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[b “Yes I am.” ] She giggled. She’d cup his cheeks when he grinned at her. Shel oved how his eyes were glued to her too. It felt good to be so in love with him and have him feel the same. They even matched. She was glad to see him so happy and she continued to want to make him this happy.

Ara tilted her head [b “Hmm…I suppose so. Klara did help me look for places.” ] But she was glad that even Klara was enjoying it.
Klara shrugged, “I can’t help that I like a lot of the same things.”
The courses came in, they chatted a bit and ate. She enjoyed the meal and even more so the desserts. She even noticed Sylus looking at her chest. She just pressed her chest into his arm and saw him blush. She thought it was cute, and would kiss his cheek. She gave him her gift. She hoped that he enjoyed it. Ara nodded [b “Mmm, I did. We’ll be spending a lot of time here, so I thought it would be nice for you to have your own computer too.” ] She’d kiss him back.

Klara gave him knifes, card and a book about being a dad since she figured he didn’t know much-and neither did she. She didn’t even know if it was the right book.

Ara had linked her arm with his, leaning into his shoulder. She felt so good being next to him and seeing him so happy. She could tell he liked what she wrote. She was excited to have Sylus spend time with her and Arlus. The photo album had some missing photos near the end, but they were still labeled. One of them was ‘Arlus first day with his dad’ and such.

Ara nodded, [b “Of course there is.” ] She had different plans and she wanted to follow whichever Sylus wanted to go for. Ara’s lips went to his ear and she whispered to him. She remembered Sylus enjoying it last time and…since it went well and it didn’t change their relationship, she felt confident with him. Sylus kissed her cheek. She gently smiled. “As long as you like darling. This night is about you. Also, we’re staying here tomorrow too. Klara has to go though.” She watched Sylus look over at Klara who was looking back at them curious at what they were saying.
She’d lightly smile, and understood what they meant, “I’d love to.”

Ara paid for the meal. They took the elevator to a suite that was only a few floors below. She had the key card in her small bag. Ara swiped it and the door clicked open. The lights were off. Low calming music played in the background and the entire room had a light smell of roses. There was the sound of streaming water too. Ara slowly dimmed the lights on-but not fully.

There was a large bed in the center, wooden floors, a sofa at the end of the bed, facing a large tv screen. Facing the windows was a filled bathtub that had rose petals around. The bed itself had rose petals, and there were candles at the sides. There was a long small table at the side that had different types of chocolate in different forms and even chocolate fondue. She wanted this night extra romantic and hot. She wanted to slowly make love to him today and she wouldn’t mind if Klara helped her.

Ara took hold of his hand and looked up into his eyes, [b “What do you think darling?” ] Ara asked softly. Klara saw the room before since she helped set it up while him and Ara was getting a massage. “We got the pricy yummy chocolate. I snuck a taste, I approve.”

[b “Oh but first!” ]Ara remembered. She’d go into the mini fridge and take out a small cake she baked yesterday. It was chocolate obviously. There were three candles. “Happy birthday,” Ara said with a smile, “Make your wish darling.”

[ Kind of like this room]
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He called her his wife because she practically was and even though there wasn't someone who could wed them, he knew she felt the same way. He told her how sweet she was and saw that she looked a him with odd eyes [b "I....I don't know....that's just what I feel"] he admitted to her and then they headed to the spa.

After they got dressed upstairs for dinner, Sylus was in a nice red longsleeve to match ARa's sexy dress. He saw her and hugged his arms around her because she looked so stunning [b "Yes you are the prettiest"] he grinned and then he would hold her hand and walk alongside Klara as they made it to the top floor of the building.

The view was amazing and he felt so lucky he could have a birthday like this. [b "You do know a lot of nice places. It feels like it's Klara's birthday too"] he chuckled and then he sat down and picked out what he wanted to eat. HE ate a few courses that they brought and then he slowed down once dessert came. He would look over how pretty ARa looked and his eyes went to her breasts. HE chuckled a bit when she caught him. She pressed her chest and Sylus would turn a bit red. He then met her eyes and saw her take out a box.

Sylus looked at the gift wrap and he held it, opening it up. He had a huge smile on his face, reading the messages she wrote him and then seeing the dolphin. [b "You know me so well Love"] he chuckled, reading the card and then chuckling a bit. [b "Aww, you got me a computer? I can't wait to see it"] he leaned in and pressed his lips against hers. [b "I love it"] he smiled and then he saw KLara's gift.

He saw the knife set and then read the card. [b "Oooh, I really need this. Thanks Klar! I'll make you some great food with this"] he said happily as he finished up his dessert. HE set his gifts away and then he nodded [b "I love them. You two are the best"] he smiled, looking back at her. [b "There's more?"] he wondered what else. He felt pretty emotional from the card and the sentimental messages. It reminded him of why he loved Ara so much.

When she mentioned Klara, he would look over at her and he has been feeling bad about not including her all the time when it was him and Ara. [b "Sure. We can bring Ara for one part"] he kissed her cheek and then he glanced over [b "Klar, do you want to join us upstairs? For a bit?"] he asked, wondering if she got the hint.

After Ara paid for their meal, he would get up and let them lead the way to the room. He set his gifts down and then Klara shutting the door. He looked around and the lights were dim. [b "What's going on?"]
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She couldn’t get enough of him calling her his wife. She was still blushing madly because she still felt a bit embarrassed. It was just odd for him to talk about it so casually. [b “Thanks…it’s just odd to me.” ] She was glad Sylus was doing this with her. She knew her insecurities would get bad if he wasn’t here to boost her up.

They had an amazing time at the spa. They went into the room that she got for Klara. She would change into her outfit and then admired how he stood when she saw him. She’d wrap her arms around him and kissed his lips, “You look amazing too. But I’m the prettiest right?” She locked her eyes with his for a moment. She was glad he was having such a good time.
Klara would smile and say, “Thanks.”

They went up to the restaurant and took a seat together. She sat right next to Sylus. She’d kiss him back when he came leaning in. She’d hold his hand for a moment. “You’re welcome”
Klara laughed, “I just told her we had to have a nice dinner. She found this place herself.”
Ara rolled her eyes playfully, [b “You guys need to give me some credit. I know a lot of nice places.” ] She let them choose what to order. They ate and as usual, the two were ahead of her. She ate more then she usually did lately, but not by that much. Sylus wrapped his arm around her and even fed her. She took the bites and did the same with him. She snuggled into his arm for a few seconds. She’d kiss his lips, admiring how he looked. She saw his eyes dropping. She’d look down herself wondering if there was…he was looking at her chest. Ara giggled and would press her chest against his arm for a short while.

Ara would take out a box that was gift wrapped. She let him open it up. It was photo album of them, with written messages about what they were doing and sweet comments, and a card with a dolphin at the cover. ‘Happy 23rd birthday darling! I hope to make this birthday special too. You’re the love of my life and soon you’ll get our baby’s love too. I can’t wait to spend all your birthdays with you. You deserve the best my love and hope. Btw. I got you a computer too. :) & I’ll take you shopping for kitchen stuff.’

She’d kiss his cheek. “And now it’s Klara’s gift.” Klara would hand it over him a kitchen knife set that was in a box that came with a kit to make it sharper, a book for new dads and a card.

Ara was finishing her dessert too. It was reaching the end of the night. She had got someone to get their room set up. She hoped that Sylus liked it. Ara would hold his hand, “Do you like your gifts? Because there is one more…that’s upstairs.” She smiled. She then leaned into his ear and whispered, “Would you like Klara to come up with us for one part of the night? If you know what I mean.” She asked.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 14d 23h 50m 39s
He knew her body was changing, but at the same time, he wasn't surprised by it. They were taught anatomy at school and when a woman was supposed to bear a child, there were changes. He smiled and told he she was just as sweet, but he could tell she was surprised by how casual he was. [b "Because you're my wife and no matter what changes you go through, I'll be here"] he assured her before holding her hand leading her out.

After they got facials and relaxed in the spa, Sylus met Ara's blue eyes, seeing that she was thinking about something. [b "Oooh, dinner? You've had this whole day planned for me Love. I'm so lucky"] he said proudly as he followed her up to the room she booked. He saw Klara and then he smiled [b "I don't know, I'm clueless"] he chuckled, soon getting ready. He wore a button up collared longsleeve red shirt. It was more of a darker red as he put on some black pants, a black bowtie and some shoes. He looked in the mirror [b "Wow, Ara's options are great!"] he smiled and then he fixed up his hair and met them in the living room.

He saw the girls and smiled [b "Oh wow, you two look amazing"] he hugged Ara and then he walked with the two pretty ladies to the highest floor.

Sylus was stunned as he saw the view from the restaurant. It looked so fancy and expensive....he didn't know a place like this existed. [b "Wow Ara, this place is amazing"] he smiled, taking a look at the view as he ignored the stares from others. HE overheard people talking about him being with two beautiful ladies and then he leaned in to give ARa a kiss on the lips. [b "Thank you for bringing me here Love"] he glanced over at Klara [b "Did you give her this idea?"] he chuckled, soon looking through the menu.

AFter they decided on the meals, Sylus chose the set course they had. There were four options, but he got the one with soup, salad, seafood pasta, and a dessert. THe first few courses started coming in and he was taking a bite of everything he could touch with his fork. He licked his lips, saw Klara finishing it up in record time.

After the dessert came in, Sylus would wrap his arm around Ara, having fed her a few of his dishes, his eyes glancing at her chest, still thinking about how amazing the massage was. He couldn't wait until she took him home.

[b "So what do I get? Can I get a hint or will it be a surprise?"] he asked, taking a bite of the souffle cheesecake served before him.
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Warmth through her body didn’t wither way so easily. ‘Sweet. Like you are’ Ara quickly wrapped the towel around her body to conceal herself. Her fair skin was red, at least her cheeks were. [b “How can you be so casual about it…” ] Ara whispered, fixing herself up.

Ara unlocked the door and walked with him out. They got a facial. It was really relaxing for her too. They even went into the sauna. She’d spend time talking to him and relaxing. They’d walk out of the sauna and she would look for the time. It was about time for dinner. She would meet Sylus eyes. She didn’t exactly want to bring him into the room yet…but at the same time, she knew they would have to get dressed.

She pouted to herself, but also remembered the room she got for Klara. [b “Darling, we need to get dressed for dinner. I booked a room so we could comfortably change. Follow? Klara should meet us up there.” ] Ara said. She’d direct him up to twelve floor, and into the room. Klara was there, on her phone. She looked back, “Hey, you guys ready for dinner?”
[b “We just need to get ready,” ] Ara reminded. Ara would point at the bag on the bed [b “Sy, your clothes are there. I brought you a few options.” ] She said, allowing him to look through. She let him get changed there while she wento the bathroom to change. She wore a red dress, with straps that had wrapped passed her shoulders. The dress was long, and had a cut on the right leg. She wore something special underneath too. Ara used red lipstick and would let her long brown wavy hair down. She would use her usual vanilla perfume too. Klara came in, and she’d help Klara too. Klara wore a dark green dress with a deep V neckline, short. She wore her necklace that she got for Christmas.

Then the girls came out. Ara instantly smiled at Sylus and hugged him knowing he looked good in anything. “Let’s go,” Ara said. They’d go into the elevator and reach to the highest floor where the restaurant was. Ara gave her name for the reservation. They got a seat by the widow with a beautiful view. They all looked gorgeous so, they got a few looks, especially since Sylus was with two pretty girls.

Ara had a bag with her. [b “We’ll eat a bit and then we’ll give you your gift.” ]
“Exaclty,” Klara said.
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He called her his wife because he wanted to keep the facade up that she told the man. It still made him feel so much warmth in his heart though because he's always wanted to be her husband. Her words made him grin [b "Mmm, I am!"] he chuckled and then he pressed his lips against her neck, feeling so happy he was being treated so nicely right now.

[b "Ooh okay, but I also want to be with you too Love"]. He knew that Ara didn't like the water too much, so he didn't want her to be having to stay by it the whole day. He would feel her warm touch on his bare chest as he watched her move down. It was so warm and sexy, he loved it when she touched him like that.

[b "I can't wait until tonight then"] he kissed her lips and then he let them change up. Sylus would follow them to the sushi bar, taking a seat and then picking out what he wanted, eating a few fresh pieces of fish and then feeding ARa some she could eat. [b "Mmm, this is delicious"] he smiled proudly, seeing Klara going plate after plate. He would laugh and then say goodbye as Klara headed off.

He held Ara's hand as they walked into the massage area. IT looked really nice, the ambience, the low light, and the sounds of soft music playing. Sylus undressed and wrapped a towel before going into the room. He then laid back against the massage table [b "Hmm? Oh yeah of course Love"] he closed his eyes, feeling the oil on his skin as they got massages.

His shoulders were a bit stiff, but massage was loosening his muscles. Halfway through, he felt a grip on his shoulders. IT was nice and more gentler than before [b "Mmmm"] he then felt his towel shifting a bit, but he didn't think it was too weird. She touched his ass and he furrowed his brow a bit.....was that normal? He's never really had a massage like this before, so he let it slide. Sylus kept his eyes closed and then he felt her hand move to his thighs. [b "Mm, is everything okay Ar? How's your massage?"] he wondered, thinking it'd be weird if they were also doing that to her.
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Her heart fluttered when he called her his wife. It made her feel so happy. She was glad to have Sylus help her out. She smiled a little more when he said it, [b “And you’re my husband.” ] Ara said, holding onto his hand. Ara would snuggle into his side. [b “We’ll be here all day. So you can always come back. I didn’t want to plan things strictly in case you wanted to do something else. I want you to be happy.” ] She said.

Ara would feel over his chest, enjoying the contact, and how amazingly hard his body was. It felt good to know that they were having a baby together. [b “Mmm, I love that. I’m going to give you a wonderful pleasurable night.” ] Ara said. She was pulled in and he kissed her neck. She closed her eyes, and enjoyed the sweetness of the kisses he gave her.
[b “Ah hmm… Yes, we are.” ] Ara said. She saw Klara coming over. Klara began drying herself up too. Ara would change too, but would just layer her sundress on top. Klara and Ara would lead the way to the sushi bar. Ara laughed [b “No darling, not for this. Our dinner will be much fancier though. Don’t worry, I got something for you to wear,” ] She kissed his cheek. They’d arrive to the sushi bar and take a seat. Obviously, Ara would only if it was cooked, or didn’t contain raw fish since she knew she was supposed to be careful.

She’d let them order whatever they liked. Ara would take pictures of them now and then. When they finished with there lunch, they went onto separate their ways with Klara. Or more so, Klara would go do her own thing for the spa-but first she’d put there bags in a room Ara got. Ara would walk with Sylus to the massage room she got for the two of them.

[b “I thought it be nice to have a couples massage,” ] Ara said. She was pregnant, so she already mentioned that they’d have to be more careful. [b “But we also have to undress first.” ] Ara mentioned. She planned on taking over a few minutes in and give Sylus the massage. She had a great plan. Ara would wrap the towel around herself after and then they got to lay down. [b “Darling, make sure to close your eyes throughout the whole thing, or else it won’t be that relaxing. Promise?” ] Ara said.

They’d get the massage oil and get massaged thoroughly for a while. Ara enjoyed the feeling over her back which was aching a lot lightly since her boobs were getting bigger…place they were just sore. She’d release soft sighs. Then she’d rise up, letting the two leave. She’d begin massaging Sylus shoulders. It was so hot, to see him all oiled up. She knead his back, to his neck, enjoying it more than she should. She’d even pull down his towel more, and massage his ass, but – just casually to get to his thighs. It was so nice to see his body all so shiny. She didn’t know when he’d notice but she hoped he didnt yet.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 16d 13h 3m 4s
He was tackling Klara down and she would also climb up onto his back. It was fun playing around with someone like him. HE got that with Tanner and Klara. They could do a lot of rough housing, but at the end of the day, he wanted to be mushy and warm with Ara.

He would let Klara race him a few more times and he would also swim after her, managing to catch up and then pull her towards him. THey splashed more in the water until more people started showing up. Sylus saw a few girls looking at him when he got out of the water. He'd run his fingers through his hair, letting them catch a glimpse of his tattoo, bue he headed over to help Ara.

He shoved the man back, giving him an angry glare. [b "Leave my wife alone"] he watched him leave and the others ignored him now as he sat beside Ara. He kept his arms around her waist [b "You are my wife"] he knew deep down she was. The only thing stopping them was the all the documents and reports. No one could know.

He asked her if she was watching him [b "I do want more throughout the day if that's what you have planned"] he smiled and kissed her cheek, feeling her hands over his chest. IT was sexy [b "Oooh, I'm all yours"] he was slowly getting turned on from her touch. He would pull her in, kissing her neck slowly as he nodded [b "Food sounds good? Are we going to eat here?"] he wondered, seeing Klara come over as well.

[b "Yeah I'm down for relaxing. IT sounds really good"] he smiled and then he headed into one of the rooms to change back into jeans and his shirt. He put his wet clothes away for now and then he waited for Ara and Klar to finish before following them toward lunch. [b "Do I need to be blindfolded? Is it a surprise?"] he teased.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 16d 13h 43m 23s
She let the two of them play in the water, and she’d sit and read a book. She liked being able to relax back, sip on a sweet drink and then…steal looks at Sylus. How his muscles flexed when he worked them… Everything about him, head to toe made her feel so in love and desiring to touch him, be with him. She imagined a couple of dirty things that would occur here, the two of them. She day dreamed a bit, and then try to go back to reading.

She noticed the attention he brought. It was expected… She knew Sylus would reject them, so it was fine. But the second she was bothered, she felt she could take opportunity to show anyone that Sylus was with her. She guessed the man didn’t even believe that she was married. Well…she wasn’t legally but in her heart she was. Sylus came over and it felt good to have him here. The man looked spooked seeing Sylus. Sylus obviously looked strong, and with his tattoos and scars he was even more intimidating. Ara figured the guy thought that Sylus was part of the yakuza or something…which he wouldn’t be entirely wrong.

Ara smiled to herself as he called her his wife. [b “Regret it very much.” ] Ara repeated. She watched the man hurry away. It drew some attention, and even those girls who had slight interest was turning away now. Ara leaned into Sylus shoulder. Ara nodded [b “I’m okay. I just really like it when you stand up for me too.” ] Ara kissed his cheek, [b “You called me your wife.” ] She felt so good about that.

[b “Hmmm? Really? Don’t you still want to more throughout today?” ] She asked. She’d glance at the time at her phone and it was coming up to lunch. She felt his arm around her. She’d feel so good being next to him, in his arms. She blushed a bit and then nodded. [b “I’ve…wanted to touch you all this time. It’s so tempting…” ] She’d run her fingers over his chest, [b “My Sylus.” ] She’d kiss his neck, [b “It’s so sexy seeing you’re chest all wet…mmm. I can’t wait to give you what you deserve tonight” ] Shed’ run her fingers down the center of his chest. Her eyes would follow up to his, [b “Darling, would you like to have some lunch? And then maybe after our lunch settles, we can go the spa? It’ll be a couples thing…If that’s okay.” ]
Klara would make it up and eat the nachos “I could eat.”
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 16d 13h 59m 2s
He had a huge smile on his face when she looked content. He wanted ARa to be really happy too, no matter what that meant. IF she didn't want to be in the water, that was fine, but when she offered to sit in, it did make him really happy because she was trying.

He hugged his arms around her and kissed her cheek, feeling Klara splashing him with water. He walked over to her, splashing her back and then tackling her into the water. They laughed and he'd try to swim away, but Klara would catch him. He saw ARa taking a seat on the lounge, relaxing and enjoying her book. He carried Klara on his back and then he would dunk her in the water, laughing a bit.

They shared some drinks from the service and even had some nachos. He played with Klara more, holding their breaths, seeing her win. He would laugh a bit until a few girls came into view. Sylus was swimming back and forth, feeling a bit more sad that the pool was filling up with people. He'd make glances to see if Ara was okay, but as he approached her, he saw the two girls giggling. He'd smile, but noticed the man not leaving Ara's side.

When he walked over, he stood tall [b "Why are you bothering my wife?"] he spoke and then he heard him and balled his hands into fists. [b "If I catch you going near her, you'll regret it"] he tugged on the man's towel and then he shoved him back. The man looked frightened as he hurried away.

He took a seat beside Ara [b "You okay Love?"] he took a bite of the nachos, seeing as more people started coming in. [b "I think I've swam to my heart's content if you're ready. You almost done Klar?"] he asked, wrapping a towel around his waist as he wrapped one arm around Ara [b "I saw you staring at me. Want to touch?"] he smirked.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 16d 14h 37m 43s
Ara nodded [b “You really do.” ] Ara said. She loved hearing those compliments from him. “Thanks.” It made her feel like she didn’t have to worry about her image. Of course, she was pregnant, so it was expected.

Sylus helped her into the water. She’dstill hold onto him. He hugged her in too. It felt so nice to be in his arms. [b I did.” ] She giggled. She lean up and kiss his lips when he said something so sweet. Klara splashed her and she got upset because she didn’t want her hair to get wet. It meant extra work. Ara smiled when Sylus tackled her into the water. She laughed [b “you did.” ] Ara said. She watched Klara grab him and pull him in. Ara tried to splash Klara too.

She couldn’t do much in the water, and seeing Sylus being pulled in, was kind of freaky. She was sure Klara wouldn’t do that to her…or would she? She wasn’t looking to play in the water much. She felt he would be fine with someone who could. Ara would climb out of the water. She’d wrap herself in a towel to dry herself up.

Ara looked back and nodded, [b “Mmm, I am. Would it be okay if you and Klara hang around In the water? You know…I’m not that all that comfortable, but I’ll join you later.” ] Ara said.
Klara leapt on Sylus back, “She’ll be fine. Let’s swim around.”

Ara would watch the two of them and then pull out a book to read a bit. She’d lean back and have a good time. Once service was running up she ordered an non-alcoholic cocktail. She’d call out and ask what the two of them wanted too, and then let them continue to stay in the water. She’d sip on her cocktail and read but her mind always drifted to Sylus…and eyes. How his body was just wet, and his scars…tattoos. He looked like a complete hotty bad ass. It was just making her…

Klara would do her best to keep Sylus entertained, and even test on who could hold their breath the longest.

Slowly, a few people were coming in. Two girls just couldn’t lay off their eyes off Sylus, even with the tattoos. They’d shyly glance away when they think they were being caught but Ara knew. One of them was trying to convince the other to talk to him. That…annoyed her but she couldn’t say anything. Because she was confident in Sylus. Then a man came over to Ara, and started speaking to her in Japanese since she looked alone. She politely explained she didn’t speak much. She guessed that her towel did a good job hiding that she was pregnant. He tried to persuade her in English then to spend time with him. It fed her up, [b “I’m married.” ] Ara said. She figured this was an opportunity to show that Sylus was with her.

“That’s not a problem.” He said, reaching to touch her arm.
Ara frowned and looked over into the water, “Sy, can you come over,” Ara said. She wasn’t about to risk getting into a fight while being pregnant. The second that the man saw Sylus, he looked hesitate, seeing the scars and tattoos, backing off slowly.

“I was just making sure she was okay,” He said.
[b “He’s lying.” ] Ara said, [b “He was bothering me. Can you just tell him that we’re married and he needs to go away? That’s all…cause he doesn’t get it.” ]
Even Klara would watch, and debated if she should step in too but it didn't take much to get an annoying normap person away.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 16d 14h 56m 9s
He had a smile on his face because he was so happy to be here. Not only was he able to have some fun, but Ara was thinking of him so much and it really did make him feel so special. He dressed up and swam towards her [b "Do I?"] he smiled, taking in a deep breath and then smiling because he really did love her for picking this place.

[b "You look so cute Love"] he headed towards the starting area and then he raced Klara, swimming as fast as he could until he reached the end, looking to Ara to see who won. He chuckled and then he patted Klara's back [b "You were fast too"] he told her, soon helping Ara into the water.

He walked her in, hugging his arms around her when she stepped in. [b "You made it"] he held her hand in his, shaking his head [b "You made it in the water. That's more than enough for me"] he chuckled, glad that Arlus seemed to enjoy the water so much already. [b "I bet he knows daddy is going to make him swim"] he chuckled, feeling the water splash over them. Sylus smirked a bit [b "Uh oh! Hey Klar! Get back here"] he chuckled and chased after her, splashing some water towards her.

He tackled her into the water and then he looked back at Ara [b "I got your payback Love. She won't be getting your hair wet"] he told her, feeling Klara grab him from behind and pulling him into the water. HE resurfaced and saw Ara taking a seat along the side. [b "You okay Love?"] he made sure she was doing fine.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 16d 19h 32m 9s
It made her feel so good when he complimented her. She would be lying if she said she didn’t feel a bit insecure about her body now. Sylus really made her feel like she was as pretty as she always was. It really warmed her up inside. She was glad to bring him to somewhere really nice. [b “Thank you, and you look so…sexy.” ] She said.

She watched them race each other and she declared the winner. She knew even if she could even swim she’d never be able to do that with Sylus. Klara was just up to par with him. She nodded and clapped [b “You did darling.” ] She said.
Klara sighed, “You always win. Well, I was.” After they graduated, their ranking didn’t exist too much, just different placements. She normally dealt with diplomacy because she could speak so many different languages and acted as a bodyguard. She could hold her own in a fight but, not out of being the best fighter. It was out of just being smart. She watched him go to Ara, to help her out. She knew they both deserved each other very much. She knew that they would be could parents.

Ara took Sylus hands and she’d get his help into the water. She felt a little nervous as usual but she felt just fine too. She saw him looking down at her tummy, and blushed a bit. It did look like she ate too much. She felt the little flutter again. She hung her arms around Sylus. [b “It is warm.” ] Ara said. She met his beautiful eyes. She hugged him tightly and then would hold his hand.

[b “I’m sorry…I can’t swim.” ] She said. She still was a bit afraid, and everytime Sylus started teaching her, something would get in the way. [b “Maybe after Arlus is born we can try it again.” ] Ara said and then felt the littler fluttering again, [b “I think Arlus likes the water. I don’t think he can tell but I feel a little movement inside.” ] She laughed.

Klara watched them, and it seemed like they were in their own little world. She wished she could have that too. She’d then took the chance to splash them while they were distracted. Ara gasped and tried to block herself with her arms, [b “Klara! You meanie!” ] Ara said, [b “You’ll get my hair wet. I don’t want my hair wet.” ] Ara pouted. After a while, she would just sit down and wrap her towel around her and let them play in the water.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 16d 21h 53m 3s
He was really surprised when she took him to such a fancy hotel. He never thought he'd be able to swim this winter, so when he did see where she was taking him, he had the biggest smile on his face. He was like a kid in the candy store, seeing such a long, stretched out pool in the middle of winter. His amber eyes lit up and he hurried to go get changed, soon coming out and diving instantly.

He swam over to Ara, smiling brightly as he thanked her, his eyes looking over her pretty blue dress [b "Love, you look so pretty"] he smiled, seeing her take a seat along the side. He went towards the edge and decided to have a race with Klara, feeling pretty excited because he hadn't had a race in such a long time.

Once Ara said 'go', he swam as fast as he could, hearing Klara beside him trying to beat him as well. He kicked his feet and focused beneath the water until he managed to reach the end [b "I won? I won!"] he cheered, laughing a bit as he smiled [b "I saw that you were really close though Klar. I didn't know you were still on top in the women's division"] he smiled and then he walked back towards Ara, offering his hands to help her.

He helped her into the water and then he saw how noticeable her belly was getting. [b "There you go Love. See how warm it is in here?"] he smiled, knowing she could reach the floor on this side. IT was only 4 feet towards the edge.

[b "I've always wanted to swim with you too Love"] he said proudly.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 17d 1h 13m 17s
She knew that where she was taking him was no vacation spot but, she hoped he would enjoy it anyway.

They arrived at the hotel and she was glad to see him look thrilled about it. It felt good to know that he would enjoy his birthday here. They’d all went to change. Ara would sit down on the lounge bed, and watch the two of them dive in.

Ara giggled when he complimented her, [b “Thank you.” ] Ara said. She liked this sun dress. She knew soon enough, she couldn’t wear what she normally wore. That was going to be a pain. Ara gently smiled when he said that. She knew she wasn’t fat. Her body was handling the pregnancy pretty well. The symptoms weren’t that dominate. [b “Yea…you’re probably right.” ] Ara said. She was glad to hear him say she made him happy. Ara giggled and tried to pull her legs up when his tickling got too much.

[b “You’re welcome,” ] Ara said.
“I had a feeling you’d like it,” Klara said, knowing Ara was a bit worried.
Klara felt she had to challenge him into a race. She’d shrug “You said it, not me. I warned you.” Klara said. She went at start of the pool.
[b “Three, two, one…start!” ] Ara called and watched the two of them speed like they were jet engines. She’d take a step back and keep an eye for who one. They were pretty evenly matched. Sylus did make it first though, Klara a second later. [b “Sy won!” ] Ara called out and clapped. Klara laughed, “I should have known. You’re still good.”

It felt good to see them have fun. She’d sit at the edge again. If Sylus came to her to get her in, she’d slip off her sundress because she didn’t want to get wet. She’d hold onto him.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 17d 2h 5m 40s

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