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[Cabin [center It didn't matter if she wouldn't get any better. She didn't need it. There were plenty of people to protect her and they were a lot more capable then her to be able to protect herself. She wasn't like them. She didn't get injections or be able to have the same amount of strength, speed, stamina. The girls were incredibly tough too and to be honest, she was more afraid of them than she was of the guys because they did not even hesitate to beat the shit out of her. That was frightening and she always end up running but she wasn't as fast as them either, so it never worked out. Still... There were some things about her that made her wonder. ]]
[Cabin [center Ara shrugged and just shook her head. "[b Even if I got better I'd still be beaten up. I can't compare to any of you. But that's fine. As long as I can learn just a bit. ]" She only wanted to do it because she wanted to somewhat be able to protect herself. Counting on others was fine but if she didn't have someone with her, then she really needed to be able to protect herself. She spotted his eyes wandering her body and blushed seeing him look away, but she didn't mind if he looked. [b It's okay. You can look. I'm in a bathing suit. ]" ]]
[Cabin [center Trusting her was dangerous. She knew it because once they trusted her, they would never expect it. She never failed because of that, only that. Otherwise, if they didn't trust her, it would be difficult for her. Her mind got a little dark. It was clear that this place was hated and it was natural that she wouldn't like it too, but she never mentioned it. It would only make it even more depressing. She changed her expression and smiled, mentioning about tomorrow. Maybe he would like it, maybe he would still hate it but at least he wouldn't be alone. ]]
[Cabin [center "[b Perfect. I'll make sure you have a good birthday, or at least better than most. ]" She knew he loved it out there from the last time she saw him. It would be during the night, but since there wasn't a city for miles, they would be able to see those stars clearly and she knew he hasn't seem them in a long time, if at all when there was no lights on the ground. ]]
[Cabin [center He was stepping forward. It puzzled her until she felt arms around her. She leaned her forehead against his chest. She never had one person try to comfort her. Not that they would need to when she always appeared like there wasn't a single thing wrong. She didn't speak because she didn't know what to say but felt like saying nothing was enough. His arms around her felt like comfort, making want her to drop all of her worries and secrets, like she could trust him with that much. He pulled back and heard him talk about it being better, being optimistic. She never heard him sound optimistic. She doubly blinked, feeling her eyes slightly hot. ]]
[Cabin [center She smiled and nodded, "[b Okay.]" ]]
[Cabin [center She saw his hand and took it. She looked up at him and gripped onto his hand a little tighter, her lips parting almost to say something but she shut it. She walked up the steps with him, releasing his hand and grabbing the towel to dry off her hair. "[b I'm going to get changed. You can go and sleep. You'll need it. See you tomorrow, okay? ]" She smiled. ]]
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To Sylus, all he really wanted was to be able to graduate and to look good doing it too. That's how he has been doing well the past few years, being on top, but now he was slowly slipping and he didnt know why. He honestly knew that something was wrong, but he never admitted it because he believed in himself to pull through. Never did he think that he needed help, needed ARa to pull some strings for him because no one else got that chance. Here, everyone was alone. They couldnt really work together because it all depended on oneself.

The time spent swimming was great, he was able to help her learn how to do simple swimming techniques until she asked him if he was okay. Of course he was tired. He spent the whole day yesterday running and doing chores because he was a failure as a soldier.

He heard her say he'd get better and he agreed. He knew that eventually they would, but why wouldnt she? [#7401DF "You'll get better. I know you can. You're always trying your best, just keep doing that"] he didnt know if the girls got injections or not, but he didnt notice any scars on Ara. Her skin was flawless, as if she hasnt had the need to really brutally fight someone.

He couldnt help but let his eyes wander to her body before he quickly looked away. Sylus knew it wasnt right to stare. Staring in the guys dorms got you beat up. Here, he just hoped she didnt really notice. Sylus did trust her. She's always helped him out, always showed him something new, made him experience things he couldnt experience on his own. His eyes moved to hers when she said she didnt want him trusting anyone, so he just nodded his head. Was there a reason why she didnt want him to trust her? He was curious now to what she meant, but seeing the agony on her face made him realize she didnt like it here as much as the next person. [#7401DF "No one likes this place"] he admitted, seeing her smile so suddenly as she took his hand and changed the subject.

Sylus just smiled and decided to let her do as she pleased. It was clear she was working hard for him, so why stop her. [#7401DF "Okay. Whatever you have planned, Ill go along with it. I love being up there"] he thought that maybe she was still feeling down, maybe she needed comfort of her own? Sylus knew the one thing that made him feel much better and he decided to do it to her. He faced her and wrapped his arms around her arms, pulling her against his chest as he gave her a warm hug, taking in her own warmth as well. It always felt good to hug someone and he just hoped she felt somewhat better. [#7401DF "Tomorrow is a new day. Im sure it'll be better. Let's head back before we get in trouble"] he told her, pulling back a bit to face her, trying to sound optimistic, but he knew that he'd be depressed tomorrow.

Sylus used the steps to get out of the pool, offering his hand to her as he led her up the steps.
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[Cabin [center It seemed like he really did want her to back off into pulling him out. She still wished he would take up her offer and get a good day rest and show them what he had after the day of rest. She knew he was a lot better than that. He's been at the top for a really long time and him dropping all the sudden meant something was effecting him. Was it the injections? Either way she didn't want to butt in if he didn't want her help. She gave a nod and would go for what he wanted, even though she still thought he could use a more than just a night's rest. ]]
[Cabin [center She stepped into the pool with him and worked on her kicks up until he told her that he was exhausted. It wasn't like she was here for that reason. She leaned up against the pool wall with him. She still felt the excitement of tomorrow. The promise of it coming and making his birthday only even slightly better than most. ]]
[Cabin [center Seeing people smile back at her always lit her up. It made her feel like she was doing something right. Even if she was part of conducting this facility. She admitted that she wasn't here for the swimming so she thought that made it clear enough that she just wanted to spend time with him. She gave a sad smile. They weren't the same though. He was able to do a lot better. She couldn't. And even if she couldn't, she wouldn't be condemned to death for it. ]]
[Cabin [center "[b Hmm... You'll get better. I don't know if I can. ]" She leaned her head on his shoulder. When she felt his eyes on him, she looked back at him wandering if he wasn't comfortable with her leaning onto him. A part of holding hands, hugging and kissing cheeks with others wasn't always just for them. Sometimes, she needed it. To feel like she wasn't alone. She couldn't really compare to their life and she couldn't say she was like them either but she still felt like it was easier to be around them than the people that ran this place. ]]
[Cabin [center Of course he trusted her. She hadn't done anything to break his trust yet. Not in his eyes. She was really good at making people trust her. It was too easy. Trust was supposed to be so hard to get but she always gained it, and she wished she didn't. Because they would never except her to be the one to end it all if they did something wrong. She's done a lot of wrong. But she never got killed for it. Sometimes, she wished one of them expected her and it would just end, but at the same time she didn't want it to. She wanted to work hard to make this stop, so she never had to see another kid never enter their room again, and all that was left was toys scattered that she left them, and nothing more. It was as if they were there but weren't. ]]
[Cabin [center She felt her throat lock up thinking about it. Thinking about faces she's seen and go. Seeing a girl that she's made best friend not coming back. She held on Sylus' arm and remained quiet for awhile when he asked that question. She didn't want him to trust her.
[Cabin [center She inhaled a painful breath and shook her head. "[b I don't want you to trust anyone. Not here. ]" She stared down at the water becoming so still. This place was a nightmare. Sometimes she wondered how she could still put on a smile and make it seem to others like everything could still be okay, when it wasn't. She felt like she was fooling them, bringing hope that wasn't there. Promising that they could make it but they didn't. ]]
[Cabin [center "[b I hate this place... ]" She whispered. Not able to smile and she didn't think she could ever say this in front of anyone here. She never complained, never said anything wrong about this place. But she was slipping. She couldn't make this time miserable. So, she put on a smile and moved a little apart from, taking his hand. ]]
[Cabin [center [b I'm going to take you up there again tomorrow. I probably can do it. At night though. When everyone's asleep. ]" ]]
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He didnt meant to blush or show any kind of emotions from looking at her bathing suit, but he's never seen a girl's body before, let alone one that was almost bare. She had a great figure, her curves where they should be and he really had no one else to compare her to, but what could he say, he liked her. Ara had always been there and cared for him when no one else cared. She did it for all the guys and he admired that. Maybe he wasnt special but she did go all out to make him a cake and to be here for lessons. That was definitely something special.

Sylus was adamant about his decision. He didnt want her talking to the guards about him. What if that made things worse? What if they kicked him out even faster because he was getting help from Ara? Either way, he just wanted to be there for her if he could because he did want to make it up to her. [#7401DF "It's okay really Ara. Dont worry so much about me. I've been here long enough. Im sure ILl be fine after I sleep tonight"] he told her, thinking about what she had planned for his birthday. He honestly didnt want to have a celebration at all, but it didnt seem fair to her when she was already doing so much. He just decided to try and be happy for whatever Ara had for him because he didnt want her to be down and sad just because that's how he was on his birthday.

Sylus headed towards the side of the pool, just relaxing a bit when he heard her say she didnt come to learn to swim. What did she come for? It made him wonder, but he just agreed and then he felt her splash water back at him. He smiled and then he swam a bit away from her, looking up to see her thinking about his question. Was it that hard? He frowned when she said she got beat up. [#7401DF "You and I are the same. I got beaten up earlier too"] he sighed and then he held her hand in his.

[#7401DF "Im sure we'll get better"] he told her, feeling her lean against his bare shoulder. His eyes looked over at her and wondered what she was doing....was this normal? Still it felt really nice. [#7401DF "Trust you? I do Ara"] he admitted, knowing that she hasnt hurt him for thirteen years...why would she do so now?

He knew he had to keep his guard up, but from who? He would for everyone else, but ARa he wouldnt. He felt like he could be himself around her and she still wanted to be around him. [#7401DF "WHy do you ask Ara? Do you not want me to trust you?"] he wondered, thinking that maybe she believed he wasnt that good of a friend or maybe she didnt want him around her anymore. Why was she saying this to him now?
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[Cabin [center His blushing showed through but she didn't mind. At least that he did like how she looked. Not that it should matter... She frowned hearing that he was tired but it was to be expected. They must have been pushing him too hard. He must have been trying hard. He just needed time to rest. She knew it and she wanted him to rest. Why didn't he take up her offer to take one day of rest, at least one day? She was really wishing he did. "[b I know you're still trying, but I really think you just need rest. I can tell them to back off you." She wanted to make it easier on him and help him out. ]]
[Cabin [center It didn't matter if he would still be depressed tomorrow. Because she still wanted to be around him for his birthday either way. She hoped she could make a little difference, a little was better than no difference at all. "[b It will and you can share it with your roommates if you want. ]" She knew he didn't sound so happy about it but she still kept a smile and remained enthusiastic about it. She took his help and worked on her kicks even if that wasn't what she was here for. She just wanted to be around him. ]]
[Cabin [center She saw that smile again and was surprised when he held her close in. She understood that he would be exhausted but she didn't think he would have to be cleaning the bathrooms. She frowned. She let go of him and followed a long to lean against the pool with him. "[b To be honest. I'm not here to learn how to swim. So... just relax here with me. ]" She thought that would be good at the very least. She leaned into him and then felt water splash towards her. She laughed and splashed him back a little and stared at him for awhile when he asked. Did she even know the answer to that question? Was she...okay? ]]
[Cabin [center But it was just one of those questions that you'd have to stay you're okay even if you weren't. She didn't know if she was. She was concerned. She shrugged, "[b Yea. I'm okay. I got beat up at the girl's combat class last time I went, ]" She quietly laughed, "[b One of them must have really hated me because she took every chance to hit me. But I'm okay. Nothing too bad. ]" Although she had nothing to prove that she did get beat up because it healed up. ]]
[Cabin [center She took his hand again and leaned into his shoulder. "Sylus... Do you trust me?" She did wonder. She hoped he didn't. "[b Always keep your guard up. ]" But it made her feel sick thinking that she would have to hurt him. No. It wouldn't happen. he would be fine. It was just a couple of days. ]]
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He didnt know that everyone was talking about how horribly he was doing now. All he thought was that the guards were upset with what he was able to do and he couldnt help it. His body just wasnt keeping up even though his spirit wanted him to fight. He did his best on the track and even in combat, but he was beaten and badly bruised. The more injections he got, the worse he felt. It felt like his body wasnt getting used to this new formula and it was only ruining him. Maybe he just needed to rest, or more time to adjust what was happening to his body.

He ate some food, feeling disappointed in himself when Luke told him that Ara was waiting by the pool. He didnt promise her swimming lessons, but he didnt think that she'd want to do them this quickly. His eyes watched caught onto her when he entered the pool area and he couldnt hide his expressions. His skin was much too pale to begin with, so when his cheeks burned red, he was sure she noticed. He helped her into the pool and then he held her hands in his, walking towards the center as he decided to start on her kicks. At least spending time with Ara could clear his mind and just relax him a bit more. He wouldnt have to think about his problems.

He heard her speak and decided on thinking about what he was feeling. [#7401DF "Im just a little tired that's all. All of this training this week is a little too hard on me. Im not really sure what it is, but Im still trying"] he admitted and then he just nodded to her statement. [#7401DF " birthday....Ill definitely give your cake a try. I bet it'll taste amazing"] he told her, not feeling excited at all for tomorrow. His birthday was just another day that wasnt so special so why should be happy about it. Ara shouldnt even be trying so hard because either way, it would make him depressed.

WHen he watched her work on her kicks, Sylus smiled when she swung their hands. He held her close and nodded [#7401DF "They're looking good. We can work on floating if you want to next...but Im just a little exhausted. They had me cleaning up the bathrooms yesterday"] he released her hands and then he leaned back against the side of the pool, just feeling both tired and worn out, but he did want to hang out with her more. He rarely just got to spend time with Ara like this so he didnt want to ruin it.

When he faced her, he reached down and splashed a little bit of water towards her, having a smirk form on his face. [#7401DF "What about you? Are you okay?"]
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[Cabin [center News were moving around that he wasn't doing so well. It concerned her more and more each day because she didn't want to lose him and she felt that threat looming over her head. She needed him to step it up. He had to step it up before they didn't give him any other chance. He would make it. Sylus would definitely make it. At least that's what she told himself while she bought his gift. Really she knew that objects weren't going to make that much of a difference but she thought that just being there for his birthday and giving him that cake and card would make him happy. Maybe even take him out afternoon. ]]
[Cabin [center She informed Luke and waited by the pool, swinging her feet into the water. The water's reflection was hitting the ceiling and all around the room. Staring into the water was like staring to the abyss. The fear still hung thick in the air. ]]
[Cabin [center The last time she trusted someone... ]]
[Cabin [center A voice lifted her out of her mind. She peered down at her own body and gave a light smile, "Thanks. " She saw his cheeks a little red and wondered if maybe she should have got that one piece instead...although it might have not made that much of a difference. She got up on her feet and watched him take of his shirt and shorts and her eyes directed down. She lifted her eyes back at him and watched him move into the pool. No, she wasn't. She was afraid to step into the water. But he wouldn't let her drown here. He helped her out that last time and it wasn't like they were going in deep. ]]
[Cabin [center She inhaled a deep breath and nodded. She took his hand and walked into the water with him. She saw his weak smile and hoped that he did like hanging around with her. "[b Okay. ]" She held onto him and worked on her kicks and was fighting that bubbling fear of falling into the water and drowning in it. She was hoping he wouldn't release her. [b How are you feeling lately? ]" She asked and offered a smile [b You're birthday's tomorrow. I made a cake, hope you'll like it. ]" She was excited about his birthday, even though she could tell that he wouldn't be. ]]
[Cabin [center After working on her kicks she got up and held his hands, swinging them back and forth. "[b Are my kicks okay? What else do I need to work on.]" She honestly did not come here to learn how to swim. She wanted to talk to him, spend time with him here while no one was here. She didn't know if he picked that up but as long as she go to spend time with him it didn't matter. "[b Are you tired?]" She wandered. Hoped she didn't take away from his rest. ]]
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He had no past. He had nothing to remember, nothing to cherish, and nothing to remember him by. He was practically a ghost to the rest of the world and all the people that had met him...they probably thought he was dead by now. His eyes looked around the area and he just could see his mother talking with strange men, receiving money and then holding onto his hand as she led him further down the street to get more money. He never understood what she was talking about since she always told him to stay back, but that was how she fed them. That was how they lived.

Sylus woke up the next morning, feeling nothing but pain and exhaustion after the day at the pond with Ara. He was using up too much energy and he did turn down her day to rest because he believed that he was strong enough...that he could do it. So when he spent the day training, he worked as hard as he could, running and exerting himself, but it just wasnt enough. He finished in last and ran a few extra miles to make up for it. Then he got beaten up in combat training and was sent home to clean up the facilities.

What he was sent to do was gross and disgusting, but he just managed and quickly took a shower soon after. He headed towards his bed that night and he could barely move. His eye was healing rapidly and so were his bruises, but that didnt change the fact that he was exhausted. Fifteen miles of running, sparring, and cleaning, Sylus was worn out. He passed out that night.

The next morning, Sylus wasnt looking so good. He looked really pale and his eyes were almost blood shot. He didnt know what he did yesterday, but he felt horrible and didnt think he could even make it past training today, but he had to. He did his best on the run but failed to even win any combat matches. Each day was getting more difficult than the last and with these new sets of injections, his body seemed to be having a bad reaction to them.

He headed into the cafeteria and then he managed to eat some food before heading to his room. Luke managed to catch him and when he told him that Ara was waiting, he rubbed his eyes tiredly and then he decided to go for now. He grabbed his speedo and then he changed, heading towards the pool area as he found her sitting at the edge. Sylus managed a wave and decided to just to forget about his other problems as he took a seat beside her.

[#7401DF "Hey. You look great"] he saw her in her bikini and Sylus tried to just keep his eyes off of her because it didnt feel right to stare. It made his cheeks feel warm to see her dressed in so little, but she looked really good in that swim suit. If only he could he couldnt do that. He didnt want to be like what those guys did and he didnt want Tanner being upset with him either. He needed to graduate, he couldnt do anything wrong right now.

He took off his shirt and his shorts, staying in his speedo as he sat beside her. [#7401DF "Are you ready to practice?"] he wondered, sliding into the pool. The water was up to his waist as he offered his hand to help her in. [#7401DF "We can start with your kicks"] he smiled weakly, just happy to be seeing her here and wanting to be with him. He's been having a crappy few days, but Ara could always be of comfort.
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[Cabin [center Of all things, she wanted to keep her family a secret. She didn't want anyone knowing who she was. Only the guards knew who she was. Some of them she knew, but a lot of them didn't speak to her after they found out who she was and what she did around here. Not that she could blame them. ]]
[Cabin [center Tanner was expecting him to take advantage of Ara. He cared about the girl and didn't want something to happen to her, and so he was on his guard when he saw Ara soaking wet. He knew while he was in this facility, just training what the guy's wanted to do to her and still wanted to. So, he was on guard. He made his threat and decided to relax a little when he got an explanation. "[i What you're saying better be true. I don't want anything to happen to that girl, you understand. ]" He lead the way and left him by the guy's side. He left, hoping to catch Ara on the way. ]]
[Cabin [center Ara woke with a phone call. Security explained the conflict and she was up. She looked down on her own wrist where the bruise was meant to be. It wasn't there anymore. Sometimes it amazed her how fast her body could heal. She hardly got sick either. She couldn't remember the last time she got sick... She shook her head. She didn't know why she was thinking about this again. She got up to her feet and head down the hallway and dealt with the problem and calmed the girl, bribing her with food. She didn't know why no one ever thought that maybe they should just be kind to them and maybe they might just listen instead of threatening them. ]]
[Cabin [center She spend time at the girl's side. Eating breakfast there, chatting with them and then decided to go in combat class again with them. She wasn't any good at it, so she got someone to help her out and teach her a bit. But when they had to pair up for sparring, she got beaten badly. And the girl who beat her, was enjoying it way too much, as if she wanted to knock her out for the longest time. Ara was getting back up on her feet and felt her body ache. ]]
[Cabin [center She had lunch there and then for dinner headed to the guy's side, not really catching glimpse of Sylus. She spend time with some of the other guys and was told by one of the guards that Sylus' was falling behind. Why? She told him to give him the day off tomorrow to relax. He didn't seem to like that but it was her order and he couldn't fall back on it. ]]
[Cabin [center She decided to use the kitchen for that afternoon, and made a chocolate hazelnut cake. She was smiling by the end of it. It looked sweet! She wrote happy birthday Sylus on it and set it aside in the fridge. She decided to head home for the night, sleep over there. ]]
[Cabin [center In the morning, she took up her courses and then headed out shopping. She bought a few things, one thing for his birthday and some other stuff that she wanted to get others. By the time she finished, she decided to go over the facility and go for dinner there really couldn't wait till it was his birthday. She didn't know why she felt so excited but she did. She wanted him to enjoy the day or just enjoy having someone around and remind him that a birthday was a good thing. She wanted to see him react to the cake, or the present...or the card. It was tomorrow. ]]
[Cabin [center She put things away in her small room first before heading the guy's side. She went through the cafeteria, to look for Sylus. She brought her bathing suit this time and maybe she could drag him out into the pool for a bit. She didn't know if she actually wanted to learn how to swim but she did want to use it as an excuse to spend time with him. But wait? Why would she need an excuse? She always dragged whoever she wanted with her if she wanted them around. ]]

[Cabin [center She found Luke, getting his food. "[b Tell Sylus to meet me by the pool when you see him, okay? ]" Luke seemed to agree, so she smiled and thanked him and headed to the pool. Changing into her white bikini and dipped her feet into the water, waiting for him, always looking at the door. It wasn't like he was going to blow her off... But she kept looking at the door. ]]
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In truth, Sylus didnt know how close to other guys she was compared to him, but he tried not to mind it so much because he really shouldnt be butting into someone's business. It was nice of her to take him out here, so he shouldnt be complaining anymore. He just ended up doing as he was told, changing back into his uniform and then walking towards the hideout with her. He kept his eyes low and tried not to make a lot of noise or catch anyone's attention. If there was one thing he was good at, it was getting off of people's radar. It was easy for him to blend in and hide. He did that for all the times his father came looking to vent out his anger at him, or the time when he would fight with his mom and he just wanted to disappear. He had his ways and knew that if he needed to, he could be gone as well.

In her room, Sylus managed to change, hearing someone's voice outside as he kept quiet. He waited for Tanner to come in and when he answered his question, Sylus just kept silent. So at least she had a parent here at this facility too. Maybe her father was important...maybe someone in charge of security or something?

When he heard Tanner's question, he shrugged a little and decided to tel him the truth. What was wrong if he knew the truth? [#7401DF "She was sitting on a branch above the water and it snapped. I managed to bring her back to shore"] he said normally and then he heard his threat. Sylus wasnt afraid of this man at all. He's been through worse shit. If he wanted to kick him out for doing something, he better make sure he was doing something wrong. [#7401DF "I didnt do anything to her. Ask her"] he said flatly and followed him back to the guy's side.

Sylus walked towards his room and took a shower, changing into some sweats as he headed to the cafeteria for dinner. When he sat at the table, one of the leader's of the physical training sat in front of him. He spoke to Sylus about his performance. [i "Look kid. You need to pick it up tomorrow or you're going to be kicked out soon. We're on a tight schedule and we cant afford to support the weak. We'll be speeding things up, so either you do great or you get the boot"] he told him before leaving. Sylus just sat there, eating the glop served to him as he headed back to his room for the night. He didnt know how his performance was going to be tomorrow, but he was definitely going to try his best.


THe next morning, Sylus was already dressed and ready for morning training. Everyone met up at the track and the normal ten mile run was started. He was falling behind again, but he struggled to keep up. He ended up towards the back of the pack, but managed to finish a tad bit late. The guard ordered him to run an extra five miles for finishing last, so he spent the rest of the morning trying to finish, reaching the end and then catching his breath. He was then forced into combat training immediately, where he was punched in the eye for lack of stamina. He fell to the ground and the guards had him go against another student. since he couldnt really see well, he only took in more punches until the captain ordered him to leave for the day.

Sylus was sent to his room and told to clean up the men's restrooms. All of them. He spent the rest of the day, tidying up, but he was exhausted and not to mention his eye hurt and the bruises were irritating him. He mopped the floors and cleaned up the sinks and by the time he finished, he headed straight to his room, collapsing onto his bed. He didnt know how much longer of this he could take before it really did kill him.
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[Cabin [center She was close to the others because she figured they hadn't really had that love and affection. Hadn't had someone to hold their hand, hug them, or treat them in a kind way. She just wanted to make it easier for them and know that they still meant a lot. She cared about them. All of them. She didn't pick and choose who she was nice to and didn't judge either. How could she judge after what they've been through? ]]
[Cabin [center She changed back into the dress and tried not to look at him in case she saw him looking at her, which would make her feel a little nervous. She gave a nod and headed out with him when she caught that dear dad had arrived. She didn't know what he was doing back here. He normally didn't show up here at all anymore. It was odd. And he hadn't brought some important person to show them around on what he was doing to set up some deal either. So, why was he here? She would figure that out later, after they got out of here and not get caught. Getting herself in trouble wasn't as big as Sylus' getting in trouble. There was no getting kicked out, there was being part of it or dying. That was it. ]]
[Cabin [center When they were in a room, she changed in a rush. Getting into whatever she found first in her basket to go meet up with her dad before anyone start poking their noses in her room. She stepped out and followed him along the hallway. She knew he would question her wet hair. "[b Took a shower. ]" ]]
[Cabin [center Tanner waited for the guards that followed along Ara and her dad were gone with them. Once they were out of sight, he opened the door and stepped in. Damn right he had some questions. Why the hell she wet? He knew for a fact that girl didn't like going any deeper than her waist in the water and wouldn't go in it by purpose while she was wearing a damn dress. He allowed Sylus out and lead the way back. "Aralyn's Father." Tanner was a little annoyed and didn't care if Sylus knew who that man was. He wasn't going to tell him he was the one behind all of this though. ]]
[Cabin [center "[i Why was Ara wet? ]" Tanner kept a neutral expression, "[i Did you push her in the water? Just so you can catch a glimpse of her. Because let me tell you something. If you so much as touch her or look at her body wrong, I'll give a little nudge to kick you out and she'll be the one to do it. ]" Tanner like the many here hardly held a good temper unless he was under threat of being killed from the people who ran this place. He lead him all the way back to the guy's side, by passing security doors and came to a stop. "[i Here you are. ]" Tanner turned his back and decided to leave. ]]
[Cabin [center Ara was lead into a private large office. She sat down with her dad. Listening to everything he had to say. It was boring stuff. It was stuff about being too kind or giving things away that these girls and guys should not have with them. She end up yelling back at him, and got into a verbal fight. ]]
[Cabin [center "[b I'm so sorry I'm not a sociopath like you. ]" She spat out. [b But I'm still doing what you want me to do. I'm still killing them if they falling out of line. What more do you want? ]" ]]
[Cabin [center "[i I need you to stop attaching yourself to them, before you fall out of line. ]" ]]
[Cabin [center "[b Then kill me. If you think I'm going to fall out of line, then kill me like how you order me to kill them. Go ahead. Do it. Shoot me. Shoot me like you killed my mother. ]" ]]
[Cabin [center The arguing continued. He claimed he didn't kill her mother that she had no idea what she was talking about, how hard this could be and that he couldn't put this at a stop and these kids, would die out in the street anyway. How he 'saved' them from that. She argued and argued and decided to tell him to get down to the point. ]]
[Cabin [center When he got down to it, she didn't like it. She left the room without another word. She didn't want to speak to him. Didn't want to deal with it right now. She went back into the room she stayed in and shut herself in it. ]]
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Sylus understood why she was being nice to him. It could be because she either felt sorry for him or it was because of the fact that they suffered and she didnt. He wasnt exactly sure, but he guessed it didnt come at a surprise anymore to see her holding other people's hands, giving them food, clothes, hugging and kissing them. He shouldnt be shocked and why should he care? Ara had her own life, her own dreams. Why would he bother butting into that?

The thought just confused him, so he tried not to think about it too much. He didnt want to upset her to tell her that he found what she was doing wrong. As long as she was still nice to him, he'd accept that and wouldnt expect any more than that.

WHen she fell, he managed to save her, walking her back to shore as he stayed seated on the grass. He waited for her to finish, but when she changed back into her dress, he put the suit back on and then he nodded [#7401DF "Okay. I guess it's been a while since we were out here. Let's head back to be safe"] he would glance over and see her putting on the dress, catching a glimpse of her in her bra and underwear. His eyes widened to see everything he was able to see. He's never really been this close to a girl before, let alone see what one looked like without their clothes. He didnt know they could look so attractive. He averted his eyes again and then he dressed, following her back towards the facility when he saw the helicopter landing.

Sylus did as he was told, hiding back and then following her back down the ladder and headed back to her room quickly. He decided to change when he heard voices, hearing the sound of someone calling Ara. He stopped moving and watched her leave before changing back into his black shirt and camo pants.

He stepped outside of the room and then he looked up at Tanner, wondering if he was going to lead him back to the guy's dorm because he honestly didnt know where he was right now. [#7401DF "Who was that?"] he wondered, following Tanner down the hall towards the guy's dorm area. He didnt want to be caught and he just hoped that if he made it back in time, he wouldnt try to trouble Ara like that again. He didnt want her getting in trouble because of him.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 2y 349d 17h 32m 12s
[Cabin [center Normally, she was awfully close to people. She took their hands, hugged them and kissed them on the cheek like she knew them really well. But when she saw him not really clothed, something hit and she was nudging away but that caused the branch to snap. An overwhelming fear tunneled down her bones. The water was swallowing her up and her mind snapped back to it. The feel of her lungs burning to the extreme, over flowing her body was hitting her, and she was trembling when she held onto him. She clung onto him so hard until she reached the shore. ]]
[Cabin [center Her brain wasn't processing anything but fear. So, she did whatever he suggested and curled up into herself. There was no way she would be able to survive what Sylus and everyone else in that facility went through. If they used her own fear against her, she would cave. ]]
[Cabin [center At the moment she felt embarrassed. That she couldn't swim and that all she did was appear as some kind of weakling. She didn't want to be seen as weak and not being able to take care of herself. She could. At least...sometimes she could. She heard his laughter and wondered if he thought it was funny that she was scared. She frowned and kept quiet. And then him heard him talking about making fun of how they were too big on her. Of course they were. She already felt embarrassed and felt more embarrassed when he mentioned that. ]]
[Cabin [center Ara was still struggling to calm herself down. It was just so vivid. That memory was so clear in her mind that she could remember what it felt like and she felt like it was going to happen just then. He wouldn't let that happen? Well...of course he wouldn't. But she wasn't thinking anyone was going to save her from it anyway. She gave a nod and looked up into the sky. "[b We should get going in ten to fifteen minutes. I'll just change back into the dress. I'll just hurry to my room when we go" They had been here for a little too long. She knew they would be checking up if Sylus was there, and she didn't want to put him in that risk. ]]
[Cabin [center This time, she was feeling uncaring. "[b Try not to look. ]" She took it off, still in her bra and underwear. She'd rather be half nude than look stupid and have him laugh. She grabbed her dress and squeezed the water out of it. She sighed and put it on again and set a smile, "[b I'm glad you liked it out here. ] and sat down and looked up into the clouds for a moment. When it was time to go, she would lead the way back and when she lead the way back, she saw a helicopter land further ahead on the field. Her dad was here. He would be using another exit and he was too far to see her but it was safer to wait until he went inside. She directed Sylus back to stay hidden behind the trees. "[b Just wait for a bit... ]" There was only a small level above ground, That's the entrance her dad was going to use. She could see him go inside with his guards. ]]
[Cabin [center When they were out of sight, she lead the way again and opened the latch to the ladder. She climbed down and opened the door and saw the same guard there from before, but he eyed her wet dress. She tried to pretend like she didn't notice and whispered back to Sylus' "Just follow me back to my room so you can change your clothes." She continued to lead the way in a hurry, taking his hand again and arriving at the door of her room. She unlocked it with her key and saw Tanner sleeping on her bed. She nudged him and he woke up. He stared directly at her wet clothes. [i What happened?]" ]]
[Cabin [center [b Forget that... Guard the door. We both need to change ] ]]
[Cabin [center Tanner raised an eyebrow to both, but nodded and guarded the door. ]]
[Cabin [center Ara quickly change into her white pretty top and shorts in a rush and heard voices from out of the room. Dad. ]]
[Cabin [center "[i Tanner. Is Aralyn in there? ]" Her dad asked. ]]
[Cabin [center "[i Yes sir. ]" ]]
[Cabin [center [b Stay here... ]" She whispered to Sylus and stepped out of the room, shutting behind her quickly. She put on a smile and looked at her dad. [b Hi, did you need me? ] ]]
[Cabin [center "[i We need to talk. Elsewhere. Follow me. ] ]]
[Cabin [center She nodded and looked back at Tanner, "[b See you later. ]" ]]
[Cabin [center "[i Why is your hair wet? ]" Her dad asked while they walked down the hall. ]]
[Cabin [center She shrugged. She knew that Tanner would help Sylus' get out of there and back to the guy's side once it was all clear. Hopefully, Tanner wouldn't ask Sylus about why she was in a wet dress. ]]
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This meant the world to Sylus and he didnt know that it didnt mean that much to her. She was always doing whatever she wanted, maybe going out all the time was something she did as well. Still, Sylus was glad she took him out today because he never would have seen the light of day if it werent for her. Who knew if he even made it to graduation at this point. It was all he was thinking about, but no one ever knew. He was going to work as hard as he possibly could, but he did that yesterday and they sent him home. Everything was unexpected.

Staying here was so nice being able to just relax in the water and take in the heat. He had a nice swim around the pond, but when he sat beside her on the tree, he didnt know if he was disgusting to her or what, but the minute he saw her moving away, Sylus just glanced away and kept his hands to himself. Maybe she didnt feel comfortable around him like she used to? Maybe since he wasnt wearing any clothes it scared her off? HE didnt know what it was, but as the branch snapped off, he knew he had to save her.

Sylus dived in, managed to hold her in his arms, carrying her towards the shore as he set her down onto her feet. He could see she was shivering and he did his best not to look at her even if her wet clothes revealed a lot. He kept his back to her and sat on the grass for a while until he heard her say she was done changing.

He looked back at her in the suit and he laughed a little. IT was obviously too big for her, the sleeves and pants were too long. [#7401DF "Too big! You look like you're being attacked by too much clothes"] he joked and then he noticed she was still trying to calm down from the shock. [#7401DF "I wouldnt let that happen. BUt maybe you should stay away from the water for now. Just relax for a bit and then we can head back. I dont want anyone getting in trouble for staying out too long"] he suggested, sitting on the grass as he rested his elbows on his knees. He kept his eyes on the pond and just thought about how he was going to survive tomorrow. Sylus knew he needed to keep up, otherwise they'd kick him out...or kill him. He didnt know which.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 2y 349d 18h 45m 16s

[Cabin [center Being out in the surface must have been really important to him. If only she thought of this sooner but a couple of years back she probably wouldn't be able to get him this far. She didn't have that much authority but more and more she was. It was going uphill but she didn't really know what to expect. How far she could push it, and what it took to take it all down. If she could even get away with something like that. But she knew one thing, she wouldn't live without trying until she couldn't breathe. She felt strongly about this. She knew her dad and some others saw it. That she cared too much about the people here and that's why they weren't really certain to give her any authority at all. In case she might just attempt to help somebody sneak out, or open the word out into public somehow. And well, their fears were right. ]]
[Cabin [center They weren't wrong at all. ]]
[Cabin [center Being out here, was nothing but she could see to him it was everything. She didn't really want to go anywhere near past shallow water but she felt like she was willing to try if he was going to attempt to teach her. She gave a nod, "[b Okay. Hope I can take you out here. Next time, I'll bring my bikini. ]" She didn't see why she couldn't try but she was kind of really afraid of going in this deep water. The thought of falling into that...that would be horrifying. She already knew the feeling of near drowning and she didn't want a re-enactment of that. Her eyes shifted to him and she moved a little away when the twig snap. ]]
[Cabin [center She didn't even hear herself scream because the shock hit her hard. The water overwhelmed her and she tried to move up but could feel herself sinking. She felt him wrapping her arms around her. And she clung onto him like her life depended on him. She was heavily breathing and squeezing her eyes shut, feeling her heart pound against her chest. She didn't utter a word. She was shivering. When her feet touched the ground she felt a load of relief, even if her heartbeat wasn't settling down. ]]
[Cabin [center Ara continued to keep quiet as he passed her the suit. She watched his back turn and decided that she would listen. She peered down and saw all that revealed but it didn't bother her because she was still in panic, still shaking a little and trying to calm herself down. She changed into it and sat down, and started to focus on her breathing in, and out. "[b I'm done...changing. ]" She spoke. [i Way to go. You embarrassed yourself. ] She shook her head. ]]
[Cabin [center [i You deserved that. ] ]]
[Cabin [center [i And you deserved it when they attempted to drown you. ] ]]
[Cabin [center Go away. ]]
[Cabin [center [b Thanks. ] ]]
[Cabin [center She inhaled a deep breath and out. ]]
[Cabin [center [b I thought... I was going to die. ] She laughed "[b Maybe I should stay away from swimming. ]]]
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