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Tanner would pet Nyx once he moved around in circles, fascinated by the puppy. Usually, animals didn’t like him very much. Ara smiled seeing that they were getting along. Nyx was still a little cautious but he didn’t bother Tanner. Ara had taken off her coat and would hold Queen in her arms for a while.

Tanner laughed when he said he didn’t know the half of it but, for some reason, he wondered if he was really telling truth “What’s the half of it?” He asked.

She gave the suggestion of eating. Then…Tanner called her fat.

It upset her. Ara looked down at her body and wondered if she did gain weight elsewhere than her stomach and chest. She hated the idea of looking fast. [b “You don’t know that.” ] Ara said. Tanner rose a brow and wondered why he would think he was exaggerating.

“She has some extra fat in her stomach. I’m not exaggerating. We can exercise later together Ara.” Tanner mentioned and Ara looked so offended. She’s never been told that before and it hurt. But…he only talked about her stomach. And she knew their baby would take up space. Ara held her frown. Sylus tried to wrap his arms around her and tell her she was beautiful. [b “Am I? Because I look fat apparently.” ] Ara said.

“Not fat,” Tanner corrected, sitting down, “It looks like a pretty firm bump…” He’d pause for a second and meet Ara’s eyes. He’s never…seen her lose sight of her appearance. He squinted but didn’t want to dissect it right now.

Klara would sit down too next to Tanner, “She exercises.” She couldn’t help but wish to ask about his missions, his duties and see what more advise she could get from him. Ara had Sylus leaning to give her another kiss but she still felt quite down. She’d feel over her bump and knew in a few months that she would really look pregnant. And…it was hitting her and how that freaked her out. Forget about giving birth. She felt herself become pale at just how scary all of that sounded. She got a little dizzy thinking about it. She’d sit down and try to take it in again that her body was going to be accommodating a baby. How would she even tell Tanner? He’d be so angry. And how could she go through with this? This was terrifying.

She kept feeling overwhelmed, [b “I will be back in a few minutes.” ] Ara said, and head up stairs, trying to calm her nerves, and even from being called fat.

“Tanner, Ara’s sensitive this week… It’s best not to tell her,” Klara mentioned.
Tanner would release a yawn and wonder why, “Did something happen?”
“Something will…” Klara mumbled and ate with him because she could never get enough food.
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When they picked up Tanner, it was clear that they were both really excited to see him after such a long time. HE looked like the same Tanner they'd spend so much time with. Sylus was pretty excited another guy from the facility was here so he could do some guy things with Tanner and have him show him some new set of skills and maybe work out together.

HE drove them back to the house, helping Tanner bring down his suitcase and then heading inside. He saw their pets rushing over and Klara on the couch as Nyx glared at Tanner, not knowing who this person was. He relaxed in ARa's arms, but when she brought him to Tanner, he licked his hand and then he relaxed a bit, but then he went over to Sylus, hopping up onto his leg.

Sylus rubbed his head [b "It's okay boy. It's a friend"] he rubbed his head and Nyx relaxed even more as he circled around Tanner and then allowed him to sit at the table. Sylus glanced back at his nudge and laughed [b "Haha, you don't know the half of it"] he winked and teased him a bit, not wanting to tell him about the threesome they had.

Sylus grabbed some leftover toast, eggs, and sausage, plating it for Tanner and then letting him enjoy until he heard him ask about Ara slacking. He saw Ara's frown and he knew for a fact that telling her she gained weight was a no no. [b "Ar, you're not. Tan's exaggerating"] he nudged Tanner's shoulder and then he walked over and wrapped his arms around her waist. [b "Love, you're beautiful"] he kissed her cheek, finding her attractive just because she was carrying their baby. He didn't know if they should tell Tanner though. It didn't seem like ARa was capable of telling him yet. THey should let him relax and get comfortable a bit more.

He asked Klara if she ate already, grabbing another plate for her as well. HE then set it down on the table and looked over at Ara, leaning in to give her another kiss, not wanting her to be upset by all of this.
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They waited at the airport arrival. She’d talk with Sylus until she saw Tanner. She held him, feeling so good to see him. She led the guys say hello to each other. “Thanks man. I have missed you both.”

They went into the car. Tanner would put his suitcase back. Ara sat in the back and let them talk for a while. She was trying to come up with a way she could tell Tanner. She knew he’d be angry… Tanner would tell Sylus about how restricting it was, and how he had to be on guard at all times. He didn’t like it very much. “I miss bodyguarding Ara.” Tanner admitted and looked back at her, “You seem much happier.”

[b “I am right now.” ] Ara said.

They’d arrive back home. Ara opened the door and there two pets got excited. Queen recognized Tanner when Tanner bent over and let Queen sniff him. Nyx on the other hand seemed to be on guard.
Ara walked in and would pick Nyx up and snuggle him in, [b “Hey little one, calm down it’s just Tanner. You’ve never met Tanner before right? How about we say hello.” ] Ara said.
Tanner was interested in the puppy, “This is Nyx…” He’d reach out his hand and Nyx was still looking to be protective of Ara. But then he’d lean and sniff Tanner and lick his hand. Ara would give Nyx a kiss for being at least friendly for now.

“This house is filled huh,” Tanner laughed. Then he saw Klara, getting up and giving a half smile, “Good to see you again Tanner.”
Tanner smiled back at her, “Yea, are you doing well here?”
Klara nodded, “It’s been a lot of work but fun. We always eat good food.” Klara couldn’t help but watch Tanner in with admiration. He’s been so successful and she admired how he’d handle situations. Yet, he was still calm, and showed emotion when he was with his friends.

[b “Tan, you must be hungry. Why don’t you settle down and eat? We’ll get you something.” ] Ara mentioned.
“Yea, I am hungry,” Tanner admitted, stretching out his arms because it was a long flight. He’d look back at Sylus and nudge him, “Two girls in one house, you’re lucky.” He was only teasing. Then he noticed Ara’s tummy wasn’t as flat as it used to be, “Ara, maybe we should be doing some exercise to work that stomach out. Have you been slacking?” Tanner asked.

Ara frowned, and then realized he called her fat. She instantly looked really sad. Klara’s eyes widened and she locked her mouth shut because she didn’t know why they wanted to tell.
“No, I haven’t…” Ara mumbled “I can’t control it.”
“Of course you can. You need to stay in shape.” Tanner reminded.
Her eyes warmed a bit. [b “I am in shape.” ] She said, [b “Actually, I’m… I’m…um…” ] Ara decided she couldn’t say it. [b “nevermind…” ] Ara mumbled, feeling quite down now.
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He was close to her and couldn't help but smile. They had the same dream together and he knew they were getting one step closer to it. He held his breath, wrapping his arms around her waist, hugging her close as he smiled.

They spent time together in their bedroom, arms tangled around each other, bodies pressed close, and lips on each other. He was loving every moment he could spend with her like this without having to worry about someone taking her away. HE was more confident now that she wouldn't choose anyone else because they were having a baby together.

Sylus felt her lips and then he slowly woke up beside her. He went into the closet and then he changed into jeans and a shirt, putting on a jacket as he went down to make some breakfast. WHen he saw their pets, he fed them and worked on making some toast for all of them before they went to the airport.

Sylus heard Klara and he offered her some food. He finished up his food and then he got up. [b "We'll see you later Klar"] he got up and then he went to the car, getting into the driver's seat and then he took her to the airport.

When they headed inside, he waited with Ara and when they spotted Tanner, he grinned happily. They saw him and he hurried over, giving him a handshake and a shoulder pat. He smiled and was glad he was doing okay. [b "We are. We've been spending a lot of time together. You look great Tan. I'm glad you're doing alright!"] he smiled and then he decided to take a few days off for Tan's visit.

They headed back to the car and Sylus would ask about how his missions were guarding Ara's father and how his personal life was. He got back into the driver's seat and took them back to their home, feeling happy to see him.
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She needed him to be near. She’d release a soft smile when she thought about Sylus he rand their baby hugging. She couldn’t help but feel happy that they’d get a little peak at their dream together. [b “Me too.” ] Ara said.

He carried her to their room. She found love in him. She took al lof his touches and love and gave him the same in return. That night was filled with love. She woke up feeling warm and good. She didn’t want to budge out of his arms. She’d kiss his chest. Then she remembered what they had to do. Ara rose slowly. She’d crawl over and change into a pair of jeans and a sweater. She grabbed a scarf for herself in the closet.

She went downstairs with him and couldn’t help but feel hungry. [b “I’m okay. I’d like that.” ] Ara said. She’d give their pets kisses and then would eat with Sylus quickly. Klara had came down and saw they were eating and looking like they were ready to go. She rose a brow and then yawned “Are you going somewhere?
[b “We’re picking up Tanner.” ] Ara mentioned. Kara grabbed toast and glanced back at her, “Tanner is coming here?”
Ara smiled and nodded [b “You guys got a long last time I remember.” ] Ara mentioned and then rose up from her seat [b “Let’s go Sy.” ] Ara said.
Klara looked more interested than usual, “Is he staying here?”
[b “Only for a few days-I think.” ] Ara said and would grab her white winter jacket. She’d put on her hat. She knew she needed to stay real warm. She’d then went to the car with Sylus. She let SSylus drive them to the airport. They would wait for him and Ara held his hand and talked about her videogame to him. Then she saw Tanner come out. Ara beamed and Tanner got excited seeing the two of them too. Ara went over to hug Tanner [b “I missed you so much.”]
“I missed you too.” Tanner grinned and then would even give Sylus half a hug “Good to see you Sylus. You two look really happy.”
Ara locked her mouth for a second, knowing it would be bad to break out the news right now. [b “We are. I’ve missed you… We’re going to be going out while you’re here, okay?” ] Ara said, getting excited. She let the boys talk for a while, walking towards the car.
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He didn't know if telling Kai would be a good thing or not, but he knew he wouldn't say a think if Ara asked him not to. It wasn't his information to tell after all. As long as their baby was safe, that was all he wanted. [b "Me too. You're the only one I want in my arms and our soon to come baby"] he smiled, wanting to think positive about it all.

He hugged her and carried her into his arms, carrying her up to their room as he laid her back against the bed. They both laid together, clothes soon came off and then he felt Ara's hands on his. He touched her warm skin and then he took off the rest of her clothes [b "Mmm, my Love is so sexy"] he chuckled and then he pressed his lips against her neck.

They were soon both nude and he would feel her fingers along his skin, his lips pressing down her body as they both were turned on. They touched each other and let their skin touch as the night continued. They made sweet love until Sylus soon slept after, not wanting to wake in the morning. When he felt lips and warmth on his skin, he slowly opened his eyes and felt her lips on his chest. [b "Mmmm"] he shifted and then he felt her tap. [b "Huh? Oh right. Let's get ready"] he slowly got up, yawning softly as he headed into the bathroom. He washed up and then he changed into some blue jeans, a vneck shirt and then his winter coat. He waited for Ara, wondering if she was okay.

[b "You okay Love? I'll make us some food real quick before we leave"] he headed down the stairs and greeted their pets, rubbing their heads and refilling their food bowls. When he was ready, he cooked up some toast, jam, and some quick eggs, plating them and waiting for Ara to come back.
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She felt a little concerned about mentioning that she was pregnant to Kai but she also didn’t want to just vanish from him. [b “mmm…I suppose.” ] Ara said. She had to think about it. She wanted to keep their baby safe above all. She would pout and he would kiss her. It was so sweet. [b “They definitely shouldn’t.” ] Ara said [b “I want you in my arms.” ] Ara said. She was hugged, and he gave her a massage. It felt really nice.

Sylus held her up. She held her eyes on his. He laid her back and she felt the excitement brew in her. She felt over his chest, loving how hard it was against her fingertips. She rided up his shirt until it was off. “Mmmm…” Ara moaned. She admired him, seeing his body and then her fingertips went to his boxers. She’d tug on them. [b “I love it so much,” ] She whispered. She met his eyes until he kissed her neck. Ara closed her eyes and fell into the daze. She’d remove his pants, getting the two of them nude. She allowed him to tug her shorts. She’d hold him. Her fingers going down his back, nails digging in slightly. She moaned when he kissed her shoulder…down her chest.

“Mmm…” Ara watched him spread her legs, her thigh being rubbed. The both became fully undressed and made love to each other. Sylus was so passionate and gentle with her. She melted into his touch and surrounded her naked body in his arms when they finished. She’d fall asleep in an instant, taking all the warmth she could get from him. She loved this feeling and it was a perfect ending to a beautiful night.

She woke earlier in the morning but she didn’t budge. She’d fit her leg in between his and pressed her forehead against his chest. She’d give his chest kisses. She'd still reamain there, dreaming of good things. Then she remembered. Her eyes widened. She'd tap Sylus shoulder [b "Darling, we need to pick up tanner." ] Ara mentioned. She'd check her messages and it didn't look like he arrived yet. She'd wipe her eyes, feeling the stress. Then she felt kind of sick. But it wasn't coming through.
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He sighed a bit. [b "I guess we could tell him that you're pregnant. We just have to be sure that he doesn't say a thing about it"] he hoped that he didn't. If his mother found out that he had a baby on the way, she'd get her hands on him, but he wouldn't let her. Not after what she did to him.

He saw her cute pout and then he kissed her lips. [b "They're not going to take me away from you sexy"] he hugged her in his arms, kissing her lips and then he would massage her chest, rubbing and hoping to make her feel better as he met her eyes. He pressed his lips against her skin and then he held her up in his arms. He carried her all the way to the bedroom and then he met her eyes, laying her back against the bed.

He loved her so much and coming home to her always made him really happy. HE grew excited to see their little baby and her together. She was going to have his baby. He found that side of her so attractive. Sylus pressed his lips against hers, feeling her slowly taking off his shirt. He could see the sexy look in her eyes, wanting him and wanting to love him. [b "You're the sexiest Love"] he smiled and then he leaned in and helped her take it off. He saw her blue eyes scanning him from head to toe. [b "Do you love what you see Ar"] he leaned in, pressing his lips against her neck and then slowly taking off her shirt as well.

He had her top off and then he would tug her pants down, leaving her in her underwear as he wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her closer. He pressed his lips against her shoulder and then down her chest, his hand gliding down, rubbing her thigh gently as he spread her legs.
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[b “Like getting pregnant?” ] Ara sighed, not sure what they could even use. She could lie and say she was at the hospital but at the same time…he’d probably want to visit. She worried if they ran into him. It was calming to have Sylus fingers going through her hair. He was such a big comfort to her.

She pouted when he said he knew. She wanted to make sure he could be with her. [b “Most likely you will be…I still need someone to protect me for a year off. But…Sy, if they won’t let you stay, I will put my money in you. I don’t like risking it.” ] To think of it made her stress. He was holding her, and kissing her. She felt so loved by him. She got him to massage his chest, but that turned both of them on.

She’d react to his soft lips on her smooth skin, moaning and melting to his touch. She didn’t like the idea of her boobs getting bigger. She was average, but the extra weight would suck. She’d enjoy his lips going down her chest. She’d feel underneath his shirt… Ara smiled, feeling him kiss her baby bump. She’d smile to hear that he wanted to go as well. Her body felt all sorts of warm. This evening was romantic and she couldn’t help but want to get intimate in bed with him.

“Oh!” Ara said when he lifted her up. She held onto him and found it so cute. He carried her to the bed. Ara lay back, her eyes never leaving his body. She grew excited seeing how focused he was on her too. Ara was mesmerized by his beautiful eyes and the sound of his voice. She loved so much of him. Ara kissed his soft lips. She’d slide her hand again underneath his shirt, feeling the mix of rough and smooth texture. Her Sylus… She blushed a bit, always liking the feeling that she was having something of his right now. Sylus pulled in her in.

[b “Mine too…you’re so sexy.” ] She’d say to him. He’d feel his hands going down to her ass, his chest against hers. Her heart was pounding against her chest. The world closed up, and it was only the two of them. She could feel her body aching to get lost in the night together. She’d moan again when held her pelvis against his. She’d met his eyes, her eyes already in a daze. He was so arousing… Ara rolled up his shirt with one hand, “Off…I want it off.” Ara said softly and would use her other hand to help him do it. It was clear that she was so in love when she looked at his eyes and down his body. Looking like she got the best gift ever.
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He thought about Kai and he's been spending a lot of time with ARa. It would be sad to just disappear and not even let him know about it. He sighed a bit [b "Yeah, we can figure it out. Something that you could do for about a few months. THen maybe he wouldn't be upset about it or sad"] he brushed his fingers through her hair. There was a lot they needed to focus on.

He told her not to spend money on him and her words made him smile [b "I know Love. I want to be there everyday. I'll do my best to make sure that happens. Let's just hope I stay as your guard after this mission"] he hugged her and pressed his lips against her own. HE felt her pressed against him and then he would relax and fall into her arms.

He massaged her chest and he kissed her lips, moving down her neck to her collarbone, enjoying the softness of her bare skin. [b "I don't mind. It's kind of sad though. I'll have to share these with someone else"] he teased her and kissed her chest as he felt her warm hands move under his shirt. He relaxed and pressed his lips further down her chest, kissing over her baby bump as he smiled [b "Me too. Let's go"] he lifted her in his arms and then he carried her up the stairs to their bedroom, laying her against the bed. He crawled over her and kissed her lips once more, laying in bed beside her as he pulled her in and draped his leg around her waist. [b "These days are my favorite days"] he admitted, holding her ass as he pressed his chest against hers, his hand gliding into her pants as he rubbed over her ass and held her pelvis against his.
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She pouted, feeling quite bad that she couldn’t give Kai an explanation. [b “I feel quite bad. I don’t want to just disappear on him and make him worry. Maybe I can come up with a better excuse. ] She wasn’t sure. She felt his fingers into her hair. There was so much to think about but Sylus giving her the comfort she needed made her feel more at ease.

[b It’s not just about you, it’s about our family. I want you to be here with me, with us.” ] Ara said, because it was a concern. She wanted him here. She had saved because she needed money to help take down the facility down but even getting just Sylus was expensive… She knew a baby would be quite the expense too.
They were snuggling. His lips were so good and thet wo of them melted into each other. They’d relax and dshare the warmth. She smiled into him. She hoped this would end well. [b “Yea…” ] Ara said and enjoyed his fingers around her breast. She’d relax and feel the soreness ease away…and at the same time turn her on. She’d kiss his neck and then kiss his lips. She’d moan when he’d play with her. She’d blush a bit, “Is it… Ahh, I don’t really want them to get bigger.” She pouted.

Sylus licked her lips. They’d shared their tongues. She’d moan into his lips and press her legs tighter. Her fingers would sneak beneath his shirt to feel his bare chest. Then she noticed Sylus hands going down her back to her ass. She’d meet his pretty eyes. “Mmm…” Ara nodded, feeling the need to be with him. She’d feel his lips on her chest, going down her tummy. “Ahmmm…Sy. I’m so warm…” She’d feel the craving for their love grow. “Let’s…go to our bed.” Ara said and raise up. She wondered if he’d still be attracted to her when her baby bump wasn’t just a small bump anymore. She felt that he would be still.
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He did really like the house they lived in right now. IT became their home and it's been feeling like their home for the past few months. Nyx and Queen were always here waiting for them and occasionally they'd see Klara. It was how he wanted his permanent home to feel like.

[b "I know Love, we don't want this getting out and he's probably going to wonder soon why you cant hang out with him for a while when you get bigger"] he brushed his fingers through her hair, seeing her thinking about something really hard. His eyes would glance over and he held his breath. He kind of had an idea of what she was thinking about, so he told her not to. [b "I don't want you spending money on me"] he kissed her cheek. IT was sweet she contemplated hard about it, but he did want to be free sooner or later. He'd prefer ARa spending that money on their baby though.

He stayed on the couch with her, wrapping his arms around her waist. HE would press his lips against hers, relax into her touch and then he smiled [b "I know, but we've gotten this far. I think we just have to keep it up and we'll see what happens"] he reached up and let his fingers wrap around her breasts. He massaged them slowly, rubbing and moving them in circles. He would then meet her eyes, slowly getting turned on as he felt her lips on his neck [b "Mmm"] he held her close and would play with her the tips of her chest, feeling that they were getting larger [b "Mmm, Love you're getting bigger here"] he teased.

He then licked her lips and then he let his tongue twirl into her mouth as he sucked on her lip. [b "Should we head up to their room"] he asked, running his hands down her back, over her ass as he pressed his lips against her chest, slowly moving down to her tummy.
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She did enjoy this house but it would be a better idea to find a new place. ]
That means we should probably start looking for places in another month or so.” ] Ara said, knowing it would take some work. She nodded about Klara only knowing right now. [b “I feel kind of bad…that we’ll be here and we can’t say much to Kai.” ] Because he had been good to them. But she wasn’t so sure it was a bright idea bringing him into this either.

She remembered being told that Sylus would be her bodyguard more permanently, so she hoped that would stay true. And if twasn’t…she’d find a way to keep him by her side. She looked upset his eyes and it sounded like he could guess what she was thinking about doing. [b “How…? But…okay. I won’t, for now.” ] Ara said. She just want’ed him there with her when she had their baby.

The sofa was warm. She felt content and she felt so much love radiating from him. She couldn’t get enough of his soft lips, and the warmth that was growing. They’ve been intimate over the span of the few weeks but it was less frequently than she liked. She didn’t want that to fade away. She loved his touch. She’d smile against his lips. “Mmm, we will. I hope…we can have this baby. Still…we don’t know yet.” ] Ara said. She’d feel more comfortable if it had past three months.

She got him to massage her chest. She asked it for other reasons than soreness, but it was sore-so she got to hit two birds with one stone. She’d relax into his chest, feeling him give her massage and bump them. Ara kissed his neck, soft kisses trialing up to his chin. He’d direct himself to kiss her lips. She’d kiss him deeply and parted her lips to share her tongue again. This all felt so romantic… It had been a nice day. She’d get a little turned on from him massaging her chest. It did ease the soreness too though. They were getting bigger. Ara would rub his chest slowly, and would playfully lick his upper lip. She met his eyes and then sucked on his bottom lip gently before kissing him again.
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Sylus agreed. He never had any sentimental parents and the only one who really showed him any sentimental side is Ara. He fell for her a little too quickly. [b "I'm sure that at least here, we'll be safe and we'll be protected. If anything I think you're right. We should find a new house and minimize the amount of people that know we're here. The only one we'd tell right now would be Klara"] he suggested and hoped that aRa would be safer that way.

He didn't know if he'd be immediately removed and go onto a different mission after this one, but he was planning to extend it as long as he could into Ara's pregnancy as possible so he could be with her. If only he could be her guard for a longer amount of time. He thought of another idea [b "Ar....don't spend your money on me okay? I want to keep every bit of our resources to supporting our little baby. I'll make sure to stay by your side as much as I can"] he promised her.

He sat beside her on the couch, enjoying her warmth and touch, holding her close. He kissed her cheek and then he would make out with her, feeling that warmth bloom in his chest. [b "We will. More than our parents ever loved us. Our miracle baby"] he took a sip of warm hot chocolate and shared it with her, getting a bit excited to see Tanner. [b "Mmm, you got ii Love"] he leaned into her hand and then he reached up and massaged her chest slowly, circling and pumping them a bit to make them feel less sore. Sylus was enjoying this a little too much, but lips kept kissing hers because he was getting so turned on.
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[b “I wish our parents had a sentimental spot for us.” ] Ara whispered. She didn’t like what Kiyoshi has done but she respected that he was willing to change how they were doing things. She knew there was no hope to make her father do the same.

Ara liked the idea of having there baby here. She felt much safer then other places they’ve visited. She wanted a safe place for their baby to come into. She felt good that Sylus thought the same. [b “Me too. It’s what we need right now. We just need to decide if we’ll be staying in this house or finding a new one.” ] She knew it would be a bit difficult. In the event they tried to pull Sylus away, she wanted to hopefully get her dad to sell Sylus to her. IT would make her feel more at ease but it was also very expensive and she would be out of money in no time. Maybe she could convince her dad just to give Sylus to her…

They were snuggling together on the sofa. After seeing their first snow together, it…all blended in so perfectly. She felt warm…and it felt so romantic. She sat on his lap, Sylus holding her in. She couldn’t help but want to kiss him. She passionately made out with him, got into the rhythm of their kissing. His lips were soft and inviting. “Mmmm, yes.” ] Ara said. He held her close.

Ara couldn’t contain her smile imagining what their baby would be like. [b “They could… We will love them so much.” ] Ara said. She knew they would give their baby as much love as they were able to with there situation. Sylus pulled her in, and then he’d drink his hot chocolate. She’d rest her head on his shoulder. She giggled when he dabbed cream on her nose. She’d take it and lick it off her finger. [b “Mmm…we can. He arrives really early morning.” ] She mentioned and moaned slightly when he kissed her neck. She would caress his chest and then stroke through his hair. She loved getting kisses and love from him.

Ara drew his hand to her chest, “It’s a bit sore.” Ara said.
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