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He wanted her to be that bright and confident girl he fell for. No one like Joseph should ever tear down her esteem. He saw her blue eyes and he could tell that she still loved him so much. He hoped that it was a lot more than the love she felt for Joseph since she chose him.

He thought about the baby that was inside of her and he really wanted that family with her. They would have been the most precious thing they've seen and Sylus was sure to make sure they didn't live a life that he lived. He was going to love their little one so much. He heard her and he nodded [b "You're the best"] he smiled, falling asleep with her.

In the morning, he was looking over every inch of her. Her features were so familiar to him and he didn't want her to change. [b "Ara, we'll always love them and we owe them that dream in the future"] he brushed her hair behind her ear and held her. He sighed when she spoke. In truth, he wanted to torment Joseph since all he did was torment him. He just felt her warm hand on his cheek and kissed her lips in return. She made him smile again. It was so easy for her to.

[b "Okay. We won't act so close. I'll be normal. LIke when we're around Tan"] he told her, smiling.


Joseph came into the room after he knocked "Oh you two are awake. It's almost lunch time. Maybe we should go out to eat and see the city a little?" he wondered.

Sylus looked up at him and he just let the anger go for now. He'd at least try to be civil. "I'm fine with that"] he looked over at Ara and then he slowly sat up, helping her out of bed too. There goes his alone time with her. He was going to miss it. He walked towards his bags and then he headed into the bathroom, washing up and then fixing himself up before stepping out.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 10d 6h 18m 5s
Ara sighed [b “I guess so.” ] But she didn’t think she’d have the same courage. Joseph had kept feeding her ego when they were together. He helped her a lot, and she admired him so much that she decided to fight for what she wanted instead of deciding that she couldn’t do anything. She still loved him, still cared for him. IT was a different type now, and she found something new with Sylus. She felt bad…for not going back to him but she went so far deep into her relationship with Sy that she couldn’t part.

Her heart warmed when he said his dreams didn’t change, [b “I really want to have that dream happen.” ] She felt like only Sylus wouldn’t be scared of the idea of having a family in the future. She loved snuggling into him. She didn’t like talking about what he did, or what she did but she also needed to know. [b “Oh… Am I better?” ] She asked. She allowed him to sleep.

She woke up to him. She couldn’t forget. She imagined that little unborn baby growing and following her around. She always liked kids. She didn’t know anything about taking care of them but she thought they were cute. It hurt knowing she never got to see that baby. Her eyes watered a bit. “Maybe they would…I would love them.” Shhe saw him grinning nd it truly was to wake up with him.

She pressed her forehead against his chest. [b “We could… I promised him that we’d go exploring around New York together. We can go but, we need to make sure he doesn’t feel like a third wheel. I don’t want to torment him Sy… We shouldn’t be too close around him. We could do that when we’re alone, like right now.” ] She caressed his cheek and gave his lips a quick kiss, finding herself smiling because she loved how it felt to kiss him, and she thought not that long ago she would never get to kiss him again for her entire life.
  Ravenity / 10d 7h 3m 33s
He knew that it must have heard her to hear that he slept with someone as well just after they broke up. He didn't mean to, it just happened and it wasn't like it meant anything to either of them. It was mostly just to feel good for the night. He could tell from the sound of her voice that she was feeling really insecure and he didn't want that. Ara was usually confident, she thought she was amazingly pretty, and had no parallel.

He watched as she said that he was a big part of what she wanted. It made him smile and he really did want to be able to have that future with her. That dream he had of when she was pregnant on a porch of a farm house and he was coming back inside. IT all seemed surreal, but it wasn't over either.

Sylus told her he didn't trust him and he didn't even give him a reason to be on his good side. [b "I guess. Either way, I met you because you're so nice. Not because of him"] he smiled and nodded his head [b "None of my dreams change when I'm with you Ara"] he smiled and snuggled in as he relaxed. [b "I couldn't last at all. I got used to sleeping with you and that's all I need"] he kissed her cheek and told her how much he wanted to still be with her.

In the morning, he ran his fingers along her side, his eyes watching her facial features. He missed her so much and he knew that even though they couldn't have this baby, they'd have one some day as long as they were together. [b "I bet they would've had your pretty eyes and that smile you have"] he grinned. [b "It's nice to wake up to you and have you in bed with me too"] he didn't want to leave. She was perfect and he knew he only had today left with her.

[b "Do you think Joseph will let us have more time together just the two of us? Maybe we can go out to eat or sight see a little. I do miss doing that with you. Like that time in Dubai when you let me have a camera. We can take more pictures together"] he suggested, his hand holding her against him still.
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It couldn't have been. He hadn't been with that girl for no more than two days. She still flet herself ache. She didn't want to question it, but it seemed like she couldn't control what she felt about it. He did it...and that was that. She tunneled down into some horrible thoughts. She felt really insecure to begin with about being normal and Sylus being-well superhuman. She could only assume that it must have been better with someone like himself. She was sure, he didn't have to go easy on her.

She listened and even when he said it, she wasn't sure and didn't think that was his fault. It was just the way she felt. But it was nice to hear she was everything he wanted. She hugged him, holding on. She really wanted a lot with him. She wanted to one day marry him, grow together and have a little baby boy. [b "You're a big part of what I want too. " ] She also wanted to help everyone out. Sylus was part of that and she cared for them all.

When he heard it from him, she realized how much it must have hurt. Joseph was her bodyguard, he could stay with her and...he really did take advantage of her at her lowest point, and even telling her things she that hurt the most, like Sylus not coming back. She always forgave him for mistakes before. [b maybe he isn't the greatest guy in the world, manipulative and sometimes acts really selfish. But, he did a lot for me before, and he helped me break out of my shell. I wouldn't have been so forward with you from the start if it weren't for him." ] Then she smiled [b "You...still want to be my bodyguard? I'd like that." ] She breathed out in relief.

He snuggled in her and she felt so warm. Thoughts still crept up. She heard him but her insecurities had been there way past there relationship. [b "You? Couldn't last long?" ] That was surprising. Ara half smiled [b "I do? I like that I make you happy." ] She felt his fingers in her hair and saw his beautiful smile. Maybe it wasn't such a big deal as she thought about not lasting long. Well in her defensive, she always had a busy day and at night was tired from the day.

Her eyes almost formed tears of happiness when he said 'you can lean on me.' [b "You have no idea how much I wanted you with me." ] She hugged him. She felt such relief, [b "We can... I want to. I want to have our baby one day. I'm just...I'm really sad that this one is gone bt, I'm glad we don't have to make it the last." ] She said. Sylus fell asleep first, and it was really nice to hold him, to help him sleep. She fell asleep so quickly after.

Ara slowly opened her ees, feeling a hand sliding down her body and then over her tummy. She kept blinking and would look back, seeing Sylus. He was here now... He looked deep in thought. She ran her fingers into his hair and noticed how he felt more focused on her stomach. She hugged Sylus, trying not to let her emotions get to her. [ b "It'll be okay. He...or she would hav been really cute. I wish...I got to saw him. But thank you SY, for coming back to me now. It helps." She kissed his cheek. She put one lg over his, [b "I miss waking up to you." ]
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Sylus laid back and relaxed, trying to figure things out in his head while not trying to argue with Ara. He didn't want to fight with her, he just wanted to be with her even after everything that happened. [b "I know. It was just sex, nothing more"] he told her. IT really was nothing and he wanted her to believe him.

Then she felt insecure and he wanted to assure her that it was all nothing. [b "You're enough Ara. You're everything that I want and I don't need anything else. Of course being trapped in the facility doesn't sound good, but I want to help you so we can be free and hopefully start that life we dreamt about"] he told her, frowning when she tried to tell him that Joseph wasn't a bad guy.

[b "I don't know Ara. He's the reason you cheated on me. He's always with you...he has the job I want...and he knew you were struggling and still took that advantage. I have to think about it, but all I care about right now is you"] he stayed snuggled up next to her. Her words put herself down and he didn't want her feel that way because she was wrong.

[b "No. Just because she could last longer doesn't mean anything. I probably disappointed her because I couldn't even last. When I do that with you, short or not, you make me happy and I love it. Don't think about it that way"] he brushed her hair back and then smiled a bit [b "It's okay. I'm here now and you can lean on me. Pregnant or not, we can still make it all happen. It's not over"] he whispered, soon falling asleep from her warmth. He relaxed in her arms for a few hours before it was time to wake up.

Sylus opened his eyes a few hours later and yawned softly. WHen he saw that Ara fell asleep beside him, he smiled and leaned in to kiss her cheek. His eyes looked over her face and he could see that she looked exhausted as well. THey suffered without the other, but he still missed and loved her. He let his hand slide down her side, his hand running over her now flat tummy. He knew that it was a mistake to leave her alone and he felt bad for the baby being lost, but they could pull themselves back together. Maybe not now, but he'll make their dream come true.
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She did love him. It stung. It hurt to know he could so easily sleep with someone right after they broke up. [b “That’s not love…that’s sex.” ] She pouted. She always felt insecure about it, and it may have not been true at any way but she could’ help but wonder if a part of didn’t think she was enough. She didn’t want to say it, because even if something like that was true, there was no way he was going to say it.

She met his eyes, trying to pick up of he was lying to her about believing Joseph. [b “I am enough Sylus? Do you really hate the idea of being trapped here with me at the facility? Dumb question, of course you would. I hate it.” She shook her head. Ara sighed “Honestly… I hesitated a lot, but he kept saying things, like you’d never come…I was drunk and the miscarriage did not help. God, I’m so stupid and I hate myself for it… But Sy, don’t hate him. I know he’s really rough around the edges, and he reacts emotionally a lot even if he doesn’t notice it. He has a good heart. In some ways, he’s a lot like you, you’re both romantics and I love that, because I am.” ] She felt him pull her close and it felt so warm.

Ara wrapped her arms around him and snuggled in. But, he asked the question so she turned it around on him. She didn’t know what it was like for him to be with someone that wasn’t like her. [b “You’re just saying that to be nice aren’t you? I bet she could last longer, I bet she was better than me. I know I’m not so good at it compared to you either.” ] Her lips trembled a bit. She looked at his chest and it was hard to imagine someone felt through his body like her. Sylus must have felt the same.

She felt him rest his head against hers. [b “Me too… I don’t think they are yet. I’m still…I’m still so…I can’t go long without remembering that…well you know… I forget I’m not pregnant anymore.” ] She hear dhis mumble and was wondering if he was tired. HE must have stayed up. She had taken sleeping pills. She lightly smiled hearing he wanted to be with her, feeling so relieved. “Me too.” She felt through his hair a few times, seeing his eyes close and him falling asleep. IT was nice to watch him sleep. Part of it was because she always fell asleep first. She lightly laughed herself and held him in against her chest. He was warm…and he was with her again. [b “Sweet dreams Sylus.”] She patted his head. She decided to go back to sleep again, which was a lot easier than she thought.
  Ravenity / 10d 9h 24m 26s
He really wanted it to work and he knew there were so many unsaid words and so many conflicts between them that it was really hard to try and move forward from it. He nodded his head and just hoped that they could fix things. Sylus was upset from the words that Joseph spoke. He was the one that caused all of this trouble in the first place. He came back and got between him and Ara and he knew that he used that to his advantage.

He patted the bed beside him, wanting her beside him too. He sighed and just nodded his head [b "I know. I just want someone to love me"] he buried into his pillow a little and then she said she believed him. His amber eyes met hers and then he watched her move in close. Sylus met her eyes [b "I don't believe anything that man says. He took you away from me and took advantage of you. I hate him"] he spoke, pulling her in close.

THen she asked....Sylus sighed softly. [b "It doesn't come close to making love with you"] he told her, brushing her hair back to see those beautiful blue eyes of hers. He asked her about her and Joseph and then he just let out a deep sigh. [b "I know what you mean"] he draped his arm around her and hugged her close. Sylus rested his head against hers. [b "I just want....things how they used to be before all of this"] he mumbled quietly, feeling exhausted. [b "I just want to be with you Ara"] he spoke those last few words, feeling warm and relaxed beside her. IT was making him fall asleep from how comfortable he was.
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Maybe he was right but she wanted to give this shot. She wanted to with him in the end of it all. [b “And we’ll solve the conflict. We can make it work.” ] She said back to him. She hated what he said to Sylus, hated hearing that he didn’t think she was up to par for Sylus or anyone. It hurt-really bad and she held back any emotion from leaking out physically. It wasn’t like she was purposely seeking to cheat on him.

Ara saw him lay in bed and she heard him talk. [b “You don’t need sex to be comforted,” ] She mumbled and whispered very quietly to herself. She looked back up at him. She didn’t know still if she was incapable of really doing anything for him. Ara half shrugged, [b “I don’t know what it’s like not doing it with someone I don’t love. But if you’re saying it’s different, then I believe you.” ] She saw him pat beside him. She moved in laid down with him. She loved him and shew anted to sleep next to him. She laid on her side and pressed her body next to him.

“You believe him? That you could do better?” She whispered, feeling her chest become tight. He brought up a question that she didn’t want to answer. [b “Did you enjoy sleeping with her?” ] She asked, knowing it wouldn’t be a question he’d want to answer either. [b “I’m not happy that it happened and sometimes I got confused on who I was with. That’s all. “] She didn’t want for that to happen. Even if Sylus and her were broken up and it’s been years, she wouldn’t want to have a first time with Joseph that way, crying, desperate, drunk.
  Ravenity / 10d 14h 34m 17s
Joseph was upset that she ended up choosing him after everything he did to her. " know that this isn't going to work. There's too much conflict between you two. You should be moving forward" he told her and then he got into the details of trying to separate them. He told Sylus he could find someone better, but he didn't think it was hurting Ara.

He looked back at her and she walked past him, so he just stayed outside and guarded.

Sylus laid back against the bed, feeling tired, but then she asked him the question he knew that was weighing on her mind. [b "No. I just wanted to be comforted and she was there. Of course it wasn't because I just felt like doing that. You know well that it doesn't matter what it feels like. Nothing feels as great as doing it with someone you love"] he sighed and peeked up at her. He was curious about the whole doing it with someone from the facility, but that fell short too. He had grown so used to doing it with Ara that it didn't matter to him at that point.

He watched her and nodded [b "I do. Even after what Joseph said, I still want to be with you Ara"] he patted the bed beside him, wanting her to lay in bed with him and just relax as well. He knew she probably wasn't getting much sleep like him anyway. [b "Did you enjoy sleeping with Joseph?"] he asked, wondering if she liked his skills better than his own. He knew she still loved him too, but if she was still picking him over Joseph, he'd take it.
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Ara bit down at her lip [b “I don’t know. I really don’t.” ] She looked back at his green eyes and remembered just how much she missed him. All the things she did with Sylus was the things she wished she had done with him, but they hadn’t. She did all those things with Sylus. She didn’t know how it could have been, but she knew how things were right now.

Could do better… Then what was she? She felt her chest ache. It wasn’t like those things weren’t try, that he would be trapped here with her, that she cheated. But she didn’t think that made her worthless. She turned her back on him, feeling tht he didn’t care, that he only cared for himself. She went into the room, seeing him lay in the sheets. [i Maybe he doesn’t want me to be back here. ]

She stood near the door, unsure if she should come close. [i You already knew I needed you. ] [b “Needed for sex? Curious about what? Did you do it because you felt like having sex with someone else too? Because…it was easy, and she probably does it better than me.” ] She looked down at the floor.

Ara shook her head, [b “Okay.” ] She didn’t know how to take it in. It hurt but it would be better if she tried to let that go. [b “Are you’re sure you want to be with me? Do you…want me to stay in this room…or should I let you sleep?” ]
  Ravenity / 10d 15h 38m 8s
He knew that there were still troubles to try and fix, but he did his best to make sure that he overcame those for now and just admitted that he wanted to be with Ara. He watched as she spoke to Joseph, but he didn't seem happy about it at all.

" even if I hadn't died? You're choosing this guy?" he was upset because he didn't want it to be true at all. He wanted to be the one she chose. Joseph just looked at her with his pleading green eyes and then he glanced back at Sylus when he spoke. He knew that they had just broken up, but he slept with Ara because he wanted to. This guy.... He saw Ara put her head against him and he just felt like she could have been playing him too.

He said all of the hurtful words as to why they should break up, but when he saw that he hurt Ara again, he just frowned. He was pushed back and then he waited outside, just standing guard. It hurt to see her going back to someone truth he never even died. Ara gave up on him when she thought he was dead.

Sylus laid back against the sheets, irritated that Joseph tried to keep them apart. He said everything they were trying to get past and when he heard Ara's whisper, he just let out a deep sigh. Now she was going to bring it up.

[b "Ara...I was upset. I was hurting....and I wanted someone to make me feel like I was needed. I felt like everything was over and no one needed me anymore. I just be needed again and she offered it to me. So I took it because I was also curious. I'm sorry. I was just so down, and my world was crumbling....but...I know I shouldn't have"] he spoke, unsure if she'd be upset with him again....or if she wouldn't stay at his side anymore. Joseph did bring everything up again and maybe she was reminded of why they should be over.
  ellocalypse / 10d 16h 41m 53s
Ara half smiled and nodded, glad that things were okay right now. She saw him roll his eyes, it agitated her but she knew that if he rolled his eyes it must have hurt. [b “I’m sure. Jose, I still love you but, it’s been three years and I grew my relationship with Sylus more than I have with you, I love him too. I want to be with him. I’m sorry, and maybe we would still be together if you hadn’t ‘died’ but, maybe it would have ended the same way. We won’t know. I still care about you, I just want to be with Sylus.” ] She said. She knew it would be hard to except. She still had a soft spot for him, still loved those dreams she had with him but that was a part of different life and even if Sylus left her for good, it would be starting at zero. She heard Sylus’ reply and smiled at him, leaning her head against his arm for a second.

Then it came. She didn’t know why everyone seemed to want to beat her up when she already was. [b “Really? Then why would you want me? What’s better Joseph? Go ahead say it. What? Do you mean in bed?” ] She felt the emotions fill. It made her feel so low. She scoffed, [b “Not when you talk about me like that. I had feelings for the version of you that I knew three years ago. I don’t know you now, and you don’t know me. She didn’t know the story behind why he slept with her. It hurt…but what if the answer was rough?

She watched Sylus shove past him, and go. She thought they were going to lay in bed together but it sounded like he wanted her to stay here. She looked at Joseph and couldn’t help but shove him with her arms, even if she couldn’t do much [b “Why are you such a jerk? I love you okay-but please, don’t be jerk. I want to be with him, I want you to accept that.” ] She went to follow Sylus and at first she was just going to attempt to crawl into bed with him, but it bugged her.

[b “Why did you…sleep with her? Be honest with me. We’ll work it out no matter what it is, but I need to know.” ] She whispered.
  Ravenity / 10d 21h 30m 3s
He kissed her, pressing his lips against her soft skin because he missed everything about her. He didn't want to be without her there and he didn't even want to break up, it just hurt so much. He decided to give into his selfish needs and wants and put everything behind them for now. He just wanted to be with Ara like he always was. He covered her and then he held her close, smiling as she kissed his cheek.

THey made it back to the hotel and when Joseph came out, he kept silent, letting Ara do the talking. This man was Ara's loved before him and her first love. She probably still had feelings for him, but he wanted to be with her and not leave her in his hands. He felt tired mostly because he stayed awake the whole night, but he did want her company.


Joseph looked at the two and then he nodded "Good. Glad you're okay" he told her, soon hearing she was going to date Sylus again. He sighed and just rolled his eyes a bit. "Ara....are you sure? That guy already accepted the fact that we were together and now that I'm back, I want what we had before. He only had a chance because you thought I was dead" he told her, shaking his head.

[b "No. Ara and I spent a lot of time together after we thought you were gone. She was with me when you tried to take her away. We're going to date again"] he told him, not asking permission.

"Come on, why would you even want her? You'll be trapped in the facility. She even cheated on you. You can do better can't you? Like that girl you slept with" he narrowed his eyes at Sylus. "Ara still has feelings for me. Right ARa?"

Sylus just shoved him aside and stepped into the room. THey just got to feeling better and he didn't want to fight with Ara. [b "I'm going to sleep. Just make sure Ara's okay and stand guard"] he told him and then he headed inside and laid back on the bed. He still wanted to rest with Ara, but Joseph was getting in the way.

"Do what you want Ara" he told her. "I'm just a dead guy anyways. I'll keep watch outside" he said irritatedly as he stood outside the hotel door and kept watch.
  ellocalypse / 11d 6h 54m 23s
Ara found his lips on her forehead and his beautiful smile. She always wanted her to smile at him like that. She held onto his hand and hoped to be with him, hoped this would work. She leaned in and end up sneezing. She lightly laughed and felt his warm jacket around her once more. It was warm, and it smelt like him. She was still hurting, and she was sure he was to but she didn’t want this to go away. She swung their hands back and forth until he put his arm around her waist. She lifted a smile. She kissed his cheek.

They head upstairs and didn’t even think about what she was going to say to Joseph. She…also felt guilty about him, because she made a promise to him too when they were young. She had wanted everything with him and she didn’t know if he would feel much about her, but it did hurt to let go of him too. But, she had something with Sylus, and she had done much more with him, and loved him so much that she couldn’t just let go.

Ara returned his kiss, and squeezed his hand. She wasn’t feeling tired at all anymore but she nodded, “I want to.” She wouldn’t miss the chance, not with Sylus. The door opened before they could open it. She looked back at Joseph and felt a knot in her stomach. She nodded, “I’m okay…no, he didn’t. Nothing bad. I’m…I’m going to date Sylus again,” She said it and wondered if he would care, wondered if he still really felt something for her. She still felt something for him, but, she had begun to move on from him when she started dating Sylus.

“I’m going to rest with Sylus just for a bit too,” She mentioned in a whisper. Maybe she was being stupid, because things couldn’t be solved this easily. But then again, why not? Why shouldn’t it be solved like this? She loved him.
  Ravenity / 11d 8h 42m 55s
He felt so warm being in her arms, but it was also really heartbreaking. Who was he kidding...his heart ached to be by her side and even when she hurt him, he still wanted to be with her. His lips pressed against hers, remembering how soft and warm she was. He remembered waking up to her at the penthouse, making her breakfast, seeing her cheer him on at school. He loved her so much.

He wondered if she would be okay with dating again once he got back from his mission. His amber eyes watched hers and when she agreed, he pulled her in close and felt warm again. He missed this. He missed being wanted and cared for. Only Ara ever made him feel this way.

He kissed her forehead and then he smiled when she said she'd wait. He held her hand and felt so relieved. There were still problems they needed to fix, but he really just wanted to be together with her. When she leaned in, he heard her sneeze and then he wrapped his jacket around her again. [b "Okay. Let's go"] he smiled as she swung their hands and then he moved his arm around her waist, holding her other hand and then pulling her in close to his side.

He led her back to the hotel, wondering if Joseph would be upset seeing him. Sylus walked up to the room, still holding Ara close and then he made it to the door. His eyes watched her and then he leaned in for another kiss. [b "It's my turn to sleep. Do you want to lay in bed with me for a while?"] he asked before going in.


Joseph heard footsteps outside and when he walked over, he opened the door seeing the two looking close. "Your turn to sleep Sylus. I'll be on watch" he told him, looking over at Ara "You okay Ara? He didn't do anything did he?"
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