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From the slight fear in him, she could tell that he didn't believe her. The way he looked at her as if she was crazy, like she lost it, and just so worried, it bothered her. Would he react differently if she did heal? Would she still be considered crazy then? If she was in his position, then she would probably do the same. She wouldn't believe herself either if she saw someone cutting their wrist and bleeding out and saying it would heal on the spot. But it happened, and she felt so desperate to prove it.

Ara felt his arms around her, his hands rubbing her back. She held onto him and wished she could prove it somehow. She didn't want him to think that she was trying to hurt herself. Sure, she self medicated a few times but she never tried to actually hurt, hurt herself. "I know...but I want to stop being so helpless. I want to stop people from dying and so far, you're the only one I could do that for and that's it."

She let go of him and she nodded. Maybe she'd find another way to prove it to him. Until she could find a solid day where she could prove it to him, she didn't want to show him again. Sylus would just think she was just hurting herself and that wasn't what she intended to do.

She began cleaning up the blood on the ground and washed her arm off, seeing it still there, still hurting and stinging. She grabbed a bandage from her back and wrapped it around her wrist. It would be gone by the morning. She felt sure of it.

Ara took his hand and went into bed with him. But, she kept thinking about Emily, Clyde and then thinking about how somehow she healed so quick. Then Sylus... She was too mentally exhausted to ask questions or even want to know if he did anything with Valera. She didn't really want to know. She'd rather live in her obliviousness now since she had too much on her plate. Her wrist stung as she lay in bed but she kept on checking it over and over again to see if there had been any change. She checked where she hurt herself before and there were no marks there.

She did wander though... If she kept on getting cuts, bled, healed. Would she eventually pass out from blood loss? She didn't actually want to know that through experience but she did want to know the answer. She closed her eyes, and eventually fell asleep. When she woke up, she was silent. Then she remembered. She shot out of bed and went into the bathroom.

She unravel the bandage and still saw it here, but it looked more like a scratch now, but it was a little purplish around. It didn't heal like she wanted it too. What if...she tried to get a scar? If it disappeared all the sudden then it would be weird, right? But as if she was going to hurt herself to get a scar. That would be painful-but, tattoo's were scars weren't they?

She got back into the room, brought her laptop on and start searching or tattoo designs and a shop to do it, as she sat up on the bed.
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He didnt know if Robert would hurt her or not. If he really wanted Ara dead, it would have happened by now. BUt what if he slipped up? What if he didnt warn her in time? That car could have blew up with her in it? What if she fell and got seriously injured. He would never forgive that man for scaring ARa like this. She was so shaken up like he's never seen her before and he didnt want some man making such an effect on her.

He was shocked to see her holding a razor and then trying to cut herself. He's never seen Ara try to harm herself before so why now! He kept his eyes on her and then he tried to stop her, but she was already bleeding and showing it to him like she was some kind of magician. It wouldnt just heal just like that, that was impossible. What was she thinking?

Sylus held her in his arms, wanting her to stop whatever she was doing, thinking, and just focus on him and that things were going to be okay. He looked at her hand and heard her crying, his hands rubbing her back as he heard her speak to him. [b "We dont, but we have to continue to live and move on from it, whether we carry them in our memories or not. We have to keep living for their sake"] he told her, slowly getting up to his feet [b "Are you sure? I can help you Ara"] he told her, slowly walking towards the tub, grabbing the towel and then placing it away into the laundry. He took the razor and tossed it in the trash, not wanting her to get it again.

[b "Come on, let's just rest and try and get some sleep tonight"] he held her good hand, leading her to their bed.
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Tanner knew this was a problem but it always had been. "He won't hurt her, just the people around her. Alliance with who, how? We can talk about this later."

When she grabbed that razor she hadn't thought about hurting herself. She never intended to cut herself to hurt herself. She only wanted to show him what she meant. She wasn't suicidal and sure didn't like how it felt when she cut into her skin. It just made her in more pain. She wasn't listening, she kept on trying to dodge him and wait till it would work. Then he grabbed a hold of her, holding her and taking the razor away from her and she didn't fight back for it. It hurt...

"I was thinking that I wanted to show you what I meant, that's all!" She tried to explain and wanted him to believe her, even if it wasn't working right now. She didn't know why it wasn't working. She heard Sylus voice sound weak as he talked to her, and she felt bad that she scared him, even if he wouldn't have been so scared if it actually worked. "That's not want I intended to do, I swear." But she end up crying into him, feeling so helpless with everything. She couldn't protect people, safe people. The only thing she seemed to be good at was following what she was told to do.

Ara held onto him tightly. She didn't want to know what it was like to lose someone she loved again. "Well so did I. I experienced just as much loss Sy. And I know how painful it is to lose someone like you. And let me tell you, if you think you get over every time someone is gone, you're lying to yourself. No one ever gets over it...we just tolerate it. " She still held onto him and thought about it. Even if she could heal? She doubt he even believed her.

"Okay. I won't." She nodded and stepped back, checking her wrist in the towel and winced. It was still there, and it hurt. She saw Sylus glancing over the bathroom floor, and her hand. She felt bad. He must thought she really was doing this to hurt herself. She didn't consider this as hurting herself, she just wanted to test it out. "I'll clean this up, and do something about my wrist. You can go to bed." She suggested.
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He didnt understand why any of this was happening right now. He really just wanted to come home and spend the night with ARa, continue being happy with her like how she always made him feel, but he could tell that something was wrong and seeing her lean on Tanner's shoulder upset him a little. She wasnt responding this texts or calls because she had Tanner at her side. Why? Could he not make her feel loved enough?

He sat on the couch, watching her leave as he listened to Tanner explain about Robert. IT was shocking to hear such a psychopath would be this interested in seeing ARa suffer. Even Sylus had a rough childhood, but he was sane enough to continue living on without the need to put harm unto people unless he had to. [b "I cant believe such a crazy person would be so interested in Ara. We need to figure out a way to catch him. If Robert cant do it, maybe we can have like a secret alliance or something because a threat to her jeopardizes the whole mission"] he sighed softly and made his way up to their room.

He saw Ara trying to cut herself and he thought that whatever happened could have caused her to be crazy. [b " it's okay really. Dont hurt yourself....okay just listen!"] he tried to tell her to stop, but she wasnt listening. She kept saying she'll heal like some magician when clearly she couldnt and she was bleeding.

[b "Im not going to cut you Ara! What the hell are you thinking. Just stop this!"] he held her in his arms, attempting to take the razor from her hands. [b "Okay okay. I believe that it's odd you have no scars....but please just dont hurt yourself"] he said in a weak voice, feeling her arms around him. He held her close and he could hear her crying as he pulled her in.

[b "You wont lose me. IM right here safe and sound"] he rubbed his fingers along her back and then he buried into her neck. [b "Clyde and I. We've experienced a lot of losses. We'll eventually get over them, but it's painful to even think about losing you, so please....just dont hurt yourself, even if you can heal or not"] he rested into her, seeing the blood on the bathroom floor, her bloodied hand, and just her being hurt. He didnt want to see this, didnt want to see ARa crying at all. He wanted her to be happy with him.
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Her life was filled with plenty of lost blood, and she switched onto another self of her when she expected it. She hadn't expected this, and hadn't expected someone innocent in the process getting killed. She couldn't snap herself out of her emotional self, and she didn't know why it was so much harder now. Someone died, because of Robert, because he hated her guts, and apparently Clyde's and Sylus' too. She wanted to find him, she wanted to get rid of him.

"Roark might be able to. We'd have to get proof in order to kill him and that's nearly Impossible. Ara did tell me why she thinks he's doing it." He tried to think back about what Ara told him. She told him everything, so he knew things in detail. "Ara thinks Robert was neglected by his family. Ara had an unbreakable smile and no matter what he did, she didn't break it or give him extra attention, until he killed a bird in front of her. She believes, she was the first person to give him attention, to acknowledge him, making her special. He's a sociopath at that too. He doesn't love her, doesn't care about her. He just likes the high he gets when he gets attention from her from pain he causes her."

Tanner thought about what Clyde would go through. He knew, Sylus knew. They lost important friends before. "He will be, but like always, we'll keep living on." He then left.

"It is partially my fault." She added and she got up. She grabbed the razor and set it to her skin, feeling hesitate because she hated the pain that came with it. She heard his shouting, and him rushing over her. She backed up, and she kept going away, all along her wrist. "It's okay." She shook her head, looking at him, "It's fine. I'm not hurting myself, really." She then tried to convince him that she would heal. But instead, blood was trailing down her wrist, and she kept bleeding. She was searching for little spots that would have closed, but nothing.

"Would you stop yelling! I'm okay! Okay! I'll heal! I'm not normal! I'm not even like you! I heal faster. Just wait!" She was frantically yelling out and staring at it intensely, even if it wasn't working. It would.

"No! Wait!" She shouted again, and stared at it, "I'll heal. This is nothing. You could probably cut deep and I'd still heal in a second. Or maybe it only works when I feel super panicked. Maybe if I really get hurt then it'll work-" Then he got to her and she tried to back up from him, "Wait! It'll work Sy! I swear!" But he already wrapped the towel around it. "No...! I can prove it." She cried. She felt his arms around her, pulling her into a hug but she wanted to show him that she was right. That she couldn't get hurt and there was no point in ever protecting her.

"I wasn't hurting myself." She half sobbed, "You have to believe me." His arms around her were warm, and she loved them around her but she wanted him to believe her. That he didn't have to worry about her, protect her. Only people around her died, not her. She met his eyes, "Sylus, why else would I have no scars on my back after getting whipped? Don't you get it? I"m more of a freak than you are." She leaned her head against his chest and cried a little more and then heard him talk about losing her, and how he'd feel. She wrapped her arms around him. She must have really scared him, but she was telling the truth.

"You're not going to lose me... I'm sorry I scared you" She then started quietly sobbing. "But. I could lose you. I know exactly what it feels like if I would lose you. And I feel horrible that I would make Clyde feel that."
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Sylus was pretty upset about this whole thing. HE didnt know what happened, or why Ara was here so depressed and looking like she was so shocked. Sometimes it made him wonder. She has killed so many people and yet she was always so shocked whenever she killed someone or someone died around her. Sylus has lived through many people dying and disappearing around him. It was something you just had to get used to because it was everywhere.

He Listened to Tanner and just tried to make sense of the situation. He sighed softly [b "Well if Roark cant get to him, then we have to do something about this. This man is aways threatening ARa's life and she's already so frightened. What are we supposed to do? Why is he always out to make her miserable"] he shrugged at the thought and then he nodded about his suggestion. [b "Ill tell him here and we'll make sure we can calm him down until he at least starts to think rationally again. He's going to be upset though"] he frowned and watched Tanner leave.

He followed up the steps to ARa's room and climbed into bed, wondering what was wrong and that she could lean on him. If she was okay she wouldnt be feeling like this. [b "It's not your fault Ara. It's just really sad, that's all"] he frowned and then he watched her get up. PRove what?

He stood up and looked at her, following her and then seeing the razor blade. [b "Ara! What are you doing. Dont!"] he tried to tell her, rushing over and then seeing her cut her wrist, his eyes in shock. [b "What are you doing Ara! Stop!"] he started raising his voice now, seeing her bleeding. [b "What the hell are you talking about!"] he couldnt believe she just did that! Her wound wasnt healing at all and now he was just upset. He reached over and she backed up, making him walk closer and then he held her hand, wrapping a towel around it.

[b "Ara, I dont know what you're talking about. Dont you do that to yourself again. I dont want you hurting yourself!"] he pulled her into a hug and he just let out a deep sigh. [b "I dont know what I'd do if I lost you. I cant even imagine how Clyde is going to feel when we tell him. I cant lose you"]
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Tanner held a good hold on his rage. He knew about Robert for a long time and knew what effect he had on Ara, and a similar situation he did to her a few years back. He wanted to get rid of him, and almost guaranteed his death just so that he could kill Robert.

"He does. Hopefully Roark doesn't get himself killed trying to kill that bastard. I'd rather get my hands on Robert myself, to be honest." Tanner had enough of Robert too. Ara up and left and he could tell that if he tried to get close to her now, she'd only push him away. Plus, he wanted to prevent Clyde from finding it any time sooner. "Still, it was wrong of me not to pay attention to her leaving so suddenly. Okay, I won't tell him anything. When you are going to tell him, make sure he's here. Then we can put him on lockdown for a while to make sure he won't do anything stupid." He got up, "Really, take care of her. I want to stay here and help her out and I could but, I don't want to stand in the way if you two. So don't fuck up." Tanner left, feeling hesitate, but he got out and met up with Clyde. He wanted to sent a message to Robert too with the man they took for following Ara.

Ara rolled onto bed, in clean comfortable clothes but nothing felt comfortable about today. She saw Sylus coming up, but she felt like she should be isolated. She should be away from anyone. She didn't know who would get hurt next and she was scared. She felt his arms around her. Blood...Right Blood. It was real. She was a freak. For all she knew, they put drugs in her body too, except it made her heal even better than Sylus.

"I'm okay, I'm always okay." She whispered, letting the silence grow for a bit. "Sy, I'm not normal." She shook her head, sniffing. "It should have been me. Everyone around me gets hurt but I never do-not physically." She began hating how she was ranting to him. Whining wouldn't solve anything. He probably didn't even understand what she meant. She knew Robert couldn't actually hurt Sylus because he could pick things up, but she's seen Joseph die.

She sat up and got up. "I'll show you. I'll prove it. No matter what happens, I'm always fine." She head into the bathroom and grabbed the small razor blade. She knew he would think she was crazy and probably freak out first but she wanted to prove it to him, that he never needs to protect her anyway.

Ara used the razor to cut up her wrist, and it hurt a lot. She winced, and nibbled on her lip as she stood. She let out her wrist. "Look, I'm going to heal in a second." Oh damn did it sting, it really hurt. She was bleeding out and then as she stared hard at it, she realized it wasn't closing like last time. It just kept bleeding. "Oh no...Oh no, no, no...It's supposed to close. Ow." Now he must think she's crazy. How? She peeked up at his eyes. "It takes a couple of seconds I guess." She just waited, obsessed with it , knowing it would work, even if it wasn't. "It's going to close, I know it." If Sylus tried to help her out or do something, she'd back off, "Just a will." But more time passed, and nothing. It just bled and hurt.
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When Sylus left the club, he didnt feel bad at all. IN truth, he was really worried about what Ara was thinking or if she thought that maybe he was cheating on her with Valera. Would she ever think that? He hoped not because he loved her too much. He felt Valera tug on him, but he had to go so he left as soon as he could.

Sylus took a cab back to the penthouse, wondering why Ara wasnt answering his texts. He sent her a few more asking where was she, or if she was okay, but still no reply. By the time he arrived back at the penthouse, he headed up the steps and saw her in Tanner's arms. At first it made him upset that he was here comforting her when it should be him.

When he heard TAnner, he hurried to her side, holding her hand and looking her over to see that she was okay. [b "That asshole. He needs to be dealt with"] he was then silenced with the news of hearing Emily was killed. How was she killed and why would Robert try and kill him. Was this revenge for Clyde backing up into him with a truck? Was it to scare ARa even more? How could he even do this to her if he somewhat liked her? All of his actions were driving her away.

He took in a deep breath and just watched her leave, sighing when she mentioned Valera. Was that a part of the reason why she was upset at him? He sighed softly and watched her head up. He then looked at Tanner and just couldnt believe that this happened. Clyde was going to be really upset, devastated, and probably do something horrible. He didnt even want to think about what would he do if he lost Ara.

HE listened to the story and just frowned [b "NO one knew this would happen. We just have to figure this out somehow. Ill take care of Ara and you finish helping out Clyde. Just dont let him know. ILl tell him"] he sighed and headed upstairs to look after ARa.

Sylus noticed there was blood on the towel in the bathroom. When he walked towards the bed, he unbuttoned his shirt and slipped out of his jeans, just wearing his boxers and a tank. He hugged his arms around her waist [b "Ara...there's blood. Are you okay?"] he asked her, wanting to see if he could help her patch it up or take care of her. He wouldnt stand it if he couldnt do anything to help her.
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Valera watched him go off and she turned her head seeing Jack. He was busy now but she knew he was going to get upset that she couldn't keep him here for longer. She didn't know what he was up to, but it looked like he wanted to use her to break Ara's and Sylus' relationship, or hurt them. "Please." She held onto him for one second more but he was gone.

Her body was stiff with the exception of her trembling hands. It happened in a blink of a second. Emily... This was her fault. Everywhere she went, death followed. If she believed in superstitions she'd say she was cursed but it was the people around her. Why could she never seem to get use to seeing someone go. She didn't want Tanner's comfort. She felt like she deserved to suffer, to be alone.

What if? She hated when she played the 'what if' game. But she was thinking about it. If she could have done something. If she could have noticed before. Maybe Emily wouldn't be dead. Maybe she would have but maybe she wouldn't. What if she was briefly, slightly alive before the bomb came off. What if she was wrong about her being dead, dead? What if?

And how? She heard the door open and saw Sylus. Her chest ached. He was fine. Did he actually do stuff with Valera? It wasn't something she really could care about right now but she knew it would come back to make her upset. She knew she looked like a mess. Just thankfully her mascara was waterproof, so she didn't look entirely messed up. She had ash on her skin though.

"Robert blew up her car." Tanner spoke, worried that he'd tell Clyde and Clyde would act on emotion and do something reckless that would force to kill him. Ara stared on the ground for a moment, wiping her eyes and then cleared her voice, and kept her face neutral after. "Emily was in the trunk. She died. Tell Clyde she's over her family's house or something, until we can find a way to explain it to him and make sure he doesn't do anything rash." Then she glanced away, "Hope you had fun with Valera. I'm tired. I'm going to go to sleep. Do what you want." She got up and headed upstairs without another word, pushing of Tanners hold. She didn't know why she said that last part about Valera. Maybe it was because she was shaken by what happened.

When she got upstairs, she went into the bathroom, and felt like she could use a warm shower. She cried midway of her shower and then got dressed. Why was it that she never got hurt but everyone else did? She pulled out a razor, staring herself in the mirror. Then she cut just a bit into her finger. Blood, but it closed, slowly by slowly but it was gone. Not a trace. When she got hurt, it normally healed fast but not this fast-ever. She cut it up her wrist, after she bled a little, it healed. She tried it again but this time it wasn't closing. She bled a little. She grabbed a towel and applied pressure to it. She glanced back at it and saw it slowly stop. She wiped off the blood on the sink and floor and end up tossing the towel aside in the bathtub for now because she was too upset to care. She jumped into bed and put the cover over her.

Tanner looked over at Sylus. He didn't even want to know what the whole 'Valera' thing was. He was more focused on what happened. "It was my fault, I shouldn't have assumed she'd stay in one spot. Ara told me that she was driving when she heard ticking. She got out, Robert called, and told her to check the trunk. Emily was in there. Ara wasn't specific, but Robert told her that it would blow up. She ran. That and Roark now thinks that she's not just some normal girl, but he said he'd do something about Robert. Do you think you can keep an eye on her or should I stay? I should probably go help Clyde take care of a body..." He muttered.
  Ravenity / 2y 291d 22h 47m 33s
Valera was so persistent and it was making him feel like maybe he should just ditch everything that he was doing right now and just go with the flow. What was Jack going to do anywhere? Could he really kill him? Even if he was drunk, he wouldnt be able to do a thing. He looked back at Valera and as they danced he just let her grind on him, partly because he didnt know what he was doing and the other part was just him trying not to look stupid on the dance floor.

He then asked to leave and she was once again keeping him from doing anything. He held her arms [b "Valera, I have to go. I dont want Ara worrying. You seem fine just text me if you need more help and try not to drink too much"] he told her, hearing that she hasnt heard anything about Emily. Maybe she was just at home or something.

[b "Im not stressed right now IM fine"] he told her, stepping out of the club and saying his goodbyes. When he saw the text from Tanner, he sighed softly. What was going on? He didnt know what was happening, but it sounded urgent. Sylus texted Clyde back saying that Valera had no clue where she was either. He ended up taking a cab towards the penthouse, a little buzzed, but nothing more than that.

He ended up in the elevator, making his way towards their floor and when he entered the room, he saw Tanner's arms around ARa, seeing her looking so shocked and upset. [b "What happened?"] he asked, walking over to the couch and looking over ARa, wondering why in the world was he hugging her like this.

[b "Ara, what happened?"] he asked, reaching to hold her hand in his. She looked like she had just seen a ghost or something.
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Valera didn't see him protest against her when she was grinding on him, so she didn't stop. She kept at it, kept on telling him to drink, offering him. She was doing what Jack told her to do and she was trying to do it well, to get what she wanted. But Sylus sat back down, she stayed dancing for a while before going to him. She frowned when he said he had to go. "Stay, it's still early..." She tried but he seemed like he really was going to go. She saw Jack make brief glance at her. He looked upset. What did he want her to do!? Sleep with him!? Because she wasn't willing to do that even if she was drunk. But damn was she dizzy.

But then he stayed for a while to ask her a question. She doubly blinked, "Emily?" She tried to think. Her mind was hazy. "Em said she was going home but... She hasn't replied to my texts for days now. She's a fine. Home, busy, maybe." She didn't worry about her though. Emily never got mixed up with anything. "Did she not tell him?" She frowned and pulled on his hand. "Come on, stay a bit more. With me. We could relieve some stress." She smiled, taking his hand, and lured his hand to her waist and then lower to her ass.

Ara sat down, her hands were trembling. She saw the flames dance into the sky, smoke building and building. Could she have done something to prevent this from happening... She put her face in her hands and let out a silent scream and cry. She picked up the details on Emily's body before she ran but she didn't want to think about it. She didn't want to relieve it in her mind over and over again. But it got back. Emily's body stripped of clothing, multiple cuts, bled out inside the trunk and there was no way that she was alive.

She held another scream, the sound of the background muffling. She couldn't protect anyone. The more she provoked Robert, the worse it got. She wanted it to stop. Why was she so helpless!? Why couldn't she stop any of it?

An idea came into her mind. She walked to the burning car. It wasn't a smart idea. She went close to the trunk. Pieces had been scattered around, windows busted. She start looking at the ground for her phone, when she saw a hand sticking out the trunk. She cried silently more. "I'm so sorry..." She whispered, "I'm so sorry. I'm sorry." She kept repeating, sobbing and inhaling a deep breath and tried to keep looking for her phone. She found it, with a piece of the phone nearby. She picked it up and realized it wasn't opening. "Fuck." She tossed the phone down and accidently slammed her head down on the car piece and it cut into her wrist. She swore again and glanced at it, seeing it bleeding a lot. Shit, shit, shit! She was so mad. Her anger was beginning to blind her, making her dizzy, her vision blurring. But it restored when she saw another car that she recognized.

Tanner hadn't stayed, once he found out Ara was gone, he attempted to find her, but lost her in the way and now managed to catch her because of the smoke he saw. He started asking her questions but she wasn't replying. She was still. He dragged her back into his car, and started making some calls to make sure to get this place cleaned up and make sure no cops in this area would point figures. Ara could only stare at the burning car, and then glanced back at her arm, and saw it already healed. That was even fast for her. Tanner brought her back to the pent house, and had allowed Clyde to take over the interrogation. But when they arrived to the penthouse, he called Clyde and told him to kill who they caught and deal with the body.

Ara sat on the couch, that had just arrived for today. Tanner sat beside her and wrapped his arms around her. "What happened?"
"Robert... That's what happened. He killed Emily."
Tanner inhaled a deep breath. "Shit... Okay. Don't tell Clyde."
She stared back at him, "I have to."
"No." He repeated, "For all anyone knows, she's missing. Don't even tell Sylus, got it. He'll tell Clyde. He'll act on emotion."
"He'll act out and try to find her anyway." She rolled her eyes, "I'm going to tell him." She closed her eyes for a second "I want to rest...But tell everyone to come over here."
He nodded and start messaging Sylus. "Get over to the penthouse. Now."
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He felt like he was going to be okay as long as he didnt take any drinks at this party. It didnt seem fitting, but when Valera was forcing him to just drink and live a little, he couldnt help it. She was drinking it and she seemed fine, so Sylus decided to just take a drink and dance with her sinc he really had nothing else to do at this party.

He texted ARa where he was and then he continued dancing, taking the liquor that Valera was offering and then just moving to the music. Valera was grinding on him and he just decided to just dance more and forget about his problems for the day. He was soon tired out and he ended up sitting at the bar, just relaxing for a bit. He hasnt seen Jack at all today, so he just hoped that he really left them all alone.

Maybe it was good enough to leave? HE did think that Valera would be fine by now. [b "Hey, I think I might head back now. Ara should be done with her plans. You should keep having fun. Im sure you'll be fine"] he told her, heading towards the exit as he decided to call a cab. There were no more texts from Ara and he wondered if she was okay. He sent her a text [i Are you okay? Do you want me to meet up with you?"] he sent it and then he began heading outside, seeing a text from Clyde.

[i Ara went off on her own to the party. We'll dealing with Robert's guys.....have you seen Emily by any chance? She hasnt talked to me in a few days] he sent and Sylus just shook his head. He didnt see her at all, but maybe Valera knew.

Before he stepped out, he asked her about Emily [b "Have you seen Emily? Clyde wants to know what's up with her?"] he asked, before making his way out of the club.
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Valera didn't see how Clavin could ever take care of Jack and she didn't want to be responsible for anything that happened to Jack. If she didn't have him, then she didn't know who to go for to get what she needed. "Nothing about Jack sits right about anyone but don't attempt to do anything to him." She saw they were offered rinks and she took it because she had to. Then she got a message from Jack. She grew upset but there was nothing she could do about it.

Valera made herself smiled and let him take the drink. It was fine but she was told to make him drunk.
"I know, but it should be fine." She smiled and danced with him and noticed him messaging someone. She gave him another drink after that, "Come on, let loose." She smiled.

She'd kept on nudging him to drink a little more and more and used 'fun' and 'live a little' as an excuse. She began grinding against him with her short dress.

Ara checked her phone right away when it vibrated. She began searching up the location when Jack messaged her again.

'Guess you don't care that they're grinding on each other, and making out.' - Jack. Ara felt the her rage spike up. No, she couldn't let Jack get to her. What he was saying was all a lie. He was just doing this to piss her off.
'No. I don't.' - Ara

'Kay. Well they're going into a room now.'
'You're lying anyway...'
'Nope ;) Best gift ever. Making you cry.'
She felt panicked. What if he was telling the truth? What if Jack drugged him? Nah. Sylus knew he shouldn't drink there. So he wouldn't. Right? Right? But if he did somehow did get drugged and then he would go on and sleep with Valera. Then what? Then... She stopped breathing for a second. No.

Once she found where it was, she didn't even think about getting Clyde or Tanner to go with her. She just drove-fast but it was still going take while to get there. Then she started hearing ticking noise. What was that? She stopped the car and swore she kept on hearing it. She stepped out of the car, and then she got a call. She picked it up.

"Check the back Ara." Robert spoke.
"What the hell do you want?" She asked.
She went into the trunk and opened it and screamed, backing up. Emily. Emily was in the back.
"You know how resourceful Jack is?" Robert laughed. "He doesn't know anything about this though. And I have a question. Where did my guy go? The one that was following you? He should have messaged me by now."

"You son of a bitch!" She yelled, shaking, seeing the poor girl in the trunk.
"Yea...You may want to back up, it's going to explode, tick, tock Ara." Then he hung up. Her heart pounded against her chest, and she ran back and heard the sound of the car explode first, before feeling the heat behind her. She kept her head covered. Luckily, there was no one on the road here. It was more by the shore. She then true around and saw the car in flames. Her knees went weak and she fell sitting on the ground. She kept quiet, chocked up in her own misery. She looked around to get her phone but she must have dropped it when she saw Emily's body in the trunk after Robert told her to hang up. "Fuck!" She screamed. And it was a good long walk before she could get to that party, or even back. She didn't know what to do, so she end up sitting on the curb, nearly losing her mind. She could only wait till she saw someone.
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He didnt meant to just look at her chest. He was just a guy and since he hasnt seen many girls in the years of his life, he couldnt help it. HIs eyes were drawn to what she exposed and then he tried to look away, but he was caught. Did she think that it was bad? He felt his cheeks redden in embarrassment, but he tried not to pay too much attention to it. He loved Ara and he knew that for a fact.

[b "I think Ill take my chances with Jack. Dont worry, Ill be really careful, it's just that certain things he does dont sit right with me"] he saw the drinks and then he took one and placed it back down. He didnt want anyone to notice that he was onto something though. He didnt want to take a chance especially since he was all alone and Clyde and TAnner were helping out Ara. He just came to make sure Valera was okay since she was a friend.

[b "I guess not, but I dont want to take any chances"] he told her, nodding his head [b "Sure, Ill dance"] he walked with her towards the floor and then he saw her offering him another drink. He didnt notice anything wrong with Valera, so he smelled his drink once more and then he drank it down, making his way beside her as he began moving to the music.


To be honest, Roark was suspecting that ARa was no normal young woman. She obviously had experience with people looking suspicious or having guards. HE bet that she even had a guard with her right now. If she could be using him, she must have had some kind of back up that was way beyond his reach. He needed to investigate her more, but more importantly he was in danger.

Roark was convinced she was telling the truth just because she said she needed him alive. It was only fitting he acted, so he left and made a few arrangements with his own team to track down this Robert guy and find a lead.


As Sylus was dancing with Valera, he felt his phone and then he took a peek. [i "Im here at the club in downtown called 'Heaven.' Jack booked it all for his party"] he sent and then he noticed that she said that they broke up. Why? He didnt know why she would say something like that, but he just went along with it for now. At least Jack will leave him alone.
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Valera caught Sylus staring at her chest, and it made her rethink of why he came. Maybe he wasn't interested in Ara that much after all? She didn't want to think about it too much and lose her mind over it. She exhaled deeply as she shortly tried to explain her situation. She doubt he did get it. "No. I don't want to poke the bear. I can't risk it."

Valera only shook his head, "I wouldn't do that often if I were you. He knows people." When he was gone, she did her own thing, getting her hair done and makeup. She didn't put that much effort in it, but enough to pass. Then Sylus came in and she thought he was so attractive. Why was he coming with her? Without Ara? Did he really care that much? They got to the club and she kept quiet when Sylus spoke. He did think she looked great. Jack was smiling and just walking away.

She took a sip of her drink and followed Sylus seeing he put it away. Smart, he didn't trust would could possibly be in there. Then her phone buzzed. She sighed and checked it as Sylus spoke. She nearly cursed under her breath, and she replied quickly back. She then smiled at Sylus, "Yea I guess he is. You know he wouldn't drug anyone at his own party, at least not guests. It's safe to drink if you want to. I know I need it, getting drunk seems like a good idea right now. Only way I'm going to get through this party." She saw him looking at Jack. Why was he always staring at Jack? "Is it okay if I just stay with you?" She asked, finishing her drink.

"Do you want to dance?" She asked as someone came by and she choose carefully, and took one for herself and offered him one.

She didn't want to seem completely aware but she didn't want to look like an idiot. Sometimes it was hard to find the between. She smiled and then he talked about whoever she was working with. "Roark, honestly, I'm not working with anyone. I only know a lot of people and been through a lot. I leaned fast what it takes to survive. I'd explain why I am the way I am and why you think I'm probably someone higher than I really am but you don't have that kind of time and it would be boring." God, she didn't want him to think she really was working for someone else. That would get her in a load of trouble.

He head off, and she began walking back to the car and saw the guy following behind. She knew he wouldn't follow her too much but she needed to grab him and pull him into the damn car. "Clyde, get out of the car and pull him in." She spoke quietly, knowing he could hear through the device she let him here their whole conversation through. She stepped into the driver's seat and let Clyde handle grabbing the guy and putting him in the car. Once the guy was in the car, Ara drove off. "Steal his phone." Ara told Clyde, "And then she called Tanner herself, explaining the situation. He just finished off work and gave her the location of where she should drop the guy so Tanner could handle the interrogation.

Ara drove them to an abandoned shed by the water. She let Tanner and Clyde take hold of the guy and put him in there and do what they want. Meanwhile she got back into the car and started messaging Sylus. 'Hey, I'm sorry I left like that. I finished. I'm free now.' And then she realized she had other texts from different people. Kim send her message.

'Calvin went into Valera's room? Did you know?' - Kim.
Ara's throat locked up. She instantly replied to Kim back. 'No. For how long?'
'Idk. I had to go after. I'm sure it's nothing. Just thought you should know.'
Ara hit her head back into the seat. Maybe he was starting to see there were other people, and then he'd leave her. Tell her he loved her but needed to look around. Which was all bullshit. Then she saw Jack message her.
'Too bad you couldn't come. Your boyfriend is smitten with Valera. He was staring at Valera's tits. And I had nothinnng to do with it for once. Want a pic Ara? Oh and it's my birthday, thank me?' - Jack.

Her hand curled tightly against her phone, feeling so much frustration. But no, why believe Jack? He just wanted to piss her off. But what about that thing where he went into her room.

'Oh. You didn't know. We broke up.' - She sent back to fuck with his head, not because it was true. He'd leave Sylus alone if he thought that. Then she went to message Sylus again. 'I told Jack we broke up, but we're not. He should leave you alone. Where's the party?'
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