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Payton nodded [b “Me too… I think I can do once a month.” ] It was better than four or more. She sat back and would try to pay attention but just felt all mopey about everything. [b “No, I don’t really need your help. I don’t at all actually.” ] She shrugged. She’s always managed Ethan by herself, so she didn’t see a reason for having the extra help. She would rather have Sylus be away if he was off to being lovey dovey with Ara, instead of them displaying it right in front of her face as if she hadn’t enough of that with Ethan.

She couldn’t stay anymore. She got up and Sylus strangely hugged her. What was he doing? [b “Are you hugging me?” ] She raised a brow. Tell her something? She didn’t know who the hell he was. He sounded like Ara. Ara really rubbed off hard on him. He patted her back and she was just unsure of how much influence that girl could have on him. [b “No… I’m fine, really. You’re the last person that can help right now…” ] She felt awkward in a hug. She didn’t really do the ‘hug’ thing-well besides with Ethan and even Ethan kept it to a minimum.

Payton scoffed. [i Ethan loves me my ass. ] [b “Yea, he does, we’re like family-whatever family is.” ] He pulled back and she stood there for a moment, [b “Um…okay, I’m heading up.” ] She went into her bedroom. What the hell was that hug about? As if she needed that from him.

Ara had fallen asleep entirely. Then her phone started to alert her and vibrate her underneath her pillow. She kept sleeping until unconsciously she started to think ‘That could be Sy’ and it woke her up. She rolled and squinted, finding her phone and trying to look at the screen. It was Sy… She half asleep opened it and messaged [i ‘ Me? Skeep? Nahh’ ] She hoped he would believe it.
  Ravenity / 27d 8h 40m 49s
He was sitting on the couch, choosing a movie. He wanted something that they could just relax and watch and was funny. Sylus leaned back and when he kept his amber eyes on the screen, he then asked Payton some questions to try and start a conversation, but she didn't seem like she was in the mood at all.

[b "THat's good. I'm glad you two were able to compromise"] he told her, just trying to at least be someone she could call a friend and lean on. He heard her say that he should leave tomorrow. [b "Tomorrow? Why would I be out most of tomorrow, don't you want my help?"] he asked, seeing her soon get up to head to her room.

Sylus stood up and held her arm, holding her back a little as he stood up. [b "Um, Payton...I need to tell you something. I know you're probably not feeling well, but if there's anything you need, you can tell me to. I'll try and cheer you up. If there's something you want to do or if you just need someone to talk to"] he walked over and then he leaned in to give her a hug, pulling her in and then patting her back.

Sylus leaned into her ear to whisper something. [b "Oh and Ethan....he told me that he loves you"] he smiled and then he pulled back, letting her head up to her room. He ended up finishing the movie, but he called Ara right back for a while [b "Hey you. Are you already asleep?"] he asked.
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Payton wasn’t really focusing on the TV. She curled up her knees against her chest and slouched into the sofa. She stared at the blue light, the movements and felt all mopey. This wasn’t a great day at all. She rolled to lay on her side on the sofa and heard Sylus speak up. [b “Yea, we’re…better. He promised not to have someone more than once a month.” ] She said and let the silence grow, hearing some of what was on TV.

[b “Yea... This movie is fine.” ] She fixed up her hair into a pony tail and Soren spoke again. And tomorrow…Ara would come and it was all going to be “Payton! I missed you so much” and then go all lovey dovey with Sylus. She felt bitter about it. It stressed her out having Ara come too.

[b “Yuppp,” ] She said, not having much to say. [b “Don’t be afraid to leave the villa for most of the day tomorrow. I’ll keep track of Ethan.” ] Hopfully he’d drag Ara with himself too, so she didn’t have to face it. She really couldn’t focus on a movie right now.

[b “I think I’m going to head back up and go to bed early, enjoy the movie,” ] She said, getting up and going into the kitchen first to grab the box of chocolates that was in one of the cupboards and headed upstairs. She sat on her bed and ate chocolate, while opening up her phone to play a game until she felt like sleeping.
  Ravenity / 28d 9h 21m 41s
He couldn't wait to see Ara again back at the facility. All he wanted was to be at her side and possibly be her best guard. Tanner knew how to protect her well and he wanted to be on his level, to be able to be that person that her father trusted to protect his daughter.

He had to say goodbye though even though he didn't want to. The next time he went back to the facility, he would spend as much time with her as he could.

Sylus headed down for dinner, sitting at the table and then seeing the two talk to each other again. He didn't want them fighting at all, so he wanted them to work things out. [b "Well it tastes great tonight"] he smiled and then he saw the two head off to go talk. Guess no one wanted to tell him who was coming tomorrow. He sighed and then he finished up his food, cleaning up the table and then sitting on the couch.

He relaxed and then he grabbed the remote, looking for a comedy. He put on Game night and then he just sat back and relaxed, glancing over [b "So are you and Ethan okay?"] he wondered, hoping they'd at least fix their problems so the atmosphere wouldn't be awkward.

[b "Is this movie okay?"] he asked, noticing that she didn't look very happy. [b " was the book? Did you enjoy it?"]
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It warmed her to hear him tell her that she gave something to him. She felt she should do all she could for everyone, and she even wanted to do more for Sylus since she loved him in a whole different way than she loved others. Ara smiled [b “Yea, you’re right. Me too.” ] She relaxed in the bed and wished to be right next to him. She didn’t want him to leave yet, she really wanted to spend all night talking to him, seeing him. She heard that he was having dinner. She frowned and sighed and lightly smiled when he said I love you back to her.

“No problem, a thanks for making us lunch.” Ethan smiled and took a seat, hoping Payton would actually look at him now. She was getting there at least. Payton ate her food and decided she would talk to Ethan. She ate her food and leaned back and then shook her head, “No, I don’t want to be far from Ethan at this time of day. We could watch a movie-or play,” She shrugged. She remembered when watching a movie was a highly special occasion that happened once in a blue moon, and now she could watch it any time she wanted.

“I’m glad you clearly like it,” Ethan lightly laughed and set the plates aside.
Payton laughed at Sylus’ comment, [b “Yea, well…sometimes it doesn’t turn out so great.” ]
“Hey,” Ethan frowned, “It tastes good.”
[b “It does. Can we talk now?” ] She asked.
“Yup, let’s head up. I’ll give Payton back to you shortly Sylus.” Ethan said. The two of them head upstairs and talked it out. Then Ethan left to do his work and Payton returned to meet with Sylus. [b “Okay, are we going to watch a movie?” ] She asked. She would add snacks and drinks but she didn’t want to risk the drinks thing, since he was definitely with Ara and she didn’t want any accidents. Payton had remained in her one piece with a t-shirt this whole time just because she didn’t feel like changing. Ugh, today was crappy. First, she had to deal with Ethan doing some other sex doll, and then she knew Sylus and Ara must have been all goey and lovely dovey even in the phone. [i So I can feel a bit of jealousy but I can't feel any love? ] She slouched, with a frown on her face, handing him the remote to pick a movie.
  Ravenity / 28d 10h 6m 57s
He nodded because she opened up his world and made him realize there was more to life than just trying to be number one. He also owed her for becoming a genuine friend to him even though he was nothing more than a test. Even in her position she wanted to be friends with him. She showed him the world too. [b "Of course I do. You gave me everything I wanted"] he smiled and then he told her not to let Tanner see because she was sexy right now.

[b "I can't wait to see you. We'll make it work somehow. We always do"] he wanted to look on the bright side because that was all he had. He would stay at the facility as long as Ara was there. She had become the real reason a place felt like home.

When she said something like that, he could tell from her expression she was hiding something. But what? He just kept quiet and then he heard Ethan calling him over. [b "I love you too"] he kissed the camera and then he hung up sadly. He headed down and when he saw Payton coming down, he sat at the table and then he saw the food. [b "Wow, this looks great. Thanks Ethan"] he looked at the two and it seemed like they were both trying to fix up their fight.

He ate the pasta, enjoying the taste as he sat at the table. [b "Hmm, well I don't mind just staying here...maybe see a movie or play more games? Do you want to go anywhere Payton?"] figuring she didn't really want to go out because no one would watch Ethan.

He finished up his food quickly with his appetite and went for seconds, building up an appetite from swimming. He finished his second plate and had sauce all over his lips as he licked them off. [b "Wow, it must be nice being with Ethan if he could cook like this"]
  ellocalypse / 29d 4h 34m 41s
[b "You do?" ] She felt a bit bad because he still didn't know that she was who she was...and she didn't feel like he owed her a thing. Ara liked the sound of his voice and it was even better when she saw him. She missed seeing that face. Ara nodded [b "Yea, of course I will be. Tanner?" ] She laughed [b "He won't." ] Because he already had by accident once...she was going to leave that completely out though. She looked back at him, and glanced off for a second. SHe didn't want to tell him yet, she really did want to surprise him.

[b "Something like that." ] She watched him through her phone again and wished to keep talking like this at least, maybe even all night. [b "Me too, yea...I hope so. It's just'll be difficult." ] She sighed. She heard the noise in the background and Sy said it, that he had to go. She didn't want him to go. [b "Do you really have to? Okay...bye, I love you a lot." ] She said and he hung up on her. She stared at her phone and wished to keep talking to him. She end up having trouble sleeping, hoping that she could talk to him again tonight but it didn't seem like it was happening.

Payton cracked open the door, because there was no way she was going to miss out on food. When she came down, she stayed silent. She didn't meet Ethan's eyes and didn't say anything to him. She helped set up the table and sat down. Ethan watched her "Payton, I want to talk to you after. I'm willing to compromise."
That lifted Payton's eyes back up, [b "Sure..." ] She nodded.
'I'm going to have another visitor tomorrow," Ethan spoke. he had made pasta with shrimps.
[b "Another girl?" ] Payton raised a brow.
"Yes...but this one I'm not laying in bed with. Anyway, I still have a load of work to do this evening, so after the two of us talk, you can both don't have to include me in whatever you want to do." ] Ethan said.
Payton dug her fork in her pasta, [b "Alright. We need to talk about that visitor too. Sylus anything you want to do tonight?" ]
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He told her how emotionless he was and how he didn't really care about anything for a while except for being number one. Ara would visit him daily, give him things and just make him feel so much hope. He always tried for her because she always tried for him. Sylus smiled and then he nodded [b "Yes, I owe you a lot"] he grinned, just loving to talk to her like this. If only they weren't so far away.

[b "Oh so you guys are in Europe? Be safe. Don't let Tanner take a peek"] he teased and then he saw her looking all cozy. How much he would give to be that close to her right now. [b "Leaving? Are you going back to the facility?"] he asked, wishing he was actually back there just to see her when she returned.

[b "I miss you too. I want to have my arms around her and feel your warmth. Maybe soon when I return to the facility. We'll find a way to sneak out again"] he told her, soon hearing the sounds of Ethan calling them for dinner.

[b "I have to go ARa, but hopefully I can call you again soon. Miss you, love you"] he pressed his lips to the camera and he had to hang up. Sylus ended up sighing and then he stood up, heading down the steps, meeting them all in the kitchen. He wondered if Payton would come down to eat. Maybe she'd be a bit more relaxed after finishing up her book.
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Ara shook her head, [b " weren't just a robotic killer. You always tried to smile around me made me really happy even if it was mostly froced. I'm glad I opened you up." ] She lightly smiled. They really have grown so much together. She never got to experience a relationship like theirs before and she never got to safe a life like she saved Sylus' either. He really was her hope.

AAra laughed [b "Really messy..." ] She couldn't wait till they could do all that again. She saw Sylus' shirt and shorts which was something, and it made her miss him in other ways. [b "Right... Tanner is in the same hotel room as me, just a different bedroom. I mean I'm sure he'll ignore, but I guess it isn't smart." ] She sighed. She wished she could talk to him more often. [b "I know, I would never risk it." ] She stretched out her legs and pulled the blanket over her body.

[b "'s okay. We're negotiating a couple of things. I'm still in Europe, this hotel is not for the casual visitor, or even a wealthy visitor, it's mostly for well known high power positioned people-so it's safe and private. It's going smoothly, I will be living in a couple of hours," ] She wasn't going to mention that thing though. Not yet. It wasn't even a big deal but just in case, she wanted to leave it out for later.

Ara pouted [b "I miss you. I want you to be in bed with me, kissing me, and talking to me in person about your day." ] She knew she sounded a bit whiny she just hoped it didn't annoy him.
  Ravenity / 30d 8h 47m 8s
He loved talking to her because it felt like he was there beside her. He was laying in bed just relaxing and she was already about to sleep. He loved listening to her complimenting him because it meant the most from her. [b "I know. I used to just be some robotic killer...but then you kept trying to open me up"] he smiled, nodding his head. If it weren't for her, he'd probably still just be some killer without a heart.

He missed those days at the penthouse though. The way she would spend time with him, the activities they did, when they cooked together, when they just sat on the couch and relaxed...he missed it so much. [b "Well good then because it will get messy"] he laughed and then he sighed. HE really missed her and wanted to be there that it ached.

When Ara showed him herself, he smiled and just showed himself in his shirt and shorts. He laughed and then he gave her at thinking face [b "It's not bad, but there's other people in this house"] he smiled and then he thought about it. [b "It's hard at the facility. I can't be caught like that. Seeing you everyday is more than enough"] he told her, looking at the hotel she was in. [b "How's your mission? Where are you staying tonight?"] he wondered, never having talked to anyone on the phone like this before.
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[b "I know." ] Ara grinned. SHe knew she looked good but it sure made her feel great when Sy said it. Ara nodded [b "You're definitely charming. You used to...I don't know, you're not the same as you were before we were together. You were so...quiet? Maybe that's not the word but different." ] She loved how he smiled more often when he was eith her and it always lifted her up. She missed him, really missed him. Ara laughed [b "Me? II changed you?" ]

Being able to do what they once did sounded like a complete dream. She didn't know when there next change to do that would ever come. [b "I don't mind messy." ] She smirked back. Her eyes followed his hands going through his hair and wished she was the one to do that. She wanted to be near and tomorrow they would but, she didn't know if she had time to be that close, if they could be that close with people around.

[b "Really? Why not..." ] Ara paused a moment in thought. Maybe because of the age gap, wasn't Payton 23 or was it 24? Ara shrugged and then they talked about each other. She showed more of herself to him and then she giggled [b "Tempting you is a bad thing? Without...would you like to see me without?" ] She teased and saw more of him too, [b "You're looking good-definitely pretty." ] She watched his kissy face and found it adorable. [b "Yea-me too. It's more than we could talk at the facility. I wish I could give you a phone while you were in the facility so we could talk all the time." ]
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He made a guess and when she said it was, he smiled because he really did want to see all of her again. He wanted to touch her skin, press his lips against hers and wrap his arms around her. He called her through video and then he waited to see her. He was getting excited because he really wanted to see her beautiful face.

Sylus smiled when he saw her and he missed those blue eyes of hers. [b "You look perfect"] he heard her laugh and then he rubbed the back of his head [b "Me? Charming? Maybe....I think I confused her because I didn't seem like someone from the facility. This is all your fault for changing me"] he teased, sticking out his tongue. He could see her just laying on her bed by herself....if only he could be there. [b "I definitely want to paint you again....but it might get messy"] he smirked, running his fingers through his hair. WHy couldn't he just be with her? Why did the world have to separate him when people here were just doing whatever they wanted.

[b "I think he likes Payton, but I don't know. Payton didn't seem to even consider that"] he shrugged, but couldn't keep his eyes off of her because it was the first time he was talking to her in a long time, but through a phone. He saw where she pointed the camera and then he bit down on his lip [b "Stop tempting me. You look good with or without underwear"] he smirked and then he showed his outfit. [b "Ha! I'm pretty too huh?"] he laughed and then he made a kissy face. [b "It's weird, but I am happy I get to talk to you like this"]
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Ara looked down her body and nibbled her lip [b "Yea...It was going to be." ] Now that she thought about it, she had never taken pictures of herself without being fully clothes. Ara loved listening to her voice, and sounded good. She picked up the call when he called her again. She was laying down in bed and smiled when she saw his face, wishing to touch his cheek, or run her fingers through his hair. [b " I missed you sooo much...oh you look perfect." ] She smiled.

Ara laughed [b "Really? Maybe because you're so charming." ]She recalled a memory and heard his laughter when she mentioned that thing that they did. She would like to paint with him over again. [b "We will definitely do it again when we get the chance. It's my favorite thing to do-or well second." ] She smirked.

She was curious about Payton's life, because she wanted to hear if things had been going well. If her life was a lot more free, if she didn't worry to live the next day anymore. It didn't go so well for most and it was always a relief on her when at least some few got to live a better life than before.

[b "Ooo, really? How can Payton not like Ethan? He seemed so kind and he was definitely a looker. Mmm...maybe you can ask Ethan if he likes her. I would love to play cupid for them, if I was there." ] She watched his eyes through the camera and wished to be with him. He made her smile when he called her pretty.

[b "Me look sexy." ] She giggled and then tilted her camera to show down her body to her underwear, [b "I really am pretty aren't I? What do you think about my new underwear?" ] She teased, it was white and and partially a mesh to match her bra. She lifted the camera back to her face, "It's so weird isn't it? Talking on camera. I've never talked to a boyfriend or crush on the phone before." ]
  Ravenity / 30d 11h 27m 0s
Sylus just decided to think about what he wanted to see, but when she asked, he blushed and them he spoke, "Maybe a picture of youre lower half?" He guessed, biting down on his lip because he was getting really excited.

He smiled and then he told her that he'd hang up and call her again through video. Sylus used the camera and then he faced himself, waiting for her to answer. "HI. I missed seeing you're face" he waited to see her, his Amber eyes looking at the camera as he smiled. "Yeah even Payton was surprised to hear that I'm number one"

Sylus remembered standing there naked for her and he would laugh "Yeah that was so much fun. I miss painting with you too. Let's do it again soon. The next time we have some time together"

"I think Ethan might have feelings for Payton. I want to help them out, but Payton is very to herself" he told her, taking a peak at Ara. "You look so pretty right now. I wish I was in bed beside you" he smiled.
  ellocalypse / 30d 12h 20m 55s
Ara giggled, [b "You do? What do you think you're going to see?" ] She curiously asked, pulling up her knees and just remembering a few things. She leaned her head back and never even thought about doing a video chat but she liked the idea [b "Yea, why not? I'd love to see your face." ] It did worry her a little to hear that Payton talked about her. SHe didn't exactly know the impression she gave to Payton, but she was always pretty emotionless and liked to keep to herself, a lot of like other guards she had, but now and then she could joke. She did like having her as a bodyguard.

Her cheeks warmed, [b "Oh she did... I said that? Well-now you know," ] She shrugged to herself and laughed, thinking back to when she really did have a crush on Sylus. She just never thought he'd give her the chance, but they were together now.

She wished she brought her sketch book, just to view him... [b "Well...some part of it was because I wanted to see you naked, but I swear there was still good reason for it," ] She had a good time with it and remembered doing the same for him. She wanted to paint with him again...that was fun.

[b "Ahh-I understand that completely. I want to protect you. Tell him that if he tries to protect her, that they'll most likely both get hurt that way. I know I'm not so great at standing back all the time...though." ] She sighed, always wanting to help and take part of everything when shec ould. She smiled at the thought of him becoming her bodyguard, and then also felt worried about it too. [b "Yea... Oh, like us-then, maybe they do like each other." ] She wondered.
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