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[b “That does look fun.” ] She wondered if she could best enemies with those tricks. Well-some of them were actually quite horrible. IT got all of them laughing. IT was good to be watching movies with them, in peace. She got sleepy so she headed upstairs. She felt good after Sylus gave into her to giving her more hot chocolate. She fell asleep and didn’t even realize it was Christmas.

She found him downstairs with everything and she pouted a bit because she wanted to go shopping with him. It only hit her when he said merry Christmas. Was it? He sounded so cherry that it made her smile. [b “Merry Christmas Sy.” ] She’d giggle. She’d nod and would wipe her half open eyes. She went back into getting ready and kind of wrapped herself up and was only going to take a short rest but end up just falling flat asleep. She was only wearing her red lace bra and underwear underneath since she couldn’t muster herself to get up and change yet.

Klara got super excited smelling all the food. It was amazing. She’d taste the casserole and give him a nod, “It’s good.” She frowned for a second and then said, “You’re right. I do have to wait until lunch.” She could understand that. She leaned against the counter, “She woke up?” She watched Sylus head upstairs. Queen was trying to follow him up.

Ara was snug in her blanket. Then she felt herself rolled out of it. She’d open her eyes, hearing Sylus voice. She’d look up at him and when she just saw his golden eyes, she got a kiss. She’d wrap her arms around him and kiss him back with her eyes closed, “Mmm…Sy…” She whispered. Then she’ dopen her eyes fully, “Oh! It is! Okay, okay, I’ll get up.” She said and would yawn. She would pull him in to her to kiss him softly again. “I’ll get dressed, you go on ahead.” ] Ara said. She’d roll herself out of bed and would put on a loose soft red dress that went to her elbows. She’d grab a red hair clip and put her hair back, and then just a pair of above the knee socks. As shew as going to the door she saw Queen. Ara picked her up and went downstairs, seeing the food set up on the table. She smiled [b “Merry Christmas guys,” ] Ara said.

She’d sit down and saw what Sylus made for breakfast [b “Mmmm, smells so good. Thanks so much darling. Can I have hot chocolate again too!?” ] Ara beamed. She had let Queen rest on her lap for now. And then she remembered [b “Oh I forgot, when do you want to open the gifts.”] Ara said and then would look at Sylus, seeing how cherry and cute he looked in that sweater. [b “Mmm my baby’s daddy is so cute and sexy.” ] She said.
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He made sure to get the list from Ara that she wanted him to buy for all of her baking. He wanted her to rest and relax at home and not have to get too stressed out or lift too many things. His eyes would glance over at her begging and he found her to be too cute. HE went to get her another cup and then he sat beside her as he finished the movie with the both of them.

[b "You're right. We have more high tech security too, but that looks fun"] he chuckled and then he headed around the house to lock up and arm the security system. Once they were finished, he headed up to their bedroom and then he climbed into bed with her, holding her close as he fell asleep pretty quickly.

SYlus was up early on Christmas. He went shopping at the store, picking up all the things they needed for the day, including all of Ara's baking needs. He saw her text and replied back that he was on his way home as he drove back. THe bags were soon in the kitchen and Sylus wanted to make sure that the turkey was in the oven as soon as possible with the ham and casserole. He made breakfast pretty quickly, some eggs and bacon, frying up the hash browns. Once that was on the table, he heard Ara's voice, glancing back at her [b "I'm setting up Love. Merry Christmas!"] he grinned, seeing her with some bed head. [b "Take your time Love"] he was just so excited to celebrate he could barely sleep.

WHen Klara came down, he smiled and told her breakfast was on the table. When she came to his side, he let her try a bit of the casserole and then he smirked [b "THe rest you'll have to wait until lunch"] he teased her, pointing to the food on the table. [b "She went back to sleep?"] he wondered if she was coming down.

Sylus headed upstairs, rubbing the top of Nyx since he came to follow. He opened the door and then he saw ARa on the bed like a burrito. He walked over and slowly unwrapped her [b "Love, it's Christmas! Breakfast is getting cold"] he chuckled, giving her a kiss.
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[b “I’m going shopping too, and I’ll be making desserts.” ] She reminded. She watched the movie with them. She got two cups of hot chocolate which kept her really happy. IT was nice to hear them believe she could do it too. [b “Thank you, both of you.” ] Ara said. She knew they needed much more than ornaments. She laughed [b “We have more than that.” ] They would receive an alert if someone was at the front door, plus well a more advanced security system.
[b “Mmm, shopping and baking.” ] Ara said. At the end of the movie she got sleepy. She’d head up, and snugged into her bed. She was half asleep when he wrapped his arms around her, and gave her cheek a kiss. She’d snuggle into his arms and had one arm around him as she fell completely asleep.

Ara slowly woke and realized Sylus wasn’t beside her. Her forehead would crumble and she sat up. Where did he go? Ara rubbed her eyes. She’d get up and look around the second floor. She’d even check Klara’s room but she was still asleep. Where did he go? They were supposed to go shopping together. She sent a text message [b ‘Where are you?’ ] She sent. She heard noise downstairs. She went down the steps and had to still wipe her tired eyes. What was he doing? It was eight am. [b “SY…what are you doing?” ] Ara asked. She saw some bags and frowned. He went without her. He was making a whole meal already.

She sighed. [b “Morning darling…” ] Ara spoke quietly, and noticed what he was wearing. It was cute. It made her smile a little [b ", I need to clean up first.” ] She went back upstairs and cleaned herself up. Then rolled herself up into a burrito in the bed and fell back asleep because she still felt sleepy.

Klara got up from the smell of food. After using the rest room, she went straight down following her nose, “Ohhh that smells so good.” She’d go to the kitchen and see him up, “This is all for breakfast?” Klara beamed, getting super excited to eat. She’d look at his eyes and be reminded when she’d wake up to him cooking and kissing him in the morning. That was all for Ara now, but it was okay. Speaking of… “Ara’s still asleep huh. Can I taste test?” Klara asked
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He smiled and then he thought about cooking up a feast for them tomorrow [b "We can go in the morning and I'll start cooking up. Just give me the list and you relax here with Klar"] he assured her and then he laughed at Klara's words. [b "Our cooking is only better because of Klara"] he chuckled and then he sat down with them and continuer to watch the movie together.

He loved this movie because it was one of the only times that they got to relax together at the facility, but no one every really knew why. IT was how they learned a bit about Christmas though. [b "You are so nice to be able to do that to some of us"] he was so in love with her. [b "I agree. You're more than capable and you already have a good idea of how it runs. We'll help you all we can"] he went to make chocolate and gave them each a cup.

HE enjoyed the movie with them, but when Ara asked, he couldn't really say no. Not when she liked his hot cocoa a little too much. He chuckled and refilled her cup, marshmallows and cream and then he brought it back, taking a seat. He watched the movie and then he smirked a bit [b "A bit more security than paint cans and ornaments though"] he chuckled and then he saw how sleepy ARa was getting. [b "Okay Love. I'll lock up and head up too. We have a big day tomorrow"] he chuckled and then he cleaned up the cups and made sure the house was locked.

He said good night to their pets and then he headed off upstairs after saying goodnight to Klara.

Once he changed and climbed into bed, he wrapped his arm around Ara's waist and slowly fell asleep with her, giving her cheek a kiss.


In the morning, Sylus was up early. He showered, dressed into a Christmas sweater ARa had gotten for him and some jeans as he headed outside with his coat and beanie. He had his shopping list and he decided to pick up all they needed before the girls woke up. Sylus drove back home and made sure that his gift was fully set up. He did a good amount of research on the latest trends and set ups. He then put the ingredients into the fridge and worked on some bacon, eggs, and hashbrowns for breakfast.

He then looked up a few recipes on his phone, putting a small turkey in the oven with some ham and a mac and cheese casserole. HE also had some mashed potatoes going and readied up the baked sushi rolls too. The smell filled the house and he knew Klara and Ara would wake up soon.
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[b “Mmm, I like that plan.” ] Ara smiled [b “We’ll do that. I need to buy some ingredients too. We need to stock up.”]
Klara nodded “I’ll help out. I’ll taste test.”
Ara rolled her eyes and laughed, [b “Of course you will.” ] She said. She remembered when they were kids. She’d visit very often, and give them movie nights when she could. She’d give them cards, sometimes desserts. She knew a good portion of the reason she was liked was because she gave those things to them, when the facility wouldn’t. She remembered some of the kids wondering where she even came from and that’s when some disliked her… because she was different. She hated that they were trapped. [b “Yea… I’d try to do that as often as I could,” ] She said with a light smile.

“I think you can really do it,” Klara said, “Take over. I know I said it was crazy before, but a lot of people at the facility adore you because you were kind.”

Ara smiled, feeling good to hear that. [b “Thanks Klara.” ] She hoped her and Sy could teach their little one about kindness too. She wanted them to be kind, to be generous, and have good morals. Sylus brought them hot chocolate and she got insanely excited. Every sip was like tasting chocolate heaven. It was so yummy, especially with the cream and marshmellows. She got a little too focused on that.

But then shew as done. She pleaded him to get her more. Ara pouted [b “I know but I’ve been still eating very healthy, I really would like more. Please.”] Ara said, offering her mug to him. She’d pat her eyes and look at him straight in the eyes. She grinned and jumped a little when he agreed to get her one more class. She let him take her mug. She’d giggle and Klara look at her and nudge her shoulder. “It’s just hot chocolate.”

[b “It’s not [i just ] hot chocolate.” ] Ara narrowed her eyes at her. [b “Did you not taste how amazing that was? It’s so addicting. It has the perfect amount of consistency, it was at a perfect temperature to keep my hands cozy, and it was sweet and the perfect amount of coco.”]

Klara laughed and would hug her for a second and then release her when Sylus came back. Ara would take a sip again and get super happy. She got a kiss on her cheek too. It felt good to be loved. Ara met Sylus eyes, [b “You like it when I plead?” ] Ara asked. She saw their eyes follow to the screen. She tried to drink it slowly this time and watch the movie. It was funny. [b “Yea he is. I need to secure our house more.” ] Ara mumbled.

The movie came into an end, and she was yawning. She finsihed her hot chocolate and would rest her head on sylus shoulder while holding his hand. [b "I'm a bit sleepy. I think I'll go to bed. You guys can stay up if you'd like." ] Ara said, getting up to go to bed.
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He really didn't want to have to deal with the Yakuza if he didn't need too, but if it would guarantee him to be with ARa for the delivery of their little one, then he really didn't mind at all. He took in a deep breath and then he sighed a bit, knowing there always was that possibility. Buying him off would be the only thing to guarantee that he was hers.

He hugged her, rubbing her back softly as he kissed her cheek. Once they were at the table eating dinner, he thought about what Christmas was like. HE really wanted to celebrate a normal one with them and it was making him really excited. [b "Yeah I can make our holiday meal while you work on making dessert? I'm sure Klara can also help the both of us"] he chuckled, imagining her being the taste tester.

[b "I really like that movie. I remember back when you used to show it to us at the facility too"] he chuckled and then he went into the kitchen and made some hot chocolate for all of them. He brought the mugs to the living room and then he sat down and watched the movie. Sylus sat down and took a few sips, seeing that Ara soon finished hers down quickly. [b "Love? That was a lot already, are you sure?"] he saw her pleading and then he shrugged [b "Okay, but only one more glass"] he told her, sighing a bit before getting up and then filing her cup once more.

He sat back down and wrapped his arms around her, kissing her cheek. [b "You're so cute when you plead like that"] he chuckled, leaning into her and then seeing the two guys enter the house, laughing when they were hit with paint cans and when they got hurt. [b "This kid is so smart"] he smiled, relaxing into her.
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[b “You are…it’s just that would mean you’d have to see Kiyoshi then.” ] Ara mentioned. Having him mention that he could be taken away really made her think more about it, and worry. There were many things she needed to worry about and she didn’t know the solution to most of them. She knew they really did have to find someone to take care of there little one after. As soon as three months past, they definitely needed to start looking.

[b “I’ll try.” ] Ara said. He hugged her but the worry was still there.

They got to eat and she thought about Christmas morning. It would be nice to celebrate it together like that. She let Sylus take care of Nyx. Ara sat there with Klara. She thought about what they could do. [b “I’ll join you,” ] Ara said, knowing she definitely help out. Sylus wasn’t the only one who knew how to cook. She’s never been bad at it. [b “Yea we can do that.” ] Ara said and laughed when he talked about home alone. [b “That one is really funny.” ]
“I remember seeing that at the facility when you brought it in once,” Klara said, but it was a long time ago, when they were kids.

Ara watched Sylus go into the kitchen without a word. [b “What are you doing darling?” ] Ara asked, and would take a peak and see that he was making hot chocolate [b “Oh yum!” ] Ara squealed and got super excited since she’s just been craving chocolate lately. She’d sit down and hold the cup in her hands. It felt so warm. She’d take a sip and enjoy the warmth and sweetness. She looked to into her hot chocolate to really pay attention to anything else.
Klara would turn on the TV and rent the movie. She hit play. Ara finished her hot chocolate and then she’d look at Sylus with pleading eyes, [b “Can I have more?” ] Ara asked, feeling like she couldn’t get enough of it.
“If you eat too much I heard the baby will have an addiction to chocolate,” Klara said.
Ara frowned [b “That’s not true.” ] Ara said and looked back at Sylus [b “Please?”] She’d flutter her eyes.
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He had a smile on his face [b "Yes, but I'm also valuable to aid in the representative here in Japan. I have close ties to the main group, so if anything, I can also help negotiate and guard you at the same time. It only makes sense?"] he told her, not wanting to leave her side at this crucial moment. They haven't told anyone of their completion status of the mission yet, but he knew how worried this could make Ara if they took him away.

[b "I don't want you to spend so much money Love. Maybe we could also put in a request for me to help you?"] he wondered and then he hugged her. He wouldn't leave her side even if they asked him.

They both finished wrapping their gifts and then they headed down to the table to eat. He would glance over and see that Klara was enjoying her food. [b "I can't wait to open them. You two are going to be so excited"] he knew they'd love their gifts. He looked down at Nyx and then he got up and headed to the door, letting him out to potty. Once he was done, Sylus wiped off the snow and then he cleaned his paws, letting him back in as he took a seat.

[b "Hmm, well I guess I'll go the store tomorrow and work on making that big feast"] he suggested, knowing he had a few traditional recipes he wanted to try, like making a turkey and ham. He would add some baked sushi in there for Ara. HE held her hand and then he finished eating about three more slices of pizza before looking at the time. [b "We can put on some Christmas movies.....I really that one with the boy setting up traps on Christmas. It's one of my favorites"] he told her, helping to clean up the table.

Sylus made some hot chocolate for them and he topped them off with whipped cream and marshmallows. He then set them on the table, taking a seat on the couch with Klar and Ara.
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[b “That also proves you more useful to do other missions,” ] Ara reminded. She knew It could go the other way around. Thinking about facing this alone or being alone with their baby scared her. Plus, who knew why sent, and they’d open their mouth. It stressed her out thinking about it. [b “What if it’s too late by the time they try to take you away. Maybe I already should.” ] Ara said, wanting him to be here with her.

Ara went onto wrapping her prsents too. She’d place them downstairs under the tree, without names. She didn’t want them to know which one was which. Klara looked confused at the whole wrapping thing. She didn’t realize it had to be. “I’ll wrap it after we eat.” Klara said. Ara giggled hearing that Klara didn’t even know. Ara nodded [b “They do, they’re part of our family too.” ] Ara said. She’d see Queen playing with her toy. Nyx was patting the backyard door and she figured he needed to go to the bathroom. [b “Sy, you should take Nyx out for potty.” ] Ara pointed out.

A few more weeks and they’d get to know. She felt excited to know if they had a boy or a girl. She knew whichever they would be loved and adorable. If it were a girl Ara knew she would have a bit more fun dressing her up and if it were a boy she hoped he would resemble SYlus. [b “Ah, I can have cooked sushi. I really miss sushi.” ] Ara pouted. She’d feel Sylus taking hold of he rhand and then his hand over her thigh. Ara would lean in and kiss his neck.

[b “We should.” ] Ara said. He turned to her on how to celebrate Christmas but she hardly remembered things about it. She only celebrated it before her mom died as a family. [b “Um… I know that you decorate a tree and you open up presents and then you have really good food.” She’d say. [b “We can play in the snow, you know I’ll beat you all at a snowball fight.” ] Ara said confidently. She’d look at their pets in the living room [b “And they have their winter booties.”] She liked the idea. Celebrating with them.

She’d look at the time [b “Mmm, it’s already seven thirty. Should we binge watch something?” ] Ara suggested.
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He didn't want to leave her side, especially during a crucial moment like this. [b "I'm sure they'll let me stay. You need a guard with you all the time. I'm sure once they see the record of me completing my mission here, seeing as how I was able to get close to Kiyoshi, it's only convenient to keep her here with you in Japan"] he wrapped his arm around her waist, kissing her cheek. [b "You don't have to do that Love. ONly do that as a last resort if they're really taking me away"] he was confident they'd let him stay. IT wouldn't be a wise decision not to.

He finished setting up the bed and decided to work on wrapping some gifts. Sylus walked over and grabbed his bags, smiling as he kissed her cheek and lips [b "Okay Love. I won't"] he headed downstairs, wrapping up his gift and then doing a few more things in the room, making a few sounds. Once he finished, he closed the door and then placed his gift beneath the tree.

[b "Oooh just in time"] he saw the food arrived and Klara unboxing them as she sat at the table. When she asked if she was supposed to wrap them, Sylus laughed a bit. [b "IT's Christmas. IT's supposed to be a surprise"] he grinned and then he took a seat beside her, taking a few wings and biting into them. He saw all the gifts Ara brought down [b "Ooh, even our little pets get to enjoy the holiday"] he chuckled, feeling pretty excited. IT was their first Christmas spent together like this. IT felt like it was going to be really special.

When he thought about their little one, he glanced over [b "We'll know the gender next month. I can't wait"] he did love the names they chose, even if the thought process was simple. [b "She can at least have some cooked sushi. IT's not that bad. Or a baked roll"] he held Ara's hand beneath the table, running his fingers over her thigh. [b "Should we open up the gifts first thing in the morning?"] he glanced at the two, not really sure how Christmas worked.

[b "What is normally done Ar? I've seen movies with people playing in the snow? Maybe we can take our pets out and have a snowball fight or something"]
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It tensed her up thinking about Sylus not being there. [b “They have to. If they don’t, I will buy you off. I can’t have the baby alone.” ] She said and looked visibly stressed when he brought it up. She’d sit at the edge of the bed and considered just getting him before the chance at all [b “Maybe I should just do it. Buy you off. I don’t want to take the risk.” ] Ara said. It sounded like a safer bet. She wanted to be in control of where Sylus was, not her father.

Sylus opened the door, and she felt the cold air coming in. She looked back at Sylus [b “Of course it would.” ] Ara said, wondering why he’d open it. She lef thte thought away. Ara smiled a bit and nodded [b “Yea, that ousnds like a good idea.” ] She said. She’d use her phone to make the order. She’d rise up and be reminded to change her clothes too. She wore a pastel blue sweater-oversized and a pair of leggings.

She’d feel his arms wrapped around her. Ara smiled and would look back up to him. [b “Mmm, I forgot. I definitely have to do that.” ] Ara said and would face him. She’d went on her tip toes to kiss him softly after he kissed her cheek. She giggled [b “Okay, no peeking. I’m going to wrap yours too.” ] She said. She’d let him go downstairs. She then went onto wrapping Sylus gift and hid it in her side of the closet, underneath a layer of clothes. She’d went onto even wrapping Klaras.

Sylus came in when she was finishing up. [b “Mmm, I’m done. Just finished Klara’s gift.” ] Ara said. She’d hear the door bell ring. She went downstairs with him and Klara got super excited with the surprise food. She’d set it on the table. Klara look at the gifts on the tree and rose a brow “We’re supposed to wrap them?”

Ara laughed [b “Yes, I got some wrapping paper upstairs if you need them. Ah-reminds me.” ] Ara said and head upstairs. She’d grab the gifts, she even got gifts for there cute pets while she was with Klara. She’d set the boxes under the tree. Klara went to check out Ara’s ass when she bent down and then Sy’s. She smirked to herself. She had a great view while eating wings. Ara would soon join them to eat pizza and wings.
“Did you guys decide on a name?” Klara asked, not recalling them mentioning it.
[b “Arlus if it’s a boy and Syara if it’s a girl.” ] Ara said.
Klara paused and realized, and then she laughed, “You used your names, or even mine.” Since she did have ‘ara’ in her name too. “It’s too bad you can’t drink or have sushi.” Klara said because she was craving it.
[b “You can still get it.”] Ara half smiled. She would find it tempting but Sy and Klara didn’t have to stop since they weren’t on that restriction.
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He really liked the gifts ARa picked out. She was a really good gift picker. She knew what people wanted more than he did, but when it came to her, he felt like he knew her pretty well. Sylus took her to the shop and they picked out a few toys that Klara would like. He would ask Ara if she would enjoy them and when she agreed, he knew Klara would have just as much fun.

He did miss the intimacy between them. THey haven't been as active as they usually were and it was really new for him. It was always difficult to hold himself back and to try and just endure those feelings, but he knew the deeper it grew into her pregnancy, the less intimate they were going to be.

He headed out and they met back with Klara as Sylus drove them home. Once they were greeted by their pets, he'd rub Nyx's head and then carry him, spinning him around before he set him down and gave him a treat. THey headed up to their room and Sylus put her gift down and then he would look on his phone for a while, making sure a few things happened. After he finished, he set up the sheets for their bed, seeing Queen not wanting to move [b "Aww Queen. Our bed is comfy isn't it?"] he chuckled and then he smiled at Ara [b "That's great Love. I can't wait to spend more time with you and the baby. I hope that they would allow me to keep being your guard while you take time off"] he really hoped they didn't give him another mission away from her.

When Sylus felt the cold air, he shut the door once more [b "Well the window works Love!"] he chuckled and then he thought about food. She really was thoughtful [b "Mmm, okay! How about we get a pizza and some wings?"] he suggested, wondering if she liked that. He changed into some sweat pants and longsleeve shirt, walking over to her and wrapping his arms around her waist. [b "We have to wrap our gifts. I'm going to hide away in another room to wrap yours Love. No peeking"] he smirked, kissing her cheek as he took his bag and then he headed downstairs.

Sylus went into a different room, wrapping his gift in a small box. He made sure a few other things were set, before heading back up to the bedroom. [b "You done Love?"] he asked, before entering. Christmas was only two days away. HE really hoped she'd like her gift.

Once the door rang, Sylus went down and saw that Klara had the pizza and wings on the table. He pulled out some plates and then he smiled [b "Did you finish with your gifts Klar?"] he asked, pointing to gifts he wrapped beneath the tree.
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Ara sure hoped that Klara would like the necklace that she picked. She’d purchase it and then Sylus brought her into adult shop. She did like a few things there. She just liked playing with Sylus but since she got pregnant, they’ve been doing it a lot less…and it kind of bummed her out.
They picked out a toy for Klara and she’d blush when Sy asked if she’d like it. She’d say it quietly, and be reminded. She let Sylus pay for it. Then she’d head out with him and meet up with Klara. Ara nodded [b “I’m ready to head back.” ] Ara said.
“I’m done.” Klara said.
They headed back. There pets were excited to see them again. Ara would scoop up Queen and go up to their orom too. She had to put some of her clothes away into the closet. This was going to their home for a while after all. Queen was resting on top of the bed. She’d look back at Sylus [b “Mmm, sort of. I got my dad to allow me to be the representative for now and in a month and a half I can start my year off. I might be able to stretch it to more than a year…we’ll see. We really do need to find a solution for after our baby is born.” ] She reminded, because that was going to be hard.

Queen would still try to rest on the bed while Sylus was arranging the bed, until she was lifted up. Ara would feel the slight cold come in from him opening up the window. It was quite cold outside for her. She figured maybe he felt too hot. [b “Should I order dinner for us?” ] Ara asked, since she knew he was tired and she felt a little too lazy too with all that moving stuff around.
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He nodded, glad that ARa was thinking about all sides. She's been through a lot of danger before, so they could minimize some things that can happen by being secretive. He didn't like the fact that they still had to hide their baby's existence, but it was the only way they would get to have them in the same world as them.

He wanted to help Ara out since she was getting deeper into her pregnancy. He didn't want to have her feeling stressed or exerting herself at all. Once they picked out a few gifts for Klara, he was stunned at how pretty the necklace was. IT was beautiful. He let her buy it and then they headed into the adult shop. HE knew that Klara enjoyed those things too.

He picked out a toy and then he wondered if ARa would like using that. Seeing her blush made him remember the fun the three of them had. [b "Okay, I'll pay for them Love"] he went and bought the toys, soon heading out with her as they met up with Klara once more. [b "Everyone ready? Let's head back, we still have a few things to unpack, but we should be fine with sleeping there tonight"] he walked them back to the car, putting their belongings in the back as Sylus went to drive them back home.

Once they unloaded and headed into the house, their pets were already waiting for them. Sylus headed to their room and put his things away. He had a plan to surprise ARa with only a few days away from Christmas. [b "Love? Have you requested your time off yet?"] he wondered, arranging the bed in the room and then putting some new sheets on it. HE went to the windows and opened the sliding door for them to feel the breeze.
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[b “We need to. In case the house is visited, they can’t know they were there.” ] She said. She didn’t like having to be forced to keep it a secret but it was what they had to do. She wanted to make sure that there little one would live happily, not in stressful situations. She did worry that that’s what they’ll end up being in. Probably, considering her life has never been entirely safe. Sylus was far from it.

She had to plan a day to make desserts. [b “Okay, I don’t mind if you help.” ] Ara softly smiled.

They walked around together and she knew that food would definitely do the trick. [b “I’ll book a reservation for her. Mmm, that sounds like a good idea.” ] Ara said and she walked into the jewelry store. She chose a necklace, it was worth seven hundred. [b “I’ll get it then.” ] Ara said and would point out to the one she wanted to purchase it. She bought it and then she mentioned another choice.

[b “You do?” ] Ara said and would follow him. Definitely an adult shop. They walked inside and there seemed to be many options. She’d look at what Sylus picked out [b “I think she’ll like that.” ] She said and then she blushed when he mentioned her. [b “Maybe…” ] Ara whispered. She grabbed a glass comb shaped toy. She knew what it was and thought Klara would like to too. Ara lightly laughed [b “We should get these two.” ] She remembered that wild night they had and instantly went a little red. Ah, Klara was sure crazy. But it made her smile at least have her as a friend. She felt like they could trust her.
  Aralyn Merrow / Ravenity / 37d 23h 19m 30s

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