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Of course he did. [b “She is…isn’t she.” ] There was never a inbetween. She got ready for them to leave, and picked what he said up. If he liked Ara, that would make sense. Payton shrugged as they walked together, [b “I don’t...really know. I’ve been with a very few number of guys, and there’s only one girl I ever liked and I’m not certain what emotion it was really associated with.” ] The facility really had put her in confusion. She normally get herself back to then too. She sighed [b “I think you know what it’s like, not understanding emotions since we were taught to cast them aside. Pretty sure I don’t feel most of them.” ]

Sylus looked good. He must have spend plenty of time with Ara on that mission. She let him go grab that phone and she lead the way to a place they could eat. She set down she needed to say. She felt threatened by Sylus being here, because he came from the facility, because who knew what the facility was up to. Then there was the fact she’s met some of their kind before, and not all of them were so homey. [b “The facility didn’t charge Ethan, there must be something up. Whatever it is, don’t get us involved.” ] She lifted her fork, [b “I can handle protecting Ethan myself.” ]

Warning definitely should be taken. “Good. Go ahead, you should enjoy your time away too. Ethan sleeps late too, so you’ll have plenty of time.” ] There food came in and it smelled so good to her. [b “Ethan is a mechanical engineer, and also has a computer science background. He likes to invent, name it. He sells his inventions to the person he believes won’t abuse it. That sometimes brings him trouble, so that’s why I’m here. The first year I came to him, it was-hell. But, now, people fear him his security team, mostly me, and don’t show up quite too often.” ] She had to think for a moment at what she did. She mostly just followed Ethan. Whatever he did, she did.

Payton shrugged [b” I follow Ethan usually. I guess...when he’s asleep, I read books, go for a swim or catch up on some TV shows. I’m not really like Ethan, I’m not into the social activities as much as he is.” ] She ate her food and decided to grab them a glass of cold white wine. [b “And I occasionally drink, how about you? What do you do when you have the chance to breathe?” ]
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He heard her say that he didn't answer the question and wondered if it'll do any good if he told her anyway. [b "Yes. I have feelings for her. Ara's just too out of anyone's league though"] he told her and then he wondered if she liked both as well. [b "I like girls"] he told her and then he asked her the same question. [b "So do you like both?"] he asked and then he headed around the mall with her.

Sylus went into a few shops that he thought were cool and some she recommended, picking out a few outfits for himself. He grabbed some necessities and then he would ask Payton if some looked okay. Usually Ara always helped him pick out some things so he wanted her opinion.

WHen they finished, he had all he needed and even a phone. He then met up with her again and heard her reply. [b "Well...I guess you lead the way then. I have no idea where we are"] he followed her and then he took a seat at the table. He held the menu and wondered if Payton found him annoying. [b "I'm supposed to help you escort and protect Ethan at his big meeting. Two pairs of eyes are better than one at protection"] he wondered why she always doubted him and wanted to kill him. They both grew up from the same place and a mission was the highest priority.

[b "Warning taken. It'd be nice to visit the beach on the days off. I enjoy swimming so I might just head off in the mornings while Ethan is asleep. So...what does he do exactly? And what do you do on your days off?"] he wondered, looking through and deciding on some fish tacos.
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"You didn't answer my question," She smirked and then she shrugged, "I guess you couldn't." Now that she thought about it, she wasn't sure which team Sylus was on. From that answer, she was wondering if he was both, "So-you like both?" She raised a brow. When was the last time she had one of those? Come to think of it...did she ever have one? The lines always seemed to blur with her life.

"No. It's really difficult to talk to people that are practically a different species than us. Ethan is my life, a boyfriend or girlfriend would get in the way." Payton said. THey were out in the mall and she followed Sylus, and bring him to some shops she knew Ethan would shop in.

Everything out in market always seemed so dated to her. "I don't think they could trace it. Ethan modifies his phones." She stuck around, waiting for Soren to buy the phone. It was always the first thing she bought whenever she was on a mission. They stepped out of the store after she realized what time it was.

"Ah-nope. Do I look like a walking tour guide?" She rolled her eyes. "I only know the high end places and you'd have to book them in advance. She walked on ahead and opened her phone to see if there was someplace close to eat.

"Probably." Payton half shrugged. As if she paid attention to that. She found a beach side resturant, but when they walked in, she got them a seat indoors, "This country has plenty of fish, and you can probably guess why." She pulled the menu. She got coconut shrimp and looked back at Sylus. At least-he wasn't that annoying. "So, what's your real mission here? I heard it was to help me protect Ethan but...I have my suspicions. You haven't even asked much about him since you got here. If you put him in danger, I will kill you." She felt that was a fair warning.

"On a casual note, we have days off, so enjoy it while it lasts and don't bum me out." She said.
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Sylus wondered why she was asking about his personal life, but he just guessed that she wanted to now more about him. She asked him another question and he just sighed softly [b "Even if I do, I can't be with her"] he told her and then he laughed at her next question. [b "No. No I don't. Although some of my roommates are pretty good looking"] he joked with her, wondering if she understood some jokes. [b "What about you Payton? You've been living outside freely. Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?"] he asked, knowing that the separation at the facility could really lead to whomever.

He felt envious that she was free out here with no more ties to the facility, but at the same time, he wanted to be back at the facility to see Ara everyday. He followed her to the car and then he took a seat and then was taken to the mall. He wandered around, picking out some clothes and then he would try them on and step out to show Payton. He wanted her opinion because Ara sometimes would tell him to change.

When she said it was good, he smiled and decided to grab those. As they entered the tech shop, he was looking at the phones, seeing a few models he thought were fine. [b "I do, but I don't want anyone to trace it"] he admitted and then he just decided to buy a cheap one anyway. HE wasn't going to risk putting her and Ethan in trouble, even if he was under their care. [b "It's okay. I just need a cheap one"] he followed her out and then he didn't realize how hungry he was. HE nodded [b "Yeah a bit. Do you know any good places here?"] he walked around, following after her, noticing her black hair flowing with each step. She was pretty. IF she wanted to, she could probably have any guy she wanted too.

He walked with her to the restaurants and then he decided to let her pick because he was in the mood for anything. [b "Is there a place to get authentic Aruba food?"] he wondered, wanting to try what this country had to offer.
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She asked out of curiosity. She didn't really care too much for it. Although, she suspected that Sylus did have a thing for Ara. She heard that most guys there did...hell, even some of the girls. Just another soldier, she didn't know if he was lying like he lied about his name or was telling the truth.

"You're saying, you don't harbor any romantic feelings for her?" Payton folded her arms and remembered how they didn't merge the two. It didn't really help since some of the girls liked other girls but she guessed it would be worse if... "Right... Do you have a boyfriend then?" She asked. At least he didn't seem interested to ask her. Hold up... Most did try to flirt, or say something. Huh, there had to be a reason for it. [i Like I care. ]

She head down and talked to Ethan and returned hearing Sylus laughing. It was unusual, but she was glad he wasn't robotic like some that came out. "Yea, it is. The facility feels like another life for me."

They went out shopping, the malls weren't too busy. She let Sylus take the lead to buy whatever he wanted. He had pretty good style-but then again, what would she know? If it was for an event, Ethan usually helped her pick it out. Sylus tried things out and even asked her opinion. He was...attractive, she couldn't deny that, which made her glance off and say "It looks good."

"Whatever you say." She followed him into the tech shop, and looked around. These were such old technology. She preferred what Ethan made. Ethan liked to invent, tinker, he was a mechanical engineer and with a background in computer science. She spotted Sylus looking at phones. "You need a phone? Ethan has a lot of phones hanging around. They're better than these ones too. They're not hooked to any provider." She suggested. Payton checked the time on her phone and looked back a Sylus, "Are you hungry? It's about lunch time. We can go to a restaurant before we head back."
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He didn't know if Payton sensed anything between him and Ara, but he knew he couldn't let her find out anything. The last thing he wanted was to piss her off and tell everyone that he had a thing for Ara. He was surprised to hear her asking him a question like that. What was in it for her? Did she get anything out of knowing the answer to that?

[b "Me? I'm just another soldier. I just enjoy her company"] he told her, thinking about how he should respond to her next question. [b "No. I don't have a girlfriend. I'm at the facility. All I see are the guys"] he told her, letting her head down to make sure that Ethan was taken care of.

He thought about Ara, how cute she looked getting the wind blown in her face and chasing after a car. He felt a little giddy and then he started laughing because he could. He'd rather be here than in that facility any day. Payton came in and heard him. He glanced at her and then he sat up and hurried to her side. [b "I did. I just....learned what freedom and life were all about on the past few missions. It's easier to let go when you're not at the facility"] he admitted and then he headed towards the car, taking the passenger seat.

He headed into the mall with her, looking around at the shops and deciding what to get. When they saw some male clothing stores, he went in and picked out a few things Ara would pick out for him. HE grabbed some jeans, shirts and some underwear as he went to the register. He bought them with the facility card and then they went to another shop. He got some pajamas and then some nice clothes as well, coming out of the dressing room to see if Payton thought it looked nice.

He would buy just what he needed and then he would head back to her side. He wondered if he at least looked good in some of the clothes he showed her. [b "There's a cool tech shop. Let's check it out"] he pointed and then he headed towards it, going through and finding himself a cheap phone he could buy to message Ara.
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Payton knew that Ara meant something to him, and more than just the daily joe that liked Ara at the facility. She didn't know their relationship though. It could have easily been the same relationship with Ethan. She liked Ethan's company, he was nice to her and she would do anything to protect him out of her own will, nothing more. Or...he really did have something with her. "Are you just another solider to Ara?" She asked out of curiosity, "Or what I mean to say is, do you have a girlfriend or not?" She figured that get an answer out. She remembered him saying that he wanted to be her guard too. Probably not after he tasted more freedom.

"Alright, then let me handle Ethan, and I'll come back up and we can go." She left the room and when she was sure Ethan wasn't on the phone she began the lecture, "I'm going with Sylus to shop, you need to stay here, under security, doors locked, away from windows. Understood?"
"Don't worry Payton. I will be fine, I'm not going anywhere," He kissed the top of her head, "You and Sylus enjoy yourselves. I know you haven't had some action."
Her cheeks warmed, and she shoved his arm, "Not interested in him."
Ethan shrugged and grabbed an apple from the kitchen, "Uh hmm."
She rolled her eyes and put the house under security mode for the time being. The blinds rolled down to conceal the view form outside. It bummed Ethan out but he wouldn't go against her words, he did that once, it nearly cost him his life.

Payton reached up stairs and caught Sylus laying down and chuckling to himself. What the hell? She stared for a moment, "Why are you giggling? Are you sure you grew up at the facility. Come on, we're going." She said and directed him outside. She took a less flashier car. She took them out into the city and took him to the mall, back to the AC. "Ethan doesn't often get attacked but, the buisness he has over in this country might change that." She stopped by any shop Sylus wanted to go into.
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It was odd seeing Payton again. He's seen her so many times but at the same time he felt some relief. He was really glad that someone on the outside was a live and doing well. IT made him realize that good things were possible. Look how content she was living outside like this.

Her teal eyes and her dark hair were what made her noticeable to Sylus. He could tell it was her even from a far. Something about her stare gave him some chills though. He knew not to mess with Payton since she was smart and had an idea of what he was capable of.

He decided to call Ethan Ethan and then he was surprised to hear that he needed extra help. He would glance at Payton and could see that she didn't seem to like him all too much. Guess Ethan was pretty nice if he treated Payton so nicely.

They made it to the Villa and Sylus was still amazed to see rich buildings. Ara's house was amazing, but this was by the beach. He followed Payton to his room and then he remembered he didn't have any clothes. When she asked about him, he shook his head [b "No I'm not. Just another soldier. I just got close to Ara on a mission and they allow me to be her guard sometimes since I do a good job apparently"] he told her, thinking it was best to shop. He'd buy a phone too.

[b "Okay we can head out. There are a few things I want to buy"] he let Payton do what she needed to do and then Sylus looked around the room, laying back against his bed. If he could be free like Payton, he could do this everyday. IT felt nice and relaxing. He stared up at the ceiling and remembered Ara running after the car, getting all messy. He chuckled to himself and felt some butterflies inside. He loved her so much and wanted to call her.
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She was going to miss him, but at least they didn't say goodbye in a horrible way. She adored his smile and waved back at Sylus.


Payton thought she escaped trouble for good, but trouble with dark hair and amber eyes were right in front of her again. Sylus gave her anxiety, because she suspected he had a strong draw to Ara, because keeping Dan alive meant a death wish. Not safe. Her head instantly turned to Ethan when Sylus said that he requested her. "You did what?"

"First off, call me Ethan." Ethan laughed, "No, actually I was contacted and asked if I could use the extra hand. I didn't see why not, so I agreed. Besides, you seemed to get along with Payton." Ethan figured that it would be nice for Payton to socialize other people than him. She seemed to dislike everyone besides him...or maybe she still disliked him, he wasn't entirely sure at times.
Payton sighed, "What do you mean get along?"
"I mean you actually talked to him," Ethan patted her head, "Okay, come on kids. Get into the car." He drove them to the villa. Payton relaxed back in the car and heard Sylus, and looked back. Has he never seen Ara's house before? Maybe...not. They arrived soon enough.

"Okay, Sylus it is," Ethan nodded. He went off to make a call and Payton brought him up into the second floor into his rom. "I know, we lived in a shoe box at the facility." How she dreaded that place with every cell in her body. "Yea...they still do that then." She expected it. "The facility would throw us off a plane bare butt naked if it weren't for the fact of standing out too much. I'll give you some of Ethan's clothes for now, if you want to change." The AC was on and she sure liked it when it was.

"At least you understand. I actually were Ara's bodyguard? What happened? She fired you?" She raised a brow and figured that she should take him shopping. "We can go together. Do you want to head out now? I'll have to make sure Ethan stays indoors first." Payton's life felt pretty normal compared to the hell it was before. There were very rare moments when things escalated anymore.
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He liked seeing Ara chase after him because he knew she loved him. Knew that no matter how upset she was at him, she'd come back to him eventually. He could feel how much she felt for him. He hurried towards her, wanting to hold her, but when she said she loved him, it was more than enough. She was upset and he got that. Her hurtful words could be true, but he knew she just needed to calm down. [b "I'll message you everyday"] he smiled and waved, telling her he loved her in return before heading into the car.

By the time they were on the plane, Sylus just stared outside of the window for a while, looking around as he thought about how when he returned, he'd be able to see Ara again. HE missed her already and just wanted to spend more time like how they used to. If only she went on this mission with him.

At the airport, he waited for their pick up. WHen he spotted Payton, he walked up to her with his bags and then he said hello. Payton looked so surprised. [b "Well...I'm here because someone called me out on a mission. there a reason you requested me Sir?"] he asked Ethan and then he followed after them. THe place was humid. Even Sylus could feel the sweat starting to drip down his forehead. [b "No we didn't. We never got vacations"] he shrugged, unsure how to even spend one.

He heard Payton's comment and didn't think that she was excited to see him. Maybe if he did a good job she'd at least feel a little nicer towards him. Sylus followed into the car, seeing how expensive it was. They approached a villa and then he stepped out of the car, looking at the amazing view and the large house. [b "Wow"] he was stunned, but he felt glad he was able to go to places like this.

[b "Sylus is fine since you both already know. IT'll be easier to respond to"] he laughed a little at Ethan's comment and then he followed Payton around. He looked around curiously and when he saw how large his room was, he couldn't help but feel a little uncomfortable. [b "This is ten times bigger than my room....I actually didn't get to bring anything. They kind of just....sent me"] he sighed, not wanting to cause more trouble, but he really had nothing. [b "I understand. WHy would you enjoy seeing someone from hell? I can head out shopping, if you need to do some things. I wouldn't mind though if you know where you're going"
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She was having a wardrobe malfunction but that was the least f her problems with Sylus being right there. Ah, this was not how she wanted to be remembered but it was what it was. She gently smiled when he said 'I love you back to her. She wanted to be with him. She felt like she was at fault but was glad he said he was sorry anyway. "You have to message me." She stated and then they got a honk. A little patience would go a mile away. Escorting and assassination. That definitely sounded safe-and he was going on his own. Oh hell no. It made her antsy. "See you... Love you," She smiled and then lost her shit when he honked again. At least she heard Sylus laughing. That was always uplifting.

Payton fanned herself, feeling the heat sticking to her skin. It wasn't until they finally stepped into the airport that she finally could breath. They had arrived a day earlier, and they were supposed to be picking up a guy named 'Noct'. Ethan said he was from the facility and the reason why he accepted Noct to tag along and co-bodyguard with her was pretty unknown to her no matter how much she asked Ethan. Payton wore a black-top top-horrible choice and a pair of jean shorts. She had her hair up, and sun glasses rested on the top of her head.

Ethan held a sign, "I'm sure you'll like him."
"I'm sure I won't," Payton mumbled.
Ethan put one arm over her and hugged her in, "You will. Enjoy yourself while we're here. There's millions of people who wish to be here." Ethan had brown hair, hazel eyes. He was attractive, a strong jaw, slightly shaved face and mostly tanned.
"It's too hot in this country," She frowned and then-she saw a familiar face. Was that? Noo... The heat must be getting to her head. But the closer he was getting, the more she was starting to realize. Noooo...
She stared back at him, was her jaw dropped a bit. What the fuck? "Sylus what are you doing here?" She blurt out.
"Ah, that's his name," Ethan snapped, "Good to see you Sylus. We're heading to our villa for now. We have a couple of days before I have real business here. I wanted some time to relax and have a little vacation with Payton. Since you two grew up in the same place, I'm assuming that you barely get the chance to kick back."

She couldn't believe this. "Great..." She spoke to herself and then would lead the way out of the airport. She always kept her eye open, and she would stand in the way of anyone getting close to bumping Ethan. They got into a blue sports car, no hood. It wasn't a specific brand because Ethan completely customized it.

Payton was happy about the speed, because it kept her a lot cooler. They arrived at the villa, it was modern and placed on a slight hill. It had an infinity pool from the size, following into the back. They parked in the car and stepped out.
"Noct-or would you prefer to be called Sylus?" Ethan raised a question, "Payton can show you to your room. I'll be downstairs, I have to make a few calls. I'm sure Payton is secretly dying to have someone around that's just like her."
Payton turned to Sylus and never thought she would be seeing him again so fast. "Okay, let's go." She lead him up into the second floor, into his room, it had a balcony and glass to glass walls. The room was fairly big, "Do you have any clothes with you? I know sometimes the facility just leaves you to buy clothes. If you need some, let me know, we'll go shopping or, I can give you some of Ethan's clothes-and Ethan's joking. I'm not dying to meet someone like me, so don't get any ideas."
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He spent the next day feeling down because he knew he was fighting with Ara. It was unbearable being away from her, but it hurt even more to hear that she didn't want to be near him and thought he was just ruining her plans. Sylus went through briefing and didn't even think that they'd send him away on a mission that fast.

He was led up the elevator and when they headed towards the car, he knew she was trying to chase him. He held his breath and saw her running, that pretty Ara of his running even though she was looking so pretty. Her hair was in a mess and in her skirt, it was all just flying everywhere. To see her running to meet him made him feel happy.

He stopped the car and then he stepped out and met up with the two. [b "I know Ara. I'm sorry too if I upset you. I love you so much and I want to be with you...if I can. I'll make sure to return safely"] he wanted to hug and kiss her, but that was impossible. He smiled and remembered her number. He'd message her when he could. [b "Okay. I will"] he heard the honking and when she asked, he didn't have much time to tell her. [b "I'm escorting some guy. It's also an assassination. I'll see you soon"] he headed back to the car, seeing Ara with her middle finger. He chuckled to himself and then he blew her a kiss before he entered the car.

The driver asked why he needed to stop and Sylus told him about the extra information. He waved and then he kept his serious face on in the car all the way to the airport.

He felt down again. He was going to be away from Ara for maybe weeks. He didn't want that. Maybe he got chosen on this mission for a reason. Maybe it was another step towards being her guard, so he had to do a good job.


They entered the plane and Sylus sat at the window seat. [b "Aruba huh....Noct....hopefully there's a nice beach"] he thought to himself, remembering the first time he spent the day with Ara. The plane took off and their mission was underway.

They arrived in Aruba late in the afternoon. Sylus carried his belongings, stepping out of the plane with the two others and then he walked towards the arrival area.

Payton was there waiting for them, Sylus was glad that at least there was a familiar face on this mission. He walked up to her, serious face on. [b "Hello Payton. It's good to see you again. We're all here. Where are we headed?"] he asked.
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She didn't understand where he was coming from. "What are you saying? How? When you had no choice..."
He left, and the night was unbearable. Ara was racing down the halls, in black dress that wrapped around her shoulders, and had a skater skirt. It wasn't easy. She hadn't expected to be running today. She reached for the elevator and by the time she reached the surface, he was already by the car.

It was cold. She shuddered and wrapped her own arms around herself. Sylus...was leaving and there wasn't anything she could do about it. She bended over, feeling so defeated, and so upset. He was going to go, and maybe he even thought it was over between them. There was no telling would happen and her heart felt heavy. She wanted to be there with him.

Ara's blazing blue eyes widened when she saw Sylus stepping out of the black BMW and towards them. It was windy, so her wavy brown hair was blowing all over the place, which kind of bugged her because she didn't want to look like a mess-[i Forget about that Ara]. He was coming toward them, she could talk to him, even just for a little.

He must definitely sounded upset..."Aruba!?" Her voice raised. She dared to look at his eyes. How long... What if he was gone for weeks? What if he was gone for months? "I'm sorry..." She forced it out of her, "I'm really sorry. I love you so much. Please...stay safe, please come back soon." She felt like a girlfriend in ww1 sending off...ugh she hated this. She wanted to hold him since she didn't know how long, but was hard. And she couldn't. Not if they were going to be noticed. "Just send me text messages, your not going to war," She managed to lightly laughed. "You memorized my phone number right? Buy a dummy one."
The car honked and she really didn't want him to leave.

"What's your mission?" She quickly asked, "I'll try to see if I can get there,'s unlikely. Just... I love you, okay?" She repeated and there was another honk. Her fury was on fire lately, so she did the most un-ara thing she could do. She gave him the middle finger, and said "shut up!" She had it with everything. Tanner cracked a laugh and was amused by it, "Just tell the guy we're giving you some extra information, good luck Sylus."

Ara watched him walk away towards the car, and would stand there until she really couldn't see him any longer.
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He held her because he wanted to hold her, but at the same time, he wanted to comfort her. Never did he think that Ara would ever not want to be in his arms, but he didn't know what went on during the week. He told her why she shouldn't be with him either because she asked and when she said that it didn't have anything to do with what she said, he shook his head. [b "It does. You think you don't deserve me...and I don't deserve you either"] he stated simply and then he heard her get a bit tensed. IT was true though.

Then she pulled out the heavy guns and said he was interfering with her plans. Was he really making it that difficult for her? It was sad because never wanted to make her feel that way. He ended up leaving and then he spend the night tossing and turning. He didn't get much sleep because he kept thinking about how Ara didn't want to be with him.

In the morning he was taken to briefing and as he sat in the room, he looked up to see that he was going to Aruba. Payton? He was going to work with her? He knew that it was going to be tough being away from Ara, but now he could at least get away from the facility. Sylus held his passport. His name was Noct. He held his passport and everyone agree before being led straight away to the elevator.

WHen he headed up, he heard the faint noise of ARa's voice. Was she trying to catch him? He exited the building and walked towards the car when he saw Ara running after them. He told the driver to wait and then he stepped out. His amber eyes met ARa's as he approached her and then tried to look at Tanner for some kind of excuse to cover this up.

He walked up to her and refrained from hugging. [b "Ara....I'm going on a mission. It's in Aruba. I don't know when I'll be back....but but...maybe I can send you letters or something"] he told her, feeling down now. He was being even more separated from her and he didn't know if he'd be able to even call her from that far.
  Sylus / ellocalypse / 63d 6h 26m 52s
Warm arms wrapped around her, and at that moment, Ara took it for granted and didn't believe that she had the right to enjoy this warmth when there was someone cold dead. [i I crossed the line. ] Ara's forehead drew lines and she narrowed her blue eye when he got off topic. "What does that have to do with anything that I said?" Her voice lifted, taking a step forward.
" I'm an outcast too Sylus. Don't you dare call yourself a guinea pig or anyone else I grew up with that. I hate it. You're all my family and I just killed one of them without being ordered to." Her fingers curled up into a fist, and her jaw tensed up.

She said it. She said something horrible to him. Something she didn't mean.
Ara laid in bed, and when she closed her eyes, she would imagine that Sylus was right there, watching her with his beautiful amber eyes. Even in her dreams, she couldn't rest, couldn't stop pretending that he was there and looking at her like she meant the world to him, giving a smile that was real and not just for show. It usually had a dark end, she was behind a gun, and Sylus blood was all over the floor. This night, it was different. This night he was behind her and loosening her hold on the gun. She woke up with tears in her eyes and wished she hadn't said what she said. She wanted him to be safe, but couldn't bare him not being in her life.

A guard escorted Sylus into a briefing room, an interactive screen on one wall. There were two others in the room. "Your mission is located in Aruba, in the capital city Oranjestad. You're to escort a man named Ethan Beckett through his business there in order to seem less suspicious. Ethan has a bodyguard that was one of ours, her name is Payton. The goal is to assassinate a woman, Natasha Alto Vista , undetected and make it appear as a suicide. She has a husband, he'll assist you in if needed. If you require any further information, memorize these numbers." The guy passed a note and let him give a look, "Those also contain safe houses addresses, law enforcement, medical, and more contacts that work with us. And this is your new identity" He hand him a passport. Once everything was clear, he directed Sylus toward the exit, into the elevator. He would drive Sylus to the airport.
Ara went into the confined halls started to fill with guys going back into their. Ara caught sight of Luke and Clyde walking back, talking to each other but Sylus wasn't beside them.
'pulled away, mission'
Her stomached emptied.

"When? When did that happen?" Her throat went dry. Where was he? Did he already leave... Tanner went to ask around some guards he knew and then came back to Ara, "He's just about to leave. We have to hurry if you want to catch him."
She moved quickly toward the exit, and even began to run down, and then she saw Sylus in the elevator, the doors just about to close. "Wait!" She called out, but the doors closed and she still moved forward to call for the elevator again. It took a while for it return and when she got up, she saw the guard already took Sylus into the car.
"No...No... shit," She wanted to yell.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 63d 7h 49m 14s

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