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Ara gently smiled, [b "I guess so." ] She was happy to have Sylus back. She didn't think they were that lovey dovey, were they? She sure liked getting that attention from Sylus. [b "Me either..." ] She said. She frowned when he said it gave him chills [b "What's wrong with mushy?" ] She liked how sweet Sylus was to her. She liked how he would kiss her cheek or be close to her. She stopped in her tracks, raising a brow. She knew? [b "You mean she knows?" ] Her stomach did a flip. She held her breath and hoped to hell that she wouldn't spill the secret this time. Well, the fact Sylus was still alive...and she wasn't getting a call was a good sign.

[b "Do you?" ] She wondered how he would act like her. She tilted her head, trying to think about it. [b What part of me are you like?" ] She hoped it wasn't the bad parts... She took that picture with him, really liking she could have a picture to remember them by together. She took a picture with Joseph too, and end up thinking a bit more about him, about her memories with him. It was...also weird to behave like she didn't want to be close to him. It was only because of the memories...

They wandered inside where it was warmer, and there were a open lobby with large stairs that would slightly swirl up. [b "I don't know, we can just walk around." ] She said and would let her feet choose where to go. She eventually found herself in ancient times, rusted old swords and little ships on display. She would read through some of them, "I wonder what life would be like if we were pirates...maybe I could get away from my father." Since there were no security cams in the sea. She frowned hearing Joseph, [b "Okay, be safe please...and come back." ] She had the urge to keep him within her sight. She knew he was here to protect her but all she wanted was to protect him and Sylus.

She looked back at Sylus and took hold of his hand, it was so warm. [b "Do you think we're really lovey dovey?" ] She wondered if there was something wrong with that. She looked back and was slightly happy to be alone with Sylus. She could lean her head on his arm. She missed behaving like a couple, missed being with him.
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He's never seen Ara that chaotic before and to be honest, it sort of scared him a bit. He didn't think that Ara could ever be so down and depressed about someone and that's why he just gave into her and Sylus. It must have been upsetting for her when he was declared dead three years ago, but he could always forgive her. "It's okay as long as you're better now. Looks like the only way to really fix it was to have Sylus back" he glanced over at him.

Sylus messaged Klara to make sure she was okay. Ara did rub off on him that ever since they were together and all the time they spent really made him similar to her. He cared about the people working with him. At least she understood that part.

They soon headed out, taking pictures, Sylus looking over at Joseph and then shrugging a bit. [b "I mean...I just do what I want to do...I guess I never really realized what it looked like from the outside"] he told him and then Joseph smirked at the two. "Yeah, it's really mushy. Sometimes it gives me the chills" he admitted and then he tried to smile in the pictures when Ara told him to. It was odd smiling just for a brief moment.

[b "Yeah, people tell me that I'm similar to you. Klara guessed that you were my girlfriend because I acted like you"] he told her and then he looked at the camera and lifted a small smile. He would hold her hand and smile for real when it was just the two of them though. Sylus took their picture, seeing that they were being close, but he could tell that Ara was trying not to be too close.

Once they headed towards the museum, he thought about trying to get some time with Ara before Tanner came back, but he didn't really know how. He walked into the museum with the two and then he looked around curiously. He did like learning about what the world had to offer. He's never got to travel so much or see a lot of what was out there, so he was pretty excited.

Joseph didn't care too much for museums, but since ARa was paying, he didn't bother trying to get out of it. He walked inside and then he could see how large the area was. "So what exactly are we looking at?" he followed her and then he noticed that someone had been following them for a while. "You two go on ahead, I'll be right back" he looked over, seeing Sylus noticing as well.

HE went off to take care of the man and let Ara and Sylus go ahead and start.
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She always felt bad for having her bodyguards witness her stress and her breakdowns. Since they were always around her, it was really hard for her not to show it at some point of time. These weeks have been tougher than usual. She wasn't exactly over it... [b "I'm sorry. I know...I put so much on you or anyone of my bodyguards. It's hard for me to be so disciplined twenty four seven." ] She wondered if it ever crossed Tanner's mind if he would rather be someone else's bodyguard.

She saw Sylus messaging and he must have heard her. She didn't think Sylus was so much like her to worry about someone else on a mission. Although, she knew that Phoebe could make it. She's seen her track record. [b "No...I guess I get why." ]

She got a little burst of happiness to take pictures with them. She grinned when Joseph agreed to [b 'I really do want them." ] She said, and put her small bag over the shoulder as they walked. Lovey, dovey? She looked back at Sylus because Joseph did and then looked back at Joseph, [b "Isn't that normal with couples though?" ] And then she thought about it and no one really treated her the same way Sylus has. Not that someone of them weren't kind, but more so they wouldn't feed her, give her a kiss on the cheek and a few other things. [b "Hmm... I guess. Sy does stuff that are really sweet," ] She smiled back at Sylus and then laughed, [b "And you Jose, you always did things to just be a tease." ] Atlhough...she remembered a few times when he was really affectionate with her. He was the first to comfort her too. She smiled to herself and shook it away. That was in the past.

[b "Yea, you have spend of time with me. Really? You get that alot?" ] She raised a brow. They stopped and she took a picture of them, and would nudge Joseph, [b "Smile." ] She took a few pictures. They got to the bridge and it was pretty. [b "Okay!" ]
She pulled out her phone and took the shot with three of them . She then went to Sylus' side, held his hand, and leaned her weight onto him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Then she did one with Joseph and realized, she didn't know how to stand next to him. She decided to try to do bunny ears behind his hand. It was...really hard, having Joseph here too. A part of her felt her emotions trigger from memories.

They would make their way to the museum. Ara would check her phone to make sure they were going the right direction. She lifted her head from the screen [b "Um... I'm not sure. Maybe by the end of today. It depends when he's finished. I hope he's okay." ] She frowned. She got a message back, it was Tanner, because he saw the photo she sent him. He sent a clap emoji quickly.

She laughed and then stood at the front of the museum. [b "Come on guys, we're going to have lots of fun." ] she climbed up the stairs. She paid for their entrance.
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He wondered what she meant by that. To be honest, he didn't know if she was treating him special or not. He did remember her saying she did, but he didn't know if it was while she was even dating Joseph. He smiled and continued to eat because he liked it when ARa kept her attention on him the most.

Joseph thought the whole taking care of ARa thing was really chaotic because all he was doing was watching over a drunk girl crying over all of her worries and being really stubborn and difficult. "As long as you're over that, I should be good. I even had to ask Tanner how to handle you" he admitted.

Tanner was his best friend and when they were young, they would always compete with one another. "I guess he was okay" he smirked and saw that she was paying attention to Sylus a lot. Guess they were really back together.

[b "I'm just worried because we're on the same mission. Just like if you were on a mission and had a partner. You wouldn't want them to be killed would you?"] he asked and then he just fed her some food.

AFter they all finished, they decided on taking pictures and going to the museum. Sylus looked over at Joseph when he asked about the pictures and figured he was gone for a while. "Oh...Okay. If you really want them Ara" he walked out and smiled "I meant you two are so lovey dovey. I can't imagine anyone at the facility being ass affectionate as you are" he told SYlus.

[b "Well...I have been spending a lot of time with Ara. I get that a lot"] he admitted. They soon stepped out and took pictures, Sylus standing beside Ara, his amber eyes looking at the camera as he gave a small smile. Joseph looked over and stood tall, a straight face on.

After the pictures, Sylus kept beside her and so did Joseph as the two made sure the environment was safe around here. They headed towards the bridge, walking along the sides as he looked over into the water [b "Let's take one here? And then one of just you and I?"] he asked Ara and then Joseph just nodded "Sure, but I get one too" he let ARa take a picture of all of them and then he held the camera and took Sylus and Ara. Sylus then took one of her and Joseph. He really wanted to have the day with just Ara, but it didn't seem like that was going to happen.

He was a bit silent the rest of the way, looking over at Ara and Joseph. It was weird being around them since they used to be a couple. He wondered if she still had feelings for him. [b "Ara....When does Tanner come back?"] he wondered, wanting to get a little alone time with her as they headed to the museum.
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Ara nodded slowly, hearing his whisper. She remembered telling him before but maybe he had forgotten or didn’t realize she only did that for him. She listened Joseph and was reminded of so much being around him again. [b “No we don’t…” ] She admitted and then he said it. She knew she had been very difficult since Joseph came in, he came in a time where she was going through a heavy amount. [b “I’m sorry… I’m not normally this chaotic. I just…well you heard.” ] She sighed, [b “I’ll try not to be hell to deal with.” ]

Ara rolled her eyes and nudged Joseph, [b “I did. I knew Tanner would become so good. He had more control than you ever did. You always…tried to do what you wanted some way back then.” ] And that inspired her a lot. She would eat pieces of her pancake and noticed Sylus on his phone.

[i He cares about her. ] That had to be it. Then…did he sleep with her more than just… She spaced out, mumbling [b “Why would you even be worried.” ]

Sylus kissed her cheek and gave her some food. She lifted up a bit, liking being fed and given that kind of treatment. She raised a brow [b “What do you mean really something?” ]

Ara nodded to pictures, “We…don’t have to print them. We can keep them on our phones. I want something to remember being here. I know…it hasn’t been so good but I don’t know what will happen to either of you, if you’ll be my bodyguard again…” ] Her chest ached deeply thinking even if Joseph went away again. It was three years ago, but it still stung because she had cared so much for him and she had clung onto him. She wasn’t like that anymore, and she looked for different things now, yet it still hurt. What about Sylus? She wanted him to be her bodyguard too.

She sighed to herself. [b “Okay, pictures…boat ride-we could but, I really want to go to the museum Sylus, and I still need to go to my Aunt.” ] She reminded. She saw him peaking at his phone again. She felt her chest tighten but Sylus said he wanted to be with her, so that meant he wouldn’t do anything with Phoebe anymore. [i Or maybe you’re just naïve. ]

She finished eating and felt pretty stuffed. “Pictures…first, it can be even just on the street and…museum!” She grinned, really wanting to go. She grabbed both of there hands and went out of the street and just took a selfie with them. Then she would send it to Tanner, thinking he would be happy to know everything was somewhat okay.
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He heard her say not like everyone else and he wondered what she meant by that. [b "Really?"] he whispered, thinking that maybe she treated him differently. But how? He wondered if she started to like him even before Joseph. That would be a surprise. He watched the two interact and it seemed like they were really good friends. It made Sylus feel a bit jealous, but he didn't want to let that get to him. Overall, she chose him.

"I could eat forty if I wanted to, but I don't think we have the time for that" he told her, thinking about watching her. "To be honest, the past few days were tough" he refrained from being too close, but it did bother him. If Sylus weren't here, he was surer Ara would let him come in close.

"Did he now? Who knew that guy became so good" he smiled, glad his best friend was someone amazing now. He had a feeling Tanner would do well. As he ate his food, he saw Ara looking at Sylus texting.

[b "I just want to make sure she's doing okay. I was suddenly called to be your guard, so I just hope she's fine"] he put his phone away and felt bad when Ara talked about how she was depressed, cried, and having lost the baby. He didn't mean not to be there for her. He kissed her and then he offered her some of his food, smiling when she gave him a piece.

Joseph watched the two and didn't think he could be that lovey dovey, even with Ara. "Wow you two are really something" he took a bite of ARa's food and smiled. "Pictures? We could, but where would we even be able to print them and hang them?" he wondered, knowing he was a bit old school when it came to technology since he was in third world countries the past few years, but he didn't think the pictures could really do them good.

Sylus nodded [b "Okay. We can take some on the bridges. I saw some nice ones...maybe we can even take a boat ride to the statue of Liberty"] he suggested, wondering of sight seeing like that would be okay.

"I do wanna see what New York is about"

Sylus saw the text and was glad to hear she was okay. [b "That's great. Be safe. Ara is okay. We're still trying to fix things, but they've gotten better. I'll tell you more soon"] he sent and then he finished up his food. WHen they were ready, Sylus stood up and waited for the two after they finished. He headed outside and looked around, feeling the breeze through his hair. It was a good day for sight seeing. [b "So where to first?"]
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Ara half shrugged [b “Well maybe not like everyone else…” ] mumbling it. She always gave Sy a little more than the others. She had a little crush on him, maybe it was because she thought he was cute or maybe it was because he was nice to her too and tried to smile at her. Even as she grew older, she never had the courage to ask if maybe he could kiss her to see what it would feel like. That’s why Joseph was the first, he just went and asked her to date her.

Ara laughed [b “You’re right, maybe forty,” ] She listened to him order the pancakes. She rested her head on her hand, [b “I’m not too bad watching over, right?” ] She had hoped. She wanted them to have fun while they were with her too. She noticed Joseph leaning in, and thankfully he pulled back so she didn’t have to.

She scoffed, [b “Tanner is definitely not a wuss. He learned how to be a good bodyguard without you and became number one.” ] She saw Sylus messaging and she didn’t understand why he would be. “[b “Klara?” ] He must have meant Phoebe. [b “Oh…why wouldn’t she be. She has never failed.” ]

The list of events was listed and she saw him frown half way. She felt bad for saying it. She didn’t blame him for her misery.

Ara lit up talking about how she flipped two people. She nodded [b “Well, I mean you and Tanner showed me before, Joseph helped me out again and he encouraged me to do it-so I did. It was awesome! I think you would have been proud of me,” ] She felt really happy about it, enjoying hearing Sylus laugh.

Ara sighed and shook her head [b “It’s not your fault… It is what it is. You’re here now, that’s what counts.” ] She smiled gently and found Sylus holding her hand and kissing her cheek. She didn’t mind that. The food came in and she cut it up for herself when Syylus gave her abit of his. She opened her mouth and took a bite [b “Yummy…” ] She smiled. She offered a piece to Sylus too, and also gave one to Joseph because she didn’t want him to feel left out.

She ate hers slowly, really slowly, spacing out now and then, and saw a family come by. She couldn’t help but feel a bit sad. [b “You know, we should take pictures here, so we remember we came here.” ] She suggested.

Klara sent a message back to Sylus ‘ I’m doing fine. When you arrive back, I will report you my findings. Are you struggling with Ara?’
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Sylus knew that Ara was only doing her job because just like them they had a mission to do. He didn't like that that was the first memory they had of trying to be a couple, but it really was. She even gave him his first birthday cake that day. HE held her hand, but when she took her hand away, he just sighed a little. They always used to hold hands around Joseph knew about them. What was wrong?

He nodded. [b "She just came to visit me like she did with everyone else to cheer them up"] he told him, looking through the menu and getting some waffles and blueberry jam. He saw how cozy Joseph and Ara were and he just let it go since it seemed like Ara wasn't going to stop it.

"20? That's not enough" he joked with her and then he decided to get the pancakes as well. "I'll settle for five. Extra whip sounds good though" he smiled and then he looked over at Sylus. HE was going to be permanent and he'd aim for that.

"Well...I mean I wouldn't mind watching Ara for the rest of time" he leaned into her, but then he remembered Sylus was there and pulled back a little. "Tan? He's just a wuss. That guy just learned everything from me when we were younger" he smirked.

HE heard that Ara liked Sylus being a guard too and when he looked over at him, he could see him on his phone. What was he doing? When Ara asked, Sylus looked over [b "Oh. I'm just making sure that Klara is doing okay on her own. We're supposed to be on a mission together. I don't want to fail"] he told her and then he asked how she was.

When she mentioned crying and then missions, he frowned, feeling bad that he brought it up. He wanted to lean in and kiss her cheek, telling her it's okay, but he knew Joseph was there. He sighed and then when Ara grew excited about the whole flipping over her brother, he started laughing. [b "Really? That's great! Who showed you how to do that?"] he wondered, thinking that maybe it was Tanner.

[b "I'm sorry about the crying thing. I really wish that I was there for you"] he held her hand and then he kissed her cheek, not caring anymore. He wanted to comfort her.

When the food came, he ate up and then he cut up some of his waffle and then he offered it to her [b "Here. Try it"] he smiled, hoping to at least cheer her up a bit as he smiled. He really didn't mean to bring up the whole pregnant and crying thing. It must have been terrifying.
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[b “I really didn’t want to. “ ] She frowned. She remembered him actually looking afraid. It was almost laughable considering how weak she was. But that could have easily just been hurt. [b “I’m glad you’re with me.” ] She pouted, wanting to snuggle into him but kept herself from doing that. She nodded as Joseph recapped. [b “Yes… Well, we never talked that much but I think we were still friends.” ] She smiled to herself. She felt a little better hearing him say he was glad they could get to hang out.

[b “me too.” ] Ara said and was staring at her menu, having a hard time figuring out what to eat. [b “I’m not hiding…but I guess pancakes with whipped cream is fine.” ] That would mean she didn’t have to think so hard on what to do eat. Less choices to pick from right now, the better. [b “What are you getting?” She nudged him back, “20 pancakes with extra extra cream?” ]

She didn’t even know how permanent Joseph was. Temporary… She wanted to see him again, to know that he was okay, that was he was fine and alive. She wanted to catch up with him but she knew it wouldn’t be right…considering it would be touch for Sylus and she didn’t blame him one bit.

[b “Lies, Tanner protects me better than anyone,” ] Ara grinned. [b “Tanner really is a good bodyguard, and Sy’s is very good and easy to have as…a bodyguard.” ] Although she didn’t know if her opinion was biased. Well, she liked him as her bodyguard either way. Although… if Joseph was more permanent then…what about Sy?

Ara spotted him pulling out his phone. [b “What are…you doing…” ] She mumbled quietly. She saw the waiter come back and she set her order. Then she looked back at Sylus and half shrugged, “Being pregnant, having someone blood splattered on me, missions, Joseph…miscarriages and crying, lots of crying.” ] And then she remembered what she wanted to tell him [b “Oh! Sy! I was so mad yesterday that I flipped a map over my back! And-I Joseph and my brother had a water fight. I flipped my brother onto the ground too and I’m pretty sure I won. I wish, you were there,” ] She gently smiled.

Their food came in soon. She was feeling quite hungry. She cut piece and took a bite. She felt much better now that Sy was back and he promised he would have a baby with her one day.
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He did want to keep his promise, but as long as they were together, he didn't see how they wouldn't be able to keep it. He really wanted to be her guard and hopefully be freed when they took down the facility. He'd help her out in anyway he could.

He didn't like how Joseph kept trying to tell him what to do. He's been Ara's guard longer than he has. Still, he did his best not to argue or yell at the guy. He didn't want to upset Ara more than he already has with the whole sleeping with Klara thing.

They all agreed to head over to the museum, but breakfast did sound good. Once they headed down the street, he tried to hold ARa's hand, but then she'd let go when Joseph looked at them. Was it that bad to be so close around him? He knew. He heard why hide it?

At the table, Sylus looked through the food and decided on some waffles and bacon. Ara talked about the first time they really got to know one another. He remembered that night. IT was shocking, but he tried so hard to make it up from there. [b "Yeah, I'm glad she didn't kill me that night"] he smiled and then he looked at the food.

Joseph nodded "Ahh I see. So about the time we were dating you already were friends. Hmmm, that's a long time ago. I'm glad we all get to hang out like this then" he told them, knowing that Ara was still indecisive as ever. "Why don't you get the pancakes with the whipped cream. We all know you're just trying to hide the fact that you don't want sweets" he told her, nudging her shoulder.

Sylus looked at the two and then he just decided to ignore it. [b "So are you ARa's permanent guard now?"] he wondered.

"Just temporary. I'm going to do a good job to be permanent though. I don't think anyone can protect Ara like I can" he told him and then told the waiter his order.

Sylus got a coffee and then he pulled out his phone to message Klara. [b "Everything okay? Are you doing alright?"] he sent and then glanced over at Ara. [b "Anything eventful happen in the past few weeks? We still have to catch up"]
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She truly wanted to have a family with him, since she couldn’t have the one that they lost. She pictured it and she knew that it was so unrealistic to think…but it made her want to cling onto life after the facility. She liked hearing it and she kissed him softly after he said it.

Joseph heard… She got dressed and she nodded to Sylus saying he knew how to care of her. It was just her own stupidity that got him in trouble sometimes. She was glad that Sylus was trying. She knew it couldn’t be easy. While Ara looked at her phone, she thought the museum would be so much fun!

[b “yay!” ] She cheered, grinning and even clapped her hands. She pouted when Joseph said it would be boring [b “But the history, the old stuff, they might even have paintings. Okay, thank you,” ] She smiled. She saw the car keys and she debated if she should ask if she could drive. Tanner rarely allowed her. She wasn’t sure if it was because he thought she wasn’t a good driver or if he was worried about her reflexes in case something went wrong. Either way, it sounded bad.

[b “ Can I drive us there?” ] She asked, her eyes gleaming. Ah right, food, [b “Okay, food first.” ] She walked along with them and noticed Sylus trying to take hold of her hand. Joseph was ahead, so while Joseph wasn’t looking, she held Sylus hand, but once they were in Joseph’s view, she released Sylus’ hand.

She sat down with them and pulled out the menu. [i What to eat… ] She looked past the menu and wondered why he would ask. [b “I knew him from when he was a kid too, just like you.” ] She paused, thinking about how much she admired Joseph back then. How daring he was in so many ways, like being the first one who would ask her out, kiss her, tell her… She tried to push those thoughts away, and continued [b “I didn’t talk to him so frequently until…I was ordered to kill him on his birthday. I couldn’t do it, I failed…but he got another chance. It was the first time I saved someone. I wish I could have saved you too…well I mean you’re alive now. I’m happy to see that.” ]

Ara looked back at the menu, [b “Maybe I should just get a burger.” ]
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He loved being at her side and being able to look into her eyes this close. He missed her touch, her warmth, hearing her voice and just being able to say good morning. Sure they still had a lot to resolve, bit everything was on the table. They could try and solve things as they dated.

[b "I know. I want to have that future with you too"] he kissed her lips and when Joseph came in, he sighed a bit and got up to get ready. He let the two talk for a bit and then he came out all dressed up. Joseph clearly didn't know anything about him being Ara's guard. [b "I know how to take care of her. I'm sure we'll both keep her safe"] he had to be civil for Ara's sake.

Joseph just nodded and then he wondered how in the world they could ever start a family. That was only a dream. He knew it wouldn't work out with the way they were living. Even if Sylus was bought out by a good person, he couldn't stay with Ara forever. He'd get killed like he tried to do.

When Ara mentioned the museum, Sylus smiled because he did love going to new places with her, especially places she enjoyed. [b "I don't mind. It sounds like fun"] he smiled.

"Really? You know it's probably going to be boring. But it's two against one. I don't mind" he spoke and the he took out the car keys and jingled them "Got em" he said and then he headed out the door. "Let's get some food first. Let's check out a New York Diner" he suggested, leading them onto the street as they headed down.

Sylus would walk beside Ara and he'd try to hold her hand, but if she pulled away for Joseph's sake then he wouldn't mind it either. He just hasn't been so close in a long time.

When they approached the diner, they headed inside and were seated at the table. Joseph looked at the two and couldn't imagine Ara liking someone more than him. What made Sylus so special. "So how'd you two meet?"
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She loved being held, loved being watched by him when he was in love with her. She wished they could stay right here, together and not go back. She didn’t want him to leave. She just got him back. She heard his promise and it ached to hear him promise it. [b “You better mean it. I’m not joking about wanting a family with you.” ] She frowned when they had to get up, but they did.

She blushed when Joseph said something that confirmed that he heard. She didn’t want to advertise that she wanted a baby in the future. She knew that even if she somehow could have that baby, she wouldn’t be ready. [b “I’m getting ready,” ] She mumbled [b “I’m sure we’ll be fine.” ] She went to Joseph after she got ready, fixing up his shirt. His smile was familiar. He wasn’t that different than she remembered him to be…with minor changes.

[b “Sylus will. He’s been my bodyguard before.” ] She nodded. She stepped out with him and hoped…that they would be fine. She didn’t know even she was even fine herself with her ex-boyfriend in one side and Sylus in the other. [i When did my life become a drama? ] They made it outside and she pulled out her phone. [b “Hey! What if we go to the museum! I bet there’s some really cool things there.” ] She grinned. They walked to the car and she couldn’t remember who had the car keys, [b “Jose…do you have the car keys?” ] She asked and then pulled out her phone to make sure she got the museum’s address right. Then she realized, [b “Or is that too boring for the two of you?” ] She asked. She knew making them to art gallery would be pushing it even more.
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HE told her she was the best because she really was. He didn't care how long she lasted, she knew how to make him feel good and her love was all he needed. Nothing else could match that feeling.

He woke up in the morning, looking her over and then letting his hand run down her tummy. If only he was there for her at that time, none of this would have happened. He believed a part of it was also his fault. Sylus sighed a little and then he watched her blue eyes open. He leaned into her and held her in his arms as he nodded [b "I will. I'll keep my promise"] he smiled and then he slowly got up when Joseph came into the room.

Joseph heard their whole conversation and thought it sounded like an immature dream, but he he'd let Ara do what she wanted. He still cared about her and her well being and from the sounds of it, Sylus wouldn't harm her.

He walked in "Okay okay you baby making couple, just get ready. We'll sight see for a while and then we'll visit your aunt. This place is dangerous for ARa so you better be on your toes Sylus. Just because she likes you more doesn't mean I'll be nice" he stated and then he looked over at Ara. She was treating him like a child.

He watched her fix his shirt and he had a smile on his face. "Let's go" he told them.

Sylus dressed up and then he put his hands into his pocket. He still had the ring she'd given back and he sighed a bit. Maybe he'd give it to her some other time, but he was glad they could resolve things for now. He saw the way she fixed up Joseph's shirt and felt that jealousy. Why is she being so nice to him? He ruined their relationship. He didn't know if he'd ever get over what he did to Ara.

[b "I'll take good care of her. I'm number one for a reason"] he smirked a bit and then he stepped outside of the hotel. There was nothing wrong with being a little arrogant. HE wouldn't let Joseph step all over him or outshine him.
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‘The best’ She kept repeating in her mind. It made he feel little less insecure about it.

She woke a little later than he had. She wanted to stay in bed longer, watch him, cuddle…and not go out in the world. Sylus touching her tummy reminded her and she wished to have seen that baby. She wished she hadn’t had to give it up, or even lose it. She snuggled into him tighter, feeling his fingers brush her brown hair behind her ear. [b “Yes…So, s tay with me. Stay with me and make babies with me when this is over.” ]

When Tanner got here, Sylus would have to leave. What about Phoebe, the girl he slept with? What if she wanted to be around him? She doubted it. From what she recalled, she was really cold.

Joseph was another issue, and she still felt guilty for letting him go, but in her defense, she truly thought he was dead and she mourned over him since he she thought he was gone. Ara nodded [b “Yea, just like around Tan,” ] She smiled, but thought Tanner was more okay with everything than Joseph would ever be. She picked up Sylus smile and it made her so happy to see it. She held onto him and smiled back at him.

Then, the door opened. She forgot…he had really good hearing. Did that mean he heard everything? [b “Yea, we could go.” ] She nodded and she sat up. She got out of bed, Sylus even helped up. She watched him head off to get ready. She looked at Joseph, [b “Behave.” ] She warned. She then went into her luggage and changed into a pair of leggings high waist, and a pastel blue top with a jacket over her. She fixed her hair a bit, cleaning up and then came out-when she remembered.

[b “Oh guys, I have to visit my aunt sometime today. She most likely won’t allow me in but…I need some sort of alibi that I did try. Should do it after we eat and roam around a bit.” ] She pulled her hair up and looked at Joseph, and leaned in to fix his slightly wrinkled shirt up a bit [b “There. My boys look good.” ] She smiled.
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