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He knew that she was such a kind soul. The way she treated everyone around her, the way she gave them hope, made them have something to live for. Sure most of the guys lived to be with her since that was really all they ever saw. She was the nice person in their lives and as they trained hard, they would always await her. Sure he was just one of those guys, but at least he had this chance with Ara. To be all alone with her on a mission in the outside world.

Now here they were stuck and isolated in a room together until the party was over. Sylus was only trying his best to keep them from being found out. When he straddled her and kissed her, he didnt think that they'd end up doing anything more. His eyes watched Ara's and then all of the sudden he felt her lips all over his again, making him smile as he met up with her, his arms moving around her to hold her close, wanting her there beside him as he traced her lips with his. He was feeling so heated up, his heart was racing against his chest, beating so loud as he kissed down her neck. He let his hands touch her chest, wanting to feel her curves as he let his body just do what felt natural.

When Tanner interrupted, he watched her speak to him. She put the mic away rather quickly and then he felt her tugging on his lips as he leaned into her [b "Okay. I like this"] he admitted, kissing the side of her cheek and then tasting her warm lips once more. Sylus let his lips move down her chin and down her neck, kissing every groove of her skin. He let his tongue glide over her collarbone, nibbling and warming her up with each kiss.

She was very attractive and seeing her like this, wanting was making him feel so warm, arousing him as he stopped at her chest. Sylus' eyes looked up at her blue ones and then he kissed his way back up to her lips, letting his tongue lick her upper lips as he pulled back and faced her. [b "Ara....Do you like me.more than just a friend?"] he asked, practically whispering against her lips.
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[center [Cabin With others she always tried to be kind to them. Always gave everyone she met a little something. She all did treat them like friends but there were friends that were more closer to her than others. And it has been such a long time she felt something when she kissed a person. Of course...she never really tried it with Tanner and didn't want to. She didn't want to ruin their friendship and didn't want to put him in danger. She already put his best friend to death because of her. But Sylus, the more she kissed him the more she couldn't help himself. ]]
[center [Cabin The doors opened and she felt his kisses again and his touch. Ara found herself leaning back in to kissing him again, breaking a question and when she received her answer to continue again. She fel this arm around her and all the sudden her body pressed up against his. She made out with him, returning the deep kisses, feeling her body get anxious. "Mmm..." Her eyes rested when he down her chin to her neck. THose kisses felt so good. She didn't want him to stop. It would be best if she kept feeling this way, kept this contact. It felt all wrong at the same time because she wasn't so clear about their reasons. She felt his hand move touch her and it was nicer than last time. ]]
[center [Cabin Tanner's voice interrupted and she softly sighed, reaching her hand into her bag she left at the edge of the bed and putting the mic to her. "[b We're alright. We're just waiting for everyone to leave entirely and then you can come in. ] She responded and set the mic away and looked back at Sylus. She wanted to kiss him, feel those kisses on her neck again. She loved the way he made her feel. It's been a while. She really missed it. She didn't want to stop and if he wanted to, he would tell her. "[b We got...more tme...]" She whispered and kissed his lip again, tugging on his lip playfully before stopping. "[b If you want to continue for a bit more. ]" She met his golden eyes. ]]
[center [Cabin "[b Only...if you want to.]" She lightly smiled, looking a his lips and feeling a strong want. She wanted not to feel alone. To feel someone's lips and heat again and like it, not hate it. Just making out though. She's only gone to do that, never past it. ]]
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Sylus didnt know what she wanted or if she even liked him or not. He always felt like she liked Tanner the most and if anyone had a shot at being with her, it was him. Even if she did deny everything or say that they'd never be together that way. He could see they had natural chemistry together and would assume that she liked him back, but whenever they were alone like this, Sylus felt something different. Like her attention was on him and she only wanted to be with him. IT confused him, but he liked her attention on just him, just like he always thought it was. He didnt know that she gave everyone something, treated them all nice, and he learned that it was all the same, but she didnt give this kind of attention to everyone...did she?

His eyes directed to her when he heard the sound of the door opening. He didnt want someone thinking they were just laying in bed together, so he did his best to get them to just leave. Sylus laid over her, his lips kissing hers and his hands going where they probably shouldnt have went, but as the door closed, he pulled back and apologized for going a bit too far. He didnt mean to touch her that way if she didnt like it.

He watched her looking up at him and when he saw her lean in, Sylus just felt her lips touching his, her tongue grazing his lip as he closed his eyes and kissed her back. He was nervous and felt his own cheeks heat up when she kissed him, trying to mimic back what she was doing, letting his tongue lick over her bottom lip as he heard her speak. He leaned into her more and nodded [b "I like it"] he admitted and slowly draped his arm around her waist, pulling her closer to him as he made out with her, his lips kissing her more deeply, his hands moving down her back as he pressed up against her, feeling himself heating up in excitement.

Sylus leaned in, kissing down her chin towards her neck, remember what it was like to touch her chest. Could he do it again? He let one hand touch her slowly, his lips still tasting her skin as he heard the intercom. [i "Are you two alright? People are leaving"] he asked. Great....Tanner....
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[center [Cabin Ara closed her eyes for a moment, feeling him lay down beside her. It might ruin him. It was too soon to tell. Ara smiled, "[b I would like if you did stay you. ]" She lay on her side and listened to him. It was good to hear he didn't think of her as horrible but she wanted to change all that she was pressured to do. Her eyes directed to the door and she was about to speak to say it was occupied when she noticed him straddling her. Her lips parted, wondering what he was doing but soon found out when he kissed her. She didn't protest. Ara kissed him back, following his pace. ]]
[center [Cabin Heat filled her cheeks the moment she felt his hands on her chest. Her breath was held, hearing the door shut and looking at him for a moment but then looking away. Why did he do that? She pressed her lips together, feeling the heat still in her cheeks. Sorry... He was sorry about it? She wasn't so sure about him touching her there and wasn't so sure if he did that by purpose because he wanted to or because he was trying to cover it up. ]]
[center [Cabin She doubly blinked, staying silent as he moved to the side. She wanted to kiss him, or kiss someone that made her feel like she used to. She missed it, missed it so much that she could cry. It would be wrong, but her wants took over. She faced him and kissed his lips deeply, licking his upper lip and diving for another kiss. Everything on her mind vanished for that moment. Why couldn't she have what she wanted now and then? If he didn't want to, then he should back off or tell her. Or not kiss her. ]]
[center [Cabin "[b Sylus...] She spoke quietly between a breath "[b Do you like this? ]" She kissed his lips again and kissed her neck. She didn't know if emotions were attached right now, a bit of it was but she just wanted to kiss him and that's all that mattered to her. Feeling slightly guilty but also relieved to feel this way again. ]]
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Even though the mission wasnt even that long, Sylus already felt somewhat exhausted with everything he's done already. Finding that storage room wasnt easy and he had to use a completely high girl just to help him. He knew it wasnt easy for Ara either, but he was wondering why they put a newbie like him in this position. Did they know he'd do well? Wouldnt have it been better to have more experience looking over Ara? He wasnt quite sure, but he didnt want to mess this up at all.

At least they got some peace and quiet. All they really had to do was just relax here and pretend something was going on before the night ended. It made him wonder though what she meant by she liked it. Did she like him kissing her? OR did she like the way he kissed....he wasnt so sure, but he just wanted to try doing that to her since it seemed like every girl he did that to at this party loved it.

He listened to what she said, just relaxing at her side as he laid beside her on the bed. He stared out at the ceiling and then he would glance over, understanding that being touched by a complete stranger must not feel good at all. [b "I wont let them ruin me. They can break me down as much as they want....but they cant change me from being Sylus"] he told her, smiling as he shifted to face her, thinking about what she meant. [b "I dont think you're horrible. You're only doing what you have to do"] he stated, looking up at her as heard the door knob open.

SYlus knew that if nothing was happening, someone would get suspicious. He shifted, straddling Ara's waist as he leaned in and met her lips. He kissed her slowly, letting his lips get a taste of hers, his eyes glancing to the side to see a couple just watching them for a moment.

Sylus let his hands slowly move down her arms, hesitating....should he? He decided to go for it and let his hands move down to her chest gently, sneaking in a few feels and then glancing at the door, to see them beginning to close it. When the door shut, his eyes glanced back down at Ara and he felt nervous. Was she going to try and kill him for this?

He slowly shifted to her side, facing her as he bit down on his lip [b "Um....Im sorry about that..."] he told her, knowing that he did it mostly to distract that couple, but at the same time, he felt really good. He liked doing that to her, touching her, kissing her....
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[center [Cabin It would be good if they could have a short break but she did want this to be over and done with. Everything was going well. They got the key, and all they had to do was wait till the party died down to bring in the truck. Knocking out the guards shouldn't be too difficult for Sylus at all. It would be over before they even knew it and then they would all arrive safely back. She hoped for that at least. she didn't want anyone harmed through this whole entire mission if she could. When it was down to two people here, she felt a little nervous about how safe this was going to be but since Sylus really did keep a good eye on her, she wasn't feeling so nervous about it. ]]
[center [Cabin It felt wrong to tell him that she liked it but she didn't want to say that she didn't. She didn't know what he would think of it. But she shouldn't be thinking about it. But she wasn't going to lie to herself and say that she didn't enjoy it. When she noticed the mess he was in, she did wander what happened. She gave a nod when he replied. She spotted him smirking and wondering what he was thinking about. She had no idea what he had been doing this whole time. ]]
[center [Cabin She laid back, looking at the molding on the ceiling. She shuddered thinking about kissing that guy and then Will. She really needed to take a good bath after this. "[b I really hate it... Kissing someone I feel nothing for or letting them touch me when it just feels numb. ]" She frowned. When Sylus kissed her or touched her it felt a lot different from those people. She missed that. Missed feeling something when she touched someone or kissed them. Sure, it wasn't that strong of a feeling but it was something and she hadn't felt that in such a long time. ]]
[center [Cabin [i Like you...?] She still wondered what he meant when he spoke to her when he was drunk. But maybe that's what he meant. That he liked her, just liked. Nothing more and nothing less. "[b You don't owe me anything. I like you. You seem like a really good person Sylus. But, they're going to ruin that. They always destroy good people..." She sighed and looked over at him seeing him smiling, she lightly smiled back at him, "[b I mean...what do you think of me as a person? Am I horrible?]" ]]
[center [Cabin She stretched out her arms and then kept her eyes on his, "[b I'm glad you're here too.]She moved in, taking off her shoes and decided to just lay her head on the pillow. "[b You can lie done too if you want. We'll know the party ends when the noise ends.]" ]]
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Sylus knew his job and watching over her was an important one. If anything happened to Ara, they'd fail. If they didnt complete the mission...they'd fail. It was a horrible thought, but they couldnt really do a thing about it. She was the daughter of someone at the facility, so he had to keep an eye on her, plus she's been his friend since he was a child. It was only natural that he'd protect her even after all she's done to him. The good things were more than the bad, but he still kept it all in his thoughts.

He sat beside her, telling her that he had his eye on her the whole time. Why would he abandon her when he was the only guard here assigned to help her? If anything happened to her, it'd be on him. He apologized to her for touching and just getting into her space so suddenly. He knew that he probably shouldnt have done that, but he was curious and he did find Ara attractive. A little over exaggeration wasnt too bad was it? He just hoped she thought of it only as a cover.

When she said she liked it, Sylus was surprised. He didnt expect her to like it, and he thought she wasnt going to be with anyone. He was confused, but at the same time happy she didnt mind it. He ended up fixing his clothes and then he thought about what happened [b "I had to pull a few acting scenes to trick the guard. Dont worry, nothing happened"] he smirked at the thought, wondering what the real thing would have been like.

He glanced at the time and looked at the large bed [b "GO ahead and relax. You must be tired of everyone laying a finger on you"] he chuckled at the thought. Even he was exhausted with all of the people around and the drugs. His eyes watched the door and then he heard her question [b "You? What do you mean? Of course I like you Ara. You've been there since I first came to the facility. Not to mention you kept me going with small knick knacks and treating me out so much. I owe you a lot. I probably wouldnt even be here if you werent there"] he glanced back at her and smiled.

[b "Im glad you're here"]
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[center [Cabin It sent her in such relief to see Will knocked out cold on the hard wood flooring. She didn't even want to find out when the drugs would really kick in and she didn't need to when she had Sylus. She really was thankful that he helped her out there. Of course, that was his job...but she figured he would help her out either way. She sat on the edge of the bed and saw him sitting beside her, lightly smiling back at him. It did relax her to hear that he kept his eyes on her. She glanced away for moment, biting her lip and sighed, shaking her head. "[b No... um... I liked it. Not with Will. That was horrible. I mean, I liked it when you did it. ]" She shouldn't have said that. She knew she shouldn't have said that, even if it was the truth. She really did like telling the truth when she could afford to. But was this really the time she could afford to? ]]
[center [Cabin Everything was so confusing. Ara's eyes drifted back into him. She hadn't noticed until now that his clothes were a mess. "[b What did you do that made your clothes so messy?]" She wondered and then leaned in to help him fix everything up so that he was perfect. After that she decided to just sit there beside him. Who knew how long this party would last. Could be an hour, or hours. There really was no telling. ]]
[center [Cabin "[b Well looks like we're stuck here for a while. I guess we can just talk or...something.]" She spoke and let out a soft yawn. She decided to fall back into the bed and relax for a moment. Calming her speeding heart down and instead just brace herself for the second round that would come up eventually. ]]
[center [Cabin Those people out in the hallway, they wouldn't notice a thing. They wouldn't notice if someone even got killed in the other room. Maybe it wouldn't matter whether they left or not. They would be so fucked up that they wouldn't even notice a truck coming in and taking everything away. ]]
[center [Cabin "[b Sylus... What do you think of me?]" She wondered. They might be here a while. ]]
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Sylus kept a close eye on her, not wanting anything to happen to her or to William. If this man had many sexual charges, he had an idea of what he was going to do to Ara, and he'd make sure they never even got to that. He's seen enough of that going on in this place and it annoyed him how clueless and absurd these people were. How could they just do such a thing out in public. Was this really what the drugs did to them?

His eyes looked over the two as they headed into the room and when Sylus walked towards the door, he stepped in slowly, not making a peep. He could see William already trying to take advantage of her pretty quickly and Sylus didnt like it. No one was allowed to touch ARa that way, unless she wanted it and he could see she did not want this strangers hands on him.

When he managed to knock him out from behind, he carried him onto the bed and followed Ara to the spare room. He felt at ease just being the two of them because he felt so comfortable around Ara. She really was someone that he got along with so easily. He sat on the bed beside her and smiled [b "Yup, got the key and dont worry, I have my eyes on you....but Im sorry if I touched you without your permission. I can tell you didnt like William touching you....and I kind of did that earlier without asking. Im sorry if it upset you"] he told her, thinking and wondering if she looked upset when he kissed her neck like she did with William. He hoped not, he didnt want to make her upset at him.

He stayed at her side, fixing up his shirt, buttoning it up and then he tried his best to fix his tie. He tried to look like he did something with Vic to distract the guards, so he wanted to make sure he looked fine when Tanner and Daniel came. He wasnt exactly sure when the party would be over, but he hoped it was soon.
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[Cabin [center The further up the stairs he lead her the more her heart rate sped up. How long would it take for that drug to kick in? She hoped it would be soon but not before they went into that room. She would never intend to do anything with him and sure didn't want it. They were in the room and already she was having trouble getting out of it. She could tell his grip was weakening though, but he slipped his hand underneath her dress and Ara didn't know what to do. And then she caught Sylus behind him, striking him. She watched Will fall down. She was breathing a little heavier, giving a nod. "[b I'm okay. ]" ]]
[Cabin [center She kept watch of the door until he put Will on his bed. While he was doing that she was speaking to Tanner and Daniel."[b Sylus. We have to stay here, until everyone leaves. And then when everyone leaves, I need you to knock out the security guards. Then I'll call in Daniel and Tanner to get here and we'll help transfer all the supplies into the truck.]" She hardly wanted to stay here any longer. This place was a mess. There were drugs and really fucked up people around. This was definitely not her crowd. ]]
[Cabin [center "[b Maybe we can find another room here, and...just stay in there. I don't really want to stay out with multiple people.]" She still felt bothered. She hated kissing and making out with people she couldn't care less about. It felt so wrong. But it was for the mission. She took his hand and looked around and found a room that was unoccupied on the second floor. She let Sylus in and closed the door, and sat on the bed, breathing out in relief. ]]
[Cabin [center "[b We got the key... Everything should be fine.]" She nodded and looked back at him for a moment, thinking about what he did earlier. And then looked on the ground. He did that just to pass the keys. But then again, he didn't have to. He could have easily just dropped it on her bag without being noticed. So maybe he did want to do that? She didn't know and it was confusing trying to figure out if it was real or not. ]]
[Cabin [center Ara pulled on her dress again, finding annoying that she couldn't move it any lower. Sitting only made the length worse. So she just kept her leg pressed up together. "[b Thanks...for getting me out of that, from William. ]" ]]
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Sylus knew what he needed to do and they didnt really give him instructions on what to do, but he did know that he had to find the storage room and had to make sure he figured out which key went where. When he found out what he needed, he brought Vic back up to the main floor, and then he hurried towards where he saw Ara. She still looked great in her dress, yes it showed a lot of her skin, but he knew what she was going for. She needed to attract the main guy and boy did it attract many other guys as well.

He managed to hand back those keys to her, kissing her cheek as he headed off, moving towards the other room and keeping an eye on her. He held a cup and drank it slowly, gazing out the window to see her talking as he just relaxed for a while. He had Vic in his lap once more, just using her as a disguise so no one would notice. He watched Ara slip that drug into Will's drink and he knew that he probably wanted to be with her more.

Listening to the mic, he had an idea of what the man wanted to do to Ara, but he wouldnt allow that. He needed to protect her somehow. SO when he saw Ara disappear, he walked towards the second floor, following after them as he watched which room they headed into. Sylus walked over slowly, looking around to see everyone distracted by drugs or sex. That was when he slowly opened the door, seeing Will all over Ara as he kept her pressed up against the wall. He stepped inside and then he leaned in, elbowing Will in the back of his head, seeing him soon fall to the floor, knocked out.

Sylus glanced up at her and then he offered his arm [b "You okay?"] he asked, soon placing William onto the bed as he led her out of the room to meet up with the others.
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[Cabin [center When Ara spoke into the mic, she wasn't certain that he had heard. She hoped that he had. It would probably best to head to Will to distract him at the very least but going back to soon... She decided to just to keep an eye out for him for a while, grabbing another drink and walking along the crowd, dancing a little but didn't get distracted. Then she came to a stop and was about to head to meet up with Will again, when she felt an arm wrap around her. Who? ]]
[Cabin [center She faced him and met his golden eyes. A whisper followed by a kiss on a cheek. That was a relief. All he had to do is drop those keys on her back and or just slip it in her hands. Would be easy to just pass it to her, not that anyone would pay too much attention to it. Her body came into attention when she felt his hands move down. She hadn't expect that from him. Her back landed against the wall and his lips came right after on her neck. That felt so good. Cold metal pressed up against one hand and she knew what she was holding, keys. ]]
[Cabin [center Space grew between the two of them and she felt stunned. She didn't think he would touch her or kiss her neck. It brought her into shock but a good shock. She felt deeply attracted all the sudden. She heard his whisper before watching him head away. She stood there for a moment before snapping out of it. She found Will outside talking to others. She stepped closer to him and he stepped right forward to her. ]]
[Cabin [center "[i I knew you couldn't resist.]" ]]
[Cabin [center "[b Nothing better to do,]" She shrugged. She slipped the keys in while they were in close counters, and he hadn't noticed a thing. She was good at taking things and putting things back in without anyone noticing. ]]
[Cabin [center "[i How about you take that pretty dress off for me? ]" He smirked looking over at her body, "[i it looks like you got a nice rack too.]" ]]
[Cabin [center That was the last thing she would do. She sighed and stepped back from him. "[b You can go ask some other girl in a pretty dress to take it off. I'm sure all of them here would for you but not me.]" ]]
[Cabin [center "[i And...why not?]" He raised a brow, laughing slightly, "[i Come on. I'll take you up to my room and show you a pleasure you never felt before. ]" ]]
[Cabin [center She really didn't know if he would keep being persistent. But she could just get him knocked out. Ara played a smile on her lips, "[b After one drink.]" He agreed and he got a guy to grab their drinks. When they sat their drinks down on a table, she slipped in the drug in his drink quickly, almost getting caught but didn't. He drank it all and eyed upstairs. "[i Let's move, I want to see that exposed bodies of yours.]" ]]
[Cabin [center She felt her heart pound against her chest. She really hoped he would pass out before he could even get near her. She certainty did not want any part of her exposed. ]]
[Cabin [center [i You guys got the key, right? Sylus just keep a careful eye on Ara. That guy has plenty of sexual charges, some of them not proved. ]" Tanner spoke through the com. Ara could hear him, and she already knew this of course, that's why she brought something along that would knock him out. ]]
[Cabin [center Ara followed William upstairs and towards his room. He let her step into the room and closed the door behind. She was mentally freaking out. He pushed her up against the wall roughly and kissed her roughly, has hands wasting no time. She wasn't liking this at all and when she tried to budge he just kept her right up against the wall. Any minute now...any minute now he would get knocked out. ]]
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THis whole thing was new to Sylus. He wasnt really sure how to act like a normal human being here, but he did his best to observe and act like the surrounding guys. He's didnt want to stick out too much because if he did, then he knew that he'd be in trouble since it really was only him and Ara here. If he screwed up, they'd end up failing because of him and he knew that would only assure his death when he headed back to the facility. He had to figure out how to do this smoothly.

When he followed Vic upstairs to the where the drugs were, there were others there, girls stripping in front of the guys, other's heading into private rooms, while others just got in on out in the open. There was so much going on and Sylus could only imagine that this is what the drugs did to a person. Still, if this is what normal guys and girls do, he's never seen it all before. He just followed Vic and took a seat beside WIlliam, having her in his lap as he glanced to see the other guys making out with some girls. They shared in taking in the drugs and SYlus just tried act that way as well. He's had enough of trying something that would mess up your body. He didnt want to take any and the minute he saw Ara walk over with some stranger, his eyes just stayed on her.

It was clear she was focused on the mission and when she didnt notice him at all, that was good. He blended into the crown. He watched her kiss some stranger and then noticed that William seemed very into her too. Sylus kept getting distracted by Vic, kissing and touching him. SHe was all over him, her hands touching in places that made him feel so embarrassed. [b "I have to use the restroom. Ill be right back"] he kissed her lips intensely, letting her relax as he headed outside on the balcony. His eyes watched William and Ara, seeing them get really close. This was definitely part of the plan because he knew she wouldnt let anyone near her that close.

When he saw her hands go for his pockets, Sylus headed down the stairs and then when he heard her speak, he nodded and hurried towards the bathroom, passing a few girls trying to get him to stop, but he played it off as needing to throw up.

When he reached the bathroom, he looked beneath the sink and found the keys, placing it into his pocket as he headed out of the room. [i Now to find that storage room....but how] Sylus thought to himself as he headed back up the stairs towards area where he left Vic. If William was up here, he would be around the area that was close to the drugs wouldnt he? He needed to make sure that anyone that got near would cross him.

He saw Vic still on the couch, making out with some other guy as he walked over, pulling her in as he kissed her instead, seeing her eyes on him and then she decided to ignore the other guy. [b " Im wanting something stronger. Where does Will keep the good stuff?"] he asked, leaning in and kissing down her neck slowly, mimicking what she did to him and then seeing her just fall under his spell. [+red "THey say he's got loads of good stuff down by the basement. There's guards though...."] she moaned softly and Sylus just decided to go with it.

He held her hand in his, leading her towards the steps as he headed down with her slowly. She clung onto him and when Sylus noticed the guards guarding the elevator, He smirked and continued to kiss Vic. [b "Let's go in here. This place is private"] he shifted, acting like he was so high with her that the guard just watched them curiously as he pushed through. [i "No one's allowed"] he told the two and Sylus just walked over [b "Oh come on. We just want a private"] he pulled out a bag of coke he had taken from Will's room and he handed it to the guy. [b "Give me ten minutes"] he spoke and the guard just looked at the bag and put it into his pocket. He let Sylus through and then he brought Vic with him.

When he took the elevator down, Sylus noticed the doors leading up to a vault. He hurried over and tried the keys, fitting in each one into the lock before fitting one in. He then hurried back towards the elevator, seeing Vic so tipsy on the ground as he leaned in and held her up. He messed up her clothes a little, undid his tie and unbuttoned his shirt before heading up and then meeting the guard. He led Vic back out and he thanked the man, walking with her back upstairs towards the main floor.

SYlus set her down one one of the couches and told her he'd be right back as he headed for the bathroom, still spotting Ara looking at the backyard door. She was so easy to spot with that red dress and with her pale skin, it was obvious she wasnt from here.

Sylus walked over, his arms wrapped around her waist as he faced her, leaning in really close as he kissed the side of her cheek to whisper [b "Got it"] he let his hand slowly move down her back towards her ass, making it seem like he was touching her as he reached into his pocket to putt out the rest of the keys. He slowly pushed her back against the wall, pinning her there as he let his lips slide down her neck gently, getting a taste of her warm skin as he reached down to hold her hands in his. He carefully placed the set of keys in her hands and then he slowly pulled back, his cheeks a bit red, but he was trying his best to not make anything obvious.

[b "Be careful"] he whispered, before heading off for more instructions.
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[Cabin [center This whole environment wasn't comfortable and there truly was only Sylus and her if anything blew the wrong way. Whatever happened, they could not mess up here. Lines had to be watched. She followed the guy and then came face to face with WIlliam. She only gave a very faint smile and only looking back at him. She wasn't going to compliment him, check him out or even flirt first. She knew he wouldn't want to talk and hang around the same girl, over and over again. His eyes went on her and the other guy beside her was moving out of the picture. He leaned in to her, she knew he wanted that kiss but there was no reason to when she already got what she wanted. But... telling by how William looked at her, maybe giving a kiss to that guy would do some good. Make him want what something that isn't his. ]]
[Cabin [center So, she kissed the guy deeply and parted. ]]
[Cabin [center "[i We met at the last deal ]" He spoke. ]]
[Cabin [center "[i Yea... I don't remember you. ]" Will shook his head, only looking at Ara. Ara looked back at him and then elsewhere. ]]
[Cabin [center [i So who are you?]" Will raised a brow, "[i You don't look like one of these druggies. ]" ]]
[Cabin [center "[b You haven't told me who you are first.]" ]]
[Cabin [center "[i William. Will. You should know who I am. ]" ]]
[Cabin [center "[b I'm Ara.]" She stated. She felt tempted to look back, to look for Sylus but didn't. She couldn't. ]]
[Cabin [center "[i She's my girl.]" THe guy beside her blurt out. Since when? ]]
[Cabin [center "[i Yea... Ara, would you like to head downstairs, out in the backyard. Less junkies there. ]" Will spoke. ]]
[Cabin [center "[i Yea, I would. ]" This second floor seemed like hell. A woman was already stripping and heavily kissing and touching someone. She was more than relieved to be lead out of here, back downstairs and out into his backyard. The guy followed along but then Will's security wouldn't even let him go outside. Ara would glance back. ]]
[Cabin [center "[i You're not going to miss him are you?]" ]]
[Cabin [center "[b I don't really miss...people. ] ]]
[Cabin [center He talked to her, asking questions and got her a drink. She played nice but also made comments. She played it up and said she was going to go be with her friends, and he instantly offered to either bring her friends here or if she would just stick around him. She agreed just to stick around him, they talked. She read him like an open book and told him things he would want to hear. But then he asked questions about why she was here and why was she meeting him. She figured away around it, saying that she just wanted to have some fun with friends but some of them bailed on her last second so she decided to go with her 'date' which would be the guy that he refused to let in the backyard. ]]
[Cabin [center That's when things got closer. He leaned into her, putting his hands on her waist and then lower. She end up with her back against a tree and his lips on hers. She kissed him as if she was the character she was playing. She let her hands go down to his pants as he touched her ass and tried to get under her dress and did, making her so umcomfortable. While that was happening she carefully put his hands in his pocket and found key chains. She took it carefully and slipped it into her back as she kissed him and then making him part. ]]
[Cabin [center "[i You're a fucking good kisser you know that. We can head into somewhere more private. ]" ]]
[Cabin [center "[b I'll think about it. I got to go use the rest room first.]" ]]
[Cabin [center "[i You're not going to leave me hanging are you?]" ]]
[Cabin [center She shrugged "[b You'll just have to see. ]" She said and head back inside and managed to find a bathroom but a damn girl was using it, throwing up. So, she found another one and managed to make it inside. She locked the door, shuddering at the feel of having someone make out with her or touch her in spots she really rather not. She shook it off and then decided to speak through the mic. ]]
[Cabin [center "[b I got the keys. ]" She looked through the key chain and honestly didn't know which one was the one they needed. [b Uh... A lot of keys. Sylus. I'm going to leave the keys under the sink of the left wing bathroom, first floor. Find out which key fits into the storage room and then give me the remainder of the keys so I can put it back before he notices.]" She put the key's under the counter sink where was a small space between the counter legs. She flushed the toilet and dreaded to go out again but went out and was staring at the backyard, debating to go back now or a little later. ]]
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 4y 214d 17h 26m 0s
Sylus was ready for this mission to begin. He didnt want to mess up and he sure didnt want to be the reason they failed even if he was a newbie. All he really wanted was to be able to return home with his head held high. Nothing more. He wanted off of the kill list and wanted this to push his graduation date earlier. HE was so focused that no one could ruin his concentration at all right now. He knew what to do and he had to keep an eye out for Ara around these people. His eyes looked around and when he saw Ara head in through the front door, he stood, looking to see where she was going, keeping an inconspicuous eye on her.

He took a drink and downed it easily, seeing a woman sitting beside him. HIs eyes watched her, seeing Ara head upstairs to the second floor with some guy. Damn she was good at acting and she was so good at winning guys over....was that how she did it to him? He hoped not, but as he talked with Vic, he needed to get up there as well, so he agreed. [b "Sure, let's get out of here"] he let her wrap her arm around his and then he followed her towards the second floor.

There, he saw guys taking in some drugs, there were girls with them and some of them were just flirting and were all over them. It was odd to see the girls and guys doing everything together since he never really saw a girl, but when he followed her towards the other guys, Sylus just took a seat beside them, seeing a few more girls walk over, asking for some of the 'stuff'.

Vic sat on Sylus' lap and then she spoke with a few of the guys, one of them happened to be William. HIs eyes looked over Sylus and he smirked [i "Relax and enjoy man. Not everyday you can get a load like this"] he told Sylus and he just assumed that since he was dressed so nice he probably provided him with some of the drugs.

Sylus smiled and then he kept his arm around Vic, handing some to her and just wondering what the hell these guys were doing. They were all obviously high.

SYlus watched as Ara came with her friend, seeing him talk to William and he knew that this must have been the guy with the key. He looked over her and then saw William looking over her, biting down on his lip as he watched. His eyes were diverted towards Vic as she leaned in to kiss him, moving down his lips towards his neck, seeing that she had taken some of the drugs and was now more loose than ever.

He kept calm, his eyes staying on Ara though, wanting to make sure she was doing alright.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 4y 214d 18h 15m 1s

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