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He was lucky that he was able to still give Ara a baby. HE knew that Klara was infertile and so were many others at the facility, so seeing it happen was like their baby was a miracle. He would never trade anything over having their little one. It was what they both wanted.

Sylus didn't think his mother had anything to do with Kai's kindness, but maybe she did change? He still wasn't sure yet, but she was being kind to him and trying to make up for her past mistakes. [b "I think with his kind attitude, he should and since he is Kiyoshi's real son, he should at least have a sentimental spot for him"]

He did agree to having their little one in Japan. It seemed perfectly safe, they had the Yakuza protecting them, and Klara was here for back up. He thought it was a great idea. [b "I like how respectful and to themselves they are too. We'll be fine here"] he assured her and then he figured it was best no one knew about their baby.

After they played outside, Sylus hugged her and led her back into the house. He helped make the hot chocolate and then he sat on the couch with Ara, wrapping his arm around her waist. He would hold her on his lap and then he would feel her warm lips press against his, making him smile. IT's been a while since they enjoyed each other's company like this and he really missed it. He licked her lips, closing his eyes and making out passionately as he pulled back and smiled. [b "It is. Like the end of a perfect date"] he hugged her close and couldn't help but feel so happy to hear her words.

[b "I bet they'll be as cute as a button. They could also have your pretty eyes and your soft, brown hair"] he leaned into her and nestled into her neck. The movie played in the background and he wanted to just be like this with her forever. He pulled her in and then he leaned back and grabbed his hot chocolate, taking a sip and then dabbing a bit of whipped cream on her nose. [b "Love, are we going to pick up Tanner from the airport tomorrow?"] he asked, rubbing her arm and then pressing his lips against her neck gently.
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She knew how rare it was. A good number of people at the facility were infertile. Some weren’t though. She was happy that Sylus wasn’t one of them. She was happy to be able to have a baby with him.

She was glad that they could count on Kai. [b “I’m not so sure she had that much to do with it. You came out kind.” ] She reminded and she felt so sure that his mother had nothing to do with that considering what she pulled. Ara wasn’t so sure Kai would be happy to take over. [b “Kai said he didn’t want to. But I think because he doesn’t, it would be better if he did. People who want to are the ones we need to worry about.” ] She said.

Ara enjoyed Japan. She rarely had to watch her back. The only problems she ran into were the petty pervs who didn’t actually do anything, but just be stupidly petty. For the most part, she felt safe, and didn’t feel like she had a target on her back. Ever since Sy informed Kiyoshi about what happened, she wasn’t bugged anymore. She knew they had protection here now. [b “We haven’t… I feel safe enough to have a baby here. I like how people mind their own business. And the hospitals seem nice here. I understand the language a bit better now.” ] She said. The only connection in Japan her father would have now was going to be through Kiyoshi, cause they had yet to expand. And so far, she felt that maybe they could get Kiyoshi to side with them instead since Sylus built up ties.

[b “I really don’t want her…near our baby.” ] Ara said, and was glad they could agree on that. She was worried he may trust his mother more but she didn’t. Not after what she did to Sylus. Ara half smiled, [b “Yea, we could let Kai know some day.” ] She said.

They’d go outside and let there pets see their first snow. She had his arms around her. She realized now that-what he said was true. [b “It is…wow.” ] Ara smiled. She’d meet his eyes. He kissed her cheek. She’d snuggle into him. She’d kiss his lips. They went back where it was warm. Ara made the hot chocolate while Sylus wiped their pets down. She’d make onto the sofa.

Ara snuggle with him, sipping on hot chocolate with him. She’d lay the hot chocolate down when it was pratically done. Then she’d go in to kiss him, softly, slow kisses that were with a lot of passion. She’d make out with him. She’d share her tongue with him, there tongues gliding. Then she’d let his tongue glide her bottom lip. She’d kiss him over and over again too, pressing harder against his lips. She’d meet his eyes and smile at him for a second when he said he missed it. She felt his hands glide down her back. Ara would keep har arms around him. She’d lean into his hand and, let there tongues get messy with each other. [b “Me too…” ] Ara spoke softly. She oculd tell he was looking at her with love.

[b “This is pretty romantic. Our first snow…snuggling in on the sofa with hot cocoa.” ] She’d mention. She’d kiss his lips softly again, seeing his pretty eyes. “I can’t wait to have your baby Sy. I wonder if it’ll be your eyes, or your hair…” She dreamt. She'd boop his nose. She felt that warmth and she wanted to just be closer to him.
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He couldn't wait to be able to see their baby. He was really excited because he really wanted nothing more than to see this through. To have that miracle child that no one in the facility ever had because they were all infertile. Sylus was so lucky that Ara even got pregnant in the first place, but he was glad that they were both trying to make it work.

[b "Kai is kind. I'm glad my mother at least raised someone decently even if he isn't my real brother. I hope he's able to take over for me"] he told her, hoping that this mission would be over soon so he could spend more time with her and the baby.

Sylus thought of a few places where they could have their baby, but even being here in Japan sounded really nice. [b "I think so too. We've never felt this safe before and the further into Asia we are, the less of an influence the facility has here. We won't let them know. I am not letting my mom get anywhere near our baby, neither Kiyoshi. If anything, Maybe Kai someday"] he told her and was glad to know she agreed.

They headed outside and saw their pets enjoying the snow. He would wrap his arms around Ara and look at the beautiful first snowfall. [b "Love, I think this is my first snowfall with you"] he kissed her cheek and then he smiled at the thought of first memories. He wanted them so bad with her and the baby.

HE soon met her lips and kissed her, helping them all inside as he wiped down Nyz and Queen so they weren't cold. He even gave Nyx a treat since he was whining. Sylus then helped her make the chocolate and met her on the couch, his arm wrapping around her waist and letting her sit on his lap. He was watching the TV when she blocked the way to kiss his lips. [b "Mmm, this is really what I wanted"] he smiled and pressed his lips against hers, kissing her softly, making out with her and then licking her tongue, letting his tongue glide along her bottom lips, kissing her over and over. [b "Mmm, I miss this"] he let his hands glide down her back, their tongues dancing together as he caressed her cheek.

[b "Mmm, I'm so glad I can spend time with you like this again Ar"] he smiled, remembering how warm and perfect their relationship was. It reminded him of why he loved her in the first place. Ara's never stopped loving him.
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She tilted her head and smiled to herself, thinking of meeting their baby. She wondered how her mom felt too. She felt a little sad that she never got to have a mom. Sylus didn’t either…not really. They didn’t exactly have examples.

[b “Kai… He’s very kind too Sy. I trust him. Some of his traits reminds me of you.” ] She’d say. But there was only one Sylus. There was no one like him, not to her. She thought about where they’d raise there baby. She didn’t want to it to be somewhere hot, and she wasn’t always so fond of the water like Sy. Singapore sounds nice. Here…I like it here. Japan feels safe and your part Japanese. I just don’t know how I’d feel about your step-family being close because they might find out.” ] She heard his laughter but she meant it when she didn’t want to be in isolation.

They’d raise up. She would carry Queen. She smiled liking to her he thought so too. [b “I don’t want to jinx it. Maybe we’ll buy clothes near…the time…that I…you know.” ] Ara said, realizing just how terrifying giving birth sounded. Thankfully, she was sure that her super healing would really come in handy in that situation.

They brought there pets outside. They were o curious and it was so cute. Ara drew out her phone and recorded some of it. She’d snuggle Queen and laugh. [b “Me too. I want to be there for a lot of our baby’s firsts. I want to take a lot of pictures. Create a lot of memories. I want them…to never miss us for too long.” Ara said. She’d feel his arms around her waist. He held her against his chest. She felt just right. She wanted to have their baby. She leaned back into him. She then face him and leaned up to kiss his lips softly.

[b “Let’s do it.” ] Ara said with a smile. She’d bring Queen inside. Nyx was still excited, so he was whining a little when he was brought back inside. Ara made hot chocolate with Sylus. She even got some whipped cream for them. She’d then went to grab her thicker socks. She’d grab the blanket and met up with Sylus on the sofa. She’d put a Disney movie. She realized just have far they’ve gotten. She snuggled into his side, and lock her hand with his. Eventually, she found her place on his lap, blanket over them. She also kind of missed just making out with him, innocently making out. So, she’d pull him in closer and kiss him, giving him soft gentle kisses there were slow but filled with love.
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He was glad that Ara was able to do something about it all. She struggled and cried and it wasn't in vain. Her hard work always paid off and he was really glad she didn't quit. If anyone could spark a change, he knew it was ARa because she did that for him and the others she was around.

He felt her warm embrace and liked the thought of being a family with their baby. [b "I can't wait for our little one to meet us"] he smiled and then he finished plating their food. Sylus sat with her and took a few sips. It was delicious and the food they made together always seemed to taste better too.

He did remember telling Kiyoshi that it was only short term. They didn't plan to stay in Japan for that long, so he figured passing on the roll to Kai wouldn't be hard. He could also convince Kai of the changes he could make by being his father's right hand. He could do some good.

[b "I'm sure I can convince Kai to make the organization a little better. He seems to want change too"] he held her hand and ate slowly. If they partnered with the facility, it really would mean the facility gained more power as well.

They talked about where to raise their little baby [b "Somewhere the beach! Maybe like Singapore, or Thailand. If we want, we can also have them here?"] he suggested, laughing a bit at the isolation. [b "Of course Love, we don't want you stressed"] he promised her and then he started putting the dishes away.

Sylus then got up and then he nodded [b "I'd like to know too. It could help us prepare knowing their gender and we can even start buying them clothes and such"] he walked with her outside, petting Nyx as he let him run around. He kept jumping trying to catch the snowflakes and Sylus would laugh, seeing him pouncing around. He chuckled and then he chased after him, feeling the snow fall on his skin. He then watched Queen trying to catch it, seeing them both mesmerized. [b "It really is our first snow fall. I can't wait for our little one to be just as excited as them"] he smiled, wrapping his arms around Ara's waist and holding her against his chest.

[b "How about we sit on the couch, drink some hot chocolate and put on a movie? I want to snuggle with you"]
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She felt good she managed to make change happen. [b “I’m glad…I could do something. I’m glad they can’t come near us too.” ] She was taken in his arms. Everything was going so well. She did need to remind herself to still be on guard though.

Ara was in awe. She’d feel over his shoulder, [b “Well, we will be family. Real family. Especially when our baby is born.” ] She said. She just wished she could really call Sylus her husband. But, it was just a title. They were deeply into each other and she knew they wouldn’t break their bond anymore.

She would help him cook. They were eating together. It tasted so good, and warm. IT was getting colder out there but it was still really warm in here. [b “I am?” ] Ara said, and wondered if she’d even be a smart mom. She’s done research about babies but she still felt like she knew very little. [b “Mmmm, okay, that sounds like a plan. I’m not so sure Kai’s going to like that though. He was happy when you took his place.” ] Ara laughed. She was glad he was so sure of himself.

[b “The facility has less hold on Asia…” ] She mentioned, but his mom and ste-father was here. She didn’t want to go to certain countries either because of government, safety, or how hard it was to even get in there. She knew Sylus wanted somewhere warm. She bet he wanted it to by the water. [b “Any ideas?” ] Ara asked him [b “I still want to close to some shops-okay Sy? I can’t live on a farm or the middle of nowhere with bad reception. That would cause stress and stress is not good.” ] She said, hoping he didn’t get those ideas. She wouldn’t mind a small town, but not completely isolated.

She saw the snow, imaging it. Ara smiled picturing Sylus holding there baby. [b “Mmm, I’d love to see that.” ] Ara said. She’d nod. She wanted to take Queen and Nyx out. She’d finish her soup. She noticed his hand rest against her thigh, feeling him rub. She’d shot him a look fr a second and then would kiss his neck softly.

[b “I… I think I’d like to know. Would you like to know?” ] Ara asked. She then listened to his suggestion and she guessed it. [b “Nope. Not happening.” ] She didn’t care if she was being unreasonable. She refused to be in the middle of nowhere. She would grab there bowls and set them in the dishwasher. Ara scooped up Queen and pet Nyx, [b “Come on little ones, let’s go see the snow.” ] Ara said. She’d open the backyard door. Nyx started going crazy, curious about the cold stuff falling from the sky. Queen would try to catch it and look at her paws and lick it but it wasn’t there.
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He nodded and then he had a smile on his face because Ara was able to do some change in him and that led to more change in the Yakuza. [b "We can and then we can talk about it with him"] he nodded and then told her about how she has been helping him on missions. [b "He knows you've been helping me. THat's also why Kagami and his father aren't allowed to come near us again too"] he held her close and then he heard her question.

[b "Family....well not really. You feel like my family. Kiyoshi is more of a mentor and Kai is a step brother.....they don't really feel like a real family to me"] he admitted and went into the kitchen to do some cooking with her. They made sure the ingredients were properly cooked and Sylus would always rather overcook something than undercook it for ARa.

They built their bowls and then he sat at the table with her, holding her hand in his and then talking about baby names already. [b "You're going to be the sweetest mom ever"] he smiled and then he ate slowly. He never really thought about what to do after he completed the mission. [b "Maybe I can integrate Kai into taking my place. We did tell them that our stay was only temporary. He knows I'm leaving sooner or later"] he shrugged and knew his priorities. He wanted to be there until Ara had the baby.

[b "I think we should go somewhere where you have the least enemies. Maybe somewhere warm?"] he suggested, seeing the snowfall in the window. He smiled [b "They'd love it! I can imagine carrying them on my shoulders, holding out their little hands to see it for the first time!"] he was excited. [b "Come on Love, after we eat, we can take the pets into the backyard to see"] he smiled, sipping his warm soup and then letting his hand rest against her thigh, rubbing it gently. [b "We'll make time for our little one. Would you want to find out the gender early Love? Or would you want it to be a surprise?"] he wondered, thinking that either one would work for them.

Then they would start needing to plan to stay in one spot at least until their baby was okay to stay with someone. [b "Hmm, what if we stayed on a private island? OR maybe in the countryside?"]
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[b “Does he?” ] She didn’t realize that Sylus would get him thinking that it was still related to her. She felt good that she could cause change. She was glad at least Kiyoshi could change their ways on at least not harming innocent people. [b “Mmm, good… We should set up a meeting sometime then.” ] Ara mentioned.

Her blue eyes slightly lit up. [b “He does? You have spoken about me?” ]
Knowing she had an effect created a warm smile on her lips. She melted into his arms when he held her. She felt safe. She felt they could do this. [b “We should set a meeting with them sometime then.” ] Ara said.
Ara still wasn’t fond of his mother but… [b “Sy…do they feel like family to you? Kai…and Kiyoshi?” ] She wondered. She hadn’t realized till now to ask him how he felt. She only really saw them as pieces to complete task. But even she had gotten close to Kai. She felt like she had a lot in common with him.

They were in their kitchen. They were cooking and all the scent blended in beautifully to her. It smelled delicious and she couldn’t wait to have it in her mouth. She’d sit by the counter, close her eys and just take in the scent for a while.

Soon, they were sitting down together at the dining table. She’d bring up the names. She smiled to see him like the names. She felt him squeeze her hands and a kiss planted on her lips. She felt warm… She couldn’t wait to meet their baby and call them with either Arlus or Syara. She still worried…that maybe her body would cause harm to them.

[b “They will. You’re going to be a great dad.” ] Ara said confidently. She’d giggle and lean in and took a bite of the pork. It smelled good and it tasted good. She take some of the noodles and sighed to herself. It tasted so good. [b “Well…Sy, I was hoping to stay at least my baby bump shows a bit more. Although-how do you think we’re going to tell Kiyoshi you can’t work anymore?” ] She wondered, thinking he might not take that so lightly. She’d like it if Sylus was with her more often.

[b “We still need to decide where we are going to stay.” ] She sighed, not really sure where they would go. [b “My father has good connections in a lot of European countries. I don’t want to accidently run into someone from the facility and have them see me.” ] She worried about that. She’d look outside and saw snow slowly falling. [b “Snow…hey, that’s the first snow of the year.” ] She’d smile and think about it, [b “I’d love to play with Arlus or Syara in the snow with you.” ] She’d say and look at his eyes. She couldn’t still believe it. That they were really trying to have their baby.
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He fed her some chocolates, feeling really good to be home because Ara always could put a smile on his face. She always calmed him down during his worse moods and he was so thankful he had someone to come home to.

If it weren't Kai as well, he wasn't sure if they'd be able to see the changes that were happening in the Yakuza right now. Kiyoshi took his role as leader seriously and now that Kagami's father out of the way, it was easier to handle. Everyone listened to him.

Ara told him the deal and he would try to bring it up again to Kiyoshi about another group that reached out to him. Once the facility had ties to the Yakuza in Asia, they could spread more and influence more people. At that time, their mission would be complete and he could focus more on taking care of ARa during her pregnancy.

[b "I'm sure he would. He knows that most of my actions are also because of you. You've seen what he's done, you've helped me too. He'll at least listen"] he hugged her and thought it was cute how she was becoming a gamer girl. As long as she was safe, he didn't mind what she did. He soon got up and then headed into the kitchen. He worked with ARa to make the ramen, boiling the veggies and the egg as he let her slice the pork and fish cakes.

Once they were done, he relaxed at the table, listening to ARa mention names. [b "Oh yeah! I remember. I love those names. If we do have a boy or a girl, let's name then that"] he squeezed her hands and gave her lips a kiss. He really wanted their baby to make it. They only had a few months left and there were still so many things to think about.

[b "Little baby Arlus or Syara is going to have two loving parents. We'll do our best Love"] he then held up a bit of pork to her lips, loving to be home and to take care of her. [b "I think once the mission is done, I should get a short break to just be your guard. I'll be with you more often too"] he smiled.
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She felt so content being fed chocolate and having Sylus home. She had a slight baby bump but no one would be easily to distinguish it as one, which made it safe still. She felt good that things were going as they planned it to. She didn’t think Kiyoshi would have been convinced. She felt relieved to hear that it was working.
[b “Kai promised me he would try.” ] She mentioned. She felt good that he held up his word. She’d tell Sylus the deal, that they wanted information, connection and help hiding if needed and in return they’d get better protection and some drugs that would help. Ara knew the drugs, and she knew they were nothing permanent at the very least. [b “Mmm, well, I’d hope so. I mostly hope so he’ll agree to support me taking over. I guess we’ll just have to find out.” ] Ara said. She knew she hadn’t much to prove herself because if she used the actual prove…then suspicion would arise.

Sylus wrapped his arms around her and gave her cheek a kiss. He was warm and she felt good with him by her side. She adored his laughter. She giggled [b “Yes it is. But I don’t think they should think I’m a boy just because I am.” ] She’d say. She then brought up Tanner. She was excited to see him. She knew he was just coming because her dad probably wanted to check up on her. [b “He does…” ] Ara said, feeling his fingers over her baby bump. She met his eyes, seeing him grin. [b “Of course I want to help. No, I’m okay.” ] She said. She felt his fingers brush through her hair and then getting a kiss. She felt loved by him. She knew that Sylus was going to give the same love to their baby too.

She’d raise up and she’d follow him to the kitchen too. She’d help gather the ingredients. Then she’d watch the pot. She closed her eyes and smelled it all. [b “Mmm…so good.” ] Ara said. Her key sense of smell was a gift but also horrible when something stunk. Nyx got a treat, which made him rather happy. Ara would help set the table with Sylus. She took out her juice out and poured it into their glasses.

Ara would sent next to him, and sent a text message to Klara. Ara looked at Sy. She’d tap his shoulder. [b “Sy… Remember the name Arlus? I’d like that if it were a boy. If it’s a girl…Syara.” ] She’d say, wanting them to hold their names. In case, they couldn’t see them. At least they’d have one thing from them. [b “Do you like it?” ] Ara asked. She knew she was still getting ahead of herself. It hurt thinking maybe she couldn’t have this baby. She knew it would break her, but she couldn’t help but get attached emotionally so quick.
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He hurried home everyday because he prioritized seeing Ara and making sure she was okay over anything. It's already been two months and her baby bump was showing nicely. Sylus felt so proud because they've already gotten farther than their first baby and he was glad that him being there was helping Ara.

He sat beside her, feeding her some chocolates and then taking a bite himself. [b "Mmm"] he smiled, glad she was doing well. [b "It's going to plan and I'm glad Kai is helping me out in convincing him to do a better job at least"] he was surprised to hear what the deal was. He smiled [b "Ohh okay. I think he'd accept too if it means getting more allies and stronger men"] he nodded and then he wrapped his arms around her, pressing his lips against her cheek.

He heard about her gaming and he'd laugh [b "It's probably because you're really good and too badass"] he laughed and smiled when she mentioned Tanner was coming. He did admire Tanner. He was the guard he was striving to be and he was always giving him tips and ways to guard better. [b "I want to tell him too. Tanner always ends up understanding"] he did want her family to always be in her life as well. Sylus ran his fingers over her baby bump and then he grinned [b "I'll start making the ramen. Did you want to help Love? Or do you want to just relax for a while?"] he brushed her hair back and kissed her cheek.

[b "I don't want you to have to lift a finger when I'm home"] he headed into the kitchen, Nyx following him as he headed to the stove, taking out the pork from the fridge. He simmered it on the stove and then he would take the broth and then pour them into bowls as he put in some mushrooms, noodles and then he would slice the pork into thin pieces. He'd give Nyx a treat and then he would place the bowls with some fried chicken on the sides.
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It excited her to see Sylus home. Her arms would wrap around him tightly and she noticed he had brought her chocolate. It made her so happy that he thought about her to bring chocolate. She’d take a seat with him on the sofa. She fed herself a chocolate and then him. His smile was beautiful. [b “Of course I am darling.” ] She said, meeting his eyes. She felt content with him being here. Being pregnant two months weren’t so bad. She had those symptoms but she could tolerate them.

[b “Mmm, I’m glad everything is still going onto plan. I think we’re drawing close to striking a deal with him then? I got information on what the deal is, and it’s…less bad then some others. So I can offer it to Kiyoshi and also hopefully get him to support new leadership when I take it.” ] Ara said, because she needed to. She wanted a future where she could spent more time with their baby, and that everyone else could possibly have a more normal life.

She knew Kai and Sy were getting comfortable with each other, which she liked. Because she thought Kai made a really good friend. She knew…that he liked her a bit at the same time but he was always respectful.

Sylus hugged her and kissed her. She kissed him softly back. She lightly laughed [b “Guilty…. I’m really good Sy. Although, for some reason they think I’m a guy.” ] She’d shrug. She then brought up Tanner. She nodded. She had missed Tanner. He was her best friend, and he always felt like a brother to her. He always looked out for her and he always tried to look out for Sylus too. She knew when he got angry at her, it came because he cared.

[b “I want…to tell him.” ] Ara said, [b “he’d get extremely angry if I didn’t tell him. He’s always been here at my hardest time. He’s like family to me.” ] She said confidently. She took a deep breath and nodded [b “He most likely will…but I trust Tanner. He’d always respected my choices even if they were crazy.” ] She said and felt Sylus fingers over her tummy. She blushed a bit, [b “He’ll help me keep our baby a secret. I know it…” ] Ara said. She didn’t have to think much about it. [b “Can we have ramen?” ] Ara asked.
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The past month went by in the blink of an eye. THeir house now had an office for Ara where she would do work from home. He allowed her to go ahead and help Klara out as long as she was doing okay. It was difficult having to leave and come back early, so Sylus did his best to coordinate everything so that he could make it back and spend a good amount of the night with Ara.

He hurried on his bike home after work, bringing with him a box of chocolates because he wanted to surprise ARa. Her mood swings were starting to get all over the place, but whenever he was home, he was able to bring her mood up and she made him happy.

Sylus was able to get Kiyoshi to focus solely on responsible people. They allocated their teams to tracking down the directly responsible and if they had accomplices. They left their families alone and were able to build up their reputation.

Kagami and his father were severely punished for harming Sylus. They were demoted back down to the starting gang members. They were also forbidden to take any part in Sylus' group or go anywhere near their territory. They took over another city.

When Sylus came home, he saw Nyx, hugging him and then he was met with a cutie Ara with a tiny baby bump at the door [b "Hey Love"] he hugged her and then he kissed her cheek, giving her the chocolate [b "I'm glad you're okay today Ar"] he sat on the couch and took a bite of the chocolate. She made him instantly smile.

[b "Everything went great. Kiyoshi is listening to my ideas and I'm able to influence his next move. He really trusts Kai and I"] he told her, feeling a lot better he wasn't upsetting her with his actions. Even Kai and him were on better terms. He was used to him being around and clearly his friendship was important to ARa.

He hugged her and then he kissed her lips [b "I heard some noise outside. Are you beating people up in a game again?"] he chuckled and then he smiled when she mentioned Tanner [b "No way? That's great! We haven't seen him in a while. Do you want to tell him?"] he wondered, thinking that if it was TAnner, he might just get really angry with them. [b "Love you think he'll take it hard?"] he wondered, leaning into her and running his fingers over her tummy. [b "What should we make for dinner?"]
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[b “Good point.” ] Ara said. She wondered if their baby would grab her hair hard. She wasn’t even quite sure how they’d turn out considering they had their bodies tempered with. She didn’t know if that re-arranged how they were…it might.


Ara was in the new office she set up for herself. It had three monitors, with high specs. She had bunch of pages open on the desktop and paper on the desk. She was very focused on keeping track of the people she had made deals with up to now. Plus, she’d been helping with Klara with her mission in the field-mostly using her manipulative tactic. Sylus knew, she kept him informed. While they were both reluctant, she had proved that she could handle it.

In the meantime, Ethan recommended someone to help her learn a few things about hacking. Nothing that someone couldn’t learn in their late teens but, it was a stepping stone. She figured that she had a lot of time on her hands while she was having a baby, and eventually not be able to go do out missions in the field. Every weekend she had spent time with Kai too, going to events with him, Sylus invited-except for when he couldn’t.

Plus… [b “I win again! You can’t beat me suckers,” ] Ara cheer to herself. Queen was sitting on her lap. She had gone slightly into gaming and after coordinating her mouse and screen better, she had been doing good. Even Nyx was here with her. She’d love their pets. She saw Nyx rushing to the door. She could only guess that meant Sylus was home. Ara got up. She wore a pastel purple sweater and short shorts. She’d go downstairs with their pets.

[b “Sy!” ] Ara cheered and hugged him so tightly, [b “You’re home.” ] Ara said. Nyx was barking excitedly. She saw him with chocolate and she felt super excited. [b “For me?” ] Ara said and would happily sit down and open the box, [b “I and our baby thank you.” ] She’d take one and pop it in her mouth. [b “Yummy…” ] She’d then take one out and pop it Sylus mouth too.

She’d snuggle against his side. [b “How did everything go today?” ] She’d stroke his hair, and then lean in and kiss his cheek. She’d lay legs on top of his lap. She felt pretty happy lately. She got to do so much stuff, and she had pushed all the worries about what would happen after away. She had emotional waves but she pushed through them.

Ara would hold his hand and look at the screen. Nyx stayed by Ara’s side. She’d pet him and give his head kisses. So far, the only person that knew was Klara other than them. But...she thought about telling Tanner too since... [b "Um, darling. I forgot to mention. Tanner is coming to visit." ]
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He smiled a bit [b "Babies always pull on hair if they can reach it. But you're right, your hair is beautiful Love"] he wondered if their baby would have a lot of strength. If they did, he wondered what would happen. [b "What if our baby could heal just like you?"] he thought about it and Klara came.

It was going to be difficult with everything they were dealing with right now. It was no question that they were crazy and Klara letting them know, didn't change that. They knew what they were going to get into. It was dangerous and it was going to hurt if they had to leave their baby with someone else.

Ara talked about her plan [b "When ARa starts showing, we'll really need to keep a low profile"] he told them.


Over the next few weeks, Sylus was working hard to try and convince Kiyoshi that it was wrong to harm people that had nothing to do with their issues. Luckily he was slowly getting convinced thanks to him and Kagami and had rearranged a lot of their missions and hierarchy to do better.

They've been trying to focus their killings to one responsible person. IT led to less casualties and less clean ups. Sylus was able to come home on time more and was able to cook dinner for ARa and Klara. He would come home, cook, make sure Ara was doing okay and then spend the nights with her.

It was a month later and ARa was barely showing a baby bump. Sylus soon came home after work and he opened the door to see their pets [b "Hey there Nyxy. Have you been taking care of Ara?"] he asked, rubbing his head and then petting Queen as well.

[b "Ar?"] he called out, walking in with a small box of chocolates for her since she was starting to have some weird cravings. He sat on the couch and then he set them down, relaxing a bit. He was Kiyoshi's right hand still and now that they were more on the same page, it was easier to help influence the Yakuza.
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