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He heard Tilla scoff and it made him laugh. He knew how hard it was guarding ARa when she wanted to protect you too. She was also such a kind person and she wanted others to cheer up and be happy around her too. He smiled, knowing that Ara hasn't changed at all. It's mostly her changing him and others around her. He thought it was nice that Payton was helping him get some time with Ara though.

He wasn't going to let this chance go to waste. He headed towards the water, hearing Tanner remind him of how ARa used to cheer for him. [b "Oh yeah, those whales. Well if you think you can beat me, I won't call you a whale"] he smirked, seeing Ara coming over. She looked so beautiful, but she did have something on her mind. He walked over and heard Tanner, making him smile. [b "We won't"] he looked over at Ara, unsure. He probably just lied.

He stood before her and then he had the brightest smile on his face. She looked so sexy right now. [b "There's definitely nothing wrong with your bikinis. You look great in them"] he promised and then he held her hands, his arms wrapping around her waist as he pulled her in close, feeling her bare skin as he met her adorable blue eyes that he loved so much.

He felt her warm lips against his and he closed his eyes and kissed her back slowly. Oh how he missed her lips and her warmth like this. He met her eyes [b "I don't really know. Maybe I'm becoming like you or treat her like how you do"] he shrugged, walking beside her as he moved along the shore. When she said that, he sighed [b "I guess she could see that I was all over you when she brought you up"] he frowned, feeling bad she found out.

[b "Payton is smart. She figured it out quick"] he felt bad. He knew he wasn't supposed to let a soul find out, but she just did. [b "I didn't want her to figure it out"] he didn't know if that made her upset or not, but as he walked alongside her, he couldn't help but look at her figure. [b "You know....I really want to just steal you away. Just like in Dubai"] he walked with her towards a quieter part of the beach, pulling her in when he didn't see anyone else in view. He hugged her and leaned in to kiss her lips again. HIs hands wrapped around her waist and then he pressed his chest close to hers.

[b "Do you want to see what you missed out on from the picture I sent you"] he asked.
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"No kidding." Tilla scoffed, shaking her head. It sounded like Sylus knew her. He must have when he was her bodyguard. She wondered why he wasn't any more or maybe it was for a short moment. She wasn't sure if she was here for a short moment. She decided to take Payton's offer to sit around instead of go out there and let almost everything free in a probably ridiculously expensive bikini.

Tanner laughed and nudged his shoulder "A college full of-what did Ara call them? Whales?" Tanner head out with them and Ara opened the door and followed. It was really warm, and they were away from Tilla and Payton. She looked down at her bikini and still wondered...
Tanner moved ahead, ["I'm going to relax-just don't do anything dirty in front of my eyes got it?"
Ara blushed a little [b "Promise..." ] she faced Sylus and was glad to see him, he looked really good...better in person. [b "Sy, is there something wrong with the bikini's I wear?" ] she had to ask. she followed him and he was splashing around. it was cute, and she loved seeing him smile like this. he came toward her with a beautiful smile, eyes watching her. she wrapped her arms around him back, feeling his bear chest against her body. Mmm...just right. [b 'I missed you so much too." ] She lift her eyes back up to him, and felt his fingers along her skin. she drew out a breath and heard his laugh [b "Isn't it... I miss you." ] She looked back for a second, making sure no one was going to come out of that house and then leaned in and kissed his lips softly, and took hold of his hand. She parted from his lips, [b "Payton told me that you're just like me. I wonder why she thinks that." ]

She walked along the beach, dragging him along. She wanted to be out of view from the house completely if she could. [b "Although...she also told me that, that she knows that we're dating." ] She raised a brow, [b "Did you tell her?" ] She squeezed his hand, missing him so damn much. Oh, he just looked so damn sexy with only shorts on. She wanted to just... [i Get your head out of it. ]
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He figured that Tilla was going to do whatever it took to make sure that Ara was safe. He knew that it wasn't her fault or anything, but he really wanted to spend some time with Ara since he didn't get much time with her anymore. He smiled, hearing she was having a rough time with her listening too. [b "Yeah Ara's a bit stubborn when she sets her mind to it"] he noticed that Payton was helping out by trying to get Tilla to stay with her for a while.

He was glad that even though there was a distance between them, she was at least trying her best to give him some time with Ara. Still, once he got dressed into his trunks, he let Tanner borrow some and could see that the other girls didn't want to be out on the beach. He glanced up at Tanner [b "I don't know. I'm the swimming champ of our college remember"] he laughed and then he walked outside, feeling the warm sun touch his skin.

He heard Tilla saying something to Ara, but he just stepped onto the sand and walked around. He raced Tanner to the beautiful blue water [b "Bet you haven't been to a beach like this in a while"] he smiled and then he headed into the water, splashing around. He waited for Ara and then he would approach her and look around. Payton and Tilla seemed to be inside, so he leaned in and hugged her close, lifting her up and then seeing how sexy she looked in that bikini. [b "I missed you. This is the best surprise ever"] he grinned happily and then he just took a moment to let his fingers feel her bare skin, his eyes meeting hers as he laughed [b "This is waaaay better than a picture on the phone"]
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"Anyone who we guard is the one that counts," Tilla figured that's where he was getting at. She couldn't help but complain about how Ara made things harder on her when it came to watching her because she didn't listen. There were many ways she knew that girl could be killed just by getting near someone-hugging was even worse. Tilla nodded "I see your point. I don't think I will ever get used to this." She sighed

Payton didn't want to see them all lovely dovey and since she had some kindness in her, she figured she'd try to drag TIlla with her, and leave them alone. Tilla looked so conflicted, but there were two of them and as long as there were two of them, Ara should be okay. She could use a break too. "Alright... I really don't want to wear..." She saw how Ara watched her when she said it. How could she look so disheartened over something like that?

[b "I have different styles of bikini's," ] Ara stated and decided to let it go. She was happy to spend some time with Sylus, and have Tilla out of view.

Tanner shrugged "I think she's going to stay. I could use a pair of shorts, Why? You want to lose?" Tanner smirked. Ara came over between the two, and patted there shoulders, "Get changed." ] She went into the bathroom herself. She had some clothes in her bag, she always had something just in case. She changed into her red bikini and pulled her hair up. She walked up and saw Payton showing Tilla the Tv.

When Ara came out, she wanted for the boys, feeling excited just to be around Sylus. Tilla locked eye contact with Ara for a second, and pointed a figure, "Don't get too close to those guys."
Ara frowned, [b "What do you mean?" ]
"I've noticed a lot of guys at the facility want to-"
[b "-Hold up! I know, Tanner and Sylus are fine." ] Well...Tanner anyway.
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He was really happy to see Ara because she was his everything and he really missed her the longer he was apart from her. He didn't even really get to talk to her much at the facility since her incident, so he was glad that she was here right now. He wanted to do a lot of things with her, but now she had a new guard that was overly protective because that was really all they knew.

He smiled at Tanner because he really did miss being Ara's guard and being able to protect her like he normally did. [b "Yeah it figures. YOu have to do well with Ara because she's the one that really counts"] he sighed, remembering that her father was the man that did all of this. He tried to relate to Tilla though, talking about how difficult it was to look after Ara.

He smiled when she talked about how Ara was just hugging strangers or just not listening. He remembered how she was even shooting people at that mall. [b "It's just because Tanner has worked with her longer. He already got used to it"] he laughed, seeing that Payton got a chance to work with him too.

Sylus heard Payton and felt like maybe this was her way of telling him to go off with Ara for a while. He'd take that chance too, so he didn't argue.

When Ara came down, he was glad to hear that they'd be staying together for a while. Maybe there was a way that Tilla could just hang out with Payton or Tanner for a while so he could get some alone time with Ara.

He smiled hearing that they'd be able to go to the beach. [b "Cool. I'll get ready. I have some spare shorts if you want Tanner"] he headed into his room, letting the girls decide on what to wear. He changed into some red and black trunks, letting Tanner borrow one before changing and then grabbing some towels. [b "Do you think Tilla will stay with Payton? Maybe we can convince her that we'll both keep an eye on Ara and she'd stay?"] he tried to think of some ideas, but Tilla seemed like she wouldn't let Ara out of her sights.

When they headed down, he waited for Ara to change, excited to have a little beach day with them. He even missed Tanner. [b "Should we have another race Tanner?"]
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Ara was so gleefully happy when she hugged him. She wanted to kiss him, she wanted to be alone in room with him. That-wasn’t going to happen with TIlla around or well-anyone but Tanner would let her go off. She went off to talk to Ethan soon after. She hoped the four of them would all be okay together.

“Anything is better than the facility,” Tanner scoffed and whispered to him, “I have to say, I miss working with you. Tilla is too controlling with Ara.” He could tell Tilla had been really frustrated with Ara too, because she will do whatever she wanted to do, which made it harder than it seemed to Ara to deal with.

Tilla sighed “A lot of the time? She never listens. She hugs everyone she sees-and goes off on her own, and tries to fight when she has no business fighting. And Tanner-no offense Tanner but he is too easy going.”

Tanner laughed, and so did Payton.
[b “Tanner’s not easy going. Not with Ara. Not from what I remember. He made me go to the bathroom, change rooms, and I’m not just talking about the public ones.” ] Payton shook his head, remembering what hell it was protecting Ara, but Ara was good practice. Ethan wasn’t that easy either.

Tilla met Sylus eyes, “I don’t know how you did it-or even Tanner does it.”
Payton locked her mouth shut. Did Tanner know? No definitely knew… That left only one person in the room that didn’t know. Payton leaned back against the sofa and rolled her head, while she met his eyes [b “I’m not shrugging you off. But, clearly, I think you should go off and help protect your princess.” ] Payton said and wondered how long Ara and Ethan would take. In some ways, Ethan and Ara felt alike to her.

Ara came down soon enough, [b “Ethan said he wants to get some work done. He said that we would be heading out for lunch together soon and then he wanted us to have a small gathering tonight and played some games –and I agreed. I think it’ll be fun.” ] Ara smiled brightly.

Tilla gave her a strong look “I don’t recommend you do that-“
[b “-But we are. So…zip it.” ] Ara shrugged, almost swearing there. Okay, so she wasn’t exactly in top notch out of her mood yet. [b “How about we head out to the beach? I’m brought my bikini! Tilla you can wear one of my other ones.” ] And she hoped she could sneak a little away with Sylus and have Tanner distract Tilla.
Payton got up [b “I’m going to stay inside, but feel free to go out by the beach.” ] And looked at Tilla [b “You could stay in with me too. I can tell by your face you don’t want to wear one of Ara’s bikini’s.” ]
Ara frowned [b “What’s wrong with my bikinis?” ] They didn’t say anything and Ara felt like bugging them about them. She swore she had good sense of style, so what was wrong with them?
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He didn't understand why Payton was always giving him the cold shoulder. She was always telling him she didn't need him, refusing to need any of his help and it made him feel like maybe he wasn't even needed. If Ethan needed him, she had to accept that fact that he was also assigned to be Ethan's guard, so they should work together.

After breakfast, Sylus cleaned up and was sitting on the couch relaxing when he heard the door. As he went to open it, he was met with a surprise. When he saw Ara, he could feel a rush of emotions just flow through him, making him smile. He really missed her and he wanted to just lean in, hug and hold her tightly. He wanted to kiss her and be with her so badly, but he didn't know how it would look to Payton, Ethan, or Tilla.

He smiled and hugged her when she wrapped her arms around him and then he grinned up at Tanner. [b "It's definitely a lot better than the facility"] he smiled brightly and then he glanced over to see Payton and Ethan coming in.

He met Tilla's eyes and then he did a quick check for each of them before hearing who she was. They had weapons, but even Sy knew what they were for. He was also Ara's bodyguard, so the more protection around her, the better as well. They all headed inside and when he heard Ara and Payton talking, he just let the two hang out as he headed over to Tanner asking about why they were here all of a sudden.

It seemed like just talking to Ethan though caused a big problem. They were both not allowing anyone to speak to each other. He laughed a little and then he saw Tanner [b "So how's working together? Isn't it fun being Ara's guard? She's pretty stubborn and won't listen a lot of the time"] he spoke to Tilla, wondering if she experienced that.

When Tanner spoke to him, he did want to come back, but he also had a mission to do. Payton cleared it up and then he wondered if he should. [b "I mean...I'd like to go. Maybe just to spend the rest of the day. I'll ask Ethan though to make sure"] he told him, looking back at Payton. [b "You do know we're going to have to work together eventually. You can't just keep shrugging me off either"] he told her.
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The flight and the very little sleep had made her exhausted but she felt exited to go see him. She had to put effort on how she looked. Just when she was about to change her mind, Tanner pulled her out of the room and Tilla, didn't look too happy. Well, she never really looked happy... Ara was working on that.
Ara knocked on the door and she couldn't but give the biggest grin. She wanted to wrap her arms around him-and well she did just that. It wasn't like she didn't give other people hugs at the facility anyway. She wrapped her arms around him tightly [b "Oh, how I missed you." ] She squeezed him tight before forcing herself to step back. She watched how he looked at her and it made her feel good.
"Business trip," Tanner smiled, "Looks like you're living the life." He then fanned himself, he wasn't used to this kind of heat one bit.

Payton heard Sylus' voice and sighed. [b "I know!" ] Payton shouted back and watched Ethan come out of his room with pants on. He looked at her and patted her back "Don't look so gloomy." She hated how readable her expressions were becoming.

Tilla eyed Sylus, almost had reached out to pull Ara back when Ara went for a hug. It had been a nightmare lightly watching over her. She wouldn't listen. Ara nibbled her lip and smirked when he said check each of you. She definitely wanted to checked throughly by Sy-maybe...later.

"I don't think so," Tilla said.
Tanner nudged her "Relax, he was Ara's bodyguard longer than you were."
Tilla frowned and backed off. Ara felt Sylus patting her down. She definitely had stuff in her bag, spray can, a blade-that she forgot to take out. Tanner and Tilla definitely had guns, but Tanner convinced her it was fine to let it be taken if needed be .Ara wanted to just hold Sylus' hand and forget about Tilla being here.
[b "Maybe not yet," ] Ara added quietly.
Tilla nodded, and said nothing more to Sylus. She wasn't a talker.
Ara sighed [b "Sorry Sy, she's shy." ] She shrugged.
Tilla shot her a look, "I'm not shy."
[b "Then, introduce yourself." ] Ara smiled and patted her shoulder.
Tilla sighed, "I'm Tilla, I'm-assigned to Ara for the time being."
Payton and Ethan reached the door and Ethan had a big smile "Ara, it's lovely to see you again. You're as pretty as I remember, come in." Ethan allowed them in and Payton watched Tilla carefully finding her familiar and feeling suspicious about her.

[b 'Thank you," ] Ara smiled back at Ethan, and walked in with everyone. There had to be six people in total in the villa now. This was too busy for Payton-and then Ara came over and gave her a hug [b "It's good to see you too. Did you have fun hanging around with Sy?"]
[b "Yea, he's just like you." ] Payton added.
Ara raised a brow [b "No..." ]
Payton nodded and whispered [b "I know your dating him." ]
Ara's eyes widened. Well-shit. She cleared her voice [b 'Not really, anyway... Ethan, can the two of us talk about the...product alone?" ]
Tilla and Payton both said "No" -nearly in synch.
Payton spoke up [b "I can't let you do that." ]
"I can't either," Tilla said strongly.
Ethan rolled his eyes [b "Calm down girls, I'll take good care of Ara and Ara promises not to do anything. I don't want a single one of you following us, understood?" ] Ethan eyed the two girls back and forth.
Payton sighed and sat on the sofa, [b "Alright..." ]
Tilla frowned and Tanner tugged her back gently by the shirt to sit down.

[b "I can't believe them sometimes," ] Ara mumbled.
"I hear you." Ethan nodded. They headed upstairs into Ethan's office and started to talk.

Payton and Tilla stood quiet, making it pretty awkward. Tanner turned to Sylus "Sy, we were wondering if you wanted to come back with us for a night."
"No we weren't," Tilla spoke up.
"We-as in not Tilla," Tanner smiled.
[b "I can handle Ethan here on my own, your free to go," ] Payton spoke up.
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He never thought he'd pick up Ara's behavior before. No one told him that that would ever happen. He always thought that he would just be himself. His eyes widened a little and then he released her, just having a smile on his face. Even if she hated him, he'd still do his best on this mission.

In the morning, he was already making breakfast, serving up plates and feeling really good because Ethan and Payton seemed to really like it. He finished eating up his food and then he wondered who was coming. A young girl? It couldn't have been another one of Ethan's friends, otherwise Payton would look really irritated.

He decided that he'd give their guest a full check. He'd make sure that they wouldn't harm Ethan at all. Maybe impress Payton too.

After he cleaned up, Sylus just sat on the couch, texting Ara [b "Where are you heading today?"] he asked, wondering after a while why she wasn't texting him. He looked over at Payton and then he heard the door after a while. Sylus walked over and then he opened it, seeing Ara, Tanner and another girl that looked familiar.

[b "Ara? Tanner? What are you guys doing here?"] he wondered, looking at Ara from head to toe. She was beautiful as always. [b " me just....Payton it's Ara"] he yelled into the house, looking back at her and letting them in. HE really wanted to just tackle her down and hug her, but he knew he couldn't with that new guard.

[b "Um...I'll have to check each of you before you can meet Ethan"] he told them, walking over and making his way to Ara. He patted down her shoulders, sides, and then made sure she didn't have anything in her purse.....but he wanted to do so much more. [b "You're clear"] he smiled brightly, feeling really excited she was here.

He did her female guard next and then Tanner. [b "Um...I'm Sylus. I'm assigned to Ethan"] he told them, letting her guard know who he was.
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[b "Either way, you've really picked up her behavior,' ] she said. she wouldn't admit it to him, but it did feel a little a bit better being hugged. it wasn't in her personality to say anything though. She head downstairs in the morning, expecting nothing short but a not so fun day. It wouldn't be too bad if Sylus did head out when Ara came though. Although, she also knew Ara came here for business too. Something about buying off a product that the facility had that was hard to get his hands on.
Food was already there, which she enjoyed. [b 'It's good.' ] Payton said and Ethan nodded to agree. Payton noticed how Sylus watched Ethan go up and hug her. She knew what was crossing his mind and she didn't believe it for a second. She was certain what Ethan felt was nothing close to it.

Ethan did his best not to reveal it through his expression, tone or words on who exactly was coming. Ara told him not to tell him and he didn't know the exact reason why but he didn't mind keeping it a secret until then. "A young girl I have some business with ,you'll see." Ethan said and when they all finished, he decided to set the plates away.

"On our guest? You could," Ethan shrugged, turning on the dish washer. Payton sighed. Why was she jealous of their relationship anyway? Sylus was stuck at the facility and he wanted to remain stuck with Ara, and Ara was definitely forever bound to that life. There was no way they could have a life together. She guessed it would be worse, to love someone like that and never really have it. [i What do I know? ] It seemed like she still had it better here. So, how could Sylus seem so happy?

Ethan went off to continue some of his work and it was just Payton and Sylus again.

When Ara got off the flight, the first they did was head to a hotel room, and then she wore something nice. She had to show up looking nice, especially since she left Sylus with that memory of her hair being in a mess and her dress because of her wind. She really hoped he didn't remember much of it... she wore a pair of high pale pink waist shorts, with a light white shirt with thin straps, golden necklace, her brown hair in gentle curls and a pale brown bag over her shoulder. Her sandals were a light cream with two straps. She did her makeup just a bit and thought she looked perfect enough to see Sylus. But wait-maybe I dress would be better? Tanner dragged her out before she could change her mind.

They took a car to Ethan's Villa. Tanner was by her side but also her new bodyguard, Tilla. Tilla appeared very boyish, with short dark hair, tanned skin and always holding a serious expression. Ara reached the door and hit the door knob, getting a bit excited.

Payton heard the doorbell and could guess. She was sitting back and then looked at Sylus. [b "Go get it, I'll go get Ethan." ] She said.
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He only gave her a hug because she looked so down and he wanted to comfort her at least. He knew Payton was ARa's friend before and she's helped him a lot to get adjusted here, so he felt like if his presence was making her feel off, he could at least try and make it a little better.

Her comment about Ara surprised him though and he felt like maybe she didn't like that hug. Noted. He shrugged [b "I don't get to spend much time with her at all. It'd be a miracle if I get an hour with her"] he sighed and then he watched her head up and he just stayed and watched TV until he got sleepy.

In the morning, Sylus was up early, taking a peek to make sure nothing suspicious was going on around them. HE didn't want to be so lax that he missed the real reason he was here for. He saw that the coast was clear, so he started making breakfast in the kitchen.

When he heard footsteps, he saw Payton up and heard her comment. More condescending jokes. Maybe she was back to normal? He smiled [b "Well I like to practice things I haven't been good at. I hope the food is okay"] he saw Ethan coming down and then he saw him hug Payton. She didn't believe him last night, but it was clear to him that Ethan had feelings for her.

He finished up and sat down, taking a bite of the eggs and dipping his bacon in the yoke. [b "Oh who's coming?"] he wondered, glancing at Payton. It couldn't have been another one of Ethan's friends....they just compromised yesterday. [b "Do you want me to do a full check? And be on guard?"] he wondered.
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Payton found his hug incredibly odd. He clearly had stayed with Ara too long because he was starting to act like her. They must be close, he might have slept with her too. That was a dangerous secret for her to know but she wouldn't resort to anything that level unless it was life or death for Ethan. She stayed stiff and blinked a couple of times [b "You've seriously got to stop spending so much time with Ara. I don't think I feel any different,"] She said. She listened to his whisper but she decided to not believe it. As if Ethan would tell him something like that even if it were true. [b "Sure..." ] She head upstairs and now more things were on her mind, and she didn't like it. She liked having a clear head. Having Sylus around was making everything complicated.

Ara woke up between her sleep and saw the message and her eyes start closing again and before she knew it, she was back asleep. Tanner knocked on the door over and over again until Ara woke up. She rolled on the bed and sat up. She got dressed and went to check her phone and it amazed her to see Sy's text. She opened it up. Apparently...she woke up after two hours she fell asleep. She didn't remember it...damn it, she missed a chance to talk to him more. Well-she had today. After she got dressed, she went with Tanner to take another flight. She didn't get much sleep because she had to take the next flight, they left at three am, and took the flight to arrive at Aruba by lunch. She got more sleep on the plane.

Payton came down, after washing up, she head down stairs and was about to look outside when she began to follow the smell of eggs and bacon. She opened her mouth, thinking it was Ethan but it was Sylus. [b "You're up early." ] She said, almost starting to think that maybe he knew Ara was coming. Ethan said not to say anything but she didn't exactly understand why.

She moved over and grabbed a piece of bacon for herself, [b "Pretty good, you make a good house wife." ] She turned her head when she saw Ethan coming down. He was ruffling his hair, eyes still squinting "I smell bacon."
Payton smiled [b "I did too." ]

He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her cheek "Morning." He let go and sat down, "Did anyone tell you, you'd make a great house-husband?" Ethan asked. Payton sighed, she was realizing that she didn't really like Ethan getting close to her.
"We're having someone stop by for lunch today, so-we should probably head out to a restaurant." Ethan spoke, still waking up.
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He was glad they were able to work things out, but at the same time, he hoped that it would work. Sylus thought of Payton as being really lucky because she was out of the facility, with someone that cared for her. She was free and he really wanted that, but the person he loved had other things to do. He wanted to be with Ara, so he had to stay at the facility or wherever she went.

He told her that he was here to help, but she always seemed to turn him down. She didn't need him, and yet he was here. Sylus knew why Ethan requested him and at the same time, he felt like as long as he did as he was supposed to, Payton couldn't complain.

She looked upset, so Sylus ended up hugging her. [b "Yeah. A hug makes people feel a little better"] he told her, leaning in and then she said something hurtful again. Did she really not like his company that much? He released his hug and then he heard her not believing him. [b "More than family. Romantically"] he told her before she left the room.

Sylus just ended up finishing the movie, seeing Ara's text. She was definitely sleep texting him while she was half awake. He smirked and then he headed up to his room. [b "Good night sleepyhead"] he smiled and then he went to bed for the night.

He wondered if Payton just wanted him to stay out of her way. Why did she feel so hostile towards him? He sighed and just tried to fall asleep.

In the morning, he would roll onto his side, opening his eyes and then getting up as he washed up. He headed towards his window, taking a peek around the villa and then he stepped outside to jog for a bit. He wanted to make sure everything was safe, so he ran around the perimeter before heading back into the living space. He decided that since he was up early, he might as well start on breakfast.

Sylus had the pan heating up and he pulled out some eggs and bacon, cooking them up as he served them onto the table.
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Payton nodded [b “Me too… I think I can do once a month.” ] It was better than four or more. She sat back and would try to pay attention but just felt all mopey about everything. [b “No, I don’t really need your help. I don’t at all actually.” ] She shrugged. She’s always managed Ethan by herself, so she didn’t see a reason for having the extra help. She would rather have Sylus be away if he was off to being lovey dovey with Ara, instead of them displaying it right in front of her face as if she hadn’t enough of that with Ethan.

She couldn’t stay anymore. She got up and Sylus strangely hugged her. What was he doing? [b “Are you hugging me?” ] She raised a brow. Tell her something? She didn’t know who the hell he was. He sounded like Ara. Ara really rubbed off hard on him. He patted her back and she was just unsure of how much influence that girl could have on him. [b “No… I’m fine, really. You’re the last person that can help right now…” ] She felt awkward in a hug. She didn’t really do the ‘hug’ thing-well besides with Ethan and even Ethan kept it to a minimum.

Payton scoffed. [i Ethan loves me my ass. ] [b “Yea, he does, we’re like family-whatever family is.” ] He pulled back and she stood there for a moment, [b “Um…okay, I’m heading up.” ] She went into her bedroom. What the hell was that hug about? As if she needed that from him.

Ara had fallen asleep entirely. Then her phone started to alert her and vibrate her underneath her pillow. She kept sleeping until unconsciously she started to think ‘That could be Sy’ and it woke her up. She rolled and squinted, finding her phone and trying to look at the screen. It was Sy… She half asleep opened it and messaged [i ‘ Me? Skeep? Nahh’ ] She hoped he would believe it.
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He was sitting on the couch, choosing a movie. He wanted something that they could just relax and watch and was funny. Sylus leaned back and when he kept his amber eyes on the screen, he then asked Payton some questions to try and start a conversation, but she didn't seem like she was in the mood at all.

[b "THat's good. I'm glad you two were able to compromise"] he told her, just trying to at least be someone she could call a friend and lean on. He heard her say that he should leave tomorrow. [b "Tomorrow? Why would I be out most of tomorrow, don't you want my help?"] he asked, seeing her soon get up to head to her room.

Sylus stood up and held her arm, holding her back a little as he stood up. [b "Um, Payton...I need to tell you something. I know you're probably not feeling well, but if there's anything you need, you can tell me to. I'll try and cheer you up. If there's something you want to do or if you just need someone to talk to"] he walked over and then he leaned in to give her a hug, pulling her in and then patting her back.

Sylus leaned into her ear to whisper something. [b "Oh and Ethan....he told me that he loves you"] he smiled and then he pulled back, letting her head up to her room. He ended up finishing the movie, but he called Ara right back for a while [b "Hey you. Are you already asleep?"] he asked.
  ellocalypse / 117d 4h 29m 26s

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