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Running away wasn't possible for her. If there was a chance for Sylus to get out safely, his chances would decrease to a 10 percent survival if she came onboard. Every man power would be put on effort to find her. There would be a lot more motivation to find her. Her father would never ask for certain people or governments to help out in finding an escaped lab rat. It was bad for business if they found one of them went rouge. But there would be nothing to stop him from using them to find her.

She wanted his safety, a chance for him to live. And that meant not being with him if he got that chance. It would have to be somewhere a little more isolated, a small town but it was far better that then being trapped at the facility. She heard him and she would have fought with him because she wanted him to be safe, because waiting for her was expecting to see a lion in the arctic.

As much as she felt like she should keep telling him that she could never take her with him, she didn't want to get into this now. Not when it was a problem for another day. "[b Okay. We don't have to talk about leaving or anything because we're together now. Let's just hope for the best. ]" She smiled.

When she watched herself in the mirror, she deducted that she dressed fine for the day and meeting up to see the penthouse. As for Sylus, she adored that shirt on him, and when her hands got to his chest, she was really enjoying feeling how hard it was.
She laughed a little, shaking her head, "[b I disagree. ]"

This breakfast was a perfect start to the day. She nodded as she spoke, smiling, "[b I can't believe we're going to be able to see the penthouse. I hope it's as big as it looks. ]" She would love that. She drove her fork in the cake, taking a bite. Her eyelashes fluttered, as she leaned in and took the note from him, reading it. She set her fork down.

She inhaled a deep sharp painful breath. Hoping Sylus never thought this. She didn't know if she loved him the same way she loved Joseph but it didn't matter. She would grow to love him in different ways, have different memories but she didn't think that meant she would love either any more or any less. But who would give this? It wasn't writing that she recognized. "[b I don't know. ]" Ara gave the area a look around to see if she could spot a face, but she couldn't even spot their waiter.

She put the note in her bag. [b I'll send this for prints or something. ]" She frowned and took another bite of her cake but kept her eyes around.
"[b I don't even see our waiter around anywhere. ]" Was it safe to be here? But who would even know about her and Joseph? Tanner did. But the numbers were so limited. And it definitely wasn't Tanner. This wasn't his hand writing. And he could have easily send that as a text or say it up front to Sylus face if he thought it. She took a sip of her coffee and hoped that this wasn't anything to worry about. "[b Let's just...ignore it, for now.]"
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By the way she spoke to him, he knew that she wouldnt go with him if he asked her to run away. She had different priorities in order and Sylus was only thinking about escaping from that place. He really didnt want to be there anymore after being out with her and realizing how much he loved being a normal human being. It seemed like she wasnt going to let him run either and that made him worry. Would she really try and keep him one place to try and save his life? He didnt know if he wanted that.

[b "Ara, Im not going to leave if I cant take you with me"] he told her, not liking to hear the negativity. He wanted to be with her and it made him sad to hear that she would have to break it off he did decide to run. Was he not worth it compared to her other goals? He nodded his head and then he fell asleep beside her slowly and slept for the night.

IN the morning, it was difficult to get up, but he managed to sit up and then he walked over to take a shower, changing out his bandages and then dressing into his shirt and jeans, heading back to the room as he smiled at Ara. He felt her hands on his chest and then he kissed her with a smile [b "Not as good as you"] he followed her out to the bar on the beach.

Sylus sat beside her and then he decided on getting some bacon, eggs, and hash browns and some orange juice. He told the waiter his order and then he smile at Ara [b "Really? That's great. We can go after breakfast and see the place and then we can go check out furniture"] he saw their food come over and then Sylus was about to eat when he noticed the note in the napkin. It made him think about what he wanted to do and then he looked over at Ara.

[b " you know who would give this to me?"] he asked, showing her the note in the napkin. He didnt believe it at all. Ara loved him and he felt that love in return. It made him wonder though who gave this to him and was watching him.
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Leaving was out the question. She would never do it. She knew the risks and wouldn't take them, and wouldn't abandon others. Still, it wasn't the best feeling to tell him that she wouldn't and could not ever runaway and wouldn't let him either if they didn't pull that trigger first or she was the one that had the plan set up. That ache of what she did to Joseph was still there. And it horrified her to ever think of doing something like that again.

"[b If you have to leave... We probably can't ever see each other again. ]" She stated, quietly, shaking her head and looking down at her hands. None of it was fair, but it is what it is. She inhaled a deep breath, looked at him smiling, "[b But we don't have to worry about that yet. We don't know if that will happen or not. We can spend as much time as possible together before the unknown happens. ]" SHe kissed his cheek and fell asleep beside him.

In the morning all she felt was excitement of the day. She was smiling when she woke up to him. "[b Good. I really loved sleeping beside you. ]" She spoke, kissing his lips and then getting up. She took a shower, changed and came back to him while blow drying her hair in the room. Once, she finished, she turned to him, and smiled a little more went he mentioned she looked great. "[b Okay, we'll go out to some breakfast bar together, one by the beach. She sat herself down and waited for him, replying to Tanner's messages, and calling up her realtor about the visit. She said they could drop by any time before eight.

Ara's attention shifted to the door as he walked in. She go tup, grabbing her back and gave a nod. Sylus looked simple, and attractive and she had to admit, she really liked that vneck shirt on him. She let her hands rest on his chest, and she kissed his lips once more, "[b You look good today too. ]" She then let him take her hand and she led the way out. She brought them all the way outside of campus, to a breakfast bar that wasn't too far. They end up getting a seat inside but a clear view of the water ahead.

"[b Get whatever you like. You can get Bacon stuff and eggs too ]" She laughed a little, deciding that she wanted coffee and a slice of cake for now. She ordered that and turned her eyes on Sylus. "[b I called and we can drop by any time at the penthouse. I'm thinking we can do that soon, and then go to real furniture shops together. ]" She suggested. Their food arrived in no time. In Sylus napkin there was a note hidden, folded inside, written [i She will never love you like she loved him. The waiter left after heir food was served. Ara began going into her chocolate cake.
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He knew he couldnt pull her away from her goals and Sylus knew that he was going to either have to deal with it, or let her decide what she really wanted. Of course he didnt want her to choose, but if he wanted to run away, he'd give her that choice as well. As much as he wanted to escape, he had to at least take into account how she felt about all of this as well. He didnt want anyone else suffering in that facility, but Sylus didnt really know how to help her at all.

[b "I know Ara...but if I have to leave, I'd want you there with me, or at least meet me. I dont know if I could just ever leave without you"] he shrugged and then he took in a deep breath, sighing softly. He didnt really want to fight with her or tell her what to do, Sylus just wanted to always be around her. If she wasnt there, who was going to make him feel happy, relaxed, loved, and cared for? No one. He was going to have to deal with all of this himself and he didnt think it would be worth it without Ara.

He soon passed out beside her, sleeping peacefully in her embrace until morning. He opened his eyes to face her, smiling happily as he nodded his head [b "It was a very good sleep"] he grinned, meeting her lips as he thought about what they could do today. [b "Okay, let's get ready then"] he slowly shifted in bed, trying to get up. His back wasnt as bad as yesterday, but it was still sore. Sylus managed to get up and then he walked over to his bag, grabbing some clothes before walking towards Ara when she returned.

[b "Wow you look great Ara"] he smiled and then he thought about what he wanted to eat [b "I really like that....bacon stuff...and eggs...ooh, maybe we should go out and start our day"] he mentioned before heading towards the bathroom and then showering himself off. Sylus dressed into his jeans and then a vneck shirt up top as he headed back to the bedroom.

[b "Im ready, let's go?"] he walked over and held her hand in his, finding her to be very attractive today. Ara looked nicely dressed most of the time. She always stood out and looked so....high status, like he wouldnt be able to reach her.
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Sometimes, she knew she needed to be realistic. She knew that just attempting at what she was doing could get her killed. And her dad might not be enough to even stop it. And she wouldn't give up, not when there was little girls and boys that would still be taken and go through this just as Sylus and everyone else has. She couldn't turn her head and pretend it wasn't there. Because it was happening everyday and she believed no one deserved to go through that. No one should stay in it either.

"[b Well, you can't stay if they pull that trigger on that chip on you. Then you have to leave. ]" She wouldn't let him stay. His survival came above anything else. She would never make the same mistakes twice.

Yawns were slipping out of her. She snuggled in with him, closing her eyes. Being in someone's warm comfort in bed was something entirely new to her too. The last time she remembered being warm and able to sleep so quickly was when her mom was alive. Just the last year of her that she could remember. She knew that Sylus hadn't felt this much either. She kept one arm around him, feeling him hold her clothes. She fell soundlessly asleep.

She remained asleep for a little longer in the bed. Ara slowly opened her eyes, still feeling his presence there. She smiled faintly as she woke up, letting out a soft yawn. "[b Morning Sylus. ]" She wiped her eyes and took his hand. "[b Did you sleep well? Ready for our big day? ]" She asked. She felt rested, and she felt excited to start this day off. To visit the penthouse, and then go out maybe for furniture and then get ready for that event.

Ara sat herself up, and leaned in to kiss his lips quickly, "[b I'm going to get washed up, and then we go eat, okay?]" She grinned, she got up and grabbed clothes and towel with herself to take a quick shower. She wasn't gone for long, she came back in a her black and white dress that fell straight down, loose but not loose enough that it didn't show her shape. She dried her hair, letting it fall straight and then sat at the bed edge, checking her phone for a moment before looking back at Sylus. "[b What do you feel like eating today for breakfast? Do you want to go out?]" She asked.
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He knew that she knew many people back at the facility and she couldnt abandon them. In truth, he didnt want to abandon anyone either. How could he? Luke was still there and so were his other friends that he ate everyday with, made him smile, and not feel alone. He couldnt do that to them either, so he did understand that Ara had goals she believed in completing, far before she ever thought of even dating him.

He frowned when she started talking about not going with her, or she wont make it out alive. He hated it wen she talked that way because they went through hell. If they were going to escape all of this, they were going to do it the right way or they were going to die trying. He couldnt do it halfheartedly at all. [b "No ARa. Im going to stay with you and help you if you need me. I dont need to be anywhere if you're not there with me"] he admitted, wondering if she would even allow him to do that for her.

He was slowly getting tired as well, seeing her yawn made him sleepy too. He took in a deep breath and just tried to relax for a while, taking in slow breaths. He smiled up at her and stayed beside her, kissing her face and lips. Sylus loved hearing that she was his, making him hold her close as he soon slowly passed out beside her.

Sylus slept peacefully that night, waking up in the morning to see Ara still beside him, feeling so warm and loved. He loved her and he loved waking up to her like this. TOday was going to be great looking at the place they could wake up to each other everyday.
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She grew up in the facility, met people that didn't deserve to go through any of the hell they went through. They were her family and she couldn't abandon people that were like family to her. Even if she managed to make it out, she would never live with the guilt that she abandoned the people she grew up with. She didn't know if that bothered him, but she couldn't change that part of her. She wouldn't throw this goal out for her own selfish wants. She couldn't have him running away either. Not if she didn't know if he would survive it.

"[b If I can get you out, you should go without me. ]" She suggested, "[b I don't think I'll make it out alive from my goal. But, promise you won't run away if I'm not behind it. ]" One day, she may get him out of this. And when that day happened... Then he would be out. Then maybe he'd live on without her. Maybe find some other girl and do what a lot of people dream of. She wished that she could just be a part of that, but she couldn't, with anyone.

She was feeling a bit tired. The warmth swallowed her into the comfort of sleep. She smiled as she was closing her eyes. "[b Thank you. I'm happy you see me that way. ]" She was about to fall asleep when she felt the discomfort in her clothes. So, she rose up, changed and snuggled into him again. She closed her eyes in an instant, taking in his embrace. She kissed his lips and smiled more when he kissed her nose. "[b Me too. ]"

She laughed a little. "[b I'm all yours Sylus...]" She pressed herself against him, feeling the sheets over their body. She opened her eyes for a second, watching him. She was so glad to be here with him, sleeping beside each other. She never thought this would happen, not ever. It felt unreal. She closed her eyes again, softly sighing and letting herself slowly drift away.
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Sylus never thought that he could escape anything that facility did to him. Not only did he feel like he couldnt really do a thing, but he felt like that place controlled him and he didnt have a choice on what he wanted. Yet here ARa was fighting back, trying to prevent what they were doing to him and many others. THe kill chip was frightening, even away from the facility, they had control over you. He shivered at the thought of feeling his brain fry, but at the same time, he also felt like there was a chance at freedom.

He wanted to run away with her, be free just the two of them, but when he heard her, he saw her frown and he knew that wasnt an option. It mattered to her to save all of the people at the facility for some reason and he knew she was attached, but he also felt like maybe he wasnt the right person to throw everything for.

[b "I wont run away. I wont runaway unless you're with me, or if I feel the need to"] he admitted, feeling like maybe she didnt want to go with him. Still, he did understand that she put her goal before them. He faced her and just kept a smile on his face for her, feeling a little down inside, but he didnt show it.

He held her and felt her lips return his kisses, loving the words she said to him. [b "Well even if I've met other girls, they arent as sweet, and as kind as you are"] he told her, seeing her get up to change as he snuggled in the sheets more. Sylus waited for her, his golden eyes watching her move around and when she was back beside him, he hugged her and kissed her once more. [b "I cant wait. Just you and I and finding our own place"] he said proudly, kissing her nose and then he cheeks as he pulled the sheets over them.

[b "I think it's safe to assume that you're all mine"]
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She thought it was a good fail safe if the chips didn't kill. It would give her a chance to hide them. But for now she didn't even have a plan to get them into safety even if they survived from not being killed by the chip. If they either tried to get rid of Clyde or Sylus, then she wouldn't know what to do. If she was caught with this, then she could never disturb them and they would kill them. All hope would be lost at that point. She couldn't have Sylus or Clyde die until she figured this out.

Her lips parted, but she only stared at him when he talked about running away. "[b Sylus...]" She sighed, frowning, and then shook her head. "[b I wouldn't run away even if I could. I learned that lesson already and even if we could make it safely. I...can't abandon everyone else I grew up with. ]" She did worry now. If he would attempt to runaway just because this chip couldn't kill him. There was more than the chip that could stop him, far more.

"[b Promise me, you'll never attempt to runaway. Not unless I'm telling you too and I can find a way for you to do it safely. ]" She meant it and hoped that he wouldn't. She would have to stop him. She gently smiled, "[b But... It really would be nice to live just like this for the rest of our life. Maybe if this ends one day. ]" She shrugged. She didn't think it would but it was nice to dream.

She enjoyed his warmth, feeling his skin at the palm of her hand. She smiled more, and kissed his lips. "[b Nothing. I've completely fallen for you. ]" She watched him, "[b I'm the first girl you met when you came here. If you met more girls, they would think you're great too, because you are. But... even other girls think you're great too, I still want you to be with me. ]" She yawned and heard him yawn right next. She closed her eyes a little. "[b I am a little tired...]" She admitted, enjoying his fingers in her hair, his kiss. "[b But I have to change first. ]" She admitted. She didn't feel comfortable sleeping in this. She got up, and took off her clothes, removing her bra, and grabbed a t-shirt and shorts. She set her laptop away and then snuggled into him. Kissing his lips. "[b We're going to have an amazing day tomorrow..." She yawned once more, slipping asleep already.
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He didnt know what happened to make her change from pulling that trigger, but it did. He was amazed at how she was able to miss on purpose as if some magic force was holding her back from killing him at that moment. He didnt know what it was, but SYlus was really glad that it made her stop herself from killing him. If he werent here, there would be so many things he wouldnt be able to find out. He would have never experienced being with Ara like this, all cuddled up together, knowing the other person loved them as well.

He smiled up at her, loving her words as he told her his promise. He didnt care what Ara she was because he fell in love with the Ara that was in front of him. The Ara that's always been there by his side, helping him out and giving him what he needed, putting a smile on his face. He held her hands and then he looked so shocked to hear that he didnt have a kill switch...he could be free! Escape and never have to get caught by that facility again. Maybe he could run away with Ara and just not worry about being underground anymore.

So even Clyde had it....they were safe for now. [b "I wont do anything that will make them want to kill me. BUt Ara....maybe we can continue being like this....we can run away.."] he spoke softly, just imagining things. He knew she had a goal to accomplish and she couldnt just run away, but he still wanted to be free with her.

HIs eyes stayed on hers, his hands holding her close as he felt her caress. He told her what he was thinking and then he told her the truth, how he couldnt believe she wanted him. He really did believe she could have any guy she wanted, maybe more even...because all the guys loved ARa back at the facility. They would give their lives for her and they always talked about having her.

[b "You think so? Well I guess if you've fallen for me...what can I do"] he smirked a bit and then he took in a deep breath, leaning in to kiss her lips. [b "Im glad you think Im're the first girl to think that"] he rubbed her arm gently and then he noticed her yawning, making him feel tired as well. He yawned a little and then he nuzzled up to her chin, [b "Maybe we should head to bed. You seem tired"] he reached up to brush her hair behind her ear, getting a better look at her beautiful face as he kissed her lips once more.
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Ara deeply hoped he was right.
"[b I was... somehow you woke me up from a big regret. ]" She took in the short distance between them, the way he stroked his thumb on her hand gently. Ara leaned her head into him.
"[b As long as you're alive. I'll be reminded. ]" She grinned, her eyes holding contact. She adored the promise he spoke. Even if things were to change, it was still sweet to listen to him. She hoped that he still would be around her, no matter what she turned to be. She never wanted to lose her resolve to what she wanted to do for all of them. His smile made her heart flutter a little. She held onto his hands, firmly.

The words slipped like a runaway stream, and the moment they came out, she knew she might regret it. What if they didn't work and Sylus talked? He would endanger himself and she would have to close that operation. Guess she had no choice but to trust him now though.

"[b Don't thank me... It's something that you shouldn't have had in the first place. And, I did it for Clyde too. I want to do it for everyone but I can't put it in any of the rest yet because I need to figure out how to get them safely hidden. ]" She sighed, her eyes dragging down and then lifted back to him, "[b That means don't do anything that would want them to kill you, okay? Because I got no good escape plan in case they do pull that rigger yet. ]" She had to make that clear.

Her lips curved a little more when she felt his hand comfortably holding her ass. She let her fingers on his chest, before pulling up the movie, and watching it all with him. She was enjoying it, a lot. She didn't know if Sylus was though. She sure hoped he did. Still, she was curious what was on his mind. The way his eyes wandered her facial features made her feel so wanted. She did love what his thoughts were.

"[b Oh Sylus...I can't have anyone ]" She spoke quietly in reply. "[b But... You did so much. You're kind to me, you give me hope, make me happy. You treat me right as your girlfriend. And you've always tried for me back at the facility to smile for me. How could I not fall in love with someone like him? It's funny,]" She laughed a little, watching his facial features, "[b Because I'm thinking the same thing. Have you ever noticed what a great, strong guy you are? And an attractive one too? ]" Ara accidentally softly yawned, and doubly blinked and then smiling once more.
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His life wasnt a life that anyone would ever choose. Even he never wanted a life spent like this. No one would want their parents to just separate, leaving them all alone with no choice but to do as they said. He was sent to become nothing more than an experiment, his mother exchanged him for money, his father stood on the sidelines watching him suffer. Was it his payback for ruining his marriage and family? No, he ruined that himself....but why did he have to get sucked into all of these problems. Why did he have to get dragged along in his mess? Sylus sometimes wondered if he'd ever get a chance to live as close to normal as possible, or if he could get a moment of being happy.

Right now, he felt like this was as good as it was going to get for him. No surveillance, no injections, no torturing or training. He was in bed with the girl he loved just relaxing and enjoying each other's company. He told her about how he would love her anyway and when she started revealing more about her thoughts to him, he tried to be honest with her.

[b "You wont Ara. You're not a murderer. You're forced to do things otherwise your life is in danger. YOu still care because you were able to stop when the gun was facing me"] he told her, holding her hand in his as he rubbed the back of her palm. [b "I wont let you become that way. Ill remind you what you did for me"] he felt her arms around him and then he continued to face her. Her words made him smile, made his heart flutter, and made his eyes light up to know she'd be there loving him anyway. [b "And Ill be there for you. No matter which ARa you become"] he smiled and listened about the shock and the kill switch. Sylus was shocked to hear that he didnt really have one in him....did that mean....that he could escape? Could he escape with her?

He looked up at her like she was joking, but when he saw the seriousness in her eyes, he gulped a little and nodded [b "I wont say a think, but thank you Ara. I cant believe you'd risk everything to make sure that IM not killed...thank you"] he hugged her close, his hand moving down her back, holding her ass as he leaned in close. He could hear the movie in the background and then he heard her question, making him look up at her and it made him think.

[b "Most of the time when I face you, I think...what did I do to make someone like you fall in love with me. YOu can have anyone...and yet you still picked me"] he told her, peeking up at her eyes and then he looked over her facial features. [b "You could have anyone...."] he told her.
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There were things she didn't feel certain about. The parts of her that she wasn't sure were real or not. She could be someone else in a flip of a switch. To protect herself from getting to hurt, or to be liked. Her eyes travelled away from him when he mentioned when she tried to kill him. She knew at the very least that she didn't want to kill people and that it made her feel horribly guilty after she was made to. "[b No. I wouldn't. But...when I start hurting people I care about under orders, it starts scaring me that what if I become nothing but a murder. What if I give up trying to stop it all, because I'll get tired of losing, and feeling horrible when I hurt someone, so I'd rather not care. ]" She knew this talk was depressing.

Still, she never talked much about these things to anyone. When he said he loved her right now, it was more than a enough. "[b I really love you.]" She wrapped her arms around him, loving how he made her feel better. She managed a smile and nod, "[b We will learn more about each other. There's still stuff I don't know about you. Well...if they make you kill more people, I'd still love you anyway. No matter what Sylus, even if the experiments change you and sometimes they do. I'm not going to stop loving you and I'm not going to stop trying to help you.]" She sighed knowing they couldn't be normal.

"[b But... If you ever feel a sudden shock in her body. Tell me. Because then would have to leave and I'll do my best to help you safely leave. ]" She explained, giving a light smile, "[b Don't say anything...but I replaced the kill chips, so you won't die if they hit the trigger. They'll just think your dead. Which gives you a window to run and hide. But I'm serious. You can't tell anyone.]" She kissed him, adoring his kisses. And she smiled as he suggested falling asleep together. She did want that. She decided to show him inside out. She hadn't seen it either. She wondered what kind of islands she would have. What would Sylus? She stared at his head. What was he thinking most of the time? [b Hey Sylus...]" She was realizing she was starting to feel a little sleepy for some reason. [b When you look at me. What are you thinking? Honest thoughts. Don't have to be nice ones. I want to know what's in your head. ]" She closed her eyes for a moment, but hearing the movie.
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Sylus was excited for the ball, but at the same time, he was worried that if he didnt find her, he wasnt going to be able to have as much fun as he was imagining. Sylus could see them holding hands, moving across the dance floor, seeing her in such a beautiful dress. Ara really was very attractive and she knew it to. She knew she could look really pretty and knew she could get any guy. It made him wonder sometimes why did she choose him and not Tanner?

He would do his best to make sure that they had a good time no matter what they did. He didnt want to bore Ara, especially since she's experienced way more things than he has. She knew what really was supposed to be fun for their age, knew what movies to watch, clothes to wear, and just about anything else with society. He was like hermit coming out of his shell for the first time.

He was stunned at the words she said, wondering if she was honestly thinking about this. [b "I know a few things even tried to kill me...but I know you're just doing that because they tell you. The real ARa wouldnt do that on purpose"] he told her, sighing softly as she spoke.

THe more they talked, the more he realized that he needed to help her, reassure that it was going to be okay. [b "I love you right now Ara. That means with everything that you are right now"] he felt sorry for her and sorry for the life they lived, but they needed to get past this and move on. To try and become better people even if they were messed up. [b "It's okay Ara. The more time we spend together, the more chances we get learning about each other, we can always decide later what we want. Im also a killer, an experiment, and who knows what will happen. We wont be able to fit into normal, but we're not alone"] he told her, resting against her lips. He didnt like talking about this right now, he just wanted to be happy with her here.

[b "Im not leaving you"] he told her, feeling her lips move against his. He gave her another kiss, feeling her warmth as he faced her [b "I want to just spend more time with you like this. Let's put on one more movie and we can cuddle more, maybe even fall asleep together?"] he suggested.
  ellocalypse / 2y 335d 5h 51m 43s
The ball situation was concerning. She really hoped they would be able to find each other. She didn't want to end up around some stranger. "[b Okay. Then we'll have a lot of fun. ]" She took his reassurance that she'll know it's him. She wanted nothing more than to spend the event with him.

The more she realized that he didn't know her, the more she wasn't so sure if he would really love her when he found out everything about her. But who could love her? Love a murder, love someone that didn't know if they pretending. What if some part of her appeared and he didn't love that girl? What if she couldn't get rid of any other side of her?

Ara weakly smiled, "[b You don't know everything I've done. ]" It made her upset that maybe she was being the person that she knew he would love. She nailed it down, the person he could love. Someone who was kind to him, made him feel special, give him his firsts, stay with him, take care of him. "[b I do... Even when I switched into 'I have to kill' self, I not only flinched, but I delayed it, and then missed, then let you go. Then I tried to save your life. You reminded me that maybe the person I am when I have to hurt someone, isn't really me at all. ]" The facility messed up with who she thought she was.

She listened to him and hoped he really meant it when he said he would figure things out together. "[b But would you really love me even if... there's so many horrible things about me? Would you stay? ]" Because she didn't believe he would. She exhaled deeply, "[b It wouldn't be your fault even if you couldn't. The facility ruined me so much too, that I know nobody like you could really love me. And I definitely couldn't fit into normal. I hate...what they made me too. ]" She felt his embrace, burying herself into him. Enjoying his kiss while this lasted. She knew that if he was gone, she would be gone too. She felt that he was the last straw.

"[b You can leave...if you have to. I just don't want you to die. ]" She whispered and she felt his lips so close. She smiled, wanting to kiss him again, she brushed her lips gently on him, just teasingly for a while, she pressed her lips gently on his soft lips, giving him a slow single kiss. Then he spoke. "[b I want to do whatever you'd like to do. It makes me happy when I see you have what you want. ]"
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