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He did want to see more pictures of ARa when she was a baby or around Arlus' age. He would think to see if his mom had any pictures and he sent her a quick text to find out.

WHen Ara talked about a little girl, Sylus smiled [b "It would be really nice to have a little boy and a little girl"] he chuckled and would imagine a little girl that looked like Ara at the facility. HE knew she'd be adorable like little Arly. [b "I can't wait for him to say daddy. Right Arlus. Dada?"] he spoke and would see him suck on his bottle more. [b "Soon enough"] he smiled and would see the couple approaching.

HIs eyes went to them and felt wary, but Ara allowed it. HE saw them set up their blanket beside their own and they laid their daughter on her tummy with ARlus. Arlus was full and content as he babbled away, looking curiously at the girl.

"Your little boy is adorable. He definitely looks like his dad. THis is Karla. She's our first baby" the man said as he helped Karla sit up too. When ARlus patted her leg, she'd clap her hands and would pat Arlus' leg too. THe two babbled and would crawl around the blanket as Sylus sat beside Ara and spoke with the parents.

They talked about how hold they were, how nervous they were being first time parents, and would mention some stories about Karla. Sylus would keep an eye on Arlus, not wanting anything to happen to him. He took out his blocks and let the two play together.

[b "Arlus is only four months and he can already sit up"] he said so proudly to the other parents.
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[b “It would be, wouldn’t it?” ] Ara smiled a bit. Ara looked bac at him, unsure about him even talking to his mom. But…she did want to see if she did have any baby pictures. She would love to see them. [b “I’d want to see them.” ] Ara said.

Thinking about a girl…how nice would it have been.

Arly was enough. She was so happy to have him. The first baby born out someone from the facility. He was hope. Ara tilted her head, slightly smiling, [b “You think?” ] Ara said. She fed Sylus a strawberry. He heard Arlus whine and she’d lift up, to feed him his bottle. Ara pouted [b “Awe, I would love to hear his little voice say that.” ] Ara said, [b “Can you say it Arly? Mommy?” ] Ara said to him. He kept drinking. Ara giggled [b “I think he will before we…separate for a while.” ]

Arlus giggled as Sylus tickled his tummy. Ara giggled too, thinking it was so adorable. His sunglasses even fell off. Ara helped them back on. A couple came forward. Sylus got up and Ara let him take care of it. They had a cute baby girl. Ara peeked down at Arly who looked up at her too, sunglasses fallen off again. [b “Um, I think it’s okay.” ] Ara nodded. She didn’t mind of Arly had someone to babble too.

[b “Hi.” ] Ara said to the couple. “This is our son Arly. He’s four months old too.” ] Ara helped Arly on the blanket and he’d be sitting up. Ara saw the girl and couldn’t help but feel a little jealous. She wished she could have a boy and a girl. But…she wouldn’t dare, not right now. But she’d look at Sylus like he had to promise her to have a girl one day. Arly babble and looked at the baby girl curiously. He’d suck on his finger. He’d tried to reach to pat.
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Sylus was eating a few strawberries, taking a few deep breaths as he looked out at the other kids playing in the park. He would see them laughing and giggling and he remembered being able to play with ARa in his room at the facility. IT was so much fun. He saw Arly squirming around on the picnic blanket and he'd rub his back gently, soon lifting him up and resting on his lap.

[b "It'd be nice to see some baby pictures of us. Maybe I'll text my mom and see if she still carried any"] he shrugged and then he would imagine having a baby girl. She'd look as adorable as Ara and would be the sweetest thing. He did want to have another, but hoped their lives could die down too. THey still had a facility to take down.

Sylus ran his fingers through ARly's hair and he'd grin [b "He'll be crawling maybe in like two weeks"] he chuckled and would take in the strawberry she offered him. They'd eat up the snacks and when ARlus started to whine, he'd chuckle [b "It's okay little guy. Mommy will feed you"] he lifted him up and gave him to Ara as he drank from his bottle. [b "Can you imagine him saying mommy and daddy soon? I'm excited"] he grinned, wanting to hear him say that.

[b "Arly, do you love mommy and daddy?"] he asked, running his fingers through his hair and then he would tickle his tummy. He saw someone approaching them. Sylus would slowly get up and walked towards them first, [b "Can I help you?"] he asked, folding his arms over his chest, not wanting anyone to bother his wife and son.

"I just saw that you three looked pretty comfortable. We have a four month year old and thought maybe they could play together?" a tall guy with blonde hair and green guys asked. His wife also came over, taking a peek at Ara and Arlus. "HE's adorable. Only if you two want" she asked and Sylus would look back at Ara. He didn't sense any harm from these two, but he wasn't sure if he should let anyone get so close to their baby.

[b "What do you think Ar?"] he asked, looking them over and then Sylus looking at the baby girl in his arms.
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[b “Yes he does.” ] Ara cooed to Arly, hearing him giggle to Sylus and then to her. He was so cute. She would cup his little cheeks and kiss the top of his head. Arly was adorable. Ara imagined Sylus looking just like Arly as a baby, with his amber eyes.
[b “I do. I have them back at home. I’ll get Allister to find them when he goes back, so we can look at them.” ] Ara said.

Arlus wasn’t being fussy with her changing him thankfully. She imagined a little girl. How cute…she’d be. Ara blushed a bit, thinking about having a girl one day. [b “Mmm, he would. It would be really nice.” ] Ara said. She hoped that Arly didn’t have to grow up without them for too long.


It was a beautiful day. Sylus had his arm around her waist. She leaned into him, seeing Arly trying to really scoot. It was adorable. He was progressing a bit. Ara giggled [b “Yea, he really is. I bet he’d crawl earlier than normal.” ] Ara said. Ara combed through Arlus hair while Sylus sat him on his lap. She’d feel the warm breeze and enjoy just being there together.

Sylus fed her strawberries too. She’d take a bite, [b “Mmm, yum, thank you.” ] Ara said. She took one strawberry and put it at Sylus’ lips too. Ara smiled when they got the comopliments. [b “Me too.” ] Ara said, and would rub Sylus arm once he leaned into her shoulder.
Ara saw Arlus pointing at her while she took a bite out of a strawberry. Ara shook her head at him. Arlus whined a bit, his little face making a slight upset expression. Ara shook her head, he whined a bit more. He tried to reach out and he’d look like he’d cry. Ara tapped his nose, “Okay baby, I’ll give you something to eat at least.” Ara said and would take out his bottle for him. She put it at his lips and he would start drinking from it. Ara would take a quick picture. [b “I can’t believe, one day Arly will be able to talk.” ] Ara said.
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He looked at their little boy and he'd tickle his stomach [b "He needs to stay warm and snug. Right Arly?"] he asked and would hear him giggle. Sylus would get dressed and thought about if he had any photos of when he was a young boy. Maybe his mom did....still he didn't want to ask that woman for anything.

He nodded [b "Yeah, it was fun. Do you still have those pictures?"] he wondered and then he would remember how cute Ara was as a child. She was so sweet and nice to him back then, even now. [b "Me too. Having a little girl would be great. Little Arly would have to look after his little sister"] he smiled and would see ARlus soon dressed up.

Sylus took them to the park and he'd walk with them to a shady spot to set up the blanket. When Arlus was put onto the blanket, he would look around curiously. He'd wrap his arm around ARa's waist and look down at Arlus trying to move. [b "You can do it ARly. You're strong!"] he assured him and watched ARly scoot forward, making progress. Sylus would smile and glance back at Ara [b "He's growing up so fast Love, look at him"] he saw Arlus lay on his tummy as if he was tired.

SYlus lifted him into his lap and would let him relax on his stomach. He'd give him a stuffed toy and he would nibble on it and shake it in his hands. He'd babble and Sylus would bring out a bag of snacks as he opened up a container of fruits. [b "Here Love"] he offered Ara some strawberries and would see a few couples coming by, seeing Arlus in his hoodie and sunglasses. They'd compliment them and a few others kept watching them.

Sylus watched curiously at the people looking, but he could tell they were just normal people. He'd feed Ara more fruit and then he would lean his head into her shoulder. [b "Mmm, I needed a day like today. I miss being around you and our little family"] he admitted, hearing Arlus white. He would point to Ara, probably wanting to eat something too.
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[b “Mmm, it would be nice to bring him out. Just got to make sure he’s head his covered.” ] Ara said and figured she could grab Arlus’ little sunglasses too. Hearing Sylus not having made her frown. [b “I brought my camera one day, remember? I took pictures of you but you were seven then. I was hoping to see you as a toddler.” ] Ara said and felt doubt at Sylus’ mom would have pictures of him. She wondered if their family’s crossed lives when they were babies if her mom had taken any pictures.

Ara gently smiled when he kissed her cheek, [b “Mmm, I was wasn’t I?” ] She giggled. She had pictures of herself being small. [b “Ah, but little me didn’t always dress so nice once I grew a little older.” ] Because she had grown out of the clothes her mom gave her. [b “I hope later in our life we’ll get to have a little girl. I’d love to dress her up.” ] Ara thought.

Ara helped Arlus into his hoodie. [b “Maybe it’s not such a good thing to get too much attention though.” ] Ara mentioned. He would put on Arlus’ grey hat and a pair of sunglasses on him. She would help him in his booties. Too. Ara changed into her grey dress. She came out hearing Arlus babble to Sylus.

Ara grinned, [b “I bet he really is.” ] She took a deep breath, enjoying the moment of her baby and her husband in front of her. They all matched. [b “I’m so happy.” ] Her eyes warmed up, and she could just cry of happiness. Sylus picked up Arlus.

[b “Mmm, let’s do that.” ] Ara said. Sylus gave Arlus to her. Ara snuggled Arlus and spoke to him. She loved how he clinged onto her. They went downstairs. Ara buckled up Arlus. She told everone in the house that they were going to have some family time.

They arrived at the park shortly. Ara pushed the stroller until they reached a shady spot. Ara set up a blanket for them. She helped Arlus out and let him rest on his tummy on the blanket. He was curiously looking around and trying to move forward but didn’t budge much. Ara would squeeze Sylus hand while sitting, [b “I think Arlus likes it.” ] Arlus squealed and he would really try to move forward. [b “Oh Arly, soon enough you will.”] Ara said. Arly whined and would manage to actually scoot himelf ahead a bit, moving at the pace of a turtle.
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He loved waking up to his beloved ARa and their precious little boy. He fed Ara and ate with her in bed, trying to make sure little ARly didn't eat anything he wasn't supposed to. Once Sy got the pancake out of his mouth, he kissed his cheek [b "You're still too tiny for that cutie"] he chuckled and would soon let him rest with Ara as he nodded. [b "He could also use some sun and the outdoors"] he saw him want the pancake [b "You just ate little one"] he chuckled and would style his hair a bit.

THeir little family was perfect and even after helping out Klara, that didn't change. He loved their family so much. [b "I don't have any....I don't really have anything from before the facility. But I do have the pictures you drew me. I mean, you did get to see little me. Little ARa was adorable"] he kissed her cheek.

When they got up to get ready, he smiled [b "I like that hoodie. He'll get everyone's attention"] he smirked a bit and would rub ARlus' head. Sylus went to change into some grey shorts and a white vneck shirt. He put on a button up black shirt and rolled up his sleeves as he waited for Ara. When Ara got ready, he stayed with Arlus on the bed, seeing him babble as Sylus spoke to him. [b "You excited huh Arly. We get to go outside and play at the park"] he smiled and would see ARa looking beautiful. [b "Oooh, there's my Love, looking cute"] he hugged her and lifted Arlus into his arms.

[b "Let's bring his blocks a stuffed animal, maybe even his squishy ball"] he let ARlus into ARa's arms and he went to grab a bag, filling it with ARlus' toys, some formula, and even some diapers and wipes. ONce they were ready, Sylus would head to the garage with them, putting in ARlus' stroller in the trunk as he let ARa buckle him in.


Soon enough, they were at the park. The sun was shining, there were a few people there. SOme kids were playing at the playground, others were walking their pets or just taking a walk. Sylus set up ARly in his stroller and carried the bag and a large blanket.

HE held ARa's hand and would walk with them to a shady spot beneath the trees. It was still close enough to the park to hear the kids laughing, but still open and Sylus was able to observe and keep an eye out.
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Home felt much more complete when Sylus was here. She felt good this morning. There was Arlus, Sy and the food he made. She felt secure, and that they could take this on together. “Thank you.” Ara said with a smile to him. Arlus was being an adorable little baby. She kissed Arly’s cheek, [b “You should be full then shouldn’t you be Arly?” ] Ara asked.

Ara nodded [b “Let’s take him to a park. We haven’t in a while. Arly could use some sight seeing.” ] Ara said and ate the pancake. Then ARlus just took it from Sylus mouth. Ara would try but failed. Sylus tickled Arly and took it out of his mouth. Ara sighed [b “Yea we shouldn’t… He sees us eating and wants to try too.” ] Ara said and patted Arlus little head. He watched curiously and looked at Ara’s pancake. He reached. Ara would try to quickly finish it up.

Ara looked back and saw Arly sitting on Sylus lap. Sy even fed her a bit. IT made her really happy. Ara giggled, seeing Sylus holding Arlus [b “Definitely like twins.” ] Ara said, admiring the two of them. Arly like a little mini Sylus, with a blend of her in him. It made her feel so content. They looked so cute together. Their family… She got up too and when Sylus reached out, she took him in her arms. She rocked him and kissed his cheek. He babbled to her and snuggled in. Ara smiled at Arly, just watching him and then tapping his little nose. [b “He’s so cute. I wish I could see baby pictures of you too.” ] Ara said to Sy.

Ara pondered [b “What should we wear today Arly?” ] Ara asked and looked back at Sylus [b “How about his dino romper with the hood?” ] Ara suggested. She felt a tug on her hair and noticed Arlus trying to put her hair in his mouth. Ara would pull it back. [b “Let’s get you changed.”] Ara said. She placed him on the bed, and would grab his clothes. She helped him change and kissed his little tummy, [b “You’re so perfect.” ] Ara said to him.

[b “I’m going to go change and use the bathroom.” ] Ara told Sy. She went to kiss his hceek and wen tto the bathroom. She fixed her hair, combing through, and doing it half up. She wore a fairly lose grey dress. She accessorized it with a golden necklace too. She planned on wearing sandals when they went outside.

She came out, and saw Arly on his tummy watching Sylus. Ara smiled, feeling so happy to be with just him and Arly. [b “Should we figure out what we’ll bring to the park?” ]
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Sylus didn't want to leave ARa's side when he woke. HE knew that she would be upset if she woke up and he wasn't there again. She has been through a lot without him and he knew that as Arlus' father, he had a job to do. He also needed to raise their little boy.

After he made them breakfast, he'd carry Arly and would head back up to their bedroom, setting the tray of food down on her bedside and then laying in bed with Arly.

Arlus was so happy to be with Sylus again. HIs giggles sounded so happy as he lifted him up into the air. Sylus would kiss his tummy, feeling ARly trying to grab his hair. WHen he heard ARa's voice, he'd look over, seeing her smile as he enjoyed her kisses. He set ARlus down in between them and they snuggled together until ARa found the food.

Once they ate, he smiled [b "I'm glad you like it. I figured you needed to rest today since you've been having to do so much"] he smiled, wanting her to know he loved and cared about the way she's felt the past few days.

He held ARly and smiled when Ara said he was happier [b "He ate downstairs. Alister fed him. Maybe we can take him to the park? Or picnic at the beach?"] he suggested, taking in the bites ARa offered. When Arlus took some pancake in his mouth, Sylus looked over [b "Arly....say ahhh!"] he told him, tickling his tummy and when he opened his mouth, Sylus took it out of his mouth. [b "Maybe we shouldn't eat in front of him"] he chuckled and would kiss ARlus' forehead as he tossed the food away.

Sylus lifted him up and would let him sit on his lap as he fed Ara more of the pancakes. Once they finished, he slowly got up [b "What do you think Love?"] he ran his fingers through ARlus' hair, making it look like his. [b "Twin's aren't we?"] he laughed, holding Arlus up and he would reach his small arms out to Ara.
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[b “yes I do.” ] SHe mumbled half asleep. She was so cozy being able to sleep next to Sylus for once. She snuggled into him, not wanting to let him go. She would have a grip of fury if he even tried. At least, as much as she could anyway. When he tried to get up for Arlus, she would grip onto him tight the moment she heard Allister too. Then she’d just relax. Ara felt him kiss her forehead. She kissed his cheek and fell asleep with him again. They woke up later. She felt movment in her sleep, so she held onto him, but slowly released.

Ara hugged a pillow, it didn’t feel the same though but she was so sleepy. She woke up soon enough. She felt movement in the bed. She heard little giggles too. Ara opened her eyes and had to rub her eyes a bit. SHe tried to adjust to the light and saw Sylus there, and Arlus being lifted in the air. He heard his bables. Ara smiled brightly, “Sy, Arly!” She cheered. She felt so happy, and so relieved.

Arlus was giggling the more Syuls was lifting him up. He looked so happy. [b “Morning baby.” ] Ara said to Arly and then would lean to Sylus, kissing his cheek, “Morning to you too Darling. I’m so happy you’re still here.” ] Ara said. She gave him a big hug and then when Sylus put Arlus down, she’d give them both a hug.

[b “I smell something good…” ] Ara spoke softly. SHe looked at the side and gasped, [b “Food!” ] She giggled. She would put it on her lap. [b “Mmm this is so yummy.” ] Ara said, and looked back at Sylus [b “You made this? Oh…Sy…thank you.” ] Ara said, feeling so happy to wake up to him, Arly and food. She’d take a bite, and feed Sylus a bit too. Arly tried to reach out his hand, [b “No, no Arly. Not yet. One day.” ] Ara said, leaning in to kiss his tummy. He whined, looking a bit upset. [b “Arlus ate?” ] Ara asked Sylus.

She took another bite, feeling so good. Sylus looked dressed up and so did ARlus. She couldn’t believe she was the one that still was looking like she was in bed. Well…she was but still. But she still had cute pjs, so it was fine. She would just put her hair up nicely in a bun quickly. [b “What trip should we take Arlus today on?” ] Ara asked, looking at her baby boy, snuggling into Sylus. She tapped his little nose, seeing his blue eyes look back at him. [b “He’s so much happier with you around.” ] Ara would feed Sylus one more bite and Arly would whine again, and even grab half of the piece Ara offered to Sylus and tried to put it in his mouth.
Ara gasped [b “No Arly!” ] Ara tried to take it off his hand but he was giggling and popped it in [b “Sy we can’t let him eat that.” ] Ara said, getting so concerned.
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He said that he promised her he would be here for the night, but he did understand if she didn't believe him. He only wanted her to be able to trust him and he knew he wasn't really keeping his end of the deal, but he figured that Klara's safety was also important.

WHen he climbed into bed, he faced her and kept his eyes on hers. HE'd wrap his arms around her and would pull her in close as he kissed her lips. [b "I'm glad"] he saw her looking a bit sad and he'd run his fingers through her hair slowly [b "I know. I miss you too. Everyday I'm with you like this"] he stroked down her side and would smile as he saw her pouting. She looked so cute and he wanted to snuggle into her and tell her that everything was going to be okay.

He smiled and would press his lips against her cheek, slowly moving down her neck and then kissing her collarbone slowly. [b "I love love love you so much"] he smiled brightly and then he would kiss her more deeply, his lips pressing against hers, tracing those sweet lips he missed so much. He'd run his hands down her back to her ass, pulling her closer. [b "You are my partner. You're the only partner I want to be with. You and Arlus are my life"] he ran his fingers slowly up her shirt.

He didn't admit that he was tired. He'd rather have Ara happy, especially when he was home.

He'd meet her eyes [b "No I'm not. I want to keep kissing and holding you"] he pressed his lips against her shoulder and would smile [b "You're not tired aren't you. I know you want me"] he smirked a bit.
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She didn’t know if she should believe Sy saying he’d stay with her. He said that last night and he was gone. She knew that his wasn’t going to end. That Klara would just ask him to follow along again and he’d leave. If it kept happening, she knew she would get more upset. But for now, she just wanted him back in her bed.

She slipped into bed after changing. He drapped his arm around her wasit. Ara would scoot herself flocse to him. She held onto him. [b “Me too.” ] She spoke quietly She smiled a bit when he kissed her cheek. She rested her hand onto his cheek. She looked at his amber eyes and felt her chest ache. SHe wanted him here with her…always. She felt so left behind…abandoned.

[b “I miss you.” ] Ara said, [b “Nothing does.” ] She said. She calmed down feeling his fingers along her side, stroking. She caressed his cheek and felt him pull her close to his chest. Ara smiled more [b “I’m happier around you too” ] She held her eyes on him and then pouted, and nodded [b “So much… I want you to stay with me…love me…kiss me. Raise Arlus with me.” ] Ara said and he went to kiss her lips. It made her feel so happy to be kissed. She wanted to melt into just kissing him and having him give her all the attention and the attention she missed on giving to him too.

Ara kissed him softly back, slowly and then fitting her leg between his. She parted from his lips, [b “I miss your hands on me…I miss feeling over you. I don’t want her to be your partner… I want that to be me.” ] She said, she would rub his back and then brush her lips along his lips, sharing a breath and then kissing him. She had to wonder, if he was too tired even know to really love her since he’s been working out there all the time. [b “You’re tired…aren’t you?” ] Ara whispered, looking down at his chest instead.
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He heard her and understood that she wanted him there by her side. Sylus couldn't argue at all because he knew he should be there, but he didn't want Klara to be in danger and he didn't want to regret not helping her, especially if she was hurt. The Yakuza was a large group that were specialized in taking down their targets. If Klara was on their wanted list, he'd feel more comfortable being there to help her.

When Dinner came around, Sylus cooked them some food, but when he saw Arlus sitting up and petting Queen, he gasped and thought it was the cutest thing in the world, so he took pictures. He saw the picture Ara held and he smiled [b "He's so smart and cute"] he looked down at Arlus and would kiss his cheek.

HE promised he'd be beside Ara through the night [b "Of course I promise"] he nodded and would let Ara tuck in ARlus for the night. After Sylus gave him a kiss, he grinned [b "I'm glad he missed daddy at least"] he smiled and would head into their bedroom. He changed into a shirt and shorts before climbing in beside Ara. He wasn't sure if she allowed him to hold her, but he would drape his arm around her waist [b "Mmm, I missed this"] he snuggled up to her, kissing her cheek and deciding to try and get close anyway.

[b "Nothing beats snuggling in bed with my Love"] he ran his fingers along her side and would stroke her arm gently. [b "I'm happier when you're around too. Did you know that?"] he smiled and would pull her back close to his chest. [b "I know you were missing out on that Sy"] he chuckled and helped her face him so he could kiss her lips.
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“Then be with me, and not there.” ] Ara stated, not seeing how tthat was so hard. Klara could handle it on her own. She always had. She’s handled worse so Ara didn’t understand. It wasn’t like the yakuza wasn’t capable-they were.

Lunch time came around. Allister Joseph and Klara head out. Ara went to give the pets a bath and then would play with Arlus. She went to the bathroom and left Arlus in his playpen. When she returned arlus was patting Queen in his playpen. It really made her smile. He was adorable. Arlus was so happy to be in Sylus’ arms. It was cute.

They had dinner all together. Everyone hedead up. Ara held Arlus in her arms, seeing his little mouth opening to yawn. Ara heard Sylus. She was still upset but she would look. [b “He actually sat earlier today. When I came into our room Arlus was sitting on her chest watching TV. I got a picture too.” ] Ara said and used her free hand to show her phone of Arlus.

Ara pouted hearing he ould [b “You swear it? If you’re not there in the morning, I’m going to super mad. I don’t want you to lie to me again. Don’t eve rile to me again.” ] Ara said, feeling really hurt that he’d lie to her. He promised and he didn’t. She was worried it be the same situation tonight too. She saw Arlus eyes starting to close. Ara kissed his forehead [b “Let’s go to bed Arly. I’ll see you in our room or you can come to put ARlus to sleep with me.” ] Ara said. SHe’d go upstairs and help Arly change into his pjs, seeing him falling asleep during the process. He put him in his crib and put the blanket over him. Ara smiled at Arly, looking back at Sylus to see him looking at Arlus too. [b “He’s happier when you’re around…” ]

Then she went into their bedroom, changed into her night gown and would slip into bed, feeling good to rest. She felt worried he'd lie again but she mentally prepared herself to cling onto him to death if he tried to leave the bed. She'd sleep with one eye open if she had to. No way was Klara using Sylus. SHe oculd find someone else, and there definiltey were others she could go to other then Sylus. It wasn't right to take Sylus away from her and Arlus when they already were running ont of time to spend together.
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Ara wasn't lightening up and it made him frustrated that no matter what he said, she was ignoring the fact that he only did this to protect their friend. He was sure deep down Ara wanted Klara safe too. She brought up family and it made him upset [b "I'm doing my best here to be with my family"] he told her, wondering why it was so hard for her to understand that he needed to help someone who needed him.

Sylus passed out with Arlus on his stomach. He didn't get to see Arlus sitting up, but he did wake up to Arlus' slobber and his poop. HE changed him and let him sleep as he snuggled beside ARa again. Sylus did wake up earlier than her as he went to make some lunch for everyone.

He stirred the curry and would deep fry some chicken breasts as he sliced them up and put them on top of the curry and rice. He then gave a plate to everyone, letting them try it out. When he saw Arlus eating up, he'd smile a bit, hearing that Allister was offering to watch him so she could spend time with him.

Ara looked hesitant to say yes, so he figured she was still upset and didn't want to be with him. [b "It's fine. Ara wants to look after him. You should go sight seeing more. Maybe Klara can show you two around nearby if you want to see some new places"] he suggested, seeing Klara looking pretty worn out. [b "I uhmm. I have a list of some cool places you two could visit. Maps and everything"] he suggested, sending the text to Alister.

When they both went out to sight see, Sylus sat on the couch and would watch some TV. He ended up passing out again until dinner.

The noise at the table woke him when he slowly sat up. They were all eating. Sylus glanced over at ARlus in his playpen, seeing him sitting up. [b "Arly!"] he gasped, seeing him try to pet Queen. He was so smart for a three month old. [b "Are you petting Queen little guy?"] he took a picture and would lift him up into his arms. [b "You having fun baby?"] he asked, hearing ARlus squeal, feeling happy to be in Sy's arms. HE snuggled up to his chest and babbled, his blue eyes meeting his amber ones. [b "Yeah! I know. Daddy missed you too"] he'd bounce him in his arms, going over to the dinner table and seeing everyone eating.

Klara went to bed pretty early that night and Alister and Joseph just arrived home. Sylus would sit at the dinner table and look over at Ar. [b "Ar, he sat up in the playpen. Look"] he showed her the picture, not realizing she's already seen it. [b "Baby ARlus is so smart. Aren't you little guy?"] he whispered to him, hearing Arlus babble as he touched his nose.

At least tonight he could rest. He didn't have any more missions with Klara for a bit. [b "Ar. I can sleep with you tonight. And I'll be there when you wake too"] he assured her.
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