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It was horrifying to think that the drink would do something to ARa. He did care about her and he did know her when she was really young, he didnt want anything to happen to her. If she was gone, it would be like there was no one left from back then that he knew. Then again through those years Sylus had always been a loner. He liked being by himself and he didnt really talk to anyone because he was always thinking his mom would come and pick him up again. That dream died though and he was left with nothing to really cling onto. He only made friends with the people he really associated with like his roommates.

Still, he still trusted ARa and wanted her to be safe, so he did that. He didnt think it would cause him to just pass out in the middle of the dance floor. Thanks to Tanner though, he was okay. The rest of the night was not according to plan. Ara was supposed to have a good night too being with the rest of them, but when Ara blew up on them about the drink, the others looked more annoyed. What could she really do? She couldnt do anything to them because they'd physically overpower her.

As Trent slammed her back, the three of them listened and there was no way she had the kill switch, did she? He backed up away from her, knowing she could have it and then they just left her there.

Back at the hotel, Trent and the others had headed back to their rooms for the night, Trent getting ready to head into bed when he heard the knock. He opened the door, feeling a punch right across his face. He fell back and just didnt say a word. Tanner was going to get nothing out of him. [i "I dont know what you're talking about. Im not planning anything, we just wanted to make her drunk and spill the beans. That's it"] he told Tanner, now blocking some of his punches as Daniel hurried over to break things up.
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[Cabin [center None of this was fu n and it surely wasn't going the way she wanted it to. She wanted to get to know them all, what they were like and then do a good job on the mission tomorrow. She wanted to enjoy herself here, but she found herself being upset. Sylus was knocked out because he drank something that was supposed to be for her. Sure, it would have done a bigger effect on her but she didn't want anyone to be taking whatever was only to hurt her. It didn't comfort her either way knowing that Trent made an attempt to really do some damage to her. She knew that would affect her a lot more. "[b That could have killed me if it knocked Sylus that easily. It's not fun. I wanted to take you all here to have fun instead of prepping for a mission. ]" She locked her lips at the part of spilling everything out. Did she overhear Tanner? She knew she would get in a whole load of trouble if she spilled things out. ]]
[Cabin [center Ara felt a little afraid. They didn't like her and she didn't have anyone to protect her here. Tanner wasn't here. It made her throat lock up, not knowing what to say or do but she was upset enough to say something about it. She would figure it, she knew she would. And if she didn't, then she would send them off tomorrow morning back to the facility and get others to come in. Although, they may question why she would send them back, and she would have to give an explanation and that may get their life's in danger and as much as she was upset, she wouldn't do that. ]]
[Cabin [center All the sudden she felt Trent's grip and her back slammed. She whimpered feeling the burning awful agonizing pain over her back. She couldn't breathe with the pain and looked back at him. She wouldn't let them do whatever they wanted. "[b You should be. I got the trigger to the kill switch too idiot. ]" No she didn't. She never wanted that kind of access. "[b I wouldn't use it but if you threaten to nearly kill me again then I will. So back off. ]" She wanted to scream from the pain and she was struggling to hold it in. She watched them walk off and was left alone. ]]
[Cabin [center She inhaled a deep breath and wiped her eyes. So much for trying to have a fun time. She walked towards the exit when some guy came towards her, and she just kept on walking, and got a taxi. She got in and end up quietly crying. She hated feeling so powerless. She always was powerless, when it came to a fight, to making decisions. No matter how she tried, she never really won. Only a very times. ]]
[Cabin [center She arrived back to the hotel and at the entrance she met with Tanner who was about to go and get her. When he saw her, she hugged him, leaning onto him. ]]
[Cabin [center "[i What happened?]" Tanner asked. ]]
[Cabin [center She shook her head. [b Nothing... I just need to sleep. Is Sylus okay?"]" ]]
[Cabin [center "[i He's sleeping... But what happened. It doesn't look like nothing happened. ]" ]]
[Cabin [center "[b I hate...not being able to do anything and my back is really killing me right now. ]" ]]
[Cabin [center "[i I saw you confront Trent before I took him here. Did he say anything do anything?]" ]]
[Cabin [center She inhaled a deep breath and lifted a smile, "[b No I'm okay.}" ]]
[Cabin [center "[i Bullshit. Where is that bastard.]" ]]
[Cabin [center "[b Tan... Forget about it. Just help me figure out what they're up to.]" ]]
[Cabin [center "[i I'll figure out what he's up to all right. ]" He headed toward the elevator and she followed, trying not to let him do something stupid. They stopped at a different floor and she tried to pull him back, but he went in, tricking her and right when the door were about to close he got out and the doors shut on her. What was he thinking!? ]]
[Cabin [center Tanner went right by Trent's and Daniel's door and pounded on it, until Trent answered the door. Tanner instantly punched the guy "[i You attempted something, I know you did. Talk or I'll beat the shit out of you until you're crippled. Talk, what are you planning. Ara said you were planning something. ]" Tanner was strong, he graduated young and did work as one of Ara's bodyguards. ]]
[Cabin [center Ara didn't know what to do by the time she landed on their suite floor. She could go down there and what? Get in the middle of fight? And do what? She couldn't stop it. She had no ability to. She felt frustrated not being able to do anything but go into her room and hope that nothing happened. That Trent didn't do too much damage or he didn't get hurt. She walked into their suite, pacing back and forth and then laying on her bed, trying to think. Think...! ]]
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Sylus didnt know what happened to him or what was even taking effect. All he knew was that he was getting really drunk and he was probably spilling out information that he didnt even know himself. Still, he was doing his best to act normal and just have some fun with everyone because he didnt want Ara to be disappointed. She was working hard to make everyone have a good time, but even though she did, they still treated her like she was someone different and Sylus didnt like that at all. He wanted her to be just as happy as she was trying to make him feel.

He laid back against the bed and then he took in a deep breath, quietly breathing in and out slowly until he slept. He didnt hear what Tanner was saying to him, but he only did that for ARa's sake. She was normal and whatever was in that drink could have harmed her. He'd rather have that all on himself.

Back at the club, the three of them were all getting irritated with each other. Sheila didnt think much of it since Sylus would be fine, but when she cornered Trent, she decided to defend him as well. [+red "We're not trying to kill you Ara. We're just having a little fun. Just be glad that Sylus took it for you so didnt spill your little secrets"] she smiled innocently and then Brook placed her hand on Sheila's shoulder, wanting her to shut up right now.

Trent and the others listened to her blow up, but he just rolled his eyes, knowing she wasnt going to figure out a thing. THey only had to deal with her just for tonight and then tomorrow they'd ditch the mission and be free. Trent, grabbed her shoulders and then he slammed her up against the wall [+blue "You think we're scared of what you'll do? You're just a normal, weak girl and there's four of us. We'll do whatever the hell we want"] he spoke and then he felt Brook pulling him back.

[+red "Let's just go home. We have a long day tomorrow"] she told him and Trent slowly pulled back and sighed, shaking his head in irritation. He led the two girls outside and Daniel decided to follow after them as well. They had their fun at the club anyways. ALl they needed to do now was make sure everything was set up for tomorrow's escape plan.
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[Cabin [center Her anger resonated in her. She didn't want to see anyone hurt, because of her, because he took the drink that was meant for her. It hit a spot when someone was hurt because of her. She was traumatized from it and when she could do something about it, she had to. She never could do something about it usually but Trent wasn't impossible to deal with. Well..maybe a little but she was going to give him a piece of her mind. How dare he try to do that to her? Do that to him? She was upset and she couldn't let it go. It frightened her so badly to lose someone she's known since she was a child again. She's lost everyone else but Tanner and Sylus. She lost Joseph, Lillian...and five more others. ]]
[Cabin [center Tanner brought Sylus to the hotel, let him down on his bed and was debating whether to go back to Ara. He did leave her all alone with a group of people who didn't take a liking to her. Brook was okay, but the rest? He didn't know about. He did knew that Daniel wouldn't do a thing. He was a good soldier, always followed orders and there was a reason for it. He knew. ]]
[Cabin [center "[b The shit you're gettign Ara into...]" Tanner muttered. It reminded him the shit that Joseph got her into. But Joseph was still different. He got her into it by purpose. ]]
[Cabin [center She pushed Trent and was so upset. She looked back at Brook. "[b He tried to drug me!] She stated. And then heard Sheila. Her fists curled up. Why was she so mad? It was clear and why wouldn't she be mad. She knew what Trent would be attempting. As if she hadn't nearly gone through that before. She wasn't stupid and definitely not naive. No one drugged someone for the hell of it. "[b Just upped it? Just a little? Sylus passed out within only a few minutes. That would have a worse effect on me because I'm normal. I'm not stupid. ]" Her heartbeat was lifting, She shook her head, her chest locking up, "[b I know you're up to something. ]" She pressed her lips together. Her heartbeat moving faster and faster. ]]
[Cabin [center Tanner wasn't here. So she knew that they could definitely take her. But she didn't care. SHe was upset. "[b And if you want to kill me Tanner, or whatever that drug was going to do to me or whatever you were going to do, at least have some guts to do it in front of me. And you bet sure I'll never forgive you or Sheila for what that did to Sylus. Even if he's going to recover. And I wish you some damn luck trying to get away with whatever you're up to because by the end of this night I'll figure it out. I'm not in a high position for nothing.]" She was losing her cool and her body was nearly trembling because she hadn't been this upset for a long time. She didn't really know how to be mad until someone she cared about was really hurt. And even then, it was facing people that wouldn't hurt her. They couldn't. ]]
[Cabin [center She doubly blinked and inhaled a deep breath, knowing that they should all just go back now. "[b Everyone just...head back. Now. ]" ]]
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He didnt believe that she should worry about him. He didnt need it. He's lived his whole life without someone worrying about him and he didnt want that. He didnt want her to feel like she needed to look after him or the fact that she needed to keep him from being killed. If he slipped up, then that was that. If they killed him, there'd be no trace of it whatsoever. He didnt want her to get attached to him either and he knew she was trying. It was better for both of them if they just didnt like each other at all.

If they stayed friends that would be the safest way they could be together, but the more time he spent with her, the more it was getting difficult. It was getting harder to just hang around her because she was always leading him on, hugging him, kissing him....and he was beginning to want to as well. It also began hurting him too because he could see that she was like that with other guys. If that didnt mean the person was special, then what did?

He was beginning to get along with Tanner, saying that he was fine with him and both of them seemed cool with each other. What Tanner said, he didnt believe at all. Sure Ara liked him, liked him as a friend only and that was how it should be. The more Sylus sat there, the more the alcohol was affecting his body. He was beyond buzzed now and he was going to pass out soon. He blurted a few things out that he shouldnt have and then when he walked towards the dance floor until he managed to pass out.

He didnt even remember being carried and taken back home. All Sylus remembered was talking to Ara and Tanner about being cool, everything else was a complete blur. He laid in bed, passed out until the morning of the mission.


At the club, Sheila and Brook danced with Trent for a while, seeing Ara coming over and taking Trent back. They walked over and tried to stop her. [red "Ara...what are you talking about?"] Brook asked and Sheila had an idea of what her problem was. [i "Why are you so mad? He didnt do anything bad. Just upped the drink a little more. Relax. Im sure Sylus is fine"]
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[Cabin [center It felt as if all the sudden the air between them got cold. Don't worry about him? How could she not. She's one of the people that she's known since she was a kid. Now, it was just him and Tanner that she's known for that long and she did worry about him. Deeply. She never worried so much about him before because he always kept up. He never really slipped. She had so much believe in him that he would do fine. Sylus had given that security that he would be fine. She never expected that he would be one the list of people they'd tell her to kill. Luckily, she got him out of it and for a good reason too. Letting him go, would be a big loss anyway, for her and her dad's company. ]]
[Cabin [center "[b Well you can't choose who worries about you. ]" And she worried about him and wanted him to be okay. She paid more attention to people who hadn't graduated than the ones that did and she paid more attention to Sylus because she's known him for so long. She didn't think he got what he meant to her. Maybe she should tell him? He did matter to her, and so did many others but he mattered more than a lot of them. Even if she didn't like to play favorites. ]]
[Cabin [center She was growing concerned for him and he claimed he was fine but he didn't really look that great. Or sounded that great. At least they were trying to get along with each other. That was the good part of it all. Tanner nodded, "[i I'm cool with you. Even if I can tell she likes you... but that's cool.]" He's dealt with many others taking a liking to Ara. But Ara didn't always like someone more than she should. It has been a long awhile since that. ]]
[Cabin [center The two of them watched him spill the glass and Tanner looked at her wandering if she wanted him to take him back to the hotel. He would if she wanted her to. She didn't say anything and just hoped he would be fine. She listened to him about being fine but the more time that passed the more she was doubting it. "[b I don't know...]" She shook her head. ]]
[Cabin [center Then he went on about being a good couple and she didn't like that. She really didn't want him talking like that because she had no chance to be a couple with anyone here. She didn't want to endanger them. "[i We're not a couple.]" Tanner stated. He thought that they both made that clear but it was obvious that it wasn't getting through them. It wasn't like either of them stood much of a chance. But he wouldn't give up. ]]
[Cabin [center But... What was he talking about? Ara doubly blinked and turned to look at him. "[b What do you mean we're not all going to make it? Of course we are. ]" Something was up wasn't it? That's why Trent drugged that drink. She needed to figure it out. She had to before something wrong happened. Or it could be nothing. But she still needed to investigate. ]]
[Cabin [center Ara froze up a little when he stared at her like that but it wasn't that, it was the words that he was whispering in her ear. He did? She held her breath and felt that ache in her chest. Not wanting him to really like her because she would be tempted and she couldn't. It would put him through hell. She didn't want that. She wanted him to be safe and with her, friends at least he would be alive. ]]
[Cabin [center She swallowed and stood stiff for a while, ignoring Tanner. Until the point they looked back and saw Sylus on the floor. ]]
[Cabin [center Tanner rushed and helped Sylus up, carrying him and then bringing him outside to the taxi to take him back to the hotel and put him in his room. She trusted Tanner, with all of her and she had trouble trusting anyone. She was going to give someone shit. She got up and fount Trent and pushed him aside. "[b You son of a bitch. ]" She hadn't sworn in a long time. "[b How dare you! You want to get me mad Trent? Because you have. ]" She could tell that he looked pissed off that she pushed him but she didn't care. She was mad and willing to fight even if she couldn't fight. ]]
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Something was off about them and off about the way she was being treated by everyone. Of course he wanted to butt in and just stop them from treating her like she didnt belong. Sure she wasnt one of them, but she still worked at the facility and he was sure that she knew a lot more about it than anyone else here knew. The only thing she didnt know was of the pain and agony they went through everyday. They each had their own ways of suffering and some more than others. He had a bad reaction to a set of drugs and it caused his body to be weak. Hell he was scared out of his mind when she tried to kill him. Sylus understood what they did here now and he just wanted to get out before she had to kill him again.

He downed the drink and listened to her, not really caring if it was bad or not. He was just another face in the crowd, another guy with the millions of other experiments in that facility. He was only trying to climb out of it and make it to the top, if he fell then he'd be killed. It was better to drink this and let it happen to him than her. She was everyone's reason to move on. She gave many of them a reason to live through this. His life wasnt so important and it wasnt like he meant anything to anyone.

[b "Dont worry about me. I dont want you to"] he stated seriously as he finished off his other drink. She should worry about herself and she should worry about saving someone that already graduated, that already had a life ahead of them. Not him. He listened to Tanner and was glad he was warming up to him, but at the same time it was hard to forgive him for nearly beating him to death in that hallway. [b "Im fine. As long as you're cool with me that's all that matters. I just want to be able to go to the outside more"] he admitted, his feelings spilling out the more drunk he got. He was almost out of it, his mind not even recalling what he was doing. He tried to order another glass, but he could barely lift it up and bring it to his lips. He laughed a little and it spilled to the ground.

[b "Im fine. Just a little..."] he was resting his head on the bar table when the bartender stopped giving him drinks. [i "I think you've had enough sir"] he spoke and Sylus just felt sick. He sat up suddenly and then he watched the two, [b "You guys seem like a good couple. Dont beat around the bush, we can all die at any second you know. Tomorrow....we're not all going to make it"] he babbled on and then he walked towards Ara, his golden eyes looking at hers as he leaned in and whispered into her ears [b "I like you"] his voice slurred and then he moved towards the dance floor, his legs wobbling as he felt Sheila pull him into a hug. The two danced and Sylus just couldnt keep up. His head was spinning and he eventually fell back, stumbling and falling onto the ground, passing out.
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[Cabin [center SHe didn't expect Sylus to grab her drink, or swallow it down. What if they put something really bad in there? Sure, it probably wouldn't kill him but she still would feel bad if he drank something that was meant for her. She showed concern, her forehand crumbling when he spoke. "[b Still... It could be something bad. And if there's anything wrong. Tell me right away and we'll go back. I don't you to be effected badly by this.]" It would definitely upset her if something happened. She would do something about it. She would rage. And she never really raged. She didn't know if she could really rage. She frowned not knowing what they put in there. ]]
[Cabin [center Tanner came soon enough back to her and she liked having him there but it seemed like she couldn't have the two of them in the same place. She knew that Tanner would eventually warm up and talk to Sylus but she couldn't say the same about Sylus. Tanner really was a good guy. She knew him for so long. She listened to Sylus reply. "[i Oh, we'll make up eventually. I don't want to have anything against you either. I was only upset what they made me do to her. Maybe we can still be friends. Ara's not the only one who get sneak in stuff from outside you know.]" ]]
[Cabin [center Ara smiled seeing Tanner make an attempt to recover things from what he did. She knew a part of it was because of her. Because it would only make her upset if he was rude to Sylus. Even if she did slightly like Sylus, Tanner already seen her with his best friend and really all the wanted for each other was to be happy. Even if it meant just being friends. ]]
[Cabin [center Then all the sudden after another glass, Sylus start blurting things out. She looked back at him and assumed he was just talking about graduating and living out here. Although she was surprised he even made out any single word he was saying when he was mumbling. ]]
[Cabin [center "[i Where did the rest of them go?]" Tanner asked, glancing around and then the two of them heard what Sylus was saying. Ara bit her bottom lip and didn't feel like telling him the story and she wasn't so sure if he was in his right mind calling them clingy. ]]
[Cabin [center "[b Because we're good friends.]" Ara stated."[b But we're not clingy.]" ]]
[Cabin [center [b If only you were clingy.]" Tanner laughed "[b Than maybe I wouldn't have such a hard time finding you. ]" Ara sighed and decided to get another drink for herself. Two...Two wasn't bad. She kept her eyes on Sylus. "[b You're not feeling off are you?]" She wanted to make sure again. ]]
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He didnt know much about Ara at all and even though he did know that she was related to someone in charge, that didnt stop her from being nice to him. Her kindness was contagious and he wanted to be kind back to her, but at the same time, Collin was at the back of his mind, along with her trying to kill him. He still had to be aware of what she was capable of, but right now he wasnt caring at all. He was able to drink and just have fun with all of them. His first team and tomorrow they'd be on their first mission together. He knew it wasnt going to be a success, but he'd figure it all out when the time comes. If he escaped he'd be free to live his life away from this hell hole, if he didnt, he'd either complete the mission and be a hero at the facility, or he'd be in trouble and probably punished. His options werent very good, but tonight he'd drown it all out with alcohol.

The dancing was fun for him to get the rhythm and learn how to dance for a while, but when Ara got tired, he was left to dance alone on the floor and strange women began surrounding him. He felt uncomfortable, but he did try to dance with them for a while, moving from left to right and just trying to have fun. But when they got all touchy, he told them he'd take a break and then he left to sit back down at the bar, drinking that glass of alcohol as he set it down and watched Trent walk away and heard them laughing. He knew something was in it, but he didnt want to put that kind of pressure on Ara when she tried hard enough to get along. It was going to be sad tomorrow when they all ditch, but they'd do anything to escape.

[b "I drank it because I was thirsty. That's all. It cant possibly kill me, and you looked like it was a tough decision to make"] he shrugged, seeing Tanner come up behind her and wrap his arms around her. Sylus glanced away, feeling like he was not a part of that conversation at all and then he heard him say he was sorry for beating him up. Like he cared? If he beat him up once, he could always do it again. The man obviously likes Ara.....and they get along. Sylus just ordered himself another drink, feeling a little dizzy as he nodded [b "Truce. I dont have anything against you. Ara likes being around you so you two should make up"] he told them, drinking another glass of whiskey on ice, his head beginning to buzz. Had he always had such a low tolerance?

He wasnt feeling all that well, but he didnt want to ruin the night and it was just starting. It was just difficult to focus when he was getting drunk. [b "Man! I just want this mission to be over with. I cant wait to just live like this. Live free outside of those walls. I want to get out as fast as I can"] he mumbled to himself, glancing around the club as he looked back at Tanner and Ara. [b "So if you two arent together....why are you guys so clingy?"] he wondered, his mind spurting out questions now and then he couldnt really control it. He felt numb and whatever was in that drink wasnt helping him either.
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[Cabin [center There was more, and no one really knew. She didn't let people know about her personal life. Tanner knew the most but he didn't know everything. There was no one in the world that she would whine about problems.. She wasn't a whiner. Ara wasn't physically strong but she was sure mentally strong. She could stand up on her own and really didn't need anyone. Still it was nice to have someone around now and then. Tanner was good to have around her. If she would let anyone in, it would be him. He helped her out when he could and never once decided that she had it easy. They both suffered from a lose and other things and since he's been around for so long, she like d him around her. Without him, it really would lonely. ]]
[Cabin [center Dancing was a good relief. She liked it, smiling when she saw him have fun alongside her. She could just flood her senses in with the music and focus only on that. It was sweet, seeing him laugh and smile. She really did like making sure Sylus had a good time, remained happy so he would always continue to try hard to live. She had to leave, wanting to sit down. And she did. She didn't think Trent would come up to her. She didn't think he'd talk to her or offer her anything and that itself was pretty suspicious. She didn't trust him and she wasn't sure about drinking it. But killing her would be plain out idiocy, and so would the rest. She sighed and decided this wasn't worth it. ]]
[Cabin [center She was about to set it aside and instead Sylus swallowed it down. She stared back at him. Why did he just do that? Trent stared back at Sylus and then looked away, giving a shrug, shaking his head. He knew it wouldn't do that much to Sylus because immune system was stronger. So the guy should be fine, but what an idiot... He figured it would just make him drunk faster. ]]
[Cabin [center "[i Yea, we will,] " He grabbed Sheila's hand and dragged her along, laughing a little. ]]
[Cabin [center Ara watched the two of them head off and then looked back at Sylus. "[b Why did you drink that?]" She sighed, "[b I was going to put it down. He could have put something in there.]" And if he did. wouldn't make sense who he would do that when it required her to be up and working tomorrow. ]]
[Cabin [center She pressed her lips together and looked back at him. "[b Tell me if you're not feeling okay.]" Then her head turned seeing Tanner come up again, coming from behind her, wrapping his arms around her. "[i I'm sorry Ara. You can't be mad at me forever.]" ]]
[Cabin [center "[b said mean things.]" ]]
[Cabin [center "[i I didn't mean them.]" He looked over Sylus. [i Listen. I'm sorry man about beating you up. It hurts me to see her hurt, and especially since I had to do it. What do you say truce? And you don't have to stay out of Ara's way. It'll just make her upset if you stay away from her.]" Ara really hoped he was calling a truce but when it came to Tanner, she knew he would hold up on what he said. ]]
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Sylus believed that she had it much easier than them, but he never said anything because she did have to kill people when she was forced to and she still did try to do their training, not to mention the fact that she was also tortured for failing. She didnt have it easy and Sylus respected that. They were experiments and she had it better, he'd much prefer it that way than have her suffer here with them. If she saw herself as a step above them, that was her decision, but Sylus didnt really care. She had been nice to him, so he wanted to be nice in return, whether that costed his life or not. For the sake of this mission, they had to get along.

When they were on the dance floor, Ara showed him some dance moves and she looked like a natural. He's never seen how the girls dance before, and to him, she was doing just as well as the other girls here in the club. He loosened up and ended up having a great time dancing beside her as he laughed and smiled, spinning her and just swaying his hips. When she said she was tired, he let her off to relax as he shook his hips a little more, seeing a few girls moving in around him, dancing beside him, holding his hands and then they began touching him. Sylus wasnt really comfortable, but he just danced until they all got really close, one against his back, another touching his junk, another whispering in his ear to head out.

Sylus shifted his way off of the dance floor and then he walked back towards the bar, seeing Ara and the others. She looked a little upset and when he saw the drink they were pushing to her, he understood what was going on. Sylus walked over and then he stood in between them, taking hold of the drink and then he gulped it down, smiling at everyone [b "Woah, dancing is really tiresome. That hit the spot"] he rested against the bar table and then he looked at Trent and the others [b "WHy dont you guys go dance and have fun?"] he asked, wondering if his immune system could take whatever was in that drink. They werent planning on killing her with that were they?
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[Cabin [center There was always assumption with her that she had it easy. They would never get it. And they would never let her in. But that's why she was close friends with Tanner, and in a relationship with Joseph. They were aware of what she had to do, and why. As if this was any easier for her than it was for them. She didn't like to measure who had the most problems or who had it harder because it was bullshit to measure it. There was no point in it. She once got yelled at by someone that claimed she had it way easier. Once upon a time, she wasn't always this calm and she let her know exactly how easy it was to kill people you care about, over and over again. Her nerves were always crossed when someone assumed that she was in fantasy luxury land. Everyone had their own difficulties and she wanted to be the one that helped. She'd push all her personal problems away but it didn't mean that it didn't exist. ]]
[Cabin [center This wasn't a good start. She had hoped it would be fun, and they would let her somewhat in but they weren't doing that. It did upset her, and upset her that Sylus said he would stay away. It was good to see him beside her again. She wanted it to clear up about Tanner. She couldn't be in any relationship with him or anyone else. She could try and well, it wouldn't work out anyway. There was no future with her or any future for them as long as they were stuck here. So, what was the use? It would only put them under the microscope if she got too involved. She took Sylus hand and smiled taking him out to the dance floor. ]]
[Cabin [center She saw him be stiff but she knew eventually he would loosen up and if he didn't, she would help a little bit more. She put his hands on her and danced, having fun and then turning around and facing him. "[b Just have fun. I can't say I'm the best teacher since I'm not much of a dancer but I can tell you what not to do.]" She danced along with him, and noticed him becoming less tense and having fun. She was having fun with him and spinning her around and then she had to stop. Her back was hurting again and she was growing tired. She took his hand, "[b You can dance a little more if you want. I need a break. ]" She didn't know if he would come and back and sit with her but either way, she knew she would be talking to him again, which made her smile. ]]
[Cabin [center She sat down and then Trent moved right beside her. Sheila laughing in the background and then trying to drag Daniel who seemed persisted not to go with her. Brook looked annoyed, narrowing her eyes at Trent but then getting up to have some fun herself and dance. She didn't know how but she would figure it out. Couldn't be harder than any training they've done. ]]
[Cabin [center Ara looked surprised to see Trent right beside her. She swore the guy hated her. Since Sheila failed to bring in Daniel, she moved back with Trent. "[b Hey, you had fun out there?]" Sheila asked. ]]
[Cabin [center This was odd. They were talking to her. They never talked to her. ]]
[Cabin [center She gave a smile and nodded. "[b Yea. I and Sylus did.]" ]]
[Cabin [center "[i Lucky him. Dancing with a pretty girl.]" ]]
[Cabin [center This was really odd. ]]
[Cabin [center "[b Um... Thanks. ]" ]]
[Cabin [center Trent smiled and then passed her off his drink, "[b Want it? I can't finish it.]" ]]
[Cabin [center Sheila was trying to contain a smirk and Ara could tell. She looked back at the two, and back at the drink. She looked back at Trent and didn't know how stupid they thought she was. Her smile fell and she kept her eyes on him. ]]
[Cabin [center "[b I'm not that stupid.]" ]]
[Cabin [center "[i What are you talking about? Sheila do you get what she's talking about?]" Trent spoke. ]]
[Cabin [center "[i No.]" Sheila shrugged and glanced away. ]]
[Cabin [center It didn't make sense they were being friendly, so it was for sure they were up to something. She kept quiet for a moment and shook her head, "[b You put something in there didn't you?]" ]]
[Cabin [center Trent laughed "[i The mission depends on you leading us. I wouldn't do that. I just want to get along, for the mission so all of us succeeds. This is my peace offering.]" ]]
[Cabin [center That made sense but she still didn't know if she should. "[b Thanks but no thanks. But I accept peace between all of us.]" She smiled lightly. ]]
[Cabin [center "[i That's not how it works. You have to drink it for a peace offering.]" Trent nodded. ]]
[Cabin [center Sure, she wanted to get along with them, have them talk to her. But she didn't want to do anything unless she was sure. But why would they do that to her if that mission tomorrow did depend on her getting the key? A lot depended on them doing really well on that mission. Where was Tanner when she needed him? She didn't know what to do, so she kept silent for a while, picked up the drink and couldn't decide weather she should throw it at him or take the risk and have a peace treaty. ]]
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There was a huge difference between her and the rest of them. Her life wasnt as tough and she didnt have to work so hard so that their lives just depended on it. It wasnt like they would send an attractive girl to come in and kill them. They were killed secretly without a word being said and their souls just forgotten. She had the safety of her father and her life was never really threatened. Sure she may have gotten tortured, but he's had worse torture than that. The bruises and scars showed that and that meant they werent able to heal.

The night started off fine, but he had gotten in a bad mood seeing Tanner with her for some reason. She was able to have friends, why not? But it was just the sight of her doing things with Tanner like how she treated him. It felt off. Like he wasnt special to her...or maybe she treated all of the guys this way? He couldnt help but explain why he did those things and her answers seemed straight forward, but also vague. What was he expecting, they were just friends. He needed to keep her in the friend zone because he didnt want to start anything at all and he didnt know how to start anything either. What did he know? He didnt know anything when it came to girls or relationships, but he did enjoy spending time with Ara. Her words only made him realize that he was probably in that same position as well and he didnt mind it. It wasnt like she'd fall in love with one of the company's guinea pigs anyway.

He admitted he's never danced before and honestly he was really nervous. He didnt think that he could do what those other people were doing right now, but when she took his hand in his, he walked over and stood in the middle of the dance floor biting his lip anxiously. Sylus started off stepping to the right and left, looking like a complete robot as he tried to follow the music. THe more he listened the easier his movements had gotten, but still looking like a new dancer. His body movements were stiff and his mind tried to grasp the reason why he was doing this.

When Ara placed his hands on her hips, his cheeks reddened in the dark, hoping she didnt see them. He followed her movements and was getting more into the dancing, his steps looking smoother and his eyes focused on hers for a while, trying to get used to this. [b "It's much harder than I thought. Im glad you're teaching me though"] he hated looking embarrassed and he didnt want anyone to see him this way, but Ara was a good teacher. Within half an hour, he was moving to the beat smoothly, even adding his own moves in like spinning her in a circle and doing his own free style when the beat dropped. Sylus would move his hands and do a few steps, trying a mixture of following moves he saw people doing and just trying to keep up with her.
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[Cabin [center The excluding was making her wish time would run faster. They weren't talking to her, and didn't want her any part of it. As if she didn't understand. Wanting to runaway. Seeing your friends be fine one day and next day they were gone for the rest of their life with hardly no explanation. Working hard so that they wouldn't face punishment for it, or die. And sure, her life wasn't threatened by her father but there were others that threaten her life anyway just because she was who she was. Then the killing and pressured to kill the person she deeply cared so much for. She wasn't one of them, she knew that no matter how much she could relate, that she wasn't like them. She wasn't put through experimentations or living daily attempting to stay alive. Or ate shitty food, no good clothes... ]]
[Cabin [center Still..she wished they would just talk to her. Not hate her. ]]
[Cabin [center It knocked her off a little to see Sylus beside her. She thought he meant it when he said he would keep away. It stung. It made her upset. And then he start throwing the same accusations that Tanner did. That she liked Sylus. Or she liked Tanner. She liked both of them. But it would go nowhere and right now she wasn't favoring Tanner. But hearing that he did like being around her, did lift her up. But it didn't mean he liked being her around her because he really liked her. ]]
[Cabin [center "[b You're not in his way. By staying away, just means you're staying away from me and it's a little cruel to keep away from me just because of Tanner. I like talking to both of you. I like spending time with you. And you make me happy too. ]" She tried to explain, "[b But Sylus... I only want to remain friends with Tanner. Nothing can happen between us. So, you don't have to worry about being in the way.]" She really couldn't be with anyone from the facility. She did not want to take the chance of losing someone they way she lost Joseph. It frightened her more than anything. ]]
[Cabin [center She finished her drink and then thought about the mission ahead. Sylus wasn't at the top for nothing, so she knew he would do good tomorrow. Everything would be fine. She didn't want to worry too much about it. "[b You will.]" She nodded, smiling and leaned into him. She smiled a little hearing that he never danced. The more she wanted to bring him along. "[b That's okay. Then it'll be your first time.]" She took his hand as she got up and lead him to the dance floor and gave him a nod. It was crowded but not overly suffocating crowded because of the massive space. "[b Just do something easy. Step to the left, step to the right, and follow the beat.]" She showed and then began to dance herself, making small steps, slightly swaying her hips and listened to the upbeat music smiling. She leaned into him as she danced, "[b Follow along, and most importantly, have fun.]" She wasn't much of a dancer but she did like dancing at clubs, as long as no one was pressing their junk behind her. ]]
[Cabin [center She turned around, doing the same thing and took his hands gently and rested them on her hips, "[b Follow my movement.]" She wanted to have fun here with him, almost as much as she wanted him to have fun. She wanted to do whatever she could to make what she was forced to nearly do to him easier, and she simply liked seeing him happy. ]]
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The club wasnt really somewhere he's ever been before, but he's heard stories about it. How they had as much alcohol as you could buy, great music and a roaring dance floor. This place was stunning with the flashing lights and the crowd filling up the dance floor. Sylus was wanting to have a great time tonight, but seeing the look on Tanner's face not only made him upset, but seeing Ara together with him all the time only made him feel irritated and sad at the same time. He couldnt really describe it, but he didnt like the feeling.

So when he apologized and headed inside towards the bar, he was hoping that at least the two of them got what they wanted and could be alone. He followed the others, not wanting to be by himself as he sat at the bar ordering himself a drink. It tasted great. Better than back at the facility with the alcohol smuggled in by the guards. He looked around and saw people dancing really close. The guys were always around the girls and he could see that Trent and Brook knew exactly what to do in a place like this.

He saw Ara and some stranger and decided to make a move and step in. He didnt want her to be bothered by those people, hating the way they looked at her like they were hungry for something. Seeing her accept his offer, he heard her question and he just sat down and sighed a little [b "I was going to keep out of his way. I know you two like each other Ara. I see the way you two get along and just make each other happy. I didnt want to get in his way because he sees me like that....even though I do like being around you too"] he saw her finish her drink and when she began about the mission, he smiled half-heartedly [b "Ya, Im excited. I want to do a good job, so I hope I can"] he saw her leaning in close and Sylus just blinked curiously. [i Dance?] He's never danced before in his life!

[b "I dont know....I've never danced before"] he admitted, getting up on his feet as he looked at the others on the dance floor. Sylus bit down on his lip and he looked over at her [b "Can you show me how?"] he asked, wondering if maybe he could pick it up.
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