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Ara ate the food he gave her, but it was a struggle. She had no appetite. She wanted to continue to bury herself in her room and never see the daylight. Tanner left, and she grew upset…he knew. She ran her fingers through her hair. Tanner had always been on her side, no matter what stupid decisions she made, and she could tell that she was making him frustrated. She should be working on her goal and instead she was too upset to be actually doing work. Joseph nudged her and she wondered how he could even laugh.

[b “If I was honest, I want to drink and pass out.” ] It was funny because if someone had told her that Joseph would be her bodyguard a long time ago, she would have been filled with such happiness. All she had ever wanted back then was to be beside him. [b “It is…a dream. I’m sorry I can’t be happier. Tanner usually would help me learn more self-defense today but… I don’t suppose you could do that. ] She would raise her phone to see if Sylus messaged her yet, but nothing. She wasn’t aware that he blocked her.

[b “Maybe I should go on that date I promised…the both-my public boyfriend I’d have,” ] She mumbled, bt didn’t think she could stand it, “Can you believe it? I cheated on two guys at the same time? I’m really am a monster.” ]
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He did change a lot since the first time he left the facility. He use to be just like her, only caring about the mission to the point where he didn't even look out at the world. Sylus agreed that romantic interests wasn't his first thought either, but Ara just pushed her way into his life and he allowed her to.

He thought that if he showed interest in her interests, maybe they could get along better that way and she could at least figure out what she would like to do if she became more human. [b "Okay, that would be cool"] he nodded and then he heard her say that he could use her, he didn't like the thought of that. [b "I'm not using you. We're doing this because we both want to right? Of course I'm going to concern myself with you, you're my mission buddy"] he walked with her back to the apartment and then he talked about some ideas.

It seemed like her plan was much better since it kept the facility's name out of it and everyone would just kill each other. The only thing left would be the cops trying to figure out what went wrong. [b "Okay, we can set something up that calls in opposing groups and we can watch from afar, maybe even snipe"] he told her, soon seeing the door close.

He guessed that for a girl the seducing thing was something needed to learn. [b "Okay. Let's give it a try"] he felt her hands move down and Sylus pulled her in, his chest pressed to hers. He felt her lips and he closed his eyes to kiss her back softly. Her taste was different, the kisses were slow and rough. Nothing like Ara's, but it still made him feel warm. He leaned back a little and he smirked [b "You really don't think I can do it huh?"] he watched her remove her shirt and he did his own, realizing that she was doing everything herself. Sylus pulled her in again, kissing her lips harder and then pressing her back against the wall.

Sylus held her hands up, pinning her and then kissing down her neck, taking in her scent and her skin. Her skin was definitely more rough than Ara's, but she was much stronger, putting up a force. He kissed further down her neck and then he reached her chest, reaching behind her to remove her bra hook.


Back when he used to stay at the facility, he knew that the moment he saw Ara, he wanted her to be his girlfriend. He tried all the time to get on her good side. He'd try to give her things he found, or just some belongings of his when he got something new and she returned his feelings.

He gave her food and watched her eat it, wanting to make sure she didn't starve herself. Joseph smiled when she finished up and when he saw Tanner coming in, he heard that it would just be him and Ara for the day and that made him smile. SHe would be all for him today.

"I won't do anything Ara doesn't want me to do" he told him and then he sighed "I felt bad for the guy. I'm sure Tanner won't hate you. That guy has a soft spot for you too" he nudged her and then he laughed a bit "SO what do you want to do today Ara! I'm your personal guard! It's like a dream come true" he smiled brightly.
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She didn’t get it, but decided to take his word for it.
Her suspicions were right. He must have been close to Tanner and Ara. Maybe Ara rubbed off of him too. It must have been nice. She was given mostly assassinations, with very little time to explore the place. Sometimes she did drag the mission a little longer just to explore.

She never thought about it, who she wanted to love romantically. It wasn’t a thought because that wasn’t what she was taught to want. [b “I guess not. Romantic interests haven’t been on my mind. I don’t think I’m capable of it.” ] It worried her that she may disappoint him if he thought that she could actually feel.

[b “We could…” ] She nodded and wondered why he suddenly wanted to learn a language from him [b “That would be difficult, but I can teach you a few words in the language you want to learn.” ] She said but he laughed. Was that a joke? She was so puzzled by him. She couldn’t picture him emotionless but she believed that he must have been. Whomever he fell in love with must have changed him a lot. [b “You were?” ]

Klara lifted a slight smile, because she remembered she should, [b “Mabe I am testing you.” ] So, he wasn’t flirting, but it sure seemed like it. [b “Well, you can use me to get your mind off of her. I lack emotions, so you don’t have to concern yourself with using me.” ] They walked down the dark streets, one street light flickering. She stared at it while they walked and picked up his suggestion.

[b “No. That would require face to face interaction, they may not even know the facility. It would be better if we even got them to kill each other. The facility has less grip on the cops in New York, so we need to do it without any trace of us being responsible. We’ll do some research tomorrow.” ] She made it inside with him. The door closed and she drew her body close to his.

Klara shrugged, [b “Seducing can help in a mission, so I learned by watching.” ] There eyes met and he looked so focused on her eyes. [b “I’d like to. If you feel comfortable enough, then we can.” ] Once she heard that he wanted to, she slid her hand down his arm. Their chests pressed up against each other. She kissed Sylus deeply and pulled his waist closer to hers, so she was pressing up against that sensitive spot. She kissed him harder, and licked his lip. Her lips trailed down to his neck. “Let’s see if you can keep up,” She whispered by his ear, and would slid off her own shirt over her head, not expecting him to help. She kissed him again, and would make sure that he was kissing her and touching her too, in case he said he wanted this but didn’t.


She’d remember how things were. How she got to play with him when she was young. He was always so up front with her. Joseph was her first boyfriend, first love because no one else had ever went for her like he had. During that time she wanted Sylus’ attention, but while they shared smiles, and she got him all those things, she didn’t have the courage to ask him if he liked her.
Sy… She stared down at her ring again. No, she didn’t deserve to be loved after what she did to him, after killing there baby. She shook her head.

She looked back at him, he brought the food out. She took the fork and tried to eat. It was hard to eat when she felt this miserable. When she asked him, she saw how frustrated he looked even if he agreed. [i For now.] He always had been like that.

[b “Thank you.” ] She said and stared down at the plate. She frowned, because she didn’t want to eat it all. [b “You’re cruel.” ] She ate it all, and would set the plate on the night stand. Tanner came in, rubbing his hair, “I have to go and act as your father’s bodyguard for the day. Ara…stay sober so that fucktard here doesn’t fuck you again.”
Ara’s eyes widened, turning her head but Tanner was already about to head out. She looked back at Joseph, [b “You told him!? Why would you tell him? Tanner!” ] She called and he would look back at her for a moment.
“-Ara I don’t have the time right now. I’m really disappointed in you but, I’m not surprised. I’ll try to call Sylus later today-see you.” Tanner said before she had a chance to say anything else. She knew there was no way Tanner could fix things for her. She glared at Joseph, “You didn’t have to tell him. Now he’ll hate me too.”
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[b "Oh, don't worry about it. If I laugh at something or look a bit annoyed, it probably is because you made me laugh or you're teasing me"] he told her, joking at the fact that she made an improvement. He knew that slowly she would become more human and he did want to break apart that cold exterior she had.

IT seemed like she was really interested in Tanner all of a sudden. Was he seen as someone with a lot of accomplishments. He did save his ass a ton of times and he did really owe a lot to him. [b "We are....kind of friends"] he told her, not wanting to tell her too much of the truth. He didn't know if she trusted him yet or not, but he felt like he could at least trust her to cover his back.

He told her about what else she could look for in a guy. [b "And I'm sure you wouldn't want some guy to be with you who argues and just fights a lot with you"] he knew that she was independent and didn't need anyone to care for her, but still. It was nice when Ara took care of him, it really opened him up.

[b "Hmm, well maybe we can do some things on our free time. We can find out what they are...hey maybe you can even teach me a new language"] he suggested and then he laughed a bit, nodding. [b "Yeah I really was an emotionless tool back then. I'm glad I'm not anymore though"] he looked surprised when she mentioned they could find out how long is long.

[b "Oh? Are you testing me?"] he smirked a little and told her that she looked pretty even though she was up at the top. [b "I'm really not. I am still going through a break up, but it is nice to get my mind off of things"] he held her hand again and then they walked home, talking about the plan.

[b "Maybe we can arrange for a get together where they'd all be there. We could use the facility's name as the one hosting it....then maybe we can wipe them out at once"] he thought and then they headed home.

He stepped into their apartment and then he saw her moving in close. It made him wonder if she was at least good in bed. He hasn't slept with Ara in a while and he felt like since they were broken up, he really could do whatever he wanted. He was still really upset and he wanted someone to love him again. He felt like he did something so wrong to her that she ditched him.

[b "I thought you were emotionless and boring? How do you know how to seduce a man?"] he wondered, meeting her blue eyes. They looked a lot like ARa's. [b "You don't have to try anything with me....we can do it as long as we both want to"] he gulped a bit and felt like...why not? He felt like shit anyway. He wanted warmth and someone to hold him close.

[b "Okay. I want to"] he spoke, looking at her hand moving down his arm. Sylus just leaned in, pressing up against her and then wrapping his arms around her. What was it going to be like? He was curious.


Joseph stepped out onto the balcony with her, trying to cheer her up. He massaged her shoulders, letting her remember the times they had together. How they would sneak around and when she'd come to his room to play.

"Ara, everyone deserves love okay? You don't have to love anyone right now or be with anyone right now. Let's just have you eat and clear your mind today. It sounds like a good plan" he then brought the food out and when she said she just wanted to be friends, he sighed a bit, but nodded "Okay. We can be friends for now" he told her, a frustrated look plastered on his face, but he didn't really have a choice. He guessed that he'll just slowly work up his way from there.

"OKay okay eat up. I want to see this plate cleaned off"
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Klara continued to stare at him a bit puzzled when he nudged her [b “What did I say that was funny? I didn’t realize I made a joke.” ] [i That’s an improvement? ] From her cold exterior? Is that what he meant? She never thought she would have to be figuring out such meaningless words. She felt something weird in her.
She always wondered what it would be like to work with Tanner and maybe even work as a bodyguard for Ara. Although, she was certain that Ara wouldn’t want that to happen, unless she had forgotten or forgiven what happened when they were children. [b “Tanner is funny.” ] She always assumed other people up the ranks were just like her, yet Sylus was filled with these emotions, perhaps Tanner was the same. Then would having emotions not affect her rank? She thought it would.
[b “You make it sound like you’re friends.” ] Maybe he was.

She’d never thought about what hobbies she had besides learning languages-which was still directly related to the facility. [b “I don’t need anyone to care for me. I don’t hate. As long as it doesn’t affect the outcome of the mission, it doesn’t matter. I don’t really have hobbies, besides learning languages. I’m quite boring.” ] It was the outcome of her life. It felt clear to her that whomever he was with rubbed off of him. He was filled with color.

[b “I wouldn’t know. I just met you, for all I know you were exactly the same before her.” ] She shrugged. She thought about it and wondered the same question. She wasn’t sure how long was long but she went until duties came up. [b “We can find out how long is long,” ] She smirked. He talked about what he was looking for, so she assumed he really meant what he said. Pretty? [b “Are you flirting with me?” ]

Klara shrugged, [b “It’s a guess. You’re filled with emotion and I assumed…” ] As she listened she was starting to wonder if he was referring to ex-girlfriend about protecting them. [b “You had to worry every second about protecting her? I could relate to you more, but so can the guys.” ] She let him finish drinking. She felt fine with the jetlag. She nodded anyway and got up. [b “Actually, I think it would be best if we take them out all at once and make it look like they had a feud. We’ll have to dig in to find the best method.” ] She walked with him back to the apartment. It was late, and she thought about it but she had no idea where those men would be at this time. It was best to find them at home in the morning and watch them there.

She unlocked the door and stepped in, letting Sylus follow her in. She then stood in front of him, drawing a little close, her chest almost touching. She looked up at him, [b “Do you want to try? I can’t promise it’ll help you ease your mind off…you know who but I’ll try.” ] She whispered, and wouldn’t get close unless he looked like he might lean to yes, and would run her finger down his arm.


She sat outside in the balcony and found herself falling down a deep well. She started to rethink what she wanted, or why she was even trying for the things she wanted. There was no use after all. What was the difference between her and her father? Destroying people’s lives, her own body killing their baby because she must have let the stress creep up too much. She heard her name being called. She didn’t say a word until he came in.

She shook her head, staring down at the tiles of her balcony. She felt his hands on her shoulders, being rubbed and he would lean in. She remembered it, how she’d visit. She remembered Joseph being so aggressive because he was afraid but he eased up to her eventually. She nodded, [b “I remember. Thank you, but…” ] She took another deep breath, and looked out into the sky, [b “I don’t think anything can make me feel better, and I don’t deserve to. I should be miserable, I hurt him and I killed… I don’t deserve to be loved.” ] She saw the pancakes. She decided to take them and eat slowly. [b “I’ve decided, I’m going to just focus on helping everyone and that’s it…and being stronger.” ] She was mostly talking to herself. She looked up at him, [b “Do you think…we could just be friends? I don’t need a boyfriend right now, I just need a friend.” ]
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He looked over and could tell that she looked really confused. It reminded him of the first time that Ara tried to tease him. He didn't get anything until she opened up the world to him and he figured that maybe he could do the same for Klara. He nudged her a bit [b "I laughed because what you said was funny. You can even make jokes without knowing too. That's an improvement"] he told her, trying to cheer himself up and forget about all that pain.

Klara had a point. He didn't want it to be over with Ara...but it hurt so much to know she gave in to someone else and forgot about him. He sighed and just sat there drinking his coffee, seeing that the man didn't seem to show.

She started asking about Ara and Tanner and then he thought about it. [b "Ara is fine as long she's safe. I mostly had to use force sometimes, but it's funny when Tanner gets irritated. Tanner is funny. He's strict and good at what he does. He has a lot of experience"] he told her.

A lot of the things he said and did didn't really show an affect on her. She was still really serious. [b " can do fun things together that both of you enjoy. Share your hobbies? Maybe you'd like someone funny or sweet enough to treat you out and care for you? I'm sure you'll discover things you'll like and hate about me soon enough"] he knew that the only reason he was like this was because of Ara [b "I guess. Maybe they've rubbed off or influenced me a bit"] he heard her saying that the trait of lasting long was easy. That intrigued him because he never really was tired with Ara. He always wanted a bit more, but had to let her rest.

[b "I wonder how long is long...."] he mumbled to himself mostly. Then he mentioned the rank and was only kidding. [b "'re not like that. You're still really pretty"] he told her, thinking where she got the idea of his likes. [b "How do you know what I like? Girl's rough around the edges are nice too you know. They could relate to me so much easier and I wouldn't have to worry every second about protecting them"] he finished up his drink and then he nodded.

[b "Yeah, we've got a bit of jetlag, so we should rest up and then prepare for another stake out tomorrow. We have to at least meet a few of the people on our list and take them out one by one"]


The next morning, Joseph had breakfast sent up to the room. He carried the tray and knocked on the door "Ara, I brought you some breakfast!" he called out and then he stepped inside. He could see her at the balcony as he placed the food on the table. He knocked on the glass door "WHy don't you eat something. They made pancakes" he told her, looking over to see Tanner just fast asleep on the couch.

He opened the door and stepped onto the balcony with her "Are you feeling a little better?" he walked over and then he placed his hands on her shoulders, rubbing them a bit and then leaning into her "Remember when you'd come sneak into my room to visit me and we'd just play some games together? Maybe we can do something fun today to ease you up"
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A laughter followed her words form him. [i Did I say something funny? ] The slight confusion showed through. She listened on and realized she never really had much a conversation with anyone on missions. She stayed extremely focused. No one really talked as much as Sylus though. [b “And your girlfriend made a mistake, so it’s over. Got it. It’s like a mission, you make a mistake-there’s horrible consequences.” ] She understood the loss of not completing a mission. She hadn’t always been ranked so high.

It didn’t seem like anything was going to happen any time soon out there. She knew he had been on a mission with Tanner and Ara, she saw it on the file. [b “What was it like working with Tanner? He’s accomplished a lot. Assassinations due earn you ranking. Was it easy going working with Ara and Tanner? I’ve always heard Ara was a bit difficult to work with because she doesn’t like being told what to do.” ]

Klara shrugged, [b “What more do I need in someone?” ] She nodded, [b “Yes. I wouldn’t want to harm a normal person’s life.” ] She saw his eyes roll at what she said. She assumed because she guessed that maybe his human ex-girlfriend was like that, plus he had so much emotion. [b “You have more emotion than others I met, I assumed you’re human ex-girlfriend must have had those trait to affect you. Mmm…” ] She cocked her head to the side, [b “Last long in bed? That’s an easy one to meet.” ] She took a sip of her coffee, thinking to the top five and knew he wouldn’t be wanting them, [b “You wouldn’t want someone at that rank. The top five girls aren’t so pretty Sylus. They’re not feminine, they have their hair cut boy short, and they’re strong and brutal. They’re incredible but I’m sure you like pretty girls with smooth skin.” ]

She watched him drink his coffee. She didn’t think he would try to describe her. She felt something in her stone heart. It was pretty dark outside because they arrived pretty late, [b “Should we head back? It’s a possibility that the guy already left way earlier.” ]


Ara woke at 5 am to an empty bed. Her head ached. She rolled out and got up on her feet. She felt numb. She slipped out into her balcony, feeling the cool hair on her skin. She thought back to paint Sylus in the penthouse. She closed her eyes and rested her head on the balcony edge. [i He’ll stop loving you too. ]

She sat on the chair placed on her balcony and curled up into it. She watched the sun rise from the horizon. Enough was enough. She couldn’t keep crying like this. [i You don’t deserve to be loved by him or anyone. ] Thinking that made her want to cry. She took a deep breath and looked at her hand and realized her ring was missing. Then, she remembered what she did. She had to find that ring. She went into her room, planning to get dressed and go back to the place to find it. But, she found it on her night stand, her phone and her ring. She sat down on the floor, leaning against the bed, remaining silent, holding on the ring tightly in her hand. Worse thoughts planted into her mind. She swallowed it down. She wanted to disappear. Then she realized, what she sent last night through text message. She cussed to herself and would try to message him that it wasn’t his fault, that it was her own.
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He laughed a little [b "I'll be sure to let you know"] she was funny by just the way she acted. Sylus could tell that she was just trying to cheer him up. Still, why were the girls at the facility, so open to sleep with others. He shrugged a bit and then he thought about her question. It was really hard and he wasn't sure if he could answer it. [b "The loving part was really nice. When I think about it now after it's over, it's really saddening, but I can't make that sadness go away so easily. I guess....I think it was all worth it. There were good and bad times, but you can't experience things without making mistakes here and there, so yeah....worth it"] he told her.

As they relaxed at the cafe, he looked over and saw the man. There wasn't anyone suspicious around them and it looks like no one really cared for them. They were too busy with their own lives. [b "I have too. I've been on a few missions with Ara and Tanner as a guard. I've done many assassination I don't think I've worked with the same team twice beside Ara and Tanner"] he told her, thinking about the other people from the files. He had great memory and with everything going on, when he was focused, he did a good job.

She turned the question around [b " could say I am interested in girls from the facility yes. I think I'm done with normal people for now"] he told her, surprised that she only had two things on her list. ["Ooh, so you're saying as long as they're independent and do well in bed huh. But they have to be from the facility?"] he wondered and then he heard her teasing him again, making him roll his eyes.

[b "I'm open for a change, and how do you know I like those types of girls anyway? I would like the swimming part. Maybe someone that is badass and can last long in bed too. She definitely has to at least be in the top five of the facility women list to be on par with me"] he smirked, taking another sip of his coffee. At least Klara was willing to talk with him and be open. Even Payton was much colder the first time he met her.


He didn't like hearing that he messed up her life, but to see her this broken really did upset him. He wanted to cheer her up, but she kept looking for this Sylus guy. He climbed into bed beside her, not caring what Tanner said. He did whatever he wanted back then and even now.

He draped his arm around Ara and watched her lean in so she could fall asleep. He kissed her forehead and then he pulled the sheets over and then he saw Tanner enter. "Fine" he slipped out of bed and then he sat on the couch, laying back and then falling asleep for the night.

In the morning, Joseph was up and he switched with Tanner. HE stayed by the door, listening for anything suspicious. He asked the chef to bring up some breakfast for Ara as well since he figured she wouldn't want to get out of bed again.
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[b “If you want to give it a try, we can. Just say the word or look like you do.” ] She tried to lift up a smile. She listened him talk about falling for someone, and she didn’t know what kind of feeling he was talking about. [b “I haven’t experienced it.” ] She said. She saw him frown and it must have been something she said. Maybe he still wanted to be with his girlfriend. Klara knew that wasn’t possible. He wouldn’t ever be able to make it free enough to be with her. [b “Was it worth it? Loving someone but becoming hurt after?” ] That, she wanted to know. If it wasn’t worth the pain, than she knew it shouldn’t be something she should consider.

They sat down in a café. Klara thought about it, and that was true. They could be just wanting to lower the risks of the mission. [b “It isn’t often. I’ve only known one group of people that have been working together as a team for quite a while. But I’ve always been placed with different people.” ] She sighed, not seeing a man from the picture. She looked back at Sylus.

[b “Maybe. What if there not something I’d want to remember? I don’t want something to disturb the mission.” ] She decided to order a coffee herself. She raised a brow then he asked the question. [b “Are you interested in me Sylus? I’m not very interesting. I don’t have a type guy I’m interested in, just as long as they can handle themselves on a mission…and in bed. What type of girl are you interested in? Ah, wait, let me guess. She would have to be kind, thoughtful, pretty, and probably smart.” ]
She put sugar in her coffee and stirred, “Maybe she would like to swim too. Am I right?”


Tanner rolled his eyes, “Then in what world is it okay to sleep with her while drunk? IT doesn’t matter. You messed with her life.” He had to go, but hoped to be back to make sure he laid off her.

Ara saw the blurry image of him climbing into bed with her. She wanted to push the thought away that this was Joseph and just make him into Sylus for a while. Joseph wrapped his arm around her waist. He was warm and she just imagined he was Sylus, sleeping with her in bed for the night in the penthouse. He spoke, and she wished it was but she didn’t know how to fix this. She held onto him, burying herself into his body and fell asleep.

Tanner slipped back into the room and saw Joseph in bed with Ara. [i Why is he always like this? ] It was funny to him at how much he didn’t change. “Seriously man, get out of her bed. I’m guarding for now, go sleep.”
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He knew that he shouldn't have been telling anyone, but something about Klara made him open up a bit about himself. He felt so down about his break up with Ara that he didn't know what else he could do. He missed her so much. To hold her and crawl into bed with her. He wanted to be the only one who had his arms around her....but here she was....wrapped up in someone else's arms. It upset him. He tried not to think about her right now and focus on his mission.

[b "I don't know if it'll change if I sleep with you, but I'm not dependent on it or anything. It could just be something we try and see how it feels if I like it more one way or the other"] he finished and then he shrugged. [b "It's really nice falling for someone. The feeling is definitely something you don't get to experience often"] he frowned, unsure if he wanted to ever let Ara go. If she wanted him back, he felt like he could almost give in....but what she did was unforgivable right now.

They made it to a cafe across from the man's apartment. As he sat down, he listened to her explain about how hard it was to like someone you only saw once. [b "Yeah that sounds tough. We'll be together for a while though if that cheers you up. It's not often they pair the two number ones on a mission together"] he looked at the apartment and saw a man step out. He didn't look like any of the men in the picture.

[b "I do remember what it was like. I had some happy and very sad times. Maybe something around the area could jog your memory since we're here. I had a mission in London that brought back a lot of memories for me"] he admitted and then he ordered himself a latte. [b "So...what kind of guys interest you?"] he wondered.


He sighed "I don't know. I guess not. She still has feelings for me though Tan. I can tell" he tried to tell him. He looked down at Ara and then he leaned in, lifting her into his arms and then carrying her towards her bed. When he laid her back, he pulled the sheets over and then he heard her calling for him to stay.

"Okay Ara" he climbed in beside her and then he wrapped his arm around her waist. He rubbed her back with his fingers "You just rest and relax. Everything is gonna be alright" he promised her and then he just watched her slowly fall asleep. All he wanted was to be with her and he'd make sure he got that chance again.
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[b “I won’t report it. But you should keep in mind that you shouldn’t be telling anyone.” ] She tried to recall the last time she reported something that got someone in trouble. It wasn’t something she did often. If she saw a way that she could deny any knowledge, she’d take it.
It was clear to her that he was bothered by his ex-girlfriend. She didn’t know what that was like, and couldn’t understand no matter how much she wanted to. She’d listen and wondered why he would need to find more meaning for. [b “I don’t know if I can give it more meaning. I’m sure you won’t build any feeling for me, I’m really cold hearted. Even the guys I slept with tell me that and they were just doing it casually too.” ] She shrugged. She accepted that fact too.

She waited for him to finish eating. She was starting to realize that maybe having no problems wasn’t entirely a good thing either. She never really thought about wanting to experience something other than travel.
[b “I wished I knew what it was like to love for a second. Maybe having problems aren’t such a bad thing.” ] Watching him, she somehow doubted he would be getting this over soon. She listened and it made sense. A lot of the people in the facility were pretty unfeeling but, she knew she was the queen of not harboring emotions. [b “She was upset at you for not having emotions. I don’t believe that’s a reason to cheat. It’s best to let her go. It’s risky being with someone that’s normal after all. We’re made to heal fast, you’ll heal.” ]

She got up once they were done and she was surprised to have him hold her hand again. His hand was warm and she remembered holding onto a bigger hand than hers on her way to school. She had small memories of when she was a child but never a complete picture. She held on his hand tighter. The raomed and then took a seat. She watched the building closely.
[b “No. Liking someone would only get in the way. I’ve only seen the guys I slept with once in my life. I think they were sold off after. I have turned others down before if they seem like they’d take advantage, or have a lust to kill.” ]

She looked back at him, [b “I’m sure you understand how it is. It’s hard to form a connection with someone you’ve only seen once.” ] She shrugged and then spoke up, [b “You remember what your life was like before the facility, right? I can’t really remember mine. I wonder if it’s worth it to remember. Supposedly, they found me in New York.” ] She saw a man come out of the apartment, but it wasn’t the one they were looking for.


Tanner jaw stiffened, “Do you think if she wasn’t drunk she would have slept with you? Why are you trying to fuck up her life more?” ] He scoffed and stepped out to deal with what he needed to do.

Ara was going to roll up to her feet but he carried her instead, which was so much easier. She pulled up the blankets and snuggled in with her blanket. Her eyes would flicker up, feeling fingers brushing through her hair. She wished it was Sylus. She wished he still wanted to be here. Maybe he even realized before that there was more to being out there than being with her. She squeezed her eyes shut but she missed him. She missed how he comforted her, how he sat with her when she was crying at her own birthday, saying they could have it all. She heard Joseph. She didn’t want to forget him, but if Sylus didn’t want anything to do with her anymore…than what was the point of clinging on?

She didn’t say anything to Joseph. She pulled on the notebook h made for her, how he told her to read that if she missed him. She saw the little pictures he drew, those coupons he gave her. If she gave one, would he come back? She cried, and put the covers over her head. She tried to calm her racing heart, but she couldn’t. [b “Jose…can you come in bed with me. I don’t want to do anything-okay? No…things. I just want you near.” ] And pretend Sylus was here. It wasn’t right to use him, but she was too far in her mistakes that it didn’t matter anymore.
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He shook his head [b "I don't want her to be in trouble, so no one else should know about this. If you tell....she'll probably be killed"] he told her, sighing, realizing now that he made a mistake telling her. If he told her something really important, who knows what she would do. She's clever enough to be number on.

He felt like shit now. Ara kept texting him and making him feel like all this was his fault. He knew it was his fault for getting her pregnant, but they both wanted was also his fault for not being there....but he was on a mission and couldn't feel a thing. He'd feel that guilt build up for a long time.

Klara was willing to help him out, but of course his mind wasn't thinking straight. [b "We'll see. I'd like that action to have more meaning...otherwise it won't feel good"] he told her, soon taking the burger into his hands and then taking a bite. It tasted good and it pleased him to have some good food in his stomach.

[b "I wish I didn't have problems to deal with. I'll get over this sooner or later"] he finished eating and then he saw her pay. [b "I couldn't control the fact that I didn't have emotions. Thanks to that drug"] he stood up and then he headed outside with her. HIs hand went back to holding hers, walking along the street as he looked around. There were tall buildings everywhere, skyscrapers going up to the sky. He would look around curiously and then he glanced back at her [b "One of our targets live near this area. Did you want to check it out?"] he asked, walking towards their apartment building.

He walked across to the apartment from their target and entered the coffee shop, sitting down and taking a seat. It didn't look like there was anyone entering or leaving yet. [b "So do you just sleep with anyone you want to? Don't you want to find someone that you really like?"]


He would help her move on whether she liked it or not. She was crying and being upset, but Joseph knew that her boyfriend probably wouldn't come back. There was no way her boyfriend would be as close as he was to Ara right now. Whenever she needed him, he'd be there and he'd slowly push the image of this Sylus guy out of her head. She'd grow closer to him and realize that he'd be there for her unlike Sylus.

Joseph stayed with Ara, helping her relax on the couch as he heard her mumbling some stuff and crying. He ran his fingers down her back, letting her rest and then he admitted to Tanner the truth. "It's not rape. She wanted me too. SHe missed me. I wouldn't take her by force" he told Tanner.

Joseph only rolled his eyes when he mentioned her ex. As if. He knew and could treat Ara better than anyone else could. When he heard Ara's voice, he nodded and carried her towards her bed. He carried her into her bed and then he tucked her in again. He brushed her hair back and then he sighed "It'll be okay Ara. Don't worry, you'll forget about him soon"
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[b “Then, why are you telling me this Sylus? If you didn’t want her to be in trouble than you wouldn’t let a soul know. But I know now and I can use that as an advantage.” ] She said without any emotion in her tone, [b “I won’t report it for now.” ] She only said it because she didn’t want him to be spilling it to others, she knew a good number where they’d speak up and get bonus points for it. She nodded. He sighed when he kissed her. She gave the offer, it didn’t mean much to her.

[b If you’d like, I’ll show you tonight. We just need to buy condoms.” ] She pulled up the suggestion, [b “You look like you could use it.”] She was referring to him looking upset and angry. She wondered what it would be like, to call someone there ‘ex’ and have history with. She munched on her burger. She nodded at his thanks. She glanced at the side for a second, [b “I don’t have problems. I do what I’m told, and I only have one friend that doesn’t cause me trouble. But thank you for the offer.” ] Maybe that was the problem. She had no problems. She accepted her life and it wasn’t all that bad for her anymore with only one attachment.

Klara finished eating fairly quickly. He looked pained. It must have been his ex-girlfriend again. She didn’t know how to handle social situations. She’s heard it was wrong to be with someone and sleep with someone else but she didn’t understand why-but it clearly showed on Sylus that it mattered. [b “What couldn’t you control?” ] She asked, seeing him frown. She saw he only realized now that the food came over. [b “Yes, we can do a bit of scouting the area. We’ll head back, we can spend some time in the apartment and then find the location of our targets and observe.” ]

She waited for him to finish eating, and would pay it with the money they were given. She stepped out into the fresh streets, seeing people walking by. She figured they should get familiar with the area. It was said that one of their targets lived in a nearby building.


She was in awe with what he said until he said to help her move on. She didn’t want to move on. She wanted Sylus. She wanted her planned future back. She wanted to have a life with him, to have a family with him one day. He said he would. She got so emotional. Everything lead to her drinking a little less than she planned because the boys cut her off.
The car was annoying. “I’m never going to get married,” She mumbled. He wouldn’t even get a monkey with her. Sylus said he would. She covered her face until they got to her house. She did her best to hold it but she end up saying a couple of things but managed to run away upstairs. Some Disney movie was on, and she remembered that her and Sylus planned to watch more Disney movies together because he hadn’t seen all of them. [b “Who’se he going to watch it with now?” ] She half sobbed to herself. She felt Joseph’s fingers over her back and she end up closing her eyes for awhile.

Tanner was about to head out, but he stopped to hear what happened since he was left in the dark. The second he heard ‘I slept with Ara’ was when the rage rose to the roof, “You fucked Ara? You fucked her while she was drunk? That’s practically raping her.” He did his best to not raise his voice, “She was doing better without you. You’ve always were so fucking selfish, and that guy you just broke her up with made her happier than you could. I need to head down but don’t touch her, leave her alone.” He got up because he got a call from her father that he needed him for tomorrow and needed to talk.

Ara shifted around ten minutes later and looked up at Joseph. “Jose… Can you help me get in bed? My head hurts.”
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He knew that if his father hadn't had indecent thoughts and left his mother, he'd probably be living a great life right now with his family in London. Everything fell apart when his mother found out and they separated. Then he mentioned Ara and Klara was now wondering why he suddenly cared.

[b "I'm just saying what she did because a lot of people don't know that she's helping us. I really don't want her to be in trouble because of me"] he stated, feeling bad, especially because even though he was so mad at her, he still loved it. It just ached so badly thinking about it.

[b "I don't need them"] he pulled her in and felt her kiss him when the waiter left. He only sighed because it reminded him of something he missed dearly. THen he mentioned sleeping with someone from the facility. [b "We could. I wonder what it's like"] he spoke, really upset about it. He didn't care anymore about the relationships he was in because what was the point? He'd give his all and they'd still leave him.

Sylus saw her text and it made him mad. He sent her back an angry text and when Klara spoke, he sighed [b "Sorry, it's my ex"] he didn't know if he wanted to block her....he loved and missed everything about her, but Klara had a point. He frowned [b "I hope so. Thanks Klara. If you have any problems, I can help out as much as I can too"] he told her, soon hearing another text. He saw her message and he knew she was probably drunk.

Her words hurt. He didn't mean to abandon her at all and it really made him upset because she was blaming her cheating on him. He didn't think about it at all when he had no emotions and he'd regret that for the rest of his life. If he would have cared, he'd be there. That message hurt. She was drunk, but it was the truth of what she felt and Sylus knew she was probably still with Joseph. Who knew what else she was going to do now that she was drunk with him again. [b "You're right. I don't need this. I don't need to feel guilty over something I couldn't control"] he blocked her number and just closed his eyes, shaking his head and holding in the emotions.

HE put his phone away and then he went back to focusing on his mission. The food came in and as he saw the burger, he smiled [b "This looks really good. Let's eat. Maybe after we can orient ourselves with the area and then head back and ready for the real mission"]


Joseph nodded "Of course I will. I still care about you Ara, whether you want to believe me or not. We can help you move on" he told her, seeing that she was drowning herself in alcohol.

Tanner assured him she'd be back on her feet, but he hated seeing her that way. He stayed with her, trying to cut her off and when she kept texting on her phone, he heard her saying she hate him. Sylus must have made a really big impact on her.

She was getting enraged, so Joseph helped her up and then he brought her back o the car. He heard her asking him if he'd marry her. "I probably would. I don't know about the monkey though. Their pretty dangerous" he told her, shaking his head. Where was this coming from.

At her house, her father came over and Joseph stood still and hoped to god they weren't killed. They managed to survive with Ara's words, heading up to her room and then taking a seat on the couch. He stared at the TV for a while and ran his fingers down Ara's back as she rested on him. Joseph would look over at Tanner "I can tell you what happened Tan. I slept with Ara. She was drunk and I slept with her. That's why her boyfriend broke up with her. She must have told him what happened"
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[b “Some of us would be.” ] She hadn’t thought to picture what life would be like if she were normal. Those were dangerous thoughts that lead to nowhere. He spilled things out on Ara and she listened to him try to convince her not to now. [b “Really? Not a moment ago you implied that it didn’t matter if I did report it. I don’t see why I shouldn’t, and if she has done a lot for you then why are you telling me what she did?” ] She ran the questions and remembered she wasn’t interrogating him. She didn’t need to dig deep and gather information from him. She dropped it.

Klara sighed, looking back at his eyes, [b “They’re human. What did you expect? It’s not like we can have a life with them. Either way, you don’t need someone who cheats.” ]

Klara heard his whisper, and she even kissed him but he sighed. Guess he didn’t like that. She wasn’t bothered by it. She picked out her food and listened to him. She at least knew how to be a good listener. It surprised her. [b “Do you want to try?” ] She said it casually her eye contact staying still, [b “I imagine it would be different. Emotionally, different-in a good way. It might hold more meaning for some of them. Maybe even physically because they can’t last as long.” ] She looked out into the restaurant, picking up faces and the workers. She spotted him glancing at his phone and his expression shifted into anger.

[b “Is something bothering you?” ] She asked. Their food came in and she took a bite. She didn’t want to have him bothered because she needed to rely on him, [b “You have contact with someone on your phone. Could it be the girl who cheated on you? If it is, there’s an option on the phone where you can block someone. It could help healing from it. I’ve only realized I could do that a week ago. It’ll be okay Sylus. You’ll move on. I can try to help.” ]


Ara pouted, her lip quivering, “You’d still help me? Even if I was thinking about someone else?” That sounded too hard to believe. She end up in tears, thinking about Sylus, what she lost. She was up again, changing into clothes for another mission.

Tanner had given up stopping her from drinking a long time ago. She was going to do it anyway and the last thing he wanted was her to lash out on him instead of get help. It wasn’t like she could get therapy because all of what was told could possibly get back to her father somehow.
Tanner slowly turned his head, “I have. She’ll get back up on her feet again…slowly. I should go to talk him when he comes back. I still need to figure out what happened since no one is telling me.”

Ara ignored the voices, music and whatever the hell else was around her. No one came near her because they saw her with Tanner and Joseph and they didn’t look like people to be messed with. Ara kept the drinks rolling and was feeling a bit better, her mind felt a lot emptier than it did before. She dropped her weight on Joseph. Tanner looked frustrated and told the bartender to cut her off.

Ara whined when Joseph took the last bit of her drink away, “Why!? I did not.” She shoved his shoulder and then got distracted when she pulled out her phone and messaged him. She lay down on Joseph’s lap and stared at her phone. She opened up pictures and she couldn’t seem to get away from it all. He was there. He was everywhere. A new message popped up, and she felt the world sink. “I hate him. I hate him!” She messaged quickly back [b ‘I wood not down tat if u didt give me a fucking baby and left me!’ ] She tossed her phone. Tanner caught it, “We’re definitely going back.”

She pulled out her ring and tossed that too. Tanner caught it again but she didn’t notice. Joseph helped her up but her legs felt like jello. She followed the guys anyways to the car. She sat back and then would take Josephs hand, “Would you marry me? And have a pet monkey with me?” She mumbled. She decided to lay her head down on the car seat, until they got there. Her dad was in the hall when they got there and Ara tried really hard to look alert. He was in casual clothing now, coming in from work, and heading into the living room but spotted her coming at the front door.
“Did you get the sample?” He asked.
She nodded, blinking a few times, “Yes. I did. I am going to my room.”
Alister peaked out and looked at her, “Did you go to a party? You didn’t get drunk again did you?” He laughed.
Her father shot a look back to him and than at her, “Again?”
Crap. She narrowed her eyes at Alister, “You’re a horrible brother. I’m just a little drunk-that’s all. These two tried to stop me.” She patted Tanner’s and Joseph’s back. “But hey, you’ve murdered kids -getting drunk isn’t so bad compared to that.”
He looked really angry.
“I’m going up.” She said quickly and head upstairs into her room, allowing the two to come in. She decided to watch a movie with them after all. Tanner was called downstairs, so he head down. Ara laid back on Joseph again, watching whatever was on the screen.
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