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Ara gently smiled [b "I know, but you can count that I'll do my best to keep myself safe too. I want to make it as easy as possible for you and Tanner." ] She wanted to make sure both of them were alive, caring so much for them.
Her father always seemed to get on her nerves, and she couldn't help it. She hated that she was related to a monster. And then... The questions came, about Sylus. The second this was over, she was going let herself throw up because she was scared to death of what might happen to Sy.

[+red "That's unfortunate. I'll discuss with Shawn if he has any input on your placement after graduation." ] Her father said, not sure if Shawn knew about this. He figured, since he was a friend, he'd give a small favour if he needed to.

Ara's whole body tensed. [i I shouldn't have shut Shawn out. ] She could have try to manipulate him into accepting Sylus just a little tiny percentage. [i I have to do some begging don't I? ] She cleared her throat and found her words again to talk. It looked like he was annoyed...maybe too annoyed. [b "Okay, we can talk about other...things. I just thought you were too busy to talk to me." ]

[+red "I am, but I will make an exception this once for you. Do you feel safe?" ]
Ara frowned [b "Most of the time. I don't feel a threat to my life if that's what you meant. Tanner, and Sylus has always gotten me out of any situation I put myself into with ease." ]
[+red "Sylus has been acting as your bodyguard?" ]

[b "Sometimes. He acts as my bodyguard when Tanner is away. He extremely injured Robert..and I did a little. Clyde, who is also on this mission will occasionally watch over me as well. ]
[+red "I saw what happened to Robert. Notify me if there's another issue like this, but there not better be another issue or it will be on your bodygaurd's head. I don't my little girl to go through that." ] His expression softened a little for the first time, in ever.
[b "Since you care so much about me?" ] Ara cleared her voice.
[+red "I've always cared, and I have always loved you. It shook me when I saw what had happened to you. I don't want to lose you too, your brother doesn't either." ]
Tanner's expression almost cracked, cause never has he even heard the man actually sound this nice to Ara.

[b "Oh...well I hope can prove it to me. Because, I don't see it and I can't love you." ] She said it and didn't regret it.
He sighed [+red "I'm aware. You make that very clear." ] His eyes directed back to Tanner and then to Sylus [b "May I count on the two of you to handle Roark? Someone that I know notified me that Roark did some public display of kissing with Ara. Remove him or give him a lesson when you take away his leadership." ]

[b "You're going to take over Roark's company?" ] Ara leaned in.
[+red "Yes." ]
[b "It's not a good idea. Roark's little company is chaotic. They've alerted police force too often, and making it way too difficult to cover up each and every time. Everyone working under him can't follow orders or use the drugs themselves. They're unreliable." ] Ara decided to take a bite out of her brownie.

[+red "We'll do some cleaning of the staff." ]
[b "That's too many people to go through." ]
[+red Are you suggesting we keep him alive?" ]
[b "I'm suggesting to either shut it down, or let it continue to run separately but buy off a couple of spies to ensure you have full control of it in secret. ] She hoped that they would just shut it down.
[+red "that could work. What's your bodyguards take? Is my daughter's plan any good?" ] He asked the two.
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He was only doing his best to make sure that he was well trained body guard. HE didn't want to disappoint her father, but more so he didn't want to disappoint her. IF he went went and screwed up, he probably wouldn't ever see Ara again. He couldn't have that. [b "Well if I become your guard Ara, I'll have to make sure I protect you well. That means not taking any chances because your safety will all depend on me"] he told her, having a smile on his face. He wanted to try and calm her down too.

When the blood rushed to her face, Sylus could tell she was mad. She could be honest in front of her dad and that was the part he liked. Whether she was afraid of him or not, Ara always put how she felt first. He heard her defending the kids at the facility, but it didn't seem like her father cared about any of them at all. They were all disposable in his eyes and he felt like no human should even be thrown away.

When he asked him about Shawn, he agreed and told him that the man was his father. [b "My mother sent me to the facility thinking my father would look after me"] he told her father and then wondered if Ara said anything about him meeting his father in her reports. [b "I was sent to the facility and they just accepted me. I'm unaware of how that process works"] he told him simply. IT wasn't like he was interested at this point. He was a soldier now and clearly his father doesn't give a damn about him, so oh well. HE'll try and live his own life.

Ara spoke and when her father asked if they were close, he tried not to look shocked or afraid. HE took a bite from the plate of ARa's food and a sip of her drink. IT was all fine.

THe way her father sounded, it was like he wanted to speak with Ara more. Was it all a lie? Was he trying to be a genuine father again? HE wasn't sure. Ara seemed like she didn't care, but wanted to inform him of the mission. Would her father even listen? He looked a little frustrated with Ara. Sylus kept at Ara's side with Tanner, listening in on the area. He did catch a few wandering eyes, but nothing to be alert of just yet. HOpefully Ara and her father could at least talk about what they both wanted.
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It was a little odd having Sy behave more like a bodyguard. Although, when she thought about it. If she was in danger, and Sylus jumped in to safe her and had to get hurt...what would stop her from trying to protect him instead, or Tanner? At least Tanner...never reacted to a situation that would seriously harm him.
[b "They are... Tan always does, he always makes sure he doesn't do anything that makes me extremely worried for him too. But, I don't think I'm that hard to protect, I don't get attacked often. It's pretty safe so far." ] Ara shrugged, but knew it would get more dangerous for time. She ate her food, and felt her body relax a little when Sylus wrapped his legs around her.

She felt the blood rush to her face, and slightly heat up at the sound of downgrading the kids at the facility. Her fingers curled, but she kept them on her lap, squeezing her own had a little too tight. It didn't matter if he remembered what she used to like, or that he mentioned her mother. He was still a monster, and still hurt the people she loved and cared about. She didn't see him as her father, but she knew what reaction she'd get if she used 'dad.'

Her throat locked up. Why was he focusing so much on Sylus? What if Sylus said something wrong or just finding out that he was Shawn's kid would be a problem!?

Her Father kept a steady posture, his eyes never wavering from Sylus. He tilted his head a little and a raised a brow, [+red "I believed you were with your mother." ] It was odd. He knew Shawn split from his wife, but never knew the reason and didn't even know Sylus was in the facility. [+red "Aralyn has met up with Shawn over this visit, you must have crossed paths. I read my daughter's reports, you were in the same party. Although, that's family matters, I'm not interested. I'm more interested in how did you end up in the facility? You shouldn't have been put through the system." ] He waited for Sylus to respond.

Ara felt the switch flip off in her head, [b "We have files on Sylus. We have files on his family. You should know this." ]
[+red " I don't waste time on reading guinea pig files. I'm not aware of who comes in. You sound fired up, are you close?" ] He asked, and saw the food come in.
Ara tensed up. Now she was going to throw up. She could no way in hell let him know that. [b "No, we're not, I like doing background information on the people I work with. ]

[+red "How strange...I wonder if Shawn is aware of who and where you are. I'll speak to him. " ]
[i Shit... Shit. SHIT ] Ara stared down at the dessert, not sure if she could stomach it. ]
[+red "Ara, I want you to enjoy it. While we were over the phone, I realized we do need to speak to each other more often. You still are my daughter after all." ]

Ara wanted to roll her eyes but kept it to herself [b "Yea... but I want to talk about this mission." ] Her father sighed, hoping that he'd try doing the 'normal conversation' thing but he didn't think it would work and he didn't know how. Ara was too difficult to handle.
  Ravenity / 226d 12h 39m 22s
He wasn't surprised to hear that her mother looked just like her. Ara was pretty, that meant that her parents were probably decent looking. With the way she described her mom, he imagined her to be like an angel. Maybe too much that it made his own father want to leave him and his mother.

He hated seeing that frown on Ara's face though. He didn't want her to be so sad and worried because of him. IT just wasn't fair at all and he didn't want her to think he was doing this on purpose or anything. At the table, he was eating her food, but then she caught him. [b "Well no one's ever gotten to you because your guards are well trained and they know what to do. Just like how Tanner always protects you"] he told her and then he wrapped his leg around hers.

When they were driven to the cafe, Sylus stayed at her side with Tanner as they watched her father soon coming in. He looked like a normal man with brown hair and hazel eyes. He did look intimidating with his guards though. HE could see why Ara and Tanner were afraid. It did make him question though why he needed guards. Was he important? Was Ara really important? He didn't really get it, but maybe her dad was someone more important at the facility.

Sylus said what he thought, but said that she was cautious so it wasn't all a bad thing. When he heard that he genuinely cared about Ara, he was shocked to hear that he called them disposable. How dare he! Sylus could feel his blood boiling, but then he managed to calm himself down. Not now Sy.

He knew he was nothing more than a test subject, but lately he felt something different from the way that Ara treated him. He felt....special to her.

They argued and her father seemed like he was hiding something. Sylus kept his vision on the cafe, looking around and attempting to try anything Ara ordered before it came to her. Sylus has never seen her relationship with her father, but he could tell why she didn't like him.

When her father squinted at him, Sylus met his hazel eyes with his amber ones and then he heard the question. He was about to answer, but then Ara spoke. He was going to let Ara answer, but when her father spoke, he nodded. [b "Yes, I'm Shawn's son"] he told him. Sylus kept a straight face, not really caring what that had to do with anything. If his father was friends with her father....and he was here at the facility with Ara....maybe that wasn't a good thing. Still, his father never helped him at all and he hated that man.

[b "I haven't seen my father since I was sent to the facility"] he told him and didn't make a face. Sylus felt angry, but he didn't show it. He didn't see why lying would do any good either. What did his father have to do with anything? Would that get him to be ARa's guard? That would be the first time knowing him would have helped him out.
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[b "My mom did look a lot like me. She had brown hair and blue eyes... " ] Ara smiled. After she was gone, it felt like she had grown up without a family. Shawn...had helped her when she was alone, or upset when she was young, and it still hurt knowing what he really was like. She worried...for Sy.

Ara still had a long frown on her face. She nodded, and hoped that he did well enough. She caught sight of Sylus trying to eat her food. She knew exactly what he was doing. He was trying to be all bodyguard like. [b "Oh really? ] She laughed and then she sighed, [b "Guarding me without any other supervision is pretty easy. I've never really had anyone get to me." ] She shrugged. She felt the touch of his leg, and it made her smile a little. She liked this closeness with Sylus.

They arrived to the cafe, that was in a smaller town. It was beautiful in her eyes, slightly rustic with floral around. She felt sick sitting there though, waiting for her dad to come and maybe ruin the rest of her life even more. Her father's cold expression normally had people back away. She always saw people who didn't even recognize him afraid to approach. Smart... He was starting to grey a little, but looked well for a man for his age. There were times she looked at him and it would even send a chill down her own spine. She...was afraid of him.

He waited for Sylus to speak, listened and met Ara's eyes again.
[i Slow? ] Tanner...had said worse things, but he also said some good things.
[b "I had to, otherwise it would get suspicious." ] Ara explained.
[+red "Understandable, I heard you were undercover and I don't want you risking your life. Ara, I have never told you this. I want you to be safe. I'd rather have you fail a mission than have you hurt." ] His voice never faltered.

Ara narrowed her eyes slightly. Since when? [+red "You mean, how if I don't kill someone...I won't get hurt or tortured?" ] She smirked slightly. [+red "Or if...this mission fails than the people working with me get killed for failing?" ]

[b "That's different. They're only guinea pigs, disposable. Those are the consequences of failing." ] He stated.

Ara scoffed, her blood boiling. [b "Then it goes back to, you don't care if I get hurt. I'd rather get hurt than fail and have people who help me die. If you cared, than you'd let everyone and me pass. But I didn't call you hear to talk about that. I need to know what's the plan for Roark. No, details left out." ]

Her dad sighed [+red "Ara, I can't let you in on the information." ]
[b "Yes, you can, and you will. Because I can do things to make it real difficult to get what you need." ]
His body became stiff [+red "If you weren't my daughter-" ]
[b "-You'd kill me. Now, tell me." ] She kept her tone quiet but oh, how mad she was.

[+red "You are... but I've already ordered ahead, and we can calm down first." ] He said. Ara didn't want to spend another second hear but she knew she had no choice. So she just nodded.

[+red "Did you have a full breakfast?" ]
[b "I had one..." ]
[+red "I ordered those brownies, marshmallow and..." ] He tried to remember, his bodyguard leaned in and whispered, [+red "With the strawberries. I remember you were really fond them when you helped your mother make them" ]

Her throat locked up...Did he just? He never mentioned her mom.
Her father than squinted a little at Sylus [+red "What's your name? ] He saw little features that seemed a reminder of someone.
[b "He's Sylus." ] Ara cleared her voice a little.
[+red "Sylus...? I knew a little boy named Sylus. He was my old friend's son. You can't be...?" ]
Ohhh shit. Ara opened her mouth but her dad gave her a hand gesture to stop, because he didn't want to hear it from her.
  Ravenity / 227d 5h 29m 57s
He saw how upset and worried she looked and Sylus felt really bad. He never meant for her to worry so much. He just didn't want to skip the chance at her father seeing what a great guard he could be for her daughter. [b "I can imagine. I bet she looked just as pretty as you did too"] he smiled and was glad that she would have introduced him to her family. But since her dad was apparently dangerous, he could see why she wanted to him away.

He hugged her and smiled when she came down. She always did look stunning to him in anything she wore. He loved her. As they drove to the diner, Sylus sat down and he could tell that ARa was really nervous about this, making him feel a little nervous too. [b "I'll do my best and only answer if asked"] he promised and then he started eating his food, taking a bite of his breakfast and then he would do his best to try and taste some of Ara's food.

He thought he was being really sneaky, but when she caught him, he shook his head [b "I don't know what you're talking about"] he said innocently and then downed her food. There didn't seem to be anything wrong with it, so he let her eat. [b "No not really. I just want to make sure my guarding skills are on point"] he told her, wrapping his leg around her own to relax her.

He heard that Tanner was coming and then he finished his food and water. Leaving it all to Tanner sounded like a good idea too. He didn't want to mess up even if he was given the chance to.

When Tanner sat down and ordered some food, they were all preparing to leave. Ara looked upset at him, but Sylus told her it was his fault for not telling her anyway. THey soon pulled up at the cafe and Sylus was getting nervous, but he didn't show it. He followed Tanner and stood at Ara's side, his eyes looking around the building discreetly and listening for anything suspicious. Sylus looked at her father when he came in and eyed his guards.

[b "Yes Sir"] he spoke and then he heard her father looking at him and asking a question. [i Shit. Why not TAnner?] he thought, but took in a deep breath to focus. [b "She's moving at a slow and steady pace. She's very precautious, which takes more time to complete certain objectives, but we should be completing the mission soon"] he spoke, his eye contact on her father. HE didn't look at Ara at all and kept a straight face. He didn't want to give a hint of his feelings towards Ara or trying to sympathize with her either. Short and straight to the point.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 227d 9h 44m 43s
Ara failed to meet his eyes, and gave a low nod instead. [i He definitely on the list to become the next devil. ] [b "My mom...was a good person. She was kind, and I bet she would loved you." ] Ara lightly smiled. If only she were she'd know what would she be like now, or if she would have stopped her dad.

She hugged Sylus so tightly, like it would be the last time she would get to hug him. She loved kissing his lips, and loved how he looked at her. To think that she wasn't this close to him before. That she only saw him force himself to smile around her because he wanted to try. She loved Sylus this way, happy, with her.

She got dressed and she met his eyes, noticing how he smiled at her. It ached... [i I don't want to let him go. ] She took hold of his hand and sat in the car, until they got to the diner. She felt sick to her stomach. [b "You can't disappoint me... I'll still love you but, you can disappoint whose coming. Try not to speak at all if you can avoid it." ] The food came in, and she got lost in her thoughts. She picked up her fork, spaced out and she heard slight noise of movement she turned her head. [b "Sy..." ] She sighed and then laughed [b "What are you doing? Tanner taught you that didn't he..." ] She stared down at her food. She would sometimes catch Tanner do it, and...that usually meant there was a threat or he was on high alert.

[b "You don't have to do that secretly." ] She shrugged, but it always made her know she should keep an eye out too. [b "Umm... though, is there a reason to be on high alert today?" ] She raised a brow. She figured since her dad's bodyguards were around that they had more enough coverage, and who would know she was here anyway? She felt pretty safe in that sense.

She tucked her hair behind her ear and shrugged [b "I'm stressed... I hope so." ]
She got into her food, and soon enough her phone buzzed.
'Location' - Tanner.
Ara replied and gave him the address.
[b "Tanner is coming." ] She said and finishing her eggs and bacon. She watched Sy, [b "Let Tanner do most of it okay? me Aralyn. Not, Ara. You could...but it's better that you don't." ]

Tanner came through eventually and took a seat [+blue "Are you both ready?]
Ara glared at him [b "You should have told me." ]
[+blue "I didn't know you didn't know until...night and you were passed out. ] Tanner shrugged.
Ara still glared at him [b "Order something while you can anyway... We have to go soon." ]

She checked her phone, until it was time to go. She got up and let the two follow her. They went into the car, and Ara gave Tanner the address to drive them. It was farther off from a city, at this cafe that was in a more quieter location with houses. When they got there, she stepped out of the car, and of course she got there earlier than her dad...and of course her dad bought off the place for the morning.

Ara gave them her name, and took a seat at one of the tables, Tanner directed her one not near the window. She took a seat and waited. [b "I'm nervous..." ] She whispered.

A man with two other bodyguards came through the door. The man had dark brown hair, and hazel eyes, dressed way to well for this location. Ara didn't bother to get up, [b "" ]
He watched her, and sighed, sitting down [+red "Make sure this is important and quick, I have a few plans. But I have a few things to discuss first. How are you doing?" ]

Ara frowned, and shrugged [b "I'm okay..."]
[+red"I didn't believe you were, because of Robert. Never again, put yourself in that situation. I had it handled, but next time, I want your bodyguards to kill him, and there won't be any repercussions. Understood?" ]
[+blue "Yes sir." ]
He waited for Sylus and then spoke again [b "How is Ara doing?" ]
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 227d 12h 52m 43s
When she said she was scared, Sylus didn't really know what to do because he could tell how worried he was making her. He didn't mean to scare her at all, but he was confident that he was capable of doing a good job. If Tanner could do it, he could at least try and succeed too. After all he's been through at the facility, how could her father possibly scared him?

[b "I know Ara. If you're at the facility too, it's hard to imagine your parents being the greatest people. WE've all done bad things then"] he told her, stepping out of the shower as he dried himself off and then he changed into his clothes. He looked somewhat casual, but still looked okay. He wanted to impress her father, but why would he care about some guards anyway.

[b "I'll keep it"] he told her and then he hugged his arms around her and met her lips. Sylus waited for her downstairs and when he drove her to the diner, he was smiling. She always looked the prettiest when she went out with him and he loved that. When they sat down, Sylus got the same order as her. He kept his eyes around the area, now noticing that there were some people taking glances at her. He would look around and then shake his head.

[b "I'm only nervous because I don't want to disappoint you, but other than that, I'm okay"] he assured her, seeing their food come. When she wasn't looking, Soren would take a piece of her food, taking a bite and making sure it was okay. He would also take a sip of his drink and then switch it with hers when she wasn't looking.

[b "Are you okay? You seem focused on other things too. I'm sure we'll be okay"]
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 227d 19h 58m 25s
Her throat was still so locked up. [b "I know... I'm scared." ] Her voice broke. The slight chance of him not being able to be with her again struck a good fear in her. She didn't know if he really could handle it, if Tanner done well in teaching him. Hell, he suggested to convince her dad, which would lead into a loud of trouble. Ara pressed her lips together and exhaled deeply, [b "Yes, and he's not the same person he was when I was younger. He's done horrible things." ] Like be the reason why Julian was dead...

[b "I might..." ] She held onto him, feeling his kiss on her cheek. She never wanted to let go of him. She didn't know if she could forgive him if he failed, because he said he wouldn't leave her. [b "You better keep that promise. I know you do... I know how much." ] She watched him put the towel around him. She dried her hair, and stepped into the rom. [b "Good...just a regular bodyguard." ] She had his arms around her and kissed him. She slowly nodded. She kissed him back, and let go of him.

She picked out a casual red flared tank dress, with a long gold necklace, a beige cardigan on top and a pair of ankle boots. She let her hair remain in her natural curls, not feeling in the mood to do it for once, and stuck to simple makeup. She went downstairs and met up with Sylus. She took hold of his hand, and allowed him to drive them to the diner. They got a seat and she would space out.

Ara rested her cheek on the palm of her hand, staring at the menu but not really reading it, until the waiter came. [b "Um... Eggs and bacon, and than...this crepe." ] She pointed out, picking it out on the spot. Her phone buzzed, and she checked it out. It was Tanner. '[i Where are you?' ]
Ara replied [i ' I'm out with Sy. I'm mad at you. We'll meet in an hour from now. ]
Tanner also messaged Sylus [i 'Practice with Ara while you can. Be on high alert.' ]

Ara lifted her eyes onto Sylus [b "Are you nervous?" ] She wondered. There food came in eventually, along with a glass of water. She wanted to just get in, and eat the stress away.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 228d 2h 49m 53s
He didn't want to make her upset today, but Sylus knew that he had to tell her today at least. He told her last night, but he couldn't tell if she was listening or not. He had to remind her he was coming. When they were both in the shower, he told her about coming and Ara looked like she didn't want him to be there at all.

[b "I'll make sure I'll do my best Ara"] he wanted her to believe him when he told her. She tried telling him that no one can get on his good side and maybe it was a bad idea, but he still wanted to try. He wouldn't try convincing him at all. He'll just do his job and if her dad liked what he saw, maybe he'd tell him he was good or give him an incentive for protecting his daughter. He had to at least love Ara and want to protect her well.

[b "What do you mean not a good person? Because he works at the facility?"] he asked, but then she told him that her father would never make him a guard if he really wanted it and showed it.

When she started crying, Sylus felt like he must have did something terrible. He didn't mean to make her cry or any of this. He just wanted to be her guard and would take any chance that came his way. That was how much he wanted this. HOw much he wanted to be by her side. [b "Hey, it's okay Ara. You won't lose me and you won't break. I'll always be at your side"] he told her, hugging her close and just pressed his lips against her cheek.

[b "I won't leave you. You know I love you so much too"] he tried to tell her and then they dried off. Sylus put on some jeans and a button up shirt. He fixed his hair [b "I won't. I won't say a thing. I'm just a normal guard like Tanner"] he told her, feeling her arms move around him again. He hugged her and met her lips [b "Let's go eat out. We'll spend some time together before we have to go? My treat"] he held her hand and then he pulled her in for another kiss. [b "Go ahead and change. I'll wait downstairs"] he told her, heading down and sitting on the couch.

When Ara was ready, he would offer to drive them to a diner across the street.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 228d 20h 1m 14s
This was supposed to start as a relaxing morning... Her lip quivered [b "And if you don't do a good job than you don't have a chance at all. No one can get on his good side Sy. He may have done what he done because of our family safety, but he's changed over the years and he's not such a good person anymore." ] She rambled on, remembering clearly the lie she told Sylus. wasn't entirely a lie. She had good memories of him when she was very, very young. She always remembered him smiling around her mother, and staying with her to play.

He wasn't like that...nothing near it after her mother died. [b "Sylus, he won't listen to me, and he especially won't listen to you. Don't ever suggest being my guard, or he'll make sure you'll never will." ] Her voice raced, and she felt that stress shoot up. She felt scared of what might happen to him.

She shook her head [b "You didn't. There was plenty of time." ] She couldn't help but cry, feeling terrified if things would go wrong. [b "I'm scared Sy, I don't want to lose you. I can't handle losing you. I'll break." ] Her voice cracked, feeling his arms wrap around her. She hugged him tightly, not wanting this to be the last time she could hold him like this, or kiss him, or see him. But...

She had to back off and let herself grow quiet. She washed her body and hair, listening to the hard rushing flow of water striking the ground creating loud patters. She much. She felt his arms wrap around her again and a kiss her cheek. She pressed her body against his, [b "Don't leave me... You have to stay. I don't know if we can." ] She finished washing up, and the water was shut. She took the towel and dried herself up, and used another to dry her hair. She felt sick to her stomach.

Her hair dripped down. [b "Sy, don't tell him you live with me every day." ] She said and grabbed the blow drier. How he could not tell her? The loud noise drowned a bit of her thoughts. But once that was done, she'd go over to him, release her towel, got on her tip toes and looped her arms around him. [b "I don't want to be mad...not when I don't know what will happen." ] She held her eyes on him, feeling her hair touchdown to her lower back. She kissed him and realized, [b "I should...get dressed, shouldn't I. Should we go out and eat? or did you want to do anything else?" ] She wanted to remain calm, but oh she was still upset in the back of her mind.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 229d 3h 22m 54s
When he stepped into the shower with her, he kept his eyes on Ara, seeing how pretty she looked. He was still half asleep, but he rubbed his eyes and then he asked if she could wash his back for him. It was always hard to reach his back. He did his best to try and tell her what his plans for the day were, but when she started getting upset, he frowned.

[b "I do care Ara. I want to be your guard and if I'm able to do a great job with this, I have a better chance of being on your dad's good side. He might be able to listen to you and I. If we both agree that I want to be a guard and he thinks so too, maybe we can convince him"] he told her, but then he could see that she was growing weak and the sound of her voice was upset. He should have told her sooner than later.

[b "I didn't tell you because I was going to tell you sooner, but I just couldn't find the right time to tell you"] he admitted to her and then he could tell she was really mad and upset with all of them. [b "Ara, I don't want us to separate. We'll be okay. I'll do my best and I'll make sure I won't disappoint you or your father. I'll do a good job with Tanner. You just have to trust me"] he told her, wanting her to believe that he'd work really hard.

[b "Don't worry so much. We can do this"] he hugged his arms around her, feeling her grip tightly. He didn't want to lose her and he knew he was taking a giant risk too, but he couldn't help it. He wanted to be her guard so badly. But when she turned around and was upset with him, he didn't know what to do. Just like Tanner said, he wasn't going to give up this chance.

Sylus knew there was so much at risk right now, but he wanted to do it if he could get closer to Ara. He ended up washing himself and then he heard her. He knew she was only worried, but he really believed he could do it.

[b "I know Ara. I love you too. I wouldn't miss any chance, even a small one just to be by your side"] he hugged her once more and then he kissed her cheek. [b "We can do this together"] he tried to tell her, finishing washing up and then he turned off the water and grabbed them both towels.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 229d 9h 52m 36s
The water felt perfect rolling down her skin. She felt relaxed, bringing in Syluls with her in the shower. She smiled and nodded [b "Sure." ] She brought out the soap bar, when he started talking about something that would make it impossible for her to see him. [b "Do you!? Because it doesn't seem like you get it, or you don't care that I can't see you again?" ] Her voice grew so weak. Hold up... He did what? Tanner was in on this? They hid this from her?

[b "That's what you were doing yesterday and you didn't tell me?" ] She felt so mad at him and Tanner right now. The tension rose in her. It was scary enough to have Tanner along her and have him accidently mess up, but Sylus whose never done it before... [b "You don't know that. I could lose you and I could never see you again, and I won't know what will happen to you" ] Her face warming, she end up releasing tears, but thank fully the shower covered it up.

[b "Sy...even if you do well there's no promise that you will be. ]" She shook her head and felt his arms wrapping around her. She clung onto him tightly, feeling deeply scared about losing him. She didn't know if it would be alright. [b "Do what you want. But if you fail, we have to break up by force." She lowered her head, releasing the tears down. She took a step back, [b "I...don't want to talk anymore." ] She turned her back on him and end up washing her own body. He didn't bother to tell her before he went to meet with Tanner> And Tanner, why didn't he tell her? Was he purposely trying to screw over Sylus?

She felt her body become so tense. She washed her body roughly , and went through her hair. This morning...was turning out horrible. She didn't feel so bad she had fallen asleep anymore. [b "And you always have to tell me these things way before." ] She broke her own silence. [b "I'm worried. I love you too much..." ]
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 229d 11h 33m 35s
When Sylus carried her to her room, he hugged her in close and then he smiled down at her. He did want to spend the night with her, but he guessed he stayed at Tanner's place a little too late. Most of the time, his time just never matched up with Ara's. He had to make sure he kept the same plan in order to catch her before she went to sleep.

He stayed at her side until morning when he felt her tapping him. He opened his eyes and then he tried to listen to her, but he was still half asleep. She would make it up to him? How? Sylus followed her into the shower, stripping his clothes and then he felt the warmth touch his skin. He felt Ara's arms around him and then he hugged her, nodding his head.

[b "Okay. I could use some help on my back"] he told her, turning around. When he told her that he wanted to go with her, he saw the serious look on her face and then she said no. [b "I do know Ara. I talked with Tanner about it and he gave me some tips. I'm not going anywhere. I'll do a good job. I'll impress your dad and maybe he'd let me be your guard"] he told her, seeing her look so upset. [b "You won't lose me. I'll show him how well I can protect you. He'll have to ask me what I want to do"] he told her, his arms wrapping around her and holding her close.

[b "I won't be. I'll be right beside you. This could be my chance to do it too"] he told her. [b "You have to trust me. I can do this"]
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 230d 14m 25s
It lit her up to hear it. She might just have someone else to help her if she needed it. [b "Thanks Clyde..." ] She end up talking gibberish and falling asleep on him.

His arms around her gave her the same warmth a blanket would. She felt so cozy in his arms, holding onto him, and hearing his sweet voice and seeing his smile. She smiled gently, eyes having to keep blinking because she wasn't exactly awake. [b "You make me happy." ] Her eyes kept falling until she fell asleep again, but felt fingers brushing through her hair.

When she opened her eyes, he was still asleep. She tapped him, and then heard his yawn. She smiled and shook her head [b "No, we have two hours and a half at the most. I'll make it up to you...for not being able to stay up and wait..." ] She sighed. Why couldn't she have? She got up, and opened the door, running to water and letting it become warm. She stripped out her clothes, and felt the warm water hit her. She faced Sylus, looping her arms around him.

[b "Good morning." ] She smiled when his eyes opened fully when the water hit. [b "Do you want me to help you wash up? We can go somewhere and have breakfast together." ] She tilted her head. Ara nodded [b "Uh hmm..." ] What could he possibly have to say? He sounded...serious.

Her smile and arms feel . She backed a little away from the shower head water. [b "What? No." ] She shook her head, [b "No, you can't change your mind now. You don't know what to do Sylus. You don't know how to address him, how to look, how to behave as a regular bodyguard because you don't have the training. Then, I'll never see you again. I don't want..." ] Her voice broke [b "I don't want to lose you. I can't say goodbye to you and have you sold. I can't." ] She whimpered and was set on crying, feeling that fear crawl up her throat. [b "I don't want you to be another face on my wall...or another memroy." ] Her throat locked up.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 230d 5h 23m 48s

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