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Ara moved again after she heard the gunshot behind. She didn't want to get shot. She didn't want Sylus to get shot. She didn't want lose anyone and she definitely didn't want to get killed or taken. She hated this fear, hated that being afraid made her less able to keep herself protected, without depending so much on Sy. She leapt down and she pulled out a gun soon after, feeling sick and holding her breath, afraid they would be caught.

Unlike her, Sylus acted, and got her a coat an hat. She let him lead her down the crowd, holding his hand tightly and trying not to look back. She felt like they could be behind her, that any second they could fire, get lucky and shoot her in the head. They got outside, and went running to the car. She got in and Alister had already started up the car and drove before even Sylus spoke. Ara hadn't let go of Sylus' hand. Alister was petrified and glanced back to see if the two were okay. "Did you get hurt?"

[b "No." ] Ara replied.
"Why is this happening..." Alister mumbled, looking ahead.
[b "Welcome to the daily life of kill or be killed." ] She leaned back into the car. She felt safer in a car than she did back there. Mike drove past the traffic and drove them back home. If those people tried to follow them there, they would be stupid to considering the security at the gate and the security front of the door, well armed. When they made it to the gate, Ara pulled out her phone and called to report it to clean up. [b "We were attacked at the mall, they started shooting in public, we were definitely caught on camera and there are dead bodies, but it's not our bullets in them. As for witnesses, I'm not sure, it got really messy. Take care of it." ] She hung up and knew her father would hear about it soon.

Mike parked the car, and they stepped out. Alister was having trouble walking Ara was okay at this point. They head inside the house "I've never had a situation where they'd open fire in public like that. They're really desperate." Mike mentioned, helping Alister regain his balance, and helping him go sit on the sofa.

"You killed someone," Mike stated, looking at Ara "I saw you shoot someone. What if you accidently shot someone innocent, you're going to put in prison!"
Ara scoffed, [b "It has been a long time since I've been in danger that I didn't put myself in." and then she smiled over Sy and then glanced at MIke [b "Thank you, both of you. I nearly froze..." ]

Mike sighed "It's our job." and sat back, "Are we heading out again today?"
"No!" Alister shot Mike a look, "Are you fucking crazy? We nearly died."
"Yea...?" Mike doubly blinked, "You really have been living under a rock. Anyways, looks like we got the day to ourselves until your father comes home."
  Ravenity / 6d 7h 47m 7s
He wasn't afraid of this at all. Sylus was trained to handle any stressful situation and they really did grow up without harboring any emotions. It was as if those emotions were just locked away and they weren't allowed to feel anymore. Ara unlocked those feelings of his in London, but not all of them were released.

He shot down a sniper and kept Ara back, but she was wanting to help. He knew two was better than one, but they were targeting her. He covered her and hid her away. HIs eyes looked around to the vents when it was time to go and he managed to get her up, climbing in as well as they continued to crawl through the space. There were gunshots behind them, but they were already moving ahead. He nudged ARa to keep going [b "We're fine. Keep moving"] he told her, seeing her say it was clear to the store below.

He followed after her and then he climbed down, seeing that there wasn't anyone here yet. He looked around and saw that there were a few shoppers hiding out in the clothes. Perfect. Sylus held Ara's hand, leading her towards the exit. He grabbed a coat, a hat for her and a beanie for him as they stepped outside, trying to catch up to the crowd.

He kept his head low and soon enough, they were jumbled in with many people. He kept ARa's hand in his until they managed to shuffle outside. He headed towards the car and met up with Mike and Alister, climbing in. [b "Let's get out of here. We need to head to a more secure location"] he told MIke to drive.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 6d 9h 16m 5s
As afraid as she was, she didn't want to leave Sylus alone on this. She knew how to kill, she's done it plenty. She had grabbed the gun and she tried to focus on the target, breathing in and out, calming herself. It was...really hard with this gun. She felt she almost had to get lucky to aim right. She saw him fall, and felt a little relief she could do this much. Then Sylus pushed her further back. [b "I want to help..." ] She put the safety on the gun and tucked in her skirt when he took her hand and lead her into the back.

They were trapped. She didn't want to be shot down in this space. Her breath shortened when she heard footsteps. She looked at where the sound was coming from when Sy told her to go. She got his help to get on the vent, climbing up and inside. She leaned in and offered her hand to help him up. She moved a b it back so he could cover the opening. [b "Okay," ] She crawled into the vents, and then heard voices.

"They went back here, but there's no exit."
"Maybe they're hiding."

Ara glanced back at Sy to make sure he was there and made a turn to the right and heard a gun fire, striking the bottom of the vent from below, echoing. She froze up for second, flinching. Then she kept crawling and found the opening into the other store. She looked back at him and pointed below and tried to open the opening, and glanced down to make sure it was clear, and leapt down into a clothes store. Ara hid behind the cash counter, and put her phone on mute. She looked back at Sy, wondering where to now. While looking around, she spotted a security camera. Did they have access to that? She heard movement, a brush of clothes racks being turned slightly. She pulled out her gun.
  Ravenity / 6d 14h 26m 52s
He didn't know anything about picking a ring or getting down on one knee. He's only seen the movies that Ara's shown him before, that they've watched at the penthouse. He picked out a ring by choice, but was that how tradition here went? He didn't know. Her brother had more opportunities than he would ever have.

He stared at the rings, but saw something in the corner of his eye. He pushed Ara into cover and a gun shot fired. He kept Ara covered behind a wall, peeking to see who was out there. He managed to knock down three and grabbed a gun.

He was peeking out, trying to take down the snipers, but it was hard with just a regular machine gun. He still aimed and managed to take one down. He saw a guy fall and saw that Ara was shooting. He pushed her further back a bit. [b "Ara, stay behind cover"] he told her, firing at the man coming in close.

[b "It looks like they have back up. It's time to leave ARa. We're going out back"] he told her, taking her hand and then moving into the back. There weren't any doors, but he wasn't going to give up. He looked around the room and could hear footsteps coming. He found the vent above them and then he fired on the bolts, opening it up. [b "Ara let's go. We're getting out of here"] he lifted her up so she could climb in and when he jumped, he took her help to climb up afterwards. Sylus covered the opening again and then he pointed in a direction.

[b "That way should lead us to another shop. Let's keep moving until we're close to an exit"] he told her, letting Ara move first while he stayed behind in case someone managed to find them crawling through the vents.
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The hell did Ara know about engagements and weddings? She only knew what she saw on TV and clearly, TV wasn't very accurate on the way things went. She didn't understand how ALister could possibly think she had some extra information on this. Her whole life had been the facility. Although, he didn't exactly believe the thing exsisted. Everything just came magically out of no where for him. [i How nice. ]
Mike took notice that they were being followed, but he couldn't find the right place to get the person without causing a scene or alerting Alister. He went beside Sylus and mentioned it, figuring he must have noticed too.
Ara was arguing with Alister, when Sylus suddenly pulled her, and a bullet flew right past her vision, shattering the class. Her heart raced, and she accidently screamed. Oh wait, that wasn't her scream, that was Alister. Sylus tried to keep her down. Her body trembled. She wasn't so used to being in gunfire, not for real. She normally had a situation under control and already planned. This...This scared her. She had no control over this.

Mike kept Alister's head down, "Stay down and dont' move until I tell you," He said to him, catching him before he tried to go to Ara. He felt guilty and wanted to help her but Mike was making sure he was staying in spot. Mike saw Sylus' message. "Are they attacking us?" Alister asked, "Why us? This doesn't make any sense. This can't be happening. I'm supposed to get..."
"Shut up!" Mike got fed up.

Ara tried to take a peak up and they were fired at. Her heart skipped a beat. She nodded, and saw him reach for a gun. She glanced over at Sy and saw him trying to take aim. She didn't want to be useless. She had good aim, she knew she could be useful. She crawled to grab the gun quickly. She knew Sy said to stay in cover but... She took a quick peak and aimed and fired, she missed the first time, finding it difficult with this gun but got him in the arm the second time. People were screaming, and trying to get out. Alister's eyes widened, catching Ara doing that. What the hell.

[b "Got one." ] She mumbled and ducked quickly and remembered how paintball went, making Sy lose because of her, getting crushed like that. She grew stiff. This wasn't good. She couldn't move. She felt truly afraid. Afraid she'd die, afraid Sylus would die because of her.

While Ara and Sylus were firing, Mike got an opening to grab Alister and blend in with the crowd, which made it too difficult for anyone to aim at them. Alister kept telling him that they couldn't leave them there but Mike just kept ignorning him.

[b ", how many left?" ] She asked, and seeing another one coming over, shooting at their direction, coming in close. [b "Give us the girl, or we'll kill you." ] He spoke. Ara swallowed, wandering if she should just...[i You can't hand yourself over. ]
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He didn't think that her relationship with her brother was this strained, but it was. He could see why she was so irritated around him. He didn't know anything that was going on and he had all that Ara wanted. If he wasn't sent to the facility, could he have met with Ara and convince her that he wanted to marry her? Or would she still keep her focus on the facility?

It made him wonder, but when he saw that someone was going to bump into Ara, he pulled her back into the seat and then he eyed the man. There was something suspicious about it all, but he didn't want anything happening to her or her brother. This must have been the most important mission ever because if anything went wrong, him and Mike could be killed if her father was the father of hell.

They made it back to the jewelry store and then he spoke with Mike. [b "Yeah we're being followed. I think it best they buy what they need fast so we can get out of here"] he told him and then he glanced back to see Ara and Alister arguing again. He knew nothing about marriage, but if he was going to propose to Ara, he was sure she'd say yes no matter how he did it.

He spotted something shiny in the corner of his eye and then he quickly pulled Ara to the side. There was a shot fired that shattered the glass casing of one of the counters. He kept Ara down and then he glanced over to see MIke had covered Alister. More shots fired and SYlus kept Ara down, glancing past the side of the entrance to see two guys on two different floors aiming at them.

[i "There's two. Let's get out the back and bring these two to the car"] he texted MIke, protecting Ara. Sylus saw that three men were charging into the store. He kicked one down and took his gun, pushing his body to knock down the other guy. Sylus picked up the gun and fired shots at the remaining guy rushing in.

[b "Ara stay behind me okay. We'll get you a safe route out, but stay in cover"] he told her, peeking out and then using the fun to try and take out the snipers.
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She had enough of Alister. She felt lighter after she had some fun with Sylus in the restroom but Alister was giving her another headache. How could someone be this naive and ignorant about everything? How brainwashed could he possibly be? She didn't understand, and hew as the last person in the world she would tell about her feelings for Sy. He blabbed to her dad, and that made her dad put the pieces together and cause her to lose the person she loved. She could never have that happen again.

She got up, and someone nearly bumped into her, but Sy tugged her back. [b "I...he was..." ] She sighed. She glanced at the person and he turned his head away but would glance back at Sylus. Ara wanted to get this done as fast as possible and at the same time, she didn't because she wanted to get more chances with Sylus.

They head to the jewerly store and Alister was back to picking. Ara really didn't want to help, but she got to do Sy in the restroom, so she was feeling less upset about him marrying some girl that wouldn't even marry him anyway. Ara pointed at a small modest ring [b "This one, if she doesn't come from money, than she will be more than happy with this one right here. She can still flash it to her friends and it can pay her rent for four months, and it's similar to the ones you showed me." ]

"It's only 5000?"
[b "More than enough." ] She knew she'd never see those in her lifetime. Alister pointed to some other ones and asked her about that, but when it came down to it, he picked what she suggested. Alister smiled once he bought it "I think she'll like it. Although...then comes the proposal. What do you think?" He met her eyes.
[b "I'm not helping you with that." ] Ara frowned.

Mike leaned into Soren, "Have you noticed? We're being followed. We need to lose them. The one that was about to bump into Ara, I saw a dent in the side of his pants, he might be carrying a weapon."

"Come on Ara, I could really use your help. Don't all girls imagine getting proposed to?" Alister figured that was true.
[b "Not me." ] And it was true. [b "The closest thing I've seen was a movie, I only have a basic understanding of it. Don't you just go on one knee after you buy the ring on the same day and say 'Will you marry me?' ." ]
Alister sighed "Are you serious? You really are clueless."
It wasn't like that? Huh. That's what happened in the movies.
"We should have a real lunch." Alister suggested and looked at Sylus "Your really quiet. We're all around the same age, you don't have to act like security."
  Ravenity / 7d 1h 26m 22s
After they managed to get fixed up, he looked over Ara one more time and he had a smile on his face. He still felt so lucky to have someone like her be in love with him. It was a long shot, but through their little missions, he'd gotten to be much closer to her and she's helped him so much with his father. He didn't want to step out yet, so he leaned in and gave her a kiss.

He walked with her outside, staying at her side as he looked around. They made it to the coffee shop and Sylus was back into guard mode, staying alert. He at least got some alone time with Ara and that in itself was hard to come by. He sat down with Mike, keeping a straight face, not to give anything away until Alister spoke.

At least Ara was feeling okay now thanks to him. It made him smile on the inside, but when the two started talking again, he kept quiet. THey were arguing and it was a pretty messed up conversation. Was this why Ara didn't associate with her family? Wait. She said that once the news got to her dad, he was no one should even be mentioning him getting close to her because he would also be killed. So it was true? Her dad had a lot of power.

Sylus sighed a little and when he saw Ara standing up about to hit someone, he held her hand to tug her back into the seat. The man managed to dodge her, but then he looked at her [b "Careful"] he spoke and then he eyed the man looking irritated as he walked off.

Sylus didn't see anything else suspicious other than people trying to get close to the two, so he would glance at Mike to see if he also saw anyone suspicious.

He stood up and waited for them to finish their coffee before leading them back to the ring shop. He hated seeing Ara so frustrated though. She must be feeling like crap with all the nonsense that Alister was talking about. If he was in London, he'd have the right to say something...but here, he had to keep his mouth shut.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 7d 2h 10m 55s
Ara fixed up her clothes, made sure her skirt and shirt wasn't wrinkled up, her hair was in perfect condition and there was nothing indicating that they did what they did. The two of them gave another look at each other, to make sure they were okay to go. She smiled back at Sylus and he took hold of her hand. She opened her mouth to say something but he already released it. She felt sad about not being able to be like a couple out there but...there was no choice. She kissed him again and she raised a brow when he said wait, but he went to lean in for another kiss. It made her smile and fill with Awe. Sy...was so sweet.

She stepped out of the restroom with him and they found the coffee shop that Mike and Alister was in. She saw the two sitting down and chatting. She hoped that nothing else would set her off today. She knew that Alister's girlfriend had to be a gold digger, so, at the very least she had something she didn't. She had someone like Sylus who didn't love her for the money she had, and even bought her stuff when he could. She really loved everything he gave her. She would have been happy with a makeshift ring made out of plants if so be it. [b "Yup..." ] She sighed and touched his shoulder gently for a moment [b "I know...but we got some time together and I'm really happy about that." ] She took a seat down by them.

"You look pretty cheery now, where did you two go?" Alister asked.
[b "Just looking around and getting some desert." ] She figured that was a good answer.
"How come you were so upset before? Do you like someone? I know we're not close, but you can still talk to me...or us." He looked at Mike and Sylus "Mike said they're not allowed to tell anyone anyway, even father."

As if. He really was delusional. Ara gently smiled [b "Hey, don't you remember that other boy I told you I liked when I was younger?" ]
"Yea... do you still like him?"
[b "He's dead." ] She shrugged [b "You told dad, and he died." ]
Alister stared back at her and looked visibly upset now, "I'm guessing therapy isn't helping then..."
[b "Therapy?" ] Ara dryly questioned.
"Dad said you were in therapy for some...delusions? I can help Ara."
He said what? She glared and she was ready to flip the table or throw that hot coffee at his face. Mike leaned back and wondering what part of that was true. It made sense. It made a lot of sense. He was told that if he ever so much as hugged that girl affectionately, he'd lose a hand.

[b "Go get your fucking ring Alister." ] She got up and someone was about to bump into her, and looking like he was trying to avoid her but at the same time wasn't.
  Ravenity / 7d 2h 33m 14s
He brought her into the restroom without really knowing what would happen. He knew there were no cameras here though and he knew that as long as the doors were locked, no one would really know they were here. His eyes went to hers, seeing her meet his as he leaned in to kiss her. He missed her and wanted to feel her skin on his, but he knew it wasn't the place. His wants just took over and his hand embraced her thin frame as he pulled her close.

[b "I know. I texted Mike already, they're still at the ring shop"] he moved down her neck and could hear her refusing. When could he ever get a chance like this? He felt like it was a sort of destiny to be able to even have a moment with her here. He felt her hands touching his bare skin as he let his own crawl into her skirt, moving over her ass as he heard her.

[b "Three days is a long time. I....I can't help it Ara. I want you. I want to make up for those three days"] he whispered, continuing to kiss her and then he heard her slip up her words. [b "I miss playing together too"] he felt her fingers on his lips and then thought about it. Even though he really wanted it, it didn't seem like Ara was too into it. [b "Ara I want you right now. If you let me, I won't stop, but if you want to head back....then I won't do a thing"] he promised her.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 8d 3h 27m 37s
Ara watched him, wanting to see if she could spot a lie in his words through his body language but she couldn't tell. She never really could tell with these boys. If he believed they were safe then, he must be right. She wanted to spend time with him, and the way he was kissing her, it brought her back. She wasn't in some restroom anymore, she was with him, alone, without anyone dedicating whom she couldn't be with. She kissed him over again, pressed against his chest, and wanting to feel what was underneath.

It made her stiff when she heard the door knob twist. This was risky. She couldn't risk his life like this. [b " you know..." ] She spoke, while closing her eyes when he was kissing down her neck. It felt nice. [b "Mmm... Sy, still it's not safe." ] She heard Sylus speak out, and she heard the handle being released. Maybe, Mike and Alister didn't see them come in. She met his eyes again, lost in him, wanting to be with him just for a little bit, and then he went back to kissing down her neck. She had his hands on his waist, sliding underneath his shirt and up his back, not being in any real control of herself.

[b "It's only been three days." ] She reminded, and felt his hands go down to her ass. She remembered how he... [b "Sy...we shouldn't. We've already been gone too long." ] She nibbled on her lip, and felt him licking her lips, and kissed him back slowly anyway, [b "Mmm...I do. I miss you. I miss laying in bed with you, playing with you-I mean games...I mean not that...well I guess." ] She smiled slightly. She could tell, that he must have wanted something more. She touched his lip, and smirked [b "You're so perfect..." ] She wanted to make them back but she couldn't budge.
  Ravenity / 8d 4h 21m 42s
It didn't feel that long, but being at the facility really made him realize how much he was taking for granted in London. All he really wanted was to be able to spend his free time with her. He was training his whole life to protect Ara with his life and he was making that his goal. It wasn't fair to see someone else just get to be her temporary guard so suddenly. Who was Mike anyway? A guy who was also number one a while ago?

Things were going okay. He just felt like there were a lot more people now getting the courage because he was gone for such a long time. It was good to hear though that he was still number one. He didn't care about those other guys though that were only trying to hurt ARa. If they touched her like that again, he'd break something.

He sat with her, eating dessert and then he would feed her and then sneak in a kiss. If he could make her feel less afraid, that's all he wanted. He had a smile on his face as he finished. Sylus noticed that there was someone eyeing them. He led Ara into the family restroom and locked the door. Hopefully the man would think that they left out the back or something.

He faced Ara [b "Nothing's wrong. I just want to spend time with you"] he hugged her in close and kissed her lips. He missed her, being this close to her and holding her in his arms. He let his kisses move along her lips as he closed his eyes and pulled her against his chest. He felt her kisses back and oh how much he missed them.

When he heard the door knob, he knew it was locked. [b "We're fine. Someone probably just wants to use the bathroom"] he told her, kissing down her neck. [b "It'll be okay no on knows we're here"] he whispered.

[b "Someone's in here. It might be a while"] he spoke and the handle released. He looked back at Ara and kissed her neck, making sure not to leave any hickies or visible signs of anything. He just loved her scent, her skin, and her warmth.

[b "I don't know how I can be away from you for this long. I miss this"] he let his hand move down her ass, pulling her closer as he licked her lips. [b "Didn't you miss me too?"]
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 8d 6h 31m 22s
It had only been three days since they left the penthouse, but it felt like a year ago, or that it was just all in her head. She liked doing simple things like this, sharing a banana split with him, and just being able to sit in front of him comfortably. She always felt a little tight because she worried if they were seen by the wrong person, but it was still easier than it was at the facility or around Alister and Mike. [b "I'm glad t hear things are going okay...hmm." ] She doubly blinked. Last time she checked, Sy was still number one [b "They're not , you're still number one, I saw the ranking. They won't...if it's the lot I think you're talking about ,they won't. Only the calm and collected ones are placed as number one. I mean, that's usually the pattern..." ] She shrugged. She still worried though, she knew sometimes the guys fought each other [b "I know you won't, your strong." ]

Ara's lip curved into a smile when she noticed him w rapping his leg around hers. [b "It is...I got myself out of it for once. I'll have a just a bit more control, so that might mean more desserts for everyone, or just better food." ] She shrugged. She figured she could sell one of the cars and get them better food than the stuff they were eating now.

Ara's felt her chest warm. She felt that this was real. That he really did love her, that he would really stay. [b "Thank you, I like knowing that I have you with me. It makes me less afraid of everything I have to do, or whatever might happen." ] She ate the ice cream with him and leaned in when he offered too. She took another bite, locking her eyes on Sylus, remaining quiet for awhile and noticed him leaning in. She did a quick look and kissed him quickly, already addicted to his lips and touch. Being away, was heightening everything. She wanted to be able to kiss him more.

They finished dessert, and she grabbed a napkin and made sure she was all cleaned up, then Sylus tugged on her hand slightly. She raised a brow and followed him. Where-why? Restroom? She saw Sylus taking a glance around and locking them in. [b "Sy, is something wrong?" ] She whispered, while he was trying to listen against the door.

She felt her heart pound against her chest when he pulled her in, her lips craving to be kissed again. She kissed him softly, falling into a daze so quickly from wanting to be with him so much. She felt his familiar tongue, the heat rising down her body. She wanted him with her every day. She wrapped her arms around him and enjoye how intensely he was kissing her, so she did the same back, kissing hard and building up the speed, nibbling down on his lips and trying to use her tongue to run against his. She pressed he chest against his, forgetting everything. Until she heard the knob trying to be turned. Her heart skipped a beat. She paused kissing and looked back at him, and then back at the door. [b "We're going to be caught." ] She whispered very quietly, [b "We can't..." ] do this. What if Mike or Alister saw them go in? She didn't seem them. Could it be someone else?
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He wanted to know about her dad, her home, and how she was so rich. Payton said that her father was the father of hell. THat meant that....he didn't want to believe it, but was it true? Could her father be the the man in charge of it all? Did Ara know this? Was she not telling him? He didn't get it, but he wanted more time to ask her about it. Maybe on another trip if they ever got one, but right now, Sylus felt like it wasn't the right time to be asking these questions when he only got a moment with her.

He told her he'd hold out because he loved her. He met her blue eyes and saw them mixed in with tears. He held her hand and led her into the restaurant for now. When they sat down, he ordered a banana split, hoping that it would at least make her feel better. Sure she felt as if she couldn't have what her brother had, but he'd still stick by her.

He missed spending every moment with her, every second of even just lazing around and sitting next to each other at the penthouse. It felt like that was such a long time ago. He heard her asking about his training and he nodded. [b "It's going fine. It's good to see Luke again. THere are some guys that think they're number one, but I won't let them take that spot from me"] he told her and felt her leg. He wrapped his around her own and then he smiled, hearing that she wasn't hurt.

[b "I think that's great. Maybe you have a chance to be able to finish this"] he wanted to help her meet her goal. Even if he couldn't have any public displays of affection, he wanted to be beside her like Tanner. [b "I know I can't have anything public with you, but I want to be by your side no matter what"] he held her hand, seeing the dessert come. Sylus ate some ice cream and smiled, giving her one scoop as well.

It felt like it wasn't enough though. He wanted to be closer. He wanted to kiss her. He squeezed her hand and leaned in to kiss her.

After the dessert, Sylus noticed that there had been someone eyeing them. He held her hand [b "Ara come with me for a moment"] he held her hand and then he walked with her towards the restrooms. He didn't catch the man following, but just in case, he stepped into a family restroom and closed the door, locking it. That man wouldn't get them in here.

Sylus listened against the door and then he looked back at Ara, not wanting to startle her. He pulled her in close and hugged her, leaning in to kiss her lips. He let his tongue slide to wrap around hers, closing his eyes. He couldn't take it anymore, he wanted to be this close to her again. [b "Mmm, why can't I just have you near me like this everyday"] he whispered against her lips, kissing her more intensely, missing it all.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 8d 8h 45m 22s
She heard him, start off with 'your dad.' He didn't...finish, so she didn't want to hear that he might have figured it out. The last thing she'd want was to encourage him to finish what he said. Ara was already hurting and she couldn't bear to have him look at her in a different way right now. Not now. She held onto him, wishing that she could have exactly what she wanted. The people she grew up with to never suffer like they had before, and that no one else would g through what they did, and be able to live a life with someone she loved. She didn't think she could make it that far. And she knew things were much more complicated than 'kill dad.' There was more than one head to cut.

She hoped he meant it, that he meant he'd hold on. She wanted to believe it a 100 percent, but what happened with her others always made her have just a bit of doubt. She looked up at him and smiled, while clearing up her tears, [b "I know you love me." ] That she felt was true without a doubt. [b "Okay," ] She held onto his hand and Sylus' lead them to a restaurant. She sat down with him, and always feared of being seen by the wrong person. [b "I miss you so much too.Sy, you know that...even if you were my guard that, we could probably never have anything pubic with me, right? If you're with me, you might just...suffer with me." ] She knew it, that being with her wasn't appealing.

Are nodded [b "Yea, we can share a banana split." ] She ordered it and when it came in, she took a bit e and the sweets were making her feel just a bit better. She most liked that she was right here with him. She fed him once, and remembered laying in bed with him, or sitting on the sofa and playing video games. She didn't think Sy had the same goal as her, Tanner did, that's why she didn't feel so bad with him always being there with her.

[b "Is everything okay with your training and such? I bet your happy to see Luke again." ] Ara placed her leg between his leg, just wanting to feel close. [b "Ah, and something good did happen. I didn't get tortured for giving you guys cupcakes for dinner." ] She nodded, thinking that was a great thing. She placed her hand on top of his and drew shapes with her finger. She missed him, a lot.
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