job for her. She's learned rules quickly, and had no choice but to if she wanted to survive on her own. She was careful, that's why she never got killed by someone that resented by her father. Not because she was good at fighting but because she was good at avoiding situations, or had many people around her to stop from anything happening to her. ]]

[center [Cabin Sebastian was gone. It was clear when she heard it from the guards and there was nothing she could do about it. But she did want to talk to Sylus. She sat on the chair, swinging her feet a little and then stopping, staring at the floor and then around the room, seeing that bed for experimenting, restraints and other stuff planted all around. This wasn't a room anyone favoured to be in but it was a room no one would really expect her to meet with someone. She waited and saw the door open, her head lifting looking back at his golden eyes. ]]
[center [Cabin It was bittersweet seeing him right now. She wanted to see him, be around him when no one else was around but at the same time, she knew what she did and she knew that she did something awful even if it wasn't by her own choice. ]]
[center [Cabin She watched him sit beside her and heard the question right off the bat. Why... She asked herself all the time that. She wished they gave them more chances or wouldn't kill them and try to find a way to make them better. But when they deemed someone unfit to use them for anything, then it was over. ]]
[center [Cabin "[b I'm sorry Sylus... ]" She whispered, keeping her eyes on him. She could see that his emotions would break out. She wanted to hug him but at the same time he might push her away and why would he want comfort from the person that killed his friend? ]]
[center [Cabin "[b I'm sorry ]" She repeated. "[b I wish I could do more to keep him alive. But there was nothing I could do. I got an order and I follow the order. No matter who it is. Now matter how old, or kind. I have to.]" She held her eyes on him because she felt like looking away would be insult after what she did. She killed him and that was that. "[b Do you think you'll be okay? I heard you're doing great. If you keep doing great, they'll send you threw missions and then they'll never send me to kill you.]" She lightly smiled. ]]
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IT was upsetting and at the same time, he really didnt know how to deal with it because he really did like ARa, but at the same time, he was getting afraid. Afraid that she was just turning into a killer, wanting to kill every guinea pig in here. she wasnt. SHe couldnt be. She wanted to end all of this....but Sebastian. Sebastian was his friend. Someone she always saw him hanging around with and spending time with. She knew....and yet, she still killed him. His hands balled up into a fist at the cafeteria table and he just took small sips of his drink, unsure of what to do. He really didnt know what he was going to do now. He felt weak, hurt, and upset.

The rest of the night, he spent with Luke and Clyde in their rooms. They were playing a few card games and Sylus just sat beside them playing a few games, but his mind was elsewhere. By now everyone knew of Sebastian's disappearance and everyone was gloomy, but they tried to do something anyway. Sylus bit down on his lip as the two questioned what was happening. [i "What do you think they did with him?"] Clyde asked and LUke just shook his head [+blue "We all know what they do. They're killed. They cant have their guinea pigs roaming the earth"] he stated quietly and Sylus couldnt help but feel like what if Ara thought he was just some guinea pig that was really easy to get rid of? SHe had become quite skilled at killing them and that made him afraid of that side of her.

That night, he couldnt sleep. HE was just sitting in bed when he heard the door and saw Tanner. He slowly got up and just rubbed his eyes tiredly, following him towards the room. When he saw the door open and met Ara's blue eyes, he gulped and stepped inside, seeing the door close behind him. He didnt know what to do. A part of him wanted to hug her, kiss her, but she killed his friend! He looked her over as he took a seat, not sure what to do, but he did want to get back at her for killing his friend. [b "Why did you have to do that? Sebastian was a good guy.....he didnt need to be killed"] he rubbed his eyes for a second, trying to hold in all the emotions he felt when seeing Sebastian just collapse in front of him. [b "It could have been anyone else!"] he told her, looking up at her, wondering just why...even if he did know the reason.
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[center [Cabin It was against what she wanted. If she had any real option or could safe them somehow, no doubt she would do it but time was running thin and she felt that if she at least gave Sebastian a heads up than maybe he would get really good the last few hours, and they would change his mind about him. It was all she could give and knew it might have not been enough. She saw Sylus leave already and assumed that he already knew what was going to happen. She felt afraid to approach him and see him and see his reaction. But at the same time she wanted to see him, tell him that she was sorry and try to make him feel better. ]]

[center [Cabin Ara slipped away after lunch, and headed into the girls area, and attempted to train with them, and was still failing, still getting beat the hell out of and still she was healing too quickly. She stayed there, talking to some of the girls and friends she had and stayed for dinner. But tonight, she was going to knock on Sylus door and maybe try to get him out, just for a while. The hallway was well guarded but, she knew that the guards were mainly on her side and wouldn't say anything. She knew who was set up to guard tonight, and she would just replace them and make sure everyone guarding there had her back. She slowly had picked up people that would go on her side when she was able to turn things over. ]]

[center [Cabin At eleven am, she spoke to Tanner to grab Sylus if he could. She was waiting in a room that was done to conduct experiments. She knew this spot would be safe to meet up and talk, without arousing real suspicion. ]]
[center [Cabin Tanner had walked into the guy's sleeping quarters and used his card key to unlock the door of Sylus' room. He tapped Sylus shoulder. "Get up. You're needed." He didn't want his roommates to know that he was meeting up with Ara in case they were awake. If Sylus agreed, Tanner would lead his way to the room that Ara was staying in. She was sitting on a chair, worrying about plenty. ]]
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Sylus had a very abnormal childhood. His memories of living a normal life were fading. Those happy moments of him with his parents only laster until he was about five and soon after his parents separated and his mother sold him here on his birthday. He always wondered how much she made from selling him. Did it benefit her enough to have a living. Did she even regret selling her own son into his hell? He didnt know, but he did know one thing and that was that when he got out of here, he'd make sure that no matter what she did, he would stand proud and show her what he was capable of.

When he got back to the facility, Sylus couldnt lie to himself. The first few days made him depressed. He really wanted to be beside Ara, hold her, and kiss her like he used to. He missed that physical contact and he missed her warm embrace. Sometimes he found himself staring into space when his roommates would wake him up or shake him to ask what was wrong. He found himself training the past few days, feeling it was much easier, but his mind was always distracted. His eyes looked up to see Ara at their table during lunch and he lifted a smile. It was always like a breath of fresh air to see her, but when she started talking to Sebastian, he had an idea of what was happening.

He tried to stop her from taking him away, but as soon as they walked off, he didnt feel so good anymore and could care less about the food that was coming. He made it back to their room and then he changed into his swimming clothes for a swim. How could she keep doing this? Doing this to his friends? Couldnt she do something about it? Sure she was ordered to and didnt have a choice....but....Collin....Sebastian. They were great innocent guys and she would just take them away from him. He felt his chest aching and he tried to divert his attention while he swam and after a while, he finished and headed back to his room and showered. When he changed back into some sweats and a shirt, they were all called out for training again.

Sylus ran the normal ten miles and when he was in combat, he was forced to challenge Sebastian. He was still alive? When he stepped into the ring, the two would fight, Sylus dodging his attacks, looking over Sebastian as he fought. He could tell he was trying hard. Too hard. He didnt want to hurt Sebastian because whatever happened with Ara....he was going to die soon. Why was he still here? He looked so confused, but when he saw Sebastian soon pass out and fall to the ground, Sylus bit down on his lip and watched as the guards came in to help him. They immediately took him away and he knew that they knew he was going to die. He watched horrified as they took his body away and Sylus just couldnt fathom it, hating how it had to be this way.

Training ended and they were all headed back inside. Sebastian was taken away without a word, but he did find out from his roommates later that he was taken out of the facility for good. He gulped and felt sick, finding himself sitting at the cafeteria with a coffee in his hands. He couldnt eat anymore and he didnt want to do anything. If he slipped up, Ara would come after him. If Clyde or Luke slipped up, he'd be alone. Sylus just sat there, thinking for a while, about how Ara tried to kill him, how she killed Collin, but then their time at the beach...he was so confused.
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[center [Cabin Sometimes, Ara couldn't make sense of her childhood timeline. The scariest was forgetting hoer mother's face. But, she felt like there was holes missing that she couldn't remember, which made complete sense because she had plenty happen to her as a kid too. Her dad didn't only rob the kids here childhood, she had a wrecked and torn down childhood herself. But sometimes, she had this weird feeling that her own memories weren't even her own. She remembered them, but she didn't remember being there. ]]
[center [Cabin Unbelievably healing. What did that mean? What the hell was she? She knew that she wasn't supposed to heal this fast, and no one in this facility did. So, what was she? [i Am I even human? ] ]]
[center [Cabin She attempted to push those thoughts away during the week but they kept crawling into the back of her mind. Thinking about her own body and thinking about Sylus. How could he like someone that he didn't know what she was? Ara found him with Sebastian in the cafeteria, feeling regret and sorrow pour out into her heart. As if she had a choice to do this or not. She needed to lay low enough because if she revolted again, she would only get hurt and get Sebastian killed anyway. Then, they'd keep an extra eye on her. ]]
[center [Cabin When she locked with Sylus' golden eyes, she almost grew stiff. She knew it. He would come to hate her because of these orders. And she wouldn't hold him against it if he did because she knew she would feel resentment for someone who killed her friends even if it was an order. ]]
[center [Cabin She directed her attention mainly on Sebastian but would look back at Sylus, his friends and then gave Sebastian a suggestion to help her out. She rose up to her feet and turned her head when Sylus spoke to him. As if it would stop from what will happen to Sebastian. Then Clyde spoke... ]]
[center [Cabin Ara kept her eyes off them and walked down to the kitchen with Sebastian. Once they were in there, she told the chef to make some food. And then offered Sebastian a drink, poisoning it first. When the food was down, she grabbed the trays with pasta in it and Sebastian helped out. They made it to their table and she set it down for the guys and lightly smiled, "[b Enjoy. ]]" ]]
[center [Cabin Sebastian sat down and ate some, "[i This is good. ]" He nodded and then grew more tired. Ara knew that the poison wouldn't kill him until a few hours from now but it wouldn't be painful at least. She ate her food but felt sick and unable to finish it thinking about how none of these boys, other than Sylus would know it was her when Seb passed out dead. Colin and now him... She looked over Clyde and Luke. They were both doing fine. She really needed to make sure they kept doing really well. She needed to find a better way to make sure that no one failed or got worse. ]]
[center [Cabin "[b I'm feeling a little sick. So, I'll be going but you boys enjoy your lunch okay, and do your best and Sebastian, work extremely hard before the day ends. Or they'll pull you out by tomorrow. At least that's what I overheard." If he suddenly became outstanding today, she had an antidote and maybe the instructors would change their mind. She really hoped so. ]]
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 4y 324d 8h 4m 20s
Sylus did know that she didnt understand him sometimes. You would have had to live the life as someone here to realize that what he really wanted was just to be out in the world, out to feel the sun and see the sky like a normal human being. But not only that, he had the chance to make normal memories in Dubai and he was able to just like someone normally, feel and hold her and make her his. To him that place was amazing and he did want to go back to it someday. Even ARa probably wanted to do that again.

He smiled at her thought, seeing that she really did want to live a normal life, but understood she had things planned out for herself too. At least he knew what she really wanted as well. His eyes watched her, his lips kissed her until he soon fell asleep beside her. When he woke up, he noticed the plan was landing and within minutes, he was saying goodbye to ARa. It was sad being away from her after spending the whole day together. He didnt want to leave her side and hoped she was at least okay.

He headed off back to the men's ward, saying goodbye to Brooke and Sheila as well. He wouldnt be seeing them for a while either. He followed the guards to his room and began unpacking his things.

Over the next week, they went to meetings about the mission and they were all praised for a job well done. Even Trent, Sheila, and Brooke were praised for their hardwork, but Sylus had definitely gotten good marks and this made the guards and even the higher ups reconsider his death sentence. Daniel and even Tanner had made comments about him taking charge, especially Ara. He felt lucky, but he was glad that he did such a good job.

His roommates would always ask about the outside world, talking about what it looked like, where did he go and what he saw. He would show them pictures of Dubai, except for the pictures of him and Ara. Everything was back to normal. He was treated by Ara the same way she treated him before the mission. Sometimes he would catch her looking at him and he'd smile because he would be looking at her as well. They both tried to make the best of it, but Sylus would end up looking at their pictures at night. The one where she kissed his cheek in front of the city. He would then remember the beach and how they had a one night stand.

It was both upsetting and he felt frustrated sometimes, but he wanted to spend more time with her if he could.

The next day, Sylus was with their group of guy friends at the table eating lunch when he saw Ara walk over. Sylus lifted a smile [b "We're good. Just eating"] he said softly before noticing her speaking to Sebastian. He raised his brow and then heard the guys saying they wanted to eat something better. They were ushering Sebastian, but Sylus felt off about this. He knew that Ara was used to lure guys to their deaths and he had a bad feeling.

WHen he saw Sebastian leave, he saw ARa's expression [b "W-Wait! Sebastian....are you sure? We can just eat this....we dont want to burden Ara"] he told him and the other guys just rolled their eyes, wanting him to shut up. [i "We're getting a chance to have good food Sylus. Don't ruin our chance"] Clyde told him as Sebastian went on with Ara.

Sylus looked up at her in disappointment. How could she do this again? She needed to stop. He averted his eyes and then he stood from the table seeing the two walk off. He decided to just head back to his room. He didnt want to see what happened, or even think about Sebastian being taken away from them to be killed. Why couldnt Ara stop this? Why did she have to kill them! It made him upset and he felt so hurt. He didnt want her kill any of his friends.
  ellocalypse / 4y 324d 16h 47m 39s
[center [Cabin It was hard to see the world the way he did but she could understand why he wanted a nice beach now. Their first time was engraved into her memory and she knew she would always remember it, laying down on the sand with him, feeling their bare skin touching. She wanted him to explore the world and wished she could do that with him. ]]
[center [Cabin "[b Home. It doesn't matter where, I want somewhere that feels like home and I want to go to college. I want to live with someone I love or just live. ]" ]]
[center [Cabin Within the flight she snuck in kisses. Her head would tip back onto him when her eyes refused to hold open any single second longer. Ara fell asleep for a long time, when she opened her eyes, she saw the monitor in front of them and could see that they had a total of two hours left. She attempted to spend as much time speaking to him as she could, but no more since the rest were awake at that point. ]]
[center [Cabin The second they arrived at the facility, she gave a single goodbye before separating from everyone, except Tanner who followed her along. She bothered a doctor working there to examine the wounds on her back, the same one that saw her before. ]]
[center [Cabin "[i You're recovery is truly unbelievable. It's healing faster than I even guessed. Fastest healing response I've ever seen here.]" The doctor spoke. Ara slipped her shirt back on."[b Could you tell me why? ]" ]]
[center [Cabin Her forehead lined up. "[i I'm sorry but I'm not even cleared to ask.]" ]]

[center [Cabin A week passed. She kept up with her wound and kept up with seeing Sylus no and then, smiling at him and feeling her chest ache every time she looked at him and sat beside him only having to behave normally. She gave him food, gave others food, hugged others and followed into routine but sometimes, she found her eyes wandering back into him, into his golden eyes, remembering his kisses, the way he held her and how he felt. Sometimes her imagination was so vivid that she swore she was right back there. When her eyes didn't wander to him, it would wander to her bracelet. ]]
[center [Cabin Ara stared back at the bathroom mirror in the girl's area and saw it cleared up, perfectly smooth and soft as if the wounds were only painted there and now washed out entirely. She left the area soon enough and as she was going to head into the boy's cafeteria for lunch, she came by one of the guards. ]]
[center [Cabin "[i Sebastian. ]" ]]
[center [Cabin Ara's forehead crumbled. She pressed her lips hard together. He was Sylus' friend. She gave a nod and end up not walking any further. She inhaled a deep breath and took the step forward towards the cafeteria. She walked right in, trying to find Sebastian, and being unlucky today, he was sitting by Sylus. Ara sat down by their table, offering everyone a smile, looking at Sylus, "[b Hey, how is everything today? ]" She asked and then looked over at Sebastian. "[b How about you? How are you doing?]" ]]
[center [Cabin Sebastian shrugged, "[i Could be worse. How are you Ara?]"
[center [Cabin "[b I'm fine. Say, I can get you all something that tastes better than what you're eating right now. But, I need someone to help me carry them here, so Sebastian, do you want to come into the kitchen area and help me bring it all here? ]" If she could lure him there, than she could kill him there. Sebastian looked back at her for a moment, not sure. ]]
[center [Cabin Ara's eyes flickered back to Sylus for a second, feeling the guilt bubble up at the pit of her stomach. She didn't want to kill another one of his friends. She didn't want to hurt him or have him hate her. She liked the way he felt when he touched her, kissed her or looked at her as if she was really kind. ]]
[center [Cabin "[i I guess I could help. ]" Sebastian nodded. ]]
[center [Cabin It was easy. Too easy. Ara held her pained expression and got up to her feet, "[b Okay, we'll be right back.]" Or well, just her. ]]
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 4y 324d 19h 17m 24s
He wanted to give her something that she would like, something that he knew he couldnt get from the facility. Never has he really gotten her anything before and he had the chance and wouldnt give it up. Everything he had was because of her, his camera, all of the food and clothes that she had given him. She did a lot for him and he really wanted to return it back, so this was the way he wanted.

On the plane, he kept his eye on her, looking up at her as he felt her lips press up to his. He smiled and met her lips, really liking it when she kissed him. He was getting so used to kissing her lips and holding her that he just didnt want to ever go back underground. This moment with her he really liked and he didnt want it to end.

His lips followed hers, loving her hard kisses as he leaned in more, his hands caressing her cheek as he kissed her, feeling her lips soon on his jaw and neck as he sighed softly, loving the feeling of her lips on his skin. Her question made him think for a moment as he thought about the world [b "Anywhere where I can do what I want sounds nice. Maybe somewhere with a nice beach like in Dubai"] he thought to himself, associating beaches with good memories.

When she leaned back, he leaned his chair back as well to face her [b "What about you Ara...if you finish what you need to do, is there somewhere you'd want to go? Or something you've always wanted to do?"]
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 4y 325d 4h 51m 26s

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