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He didn't get much time to talk to her though because she wasn't talking to him at the facility. There was so much that he wanted to do, they had so much to talk about. He still didn't get why she wasn't talking to him, how she didn't lean on him. She's killed others before because of an order...he wanted her to be strong and know that it wasn't on purpose.

He really did want to see the picture though [b "I do. I really want to see it"] he smiled, thinking that maybe on video it'd be a little better. [b "Do you want to video chat?"] he wondered, thinking that it was probably late where she was to and they were both just thinking about each other. She sounded better though.

He mentioned Payton talked about her and he couldn't help but feel like he should keep it a secret [b "She told me how you had a crush on the person who was number one, but Payton didn't know it was me"] he chuckled and then he thought about it. He really wanted to do a lot of things with her.

[b "It would be so easy. I do remember standing for your painting. I still feel like you just wanted to see me naked"] he laughed, shaking his head and then he remembered that they still weren't really on good terms at that time too.

[b "They're just arguing about protecting one another. Ethan wants to protect Payton too, but Payton needs to protect Ethan, so it's hard for him I guess? Kind of like how you and I are. Or when I become your guard"]
  ellocalypse / 30d 12h 58m 5s
It was good to hear him again. It felt like a long time, and it kind of has since she hadn't talk to him much when he was here. She was so broken, and...still kind of was. She thought sending pictures was kind of fun. She liked what Sylus sent to her but it had her mind going elsewhere. [b "Uh hum... Do you want to see it?" ] She giggled at the last bit [b "I don't know...maybe." ] She smiled to herself, and wondered if Sy was laying in bed too just like her.

Ara blushed a little [b "Really...What did she tell you? She didn't say anything bad did she?" ] She did feel a little worried because she couldn't remember everything she did or said when Payton was her bodyguard for awhile. Hopefully, it wasn't concerning...

[b " do so much...yea me too. If we were at the penthouse-it would be so easy just to spend time together. Remember when I got you naked so I could paint?" ] She laughed, wishing she could do that all over again or re-live it. She sighed to herself and listened onto what he was doing. [b "That sounds really fun, with all the swimming. Really? What are they fighting about?" ] She wondered how exactly close they were.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 30d 13h 22m 15s
He did enjoy the texting they were doing. He couldn't really do anything at the facility, but now that he had a phone and was out in the world, he was able to just make a normal phone call and talk to her like he usually did. The photos she sent were so unfair. She was sexy and she looked amazing as usual. He really just wanted to be able to hold her.

He sent her another picture and then he ended up calling her. He heard her voice and felt so at ease. He hoped that she was at least doing better. [b "Another one to beat mine! What are you trying to make me do? Call it quits and fly back early?"] he smirked, wanting to do that.

[b "Ethan's really nice and Payton has been showing me around. It was nice because she was telling me some things she remembered when she was your guard"] he thought about how she had a crush on him. [b "I know what you mean. I can't wait to come back home and see you. I do so much with you, sit back and relax, just sit beside you, and even just kiss you"] he sighed a little and hoped she was at least feeling so much better.

[b "I've been going to the beach, just swimming, trying some food here. Ethan and Payton have been fighting a little, so I want to help them out a bit"] he told her.
  ellocalypse / 30d 13h 31m 36s
Ara enjoyed that message he sent to her, but wished that he was really here, that she could kiss him, talk to him. Anything would be good, just as long as she could be with him. Although, this was more conversation she got than when he was at the facility. He wasn't exactly allowed to have a phone in there afterall. He made her want him, seeing that photo and was just about to take another photo to send to him when she got a message.

She got so excited when he called. She didn't hesitate to pick it up and felt all warm and happy inside to hear his voice, [b "Hey Sy, I loved it, I was just about to send you another one to try to beat yours..." ] She lightly laughed, [b "I do too. How are you doing?" ] She laid on her side and looked down at herself.

[b "I bet Ethan's really nice. I'm glad that you're at least with a good person. Me too... I keep missing you. Those pictures help and at the same time don't," ] She ran her fingers through her hair and then laid on her back, [b "I really were with me at night right now. I miss kissing you, talking... Have you done anything fun there?" ]
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 30d 13h 38m 33s
He didn't mean to offend Ethan in anyway. He just thought that Payton was still working beneath him as a guard. He didn't know she was let free. Not many people from the facility had that chance. He nodded [b "Yeah, sorry about that. Not many of us get that opportunity, so I didn't know"] he told him, letting him head off as he headed to his room.

Sylus changed and dressed into some clothes before laying back against his bed with a smile. He saw Ara's text and started texting her back and forth, seeing her in her lingerie being so sexy. God he missed her, missed holding her and pressing his lips against hers.

Sylus sent her a tempting picture, wondering what she'd think and then he waited, seeing her text. He smiled and called her [i "Hey you. Did you like the picture? Yours was very tempting, I wish I could just reach into the phone and touch you"] he said, laying back and keeping his voice low.

[i "I'm doing okay here, just looking after Ethan. I wish I could see you though"] he spoke softly.
  ellocalypse / 30d 13h 45m 55s
[b "She is free. It just turns out she wants to spend her freedom with me. I would never hold a person against there own will. Besides, the only type of jobs you guys can get is security right?" ] Ethan said feeling a bit insulted that Sylus thought that he made Payton stay. He went off to do his thing.

Ara lay down and saw that picture of him and send him one in return. She pushed the blanket down when she did and pulled it up after. She stared at her phone, wanting to just endlessly talk to him, even if he wasn't really here. She giggled to herself when she saw Sylus' text and then saw his picture. She nibbled down on her lip and fond her self-lost in a memory for a moment. How she missed it mmm...

[i 'That's just cruel'] She send and slid down her blanket and wondered... and then she heard her phone vibrate. She checked the message and replied with [i 'Yes, call me ;)' ] She stared at her phone, waiting for that call. She felt excited to talk to him, even if she was going to be there tomorrow.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 30d 13h 57m 59s
He knew that Ethan was probably feeling something else. Payton was supposed to just be his guard, but now he had the feelings of wanting to protect her as well. He thought about what being in his position would mean, but then he smiled. [b "Well there's also the option of setting her free. If Payton wanted to, she could stay, but at the same time, she'd probably still want to protect you even if you got another guard"] he told him, just giving him a thought.

He went off and then Sylus headed up to his room to shower and change. When he saw ARa's message, he smiled, missing her and wanting to hold her. He decided to lay back against his bed and when he thought about it, he wanted to send her a picture, so he did. He took a pic of his topless upper half and then he smiled, sending it.

He changed into some shorts and a tshirt before laying back against his bed, just staring up at the ceiling. Maybe he should try and take a look around the perimeter. He heard his phone and when he took a peek, his eyes widened and he narrowed his eyes. It was definitely sexy and she definitely was winning. Ara was so beautiful, he could imagine just what was beneath that lingerie and he wanted to touch her. [i "No fair! You might win, but what about this?"] he took a picture of his lower half, just in his boxers, his hand slowly sliding in a little past the waist band. He sent it and then he decided that maybe he should call her. He wanted to hear her voice. [i "Can I call you?"] he asked, sending it and waiting for a reply.
  ellocalypse / 31d 6h 11m 42s
Ethan couldn't understand anymore. Originally, a super solider to protect him sounded perfect, but now, all he wanted was to try to give her a life since she didn't get to live one. [b "Not willingly, that I know for sure. I don't really want her to be my bodyguard anymore, I want her to be anything but that. I'll talk to her. I know she does, even if she doesn't say it word by word. " ] He leaned back and then decided he needed to get working after this.
[b 'A whole organization? That sounds tough..." ] He said and got going after.

Ara had sent him that picture and then once she was changed, she laid back in bed and Sylus wasn't messaging her yet, so she lay it at the side. She saw Tanner come out half clothed. "Did you tell him yet?" He grabbed a towel to dry off his hair. She shook her head [b "No...I want to surprise him." ]
Tanner rolled his eyes "Why?"
Ara shrugged [b "I figured it would be like Christmas morning if I suddenly show up." ]
"Uh huh... Then are you going to tell him about that...other thing?"
Ara frowned and narrowed her eyes [b "No, and you're not going to." ]
"Ara, you're going to have to eventually, " He shook his head, hands on his hips.
[b "Why does it even matter? It's not real," ] She scoffed.
"Because, it's going to be something he'll want to know."
[b "Well...yea, when he comes back. I'll tell him then. I don't...want to tell him and have him get mad and misunderstand things... It's just better if I tell him when the mission is over." ] She decided and saw Sylus had sent her another message. It made her smile and when she opened it, her cheeks warmed. She couldn't wait to see that tomorrow.

[b "Are you going to your room?" ] Ara peaked up at Tanner.
"Yea, call out if there's anything you need." Tanner said before leaving.
Ara made sure the door was closed before she dared to do the next thing. She took a picture of her boobs-but with her bra still on, but since some part of it was mesh, he could still see some things. [i 'How am I playing? I think I'm going to win." ] She send back and laughed to herself. It sure was weird though. She never messaged someone she really liked over a phone.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 31d 17h 31m 26s
He could tell that Ethan was thinking about this long and hard. He knew that as long as he was thinking about this seriously, Payton was going to be in good hands. He listened to him as he played the games and he felt like he was right. So Ethan had feelings for Payton, but he wasn't sure about the other way around.

Sylus could understand that he wanted her protected but she was trained her entire life for this moment. He smiled [b "I know it's hard, but you just have to understand, she trained her entire life to learn how to best protect you. I'm sure you'll both figure it out, but from what I hear, she really cares about you too"] he told Ethan and then he ended up losing four out of five times.

He heard Ethan asking about the facility and he told him a little. He wasn't sure how much he's learned from Payton, but he didn't see why not. [b "Sometimes. It depends on how long the mission is. Sometimes we have to take down an organization, sometimes it's just to escort someone to a destination. So it depends"] he saw Ethan soon get up, but with the mention of Ara's name, he was curious.

Sadly he couldn't tell him, so Sylus headed up to his room for a while and just took a shower. Once he was out drying his hair, he saw Ara's message and he had a smile on his face. Her picture had him a little excited though. He saw her in just her lingerie and just missed holding and touching that body. [i "Mmm, I miss you. I can't wait to get my hands on all of you. Make sure no one else is in the room"] he sent and then he was just in a towel.

Sylus got a great idea, so he just laid on his side, took a full side view picture of his bare chest and towel on his lower half, sending it to Ara [i "Two can play at that game"] he sent.
  ellocalypse / 32d 7h 29m 22s
Ethan stared at the screen for a moment, lost in thought. [b "I don't know...I know if I can let her do that anymore. Reason aside, I want to get someone to protect her." ] If anything happened to him, he did make sure that everything would go to Payton. He didn't have anyone else after all. He figured he could try to make some sort of compromise with her. She understood that she would be worried, after all, he worried for causing a problem that would end up getting her shot at.

They played mario kart together and sylus surprised him. he struggled real hard to beat Sylus. He's played so many times... [b "Ah, so are you missions long?" ] He wondered. Payton never really talked much about the facility and Ethan really couldn't help but be curious about things. She only told him the basics, that it was hell, she was tortured and she was taken from when she was a kid, but never the specifics.

Ethan got up, nodded and sighed [b "I'm sorry Sylus, but I'm not quite sure if I'm allowed to say. I'll have to give it to you to give it to her when you live, if you can. Unless, someone comes to pick it up." ] He said and went off with that.

Ara arrived home and got into her hotel room, setting her bag down. Tanner was taking a shower. She said back on the bed when she saw Sylus' reply and it made her smile when she saw a picture of him and then blushed when he said mean without any clothes. She definitely no meant that but she re-read her message and could see how he could come to that conclusion. [' I love it! >///< I didn't mean that! ] She hit send and decided to change her clothes into something more comfy. Once she was in her bran and underwear...she thought about it and end up just doing it anyway. Ara took a picture of her herself in her bra and underwear and send it to him [i How do I look? Got to my hotel room, changing. ' ] She then put on her t-shirt and shorts and sat back, seeing Tanner just come out.
  Payton / Ravenity / 32d 8h 27m 59s
He wanted to tell Ethan what was going on because he didn't want them to both be arguing. It was hard from Payton's point of view and he wanted to get Ethan to understand that as well. If he understood it, then maybe Payton would feel more at ease.

When Ethan started talking about getting another guard and then his slip up came and he understood what was going on. [b "I understand. I know what you mean, but love aside, it comes down to her job is protecting you. You have to let her"] he told him, smiling when he was deciding on a compromise. Sylus was glad he was going to think about it. That meant that he cared about Payton.

They played some games of Mario Kart and Sylus was losing a bit. He sighed and tried harder the next race. He managed to dupe him a little with his tricks, but when he lost, he just sighed and let it go. [b "I would go on missions and we'd be able to play games like this. It's really fun, but we don't have anything like this at the facility"] he told him.

He heard that Ethan had to do something, but when he heard Ara's name, his eyes widened. [b "Huh? You have to get something done for her? Like what?"] he wondered, soon getting up and then heading to his room.

He looked around, seeing a tall mirror in the corner. Sylus smiled and then he took a full picture of himself in the mirror with a smile on his face. [i "Is this okay? Or did you mean without any clothes on?"] he laughed and then he sent it to her, deciding to take a shower for a while.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 32d 8h 49m 40s
Ethan understood what Sylus was talking about but at the same time, he originally wanted the protection to be able to live his life the way he wanted to. He never heard a peep from Payton about this before. The more time he did spend with her, the more comfortable she grew, and the more she told him not to do certain this because it was worried her and he cared about worrying her. This-wasn't exactly good. Ethan sighed [b "Maybe I should get another bodyguard. You know, one that I don't love-ah, I mean, Payton's really important. I would probably put myself in front of her even if she could handle it." ] Then he figured Sylus wouldn't understand what the hell he was talking about. [b "I guess...I could make a compromise. She'll probably still worry even if I got the extra protection either way." ]

The played and Ethan took it seriously. He was definitely going to try to beat Sylus at this game. He focused real hard.

Ara replied with '[i I wish you really could :3. I want to see all of you. Use a tall mirror if there is one.' ]

Ethan cracked his neck [b "Oh you're going to be schooled." ] Ethan smirked and once he played, he couldn't believe Sylus was beating him. He heard his laughter when he got hit [b "Red shells, real classy Sylus," ] He said and somehow managed to win. He stared back at Sylus [b "I thought you lived underground most of your life? Did they games there?" ] The four races were done and Sylus had beat him in one race.

He looked up at the stairs, leaning back into the sofa, [b "I don't know, but it's probably a good idea to give her some space. I'll go up a little later and talk to her. I need to work on a project, Ara was it? That pretty brunette you were with, I have to get something done for her." ] Ethan said [b 'We'll meet up at dinner-this time, I'll be making it." ] He felt like a slacker since Sylus made them a meal.

Payton was continuing to read her book, in her bed, still upset, and still trying t get it all out of her head. The book was helping and she was finally slowly getting it into again. She really could use the silence for just a while.
  Payton / Ravenity / 32d 9h 1m 47s
He looked over and didn't really know what to say to Ethan. He was taking good care of him so he didn't want to make him upset or give him a reason to return him back to the facility. He wanted to do a great job of keeping him safe too. [b "Yeah, everyone has their needs and I know it's tough, but she also [i needs] you alive"] he told him and could tell that Ethan didn't want to give all that up.

Sylus mentioned the games he played and then he smiled at the thought of playing Mario Kart again. [b "Okay!"] he headed inside and then Sylus went up to put a shirt on and grab some sweat pants. He ended up sitting on the couch and then he nodded. [b "Payton owes you a lot. You've taken such good care of her. I'm sure you two will work it out"] he grabbed a controller and then he saw Ara's text. He saw the picture and then he smiled, wanting to kiss her.

[i "I'll kiss you later tonight. Is there anything else you'd like to see?"] he asked and then he focused on the game. [b "Oh I've been playing too. Let's see what you got"] he would dodge some bananas, but Ethan's aim was pretty good. Sylus would try hitting him with some red shells, passing him and then laughing, nudging his shoulder to try and break his focus.

He lost the first race, but would be really close on the next one. He would try and take his boxes so he would stop throwing bananas. [b "You and your bananas"] he'd complain and then he thought about Payton. [b "Do you think Payton would want to play?"] he wondered.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 33d 1h 32m 40s
Ethan turned his head and stared at Sylus when he said ‘annoyed.’ He got that It wasn’t a field trip for her to watch over him at those times but he had already told her that she wouldn’t be put to blame. [b “I need to live too, I have needs.” ] He stated and sighed. Maybe he should talk to her. He didn’t want to compromise this though, he already lowered the frequency and now-more? He ran his fingers through his head [b “I have to think about it. ] It was hard to not want what he wanted, and not have it when Payton was hanging around.

He was surprised to hear Sylus had actually played games before. [b “I have GTA and Mario kart. Mario kart for now?” ] He suggested because it was local play. [b “I figured it would be.” ] He turned away from the subject and started to set up the game, and Sylus didn’t want to try convincing her. He was starting to wonder if Sylus had even convinced Payton to speak up. Probably not… [b “Well, I’ll talk to her in a little while.” ] He pushed the game in and waited.

Ara laughed at Sylus message. She took the time to step out again and send him a picture of her blowing a kiss, with a message ‘like this?’

Ethan laid back, and shrugged [b “We don’t fight often but when we do, it’s either like this or she stays beside me and doesn’t speak at all. Okay, ready to play? I’m definitely going to beat you in Mario kart, I have years of experience,” ] He said in all serious and would play with Sylus, constantly trying to aim his banana peels for him.
  Payton / Ravenity / 33d 8h 57m 9s
He didn't think that Payton would end up arguing with Ethan. The two have been together for a long time, so he figured that maybe they'd manage to resolve this in no time. He could understand both of their points of view though. In truth, it would be hard guarding someone that wanted to be close to women like that. But then he understood that Ethan still wanted to live his life.

He walked up to him and then he nodded [b "Yeah, the beach is great"] he smiled and then he thought about why Payton might have been upset. [b "Well I guess she's just really annoyed with the fact that it's hard to look after you when you voluntarily make her job harder. I think you should talk to her and maybe come up with a compromise"] he suggested and then he headed inside with him.

[b "Yeah, I've played a few. GTA, mario kart, what do you have?"] he wondered, hearing his phone as he took a peek. He didn't see Ethan looking, but when he asked, he just shrugged [b "Well...we're kind of dating. It's hard where I'm from"] he walked towards the living room and then he sighed.

[b "I don't think I could convince her. If I were in her position, I'd do anything to keep you safe. That's just so risky"] he admitted, heading into his room to change first. He grabbed a shirt and then changed into sweat pants before replying to Ara. [i "I want to see your lips o.o"] he sent and then he headed into the living room again.

Sylus sat on the couch and wondered if Payton would come down soon. [b "Do you and Payton always fight like this?"] he wondered, thinking about what he thought of her.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 34d 1h 54m 18s

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