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He did want to make their little one's room as personal as possible, but he also knew that was giving away valuable information. This baby was supposed to be a secret, with no links or ties to them. Not until they were safe. [b "Yeah, we'd better keep it secretive. We can't put our little one in danger"] he smiled when she talked about desserts and making his favorite. He really did want to eat some of Ara's baked goods, but he could even see how excited Klara was about it too.

[b "I want to help though. I like being around you when you cook"] he admitted as he they soon headed to the mall. Sylus picked up a few things, but what he had for Ara was already int he works. So when he met up with the two of them, he took ARa's hand and smiled as they headed around to find a gift for Klara. [b "I think anything with food would make her happy. Maybe she wouldn't enjoy going alone, but I don't think it'll matter much. She can invite us if she wants or invites whoever"] he smiled, laughing a bit at the personal chef idea. He walked with her into a jewelry store and really liked the necklace ARa chose.

[b "It's really pretty. I think she'll love it"] he nodded and then he kissed her cheek. ARa was always so thoughtful around them and she really genuinely cared about the people of the facility. It's one of the reasons he fell in love with her. Once they got the necklace, he smirked a bit when she talked dirty. [b "Oh? Hmm, I know just the shop then"] he walked with her towards an adult shop and then they headed inside, looking around. There were a few kinky items and some clothing that pretty much covered nothing. Sylus went over to the toys and he showed Ara [b "What about this?"] he'd point to a toy, figuring Klara would like it since it was textured and it had batteries. [b "I think she'd really enjoy that. Um...would you Love?"] he wondered if Ara would enjoy something like that too.
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[b “I’d love to write their name on the wall. But I’m not so sure if that’s safe to do.” ] Ara said but she thought it would be cute too. She listened to them list the desserts they would like. It was nice to hear what they wanted, but that meant a lot of work. She felt like she was still willing to do them though. [b “It’s okay, I can do it. I don’t mind if you help either.” ] Ara said. Ara laughed a little. Klara definitely could eat it.
“I really can.” Klara promised.

All of them were at the mall. After Klara and Ara did their trip, Ara hung her arm around Sylus. She’d walk with him. [b “A reservation sounds very nice. You think she’d want to go alone?” ] Ara asked. Then she giggled when he talked about personal chef [b “Darling, she already has personal chefs.” ] She reminded. She thought about it [b “Mmm, we’ll get a reservation and something else. Maybe I’ll get her a pretty necklace too.” ] She thought about it.

She popped into a jewellery store. Ara found one with a necklace with a sapphire stone with a sun outline, in white gold. She thought it was pretty. [b “ I think, I’m going to get this for her. I know Klara doesn’t really wear jewellery but…I want to give her something that she could always bring everywhere.” ] Ara smiled to herself and then said [b “We can get her something dirty too-we all know she really likes that. I just don’t…know where to start with that.” ] She’d giggle. She figured Klara probably had more than she knew.

[ Necklace?]
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He loved the way Ara took care of him, making him relax and smile as she massaged his shoulders. He leaned in to give her a kiss, feeling much better. [b "We do. Maybe when we know the gender, we can even write their name along the walls?"] he suggested, thinking that would be cute. He did want to work on the room together, but he also didn't want to mess it up.

He asked her for his favorite dessert, smiling in hopes she did make his favorite. He loved it when she made him good food. [b "Love, you don't have to bake so much. If anything Klara and I can help too"] he chuckled, not wanting her to have to do all that work when she was pregnant. [b "Yeah, I'm sure you can eat them all Klar"] he smirked and then he slowly got up, helping Ara up and then heading up to their room.

He looked over Ara, making sure she was warm and snug and then he would follow them out, taking a seat.

At the mall, Sylus saw the two head off and he waved, wondering what he could get Ara. He went through a few different shops and picked up a few things. Some things he ordered and knew it would be delivered to their home later.

Once he finished up, he went to their meeting spot, seeing ARa and Klar waiting for him. He then smiled and held her arm as they walked around, making sure ARa was okay. [b "What should we get for Klar Love? Maybe we should get her a reservation to one of her favorite restaurants in Japan?"] he suggested, [b "Or hire her a personal chef for a day?"] he chuckled, wondering what they should do.
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She’d massage his shoulders a bit since he talkeda bout working so much. She loved how he smiled. She loved giving him love. She did like what he showed her. [b “Mmm,we can. We need to add a little something to personalize it.” ] She said and kissed his cheek. She nodded. She did want him to help. She wanted to do it together. She felt like it was important that they did.

Ara giggled [b “It’ll be your favorite flavor,” ] Ara promised. She listened to Klara suggestion and they got pretty heavy.
“We could eat them later,” Klara mentioned.
Ara sighed and felt that she would be spending a whole day baking, but that didn’t sound so bad either. Baking was fun now and then. She’d mention shopping since she wanted to go get his gift. She already chose, and she just had to really pick it up. [b “Mmm, we can. I’ll go shop with Klara for a bit and then we’ll shop together for Klara.” ] Ara suggested. She felt that would be best.
“Yup.” Klara said, and watched Sylus pull Ara up. Klara’s eyes would drop but Ara really didn’t like that much different besides a stomach that packed a bit more weight than usual. She still couldn’t believe those two were going to have a kid. She pouted to herself knowing that meant little time for her.

Ara would put on her jacket, beanie and scarf, and boots. She was all cozy in her outfit. Klara dressed up too but just put on a coat and normal running shoes. She didn’t worry about getting cold. They went to the garage. Klara grabbed the keys before anyone else could. There pets were saying goodbye to them at the door before they left.

When they arrived at the mall, Ara waved to Sylus, [b “I’ll send you a text-and we can meet up.” ] Ara said. Then she took Klara’s arm and walked with her to go shopping. Ara dropped by a place and would purchase what she had put on hold. Then she went with Klara on what she wanted to get Sylus. For Klara, it was weird. She remembered spending days with him on the bench. Even getting him a birthday gift. It felt all so strange to be living with the two of them when she had been so close to Sylus, and slightly with Ara. She got something for him too, and Ara seemed to be okay with it.

Ara texted Sylus to meet them at the foot court. She gave Klara her gift for Sylus so she wouldn’t hold onto it and Sylus couldn’t accidently sneak a peak. They’d wait together, and talk. When Ara saw Sylus she’d smile and hold onto his arm this time, [b “You’re here. Should we go eat first and then we can go shop for Klara together?” ] Ara suggested. She knew neither of them would go shopping together and leave her alone-especailly Sylus. He was insanely protective-more than usual because of the whole situation.
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He was glad that they were finally all here at their new house, with not much left to unpack. Luckily the interior decor was set up already with fully furnished rooms. Ara was amazing for setting all of that up, but at the same time, he did all he could to help her out. Ara purchased everything without his help at all. He at least wanted to make her money feel worth it.

On the couch, he felt her massaging his shoulders and it sure felt so nice and warm. He glanced up at her and would smile [b "Mmm, that feels great Love"] he smiled and then looked at the pictures. [b "Oooh, we can make a pretty wall color scheme like that. It doesn't have to be the same"] he squeezed her hand in his and then he smiled [b "IF you really want me too"] he kissed her cheek and was glad she really liked his painting. They hung it up in their room and he felt in such awe Ara praised it so much.

He then asked her for his favorite desserts. [b "Oooh cupcakes....that sounds yummy"] he did like Ara's sweets. THey were also so good ever since he could remember the first chocolate cake she made for his birthday at the facility.

He asked Klara what she wanted and then he saw her going crazy. [b "It is just going to be us three, but there's still a limit Klar"] he laughed and then he didn't seem to mind the list Klara came up with. [b "Those all sound really good"] he nodded and then he leaned into Ara more. [b "Yeah we can? We can buy each other's gifts"] he nodded and then he looked over at Klara. [b "WAnt to join us Klar?"] he asked, slowly getting up and then helping Ara up as well.

[b "I'll drive us to the mall and you two can shop together?"] he suggested, wondering what he should get Ara. He had a few things in mind, but he wanted it to be perfect.

[b "Let's go, I'll grab my coat"] he headed into their room and then he grabbed his beanie and put on his coat, waiting for ARa and Klara by the garage.
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[b “I know…I’ll handle the clothes.” ] Ara lightly laughed and then decided to massage his shoulders a bit since he worked so hard. She’d watch the pictures he showed her. She liked the last one the most, it just seemed so clean. [b “Mmm, I think either one of these will be fine weather it’s a boy or a girl.” ] She said and thought about painting. It would be so much fun and it would look amazing, and feel more personal. She’d like to add a few more other things and not just copy the image but still the same.

Ara laughed [b “Darling, you can do it with me. You won’t mess it up.” ] She’d kiss his cheek. [b “You did that wonderful painting of me, remember.” ] She reminded. She then talked about desserts and saw him light up. It made her smile to see him look so excited. She’d nod about his favorite. Generally, Sylus liked chocolate, so she figured she could always go with that. [b “Hmmm…yes, I can. If I make cupcakes than I can decorate them,” ] She liked the sound of that. Chocolate cupcakes with some Christmas feel to it, green or red cream. Klara was coming in too and sat down.

“Seriously?” Klara lit up too, “I’ll send you a list Ara.”
[b “Guys, I can’t make a whole bunch,” ] Ara laughed [b “Limit it to three Klara-at least.” ]

Klara pouted a little but then agreed, “Got it. I really miss your cookies at least. Those are easy to make right? So cookies, crème brulee, and I have this type of cake I like that I can send.”

Ara sighed [b “We’re going to pumped up with sugar aren’t we?” ] She soon laughed and snuggle into Sylus. She already thought of a gift for him [b “Should we go shopping today? I need to buy your gift.” ] Ara said. She knew she would have to go with Klara into the shop alone without Sylus at least.
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The house was perfect in his eyes and he couldn't imagine living in another one as great as this. They had already chosen a room for their little one and it was completely empty. They had a few months left to paint and decorate it the way they wanted to. Sylus was really excited to be able to set up for their baby. HE's been so excited since day one and sometimes he couldn't contain it. IT seemed like Ara was the logical one in the relationship when it came to the baby.

They had the Christmas tree all set up and even their pets seemed to agree. Nyx was jumping all over the pine needles and Queen was playing with the ornaments. IT was cute to see them having so much fun in their new house, but the fireplace quickly grabbed their attention back.

HE was glad that Klara was still living with them and seeing how excited she was made him glad she was able to stay. [b "Yeah, we still have a few things to take care of, but right now I need a break. I've been lugging furniture, luggages, and our pets all day"] he smirked, taking a seat on the couch and then pulling out his phone to scroll through images of baby room ideas. He felt ARa leaning on his shoulder and he'd wrap his arm around her waist, showing her his phone as he picked a few he liked. [b "What do you think about some of these Love? Some of them look really cute. I guess it'll depend mostly on whether their a boy or girl"] he looked at few.

[b "I really like the second one, but they all look really good. We could paint the wall....although, maybe I should leave it to you so it looks professional"] he scratched the back of his head and chuckled a bit. [b "I want their room to look really good. I might just mess it up"] he admitted.

When she mentioned making desserts, his face lit up. Ara's desserts were always his favorite. [b "Oooh, can you make my favorite?"] he asked, pouting a bit and hoping she would. [b "You can also make a festive cheesecake or some cupcakes?"] he wondered, glancing back to Klara. [b "Hey food expert? Give Ara some of your ideas of what you want to eat for Christmas since you'll probably eat like half of it?"] he smirked a bit, feeling so much better now that he was able to sit and relax.
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The house was beautiful and she just imagined the little stuffed animal. She knew they would need to go out and find it. But, she felt it was best to get that after. The three of them worked on the tree. It came out really nice. So nice that there pets wanted to tear the bottom of it apart-clearly. Ara stopped Queen. Queen would look up at her for a moment and wonder why. Ara would just snuggle her in her arms [b “You’re not going anywhere.” ] She told her. She saw Sylus taking hold of Nyx too, and then unleash him to run around the house.

“It’s a luxurious room,” Klara said. She only lived like this whenever she was around rich clients and even then sometimes. “I just need to hang my clothes and a few other things.”
[b “I need to do that too,” ] Ara said. Sylus held her hand and they’d sit by the fire. She’d lean into his shoulder and would look at her phone for a bit-with Queen still on her lap. Klara went up to fix up her stuff. Ara would peak over into the rooms he found. [b “I really like them. I think I like the last one the most. I could paint the wall.” ] She liked the sound of really painting on the wall. [b “It would be fun.” ] Ara smiled and then said [b “Darling, what desserts should I make for Christmas?” ]
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He nodded his head. He knew that ARa was thinking about things in a logical sense. He was almost daydreaming, so he was glad Ara was thinking straight. No matter how much he didn't want to be disappointed, he knew he would have to think about worst case at all times. [b "You're right Love"] he kissed her cheek and then he thought of their little baby with the dragon. [b "They're going to love it in this house"] he smiled.

Once they finished eating their pizza, Sylus went to decorate the tree. They put on the ornaments and then he would rotate the lights all over and when they finished, he clapped his hands at how great it looked [b "We did a great job!"] he smirked and then he saw their their pets going over to the tree. He chuckled a bit [b "No Nyx!"] he walked over and carried him [b "Not the tree!"] he laughed and then he sat him down, doing a few tricks with him.

He then set him down, seeing Nyx going running around the rest of their house. [b "How's your room Klar? Are you all settled in?"] he asked, holding Ara's hand and then taking a seat by the fire. Sylus was a bit tired, so he relaxed into the couch. He pulled up his phone and looked for some decor they could use to decorate their little one's room. [b "How's these Love?"]

[ baby room1]

[ baby room2]

[ baby room3]
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[b “Not yet…After three weeks.” ] Ara said, feeling a little worried things could go wrong before three months. Then buying all of that would just hurt when they’d have to return it. She didn’t want to think that way, but it was realistic. She knew she couldn’t make any promises to herself. She still wasn’t sure the reason behind the miscarriage.
She imagined there little one holding a dragon and adored the idea [b “Okay, let’s get a dragon for them.” ] Ara said.

It was good to see that they liked her pizza. She would take a bite out of it too and thought she made it really well. She let them bring the tree. She nodded [b “I ordered it online.” ] Ara said. She sighed, knowing they still had to figure out where they would keep there baby after. She didn’t want to stress, but they really needed to figure that out.

She decorated with them and in the end it came out really nice. She couldn’t reach the top of the tree but that was fine. Sylus grabbed the lights and wrapped it around. She’d take her phone and would take a picture of it. [b “We did a good job.” Ara said with a smile. There cute pets came in and Queen tried to play with one of the shiny balls at the bottom. Ara quickly pulled her back, “No Queen, that’s not for you to play with.” Nyx began running around it and trying to jump on the tree too. Ara laughed [b “I think the bottom half of our tree might get ruined before Christmas.” ]
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Even Sylus was excited to find out the gender of their baby. He really wanted to know, but of course it didn't really matter to him. He just wanted their little one to be healthy and okay. [b "Yeah, we can do that? We can head over to the furniture store over the next few days and find a nice crib and decor? We can even paint the walls together"] he smiled and chuckled a bit when she mentioned the monster. [b "Oooh, a dragon would be so cute for them"] he suggested and then they soon headed to their new house.

Sylus finished unpacking and then he grabbed a slice of pizza, feeling a bit tired, but the food tasted great. HE looked around the living room and then saw Nyx and Queen relaxing by the fire. HE smiled and then grabbed the tree, setting it up in the living room as he brought more boxes of ornaments along. [b "You did? Already? Since when? I was with you this whole time"] he chuckled and then he looked over at Klara [b "We're trying not let it get to us. One day at a time"] he told her, grabbing some ornaments and then he started putting them on the tree.

[b "I know, but I want to make sure you're okay"] he felt like if anything happened to her, he'd blame himself. He put up more ornaments at a time and then the tree started looking festive. Sylus grabbed some lights, wrapping it around and then plugging it in. IT lit up and then he smiled [b "Woah! That's what a tree should look like!"] he clapped his hands and saw how Nyx and Queen walked over, looking curiously. [b "It got our pet's attention!"] he chuckled.
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In three weeks she would find out and she felt excited to know if there baby would be a girl or a boy. It didn’t matter too much but, she’d like to know [b “Exactly. Well, I don’t want to make either room too boyish or too girly. I want it to represent cuteness obviously, and something that represents strength. Ah-I was thinking we could get a monster stuffed animal, or a dragon for them.” ] She thought about it. She wanted them to have something they’d forever be reminded of their childhood to keep.

She’d look at their room. She’d feel over the blanket and then nod, [b “It is. We stayed here quite a bit.” ] She said. He hugged her and it made her feel so nice. She was ready to start their family for at least as she could get a break for. She still wanted to work on her side project of changing things at the facility, and she would. She was going to make this happen.


Ara leaned against the counter, liking tseeing the two of them taking a bite out of the pizza she made. Klara looked satisfied. She even felt good knowing that she was like family to them. “I just hope I can stay longer.” Klara said.
Ara watching them eat pizza made her wonder if she should be making cookies too. She thought making a gingerbread house would be fun as well. She mentioned the tree and, so she would go help grab the ornaments too that she bought. She had gotten blue, purple and red-ish ornaments, ribbons and even got lights in there as well.
[b “Mmm, I got you a lot of good gifts for your birthday.” ] She said, and got a kiss on her cheek.
“That all sounds terrifying to me,” Klara said “But I’m glad you two are happy about it.” She’d look at the ornaments and wondered what they were supposed to do with them.
[b “I’m not disabled Sy, I’m just pregnant. I can still do plenty.” ] She promised. She would pick up an ornament and hang it on the tree [b “Wherever you want it darling. Just make sure you don’t put too much of one thing in the same place.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 36d 21h 19m 25s
After the next month, it was getting more noticeable that ARa was getting a larger tummy. She was showing more, but Sylus never made a comment of her being fat or anything. He was glad their little one was growing inside of her and was getting bigger each day. That meant they were doing fine as a couple.

Sylus would spend the next few days slowly packing their things. He really wanted to be able to do things for Ara so that she didn't have to lift a finger at all. HIs eyes would watch her when he came out [b "I'm really excited. We can figure out their gender and make their room really special for them. What do you think we should do Love?"] he wondered and then he looked around their home. [b "I really loved staying in this place. It was like our first home since London"] he hugged her and then they started putting their belongings into a truck.

Sylus helped clear out their home and glanced back at it once more before they left and headed to their new home. Their belongings were soon unpacked and their pets were examining the entire house. THey looked around curiously and Sylus would help move things inside, bringing in their luggages and helping Klara out.

Once they finished, Sylus headed into the kitchen and then he sat down, smelling the food. [b "Mmm, it smells great"] he smiled, walking over and hugging Ara from behind. He kissed her cheek and then he took a slice. Sylus took a bite and then he nodded [b "Of course Klar. You're like our family. You can stay as long as you want"] he was glad to have the extra protection too.

Ara mentioned the tree and then he smiled [b "Let's do it! I'll bring it in and we can set it up in the living room. You guys grab the ornaments"] he headed towards the garage and picked up the freshly cut tree. Sylus carried it inside and set it onto it's stand, looking at it and feeling pretty good. This would be the first Christmas he was going to celebrate with them. [b "My my, you're right. Another year older, we've got a baby on the way and a new house. It's going to be a great birthday"] he kissed her cheek.

[b "As long as I'm with you Ar, it'll be great. You don't need to overwork yourself. We can take it easy. A night with you will already be amazing"] he grabbed the box of ornaments with Klara and they set it down. [b "How do we do this Ar? Decorate it however we want?"]
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[b “They have been,” ] And she hoped to continue to be.
It felt like such a relief to hear that he was agreeing to her. Ara softly smiled, snuggling into him when he talked about his attention on them. [b “I love you so much too. I’m so excited.” ] She’d say to him. She kissed him softly back.

When they returned home, she’d set her bag away and remove her jacket. She got excited at the sound of Sylus suggestion.


Another month in. She would twist her waist and look at herself in the mirror and down at her tummy. It was slowly growing and she still didn’t look obviously pregnant, or well at least she could pass some of it as fat. She’d walk towards the bedroom, legs crossed, I-pad on her lap. Sylus came out of the bathroom. She lifted up her blue eyes and looked at him with excitement, [b “Sy, in three weeks we can look for the gender.” ] She mentioned. She’d look back into the room. They had already packed her computer, and a there clothes in suitcases, some a few other things packed too.

[b “I’m going to miss this place. We spend months here already.” ] Ara softly spoke, and would be reminded of how they spend their time here. Life moved on.

Soon enough, with Klara’s help they had everything packed up and moved there stuff to the new house. Ara stood near the door, there cute pets standing by her side. Ara wouldn’t lift anything, and directed them where to put the stuff. The future was already set from another company, except there baby’s room since they hadn’t done that yet.

Ara would go into the kitchen while they got everything set. She’d get their pet bowls set up, filling them up. She’d pet the top of the heads and then went onto making some pizza. She would put extra cheese, bacon, and mushrooms.

Klara would help Sylus with putting some of their belongings into their room, the painting, helping set up the pets room and even Ara’s computer. It took awhile. Her body followed her nose-the smell of pizza coming out of the oven. Ara smiled when she saw Klara come in and Sylus soon too, [b “You guys worked so hard, so I made pizza.” ] Ara flashed a smile.
“You and Sy are angels,” Klara mumbled, and going straight to the pizza as Ara rested it on the counter. “Are you two still okay with me living with you two?”
Ara glanced at Sylus and then Klara, [b “Mmm, it’s nice to have you around. You’ve been a good friend to us.” ]
“And more.” Klara mumbled and would help Ara slice the pizza up.
[b “Ahm-I was wondering, should we put up the tree today? We can decorate together.” ] Ara said. Christmas was approaching. They neve really go the chance to celebrate. Her family never really celebrated it much. Although, Alister had been messaging her about coming home to celebrate with him but she didn’t like that idea. Her eyes darted to Sylus, she’d take his hand [b “And then it’s your birthday not that far from now darling. I still have to plan something out for you.” ]
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He knew there was going to be so much they needed to think about and discuss thanks to having a child, so they had a lot to learn and prepare for. Sylus wanted to make sure their baby would grow up healthy and okay. He nodded [b "I know. Me too. We'll have to make sure we're being really careful and so far, your doctor's visits have been okay"] he kissed the side of her head and held her in.

He saw the text message and then he replied back, thanking Kiyoshi for all his help and that they would keep in touch with the facility and him. He smiled and felt a huge wave of relief, knowing the mission was a success. [b "Me too. That's one thing checked off the list. My mission with him is pretty much over, so I can keep my attention on you and our baby"] he loved the words she spoke, making his heart warm up [b "I love you so much"] he kissed her lips and helped her up as they headed back to the car.

He got into the driver's seat and then he started to head home with her [b "Yeah, she's pretty much a big kid we have to cook for"] he chuckled and then he squeezed her hand. [b "I'll make sure you go through this as smoothly as possible. If you want me to anything specific Love, just let me know"] he parked the car once they got home, Sylus thinking of things to make. [b "We can make some udon and fried tempura? Something warm sounds really nice"] he suggested, leading her into the house.

Nyx hopped over with Queen on his back as he greeted them. Sylus rubbed his head [b "Are you giving Queen free rides boy?"] he smirked and then he refilled their food and water. Sylus headed into the kitchen and started working on the soup to warm them up. [b "Did you submit an offer yet Love?"]
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