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[b “Yea, who cares if I need help here. Klara’s more important.” ] Ara said because that’s what it sounded like to her. She wanted him home. [b “Not if your family needs you or you constantly do it.” ] Ara argued. He wasn’t listening to her. She wanted him home. She felt abandoned, and alone here. She never thought she would have to be on her own taking care of the pets and Arlus.

Ara saw Arlus. After, she end up falling asleep too. She felt tired. When she woke up, she was alone. She wondered if Sylus left again. She got up and wondered where Arlus went to. She checked his room first, seeing he was there. He was waking up again too, and he was hungry. She lifted him up and went downstairs to grab his formula this time. There were three other people in the living space. She never thought it would be so busy. She didn’t want to see Klara…she was annoyed that she was here and didn’t feel like friends at all lately with her taking away Sylus.

Sylus was cooking. Ara grabbed Arlus formula and sat on a chair and fed it to him. Queen leapt onto the table and watched Arlus. Ara pet her too, [b “Hi Queen.” ] She looked back at Sylus remembering she wanted to show him that Arlus sat by himself but…was reminded she was still upset.

Allister was calling Ara but she seemed to be distracted and didn’t hear him. Not until the third time he called her name. Ara lifted her head, [b “Sorry, did you say something?” ]
“After lunch, I could watch Arlus and you and Sylus could head out. We won’t go anywhere, we’ll stay right here.” Allister offered.
Ara got anxiety thinking about being away from Arlus. She looked at her baby, [b “I don’t know… I like being with him.” ] Plus she was upset at Sy. It would just be quiet.
“It won’t be for that long. He’s safe here.” Allister reminded.
Ara looked hesitate, [b “I don’t know…we’re not…it might not be a good time.” ] Since she was fighting with him. He saw Joseph and Klara watching tv. It surprised her seeing them sitting in the space spot since they didn’t get along. Ara looked away, getting annoyed that Klara was even here. [b “I need fresh air.” ] Ara said. She would go into the backyard with Arlus, in the shade. She’d just play with him and his toy. Then she’d return to eat dinner with them, having to put Arly in his playpen for now. While they ate Arly managed to sit up again. Nyx came by, just watching him from outside of his playpen. Queen however, leapt over and rested on Arlus legs. He was patting Queen.
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He tried to explain as best as he could, but she didn't believe him. She kept saying that she didn't trust him now and that KLara could have called someone else. [b "I don't know? PRobably. But if she called me for help, I'm going to help her out"] he told her and then he sighed, shaking his head. [b "But when your friend asks for help, you go"] he stated, frowning as he watched her take the pets out.

Sylus spotted Arlus and was smiling to see their little boy. He carried him in his arms and kissed his little cheek. [b "Hi baby!"] he said, feeling pretty excited to see Arlus again. He babbled and snuggled into Sylus' arms as he cheered excitedly. Sylus laughed and brought him upstairs as he played with him on their bed.

He'd turn on the TV and then he'd relax with little ARly, keeping him on his lap as he soon passed out. He was fast asleep. He didn't wake up to the noise, but when he felt something touch his nose and then something wet on him, he opened his eyes. It wasn't until he smelled something stinky that he got up. He saw ARlus on him and he would slowly shift and holding him. He would see ARa beside him and he smiled, running his fingers through her hair gently as he pulled the sheets up.

He would go into Arlus' room and would change his diaper while he slept. He then set him down in his crib and pulled the sheets up over him. Once he was fast asleep, Sylus changed his shirt and climbed back into bed with Ara, draping his arm around her waist [b "I missed you Love"] he kissed her cheek and would slowly fall back asleep until lunch time.

Once he slept for another hour, Sylus slowly got up. He pulled the sheets over ARa and went downstairs into the kitchen. Klara was with Joseph watching TV and Alister was cleaning up the kitchen. He would greet all of them before going to the fridge [b "Hey guys, I'll work on making some lunch. How's curry?"] he started to stir fry some beef and then cook some rice for everyone.
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Ara didn’t buy it, because she knew how capable Klara was. SHe had a feeling that Klara was just asking him because she liked being around him and it made her mad. [b “Can’t she call someone else? She has the yakuza that could help her. I don’t understand why it has to be you.” ] She said and it made her so upset. SHe shook her head and rolled her eyes [b “You didn’t have to go.” ]

SHe didn’t want to be hugged by him. She felt upset at him and didn’t believe him. Ara shook her heads, [b “No… Just go rest.” ] She said, bending down to put Queen down, and would head to their little room to grab there harnesses. [b “Then maybe you should stay with us.”] Ara said and mumbled to herself quietly “We’re not really married. It’s impossible.”

Ara ignored his question, because she felt he did do wrong by not staying with her the night and leaving her to handle everything here on her own. She walked the pets and when she returned, she would give them a bath. She went to check where Arlus was, but Allister was sitting on the sofa with Joseph playing a game. [b “Where’s Arlus?” ] Ara asked.

“He’s with Sylus… I think he went to your bedroom.” Allister said.
Ara went up the stairs, to just check up on Arlus. Plus…she was kind of tried. She opened the door and saw Sylus asleep…and sitting ontop of Sylus. Sitting? Ara had to blink a few times. Arly was sitting and watching the tv. [b “Oh my god…” ] Ara said and would take out her phone and took a picture of him. Arlus saw her and he got a little too excited. [b “You’re sitting baby? You learned how to sit on your own?” ] Ara asked quietly. He looked so cute in his dinosaur onsie. Ara came over and gave him kisses, hearing his giggles. She saw Sylus sleeping. She end up snuggling into his side and watching Arlus. He would fall back down. Ara caught him and helped him lay on his tummy. She would grab his squeaky toy on the night stand and put in his hands. Even Arlus looked like could use a nap after a while. She pulled him in and she end up napping with Arlus and Sylus too.

Arlus started even drolling on Sylus shoulder, and resting his hand on Sylus nose. He would slowly start to do it in his diaper too.
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He saw the look on Ara's face and he knew she was going to be upset with him, but he really didn't want her to be. He helped out Klara on a dangerous mission and that was that. [b "Ar, she only calls me if it's an emergency. She doesn't call me all the time"] he told her, meeting her blue eyes. [b "I do. Last night was an emergency. I did turn her down, but she needed my help in the morning, so I had to go"] he tried to defend himself.

He tried to hug her, but she didn't go for it and it made him really upset. [b "I'm not lying. Things just came up"] he saw her looking so upset and when he looked down at their pets, he frowned [b "Let me go with you Ar"] he tried to ask her, but she said she didn't want to talk. Sylus let out a deep sigh and would shake his head. [b "You and ARlus are the most important people in my life. I married you!"] he defended and would just run his fingers through his hair irritatedly.

[b "Why are you being like this? I'm not doing anything wrong!"] he watched her head up to get ready and he just sat on the couch, rubbing his temples. He felt so irritated and since he hadn't slept, he really was tired. Sylus would just lay back and watch TV until ARa left. He saw Alister with Arlus fresh out of the bath. [b "Oh wow. How did he do?"] he asked, seeing Alister had dressed him in a dinosaur onsie. "He's fine. He loves the water"

[b "Yeah. I'm glad he does. Thanks. Can I spend some time with him?"] he saw Arlus reaching out, babbling and he would hold his little boy. [b "Hey Arly. Daddy is home"] he kissed his cheek and would head upstairs. He would sit on the bed with Arlus on his chest [b "Did you miss daddy?"] he ran his fingers along his back, seeing him lay beside him as he kicked his feet around. [b "Mommy is mad at me. You're not mad at me are you ARly?"] he held him and would feel him snuggle into his side. Sylus would eventually pass out in bed, Arlus sitting beside him. He would play with Sylus' shirt and look at the tv.
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Ara shook her head and went to fill up the pet’s food bowls. Sylus would take her hand and she wanted to brush him away. She already felt hurt that he lied to her and left her. She didn’t know if she bought it anymore. [b “Every time she calls you have to go right?” ] Ara corrected, [b “You can turn her down.” ] Ara said but was getting tired of saying it. She wanted him here, with her, with Arlus. And he even lied to her as if she didn’t notice.

Sylus hugged her and she didn’t want to be hugged by him right now, so she wouldn’t hug him back. [b “You said that before. You said you would stay the night. You lied to me twice, how I supposed to believe you’re not lying to me again?” ] Her eyes went warm. SHe saw Nyx rushing to Sylus side. Ara struggled not to let her eyes fill up.

[b “You haven’t slept. I’ll take care of them myself…” ] Ara whispered, peeking down at Queen who had followed Nyx over. [b “I don’t want to talk to you. You’re just going to tell me another lie again and leave for Klara. She’s more important isn’t she? You picked her over me before, so I guess it makes sense.” ] Ara wiped her eyes quickly and would pick up Queen. Queen was putting her paw on her face. [b “I’m going to get them ready for a walk… Go to sleep. Allister ordered food, should be arriving soon.” ]
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He laid beside Ara and would wrap his arms around her waist, but he was pretty tired. He was supposed to get some sleep before helping Klara in the morning, but when he saw how upset Ara was, he decided to cancel it all and spend the rest of the day with her.

After getting Klara's request for help, he ended up feeling pretty tired, so he passed out beside her pretty quickly. He slipped out of bed at three in the morning, slowly heading out the door to help out Klara. He went to the location and they managed to steal the weapon van from the location. After delivering it to Kiyoshi, Sylus headed back home around seven in the morning, going through the front door.

He felt pretty worn out, but luckily no one was hurt. If he didn't go, he wasn't sure how Klara would be able to deal with this. He stepped into the house and would see Ara. He saw the look on her face and he knew she would be really upset. Klara went to her room and Sylus would follow after her [b "Ar. Hear me out okay"] he held her hand in his [b "Klara sent me an emergency text last night. She needed help. How was I supposed to turn that down?"] he frowned, seeing that she looked so down. He hugged his arms around her [b "Im done with the mission okay? I'm here now. Promise"] he told her, looking down at Nyx when he rushed to Sylus.

HE rubbed the top of his head as he looked over at him and Queen. [b "Come on Love. Walk with me? Let's walk our pets and talk about this"] he tried to get her to agree.
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Ara crawled into bed with Sylus. She would try to kiss him, feel over him but he didn’t look like he wanted to get intimate. It upset her but what could she do. She tried to fall asleep but just felt a bit disappointed. Why didn’t he want to cozy up? Why did he just want to sleep? Maybe he was just tired. She couldn’t really fall asleep, just half asleep, feeling rather restless.

Then she felt the chance in the bed. Ara opened her eyes and saw Sylus at the door, closing it behind. Where was he going? He said he’d stay. Ara crawled out of bed and opened the door carefully, seeing he went outside. Her heart sank. Liar… She had no one. She couldn’t talk to Allister, Joseph and her were still quite distant now and she didn’t want Kai to pity her. She went back to bed, feeling the emptiness. She couldn’t fall asleep, not until her body gave in at three am.

Klara was happy to have the help. She did things much faster with Sylus around, and she didn’t have to worry about the people trying to hunt her down. She was tired at the end of it. They returned the weapons and they start making their way back. [b “No, I’m fine. You came just in time. It does for now. I’m hoping I can stop the other branch to stop hunting me down somehow or I’m going to need more help.” ]

Ara woke after four hours, hearing Arlus. She went to him, fed him and spoke to him. She struggled to hold a fake happy expression. She changed Arlus diaper and remembered she had to give him a bath today. She went downstairs and saw Allister up and telling her he’d order them breakfast.
[b “You can go play on my computer if you’d like. I need to give Arlus a bath.” ] Ara mentioned. Arlus was trying to eat her shirt.
“Maybe I should give him a bath,” Allister smiled, “I’m going to need to eventually.”
He had a point. Ara looked down at Arlus. She kissed his forehead, [b “You want Alli to help you Arly?” ] Ara asked. She peaked down seeing Nyx and Queen coming in. Arlus was just babbling.
[b “Use only the baby soap,” ] Ara told Allister [b “We have a bath specifically for him, be careful not to get anything in his eyes because it’ll hurt him and he’ll cry.” ] Ara instructed. He helped Arlus in Allister’s arm.

“Got it,” Allister grinned, “Let’s go little guy.”
Ara sighed and then bent down to pet their pets, [b “You two probably need a bath too.” ] She hugged them. They needed to be walked too. Ara heard the door open and saw Sylus coming in. She felt so much anger and sadness coming in. If he tried to talk to her she’d say [b “I don’t talk to liars. I don’t want you near me. Clearly Klara and her missions are more important than me and Arlus. Go away.” ] She was so mad he left, that he lied and that Klara had the nerve to ask him for his help and that Sylus would go.
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He tried to comfort her and do his best to make her happy, but it seemed like it wasn't enough. Ara was really depressed and he could tell she was in a really bad mood and if he didn't do something, she'd probably be really upset with him and that's not what he wanted. He would meet her lips and kiss her slowly until it was time to get up and make lunch.

He'd peek into Arlus' room, seeing their baby boy fast asleep. He loved him so much and wanted to protect him and hold him for a long as he can. He headed into the kitchen and worked on making lunch with her, soon taking a seat at the table when she went to take care of Arlus. Sylus ate with Allister, Joseph, and Klara, happy that the food was delicious.

Once it was after dinner, Sylus watched a movie with her and Arlus, holding their baby boy and then seeing him fall asleep. He'd rub the top of his head and followed Ara upstairs. Seeing the text Klara sent as she put Arlus to sleep. Sylus gave Arly a kiss and would head into the bedroom with her, climbing in right beside her as he snuggled in close. He'd hold her against his chest and he would kiss her cheek. [b "Mmm, I can't wait to sleep with you"] he smiled, giving her a few kisses and touches as he waited for Ara to fall asleep.

When he felt her body slowly go limp, he slipped out of bed and changed into some black jeans and a hoodie. He texted Klara. [i 'I'm on my way'] he sent and would hurry out the door. He made sure to turn on the alarm system and then he waited for Klara to pick him up as they headed to the same location they were yesterday. The van filled with the swords was still there, but this time no security.

HE spotted the suspicious car, waiting just across the building. There was a man sitting in the driver's seat and it looked another man in the back. [b "I think they're also trying to take the swords back. I think our best option would be to steal the van first, while the other causes a distraction. If you want, I can sneak in and see what's in that van. You can distract the car? Maybe cause a distraction elsewhere?"] he suggested as they sat in the car and talked about the plan.

Sylus would then step outside of the car and slowly sneak into the alleyway, climbing over the fence. There was no one around and since he was cloaked with the night, it was pretty easy to sneak towards the van. He would keep an eye on Klara, watching her head over to the suspicious vehicle.

Sylus picked the lock on the van and would slowly open it up. He'd climb in and use a flashlight, seeing a few long suitcases stacked up together. He opened one of the suitcases, seeing a carefully wrapped Katana. [i Klar. I found them. I'll start hotwiring the van. How is it on your end?] he'd speak through the mic.

Klara was hiding behind a pillar, grabbing a flashbang grenade and rolling it just in front of the suspicious car. When Sy got the van hotwired, the grenade flashed.

Sylus drove past the gates and past Klar [i I'll meet you at the location] he spoke and would drive down the street onto the freeway. Once Klara got back into her car and drove away, the grenade ran out of light and they were nowhere to be seen. All they saw was a busted gate, but the van of weapons was gone.

Sylus drove to the Yakuza warehouse to meet up with Kiyoshi's team. He had Klara behind him as he parked the van towards the back of the building. He looked at the time on his watch and hoped that he could make it back home before Ara woke up.

They returned the weapons to Kiyoshi and Sylus would look over Klara [b "You okay? You're not hurt or anything right? Come on, Let's head back home. Hopefully that solves one of your missions for now"] he told her, soon getting into the driver's seat and heading back home. The sun was already starting to rise and Sylus would take in a deep breath. He knew that ARa would wake and he wouldn't be there. He was mentally preparing for when he got home.

He parked the car and would step out with Klara, soon heading into the house.
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Ara calmed feeling Sylus fingers going through her long brown wavy hair. She kissed him softly and held onto his warmth, fingers feeling over his hard chest. [b “Mmm good.”] Ara slipped a smile. She followed the kiss, wanting to steal more kisses. The did have to make food….and they had a baby that would wake up not too long from now. Ara rose up and followed him into Arlus room. [b “He’s perfect…” ] Ara said. She met with him downstairs at the kitchen.

[b “Mmm, that sounds really good.” ] Ara said. They would start cooking together. He felt his arms wrapping around from behind her, his kisses on her cheek. Ara grinned [b “Me too.” ] Ara kissed his cheek once more. When lunch was done, Arlus woke. She went to go pick him up and fed him again. She returned back downstairs. They all sat down together and had lunch. Ara was happily sticking clothes to Sylus, letting her shoulder bump into his and playing footsy underneath the table.

Allister played with Arlus afterwards, trying to get used to him and even dared to change his diaper. Ara supervised thinking it was really funny. Arlus was giggling too because he thought it was a funny face. Since Allister and Joseph was with Arlus, she grabbed Sylus and played some video games with him. Klara had did some more studying. It reached evening, and her and Sylus made dinner again together. It was fun, and she felt much more happier now that he was there. They got to watch a movie as a family, Arlus on Sylus lap.

Klara had to leave. When the movie ended Klara sent a message to Sylus ‘I need you. Spotted suspicious car’
Ara yawned and looked at Arlus all fallen asleep and Sylus arms, resting his back against Sylus stomach. [b “Awe, Arlus is a sleep.” ] Ara said and met Sylus eyes [b “Let’s go to bed…maybe we can snuggle and kiss a bit.” ] Ara whispered so that Allister and Joseph didn’t hear and would kiss his neck. [b “It makes me happy I get to sleep with you and wake up to you. “] She then helped Arlus up in her arms [b “Let’s put him in his bed.” ] Ara said, and would wait for Sylus to follow while they put Arly in his bed.
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He felt her snuggling in and it made him really happy to know she missed him. He really missed holding her like this also. He brushed his fingers down her back, massaging her shoulders as he kissed the back of her neck. He loved and missed her so much, wanting her to know that his love for her didn't change at all. [b "I love you too"] he didn't see her that way.

HE knew how strong Ara was and how independent she could be. She was capable and as her guard who watched her this whole time, it was easy to tell that she could do anything she wanted. He kept her in his arms and would let her slowly fall asleep, letting her nap. He asked Klara if it'd be okay if he wasn't there tonight because he couldn't bare seeing ARa hurt like this.

He saw KLara's text and she had a point. Her going alone to try and hijack that vehicle would be really dangerous. Even if she did it alone, she was against the Yakuza. [b "Just make sure you text me if things go wrong. I can be over really quick"] he assured her and then he would take a nap.

HE felt Ara's hands on his chest as he opened his eyes. He kissed her and then he brushed his fingers through her hair, pushing it back. [b "Of course. If you want me here, I'll be here"] he nodded and slowly got up, feeling a bit tired still, but he did want to spend time with Ara.

He'd listen to her and would kiss her lips once more. [b "OKay, we'll make some food and then then relax together"] he slowly got out of bed and then he went into Arlus' room. THeir baby boy was still fast asleep, a blanky over him as he slept. Sylus would smile and then head down with ARa into the kitchen as he looked through the fridge. [b "How about some pork cutlet bowls?"] he suggested, taking out some pork, some batter and some eggs.

He let Ara take care of the rise and breading the pork as he worked on the sauce and then frying the pork. HE'd build up the bowls and he'd wrap his arms around her from behind. [b "I miss cooking with you like this love"] he kissed her cheek and smiled.
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Ara was so happy snuggling into his arms, and have him hold her. She missed this warmth. She felt so alone without him. It wasn’t the same… She wanted him here, with her and Arlus. She felt him rub her shoulders, hearing his voice. It calmed her. It hurt that he wasn’t here lately. [b “Well…I feel like everyone is looking at me that way.” ] She whispered but was happy he said she was storng. She hugged him tighter. She sniffled while he rubbed her eyes and wiped her tears.
[b “I love you…” ] She spoke softly, her blue eyes looking up at him. She was happy when he kissed her cheek. She nodded, but really wanted him here. She would hold onto him while she started to nap a bit. He noticed him texting but she left him alone.

It upset Klara seeing that message, knowing that Ara would be just fine being here. She felt she needed the actual help but what could she do about it? Klara sent him a reply [i ‘I guess I’ll go alone then. But, Ara will be okay either way you know? She’s safe here. She has her brother and Joseph’ ] She sent.

Ara would wake a half hour later. She’d open her eyes and still see him there. Ara would feel over his chest, and look up at Sylus. She pecked his lips. She felt so good to be waking up to him again. [b “Finally…I fell asleep and woke up to you.” ] She slightly smiled. She rubbed her eyes, as she was waking. [b “Let’s make lunch Sy, and then, in the evening we can maybe even play a game together…and then kiss some, and go to bed.” ] She said, feeling like he already promised that he’d stay with her the night.
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He didn't like seeing ARa so miserable like that. He didn't know that he was making her more upset as time went on. The last thing he wanted was to drive her away because he kept doing his missions. He knew it wasn't very fair and they weren't even his missions to begin with, but he was so worried.

He headed up the stairs to follow her as he changed and climbed into bed. He did miss holding and sleeping with ARa through the night, waking up to their baby boy together. IT was all he wanted, but he couldn't just let Klara go off to face the Yakuza on her own. Sylus hugged her close [b "I know Ar. I do too"] he kissed the back of her neck and would stay snuggled up behind her.

She spoke and he could tell from the sound of her voice she was so upset. Sylus would rub her shoulders, [b "I know Love....we're supposed to be together as a family. I know how strong you are. How amazing you are. Everyone else in this house knows that too. Klara, Joseph, and Allister know you're not some charity case. You're not weak"] he reached out and rubbed her eyes a bit and wiped the tears. He'd kiss her cheek [b "Love I'll try my best okay?"] he felt terrible for making Ara feel this way, but there wasn't really anyone here who could help Klara.

He was put in a dangerous situation and he knew the right thing would pick for Ara to be happy. He would try to ask Joseph, but he wasn't sure he'd be able to accept or to do the job as smoothly as him and Klar.

Sylus would reach for his phone and sent Klar a text. [b "Klar....I need to ask a favor. Ara is in really bad shape. Can you do the mission tonight on your own? I know it'd dangerous, but as long as we go with the plan, we should be okay"] he sent the text to Klara and waited for her response. He'd continue to comfort Ara until she fell asleep from the exhaustion.
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Even with all that he was saying, she still felt lonely and wanted to be selfish and have him by her side. She grew quiet and then went upstairs to rest on her own. She felt tired. Before Allister and Joseph came there were a lot of things to do in the house alone, and when they did come, she felt more pressure to make sure they were doing well too. She felt quite trapped and alone.

She put the light sheet of blanket over her, and tired to close her eyes and maybe nap. She heard the door open. She’d look back and saw Sylus. He crawled into bed with her. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in against his chest. Ara wrapped her arms around him too and held him tightly. She felt her eyes warm. [b “I want to be with you…” ] SHe whispered. She would nod, feeling his fingers going through her hair, and him rubbing her side. She held onto him. She felt a kiss on her neck

[b “I know you do.” ] She said, pressing her forehead against this chest, not wanting him to see how sad she was. [b “This…break, it was supposed to be me and you with Arlus. I feel like you’ll keep being pulled away from me. Arlus is already three months old… I don’t know what it’ll happen to him after. We can’t be with him that often. And I’m scared…of being alone here. And I don’t like it, when everyone looks at me like I’m a charity case. I’m not weak. I just miss you.” ] She said, and end up sniffling a bit. She squeezed onto him [b “Don’t go…don’t go tonight. Please stay with me. Let Klara find someone else to help her tonight. I can’t stay cooped up here without you for this long.” ] She understood she was being clingy but she couldn’t fight that feeling, it was too hard.
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Sylus could see that she looked really irritated and it was really hard to get Ara out of that mood once she was already in it. He knew that he was spending all his time with Klara, but he was doing it to keep her safe. The Yakuza were after her and one slip up and she could have been killed. He didn't want Klara to be in danger either, but he also knew his family needed him.

[b " know that you two are my top priority. I want to spend every second with you two....I really do. But if Klara was killed or hurt badly, I'd regret that too"] he frowned, feeling terrible about it. [b "I'm trying my best here"] he hoped she could understand that, but when he went into the kitchen to eat with everyone, he saw her coming down again.

He offered to spend some time with her, but when she got upset, he frowned. She mentioned having to do everything on her own, others pitying her, and then he could see she was on the verge of crying. Sylus watched her go upstairs and Klara would look over. "Is something wrong?"

Sylus sighed a bit, looking over at everyone [b "Sorry guys. Um, I'll be back"] he finished the rest of his food and would head upstairs to their room. He saw ARa laying in bed and he would change out of his pants and into a white shirt as he climbed into bed with her. [b "Love. I'm sorry. I don't mean to have you do all of that alone"] he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her in against his chest. [b "I want nothing more than to lay in bed with you like this. Can we at least stay like this for a while?"] he ran his fingers through her hair, his other hand rubbing her side as he kissed the back her neck.

[b "I love you and our boy so much"] he whispered, hoping to spend more time with her and not have her upset at him.
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Ara refrained from rolling her eyes, but still looked irritated hearing him mention Klara being in a lot of danger because she believed they were always In a lot of danger so what was the difference? He felt him brush her hair behind her ear. [b “Until she needs help again from you…” ] SHe whispered. He looked up at him and she believed that he missed her, but still wanted him to not go.

She didn’t like being treated like she didn’t a hold a strong role in the decision of Arlus seeing his mom. She didn’t want the stress. It just reminded her that her own mom couldn’t. Ara would head up and put Arlus in his crib. She would make sure he was snuggled up into his blanket. He was so cute, so little…so fragile.

She came down down and when she heard him answer, she felt upset. [[b “You won’t be hear when I wake up.” ] Ara said, feeling disappointed, [b “I’m feel stuck here alone…taking care of our pets, baby and house. I don’t like it. Everyone looks at me with pity and I hate it.” ] Ara said, while trying not to let herself cry or break down. She felt tired. She thought about it but just didn’t have the energy, [b “I don’t have the energy to do those things. Arlus can’t be in the sun for long too. I just want to be alone with you and Arlus. I want to fall asleep with you and wake up with you. I want to feel safe.” ] Ara said, not really thinking through that she was acting on emotions.

Ara frowned, [b "I'm going to lay down...You can go eat and hang out with Klara if you want." ] She wanted him to lay down with her but she didn't want to ask him for that. She would head upstairs and go lay in their bed for a while, just to regain some energy hopefully.
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