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[b "I don't want to make things harder for you." ] She frowned but didn't know how she couldn't. He laid with her and it made her feel better to have his company around. It lifted her to hear him say he loved him even if they've already said it a couple of times. THey wouldn't have much time after, and she had hoped to use this time to get to spend some time with him but she just had to get shot.

[b "Me too." ] SHe thought about going on a date with him. It had to happen. She stared back at him and didn't blink. [b "But I am. I want to look my best." ] She stated and heard the 'wore nothing' part and it made her laugh. Ow-laughing hurt. Her face scrunched up and hten she smiled [b "I can wear nothing, as long as we're alone." ] She teased.

Ara nodded [b "Yea, I remember. I did, didn't I?" She flashed a smile [b "Really? Okay, we can talk. Anything funny happened on your trip here?" ] She asked and nodded to playing games [b "Sure...oh okay. Which one? Talk, play a game or watch a movie? ] She tried to think of something to talk about [b "What to hear how Tilla has been driving me insane?" ] She asked. Then she began to wonder, what happened to those intruders. Did they dispose of them? She felt that it may best to not know these things.

[b "Or maybe we can talk about what dress I should wear for my birthday." ] She met his eyes, and then smiled to herself. It was so nice to have him here.
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He knew that she was always putting his life at risk, but he didn't really care so much right now. All he really wanted was to be able to stay at her side for as long as he could right now. [b "I'm really glad I can help you become someone you want to be. I do want to keep being that spark in your life though"] he smiled and then he came back and laid with her.

He was glad that she was all cheered up and relaxed too. That meant she was feeling so much better. [b "I love you also Ara"] he grinned, thinking about the next time they could be together. Once she left, he wouldn't be able to see her until back at the facility. Even at the facility, he didn't really have much of an opportunity to see her.

[b "I know we have isn't much, but I do get really happy to be with you"] he remembered his promise about the date and he hoped Tanner would allow it.

[b "You don't have to. You look pretty enough for me already. Even if you wore nothing, I'd like it very much"] he teased her, holding her close and thinking about what to do. [b "Remember the time when I was hurt badly. You took care of me at the dorms too. It kind of reminds me of this. How about we talk? We haven't done much talking in a while, or we can play a game"] he suggested, looking around and remembering that there was a TV in the room. [b "We can also watch a movie, whatever you want ARa because I'm right here"]
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Ara shook her head, “It’s not okay. I’ll put you in risk. A bit but, because of you I never dreamt of living past my goal. I…figured I would just die and now that thought terrifies me. You make me want to be stronger and not just socially, I mean…be able to protect myself more and help without being a bother. You gave me hope and, make me feel like speaking up more to change things.” ] She knew it. She was causing more of a problem for him. When they were in a threat, sometimes she felt like protecting him instead of the other way around.

Ara lifted a smile, [b “I’m taking that as a promise. I love who you are.” ] She watched him head out the door. He came back and she was glad he was by her side again. She knew she was always going to love him too. [b “Okay good,” ] And she knew that frustration. [b “I know. I don’t know when I’ll see you, get the chance to talk to you, really talk.” ] But she always knew she’d have him in mind and want to be with him. [b “We have to.” ] She frowned. Indoors didn’t sound like fun but she understood why it might have to be.

She sighed [b “All I know is that date must happen and I’m going to make sure I look as pretty as I am when I’m not looking like death.” ] She promised, feeling it was important. His hand moved around her waist and made her happy to be so close. Ara shrugged [b “Tanner knows that he can’t shove all the blame on you, so I think it’ll be fine. I’m sure it’s boring staying with me here all day though. I actually don’t know what to do. I don’t really like doing nothing,” ] She really hated standing still and doing nothing. [b “I’m bored Sy.” ]
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He wouldn't quit at all. The only reason he would quit was if Ara wasn't there. He wanted to be at her side after all and if she was gone, what was the point. SHe was really the only one that gave his life meaning. He didn't want to go back to an empty facility as a guinea pig anymore. Even if he was free, what good was that if ARa wasn't there?

He knew for a fact she was his weakness. He just turned a blind eye to Ethan and Payton when Ara got shot. She had his full attention even if his mission was to keep Ethan safe. HE knew it was, but he couldn't do anything about that. He wanted Ara in his life and he'd naturally be worried about her. [b "It's okay. I'm sure I am yours too"] he told her, knowing she's done many risky things for his sake.

He could only really be sweet to ARa. He loved her [b "Of course I will be. When it's just us, I'll always be your Sy"] he smiled a little and then he headed down.

As he returned, he sat beside her and then it fell quiet. Were they ever going to have another moment where they could be together? He didn't know, but he hoped things didn't change much when she headed back.

[b "I think we're okay. I'm always going to love you Ara. It's just frustrating because after this....I don't know if I'll be able to have a lot of time with you"] he admitted, hearing her. [b "We do. I hope we'll be able to go on a date somehow....even if it has to be indoors or something"] he frowned, holding his arm around her waist as he tried to relax and keep her company. [b "I'm just glad that Tanner's letting me be here with you right now"]
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It scared her, thinking that might quit. He wouldn’t. She knew he wouldn’t but she knew she couldn’t do much to help him. Keeping him alive that one time was a huge risk and asking any favors from her father like that, would create so much suspicion. Only Tanner she could speak up about and that wasn’t until he was frequently her bodyguard and she was asked if she was comfortable with him as her bodyguard.
It ached, hearing him say that he couldn’t sweet and she adored that about him. How kind he was, gentle he was and she didn’t want any part of that tucked away. She’s never met someone from the facility who could treat her like that and it was just perfect. He really felt like the perfect match. It upset her hearing she was his weakness. Sylus wasn’t the only one who changed, she changed al ot since she started dating him.

[b “I feel like…I’m more of your weakness then strength.” ] She frowned and felt a lump form. She loved him so much. She knew that it caused problems too. She lost sight of her own goal, and she was still slipping away from it. All she could picture was them together at a penthouse, living together or some cozy home in the middle of nowhere.

[b “You’re still going to be sweet to me right? Because, I know that’s the real you. Your so kind.” ] She gently smiled. It lifted her up to hear she was his goal. But…wait. Her goal was to get everyone from the facility safe, of course including Sylus. But, she really imagined them together at the end of it all. [b “Okay,” ] She nodded, resting back and waiting and thinking.

She knew it was her fault.

Sylus came back up, like he said he would. He sat down by her side. [b “Probably in a week. I’ll head to the hotel tonight, I don’t want to cause more problems for Payton and Ethan. I can’t go back until I fully healed because it’s pretty often I’m forced to do a check up after I come back from travelling.” ] She explained and then grew quiet. She reached out for Sylus’ hand again. [b “Sy… are we going to be okay? Us...” ] She wanted to know how he felt. She wondered if her getting wounded really changed a lot. She knew she still had problems to solve. She hated how unpredictable it was to know the next time they’d be together and how much things would change in a short matter of time.

[b “We have to go on a date before I leave you know,” ] She added.
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He could see the lines on her forehead and he wondered if she really understood what he had to do. He tried to tell her how a lot of the reasons why he was failing was because he was thinking about his emotions as well. He sighed and just let her speak. She couldn't see how difficult it was being her guard at all. Even Tilla is already having a difficult time.

He listened to her and when he tried to tell her he couldn't just keep being her sweet boyfriend if he was going to be her guard, but she did make a point. He could be both as long as he did well. He met her eyes and then he nodded [b "I know you. You're my strength, but you're also my weakness too ARa. I just have to make sure I do a better job of making sure that I can keep protecting you without worry"] he let go of her hand and just felt like it was going to be a long time until he could even be her guard.

[b "Yes you're my main goal"] he spoke and then she called him an idiot....Sylus knew why he wasn't doing well. A lot of it had to do because he was dating Ara....but he wouldn't tell her that because he wanted to keep dating her. [b "Stay still and rest. I'm just bringing the dishes down"] he told her and then he headed towards the kitchen with his plates. He let out a deep sigh, wondering what else he could do.

Right now all he could do is be that emotionless killer that was number one. He'll keep that act up until he was Ara's guard and then he'll try and balance it from there. Sylus placed the dishes away and then he went back up to Ara's room and then he sat at her side again. [b "So when will you need to go back? Are you going to stay here for a while until you're better?"] he asked, brushing her hair back and just wanting to be at her side, but he felt really bad.
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Ara tucked her hair back, the stress lines on her forehead revealing. [b “Do you really understand?” ] She squeezed his hand, her eyes following up to him. [b “I’ve had so many bodyguards Sy. Even if you become my bodyguard, you’d have to fight a lot harder to stay and I need someone who will fight to stay. You’ve seen it, even Tanner is taken away from me sometimes.” ] Her throat felt raw. She sighed and mumbled [b “It’s not about emotions.” ]

She knew that him becoming her bodyguard was only half the battle. He seemed like he was lost in his thoughts for a while. She hoped he understood what she was getting at. That thinking like that wouldn’t end well.

Confusion struck in her blue eyes. She blinked a couple of times, [b “What? I like you being sweet. Being sweet to me doesn’t have anything to do with focusing. I just don’t want to be the reason why you either feel weak or powerless because I want to do the opposite.” ] She noticed the release of her hand and she felt the sadness crawling in. Why…was he going?

[b “Of course focus on goals…but I’m part of it, aren’t I? Well…technically if you’d became my bodyguard you would always have to worry about me. So-you’re half way there,” ] She tried to joke a little but he was walking away. [b “I thought you’d said you’d stay with me. Don’t go.” ] She frowned and she just didn’t understand. It upset her hearing him to stop emotions. That wasn’t what she meant. [b “Don’t be an idiot, emotions are not the problem. Tanner expresses himself, and he’s one of the best. That’s the reason why he’s still my bodyguard. Ow….why does this still hurt?” ] She groaned and rested back, [b “I just want you to believe in yourself and not let anything stand in your way.” ]
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Sylus could tell that her wound was already so much better. She could heal so much faster than anyone at the facility and any other human. He was glad that she was able to heal this much. He gave her some of his blood and he did whatever he could to make sure she got better. He faced her and held her close, kissing her forehead because he loved her so much.

[b "I know. It'll be really hard for me to be your body guard....I need to be like TAnner. I have to keep my emotions in check"] he told her, feeling like maybe he hasn't been going in the right direction. Being with Ara has revived so many feelings and new ones keep emerging. Jealousy, fear, anger.....they were all showing much more.

He told her how much she meant to him, but when he sat beside her, he could feel that even she knew he couldn't be a guard the way he was right now. SHe hated the way he was right now. He heard her say that he should prove it to Tanner that he was a good guard. Along the way....he guessed he forgot how he even became number one.

He became number one....because he wasn't so into Ara. He was the best because he had nothing to lose, no emotions, and could do anything without hesitation. He didn't want to admit it, but it was the truth. He needed to find that line between them that he could cut in order to be where TAnner was.

[b "Mmm, you're right. I can't keep being this sweet guy with so many emotions. I have to focus. Focus on my missions, my goals....I can't....always worry about you all the time anymore can I?"] he sighed and slowly released her hand. He grabbed the empty plates and then he stood up. [b "You need to get better. I need to get better too. I'm going to make sure I do my missions properly Ara so I can be your guard and stay on top"] he told her, heading towards the door. [b "I stop these emotions from taking over...."] he admitted, knowing that has been holding him back recently.
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She loved this treatment. She took a look at her wound and it did look a lot better. A lot less gross and a lot less painful. She still felt horribly sore and it still ached to move but this was a relief compared to yesterday. She leaned onto him, Sylus holding her close and kissing her forehead. She felt cozy, warm and so loved by him. She’s hugged Tanner multiple times and he always stayed close to her like this but it had only been Tanner who had cared about her this much. Until now. She frowned, hearing him say he wasn’t good enough. [b “Don’t say that… You will be. I need you to be, because I want you as my bodyguard.” ] She wanted it for sure but if he couldn’t hold his own…then she wouldn’t let it happen either. She didn’t want to be risking his life either. She couldn’t even believe how emotional Sy was. Guess because he loved her.

She felt her own emotions creeping up because she was greatful for him. She liked hearing it, that she meant al ot to him. Sylus came closer to her side. She held onto his hand and heard him, and she felt that he might be right. [b “Stop talking like that.” ] She tensed up and felt the stress. [b “I hate that kind of attitude. If you want something, take it, fight for it. I have to, and I can’t have a bodyguard without that mindset. Prove it to him.” ] She stated, it irritated her hearing excuses of Tanner not allowing him. She nibbled on her lip and rested back, groaning at the soreness.

[b “You’re at the top, act like it…and ow…remind him why you are at the top.” ] She breathed out, and mumbled [b “Tanner knows he made a mistake too anyway.” ]
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He didn't want Ara to lift a finger because he felt like it was all his fault. He wanted to make sure she was nourished back to health. All he wanted was for her to be okay again since they rarely saw each other. Right now, he needed to make sure she was better before she left. He met her lips and enjoyed the taste he loved so much.

He helped clean up her wound and once he had a bandage on, he held her close and hugged her. Sylus was feeling so emotional because he almost lost her. He almost lost everything he was fighting and living for in that one instant. Holding her close, he kissed her forehead and just didn't want to let her go. [b "I just don't want anything bad happening to you Ara....I won't let anyone get that close again. I want to be that person by your side....even if I'm not good enough....I still want to do it. Even if they tell me I'll never be your guard....I...want to be"] he told her, sighing softly because now that he failed, it was unlikely he would be.

He felt so emotional and this feeling was something he could never get used to. Sylus used to be as heartless as anyone else in the facility, but now, he was feeling things again. [b "You're my everything too Ara"] he told her, moving to her side so she wouldn't feel any strain. He stayed beside her and held her hand tightly in his. [b "I don't think Tanner will allow me to be your guard anymore...he's really disappointed and said I won't make it"]
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Sylus was the sweetest feeding her food, kissing her cheek and treating her so well. It lifted up her mood by ten flood. She rested her head on his shoulder, and he wrapped his arm around her waist. She was afraid that it would hurt but he was gentle on her. She truly loved him. She kissed him happily, and enjoyed touching his tongue and seeing him smile right back at her.

Then she frowned, [b “Don’t say that… You didn’t. I did. I should have known better.” ] It did hurt to move around, and it hurt to lean a bit back. She let him lift her shirt up and she took a look underneath the bandages. She could see some blood over her stomach and it grossed her out, along with the scab that laid on top of it. [b “Ahh… it hurts.” ] She turned her head when she noticed him trying to meet her eyes. She lightly smiled, [b “Thank you.” ] She watched him go off and she was almost about to touch it but the second she felt near that area, it hurt-it really hurt. She held her breath and let it pass. Sylus came back and he started wiping the dry blood away. She felt thankful to Sylus, if it weren’t for him giving some of his blood to her, then maybe this would have turned out different.

She watched how his eyes widened and, she got it. She didn’t really understand it. Clearly, she wasn’t bullet proof but she sure healed fast. [b “I know…maybe that means we can have our date sooner. I’ll have to pretend later that I’m still injured.” ] She let him place the bandage on top and Sylus slid her shirt down. She saw how relieved he looked, and she was glad that she didn’t worry him anymore. She really didn’t want Sylus to stress, have bad dreams like that. [b “Me too. But you know me-I’m pretty hard to kill,” ] She flashed a smile and then he pulled her into a hug, kissed her forehead. Definitely the sweetest boyfriend ever. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed his cheek. [b “Thank you for being here for me, for worrying about me, for sharing your blood with me. That’s why you need to be my bodyguard because…if something happened you’d stay.” ] Her eyes watered because she felt emotional about it, [b “Even if…I look like I’m dying, you wouldn’t run away and you’d help me. I don’t know that many people who would do that for me Sy.” ] She doubly blinked and looked up at him. [b “You really became everything to me.” ]
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He was at her side, holding the plate and feeding her bites of food. He didn't know if it would hurt her with everything that he was doing, but he tried his best anyway. All he wanted was to make sure that Ara got better because it was his fault she was here in bed. He figured to make up for it, he'd be the one nourishing her back to health.

SYlus sat with her, feeling her head rest against his shoulder as he kept his arm around her waist carefully. He smiled, hearing that he was the one that made her feel comfortable as he turned her face so that he could kiss her. Sylus licked her lips and when she played with his tongue, he smiled and then he held her hand in his. [b "No I'm not. I let you get hurt"] he sighed and then he helped her lean back a little as he lifted her shirt to show where her wound was. When they both took a peek at the bandages, Sylus opened it up a little.

IT was still covered up in blood, but it was already scabbing. He met her blue eyes [b "I'll clean it up and put a new bandage"] he told her, removing the old ones and then grabbing the alcohol and new bandages. He wiped away all the dried blood and could see that her would was completely closed already. It was just the scab of where she was shot. His eyes widened a little and then he looked up at her [b "You really are a fast healer ARa"] he cleaned it up and put the bandage on top so it would look like she still needed it.

He slowly pulled down her shirt, a sigh of relief escaping his lips. [b "I'm really glad you're okay"] he straddled her over her lap and then he pulled her into a hug, kissing her forehead. [b "If anything would've happened, I don't know what else I'd do"] he whispered, feeling really glad she'd be okay now.
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Ara felt so satisfied with Sylus feeding her. He even said “Ahh’ which she found so damn adorable and just grew so excited. She opened her mouth and ate. Tanner was still rolling his eyes and just couldn’t believe how disgustingly cheesy they were with each other. Never in his life did he ever think he’d ever see someone that was raised the same way feed a girl and say ‘ahh’ to her to feed her. He left, and felt a little glad to leave too because he didn’t like seeing all of that.

Ara leaned over onto his shoulder when he climbed into bed. It was so nice, and comfortable. She loved the kind of love and attention she got from him. She couldn’t remember being treated this nice since she was a little kid. [b “I hope you can, I feel really comfortable with you. You already make me feel better.” ] Ara gently smiled, nestling into him and then Sylus tilted her chin. She met his eyes and found his soft kiss. She happily kissed him back, and even played with his tongue when he licked her lips. AH, she wished she could do more. He kissed her cheek and she gave him another kiss.

[b “You’re the best boyfriend,” ] She and took hold of his hand. Ah, now that she was here, [b “Could you help me check my wound? I want to see how much it healed.” ] She asked, kind of wanting him to lift her shirt up and do it even if-she could do it herself. She just adored the attention and figured this was as erotic it was going to get with her at this state. He ma de her feel so giddy. Clearly, he did find her pretty too becuase he kissed her. Tanner was right, she was pretty.
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He knew that people always mocked Ara because they saw her as someone who had it all. She had the appearance, the money, and she wasn't a part of the facility like everyone else. She was privileged in their eyes. SYlus shook his head, shrugging Payton's question because he didn't want to admit to anything else. Their relationship was private.

[b "I know it isn't a good thing, but....I feel a little more human than a guinea pig"] he told her and knew it was going to be difficult trying to be her guard and her lover. He headed up to Ara's room, bringing in the food and feeding her slowly. He would saw "Ahhh" and then feed Ara, unsure if using her hands would hurt her tummy.

He didn't know how Tanner felt, but really just wanted Ara to get better, so he was going to be at her side. He heard her convince Tanner to leave and then he smiled a little, climbing onto the bed with her and then he letting her lean her head on his shoulder.

He loved hearing those words and he wouldn't trade them for anything else in the world. [b "I love you too. I want to be by your side always if I can be"] he kept his ears listening in the background and kept his senses sharp. He wasn't going to make the same mistake again. Sylus leaned into her and then he tilted her chin to face him as he kissed her lips. He missed her so much and thinking that he lost her was devastating. He licked her lips and then he kissed her cheek.
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Her eyes widened [b "Oh..." ] She locked her lips after. Was that all that happened? [b "Why were you dizzy?" ] She asked. SHe was in bed and now she was alone with Tanner until Sylus came back.

Payton didn't feel like it mattered too much if Sylus heard her mock Ara. It seemed like he agreed with what she said being out of the ordinary. Looks were the last thing on her mind. [b "Hmm...maybe you know even more about her skin than most of us," ] She added, guessing that they might have already slept together. She found it really hard to believe that someone from the facility actually showed this much emotion, especailly number one. She was starting to even doubt if Sylus was really trained there. Ara, reviving emotions? [b "As much as I am happy for you-that isn't exactly a good thing in our area. You know you can't be anything with her in the long run right? I dont' think it's even possible t be her bodyguard and...well lover." ] She whispered. Sylus headed up and she let him be, while she waited for Ethan, or Tilla to come downstairs.

Ara spotted Sylus coming back up. She didn't need the help exactly but she sure liked the idea of being spoiled by Sylus and getting fed. Sylus sat by her side and Tanner just watched like she was completely taking advantage of Sylus. Sylus held a piece of bacon to her lips, she took a bite and then he kept feeding her. It was so nice, and cute. She just liked this sort of attention and when he smiled at her, it made her feel much better. She felt his hand in her ear and she felt so awed by him. She definitely liked this treatment, and it sure made her not feel ugly.

[b "Okay, thank you Sy. I'm really thankful for the food and having you feed me." ] She smiled. She ached but now she ached with Sylus treating her so sweetly. She got a kiss on her cheek and Tanner rolled his eyes.

[b "Can you sit with me? In bed. I need a shoulder to lean on." ] She asked.
Tanner watched her again.
[b "Tan...if you guard the door, would it be okay if I was alone with Sylus? The balcony is covered in curtains, you said Tilla is till on look out and, Sylus is in the room with me. Please?" ] Ara asked.
Tanner looked between the two. She looked much happier with Sylus around and he just wanted her to heal faster, and not tense up. "Okay, but I'll check up on you now and then." He warned and stepped out.

Ara looked at Sylus and smiled [b "I love you Sy... I really want you to just stay in bed and keep me company if that's okay." ] She said.
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