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The date went on so well. She felt content. Se loved the ring and the dinner was tasty. The view was beautiful. She loved looking out. She sat on his lap for a moment and then she’d nod. [b “Let’s go.” ] Ara said, she’d pay the bill and put her bag over her shoulder. He’d hold his hand while they made it to the car. [b “No problem.” ] Ara said.

They made it back home. She greeted their pets too, and let Sylus get them for bed. Ara went to unload her bags upstairs in there room. She’d set them on the ground for now. Sylus closed the door behind them. She held him in back, squeezing him. She kissed his lips softly while he wrapped his arm around her waist. His lips were so soft and good to kiss. He pulled her closer to his chest, and kept kissing her. She’d caress his cheek and met his amber eyes, “Should we change and then snuggle?” ] Ara asked and then would tug his beanie off. She’d remove hers too. She’d help him out of his jacket and kissed his lips briefly.

The day had been so much fun, and long. She’d take off her tights at least, in front of Sylus put it in a bun and peak over at Sylus, “So, should we get all naked or should we change into our pj’s?” ] She teased. She’d ran her finger down his shirt and prepared to get him in bed mentally. [b "But I least want to..." ] Ara would slip down her underwear down her legs, remaining only in a skirt and her top.
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He saw the bright smile on her face because of the ring that was now on her finger. SHe looked beautiful and seeing it sparkle was like they both knew she was his. He held her hand, glad she was wearing it and looking so happy with him. [b "I know. But I haven't recently and I just want to remind you how much you mean to me"] he sat at the table with her, enjoying how perfect the day was going. Sylus knew that if she was always at his side, he'd have many more days like this.

Ara would make his dreams come true because she also had the same dreams. As long as she still wanted to be with him and he was with her, he knew they'd make it happen. THey got through so much together already.

Her words made him smile uncontrollably when she mentioned he was special to her. He poured some wine, they'd share their glasses and order food with the amazing view at their side. HE kissed her hand, smiling to see the ring sparkle so brightly. HE would feel a kiss on his cheek and they'd talk and share their entrees, enjoying the night together. Once their plates were clean, he saw ARa staring out into the view. He looked over at her and held her in his lap, meeting her lips [b "Yup. Shall we head back and snuggle?"] he let her pay and held her hand, walking with her back down to the car. [b "Thanks for dinner Love. IT was beautiful"] he soon drove them back to the house, Sylus leading her inside.

He was greeted by their pets, giving them both hugs and kisses before soon sending them off to their rooms for bed. Sylus held ARa's hand, leading her up the stairs to their room, closing the door and then pulling her into a hug. [b "You made this day the best day ever Love"] he kissed her lips, his hands wrapping around her waist, pulling her closer against his chest as he kissed her.
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IT was a beautiful ring. She’d look into the gems and smile. She hoped one day that this could all be public, and that they’d always stay together. [b “You show me how much you love me everyday.” ] Ara met his eyes, and met his pretty eyes [b “I love you.” ] She was so happy seeing this ring he got for her. She thought about their future. This day was beautiful along with many days she shared with him. She knew it would mean that things would hurt a million times more if they couldn’t reach that dream or didn’t have him. But, maybe she shouldn’ be thinking like that. She wanted to live in these moments with him.

She liked being hugged and liked getting kisses. His beautiful smile and laughter made her feel really warm. She’d giggle [b “You’re my most special too. No one will darling.” ] Ara said and squeezed his hand.

They arrived at the restaurant. They were by the balcony, with a view of the city. She’d look out into the night sky. They were poured wine. She’d tap her glass with his and took a sip. Ara smiled back to him [b “This is what I’m used to.” ] She reminded [b “I want to treat you well too.” ] She said and watch him hold her hand and kiss her fingers. She felt so warm and cozy. She never wanted to forget moments like this at all.

She’d lean in and kiss his cheek. They would order together, chat. She’d let her leg fit between hers. She’d take a picture of him with the city background. She’d eat dinner with him slowly. They’d share bites. Ara would get up from there chair when she was doing. She’d move close to the edge of the balcony, getting a view of it all, seeing the signs, the full moon. Ara would take a breath and enjoy the view. She’d look around the restaurant and saw this women just looking at Sylus for quite a while. Ara would happily place herself onto Sylus lap. She’d kiss his forehead, [b “All done?” ] She asked. She’d reach for her wallet at least, to pay it off.
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Sylus was smiling so brightly as he told her she was the prettiest thing he’s seen. He was really lucky to have her as his girlfriend and Sylus didn’t want anything happening to their relationship. He knew that if she spent time with Kai all day, the distance between them would grow and he would make sure to prevent that. He saw her open up the box he gave her and seeing her reaction would make him grin. He was so proud of what he chose and he knew Are would love it. [b “I wanted to give you a more updated one, one that would still show how much I love you”] he smiled.

He really wanted to start their family together, but he knew that one day he would marry her. He knew she was the one for him and he didn’t want to let her go. Sylus hugged her close and hen he chuckled a bit and then he kissed her cheek. [b “My girlfriend is the most special person to me and no one’s allowed to take her away”] he smiled and then he held her hand and walked with her out of the mall. He looked down at her ring and he followed her to the car.

He would get into the driver’s seat and then he would take her to where she told him to go. Sylus would park the car and he would hold her hand in his, following her into the large building. He stepped inside and could tell it was high class. There were marble floors and gold railings. They headed towards the elevator and Sylus would step in.

He let Ara choose the floor and when it opened up, they were shown a beautiful lit restaurant. He followed ARa and their table was outside on the balcony, the beautiful night sky above them. They had a view of the city and the waiter brought them wine glasses and some small snacks to enjoy as they went through he menu. He would look around [b “Oh wow Love. This is so nice! You always know how to pick the restaurant”] he held her hand in his, looking at the ring and he would kiss her fingers. [b “I love you”]
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She was in awe when he said something that was so sweet. She’d smirk a little when he talked about it. [b “I do. I’m excited.” ] She saw him take outa box and she opened it up. It warmed her up to see that beautiful ring he had gotten her. [b “Awe darling. I love the ring. I didn’t need another one but I love it very much.” ] It was so pretty and it definitely suited her.

[b “I might.” ] Ara said and dreamed of the day they could. She loved how they weren’t both shy about their dream together. She was in awe. [b “I know, we will.” ] Ara hugged him tightly back. Ara tilted her head and thought about it [b “That my boyfriend spoils me, that he’s makinga promise to me…yes that too.” ] She giggled. She felt like they were already were permanently together. Ara nodded [b “You want to eat right off the bat? We just finished ice cream.” ] Ara reminded, and felt quite full. She suppose it would take a while for the food to be ready. [b “We can go and eat, I saw this place by the water that I’d think you may like.” ] She said.

Ara looked back at her ring and smile [b “I’m going to send this to our friends.] Ara took a picture of it and would send it, feeling quite happy with it. They’d finish with the mall. She needed to sop for other things but she’d give it another day. If Sylus agreed to go to another restaurant, she’d direct him with the gps.Naturally, she’d pick something high end.
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He sat with her, eating their ice cream. He'd take a scoop and put it into his mouth, smiling and just enjoying what a perfect day it was. He was having so much fun being with ARa, so in love with her and it was making him realize how much he wanted to be with her, no matter how long it took.

[b "We are. But you're still the prettiest to me"] he held her hand in his and would stay close as they talked about dinner. HE did want to just snuggle up to her side, kiss and hold each other. [b "I do mean snuggling....but remember, I promised you that you can take my clothes off too?"] he smiled and then he reached into his back.

He gave her the ring and he opened up the box so she could see it. [b "I wanted to get another ring to show my promise that I'm still planning on marrying you one day Love"] he looked over the rose gold ring with the diamonds weaved through it and he saw her reaction. He grinned [b "I'm glad you love it"] he leaned in to kiss her lips. [b "If you want you can? But we will get married one day and start our family"] he hugged her in his arms.

[b "I wonder what they'd think when they see it. I'd propose to you again and again until you're finally mine"] he smiled and finished eating the ice cream. [b "SHall we head out soon? We can eat somewhere and show off that new ring"] he stood up and hugged her once more, holding her hand in his.
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Ara took a seat with him and they shared the ice cream together. It tasted good and it felt good to be spending a fun and relaxing day with each other. He leaned into her and she giggled seeing that there were stealing glances. [b “Yes, we do. We are such an attractive couple.” ] She’d smile and admired him. She knew they looked good together. They were adorable together. [b “Mmm, alright.” ] Ara nodded, figuring dinner by the water would be nice again for him. She did like the idea of just snuggling with him. He’d kiss her cheek, his leg wrapping around hers. She felt so in love.

[b “By snuggling…do you mean the other thing too?” ] Ara asked. She rose a brow [b “You did?” ] Ara asked, seeing him grinning. Now she was realy curious. She saw him pull out a box. Her eyes widened. She took the box and opened it up. It was this beautiful delicate ring. It put her in deep awe. [b “Oh sy…” ] Ara looked back at the ring and then at him and then back at that ring. It suited her so well. Her eyes warmed. [b “Thank you.” ] Ara said, looking up at his eyes, [b “It’s beautiful. I really love it.” ] She’d fit it on her finger and smiled at how it was something she would buy on her own. He made a great selection.

[b “I love it so much.” ] she repeated and took his hand, [b “And I love you so much.” ] Ara looked at the box and looked up at him and wondered just how much he spent. She realized she had nothing to be concerned about. She was happy and she loved the ring, not able to stop looking at it. [b “It’s so pretty… I want to keep the promise too.” ] She said and thought [b “maybe I should get you a ring, so we look like we’re married.” ] Ara giggled and then would kiss his cheek. One day. She felt so good and warm. She'd feel over the ring, the stones. [b "Mmm...I'm going to show everyone." ] She decided.
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He drove them to the mall and when they headed inside towards the shop, Sylus was smiling at the sight of ARa swinging their arms together. He would walk into the store and let her choose out some clothes for him, always loving the styles she picked. She was the one that really showed him how to dress. [b "I want to match more"] he smiled and then when they bought it, he would put the beanie over his hair, flattening it down a bit.

Sylus went off to pick up what he bought for her, heading back to the ice cream shop to meet up with her. He saw the flavor she picked out and he nodded [b "Ooh, that looks yummy"] he sat with her and then he would take bites, offering some to her as well.

He would take a bite, look around and then he leaned into her [b "See everyone's looking at us cause we match"] he chuckled and then he thought about dinner. [b "Hmm, we can just eat out together. Then we can go home and snuggle. I just want to spend the rest of my day with you"] he told her, kissing her cheek and then wrapping his leg around hers. [b "Love. I bought you something too"] he had a grin on his face. I know it's been a while since we've spent time like this, but ever since we got together again, I kind of.....want to renew a promise"] he pulled out a box and then he gave it to her. There was a [ ring] inside. He smiled brightly [b "I know I gave you one before and you still wear it, but I want you know...I'm still going to keep that promise"]
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[b “Me too.” ] Ara spoke softly.
Sylus drove them to the mall. She’d walking along his side, swinging their arms as she usually did with him. She’d go into a shop and drew out what she had in mind for him. IT made her grin seeing him try it all in. He looked so cute. She giggled [b “We will match more.” ] She said, even if they already did. She’d went to buy it for him, feeling content she bought him a jacket and beanie. She wanted to be wrapped up and warm whenever he went out.

They’d stop by toget ice cream. She’d watch him go off. Flavour? There were so many choices. She’d nod and try to pick it up and went with hazelnut flavor. Sylus didn’t take too long. She smiled when she saw him returning to her. [b “welcome back.” ]Ara smiled and would showed him the ice cream she picked. She’d sit down with him and share it. It tasted so good. She’d eat slowly and watch him.

Ara set their bag on the ground beside her. She saw him in the beanie she just bought and smiled. He just looked so good. She was glad he liked what she picked out for him. [b “For dinner, do you feel like doing something or just going out to eat?” ] She asked, wanting some direction. She had a list of things they could do and a place they could eat. [b “or both?”] Ara tilted her head. She’d stretch out her legs and played a bit of footsy underneath the table.
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He loved their pets so much. They were their precious babies and he wanted them happy. Nyx was with him for the whole month he was alone in Japan waiting for ARa. He was buddy and he loved him. Queen and Ara were already just a part of the family.

He held her in his lap, pressing so close to her as he kissed her lips, smiling so brightly. He saw their pets climbing on them and he'd hug them, setting them down as Sylus began to clean up. He saw Nyx following along and he'd put the things in the trunk. He'd lift him into his arms and set him in the back as he drove them home.

He smiled when Ara said she wanted to take the reigns. [b "I love anything you do for me Love"] he drove them towards the mall and then he held her hand, walking with her inside. Sylus would keep his eyes on the surroundings, swinging his arms with hers. He'd chuckle a bit and then following her into a shop as he let her look for clothes.

He would stay at her side, seeing her picking out a few things. Sylus would watch her, seeing what she picked out and then he smiled. [b "That looks pretty cool"] he'd put on the beanie and the jacket and then he showed her [b "It's comfy and warm. I'd love them"] he hugged her and kissed her cheek. [b "I'll wear the beanie out too so we match"] he walked with her to pay for the items, grinning and then stepping out with her. He held the bags and then he walked with her towards the ice cream shop. [b "Love, stay here and pick out what flavor we should share, I'm going to use the bathroom really quick"] he told her, heading in the other direction.

Sylus went to pick up an order from one of the shops and then he hurried back to where Ara was, sneaking up from behind her and then wrapping his arm around her waist. [b "I'm back"]. He kissed her cheek, seeing a few guys nearby taking a glance at her. He ignored them for now [b "What should we share? blueberry chocolate chip? Maybe a chocolate fudge sundae?"] he suggested, going to the counter to order and then finding a seat for them to relax and eat together.
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There pets were there babies. She adored seeing them running around and looking so happy. She felt so content with everything. His arms were warm. She loved holding onto him and sitting on his lap. [b “You are.” ] She giggled and kissed his cheek. She snuggled in. Queen went on her head, Nyx tried to join in. [b “They do.” ] Ara laughed.

Soon enough, she helped Nyx off her lap, and Queen off her head. She sat up and started to help gather things up. Nyx began biting on the blanket for fun. Ara had managed to stop him before he made a mess of things. He’d look so excited to get attention and thought she came over to pet him. [b “Of course darling.” ] Ara said. She’d help pack things up. She’d let Sy hold the stuff, and she would pick up Queen. Nyx followed Sylus along.

[b “I take the reigns. It won’t be as nice as all of this but, I’m going to try.” ] Ara said. Nyx listened to Sylus and got helped into the back seat. Ara put Queen in. She went into her seat and then they dropped off there cute pets. Nyx and Queen went to eat. They were distracted by the food that they almost missed Ara and Sylus leaving. [b “Mmm, I’m ready.”] Ara said in the car.

They arrived there shortly. She was holding his hand inside the mall. She’d swing there hands and would purposely go the direction of the shop she wanted. She’d stop by if Sylus saw anything. She’d go into a clothing shop. It had sweaters, really warm clothes for winter. She found this jacket she’d like for Sylus, and a beanie that she really wanted him to have. She thought it woud just look cute if his hair stayed down. She’d show him the dark brown jacket and beanie [b “DO you like them? I’d love to buy them for you.” ] She had these two things in mind before.
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He saw her looking over at their pets and he was smiling, loving to see all of them have so much fun. Sylus hugged her close and leaned in, giving her a sweet, soft kiss. She was his everything and if she weren't here, he'd probably still be that heartless killer he was back then. At least being around her kept his sane.

HE told her that they should go shopping together soon and then he would feel her lips on his. He smiled and pecked her lips once more, loving every second he could have with her. [b "No, I'm your knight in shining armor remember?"] he chuckled, hugging her close and feeling that warmth in his chest spread. HE didn't think he could last a day without her.

HE leaned into her hand and then he saw Queen leap on Ara and then Nyx jumping up as well and Sylus caught him. He rubbed the top of his head [b "You two want to join in the hugs huh?"] he laughed and soon helped Ara up. HE grabbed all of their belongings and slowly brought them towards the car, coming back and then kissing Ara once more. [b "You're getting me more things? Can I know?"] he wondered and thought about dinner.

[b "I don't have plans yet, so if you want, we can plan it together? Or you can take the reigns?"] he held her hand, leading her back to the car and then calling their pets over. HE set Nyx into the back with Queen, soon heading home first so they could drop off their pets.

Sylus let Nyx and Queen into the house for now, refilling their water and food bowls before going back to the car. He leaned in to kiss Ara [b "Ready Love?"] he then backed up and headed towards the mall with her.
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It was good to see there pets having some fun in the outdoors. She giggled [b “They do…I love our cute pets.” ] She’d feel him press his nose against hers, and then plant a kiss. It was so sweet. She kissed him softly, feeling the love radiating.

[b “We should.” ] Ara said and thought about ice cream [b “Mmm…ice cream would be nice to share.” ] She said, She’d hold him. He took her hand and kissed the back of it. [b “You’re such a prince.” ] She giggled. She watched the way he look at her, and it was such an amazing feeling to be looked at that way. With such love. Hehugged her close. She heard his whisper and it filled her up. [b “Me too…” ] Ara whispered, moaning slightly when he kissed her ear. It was good to see him smiling this much. She’d caress his cheek and look at him with such love. Then Queen leapt onto the top of her and Nyx chased, leaping toward Sy and Ara.

[b “Guys!” ] Ara laughed. She’d then look at Sy again [b “Should we get up?” ] Ara suggested. She’d want to stay here forever but she wanted to have time to shop with him too. Nyx would lay on his back on Ara’s lap. Ara went to rub his belly. She wanted to get something simple and useful for Sy. She’d cup his face after and kiss his lips. [b “I’m going to get you something too…and did you plan something for dinner? Because if you haven’t. allow me.”]
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Sylus was really happy that he was able to have this day to just be with her and have her all to himself. The last time they fought, it never really was resolved. THey didn't really sit down and talk it through about the fact that she was still upset about the past and he was too, but he was glad they could rekindle right now.

He leaned into her, taking bites as she fed him and he'd lean in to kiss her cheek. HE loved seeing their pets roaming around and having fun. They haven't been out much lately since Sylus was busy. He held her on his lap, seeing Nyx walk off, finding something more interesting. He would meet her lips, feeling so happy being with her as he fed her a strawberry. He took a bite and then he leaned into her, resting his head against her shoulder as he enjoyed the warm breeze.

[b "I'm really enjoying today. I missed spending so much time with you Love"] he saw Queen with the ducks and then Nyx pouncing over as well. They were so curious. [b "I'm glad they're having fun too. They deserve it"] he brushed her hair behind her ear, smiling as he pressed his nose against hers, kissing her lips.

[b "Shall we go shopping after this Love? We can head over to the mall. Maybe share some ice cream and look around?"] he wondered, lacing his fingers with hers as he pulled her hand up to his lips, kissing the back of her hand and smiling up at her. ARa was always like a ray of sunshine to him. SHe lit up his dark world that was pulling him into the Yakuza. He hugged her close once more, whispering into her ear. [b "I'm so lucky to have you in my life Love"] he kissed her ear and smiled so brightly, feeling so giddy being around her.
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It had been a while since she had gotten a full day with Sy. She felt so good. The scenery was breath taking and she had the best person next to her. [b “Me too.” ] Ara said softly. She fed him and he fed her too. He was cute when he laughed. How much she adored him. She felt very relaxed. His lips were so sweet to kiss.

Watching their pets mad her smile. They were really funny. They were still little even if they were visibly getting bigger. Ara picked up Nyx so she could sit on Sylus lap. Nyx would watch and still to stack on top of Ara’s lap. She thought it was adorable, so she’d allow him too. Still, she had her arms around Sylus and when Nyx hopped off to roam around, she held onto Sylus tighter. His arms wrapped around her, pulling her close.

She’d kiss him softly, feeling so in love. Hearing those words made her smile and just squeeze him tight. Sh’ed take a bite of the strawberry he brought to her lips. She’d kiss his neck after, resting her head on his shoulder. [b “So much fun…I feel really happy.” ] She’d close her eyes for a bit, just sitting and relaxing with him. This moment felt perfect. She’d then went to kiss his lips warmly again out of love. She’d feed him a strawberry, watching him take a bite. She’d imagine having a little toddler with him one day, and feeding him a strawberry too. One day, they could have a life where they didn’t have to hide themselves.

[b “Mmm, darling. This date is so good.” ] She said and looked out at the ducks ahead. Then she saw Queen going toward the pond. She started chasing after a duck that went on the ground. It was funny but also concerning. Nyx saw and he decided to join the fun until the duck flew away. Ara was laughing [b “They’re so cute.”
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