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Getting a little baby to understand what she was saying was impossible. Yet, she even found Arlus really cute. It really was a blend of the two people she cared for. Those blue eyes were like looking at Ara’s eyes, and his hair was definitely like Sylus’. She found relief when Sylus came back. “Because it involves using your…step-family to help guard Ara,” Klara said, knowing he wouldn’t feel comfortable about it considering the history. “I have ties with them still, but I know it would be hard for you.”

Ara watched little Arlus asleep. He was the cutest little being with his little fingers balled up, his cute eyes closed. She wanted so much for him and to be with him and Sy. She heard the door open and Sylus came in. She glanced at him for a second. [b “I’m sorry…I lost my temper.” ] Ara whispered. She knew she was at fault for that. He wrapped his arms around her. She leaned into him. She got a kiss on the side of her head too. [b “Will it?” ] She whispered. [b “It’s been so long… One mistake and…then what. I want Arlus to be happy. I want him to have us.” ] Ara said. She got a kiss on her cheek too and him rubbing her back. She wrapped her arms around him and held onto him.

[b “I can’t bare thinking about being away for one day…or risking it. I don’t’ know how I’ll handle us being apart from him even longer.” ] She said, and then wiped her eyes, [b “I love him so much.” ] And she knew Sylus loved him the same. She did feel so much worry. [b "I guess, I got to hope I'm taking all the precautions right, and get them to agree...and then be back." ] She hoped it would take a day.
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He knew that Ara was having a tough time trying to figure all of this out, but he just didn't know how or what to do. HE tried to think of every possibility, but she was turning them all down. She thought about them more thoroughly than he did, but he was just trying to get more ideas out there until he could make sense of one.

Ara rose her voice and it did make Sylus a bit upset, but he wasn't going to show it. He knew she was stressed trying to figure this out, but if anything, he could always look after their baby boy while she was gone. He saw tears in her eyes and he went in for a hug, but she refused and he had to leave.

Sylus went to take care of Arlus, rocking him in his arms, seeing his tiny eyes close and he fell asleep. He would put him in his crib, heading back down and then telling Klara what was going on. He told her what Ara was having to deal with, but when she looked like she had an idea, he wondered. [b "What did you have in mind? Why did you stop?"] he asked, looking at her curiously.

He sat on the couch, feeling frustrated because he couldn't think of a better idea. He knew that Klara had something in mind, but it seemed like a dead end wherever he looked. He could ask Kai to look after Arlus, but he didn't trust him enough, especially since he was so close to his mother and the Yakuza. IF they found out about their baby boy....they could use that to their advantage.

He ran his fingers through his hair, gripping onto it tightly and just feeling so frustrated. HE didn't want to feel helpless....he wanted to be able to help Ara somehow.

So when he got up and headed up to their room for the night, he didn't see ARa there. As he approached Arlus' room, he found her sitting on the couch, making him walk over and then sitting beside her. He wrapped his arm around her and hugged her [b "Ar. It'll be okay"] he kissed the side of her head [b "I know you're strong, capable, and you're so smart. I know you can do this"] he assured her, kissing her cheek more as he rubbed her back. He would glance at little Arlus sleeping soundly and he knew they would both do anything and risk anything to keep him safe.
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It send so much anxiety thinking of being apart from Arlus…and even going out to Tokyo alone. She was aware of the scenarios that occurred when she had bodyguards around. A lot of it was avoided because she had someone around. She didn’t trust the person she was now compared to the person she was a year ago.

She raised her voice when Sylus exhausted the options that she already considered but couldn’t happen. She was so frustrated and hearing things that she thought if he thought a little more about it-he’d know it wouldn’t work…added to her stress. She didn’t expect him to be able to help her. In matters like these, she was always the one to solve problems like this. Sylus was mostly good for taking orders, like he was trained to do.

Her eyes warmed and tears began to fill her eyes. He hugged her and while she appreciated it, she felt upset about situation. She felt so alone. She was such a social person, so it was hard to be cooped up. She missed so many people, missed having people around her and have more people to count on. There was no extra security here…they cut ties with everyone.
She went on her laptop and tried not to have a complete melt down. She learned more about the company, who she would meet, their background, history. Some of the risks she could have to take on. She listed down some solutions for herself and go into her closet to search for those two pills she kept hidden.

Klara kept waiting on them to come down but it seemed lengthy. “Ara’s going somewhere?” She asked “What happened?” He wondered who would be going with Ara, “Uh…that depends. If it’s around the area, I can. Why? What’s up?” She asked and listened to him explain the situation. “Well…shit. I can’t even take next week off. I can’t even look after Arlus. I’ll check if I know someone around in Japan that could help her.” Then she’d pause, open her mouth and realize Sylus wouldn’t like it. So, she decided not to. She knew someone from the facility that she could contact that may help but she wasn’t sure how they felt about Ara at all.

Ara took a break after a few. She’d go to Arlus bedroom and saw him all tucked in asleep. She’d sit down and watch him. She’d pull up her knees to her chest, her arms resting on top. [b “I’ll be back Arlus. I promise. I have to.” ] She said quietly, feeling her stomach ache just thinking about going. [b “It’ll be okay.” ] She whispered to herself, knowing there was no point in making herself sickly stressed. She been afraid of getting hurt, or something bad happening to her plenty of times, but not like this…not when she had a baby and Sylus to come back to.
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He didn't want to leave Arlus alone. That's why he made the suggestion of him going on his own. HE didn't want to risk her safety and if she protected ARlus, shouldn't that be good enough? He looked over at her and then he sighed softly [b "Then we can't trust Alister. Your dad will know what's up. I guess we'll just have to go with something else"] he told her, seeing her stress level heighten even more.

Sylus was shocked when Ara raised her voice at him. He didn't know that she was so worked up about this. He knew it was a difficult decision and he knew that Arlus was their priority, but it was dangerous. [b "Okay okay. We can at least plan things out so that you can get in and out safely. Ar, don't get so upset. I'll look after our little boy okay? He'll be safe and you won't need to worry about him"] he told her, sighing softly.

She started to tear up and he would try to hug her, but she wanted to be alone. He frowned [b "Ar..."] he begged her, but then he would slowly get up. IT didn't seem like she wanted to be near him, so he just slowly got up and then he headed downstairs.

When he spotted Klara trying to give ARlus more toys, looking more terrified, he laughed a bit and shook his head [b "Klar, he's just a baby"] he chuckled and then he saw ARlus' eyes light up when he saw daddy. He reached his arms up and Sylus would lift him up and hold him close. [b "You okay little guy?"] he'd rub his back and feel ARlus cling onto his shirt, sucking on his thumb.

He ran his fingers through his black hair and then he smiled [b "Mommy is going to be gone for a few days. It'll just be you and me"] he kissed his head and then he would rock him slowly, seeing him falling asleep.

HE looked really worried about ARa and he really wanted to be able to do something, but he was stuck. He would look over at Klara. [b "Klar, ARa is going on a mission. I know you're going to be busy with your deliveries, but if you're close to her, can you also check up on her next week?"] he asked, explaining the situation.
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[b “You can’t be there because Arlus can’t be alone.” ] Their little Arlus mattered more to her. She’s handled situations before on her own. It has been a while…

Ara knew she had to be careful about her dad’s suspicion. The man was evil and definitely not stupid. [b “Alister wouldn’t be able to ‘visit’ me while I work. My dad doesn’t want Alister to uncover what he does or what I do. The last thing he’ll want is allow Alister to take a peak at it.” ] Which stressed her out. She didn’t expect Sylus to solve her problem. She knew that the lowest risk was her going on her own.

[b “No Sy!” ] Her voice raised because her stress shot up the roof, with no fault of his. [b “You don’t understand. They are expecting me. I have a certain ranking. I can’t just replace me with you. My father will find out and then I’ll be in so much trouble and suspected.” ] The frustration was making her eyes warm. She didn’t know a way out. She felt afraid for Arlus being discovered, or how unsafe this was to go on her own.

[b “Well then, if not Kai, then I don’t really have any options then do I? I’ll go alone.” ] She wiped her eyes quickly with her sleeves. She realized just how much she took for guaranteed the security she had when she was back at her home, or when they still had ties to he yakuza. She’d wipe her eyes again, [b “I’ll…figure out how to do this safely.” ] Ara’s voice cracked. She then recalled that she still had…a little something to help her be strong for two days. [b "I'd like to be alone... I don't think anything you'll say can help right now." ]
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He tried to come up with a few ideas because he was not going to let Ara go alone. As her guard, he wasn't going to let just anyone watch her. IF they weren't at the top, he was not going to trust Ara in anyone else's hands. [b "I know you'll do your best Love, but I want to be there. I'm your guard after all"] he told her, sighing a bit.

He couldn't think of anyone else. He wanted someone else to go, someone else to take it on, but Ara already took the offer. [b "I know Love. You had no choice but to keep our little boy safe. I think it would be okay for Alister to come though. Unless you think your father really would question it. Maybe he just wants to visit you again....and we can make some kind of excuse?"] he offered, sighing a bit.

[b "You can also brief me on what I need to do. I can do the mission....I mean....I probably can't persuade them the same way that you do, but if you give me the details, I can do my best? THat way you can stay with Arlus"] he offered, knowing that would be safer than letting her go off on her own.

Sylus hugged her and assured her it'd be okay. If anything, the most care and protection would be directed at their little boy more than anything. [b "I think it's better to leave Kai out of this. I don't want any of my family meeting our little boy"] he told her, sighing a bit.

[b "If it's okay with you Ar, then I want to be the one to go and do this mission?"]
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Ara leaned back and listened to him, knowing the risks. [b “I’m not sure we have much of a choice. I’ll do my best to protect myself. I know…there’s risks. I’d rather put myself at risk then Arlus.” ] She knew that Arlus was so precious to the both of them. She wanted Arlus to be happy and safe. Someone needed to be here with there baby boy, and she wouldn’t dare think about just leaving him alone with Klara, when Klara had her own thing.

She shook her head slowly, looking at her lap. [b “I can’t. I tried to turn it down, but he insisted. When he made the offer to send people to help, I freaked out. So, I took it. I can’t bring any suspicion.” ] Ara said. She felt him squeeze her hand. She squeezed it back.

Allister was a choice. She thought about it and it would be good exposure for Arlus. [b “Yes…oh but…” ] She sighed and looked at Sylus’ eyes, [b “Don’t you think my dad would suspect something? That he’d be coming coincidently when I have a mission? Or do you think it’ll be okay?” ] Ara asked for his thought. She knew he cared for her safety too. She wouldn’t feel all that great with Sylus going on his own either-and he definitely could handle it.

Sylus hugged her in. She held him tightly back, burying her face into his shoulder. [b “I want all of us okay.” ] Ara said quietly. She half smiled when she got a kiss on her cheek, and his fingers through her hair. He felt close and she was reminded how much he loved her. She watched him go into his phone. [b “We don’t have anyone close by… Besides Kai and he doesn’t even know we have a baby." ] She knew she was going to have to start preparing for that negotiation and figure out how risky it was.
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He would see the nervousness in Ara's eyes and he wondered what was going on. Why was she getting so upset? He wondered who called or messaged her. If anything, he didn't want her to be stressing right now at all. They had a baby boy to take care of and she was still recovering.

He would follow her to the room and take a seat with her, hearing the news. She had a job to do that only she could do. It worried him and he new she was thinking really hard about ways she could avoid this. He understood it because he wanted Ara safe and their little boy even safer.

Klara was out of the question and so was Tanner. It was off in Tokyo and that was still a few hours away. [b "Hmm, I know I can take care of our little boy, but I don't want you taking on a mission that is going to leave you vulnerable. I'm still your guard Ara....if something happens to you, then what will happen to our family. I'm not risking that"] he shook his head.

[b "Can't you turn this down?"] he sighed, squeezing her hand in his, frowning at the thought of it being three days to a week. [b "I know you can handle it, but I want someone with you. Why don't we call your brother and invite him over. We can have him watch Arlus for the few days and that way he could get exposure if we decide to leave Arlus with him later. I can't have you being in danger"] he told her, shaking his head.

[b "Arlus will always miss his mommy, but he's going to be okay. I want you okay also"] he hugged her, kissing her cheek and then he would brush her hair behind her ear. [b "There has to be another option"] he told her, pulling out his phone and looking through his contacts. There was no way he was leaving either of them alone.
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Ara dug her own nails into her own hand feeling the anxiety tingle down her skin. Ara nodded. It was work. Work that would take time away her time from Arlus. She worried about him crying, or if she could even handle this all alone. It wasn’t safe for her to go alone but she didn’t see a way unless she asked for extra help…and in that case they’d also wonder why Sylus wasn’t with her. Then…it go down the rabbit hole of maybe Arlus being discovered.

[b “I don’t know…” ] Ara whispered. [b “Klara has to be here for a delivery the upcoming week. She can’t. Last time, they ran into trouble. Tokyo isn’t so close that she could come back and forth so easily from here to me either.” ] She knew the circumstances were making it really hard. [b “I don’t know. He’s been on duty for a while, he doesn’t even know.” ] She held onto the sheets and look back at his eyes. She trusted that he could take care of Arlus. She still worried about him crying.

But…she felt afraid doing this a while. It’s been months and she was recovering from having a baby and getting that muscle back. She felt him squeeze her hand and she squeezed his hand back. [b “I don’t know. It could be a day, or it could be three, or a week.” ] She tried to stomach down her fear and not let it show. She knew how many times Sylus, Tanner…and the people around her had stopped bad things from happening to her. It wasn’t an illegal company…so maybe there would be a low risk.
[b “It’s next week. I guess, you’ll have to stay here with Arlus. I’ll try to handle it the best I can” ] She half smiled. She thought how nice it would have been to have parents, or siblings here to help her, like her mom… It saddened her when she thought of it like that.

[b "It's going to be hard spending even a day without Arlus." ] Ara looked at his golden eyes, feeling the ache in her chest, [b "I wonder if he's going to miss me too much." ] It served a reminder that in a few months that...they would have to seperate from him and it was going to hurt being apart from him.
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He smiled, loving how happy Arlus made Ara. Their little boy was a bundle of effort, but they both were so happy to have him. Just watching Ara and Arlus was adorable. He was so cute and seeing him nuzzle into her as Ara tickled him made Sylus grin, liking to see their little boy so happy.

He would set up the table with the food and then he would take a seat, seeing ARa pick up her phone and take a peek. He would see Arlus looking so intrigued by the device and trying to hold it, but Ara seemed nervous and that worried him. He would glance over and then he would slowly lift Arlus from her arms and then he would set him down in the high chair. Sylus kissed the top of his head, but when he asked Klara to watch him, he headed up with ARa and held her hands.

[b "Ar? What happened?"] he asked, seeing her close the door behind him as he sat with her. When she said she had to go, Sylus squeezed her hand. [b "So it's work?"] he sighed a bit, trying to think about this. HE didn't want anyone finding Arlus and he wanted it all to be a secret. Arlus' safety was the most important thing to him and he wasn't going to put their baby boy in danger.

[b "Klara has missions...and I need to guard you, but....what about Arlus..."] he couldn't leave him all alone. Ara brought up going alone, but he did not want to risk her safety at all either. He knew she was capable, but she was also still so worn out and just had a baby. He didn't want her to stress or get in danger.

[b "Love, we can ask Klara to see if she can accompany you? Or....when does Tanner visit?"] he wondered, not wanting her to worry so much. [b "I can take care of Arlus....but how long do you think this negotiation is going to take? A few days? Or just a day?"] he wondered, squeezing her hand in his tightly.
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[b “He is, isn’t he?” ] Ara giggled. She gave his cheek and the top of his head kisses. She loved little Arlus so much. She would get him to face her and would make faces to him. She’d tickle his little tummy and nuzzle him close into her body. He seemed to enjoy it. His little hands held onto her top. Ara encouraged Klara, but Klara got frightened.
“Isn’t he like a wild animal?” Klara asked, not seeing much of a difference. Plus, he was too delicate to get too close to. She didn’t know her own strength sometimes.

Ara drew out her hand and sent messages back and forth to her dad. She peaked passed the bright screen and looked up at Sylus. Arlus took hold of her phone and began drooling all over it. Ara didn’t take notice because she had that pounding realization that she had to go out and work while they had a baby.

Sylus lifted Arlus up and was placed in his high chair. Sylus had to replace Ara’s phone in Arlus’ hands for a toy. ARlus whined but soon didn’t care too much when he had something else to play with.

Klara nodded and got up, just sitting down near ARlus. She didn’t know what the hell to do if he cried though.

Ara stared back at Sylus’ amber eyes. She didn’t stay a word. Sylus took her hand and walked with her up the stairs. She closed the door behind them and sat down in their bed. She nibbled on her lip and then took a breath. [b “I have to go.” ] She said and found her voice cracking, [b “I have to go to Tokyo, to negotiate a company to beta-test their new augmented tech for the facility to use. It has to be me. He said he’d offer me help but I don’t want to risk them coming here, stalking and finding Arlus.” ] She felt nervous. She couldn’t even pull Klara out since she knew Klara had to stay here for her position, especially since a new shipment was coming by. [b “I have to do this alone, don’t I?” ] Ara asked, feeling the nervousness, and the thought of leaving Arlus even for a short few days gave her anxiety.
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Sylus was up and carrying their little boy when he woke up again. It was tough lately to do anything with a newborn baby around. Arlus was the cutest little thing ever, but he kept them up for most of the night. It definitely kept him and Ara's attention on him and he wanted to get a chance to be able to sleep a bit more, or just spend more time with Ara. Lately they've been trading places so that they had eyes on Arlus most of the time.

He did miss just being able to be with Ara all the time and treat her like how he did on her birthday, but he loved little Arlus so much. As he sat on the couch, cradling their little boy in his arms, Arlus would stare at the colors on the TV. Sylus would run his fingers through his hair, seeing Nyx sniffing Arlus. He got a pat on his head, but when Arlus tried to reach out and grip onto Nyx, Sylus would pull him back. [b "Not to hard little guy. You'll hurt him"] he told him, seeing Arlus pout, about to cry.

Sylus would kiss his forehead and then see his little smile come up again. He then set Arlus in his pen and worked on cooking dinner for everyone. He would see Ara pick up Arlus, making him giggle and he would smile, soon setting the table. He brought up the curry and rice and then he would see little Arlus dancing. [b "He's too good looking"] he chuckled and then he saw Klara try and get too frightened. [b "Klar, he won't really bite. He's not like a wild animal"] he chuckled and started serving up the food.

He sat down, starting to eat up when he glanced over to see ARa on her phone. Her expressions worried him because he thought something was happening [b "Ar?"] he glanced over and then he heard her mention her dad.

[b "What is it?"] he wondered, walking over and then he lifted up ARlus, setting him down in the high chair as he put a toy on his tray. [b "Klar, can you just watch him for a bit?"] he asked, glancing back at Ara. He walked with her upstairs a bit and then he would meet her eyes. [b "What's wrong? You look a bit nervous?"]
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She woke up into the silence of the room. Ara had her knees bent up to fit in the sofa. She looked across from her, having to squint her blue eyes to slowly regain her vision. Arlus wasn’t in the crib…and Sylus wasn’t on the floor. That could only mean that Sylus was with Arlus right now and she had nothing to worry about. She laid on the sofa for a little longer and then sat herself up.
It has been like this ever since Arlus was born. She barely got to see Sylus. One of them always tended to be asleep when the other woke. She sighed to herself, and would look at Arlus’ stuffed dragon in his crib. She was greatful for having Arlus. She wished that she could have Sylus back too. Even celebrating for her birthday that night, they were close but it wasn’t the same as it was before.

She found her way into the bathroom, fixed her brown hair up into a neat bun. She climbed down the stairs, hearing the sound of child’s tv show. Queen was sitting on the top of the sofa, neatly wrapping her tail around herself. She saw Arlus in his play pen, grabbing onto a toy and shaking it. Nyx on the other hand, was guarding the play pen and rose up when he saw Ara. Ara bent over and pet him. [b “Hey Nyx.” ] Ara said.

Klara had came down, seeing Ara by Arlus and then Sylus by the kitchen. She’d just nervously half laugh, “Uhh, Ara’s got it.”
Ara glanced back at Klara and smile back at her. Ara would then scoop up Arlus when she heard him cry. She held him in, rubbing his back and it seemed to sooth him. She saw his pretty blue eyes that were just like hers staring at her. She sure loved him. She kissed his tiny cheek and he’d smile. [b “You like kisses don’t you?” ] Ara giggled and he’d smile a little more seeing her smile. Ara took his little hand and gave it a kiss. He’d look at his hand and start shaking it around and touching her cheek, then resting into her. She’d keep rubbing his back as she made it to the kitchen to see Sylus cooking. [b “Smells good.” ] Ara said.

She felt Arlus gripping onto her shirt. She smiled back at him again and he smiled again to her. He was so cute. She giggled and tapped his nose. He made a little angry face. She was sure that confused him. She did worry if he’d feel alone or cry too much when Sylus and her had to go. He already did cry when he didn’t see one of them for a longer while, at least for babies.

Ara would sit down and keep Arlus on her lap. She’d take his hands and would make him dance a little the song that was playing on the TV. She looked at Klara and tell her to come over. [b “Just take one of his hand.” ] Ara said. Klara looked so nervous. Arlus would just wrap his hand around her finger and then try to eat it. Klara stood stiff and quickly pulled back. Arlus looked at her.
“I think I’ll…stay away.” Klara said.
Ara laughed and then kissed Arlus, “You silly.” She watched Queen come over, and rest beside them. Ara heard her phone across from her. She would reach out and grab it. She suspected it to be from a friend…except it was her dad. Her stomach started to flutter and twist. He wanted her to do something, because he felt he could only count on her to do it. She tried to reply back saying she was off and she could point the right direction but he kept pushing. Ara visibly got nervous. He offered to send her help and she quickly declined and agreed to do it for the sake of being left alone. How was she going to bring this up to Sy? Well she couldn’t just hide it.

She set the phone down. “Sy, I have to talk to you about something.” Ara said, “It’s about my dad.”
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He was just glad that Ara enjoyed her birthday. They ended the night being intimate, but that was really all they could do. They couldn't do as much as they wanted, but it was okay. THeir baby boy was all they wanted after all. He would hear the sound of the baby monitor and he would slowly get up and change before heading into ARlus' room. He would change and feed him, rocking him a bit, but he didn't seem to be sleepy.

He would play with him on the carpet, setting out little stuffed animals for him as ARlus laid on his stomach and would chew on one, wiggling around and staying by Sylus. He had fallen asleep, passed out and when he felt something warm on top, he would open his eyes, remembering that he was watching ARlus. He gasped and shot up, looking around the room. He didn't see ARlus in front of him, but when he felt the blanket, he would look back and see Ara asleep on the couch and Arlus asleep in his crib.

HE stood up and then he smiled a bit, putting the blanket over Ara and then heading downstairs. When he saw that breakfast was ready, he went to take a seat at the table and he would eat, soon taking care of their pets.

He put more food in their bowls and went out for a jog with them on their leash. He then got back home later and showered for a bit, soon going back into Arlus' room and seeing that he was still fast asleep and so was ARa. He watched as ARlus started to wake up and roll in his bed. Sylus carried him in his arms. [b "Let's let mommy sleep huh little guy"] he grinned, holding him as he headed downstairs.

He sat on the couch and turned on the TV, letting little ARlus sit on his lap and bite on one of the stuffed animals. He would relax for a while, playing with him and Nyx. Nyx would be a little afraid to hang around Arlus, but when he saw that he was just curious, he came over. Sylus rubbed Nyx's back and ARlus would watch, reaching to pat Nyx as well. IT was so cute.

Once it got a bit later, Sylus would rest ARlus in his play pen as he went into the kitchen to work on dinner. HE would start cooking, making some curry and rice until Klara got back home. [b "Hey Klar. Food is almost ready. Want to play with ARlus for a bit?"] he asked.
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Ara fell asleep shortly. It didn’t look like they had any time to really get into it. She was happy that she got to celebrate her birthday period. She woke up, hearing noise. She was already dressed. She went into Arlus room. Sylus had end up falling asleep. Arlus was up. She lifted Arlus up and let Sylus sleep. She tickled Arlus’ tummy nad brought him downstairs with her. She put in his cute play pen and went to make breakfast. She made scrambled eggs for now.

Then she went onto playing with Arlus and it seemed like he was already fed. She kissed Arlus’ cheek and watched as Nyx came over. Nyx got so excited, barking and wagging his tail. Arlus looked curious and grabbed onto his tail, which startled Nyx. The baby’s grip was stronger than expected.
“Arlus, let go of Nyx tail,” Ara said, trying to untwine his fingers and for a baby, he sure had good grip. Nyx whined. Ara pet kiss, [b “It’s okay, he was just playing. I promise.” ] Ara said. She looked at Arlus and knew by the end of the year Arlus might just be walking. He was so cute, seeing him smile at her excitedly when she smiled. [b “My Arlus is perfect.” ] Ara said, stroking his baby hair. She then thought it would be nice if she could take him for a short walk. She picked him up and put him a stroller. She felt a short ten minute walk would be okay. She would push the stroller, hearing him now and then make a sound. There wasn’t really anyone around. It was calming.

She would push the stroller back towards home and pulled Arlus back up in her arms. It looked like the ride made him a bit sleepy. He was falling asleep in her arms. He was so warm and…sticky. She sighed to herself. Changing a baby while he was asleep was like defusing a bomb. She put him back in his crib and noticed Sylus still there. It was kind of cute. She decided to nap on the couch instead of the floor like Sylus. But, before she napped, she put a blanket over Sylus, and fell asleep too.
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