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Sylus didnt know why he suddenly felt a distance from Ara, but he knew it was probably because of Valera. It made him really upset because not only did he not want them to be distant anymore, but that wasnt even his fault at all. He's never loved anyone as much as he loved ARa right now and he didnt mean to kiss someone else. He just hoped that she gave him another chance because all of that meant nothing.

He kept his eyes on the road behind him because he knew that someone would be following them. Jack wasnt going to make this easy, and neither was a company that had so many years of experience. It just wasnt something that they would tolerate. If this business has survived after all of these years, they must have had a good security team or something to keep all their secrets hidden.

Jack was answering every single question ARa had, but it seemed like he was also almost about to pass out from the alcohol he had swallowed earlier. [+red "I dont speak to Roark. He doesnt like me. He only likes me when Im able to do what he asks. He's closer to my parents"] he mentioned, seeing that they were already almost to the dorm.

[+red "His house is's around a private area of the parents go there almost once a month to talk about plans...its a glass house"] he told her, thinking for a moment before he ran his fingers through his hair, trying to think. [+red "He throws a party on the weekends....maybe you can ask to be invited....or maybe be someone's plus one"] he spoke, seeing the car head towards the parking lot.

Jack was getting tired. He didnt know how much more of this he could take, but he was starting to realize that something wasnt right. [+red "He's only in charge of manufacturing and advertising. That's it"] he saw the car stopping and then Sylus was shifting in the back to try and make it seem like they were all just talking.

Jack was looking up at Ara curiously when she spoke and he just bit down on his lip [+red "We're under investigation right now. People are curious about the people going missing. We have people that buy our drug dealers and teens. I dont know where the rest goes"] he saw the car following them from behind and he just unbuckled his seat and began heading outside [+red "They go by Astra"] he mumbled, stepping outside and then Sylus stepped out as well, making sure that he could make it back to his room, keeping his arm around his shoulder as if he was a friend.

He waited for ARa before glancing back at the car and seeing it had parked across the street.
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That perfect image she set out for, having an apartment with him, it was deflating when Valera was kissing him and it reminded her of the past. Then it made her wonder what she was doing. Did she really think this was going to last? She was the first girl he met when he came into that hell hole, and the first girl that kissed him, first girl he really knew and just like every other guy, they would find out that they didn't love her, they just loved to be with a girl, be in a relationship and then it was all over, and by that time she already felt like she loved them. And did she really think it would last when they would go back? The only person that ever stayed was Tanner. And most of that had to do the fact that he was assigned to her.

When she was driving and questioning, she quiet her thoughts about it. This mission was still more important. She actually was surprised to hear him say that his parents made him earn it. But...then again...her dad did the same thing. She made money out of the work she did in the facility. Otherwise, no money. It sounded like her and Jack was roughly in the same situation...except she was a better person. But, maybe she would have end up something far worse than Jack...if it weren't for Shawn. She sighed to herself, hating the influence he had in her life.

"[b Do you speak to Roark often? Are you close to him? ]" So maybe that's why she had to get to Jack because he worked under Roark, but then again. Roark did mention that Jack was just some ken doll.

She guessed that Roark was the type to live by himself. A man with lots of money, control and could get his hands on anything and anybody, but still he probably still felt like he had nothing or not enough. He probably kept to himself completely, meaning he didn't have close relationships then. Probably used some girls to try to fill the void, but never did.

"[b Would you say it's really far from here? Do you remember how it looked like? How would someone get invited there?]" But for all she knew he got other places. "[b So...he owns part of the company, and overseas the drugs, making, creating, testing and disrupting, selling. Right? What does the other parts of the company do? ]"

With the car following them, she didn't want to blow it. Because she didn't know of whoever was following them would talk. She didn't want to take that chance to seem suspicious. She listened to Jack again, hoping he had a good solution, and decided to what he said. Heading back but wishing they could make this longer. She wasn't getting that much of Jack after all.

"[b Tell me...What's the biggest news in the company right now? What kind of major drug is being invented? Who are all of these drugs being sold to? And what company name are they hiding under in public? ]" She just needed to know this at least. She was getting close and was in the parking lot now.
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He was just really happy to finally be able to spend more time with her like this. If they could live together and just live like a normal couple, Sylus would be so happy. All he really wanted was to be with Ara and now that they'd look together, it was another thing they could do to just spend quality time to get to know the other better.

[b "I cant wait. Ill make sure you know exactly how to swim perfectly"] he smiled at the thought and now he was too excited to even think about the mission. Just picking up their own apartment was already amazing. [b "Anything I do with you ARa....Ill love it"] he knew it for sure because just her being there was better than being by himself alone. It didnt matter what they were doing.

But when Valera kissed him and had her hands on his junk, Sylus felt uncomfortable. It felt wrong to have another girl's hands on him, so he tried to pull away, but she managed to touch all she wanted before getting into the cab. He would glance back at Ara, but when he did, he could see she wasnt looking at him, like she was trying to avoid him for some reason. He bit down on his lip and stepped into the cab, keeping his eye out on the road.

Jack was sitting in the passenger seat, fiddling his fingers together as he answered Ara's questions truthfully. [+red "My parents say I need to earn money. They wont just give it to me. Plus they want me to work under Roark"] he spoke, looking out the window and just not realizing where he was at all.

[+red "Roark lives by himself. He has so much money that it's easy to run his part of the company. I know he lives somewhere by the beach. Somewhere guarded and secluded...I went there once as a kid"] he mentioned, trying to think, but his mind was so cloudy.

Sylus decided to let Ara take care of the situation, not wanting to cause a scene and uncover her disguise. Maybe that was best for now. He didnt want to blow her cover or have them start all over, so he nodded and kept his eye on the car, telling ARa if they were getting close or not.

Jack sat there motionless, his eyes on the window [+red "If anyone is following us, it might be my guard, Watt. He keeps an eye on me all the time, always hiding somewhere or in the distance. Just give me a hug and drop me to my room. It'll be fine then"] he told her, knowing that as long as Watt saw that they were his friends, he'd leave them all alone.
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Her mind was already set on looking for an apartment the moment he agreed. She didn't know this area much but she was sure they could find somewhere really nice, and they could go shopping for it. She felt really excited to start finding a nice apartment and hopefully, they could stay here longer. Or maybe come back here. She wished that they could just live here. She was smiling and thought about having a pool around. "[b Maybe you can teach me how to swim too then. For real this time. We could go apartment hunting tomorrow. ]" She really did want to do this. "[b And even furniture shopping, I mean...if you don't find that boring.]" She thought it would be fun.

The mood fell when she watched Valera all over him, attempting to make out with him, touch him and it bothered her. It made her afraid that he would change his mind. That he didn't love her, just thought he did. What if he got to know Valera more and choose to try it with her? Then she would want this mission to end as soon as possible.

She drove as she asked Jack some questions. She was simply driving around the city and listened to him reply. But she needed deeper answers. Stuff she didn't know. "How are your parents involved? What do they do for the group? Who does Roark answer to?" And she paused for a moment, money? Jack needed money. "[b Why would you need money Jack, your parents have money. ]"

Maybe Roark was the one that was leading all of this. It would make sense. There were times when the leader of an organization only let the closest people know who they were. But...who knew. If he was the type to keep watch...then maybe they were being watched. She felt the pressure of that.

"[b Do you know anything else about Roark? Does he have a family? What stuff does he like to do? Oh...and do you by any chance know where he lives?]" She doubted it but she would ask anyway. She also wanted t ask about the drugs and then heard Sylus speak. So there was... That meant, they would know that she knew Jack now. "[b No, I think it'll just make them suspicious and they could even stop us... So, we're going to keep going on the path I'm going and then I'm going to park this car on campus. We'll act as if I'm just giving his car a test drive and then make it seem like we're just friends heading back to campus.]" She kept driving and looked at Jack, still not done but she was heading towards campus now.

"[b Hey Jack. There are people following us. Do you think you know who they are? Would you be able to get them to leave us alone?]" She asked. Maybe Jack could get rid of them. She didn't want to cut this really short but she also didn't want to create suspicion.
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Time was the main factor in all of this. If they had a time limit to complete this mission, then they really would have to start getting somewhere, otherwise they werent going to meet it at all. Right now they were taking it slow and Ara didnt mention anything about having a time limit at all. They could slow things down and take it on slowly, try and get information out of Jack even if he had none, but most importantly, he wanted to spend his free time with Ara. If he could be with her and share an apartment with her, maybe they wouldnt have to head back so soon. This was turning out to be a more complicated mission than expected and they didnt have a clue who was at the top or not.

He smiled up at her, liking the idea of apartment hunting with her. [b "Okay, we can find a nice two bedroom, maybe with a nice view and a pool?"] he suggested, finding it all exciting.

He followed her towards the bar and remembered seeing the exact spot where he saw Ara and Jack making out. It made him so upset that he didnt know what to do after that. The place gave him the creeps and the more he thought about it, the more he didnt want to be here with her and Jack. He wanted them to speak alone, somewhere he could keep an eye on them so he wouldnt take advantage of Ara.

Sylus on the other hand had his own troubles. Valera was all over him and he tried to push her off, but he also didnt want to hurt a drunk woman. They headed outside and he managed to get Valera into the cab, feeling exhausted from keeping someone off of him as he followed Ara and Jack to the car, taking the backseat. He was already one step ahead of Ara, looking the windows, trying to see if there was someone tailing them. So far they were safe.

Jack was sitting in the passengers seat just looking over at the window, his mind spinning since he was already buzzed from the alcohol, but he was so willing to answer all of ARa's questions. [+red "There's only one group. My parents are involved and work under Roark. I needed money so they gave me a job that made a lot....and I took it"] he told her, his eyes dazed.

[+red "Roark has a lot of influence. Anything he says goes. If he thinks of something, he makes it, if someone else thinks of it, he makes it his. No one disobeys him because he has people watching"] he told her as Sylus saw a car following not too far off.

[b "Ara...there's a black car tailing us. I think he knows we have Jack....maybe head off road for a while, through the trees?"] he suggested, seeing a forest area up ahead.
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They had all of this time to be with each other and experience their life like they were normal, well as normal as it could get. There was still the mission hanging over their heads, but this was more than she could ask for. To her, she felt more than content and happy being here, and even having the mission because it was the reason they were here. She did want to stretch this mission out because she wanted to be here longer...and maybe she could. Maybe she could find another reason to stay here longer, maybe find something else to do here. But, that was just hoping.

She was hoping Sylus felt the same way about living in an apartment together. And it seemed like he did. "[b We can. We just need to go apartment hunting together. ]" She knew that it was possible. She could get an apartment if she wanted.

The Witching hour looked as it did last time, which made her want to get Jack and just leave. And she felt more regret coming here when she saw Valera trying to get all over Sylus and Sylus didn't do anything for a moment and it made her think if he would do the same thing to her as the others had. He wasn't the first one to tell her that he loved her. Plenty did, and they all felt so sure they were in love with her, and made promises they couldn't keep, said things like she shouldn't be worried because they really did want to be with her, and had some deep connection. In the end, it was all bull shit...and she really didn't want Sylus to be bull shit. She didn't want to broken again. But watching him with Valera, made her feel scared that it would happen.

Ara couldn't even look at Sylus when Valera kept on trying to be on him, even as the cab came over. Ara took a step forward to even pull her off, but stopped herself, and contained her emotions. She didn't look at Sylus and tried to focus on the mission. She let Jack lead them into the car, taking his car keys and climbing in, staring the engine as she listened. Cars were sure weird here with the steering wheel on the right. She drove and thought about it. Roark-again was involved in this. "[b Are Roark and the group separate? Or is Roark part of the group? Although... How did you get involved in this Jack?]"

"[b Oh and...How dangerous is Roark really? Can you tell me more about him? Personal stuff, or how much power he really holds. ]" Well, it was a good thing Shawn with Roark, because he did really sound like a big part. It's a good thing she didn't screw this up either.

"[b Um... Sylus... Make sure to keep a good look to make sure we're not being followed or anything. ]" She was getting information out of Jack and she didn't want someone catching this or this mission was a bust. And...Sylus would probably be better than her at spotting things.
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Sylus didnt even want to think about moving back underground because he knew that when he did, he wouldnt be able to even be her boyfriend anymore. He would become some regular guy and that meant no treating her like how special she was to him. Other guys would speak to her, she'd be all alone with TAnner most of the time and he wouldnt be able to even touch her. He didnt like thinking about it, but it was the plain truth, so right now he was going to do whatever it took to be with her in the way he wanted to before they headed back.

He really wanted to live with her now that they could. Sylus always imagined her and him in one room, waking up to each other, watching a movie, kissing, and just being at each other's side. He wanted to be close to her before they would have to separate again. [b "That sounds good. I hope we can set it all up"] he walked with her inside of the bar and could already sense the atmosphere. There were people on drugs, people drunk, people in the rooms, and strippers walking around. He honestly didnt like this place because he remembered how much it hurt seeing Ara kissing and touching Jack.

He didnt want that to happen so they had to stay in control. He added the drug, but was pulled into Valera's arms, feeling her lips against his and her hands touching him. It felt odd and unfamiliar. Was this how it was to kiss someone else when you only wanted one person's kisses? He thought about it and then he realized he didnt want this. He wanted Ara, so he pulled himself back and tried to keep away from her, but she kept tugging his arm [b "Valera. No, you're drunk"] he sighed softly and then he saw Jack stand up and pull her outside.

He hurried towards the two, seeing Jack telling Valera to head home, but she was too drunk to listen. Jack heard Ara and called over a cab, giving the driver her address and asking to take her home. When Valera was about to head in, she walked over and tugged on Sylus' arm, kissing him once more as he pulled back and helped her inside the cab. WHen she left, he looked back at Ara and Jack, seeing them walk towards his car.

[+red "My family knows some people. They are a part of the group, but dont deal with them much. They mostly deal with Roark"] he stated, stepping into the car as he opened the door. Sylus took the backseat, knowing that he needed to watch after Ara and Jack would be easy to control anyway.
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It would be different when they got back. Because they wouldn't be able to do any of the things they were doing now, and there was no telling when they could be like this again. It could be never. Things could happen and it made it impossible to really see each other. She really hoped it wouldn't be that way. She wanted him by her. But she didn't know if Sylus would want to be around her when he couldn't do the same things with her as they did here. It made her chest ache, and her throat clog up when she thought about going back and not being with him like this. That all of this would be destroyed and she wouldn't really have him anymore. But, why worry about that now? Because if she kept on worrying about that, they'd miss all the things they could be doing together before that happened.
An apartment seemed like a good idea. She wanted to know what it was like to share an apartment with someone, or a boyfriend. She met his eyes and thought about how many rooms would they need. She didn't mind sharing a room, even though she never had in her entire life before. "[b Okay, we'll get another spare bedroom. Who knows, maybe Clyde or someone else would want to stay over. And hopefully, it all goes well. ]" She smiled.
Soon enough, they were at the Witching hour, and it made her sick just seeing it. She didn't want to be in here because she was afraid of what could happen, but this time... She was in control. They had the drug, not Jack. As long as she avoided drinking and could get out of here, everything would be fine. She sat with Jack, and felt angry seeing Valera kissing and touching Sylus. It really pissed her off, and hurt. Did Sylus like that? Well, there had been guys where they would suddenly switch up to liking some ordinary girl. Not that they could stay with them, but it hurt and it made her feel afraid that he would suddenly like someone ordinary or some other girl in the facility. They always did.
She inhaled and exhaled deeply, and faced Jack. She watched him drink it up, and speak to her still. "[b No. I don't. ]" She responded and then gave him an order, watching pull Valera outside. Ara did tell him to get someone else to take Valera home, but he was already out the door. She just followed out and saw Sylus, glancing at him and then glancing away, going out the door and hoped that Sylus picked up the cue to get out. She followed Jack, made it by his side. "[b Just get a cab for her. And... Do you have a car? Lead me to your car. We'll go for a drive, but I'll be driving. By the way is your family involved in your dirty little secret?" She thought that talking in a car would be easier than finding a location secure enough to speak. She didn't want to risk the chance of someone spying on her or over hearing. ]
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 4y 336d 21h 16m 42s
In truth, the past few days have been nothing more than amazing right now. He really did love the way she was treating him and he couldnt find himself being attracted to someone else really. Sylus liked her. He loved her and wanted to spend the rest of their free time together like this experiencing the outside world because not only would they be caged once more underground, but he didnt know if they could be an official couple anymore. He didnt want to break up with her, but being separated that long, only to wave and smile at each other was something he didnt want to do.

Sylus knew he was going to have a hard time when they headed back home and he wasnt looking forward to rushing this mission at all. He really didnt care how long it took as long as he could be ARa's boyfriend longer. He smiled up at her when she agreed to set up the apartment and he looked so happy. He wanted to be able to live with her, sleep beside her, and just spend more moments with her because right now, he felt like he could really just stay with Ara. [b "We can just share a room. Unless you really want your own room...we can get a two bedroom and see how it goes"] he suggested, knowing that if she wanted space, it'd be nice to at least have a spare room.

When they arrived at the Witching hour, he knew that if they had to make him forget something, then they needed to make him do something that would take his mind off of the interrogation. Sylus wasnt sure what they could make him do, but he did want to find out more about what he knew.

So as they stepped inside, he stayed behind Jack, slipping the drug in his drink before smiling back at Ara. He was taken back by Valera and when he was on the dance floor, he just looked back to see if Ara was okay before he felt Valera's kiss on his lips. HE noticed how close she was and he tried to pull back, but when he felt her lips, his eyes widened and then he tried to push her back even more, but when he managed, he noticed her looking back at Jack.

Jack had an idea that Ara was the one spreading all of those rumors. There was no one else that would do that to him. He didnt think so at least. He took a gulp of his drink and watched her curiously [+red "Oh you're not? Well I would rethink that"] he spoke, knowing that he could really do whatever he wanted to her here. [+red "Want a drink?"] he suggested, seeing her order him to do something. Jack ended up feeling a little off, but for some odd reason, he kept listening to her. When she said to grab Valera, he walked over and then he held her hand and tugged her outside [+red "We're going home"] he told her, pulling her outside as Sylus pulled back and wiped off his lips.

He looked back at Ara and then he waved her over, trying to catch the two because clearly the drug seemed to be working.
  ellocalypse / 4y 337d 3h 51m 53s
It wasn't going to be a walk in the park mixing two things at once but she wanted to do it. It was a perfect time for them to experience new things and she wanted to live her life here with him. But she also worried about how comfortable she was going to get with her life here. By the time they have to leave, she would have gotten comfortable here, being at school, being his girlfriend. She didn't know how she was going to part from that when she knew that all she would want to do at the end is find ways so that she didn't have to go back, even though she knew they had to.

Then again, Tanner would be there and she knew that he wouldn't let her pull the same mistake she had done with Joseph. It wouldn't kill her, but it would definitely kill Sylus. She's known Tanner as long as she knew Sylus, and she trusted him and knew that he would support it and help her keep this a secret.

She smiled when he agreed to get an apartment together. How badly she wanted it. They could spend every single night together. They didn't need to hide or worry. "[b Then...we will! I'll set it up. ]" She nodded, "[b But um... do you want your own room? Or...]" She really wasn't so sure about that.

Time passed, and they did have to get going. So, she lead the way to the bar, and made it in front of Jack. She knew that the last time she was here, that it was difficult to step out. But, if she got Jack to drink it up, she was certain he could get them out of here. "[b Something memorable. I wonder what we could make him do. ]" She smirked, trying to think of something. She wanted to make him do something embarrassing. Something that would make him feel like shit the next day or regret.

She stepped in front of Jack, and began speaking right away, as she noticed Sylus slipping it in his drink. Ara concealed her delight, and then shortly, Valera grabbed Sylus. Her fingers curled, up, wanting to take Sylus back, and not let him dance with some drunk girl but, she was sure he would be fine. No, he is going to be fine. And, he would push her away anyway if she tried anything.

"[b Actually, it wasn't me, but I would love to know who it was. When you find out, tell me so I can buy them a gift. ]" She smirked when she watched him take a sip of the drink and make his little comment. "[b Because, I'm not trapped here this time. ]" Her eyes glanced at Sylus quickly, seeing Valera attempt a kiss on him. It did upset her, and made her chest ache. She looked back at Jack, "[b And grab Valera and get someone to take her home. ]" She didn't know how fast this drug was supposed to react. It was supposed to react pretty quickly but she still didn't know how long. And then after, she had to get him out of here because, questioning here would be plain out stupid since this bar had connections to the organization. And she didn't know if they would blab or who would show up.

When Valera had garbed a hold of Sylus in the dance floor, she wrapped her arms around him, pressing her body tightly against his. She pressed her lips on his, kissing him deeply, cutting him off when he tried to speak. She let her hands then fall to his ass.
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The most important thing was to get this mission done and completed and get back safely. Sylus understood that, but at the same time, he wanted to spend more time with her here, experience a life that they always wanted. He wanted more for the two of them, but the mission came first. Even though he had so many ideas and so many wants, he had to put those aside for the mission for now.

He told her to lay low for now until she began working for the organization to see what she was capable and incapable of doing. If she worked there for a while, she could analyze the situation and then figure out what she really needed to do. There really was no rush, and the more information she had going into this the better. She could be less risky and maybe the three of them could also help her out.

He held her hand tightly and just smiled to himself, feeling lucky she was his. He didnt care if the world knew, but the facility just couldnt know and hoped that Tanner would support this and not tell anyone. He bit down on his lip and nodded to her, thinking that hopefully it will all work out.

He smiled at the thought and wanted to everything with her that they could. Experience what normal teenagers could do. If she didnt need Tanner's permission, then they could live together [b "Let's get an apartment then"] he smiled brightly and then he saw her pull out the bag of drugs.

He held onto it and placed it in his pocket, [b "Okay, got it. Let's go"] he walked along with her to the bar, wondering what he could make Jack do. [b "Maybe we can make him do something memorable after so he forgets his chat with you"] he suggested, seeing the bar and then entering inside when he heard the loud music and saw people dancing. He took in a deep breath and held onto her hand.

When he spotted Jack, he released Ara's hand and moved over, he walked towards the two, sitting on the other side of Jack, but when he heard Valera, he glanced over and waved a little. He saw Jack's attention moving to Ara and then Sylus reached into his pocket and pulled out a few crystals, letting it go into his drink as he felt someone tugging his arm.

Sylus was pulled onto the dance floor as he faced Valera, seeing that she was definitely drunk. [b "Hey...look Im kind of busy..."] he told her, trying to head back to where Ara was.

Jack on the other hand, was looking up at ARa with irritation. He remembered everything she did to him. [+red "Oh so you're the reason they all look at me in disgust. Thanks. Why dont you just take a drink and get all over me again?"] he asked, reaching out and taking a sip of his drink.
  ellocalypse / 4y 337d 18h 43m 9s
Somehow, she'd get this mission done and not get caught in the process. Somehow... Well, she was sure they would figure it out. She didn't have to do this alone. She had all three of them to help her out. Sylus was right about that, she should just lay low. They could be watching her anyway, and for who knew how long. "[b You're right. I'll do that. I shouldn't be do anything that could make them suspicious.=" She smiled and held onto his hand, feeling still so happy that she was with him, officially his girlfriend. And she didn't want to keep that a secret from Tanner. It felt more official if she told him, because he was the only person that she knew that she could tell. And she knew he would help her out.
"[b I little of a temper is right, but he'll accept it. ]" She promised, watching him kick his feet in the water. She hoped he really didn't mind if she told him. And then they moved on what they might be doing, what they could do together and she wanted to do all those things together. She nodded, "[b We'll go. ]" She smiled. It could be fun. And then the idea of being in the same apartment together came into mind and she thought that would be far better. She wanted to do it.

"[b Sylus, ]" She laughed, "[b I don't need permission from Tanner. I' make final decisions. It's up to me whether I listen to him. ]" She wanted to do it, "[b If you want to live in the same apartment with me I mean. ]" She thought it would be something nice to experience together.

Ara shook her head, going into her bag, pulling out a clear bag with small crystals "[b Nope. I have it. You'll have to put less than a pinch of it in his cup]" She hand him the bag and held onto his hand. "[b Come on, let's get going.]" They walked out of the beach, deciding to just take the walk to the bar. She enjoyed just being beside him, holding hangs and being a couple. "[b You know, we can make Jack do anything we want to do under this drug. Anything. But... we just got to hope he doesn't remember a single thing]" She wanted to take advantage of Jack, but...she wouldn't. She just needed answers.

Eventually, they got there, and she felt her chest feel heavy when she thought about stepping in there. The last time she was in there, it got bad and she never wanted that to happen again. She inhaled a deep breath, looking at Sylus, "[b Okay, let's do this.]" She stepped into the bar with him, end up squeezing his hand very tightly, even though she knew she had to let go of him and talk to Jack. Jack and Valera were there, sitting together. Valera looked like she was about to be out of it.

"[r Hey Sylus!]" Valera shouted out. Ara hung onto Sylus, still kept quiet until she decided to move beside Jack, releasing Sylus hand, but wanting to keep having him beside her. "[b Hey Jack. I want to talk. And you can also tell me about how many girls has looked at you in disgust, I would like hearing but I also have things to say. ]" She saw that his drink was there, so she hoped that Sylus could get to it and put in there while Jack looked at her.
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Even Sylus wanted to spend more time with her here in this world. HE had the freedom to step outside, feel the sun, and see other people interacting with each other and not trying to kill each other. There were no guards to keep them locked, no one around to try and poke them with a was just pure freedom and people did what they wanted. They had money to spend freely, of course it Ara was in charge with it, but they could use a budget how they pleased. They could go to a bar whenever they wanted and taste amazing food. It was like a dream...and it felt much better because he had Ara with him.

Dealing with this organization was going to be tough. He knew that ARa was going to have a difficult time with it, but he was going to help her in anyway he could, especially look out for her because he was now her guard since TAnner was dealing with other business. Sylus didnt even know where Clyde was, but he hoped he still had his eyes on him just in case. He pulled out his phone and messaged him that the meeting was fine and he could go on doing what he needed to do.

Sylus thought about how they could get information. [b "I think you should start working first. Make a good first impression and then you can see maybe if there's an opening. Maybe you'll meet more people and figure a few more things out. Lay low for a while"] he suggested, walking along with her as he continued to lick his ice cream. Sylus was more than happy to officially call her his girlfriend. She now belonged with him and he didnt have to fight anyone for her. It felt so nice to have the feelings returned as well.

He hoped Tanner would be okay though. [b "I know....he is a nice guy, he just kind of has a temper, but I know he has good intentions. I hope he at least accepts it"] he sighed a little, kicking his feet in the water and splashing as he suggested what they should do.

[b "Ya, I've never seen a sports event, but people talk about it in class all the time. We should go. Im excited"] he smiled brightly, wanting to do more things with her, celebrate everything the school had to offer and relive holidays like he did as a kid.

[b "I like that idea...but do you think that Tanner would let us stay together in our own apartment?"] he didnt know, but he wanted that badly. [b "Maybe we can ask him later, but you're right. We better get going"] he held her hand tighter and nodded.

[b "Okay, so where are we getting this drug? Tanner?"] he asked her, walking with her back to the sand and back to their mission for now.
  ellocalypse / 4y 338d 3h 55m 20s
It was going to be tricky but that also meant more time to experience college with Sylus. There wasn't a time she could remember that she felt this lifted. She had someone she could hold hands with, and didn't have to hide it while they were here. She wanted this for so long...wanted this with Joseph. This was what they both dreamt of, being in college together or living off in secret together. Instead, she was living parts of it with Sylus, and it made her feel partially guilty. But she knew, that the Joseph she knew, would want her to experience the things they dreamed of doing.

She didn't know if it was wrong to think about Joseph right now. But, he was gone from her life. That chapter of her life ended and now she had Sylus, and she fell so in love with him.

Roark was going to be tricky dealing with. She didn't know if she was capable. How could she get someone like him to talk or give hints or leave an open door for her to start snooping? She felt that they would probably keep an eye out for her, so...she had to be really careful. "[b I know. We do. And... I'm stumped about how I'm going to gather more information. I guess I should just wait until I get called for a job first. ]" She sighed, hoping she could come up with something. She smiled when he talked about helping out, "[b I know you will. And if you have any ideas, tell me. ]"

Ara dared herself to say the words and loved hearing those words return back to her. She was glad he was letting her keep quiet about this for now. Who knows. Maybe Sylus wouldn't hate her for who her father was. He took the whole Shawn thing being with her mom and her more than she took it. But, she guessed that he had plenty of time knowing that his father was an asshole and having his mom abandon him and his father hurt him, made learning this not that shocking.

She enjoyed the ice cream and was grinning when he asked her. She wanted to be a real couple, officially call him her boyfriend. But it wouldn't feel official until she told Tanner. She saw the concern on Sylus, about how Tanner would react. Ara knew that this might hurt Tanner a little bit. "[b He might, but I know him. He won't treat you any less. I know he seems like an ass, but he's really nice and he really cares about what happens to you and Clyde. ]"

While they were here, she wanted to do everything possible. She really did like his ideas. "[b Really? We should go!... I never actually watched football. We should definitely travel, maybe even go on trips. Or throw a party. And when the holidays come by, when can celebrate them. ]" She smiled thinking about what it was like to celebrate the holidays here.

She finished up her ice cream and saw how time was flying. "[b We should have movie nights. Or, have a bar that we can always hang out with our friends, like in tv shows. Maybe, or maybe we could get our own apartment and live together. ]" She loved that idea, smiling, "[b There's no reason for me to live in the dorm anymore. ]" She really was moving ahead here, because she was imagining how it would be like to live with Sylus. To wake up to him every single morning, go for breakfast together, share meals, work. That really was the dream.

She glanced at the time again on her phone and sighed, meeting his eyes, "[b Looks like we should get going to the witching hour. So here's the plan. I'm going to distract Jack, and you slip in the drug. And it'll hit him pretty quick, so I'll whisper to him to step outside with us. ]" Seemed like it would work.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 4y 338d 10h 32m 40s
THis mission wasnt going to be a simple one anymore, that Sylus could tell and he really was worrying about it. They were getting deeper into this secret organization and he didnt want anything to happen to Ara. If Tanner was doing his own business, her safety was in his hands and he believed he could handle it, it was just that maybe he could lose sight of her, or someone could take her away when he wasnt looking. He was even worried about his own father because it seemed like he had a grudge against him after what he did to their family.

He just didnt want Ara to get hurt and honestly he wanted to spend more time with her, but the sooner they were done with this mission, the safer it would be for all of them. They spoke about the huge risk it would be to give Roark a drug, but the man was an expert, so he would probably notice the scent, or the taste of something off. They needed to disguise it well, otherwise ARa would be figured out and she'd be in danger.

[b "Whatever you can think of, we can try, but we'll need a lot of planning if we want this to work flawlessly. Ill help out in any way you want me to Ara"] he told her, wanting her to know he was there to help too, not just be her guard. He wanted to be more to her and when the conversation moved to a more serious matter, it made Sylus really happy. For some reason he thought that maybe this was all one sided, but it wasnt. If she really loved him back, then they could enjoy time together. He'd let her keep her secret for a while longer though, but was worried of what it'd be. If it was horrible, or if it could change the way he thought about her, it frightened him. He felt so much for her and he knew that even with horrible news, it would be difficult not to love her so easily.

After they got ice cream, he walked with her towards the edge of the beach, letting his feet touch the water as he took a taste of her ice cream and let her have some of his. When he asked her out, he was ecstatic to hear her say yes. It made him really happy to finally be her boyfriend and not just a fake one.

[b "If you want to tell TAnner you can...Im just worried of how he'd look at me...or if he would change towards me"] he bit down his lip, hoping he'd be okay with him being her boyfriend. [b "WHatever you think is best Ara"] he smiled and then thought about what he wanted to do. [b "Hmm, let's go on more dates...maybe even go to that event at school...I think it was like a ball or something. I heard Clyde and Emily talking about it. We should go to more college events, maybe a football game...or even travel around and take a tour of the city, that sounds nice"] he suggested, thinking that now that she was almost into the organization, they really didnt have much time left. They should do all they could now.
  ellocalypse / 4y 338d 16h 47m 34s

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