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Sylus didn't really care about what category he fell under. As long as Mike didn't see him as someone that was trying to date Ara for real, then maybe it would be okay. He just needed to do his job well enough for Mike to trust him.

He watched the two argue in the ring shop and it wasn't really bugging him at all. He understood that her brother was oblivious to everything that was happening in the facility and he could tell ARa was upset because he was getting married soon. He had all the normality anyone in the facility wanted, but he wasn't aware. THe two bickered for a while and it caused Ara to walk off.

Sylus was glancing at the rings, but then he went off to follow Ara, keeping her safe until they were at a good distance. He held her hand and wrapped his arms around her, making sure it was safe. It felt so good to hold her and keep her warm. Sylus loved her and wanted to spend every second with her, so today was like a gift. He'd have to thank Tanner later.

[b "Ara...your dad..."] he cut himself off and figured it wasn't the time or place to be asking all of that. He just wanted to be happy with her. [b "I understand. I want to be with you all the time too. It'll be okay. You know I'll hold out. You know how much I love you"] he held her close and then he sighed, knowing it was unfair. [b "Forget about him. Right now, let's just have a day with just you and me"] he told her, holding her hand and then he walked with her to a nearby restaurant.

He sat at a table with her and let her choose what she wanted. Sylus didn't care too much about what they ate. He just wanted to spend some time with her. [b "I miss you. I just want to graduate and be your guard already"] he admitted, his amber eyes looking around and listening in on people's conversation. Her safety was priority, but he couldn't help but sneak his wants in too.

[b "Do you want to share a dessert? Maybe a banana split?"]
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Another one of those 'I will do anything for Ara' types. He honestly couldn't stand it. Mike felt they were all just blind to the fact that she was faking her nice behaviour to gain something. He heard her about having to follow orders. Was it true? SHe didn't seem like them. She wasn't scarred like them. Mike sighed and let it go, not caring as long as Sy did what he needed to do and not get him in trouble for it.

It lifted her to know Sy was here with her, but Alister was making it hard by the second. She didn't want to be near him, hear him say 'what ring should I get her' one more time. If he said it one more time, she would be the threat that would have to cause either Sy or MIke to stop her. She had it. He never had to do the things she had to do, be scarred the way she was. He could live a normal life but she knew she never could. She couldn't let go of the people she grew up with and she couldn't shake off what she did following orders. Sy, she could be with Sy if there was just no threat, and this asshole could marry some gold digger, but she couldn't even call Sy her boyfriend in public without having to worry about having to shoot him for mercy.

What did Sy think of all of this? Her home...if he put things two and two together and figured it out. That she was... Her mind was so jumbled, and she felt so uneasy being there. [i I'm going to lose it. I'm going to lose it. ] She backd off and walked away from Alister, and held onto Sylus hand when they were far.

"What did I do?" Alister glanced at Mike.
"Not sure. I've seen her be nice to everyone, everyone but you." Mike admitted. Alister found that hard to believe.

She was trying so hard to hold herself together. He hugged her, and Sylus felt so warm... She wanted to be with him. She wanted to live with him, grow with him. She met his eyes and she wanted to kiss him, but felt afraid that they would be caught. [b "I do...if I don't, my dad will find out and...bad things will happen." ] She put it simply.

His smile, was just perfect. She managed dto smile back at him [b "Me too." ] She was greatful for at least that. She got to be with him today. She felt his lips on her cheek, and his eyes were back on hers. Then he had to say something so sweet and so heartbreaking at the same time. How could something be that, at the same time? Tears rolled down her cheek. She wrapped her arms around and pressed her head against his chest, [b "I want to be with you Sy... Why can't I be with you." ] She cried quietly. [b "And I hate it, I hate that he's rubbing in my face that I can't have that." ] She shook a little. She wondered if there was any use to try to be with anyone at all, when she knew she could never have it, not unless she killed...her own father. It hurt. It hurt so much.

She looked up at him, trying to clear her eyes [b "I'm sorry, we should use this time together, right? Instead of seeing me be upset? I really I am happy, happy that I get to see you, and hear you say something like that." ] She squeezed his hand [b "Do you want to buy something, maybe we could eat? ] She was rambling because she was trying to get it out of her head.
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He didn't think he'd get the chance to have a mission like the one he had right now. All he wanted was to be able to stay with Ara and to do well, so he had so much confidence. It took a bit of time to get back into a normal routine, but he was determined to reach the top. He'd do anything to be Ara's guard again.

Still, to find out that he was spending the day guarding Ara made him really happy. He's gotten a chance to see her house and where she lived and even meet her family. It was a surprise to see the kind of world she lived it, but it did put a damper in his mood because she really did have everything, while he had nothing.

He tried to persuade Mike into letting him watch over Ara, but when he saw him staring hard. [b "Okay. Sounds good. I'm a good guard anyway"] he told him and then he sat in the car with Ara, hoping that Mike didn't suspect anything other than the fact that he could potentially like Ara.

When they arrived at the mall, he walked out and then he saw ARa trying to cover it all up. He followed the two into a store, Sylus kept his eye on the surroundings. There wasn't anything suspicious going on, so he would glance at MIke, seeing if he picked up anything.

Sylus looked around at the rings and then he looked at Ara's hand. HE wondered if she still had the ring he gave her.....if he could have stayed in London a while longer, maybe he would have even proposed. His amber eyes looked at a few rings and he saw a few he could've gotten Ara. He smiled and then he could hear her arguing with her brother. He glanced at Mike, following ARa while he kept his eye on Alister.

He walked behind her and when they were far enough, he felt her hold his hand. He hugged his arms around her and then he sighed [b "Are you okay? Ara you don't have to do this if you don't want to"] he told her, looking around and not seeing anything off.

He didn't want to get too close since they were in a public area. [b "I can't believe I get to spend the day with you though"] he smiled, leaning in to kiss her cheek, his amber eyes meeting hers. [b "Those rings in there....they were really nice. If we got married, I think It would be fun looking around and being able to pick a ring for you"] he smiled and thought about how he saw her house. She was rich. Did she even appreciate the small things that he bought for her?
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She'd never thought that Sy would ever be placed as her bodyguard, even if it was temporary again. It was Tanner. It was always thanks to Tanner. She knew he was too good, and she felt that she couldn't deserve someone line Tanner in her life to help her to get the things she thought she never really could have. Sy, was right here, and she felt so happy just to be in front of him, not in the facility. She went to go get dressed.

Mike raised a brow, and stared long and hard, "Funny, because this was a spur of moment. Tanner didn't know until this early morning. So, how would he get the chance to talk to you?"

Mike folded his arms and kept a neutral expression, and then he scoffed, "Oh yea? Tanner wasn't notified till this morning that he won't be here today. Unless you have telepathy, I don't buy it. Why? Are you interested in Aralyn?" He kept his voice low, "Don't be stupid, even if she wasn't a two faced bitch, I wouldn't be able to stand knowing what all those guys are thinking about doing to her. They're messed up." Either way, if Sylus shouldered that blame if something happened to her. "Why do I care? Fuck her if you want, just protect her." He couldn't believe Sylus treated him like some moron that grew up in a different place than he was. They've been trained to not fall for traps like that.

Ara came downstairs and she was glad to sit with Sylus at least, wanting to hold his hand. She tried to sneak her hand but she spotted Mike glancing back in the review mirror, and stopped herself. She argued with Alister, and had it with him. She didn't want to help. They arrived, and she stepped out. She looked back seeing Sylus speaking to Mike, about what?

MIke shoved Sy's shoulder "The responsibility will still fall on me. Watch her and don't let her get hurt lover boy." He figured he must have liked Ara, he knew plenty guys who would fall to her feet and chop of heads if she asked. He figured Sylus was just another one of them.

[b "What are you guys talking about?" ]Ara took a step back.
"Nothing." Mike replied "I do have a question though, did you two get close during the trip?"
[b "No, why?" ] Ara said it with a straight face. [b "We're just friends. Like we are." ]
Mike scoffed "We're not friends."
[b "Sure we are," ] She smiled [b "I'd protect you, and you'd protect me. We're friends Mike. I know that you don't like me, I'm not blind but, believe it or not. I take orders like you do too, and I get hurt if I don't follow." ]
Well, he didn't know that, but he didn't think he believed her.
"Ara, hurry up," Alister called.
G reat. Ara followed Alister into some store. She didn't think he had any idea where he was going. She went in there anyway and he was looking through rings and trying to match the picture. He kept bugging her to help, but she couldn't. She felt upset, looking at those rings, and remembering Sy said he would marry if he could.

"Please help out, you have a great style. What ring do you think she would like?" He asked. Her throat locked up and the sadness showed through.
"Don't look so sad... You can still see me after I get married" He frowned
[b "I don't care if I see you, I hope I don't." ] She stated.
"Okay... Can you still help me then?" He rolled his eyes.
[b "Why should I?" ] She tilted her head.
"Because your my sister and I would think you would know what she would like. I was hoping you could be a big part of it."
[b "I don't want to be."] She held her breath.

"Why do you hate me so much?" He narrowed his eyes and grabbed her arm.
She faced him and glared [b "I hate you because your blind to everything, and get to have everything I can't. Happy? Let go of me, I can't do this right now. Go do something else, until I can think. Then I'll try to help." ] He looked back at her, so confused. He didn't get it, but when he tried to hug her, she shrugged him off and walked off further into the mall. She saw Sylus following and she felt like crying, but was holding herself together. Once they were a good distance, she held his hand tightly.
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He felt as if the world had completely changed around him and he couldn't be with Ara like he was normally. Could he ever get a chance to spend time with her again? He wasn't sure, but he was definitely going to try. No matter what it took, he'd try and stay with her.

The next morning, he was woken up and sent on a mission. He was briefed that he was supposed to be a guard for someone important, but he wasn't expecting it to be Ara. Sylus followed the guards and was taken to a large mansion. His eyes looked over everything and wondered who was he protecting today. Clearly they were rich. His amber eyes looked around and was led into the house.

IT was huge! He only stood in the living room and it was larger than the facilities cafeteria! He was mind boggled by the fact that people could own this much. While he on the other hand, had nothing to his name. He was led to see who he was guarding and when he saw Ara, he smiled, his heart pounding, his hands wanting to hold her close, but he managed to stop himself. If her guard found would be over.

He was really happy, so when he was waiting downstairs for them to change, he saw her brother. He didn't know much about Ara's family, but he was too focused on the fact that he got to watch her that he forgot she had a large house and that she was important.

He ignored her brother mostly because he was trying to figure out how he could get Ara alone. Mike spoke to him and he sighed, not wanting to watch her brother. Maybe he'd try for an exchange? [b "Really? Tanner told me that he wanted me to watch Ara since I did a great job on our last mission. I'll make sure she's safe so that if anything happens to her, you'll be off the hook and he'll kill me?"] he suggested, wondering if he'd buy it.

WHen they were all ready to leave, he sat in the back seat with Ara, seeing her fancy car. He wanted to lean in and kiss her, but he knew Mike and her brother were there. He just glanced over and smiled a little, hearing the banter going on with her and her brother.

So this is what she meant by not liking her brother. He kept silent the whole way, but when they arrived at the shopping district, he looked over at Mike and wondered if he'd let him watch Ara. [b "So what'll it be? Do you want to shoulder the responsibility if something happens to her?"] he asked, his amber eyes serious. He knew that he was perfectly capable of guarding Ara. Not to mention the fact that this was a dangerous mission. He only trusted himself to keep her safe.
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She felt out of place being back. It felt as if a lot of changed from the trip they did, and a lot did change. She really got to experience what it was like to be with Sylus. She held onto him, loving to be held by him and hearing his voice so close by. Why didn't she just stay? Why couldn't she stay there longer with him... [b "I wish we could be close all the time." ] She whispered and saw him frown when she mentioned second bodyguard. It wasn't like she could lie about it, because she had him following around, so he would put two and two together. She kissed him once more, before releasing his hand and leaving.

Ara was filled with glee the second she heard Sylus was coming, forgetting the fact he'd see where her supposed 'family' lived, or meeting her 'brother' that she didn't even consider a sibling, or the fact that Tanner wasn't with her. She got dressed, at least and went down stairs and saw Sylus. Alister came in looking tired, hair a bit of a mess. The only thing he had was good physical genes. "Who are all of you?" He ruffled his hair.

Ara was holding herself back not to full on go and hug him tightly. She tried to stay in spot, and just use her voice. [b "It's good to see you." ] She smiled, feeling sparks of happiness, even if she hated him calling that being in the house her 'brother.'

"Okay, get ready, the two of you," Mike announced. Alister frowned [b "Isn't it to early man?" ]
"What time do you sleep to? 9?" He scoffed, "We're lucky if we get to wake up at 7, right?" MIke glanced over at Sy.
"So who are you?" Alister asked.
"Your security for the day, get going."
Alister scoffed "I thought you were both Ara's boyfriends." ] And went off.
Ara rolled her eyes and head upstairs to fix up her hair in loose curls, pick a pair of sandals, did a bit of her makeup. Then it hit her. Sylus saw the house. He saw her 'brother'. He would think that she was really different from him, and she was in a way but, she didn't want him to see that. She always felt like she belonged more with the people at the facility. Then Tanner, what if something happened to Tanner? She pulled out her phone and messaged him 'please stay safe.'

Mike leaned into Sylus "Tanner instructed that we don't let Alister or Ara know they're in a threatening position, because there's a group of people that are willing to do anything to either kill or kidnap them. He said if something happened specifically to Ara, that he'll personally kill me, so I'll watch Ara, and you can keep an eye on Alister. Cool?" ]

Alister came down and looked at the two "What were you talking about? Oh and...why do we need this much security? Nothing ever happens in this city."
Ara came downstairs and grabbed the car keys and heard Alister and wanted to ignore his existence being here completely. She put the key's in Mike hand [b "Drive please, I'll sit in the back with Sylus." ]

They took the four seater black lambo. Ara glanced back at Sy once she sat down, hoping she could sneak in some time with him, alone. Alister passed his phone to her "My girlfriend send a few pictures of the rings she liked if I ever were to ask her to get married, can you take a look at them." Ara's jaw tightened. She hated this. It wasn't fair. She took his phone but didn't plan on actually helping him. Then she saw the rings and couldn't believe it. [b "Alister, does your girlfriend come from money?" ]

"No, why does that matter?" He scoffed "You'd think I'd only be with a rich girl?"
[b "Your girlfriend is a gold digger then." ] She stated and tossed his phone back, [b "Those rings are the price of celebrity rings. She's going to take the ring, and sell it." ]
"What the hell do you know?" He raised his voice, "You're never around. If you met her, you'd like her."

[b "I doubt it considering I'm not even fond of you." ]
"Yea? Because I'm not a spoiled ungrateful brat like you?"
She hated that he had to say things like that in front of Sylus [b "Because, I'm not spoiled delirious and blind. You don't work for the money you have, I do." ] She stated and he was about to open his mouth to fight her back on that, but it was true, he didn't work. He had been sick most of his life. He finally was able to build his body back up, even stronger with the treatment he got.
They arrived at the location Alister provided.
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After being able to spend so much time together in London, it just felt wrong not going to sleep beside each other, not holding hands like a normal couple, or even just being able to have lunch together and hold hands. It was sad, but he didn't know what else he could do to make it better. He tried his best to be happy when she was around, but in truth, he was sad she always had to go and give others attention.

WHen she came to his room, he smiled and hugged her close, missing her so much. Sylus wanted her with him, to stay beside him as he slept. He missed everything about her. [b "I can't either. Everyday, all I think about is you Ara"] he kept her close and when she mentioned another guard, he frowned, thinking that it was over. She didn't need more than two guards did she?

He at least was glad that she could see him right now. But when she had to go, he met her lips once more, savoring that taste, her warmth, and her scent. He didn't want her to go, but as the door closed, he waved and ended up sighing again. It was too short of a meeting.

In the morning, he was woken up by one of the security guards. Sylus stood up and quickly got changed. He knew he would be watching some high personnel, but who would that be?

They drove him to someone's home and when he stepped out, he was briefed on the situation. He was supposed to tag along and protect two people, but when he was led to meet up with Mike, he saw Ara and a bright smile fell on his face. [i No way!] he thought and tried to keep his composure calm. [b "Hello Ara. I'll be escorting you and your brother today"] he told her, glancing at Mike and then thinking about how he wanted to hug her and give her a kiss.

This was just about the best day ever. Sylus waited with Mike downstairs as the two got ready. He wondered if he could get some alone time with Ara. Maybe split up with her and have Mike watch her brother. He grew excited and then looked around the house. Was this where Ara lived? She really was rich.
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She hated being a part like this when she got a taste of what it was like to be close to each other everyday. The second they were alone and she saw him, she went to kiss him and put her arms around him. It felt good to be kissed by him, and being held by him. She met his eyes, missing little things like he he caressed her cheek or how he smiled. [b "Me too... I keep thinking about you. I actually get get you out of my head." ] Everything reminded her of Sylus. She managed to lightly smile back at him, feeling him try to wipe her tears away.

[b "Yea, at least I get a little bit time with you." ] She didn't want to let go of him until she really had to. Did Sy have a chance? She didn't know what was on her father's head, and if she mentioned having Sy as a bodyguard well...he'd get suspicious. Maybe Tanner, or maybe someone else. [b "No." ] She shook her head, [b "It doesn't mean you have a chance. I heard him say that he was going to be my bodyguard until he was sold. So, I'm assuming he won't stay. ]

She heard the noise in the halls, the talking, footsteps. It was about time she had to sneak out and go. She kissed Sylus softly back, wanting it to linger for just a bit longer. She held onto him and loved being pulled in, held, hearing his voice... This wasn't right. [b "I know." ] She leaned in once more and gave him one more kiss while staring into his beautiful eyes. [b "Stay safe," ] She said, before Tanner came in and helped her out unseen.

She went home that night and ignored Alister as usual, and head straight to bed. She couldn't help but keep missing sleeping next to Sylus. It really did feel like a dream. Who was she kidding? She stared up at the ceiling, moonlight streaming in from her balcony. In a world where the facility existed, it was impossible, and if it weren't for the facility than she would have probably never met him. [i I'm doomed to be alone. ] Doomed to have people she wanted to be with, die young. But, she couldn't help but still keep fighting.

In the morning, she removed the splint and could use her wrist more freely, but it still had some kinks. Yet, she knew that she shouldn't have healed so quickly. Not strong like them, didn't have fast reactions like them, same speed, or stamina, but at least there was healing. She got up, stepped out and found it strange that Tanner hadn't woken her up. Where did he go?

She went back into her room, checked her phone.
'I took Tanner as my security detail today. I've appointed a replacement for the day, he will return at the facility once Tanner and I resume by the end of the day.' - Dad. Great. She didn't have Tanner either. She heard the door knock and it was Mike, her bodyguard to be sold soon.

"You're finally up." He stated, looking annoyed. "Your father told me to take you an Alister shopping. Oh and, uh, that Sylus guy should arrive soon, he was assigned for the day. Something about him replacing Tanner and that Tanner recommended him." ]

Ara's eyes lit up [b "Really!?" ] She shouted by accident.
Mike narrowed his eyes "Jeez, you sound so excited, like you love the guy."
Right. She locked it but she was super excited. She got dressed, wore a high-waist teal skirt and a white t-shirt. She only heard 'Sylus' and forget everything else.

In the morning, security came to his room and asked for him, explained that he needed to watch high personal and would drive him to the house.
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He couldn't believe it. One day he was spending every minute with Ara and the next, he could only sit beside her for like five minutes a day. It was really upsetting and he didn't like it one bit, but what else could he do? Until they could promote him, there wasn't a single thing he could do at that moment. He held her note and didn't understand why she wanted him to go to bed early, but he guessed there must have been a reason.

Sylus would watch her hugging so many different guys and he just wasn't used to it. He finished dinner and went for a swim, but was surrounded by those guys that harmed Ara. He wasn't in the mood, so he just passed them, knowing that he could keep his ranking as long as he worked hard.

So by the time he got to his room and laid back, he heard knock on the door. He walked over and was met with Ara's warm arms, feeling her warm lips against his as he kissed her back softly. He missed those lips so much and holding her felt so right. [b "I missed you too"] he caressed her cheek and smiled, kissing her again, but when she said they didn't have much time, he knew and understood. [b "I'm okay. I just miss you all the time"] he felt happy to see her, but his chest ache, wanting more time like this. [b "I'm okay. How are you feeling? Is your hand okay?"] he asked, seeing tears fall from her eyes.

He hugged her and tried to wipe them away. [b "I know how you feel. I'm upset we cant be like how we used to, but at least I have you here and now"] he spoke, but heard she had a new guard. [b "Ara....does that mean I don't have a chance anymore? The position is filled?"] he asked, wondering why she had a new guard.

But when he heard the footsteps, he frowned and then he kissed her lips once more, pulling her close. [b "I want to see you more often"] he let her go and just let out a deep sigh. He wanted to talk to her more, to learn about the things that happened and who this new guard was. Who was trying to protect Ara with their life when it should be him?

Sylus just watched her leave and then the guys came in. He laid back against his bed, just thinking about how little time they really had together. Could she really go on another mission with him? How long would that take? Did they even successfully complete their mission? IF they did, shouldn't him and Clyde get a rank up? Sylus just tried to fall asleep, but he kept thinking of how he could just graduate and become her guard. It was getting hard just going through the day without seeing Ara.
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It ached, seeing everything go so perfectly for Alistair, and she couldn't even date Sylus or be a normal girl. It wasn't right. She went quickly to Sy at lunch, and gave him that piece of paper, not wanting to put more in case it was caught. She went on to sitting somewhere else, and talking to a few other guys. THey'd say some silly things and it made her cheer up a bit. She forgot just how many friends she really had. She knew they cared about her, and that was comfort it itself. But, they weren't Sy. She gave one of the guys a hug and told them to take it easy since they were really injured. She eventually got up, and went off to the girls. She watched them fight, trying to learn just by watching until her wrist would really heal. That new bodyguard, he was gawking at them.

Ara glanced at Tanner and used her finger to indicate to come closer and then she whispered [b "I can ask one of the girls to distract him. Then I can sneak in to Sy's room." ] She hadn't figured it all yet until now. She just knew she wanted to do it. He smiled back at her "I don't think you'll have to ask. It's getting close, we can leave soon." Tanner mentioned. She smiled and nodded. She let some time pass by, and while her new bodyguard was so distracted by the others, her and Tanner quietly slipped away.

Then Tanner distracted one of the security to let Ara get buy, letting security to a different hall. Ara went into the hall where Sylus' room was and knocked gently until he opened. She instantly went in, closed the door behind her, quickly made sure that no one else was in the room and then wrapped her arms around him and kissed him softly on the lips. Oh, she missed kissing him. [b "I missed you so much." ] She met his beautiful amber eyes, there was pain in her voice. [b "We don't have much time, the other boys will come soon. But, we can try to talk fast right? How was your day? Are you okay? Did you get hurt?" ] She felt the ache in her chest spread. This wasn't fair. This wasn't fair. Sy was supposed to be her bodyguard, and Alister wasn't supposed to get married, be blind to everything while she suffered and worried about anyone she loved being murdered or having to kill them for mercy. While she was lost in these thoughts, she end up going full on tears. She was so mad about everything.

[b "Why can't I have anything..." ] She whispered and wiped off her tears, [b "I'm sorry, I'm supposed to be happy around you because I barely get to see you. And, I'm going to have to be at the facility less now, and with a new bodyguard it's even harder. But, I promise that I'll do my best to see you and try to get a mission with you." ] She felt afraid, that he would leave too if she wasn't around. She didn't think she could handle anything else. She heard the boys in the hallway. That fast?
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He didn't like how much distance there was between them now. In London, he really loved being able to spend his nights with her, curl up in bed beside her, just sit on the couch and watch a movie, but now he had nothing. He wanted to kiss here, but he knew that he would probably be killed if that happened. He was just supposed to treat Ara like how he always treated her.

He heard that they couldn't meet up and he was really disappointed. When was he going to get a chance to spend time with her. Sylus found himself talking with Clyde that night in bed, just feeling so lonely and sad. He didn't know what it was for Clyde, but he felt that longing to see Ara and to hold her in his arms again.

That night, Sylus just went to sleep, hoping that maybe he'd get a chance with Ara tomorrow. After morning jogging and then training, Sylus was in the cafeteria for lunch, seeing Ara come over. He smiled and wanted to say something, but when she upped and left, he frowned. He looked at the paper and then he sighed, putting it in his pocket. Why was he supposed to go to bed early? Then he couldn't see her?

He finished eating and just felt down the rest of the day. He went to the pool to swim for a while, clear his head and then right after, the guys did some sparring. There was a lot of talk about how the guy that hurt Ara had become the new number one, but Sylus was back. They were telling him that he had to re earn his title again.

Sylus was more determined than ever to be ARa's guard. Especially after seeing all that he could do for her, he felt he needed to be her guard. He kept his place at number one, but a lot of the guys that were on top weren't happy. They came to the pool, seeing Sy swimming and when he noticed them, he stepped outside of the pool. [b "What do you want?"] he asked and the taller man that hurt Ara's wrist stepped forward.

"I know you used to be on top, but not anymore. My crew and I are number one now" he told Sy, shoving him into the water. Sy swam up and stepped out, wrapping a towel around his neck. [b "You can only be number one if you can beat me"] he walked past them and headed back his room, sighing softly. He couldn't believe that there was a new hierarchy here. He looked at Ara's note again and just laid back in bed for a while. Why did he have to sleep early? He didn't get what was going on.
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Being apart was hard, but when he was right in front of her, she nearly kissed him when she leaned in. That was a death sentence if the wrong people saw. She couldn't believe she nearly do something so stupid. She just wanted to see him, be with him, wanted time with Sy. She forgot just how busy things could get here, why it was so difficult to sneak out, to get any time alone. She turned and left. She head 'home' afternoon, not wanting to but felt that was the only way for in order things to change. It made her tremble thinking about being hurt further for just being kind enough to get them something that actually tasted good.

Tanner drove her, and she kept looking back, thinking SY was in there and she was felt afraid not being close, because it was always a risk being there. [i He can take care of himself. ] They arrived at the modern mansion, two entrances that requires security clearance, a pool at the front. They parked the car in and she stepped out and saw her brother, talking to some other guy, laughing about something while they went in. She despised him.

She walked with Tanner forward and her brother did a double take. "Hey, " He smiled, "THere's my little sis." Alister had the same blue eyes as her, but his hair was darker and he was more paler. He looked...different, not scrawny and sick. [b "Don't call me that." ] She didn't meet eye contact with him and walked right past him.

"[i That ] is your little sister?" The guy asked Alister. "She's gorgeous."
Ara glanced back for a moment at the other guy [b "Who are you?" ]
"A friend," He smiled back at her, "My name is-"

[b "-I don't care. You shouldn't be here." ] She interrupted and walked inside. Of course he could have a normal life, of course he could be oblivious to everything, get everything, while she had to deal with a living nightmare. She managed to find her father in the house and she went to talk to him in his office. She kept her temper cool this time, but stated what she waned control over. She had to make some sacrifices, like having to be here every night, not spending too much time in the facility and going out with Alister. They were all odd requests because he's never been a 'family' person, not since then... There had to be a reason for it. He couldn't just up and start changing his mind. Something was up.

"Allister met a girl, he said he was serious and wants to marry that girl for some reason. He asked me, to ask you for his help," He added.
What? SHe stared at him long and hard. It made her so furious. So much for holding her temper. How could that prick get everything? [b "What am I? A servant?" ] Ara narrowed her eyes.
"He only wants help Ara, your siblings."
[b "I'm not helping him. I'm not going to watch him have everything." ] She hated him, hated him so damn bunch, both of them.
"What do you mean? You have everything you could want too." He raised a brow "I told you, you could stay and continue school."
[b "I have nothing, and I'm not doing it." ]

"You will, or I won't give you control." He said. She end up agreeing but she hated it. She went into her room. Tanner left her alone, and she tried to get some sleep for the night. She woke up early, but she was stopped before she left. Her dad added a new bodyguard for her until he was sold off. That didn't sound good. When she got at the facility, she met the guy, he was friends with that guy that pratically broke her wrist-just great.

She went at the guy's caf. Tanner managed to distract her new bodyguard in the caf, while she went to Sylus, [b "Hey, how is it going? I don't have much time, I hope your doing okay." ] She then slipped a note in his hand underneath the table that read 'go to bed early.' Then she got up and went to talk to few others, because she wanted to check up on them and give them a few things, plus she didn't the new bodyguard to pick up how close she was to Sy.
  Ravenity / 12d 8h 59m 52s
He really wanted to just spend his time with Ara and even Sylus has imagined being married to her already. If only they could. He'd be all dressed up, proposing with a ring after such a nice day. It sounded like a dream but a dream that felt too real in London. He couldn't protect Ara the way he wanted to int he facility. IT was all Tanner's job and if people suspected him, he could get in trouble. HE left the playing field hoping she was okay.

It was the first time that he couldn't be at her side when she got hurt. HE couldn't even worry about her or see how she was doing. It wasn't even his place to go visit. That night, he was rolling in bed and thinking about what Tanner said. She was in a lot of pain....what could he do to help her?

He held Ara's hand at lunch, but when he noticed someone looking at him, he quickly came up with an excuse and then they all agreed. Luke laughed and talked about he missed looking after those two, but when Ara had to be pulled away, Sylus let go of her hand and sighed softly.

He was going to leave, but when Ara came back, he listened to her and frowned and just nodded. He wanted to kiss her too, but if he broke now, they'd be in so much trouble. He watched her leave and then he headed back to his room for the night. Sylus just laid back against his bed, so disappointed. WHen was he going to get a chance to be alone with her? Would he have to ask her everyday only to be disappointed? Either way, he hoped that her meeting with her father wasn't too bad.

CLyde peeked over the bunk and looked at Sy "It must be hard on you seeing her, but unable to do what you want" he spoke and Sy just sighed. [b "Yeah, but I can't really do anything now. I just have to be number one so I can be her guard"] he told him and Clyde ended up smiling. "There you go. But if you need help or anything Sy, just ask. I can at least cause a distraction for you" he spoke as the two began falling asleep.
  ellocalypse / 12d 10h 3m 32s
Something like that seemed impossible.She was more than happy just to be with him, but she really could dream about being married to Sylus one day. She felt like it would be possible with him. Ara got injured and got drugged up to the point she couldn't really stay awake, falling straight to sleep. Tanner went over to Sylus to at least keep him updated.

[b "It was my responsibility, not yours. Yea, no problem. I think she'll be fine, but she was in a lot of pain. That bastard is going to pay for it." ] Tanner watched Sylus go off after, and would return to keep watch of Ara, before heading off to bed himself.

Ara came over for lunch, and saw him trying to smile. She felt bad she couldn't meet up with him yesterday. If she didn't get injured and was more careful to notice, than maybe she could have stopped it from happening. [b "Ah...yea. I took pain meds, and they made me really dizzy and out of place for a bit, which is a first for me." ] She noticed Sylus' reaching for her hand underneath the table, she she happily took his and squeezed his hand. She was glad, to at least be able to do this, feel just a bit normal by holding hands.

Ara listened carefully to Sy, and nodded [b "I'll try." ] Then the looks. She forgot how they would never really be alone. Ara giggled when they all looked so happy about getting cupcakes. It made her feel good that she could do something as small as that and still make the day just a bit better. [b "That's right, I hope you liked it. So, Luke, how was your mission? Did you miss Sy and Clyde?" ] She asked. Tanner came over and leaned in to whisper her. Well shit.

[b "I'm sorry guys, I have to go, but enjoy your lunch." ] She got up and followed Tanner and met up with one of the guards. "They told me, that you're in a lot of trouble for giving the cups cupcakes. You need to go meet someone in Room B102. Under the record, I think it was great what you did."

Ara managed a smile [b "Thanks..." ] She knew what was in that room and knew there was no way she was going there. After that mission, she built up this new confidence and she wasn't about to let herself be pushed around anymore. She pulled out her phone and dialed her dad [b "If you ever want to see my face ever again, you're never going to punish me for something as stupid and small as giving them cupcakes, understood?" ]

"You're only supposed to call this phone for emergencies. It's about discipline, you need it." He added.
She moved farther into the hallway and kept her voice low [b "I am not one of your lab rats, I am your daughter. You don't physically torture you son, so why me?" ]
"Is that all?"
[b "No. I'm done being controlled. I'm doing things my way, and if you try to stick someone to physically or mentally harm me, I will turn all these boys and girls against them and you'll have a mess and money lost. Because let's face it, there's more of them than security. You know I could do it." ]
"They would be killed."
[b "I don't care, I'm not being controlled anymore." ] She did care, but she felt she had to bluff.

"Fine. Do what you want with those guinea pigs. You're finally starting to talk like your my daughter. But cause too much of a problem and Tanner will be killed first. Come home tonight, there's a lot we need to discuss," He stated and hung up. She felt sick even just saying those things. She looked at Tanner and felt the fear come in. She would rather die then let them kill Tanner.

Ara went back into the cafeteria and saw the guys getting ready to leave. SHe went to Sy quickly and spoke quietly, [b "I can't see you tonight, I have to meet up with my father. I'm sorry Sy, " She leaned in, almost going for a kiss but backing up, realizing what she almost did and knew it would be over if she did. She backed up and went away. Maybe, it was better she didn't see him often during the day unless they were alone... It was hard to hold herself back.
  Ravenity / 12d 15h 24m 24s
He told her how much he wanted to be with her, but there was no way he could marry her right now. They could have back in London, but time just flew by. He gave her a promise and as long as they held onto that, maybe they could one day. He saw her cheeks turn red and when she said it in return, it made his heart warm up. He wanted it so bad just to be with her.

That daydream had to stop though and they had to focus on the game. Sylus kept the guys away from the flag, but after Ara was hurt, he didn't care about it anymore. He was shot in the back and made sure that she was taken care of. He wished it was him taking care of her, not Tanner. Sylus ended up playing some more and him and Clyde led their team to victory the second shot.

After the games and training, they guys all showered and headed to the cafeteria for dinner. Sylus was sitting with Clyde at the table. They reunited with Luke and talked about their missions together. He did a great job of taking down a drug lord in Mexico. They were still the same guys once they came back to the facility though.

Sylus looked around for Ara, but he didn't see her. Was she okay? He ate the cupcake they were given and knew they must have been from her. When Tanner came over, he followed him to the hallway, hearing about her condition. [b "I should have noticed it too. Thanks for looking after her Tan. It sucks....but as long as Ara's okay, I will be too"] he shrugged and then he went into his room for the night, turning onto his side and feeling the emptiness.

In the morning, he dressed and did morning duty, then sat at the cafeteria, eating slowly and just letting out some sighs. He felt so lonely. Clyde patted him on the back and smiled, trying to cheer him up. He looked over when Ara came and he smiled weakly. [b "It's okay. You must have been tired yesterday"]. He saw her hand and then he frowned, reaching beneath the table to hold her other hand in his.

He finished eating and then he whispered [b "Can I meet you today somehow?"] he asked, a guy looking at him. "What did you ask her?" he looked at Sy and he smirked [b "If she could get us cupcakes again"] he spoke and then guys all nodded and agreed, thanking her.
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