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Sylus didnt know why this place even existed, or why this world needed super soldiers. Have ward gone to the point where they needed to experiment on human life just to defeat someone else? Has the fighting gotten to the point where logic was out the door, ethics wasnt even thought about, or human rights were just gone? It was insane what the world has gotten into and either this facility was doing this illegally or the government was trying to hide it from the world. It wasnt fair at all and Sylus was just another kid that was unlucky enough to be sent to this place secretly.

Sometimes he contemplated being here, whether he should have ended his life since his mother basically ended it for him. Those days being locked up, and afraid. Sometimes Ara would come into his room and he'd be scared shitless until she gave him things like candy or food, even clothes. Her visits made him smile and he attached himself to her, liking her more everyday.

Being able to be with her right now and dream with her about what they wanted to do seemed so unreal, like they werent even able to do this at all. He wanted more days like this. More days where he didnt have to worry about being killed or train so hard, or just eating glop. Sylus wanted to experience the world and he got that chance with Ara.

Holding hands with her at the park was so relaxing and nice. He placed that flower in her hair and gazed up at her for a second, realizing what he was doing and then blushing as he tried to change the subject. [b "No, no. I want to watch. Let's go. Ive never been in a theater before and seeing something with you sounds like so much fun. Let's go"] he followed after her, not knowing where the theater was as he looked around and smiled at the scenery.

[b "Ara....I really like you and I know we cant have anything more than what we have right....but even if we go back....can we still continue this? I dont want to feel like you're going away or anything"]
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[center [Cabin Ara didn't see purpose as to why the place was here. Why the organization was needed in the world. It had been there for the longest time. And all she knew was that they were up for human development and well they gave their soldiers just to just about anyone with money or any army, in any country. There was the money in that and it also set up as controlling and monitoring different countries movements. But, she still didn't get why it had to be in the world and why they just had to do this to kids. Kids were apparently easier for them to built the elite solider they had in mind, but it was just beyond cruel. She knew this whole thing was way above her. She didn't know how to stop it. And she knew that if she was caught and it appeared like she was getting anywhere to really succeeding, even if her dad didn't want it to happen, she was going to get killed for it. She knew that much. ]]
[center [Cabin There were some parents who send off their kids here and they weren't exactly told the truth either. Of course they wouldn't. Most of them didn't know what the hell they're kid was going to be through but if they really cared about their kid, they wouldn't sell them off for money would they? They targeted kids with parents who seemed in horrible state, get random agents to talk to them, and then they took the bait. They were told their kids were going to be educated, always be fed but anything else than that was none of their business. Ara knew some of the procedures they took. ]]
[center [Cabin A normal life was so distant and impossible, but it was worth talking about anyway. She'd like to know what he would do and she liked what he came up with. It seemed like a good idea. She liked kids and she definitely like trying to help them out. If she learned anything from these years, it was how to make a kid smile for a moment and enjoy even the small little fun moments. ]]
[center [Cabin She felt the flower in her hair and thought it was sweet of him to put it on her but then she noticed him staring at her so much. It made her cheeks light up. She kept her eyes on him and eventually spoke and hear him deny that there was nothing. She blushed a little more. "[b Thank you.]" She smiled gently and kissed his cheek quickly and gave a nod. She took his hand , "[b Do you want to watch a movie? If you don't, we can always watch it another time.]" She wrapped her arms around him for a moment, liking to hold him. ]]
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NOt only was he the only one trying his best, but many of the others were doing their best as well. They were all trying hard to get out of this prison because they knew once they were out here, they had a chance. Down there, they were trapped like prisoners, many of them having done nothing wrong. IT just wasnt fair to keep them caged here and experimented on like wild rats. They were human beings. How could some crazy madman even come up with a facility like this?

He was confused how something like that even existed, sometimes Sylus even wished that his mother sold him off elsewhere. Why did it have to be this place? He didnt understand where she even found it, or who she even contacted to be sent here. It always crossed his mind because he didnt understand.

At least he was out here with ARa, just holding her hand, feeling that warmth and comfort that she brought him. No one else made him feel this way. Maybe someday he'd get a chance. He looked up at her when they walked towards the pond, hearing that she really did like kids and if she did have a normal life then she would do something in that field. She has always taken care of them ever since they were kids and he knew she'd be great at it.

He took a seat, putting that blue lily in her hair and then smiling down at her, seeing her blue eyes looking at his. He didnt realize he was staring until she spoke, seeing her blush and then he shook his head [b "No...there's nothing. The flower just looks really pretty on you"] he said, rubbing the back of his head, feeling embarrassed he didnt catch himself. His cheeks reddened and then he glanced off to the side for a second, rubbing the back of his neck in reflex.

[b "It's nice here. Come on, let's keep going. You said you also wanted to go to the movies right?"] he suggested, trying to change the subject.
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[center [Cabin Everyone was attempting to survive, do the best, and she was attempting to work hard to help them out. She spend more with them than she did with her own family. She tried her hardest to help others out, even as a kid she really tried. She would visit different kids, talk to them, play with them and talk about amazing places, showing them pictures and being as kind as possible because she wanted to be so like her mom so much...and because she wanted to make them feel better. Sometimes, she'd watch them cry and she would try so hard to hold back crying herself. ]]
[center [Cabin They still could dream. As long as they could dream it wasn't over. It was over when the dreaming stopped and no light could be seen at the end of the tunnel. She knew people like that. They've lost all hope and gave in to whatever orders. ]]
[center [Cabin She didn't want Sylus to ever be in the army, and he could possibly go there but she had her entire doubts that he would because, they army didn't pay as much for an enhanced human being than say an incredibly rich person. And the really high ranked, normally did protect the high members of the organization. So, she suspected that Sylus would be put on protection here rather than somewhere else, but sometimes that didn't always go that way. But imagining him as a fire man, well she saw that he would do real good. She smiled more seeing him grin like that. ]]
[center [Cabin "[b You will be if you get the chance, for sure.]" She smiled. She spoke and she really didn't know what she would do exactly. She had her whole entire mind set up in this one goal and since she had her doubts completing it, and even then being alive at the end, she didn't know. But, it would be fun to be an artist and she did love helping people. She listened to him and nodded, "[b That would be really good idea. I would definitely do that if I had a normal life. ]" She smiled "[b I really do like kids. ]" And then she end up about going something depressing, which she felt bad about. It bothered her, deeply. ]]
[center [Cabin "[b I'm glad too.]" She smiled back at him and sat beside him, feeling his arm around her waist. Crickets were beginning to make their music, and the pond was just so peaceful to watch. She wanted to stay here. She wanted to pause time right now and not move from this spot. Her eyes remained on the water but felt Sylus attention on her. Her blue eyes stared back at him in wonder. A delicate flower...she noticed the lily and smiled as he put it into her hair. She saw how he was staring at her so intensely. She kept her eyes back at him but he kept staring, and it lasted so long that it made her blush. Her eyelashes fluttered, wondering what he was thinking, why was he staring for so long. The butterflies rolled in and she felt so much emotion swell up. Sometimes, she felt so in love she almost felt convinced she loved him but it was still too soon to really tell. She cared about him, she liked him, and she would do a lot for him but she didn't know that answer yet. "[b I...I don' there something on me?]" She stupidly asked. ]]
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Now that he thought about it in detail, their lives really were sad. Sylus would just do his best to make sure that he was able to move forward with his life and not dwell in the past. He didnt want to dwell on something that didnt even matter anymore. If he kept staying depressed, staying afraid, then nothing would happen. He'd be weak and useless and they'd end up killing him.

He was like that when he first arrived. That day after they brought him in for injections, he was so scared out of his mind. He sat in this room in the corner, wrapped up in those bed sheets, too shaken up to do anything. It was his birthday and yet it was the worst one yet. To find out you were sent here, told you'd be a used soldier. Told that your freedom, your name, and your purpose in life was gone. They owned them now and had the power to kill them with a flick of a switch. He grew up slowly realizing that he just had to do his best and try to get an escape. If he couldnt escape, he'd finish, graduate, and try to do something then.

They had their right to dream and Sylus really did want to do something about this place. It was a hard childhood and a hard life, but being out here right now with ARa made it seem worth it so far as long as he could be out in the real world.

His eyes looked at his phone and then he made it his background wallpaper. It made it more believable they were truly dating, plus he liked seeing Ara's face when he couldnt be with her. He held her hand and walked with her, liking how they were close and seeing such a beautiful place. He talked about being a fireman and a soldier. Ara didnt seem to like the army and when she spoke about being a fireman, he smiled [b "If I ever got the chance...maybe I can be"] he grinned at the thought of wearing that uniform and putting out fires.

[b "I like that you could be an artist. Maybe even working in pediatrics. Like in a hospital. I can see you do well with kids"] he told her, listening to her explain what happened with kids. He bit down on his lip and felt bad that they were just sucked into that place only to be killed. He frowned a little and nodded [b "Im sure you'll be able to save them one day"] he tried to cheer her up and sighed a little. [b "It's nice to just be with you and talk about our dreams. It doesnt have to be happy, Im glad I get to know you a little better"] he wrapped his arm around her waist and then he took a seat on one of the benches, staring out into the water of the pond. He loved the view.

Sylus reached down and picked up a lovely blue lily and then glanced over, looking at ARa curiously. He reached over and placed it into her hair with a smile, seeing how pretty it made her. He didnt realize he was staring at her for a while, but she did look really beautiful tonight.
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[center [Cabin There had been several attempts on her life but since she was so guarded, she's never had any of those attempts get anywhere close. She half didn't blame them, not if they thought she was that vile and evil. She could see how they saw her. As some kind of stone cold manipulative deceiving murder. But she's never been stone cold in her life. She didn't have it in her to be cold. Well, it wasn't like she could do much to change their minds. She tried, a lot and she still kept trying and she still kept failing. ]]
[center [Cabin "[b You should be out here. Like everyone else.]" He the right to that freedom but instead it was ripped entirely away. She thought about Clyde, and felt reminded of how happy he appeared to be, and how excited he was. It made her smile, glad to make Clyde light up and see the outside world. "[b He really is. I'm glad I managed to get him out here. I wish I could just let everyone else free to be out here. ]" But, even the normal world was a hard one. With no money, fake names, no family, no real schooling to their name. Really, the only chance was to do what they were taught to do for money and still, they would be stuck in it. But she was working on to just prevent on new kids from having to be drawn into that, or young enough that they still have a chance. ]]
[center [Cabin She send him the image and she smiled hearing he thought she always looked good. She held onto his hand as she went into the park. It was a beautiful park and she did like strolling with him. She heard his voice, drawing her away from the nature just for a second and then heard his laughter. What was he laughing about? She felt the squeeze in her hand and blushed noticing she was moving their hands back and forth. She stopped doing that, and asked him a question. Just wanting to know him more. ]]
[center [Cabin She didn't like the idea of him going to the army if he could be anything he wanted to be. She didn't want him in danger or harms way, or a position where he had to be killed. "[b Sylus... Sometimes they'll send some of you guys to the army. And, while it's better than the facility, they're not so much as about saving than corrupted politics. Trust me. But, a fireman sounds nice and I think you would be so good and protecting others. I think it sounds really nice.]" She liked it, hearing that he wanted to help others. She wanted the same thing. ]]
[center [Cabin "[b I don't know.]" She shrugged, "[b But. I do know that I want to help others. I want to make them smile, protected. Maybe I'd also want to be an artist like my mom... Sometimes I go visit the kids at the facility. They always need the most help and... it's horrible when you're making them laugh and play with the new toys they got, telling them it's going to be okay but then the next hour they're gone. And all of those toys, drawings they did are just left there.]" Then she realized she didn't know how she end up talking about this. Her throat became locked. ]]
[center [Cabin "[b In reality, right now. All I want to do is stop that from happening again." She clung onto his hand rightly tightly and then she laughed a little, "[b I made this depressing huh? I'm the worst date ever.]" She sighed as she looked out into the water. "[b But it sure is beautiful out here. ]" ]]
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Sylus did understand that all of them had tragic backstories and many of them found this place as an escape. Little did they know it would completely wipe out their existence from the world. Many of them just needed a place to stay, they promised them food and shelter, but what they received in return wasnt what they were expecting.

He didnt judge her for her past or what happened to here compared to their own lives. Sure she didnt suffer as much as they did, but things still hurt. Ara looked liked she was trying her best to atone for her families sins, but he could tell she wasnt as happy as she usually was. Seeing her cry out in that cafeteria hurt him and he didnt want to see anyone harming her like that again.

He knew what she meant. There were many guys like Eric that wanted her dead, but he didnt want her gone even after all she did. She was nice to him and saved him....Ara wasnt as evil as everyone thought her to be. [b "Thanks Ara. I mean...Im lucky to go out, but it's nice bringing others out as well. Look how happy Clyde is"] he smiled and saw the picture on his phone. He did look good and she did too. [b "You always do too"] he walked alongside her towards the park, seeing trees coming into view and a nice pond and all of the flowers.

Sylus has never seen anything like this before and he was glad that he could. He reached out to touch some of the flowers and then seeing the sunset reflect across the pond. It was beautiful. The nature outside was much more pleasant than anything underground.

[b "It's amazing"] he held her hand, feeling her swing it back and forth as he laughed, squeezing hers in his tightly. [b "If I could do a job, it would probably be something like....being a fireman or a going into the army. I want to save people. Protect them from bad people, bad situations...everything. I dont want them being put into the same position as me"] he shrugged a little and glanced back at her. [b "What about you?"]
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[center [Cabin It did upset her that all of them had ended up here, betrayed or, taken off the streets, some of them were runaways who regret running away for something so stupid. She knew nearly all the stories there was around here. She didn't rank them on what was worse. She knew no matter what, it hurt like hell. She knew that it must have been painful for Sylus just as it was painful for her with her mother or her father. She wished they could have what they want, what anyone here wanted. So far, it seemed like there was only one thing she got that she wanted, that she saved somebody's life. She wanted to make more differences, to other lives. Because it was her family's doing, she felt responsible for putting it to an end. ]]
[center [Cabin Nice people. He meant of course the people that were in the same situation. She wished that they could see that even some others helping run this place, didn't want to be there, didn't want to do the things they did but threats loomed over them, over their family, loved ones or they were in a bad situation and this was the only way to protect themselves. Sure, there were a very load that were just cruel and psychotic but it wasn't all of them. ]]
[center [Cabin "[b Of course, you were raised there. A lot of you guys are really nice, even the lot that wishes that I were dead,]" She laughed a little ."[b I really don't want more and more kids to grow up there... I know. Believe it or not, even I lose it, entirely lose it. I'm glad I can bring you out here. You'll to get to go out here more often and then eventually everything will feel normal.]" She smiled back at him, loving to be with him and loving that she didn't kill him and instead convinced them not to kill him. And now he was sitting across from her, pretending to be her boyfriend. ]]
[center [Cabin She moved right beside him and took the picture. She laughed hearing him whine about it. She shook her head and showed him the picture, "[b See, you look great. You always look great.]" She kissed his neck and gave him a nod. She send the picture to his phone right away. She wanted to have more pictures of him, of being with him. She got up and held onto his hand while they stepped out, leading the way to the park that was a few blocks down. They crossed the road twice, and then came along a park, cvered by trees. There was a large pond, benches alongside the pond. There were so many flowers around, rose bushes. It was harder to see at night but there were street lights. It was pretty. She walked along side him, loving the scenery. She let out a soft sigh. ]]
[center [Cabin "[b Pretty isn't it?]" She swung their hands back and forth, but didn't notice she was doing it. As long as she didn't get too close to that pond and fell in. She did not want that incident again. She walked slowly with him. [b "If you could do any job in the world, what do you think it would be? ]" She wondered. ]]
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Sylus knew that it was a horrible thing to be in his position. Not only was he simply abandoned by his mother, but no one else tried to stop her. No one else tried to take him in. He was just a young boy wanting to celebrate his birthday with his mother, and now here he was, having grown up in an institution that trained, tortured, and took your freedom away. They owned you and they could very well end your life at anytime. He didnt like the rules, but there was nothing he could really do about it.

He told her about his past, but he didnt want her to feel sorry for him or anything. Many of them went through this and many of them had the same sob story, even worse. Ara may have been someone important, but he could also see she wasnt happy, even if she did have everything she wanted. He told her he was happy to have met her and he really was. She was that little ounce of happiness in the darkness and he wanted to cling onto that. She showed him everything, introduced him to a world he should have been living in. It was all thanks to her.

[b "I've met nice people here and we're all in the same boat. I mean...I cant say that I am who I am without that facility being a part of me too"] he admitted, thinking about how people drove themselves mad staying in this place. [b "Being there can really make you insane if you let it. Im just glad I can go out and experience all this"] he saw her smile and was glad he could bring it out of her. Their sob stories were a part of them and it was nice to share it and learn a little more about each other.

Sylus saw her scoot closer to him and when he saw her take a picture, he looked so surprised [b "Hey! I wasnt looking....or smiling. I probably didnt even look good"] he whined a little, seeing her sit close. Sylus liked the idea of having a picture together. That would be nice. He leaned into her and smiled as she took the picture. Sylus glanced up to see if it was good [b "Can you send it to me too. I like our pictures together"] he smiled brightly, looking at the table. Since the bill had been paid, they could head out and continue their date.

[b "Come on, let's go take a walk towards the park"] he suggested, getting up on his feet as he held her hand in his. Sylus walked with her out the door and headed down the street, wondering where the park was.
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[center [Cabin If only it were as simple as jumping on a plane, buying a house and doing whatever the hell they wanted. If only a lot of things. If only none of this had to happen to Sylus and kids like him. She did want him to tell her more about what he could remember. She wanted to hear everything he could tell her but she would wait till he opened about anything he wanted or maybe, there were things that bothered him too much to tell. She wondered if he hated his parents for this. She knew some blamed it on themselves. She didn't want Sylus to be one of them. He was an amazing guy. How could someone leave such a young kid, Sylus, he appeared like he would appear like the perfect kid to have. So, she didn't get it. ]]
[center [Cabin She could see it bothered him still, and why wouldn't it? She saw that he was trying to lift it back again. She would have been fine if he had never met her because than that meant that he might be happy with a normal life, or at least a normal life. And she cared more about him being in a better life than being with her. "[b I guess that's only one good thing that came out of it.]" She smiled back at him and went on about her drawings. She spoke about her mother, her dear mom who adored her to death and never made her feel like she wasn't loved. Sometimes, she was afraid of telling anyone of how she felt, how shit she felt and how she hated her life more than the next. Every time she attempted to before she would get shut down, laughed, and told her life was diamonds compared to theirs. Right. Then why did she always feel so hurt. ]]
[center [Cabin She hoped that Sylus wouldn't take what she told him as nothing. Her mom being gone changed her whole world too. She lifted her head feeling him hold her hand. Everyone did have bad experiences, and she always listened and felt horrible for what had happened to them because of her family or because of the people that got them here. ]]
[center [Cabin "[b I don't know if we really get over them and your right about that. Putting on a tough act, r keeping cold, some delude themselves, some in rage... I know all of you still feel it. You can't rip away emotions on command.]" She closed her eyes feeling that sweet kiss on her forehead, as she locked her eyes back to him. He really was caring and she just liked him more and more. ]]
[center [Cabin A pet, a pet sounded so much fun. She gave a nod, wanting to. She would ask Tanner as soon as possible. Ara was finishing off her meal as she brought the question. She saw the way he grinned and she didn't think why they shouldn't. And he was going to come to her room. She smiled back at him and thought about it, Did she do anything. Her thought was interrupted when she felt cheese cake by her lips. She took a bite, smiling and thought it really was a god cake. ]]
[center [Cabin "[b Then let's do it. ]" She nodded and then brought out her phone, taking a quick picture of him and laughing. She then moved around to sit beside him and leaned into his shoulder. "[b Let's take a picture together before we go. ]" She smiled into her phone camera and took the picture. ]]
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It was saddening to think that he would probably never end up with Ara. He liked her, really did truly like her, but he could see that there was really no way he could stay with her whenever missions were over. How long could they play the game of her having Sylus along? How long until they realize that Ara was always around him? He wanted to live in that cabin with her, have their puppy or kitty and just spend their days being happy, doing what they wanted. It seemed like a dream that could happen.

He opened up to her and told her about his past, his house in the woods and his parents. It sounded nice at first, but when he mentioned the fighting and being sold, he didnt like thinking about it at all. He really did want to see his mom again, ask her why she sold him, why she abandoned him and if she regretted it. He loved her so much, trusted her, and this is what she did to him.

He looked into her eyes and then he nodded simply, his facial expression turning into sorrow as he shook his head and tried to pick up his mood [b "I wish so too, but if I didnt come here, I wouldnt have met you Ara"] he lifted a smile and listened to her talk about her mother. He could imagine little Ara painting away with her mom, copying her portraits as he smiled. The more the story turned for the worse, he felt bad that this happened to the two of them. Why couldnt their parents just stay the same, why did things have to change?

[b "Im sorry Ara. I mean...I think everyone has bad experiences coming to the facility, but we learn to get over them and put on a tough exterior. That doesnt mean we dont feel those emotions anymore"] he reached over to hold her hand and he leaned in to kiss her forehead.

He thought about the pet and saw her smiling. Maybe they should just get one since she looked eager. [b "If Tanner agrees let's get one"] he seemed really excited, but when the waiter purposefully spilled food, Sylus grew upset. He was watching the man stare at Ara for so long and to see him trying to but in and ruin their date didnt sit well with him. He raised his voice and when their food became complimentary, he just decided to let it go.

Sylus listened to the live band, calming him down as he finished off his new meal. He thought about going on a walk with her to the park and then the movies. [b "We can do both, the night is young"] he grinned, hearing her invite him to her place. [b "I'd love to stay Ara. I want to spend more time with you, even if it's just us"] he smiled and then he saw them bringing in the blueberry cheesecake.

He cut off a piece and then he brought it up to her lips with a smile [b "We can walk through the park to the theater?"]
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[center [Cabin As if any of the possibility of them having a chance with each other, she carried out this date in that way. It wouldn't happen. She knew it couldn't, but life was unpredictable. Plenty could change but she knew she would always be forever chained to what her dad had and she knew he would be as well. Still, she wanted to know everything about him that there was to know. She knew she might never be able to officially be with him but, as long as she got to be around him, she felt like she would be fine. She leaned in as he began to tell her what it meant to him. ]]

[center [Cabin Ara smiled gently, imaging a young Sylus running around and not paying attention to where he was going in the trees. She remembered seeing him for the first time and she remembered him being so cute. A cabin in the woods sounded nice, it must have been beautiful there but then her smile faded a little, knowing what it was like to have something so amazing turn into something that was horrible to face and go back to. She couldn't step into her mother's studio, It used to be where her greatest memories were. She remembered staying there for hours drawing, coloring, trying to be like her mom or sometimes her older brother would play with her there. She was so close to him back when she was a kid. She couldn't feel at home without feeling her chest feel heavy. ]]

[center [Cabin "[b It sucks when everything good is ripped away and everything you loved turns into a nightmare. Everything is really unfair, huh? I wish it went better for you Sylus. ]" She gave a weak smile. She still couldn't understand, how, how could anyone sell of their own kid. But, who would torture their kid either or make them kill other kids? Their parents were messed up. She looked back at her bird and then recalled she went say something about it. ]]
[center [Cabin "[b My mom...she was an artist. She had her own studio at home, She wasn't known or anything but she sold a few paintings now and then. But, there was this one painting that keeps haunting me. It had two birds in it. She was a great mom, she loved me and always called my attempt at drawing and coloring a master piece. ]" She laughed a little as began sketching her mom's painting on the table. Two birds, one melting away at the top, and one bird at the bottom looking up with its wings spread but black drops had fallen on it's wings from the bird melting on top of it. She colored in a bit and stopped. "[b This was roughly how it looked like. But...she was killed when I was around my near eighth birthday outside of my room. My dad destroyed all of her work. But her studio is still there, torn blank canvas and half burned paintings. ]" ]]

[center [Cabin Her throat blocked. She inhaled a deep breath and turned her mind into other things. Happier things, and dreams. She did love this moment with him and she wanted him to be able to tell her anything. ]]

[center [Cabin She pondered about a pet and she really did think it would be fun to play around with a pet together, take care of it when they could. "[b It really does sound nice. ]" She laughed a little thinking about how Tanner would feel about it. She really wasn't sure. She never exactly asked him if he liked animals. "[b Me either, but I could ask him. If he's okay with it, then maybe you and I can go out and get ourselves a puppy or a kitten. ]" She smiled and kept it when he talked about liking the way she dressed. She did put an effort to it. Probably more than she should. ]]

[center [Cabin It did annoy her that he would spill food on Sylus. But yelling, or making scene wouldn't get her anywhere. She liked to keep things as quiet as possible. Although, it did surprise her how upset Sylus would be. Sure, she understood he would be upset, hell anyone would, especially if it was done by purpose but she didn't expect him to be as angry as he was. She noticed how that waiter rolled his eyes. She released the sob story and then it was dealt with. She never thought they'd get a free meal and nor did it matter so much to her. ]]
[center [Cabin She met his eyes again, and saw him calm down a little, she offered a smile back. She didn't want him to be upset about this. She ate her food and started to hear the band playing the music. Other than that waiter, she liked this place.
"[b After this... Do you want to go anywhere else? Maybe more around here, parks, movies? ]" Her eyes lit up, "[b I was thinking...we can go to my room at the end of our date.]" She spoke shyly, staring down at her plate, "[b I mean if you want to. You can just go back to your room.]" ]]
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Even if it was only a dream, Sylus believed that someday it could happen to them. He didnt want to limit himself, because once he was outside, he was going to do whatever her wanted to do. He didnt want to be a caged up animal anymore only used for protecting someone. If that was going to be his job, then he'd do it, but he'd also want some freedom as well.

The house in the woods was something he always dreamt about, imagined, remembered, and even wanted. HE missed being in a cabin, and he liked imagining being there with just Ara and a little pet. He loved the thought and wished it was real. WHen she spoke, he looked up at her teal eyes and he smiled [b "IT does. It reminds me of where I grew up. What little of the outside world I remember. I used to live in a cabin in the woods as a child. I remember running around outside, getting lost in the trees and my parents would have to come find me. It was a beautiful place, but at the same time, I dont want to go back there. It also has bad memories of when my parents were always fighting to the point where I got sent here"] he told her, rubbing away the house with the eraser.

He saw ARa smiling and he was at least glad he could share this moment with her. Their date was getting better with each passing moment and he felt comfort from her, even if he was talking about some bad memories. Ara seemed like a good listener and Sylus felt like he could tell her everything.

[b "A puppy or kitty sounds nice. Whenever we visit Tanner we can play with them. Maybe walk them around and just run around outside with them. I dont know how Tanner is going to feel about taking care of them though when we get busy with school?"] he smirked at the thought of Tanner cleaning up doggy poop.

Sylus ended up smiling as she spoke, shaking his head [b "It's not flattery. I like the way you dress Ara. Im just telling you what I think"] he admitted, his cheeks reddening when she said he was attractive. HE has never really been out much and there were no girls around him. He didnt know if he really was attractive or not, but he was glad he was for ARa.

After the waiter spilled his food onto his lap, Sylus grew furious, raising his voice in the restaurant and people were looking. The waiter simply rolled his eyes [i "Ill get you napkins Sir"] he told him and when he felt Ara's hand, he just squeezed it tight [b "Im sorry. I just.....didnt want today to be ruined"] he spoke honestly, looking at the waiter when he heard Ara's sob story.

[i "Im sorry Sir...I didnt know. We'll pay for the bill and have your order made fresh"] he hurried off and asked another waitress to serve them. They immediately brought Sylus his food, and even brought over a cheesecake on the house. THey didnt have to pay a dime.

SYlus managed to calm down a little as he took a bite of his food and relaxed a bit. He didnt want to be upset, so he tried to lift up a smile again. It was rather easy when he saw ARa's face.
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[center [Cabin The images they drew, it brought bittersweet memories and dreams. At least they could dream about it. Dreaming was somewhat of a hope. As long as she could still dream, then she wouldn't give up. Sure, that crazy notion of living in the middle of nowhere was a far fetch but it was still nice to talk about it. There were no rules that said that they couldn't. she could tell that their drawings meant something. And she would share but she never really talked to anyone about her mother, not Tanner, not Joseph. Mostly because it felt like she was just complaining when they didn't even have parents that were all that...nice. ]]

[center [Cabin "[b Does your picture mean something to you?]" She asked, still taking a peak at his. She did want to get to know Sylus more, know about his thoughts, his worries and everything about him that there is to know. "[b If it does, you don't have to tell me. But if you do, I'll tell you about mine. ]" She gave a light gentle smile and enjoyed sitting down here with him, this date. It was fun. A lot of fun so far. It barely started but she found it easy to talk to talk to him. Her eyes would flicker for a moment to see what he was looking at and then she figured it out, but she just ignored it. She didn't care, but it kind of appeared like Sylus did slightly care. ]]

[center [Cabin She laughed a little thinking about taking care of a baby animal. She loved babies, period. She loved any sorts of baby animals, human babies, toddlers, kids. She's been spending most of her time with kids. It just...really hurt to let them go. "[b Maybe we can get a puppy or kitty here. We might be staying a while and we can leave them over at Tanner's now and then. I can bring them back with me too. ]" She just loved the idea of getting a pet but it really would be hard to keep watch out for it with everything she does. Sure, she could get someone to watch the pet, she had plenty of people but she wanted to spend time with a baby kitten or puppy. She smiled at him complimenting her again. ]]
[center [Cabin "[b You flatter me a lot, careful, or you'll make my ego really high.]" She joked and tiled her head, "[b You look amazing too you know. You're really attractive Sylus.]" And then the disaster came in. Why did he have to drop that on Sylus? Ara frowned, looking up at the waiter and then seeing Sylus lose his temper. ]]
[center [Cabin Ara reached out and took his hand, holding it and smiling, "[b Hey, don't let it get to you. They are going to pay for it, okay.]" It did upset her, that the guy did that to him. She didn't like it. It made her upset but she was holding up. She looked at the waiter.
[center [Cabin "[b Can you apologize to my boyfriend please? And...I'd really like someone else to serve us. I'm not here for any drama. I just want a quiet peaceful date night because I don't have much time left, a month tops..]" She lied the shit out of that one. She figured if she played as she was about to die, they'd leave her the hell alone. It usually worked. Not many guys would want to hang around a dying girl. Too much emotional baggage.]]
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There was a lot that Jack had been through ever since he was a small child. He was raised in a very rich household and as an only child, he could do whatever he wanted, get whatever he wanted. He had all he needed, but of course his friends envied that and his friends wanted more from him. His rebellious attitude got him stuck with some bad people at the wrong time, so now he was a part of this group that was selling very dangerous and expensive drugs.

Sure Ara may have had a dark life, but Jack knew all too well that his wasnt as happy as hers either and maybe he was just clinging onto things that could make him temporarily happy.

Sylus enjoyed watching ARa draw the picture of the little bird. SHe was a great artist and he's never really seen anyone draw a picture of a bird that well. His eyes looked over her eyes and then he lips, seeing she was distracted by something.

Sylus glanced down at the drawing of the house in the forest. It reminded him of that time as a child. He lived in a small cabin in the woods, his mother and father always smiled together and they treated him like their little prince. He was such a happy boy as a child, but the minute his father left home on a business trip, that's where it all turned bad. Missing phone calls, his mother's yelling voice, their house crumbling from within. He grew fearful, scared, until he was sold here.

Maybe if his mother and father stayed together, he would be here. He wouldnt face this horrible world that lied beneath the surface. Maybe he would be working now after graduating college, maybe he'd have a girlfriend and not know what pain truly was.

His golden eyes stared back at the waiter and then he just ignored him for now. Ara liked him and he liked her. That was all that was supposed to matter, but it still irritated him. He smiled at the thought of living a normal life with her, sharing a pet and even having kids. It was a nice dream, one he could share with her, but he knew it wouldnt happen.

[b "Im sure the little kitty or puppy would love you"] he could imagine her with it. Looking so adorable together. Ara was attractive and he found her to be cute too sometimes. He felt her lips and Sylus would look up at her with a happy smile, seeing the waiter glancing in envy. [b "You are pretty Ara. I like you no matter what you're wearing underneath"] he admitted, seeing his lobster come. The waiter simply dropped it down on his side of the table irritatedly and some vegetables spilled on his lap. Sylus dusted himself off and looked back at the waiter [b "Hey! Watch what you're doing. Bring some extra napkins and I expect a discount on our food. Otherwise you're manager needs to meet me out here"] he stated with stern look on his face. He didnt want this night to go wrong and he sure didnt want jealous people ruining it for the two of them.
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