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He wanted to hang out with her after because lately they didnt really spend that much time together. Not only that, but they never really got to talk about what happened with her and Jack. IN truth, Sylus wanted to know how she felt, if she liked it, if she liked Tanner more than just a friend. He wanted to know everything about her, but since she was being so distant, he just decided to let her be. If she was comfortable with him, then he'd let her speak when she wanted to, but right now, he was more focused on what Tanner said. How could he have been so stupid. Going to a concert with Valera? That was the dumbest idea ever when she was along with Jack....

Sylus mentally scolded himself many times and he could see so did Clyde. the two were quiet all through dinner, just looking through the menu and ordering. Clyde was excited to eat here mostly because of Emily, but he still felt bad for nearly ruining the mission. He took in a deep breath and just sighed softly, shaking his head. Sylus decided on the spaghetti and Slyde ordered his sandwich. THe two would glance at each other and shrug a little, smiling since they both have made each other laugh countless of times. At least Sylus knew that Clyde would always be his friend. They've pretty much grew up together and he was always his roommate.

The two listened to the plan and agreed, they couldnt really argue. They didnt want to be reported. In truth, it made Tanner look like the boss, he had more authority than them and if they made a wrong move, he could deport them back home.

[b "Sounds good. Im sure the new intel would help us. You two are good at what you do"] he stated softly as their food arrived. Sylus began eating his spaghetti, the taste making him smile as he licked his lips. It was delicious. As he ate, he couldnt help but watch Ara and Tanner in front of him. He saw how she played along with him, seeing him make her laugh when clearly she hasnt been feeling well lately. He couldnt do that. She just wanted to be alone when he asked her to hang out.

It made him sad inside and honestly his stomach began hurting. He watched the two, [i Guess that makes me special] he repeated in his mind and then he saw her eat his chicken wings. Sylus shook his head, trying to just get the image out of his mind, but for some reason he saw the image of her kissing him...maybe....she...

He stood up from the table and then he rubbed the back of his neck hesitantly. [b "Ill be right back. Im just going to go to the bathroom"] he left the table and headed into the bathroom. He bit down on his lip and ended up tossing his dinner, throwing up and then he walked towards the sinks to wash out his mouth. He didnt feel so good anymore and he didnt know what it was. Sylus shivered and then he faced the mirror, wiping the sweat from his forehead as he made himself look presentable once more. He rubbed his eyes and made sure it seemed like nothing happened.

He stepped outside and just sat back at the table and took a few sips of his water, panting a little as he tried to relax. [b "The foods great, Im just not that hungry"] he mentioned, glancing off for a bit as he looked around the restaurant. He saw Clyde looking at him worriedly and he just shook his head [b "Good choice Clyde"] he lifted a small smile and just waited for them to finish, his mind off on it's own.
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[Cabin [Center It wasn't clear if they were going to go hang out together after. She still felt nervous, they were going off to dinner and she wasn't so sure if Sylus was really okay with what happened either. But she wanted to ask anyway because they would have to eventually go back and she would regret not spending time with him. Ara smiled lightly hearing his response and gave a nod. They arrived at the dinner. She took a look at the menu and decided to for a burger, with fries. But, she couldn't help but notice the silence between the four of them. Clyde and Sylus were being silent, and Tanner was watching her. When Tanner was caught watching her, he removed his eyes. Well...this was just a bowl of awkwardness and silence. ]]
[Cabin [Center She ordered what she wanted and tried to think of w ay to break the silence. She glanced back at Sylus when he start talking about their mission. "[b And drug Jack. So far. And we need to find out who in his family is connected to all of this. They might know more than Jack knows. ]" Although, she didn't feel like talking about the mission. First, she had to get that drug, talk to the contact and then develop a stronger plan. ]]
[Cabin [Center "[+blue If we have that drug Ara gets, we can crack him open without anyone and even him knowing he said anything to us. It's a good plan, if it doesn't kill him.]" Tanner shrugged, "[+blue We can all talk about that later.]" Ara sighed and watched their food come in. She took a bite out of her burger and then watched her fries. She grabbed one fry and threw it at Tanner. Nothing caught Tanner off guard she he caught it with his laugh, eating it and then laughing quietly, "[+blue You lost. ]" ]]
[Cabin [Center Ara giggled "[b How did you even know I was going to do that? ]" ]]
[Cabin [Center "[+blue Because you always do that to me. ]" He reminded. She remembered that. She would buy fries and go to his room and tell him if he wanted them, he'd have to catch it with his mouth. Tanner always sucked at it but he's gone so good at it. She's done the same with Joseph and they just played around with fries like that. She smiled and shook her head, "[b Okay you have a point.] She took another bite of her burger and looked over at Clyde and Sylus. "[b You guys want some of my fries? ]" ]]
[Cabin [Center "[+blue Careful she might throw one at you. ]" Tanner added. ]]
[Cabin [Center Ara rolled her eyes, "[b I only do that to you. ]" ]]
[Cabin [Center "[+blue Guess that makes me special. ]" ]]
She just laughed again and tried to eat her burger. She was very comfortable with Tanner. She's spend countless of days with him. She always felt so loose with him when he was trying to have fun instead of only focus on the job. Then she recalled a little image of yesterday, kissing him and she remembered it clearly. She hadn't meant to do that. She wouldn't kiss him. Tanner offered a chicken wing he had and she just shook her head, but he leaned in and fed to her. She was trying to contain her laughs and decided to just ate it. She then turned to Sylus and took a fry. "[b Sylus, come and eat one. ]" ]]
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Tanner was blowing up on the two of them and Sylus really didnt know what else he could say. The man was right and he had way more experience than the two of them anyway, it only seemed fitting that he lead. He didnt hate Tanner at all. He had his own reasons and he was ARa's guard. He just wanted to drill it into their minds who was the top priority of their mission. Sure they needed information, but if Ara was really important, she was above all else and they forgot about that along the way.

The two looked apologetic and they sure did want to be reported. To think that Tanner would report them, did they mean anything to him? Sylus took in a deep breath and agreed to all of this. Ara was their priority and if she asked to be alone, he wouldnt let her this time.

They all headed down the elevator towards the cab as Clyde sat in the passenger seat to instruct the driver where to go. Sylus sat beside Ara and Tanner on the other side, feeling like he was constantly watched by his eyes. He took in a deep breath and then he just refrained from holding her hand and stared out the window until they arrived.

Sylus overheard what she had to say and then he nodded his head [b "I do actually"] he admitted, walking with her towards the diner that Clyde recommended. Inside, they all got a booth, Clyde sat beside Sylus and Tanner beside Ara. He glanced at the menu and decided on what he wanted.

Food was still a new thing to him and Clyde, they were mostly going on the pictures as they decided on what to eat. Clyde ended up getting a milkshake and a turkey sandwich. Sylus just got some water and tried the spaghetti. The two didnt want to look like they were having two much fun anymore, at least not when Tanner was there. [b "So we still tail Jack and talk to this new contact? That's our next plan?"] he wondered, trying to make sense of it all.
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[Cabin [Center It seemed like Tanner was being really hard on them, but Ara understood where he came from. Their life depended on her safety. Above all, she mattered the most. Her dad was cruel, a horrible man but she had no doubt that he loved her. She saw the pain of his mother take him over and after that, he wouldn't let her step out of the house, wouldn't let her without somebody he trusted to watch over her. Anyone who even seemed even slightly as a threat were still got ridden of. But, he was changing again, and it seemed less and less did he care. Still, she remembered when he wasn't the way he was now, and it haunted her. She wanted to take this whole thing down but she didn't think she could ever remove her father from life to do it. He was still her dad. She just wished he wasn't like this. ]]

[Cabin [Center Tanner was right, she should have even been more watchful of herself. Jack wasn't going to attempt it again considering Sylus scared him off. Ara didn't mind that he had beat Jack up. It actually made her smile that he would do that. Although, now she had to figure a way to get close enough to Jack to drug him. Maybe not even her. Maybe she could get Cylde to. ]]

[Cabin [Center Ara shared what she found out and heard more from Tanner. They weren't getting really anywhere. They needed more. Needed to find out who was top at the list, and Ara felt a little curious as to how they were developing these drugs. They were oddly similar to what the facility had. She knew their mission wasn't to figure out where they were getting these drugs from but it wasn't like they could really hurt her from digging into where she shouldn't dig into, could they? ]]

[Cabin [Center Suggesting dinner seemed like a good idea. She had a feeling if she had upfront said that her and Sylus were going to go out that Tanner would give her a look. She did wonder if they still go right after dinner, even if it was a little later. Ara smiled over at Clyde, "[b Okay, then you lead the way then. Oh and before I forget, I'm getting a drug imported here to use on Jack and gather information. I'll tell you more of the plan when it gets here. ]" She took the elevator down with them and stood beside Sylus as the cab came in. ]]
[Cabin [Center "[b Someone...I've known for a while.]" Her eyes shifted back to him. "[b Not that I really know the man but, I've met him before. He lives around here. He might know something. ]" But, she didn't care so much about that right now. She wanted to relax and calm herself down and break down the nervousness. "[b Do you still...want to go out with me after dinner? ]" She whispered as they got in the cab. ]]
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He couldnt help it at all. That man just pissed him off so much he wanted to rip his face apart and shove it down his throat. He wanted payback for seeing what he did to Ara, making her unlike herself. He knew she wouldnt have done any of that and he knew that if she was thinking in her right mind, she wouldnt even let Jack get that near her. It was a strong drug and Sylus never wanted it used on her again. He made sure of it.

Hitting Jack was satisfaction on its own. He was able to get his anger out and hurt the damn asshole. He saw the coward running off and Sylus just headed back towards his class, hoping he'd leave Ara alone.

When they headed towards the apartment, they really did get a talking from Tanner and Sylus felt bad. He didnt feel like he was fooling around at all. The only time he just let the atmosphere get the best of him was when he went on that date with Ara. He felt free and relaxed with her and he wouldnt exchange that moment for anything else. Still, Tanner had a point and Sylus felt disappointed in his own actions, knowing it wasnt smart to allow the girl he loved and the girl he needed to protect to go off with Jack. IT was stupid. It wasnt his getaway with was a mission and he needed to get it through his head.

Clyde and Sylus were both sorry and they knew better. They were experimented on, treated horribly and nearly killed to do all of this. They needed to make sure they had their priorities in order. They didnt want to be killed and Tanner made it sound like ARa was someone really important. They needed to make sure they sacrificed themselves for her before anything else happened.

They didnt want to be reported, so the two guys just looked up at Ara and apologized for leaving her. They wouldnt do it again. Everyone began focusing as intel was being shared. Sylus listened and looked at her sketch for a moment and then glanced back at Tanner, hearing about the drugs. This business seemed really dangerous and if someone like Jack could do that to ARa, he didnt want to see what the higher ups did.

After their little meeting, Sylus just stood up and sighed softly. Clyde was yawning, looking really tired as he smiled at the thought of food. [i "Ya! Let's go. Emily was telling me about this really good diner just close to campus, maybe we can head there"] he suggested, looking at the three as Sylus placed his hands into his pocket, thinking about what Ara said. Would they get time to spend with each other? He wasnt sure, but dinner sounded great. He was hungry.

[b "Okay sounds good to me. I can eat a horse"] he joked, walking towards the door and then heading out as he waited for the others. He was able to flag down a cab as he stood on the street waiting. Sylus glanced back at Ara wondering [b "Who's your new contact?"] he asked curiously.
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[Cabin [Center Seeing Jack all busted up, made her wonder. He avoided her and it was clear that maybe someone had done something. She messaged Sylus and received a message right back. She smiled, despite knowing that meant Jack would want to stay away from her. [b No it's okay! He's staying away. ] She sent that back to him and just felt happy that she had people that were helping her out. ]]
[Cabin [Center Tanner held expectations that after what he told Sylus that Ara would be coming in with them, but it was only Sylus and Clyde. The two obviously didn't know what they were doing, and wasn't aware the high priority Ara was. They were off having fun while Ara was trying to hold up the mission. It struck his nerves when Sylus start talking about not wanting her to be near him, or afraid she was going to get more upset. He wasn't talking like someone on a mission. It sounded like excuses. ]]
[Cabin [Center "[+blue I don't think you understand. You are treating this as your getaway with Ara. If you care about her as much as you say you do, then you would put her safety first rather than her dislike of being overprotected. Not to mention your life depends on her safety ] Tanner spoke, watching the two of them sit down. It frustrated him that that it wasn't going as planned and that they hadn't kept a good eye on her. He got the door, end up giving her a frustrated look. Ara tried to say that it was her fault. She shouldn't have gone in there in the first place. Really, Tanner blamed all three of them. ]]
[Cabin [Center He heard his apology again and he just wanted something like this to never happen again. "[+blue You thought. But both of you were supposed to know. You should have known what was going on every step of the way. Ara isn't some guinea pig. You're both not cleared yet to know who she is but if anything even so close happens to her, than all of us are dead. I don't want to ever here that you were off having fun while she was alone again ]" He hoped he was clear this time that they couldn't be running around and having fun while Ara was on her own. ]]
[Cabin [Center Ara did want to add in again that it wasn't her fault, but it seemed like Tanner wouldn't agree with her. Yea...maybe it could have been handled a completely different way and she might not be even trapped with that drug but who's to say that she would have been drugged anyway? She heard his threat about reporting them but even she knew that Tanner wouldn't ever do that. She knew he was just saying that to scare them, to make sure they were careful. Ara kept quiet for a while and heard Sylus speak, and Clyde say he would do better. "[b I'm sorry, both of you. ]" She glanced over at Sylus and Clyde. "[b I thought I would be okay.]" She didn't even like being constantly watched and for once she wanted to handled it out on her own. She underestimated Jack. ]]
[Cabin [Center "[b Um... We should share whatever information we got with each other. Jack's family has connection to all of this. I don't know who yet. We obviously know his territory now. He might even meet up with others that work with him in the Witching hour. So, one of us might have to back there... ] " She got up and quickly went into Tanner's room, grabbing her sketch of the man she saw that followed them. "[b This man was following us before the club. He's probably just there to make sure he's doing his job, and kill him if he isn't. ]" Ara's eyes flickered at Tanner for a moment. "[b Tanner's been undercover, trying to get in their business and see if he can go up the ranks or find new information. Did you find anything by the way?]" ]]
[Cabin [Center Tanner relaxed back into the couch, shaking his head, "[+blue Nothing of importance. I have a list of names, but none of them are who we need. I did find out some of the drugs they were testing out. The one you had for one. One that boosts up memory, but it has a bad reaction and they can't figure it out yet. Another one that spikes up the adrenaline and makes a person go mad, rage and attack. They're actually pretty similar to the ones we have back at home, except...we have the working, experimented versions.]" ]]
[Cabin [Center They really weren't getting anywhere. And now, she ruined what connection she had to Jack. And Sylus seemed to make sure that he wouldn't want to get near her again. "[b Well. I also got a new contact. I'll call him today and meet him. ]" It's been a while since she has seen him. "[b Should we go out for dinner?]" ]]
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Sylus didnt know why she was avoiding him so much since she wouldnt tell him why. He tried talking to her, holding her hand and even kissing her, but it didnt seem like she wanted any of it. It made him upset, but he just decided to leave it alone since Ara seemed like she was dealing with a lot of things right now. He told Clyde to tail her, wanting someone to at least watch her. When she headed to her dorm, Clyde headed towards her room and then he made it to class with Sylus, trying to cheer him up as he offered him a snack.

When class finished, Sylus shook his head and looked down at the text, seeing Ara reply. He wondered what she saw? Maybe she saw Jack with bandages? He smiled and then he texted her back [i "Sorry, I couldnt help it. I wanted to warn him what would happen if he got near you and I sort of got carried away"] he texted and then he stayed with Clyde until class ended.

The two of them went to get drinks, they each held a bottle of beer as they walked towards Tanner's house, smiles on their faces. They tossed their drinks in the trash when they arrived and then he looked up at Tanner at the door. He looked really pissed and when he spoke, Sylus just sighed softly and shook his head [b "You think this is a vacation? This is far from that. Ara doesnt want to be anywhere near that my fault? We tail her, but he just dont want to make her even more upset than she is"] he admitted, following Clyde into the apartment as he took a seat on the couch.

He saw Ara coming in and Tanner just continued the talk that this was all their fault for not keeping an eye on her. Sure he was right that they should watch her well, but it wasnt fair when he wasnt there to realize the situation. [b "Im sorry. It's my fault. I should have watched her more closely when she went out with Jack....I just thought she had everything covered and was fine"] he sighed softly, remembering ARa's texts telling him she was doing okay. How was he supposed to know she was in deep trouble. He hurried there as fast as he could and managed to save her at least.

[b "Clyde and I will keep our focus on ARa"] he stated and looked to see Clyde shaking his head. He understood that he was just experiencing the outside world for the first time but he needed to get back to the reality of the mission. [i "Ill do better. I dont know what's gotten into me"] he stated and the two of the guys looked upset. The last thing they wanted was to be reported for not watching ARa. If they headed back underground, they could already imagine what kind of punishment they would be getting and it wasnt something as lenient as whippings either.
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[Cabin [Center She manage to grab some alone time with herself in her room and getting some shut eye. It wasn't like the problem was going away any time soon. She felt it still there and it made her not want to get up, not want to be around people. When Kim came around, she felt hesitate to talk to her but as she talked to her, she felt like she was releasing how upset she was about it. And then Kim actually started letting out the rumour. It made her smile to get a little revenge early on. It lit her up more as she went to class, and was hoping Jack didn't show up. She really didn't want him to show up, or talk to her and remind her of what she did. ]]
[Cabin [Center Her fingers opened the pages of her notebook. Pencils out, and she was set on just focusing on that, but she had to give a glance. And there was. Jack. And his face was bruised up, along with a bandage. How did that happen? He wasn't looking at her, and it didn't seem like he was going to get anywhere near her. She turned her head back to the phone when she heard Sylus' message. ]]
[Cabin [Center [b Okay. See you then! Jack is injured. Do you know why?] She sent it and sketched some more during the class. Now and then she would listen to what was going on. The teacher tested her to see if she was paying attention and she got the right answer, despite not being really here. The class finished, and she got up to her feet and thought about Jack avoiding her. It was nice. Really nice. But, she did need to be in the same spot as him eventually so that she could drug him and get answers out of him. ]]
[Cabin [Center Ara left the classroom, and knew she had to be heading over to the apartment. While she was walking there, she had kept her eyes out on look out everywhere she went, just in case. She came along Valera while she was still making it out of campus. ]]
[Cabin [Center Although, Ara just ignored her all entire and kept walking knowing that she stood by Jack. She found the building and knocked on the apartment door. ]]
[Cabin [Center Tanner was there when Sylus and Clyde came in and wonder why the hell Ara wasn't with them. She allowed them in and narrowed her eyes at them. "[+blue So I am assuming, you're letting her come here on her own.]" Tanner shook his head, "[+blue What do you two think this is? A vacation? ]" He rolled his eyes and felt frustrated with this. Maybe he should switch spots and be the one monitoring Ara instead of these two. ]]
[Cabin [Center Tanner heard the door once more and as the door opened, he was giving her a look too. Ara stared back at him, "[b I'm sorry, okay. I didn't mean to do those things.]" ]]
[Cabin [Center Tanner sighed, [+blue That's not it. You shouldn't be out on your own unless you're in class or your room. I'm thinking it's actually better for you to be staying here at nights too.]" Ara frowned, knowing how suffocating Tanner could be or well, anyone who had to keep an eye on her. At least Sylus and Clyde managed to let her breath. She didn't really know why they were meeting, because Tanner called it. ]]
[Cabin [Center "[+blue Now that everyone is here. I want to know what the hell were you all thinking yesterday. Ara was left alone to go with a criminal who rapes woman for fun, while Clyde was out having fun. And I don't even know where the hell you were Sylus before you got there. ]" Tanner still was upset about last night's event. ]]
[Cabin [Center "[b It was my fault. ]" Ara spoke out, sitting on the couch, "[b I mean it. It was all me.]" ]]
[Cabin [Center "Tanner exhaled heavily, "[+blue No. It wasn't. They should have had you monitored. You should have a way to communicate through them live through the whole time, if even let you go in there. And Cylde, Sylus, you should have never been that far from her. Don't leave her alone. Don't let her walk on her own. Don't let her go anywhere on her own. One of you have to be with her. ]" He didn't know if this was going to work. "[+blue If something nearly happens to her again. I'll report both of you. Got it.]" ]]
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Sylus sat beside her in class and he knew something was really wrong. She didnt even want to hold his hand when he tried to hold hers. Was she really depressed about this? But she was lucky she didnt sleep with anyone else, only him and it may have been forced, but he allowed her to and it felt great, so there was nothing to worry about right now. He still felt upset that she was just sitting there, giving him no attention when he was her boyfriend, trying to make her feel somewhat better.

When she left, she made sure to give Jack a piece of his mind. Not only did he want to beat the crap out of him, but he wanted to hurt him for making ARa this distant, this upset, and this embarrassed about him. He was pissed. He made his point and gave him two hard punches, seeing Jack fall to the ground and he simply hurried off. Sylus didnt know if he had done the right thing, but he wanted to be sure that asshole stayed away from his Ara.

Clyde watched Ara towards her dorm and then he headed off to meet Sylus in class. He could tell his friend was disappointed with the way Ara was treating him, so he lightened him up and had bought him a hot dog on the way. Sylus didnt know what they were, but when he took a bite, he was licking his lips. [b "Thanks Clyde. It's great"] he smiled and Clyde patted his back, the two of them just listening in class for the time being.


When Jack came to class, he had a bandage on his nose and a bad bruise on his cheek. He was irritated, but at the same time, he just wanted to go home. When he took a seat, he rubbed his cheek in pain and just sat there, trying to focus, knowing that Ara was there, but he would pay no attention to her. He didnt want to be hurt by Sylus again.

As class ended, Sylus looked down at his phone, seeing ARa texted him. He didnt know if she was feeling better or not, but he did want to spend time with her, even if he was this depressed. [i Okay sure. Ill see you at Tanner's] he sent and then him and Clyde began walking off towards Tanner's apartment for the meeting. Clyde treated him into buying a bottle of beer and the two just drank a little before making it to the apartment. Sylus felt great right now and he was glad he had Clyde with him today. He really lifted up his mood.
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[Cabin [Center The sketching helped her keep her mind off of everything that was occurring. Her mood was still low and occasionally her mind went where she didn't want it to go. She kept quiet during the class, kept her eyes on the notebook rather than anything else. She knew Sylus was trying to help and it was helping little by little to make her feel better. She liked him, she just felt too shameful to face him right now. She avoided eye contact with every single person, and told Sylus that she didn't want to go anywhere. She didn't think she could bare it right now, being outside and being with him after what she did. It was none of his fault, she was thankful for him getting out of there and that she had done it with him than anyone else.
[Cabin [Center She rose up and head down the halls, not even having the will to eat anything right now. She noticed Clyde was following her, so she decided to slow down and just walk beside him but kept quiet. She got to her dorm, went inside and buried herself in her bed again, wanting to just hide in there and not go anywhere. Especially at her next class. She heard her phone buzz. She gave a quick look at it, seeing Tanner asking if she was still okay. She replied with 'I'm fine.' and then saw Kim had messaged her. ]]
[Cabin [Center She closed her eyes for a moment, end up taking a short nap. When she woke up, she realized the time and figured she had to go to that class. She freshened up, grabbed her bag and stepped out of her room when she saw Kim coming down the hall. Kim offered her a smile. [i Hey. How are you doing?]" ]]
[Cabin [Center Ara gave a light smile. [b Pretty good. ]" She nodded and Kim kept talking so, Ara decided to speak to her a little bit. And then she end up talking about her boyfriend's neighbor, Jack. And from there on, she end up telling Kim some of the parts that happened, and somehow Ara actually got to telling her plan about spreading rumours. Kim laughed at her idea. "[i I got a lot of friends. How bout I actually spread it around, just to get back at that jerk. A lot of girl's crush on him too, bet they won't anymore once they think he's a dick and got an STD. ]" Kim smiled as she went to her phone. Ara really didn't think she would do it but she actually was doing it. Ara peeked onto her phone. "[b I wasn't actually going to do that but...]" ]]
[Cabin [Center "[i He deserves it. ]" Kim shrugged. ]]
[Cabin [Center "[b I got class right now. I'll talk to you later.]" Ara smiled back at her. Kim nodded and they decided to separate their ways. Ara started making her way to class, and was smiling a little to herself that the rumours would actually spread. Maybe that would stop less girls from falling into his trap and becoming victims. She really hoped so. She got to the class, sat down by herself and opened her notebook that only had sketches. She had brought her textbook at the very least, not that she needed it. She looked at her phone, and remembered the number that they told her to call. Maybe...she would meet up with them. ]]
[Cabin [Center She gave a quick look at the class, hoping that Jack wouldn't even show up. She quickly reverted to her phone, wanting to message Sylus first. [b I'm sorry for not agreeing to go outside. Maybe we can go out after we go to Tanner's apartment?] ]]
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To think that they'd see Jack this early in the morning! Something was definitely off about today. Not only did Sylus want to try and spend more time with ARa, help her feel better about this even if he was upset, he still wished he could see her somewhat smile. Ever since she hasnt been in a good mood at all lately and he knew she was blaming herself for what she did. It wasnt he fault. It was Jack's fault and for making him do such a thing to his girlfriend when he clearly said hands off, he was going to pay. Ara can do whatever she wanted with her drugs, but he had his own way of dealing with things.

Clyde and Sylus were just watching Jack, making sure to protect Ara really well like her two guards. He wasnt going to fumble this time and he'd keep his priorities straight. Sylus wasnt really phased by his insults at all, he was just pissed he dared to say something like that, especially in front of Clyde. His friend looked surprised, but he could have been saying anything right now to just get on Ara's nerves.

The two laughed at Ara's remark about his size, seeing it piss of Jack a lot. He was pissed off and he immediately just headed off to class, seeing no more reason to talk to those three. He got Ara to touch him and be all over him and that's all he wanted. If he could get her to be on him, he could get anyone.

They walked to class and Sylus was trying to make her feel better, assure her that everything was going to be alright. She didnt seem to be in a good mood yet and that made him upset. During class, he couldnt focus at all, his eyes would glance over to Ara, seeing her doodling in her notebook. People began leaving the room and Sylus could see she wasnt looking up at him. She wanted to be alone and that made him feel sick inside because he wanted to be with her, but it was clear she didnt want to be with him. He let her seduce him and now she wont look at him. It felt like he did something wrong.

Sylus watched her leave, telling Clyde to tail her as he stayed and waited for Jack to step out of the room. He tugged on his backpack and pulled him aside, slamming him up against the wall with his strength. [b "What did you do to Ara? She isnt talking to me anymore and she feels like shit because of you"] he nearly spat in his face.

Jack was completely caught off guard, looking down at Sylus and then smirking. [+blue "Oh, you're just mad she probably has only been thinking about me lately. I were there. You saw her all over me, she probably likes me more now"] he smiled and Sylus just stared up at him in anger.

He pulled his fist back and punched the poor sap across the cheek, seeing him glance back at Sylus in shock. [+blue "If you so much as go near her, your face isnt the only thing that will look ugly for a while. Ara is hurt because of you, it's only fitting I hurt you more"] he punched him in the nose, seeing his face beginning to bleed. Sylus was pissed off, but he managed to calm down after seeing blood. His punches were hard for a normal human being, but not for a guinea pig. Jack was in pure shock as he grabbed his bag and hurried off when Sylus let him go.

He headed towards his next class, stopping by the nurses office to fix up his nose. Sylus headed towards his next class after cleaning up his fists. He messaged Clyde, telling him he saved him a seat once he finished tailing Ara.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 3y 51d 22h 43m 32s
[Cabin [Center All that she felt was too difficult to clear away. Her mind recalled too much of what she did, and what she felt when the drug took over her. She felt violated and when she didn't get to feel someone's lips or skin, she felt a depression she felt when she had to kill Joseph. It was a horrible drug and she despised that she remembered it and that she did all of that. Ever since she woke up she felt a heavy weight on her chest and it wasn't going away. She wasn't okay with it. She felt hatred for her own self because of it. She didn't feel so pretty anymore. ]]
[Cabin [Center She was hoping avoiding Jack at all costs but he was the door beside Sylus'. She felt so upset about it and she wanted to be able to do something. Being helpless was something she felt often and it was never easy to feel it over and over again. Always, she tried hard not to be and kept on working to depend on herself when it came to safety or anything. She spend hours, days on practicing her aim, memorizing guns and learning them. It was one things he knew how to do so well. It didn't make her feel so helpless when she was behind a gun. ]]
[Cabin [Center Her jaw clenched when he talked about Sylus enjoying being in the bedroom with her. She never wanted to sleep with Sylus that way either but she'd rather it be him than anyone else. She felt awful for it and wanted to yell at Jack but it wouldn't fix anything. She would get back at him. She just had to wait till that drug arrived. She locked her lips when he laughed about it, as if it was funny. So, she made a comment about his size, and well, it was actually true. Sylus was bigger. She heard Sylus and Clyde laugh and she felt she had the upper hand at least at that point. And then..the name calling. "[b Calling me a bitch just proves that you're angry. And being angry proves that I'm right about your small...what? I can't even call that thing a dick. I bet girl's tell you all the time that they don't feel anything, right Jack? And I'd watch your mouth, because I can tell all the girls on campus about your small thing and STD's.]" She sharply let the words beautifully come out of her mouth. She never talked like this, never, not unless it was an act to play rude. She figured this might bite her back in the ass, but she really wouldn't let it happen next time. ]]
[Cabin [Center She attempted to calm herself down as they walked into class. She couldn't let this go. She listened to him speak but she wondered if he really did see her the same way, that he still wanted her. It did lift her up slightly to hear that he still wanted her. She managed a light smile, "[b Thank you. I really hope you don't see me differently.]" But she still saw everything differently. ]]
[Cabin [Center When they landed in class, she kept quiet as possible and opened her notebook. She doodled on her notebook, images of objects she remembered, or animals, and sometimes cartoons, sketches of people. While her mind wandered, she found herself drawing Sylus, when they were laying on the field and he was watching the stars. She liked him, so much but she couldn't face him. She felt as if the whole world knew what she did, and it suffocated her. It made her feel so low about herself. She didn't want anyone to look at her, didn't want to look at them or be in a crowded room. She remembered all the stuff she did and came to hate it some more. ]]
[Cabin [Center She hadn't noticed the class ended until she lifted her head when Sylus spoke. People were exiting and she stared down at her drawing for a moment, hearing him speak but unable to look at him because she remembered. Normally, she would have been filled with excitement to go out with Sylus. But...she just felt uncomfortable with herself, an urge to hide and stay hidden. "No... I don't want to do anything." She closed her notebook. "[b Maybe next time. I just...want to be alone right now. ]" She clung onto her notebook for a moment before putting it in her bag. She'd rather keep this all to herself than talk about the stuff she did. "[b I'm...going to go to my dorm. ]" She was aware that after the break from this class that she had a class with Jack and she really didn't want to go to it. But she knew she had to. She inhaled an aching breath, "[b I'll see you later.]" ]]
  Ravenity / 3y 52d 18m 33s
It was better if she just tried to forget about it. Nothing's changed besides the fact that she touched Jack, got him to touch all over her and was completely drugged. Sylus still liked her, Tanner was still her best friend and no one else knew about it. It was clear that they could go on living their normal lives here and not worry about it, but he could see in Ara's eyes she wasnt going to let this go. She wanted revenge, peace of mind for what he did to her.

Even Sylus noticed that change in her. The kind that made her feel like she didnt want him to see her anymore, didnt want him to look at her because she did feel embarrassed about it all. He didnt blame her, sure it was heartbreaking to watch, but he didnt blame her at all. She'd always be the Ara that he fell in love with no matter what drug was placed in her drink.

Sylus and Clyde waiting at the door and when they met up with Ara, Sylus thought it was going to be a completely normal day. He didnt expect to see Jack stepping out of his room and he could see from ARa's eyes that she was so pissed off. He wanted to beat the crap out of him for her.

Jack kept his eyes on the two and he smirked [+blue "Well looks like your boyfriend came in time then. She must have been amazing in the bedroom huh Cal"] he laughed.

Sylus saw Ara's intensity and he held her hand, not wanting her to do anything reckless. When she spoke, he couldnt help but chuckle, Clyde laughing as well. Jack just spat in their direction and headed off to class. [+blue "You watch your mouth bitch. You're lucky. I bet you're just man that Im much larger than your boyfriend"] he headed off and Sylus just narrowed his eyes and shook it off. He held ARa's hand and led her to class.

[b "It doesnt matter. I still want you Ara. I was shocked yesterday, but we can get through this. You didnt mean any of it and you still went with me in the end"] he spoke to her, holding her hand as he took a seat beside her for class. Jack sat far from them, taking a seat by Valera. Clyde sat beside Sylus and just tried to pay attention, but he kept on glancing at Emily in their class as well.

WHen class ended, he looked up at her [b "Is there something you want to do? Maybe we can take a walk through the city. Just you and I?"] he suggested, hoping she'd open up more to him so they could talk.
  ellocalypse / 3y 52d 1h 22m 20s
[Cabin [Center The round was lost but she wasn't about to lose the next one. Getting a little revenge with the drug she planned on using seemed like a bonus. It would work, and if it didn't, it would kill him. She had a lot more ties to people than he would ever have and she knew it. She needed to step it up. It was her mistake fore completely underestimating him. She wasn't going to let this go. Not after what she did because of that drug. She couldn't even look at Sylus without feeling that shame, even if he told her it wasn't her fault. It wasn't but she still felt the shame in her and it wouldn't go away. This time, she wouldn't mess up. She was going to drug him and make him completely in her control. ]]
[Cabin [Center She waited for Sylus at the front door, and felt the regret that Jack was right there. She felt the anger, the embarrassment. He drugged her, and he was probably planning to completely take advantage of her. It took all of her not to hurt him, physically hurt him. She may not be strong but she sure learned a good amount from the facility . She saw him, and was having trouble containing it. So it seemed he remembered the drug and him drugging her. It was a horrible night. "[b I knew the moment I stepped in there that was your territory and I knew you were drugging me. So I messaged my boyfriend to get me. ]" ]]
[Cabin [Center Her irritation grew so strong. She's never had anyone done this to her. They've attempted it but they've never succeeded in it. Normally because she had people looking out for her so closely she couldn't breathe. [i Touching him... ] That was it, she was going to hurt it! She stared back at him for a moment, seeing him about to head away. "[b What I felt was very small. That's why you drugs girls, cause it's so small that you can't get them to really do anything. I pity you.]" ]]
[Cabin [Center She's never talked like this either. She's felt anger, and rage before but Jack brought out a bad side of her and she really wasn't familiar with any bad side of her. It hardly happened. She wanted to hurt him. She hardly wanted to hurt someone. She heard Sylus talk about not listening to him, and get going but he didn't get it. How she felt about touching him and having that happen to her. She hated what she felt under that drug, and that he almost got close to doing something worse to her and she would have wanted it. "[b What do you want me to do? I can't ignore it. He made me feel like I wanted him, or anyone to use me. ]" She shook her head, feeling the ache in her chest, "[b I can't even look at you without feeling disgusted with myself.]" She inhaled a deep breath. ]]
[Cabin [Center Somehow she needed to stay calm and go to class. She locked her lips again and headed to class with them, taking a seat and using her notebook too doodle, to keep her mind off of everything. She couldn't do much until she had the drug. ]]
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 3y 52d 1h 44m 40s
Sylus has never seen her like this before either. Usually Ara was always wanting to talk to him but this time he felt that hesitation, that thick air in the room that split them apart. He knew she didnt want to be anywhere near him right now, so he just stood up and headed out, trying to his best to tell her it would be alright even if she was ashamed. She seduced him last night and it worked, but did she even remember any of that? He didnt know, but he kept quiet and he just followed them back to campus as he headed back to is room.

When he took a shower and dressed, Sylus couldnt help but think about what she was planning to do with Jack, worried she might get herself into deeper trouble. What if she accidentally harmed someone from the higher ups, or what if Jack had something else up his sleeve? They didnt know his connections or how dangerous he was and it was better to be his friend than his enemy.

His eyes looked up at her and then he saw her looking really nice today, well dressed and not like how she looked last night. He greeted her and then he saw Jack stepping out like he had no clue what he did or what happened. All he knew was that he had a great night with some girls, but didnt know what happened to Ara.

[+blue "You left early? How? I was unable to leave not with feeling that good. It was amazing last night"] he ignored what she said and then he looked at Sylus and Clyde [+blue "You guys should come with us next time. I know a lot of girls looking for a good time. Or you can be like Ara and be all over me. Touching me everywhere. I hoped you liked what you felt"] he smirked and headed off towards his class, Sylus and Clyde just looking back at Ara as they headed towards their first class. [b "Let's get going. Dont listen to him"]
  ellocalypse / 3y 52d 2h 35m 57s

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