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It was only because she was friends with Kai and the risk of her father bringing someone here did she want to help in some way, otherwise…she couldn’t care less for his mother’s life crumbling apart. She sat next to Sylus and feeling his hands holding hers.

She hoped his mother was living in fear, and that she felt her world fall apart. She wasn’t the type to wish bad upon someone but she would never forgive her for what Sylus was put through. She knew it made sense for her to help support them too because when she could take over, she had at least have this branch of yakuza more or her side. “It wouldn’t be good for me to lose a connection either,” Ara said, leaning onto him.

She frowned hearing him talk about him and Klara. “What about me? I can help.” Ara said, hating when she taken out of the equation. She knew she was capable of so much, even if she had a baby. Being out there with Tanner also taught her that she still could do what she could do before.

Ara predicted Klara was just too busy, since in the morning she told her that there was a lot going on. She got a kiss on her cheek and it made her wrap her arms around him. She heard Kai and was glad they could at least help him settle down.
“He had a bullet in him too…a gun isn’t my father’s first choice but he could have been dead even before that.” Kai responded.
Ara listened and the she head upstairs to gather information on the names provided. She got the name of the person they were interrogating, and some info about the men next to him. There financial, prison, family history and such. She soon realized that it wasn’t too useful because the money they got wouldn’t have been declared. But, she did find the man missing with Kiyoshi had a connection with Toshiro.

Ara went downstairs again. Nyx came over and she noticed he just want hugs and kisses. She kissed the top of his head and ruffled his fur, “You’re a good boy aren’t you?” She said to him and he looked so happy. She felt really good about having there pets here with them. Even when things were rough, she was reminded of the little things that made them happy.

She saw Klara down deep in the pudding.
“It would be good to come with a second pair of eyes. Klara admitted.
Ara just came in, so she missed the conversation. She tapped Sylus [b “Hey. So, I did some research. The man that disappeared with Kiyoshi, he’s wife is Toshiro’s youngest sister. Someone should speak to her and see what she knows.” ] Ara mentioned.
“Mmm, I learned that today,” Klara said and took another spoon of pudding, “I need to find where she lives.”
[b “I got the address.” ] Ara said and tried to think this situation through, [b “Do you think he’s still alive even? Kiyoshi.” ] She pressed her lips together, [b “Someone that can be trusted needs to watch Toshiro or bug him at least so we know where he’s at.” ] She knew they needed to formulate a plan but… She started yawning. Having Arlus really pushed her bedtime to be early. Unlike Klara and Sylus, she wasn’t as modified as them to be able to sleep for 5 hours and be as awake as morning.

“Considering his body hasn’t been found, and neither is his personal bodyguard…he’s probably being held hostage. Kai, his mom, Sylus…and even you need to be safe. Thankfully Sy, is nearly invincible.” Klara said and finished her pudding, “Is there more?”
Ara nodded, “Yea…” She looked at Sylus and got worried. She knew he wasn’t invincible, no one was. She went to go grab more pudding for Klara and would try to keep her eyes open.
“I was thinking about heading out and finding Toshiro at his house to maybe monitor him.” Klara said.
[b “Now?” ] Ara frowned.
“Yes…so that by morning he’s bugged, or his house, or I can keep track of him. You could help me if you’d like Sy, but it might be all night.” Klara said.
Ara frowned, and started to already feel the loneliness of not having him here.
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Sylus loved being close to their little boy. He didn't want anything to happen to him and he always wanted to see him smiling. He knew he only had a year with him and he didn't want to let him go already. At the very least, he didn't want to leave them and help Kai if it meant taking him away and putting him through danger. Yet, it was a difficult decision since his own step brother and mother were at risk.

Their family was not going to be put in danger, that was a fact. He knew that there was something going on, just on the intent that Toshiro was determined to follow him. [b "Yeah, we need more intel. Something is definitely going on and Toshiro is involved. WHy else would he leave his prefecture and come to this town again. Kiyoshi's gone and that's allowing him to do this....we need to talk to more people"] he told them, looking over at Kai and seeing him stressed out. At least his mother was at a safe place and protected for now. They could at least calm Kai first and let him rest.

He cooked up a meal and served it to him, letting him rest as Sylus sat with Ara, holding her hand in his. [b "I know. They're dangerous people and I don't really want to get involved....but he is my step brother and it is my mother in danger here"] he let out a deep sigh. [b "If Klara and I could solve this ourselves, without needing to get your father involved, that might be for the best"] he thought about it.

He hoped Klara was okay. He sent her another text as well to see where she was at. Klara was great at her job, she was also clever and careful. He knew she'd be fine. [b "Okay, we can wait until she gets home"] he kissed her cheek, not wanting to stress her out either. They had a baby to look after.

[b "I'm glad you like it Kai, eat as much as you'd like. We'll even set up the guest bedroom, so don't worry"] he assured him as he spoke with Ara about the people he knew involved. [b "So if that man was killed.....we need to figure out by who....was it Kiyoshi? Or was it the real person behind all this..."] he sighed and then he saw Ara head up to do research.

He spoke with Kai about how his mother was, or his father's actions before he went missing. "He did mention being worried about someone following him sometimes. He had his guards on full on duty, but they didn't catch anyone suspicious. Sometimes he'd just stay at home, feeling like something would happen. I think someone was really after him"

[b "Hmm, okay. Well, for now Ara is doing some research on known names. Let me show you to your room"] he led him to the guest bedroom in the gaming room. He pulled out the couch and set some new sheets. [b "You can stay as long as you need to, but you have to keep me updated on mother. Once Klara returns, I'll ask her for more information also, see if she knows anything"] he told him.

Soon enough, Klara came through the door. She looked worn out and tired. Sylus served her up some dinner and she ate slowly as he took a seat. [b "You okay Klar? Kai's here. His father went missing"] he told her.

Klara let out a deep sigh. "Yeah I found out today. I've been trying to locate the bastard, but nothing is coming up so far. I did track his last whereabouts to someone's apartment. Apparently he was interrogating some guy and then disappeared without a trace. I was going to search the apartment for clues in the morning" she said softly.

[b "Hmm, that aligns up with what Kai was saying. Maybe I can come with you? ARa is doing some research upstairs on some names Kai provided"] he told her, also bringing her some pudding to ease her up. Her eyes widened and she looked ten times happier.
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Ara was made to smile when Arlus clung into his daddy. Arlus was aware when they were missing now. He was happy being held and kissed by Sylus. She felt the struggle at having Sylus go out. She didn’t know how he dealt with it when she was missing. Hearing Sylus make Arlus giggle was a peace of mind.

She’d sit down and get so concerned. It looked like they entangled there lives into this again. As long as Toshiro didn’t know where they were…then it was fine-if he was the one responsible. [b “They were really intent on following… If the ever followed here.” ] Ara started debating if she should sleep with a gun near by. She wouldn’t hesitate to do what it took to keep Arly safe. [b “Mmm, talk to Toshiro first and find out the person they were interrogating.” ]
“That man he was interrogating is dead too. I’ll contact Kiyoshi but right now I’m not too sure if I could count on him targeting me or mom. She’s at friends house and I’m sure he doesn’t know where, she should be safe for the day and night” Kai said and released a deep breath, “I’m sorry, Sylus I need your help. I’m not prideful to say that I could do this on my own. You’re…a whole level above and I don’t know who I can trust.” He said.
Ara looked at Kai and that at Sylus. She was not okay with this. [b “Kai…take a breath. I’ll see what I can do tonight once you give me names and the whole situation in detail.” ] Ara said, wanting not to let Sylus go out there. The yakuza was no joke.
Ara held Arlus, feeding him and seeing Sylus go make food. She would try to get Arlus to sleep, humming to him and then putting him in his crib. She made sure he was covered with his blanky. She sat there for a moment, not believing they were getting into this situation.

She went back down and came down to eat with them. Kai was eating up, but it was clear he looked tired. She suspected he probably had little sleep. She felt bad for his situation. She would bring out some chocolate pudding she made yesterday and left in the fridge. While he ate up, her and Sylus sat down on the sofa together. She would take his hand and play with his fingers. She squeezed his hand, feeling anxiety just talking about it.

[b “Darling…it’ll be very hard to find investigators that are willing to deal with the yakuza. Since Kiyoshi’s is having a deal with my father, Kai could technically request help. But...if we do that, he might bring people to Japan that could possibly see us. Although, technically this is under Klara’s jurisdiction-she’s been working with Kiyoshi and Kai for a few months now, so we could…wait…” ] She reached for her phone and checked her phone if Klara hasn’t replied yet. [b “She hasn’t replied to me, where is she even?” ] She sighed, figuring maybe Klara could give some insight when she came back.

“This food…is really good,” Kai added, and would even clean it up, feeling bad to intrude like this. He looked at the two and still wondered if she should ask help from them. He felt like had little choice.

Ara snuggled into Sylus side, [b “Let’s ask Klara when she comes back. Kai, can you text me all the names involved in this?”] Ara asked. He nodded and sat down to sent her list, “The man my father was interrogating stole money, 100, 000. My father found form his accountant that money was being taken within a time span of few months…and we couldn’t find out where it went.”

[b "Thank you." ] Ara said, half smiling, [b "I'll go check the names up. You two can talk in the meantime." ] Ara said, raising up and going upstairs to disrectly asking a person at the facility to check their database on information on these people.
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He was so glad Ara was here with Arlus and they were home safe. He missed them and was glad that little Arlus wasn't crying anymore. The sight of Kai holding ARlus bothered him, so he came over and lifted his baby up into his arms. He held onto him and would run his fingers through his hair, seeing him snuggle in like he missed him. Sylus kissed his forehead, but didn't let Kai see as he slowly took a seat.

[b "I'm glad he's doing okay"] he felt Arlus' grip on his shirt and he smiled, loving those amazing blue eyes of his. He looked up at daddy and Sy smiled, making him giggle. He listened to Kai and he sighed a bit, knowing that he didn't want to involve them. All he wanted was a calm year with their son.

It sounded like Kiyoshi tapped into something he shouldn't have. It did make him wonder who he was meeting with. He could get the details from Kai, but the minute he heard Ara's voice, he knew what she wanted. He knew he had to be able to stay safe and hidden here without risking going out or putting himself in danger.

[b "It could be. Clearly they were after me today. I don't know what they want or if they're involved, but that's a dangerous situation. Ara's right. We can call and see if we can get more intel for now. You just relax and keep an eye out on mom. Make sure the place is guarded"] he warned him.

Kai looked really stressed out and he wanted to help if it meant keeping his mother safe. As much as he didn't care for her, she was still his mother and he didn't want her to end up with the same fate as Kyoshi's guards. [b "You can stay here for now. It's safe. I'll cook up some miso and salmon. Just try and take a breather, watch some TV"] he patted his shoulder and would head into the kitchen for now, starting up a pot of soup.

Once dinner was ready, he set it up for Kai and he let him eat for now. Arlus was put to sleep and he would sit with ARa on the couch for a second. [b "I know I shouldn't help him Ar.....especially with Arlus. Maybe we can hire some investigators first to do the dirty work while we monitor from the sidelines?"] he suggested, holding her hand in his. It's been a long time since they were put into danger like this. It was frightening to have to deal with it again with a new baby.
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The relief that waved over her was immense when she saw Sylus. She hated being apart. She was happy to see Arlus back in his arms. Arlus looked so content holding onto Sylus shirt, and snuggling into him. [b “he’s okay, he was looking a bit for you but he’s okay now. Diaper changed too.” ] Ara said while sitting next to him. She stroked Arly’s little back, seeing him clutching onto Sylus.

“I didn’t want to involve the two of you, but with Toshiro catching sight of you two, I needed to be sure you were fine.” Kai defended. The more he was in this house, the more it felt like a home that belonged to a family. When he’d look at Arlus, he looked a lot like Sylus and with Ara’s blue eyes to match. He couldn’t help but suspect.

“My father was gathering intel out of a member whom stole from us. I was out with our mom shopping at the time. When I went to the place of interrogation, all we found is three men with bullets in there heads…” Kai began, his expression showing pain because he grew up with a few of them, “…My father and another one of his men is missing. We couldn’t find a trace of them.”
Ara reached over and rubbed Kai’s arm. She understood that it wasn’t usual at all for the yakuza to use bullets. At least their branch. Ara shot a look at Sylus talking about helping. She didn’t want him to go anywhere. [b “Sy…” ] Ar

Ara’s heart skipped a beat, hearing ‘I can help’. “Sy,” Ara lowered her hand from Kai’s shoulder. The danger that would involve. Ara peeked at Arlus eyes. He was sucking on his finger. Being divided would be horrible.

[b “Because...” ] Ara began but she recalled she never told Kai much about her own family and how Sy was a super solider. Toshiro probably knew a hint of it and he wasn’t fond of her and probably suspected Sylus being as strong as the bodyguard she had that day. [b “It could be a set up.” ] Ara whispered.

Listening to them gave her plenty of anxiety. [b “You two talk like I can’t do anything.” ] Ara sniped [b “You do realize I have a lot of connections? I’m good at getting information too. My father might hear about this and if he hears about it soon, this is going to be our smallest worry.” ] Ara’s tone startled Arlus and he started to whimper. Ara watched Arlus [b “oh no baby, I’m so sorry. I’m not mad.” ] She lifted him up from Sylus, standing up and kissing his cheek. She felt his hand pat onto her chest. She got it. He was hungry again. She went to grab the formula for Arlus and fed him. [b “mmm, yummy Arly?” ] Ara smiled to Arly.

“Mom is at friends, I wouldn’t mind staying for dinner. I’m really stressed.” Kai admitted, “Until father comes back, I’m handling it alone.”
Ara looked back and frowned. If that happened to her…she’d probably be happy though. She would gain full control but now that she thought about it, there would be a lot of people just like Kiyoshi that would try take it from her first. [b “Stay…once Arly is asleep, we can help.” ] Ara said.
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He would drive away as fast as he could, making turns, yet trying to be steady because he didn't want to scare little Arly. He was already whimpering and getting frustrated, but the minute the car stunk, he held his breath, pulling his shirt over his nose to focus.

They made it to the garage and he would help move the groceries and Arlus' carseat into it, watching Ara leave. He would watch them and get back into his car, taking off and leading Toshiro in another direction. He drove don a few winding roads until he managed to lose him. He then went into another parking lot and switched the cars, going to a few other locations before managing to make it home on foot.

He hurried to the back door and he was knocking, catching his breath after he sent Ara a text. HE was extra careful, so there was no way Toshiro would find them. He saw Ara and smiled, hugging her close as he glanced over to see Kai holding their little boy. His blood boiled, but when Ara spoke, he let out a deep sigh.

HE listened in on what was going on and he scratched the back of his head, lifting ARlus from his arms and placing him on his lap. [b "You okay little guy?"] he ruffled his hair and then he shook his head [b "We're being really safe. We don't plan to go anywhere, but a heads up would have been nice"] he told Kai.

[b "Toshiro and his son should be gone for now, but do you have an idea of where Kiyoshi might be?"] he wondered, thinking if maybe Toshiro had anything to do about it. [b "I can help try to locate him. I can investigate, but it'll have to be on my time. I need Ara and her.....nephew to be safe at all times"] he told him.

"That's understandable. I want Ara to be safe also. I think Toshiro might have something to do with it. I don't normally see them on this side of the neighborhood. THey're supposed to be in charge of another prefecture. I don't know why they'd be here unless they heard of my father's disappearance. I also don't know why they blame you" he admitted.

[b "This is all news.How's mom taking it?"]

"She's worried. She hasn't been sleeping"

[b "Well, hopefully her sons can figure this out"] he sighed, looking over at Arlus and Ara. HE knew he'd only be able to help out when Klara was home to look after Ara. Maybe he'd do some online investigative work on those two members.

[b "Thanks for letting us know. Feel free to stay for dinner Kai"]
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Ara tried to sooth Arlus while Sylus drove. He was whimpering and seconds away from crying. She did her best to distract him but when he stunk up the whole car…well she didn’t even know how to prevent that. [b “I’m so sorry darling.” ] Ara said and nearly gagged at the smell. She could never get used the smell of Arlus’ poops. She kept giving him toys but he was getting really uncomfortable.

Sylus hot wired the car. Sylus helped her with the car seat after he hotwires the car. She helped Arlus into his car sweet and kissed his cheek, “Just hold on a little longer.” Ara got into the driver seat. She felt bad that Arlus was starting to cry in the back but she couldn’t do anything more. She already felt her anxiety surging through the roof. It was a blend of anger and fear. They didn’t exactly have the best relationship with Toshiro considering they helped him fail and he knew her connection.

She drove them home, pleading mentally that Sylus would be okay. He was strong…so she shouldn’t worry that much. She pulled up to their home and hushed Arlus while they made it inside. Klara wasn’t home… The first thing she did was go change Arlus diaper so he’d settle down. He was much happier once his diaper was changed. He was still looking sad though. She kissed his tummy, [b “It’ll be okay.” ] Ara whispered to him, but felt the mixed emotions in herself. She would sit downstairs with Arlus in her arms while he played. She kept glancing at her phone but no message from Sylus. An hour in, she heard a knock on the door. Klara…wouldn’t have knocked.

Who the hell was it? Ara held Arlus in her arms and went to check the security cameras… Kai. That surprised her since she never gave him an address. He kept knocking and then she heard her phone go off. Ara looked at Arly snuggling in her arms. Her stomach twisted. She didn’t want to reveal Arly to anyone else. [b “I need you to very quiet baby.” ] Ara whispered to him and kissed forehead, and left him in his playpen. He was still out of sight from the door.

Ara went to the door and opened it, [b “Kai, what are you doing here?” ] Ara began with [b “How do you even know where I am?”]
Kai ruffled his hair, “Uh…well…I kind of found out where you lived from last time we met. I bugged you. I’m sorry. No one else knows, just me… I was worried. I don’t mean harm.”
That upset her and it showed her through her expression but she didn’t have time to talk with Arlus there, [b “What do you need?” ]
“I wanted to check, if you were safe. My dad, he’s gone missing for the past few days. Toshiro said he spotted Sylus. I don’t trust him. He’s accusing Sylus having something to do with it, but I know that’s not true. I was concerned something happened, so I wanted to check. Is…” He began and heard loud babbling. He rose a brow. “What’s that sound?”
“TV.” Ar quickly said. Then Arlus proceed to cry.
“That sounds too real…to be a TV.” He began.
Ara shook her head, feeling the stress shoot up the roof, “Sylus has nothing to do with it. I promise. Toshiro saw us but we got away…at least…I did.” ] Ara said, and got more worried for Sylus.
Kai frowned, “He’s still not home?”
Ara shook her head,
Kai asked, “DO you know where I could look for him?”
Ara shook her head, “I think it’s best I stay until he comes back. Little risk being found here but I’d feel bad leaving you alone when this is occurring.”
“I’d appreciate it, but it’s fine.” Ara said, thinking mainly about Arlus. Arlus was still crying. She closed her eyes and knew he wasn’t going to buy the TV thing.
“I heard…they might have seen a baby but…they also said it could have been their imagination.” Kai mumbled.
Ara cussed quietly, [b “It was their imagination.” ] Ara said. He looked at her hard and Ara sighed, [b “We’re babysitting my brother’s baby.” ] Ara said. She end up letting him come in but she worried that maybes someone had followed him, so she locked up the house. She introduced Arlus. She wasn’t a hundred percent sure if he bought that it was her brother’s baby but Kai didn’t question it. Arly calmed once she was in her arms but he would look around, as if waiting to see Sylus.

An hour later, she heard the knock. She checked her phone. She would let Arlus in Kai’s hand while she went to the door, just in case it was someone who took his phone. She saw him and opened the door. She hugged him tightly, [b “I’m so happy you’re here.” ] She whispered and looked up at him. She kissed his cheek and then remembered… [b “Kai…is here. He knows we’re babysitting Allister’s three month old.” ] She said and then told him what Kai told her.

She sat down on the sofa and picked Arlus up from Kai's arms. Kai half smiled at Sylus, "Hey, sorry to barge in here. SInce you're here, I think you'll be secure enough." he said, getting up, feeling as if Sylus would get mad at him for being here. "I would stay indoors for a while till this dies down."
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He loved their little boy so much and as the few months passed, he was growing and able to do a lot more things. He wasn't as fragile as month one and he has so much more black hair on his head. He was the cutest little boy ever and they were making so much memories together as a family.

Ara was still frantic about Arlus' health, but he did his best to try and calm her down everyday. He would keep cooking for them, helping to ensure her mind was on other things. They both played games and worked out together when Arlus was asleep, they'd even go to the park and trips to beach with little Arly.

When they were grocery shopping, Sylus pushed ARa back, telling her to head back and get to the car. Toshiro and his son came closer, but they managed to get into the car safely. Sylus would start the car, driving through the city. He would take quick turns, go through side streets as ARa took care of Arlus in the back. He would hear him whimper and make cry sounds, but he had to stay focused to protect his family.

He made a few more sharp turns, seeing that they were still following them from behind. [i Fuck] he tried going through the country back roads, but then an intense stench filled his nose. [b "Oh Arly"] he frowned, trying to hold his breath as he drove faster. They were much further back, but it was clear they were experienced at following them. He would listen to Ara [b "That's a good idea. Let's do that. I'll take the car and lead them elsewhere. You head home with Arlus. I'll message you when I've lost them"] he headed into a parking garage and parked beside a care on the third floor.

Sylus quickly hotwired the car, letting Ara move his carseat and then letting it take it and drive off. He got back into their own car and started driving right after. He hurried down the freeway, spotting Toshiro's car behind them once more. He would speed up, but the street lights turned yellow. He stepped on the gas and pressed forward, passing it just in time before it turned red.

Luckily the car had to stop behind him. Sylus drove off into the city once more, taking a long route before parking his car in a packed parking lot. He hotwired a red SUV and drove it home, when no one else was following him.

He got home two hours later, making sure no one was following his car. He parked the car in another neighborhood before walking back to their house, entering through the backyard. He knocked on the door, texting Ara [i "I'm outside Love. Can you open the door?"] he asked, waiting for her.
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There baby really made her smile and enjoy their time so much more. It brought her giggles and plenty of videos and pictures of them. She was so happy to be able to create something that Arlus good look back on and know that he was very much loved and desired. Tanner enjoyed his time with Arly too, and he wasn’t drooled on.

Ara still had bouts of really bad worry during the two months. She was comforted by everyone though and it helped her settle down. She was happy taking care of Arlus. Although, her and Sy still had plenty of things to do, between taking care of there pets, Arlus, cooking, keeping fit. Thankfully, she got someone to clean their place once a week fully because it was too tiring to do everything since their home was decently big.

Ara pushed Arly while Sylus grabbed some more food, but they’d take turns so she would grab some baking ingreidents. She was trying to cut down though because she wanted them to remain healthy. Ara was putting some whipping cream into the cart and made it to his side again. Then Sylus pushed her behind him. [b “What?” ] She whispered, seeing Toshiro. Her blood ran cold. She looked at Arly. [b “I’ll go.” ] Ara said, pushing the cart to check out, leaving Sylus. She tried to get through it quickly. Thankfully there wasn’t any lines, or else she would have taken Arlus and go. He was holding onto the ball, fascinated by the color.

She brought them to the parking lot and the first things she did was put Arly inside. She quickly helped Sylus with putting the groceries in. She got into the car, [b “You think we’re…” ] She spoke to soon because they heard Toshiro’s son. Her anxiety spiked. She didn’t bring a gun with her, she got so used to live being simple. She crawled over quickly into the back to be next to Arlus. She’d peak back, and see they were still being followed. [b “I will.” ] Ara said. Sylus would have to be forced to make some abrupt lane switches. Arlus noticed and he started to whimper. Ara stroked through Arlus hair and kiss him. [b “It’s okay Arly. Let’s play with your ball. You like your ball right?” ] Ara hit the ball a few times, as it made noise. He had little tears in his eyes but calmed down, smacking the ball too.

Ara glanced back and even after a long time, they were following…they were really good at following but it didn’t come such a big surprise to her.
[b “Sy, what are we going to do? It doesn’t look like we’ll be losing them.” ] She said to him and start to come up with a way they could handle this. [b “Do you think they know I’m the car with Arlus? Maybe we could go in and indoor parking lot at a mall and swap cars? If you can’t get away from them.” ] She heard Arlus start to cry, and realized…he stunk. [b “Oh no Arly, not now baby.” ] She whined. She tried to grab his bottle to at least distract him and it looked like it worked.

Toshiro was trying to drive ahead of them and then hit the brakes to get them slow down since they couldn’t go into the other lane since there was another car.
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After they had some lunch, Sylus distracted little Arlus and carried him in his arms. He would help him fly around and play with little Nyx, pretending to ride on his back. His cute, little giggles could be heard through the house and he loved seeing their little boy so happy.

Tanner came down to play and he let him take care of Arlus for a while. He seemed to love their little boy, luckily they even got Arlus off his head before he started drooling again.


IT's been two months since Tanner left to continue his missions. Sylus and Ara have both been doing their best to take care of little Arlus. He was a three month old baby now, his pretty blue eyes were a deeper blue color. He now had more spikey hair, and was able to sit up. Crawling was still too tough for him, but he managed to hold himself up.

He was a little cutie and the past two doctors visits were okay. Everything was normal and he was still healthy. It eased Ara's mind a lot more, but the possibility was always there that something could happen. Sylus did his best to comfort her and let her know that Arlus was doing okay and they'll keep taking good care of him.

Even Klara was much more used to having Arlus around. She was able to hold him now in her lap, but the minute he tried to grab anything, she usually still chickened out.


They were out at the grocery store, buying more food for the house. Arlus was in his stroller, his blue eyes looking at a toy as he reached out for it. Sylus put a few things into the cart [b "What is it Arly?"] he looked to see the bouncy ball and he would put it in the cart for him to hold. He let Ara buy some baking ingredients before he noticed someone familiar at the corner of his eye. He glanced over and pushed Ara a bit behind him [b "Ar....that's Toshiro and his son"] he whispered, seeing Toshiro coming this way. The demoted boss of the leader hasn't been seen in a while, but having Arlus here wasn't good.

[b "Take him to the car. I'll try and make a diversion"] he told her, letting Ara head towards the other direction. Sylus knocked over a pickle jar, making a loud crash as he hurried behind Ara. Toshiro saw the broken glass jar in the aisle and a few attendants came over to ask him what happened.

WIth that, he helped Ara bring the cart of groceries to the car, helping her load it up. He buckled up Arlus inside and kissed his forehead. When he got into the driver's seat, Toshiro's son spotted them. "Hey! You're....that kid. Kiyoshi's kid!" he called out to them.

Sylus started the car and drove in the other direction, looking through the rearview mirror. He saw Toshiro's son calling for his dad and the two got into a car and hurried after them. Sylus made a few turns to try to lose them in the city, but they were still following. [b "Ar....I'm gonna try and lose them. Make sure Arlus is okay"] he told her, heading down a freeway.
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Ara giggled after she finished the cookie [b “We’re cookie thief’s together!” ] She cheered. She was hugged and laughed some more. She felt so cheered up now. She was so proud of her cake too.

They sat down together and ate. She felt so proud seeing Sylus kissing Arlus little cheek and being loved. It was adorable. Ara rose a brow [b “Really?” ] She looked back at the natto. It wasn’t…that bad…but then again she never really ate the facility food. She did give it a try once though…definitely not that tasty but it was supposedly super healthy.

Tanner shrugged, “I could eat anything.”
“I can’t.” Klara said, shuddering of the memory of eating the crap at the facility. If she had to eat that for the rest of her life she’d rather be dead.

Ara grinned as they enjoyed there cake. Although she did feel bad Arlus was whining. She wished she could feed him some cake but he was too little. Ara smiled once he got distracted and Sylus was rubbing his hair. She would clean up the table. Tanner went to get packed. Ara watched Sylus play with Arlus. It made her so happy. They were being so cute. She would then take pictures of Arlus pretend riding Nyx. Arlus was squealing, babbling. It was so cute. She recorded it to, admiring them all.

Once Ara had it all cleaned up, she would sit down with them. Arlus was having fun grabbing hold of Sylus hair. [b “Yup, daddy’s hair is jut like your hair.” ] Ara kissed his cute cheeks.
“Is it my turn to play!” Tanner shot out, coming down the stairs and catching Arlus attention with all the noise. It even startled him. He’d stare at tanner for a moment while gripping onto Sylus hair. He gan started slobbering. [b “Oh no baby.” ] Ara giggled and went to grab a napkin and wiped it off him.
Tanner made a funny face and Arly babbled. “Your so cute, youre the cutest baby I’ve ever seen.” Tanner said, leaning in from behind the couch.
[b “He is, isn’t he?” ] Ara smiled. [b “You can play with him Tan. Right Sy?” ] Ara said meeting his eyes. Seeing ARlus this happy, cheery and looking rather healthy made her feel that things might just be okay.
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He loved it when Ara made desserts because it sure tasted amazing and making it with her was fun to do sometimes. He would eat the cookie and when she called him a cookie thief, he gasped [b "And my wife, another cookie thief!"] he laughed, following after her and then hugging her from behind. He thought her cake looked so good. He couldn't wait to taste it.

They all sat at the table, getting ready to eat as he served everyone plates. He was glad that he could rely on Tanner, but he didn't know if the facility could even do anything about Arlus' condition. He didn't want their little boy to be tested with drugs either.

Arlus caught everyone's attention as Sylus kissed his little cheek. [b "There's my boy"] he grinned and then he tickled his feet. He watched Tanner try the Natto and to his surprise, it wasn't that bad. [b "Um....I don't know. I'd say the facility food was a little better"] he laughed and then he would hear Arlus squeal as Ara took out the cake. It smelled so good and when Sylus took a bite, he'd grin [b "Mmm, this is so good Ar"] he took a few more bites and with Tanner and Klara, the cake was almost gone.

Arlus clearly saw the cake and wanted it. Sylus rubbed his hair and he would see him get distracted with the toy. He'd see Arlus pat on the table and then Tanner went to pack. Sylus would lift up their little boy and then he'd bounce him. Arlus would giggle and grip onto his shirt.

He pretended to let him ride on Nyx's back, holding him as Nyx walked around. He would chuckle and then hear Arlus babbling. It was cute to see him having so much fun. He squealed, being able to play with Nyx as he walked with them around the house. He then set Arly on the couch and would watch him, giving him his toy to play with. HE would look at Sylus and reach over to touch his hair.
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Ara did a double take, noticing a cookie missing. Did she imagine it? She looked down at Sylus, who was munching on something. Ara narrowed her eyes at him [b “Sylus, you’re guilty.” ] Ara established. She shook her head, [b “That’s my husband, a cookie thief.” ] Ara brought her one to her lips and she took the bite too. [b “Mmmm.” ] Ara enjoyed the cookie.

Ara put her hands on her hips, when she showed him her cake. [b “It does! I’m so glad you feel that way.” ] Ara said. She helped set the table. She then went upstairs to grab little Arly.

Tanner would half shrug, “Talking and some, yea.” Tanner frowned and forgot that would be a concern. [b “That’s…true. If you run into any trouble, contact me. I’ll do what I can if I’m at the facility.” ]
Ara returned with Arly. She set him down, adoring how Sylus had kissed his cheek. She ate with all of them. Everything tasted amazing and it felt amazing to sit with all of them and eat. Tanner looked so content. “It’s amazing,” Tanner said, “I could eat this everyday.” He took some more tampura. Ara watched Tanner take some Natto. She felt he’d be just fine with it considering the things he ate for the sake of not having to eat.
“It’s slimy…” Tanner stated and tried it out and he wasn’t so sure about it. He ate it and had a puzzeled look and then shrugged “Better than the gunk the facility served, that’s for sure. Not bad.”

[b “Tanner’s eat insects, and a few other things live.” ] Ara mentioned and then she started to laugh. [b “Hey Sy!” ] She whined. She moved her legs away and pouted. She then rose up and brought the cake over. Klara beamed at the cake. Arlus squealed at the pretty color.
Ara cut slices of the cake for each of them.
[b “One for you…” ] Ara began. Arlus babbled, almost thinking one would appear before him.

“I hope I do get to play with him.” Tanner smiled, looking at the cute baby. HE would really miss him too. IT was nice to be around a little cute baby, that was Ara’s and Sylus’.

When a cake didn’t appear for Arlus, Arlus started to whimper. Ara glanced over. [b “You okay Arly?” ] Ara asked. He stretched out his arms..
[b “What’s wrong?” ] Ara frowned and kissed his cheek. She tried to look at what he was so focused on. He was looking at her cake. [b “Awe no ARly…you can’t.” ] Ara stroked his hair. She then went to bring him a toy instead in his hands, hoping he’d settle for that. Ara would sit down and take a bite of her cake too. [b “Mmm, it really does tastes so sweet. I like how it turned out.” ] Ara nodded.

“Thanks for the amazing lunch guys. I really enjoyed it,” Tanner said, smiling, “I hope I get to see all of you soon again. I got to get packing but, before I leave I’ll play with Arlus a bit. Klara, uh, would you like to drive me back? I don’t want to make Sy and Ara come with Arlus.”
Ara looked back at ARlus and thought he’d be asleep by then too and didn’t want to leave him alone or wake him. SO it made sense.
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He could feel her pressing her face into his chest and he held her with his arms wrapped around her waist. Sylus didn't want her to ever blame herself for anything that happened when it came to their first baby or Arlus. He really wanted her to be confident. Arlus was doing fine right now.

She seemed to calm down, making him smile as he rubbed Nyx's back and then rubbing behind his ears. He would sigh a bit. [b "I hope so too"] he gave her a kiss and helped her up as he headed into the kitchen to work on dinner. HE felt Ara cup his face and he'd kiss her lips softly [b "I'll always be here for you"] he promised her and then he started to boil some water and add the noodles in. He tapped Ara's nose, letting the flour spread as he laughed. He then then felt her hug him, making him lean in as he nuzzled her cheek, loving her so much.

He then saw her taking over and making the dessert instead [b "Aww, I wanted to make you something"] he chuckled and then he saw her working on crumbling cookies. Sylus snuck one in and took a bite, bringing one to her lips as well.

Once she finished it, he nodded [b "It looks really yummy. You always make the best desserts"] he helped set up the table and then he saw Tanner and Klara head in. [b "Woah, you two have been talking for a while"] he smiled innocently and then he sat down and gave them all some servings of the soup. He told Tanner and Klara what happened at the appointment, saying that they didn't know if Arlus was going to be okay growing up. [b "I hope he'll be just fine, but there's so much no one knows about him. I mean...our bodies are kind of messed up"] he sighed.

HE was growing up too fast. He took a few bites of the food when Ara finished and he saw their little boy. [b "Hey handsome"] he kissed his cheek and then he gave ARa some food. [b "This is your last night Tan. Gotta make it as authentic as possible!"] he smirked and then he opened up a container of Natto. [b "Try some of that. I'm not even used to it yet. IT's kind of gross"] he told him, seeing Klara scarfing down the food he made. [b "I'm glad you guys like it"] he reached over and tickled ARlus' feet, seeing him giggle. [b "You better play with Tanner after dinner Arly. HE's gonna miss you"]
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Sylus hold and words were a comfort. She clung onto him, pressing her face into his chest. [b “I know, I can see that too.” ] Ara whispered. She closed her eyes and rested against him while be brushed through her hair. She was still frightened, but the more comfort he gave her, the more she calmed. Arlus was okay so far.

Ara wiped her eyes, looking down at Queen. [b “Yea…we want what anyone could want.” ] She’d wipe her eyes with her arm again, petting through Queen’s fur. He felt all snug in his arms. She peeked up at his eyes and pecked his lips with hers. [b “I love you…and Arlus. I just hope the cost isn’t high.” ] She half smiled. She couldn’t see that he was scared but she believed it. She pressed her forehead against his, putting her arms around him. She enjoyed his fingers going through her brown long hair.

[b “Mmm…” ] Ara nodded. She hugged him and squeezed him. She loved the affection he gave her, the kiss on her cheek. [b “We’ll do this together. As a family.” ] Ara said quietly. She would look back seeing Sylus rub Nyx. Ara smiled to him and pet Nyx too and kissed the top of her head. She loved how their pets came over. She didn’t think she could do all of this without Sy and their pets.

[b “I like that idea, but I want to help Sy.” ] Ara said, and smiled gently when he kissed her lips. She cupped his face and kissed his lips once more. [b “Thank you, for being here for me.” ] She helped Queen off her lap so she could nap on the sofa. She rose up and went into the kitchen with Sylus. She would bread the shrimp and Ara was giggling when he tickled her side. He got flour on her nose. She would tickle his side when he was distracted too. She kissed the back of his neck. [b “I’m going to make strawberry mousse cake, okay darling?” ] Ara said, always wanting to try to make it. She wrapped her arms around behind him and would rub his arm. She felt so close to him, in so many levels.

She’d would then move onto making her cake. She crumbled cookies, put into a trey. Then she made the mousse, blending strawberries. She made the gelatin portion and poured it ontop. It looked so yummy, almost as what they made for dinner. She clapped to herself. She looked at Sylus [b “What do you think? ] Ara asked. She kissed his cheek.

Klara and Tanner came in from the backyard. “Whoa it smells good here.” Tanner said. Ara smiled back at him, [b “We hope you enjoy it.” ]
“I am,” Tanner stated, seeing the tempura out and the noodles, “Oh I’m really going to miss you two cooking and baking. You should probably open a restaurant.”
Ara laughed, [b “Maybe in another life.” ] Ara take hold of Sylus hand. She spaced out for a moment.
“I’m starving,” Klara said, wandering into the kitchen.
[b “Well, let’s all sit down and eat. I’m going to check on Arlus.” ] Ara said. She washed her hands and went upstairs to see Arlus. He was quiet, but he was awake. She watched him and poked his tummy. “You’re feeling okay, right Arly?” Ara asked.

“How did the appointment go?” Tanner asked, grabbing glasses for everyone. He released a sigh, sitting down and smiled, “This place, it feels like you and Ara are really living out our dreams.”

Ara fed ARlus, before coming down with him. He was still yawning a bit. He looked so cute just waking up. Ara brought him to Sy, to see hi and then helped him in his high chair. Ara sat down with all of them. [b “Well, let’s enjoy our dinner. Sy made such good udon noodles and tempura.” ]
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