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She didn’t want to ever forget what happened in the past, the memories and how it ended. If she forgot, then stupid things like that would happen again and she’d lose Sylus. Sylus held her so close and at the moment he reminded her so much of him. Saying things like he’ll always be with her, come back to her. She went down that rabbit hole and she knew how it ended. “No…No, if your taken away you can never come back. He’ll kill you. I don’t want you to come back to me dead.” Her voice cracked. She didn’t think he understood just how unlikely any of that was to happen.

“I don’t want you to find a way to be with me if you’re sold. If you’re not my bodyguard or always be around me somehow then it’s over. I’m not doing it. I want you alive,” She stated and then shook her head, glancing off, “The stuff your saying is exactly what I was afraid of. He talked like that, and he died. I’m can’t be with you if you don’t think about staying alive first.” She was deathly worried about the future, about losing him.

She remained quiet. She had to give up on him if he was sold off. It would be the right thing to do. He headed off. She got dressed and sat on the sofa. She occasionally glanced at Sylus and wished for just a quiet life with him. She didn’t want him to go.
“We are, Ara wants to pick something up from Ethan,” Tanner mentioned, yawning, “Are you leaving now? You could go back when Ethan gives us a call or after we eat breakfast.”

Ara picked up her phone and then there was a knock on the door. Tilla went to go get it, and their breakfast came in. Ara wasn’t feeling hungry anymore. She was filled with hatred of returning back, not being with Sylus. Why…? What was so wrong with dating one of the guys? She didn’t get it. Why was it wrong? Why couldn’t she? It wasn’t like she was enitrley not modified either. She tried to cool herself down. He was here with her now…maybe she just needed to focus on that. She’s been having these days like this lately. “Eat with us,” Ara said, looking at Sylus, “Sit beside me and eat with us.”
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He knew that Ara was probably feeling lonely and didn't want him to leave and was probably saying all of these things. He didn't like the words coming out from her mouth though so early in the morning. IT made him really sad like she didn't think they could make it together. HE knew she's been through a lot and that her past boyfriend also went through it and ended up dead. HE didn't want that to happen, but he didn't think they'd be that careless either. [b "You know I'll always try and come back to you ARa. No matter what"] he frowned and then he held her close.

[b "I have high hopes that I've done a good job at being your guard and they'll see that. If anything else happens, we'll deal with that later, but even if I leave, or even if I'm sold off, I'm going to still come find you or find a way to be with you"] he frowned, wishing she believed that they could make it work. If she didn't believe it...what would happen. Would she give up?

[b "Just don't give up on me okay? Even if we are apart"] he kissed her and then he headed off. He went to his room and then he quickly gathered his things and then he stepped out to see Tilla. [b "Yeah, I think that I'm going to have to head back. I have my mission too. I'm glad Ara's okay though"] he stepped into the living room, seeing Ara watching TV. [b "Are you guys going back to Ethan's before you leave?"]
  ellocalypse / 6d 5h 57m 36s
It stung inside to say it. Ideally, she just wanted to be with him, and believe he wouldn’t be sold off even if she knew that was the most likely to occur. And what if he was kept? She still may not see him. She felt him growing near from behind as she finished dressing. “No…I’m not saying we can’t. I know that we could but at what cost? It’ll hurt you, and it’ll hurt me too if your taken away and if you are-then you can never come back. We’ll make dumb mistakes and when…when I kept dreaming about going away and living a different life-that’s when we were caught-and I had to kill him.” She didn’t want that to happen to him. “I want to be with you too but realistically, do you really think that would happen with everything?” Her memories, guilt were eating her up.

She didn’t know what making it work meant. She worried about him all the time and when she thought about it, she would probably be worried no matter what. She sighed, and felt his arms around her, he pulled her close and she felt warm, at home with him. And it scared her. Her eyes filled with tears. She couldn’t speak for a moment. He kissed her forehead, saying he’d think about it. “I don’t want to either…just we both know that if you’re sold we have to break up anyway.” He headed off.

Ara wiped her eyes and went to clean her face. She put on some makeup to add some warmth. She came out and Tilla had returned and said, “Turns out-we could call from our room to get breakfast. They’re coming up with it soon,” She said, pulling up her hair and glancing over at Ara who whispered a ‘thanks’ and went to turn on TV to check the news and weather in the meantime. It was still early, she figured she’d wait for Ethan’s call.
“So, Sylus, are you heading back to them?” Tilla asked.
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Ara gently smiled back at Sylus, wanting to hold him, hug him and show how much she loved him. [b "I love you so, so much. I'm so lucky to have you as a boyfriend." ] She was laying down and she followed his hand rubbing her inner thigh. It felt nice...and it had her a bit excited, imagining that hand... She lifted her eyes up at him, feeling his hand reach up to her breasts. "Mmm..." She relaxed back,"That feels nice..." She felt guilty if she couldn't do anything for him now. She wanted to. She wanted to make him feel even happier.

[b "Thanks Sy... I'm happy to be beside you too. I want to do at least one thing for you." ] She met his eyes and felt Sylus rubbing her bare sides, her back. She felt down ontop of his pants, and gave him a gentle rub, while he gave her amazing kisses. She smiled and felt his tongue on her lips, he pulled her closer. She pressed her lips harder against his lips, another hand feeling down to his ass, and tried to give it a squeeze. There was nothing like spending time with her loveable boyfriend. She kissed down his lips and she dug her hand inside at the front of his pants and felt around.
  Ravenity / 51d 8h 58m 51s
He really did want to become her body guard. All he wanted was to be able to stay by her side. Sylus weight in the pros and cons and if he truly wanted to be happy, he wanted to be with ARa. There was no guarantee that he'd be with her, but he wanted to try anyway.

He bit down on his lip and then he sighed softly. [b "I'll do anything for you, don't worry"] he rubbed her inner thigh and his hand touched her bare skin, avoiding the wound as he reached up to touch her breasts. He massaged them gently and then he could see her smile. He loved that smile so much.

[b "You don't have to do anything for me. I'm really happy to be here beside you right now. All I want is to spend some time with you like this. As long as you're okay that's all I want"] he laughed and then he leaned into her, his hands rubbing her bare sides and slowly tracing down her back. He kissed her warm lips, feeling her hands touching down his chest as he licked her lips, his arm pulling her in a little closer, wanting to be close to her.
  ellocalypse / 55d 5h 24m 9s
IF he became her bodyguard, and if he remained her bodyguard. [b “Yea..” ] It did scare her to think that Sylus would be sold off one day and she would never see him again. It broke her heart a little to think that would happen. Sylus brought her a pain killer and she took it right away. He TV was turned on and she wished to have had that night she planned with him. But…at least she could be with him right here, even if she was bed ridden. He kissed her cheek, and he rubbed her thigh. She loved his touch, and felt his hand crawl up her shirt. She was worried he’d brush up near the wound but he didn’t. Ara gently smiled [b “Thank you…” ] She relaxed back her hands going on his chest, feeling low.

[b “It’s okay, I want to do something for my boyfriend,” ] She whispered, her hand felt over his thigh too stroking down making her softly moan. She looked up at him, loving being kissed and how gentle he was with her. She really wished she could do more to him. As if her stamina wasn’t already an issue, and now there was a wound she had to deal with. She always wanted to keep Sy satisfied, to keep up with those girls that were like him. Although, that was probably what got her in this mess in the first place, trying to attack that guy, fight when she didn’t need to. Sylus was massaging her breast, and it was relaxing to her, like getting a massage and it also felt really nice.
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The way she thought of him sure made Sylus smile. Never in his entire life did he believe that he was so important. She made him feel really important and that was all that really mattered to him. He did miss being able to wake up beside her at the penthouse, heading down to make breakfast for the two of them and then leaving their notes for one another. Even just painting or relaxing in the jacuzzi was so much fun. He wished he could go back.

[b "Yeah I know. Maybe we'll get another chance once I become your guard"] he told her, knowing he really wanted to be her guars. He wanted to be there for her birthday to cheer her up and have fun afterwards. That didn't change.

After Sylus brought up her pain reliever, he headed back beside her and let her take some before laying back down and turning on the TV on. He was sad they couldn't really have a date night, but he'd rather be here with her than without her. He kissed her cheek and then he let his hand rub down her thigh, looking at the door and then he heard her speak. He nodded and slowly let his hand crawl up beneath her shirt, avoiding her wound as he let her relax. [b "Just stay still Ara and relax. I'll take care of you"] he laid on his side to face her and let one hand cup her breast, slowly massaging each one before leaning in to kiss her again, feeling her warm hands on his chest.

[b "You don't have to do anything to me if it hurts okay. I don't want you spending too much effort"]
  ellocalypse / 56d 1h 51m 20s
[b “Awww! Sy you’re the sweetest,” ] Ara grinned big and watched how he kissed her hand and it was just downright cute. Just another reason why she loved him so much. She was so glad he was so kind and sweet to her. She missed him… Missed waking up to him every morning. She missed cheering him on too. [b “It was fun cheering! I’ve always wanted to during the facility but…you know, that would be very odd over there.” ] She shook her head. They stayed close and she talked about her birthday coming up. Ah…she wasn’t looking forward to it. It was a day filled with fake smiles, people pretending to care, others trying to get ahead to get a connection, trying to get close…and she looked out for those ones. Everyone that showed always wanted something from her.

Her finger tips felt over his bare chest, and it made her smile. She loved the closeness. “I know, I’d still like to do something for you, just forgive me if I’m not the best right now.” ] She kissed him happily. [b “Thank you,” ] She smiled and watched him go off. Oh, how she needed them. She closed her eyes for a moment, feeling the soreness and then she heard the door open. She turned her head [b “You’re the best Sy.” She sat up and took one. She watched the TV turn on. She laughed and then shook her head, [b “No we can’t. I really wanted to have a night like that.” ] She sighed. Sylus kissed her cheek and she realy loved being treated this one. She nibbled gently on her lip when she felt his hand reach her thigh, rubbing back and forth, “Mmm…please touch me.” She whispered, not being able to help herself.

Ara soon lay back down because it was easier for her. “Lay on your side,” She suggested and felt down his chest, going lower to his bellybutton and then even lower than that.
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He smirked [b "Only one Ara and she's the one I love"] he smiled and then he held her hand, kissing them playfully because he loved every bit of her he could get. They were apart for so long, so even just doing small things like this made Sylus really happy. He missed being in London though with her, Tanner, and Clyde. He really missed being a student, mostly for the swim team and being able to compete competitively with the best of the normal society.

Sylus was glad she missed it too. [b "Mmm, yeah it was fun hearing you cheer for me"] he laid beside her, his eyes just watching her as he thought about going to her birthday. He really did want to treat her out somewhere and make her happy because she has done so much for him too. She was the reason for his real smiles after all.

Sylus let her tough him and he made a suggestion since they couldn't really have a nice, romantic night for themselves. Who knew that in London he could do whatever he wanted, but now, he had rules to follow again. He couldn't just treat Ara out to dinner anymore because it was too risky. When she said she had a lot of pent up feelings he smiled [b "You don't have to. I can always be the one to ease your pain you know"] he kissed her lips, but when she asked for pain killers, he licked her lips [b "Fine..."] he stood up and then he went to the door, letting Tanner know that he could head back in to watch her.

He went down to see Payton, looking for the pain killers. When he grabbed some, he headed back up to the room, knocking before stepping inside. [b "I have the pain killers"] he walked to her side, waiting for Tanner to head back to the door before sitting at her side. He gave her the pain killers and then he turned on the TV, looking through the movies. Sylus picked out Charlie and the chocolate factory for her to watch.

[b "It's not real chocolate, but we can kind of have it"] he smirked, kissing her cheek and then his hand moved down her thigh slowly, rubbing back and forth gently.
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[b “There is only one me isn’t there? Awww…I’m glad I’m so tempting to you,” ] She giggled and let him play with her hands, kissing them. He was such a charmer. She sure missed cheering him for those races. She didn’t miss the college exactly, but everything else that involved making some friends, living in a penthouse was great. She had such hopes for college too. [b “I missed cheering for you.” ] She smiled gently, loving how he grinned. He was much happier there.

She couldn’t believe her birthday would be coming up. She wished she could just have the day to herself. She wished she could do what she really wanted to do on that day. It was after that party that she could do a little bit but it usually exhausted her so much. Ara shrugged [b “He probably will if he stays in this mood but we’ll still find time together if we can.” ] She returned his kiss. Tanner closed the door again, and she wished she had asked Tanner for another pain killer because it still felt sore.

[b “Yea…if only. I wonder if we’ll ever be able to see it again.” ] She frowned. She told him what she had planned and she wished to really go through with it because she had wanted Sylus to come in and see her dressed all sexy, with a few candles, chocolate and wine. She just…thought it would be perfect. She got to feel over his abs at least. She raised a brow, “Finish you? I want to. But I might not be as good as doing things right now as when I’m not wounded. If you don’t mind then I’m up for it,” She smiled, [b “I have a lot of pent up feelings.] She leaned and kissed him softly, [b "Could you get me pain killers first?" ] She asked, [b "Pretty please." ]
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He loved tasting her lips against his. It felt so good to have her warmth on him. Sylus missed being this close and he wanted to be even closer with her. He really believed that they were going to have such a good day until all of this happened. Her words made him smile though. He was really happy to know that Ara thought of him that way. He loved her so much.

[b "There's only one Ara that looks so sexy, your pretty eyes, your silky hair, your smooth and flawless skin. It's all so tempting"] he smirked and then he laid beside her, playing with her hands, holding and kissing them because there wasn't really much they could do right now, but he loved being at her side.

[b "Yeah, I missed my own little cheering section. It always got me really excited and I really want to work hard to hear those cheers"] he grinned, smiling as she spoke. He knew that she really liked him for his body too.

Sylus really wanted to be there on her birthday though. He remembered the birthday he celebrated with her when she brought him a cake. She tried to kill him that night, but it was a lucky day. If she didn't miss, they wouldn't be together like they were right now.

He nodded [b "I know. Maybe I can join in. I hope Tanner doesn't mind"] he thought and kissed her. WHen Tanner left, he laid back beside her and then he frowned when she mentioned bringing something sexy. He sighed [b "I miss our time at the penthouse. We used to be able to do that all the time"] he let her touch his abs and when he saw her smiling he grinned [b "Oh? Maybe you can. I don't mind letting you touch me as long as you finish up the rest. I can probably help you out too. We can release those pent up feelings"] he told her, not wanting her to just feel like her situation was just sad.
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[b "What?" ] Ara laughed, brushing her lips on his, [b "How don't you? You're not. Everyone is different. There's only one Sylus with the same personality, same hair, pretty eyes... Everything about you is sexy." ] She really wished he saw it in himself. She loved his kisses, it made her relax more, and feel less annoyed being bedridden. What he said next made her fill with such awe. [b "Aw Sy... Of course, I am all yours. Thank you." ] He truly was sweet. She wanted to just love him but it was a bit hard right now.

[b "Wow, looks like you've met a good competitor for once," ] She said. He wasn't getting close to Payton...was he. In one way ,she didn't worry because it was Sylus. In another way, she's had a few times where she trusted and it didn't end so well with her. [b "I miss watching you. You were so cool with that wet body, and your muscles moving..." ] She went on. She went onto complaining about Tilla who was driving her nuts.

Ara nodded, [b "No kidding. I hope she'll ease up. I think this might make her even harder on me if that's even possible." ] She sighed, not happy about it at all. Sy nuzzled into her and play with her fingers. It was really nice, to get this type of affection from him.

[b "I want you to be there too" ] She lifted a smile, [b "Even if...I won't get to really spend time with you." ] She at least wanted to see him there. The only good thin about her birthday as that Tanner usually spend some time with her after, they'd play some games, joke around. Ara gently smiled [b "Yea, I hope we can. I usually spend some time with Tanner after, but I definitely want to spend time with you. That would be really nice." ] She kissed him and her eyes went to the door when there was a knock. Tanner came in, and SYlus was not laying beside her. She stared back at Tanner and he just closed the door. Huh.

Ara laughed [b "I don't think he'll be mad at you if you lay in bed with me," ] She shrugged. He kissed her cheek, and she was really bummed about that. [b "Me too... I had a really nice night planned. I was going to dress in something sexy for you, bring some chocolates, and wine..." ] She frowned and sighed [b "I hope I heal in time before I leave to do something. ] Sylus took her hand and she felt up his shirt. She smirked back and felt around, [b "I love hard. Makes me want to kiss and lick it." She teased and felt down the center of his chest, and then along his scars. [b "Mmm... I want you in..." ] She didn't feel she had to continue for him to know. [b "Bad time to get shot huh." ]
  Ravenity / 58d 7h 44m 48s
He could see Ara's sweet smile and he loved it because it's been a while since they both got a chance to be together like this. He loved hearing her laugh and then smiling because she really was pretty to him. Her warm arms wrapped around him and he hugged her close. [b "Me? I really don't get how you think I'm so sexy....I'm just like every other guy at the facility"] he told her, kissing her soft skin. [b "You're a diamond in the dirt. Literally. I can't believe that you're all mine. Everyone knows how pretty you are"] he told her, a grin on his face.

He didn't really have much of an eventful first few days, but it did shock him when Payton beat him in swimming. [b "No we raced beforehand too. She was close to beating me that time"] he laughed when she said whale and nearly forgot about that. [b "Yeah, I miss watching you at my swim meets. They got me so excited and fired up"] he admitted and then he listened to talk about Tilla.

He couldn't believe that she had to stay with Tilla that whole time. Talk about invasion of privacy. He didn't like the sound of that. [b "Awe. Yeah, it's been really annoying. She's been getting between us a lot"] he sighed and then he kissed her cheek. [b "It's okay. Just try and get her to be like Tanner and hopefully it wouldn't be too bad. She needs to protect you well....otherwise things like this happen"] he told her, sighing as he shrugged. [b "I spoke with her and told her that you two should try and get along. It'll work out better that way"] he nuzzled her cheek and then he continued to play with her fingers.

[b "I do want to be there for your birthday"] he smiled and then he thought about how stressed she must be on her birthday. [b "Maybe I can sneak you away for just the night and we can have a small little party, just you and I"] he smiled, wanting to give her a nice gift and blow her a candle. [b "Me? You didn't do a thing except win me over"] he met her lips and kissed her back as he heard a knock on the door. Sylus quickly moved back to the chair beside her when Tanner opened up to take a peek in and check up on them.

Sylus just waved and then he waited for him to close the door again before climbing back into bed with her and then kissing her cheek. [b "I want you to get better already. I'm really sad we weren't able to spend the night together. I wanted to play around"] he teased her, holding her hand and then lifting his shirt up a bit, letting her touch his bare abs. [b "Do you like that?"] he asked, smirking little.
  ellocalypse / 59d 4h 37m 14s
Ara flashed a smile when he said he loved it, because she loved dressing up-most of the time. It was the only thing she really felt she had full control over. She giggled when he said she was so pretty and that she was his girlfriend. She wanted to hug him to death, but she just settled on hugging him. [b "Thank you. And I am lucky to have you, my sexy boyfriend." ] She felt his lips going down her neck and it sure felt nice to feel his lips on her skin. Relaxing...

Ara nodded [b "Me too." ] She liked getting excited about being with him and she was glad they shared that excitement. She kept her eyes on him while he spoke. [b "That's all? I was here to watch that. It's okay, I'm sure you can beat her next time and make her look like a whale." ] She nodded. Boy, did she have a lot to rant about Tilla.

[b "Well, I did tell you about her coming into tha bathroom stall right? It was so hard to go...with someone watching me. It was so weird Sy! But that is only a part of it. At the restaurant, the waitress was trying to give me a napkin and Tilla grabbed her hand and pushed it away. And then, at the facility, whenever I tried to hug someone, she would pry me away from them and OH did I tried to hold on." ] She shook her head. [b "And she wanted to watch me shower-but I drew that line. I feel like a prisoner." ] She frowned and sighed.

Ara shook her head [b "She does not. I was going to bring a gun with me and she asked me 'What do you think you're doing, that's not a toy, you can hurt yourself and it puts you more in danger to have one, someone can steal it from yea and blah blah' I-have better aim than her. I know it's not a toy. She treats me like a six year old." ] She was frustrated about that. She narrowed her eyes slightly because Sylus was giving her an excuse. [b "I bet you that if she had to protect someone else that wasn't me, she wouldn't act like that. She thinks she can walk all over me just because she's stronger and know I won't rat her out." ]

She wasn't happy about it. She noticed Sy playing with her fingers, and she just found it really cute. [b "I don't make them. My father always throws a huge party on my birthday. It's less about me, and more about deals and connections. I don't enjoy it, but the next day I get what's leftover food and give it to everyone at the facility, so I'm glad there's that outcome. You-" She paused, feeling him kiss the back of her hand and her heart warmed. [b "Maybe you'll be on guard duty on that day. Tanner always finds my birthday really stressful because there's always someone who tries to poetically kill me on my birthday. He could use the help." ] She squeezed his hand, [b "You're so sweet... What did I ever do to deserve you?" ] She leaned in and kissed him briefly.
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He knew she didn't want him to struggle, but at the same time, he really wanted to be with her. Staying at her side, he held her hand and wanted to be near her. He didn't want anything to happen to her and he hated seeing her hurt like that.

Sylus was just really happy she was here beside him and that they got some alone time together because he really did miss her so much. [b "I know you do. I love it when you dress up too because you're already beautiful so when you look's also amazing because I get to think that she's so pretty...and she's my girlfriend"] he leaned into her, kissing down her neck gently as he watched her scrunched up face..

[b "Okay, I like that idea...I hope we get to be alone soon though. I really want to you all to myself"] he teased and then he sat up and listened to her. [b "Hmm, it was okay. Nothing too crazy. I got to just relax at the beach mostly and then found it odd when Payton would beat me. I never thought she would"] he shrugged and then he heard her talking about Tilla. He really wanted to hear that.

[b "Sure! What has she been doing?"] he asked, wondering if she'd a worthy guard. [b "I don't know. She doesn't seem like she gets you at all"] he shrugged, thinking about what he could say to help. [b "But you also have to remember...she's been trained that way...not like Tanner and I who have been out much more"] he sighed and looked at her when she mentioned her birthday.

[b "Aww, what plans do you have for your birthday...I really want to be there if I can"] he played with her fingers, spreading them out with his hands as he grinned, bringing it up to his lips as he kissed the back of hands.
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