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He really did like that Ara was incorporating every chance they could get into having Arlus hear their voices, feel their touch, and knowing that he had two parents that would love him very much.

Once they arrived home, Sylus would help get them comfortable in the house. He let them relax in the living room and took their bags, soon taking a seat on the couch and getting the news out there. Nyx was warming up to the two, enjoying the attention and being petted. He would follow them around, putting his paws on them and then wagging his tail as he let his tongue drop.

Sylus stood behind Ara, rubbing her shoulders and speaking about their situation. It wasn't odd that Alister already knew about them. [b "I would marry her if I could. The main problem is still trying to find the safest and warmest home when we can't be there"] he sighed a bit and was glad that Alister was taking it seriously.

[b "I....fell in love with your sister a long time ago. We've wanted a family...well a future together. IT just came a bit earlier than expected"] he knew that they've been talking about it for a while. HE didn't just want to knock Ara up. Although, he did want her to have his baby....

Joseph was busy playing with Nyx's ears, providing input when he could. "Well if ARa's having this baby....what about letting him stay with us after the year. There's no safer place than your father's home" he spoke out, glancing over at Sylus. "Oooh, I missed his food" he smiled and then they saw Klara head in. He did remember working with her back then.

[b "Klara's been helping us too since her missions are in the same vicinity"] he brought out the food and then he set it all on the table to let them eat. He then hugged Ara, leaning in to kiss her cheek. [b "I'm glad it's going well"] he whispered, nodding to Klara. He was glad that was out of the way and now they could just focus on letting the two enjoy their stay here in Japan.

After they all ate, Sylus walked with Ara and gave them a tour of the house. HE showed them the gym, the pool, the backyard, their bedrooms and then Arlus' room. IT was fully painted and had some furniture inside already. The crib was also set up without the bedding since they were only two months away.

[b "Feel free to use the heated pull, jacuzzi, the gym, whenever you guys want. If there's somewhere you need to go, we can also drive around. Other than that, we have a few places planned some restaurants to take you guys too"]
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Ara adored the attention Sylus gave to Arlus. She wanted to see him with Arlus. [b “Mmm, we are.” ] Ara softly spoke. She felt really good that she was going to have Arlus with Sylus. Arlus was a dream. She didn’t want that dream to be ruined, so she ahd to make sure they listened.

Ara noticed Nyx calming down. He was a cutie. She loved Nyx and hoped that Nyx would settle down. He was every minute that was passing, sniffing them around. Alister got pretty excited seeing the pets. They were so cute and he wanted to pet Nyx. SO when he saw the chance that Nyx looked clam, he would pet him.

Ara held onto Sylus hand and would lean into him a bit.
“Ahh, that makes sense. I had a feeling,” Alister said. They did look very close. “I thought for a while it was…” Alister looked at Joseph and then shook his head, “Nevermind.”
Ara decided not to tell him she had been with Joseph before too. He knew when they were teens but, not as adults. [b “We’re very close. We would already be more than just together if it were allowed.” ] explained.

She hoped that they’d understand and that Joseph would understand too. She felt Sylus rubbing her shoulders. It was nice. She talked through it and felt good he was listening.
“I mean you have,” Alister said, “She’s just my little sister. I don’t really like hearing someone knocked her up.”
Ara sighed. He really hadn’t been much of family to her but just hearing him trying did make her feel good about it. The most important part was that he was keeping quiet and that’s all that mattered to her.

“I am hungry,” Alister admitted.
Ara got up and kissed the top of Queen’s head. She saw Nyx climbing onto Joseph’s lap and giggled. Nyx looked excited, looking like a happy pup. He wasn’t so small anymore though. Yet, he was still adorable. There two pets had grown bigger.

[b “Nyx is a sweetie,” ] Ara said.
“He does look really cute, “Alister mentioned, “You already set up his room?”
Ara nodded [b “We painted it, and put some furniture in. We’re all hoping that it will all go well.” ] Ara said. They all sat down to eat. Klara came through the door after a run and saw the two people. She stood there for a moment. She didn’t like Joseph very much from the mission she had years ago with him. Alister…she didn’t really know much.
Klara half smiled, “Uh, hey Joseph…and Alister? I’m Klara.” Klara said to Alister and came to the table after she cleaned up, “Oh, I’m sooo hungry. So did you guys talk about it?”
[b “All talked about,” ] Ara cleared up with a smile.
"SHow me the room after." Alister said, "I can also help come up with optins after on what we can do about after the year."
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He was slowly getting into the habit of knowing that Arlus was on the way. He would constantly find himself being drawn to Ara's belly, always hugging and holding her and wanting to feel Arlus' kicks. [b "Me too. We're going to take such good care of him"] he smiled and couldn't wait. to be the father of Ara's baby.

Sylus waited with Ara at the airport, seeing Alister and Joseph. He never cared too much for Joseph, but now that he was with Ara, the man didn't bother him much. He has also met Alister a few times, spoke with him so that they were familiar with each other at least.

Sylus helped them with the bags in the car, but Joseph blurted out something that didn't need to be said. Sylus didn't respond, but when Ara did and turned it into a joke, Joseph just played it off. He didn't say anything else, but when they headed into the house and he saw Nyx, he wanted to pet him. He was on guard, but the minute Sylus calmed him down, he walked around Joseph, sniffing him and then Alister.

Sylus helped them with their bags and headed back to the living room with them, taking a seat. They talked about the baby and how it was an accident. [b "We've been seeing each other in secret for a few years"] he admitted to Alister. [b "Even more so as her guard"] he listened to the siblings talk and was glad that Alister was taking their side and would keep it a secret.

Joseph listened in, but he didn't really know much about babies. He knew about ARa and Sy's relationship, but he thought they were crazy trying to make this happen.

Sylus rubbed ARa's shoulders, seeing her explain how he still needed a home. They wanted their baby boy safe. He knew Ara was getting emotional, but when she mentioned that he had been good to her, he smiled, feeling so happy she felt that way. [b "I will. I will protect her with my life after all"] he held Ara's hand and would feel so much relief after telling them. [b "THanks for the support. Now that that's out of the way. I made some traditional food for you guys. I bet you must be hungry"] he brought over some ramen he made with some boba drinks. [b "Eat up, rest. You must be tired from the long flight"] he told them, seeing Nyx soon climbing onto Joseph's lap, wagging his tail.

[b "He seems to like you"] he laughed, bringing in the food and some utensils. [b "We can take you guys around, and show you the house. You can even take a peek at Arlus' room"] he suggested.
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“You did?” Ara warmly smiled and rubbed her tummy, [b “I think he likes your voice too. We can’t wait to meet you Arlus.” ] Ara really couldn’t wait till the day they could hold in him their arms. She wondered how tiny he would be, how perfect he would be.

The three of them ate. She felt nervous the entire ride. There were a lot of risks that she didn’t want to talk with telling them but she knew she didn’t have an option. Her father knew Alister was coming here and she needed Alister to go back and confirm shew as doing fine…and not pregnant.

She saw the two them come out with there luggage. It was odd seeing them after it had been so long. The two of them fell to her belly. She knew she couldn’t conceal it. “It went…fine.” Alister spoke slowly, puzzled at seeing Ara pregnant. She never seemed the type. He’s always known her to be working and so focused.

They got into the car. Ara felt a spark of anger that was surely going to build when Joseph mentioned another. She shot him a nasty look, because he was supposed to keep that a secret. Alister looked at the two, “You did what? Another? You already have one?” Alister asked.
[b “No. He’s trying to be cheeky. This is my first time.” ] Ara said, feeling like it wasn’t anyone’s business but hers about her miscarriage. Alister tried to keep quiet, wrapping his head around it. Not understanding how Sylus could get his little sister pregnant.

They arrived back. There pets came to greet them. Nyx really did look territorial. Ara pet him for a second and then picked up Queen, who was clinging onto her when she saw them. Alister wanted to pet Nyx but he could tell that he was on guard, so he tried to pet Queen instead. Queen would take it since she was Ara’s arms.

Ara watched them put bags in there rooms. They all sat down on the sofa. Sylus spoke first. Ara would continue to hold Queen for comfort and pet her.
“You’re…both so young,” Alister mentioned, “Did you plan this?” He really didn’t like the fact that Sylus got her pregnant but knew it took two.
[b “We were being careful, it was an accident.” ] Ara said and looked at Sylus, [b “We’re together. We’ve been together for a long time. But…if dad found out.” ]
“He’d probably kill him,” Alister answered, “I know…more now. Not all of it. But I understand. I won’t say anything. I still don’t know all you’ve been through Ara. I wish I had been there for you more.”
Ara felt relief when he said that. [b “Thank you. I only need you to not say anything.” ]
“I won’t… but how far are you? How are you going to have…um…a baby?” It was so weird to him.
[b “I’m on my seventh month. We…” ] Ara frowned and then her voice cracked [b “We still have to find a home for him after we raise him for a year. I have to work, and I can’t go missing. He’ll find me…and then bad things will happen.” ]
Alister frowned, looking at the two of them. “Part of me wants to be really angry. But, I’ll see how I can help you. Because you gave your life into dad’s business, I wasn’t pushed into it. I owe that to you. Plus, uh…he…so you know it s a boy? He’ll be family.”
Ara was surprised hearing Alister said that, and it made her feel good. She dropped any hate for him, feeling a little bit emotional to hear she was going to get someone else to help her. [b “Thank you…it means a lot. We’re naming him Arlus.” ] Ara said, feeling her eyes warm up. She couldn’t help but be slightly more emotional then she would normally been.
Alister looked at Sylus and he didn’t know much about Sylus and didn’t know if he was a good person at all. “You be good to my sister. I can’t say I like you yet man, but I’ll find out if you’re good for her.”
[b “He’s good for me. He’s always been here for me. I love Sylus,” ] Ara said, looking at Sylus.
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He could tell that Ara didn't like not being able to do something small, but she was already doing something amazing by carrying a baby in her. If he had to be second pair of hands, or just anything to help her out, he would. He leaned in to kiss her tummy and felt a kick [b "I felt him too Love. I think he' s getting excited to come into our world"] he smiled, soon heading down and working on breakfast.

When everyone was at the table, he knew they would have to tell Joseph and Alister. It was something they couldn't hide. Not when Ara was this big. He would take in a deep breath [b "We'll make sure they don't say a thing. If your brother is truthful as he says he is, he'll want to be on your side"] he assured her, soon smiling because he was glad they loved his cooking.

After the dishes were set away, he cleaned up and then he headed towards the garage. He waited for ARa to come along and then he drove them towards the airport. Sylus would hold her hand in his and then they waited for Alister and Joseph. He smiled and waved when they came over, trying to get their attention away from ARa.

[b "How was the flight guys?"] he asked, seeing Joseph also looking at ARa's belly. He glanced at the two of them when they got into the car. "So Sy, did you bang Ara? Did you give her another baby?" he spoke and then Sylus looked in the rearview mirror and he rolled his eyes. IT was all out there now. Alister knew.

He drove them home and kept quiet, leading them all into the house as they were greeted by their pets. Nyx looked at the two new people and kept sniffing them, looking a bit territorial. [b "It's okay Nyx. THey're friends"] he rubbed his head, seeing Nyx calm down a little. Sylus then led helped carry their bags, putting it in their rooms before going back outside and sitting on the couch. He helped ARa a bit. [b "Yes Ara is pregnant, but we need to make sure no one knows about this"] he told them.
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She felt embarrassed but at least she got a hug. She’d lightly smile and manage to make herself look at his eyes. Ara kissed Sylus back, and would take his help to get in her leggings. She put on her shirt. She was a bit embarrassed asking him help for things that were very basic. [b “Umm…okay.” ] Ara said. She knew she would have to depend on him a bit more. Her cheeks warmed a little when he kissed her tummy. That was more than she asked. It made her smile, and find him to be so sweet. Ara giggled. She felt a little kick. [b “I felt him, I think he likes that.” ] Ara said.

She wet to play with the pets a bit. They sat down together and ate together. Klara was eating with them too. Ara felt quite nervous about Alister and Joseph coming in. “It’s…terrifying.” Ara sighed. She took another point. She knew she shouldn’t stress, she didn’t want it to be effect Arlus. [b “I’ll try. Mmm, we have to make them. I don’t want anything to happen.” ] Ara said. She hoped she could get Joseph to support it and make sure Alister kept quiet.She’d finish eating up too. [b “you’re cooking is the best Sy.” ] Ara smiled to him.
“It is damn good.” Klara said.

Ara rose up and helped set the plates away. She felt Sylus’ arms around her. She leaned back into him.
“I’m good today, thanks,” Klara said. She didn’t know if she felt comfortable with them coming either.
Ara nodded to Sylus. She felt nervous. I was a good temperature outside today. She went to just fix her hair a bit, and light makeup. She would grab a sweater on-top just in case. She would get to the car and let him drive them there. She felt nervous. She felt worried on how Alister and Joseph would react. Soon enough, they arrived at the airport. Ara waited, with Sylus, holding his hand and looking nervous overall. She couldn’t hide her pregnancy, not with her baby bump. She saw Alister and Joseph coming in and she felt the worry give in. Alister was smiling and waving over, and then his eyes dropped and saw that she was pregnant. Ara would look at their reactions. She tried to play it off, “Hey, glad you made it safely. Let’s go?” Ara said.
“Ara…what happened?” Alister asked, looking confused. Then his eyes went to Sylus, wondering if it was between the two of them.
“Talk…when we get to our home.” Ara said, feeling sick thinking about talking about it but she knew she would have to.
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He had so much fun being with Ara for the past few months. It felt like they were just normal young adults, being able to do what they wanted and being a real couple. He couldn't wait for Arlus to come, but at the same time, he loved that he could spend all of his free time with Ara and just be closer and build up their relationship. They cooked together, picked out things for Arlus together, played games together, and would go out together. It felt so nice and he didn't want this dream of theirs to end.

He heard Ara's voice in the morning and he would shoot up, feeling like it was an emergency, so he ran around the room until he heard her voice and caught her being stuck in a pose. He would chuckle on the inside and then he would help her up [b "You're cute"] he hugged her and then he kissed her lips, helping her into her leggings and then seeing her put on her shirt. She said she was okay [b "Love, don't be embarrassed to ask me for help okay?"] he told her, leaning in to press his lips on her tummy [b "Morning baby Arlus. Daddy is going to make you and your mommy something yummy"] he smiled.

HE saw ARa playing with their pets, sitting on the chair and then he would smile and take a picture. He then finished cooking up their food and setting it on the table as Klara came in. He sat down and then he started to eat, taking a sip of his soup and then shrugging a bit. [b "Yeah, It's kind of scary to think that we're telling her brother of all people. And Joseph"] he sighed and then he looked over at Ara [b "Love, don't let the stress get to you okay? We'll figure this out and they're not leaving this house until we know they'll keep quiet"] he told her, finishing up his food [b "I'm glad you guys like it"] he smirked a bit and then he put his dishes away in the sink and then he fed their little pets.

Sylus then walked over and hugged Ara from behind [b "Klar, just let me know if you still need any help. Love, the spare bedroom is already set. I'll get the car started and ready and then we can head out"]
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The months that past had been for the most part fun and relaxing. The two of them never had a break like this for this long. It kept her happy, being for the most part a normal girl. She knew nothing was really normal about her but it was good to live a life like this with him. They had plenty of fun playing games online together, learning things together and being a normal couple. It was a dream that she never wanted to end. IT’s why she didn’t mind being pregnant. Her body was handling it pretty well and the symptoms always fleeting.

Ara got stuck in an embarrassing pose. Her face had burned up. “Here,” Ara spoke out. She was in the walk in closet. She closed her eyes, feeling so embarrassed and was glad that Sylus didn’t laugh. “I’m…stuck…” Ara whispered. She got his help to stand up again. Ara had trouble meeting his eyes. “I was… I don’t know how it happened,” Ara said. Sylus hugged her, and that made her smile, “Thank you.” He helped her put on her leggings. She reached out for grey shirt and managed to help herself. “I think I’m okay.” Ara said. She felt kind of down that it was harder to dress herself. It felt pretty limiting.

Ara watched him change into his clothes too. “Before you go down, say good morning to Arlus.” Ara mentioned, “I want him to recognize your voice by the time he’s born.” She was reading up on things. She got a kiss on the cheek. “Mmm, I will.” Ara said.

She went downstairs with him. She saw their cute pets and was going to bend over but remembered what happened last time and she didn’t want to get herself stuck in that position again. She sighed to herself. This…was going to be a long two months. She’d sit down on the sofa, “Queen, Nyx, can you come here?” Ara asked. She didn’t even have to ask. They went after her. Ara pet the two of them, petting them and hugging them.

Klara came down, smelling food being cooked “Mmmm, it smells good.” Klara said. “It’ll go good soon.” She saw Ara up and sitting “Morning.”
[b “Morning Klar.” ] Ara said. She would get up and sit down with him, letting there pets go and play with each other. Ah, that’s right. [b “We’ll leave in two hours and pick them up.” ] She said. There was no avoiding it. Alister was going to found out and she had to make him keep his mouth shut or count that Joseph would make sure he would keep his mouth shut. She didn’t tell Joseph either yet. It stressed her out.

“It’s going to be weird to have them in the house,” Klara said, getting into the food.
[b “I agree with you there… You can’t imagine how much anxiety I’m feeling.” ] Ara said and would take bites from the bento Sylus made. She was happy he made breakfast. [b “You’re the best darling.” ] Ara said, and felt the movement again. [b “Arlus thinks so too.” ] She couldn’t wait until Arlus was realy born, so they could have him and she could get her body back. She half hoped that fast healing would get her in shape quicker.
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He loved his birthday and Ara always made it extra special for him. He felt so lucky to have someone who cared so much and wanted everything for him. After washing each other up, they spent the day together making breakfast and having fun.


It's been about three months since his birthday and Ara was slowly starting to get bigger. It was getting more noticeable each day and he knew that eventually she wouldn't want to look in the mirror, but Sylus did his best to make her feel beautiful and always wanted. She was the woman carrying his baby after all.

Sylus would stay home most days to take care of Ara. Other days, he'd help Klara on missions. He made sure her meals were still just as healthy and he would also lift heavy things for her, take care of their pets, and take her on walks with him. Some days, they'd just relax and play games together in their new gaming room as he learned how to play. Ara taught him how to play a few more games and they had so much fun.

The following morning, Sylus was fast asleep. THeir baby boy's room was looking more complete with the walls painted and some furniture being moved in. They have been seeing the doctor lately and so far everything was doing well, even Ara.

Sylus would roll onto his side to face her, hearing faint sounds, but he slept more. It wasn't long until he heard Ara's voice. Sylus shot up and then he looked around, not seeing her anywhere beside him. HE gasped and hurried to where her voice came from and then he saw her [b "Love?"] he watched her posing and then he tilted his head [b "You okay?"] he wondered, walking over and seeing she was stuck. HE did his best not to chuckle as he helped her up back onto her feet, wrapping his arms around her waist. [b "Aww Love, you have to be more careful. Or you can call on me too"] he hugged her and then he helped her put on her leggings up.

[b "Is there anything else you want on?"] he asked, taking a peek and then also changing into some shorts and a shirt. He held her hand and led her back outside [b "I'll go head down and cook us up some breakfast. You just relax okay?"] he kissed her cheek and then he headed downstairs, seeing their pets up. Sylus rubbed Nyx's head and petted Queen as he went into the fridge.

He pulled out some eggs, fish, and some miso as he cooked them up a bento for breakfast. WHen he saw Klara come in, he waved, [b "How's it going?"] he hoped she was doing okay right now. Sylus set the table and sat down with them. [b "Ar? Allister said he's coming soon. When should we pick him up?"] he wondered.
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She adored how happy Sylus looked even today. They had their fun in the bathtub, cleaning each other up. She enjoyed so much of it, seeing him all bare and wet and then even washing her off. It was a dream. They shared a large breakfast and had more fun together that day.
Mid March.
She was really feeling the effects, the slight backpack, cramps, and sometimes she couldn’t sleep as easily but they weren’t hard to manage. She had trouble laying on her side. It was kind of weird. She woke up earlier than expected. She’d look at Sylus in her bed, sleeping soundlessly. They’ve grown closer if anything, spending days together, taking care of their pets. Ara still would do some work and Sy sometimes would help Klara. If she helped, it would be at home because it was getting harder to move around.

She stared at him, and ran her fingers onto his lips. Movement could be felt again in her tummy. “You’re up too?” Ara whispered, and would feel over her tummy that showed obvious pregnancy. She could feel more movement when she woke and touched.
Ara sighed. She didn’t want to wake up Sy. She helped herself sit up and off the bed. Ara went into the bathroom and would clean herself up. She stepped out and went to go change clothes. She tried to bend over and put on a pair of new leggings. When she bent over she lost balance a bit and end up in yoga pose by mistake. “Oh…no.” Ara whispered to herself.

Ara tried to help herself up again but found that iwas kind of hard when all of her weight felt more forward then behind. It was harder than she thought… She didn’t want to land on her tummy, because she didn’t want to risk ARlus getting hurt. After a few tries, even trying to roll over at one point, she was having a tough time.
“Um…sy…” Ara called, “Sy…are you awake?” Ara asked. “Can you help me up?” Ara’s face burned. Her ass was out and she knew at this point, she really needed to exercise to help herself up or…this was just how it was going to be for a while. “Sy?” Ara called. Her leggings were on the ground, and she only had her robe on. This was embarrassing…
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It was such a beautiful night and being able to be with two of his favorite girls got him really excited really fast. His eyes would watch over Ara, seeing her feed him some chocolate as he took the bite and then he would feed the both of them too, leaning in to kiss Ara's soft lips, enjoying her warm kisses. He would kiss Klara as well, remembering what her lips tasted like. She was more straightforward and rough, but he didn't mind it.

He let Ara change, his hands on Klara's ass, holding her as she pressed herself against his chest. He would suck on her lip, feeling her nipple on his and then let their tongues glide on one another. When He saw Ara return, he was kissing down Klara's neck as he spotted her. [b "Oooh, sexy"] he smiled, wrapping his arm around her as he met her lips [b "Two of you both in sexy robes. I'm a lucky guy"] he smiled and had Ara to himself.

He would lick her lips, kissing her more deeply with love as he asked her to undress him. [b "Mmm, good. THen I want to be nothing with you"] he watched her undo his tie and then he would feed her chocolate, melting it between their tongues as he felt her expose his chest. [b "Mmm, How about you remove my shirt first"] he watched her take it off and he was just bare on top as he held her against his chest, his lips kissing down her neck, sucking on her soft skin.

He saw Klara return and he'd smile, waving her over [b "Fuck you're both so sexy"] he felt her hands on his chest and he would hold both of their asses, pulling them towards him as he kissed Ara and then reach up to touch Klara's chest. He'd look at both of their eyes [b "How about you both undress my bottom?"] he'd smirk, licking their lips and then smiling. He was starting to enjoy the night.
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She took a bite of her sweet chocolate cake too and was so happy it came out so well. She’d feed Sylus a bite too. She couldn’t help but feel so nosey to want to know his wish but, decided she could always ask him when his wish came true. They were both fed, and lips licked. It was pretty darn sexy. She kissed Sylus first, always giving him kisses that were soft, passionate and filled with love. She watched Sylus kiss Klara too. Klara got into it for a second.

Ara smiled back to him, [b “I’ll be right back.” ] She kissed his cheek. She would grab her robe that was in her bag. She walked into the bathroom and slipped out of her dress. She put on the night gown she had that said ‘Sy’s Love’ on the back.

Klara had her arms wrap around him, kissing him hard, and when he bit, she bit back too-harder. She pushed his tongue and moaned when he squeezed her ass. She was amazed at being able to be kiss him hard like this again. It was hot to be kissing someone like him. Ara came in looking cute and pretty in her robe from head to toe.

Ara tilted her head and saw Sylus kissing Klara’s neck. Klara pressed her chest tighter against his. She couldn’t help but want to be there and want the same done. She smirked to herself and then saw Sylus look at her. [b “Thank you.” ] Ara said and came into his arms. She looked at Klara, [b “I brought another robe so we can match-sort of.”] Her and Klara already wore something underneath after all. Ara made sure, in case Sylus agreed. “I’ll go change.” Klara said and teased “Don’t be too gentle with him-even if it’s his birthday.”

Ara giggled and locked her blue eyes on him and nibbled her lip, and then would touch his lip, [b “Mmm…darling, I want you.” ] She’d kiss him deeply again and then heard him. [b “Why wouldn’t I? I want you in nothing…” ] She caressed his cheek and then would undo his tie, tossing it at the side. She watched him back against the tub. He fed her another chocolate. She’d take it and then press her lips against his and shared it, letting them melt the chocolate together. She’d let her fingers separate his shirt and expose his chest. She’d look up at his eyes, [b “What would you like? To be fully undressed now…or do you want it to be slow?” ] She’d nibble at his lip gently after and feed him a chocolate. She’d slowly pull off the rest of shirt unless he said something. She just loved seeing his bare chest. She remembered earlier what they did and it made her smile.

Klara opened the door and couldn’t help but find these two people so seductive, and hot. It made so much sense why Ara was having his kid, Sylus was stunning. She’d walk in. Ara looked over, “You look good.” Ara said, seeing her in the short gown. Klara came by Sylus side too and notice his chest out, and she'd touch down a bit.
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He was having a spectacular day thanks to ARa and Klara's set up. It was really nice to be able to be treated like a king, even if it was only one day in the year. He was never used to having birthdays, so he wanted to take full advantage right now.

[b "Oooh, I get you tomorrow too? And everyday"] he met her lips and would hold her hand in his as he followed the two upstairs into their room for the night. [b "I do love swimming"] he grinned and then he saw how pretty the room was tonight.

He was drawn to all of the chocolates on the table and then the amazing rose covered bath and bed. He really liked what they did to set it up. [b "I feel so lucky"] he walked over and hugged the two, sharing his cake and then making a wish. He kept it a secret, wanting it to really come true. Still, all of his wishes were coming true right now and he didn't want to change a single thing.

His eyes watched the two and then he fed them both some dipped chocolate each. He would lean in to lick Ara's lip and then kissing her softly, feeling her hold him as he licked her lips more. HE then gave KLara some chocolate as well before seeing them both look at each other. He saw Ara give the okay and then he would kiss Klara as well, feeling her rough lips kissing him intensely. He would smile and then glance back at ARa [b "Ooh, I love your robe. Yes please"] he gave her another kiss before she left and then he faced Klara.

He felt her caress his cheek and he'd lean in to give her more kisses. The two would wrap their arms around each other and he would bite on her bottom lip, feeling Klara's rough lips go after his, her tongue licking his own. [b "Mmm, Klar"] he felt her hands move to his ass, squeezing and wanting to get into it, but Sylus did like it a bit slower.

He pressed his lips down her neck, seeing Ara soon come out of the closet in his robe. [b "Mmm, you look sexy Love. Come here. Do you want to change too Klar?"] he wondered if she had a get up too. He wrapped his arms around Ara, pressing his lips against hers. [b "Mmm, Love, don't you want to undress me?"] he smiled, backing up against the tub as he reached over and fed her more chocolate, taking the second bite.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 14d 16h 3m 38s
It felt good to see Sylus enjoying what she was giving him for today. “Ah, I can’t wait too.” She giggled. She hugged him tightly. She thought Sylus would enjoy it. She did want him to choose how he wanted the night to end but she felt a relief to know that he did want some time just together too. [b “You will, even tomorrow. Whatever you like, it’s your day,” ] Ara said. She was glad he enjoyed it all.

Ara nodded [b “Mmm. I figured one day isn’t enough for you to enjoy swimming.” ] She mentioned. She brought him up into the room and sure hoped he liked what she planned out. There were truffles, chocolate bars, wafers…a lot of them. She let him walk toward the chocolateand watched him take a bite. Ara giggled, “Of course.” She then brought out the cake for him, and lit up the candles.

Ara nodded, [b “Mmm, of course I did.” ] She said. Ara hugged him tight back and Klara would smile when he hugged her too. She let him blow out the candles and set it down. [b “A secret?” ] Ara pouted and then sighed [b “That maeks sense.” ] She saw him dipping the chocolate in. She opened her mouth and, eating it up and kissing him back, holding him into her kiss a little longer. Klara couldn’t help but get a little too excited and was doing her best to contain it. They’d easily stay close to him. Ara felt Sylus licking off the chocolate off her lips and then she saw him do the same to Klara. Klara closed her eyes and let him, feeling herself drawn into it. Ara caressed his cheek and leaned up to kiss him softly, and then deeply. Ara looked back at Klara. Klara was just confirming with eye contact that it was okay with Ara. Ara just gave a little nod and Klara would kiss him too, but always rougher than Ara.

[b “Sy, would be nicer if I changed into your favorite robe?”] Ara asked, stroking through his hair, [b “Klara will keep you company while I do.” ] Ara mentioned. She didn’t mind, since she knew Sylus was hers, and nothing in the world was going to change that, not one fun not or two. Because he always looked at her a way that he never looked at anyone else.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 14d 16h 19m 10s
He saw her sweet smile and it always put a huge grin on his face. Sylus loved it when she was just as happy as he was, but she was making his birthday already so unforgettable. He was still eating his dessert, but would glance off at the view, finding it so stunning.

He would then open up their gifts, grinning at the sentimental notes and the emotional messages she gave him. It was such a nice gift and he loved every bit of it. It was all Ara [b "I can't wait to play games with you"] he grinned and then he opened up Klara's and thanked her. It was just as special.

[b "You guys are the best"] he then hugged ARa and would feel her chest on his. He held his breath and would grin [b "We can have some fun together as long as I get you all to myself for the night"] he held his gifts, deciding to use the photo book for when Arlus came. He held her hand and followed her up to their room [b "Oh we're staying?"] he was glad that Klara didn't mind being with them too.

When they came across the suite, Sylus gasped at how amazing it looked [b "Oh wow! This is amazing"] he said happily as he smelled the aroma of candles and could see it was set to be a romantic night. He saw the bath and the large bed [b "Ooh, looks perfect"] he walked towards the chocolates and then he took a bite of one [b "Mmm, it's delicious. You guys definitely picked out everything to suit me"] he chuckled and then saw Ara bring out a cake.

[b "You made this?"] he gasped, feeling so glad he had such an amazing wife. She put her heart and soul into this day and he felt it. [b "I love you so much. THank you both of you"] he hugged them both and then he blew the candles. He made a wish, soon grabbing a knife to cut the cake for each of them.

Sylus took a bite and loved the taste. Ara's baked cakes were always delicious. [b "My wish is a secret!"] he smirked and then he went back to the chocolate fondue, grabbing two marshmallows and dipping them in chocolate. He brought one over to ARa and placed it into her mouth, giving her a kiss, and then he brought one over to Klara as well. [b "Let my birthday night begin"] he smiled and then he wrapped his arms around the both of them, leaning in to lick the chocolate off of ARa's lips. He then glanced over and Klara and did the same. [b "How about a few kisses for the birthday boy?"]
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 14d 16h 44m 36s

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